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Solemn Date, Serious Decision: What 9/11 Reveals About Clinton and Trump

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Solemn Date, Serious Decision: What 9/11 Reveals About Clinton and Trump


Each anniversary of the 9/11 attacks is marked with appropriate solemnity, in remembrance of all who lost their lives on that grim day and especially the many who sacrificed themselves in dutiful valor. On these occasions we recall a moment of unity and dignity for our country, a sense that everything had changed, and a determination to rise above all that was narrow, mercenary, and mean in our political culture.

Sadly that atmosphere didn’t last long, vanishing amid the malicious misuse of the terror threat by Republican partisans in the midterm election. Now, after 15 years of turmoil at home and abroad, we confront something far worse: A loud demagogue who aims to divide the country by race, religion, ethnicity, and ideology, a sinister clown who announces his admiration for dictators and inspires a festering fascist underworld.

Despite the specter of Donald Trump, however, it is understandable that many Americans still wish to mark September 11 as a day of patriotism without politics. It is an impulse that nobody should begrudge even during a fateful election. But perhaps they will forgive the rest of us for noticing how much the history of 9/11 reveals about Trump and his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

Back then Clinton’s critics on Capitol Hill, in City Hall, and in Albany acknowledged that as a freshman Senator, she responded to the crisis admirably — not just for a day or a season, but for wearying years, working to rebuild downtown Manhattan and to care for the bereaved families and first responders. She brought her characteristic energy, passion, and intelligence to those causes, without respect to party or ideology. She exposed the federal government’s deception about the dangers of the deadly air around Ground Zero. She fought to secure health benefits for those who had suffered the consequences of that crime. (And her husband, teamed with his 1996 rival Bob Dole, helped raise more than $100 million to fund scholarships for the children of 9/11 victims.)

In pursuing Al Qaeda and in protecting the city and the nation Clinton was resolute, firmly urging President Obama to strike Osama bin Laden when the opportunity arose. But like both Obama and his predecessor, she always distinguished the nation’s enemies from the vast majority of Muslims and Muslim-Americans, one of whom still serves as her closest aide. To frustrate and ultimately defeat the violent extremists of Daesh and Al Qaeda, she seeks to cultivate rather than alienate the Muslim world.

And what did Trump do on 9/11 and afterward? He blustered about how tough he would be, if only he were president. He actually boasted that with the fall of the Twin Towers, his skyscraper at 40 Wall Street — the “Trump Building,” of course — would be the tallest in lower Manhattan. He later used that same building to collect $150,000 in state benefits from a program meant to support small businesses. (The Daily News has thoroughly disproved his recent claim that those funds reimbursed him for charitable contributions.)

But Trump didn’t do his very worst until last November, when he said that he had seen “thousands and thousands of people” in largely Muslim Jersey City, allegedly cheering “as the World Trade Center came tumbling down.” He continued to repeat this false and inflammatory claim in the face of overwhelming evidence that no such celebration ever occurred — an outrageous fabrication meant to justify his unconstitutional plan to persecute a religious minority.

There is one way in which the candidates’ records converge. Shortly after the first anniversary of 9/11, both Trump and Clinton backed the Bush administration’s disastrous invasion of Iraq. Yet while she clung to that position too stubbornly for too long, Clinton eventually admitted her vote was a serious mistake. Trump simply denies that he supported the war, despite copious proof that he is lying again.

Every year, we tell ourselves how much we learned from the experience of 9/11 about courage, compassion, and community. This year, we can look back upon that time and discover everything we should know about the choice that is coming on November 8.

It is as clear as the sky on the morning when the towers fell.

Joe Conason

A highly experienced journalist, author and editor, Joe Conason is the editor-in-chief of The National Memo, founded in July 2011. He was formerly the executive editor of the New York Observer, where he wrote a popular political column for many years. His columns are distributed by Creators Syndicate and his reporting and writing have appeared in many publications around the world, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Nation, and Harpers.

Since November 2006, he has served as editor of The Investigative Fund, a nonprofit journalism center, where he has assigned and edited dozens of award-winning articles and broadcasts. He is also the author of two New York Times bestselling books, The Hunting of the President (St. Martins Press, 2000) and Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth (St. Martins Press, 2003).

Currently he is working on a new book about former President Bill Clinton's life and work since leaving the White House in 2001. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, including MSNBC's Morning Joe, and lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

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  1. FireBaron September 11, 2016

    I remember just coming back from a business trip to Amman and Dubai on the Friday before this happened. I watch on TV as the second plane hit the second tower. I remember the shock and horror at watching the towers come down. I thought of friends who lived and worked in Manhattan and prayed they were safe.
    For one brief time, the rest of the world stood with us. Unfortunately, we were saddled with a Secretary of Defense who didn’t believe in the necessity of actual people in uniform and misused what he had. We could have captured OBL in late 2003 if that same SecDef hadn’t ordered our troops to withdraw from were everyone knew OBL was holed up and could not escape from! Why? Because his boss decided it was time to get revenge on the guy who tried to kill his Pappy.

    1. AgLander September 11, 2016

      Unfortunately, your weak attempt to revise history is very easily debunked……in the future please do not try to present your hateful biases as facts.

      “Bin Laden Lived To Fight Another Day Thanks To Bill Clinton”


      1. TZToronto September 11, 2016

        Yeah, and the coup d’etat that toppled the Mossadeq government in Iran happened during the Eisenhower administration, and the British split up the Middle East into countries without regard for who was living there. And don’t forget that the Shia and Sunni split has been going on for centuries. How far back do you want to go?

        September 10, 2001: Bill Clinton said,

        “I’m just saying, you know, if I were Osama bin Laden – he’s a very
        smart guy, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about him – and I nearly
        got him once,” said Clinton, who’d departed the White House earlier that
        year. “I nearly got him. And I could have killed him, but I would have
        to destroy a little town called Kandahar in Afghanistan and kill 300
        innocent women and children, and then I would have been no better than
        him. And so I didn’t do it.” (http://www.cbsnews.com/news/bill-clinton-i-could-have-killed-osama-bin-laden/)

        What was Trump doing the very next day? Hallucinating about thousands of Muslims in Jersey City celebrating the fall of the Twin Towers! And probably being glad that it wasn’t one of his buildings that was attacked.

      2. Independent1 September 11, 2016

        And bin Laden may well have only succeeded in his dastardly deed because Bush and Cheney refused the pleas of the CIA 7 times to be allowed to focus their attention on trying to stop the attack that ended up killing almost 3,000 people. Bush and Cheney should be in prison today for deliberately committing dereliction of duty as president and vice-president of this nation: by deliberately refusing to even try to prevent an attack that they had been told was coming 7 TIMES!!!

      3. Independent1 September 11, 2016

        So you’re trying to sell us on President Clinton being responsible for bin Laden and other assorted lapses of being an effective president in protecting America based on some stories told by nothing more than a right-wing biased CONTRIBUTOR to the Forbes magazine??

        And you’re doing this after you know full well that the right-wing biased Faux News propaganda outlet spent over two years claiming time and time again that someone in the White House issued a STAND DOWN ORDER deliberately keeping anyone from responding to an attack on our Benghazi CIA detachment!! And only finally agreed that they were lying after Indisputable proof was given that they had been spewing a bald faced lie!!!

        You have the gall to believe than any of us there would believe those fabrications spewed by what is clearly a right-wing Clinton hater??

        Wow!! You really need professional help YOU ARE CLEARLY INSANE!!!

        1. AgLander September 11, 2016

          If you had bothered to check the link you would have seen that the info was contained in a book with the source being an Air Force Colonel who was Clinton’s presidential aide and, in fact, carried the “nuclear football” which means he was always in his presence. Oh, my! Those stubbornly stubborn facts get in the way again! ….next!

          1. Independent1 September 11, 2016

            Yeah!! And you believe I would believe a right-wing biased Colonel?? And why would you believe that??

            Sorry there lowlife! But military or not – right-wingers have become liars and fabricators of reality as a normal course of being what they are BLATANT LIARS!!!!!!

            Even Colin Powell just flat out lied within the last week saying he had never given Hillary Clinton advice to use a private server for her emails when it has been proven that he was also FLAT OUT LYING!!!!!!!

          2. AgLander September 11, 2016

            Lemming Alert!

          3. Independent1 September 11, 2016

            Sadly, despite the fact that I once was a true Independent and voted for whom I thought was the most qualified person to be president – and voted for Eisenhower, Ford and Bush 1 twice – Republicans since Newt Gingrich brainwashed them on how to lie and cheat – have forced me to be partisan and work hard to support the Democrats BECAUSE I CANNOT THINK OF ONE REPUBLICAN TODAY WHO I HAVE NOT PROVEN TO BE A FLAT OUT LIAR TIME AND TIME AGAIN!!! NOT ONE!!!!!!!!


          4. AgLander September 11, 2016

            You claim you despise liars, sling a bunch of unfounded accusations, and yet the biggest liar in political history has your support (Clinton)? Your credibility just hit zero on the meter! Next!

          5. Independent1 September 11, 2016

            And there you go lying again, you right-wingers have tried for over 20 years to pin something on Hillary that is truly a meaningful lie and have not been able to do that EVEN ONCE.

            And I’m not talking about a politician exaggerating situations LIKE EVERY politician does – I’m talking about lying about policy objectives that are truly meaningful and could be harmful to people and even our nation. And Trump does that on a regular basis, such that PolitiFact has said he tells the truth ONLY 9% OF THE TIME!!

            And the same is true of Cruz, Jeb, Rubio and virtually every other GOP politician who PolitiFact says tell the truth less than 25% of the time – while for Hillary PolitiFact says she tells the truth AT LEAST 50% of the time which they say is being honest for a politician!!

            So I’m not claiming Hillary is perfectly honest, but I have only caught her fabricating reality and lying about critical policy-related issues very few times – while Republicans lie about about even crucial policy issues constantly!!!!!!

          6. Eleanore Whitaker September 11, 2016

            You think if you distort the truth, everyone with a sane mind will just ignore what you think you are doing…turning lies into the “NEW TRUTH.” You and your Republicans are in the toilet and you are not man enough to admit it.

          7. Blueberry Hill September 11, 2016

            Yes, the Rethugs do nothing but lie. Now they have the Liar in Chief running for president. They know he lies, but they also know that he knows nothing about running a government, and will end up being their puppet. He will just sign whatever they put in front of him as he will have no idea what it is. That is if they can find him, as he only wants the TITLE, not the JOB of being president. He has never worked a day in his life and could not keep up with Obama’s schedule no matter how hard he might try. He has already told Pence that he would be running everything. That is what this mafia Don does; hires people to do his work for him. He also needs to produce his taxes as well as a REAL health report. He obviously has high blood pressure as his face gets red when riled, a dead giveaway of high blood pressure, and who knows what else he is hiding — like Dementia? That is also obvious.


          8. Eleanore Whitaker September 11, 2016

            If you bothered to check, you’d see Bush holding hands with a Saudi Prince.

            And just so you don’t forget, dirtbag, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cMlIsd0seo

      4. Eleanore Whitaker September 11, 2016

        Unfortunately, you are outnumbered Mr. Peabrain Minority. Don’t you boys have anything better to do with your lives than bitch all day every day?

        You are a bunch of pathetic power addicts who just never know when it is time to shut the hell up and when it is time for you to pack it in.

        When you are the only one who agrees with you, maybe it is time to get professional help dirtbag.

    2. Jon September 11, 2016

      A good accurate reminder of the war monger GWB, Dick Cheney, and Bush’s appointees in letting Osama Bin Laden run and hide and never fulfilling his inspirational “he can run but he can’t hide” chant. Deplorable Trumpies twist and revise history to laughable degrees and compare apples to oranges. Thanks for your reminder.

      1. Ericakvargas1 September 12, 2016

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  2. AgLander September 11, 2016

    The author and National Memo founder, Joe Cohen, uses 9-11 as an excuse to launch a vicious and groundless personal attack on a presidential candidate simply to elevate his myopic political views. Readers at NM deserve better. Shame on you, Joe Cohen, shame on you.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 11, 2016

      Clearly, you have not grown one iota beyond the current miniature mental stature.
      Rather than acknowledge Lord Fautleroy’s egregious behavior, you constantly seek to justify his atrocious behavior. Your infatuation with Trump is beyond all standards of normality which is why you feel compelled to live in the “internet hallways” of National Memo, camped out and ready to defend your beloved mess of a human being at all costs.
      You are the embodiment of a sycophant and a loyal toady.

      1. Mama Bear September 11, 2016

        block him. he’s a Dumpster troll paid to agitate. If you block him he will be so pissed:)

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 11, 2016

          Thank you, but I feel it a duty to now and then remind him of his folly in hopes that he will awake from his strange sleep.

          1. Mama Bear September 11, 2016

            Afraid the folly is yours, Aaron, he is being paid way too much to even care about reality….sadly.

          2. TZToronto September 11, 2016

            I’ll give him one thing: He is persistent. But that’s probably not unusual for someone who is “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, and Islamophobic.”

          3. Mama Bear September 11, 2016

            he’s on the payroll. These trolls are paid to disrupt and aggravate. Communicating with him/her is feeding into it.

          4. plc97477 September 11, 2016

            I have heard they get an extra penny whenever anyone replies to them.

          5. charleo1 September 11, 2016

            He’s thoroughly hilarious. Like those people you wrote about who believe Fox News, reality t.v. shows, and championship wrestling are all real. A real hoot!

          6. Blueberry Hill September 11, 2016

            Yes, it is hilarious, and even the reality shows are actually staged. lol and as fake as the wrestling matches.


          7. dpaano September 12, 2016

            Even at a very early age, I KNEW that championship wrestling and roller derby were not real!!! Apparently, these guys haven’t grown up yet!!!

          8. AgLander September 11, 2016

            If I was on someone’s payroll, matching wits with the sycophants here at NM, it would probably result in a low pay wage scale because it doesn’t take much skill to take you lemmings to task!

          9. Independent1 September 11, 2016

            What?? You taking any of us sane people to task on the NM?? With what?? Your outright fabrications of reality and flat out lies?? With statements like that you clearly make us realize just how much you right-wingers live in your own make believe fantasy lands!!!!!

            You clearly have the same 2-year old mindset as Trump where you believe the fantasies you create in your own minds!! Go back and play in your sandbox!! That’s were children like you belong!

          10. AgLander September 11, 2016

            Despite your overly emotional response, it serves a purpose in demonstrating the fact that being a conservative involves thinking before you react or make a decision while the fatal flaw found in liberalism constantly involves acting and reacting before the brain has had a chance to think through the process. And liberals must be very insecure as evidenced by their attempts to constantly change the way they describe themselves…… they have now tried to change their name to progressives. I’m guessing it’s because they were making no headway and turning a lot of people off with their failed movement….. so look for them to rename themselves again soon because they will wear thin with the word progressive too!

          11. Independent1 September 11, 2016

            So now you’re trying to sell us on the stupid notion that conservatives actually think before they make a decision??

            Is that why virtually all conservative legislators sign a pledge with Grover Nordquist that they will VOTE NO on any legislation that will raise taxes?? So they don’t have to really understand what a bill contains; all they have to do is ask “Will this bill require a tax increase?” to let them know to VOTE NO even when they have no idea how much a bill would help the people who voted them into office or our nation??

            And how do you explain conservatives doing a lot of thinking, when studies have proven that being a conservative has been linked to people being dumb like you?? So dumb, that they also become racists and actually are resistant to change – which means that they would vote against any piece of legislation that would change their world even if it would be again, be a big help to the people who voted them into office, our nation, or even themselves.

            We quite often mention how voters vote against their own best interests for voting for a Republican, well that probably could be said about GOP legislators who are so caught up with their absolutely dumb ideology that they vote NO even on bills that may help even themself.

            From the Huff Post recapping an article published by LiveScience:

            Intelligence Study Links Low I.Q. To Prejudice, Racism, Conservatism

            Are racists dumb? Do conservatives tend to be less intelligent than liberals? A provocative new study from Brock University in Ontario suggests the answer to both questions may be a qualified yes.

            The study, published in Psychological Science,showed that people who score low on I.Q. tests in childhood are more
            likely to develop prejudiced beliefs and socially conservative politics in adulthood.

            I.Q., or intelligence quotient,is a score determined by standardized tests, but whether the tests truly reveal intelligence remains a topic of hot debate among
            psychologists.Dr. Gordon Hodson, a professor of psychology at the university and the study’s leadauthor, said the finding represented evidence of a vicious cycle: People of low intelligence gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies, which stress resistance to change and, in turn, prejudice,he told LiveScience

            For more go here:


          12. David September 11, 2016

            The fraud tries to quote more “studies”. But, the Huffington Post isn’t exactly neutral, now is it — fraud!

          13. Independent1 September 11, 2016

            The Huff is only recapping an article published by LiveScience!!

            You are such an outright fake that any moron can see you’re clearly A WORTHLESS NOTHING!!!!

          14. David September 11, 2016

            If they believed in “truth in advertising”, they would refer to themselves as the ‘useful idiots’.

          15. David September 11, 2016

            You talk about lies? C’mon fraud! Tell us more!

          16. Eleanore Whitaker September 11, 2016

            Awwww…Did someone just out you fat butt? You know damn well you are a paid troll who coochie coos your right wing BS on an hourly basis. Reeks reeks reeks of a paid troll big mouth who has NO brains.

          17. AgLander September 11, 2016

            Ellie! if anyone knows about being “outed” there is no better example than you since those cross country truckers “out” you from your wardrobe multiple times every night!

          18. Blueberry Hill September 11, 2016

            Since the Trump Trash doesn’t pay his help, I wonder if his trolls ever get paid? They are probably being stiffed too. Ha ha ha.


          19. Eleanore Whitaker September 11, 2016

            The point is they aren’t just disrupting. They are literally encouraging ISIS terrorists just the way Trump is doing. Trump got his butt caught on Russian TV bashing hell out of the United States. The country that gave him wealth. The country that has yet to thrown him in prison for tax fraud.

          20. Mama Bear September 11, 2016

            you are absolutely right, Eleanore. I was referring to these specific trolls that work on left-leaning newsletters like this one. I observed them in training and the “supervisor” had access to all they were doing and when they got off key, so to speak, he came on with “whatever you are trying to do you are being ineffective and then the entire “person” shut down. There is an entire “corps” of internet trolls.

          21. AgLander September 11, 2016

            Your coughing and hacking girl is about to be swept away by “The Deplorables” on Nov. 8th……you had your chance and blew it……..prepare for a safer, stronger and greater America.

          22. TZToronto September 11, 2016

            That’s the best you can do?

            Coughing during the allergy season is not at all unusual. If your Trumpian lord and master did the same thing, you’d consider it a sign of superiority.

          23. dpaano September 12, 2016

            Apparently, he hasn’t read that Hillary was diagnosed with pneumonia, which causes you to cough persistently! But, he just listens to the Trump-meister, who insists that someone that coughs is unfit for the presidency. Guess what, someone who rants like a 10-year old is definitely unfit for the office!!!

          24. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 11, 2016

            You and Jim are twins who are indeed lost in the wilderness of your passionate desire and love for Donald and the GOP.

            Will the two of you someday emerge to be men for a change?

          25. charleo1 September 11, 2016

            Ted Bundy was very persistent. So was John Wayne Gacy. and Dick Cheney, persistent. The fly in my coffee was persistent.

          26. Joan September 11, 2016

            Thank you for your service. I attempted it, but it sorely tested my desire to treat all others with compassion. I just was not up to that large a challenge. Maybe in a non Presidental election year I can unblock AgLander and check in on the bubble persons and test my own compassionate nature.

        2. dpaano September 12, 2016

          Already did that, along with many others of his ilk!!! Who has the time or energy to keep trying to educate them. They are too far gone to even try to change!

          1. Mama Bear September 12, 2016

            They are paid to troll left leaning sites and aggitate.

          2. dpaano September 13, 2016

            Not if we block them and don’t respond to them to keep throwing coal into their fire!

      2. The lucky one September 11, 2016


      3. Jon September 11, 2016

        Well done Aaron. I think you speak for the decent honest people here.

      4. 1Zoe55 September 11, 2016

        Your comments speak to me and to many of us. Have you considered starting your own blog site, so that we could follow your writings and teachings? Thank you for words of wisdom, especially today.

        1. AgLander September 11, 2016

          Better yet, maybe he can start a cult and recruit little lemmings like yourself who prefer to have someone else think for them so they can then cry out (your quoted words) …..”your comments speak for me and to me, can I follow you and your writings and teachings?” On the other hand, we already have the Democrat party doing that for you! Wow…….only at NM can you find such wingless birds!

          1. Marilyn September 11, 2016

            Then what keeps drawing you to this site?

          2. David September 11, 2016

            To laugh at people like you!

          3. Independent1 September 12, 2016

            The money the Heritage Foundation or the RNC pump into Aggie’s pockets for making his asinine posts.

          4. Independent1 September 11, 2016

            Who asked you to crawl out of your sandbox little girl?? You need to go back and play with your 2-year old friends on sites like Brietbart!!!

          5. AgLander September 11, 2016

            ….speak of wingless birds and it’s no coincidence that you show up!

          6. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 11, 2016

            Poor Aggie, mired in clay of conservatism unable to soar to the heights spiritual certainty, lacking in good manners and good thoughts, and an eternal stooge for the GOP.
            This is truly a satanic imprimatur you’ve stamped on your forehead. Why not free yourself from the shackles of a mean-spirited disposition that runs completely counter to the Message of Jesus.
            I’ll continue to tap you on the shoulder to remind you of your and my obligation to better ourselves outside of the decadent realm of partisan politics.

          7. AgLander September 12, 2016

            Do you sleep inside a triangle platform with garlic necklaces draped on your neck? Your silly worded disquisitions create a picture of a bayou witch doctor!

          8. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 12, 2016

            No, Aggie. In America we sleep in homes. Maybe you sleep in a triangle and that’s OK if that’s your thing. If you reside in a cave, that’s OK also.

            Just make sure you get some sunshine, read some good books that are thought-provoking, and by all means avoid watching FOX and just reading comic strips.

            By the way, I’m just returning from a wonderful trip to Salalah, Oman where I stayed as a guest with a family there. They have a regular house also. Do you have any friends in the US or anywhere in the world???

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 11, 2016

      By the way, how many biscuits are you paid to post?

    3. charleo1 September 11, 2016

      So you show us the film of Muslims celebrating in New Jersey after 9/11. Trump seems to have lost it somewhere. Because here’s the deal. There is no elevating this, or promoting that as a personal attack. Either Joe C. is lying, or D. Trump is. Producing the video will settle this real quick.

    4. Eleanore Whitaker September 11, 2016

      In my town here in Central NJ, we lost 11 Americans because Bush and Cheney were obsessed with taking Iraq’s oil…Just as Trump stated this past week.

      Readers don’t need your BS Lander. What they need are facts those of us who lived with the sight of those 2 towers burning for months after 9/11 know better than squeakers like you EVER will.

      It was George W. Bush who kissed the face of a Saudi Prince, held his hand and invited him to his Crawford Ranch. You righties are hellbent that you WILL NEVER take the blame for 9/11.

      Of the 11 Terrorists, not a single one was an Iraqi. But that didn’t stop you oil addicts from getting us into a war in Iraq, did it, you lying sack of cow dung?

      Nanny Rice had 6 memos from the prior administation ALL of which she ignored like a good little girl. So, bitch about 4 dead in Benghazi, just not the 11 in my town, young men and women whose only crime was being an American…the very thing you dogmeat righties are out to end.

      You won’t get the chance. Too many of us are fed up with right wing belligerence, right wing lies and distortions.

      The next time you take a breath, be thankful the air doesn’t reek of the jet fuel we could smell for two weeks or the dust from humans incinerated by pigs just like you who bash hell out of your own country.

      Trump is NOT going to get another chance to do as he said, “Just take their oil.” The next stop for him is prison where that phony belongs. Get over it Mr. Master of the Toilet Bowl.

      1. Independent1 September 11, 2016

        Great rebuttal!!

        1. David September 11, 2016

          ES and D, worthless fraud!

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 12, 2016

            David, you’re embarrassing yourself by showing a complete lack of religiosity and common sense.
            Obviously your parents didn’t teach you about the importance of a religious attitude—attitudes such as courtesy, a detached way of thinking that doesn’t rely on what the GOP fills your head with for example, and having a very belligerent attitude.
            In case you didn’t know, these aren’t attributes espoused by Jesus, or any other Messengers of God.

      2. David September 11, 2016

        Eleanore!!!! ‘Benghazi’? Didn’t Hildebeast tell us, “At this point, what difference does it make?”.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker September 11, 2016

          No Liar…She Did NOT….11 people in my town are DEAD…because your asshat Nanny Rice was too obsessed with Iraq to pay attention. Try again fool. And this time without that phonyass swagger and drawl no one but you believes is real.

          You make a TOTAL jerk of yourself when your TexASS president killed 4,000 people and you whine about diplomats who CHOSE to be diplomats…not innocent American miltiary who chose to fight so you can open that cowass mouth of yours. Get a life. You are nothing but a loser.

          As a TexASS we know why you and Cornballs hate a woman for president. You bitched about Ann Richards, next it was Wendy Davis. Men like you are addicted to your powermongering stupidity. NO. YOu can’t live off your BIG OIL profits while the rest of the States pay your fines and clean up. NO you and your privatized prisons can’t have anymore tax subsidies and definitely NO you won’t get one more dime for your phony baloney for profit KBR and the rest of your nutbag military industrialist billionaires.

          If you and your hick jerks in your state can’t make it without our tax dollars, maybe you better start begging your Big Oil Billionaires to open their bank accounts. The times they are a changin’ pallie.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 11, 2016

            You’re right, Eleanore. The times are changing, and “pallie” just doesn’t have the mentality to recognize it.

          2. David September 11, 2016

            Kind of like they changed in the 2014 elections?

          3. David September 11, 2016

            Eleanore!!!! Then I guess The Washington Post; YouTube; and, Breitbart are all lying as well. “Make it without ‘your’ tax dollars”? Ha, ha, ha! Maybe the illegals Obomo is letting in need your tax dollars, we Texans don’t. But, you Yankees need our oil and gas for transportation and to keep warm in the winter now don’t you?
            How does it feel to be a wizened shrew with nothing left but memories of the job you used to have and the husband who left you? Maybe you should start going to Church again. I think it would help.

          4. Independent1 September 12, 2016

            ” But, you Yankees need our oil and gas for transportation and to keep warm in the winter now don’t you?”

            Really? Is that why dummkopf that theTexas budgets are really straining because of the dramatic decrease in the demand for all those soon to be obsolete fossil fuels???? HMMM? And if Texas is doing so great, why does it suck over 95 cents per dollar of taxes Texas sends to Washington in the form of federal aid?? Hmmm??

            And why when compared to every other state, does Texas rank in the bottom 10 of 23 socio/economic comparisons?? Like police protection, quality of its infrastructure (roads/bridges/parks), and on and on?? Hmmm??

            And why when Texas is 2nd in the nation in GDP production, does Texas come out 34th in the nation in the ability of its residents to buy commodities – like things from Walmart, Groceries and many other things?? Hmmm??? (The answer to this is because the Texas government has so rigged the system that not only does Texas have the largest number of people living in poverty of any state in the nation, companies in Texas pay people so little money that they can barely afford to even live.)

          5. dpaano September 12, 2016

            Eleanore, I read something REALLY interesting in the paper yesterday. Apparently the president of Mexico has put forth legislation to cancel any and all agreements made with the United States, including the one many, many years ago wherein they “gave” the U.S. several states (California, Nevada, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, to name a few) and they are going to take back their states! They are going to do this if Trump wins the presidency and ATTEMPTS to make them pay for his stupid wall! This should be interesting….I may end up being an illegal immigrant in Mexico rather than a California resident!!! If I remember correctly, the legislation passed! This may cause a major civil war between Mexico and the U.S. because the Trumpster wants to build his ridiculous wall!

        2. Independent1 September 11, 2016

          What a total absolutely disgusting loser you are!! I can’t imagine anyone being a more worthless human being than you!!!!!

          1. David September 11, 2016

            Well, coming from a POS fraud, who cares what you think?

          2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 11, 2016

            David, you’re still at the bottom of the gutter. When are you going to clean yourself off, and “beautify” your soul with some wholesome garments? You’re a bit gamey if you get my meaning.

          3. David September 11, 2016

            Maybe I could clothe myself with some of your Buddhist chants…..naaah, I believe in the the one true God. Jesus — the same then, now, and forever.

          4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 12, 2016

            I don’t care too much what you clothe yourself in. For now, you’re exposed, and your garments need changing. Wear burlap if that suits you.
            But by all means, learn to say something intelligent for a change.

          5. David September 12, 2016

            I feel sorry for you, Aaron, if you equate intelligence with only agreeing with your position. Is it possible that there are cogent arguments to the contrary?

          6. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 12, 2016

            I appreciate your attempt at sentimental feelings, but like Trump and AGLander, you’re not capable of feeling sorry for anyone besides yourself.
            Don’t worry though—I’ll continue to remind you of what is helpful for your soul.

          7. dpaano September 12, 2016

            If you truly believe in Jesus, you wouldn’t be voting for Trump…..this man is the most unreligious person I’ve ever seen running for office! He doesn’t go to church, doesn’t pray, doesn’t read the bible, doesn’t tithe…..he’s no Christian! Jesus would cast him down if they ever met!!! He’s lucky a bolt of lightening hasn’t struck him yet, but then again, there’s still time!

          8. Independent1 September 12, 2016

            ” I believe in the the one true God. Jesus — the same then, now, and forever.”

            You can honestly say those words, knowing full well, that not only does Donald Trump but also the Republican party, support precepts that totally contradict virtually every commandment that Jesus gave his life to teach the world??

            Identify one thing that Donald Trump or the GOP in all honesty stand for, that are truly representative of even one of the commandments Jesus gave us that are documented for us in Matthew 5,6 and 7. Just one!!

            Not one thing you or the GOP or Donald Trump stand for is represented by even one of Jesus’ commandments – NOT ONE!!

          9. Independent1 September 12, 2016

            Let me give you some examples:

            Jesus taught: Love they neighbor as thyself.

            You, the GOP and Donald Trump teach – Hate everyone that is not exactly AS YOU think they should be.

            Jesus asked those who were to follow Him: Sell what you have and give to the poor and then come follow me.

            You, the GOP and Donald Trump teach – The poor are to be hated and the rich rewarded by making them even richer. (Even though Jesus said words to the effect: It will harder for a rich man to enter into Heaven than for a camel to jump through the eye of a needle (essentially an impossibility. So exactly where do you think all these people are going to end up that you, Donald Trump and the GOP are trying to make even richer??? Clue – it isn’t Heaven))

            And those are just a few – I could go on for hours!!!!!!!!

          10. Independent1 September 12, 2016

            And do you know why I call you and your right-wing buddies worthless? Because you lie and lie and lie.

            And God tells us in Revelations that liars will be lumped in with murders, adulterers, idolators and others and thrown in the fire.

            And isn’t it just things that you consider worthless that you usually throw in the fire???

  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 11, 2016

    The numerous points describing Trump’s cowardly and churlish behavior during the events of 9/11 and today define a pusillanimous and selfish little man who is the very antithesis of what a Christian should be like, or any human being for that matter.
    Rather than acknowledge his abject failure as a member of the human family so far, he tromps onwards carrying the heavy fetters of a spoiled pampered little boy in a suit and tie, not caring in the least for his onward march to the fiery pit of greed and egoism.

    “O SON OF SPIRIT! Noble have I created thee, yet thou hast abased thyself. Rise then unto that for which thou wast created.”—(Baha’u’llah from “The Hidden Words”)

    If only Trump would take the time to hearken to the melodies of this aphorism his situation would at last take a turn for the better. Regrettably, he’s not up to the task and prefers to be ignoble.

    1. TZToronto September 11, 2016

      If Trump gets the chance, he’ll start condemning members of the Baha’i faith, too. He just hasn’t heard of it yet.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 11, 2016

        That would be a big help for the Baha’is, paradoxical as that may sound.

    2. Joan September 11, 2016

      Reading your posts have made me interested in the Baha’i faith. As a Buddhist myself, seems like we share several guiding tenets. Buddhist believe that when 2/3 of the world’s population join together in compassion – we will have peace on earth

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 11, 2016

        I’m an admirer of the Buddha as all Baha’is are, because He is a logical extension of what went befoe Him—namely the Message of Krishna.
        In fact, Baha’u’llah speaks of all of the Prophets of God in these words, among many others:

        “And since there can be no tie of direct intercourse to bind the one true God with His Creation, and no resemblance whatsoever can exist between the transient and the eternal, the contingent and the absolute, He hath ordained that in every Age and Dispensation a pure and stainless Soul be made manifest unto the kingdoms of earth and heaven. Unto this subtle, mysterious and ethereal Being, He hath ordained a twofold nature: The first pertaining to the world of matter, and a second which is born of the substance of God Himself.”

        As you might surmise, this is a high-level way of affirming that all the Prophets appear as a result of humanity’s ever-present need for an Educator for whatever the Era might be and proceed from the same Source.

        Furthermore, these special Beings are related in a unique manner and “soar in the same heaven, are seated on the same throne, utter the same speech, and proclaim the same faith…”, and that they appear at differing times depending on the exigencies of the humanity’s needs. Which means that the Baha’i Faith is not the last Religion, and that Religion is “…eternal in the past, and eternal in the future…”.

        Therefore, we as Baha’is can’t help but embrace and affirm the Oneness and the Messages of all the Prophets—those known, and those we don’t know of whose records and doings were never documented for posterity sake for various logical reasons.

        Just saying.

        (www.bahai.org for more info) and Google “Universal Emancipation Proclamation” for specifics about actual things done and significant gestures made).

      2. dpaano September 12, 2016

        I’m not Buddhist, but I believe that is the truth. Humankind is supposed to be ALL of us, not just those of us in the United States or those in other countries….but ALL of us on this planet…..one people! Humankind!! Apparently, we haven’t hit the 2/3’s mark yet, but we can always keep trying because until we learn that we’re in this all together….we’re never going to make it!

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 12, 2016

          Yes, you are right on target as usual, especially in regards to all of us needing to try to aspire to greater heights.

          Although you and I are not Buddhists by name, we are “Buddhists” by our acknowledging that the lamp of truth was with Buddha as it has been for all the Messengers. People like yourself may not be Baha’i by name but you have the characteristics of what a Baha’i should be—maybe even more than myself.

          This is one of the facets of the themes that God is One and that Religion is One.

          An analogy that points this out is to think of a lamp and a light bulb: The light bulb is the primary and all important feature of a lamp; the bulb can be transferred to another lamp that looks entirely different, but the bulb ensures that the lamp will illuminate the room just as the other lamp did.

          The “Christ” spirit resided in the various Messengers from one era to another—from Abraham and those Who preceded Him up until Jesus, then it shone in Muhammad, and now it has descended in the Person of Baha’u’llah.

          Although the names of the “lamps”(Messengers) changed, Their place of Revelation differed, the language used varied according to the people who were addressed, social teachings differed depending on the exigencies of the times, yet the Source of inspiration for Them all has been an “Unknowable Essence” who is known by differing Names yet remains a Constant Source.

          None of what I said originates with me—it’s just my unique way of expressing what I’ve learned from the Writings, and taking time to familiarize myself with the salient features of as many of the other Religions as my limited capacities allow.

    3. dpaano September 12, 2016

      What I really don’t get is how the so-called “evangelical Christians” can even consider voting for him!!! He doesn’t go to church, doesn’t read the bible, doesn’t pray (or at least he fakes it well), and most of the things that have come out of his mouth are extremely unchristian-like!! Jesus would roll over in his grave (if he had one) if he ever encountered Trump! This man is the devil’s own advocate, and if these “alleged” Christians can’t see that, then they are NOT true Christians!!! They should be ashamed of themselves!

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 12, 2016

        What you say is the crux of a problem that has become plainly visible for all to see. The question is whether all of us here, and in the world, will make the necessary reevaluation of our own personal and group relationship with the Creator.
        This is the focal point we need to converse among ourselves in a polite and objective manner to resolve this conundrum—claiming to be of a Religion yet refusing to live up to the ideals of whatever Religion we claim to follow.

        1. Joan September 12, 2016

          The prosperity gospel is a corruption of all that Jesus taught. It demonizes poverty and elevates greed, Jesus would weep.

          1. Independent1 September 12, 2016

            I’m sure he is. Especially over those who are claiming today to be Christians and are clearly giving their support to not only an individual, but also a political party, that have adopted virtually every precept that contradicts what Jesus gave his life to teach the world.

          2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 13, 2016

            It may well be that He is looking upon all of this with a sense of sadness as to the perversity of the conservative cabal who claim allegiance to Him as it daily distorts His Message.

          3. dpaano September 14, 2016

            I would certainly think so! I’m just hoping he shows his meddle when Trump loses big time!

          4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 15, 2016

            Yes, this so-called “prosperity gospel” is another example of “Corruption of the Text” as cited by the Prophet Muhammad in several places in the Qur’an—enough times that made me think how important that observation of His was, and is.

            Baha’u’llah expounded on this theme in response to Muslims mistaking that theme as meaning that Jews and Christians literally rewrote the Bible. Instead, He states in the “Kitab-i-Iqan” by “corruption” is meant twisting the meaning of the words to suit the personal ambition of the clergy of the past, and what the Muslim clergy likewise have been doing themselves since the 19th century—and Not that the Bible was purposely rewritten by anyone on purpose though various interpretations had arisen.

        2. dpaano September 13, 2016

          Aaron, as usual, I agree with you. The main point that I see is that we are ALL part of humankind, and as such, we need to ALL work together in this big orb we call Earth!! Unfortunately, we can’t seem to get how to do that figured out!!! Pretty sad when you stop to think about it! After all, we’re all the same under our skin!

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 13, 2016

            There is a quote that Baha’u’llah uses in one of His Writings and which He attributes to a tradition by one of the legitimate heirs of the reins of authoritative interpreters of Islamic Text.

            The saying is this: “The Truth is a point which the foolish have multiplied”.

            So, one aspect of the Truth, the Oneness of Humanity, has over the centuries been so distorted and reinvented that that Oneness manifests itself in the realm of humanity as disparate threads according to each group’s/person’s interpretation of what they see when looking at another human being.

            Spencer Wells, a population geneticist working with the GenoGraphic project of Nat’l Geographic makes the conclusion based on DNA that all humanity are the same under the skin— having proceeded from the same “Eve” and “Adam” to use the metaphor in Genesis.

          2. dpaano September 14, 2016

            Boy, if you tell those racists out there that support Trump that they actually are descended from an African woman….they’ll go bonkers! It would be fun to watch….but, then again, they don’t believe in evolution (or climate change) or any other proven fact that is out there! They live in their fantasy world that only WHITES are the dominant race and should be running this country! Must be nice in that alternate universe!

      2. Independent1 September 12, 2016

        You’ve made some good points, which make it very clear that today’s supposed evangelicals have sold out their souls to the Devil; no one – who in all honesty within themselves, and claims to be a true Christian – could in any way, put their support behind a person like Donald Trump, whose entire life has been one contradiction after another of every single precept that Jesus gave His life to teach us. Only someone who has sold their soul to the Devil could have been so blinded by God, that they would not see the Donald Trump is the very image of Satan himself.

        1. dpaano September 13, 2016

          I think we need to look under his toupee for those horns!!!

  4. Mama Bear September 11, 2016

    I attended a retirement dinner last night for an old friend who has spent her career as a TV producer. She reminded us of something we all used to know – television is not real, it is fantasy. In a flash I realized it….that Trump followers do not understand the difference between fantasy and reality (much like a 4 year old who really believes that cartoon animals can talk) and they have mistaken Trump’s TV self with reality. Then this morning while reading the paper I noticed the “Top 10 TV show last week”….you guessed it, 9 of the 10 were reality shows. Trump followers think this is a reality show.

    1. Jon September 11, 2016

      In trying to qualify a young child witness as competent to testify in court, among the questions asked are some dealing with the child’s ability to distinguish cartoons and children’s shows such as Barney, the Wiggles, etc. from reality. Those children who can’t do it or have a great deal of difficulty doing it are found not competent to testify. From a lot of what I hear from many Trump supporters, their thinking is much like that of young children who can’t or have a great deal of difficulty distinguishing television entertainment from the real world. I think you have made a good observation.

      1. Mama Bear September 11, 2016

        Is it possible that many or all of them spend much of their time in front of the TV?

        1. Jon September 11, 2016

          I think that is a valid hypothesis. I would guess as you suggest a heavy dose of “reality” shows along with plenty of Fox News.

          1. dpaano September 12, 2016

            Has anyone else ever noticed that these shows like Big Brother and Survivor tend to show the worse side of people? They show people who lie, manipulate, cheat, etc. just to get a big prize. If this is how our young people think and act, then we’re all in for some serious trouble ahead!!! They will do anything to win a couple of dollars, even to the detriment of others! Pretty sad! If I had young children or teen-agers, I certainly would NOT let them watch these types of shows because they would get the wrong ideas about how to treat others and how to manipulate them to get their way!!!

          2. Jon September 12, 2016

            I can’t stand any of the “reality” tv shows for several reasons especially for the immoral behavior most of them promote. As you said, they send a horrible message to young impressionable minds. The lack of values taught by them are those demonstrated by Trump and many of his supporters.

          3. Mama Bear September 14, 2016

            reminds me of the battles of the ancient Roman gladiators for sport.

        2. dpaano September 12, 2016

          Yep…ensconced in their barcaloungers watching Big Brother or Celebrity Apprentice!!!

        3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 14, 2016

          I’m certain that TV watching consumes over 50% of their waking activity.

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 14, 2016

      Too much TV, particularly raw entertainment just for the sake of sponsors to peddle goods, is gradually reducing the quality of synaptic connections in a large number of Trump people. Thus, we have a mass of people who’re essentially brain dead.

      1. Mama Bear September 14, 2016

        looking for a leader who can talk down far enough to reach them.

  5. Jon September 11, 2016

    Donald J Trump and 9/11 — 1. He has claimed to have lost 100’s of friends on 9/11/01 but can’t name even one and no evidence exists to show he attended a single funeral for any of the victims. 2. Trump was never seen near ground zero in the days and weeks following 9/11 while then Senator Clinton was there comforting victims and their loved ones 3. Donnie celebrated the fall of the Twin Towers by telling everyone that Trump Tower was now the tallest building in New York 4. Trump claimed he saw ;people jumping from the Towers from Trump Tower 4 miles away 5. He promised to make a charitable contribution to assist 1st responders and their families but never did while Bill Clinton and Bob Dole raised $100 million for scholarships for the children of victims 6. He claimed he made several charitable contributions to various charities working to help victims and their families which was a lie 7 He obtained $150,000 from taxpayers meant to assist small businesses hurt by 9/11 by producing fraudulent evidence that he qualified for it — when exposed he lied and said it was meant to reimburse him for the charitable contributions he had made which were $0.00 at that time 8. When his Trump Foundation finally did make a $100,000 charitable contribution he had not placed any of his own money in it for 6 years so only money from donors to the Trump Foundation actually contributed 9. He says he saw news footage of hundreds of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating the attacks on the Twin Towers but no one else has ever seen it and no news group ever aired any report like that and Trump has never produced his recording of the story 10. When he finally got around to visiting the Memorial witnesses say he never seemed moved by any of the sad photos or exhibits while his henchman Corey Lewandowski was moved 11. He never even paid the $18 senior citizen discount(from $24) fee to tour the Memorial — money used to keep the Memorial operating What a patriotic man!!!!

    1. Blueberry Hill September 11, 2016

      You are so correct on every count. This POS never ever helped or was concerned for anyone but himself. He is a selfish, self-centered, stupid bully. Nothing more than that. He knows nothing about running a government, and heaven help us if he should by the grace of the devil become President.


      1. Jon September 11, 2016

        I forgot to include that he said the Twin Towers weren’t very good buildings anyway. He would have built better towers.

        1. dpaano September 12, 2016

          Of course he would say that…..and he’d probably end up not paying those contractors or workers either and then filing bankruptcy! He has about as much business sense as a rock!

    2. Marilyn September 11, 2016

      And his claim about the $150,000, if he had to be reimbursed it was neither charitable nor a contribution.

      1. Jon September 11, 2016

        That’s true but that is what he said Not very bright was he?

        1. Marilyn September 11, 2016

          Quite right. Not very bright and certainly not charitable.

          1. Jon September 11, 2016

            Perhaps the most ironic thing about it is that then Senator Clinton was one of the primary proponents of the legislation authorizing the aid for small businesses that suffered losses on 9/11.

    3. dpaano September 12, 2016

      I also noted that it was Hillary that attended the ceremony at Ground Zero….Trump was nowhere in sight!!! This is supposedly HIS city…where in hell was he? Hillary attended, even tho’ she didn’t feel well and was later found to have pneumonia!!! As sick as she probably was (and I’ve had pneumonia, so I know how debilitating it is), she still attended the ceremony until she couldn’t stand any longer! Again, where was Trump??? If I were a survivor or a member of someone who died at Ground Zero, I’d be asking the very same question…..where was Trump during the ceremony? Didn’t he care enough to show his face there? From what I understand, and I could be wrong, he was out campaigning in another state! He couldn’t even take a couple of hours and a jet plane ride to be there in support of the survivors and families of those that didn’t survive!!! This is how much he cares about this country and its people!!! Pretty darn pitiful if you ask me!

      1. Jon September 12, 2016

        He may have watched from Trump Tower 4 miles away. As he said with fake sadness in his voice, he was watching people leap to their death on 9/11/01 from there. His vision must be superhuman.

        1. dpaano September 13, 2016

          Probably right….but it seems to me if he REALLY cared, especially about his town, he would have made an appearance at the ceremony (especially knowing that Hillary would be there)! The fact that he didn’t think it was important enough speaks volumes to me as to what he cares about! Nothing!

  6. woodrose September 11, 2016

    “To frustrate and ultimately defeat the violent extremists of Daesh and Al Qaeda, she seeks to cultivate rather than alienate the Muslim world.”

    NOTHING has alienated the Muslim world like the catastrophic Iraq War. Hillary’s vote to invade Iraq cancels out anything else she has done or might do in the future.

    Of ALL the members of the Senate in 2002, Hillary should have known Bush was peddling a pack of lies.

    Hillary was ‘co-president’ from 1993-2000, when the US bombed Iraq weekly or monthly to enforce the no-fly zones enacted after the first Iraq War. The Clinton White House enforced crippling sanctions on Iraq the whole time. It made not a bit of sense that Iraq had an active weapons of mass destruction program when the country couldn’t even get spare parts to repair their sewage treatment plants. Never for an instant did I, and the millions marching against the war, believe Iraq could possibly be a danger to the US after the destruction of the First Iraq War and subsequent bombings and sanctions.

    It never made a bit of sense that secular Saddam, known for brutally repressing the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, had anything to do with Al Qeada and 9/11. Not for a single moment did I, or the millions of others marching in the streets, believe Saddam had anything to do with 9/11. Hillary should have known this, too.

    If she was smart and competent and the co-president during her husband’s term, she would have been leading the charge for NO votes on the IWR. Instead, she voted yes and authorized the epic travesty of the Iraq War and all that followed, the biggest mistake the US has made during my lifetime.

    Without the Iraq War, there would have been no Al Queda in Iraq, no ISIS, no Paris attacks, probably no war in Syria.

    We marched, we called, we begged Hillary to vote NO on one of the biggest manmade disasters of my lifetime, one that I and many others KNEW would be an epic disaster AT THE TIME. Hillary did not hear us.

    Hillary’s IWR vote is inexcusable and unforgivable, imho. And the consequences have been unquestionably horrific.

    1. aboonaj September 11, 2016

      so what? Vote Trump?

      1. Blueberry Hill September 12, 2016

        He’s obviously a Trumpster shill. They get paid to come on here and cause dissent among the posters. Bet they end up getting stiffed just like most of the others Trump does business with. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?


      2. woodrose September 12, 2016

        So, the two major parties have presented absolutely awful choices to the voters this year. I couldn’t let this article’s misrepresentation of Hillary and her lack of wisdom regarding the MidEast pass without comment.

        1. I Am Helpy September 12, 2016

          Right, and your “comments” consisted entirely of fabrications, conspiracy theories, and smears. You ought to be ashamed.

        2. Independent1 September 12, 2016

          Only absolutely awful choices in the minds of mentally deficient people like you who have believed the lies the right-wing has been fabricating and spewing against Hillary for over 20 years.

          Hillary is unquestionably the most qualified person to ever run for the presidency. And on top of that, as Secretary of State and a Senator – accomplished far more over the past at least 3 decades than any other SOS or Senator that have served our country!!!

          (By the way, it’s pretty clear you’re really nothing more than a right-wing loving troll pretending to be nonpartisan just so you can get some digs in against Hillary!! You haven’t fooled me for a moment!!!!!!!)

        3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 13, 2016

          Then comment using rational thinking and not with your gut. Be objective for once in your life rather than wholly submit to subjectivity on matters of policy and social events.

    2. Independent1 September 11, 2016

      And even you fabricate reality. Hillary DID NOT VOTE FOR THE CARTE BLANCHE USE OF FORCE AGAINST IRAQ !! And that’s beyond the fact that fact, had Hillary and even many other legislators voted not to authorize the use of force, the vote to authorize Bush to use force WAS OVERWHELMING .

      And see this about the myth that you try to create!!!!!

      From the Huffington Post:

      Myth #1: The 2002 Congressional Resolution authorizing the use of military
      force against Iraq, on which Hillary Clinton and a large majority of U.S. Senators voted yes, gave George W. Bush “carte blanche” to pursue war against Saddam Hussein.

      In fact exactly the opposite is true: While that Resolution did indeed authorize President Bush, under strict requirements of the 1973 War Powers Act, to use force, Section 3(b) of the Act also required that sanctions or diplomacy be fully employed before force was used, i.e. force was to be used only as “necessary and appropriate in order to defend the national security of the United States against the continuingthreat posed by Iraq,” and to do so only upon the President certifying to Congress that “diplomatic or other peaceful means” would be insufficient to defang Saddam.

      Despite those legal conditions, the following year we were at war—and millions of us were astonished that the Bush Administration, running roughshod over Congress’s requirements, hadn’t given more time for U.N. inspectors to complete their job of searching for weapons of mass destruction.

      For more on totally debunking the nonsense you posted – go here:


      1. woodrose September 12, 2016

        Fact is, Hillary voted YES on the bill titled AUTHORIZATION FOR USE OF MILITARY FORCE AGAINST IRAQ RESOLUTION OF 2002. She didn’t think it was a vote for war?????

        Somehow, 21 Democratic senators WERE able to figure out that a vote for the resolution was a vote for war against Iraq, and voted NO. Perhaps Hillary should have taken Sen. Bob Graham’s advice and read the Intelligence Assessment, as he did, prior to his NO vote.

        1. Independent1 September 12, 2016

          So you didn’t read the resolution??

          She voted to support a war ONLY IF the Bush Administration COULD PROVE that diplomacy would not work to prevent a war and the Bush Administration could actually demonstrate that Iraq actually presented a real threat to America. Which they actually proved neither of before going ahead and starting a war.

          So are you saying YOU WOULDN’T support war if diplomacy did not work and Russia threatened seriously to send bombers over the Atlantic to bomb America? Which is in essence what the Bush Administration should have had to prove before starting the Iraq war.

          You’re only going ahead an criticizing Hillary now because the Bush Administration starting a very costly unnecessary war WITHOUT FULFILLING the requirements of the resolution. Had Iraq actually had WMDs they could actually use on America, and had diplomacy not worked in keeping them from using them on America (which is the only reason the Bush Administration should have gone ahead with a war)

          I guarantee you you would not be on this website complaining about Hillary’s vote.

      2. dpaano September 12, 2016

        Woodrose won’t bother checking sources….these types of people refuse t listen or research the REAL facts!!! They just believe all the BS that they’ve heard or read on FAUX News and other RW media sites!!! The more facts you give them, the more BS they spew back at you!!!

    3. I Am Helpy September 11, 2016

      Yes, your fantasy version of history sure does make the civil rights of anyone not a white male completely unimportant.

      1. woodrose September 12, 2016

        Yes, because the fact that Trump’s a mean reality TV clown means we should not be worried about the human rights of people of color the world over. People like environmental indigenous activist Berta Caceres, killed by the Honduran coup regime supported by Hillary while she was SOS.

        1. dpaano September 12, 2016

          How are you blaming her for Berta Caceres’ death? The Honduran regime was (and still is) a big problem in Honduras. Hillary had nothing to do with them. Get serious!!!

        2. I Am Helpy September 12, 2016

          See? “Supported by” = “opposed” in the real world. Why do you people buy in to baseless right-wing conspiracy theories so credulously? I blame the education system.

        3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 13, 2016

          Don’t be a sucker for FOX lies and radio talk-show wingnuts, woodrose. Learn to look into any matter with “your own eyes and not through the eyes of others”; “know of your own knowledge and not through the knowledge of your neighbor”.

    4. charleo1 September 12, 2016

      After reading your post, and noticing you haven’t responded to any of the commenter’s dissenting opinions. I’m wondering what is the real reason you oppose Hillary Clinton? As it clearly wasn’t her vote on the Iraq War. If so, you
      would have long ago discerned the facts surrounding not only her vote, but the nature of the vote, its context, and taken into account the Bush Administration’s willful manipulation of the limited information given to Congress in order to secure what was an informal consent from Congress White House Council was contending, as was the President, he didn’t actually need to commence military action.
      So this was not a case of FDR going up to Capitol Hill to ask Congress for a
      declaration of war after Pearl Harbor. It was presented by the Bush Adm. as an auxiliary motion from Congress that would be helpful in making real to Saddam Hussein the seriousness of President Bush’s insistence weapons inspectors were given full unfettered access to all possible weapons manufacturing sites, and without prior notice, or else. Once secured however, President Bush acted as though the consent of Congress to use force under specific circumstance, was a declaration of war, And proceeded in short order to demand Saddam step down, or, “get out of town by sundown” were the words the President used, Or else!
      The President then ordered all inspectors out of Iraq, haven already given the order prior to the bill’s consideration to his Secretary of Defense to prepare the troops to carry out a pre-prepared mission made far in advance of Hillary Clinton’s supposed “horrible, horrible, decision to go to war.” When the fact of the matter was, it was never her decision. And we should stop pretending as if it were. As if Hillary Clinton is this huge war hawk, and this vote is the proof.
      You know what this is? Pure hypocrisy, and hyper partisan politics. As Hillary Clinton didn’t run Congress, her Party Leadership wasn’t in control of the docket.
      She was a Senator from NY where the Twin Towers had come down. And she thought like a lot people, that a sitting President would never undertake such an action unless his sources, and his intelligence, he was not allowed to fully share with but a select few, had convinced him these actions were necessary to protect the Country.
      Her great,”sin,” was thus. At a time of National crisis, she chose like millions of other Americans did, like Americans always do at such times, she backed our President. And for that, she’s now being summarily crucified as a war monger.
      It’s not only ridiculous, it’s just flat out wrong.

      1. woodrose September 12, 2016

        Ah yes, poor Hillary was duped by George Bush into voting for a bill named AUTHORIZATION FOR USE OF MILITARY FORCE AGAINST IRAQ RESOLUTION OF 2002. She didn’t think it was a vote for war?????

        Somehow, 21 Democratic senators WERE able to figure out that a vote for the resolution was a vote for war against Iraq, and voted NO. Perhaps Hillary should have taken Sen. Bob Graham’s advice and read the Intelligence Assessment, as he did, prior to his NO vote.

    5. dpaano September 12, 2016

      And how was Hillary supposed to pre-suppose this? We ALL believed the lies that GWB and his cronies were telling us…..so how was she supposed to know better? Many other Republicans AND Democrats voted for this….she wasn’t the only one, but apparently, she’s been singled out for believing the lies that were told!! At least she had the common decency to admit that she voted wrong based on what she had been told…..I accept that admission and her honesty. But, to say that she should have “KNOWN” better…..that’s just a bit ridiculous!

    6. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 13, 2016

      You’re so blinded by your personal animus about everything “Clinton” that you miss the plain fact that American government is not run by a king and queen, and makes decisions based on a majority of Congress. Members of both parties signed off on George Bush’s proposal to invade, or were you asleep during those deliberations.
      Don’t be a blind sycophant that can only respond to events by submitting to the seductive lynch-mob chants of those thirsting for the blood of Hillary.

  7. 1standlastword September 11, 2016

    Why do we seem to need tragedy to bind us in national unity and love for our fellow Americans?

    The irony is this ever-enduring-pattern lifts the consequences of tragedy to the the height where it becomes necessary for the expression of our truest American values.

    It necessitates evil!

    And lastly, no politicians shine in the aftermath…Joe!

  8. tbs September 11, 2016

    This article, as written, is a total disrespect to the 9/11 tragedy!

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 12, 2016

      Try reading it again. You obviously missed the entire message—FOX will do that to your brain’s reading comprehension.
      WHat would you suggest, besides simply complaining?

  9. dpaano September 12, 2016

    And, I don’t remember seeing Trump at the site of the Twin Towers during the day of remembrance; however, Hillary was there (albeit not feeling well and later found to have pneumonia)! Where was he? He was off campaigning somewhere rather than showing his face at this ceremony! Goes to show just how important New York is to him! Typical, but you’ll never hear any of the news medias noticing his absence, but they sure noted that Hillary had to leave early because she wasn’t feeling well!!!

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth September 13, 2016

      Trump knows how to talk trash and professes to be concerned about the country, and it would fit his profile to not show up at an event as important as the commemoration, which speaks volumes(again) of a man with little empathy and concern for others.

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