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Some #NeverTrumpers Have Already Committed To Voting For Hillary Clinton

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Some #NeverTrumpers Have Already Committed To Voting For Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump talks to supporters during a campaign rally at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa. REUTERS/Steve Nesius

Some of the most principled members of the conservative movement woke up Wednesday morning to an unrecognizable party — what had been an organization advocating fiscal and social conservatism has turned into something else entirely: a cult of personality. Populists. Know Nothings.

The new reality facing #NeverTrump Republicans became even more apparent following campaign suspension announcements of Ted Cruz and John Kasich. The Texas senator shut down his campaign before the votes had even been fully counted in Indiana. John Kasich waited until this afternoon. With no one left to lead the anti-Trump movement in the presidential nomination race, some Republicans have done the unthinkable — pledge to support Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.

The social media statuses and official announcements came flooding in last night as soon as it became clear that Trump had won the Indiana primary, effectively guaranteeing that he would be the Republican nominee.

“If it’s a competitive election, I probably will be compelled to vote for Hillary,” said Leon Wolf, editor of Red State, a conservative digital news site, to The Daily Beast. ” I wouldn’t go to bed every night worrying about a mushroom cloud opening up somewhere in the world because of some insane thing Trump had done.”

Fellow Red State editor Ben Howe simply tweeted:

Former John McCain advisor Mark Salter also tweeted:

The Clinton campaign is already capitalizing on Trump’s victory, sending out a campaign email with an exhaustive list of conservatives and Republicans who have said they would never vote for Trump. Nebraska senator Ben Sasse, one of the most prominent voices of the #NeverTrump movement, said in a Facebook post, “Mr. Trump’s relentless focus is on dividing Americans, and on tearing down rather than building back up this glorious nation. … I can’t support Donald Trump.”

Trump’s victory in Indiana only solidified already existing conservative opposition to his candidacy. In March, former New Jersey governor Christie Todd Whitman said, “While I certainly don’t want four more years of another Clinton administration or more years of the Obama administration, I would take that over the kind of damage I think Donald Trump could do to this country, to its reputation, to the people of this country.”

David Bernstein, a professor at George Mason University, wrote in an op-ed in The Washington Post, “I’d rather Hillary Clinton win. I’d rather (and I never thought I’d say this) Barack Obama serve a third term. I’d even rather Bernie Sanders win, though if it came down to Sanders vs. Trump it might be time to form a breakaway republic. If Trump wins the nomination, I will actively seek to prevent him from becoming president.”

Even in the realm of international affairs, Trump’s promise to commit war crimes and “bomb the shit out of” America’s enemies has turned away even the most ardent neocons. “She [Clinton] would be vastly preferable to Trump,” said Max Boot, a conservative foreign policy analyst, to Vox. Boot had previously advised the McCain, Romney and Rubio campaigns on foreign policy.

The list goes on. But the reality is that while Trump may have a mandate from the 10.6 million people who have voted for him in Republican primaries, he has earned a lot of powerful enemies in his usurping of establishment power in the party. In heralding the start of a new, post-Reagan Republican Party, Trump’s army has spurred an exodus of its old guard. And while these are the last people to support a Clinton presidency, their seeming willingness to cross party lines shows just how desperate a place Donald Trump’s America would be.

Photo: Donald Trump talks to supporters during a campaign rally at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa. REUTERS/Steve Nesius



  1. Otto T. Goat May 4, 2016

    Neocons are switching to Hillary because she’s an interventionist warmonger and Trump isn’t.

    1. johninPCFL May 5, 2016

      Sure, that whole “bomb the sh** out of them” was just talk. In fact, most of The Donald’s campaign was just talk.

      1. Otto T. Goat May 5, 2016

        It’s funny how you people can’t handle reality.

        1. King of America May 5, 2016

          OK thanks for the belly laugh, actual Holocaust denier Otto.

          1. Otto T. Goat May 5, 2016

            How can you deny something that never happened, it makes no sense.

          2. King of America May 5, 2016

            Yes,yes. Sorry your parents were siblings!

          3. Otto T. Goat May 5, 2016

            You should change your name to the King of Comedy.

          4. King of America May 5, 2016

            You should change your to Delusional T. Inbred.

          5. Patturk May 10, 2016

            Otto, you are one sick MF! You’re denying history, one that has been documented thoroughly. There are still news reels available showing the concentration camps and the people who were in them. Germany, a whole damn country, admits the Holocaust happened, but you think you know better than billions of other people. You really are delusional, aren’t you?

  2. Otto T. Goat May 4, 2016

    Look at the anti-Trump “conservatives” and see if you can spot the (((pattern))).

  3. Lynda Groom May 4, 2016

    When facing the lever in the voting booth most of them will fall into line. Thats what they do.

    1. Kelly Schippers May 5, 2016

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      1. Lynda Groom May 5, 2016

        Does Mary have a camera in her bedroom, or just the bathroom?

  4. Dominick Vila May 4, 2016

    Most Republicans will hold their noses and vote for Trump, not necessarily because they like the Donald, but because they like Hillary even less, and because they hope to have an ultra conservative Supreme Court for many years to come.
    The whole thing is pretty funny when you think about it. The Donald is neither a social conservative nor a fiscal conservative, and he has attacked the Republican party more often and worst than whatever attacks he has directed at Democrats. The latter is likely to change in the not too distant future.

    1. itsfun May 5, 2016

      Right: Bernie and Donald have many of the same beliefs.

      1. Dominick Vila May 5, 2016

        I haven’t heard Bernie talk about building walls and making another country pay for it; banning all members of a religion from entering the USA; insulting women, or denigrating veterans. As opposed to Trump, Bernie acknowledges that a 2% personal tax hike, and a 6.5% corporate tax hike, will be needed to pay for what he is proposing. The Donald wants countries where U.S. troops are deployed to pay for our presence there, ignoring that countries like South Korea are already paying for 50% of the cost.

      2. johninPCFL May 5, 2016

        Well, except for the ultra-conservative supreme court part.

  5. Deb Brouhard May 5, 2016

    When Trump commits war crimes and bombs the hell out of his enemies, I hope you all remember that when you recall 9/11 was Bin Laden’s take on bombing the hell out of his enemies, and how fid the US handke it? You whined like babies because you got your feelings hurt and started a fake war killing over 4800+ Americans and thousands of Iraqis. So when we’re attacked again, you won’t be surprised. Plus given how the white racist bigots are treating minorities and gays, who do you think will be fighting for your sorry a$$es now? Are you prepared to fight, or when the need for bodies arises, will you quickly drop your racism and homophobic stances to make sure someone else goes and fights? It will be funny to see the GOP stick their foot so far up the middle-class behinds you can’t breathe and bring back 2004-08, where you were unemployed, homeless and hungry. It will be funny to say “too bad, so sad.”

    1. itsfun May 5, 2016

      Yep the evil white male is responsible for every bad thing that has and will happen. When one looks up the definition of a racist or bigot your picture is in the definition. In case you didn’t know, our military is made up completely by volunteers. Obama has destroyed the middle class. Obama has created a welfare state and you approve of that?

      1. johninPCFL May 5, 2016

        Sorry. The red-welfare-states are the product of the GOP-controlled legislatures in those states Welfare is a state-run operation.

        1. itsfun May 5, 2016

          Take a look at the big cities and who is running them? How many people in the red states have been put out of work because of Obama policies. How many jobs and families has Obama’s policies destroyed?

          1. johninPCFL May 5, 2016

            Yes, the GOP legislatures pass laws about welfare that are implemented in big cities, small cities, and rural towns. When the GOP tax policies fail (as they have in Kansas, Indiana, and Illinois), the big cities are hit hardest and the workers in those cities utilize the welfare that the GOP legislatures make available. You may note that most employees of Walmart also get food stamps or other welfare. Is Walmart’s employee pay policy an Obama policy? Or is it the policy of five of the wealthiest people in America?
            To my direct knowledge, Obama’s policies haven’t “destroyed” any families.
            To my direct knowledge, Obama’s policies haven’t put anyone “out of work”.
            There have been plenty of companies that have relocated or gone bankrupt, but those are not the result of Obama. If you don’t like the corporate tax rate, ask your local teabagger why they’ve not passed a single bill addressing it. It seems reasonable that for all the time they’ve had passing 54 bills repealing ACA they could have managed to fit in one lowering the tax rate. And since my company’s healthcare insurance bill declined by over 20% after ACA passed, I’d rather they left it alone.

          2. itsfun May 5, 2016

            The GOP didn’t pass any laws that weren’t signed into law by Obama. The ACA has made full time employees into part time employees. The companies leaving or going bankrupt is because of the regulations Obama has put on them. It doesn’t matter what bill are passed by the GOP when Obama refused to sign them. Have you seen anything about the ACA lately. Premiums are going up by double digits. United Health care has already dropped of the market in many states and Humana announced they will be doing the same in 2017. Have you forgotten how Obama told us that the premiums would be no more than a cell phone bill, or how every family would be saving 2300 a year? If your companies health care bill went down, it must be the only one in the United States that has. We have more people on food stamps than the whole country of Spain because of Obama. Our national debt is over 19 trillion with Obama. Obama is the only President in history that has never had the economy grow at least 3% in a year. Obama is a failed President and just can’t deal with that.

          3. Ladyred497 May 6, 2016


          4. Ladyred497 May 6, 2016

            I guess GW destroying the economy and leaving us in a F*ing depression was a better record than seven years of growth under President Obama? And who was it who was responsible for finding and destroying Osama???? And who ended our involvement in an expensive and totally unnecessary war????
            Sorry itsfun, but you are delusional. Stop drinking the koolaid, it is destroying all your brain cells.

          5. itsfun May 6, 2016

            We have had a terrible economy because of Obama, just look at the facts ladyred. More part time jobs then full time jobs. more food stamps then ever, 19 trillion in national debt. The whole United States Congress approved of the war. Are you saying we should just let countries attack us and use chemical warfare? We are still at war. Have you seen any news reports in the last 17 years. Did you see a Navy Seal was killed 2 days ago in your non-existent war? The United States military found and killed Bin Laden, not the coward in the White House. He was busy bowing down to kings or golfing while people are being beheaded. You are the delusional one here.

          6. johninPCFL May 6, 2016

            The GOP passed plenty of bills that never made it into law, that’s true. Seems like they got paid for eight years just to suck their collective thumbs. Maybe they planned it that way, a totally paid vacation.
            There are no data out there that say that ACA is responsible for folks being changed into part-time employees, other than the few die-hard GOP fanatics that had to kill their own employees to prove how “bad” a law was that required them to show half-an-ounce of care for the folks generating the wealth they enjoy.
            Premiums were going up by double digits in 2010, in case you forgot. ACA brought lower premiums to loads of people, and insurance to many for the very first time.
            We have people on food stamps because people like the Waltons running Walmart pay such piss-poor wages that they qualify. If you don’t like the food stamp numbers, either petition the teabaggers to change the rules (they control the state legislatures where most food stamp recipients live), or boycott Walmart (and vocally) until they pay a living wage.
            The debt was $400B when Reagan took over, and over $4T when he left. It had grown to $5.8T when GWB took over and was $12.8T when handed to Obama. A couple of unfunded wars and the medicare drug plan (unfunded) have continued to build. Those, by the way, are called “unfunded liabilities” and also “non-discretionary spending”, meaning that whoever sits in the White House spends the same money.

          7. johninPCFL May 6, 2016

            “It doesn’t matter what bill are passed by the GOP when Obama refused to sign them”: Are you dreaming? Which bills did you believe were passed that the president vetoed?
            “Obama is the only President in history that has never had the economy grow at least 3% in a year”: other than Herbert Hoover and George W. Bush.

          8. itsfun May 6, 2016

            Your are wrong again Obama is the only President to never have the economy grow at least 3% in at least one year. You said the GOP passed welfare bills that were implemented in big cities. I said the GOP makes bills, but they are not law until the President signs the bills. If the President doesn’t sign the bill into law, it goes back to the Legislature for a veto override. That has not happened.

          9. johninPCFL May 6, 2016

            The GOP governors in the red states controlled by the teabaggers make the welfare laws up. Welfare money is distributed from the feds in block grants to the states, where the GOP legislatures decide how much their very best buds can pocket.
            BTW, from David Stockman (Reagan’s budget director):”So too, a seven year “recovery” cycle has been squandered on the fiscal front. While Obama was taking bows for cutting the deficit in half and Republicans were joining in to gut the discretionary spending sequester, the fiscal time bomb of entitlements continued to tick away.
            The fact is, nominal GDP is now growing at only 3% per year. And in a world of relentless deflation owing to the end of the great central bank credit bubble, there is no prospect that it will accelerate.
            By 2026, GDP will be $24 trillion under the best of circumstances, while the national debt will rise by $9 trillion according to CBO’s Keynesian reckoning. Or upwards of $15 trillion if you don’t believe the Fed has abolished the business cycle.
            That’s right. The virtually guaranteed national debt of $30-$35 trillion will reach an Italian style 140% of GDP just as the baby boom retirement wave hits full stride.

            Note what Stockman says: The current 3% economic growth is due to the central banks’ money manipulation. It doesn’t matter who is in the White House, 3% is where we’re stuck for awhile.

          10. johninPCFL May 6, 2016

            You’re right. During Hoover the real GNP actually went negative for a few years. From a Marquette University analysis: “Real total GNP fell 10.2 percent from 1929 to 1930”, “Between 1929 and 1933, U.S. GDP fell around 30%, the stock market lost almost 90% of its value”
            And, as true today, the Fed is a culprit: “As will be discussed below, the Federal Reserve System’s monetary policy was a major factor in initiating the 1920-1921 depression.”
            From Statista.com, GDP growth was below 3% in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2007, and 2008. I think GWB was president then, right?

          11. King of America May 5, 2016

            None and none; Obama, like all Democratic presidents, has created millions of jobs. You seem to have confused him with Bush.

          12. itsfun May 5, 2016

            America under Obama now has more people on food stamps than the entire population of Spain. Our national debt is over 19 trillion thanks to Obama. ACA has turned full time employees into part time employees, that now collect welfare because of Obama. The economy is terrible. If the economy is good, why are both Hillary and Bernie promising to fix the economy? Companies are leaving the US because of Obama regulations. He has destroyed the coal industry and destroyed the families of coal workers.

          13. King of America May 5, 2016

            Uh huh.

          14. Ladyred497 May 6, 2016

            Yeah, because the Coal industry is really helping the miners and the country. Dream on. Coal is destroying our environment. It has destroyed almost every worker who has been in the business more than 20 years. It is toxic. I celebrate the death of Coal.

          15. Patturk May 8, 2016

            Cheap cleaner burning and plentiful natural gas is the cause of the fall of King Coal, haven’t you heard of the Marcellus Shale and other places where they’re drilling so much natural gas, as well as the glut of coal stocks and oil that Congress has reversed a policy against selling our energy overseas? Sorry, but Obama is not to blame, progress is!

          16. itsfun May 9, 2016

            Obama regulations have destroyed the coal industry and Hillary has promised to put them out of business. That is what destroyed the coal industry.

          17. Patturk May 10, 2016

            Guess you didn’t read my previous reply. The mine owners, (you know, those guys who didn’t care how many men got sick or killed in their mines) see the end coming due to cheaper abundant alternatives and are closing down their mines before they’re forced to clean up the pollution they caused to the water and air and land around the mines. They also are raiding the miners’ pension funds and keeping the money for themselves by hiding it in overseas accounts. Do some research and stop blaming the president for everything that goes wrong in your life.

          18. itsfun May 10, 2016

            guess you didn’t read mine. I said regulations were killing coal mines, You admitted that saying they are being forced to clean up pollution.
            Whether you like it or not, I’ll say what I want to say.

          19. Patturk May 10, 2016

            In case you don’t know, the regulations for cleaning up their mess have been on the books for decades, so again, blaming Obama is flat out wrong! And BTW, the natural gas industry is actually using polluted coal mine runoff from abandoned mines for fracking, thus actually helping to clean up the mess from coal.

          20. Stan Thomas May 16, 2016

            It is great to see an informed comment stick it to “Obama did it” people.

          21. Patturk May 11, 2016

            Here you go. It states the rule on scrubbers on coal fired plants predates the Obama administration. Plus it now costs more to ship coal than the coal itself costs. Stop blaming Obama!

          22. Ladyred497 May 6, 2016

            I’m with the King. Obama created jobs after GW left us spiraling into the abyss of economic disaster. The GOP has consistently for 30+ years given more and more tax breaks to the rich in exchange for supporting their reelection and cutting all our services to pay for it. That has left the middle class paying the taxes for the rich and providing minimum services fro the impoverished. You know, our disabled veterans, our elderly, our mentally ill, our physically disabled, they have all had services cut and cut. Our schools have been “privatized” so political cronies could make a PROFIT, not to provide a better education. Ditto on our prisons. We have unfilled judgeships at every level due to a lack of funds to pay for them, regulation departments unable to fulfill their duties keeping our air, water, earth, and food uncontaminated, our bridges and roads are falling in disrepair. ALL to provide tax relief to the rich. The Wall Street gangs. Both parties in Congress are guilty of feeding on the slop of the rich. And Trump is just another one of the rich. Voters have to open their eyes and realize the GUILT lies in Congress. Vote every single one of them out with the exception of Elizabeth Warren who keeps trying to ring the alarms and show you what is happening. Let’s really clean house and start over. Replace every elected member of the House and every open Senate seat. That is the revolution Bernie wants. Take back your government, state by state. Screw party lines. Get the losers out of Congress.

      2. Stan Thomas May 16, 2016

        The destruction of the middle class started with Ronald Reagan by empowering big businesses and the credit craze and no president since him has been able to derail that train. Hysterical how president Obama has been made the boogie man for all that had gone wrong with the world.

        1. itsfun May 16, 2016

          That evil white male.

    2. DaveL May 5, 2016

      LMAO in the immortal words of Bugs bunny “what a maroon.”

  6. FireBaron May 5, 2016

    Frankly, I am looking forward to seeing how many of the “Anyone-but-Trump” crowd suddenly start singing his praises with their Hosannas on high!

  7. stsintl May 5, 2016

    In a pot of milk, cream rises to the top. In a swamp, scum rises to the top. Once Mafia infiltrated and took over the party of Lincoln and Eisenhower, they turned the pot of milk in to a swamp. No wonder scum has risen to the top.

  8. DaveL May 5, 2016

    This is great news. Let them go drag down the Democrats. Some people brighten a room when they enter, others when they leave. The future of the Republican party is looking brighter.

  9. JoeP. May 5, 2016

    Let’s hope there are more intelligent Democrats who will switch and vote for Trump than there are of these idiot Republicans who are too stupid to realize that Obama has done nothing but divide and destroy this nation for 7+ years, and it’s time for a change for the better.

    1. Patturk May 8, 2016

      Yeah, the stock market is up, unemployment is down, housing stocks are selling, FedEx drivers, waitresses and waiters and busboys and others can finally get affordable health insurance, binLaden is dead. Boy isn’t is terrible that our country is always better off under Democrats? I have a genius IQ and #ImWithHer

      1. Stan Thomas May 16, 2016

        Those very words have been spoken by Donald Trump in a video and it can be found on the intenet.

  10. Beethoven May 6, 2016

    While I like a lot (not all) of Bernie’s ideas, they are simply impractical, and won’t happen unless his called-for revolution really takes place; and that won’t happen in my lifetime. At the same time, nearly all of Trump’s ideas are simply bat-sh-t crazy. So that leaves only one available choice that’s in any way reasonable: Hillary Clinton.

    1. Patturk May 8, 2016

      Exactly what I have been saying. Bernie’s an impractical optimist, Hillary is a realist who knows how to get things done. Trump is simply a joke.

  11. G Richard Grayum May 9, 2016

    “Trump has powerful enemies”, that will be determined by the 2016 General Election.
    The Republican Party appears to be changing, the Elites are leaving and the union members are signing-up. When Oprah is named Trump’s VP Candidate the political landscape will totally change. Have a nice day….


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