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SHARE THIS: Rep. Mark Takano, A Former Teacher, Gives Republican Letter An ‘F’

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SHARE THIS: Rep. Mark Takano, A Former Teacher, Gives Republican Letter An ‘F’


Mark Takano

As a member of the Democratic minority in the House of Representatives, Congressman Mark Takano (D-CA) may not be able to do anything about his Republican colleagues’ refusal to pursue comprehensive immigration reform. But if they’re going to kill the Senate’s bill, he can at least force them to make a strong argument for doing so.

When Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) began circulating a letter complaining about the Senate bill, Rep. Takano — who spent 23 years as a public school teacher in Riverside, California — took out his red pen and went to work on his colleague’s “weak draft.” The result? A failing grade, and a note to “see me after votes.”

Takano Paper

(See a full-size image here.)

“The assignment was to address what should be done about the 11 million people already here. Did you purposefully leave this out?” Takano asks in the “follow up questions” section. “If you don’t understand the bill – come by my office and I’ll explain it.”

Maybe if more congresspeople had teachers like Takano, the people’s House wouldn’t have an approval rating mired in the teens.

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. sigrid28 July 12, 2013

    Teachers like Congressman Mark Takano (D-CA) wouldn’t be hired today, because merit is no longer the basis of hiring in teaching. When a tenured teacher retires or goes into the private sector, the least well-educated and therefore least expensive “hire” is taken on, with the hope, not always suppressed very well, that this individual can be let go and another new (read “inexpensive”) hire put in his or her place as soon as he or she may merit higher pay. It is the corporate model, even at a college level, where 60% of college educators are adjuncts, working for less than minimum wage and no benefits, often not even an office in which to meet students–and for the exorbitant tuition families are going into debt to pay! Sorry to say, at this time, college tuition is a trick on gullible families. The more Republican state legislatures and governors there are, the weaker education from K-12 will become because of their policies. And now, pre-K education is on the chopping block because of the Sequester. Don’t expect this to be fixed until families become more savvy about the need for education, and they replace the anti-intellectual Congress now doing all it can to destroy education in this country.

    1. Michael Kollmorgen July 13, 2013

      Don’t think the higher academic community hasn’t taken notice of this either. They have!

      Most the best and brightest of our scientist are now using their education and talents in Europe in and around the LHC, India the medical industry and China in the engineering manufacturing industries.

      They’re going where the money is at, where they can really use their education and they don’t have to put up with all this political crap they have to try and tolerate in the US.

      You can be sure of one thing, whoever, fully develops Fusion Power, they will have a lock on unlimited energy. And, it probably won’t be here.

      1. Allan Richardson July 13, 2013

        A fantasy I have had for a long time is what if ISRAEL develops fusion power first, not only freeing themselves from the Arab (and lately, Russian and Venezuelan) oil monopoly, but undercutting the price of oil and bankrupting the Arab and Muslim countries that have not bothered to develop any OTHER industries, or an educated middle class citizenry, to replace it? If Harry Turtledove, or a possible future Harry, is reading, this would be a great premise for an alternate history novel!

        But yes, you are right, wherever the next big advance in technology or science comes from, it will not come from America unless we free ourselves from the grip of the theocratic Christian Taliban and its corporate kleptocratic masters.

    2. tax payer July 13, 2013

      It’s hard to teach these students that feel they have to go to school ( by no choice of their own ), so they are there, while their minds are somewhere else. Teachers can teach, if students are willing to learn. If you work for a company and you don’t want to learn their way of being trained they will fire you. A student is kept in school until they hit a certain age and they go on their way, and become a burden to the tax payers ( just like some of their parents ) once they start having unwanted babies.

      1. Elizabeth M. Lane July 13, 2013

        as Robert implied I’m stunned that a person able to earn $8526 in a few weeks on the internet. have you read this website w­w­w.K­E­P­2.c­o­m

        1. Michael Kollmorgen July 13, 2013

          Don’t even believe these websites. All they’ll do is take your initial “registration package money” and fly the coop. Or have you sell vitamin pills or who knows what else.

          It’s a come-on, high pressure sales once they get you on the phone. And, they will call constantly. IF they don’t keep doing it, your phone number is used by a large array of associated businesses that they sell your phone number to.

          If it sounds too good to be true, IT PROBABLY IS.

    3. montanabill July 17, 2013

      Do you even have a clue about which party, supports teacher unions which fight merit recognition, supports spending endlessly on the Dept. of Education which produces absolutely no results, the party fully subscribes to ‘everyone must be equal’ which results in the dumbing down of every class, the party that does everything possible to make sure every student gets a student loan that causes the exorbitant costs of higher education? Get a clue.

  2. tax payer July 13, 2013

    Could it be because he gave himself an (A)-zz, and feels that the grade he deserves,

  3. Lovefacts July 13, 2013

    Here in Virginia we have to deal with the SOL’s. I left teaching because we’re now forced to focus on the test. Learning shouldn’t be isn’t just about math and science, but also include history, grammar, music, art, and critical thinking.

    Knowledge of history helps us solve today’s problems or at least hopefully not repeat them. Understanding grammar instills the ability to communicate one’s thoughts in a coherent manner—spoken or written. Art and music expand the mind and, according to recent brain research, helps in learning math and science and expanding our knowledge. And finally, critical thinking teaches one to analyze information and not be a sheep.

    History has taught us that when a political party seeks power or tyranny, it cut education to the masses and aligns itself with a specific religion. Why? It needs the populace to blindly believe and follow its policies. The GOP is a master at this. With
    the exception of the rich, why else would the working poor voted for them?

    As for business, it only wants—profits and stability. Don’t forget, the cheaper the labor the higher the profits. Business only needs a few educated people, the rest are raw labor. And once business controls the people through their religion and government, it attains both.

    1. Michael Kollmorgen July 13, 2013

      There are two areas of education (or more) the right wing wants to eliminate out of education. One is Science, the other is History.

      They want to bring your kid down to the level of reading ONLY the bible and be able to quote bible verses that presume to represent sound scientific and historical knowledge.

      In short they want you to believe disease is caused by lack of faith and all the underhanded crap the right did and still does, never happened.

      We’re going back to the Dark Ages………………………..

  4. robertbenefiel@att.net July 14, 2013

    Why is it that people who yell that government is bad come from states that have terrible schools, health care, dental care, eat fattening food and die young. I see where a place in West Virginia the average age of death for a male is 64 years old which is younger than many third world countries? Just asking.

  5. 4sanity4all July 14, 2013

    Good for Takano!

  6. metrognome3830 July 14, 2013

    Now see? That’s exactly why the Republicans want to cut back on education. People who are too well educated are not going to let them get by with their over-inflated hyperbole and outright lies. Good job, Mr. Tanako!

  7. montanabill July 15, 2013

    So, Mr. Takano, exactly what grade did you give yourself when you read and marked up the Obamacare bill? Do you honestly think I could not do the same type of marking of material your office sends out? Oh, and just one more thing. Why is ‘Immigration Reform’, in your mind, a euphemism for granting amnesty to 11 million(?) who broke our laws?

    1. Russell Byrd July 17, 2013

      Seems once again, that the negative aspects that were cited in the article were written with you as an example.

      1. montanabill July 17, 2013

        In Mr. Takano’s case, it is ‘let he who is without sin cast the first stone’.

        1. Russell Byrd July 17, 2013

          The businessmen that beckoned them with jobs for the purposes of fast, huge, and easy profits broke our laws breathtakingly. They should have been prosecuted in the most austere manner. Yet, you are proud of them and will not even discuss the subject on a meaningful level. The immigrants have a terrible life in their home countries. They were bound to come if we opened jobs for them. One would think that a hard worker, with the attitude of proving their life would be welcome here, but they are not.

          I really did not like seeing the flood of immigration, but I understand the dynamics of why they came. As a progressive, I just want them to be treated as humans instead of your view of them as garbage,

          1. montanabill July 17, 2013

            As a ‘progressive’, you take a lot of liberties with name calling when you know absolutely nothing about how I feel or think. At no time have I denigrated immigrants, legal or illegal. I have worked beside them in the fields and orchards, which i will bet is a lot more than you have done. There is only one issue at stake here: how did they get here? Just because you can sneak across a border does not make you a citizen or give you rights to jobs or government services. Of this or any other country.

          2. Russell Byrd July 17, 2013

            Oh my G_. . . What a breathtaking liar. I am going to see that post goes viral. I am going to make sure all the other “kids” get to play with that one.

            As far as how they got here, is the irrelevant part of the entire post. WHY did they come here? BECAUSE, you cherry picking Rush Limppud a-kisser, your capitalist heroes held out an open invitation to come get jobs. If you had the respect, and had done the work, that you claim, you would not now be ignoring the reasons that brought them here. You are just a bigot that is afraid that white America will no longer exist. Unfortunately, its day is nearly done. All thanks to GREED. How many times have we re-visited this same question?

            At least, the best of them are willing to work, unlike your rich heroes that spend their time manipulating people. Many of these employers even stole the withholding taxes on these people. Most of these employers have committed felonies, because of their greed, that would merit a lifetime of penal servitude. Yet by 2006, Bush had only prosecuted three, that as in 3! I admit I do not have further figures, but there was NO effort to improve this situation.

            I do not believe you really read my post, nor do I believe you have ever done any farm work. I have, and plenty of heavy maintenance and mechanical work, too. And seven days weeks for years. Sometimes a 100 hours a week. As I have said, I do have not necessarily like immigrants, but I have a high degree of empathy for their situation.

            If the jobs had all went, BY LAW, to Americans, then the supply of immigrant labor would have went away by itself. BY LAW – that is the way it is in Mexico, as you have pointed out, and that is the way it is in Switzerland, just for instance.

            So answer an on-topic question with an on-topic answer, and quit trying to change the subject to only what you please to talk about. You righties can’t get that we have a just as much right to ask you to justify you hate speech as you do to make it.

        2. Russell Byrd July 17, 2013

          My God, another priceless jewel. I think you must quote in “moronics.” In the right-wing’s case, “let he who is without sin cast the first stone..” What hypocrisy. Do you really think your simple minded blather is the only opinion.

          1. montanabill July 18, 2013

            No. You certainly present your side with all the elegance and articulation of most progressives.

          2. Russell Byrd July 18, 2013

            OK, I’m game, what sin has Mr. Takano committed besides being a Democrat? My goodness, the contempt you have for your fellow man. For you just to mention God is a blasphemy. Your mouth should catch fire. Especially, with all the untruths.

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