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Roy Moore And The Rot In Conservative Politics

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Roy Moore And The Rot In Conservative Politics


Reprinted with permission from MediaMatters.

The Washington Post’s explosive investigation into Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore’s alleged sexual misconduct with underage girls has provided a distressingly clear look at the moral rot that has infested conservative politics. Moore, who stands credibly accused of sexual misconduct by multiple on-the-record sources, nonetheless has powerful figures within the conservative movement defending him, attacking his accusers, or running interference on behalf of his supporters.

Thus we find ourselves in the altogether absurd situation in which influential figures on the right would rather see a reported child molester elected to the U.S. Senate than risk losing a seat to the Democrats.

Conservative blogger Erick Erickson, who frequently is provided space to opine in the op-ed pages of major newspapers, wrote a blog post this morning explaining why he can’t blame Moore’s supporters for sticking with (and voting for) the candidate even in the face of the “damning” evidence. Erickson understands that impulse, he writes, because he sympathizes with those voters’ perception that “the left” is “out to get them.”

Per Erickson’s explanation, Alabama Republicans are under assault by liberal efforts to protect reproductive rights, enact gun control in the aftermath of mass shootings, and expand LGBTQ rights, so they can be forgiven for feeling that their only recourse is to send alleged sexual predator Roy Moore to the Senate to represent them. After all, Erickson rationalizes, the reported pedophile “is the only one standing with them.”

As for Erickson himself, he writes that while he personally does not want Moore to serve in the Senate, he nonetheless still wants Moore to win election and then announce that he’ll immediately resign so that Alabama’s GOP governor can appoint some other Republican to the seat. It’s a cockamamie political fantasy that, if it came to fruition, would inevitably lead to suspicions of corruption, patronage, and backroom dealing. That’s precisely what happened when incumbent Republican Sen. Luther Strange was appointed by disgraced former Alabama Governor Robert Bentley earlier this year. Funnily enough, when Erickson endorsed Moore ahead of his runoff primary election against Strange, he railed against the “crooked” deal that resulted in Strange’s appointment.

Steve Bannon and his Breitbart.com lackeys have blurped up a more straightforward defense of Moore. They’ve settled on a two-pronged approach that seeks both to minimize the heinousness of the Alabama Republican’s alleged behaviors and discredit the accusations as the product of an anti-Moore conspiracy.

Bannon gave a speech last night in New Hampshire attacking The Washington Post for its reporting and casting the Moore story as part of a broader anti-Trump plot. “The Bezos-Amazon-Washington Post that dropped that dime on Donald Trump, is the same Bezos-Amazon-Washington Post that dropped the dime this afternoon on Judge Roy Moore,” Bannon said. “Now is that a coincidence?”

It’s important to point out here that Bannon didn’t actually challenge the Post’s reporting — in fact, he compared it explicitly to a different Post exclusive about Trump’s sexual misconduct that was backed up with video evidence. Bannon was just lazily implying that there’s some sort of nefarious conspiracy afoot and allowing conservative antipathy for the “liberal media” stand in for proof.

Bannon farmed out the dirtier work of the pro-Moore defense to his employees. News of the Post’s scoop first surfaced when the Moore campaign fed the details of the story to Breitbart in an attempt to get ahead of the still-unpublished story. Breitbart.com obliged the Moore campaign and helped the candidate run damage control by framing its story around Moore’s denial of the pedophilia reports and attacking the Post as a partisan, bad-faith actor. Breitbart editor Joel Pollak then went on MSNBC to excuse Moore’s behavior and reframe some of his alleged sexual relationships with teenagers as “perfectly legitimate.”

So I guess the question is what’s to be done now that we know there are prominent conservatives out there who would rather make excuses for a reported pedophile than see a Senate seat switch parties. I think the answer has to be: Don’t forget that this happened.

The next time a newspaper considers another “Steve Bannon is a political force of nature” profile, its reporters and editors should remember that he and his publication ran interference on behalf of a Republican accused of molesting children. The next time an op-ed page editor considers handing column space to Erick Erickson so he can bemoan political divisiveness, they should recall that he also rationalizes conservative support for a candidate whose alleged sexual misconduct renders him unfit for office.



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  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 11, 2017

    Only someone profoundly blind in spirit, deaf, and unable to smell, can ignore the sight of the sight of rotting flesh called Conservatism.

    It must be by Divine decree, I would infer, that the GOP has been granted the “right: to, by whatever criminal means at their disposal, to force themselves into a position of political dominance. This way, we get to witness in an unbiased manner the utter ruin and decay that this “House of Usher” is undergoing.

    Otherwise, we would not have had a comprehensive and clear view of the damage which greed and lust for power can bring about to any such group inclined to be as degenerate as the Conservative Party of America. We should thank God for allowing the abject condition of this dissolute organization to be exposed in all its ugly nakedness.

    Democrats, Independents, Green Party, or whatever, should count their blessings for not being in the same position that the Conservatives find themselves. Neither should they feel so smug and content that the same fate may not ever have befallen themselves.

    Donald Trump, Roy Moore, Mitch, Paul, Ailes, FOX, Bannon, Breitbart, the KKK, the Tea Party, Evangelicals, etc. have been chosen it would appear to be used as the means to demonstrate to an unconvinced America of the state of danger the nation’s soul is in. Gun violence, rape, racism, are just some of the signs of the cancer resulting in the diseased condition America finds itself in. And, of course, Putin has been picked as an external and depraved object to help clarify for us this diseased status of America.

    1. InformedVoter November 11, 2017

      POORly informed AofP, I see you still post wordy drivel and never really say anything of value. OK, so now 2 of the 4 accusers are backing away from the story the WP published. The WP reporter has been put on leave several times for writing stories that turned out to be mostly false. Hmmm. Can’t wait for more in your nonsense response.

      1. greenlantern1 November 11, 2017

        Did John Mitchell get a fair trial or not?
        Didn’t he threaten the WASHINGTON POST?

        1. InformedVoter November 11, 2017

          If the John Mitchell is from Watergate era, then NO, he didn’t get a fair trial. He was found guilty before the trial began.

          I have no idea if he threatened to file a suit against the WP. And what do either of these items have to do with the FAKE accusations made against Judge Moore? They DON’T!

          Judge Moore was elected twice in the 30+ years since the claimed attacks occurred. It does not make sense that none of the supposed 30 corroborators would have not spoken up!

          Like the FAKE rape charge against President Trump, where the accuser recanted and admitted she’d be paid to make the FAKE claims, these women are very suspect. One worked on HilLIARy’s election campaign. Another admits she was contacted about being paid to make her claims, but she says she turned the offer down! Right!.

          The reporter has been reprimanded more than once for publishing FAKE stories. Dozens of women have come forward and claimed they were offered money to make an accusation against Judge Moore.

          Case closed! Judge Moore will be elected by a landslide.

          1. The lucky one November 13, 2017

            Well I see you are still the most uninformed or more likely just the least honest person who posts here. Wrong or lying time after time but still posting your tripe. And a paranoid with grandiose delusions to boot. in another post you said “I have been working on the shooting in Las Vegas and had chosen to not use any social media or other forms of communication in the likelihood of information leaks.” thanks, we all got a good laugh at that joke.

          2. InformedVoter November 13, 2017

            POORly informed Luck, I see you still post remarks of no value. I guess, if I was you, I would keep my mouth shut because every time you post something, you get your comments shredded to bits.

            I could care less if you believe me. You called me a liar when I posted that President Trump was leading HilLIARy and would win the election. How did that work our for you!

            The FBI have been running the show and strangling the LV police. Too many obozo holdovers in the FBI are trying to suppress information! We’ve outed and had several agents reassigned. Hopefully this was done before they destroyed too much information.

          3. The lucky one November 14, 2017

            Your delusions know no bounds. You actually seem to believe that you are someone important “We’ve outed and had several agents reassigned.” instead just the nobody troll here with the least credibility of any poster here regardless of political persuasion.

          4. InformedVoter November 15, 2017

            Sorry POORly informed Luck, but you ignore the truth just as you did leading up to the election, it’s your loss.
            These were holdover obozo troll agents who left out important facts in their reports under the claim “we didn’t think ‘that’ was relavant”.
            This has led to a cleansing effort that President Trump should have done on day one. There will be several high-ranking FBI agents who will be leaving the agency, most likely before the end of the month.
            For the record, my accuracy rate is north of 95%, while the typical lefty has an accuracy rate of mid-40%, I suspect your rate is lower than that.

          5. The lucky one November 15, 2017

            One thing I am 100% accurate on is that you are a nobody. Your talk of “we” this and “we” that meant to give the impression that you are somehow connected to power is laughable. “Holdover troll agents”? Did your pea brain come up with that one or did you lift it off Alex jones or one of the other scum bags that profit off morons like you.

          6. InformedVoter November 15, 2017

            Oh POORly informed Luck, the term was created to refer to obozo friendly agents, who put protecting his crimes and HilLIARy’s crimes from coming to light. They have been known since the very early days of President Trump’s administration. Comey was included in this crowd, and it was the main reason he was fired. More incriminating evidence against Comey is revealed on a daily basis.
            Now that AG Sessions is bowing to the shouts to appoint an investigation into HilLIARy’s illegal deeds, these holdover troll agents will be forced to leave the agency. The planned timing is before December 1, but some are more reluctant to resign than others. In any case, they will be gone very soon. You can warm up your howls that they were fired because they could prove Russia collusion.

          7. InformedVoter November 15, 2017

            You finally spoke something of truth. I’m a nobody. I never claimed to be someone important. I was in the right place at the right time to be asked to participate in the review of the LV shooting.
            All along, I’ve never claimed to be a “somebody”. I’ve claimed to be informed, which is something you certainly are not.
            I’ve never followed Alex Jones, so I don’t know what your post was supposed to convey. I do know that you lefties fawn over Rachel and the FAKE MSM like MSNBC and CNN. I think the public is thrilled to see President Trump put the FAKE MSM in their place. His approval numbers certainly support that comment – nearing 60% approval.

          8. The lucky one November 16, 2017

            I’m still waiting for you to make an accurate or truthful statement. FYI I don’t watch Maddow, MSNBC and rarely CNN. You imply that you are someone “in the know” on matters that are not public knowledge and that you were chosen to review a government investigation. Chosen by whom?

            My refrence to Alex Jones was to point out that you are extremely gullible when being told things you want to believe. You have Trump’s approval rating almost exactly backwards (no surprise there).

            Quinnipiac Poll
            “American voters disapprove 58 – 35 percent of the job President Donald Trump is doing, near his lowest score, a 61 – 33 percent disapproval August 2, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released today.”

            “American voter opinions of most Trump qualities remain negative:
            58 – 37 percent that he is not honest;
            59 – 38 percent that he does not have good leadership skills;
            59 – 39 percent that he does not care about average Americans;
            65 – 30 percent that he is not level headed;
            58 – 39 percent that he is a strong person;
            55 – 41 percent that he is intelligent;
            62 – 34 percent that he does not share their values


          9. InformedVoter November 18, 2017

            Sorry POORly informed Luck, but you are still drinking the cool aid from the FAKE MSM. President Trump’s TRUE approval numbers went up 3 points to 59%, after his highly successful Asia trip.
            And YUP I was asked by President Trump’s “staff” if I wouldn’t mind delaying my overseas business and spend some time reviewing the information about the LV shooter. The holdover troll agents were furious, but had no choice but to agree.

            And it’s obvious that you lie about watching Rachel Madcow. Just about all you post is directly from her limited truth package.

          10. The lucky one November 18, 2017

            Sorry misinformed nutter. My time watching or listening to Rachel meadow totals about 15-20 minute lifetime. Too strident for me though her accuracy rating is far above the nonsensical rating you claim for yourself.

            You’re so stupid you can’t even keep your lies straight. You admit you are no one special but then claim that Trump’s staff asked for your advice. As stupid as Trump is I’m sure he has no use for you except as a tool for spreading nonsense.

          11. InformedVoter November 18, 2017

            Sorry POORly informed luck, Just because I was asked to do work by someone from President Trump’s team, doesn’t mean I’m somebody. It does mean that my reputation is good enough to be at least asked to help.

            Have you ever attended a town hall meeting that had a Senator and some other political figure speaking? Afterwards, you can usually speak with them. If you have desired talents, they often ask if you would like to help.

            No lies by me, don’t know about from you.

          12. The lucky one November 15, 2017

            “What luck for rulers that men do not think”. – Adolf Hitler

            Saw this and naturally thought of you and tRump.

          13. InformedVoter November 15, 2017

            Sorry POORly informed Luck, but your defense of the most corrupt administration (obozo’s) since Harding would mean that your quote would better fit obozo and his team of traitors! For it’s the left that doesn’t think and blindly follow the FAKE MSM lies.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker November 11, 2017

        I see you are allowed back after dumping viruses on posters on National Memo Misinfored.

        All pigs like you ever do is threaten the women you molest. You know damn well that’s how Trump managed to pay his way out of the Florida rape case.

        You don’t threaten women in the US anymore. More and more of you conmen pigs are being outed.

        1. InformedVoter November 11, 2017

          Sorry POOR Elle, but I was never restricted or banned. I have been working on the shooting in Las Vegas and had chosen to not use any social media or other forms of communication in the likelihood of information leaks.

          So you got hit with a virus? You must have worked for the DNC on their server!

          The FAKE Florida rape case, the accusers admitted she was paid to file the FAKE claims. The court ordered her to pay President Trump’s court costs, but she only had $2500 to her name. So President Trump told the court to not enforce that part. Hence, President Trump DIDN’T pay her.

          The same FAKE accusations, by paid Dems, are being made against Judge Moore. One of the accusers worked for the HilLIARy campaign!

          Threaten women? HELL it’s the Dems that do that, like Billy boy and HilLIARy herself! Look at all the “saintly” Dem ladies who kept their mouths shut about all the raping the Dem donors were committing. You Dems are hypocrites!

    2. Leftout November 11, 2017

      Where is ! Bill Clinton the standard bearer of the Democrats’settng the. Bar for
      Mores , i hear self righteous indignation by hypocrits!?!

      1. Eleanore Whitaker November 11, 2017

        Bill Clinton NEVER molested a 14 year old. Bill Clinton was also set up with those hick golddigger women which we now know was the work of those scumbags Karl Rove, Grover Norquist, Ken Starr, Eric Blackwater Prince and the disgraced Reverend Ralph Reed who couldn’t keep it in his pants either.

        Then, there is that VA Republican with the Venezuelan mistress who bore him an illegitimate daughter while he was still married.

        But, if you are looking for deflection games pallie, look no further than that Congressman who thought the Congressional pages were sex toys. Forgot that one did you? Well here is another…Hastert the filthy Corn Pone pig who preyed on little boys.

        No need for you to defend. You can’t. As for Bill Clinton. He has had ONLY one wife. Not 3 like your Lard Ass in Chief.

        1. Leftout November 11, 2017

          I am not saying any of this is right , , just pointing out inconsistancies. All of is loses our decoram to unbridled passion, even you, Eleanore. I wish i was not so pure at times. Being ugly keeps me out of trouble. I wish that i was be as lucky as you also. Bill was ONLY marrid once , but he sinned in thoght and deed , unlike the two of us . How do you keep your desires in check. Except for myself you must to let hair down on occasion ..Your advce cana be used by many in politics

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 11, 2017

            What’s inconsistent are your arguments, as lame as they are.
            For a split-second you show a glimmer of intelligence, then it’s down-hill for each post you bore us with.

            Your repeated attempts to deflect, distract, and obfuscate are the desperate attempts to cover up for pedophiles in the news today.
            So, instead of digging up the graves of past events, try to stay in the hear and now, and learn to present objective and insightful comments. Idle prattle doesn’t become a decent adult.

          2. Leftout November 12, 2017

            I love to mock absurdities, you seem to be hung up on propriety and sheltered from real life happenings, but i like your attempts to be philosphical, loved philosophy but everyone thinks that they have the fiinal answer…..arguing about devils and angels.

      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 11, 2017

        Your ignorance is astounding. The events of today are about Trump’s lameness and Roy’s sexual perversions. Let’s not bring in events from years ago, or what happened during the Civil War in terms of event unfolding today. Endeavor to be more intelligent, and eschew the behavior of a dimwit.

        1. Leftout November 12, 2017

          Roys penchant for a young ones is also prevalent in others. If proven he shpuld resign . Trump has alterady completed his goals, he has to correct ACA a bit and move on and attend to normal affIrea of state. Trump would favor a one payer system, but greedy self interest groups rule the swamp.
          Sex is a great driver of side events as even you may be able to understand.

    3. Leftout November 11, 2017

      The house if Democrats and Republicans have failed to see themselves and are “Ushered “ Out by those that can help , outsiders, not disease affected.

  2. greenlantern1 November 11, 2017

    The animosity between liberals and conservatives is blinding us to real fiends!
    For instance; has anyone even heard about Warren Jeffs?
    He is behind bars!
    His crimes include polygamy and rape!
    Viktor Bout is also behind bars!
    He was a Russian arms dealer!
    He tried to sell arms to Colombian outlaws!
    They wanted to murder Americans!
    Where is the wrath?

  3. Eleanore Whitaker November 11, 2017

    My observation thus far of guys from the south and midwest is that they A. Love to dominate women and childred B. Are nearly ALL former boozers who are now dry drunks with a vengeance. C. Are too immature minded to accept responsibility for their actions.

    It makes a lot of sense that the same regions of the country that think a 14 year old girl is a teenager like the Virgin Mary and her molester is her savior Saint Joseph that these men would continue to believe denial is their major tool of defense from ANY and ALL accusations against them.

    But, the real danger with Molester Moore is this: If he manages to get a seat in the Senate and is THEN found guilty of his pedophilia, he has already had a voice in government that can and would necessarily allow men to get away with rape of children. Nice work Republicans. You have no SHAME!!!!

    After all, look at how Daddy Trump lusted after HIS 14 year old daughter. He asked a Vanity Fair reporter “Is it wrong to be MORE sexually attracted to your 14 year old daughter than your wife?” Lard Ass’s wife at that time was none other than the GA peach model, Marla Maples. So he was more sexually attracted to Iskanka than Marla? And that isn’t pedophilia?

    It was in February 2017 that Iskanka told White House reporters she had to “put Daddy to bed.” Was that before or after Iskanka put her clothes BACK on?

    1. Leftout November 11, 2017

      Wait a minute lets go back to Mohamed , he liked young stuff too. Shoukd we now tear down every mosque and ban religous polygamy It is very difficult to tell the age of a precocious girl and they tend to lie about it also . I remember once when I was tthirteen and was Molested by a fourteen yr old girl, i asked her age and she said 12, we were both not of age and therfore within the law. I did not know what molesting was, so being a farm boy it looked Familiar so I figgered it was her sin. Catholic girls are the best, so are Asians, Blacks also not bad.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 11, 2017

        You’re a parrot, repeating unreliable traditions written centuries after the Muhammad’s “marriage” to A’isha. Yes, she was about 10 years old—no one is certain—and the marriage was not unusual. If you weren’t so mentally lazy, you would have by now learned that marriage to children was a common practice in Arabia at the time, as well as in nearby Jewish and Christian settlements in Arabia.
        “Marriage” was also a way to cement ties with surrounding tribes, or was a means to take in women and orphan girls whose parents may have died, or whose fathers died in battle.

        And while we’re on the subject of your disrespect for Muhammad—a disrespect which carries with it a heavy penalty in the next world, I must give you the opportunity to understand the danger you’ve placed yourself in. The following regarding disrespect for any of the Messengers God has sent to humankind should be taken seriously by you.

        “Beware, O believers in the Unity of God, lest ye be tempted to make any distinction between any of the Manifestations of His Cause, or to discriminate against the signs that have accompanied and proclaimed their Revelation. … Whoso maketh the slightest possible difference between their persons, their words, their messages, their acts and manners, hath indeed disbelieved in God, hath repudiated His signs, and betrayed the Cause of His Messengers.”

        1. Leftout November 12, 2017

          I am aware of mores and cultural difference, just pointing out that rules of engagement on all levels change with the times, of course there were arranged marriages to preserve
          Certain lines of sovereignty, or convenience like Bill and Hilary or my neighbor , for the sake of the kids or his wife will take him to the cleaners

        2. David November 13, 2017

          Are you serious? F…ng Muhammad a “Messenger of God”? He was a filthy pedophile. What does that say about those who revere him?

  4. Richard Prescott November 11, 2017

    I will find it inconceivable that Trump’s base, as supported by Bannon and Erickson, with their supposed religious slant can in “good faith” continue to support these people. Drunks, women abusers, pedophiles, sociopaths ad psychopaths who all claim great religious beliefs.
    If that is “great religious beliefs” and is accepted by their religious community then I fear we have seen just what their religious community really is.
    There is a big “L” shaped swath of this country that seems to have a real problems with keeping their hands to themselves (along with other body parts) and telling the truth.
    I guess that big “L” stands for lying licentious losers.

    1. Leftout November 11, 2017

      “L” liberalism . It teaches us that everthing is alright . Republicans are slow to learn
      And get caught , Bill Clinton types accept thie weakness , given by God , and move on. Ive always felt Catholic guilty after i was
      Used by a woman.

      1. Richard Prescott November 11, 2017

        You make about as much sense as a drunk in an opium den.

        1. Leftout November 11, 2017

          Liberalism Is opium to the unwary that makes everything seem right to them ,
          Lying to themselves and not seeing themselves . I believe that Trump supported the opponent of Moore, Luther Strange. Even the Gods of Antiquity had flaws so why cant we.
          Angels have been cast from heaven, does God even know everything, i hear thunder.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 11, 2017

            You need mental health treatment. Unfortunately, the GOP will make you pay dearly for it. Tough luck, pal.

          2. Leftout November 12, 2017

            Mental Health now is euphemistically called “behavioral health” so as not to offend the nut cakes. As the Rushers. Before ACA premiums were ok, even w supposed fraud in thw system . Both parties are corrupt , the swamp is too comfortabke for the slime political inhabitants, a one payer system would save all on premiums even if it was privately administered.

          3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 11, 2017

            Idiocy is an opium for the dull minded, and the political fanatic. Trump and Roy can give you the details.

          4. Leftout November 12, 2017

            I hate politics , it is all self serving, power grabbing , corruption . Bills should be enacted for their own merit and move on , more along business principles. Politicians are so blatantly phony it is easy to expose them, they think that the people do not know whatbis gping on. There needs to be a cleaning out of the olde guard in the swamps as is happening , hopefully.

          5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 11, 2017

            You hear the rantings of your ego, just as Trump does—don’t confuse that with God. If you think God speaks to you personally, then you need to see a doctor.
            “Gods of Antiquity”—if you’re referring to the Greek and Roman pantheon, they were simply artifices created by limited minds for want of a better explanation of how the universe was created, and how humans came into being. Where did you get your religious training from—a box of “Cracker Jacks”??

          6. Leftout November 12, 2017

            Religious teaining from reading historical papers , the Bible and reading fiction as the Quran and Greek and Roman mythology fornlimited minda of the era, along w Eastern Humanism. God is in each one of us , as his/her creation. Moses and Mohammad heard the calls and tried to tonthe best and intimdate us to behave better. Md failed . Jesus was probably the best in concepts.

  5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 11, 2017

    It’s interesting to see the trolls come out now that the Roy and Trump are feeling the heat. The Right Wing’s disarray is also extremely troubling to Conservative apologists—whether they’re just ordinary simpletons devoted to Trump and the GOP, or trolls allowed to leave the farm and post online is uncertain.
    One thing is certain, and that is the fact that individuals who are agitated enough to want to refute the charges made by women sexually abused is perhaps due to them being abusers themselves. And another certainty is their total lack of human decency, lack of empathy for victims of sexual assaults, and maybe saw their mothers, sisters, and.or wives abused and thought nothing of it.


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