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Six Republicans Who Want To See Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns

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Six Republicans Who Want To See Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns


Mitt Romney’s stubborn refusal to release his tax returns for the years before 2010 has made it easy for Democrats to paint him as a secretive oligarch hiding something dark (like offshore tax havens, perhaps?). On Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden spoke at a National Council of La Raza convention in Las Vegas, and simultaneously attacked the Republican’s immigration policy as well as his personal finances. “He wants you to show your papers, but he won’t show us his,” Biden said.

Many Republicans want the issue to go away, insisting that how he paid his taxes is irrelevant. “Governor Romney has been very successful,” said a GOP Congressman recently. “Get over it.”

Yet it’s worth remembering now that many Republicans spent the primary season demanding that Romney release his tax returns. Some used almost the exact same language that Democrats are using now.

Here are six Republicans who have suggested that Romney must come clean:


  1. charlesu July 12, 2012

    Romney is not releasing his tax returns because he obviously knows full disclosure will bring him more harm than good. Americans will get a look at his enormous wealth and how he has accumulated that wealth and how he hides his money in foreign banks to escape paying his fair share of taxes. If Romney seriously wants a chance at the Presidency, he has no choice but to release his tax returns.

  2. howa4x July 12, 2012

    Why would you want to detail your offshore holdings if you are running for president for all to see and comment on. As soon as he releases them they will be the talking point of every political show and various people will spin them. He missed the window to do it. He should have had them released before he even ran in the primary so by now it would be old news, but concealing them shows everyone he has something to hide. Maybe there is more than just accounts in Switzerland, the Caymans and Bermuda. But now we are left with speculation. The fact that he hid the money is the real issue. What he is saying to Americans is that if you have real money, don’t be stupid enough to invest it here, and don’t create jobs with it. I mean why would a person worth 250 million think of creating jobs? He is the reason why we need to tax the 1%. They just sit on their money, like Middas counting his gold!

    1. jarheadgene July 12, 2012

      The HOARDERS/Large Corporations, that are crushing the middle class (workers) while the executives(CEO and board) are sitting on $ 2 TRILLION in CASH as of right now. That includes ROMoNEY’s – Staples and Sport Authority rather than putting that cash back into America and allowing the Middle Class to grow the economy.

    2. tammy July 12, 2012

      Well said! I couldn’t have said it better myself.. -:)

      1. dljones July 17, 2012

        Do you let everybody do your thinking?

    3. Robert A. Williams July 12, 2012

      OK, folks – here is a brief summary of Tax Law 101. If you have money that you have already paid taxes on and then deposit it off-shore, you don’t owe anything on the profits until you bring it back here. That goes for Mitt Romney as well as the Filipino who works at the gas station and sends his money back home to the PI.

      As far as paying their fair share, the top one percent earn 18 percent of the total earnings, yet they pay 28 percent of the taxes. The top 10 percent (over $112,000) pay about 71 percent of the taxes. About half of the folks pay no taxes at all, and about half of the folks are getting some form of public assistance. To me, the dirty pigs are those who take advantage of all this country has to offer, and then don’t pay any taxes at all.

      1. jarheadgene July 12, 2012

        Mr. Williams, If you were to have Monies directly deposited to an account in the Caymans or Switzerland, from whatever source…….where and when are the taxes
        coming out? Do the U.S. Banks have info on all accounts in Switzerland and in the Caymans. What then is the point of having any off shore accounts if all American taxes come out properly and fairly? This is an honest straight up question. As for the top 1% paying 28% of American taxes…boooohooo. When I have billions and my tax rate is LESS than 20%, or even in ROMoNEY’s case $ Millions and paid 13-14% taxes. That is going to equate to a larger sum against me and my co-workers (blue collar) taxes for America….You see even though we are paying at closer to 26-30%, yes our overall total is a lower percentage of the overall American Taxes, our families are struggling on the “left over” non-tax (Way less than $Millions)Dollars. The filthy rich, according to you, pay a large amount of taxes over all….but they have larger percentages of larger amounts in their pockets. I live off of 70% of what I earn that is way less than the 86% that some SMUG, SNOT NOSED, IVY LEAGUE, OVER-PRIVILEDGED, SILVER-SPOONED, TRUST FUND BABY …UNDER-EARNS and gets to keep in his pocket. Mr. Williams, if you are Middle Class I encourage do not vote for ROMoNEY, it will be like putting money back in Dick(head) Cheney’s pockets. We will have another chicken hawk sending our troops to war somewhere, he already proved, in his past, he is a bully and KBR/Halliburton will get more “no-bid” contracts, making Cheney richer, while good Middle Class American men and women will die. And none of his 5 boys will put on a uniform for this country, EVER, as it is beneath them. Who are the halves that pay no taxes? We need to report them to the IRS, immediately.

        1. DurdyDawg July 13, 2012

          Why, their the one’s living just this side of the poverty line.. They pay taxes during the year that they can’t afford just so they can get most or all of it back at the end of the year so they might have enough to pay their property taxes that year, meanwhile the g’ment get’s to retain the accumulative interest on all those tax dollars that they must return because these people are barely making over minimum wage (by pennies). They, pay.. g’ment get’s to keep the interest, then with property taxes, full circle. And you can’t report them to the IRS because they already know who they are.

          1. J July 14, 2012

            Exactly, rich people whining about people who don’t make enough money to pay taxes. *roll eyes* And yet they don’t say anything about the billions in corporate welfare that goes to, well, billionaires.

          2. DurdyDawg July 14, 2012

            … And what’s even worse.. These same people know and sanction those corporate pay-offs (just in case they actually do create jobs).

          3. dljones July 15, 2012

            Obama is going to continue to take care of you. I love paying my taxes to a bunch of bench bums.

          4. Tony July 16, 2012

            Bench bums? Are conservatives still mad at the Supreme Court?

          5. jarheadgene July 17, 2012

            Love it Bench Bums = Supreme Court !

        2. dljones July 15, 2012

          How many jobs have you had from from a poor guy?

          1. jarheadgene July 17, 2012

            Worked for Govt…..USMC..then worked, many years, for what was the largest employer in the U.S. outside of the govt. AT&T. After that various large Corp.’s and finally a small family owned business. They are not poor…but they like most small businesses, in U.S., are really struggling, due to “Trickle Down” economics. The Rich People are NOT….I REPEAT…..NOT “TheJob creators”. Job creation comes from the demands of the Middle Class…..GO BACK to school, or stay in school, but stop listening to the CRAP Spewed out of FAUX news. They LIE for their Boss Rupert Murdoch to make you any many other Americans believe “Black men are bad,” “Brown people are immigrants taking away white men’s jobs,””Unions are pure evil,””The GOP stands for Grand Ole Party, not GREED Over PEOPLE,””Mormons are Christians too.” I could go on and on about their rampant lies but you are probably too closed minded to hear the truth. The economy is driven by the Middle Class and it’s demands for products and services. If there is a shrinking Middle Class, which is being squeezed right now, from ALL sides, then the demand for products and services GO DOWN, and the RICH execs will demand hiring freezes and lay-offs to keep their big bonuses…..so the real TRICKLE down comes from the unemployment we Middle Class receive after the RICH execs lay people off….that is TRICKLE down….Reduced income TRICkLED down via unemployment compensation. In that sense trickle down economics does work.

          2. dljones July 17, 2012

            What a warped and pejorative dialogue. Why didn’t your orwellian man who’s mentor is Frank Marshall Davis, (look it up) pump the stimulus into the middle class opposed to companies like Solondra,and Fiskar? Open up the Canadian pipeline or do you like bowing down to a Saudi Prince? Remember, this stuff just doesn’t run out of a faucet. In a stagnet economy chooses to increase taxes and will not lower them for US companies relocated overseas for that very reason. Plus more too numerous to detail.

            By the way, that sucking sound your hear is your tab owing $184,000.00 on the national debt while the US borrows $184 billion each hour. And, Hilliary grabbed 1 billion out of the defense budget and sent it to Pakiastan

            Your man parades but he doesn’t lead. A counterfeit image destroying freedom.

          3. jarheadgene July 18, 2012

            WHAT MORE….You are probably white…and you probably listen to Hannity and Limbaugh and all the other demigogues. FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS was no more President’s Obama’s mentor than you are mine. DAVIS sympathized with the communist party at a time when Black people were still not able to live the American Dream. As for him and his ties to Obama…….you are probably Hannity’s or Limbaugh’s MEAT PUPPET repeating the nonsense they spew out. Someone on their writing staff read some or all of NUTJOB – Jerome Robert Corsi’s books and believe his lies. Remember this is the same guy, Corsi, who doesn’t believe oil comes from the same elements scientists say they do. But you probably did not check into him and who he is. Check you facts on taxes. And Oil Drilling….in the U.S. you obviously have not. Please engage your brain and stop listening to racist motivated rhetoric.

      2. phantomoftheopera July 13, 2012

        ah, but what percent of their INCOME do they pay in taxes? that’s the real question. and it’s not like we are overflowing in tax money. the top earners probably get more benefit from the tax money spent on roads, infrastructure, and education than the lower income people.

        i have a challenge for you–live on what the public assistance people live on. live where they do, eat what they eat. stay sick because you can’t afford to go to the doctor. then you may have something to gripe about.

        yes, the ‘dirty pigs’ are taking advantage of all this country has to offer–and they are at the top of the income pyramid.

      3. DurdyDawg July 13, 2012

        You gotta make money to pay taxes and minimum wages is not making money, it’s paying your utilities, rent and insurance… Oh, and a bologny sandwich for the kiddos. (dipwad!).

      4. howa4x July 13, 2012

        Teh upper 5% of the population control 95% of the wealth so they are the greedy pigs. Their wealth shot up 256% during the Bush tax cuts and the rest of the middle class was flat in terms of growth. They also exported 2.9 million jobs overseas and your hero Mtt was a leader with Bain capital. So if this group controls 95% of the waealth should’t they by logic pay 95% of the taxes?But not 13-14 % right. Having off shore accounts is fine if you’re not running for president. What you are saying to people is I have no faith in america so I’m going to put my money elsewhere. He incorporated in Bermuda and not here, and you can’t blame the democrats since most of this activity was done under Bush 2. People like you are duped into believing that ayone can make it into the 1% but the number is small compared to the rest of us. Stop being their lapdog, and make Buffet pay more in taxes than his secratary!

      5. turnipgreens July 13, 2012

        Those pigs on the bottom don’t want to be using gov’t assistance. They want a better paying job, one that is a big difference between welfare and minimum wage. If you think that jobs are created by the flow of money from the rich, you don’t know Jack. Keep thinking the rich will make you rich. Not happening. It’s the masses that make things happen. When one millionaire buys something, it’s only one. When the masses buy it’s in the millions.
        If you think these guys pay their taxes and then put it in the overseas accounts, you, again, don’t know Jack. What do they have to gain if they pay taxes first? Think about who you are defending. They won’t defend you unless you are part of the good ole boys club. Jack, Jack, Jack.

      6. Quark July 14, 2012

        the top 1% earn more than 50% of this countrys total earnings… and they ONLY pay 28%
        The top 10% hold 80% of this countrys wealth and again ONLY pay 70%
        Get your facts straight.
        As far as the pigs who take advantage of our system and pay no taxes, they are small fry compared to how our political leaders and top corporate players are raping americas middle class

      7. Gina Kray July 15, 2012

        The dirty pigs that don’t pay taxes are those that earn minimum wage doing hard labor out in the fields picking your food so you can pig out at the barbie for cheap, or in low paid retail jobs, hospital jobs and numerous other low paying jobs that are essential to supporting your lifestyle. If anyone takes advantage of what our country (including these hard workers) offers it’s you taking more than your fair share and condemning the rest for not being able to earn enough from working hard to make a living and thus not paying taxes.

      8. dljones July 17, 2012

        Robert, these are the bums on the bleacher bleeding sympathy and lacking ambition.

      9. dljones July 18, 2012

        Good job Robert. Written as it should be.

      10. Carol October 25, 2012


  3. Eduardo Gonzalez July 12, 2012

    This goes way beyond his tax returns. The man is evasive on all matters of policy. He is quick to condemn the man in the Oval Office, but refuses fo to disclose what exactly is it that he’d do differently. Americans who plan to vote for him in November remind me of my childhood hopes for a nice prize inside a cracker jack box, only to be disappointed when said prize was revealed. So go ahead America, for for your cracker jack candidate, and hope for the best, come January.

  4. 13observer July 12, 2012

    What, is Romney trying to be as vague with tax reporting as Obamacare is with content? Biden was talking to La Raza…a group that supports illegal immigration, gangs, drug dealers and tax cheats posing as independant contractors that send their paychecks to Mexico while living on U.S. taxpayer funded WEFARE. Oh sure, I want to know their opinion!

    1. whataguy100 July 12, 2012

      Obama is vague with the content of Obamacare? Sorry but the entire document has been posted online for anyone to access.

      1. Gammaanya July 13, 2012

        They can’t comprehend, it’s too much to read and swallow. It’s better for them to listen what Faux News teklls them or Rushie the Limp, They let others to think fo rthem and we have the results. Sinece Reagan NO child left behind, all Republicans and soe Dems are racists and cowards too admit it. It’s easier to let other think and rpeait than let own brain and intelligence prevail. Since they missed all that education and become ignoarant to the facts we have a bunch ignorant, selfserving COngressmans in the House of thieves that will do anything to het the black man our of White House and put the white man with black record to WH. What a switch. Go to website and read the entire ACA, if you can understandf (I am sure most immigrants intelligent enough to comprehend) it and truly be objective. Judge not, lest ye be judged. MAy God bless your soul, because you are truly lost lamb of Repukes amd Mormon church. Mitsy is on his way to be declared GOD as it’s in book of Mormons. Mr Smith is very proud of you. You go man. Take that lep of faith, don’t forget mind is like aparachute , only work when open. You like to skydive with closed one, Good luck.

    2. jarheadgene July 12, 2012

      13observer, you sound pretty racist. Unless you are of my heritage you are an IMMIGRANT and of an IMMIGRANT family. I only throw that in the face of people like you. My Grandfather was a full blooded Native American born in Texas. His Parents were born in Tejas (when it was called that)long before it was it’s own country or state in the U.S. Before the Bushes or any other carpetbagger ever came to that area of what was MEXICO. My family has served and fought in wars for this Country, since TEXAS became a state, from WW1 to Iraq. And yet if you saw me, you would call me a MEXICAN or Beaner or drug dealer or welfare recepient, BECAUSE YOU ARE IGNORANT! You sound like the Sheriff of Maricopa County, AZ and that idiot Governor of theirs. Vice President Biden was making a point, that made a good sound bite for TV. Next time you speak in such a vile tone about La Raza you better do more research.

      1. jbg9617 July 12, 2012

        well said, he is obviously a racist and ignorant. Surprised he can write.

        1. Bruce Simpson July 12, 2012

          Racist and Ignorant? And a Republican too? Say it isn’t so.

      2. Joseph Hemphill July 12, 2012

        good one JarHead, Semper Fi. oohrah !

  5. Fern Woodfork July 12, 2012

    This Goes To Show You Even His Own Party Wants To Know What He’s Hiding!!!

  6. shadowg July 12, 2012

    Why is he refusing to show tax returns and he is running for the most powerful office in the country?

  7. dljones July 12, 2012

    We are drowning in debt, jobs are scarce, 26 cities use drastic debt relief, and Obama and his Chicago mob with a 34% approval, does not have a clue.

    You have a man with experience in job creation and government. What is the significance of tax return when your hungry and out on the streets. Maybe the soup kitchen should feed their patrons “tax returns.”

    1. Ebenezer Akrong July 12, 2012

      What someone like you do not know is this are the same people who are doing everything possible to block every effort the President is making to stop him from exposing them, and that is the problem it is not that Obama do not like rich men but he does not CHEATERS.Very soon the treasury will print more money and all will be sent to Romney`s account abroad.

    2. Richie T July 12, 2012

      Job creation and Government. Job creation, they’d buy companies, run them out of business and make money for themselves. EXPERIENCE in government? Not a member of Congress, he was a STATE governor. He has never held any kind of office in any aspect of the Federal Government. He claims he didn’t run for a second term because he wanted to focus on running for President. He didn’t run for a second term because he knew he’d be wasting his time. They hated him for what he did.

    3. Ebenezer Akrong July 12, 2012

      Everybody can be a job creator, stop the lies, this is SHOW ME THE MONEY time, even maybe he is no rich man, maybe a scammer or a Bankrupt man America be careful

    4. Ebenezer Akrong July 12, 2012

      Is this another Rupert Murdock scam? Lets find out if he even has some tax returns, do not believe all the people of the BIBLE

    5. Gammaanya July 13, 2012

      Yes Mittsy, we got your message , now just go away. HHonesty is not your virtue, never was and never will be. You don’t know the meaning of HONESTY, TRUTH and as always you bash Obama but can’t take a heat yourself. Open you brain you racist. Coward too boot.

  8. Rhett59 July 12, 2012

    This creep shouldn’t stand a chance against The President. It’s obvious that he cares only about himself and his money. Oh yeah, now he’s shooting for “Power”

  9. Jack Wormer July 12, 2012

    Wouldn’t it be funny if by releasing more of his tax returns, it turns out Romney’s a DISCIPLE OF GEORGE MADOV….or, DOESN’T EVEN BELONG IN THAT 1% – ELITE?

  10. Richie T July 12, 2012

    The reason they want him to do it now, if some kind of major illegal scam was pulled, he could be thrown out of the White House, It’d be along time before they had a chance of taking it back.

  11. Camille Gauthier July 12, 2012

    To win , Governor Romney will need to show more transparency.

  12. Buck July 12, 2012

    The most vicious motive in the world isn’t the motive for murder, theft, rape, lying, cheating, arson, etc., etc. It’s the profit motive. The profit motive is all those things, and more, roled into one. Anyone who thinks that big business and those who represent big business won’t do ANYTHING for the sake of profit, including putting you and your family into the street, is as green as a gourd. Tax breaks for the rich creating jobs? Where, India, a shoe factory called Taiwan, China? Ask Mitt. He knows how it’s done. Remember the eye of the needle?

  13. 1standlastword July 12, 2012

    Rarely do we get to associate wealth with shame.

  14. Jerpell July 12, 2012

    All of America wants to see Obama’s birth certificate…The real one!…This corrupt sleazebag racist president with the character of a cartoon is the worst enemy this country has ever had…this man should be under house arrest for the scandals and stunts that he’s pulled in his “I hope” only term as an idiot acting like a president!

    1. cabadas July 13, 2012

      There’s only 1 racist here white boy

  15. jarheadgene July 12, 2012

    Love it…..”For the love of money is the root of all evil.” That is from the BIBLE, not the book of moron.

  16. jarheadgene July 12, 2012

    Give me a Break….you watch too much FAUX (look it up, to get the joke) news.

  17. Sandra Armand July 12, 2012

    Of course not.Maybe he is too honest or he’s scare.I don’t trust Mitt Romney.If American can’t see that Mitt Romney is a thief.He hides his money in other countries,that right there is big ??????

  18. Landsende July 12, 2012

    Romney needs to release his tax returns for the last 10-11 years. Then we can find out if he really was not associated with Bain Capitol when he said he had cut all ties with them at the time they were outsourcing and off shoring jobs. If he has nothing to hide why hasn’t he released them yet?

  19. jbledsoe1 July 13, 2012


    Romney should offer to show his finanancials when Obama can produce a legitimate Birth Certificate!

    1. stoptheinsanity July 13, 2012

      What a brainwashed Faux News, Limbaugh robot you are, constantly repeating the mantra of the RethugLIARcon party. You and your kind will never accept the conclusive proof that the state of Hawaii has shown in regard to President Obama’s birth. However, you’ll protect a rich, cult member who has lied and hides the truth. By the way, you must be a redneck. Please go back to grammar school and learn to spell. Financials isn’t spelled as you have indicated in your idiotic comment.

    2. cabadas July 13, 2012

      go back to faux news you idiot

  20. stoptheinsanity July 13, 2012

    Romney’s refusal to reveal his tax returns for the past ten to twelve years, to me,reveals a lot about his character. This type of behaviour indicates the possibility that he may have something to hide. Republicans try to rush to his defense by yelling, “He made lots of money. Get over it!” These same hypocrites were demanding that President Obama produce a birth certificate to prove his US citizenship. Character is the essential element of a person who is running for the highest office in the land. For Romney to simply shrug this off as something that is of no importance insults the intelligence of the American people. We have a RIGHT to know! I certainly hope that the media does not cower to pressure by Republicans to back off from asking Romney the important and tough questions. Even before President Obama took office, Republicans were asking him all kinds of idiotic questions and making demands that persists to this day. The pressure on Romney to produce these documents needs to be accelerated one hundred fold. Republicans are his attack dogs. They have advised him to “lay low”, say very little and try to run out the clock up to election day. Americans, how much do we really know about Romney? So many things about him are kept secretive and Republicans are making certain it stays that way. What is Romney’s and the Republicans’ true agenda? We won’t know unless we persistently demand answers. There are those who want to complain about the state of the economy now. If Americans allow Republicans total control of the government as they did under Bush, we won’t simply experience a recession but the biggest Depression this country has ever seen. Social Security and Medicare will be privatized, larger tax cuts for the rich and big business will be handed out and made permanent, regulation of big business will be nonexistent, wars with Iran and other nations will be started, military spending will be dramatically increased at the expense of the poor and what’s left of the middle class, etc. Republicans will then blame it all on President Obama. Americans will sorely regret that they were, once again, suckered into putting these charlatans into office but, by then, it will be too late.

  21. Basil Longman July 13, 2012

    politics is a spin, if the things you do is not just or correct in the eyes of the public then they in turn will be a big pin to poke and stick you. ROMNEY SHOULD COME CLEAN.

    The truth he has no answer to America’s problem

  22. jbledsoe1 July 13, 2012

    Obviosly none of you morons have a sense of humor!

  23. dljones July 13, 2012

    Your Democratic platform so weak that Bain Capital is all you’ve got?

    1. Quark July 14, 2012

      you republicans are so weak..Romney?? is that all you got?

      1. dljones July 15, 2012

        With the economy in the tank, that’s all I need.

  24. dljones July 13, 2012

    Go Romney!!!!!!!!!!

  25. dljones July 13, 2012

    Biased editing???????????

  26. Patricia July 14, 2012

    Even a lot of Republicans realize that Romney’s just an empty suit.

    1. Blaze Stryker July 28, 2012

      Seems 17 of his 24 advisers on foreign policy did similar jobs in the Bush Administration.

      This makes his performance chatting with the British Prime Minister make a bit more sense, I fear.

  27. Elzie Simpson July 16, 2012


  28. Bobbie July 16, 2012

    Mitt Romney knew this when he decided to run for President, that he would be ask to release his financial statements (tax), he would have requested the same of Obama, I have nothing against someone being wealthy, (if it’s honest), and why doesn’t he want to reveal more of his tax records, does he have something to hide?

  29. jarheadgene July 17, 2012

    Oh yeah his Bain Capital has created lots of JOBS….in China, India and everywhere else but America, unless you count Staples and Sport Authority, what is the pay scale there….$ 8 to $ 10 an hour. Try to support a family on that.

  30. dljones July 18, 2012

    Give it up. Cut the poor me raciest crap. carrying the mortification of past decades. Enrich yourself, continue watching your Saturday cartoons. Your incapable of placing anything intelligible on the table. You have been and continue to be a waste of my time. Say a permanent good by jughead!!!!

    1. Blaze Stryker July 28, 2012

      jarheadgene didn’t say a damn thing about racism. And you just insulted the Marinme Corps when you made fun of his handle, so you’re getting flagged as abusive.

      1. dljones July 31, 2012

        Is it the Marinme or Marine Corps? You making light of the Corps? When is the last time you made a donation to Wounded Warriors or shook the hand of a veteran and thanked him or her for their service.?

        Say a permanent good by “flagger”

  31. Patricia Robertson August 8, 2012

    For the first time in American History the white race is about to see another history in the making, and that is being overruled by the miniorty. Remember you made this a race issue the president did and not the american people, not the sane ones at least. It is the backwards and insane one who are still living in the past and don’t want to let slavery go. This is just the way the people acted when they begin to fight the civil war, they couldn’t let it go and wouldn’t until the majority of them lost all they had. How many billionaries are going to be that dumb and follow Mitt and lose everything they have with this election? Mitt is gambling on enough billionairs standing behind him to not give up his tax records but in the end, he will lose, because even they will begin to see this battle can fought another day with another candidate who is not so powerful and strong. Sometime you have to know when to pick your battle in order to win them and this is one that Mitt didn’t pick wisely.

  32. JanNH August 9, 2012

    This article needs to become six Obama ads played over the next six weeks. Having said that, Romney will lose before he will release his tax returns.

    If we get to speculate, this is what makes sense to me:
    Romney’s tax returns start getting very fuzzy 1999-2001, when he is ‘retroactively’ retiring from Bain. (I also note that Bush was now Prez, for whatever it might be worth.)

    I think Romney took advantage of an illegal Swiss bank account somewhere between 1999-2001; then he got caught and got the amnesty offered in 2009; and then he retroactively paid all his taxes from 1999-2009 in 2009.

    And what is he willing to show us?
    Adamantly, nothing before 2009. Only 2010 and 2011 (late).

  33. Fran September 29, 2012

    “Mitt” with the two t’s in his first name…gives him a “narcissistic personality”..which is a con-artist…and a swindler..what ever way he can make money by any way possible he is going to do just that…it is all about money to him…and is possessions are everything to him…even if he makes money by using deceptive means…and don’t talk back to him…that is a big no no..or disagree with him…he would cuss and go off the wall..remember he was a bully back when…he is still like one of them…it is his way or no way…why doesn’t he abide by the same principles that anyone that was running for office of the president abided by…this is the fact….he is a god..and that to him makes him exempted from being honest with others…he manipulates and uses so many people…remember what it says in the Bible that a leopard don’t change it’s spots..and the outside of the cup is handsome…but on the inside is filthy rags..and the final statement that comes out of the good book..is whatever is hidden will come out to the light…and by mid-october..the investigation on the Bain Company will reveal what they did not to have to pay the right about of taxes when he was head of it..and from other sources…it will haunt him for the rest of his life…and it says that mormons can have two wives..I wonder where he keeps the other one hidden…when all these things come out to light…I will say to him…too bad…too sad…cry me a river…he is into the “me” generation and not into the “we” generation…catch on to that…

  34. Carol October 25, 2012


  35. Canistercook November 24, 2012

    So if you and your wife file separate returns does one have to publish both? Isn’t it time to find some news and something important to say?

  36. Canistercook November 24, 2012

    When do we allow a child to grow up and be his own person – apparently National thinks NEVER!


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