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Reince Priebus Leaked Info On Scott Walker’s GOP Primary Opponent

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Reince Priebus Leaked Info On Scott Walker’s GOP Primary Opponent


Have you ever wondered how Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus still has his job after leading his party to a disastrous 2012 election, where it lost the presidency along with seats in the House and Senate?

One of the 27,000 emails released as part of the “John Doe” investigation of former aides to Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) suggests that Priebus — who was then chair of the Wisconsin Republican Party — played favorites during the 2010 primary between Walker and former congressman Mark Neumann.

“Neumann will be looking at two areas very soon — the county debt and how it is calculated — something about ‘mortgaging the future’ and why Walker dropped out of college,” Priebus wrote to Walker, then a Milwaukee County executive, and political consultant R.J. Johnson.

Almost immediately, Walker responded, “Get me all the facts I can get on the debt. Plus, I should go over the POBs [pension obligation bonds].”

As county executive, Walker supported the issuing of $400 million in bonds to cover a pension shortfall.

The emails were sent via a secret system set up by Walker aides that blurred the lines between campaigning and governing. The documents released Wednesday show aides circulating a racist email and the governor calling on a doctor to be dismissed because she had modeled thongs.

The governor’s former aide, Kelly Rindfleisch, has been convicted for misconduct in public office.

Thus far no smoking gun reminiscent of “Time for some traffic problems in Ft. Lee,” which exploded the Brigdgegate scandal now embroiling Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ), has emerged. But the specter of scandal currently hangs over two 2016 GOP frontrunners.

And now the RNC’s chairman has a little controversy of his own to deal with.


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  1. Pamby50 February 21, 2014

    Can’t happen to a better group of people. Christie, Walker, Scott, Corbett, Snyder & Kasich. Christie with the bridge scandal. Walker with his county commissioner problems. Scott paying fines for the largest Medicare fraud case. Corbett in the cover up of the Penn St scandal. Snyder with his emergency managers that are kicking out elected officials and selling off public property for pennies on the dollar. Kasich with his I’m for fracking now he is against it. I’m against unions but the people voted to over rule him. I’m against ACA but he bypassed the congress to accept Medicaid expansion. They all should go & Reince Preibus with them.

  2. howa4x February 21, 2014

    There goes making the GOP tent bigger. What the GOP doesn’t need now is racist emails going back and forth in a republican administration. This will hurt Walker because he didn’t stop them, just like Christie is involved in a cover up of what happened on the bridge and a federal look into how he spent Sandy aid. The GOP governor strategy is in trouble. Jindal who is currently out of the 2016 chatter is a religious zealot who claimed he once conducted an exorcism and drove the devil out of a classmate. That should help him with the secular crowd. The governor of NC is currently under federal investigation about how he handled a coal ash spill by his former boss, Duke energy. Then there are 25 of them that didn’t accept the Medicaid expansion and all those who passed laws restricting access to contraception and abortion. The republican field is narrowing down to Cruz and Paul. Both of them would be crushed by the Clinton machine. Seems 1600 Pennsylvania ave will still be elusive to the GOP for a long time.

  3. Bill February 21, 2014

    Cheating and lies brought to you by the GOP, where is the truth in the news, oh yea Reagon made that acceptable.

  4. dpaano February 21, 2014

    Gee, not only do they lie to the people of the United States; they even lie to each other! It’s amazing!


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