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Samantha Bee, Will Ferrell, Allison Janney Kill In Press Dinner Parody [VIDEO]

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Samantha Bee, Will Ferrell, Allison Janney Kill In Press Dinner Parody [VIDEO]

Samantha Bee

When Samantha Bee threatened to stage an alternative to the White House Correspondents Dinner, who knew that she would pull off her celebration of the First Amendment with such style? At Constitutional Hall last night, the Full Frontal host put on a remarkable live show for 2500 guests — and sitting at the front table, appropriately enough, were the directors and staff of the Committee to Protect Journalists, the sterling organization that received a $200,000 donation from the dinner’s proceeds.

The Full Frontal Not The White House Correspondents Dinner is indeed a comedic feast: The roaring cold open brings back The West Wing’s beloved C.J. Cregg (Allison Janney), who takes over the White House press podium to blast the motley online corps of misogynists, racists, wackos, and Kremlin stooges that now deface American media.

There’s an amusing interview with CNN anchor Jake Tapper, an even more amusing roast of CNN boss Jeff Zucker — and a surprise guest appearance by “George W. Bush,” with Will Ferrell reprising the impression that was so good he took it to Broadway.

Ferrell killed with the first line: “How do you like me now?” Looking back, the 43rd president complains about his press coverage, musing, “I just wish somebody had told me all you had to say was fake news, over and over again.”

Perhaps the show’s highlight is Bee’s own segment, a counter-historical fantasy styled after Man In The High Castle that imagines what might have happened if last year’s election had gone the other way. It concludes with the speech Bee imagines delivering at the real correspondents dinner, 100 days into the Clinton presidency (when Hillary is already facing her impeachment trial).



  1. ivory69690@yahoo.com April 30, 2017

    S Beeis good like a SNL DONNY DUMP makes his own fake news every time he opens his big mouth blow hole all his BULSHfTING and the clown fake news lack of facts news . talking like the clown show he is of all he has accomplished (which in facts up to now is pretty much ZERO nothing North Korea’s fat-boy problem child is doing pretty much the same thing as DONNY DUMP with his missiles failing the both of them make a great pair that swing in the back of a bull the fat-boy should call the DONNY DUMP coward clown out to a battle in a UFC ring that would make a big pay preview show . fat-boy showing him attacking the white house that’s his fake news . im sure it would be best if the problem child dose that just please make sure the DUMPSTER is home in the white house when he dose it . then the DONNY DUMP clown attacked Syria WOW tough guy (NOT YOU CLOWN ) attacking a country that by rights today cant even defend them self’s . that’s the DONNY DUMP bully clown way of doing things the coward . is that making you feel big little hands clown ? hitting some one you know isn’t going to be able to hit back ? talks about the DUMPSTERS .he isn’t flexing his flexibility at all for the clown has no clue of what’s going on or what he is doing .. the clown got elected on what he is not and what he wont do . all lies to his brain dead DUMPSTER followers . he just lied and BULLSHIfTING his way to the white house that’s all . and now he feels he has done something big (it wasn’t him it was the ones in office ) that kept the government open from a shut down for at least 7 more days .. the GOP gang of pinheads are covering the DONNY DUMP’S mouth piece his rear end from a shut down . he talks about Elizabeth Warren and Pocahontas . well DUMPSTER CLOWN you are a bigger Indian more like SITTING BULL .. you talk about getting info from places you always knock and put down . like the CIA , FBI . all the time you seem to get yours from your head hat the Azz . just because DONNY DUMP says it dosent make it true (his saying anything would lean more to the side of it being a LIE if anything ) . the Ringling Bros Circus is going out of business since the bigger DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW started thy should sue the DUMPSTER . the DUMPSTER clown was talking his bull about being happy he was miles away from the White House Correspondents’ Dinner no more happier then the ones at the dinner or in Washington its a better gang of ding dong hanging with all his brain dead DONNY DUMP follower for his its a CULT that never stops giving .

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  2. dpaano May 1, 2017

    What’s really hilarious is that 45 told HIS followers that the people at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner were wishing they were in Philadelphia with him….actually, I think they totally ENJOYED NOT being with 45 and his gang of uninformed minions! As for Samantha Bee….between her and Noah Trevor, I can’t decide who’s the funniest…I watch them both!!! They are so ON POINT with their comments! At least it gives us something to laugh about rather than cry!


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