Minnesota GOP Senate Nominee Pushes 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

Royce White

Royce White

Right-wing podcaster Royce White, who has the backing of Minnesota Republicans in his campaign for the U.S. Senate, is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist. During his podcast last December, White raised questions about the collapse of 7 World Trade Center and also falsely claimed that “there's no camera footage of the plane hitting the Pentagon” on September 11, 2001.

White is the host of the podcast Please Call Me Crazy and a regular guest on the program of former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, who has endorsed White's candidacy. White has pushed numerous right-wing conspiracy theories, including about the hammer attack on Paul Pelosi, the tragic Maui wildfires, and the 2020 election.

Media Matters has previously reported about White’s history of using slurs and pejoratives to attack people, including hurling the words “f-g,” “c--t,” and “retard.”

White is also a frequent guest on the show of Alex Jones, the far-right host who has made a career out of pushing conspiracy theories about school shootings and 9/11, among other tragedies. Like White, Jones is a 9/11 conspiracy theorist.

During the December 3 edition of Please Call Me Crazy, White hosted antisemitic conspiracy theorist Hotep Jesus (Bryan Sharpe), who called 9/11 a “false flag” and said that “you gotta be a complete idiot” to think that “some planes” took down the World Trade Center. Sharpe added that if he “had to take a guess, it was a controlled demolition.”

White responded by saying he thinks “the planes actually hit” the twin towers, but pushed conspiracy theories about the collapse of 7 World Trade Center — a central component of the 9/11 conspiracy theory movement — and the Pentagon.

ROYCE WHITE: I think when you look at the total evidence where you had strange incidents of —

BRYAN SHARPE: I’ll say this.

WHITE: Unmarked vans going in and out of the basements weeks before and then you had building 7, which was a complete and utter ridiculous thing that nobody still will answer. And then even the Pentagon, you know, the Pentagon, the most secure build — think about it, guys. I mean, let's just talk for real. I know I know you guys love the Department of Defense that steals 3 fucking trillion dollars from you and says, oh, it just disappeared. Okay. This ain't the first time they've been doing it. Go back to Rumsfeld on 2001. He says, we're missing three, you know, whatever whatever, however much money. And then the next day, you know, you had 9/11 take place, and then you had a plane smack into the Pentagon. And there's no camera footage of the plane hitting the Pentagon? The most secure fucking building in the entire world? The most secure building in the entire world. And there's not a single camera shot of that airplane ramming into that building, and we can't even ask the question?

Contrary to White’s claim that “there's no camera footage of the plane hitting the Pentagon,” as the Associated Press wrote, “Footage from two Pentagon security cameras outside the building shows the American Airlines flight crashing into the Pentagon.” White’s claim about the “missing” money is also false but part of 9/11 conspiracy lore.

White later said that “you don't need to get bogged down with did the planes hit or didn't the planes hit. Let's look at the net result. The net result is you lost your rights. Whether the planes hit or didn't hit, whether it was controlled demolition or not. Whatever happened, we know what — You lost your fucking rights.”

Sharpe also said of 9/11: “You gotta be a whole dumbass to believe the official story of 9/11 … Or somebody who, like, you work for Fox, so you don't wanna lose your job. So you gotta kinda, like, go along to get along. Right? Like, you can't work for Fox and deny 9/11. They're gonna fire you. Right? Because they're all just fucking cuck liberals up there, right?” White responded, “Of course. Sean Hannitys.”

While Sharpe called Fox News personalities “fucking cuck liberals,” the network has repeatedly hosted him.

Reprinted with permission from Media Matters.

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