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Southern Republicans Bring More Polarization

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Southern Republicans Bring More Polarization


Sept. 19 (Bloomberg View) — If Democratic incumbent senators in Arkansas, Louisiana and North Carolina lose their races this November (and my non-data-geek guess is that they will), and Democratic challengers in Georgia and Kentucky fall short (ditto), every Senate seat in the South outside Florida will be in Republican hands.

The South’s hold on the Republican Party, already powerful, will intensify. It’s hard to see how that could be a good outcome.

As Nate Cohn wrote in the New York Times, “The Republican Party’s increasingly Southern character makes broadening its appeal more challenging. A record 41 percent of Republican voters in the 2012 election hailed from the South. Those voters elected more than half of all House Republicans in 2012 — the first time that Southerners have represented a majority of the House Republican Caucus.” Describing the new House majority whip, Representative Steve Scalise of Louisiana, former Representative Bob Livingston told the Washington Post, “He’s a fighter and a Southerner,” and thus “represents the biggest constituency in the caucus.”

State legislatures in the South have been aggressively segmenting along racial lines. While Republicans nationally have an enormous incentive to diversify as the nation’s demography changes, Southern Republicans have been using their majority redistricting powers to heighten racial distinctions between the parties. They have made survival difficult for white Democratic candidates by placing them in districts with large black majorities. Increasingly, the Democratic Party in those states is black and the Republican Party is white. As NBC News reported, in every state of the former Confederacy for which exit polls were available, President Barack Obama’s share of the white vote in 2012 was lower than his national average.

If history is any guide — and Southwise, when is it not? — this will probably have toxic consequences both for Republicans and for U.S. politics.

The loss of three moderate Democrats in the Senate this year would also mean the loss of three moderate Southerners. In other words, Southern representation in the Senate would become even less moderate than it is already — and it’s pretty immoderate. More white Southern conservatives in the ranks is precisely what the Republican Party doesn’t need as it stumbles into the 21st century in a panic over changing demography. The party is already perilously white and socially conservative in a nation that is increasingly multiracial and socially tolerant. (The religion gap in U.S. politics — with the heavily evangelical South occupying one of the far ends — makes the gender gap look like a hairline fracture.) Many of the Republican Party’s most radical impulses, and some of its most embarrassing members, are based in the South.

All of this seems likely to produce a Senate even more polarized than it is today, with a more solidly liberal Democratic caucus and a Republican caucus even more dependent on conservative Southern whites. So two of the scourges of contemporary U.S. politics — intense partisan polarization and the slide of the Republican Party into reaction — may both get a modest boost. Oh joy.

Photo: Andrew Aliferis via Flickr

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  1. Dominick Vila September 19, 2014

    I would not start celebrating the demise of the GOP just yet. It is true that its dominant Southern base, and its ultra conservative leanings, are likely to hurt the GOP chances in presidential elections, but that base, coupled with the solid Bible Belt representation, will likely result in a Republican congressional majority for many years to come.
    I think it is also important to note that the things we consider embarrassing or outrageous are welcomed by constituents whose values and expectations are diametrically opposed to what influenced the opinions of most North easterners and Westerners. Attacks on minorities and women rights are almost a requirement for a Southern politician to be elected, and avoid being labeled a RINO.

    1. joe schmo September 19, 2014

      Well, Villa…..it depends how bad it gets…… People are beginning to get a clue:) Not saying your wrong, yet.

      Why don’t you tell me why the undereducated, illiterate and innocent vote for Democrats?

      1. Budjob September 20, 2014


        1. kenndeb September 20, 2014

          When have liberals ever demonstrated those qualities? From what I have seen on this site, NEVER.

          1. Budjob September 20, 2014

            Debby,I would assume from your post that you are not very tolerant of individuals as fortunate or,as well off as you are.Have a nice trip on your yellow brick road

          2. sleepvark September 20, 2014

            KKKenboobs, you’re back!
            Your continuous use of right wing drivel is what earns you all the respect you deserve here.
            The respect you deserve? That would be no respect at all.

          3. WhutHeSaid September 20, 2014

            The only thing liberals are likely to demonstrate for bigoted redneck goobers is the business end of their boots. It’s the only proven way to educate the willfully ignorant.

          4. kenndeb September 20, 2014

            Anytime, any place.

          5. WhutHeSaid September 20, 2014

            Oooo — you are just so manly KKKen! Or is it Deb today? No matter, both one of you are probably too stupid to learn any other way.

          6. kenndeb September 20, 2014

            In a different time, I would challenge you to a duel, but you’d back out anyway. Tell you what. I’ll find you and present myself.

          7. WhutHeSaid September 20, 2014

            My, what a tough guy you are! Threatening duels and vowing to ‘find’ people because you don’t like what they post. You really are an ignorant asshole and deserve a good ass-kicking. I’m sure it isn’t the first time and with your mouth certainly won’t be the last.

          8. kenndeb September 20, 2014

            As I recall, it was you that wanted to” beat my ass”. I have simply been as accommodating as I could.

          9. WhutHeSaid September 20, 2014

            I always do my duty as part of God’s plan. Put a mouthy redneck bigot in front of me and my boots seem to seek out their ass as if they had a mind of their own. Go figure!

            Don’t blame me for God’s plan — he is obviously smart enough to realize that people need somebody’s ass to kick, and people can’t just go around beating up real people. So don’t go getting a complex — I agree that rednecks can be useful after all.

          10. joe schmo September 21, 2014

            Not very Christian of you is it? Not nice to fool ‘Father Nature.’ He certainly would not condone the violence.

            Redneck and Goober such classless terms coming from a classless sort of person.

          11. WhutHeSaid September 21, 2014

            Aren’t you over-late for your shift on the corner of Wall Street and Broad? Come on now — time’s a-wastin’ and your pimps — er, I mean David and Charles aren’t known for their patience!

          12. Budjob September 21, 2014

            KKKken,You could probably warm up to a lot of people if,you were cremated with them!

          13. joe schmo September 21, 2014

            KKK- Democratic terrorist group….Look it up.

          14. Michael Ross September 21, 2014

            You’re asking Democrats to show things to Republicans that Republicans have never shown ever to anyone in their entire lives.

            Why are you and your ilk not only NOT obligated to be respectful and sane, but outright encourage each other to act as disrespectful and insane as possible?

            This is a two-way street, Tory. If you cannot be respectful of anyone, you will never be given respect, regardless of how much you kick and scream or how loud you demand it.

          15. joe schmo September 21, 2014

            “This is a two-way street, Tory. If you cannot be respectful of anyone,
            you will never be given respect, regardless of how much you kick and
            scream or how loud you demand it.”


          16. kenndeb September 21, 2014

            Try again bucco. When I started posting on this site, I was very careful not to call anyone names. Actually I managed to do that for a long time, but with the constant din of liberals ringing, I have strayed. If you would notice, it is the liberals that are quick to hurl insults when someone is not in agreement with them. I have never seen such hate for humans before, and it is the constant rabid jackal bullies that regularly post that are the worst.

          17. Michael Ross September 22, 2014

            Bullshit yet again, tea-bagger. Straight from the beginning, you have been spewing forth conspiracy theories in between yammering that the “pure evil” “communist emperor” (your exact words in the “when moderates fight back” article) did something you made up completely.

            You have NEVER been respectful. Instead, you have been lying your worthless whoring ass off right from the start, and this bullshit about you being “very careful not to call anyone names” is just another one of your feeble attempts at bullshitting.

            I went through your entire Disqus history, whore, and the only time you WEREN’T flinging your proverbial feces at liberals was one time when you stopped to brown-nose another tea-bagger whore.

            The internet never forgets, whore, and the facts will NEVER go away no matter how loud you demand it.

      2. Dominick Vila September 20, 2014

        Because most Democrats are educated and well aware of the issues
        important to them. I do agree, however, that since most crimes and most
        attacks against mainstream Americans are carried out by Republicans,
        most Democrats are, indeed, innocent.
        As far as how bad it gets, yes,
        it must be hard for a Republican to deal with a DOW and S&P 500 at
        an all time record high, companies posting record profits and hiring,
        unemployment going down, bankruptcies and foreclosures back to normal
        levels, the real estate market recovering, American troop casualties
        reduced to a minimum, no foreign terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, the
        Federal deficit cut by more than half, the need to reduce the national
        debt ceiling reduced to a minimum, and consumer confidence back to
        normal. Yes, it is tough, and I am not surprised most Republicans are
        perplexed by the contrast between what happens when they are in control
        of the WH and what happens when Democrats like Bill Clinton and Barack
        Obama are in office.

      3. sleepvark September 20, 2014

        Lady schmucka, you need to stop looking out of your navel. When you use the words undereducated and illiterate, the first image that comes to mind for most real Americans is that of a redneck.You know, the dumb assed crackers who turned down every opportunity to better themselves through education and took up beer, drugs and wife beating.

        1. midway54 September 20, 2014

          Yes, and that old reliable Klan mentality is still very much alive in Dupedom South and regularly accounts for those ignorant outbursts that amaze rational citizens across the Country.

      4. Sand_Cat September 20, 2014

        Some of them may, but the facts show that the undereducated and illiterate are much more likely to vote for the GOP if they vote at all. But then, what are facts to you?

      5. charleo1 September 21, 2014

        Because, even a blind hog gets lucky, and finds an acorn
        every once in a while. As poll after poll show, the more educated one happens to be, the more they tend to vote
        for the Democratic Party. For one thing, facts tend to have
        a liberal bent. They also tend to believe in science. And that religious doctrine such as intelligent design, over evolution, leaves students at a disadvantage, when they pursue a secondary education. Polls also show the majority of college graduates, and those between the ages of 18, and 35, see the Republican Party as authoritarian, stodgy, anti-minority, backward looking, and mostly representing the interests of the wealthy elite, at the expense of the poor, and Middle Class. Other surveys have shown Republican’s targeted voter suppression laws, such as closing on campus voting, and refusing to accept student IDs, have reinforced the feelings, that Republicans would rather enact statutes that prevent them from voting, than embracing policies that would garner their support.

        1. joe schmo September 21, 2014

          Not me. Colleges indoctrinate people. I had a good foundation at home and educated European parents. They talked about politics continously including the European viewpoint. My father often stated that Americans are being lied to by their media. Since he escaped Communist Europe and compares Liberalism to that regime, I learned to hate Communism.

          I really don’t think that Conservatives closed campus voting sites because Conservatives are the least likely to be on University campuses. If anything it is the other way around. Voter I D’s make voting more fair. Don’t understand your reasoning on that one. They are not LEGAL citizens.

          I would agree with you on your final note. Colleges have gotten way too pricey, but I don’t feel it is merely a Conservative created problem. Remember Universities are run by state and federal and unions:) Mainly liberal institutions.

          1. dtgraham September 22, 2014

            So you don’t feel that collegiate costs are a conservative problem, but really just a labour union problem. Are you aware that at any one moment in time, about 10,000 American students are pursuing degrees in Canadian universities solely because of the decreased costs? Simon Fraser University in British Columbia reports that a period of study for a world class BA that would cost $25,000.00 in the United States, costs less than $8,000.00 in Canada for the same thing. The reason for that is because of the heavy government subsidies to the universities and restrictions on how much they can charge.

            This, despite the fact that all university employees in Canada are members of the PSAC public sector union. The public service alliance of Canada.

          2. charleo1 September 22, 2014

            So you think the reason that people who have a
            higher education, tend to vote for Democrats, and not Republican, is while they’re getting their MBA,
            or CPA, or Engineering Degree, they are also being
            indoctrinated? Is this opinion wide spread among
            the leaders of the GOP.? Because, I’ll bet if you check, they’ve all have been to college. I’ll bet every Wall Street banker, and head of every corporation,
            hedge fund manager, and PR firm hired by the GOP
            have all went to college. And all would have been
            subjected to the same indoctrination. Maybe it’s
            just their supporters they don’t want subjected to too much education? After all, it doesn’t take all that
            much book learning to drive a truck, stock a shelf, or run a cash register. In other words, the cheap assed, boring, repetitious job. Done until the unit drops dead. Is easily replaced, and too ignorant to know there’s anything better. That seems to be
            what they’re trying to create. A class of peons, the
            wealthy elite, and their decedents can rule over,
            and treat as they damn please. Tell me, does that
            sound like freedom to you? Urge ignorance, then
            call Liberalism, Authoritarianism. And call the Authoritarianism of poverty, and lack of opportunity
            Freedom. I’ve never understood that. You actually
            go out of your way, to make up excuses for them.
            Well, you say, Conservatives don’t come on college
            campus to close polling sites. You don’t know the
            person in charge of State elections is appointed
            by the Governor? And determines the number of
            polling sites, and their locations? It’s the childlike
            trust they’ve engendered in their flock that’s an
            amazement to me. So you don’t understand much
            about student loans. But they are a part of how the
            vast majority of poor, and lower middle class students help pay for their education. Well, the interest rates were temporarily set at about 6% by the Democrats, who favored keeping them from
            rising back to 8%. The GOP naturally disagreed.
            Because they don’t give a shit about regular kids.
            They are like Mitt. When ask about this subject,
            he advised the kids to shop around for a less expensive school, and have their parents pay for it.
            Sure why not? My Father was a public servant, a
            fireman. Unionized, but couldn’t afford to pay for
            my college. That’s where I come from.

      6. Michael Ross September 21, 2014

        Because “undereducated” and “illiterate” are not synonyms for “stupid,” ergo even the undereducated and illiterate are smart enough to recognize a con when they see one. And make no mistake: The entire 21st century G.O.P. platform is one great big fucking con.

        A con that you only support, whore, because you still have delusions of being in on it.

        Democrats recognize the importance of education even when they were denied one, while Republicans kick and scream that all of America’s schools, kindergarten through college, are evil communist indoctrination sites.

        Many a democrat lack an education, but only Republicans are pro-stupidity. That is the difference that you which you can be counted on to spend the rest of your miserable existence trying to deny.

        1. joe schmo September 21, 2014

          No they are not. Stupid is as stupid is. Ignorance and narrow-mindedness are your by words. You need a more worldly view. Get out of your funk.

          Our schools are quite indoctrinated by the secular humanists who run them. That is why most students starting college don’t know how to spell, know their grammar or know how to write a paper.

          Parochial school and home school all the way. Although our colleges are getting more Liberal by the day, they are still pretty damn tough. For that I am glad. Not sure how long that will last.

          1. Michael Ross September 22, 2014

            You apparently didn’t even read my entire post, because you actually went right ahead and said the very thing I was mocking Republicans for believing.

            Figures that the prick who used “illiterate” as an insult would be the first to demonstrate a failure in his ability to read.

  2. rustacus21 September 19, 2014

    … Several things are at play here; the most obvious is that the money controlling Southern politicians don’t like what they see as an increasingly diverse nation becoming more obvious. While we’ve ALWAYS been a diverse nation, it was the plantation owners & their surrogates that were able to escape the realities of it & thereby continuing to delude themselves that it didn’t exist. The other is those who believe in such fantasies are still voting Republican. Either way, the only way to deal w/this is by overwhelming force at the polls. We need a far greater law enforcement presence in order to KEEP order, b/c as w/all ignorance among certain groups, there’s the tendency of violence. We don’t have the luxury of being equally foolish enough to believe this isn’t coming. This was the case before the Civil War. We, as a nation, need to NOW, take a concerted STAND together & tell Southern racist & their ‘owners’ that to avoid a repeat of the Civil war – w/much more dire consequences – they’d better mature, get some common sense & intelligence about themselves & join the rest of us in 2014. Reality, as even THEY see, doesn’t go away just BECAUSE THEY IGNORE IT!!! This goes for the more intelligent, more sophisticated, the more rational as well, in thinking we can simply trust their ‘better nature’ to emerge. If it ain’t there NOW, forget it – it’s ALL about the behaviors…

    1. charleo1 September 21, 2014

      Very insightful, and well said. The thing about the politics of the White Southern Conservative, is it has become so abhorrent to moderates of all political stripe, we talk against it so much, we forget to also vote against it as well. Especially in Mid-Terms, where the Progressives, and Centrists are notorious for not turning out. Then, being aghast at the policies that are the direct result of the outcome of that election, they didn’t think was important enough to take the time to show up. So, your call for unity, and action, is spot on. And I would hope more of us take it to heart. Because, it is oftentimes the Representatives we elect to office, who we want, and expect to take stands against the same very powerful, and monied entities, that will be lavishly funding their rival’s campaigns, come next election. And when they do, it ought to be uppermost in all our minds that we owe them our support. That they have earned our vote. However, too often it’s the case, they take that risky, and right position in our best interests. Only to be hung out, and left high and dry. While their well funded counterparts, clobber them at the polls in the off years. Sometimes using that very vote they’ve taken on our behalf. As a cudgel, and not too subtle warning to the next political hopeful, about who’s side they must take, if they want to keep their jobs.

  3. dtgraham September 19, 2014

    While the conservative media is obviously a factor in polarization, another key driver is race and I don’t think that’s given enough consideration. It’s a touchy subject to talk about. When you look at Republican conventions, party gatherings, tea party protests and so on, try to find the non-white faces. Good luck with that. As the political analyst Juan Williams recently remarked, the Republicans have become virtually an all white party. My read on this is that they’ve become seen among many white Americans as the white person’s party and the Democrat’s are seen as the party for African-Americans and Hispanic Americans.

    I see a number of comments here from different people asking why lower income white Americans vote against their own economic self interest and vote Republican. I do think that race plays a bigger role in that than a lot of people want to admit to, with coded language and imagery from the right-wing media helping to fuel it. In actual fact, people have much more in common with members of their own economic class than members of their own race, but my guess is that a surprising number of white Americans don’t feel that way.

    1. joe schmo September 19, 2014

      Not! There are many wonderful African American commentators, lawyers, economists, Drs., military people, and journalists on Conservative talk radio and television.

      Juan is wrong!

      ….and many WHITE Conservatives are not lower income….that is a misconception drummed up by your side….. Acceptance is key. If you continue to demonize Conservatives, we will never come back together as a nation.

      1. dtgraham September 20, 2014

        Joe, you can find contrarians among any group of people. Small subsets who hardly represent their grouping. Black conservative TV political analysts would be one of those.

        The red states are still mostly white despite their larger African-American populations. They’re also much poorer statistically, and that white-poorer dynamic is a socio-economic conundrum when juxtaposed against their political leanings. There’s simply no explanation for why a white, red- state, lower-income American would vote for a political party that promises to stop the Medicaid expansion [for example] unless there is some perceived racial benefit to be gained somewhere.

      2. sleepvark September 20, 2014

        schmucka, no need to demonize conservatives, you guys do a very good job of that yourselves.
        And what do you mean we, you un-American foreign born probably illegal alien.

      3. Sand_Cat September 20, 2014

        Well thank you, Captain Obvious. None of us had any idea that not all WHITE conservatives are not lower income.

  4. joe schmo September 19, 2014

    Huh! I guess this is what Obama gets for not reaching across the aisle. Being diplomatic with Republican’s has been one of his biggest errors.

    “If history is any guide — and Southwise, when is it not? – this will probably have toxic consequences both for Republicans and for U.S. politics.”

    Solution…..why didn’t the Southern Liberals request that African American candidates be used in all Black precincts instead of Whites who, nowadays, they definitely will not vote for. Specifically because there is such a deep seeded hatred against Whites by Blacks.

    1. ericlipps September 20, 2014

      NOT reaching across the aisle? Obama has come to Congressional Republicans practically on his knees hoping that one or two will break ranks and support him. I guess they want him to crawl in on his belly instead, and then do what Bill Clinton didn’t in the nineties: accept a budget dictated word-for-word by GOP leaders and then resign.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker September 20, 2014

      The Schmomo is at it again. Sorry if you can’t do all that corruption business the CONs love so much. CONs are the most perpetually “ignernt” who think they can bilk the rest of the states to keep themselves in federal tax dollars.

      Let them secede. It will save the rest of the states from having to pour another $15 billion into Big Oil next year.

      CONs are closet racists and the biggest cowards this country has ever seen. With their cow’s ass mouths gaping, they sit back in their armchairs and play professional politicians.

      They can’t do this president’s job on the best day of any week in their lives. They just bitch till their cow mouths reveal their gnat brains.

      1. joe schmo September 21, 2014

        Eleanor your record is truly on skip. California has the most poverty of any state in the Union. MOST LIBERAL STATE IN THE UNION (I should know I live in CA) besides of ‘New Yuck’ which I hear is filthy dirty. Due to our over zealous ‘Greenies’, at least it is clean clean out here.

        Big oil…..Hmm states doing the best economically….North Carolina and……Texas.

        I live in a liberal county. Chinese company just bought oil rights in one of our canyons which has existing wells, that at the moment are not pumping. Oil just seeps out the ground here naturally. I have seen it with my own eyes. Anyway, our ‘uber’ liberal supervisors just voted to allow the Chinese to start producing oil on that property. Greedy government, I guess agriculture and wine grapes just weren’t cutting the mustard. What a bunch of hypocrites.

        Closet racists….biggest joke I have heard today. Wow, I can see we are reallly violent. Aren’t the tables turned at the moment….or haven’t you heard. Black on White crime is getting more and more prevalent. Have whites done anything about it. Not! The Blacks sure have.

        I will upload something I just uploaded for someone else as well.

        “The Big Media is horrified at the prospect of such an ugly display of democracy in action, preferring the efficient fascism of conservative capitulation. But the fact is that the founders of the United States did not want efficiency in our national governance. The whole concept of checks and balances is about conflict. We Americans are meant to
        debate and to vote, even if that means that no decision is reached immediately. The whole point of having two houses of Congress is that, at times, there may not be agreement on key national issues. By withholding legal authority for government operations, House Republicans
        are merely using one of the political paths that our Founders deliberately provided.

        Kristoff bemoans the fact that he has never seen political conflict such as this. But the historical reality is that American politics is merely returning to normal. Prior to the two great World Wars, it was not uncommon for a third or more of the House and Senate to turn over at
        election time. The fact that American politics is heating up merely marks a long-overdue sharpening of the national debate between left and right about the nature of the American Republic.”

        Damn those checks and balances…huh? Doesn’t it just make you mad.

    3. sleepvark September 20, 2014

      Lady scholina, you’re back! More fodder for the Village idiot weekly.
      So how are all your friends from your home country of Mordor doing these days? Scary to think that they felt you were too perverse to stay there, and ejected you so you could come here and be a boil on our backsides.
      Go back to Mordor. We won’t miss you at all.

      1. joe schmo September 21, 2014

        Glad you are still living in fantasyland…. Watch it! Your age is showing.

        Actually, Rohan is more my speed. Good over rules evil every time:)

        1. sleepvark September 21, 2014

          Come on joline, the only thing from Rohan that you might resemble is their horses’ asses. .
          Try another fantasy.

          1. joe schmo September 21, 2014

            Just remember you started it. I think I would rather resemble one of the horses:)

            You resemble a ‘Shelob.’ Remember she didn’t last….

          2. sleepvark September 21, 2014

            Lady schmucka, your grasp of the truth has always been a little tenuous at best. I only respond to gross stupidity, like yours for instance.
            Your intimate knowledge of Mordor is quite revealing.
            I do appreciate that you agree about the horses though.

          3. kenndeb September 21, 2014

            Stupidvark and wantabrain are both kids living in their parents basements. The top 2 most vile, nasty creatures lurking these forums. Very much like Gollum, but without any redeeming qualities.

    4. Sand_Cat September 20, 2014

      Here we go again.
      Maybe he didn’t reach across the aisle because he wanted to keep his hand. We have a president who attempted to do so to an unprecedented degree, an opposition who treated him as a hostile alien and worked tirelessly to destroy him personally as well as undermine everything he proposed, but of course, it’s all his fault.
      Obviously, “reach across the aisle” means abject surrender to the losers of two straight presidential elections to you and your fellow “Constitutionalists.” And your delusional fantasy that Obama lost in 2012, but those foreigners (who else? Especially since no one who disagrees with you is an American) who counted the votes gave it to him is the most laughable claim of all.

      1. joe schmo September 21, 2014

        No, we have a president who does nothing but exalt HIS power over the people. You better do what he wants or else. There is something called give and take and that balance simply is not there.

        Hmmmmm….Soros company in Spain tallied the votes…..I rest my case:)

        1. Michael Ross September 21, 2014

          Correct me if I’m wrong, tea-bagger, but wasn’t it your side that said compromise was treason?

          Wasn’t it also your side, tea-bagger, that did a complete 180 with their positions on the bipartisan debt commission, and on the civil war in Libya, as soon as they found out Obama agreed with their original positions?

          Was it also not your side of the aisle who listened to John Boehner boast, during the first debt ceiling crisis, that President Obama had caved to 99% of his demands, but still voted against the resolution anyway?

          Finally, were you traitorous Tory bastards not calling for him to be impeached (and in some instances, even assassinated) before he had even taken the oath of office?

          You can’t change history, tea-bagger. “Exerting his authority” is just a catch phrase you traitorous whores coined as a shallow ploy to cover up your blatant attempts to destroy America.

          Game over, whore. Now get your treasonous ass over to Russia before we do to it all of the things you’ve been threatening to do to him.

          1. joe schmo September 21, 2014

            1) Fat chance on that one….prove it?

            2) Obama had no reason to go into Libya that is why the Right was up in arms. We all kept wondering…why?

            3) John Boehner is a RINO. We tend not to like them because they are too much like democrats.

            4) On the contrary. Your media brought that into the forefront. The Republicans are not condoning impeachment. Assassination….that is outrageous. Only a Liberal would come up with that.

            5) I would recommend you do more reading of foreign papers. Pravda is one of them. Putin has an 83% approval rating by the people:) Maybe you will really learn something about our country from outsiders.

            6) Game not over…..

            7) Reason for discourse:

            “The Big Media is horrified at the prospect of such an ugly display of democracy in action, preferring the efficient fascism of conservative capitulation. But the fact is that the founders of the United States did not want efficiency in our national governance. The whole concept of checks and balances is about conflict. We Americans are meant to debate and to vote, even if that means that no decision is reached immediately. The whole point of having two houses of Congress is that,
            at times, there may not be agreement on key national issues. By withholding legal authority for government operations, House Republicans
            are merely using one of the political paths that our Founders deliberately provided.”

            “Kristoff bemoans the fact that he has never seen political conflict suchas this. But the historical reality is that American politics is merely returning to normal. Prior to the two great World Wars, it was
            not uncommon for a third or more of the House and Senate to turn over atelection time. The fact that American politics is heating up merely marks a long-overdue sharpening of the national debate between left and right about the nature of the American Republic.”

          2. Sand_Cat September 22, 2014

            Yes, and you sure do love Putin, don’t you?
            He’s obviously so much on your mind you get him mixed up with another president I know.

          3. Michael Ross September 22, 2014

            All it marks is the fact that you whores can’t stand the fact that the party is over. You spent eight years anal-raping the country, and now that America has finally woken up and is standing against you, the only way you know how to respond is to kick, scream and threatening that if you can’t have the country, nobody can.

            Prove it? Ask and you shall receive, whore:


            There it is, whore. There is the Tea Party, on its own website, calling eighty-seven Republicans traitors for compromising with the Obama administration to get something done.

            And they don’t even say what it was that they are upset about having been done. It’s the fact that something got done PERIOD that is so upsetting to you tea-bagger whores.

            There’s your proof, whore. So what’ll be your response this time? Denial or conspiracy theory?

        2. Sand_Cat September 22, 2014

          As I said, here we go again…

          Your post is pure denial. Refuse to discuss anything with the president, then say he won’t talk to you. “Give and take” for your buddies in Congress means YOU give and I take, and has for years. Your lies and delusions don’t alter the facts.
          Hmmmmmm…is there anything George Soros DIDN’T do? Sure he didn’t have help from aliens (from Mars, not Mexico)?
          Still laughing. As I said before, someone who studied the facts rather than wishful thinking predicted the results exactly: but that means he was “in on it,” right? Just can’t face the fact that your wonderful philosophy lost. I can’t imagine why: it was so respectful of the human rights of the poor, the dark-skinned, the female, retirees, the unemployed, the uninsured, the soldiers sent to die for nothing more than a president’s ego,…

        3. stcroixcarp October 25, 2014

          PLEEZE, PLEEZE tell me where this Soros guy spends his political money? What think tanks does he fund? When all reason fails you you go after the Soros monster under your bed. I wish Obama would exhalt his power over people. Now go take your meds!

    5. charleo1 September 21, 2014

      What World are you living in anyway? Of course radical Right Wing
      extremists, and their religious moralizing authoritarian, cohorts, are
      a scourge on the Country. And what’s more, they always have been. Do you really think this Country could have become the great bastion for the tired, and hungry masses, longing to breathe free, if this bunch of non-inclusive, seminal fascists had been in power? The remarkable thing about the deep, “seated,” hatred against Whites. Is, that after 400 years of slavery, and another 150 years of Jim Crow, and a South full of neo-confederates, continuing to try to roll back the clock. The deep seated hatred of Whites by the African American, is largely a figment of your bigoted imagination. And a testament to the fortitude to all people everywhere, who yearn for, but have not as yet gained the full measure of liberty, to which only some now enjoy.

      1. joe schmo September 21, 2014

        ….and this country foundation was based on Judeo-Christian principles. Sorry you lost that somewhere along the way and became an decadent sheeple.

        Slavery is OVER! Get over it! Civil Rights changed that now we are heading back in the same direction with opposite results? Come on. Did the Germans hold it against the British and the Americans for going in and bombing the hell out of women and children…. Hell no. Do we still have a disdain for the Japanese or the other way around. No way! Every human group has been a slave sometime in history. Look at the Renaissance…..Kings and serfs. The Egyptians and their Jewish and African slaves. No, it is time for this to end. It is merely an excuse to act badly instead of taking responsibility for self.

        The South is a tipping point, I give you that. But gee, I wonder who pushed it towards the cliff?

        Liberty! You no longer have a clue to what that is.

        1. charleo1 September 21, 2014

          And just what Judeo-Christian principles would that have been? Burning accused witches at the stake, committing genocide on the native inhabitants, or, carrying on with the practice of slavery a hundred years after every civilized Nation on Earth had banned it, as a crime against humanity? I thought this Country was founded on the principles of freedom of expression, freedom to pursue one’s own happiness, and the freedom to worship as one seen fit. And just as important, the freedom from any religion being adopted, promoted, or imposed in any way, by the State. It was founded on the proposition that all men are created equal too. And, it took us going through a Civil War, before that foundational principle was given any enforcement, or extended, at least by law, to all Americans, and not just White ones. And it continues to be as much a goal today, as a reality. And the thing is, what you think about the matter doesn’t count. That’s right. Because you don’t know, and can’t know, and neither can I. For I am a White person, and White people cannot know what it’s like to be a Black person in America. But we can care enough to find the truth. And the truth is, to even suggest that racial prejudice no longer exists in this Country, is one of the most prejudicial things a White person in this Country could believe.

          1. joe schmo September 21, 2014

            Huh! This is the modern age isn’t it. We have come waaaayyy past the Civil War. You would think that people have come past prejudices. Well, most whites have and most whites have become more passive.

            Now turn it around a bit. Who has been killing their own, attacking whites (quite a bit lately) and complaining about how unfairly they are treated. Granted I am not black, but they have never had more freedom than they have now and what do they do with that liberty. Blame whitey. Isn’t it time they take responsibility for their OWN actions. I think so.

            I grew up with many African Americans in school. I never did anything to them, yet they felt it was their duty to taunt people like me. Not OK is it?

            Yes, America is a melting pot. It has never really gotten that much out of hand because we WERE always so tolerant until now. Why do you think that is? ….And don’t give me that lame excuse that it is because Obama is a Black Man in the White House. (I voted for him in 2008) The bias is now in many directions which is equally unfair.

            As far as I can see, no, religion freedom is no longer an option. I have seen it too many times where Christianity is being attacked and for all the wrong reasons. So don’t give me that Bull.

    6. porter September 22, 2014

      hey Joe black man here and guess what as a speaker for my race we do not have a deep seeded hated for whites as shown in the election of Kane over Allen as well as Mcdongal over cuc a nolei this in my state of Virginia may be you should stick to facts that you know like how to explain that your dad is also you brother BUT WE DO HAVE A DEEP HATRED FOR THOSE WHITES THAT BRING DISHONOR TO OUR WHITE BROTHER,S AND SISTER,S in that your right because for me to associate you with the white race turns my stomach to know that we as a nation have to let you breath and breed is shameful but looking on the bright side you are all dying and when the last of you bigot are dead the rest of us will take a good smelly healthy dump on your grave hell we may even put up a marker that says here lies dumb , dumber ,and just plain stupid

  5. Budjob September 20, 2014

    I guess,the only hope is another civil war and this time let the South win!!

    1. Michael Ross September 21, 2014

      The South can’t win. One way or another, it’s going to fail and fail miserably.

      So what the Yankees should do next time is bulk up their defenses for the inevitable moment when the Confederates run out of people to screw over for their money and start insisting that God is commanding them to resort to piracy. Then we wait for the oppressed working classes to give the Confederates the full Qaddafi treatment and pledge to help them with the rebuilding effort (but we don’t let them back into the U.S. until we have that government of the modern era those Tory bastards never let us have).

      1. joe schmo September 21, 2014

        Better yet, why don’t all the Red states secede from the Blue. Then maybe both sides will be happy. May just happen in your lifetime…..India split 3 times.

        Well….kind of odd that you think you would be part of the Confederates….they were actually the Repubs of the time. The Southerners were the Democrats….LOL

        Remember this…..YOU DON’T OWN THIS COUNTRY. It belongs to all of us. If you are so hell bent on splitting it apart it probably will…. Good luck on that one…

        1. Michael Ross September 22, 2014

          Yes, and you still pine for those days, don’t you whore? The Democrats are no longer pro-slavery, and it’s only reality-challenged party-before-country traitors to democracy like yourself who continue to insist they are.

          The G.O.P. may have been the more progressive of the two parties in the 1850s, but they have not evolved a day since then, evidenced by the fact that you traitorous tea-bagger whores still insist on pretending that is the order of the day.

          You likewise cannot ignore the fact, whore, that it is ALWAYS Republicans who want to break apart the country. They were demanding California be kicked out of the union when they were in power, and they immediately threatened to secede as soon as they were voted out of power.

          Those are the facts, whore. You don’t have to like them, but you do have to live with them, because no amount of tea-bagger chanting is going to make them magically go away.

  6. Eleanore Whitaker September 20, 2014

    The south can’t win…90% of all of their incomes come from blue states, particularly in the northeast. Where is Wall Street? Where are all of the hi-tech progressive industries? When you remove blue state tax dollars from the CONfederates, you see their pre-Civil War plantation wages don’t really cover any of their states needs.

    These are the states who needed Yankee help to rebuild after the Civil War. If these southern politicians think we will allow them to impose their BS hardship on those up north, they’d best think again.

    All of those Walmart stores they are building up north are not doing so well. The reason? People up north won’t accept barely above minimum wages, no benefits and then expect one worker to work like three on a half a paycheck like they do with those red state sharecropper wages they pay in the south.

    What would make southern politicians bloat their egos to the point where they actually think they can pull the wool over Yankee eyes? All we have to do is pull out every dime that goes to Big Oil, Big Energy, Big Gun Manufacturing and Big Prison industries that keep red state coffers fat and watch the South retreat to their plantations.

    1. Dominick Vila September 21, 2014

      I will never understand the logic of demonizing organized labor because they fight for higher wages and a good benefit package, and hail the “right to work” approach in Southern states where a scared and deprived workforce is willing to accept substantially lower wages and a lousy benefit package for the same work.
      I read an interesting piece on this issue a few weeks ago involving an incident at a VW plant in a Southern state (I believe it was South Carolina) when VW tried to implement labor councils similar to the ones in Germany and other industrialized countries, to get feedback from their employees to introduce, among other things, process improvements that lead to greater production and quality, a concept that is nothing short of evil in Southern states where workers are nothing more than a commodity to be used, and discarded when they are no longer useful. When the management at the VW plant told them that theirs is a non-union plant and that labor councils were not possible, VW threatened them with relocating their operation elsewhere.

      1. charleo1 September 21, 2014

        Here’s an article I ran across, that describes how far Right
        Wing State Gov. will go to keep out unions. Perhaps you’ve
        read it. If not, here’s the link.


        1. Dominick Vila September 21, 2014

          Thank you Charle, that’s the issue I was talking about. I forgot the VW plant was in Chattanooga, TN.
          I am neither pro nor anti union. In my opinion, workers should have the freedom to get representation, if they wish, or reject it if they think it is against their best interests.
          What I am against is a political party deciding what is best for Americans, regardless of what we all think.
          There is no question that unions have gone too far at times, but it is also true that without them most American blue collar workers would not have a 40-hour work week, overtime after working 40 hours or 8 hours a day, a two-week paid vacation, paid sick leave, participation in 401k or thrift plans, and other such benefits.
          I participated in several collective bargaining negotiations representing the company I worked for, and I can assure you, our union members would not have gotten an extra dime if it hadn’t been for the unions. During bargaining negotiations the union reps try to get as much as they can for their members, and management tries to give them as little as we can get away with without impacting productivity, quality of products or services, and influencing high attrition, which inevitably result in higher costs and, sometimes, in interruption of services. Another consideration is that, from a management perspective, it is a lot easier to manage a unionized work shop than a large professional cadre. There is such a high demand for professionals, especially in the high tech industry, that keeping them on board is a major challenge.

          1. charleo1 September 21, 2014

            The same play is appearing throughout the South.
            And coming to a theater near you, soon. I think this
            may be concerning VW, and other auto makers. This
            time in South Carolina. Get a load of Gov. Niki Haley.


          2. joe schmo September 21, 2014

            Reason….Unions want too much money. In a Capitalist nation, creativity is key, you do anything to make business work for you.

            Niki Haley is correct. If the company is willing to pay a fair wage to employees then who cares if a Union is involved. By the way, the people in Greenville voted to not have the unions not come in simply because they wanted the jobs which are hard to come by nowadays. Since VW was paying a fair wage it was a win/win situation. I think it is fantastic that SC is letting other countries know what our unions are all about. Ms Haley did state that the unions in Europe are different. So get a clue….

          3. charleo1 September 21, 2014

            Joe, you obviously don’t have a clue. In the Capitalist Nation we used to be, factory, and mine owners did anything they pleased. Worked men women, or kids, 6/7 days a week, 12/14 hours a day, in dangerous, and dirty conditions that killed them in their 30s. Paid them in company script, and made plenty of money. While 3 of every 4 Americans died in poverty. So that’s what Niki Haley is selling. What she, and her ilk want to impose on every person in this Country. She’s nothing but a high priced corporate whore, doing her employers bidding, by screwing over the ignorant hicks, who don’t know enough to realize all wages are interconnected. So how much do you think is too much? The average factory worker in Communist China makes $60.00 bucks a month, U.S. No benefits. He lives in company housing on the property, works 12 hour shifts, so two can use the same bed, and they have nets strung between the buildings to prevent suicides. Unions are illegal there of course. There’s no company health plan, no unemployment, and no food stamps, and no retirement, and no freedom. It’s Communism for Christ’s sake! The real kind. Not the kind you Right wing Jack Asses keep calling those things here. The people have no Rights. Just like Niki’s bosses want it here. And when the Unions are gone, made illegal. And people’s Rights to associate are regulated. And they take their record profits and buy not just some politicians, but all the politicians. Then, they’ll have all the Rights, and we’ll be in the same fix as our Chinese buddies. 6 days a week, 12 hours a day. Then how smart do you think you are going to feel? I’ll bet you even stop worrying about Communism. You’ll be too tired, and too hungry to care. And no way to do anything about if you did. So let’s be clear. That’s what we’re missing with. People’s Rights, and people’s financial condition. You don’t keep one, without the other.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker September 21, 2014

        One of the reasons Walmart up north hasn’t an icecube’s chance in hell of growing are their wages and their treatment of employees. Walmart gets away with handing red state employees $8 an hour. In northeastern states, the cost of living is higher requiring wages of at least $45K a year. Walmart only hires people who are desperate…the elderly on SS whose employers never offered ANY pensions, single Moms scraping by on a single income, young kids just out of college who have no business savvy and new immigrants to the US. Walmart is the best example of how their southern plantation mentality enriches the Walmart “plantation owners” by stiffing employees on wages.

        The problem for Walmart up north is that people know they can’t live on Walmart wages. So this plantation company ends up with huge employee turnover when employees are asked to do the job of 3 employees on an “as needed” and “on call” basis for $8 an hour.

        Walmart is another of those hot shot corporations that use intimidation of the most desperate to earn a living by holding them hostage for decades without an annual cost of living increase. Thus, many Walmart employees are taking welfare to supplement Walmart wages.

        The downside for middle class taxpayers are the huge tax cuts Walmart gets for building 2 and 3 stores in any town, paying little or no local or state taxes “just for locating and CREATING jobs” and then gets to sit back and watch local communities lose small businesses, all while Walmart dumps the taxes they don’t pay on the local communities and then laughs up their sleeves at the federal taxes we pay for their employees on welfare.

        Corporations in the US are out of control. It is long past time to put a stop to that BS line that corporations should get tax subsidies and tax exemptions “just for moving into a state.” The reality is they have to locate somewhere if they want to earn profits. When they slice and dice customer service, tech service and then hire only the most desperate at wages that can’t remotely be considered “living wages,” it’s easy to see why they are so profitable.

        1. Dominick Vila September 21, 2014

          The same is true on the West Coast. What that tells me, in addition to the abuses that millions of American workers endure, is that raising the minimum wage must be consistent with the cost of living of each state or region. $10.10 is enough for people in most Red states to make it, it is a pittance in states like California, New York, and other prosperous Blue states.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker September 21, 2014

            If you review the top salaries in NY City, it’s almost a convoluted joke. In order for the rest of the residents to keep up with the ostentatious appetites of the top salaries, NY City has to pay higher salaries at the bottom or no one could afford to work there. So, when the top salaries paid are in the upper 6 figures to more than half of the residents of NYC, those who work the blue collar jobs can’t possibly rent there or put food on the table with a salary of $10 an hour. It’s why legal secretaries, for example, in NY City earn $80K and in NJ just across the border, these same legal secretaries with the exact same skills are paid $45K.

          2. Dominick Vila September 21, 2014

            I agree. I use to live in the Washington area before I retired and moved to Florida, and a person making $10 an hour there would starve to death. The same is true for California, Washington state, and other blue states.
            Conversely, $10 is a decent salary in states like Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana and a few others. Along the same lines, housing in most Southern states cost about one fourth, or less, than what people pay for a tiny apartment in NYC or a modest house in L.A.
            Everything is relative. The key, when it comes to the minimum wage, is to take into account the cost of living in each state, or at least at a regional level. What should be unacceptable for everyone is to do nothing.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker September 22, 2014

            Americans never see the dirty little secret of CONservatism. If you check “HOW” red states keep their revenues stable, you see that more than half of ALL red states do not have progressive industries other than Big Energy, gun manufacturing, mining, lumbering, military and prison industries…all of which must require the rest of us to fork over OUR tax dollars.

            What CON states do not like to admit is that the hi-tech businesses are in BLUE states like CA, NJ, MA and NY. Silicon Valley is where? Blue State. Wall Street is where? Blue State. Both CA and NJ are No. 1 and No. 2 in clean solar energy.

            When you look at the two hundred year old industries the CONs rely on for employment, you see how obsolete they truly are. You also see why they are desperate to keep them in existence…without these dirty polluting industries and those tied to tax dollars paid for by other states, you see how RED CONs all fudge the facts. It’s why in these obsolete industries, they can pay the lowest wages in the country and still brag how full their state coffers are. Sure…All of the states could do that if we held onto relic industries of the pre-Civil War and then ate up $50 billion a year in tax subsidies.

          4. Dominick Vila September 22, 2014

            In the interest of fair play, I woould add Texas to the list of states with a robust high-tech industrial presence, but your point is well taken and accurate.
            What is perplexing to me is the large number of educated and intelligent people that continue to support the likes of McConnell and others who admissions of wrongdoing, and contribution to delays in the economic recovery, seem to fall on deaf ears. Add to that the point you made regarding the dependence on agriculture and a cheap labor market in Red states and you really have to wonder what influences the decisions of so many Americans in red states. Well, I think we all know an important factor, but I honestly doubt that is the only reason behind their obstinacy and willingness to shoot themselves in the foot, if nothing else because a similar circumstance prevailed when Bill Clinton was in office.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker September 22, 2014

            Once Americans realize what is really at stake: our liberties and freedoms, it’s far easier to see the hawking shadows behind the educated and intelligent people who support destructive Conservative politicians.

            The recent documentary “The Roosevelts” was an awesome, thoroughly unbiased and hugely valuable insight into the Republican party since Teddy Roosevelt.

            All of the facts in this documentary are well known to our eldest Americans who grew up in FDR’s era. Yet, he is hated like the Bubonic Plague by today’s Republicans. Worse, their hatred for Teddy Roosevelt, is more militant.

            How different is this really than the same stalward, money hungry, money grubbing educated and intelligent conservatives of today who hate President Obama for nearly the same reason: He governs the people..not Big Business.

            The Republicans have the full expectation that all tax dollars must support Big Business. There is nothing in the Constitution that demands tax dollars support Big Businesses. Especially, when these business fly under the radar of anti-trust laws and don’t hire or create jobs in the US and then take their US profits and stash them in tax free offshore accounts.

            What is most galling is their audacity and brazen attitude that it’s “THEIR” money. NO. It isn’t. They earned it on US soil, from US Consumers.

            The answer is to cut all tax subsidies to any business who offshores American jobs, refuses to pay annual salary increases at the same time they jack prices on goods and services.

            Owning a business is not a link to taxpayer money. If you own a business, you, as the business owner are responsible to make it profitable legally and without having to stiff consumers, employees and taxpayers.

            Here’s one example I found in the NY Post on Friday, Sept. 19th, A former state Tea Party organizer, Selim “Sam” Zherka, of White Plains, NY was arrested by the FBI after being indicted by a grand jury of his peers, for stealing more than $136 million in loands from three banks from 2005 to 2010 by lying on loan applications. He also participated in a 10 year tax fraud scheme and threatening a potential witness in April 2012.

            According to Zherka, the FEDS were “out to get him,” according to his Westchester newspaper he used as his soapbox to launder his illegalities.

            Another Madoffer who doesn’t think he did anything wrong. This is exactly what ALL Republican bulls do. They do the crime but are too cowardly to do the time.

          6. Dominick Vila September 22, 2014

            I enjoyed your post and share your opinion. I suspect, however, that much of the hatred that was directed at President Clinton and now at President Obama, has more to do with the socio-economic successes of these two presidents than anything else. The biggest threat to Republican rhetoric and orthodoxy is a successful Democratic president.s unfluenced

          7. Eleanore Whitaker September 22, 2014

            Thank you. There actually is a common denominator that goes totally unnoticed between Presidents Clinton and Obama. And, it does, as you state have to do with their socio-economic successes. I’ve posted many times that Republican men are unable to accept women smarter, totally independent and capable of raising not one but two presidents as single Moms.

            Both presidents come from Single Mom households. In the eyes of Republicans that’s a heinous crime. How dare a single Mom spawn a president, much less two single Moms spawning 2 presidents?

            Once you see that in for generations these Republican men have done everything they can to thwart single Moms success, you see just why they so hate these two icons of Success Single Motherhood and why they loathe Hillary Clinton who falls far short of their image of women as Donna Reed and men as “Father Knows Best.”

          8. Dominick Vila September 22, 2014

            The most incredible facets of Presidents Clinton and Obama to succeed the way they did is, indeed, the fact that both were raised by single mothers, that both endured economic challenges, and that both succeeded as a result of what their mothers meant to them and taught them, and the values and determination that allowed them to rise to the top.
            Compare that to the Bushes, Kennedys, Roosevelts, and all the other privileged presidents and politicians we have, and it is not too hard to understand why these two Presidents are so hated. They represent the best America has to offer, and for a Republican that is nothing short of poison.

          9. Eleanore Whitaker September 23, 2014

            I once overheard a statement, “There are two kinds of politicians in this world…The high minded and the ones who know how to play the game best. The high minded are always the most hated. The gamers are only out to win.”

          10. Dominick Vila September 23, 2014

            That is why Republicans are good at winning elections and lousy at governance.

          11. Eleanore Whitaker September 23, 2014

            Actually, if what I’m seeing of the Kansas, Iowa and Kentucky primary debates are any clue, I think the south and midwest will be more purple than red.

            Particularly, now that these areas of the country realize that the northeast and Pacific states are all tapped out and can’t keep padding southern and midwestern states with our federal tax dollars.

            McConnell is showing up badly in Kentucky. This is also true in Wisconsin where the people want that lunatic governor out. People in Kansas and Iowa are waking up to the lies the GOP has been feeding them for years…how Big Businesses do all the hiring…sure they do..just not in the US.

            The biggest mistake the GOP made was not commenting on Halliburton taking its corporate headquarters offshore back in 2010. This after Americans handed $350 billion of our tax dollars to this ingrate corporation for the Iraq war. Now that other corporations are following suit, all that malarkey about how they should get “incentives” to stay in the US is just another pack of lies.

            Think about it. If states, like NJ, have to hand a single corporation $82 billion to get the business to hire a lousy 250 people whose salaries will be far below $47K a year, it will take decades of that state’s tax dollars to make up for what one company doesn’t pay.

            So what if they don’t locate in the US? Out of sight….out of mind. They are not indispensable. The minute they leave, we save on tax dollars wasted on incentives, subsidies and other more progressive businesses take their place. It’s the way of business.

            That baloney that states must entice businesses to locate in a particular state is just that…If no incentives are offered, they don’t locate. The reality is if they want to attract consumers in the US, they HAVE to locate somewhere in the country and they will do it without any incentives if it comes to that.

          12. Dominick Vila September 23, 2014

            I hope you are right and there are enough competitive elections to have a chance to keep control of the Senate.
            Other mistakes the GOP have made include opposing the ACA and suggesting the U.S. economy is in the dumps and companies are not hiring. Companies are hiring, many of the new jobs are in manufacturing rather than the part time jobs at fast foods they love to talk about, and some are having a hard time finding qualified applicants to fill vacancies. My eldest son works for a computer networking company based in Tampa, Florida. The company he works for is having a hard time filling positions because they cannot find qualified and experienced personnel, even though their six figure salaries are well above average for Florida. The latter addresses another area where the GOP shot itself in the foot: their constant attacks on public education, and their reluctance to make college education more affordable.

          13. Eleanore Whitaker September 24, 2014

            The problem with the job market is not that jobs are not being created. It’s that not enough jobs are being created. Job seekers need to give up the old ideas of those lifelong jobs that gave them pensions at retirement age. Today, retirement is a gleam in the eyes of most seniors.

            The obstructive tilt by employers today is to get one employee to do the job 3 employees formerly did on a part-time basis, at a lower salary and on an “on call” basis. That simply doesn’t work. But, like all foolish things the oh so intelligent employer intelligensia (not) do, they’ll learn the hard way.

            Today’s manufacturing is coming alive due to clean energy initiative, something no loyal, certifiable GOP bull will ever admit. It’s out with the old and in with the new. That’s not a new normal. It’s just business as usual.

            Smart job seekers today would do well to study who is actually hiring: businesses related to healthcare, the hi-tech industries and Clean Energy industries.

            Take this example in my state, (NJ), the largest producer of solar energy has nearly half a million customers in 2014. They did this without any help from the government. They had to. Back in 2010, the GOP demanded all subsidies to clean energy companies be removed from legislation. A cute little bow to Big Oil and the rest of the relic polluter energy industries.

            That didn’t stop Trinity Solar. They went right ahead. And people in NJ are glad they did. Businesses linked to solar are panel manufacturing, solar parts manufacturing and jobs for plumbers, contractors, electricians, electrical engineers and field installers, have expanded.

            Unfortunately, if a study was ever produced by a truly unbiased source, the US’s biggest problem is credibility. Americans no longer trust banks, businesses or politicians.

            That loss of trust holds the greatest potential for a serious economic threat to our society. If you can’t trust a business to sell honestly and without skankola and your politicians are linked to that corruption, how on earth can any American trust what they see and hear?

          14. Dominick Vila September 24, 2014

            I agree. Especially with the part about unrealistic expectations. The assembly line jobs that once allowed millions of Americans to support their families and live comfortably are long gone.

            Traditional pension plans are things of the past.

            Indeed, our young, and our workforce at large, should pay close attention to where good paying jobs, stable employment, and growth opportunities are. Dreaming of going back to the way things were 50 or 60 years ago is a chimera. Those who wish to prosper must focus on the realities of today and pursue careers in fields where skilled workers are in demand. At the moment, most opportunities are in the high tech and alternative energy, and hard science industries.
            There has been some growth in manufacturing, which is a welcome development, but it is not enough to sustain our population or an indication that the good ole days are back.

  7. charleo1 September 20, 2014

    To elect a group of extremist, that do not represent the Country. Then, make sensible debate, and compromise impossible, and the government itself, dysfunctional. And then claim that is a good thing for the Country. Because it stops the other side’s agenda. Then, to have an entire chamber at the core of government, complete a full term, and have nothing to show for it. And call that a victory, and a successful record on which to apply for another useless term. Because, the government has been determined by those same elected extremists, to be evil incarnate. That is not up for debate. As is nothing else. As is voting for, and welcoming, yet more dysfunction, not up for debate. And to what ultimate purpose? What is the point of obstruction to each and every initiative, but to legislatively sabotage, the body that was designed, and created, to represent the will of the people? And what will be inserted into that vacuum, that void, created by the intentional dysfunction? Is that also another issue not up for compromise, or debate? The results of the tearing down of those institutions of public representation, what then? What, after the primary goals of the obstructionist are accomplished? What are their uncompromising demands that the Country use in place of those democratic institutions, to carry out the role of elected government? A stockholder’s meeting of the wealthy elite? What then? For what they are fomenting, demanding, egging on, encouraging, is a revolution. So after the revolution from representative government, which the extremist obviously disdain. What then? What is this revolution at last, all about? And why aren’t the extremists running on that? Their vision, after the destruction of democratic norms.

    1. sigrid28 September 21, 2014

      I’m citing Dominick Vila here, to double my concurrence with your argument: “Republicans are not the party of No. They are the party of Nothing.” They have no plan.

      1. charleo1 September 22, 2014

        I agree they are the Party of nothing. The Party of nothing good for the majority of people. For a Middle Class that keeps it’s head above water. That has an empowered workforce. That cannot be saddled with paying for their top down economy, monopolized markets, and government subsidies padding their corporate bottom lines. But make no mistake about their plans. They have plenty of plans. Just not ones they can advertise. Because they would be horrifying to the average American. Even their slavishly devoted base would recoil at what I believe they are attempting to carry out. Which is nothing less than consolidating the wealth, and power of the World, in as few hands as possible. In this Country, by employing their influence their ever increasing influence over government the courts, and the economy, to do whatever is necessary to achieve an irreversible domination over the democracies of not only the U.S. but those around the World, as well. Crock conspiracy theory? Perhaps. But before dismissing it, hear me out. First, we should take a look at the World economic picture, as a CEO of one of the multi-national conglomerates would see it. The overall health of the World’s economy right now, is abysmal, and frightening. Corporate business models are empowering dictatorships, and Communist regimes, that are willing to exploit their voiceless people. And, the results are bankrupting the World’s democracies. Where their techniques of driving down the cost of labor to subsistence levels, harsh working conditions, and their destructive environmental damage is not easily tolerated. Now, put that template over the stated policy goals of the Corporate Party of America. Controlled, 100% by extremely wealthy corporate families, that are now allowed to inject unlimited amounts of,”dark,” capital into the electoral, and legislative processes, from small town councils, to the Congress in Washington D.C. From our homegrown billionaires like the Waltons, and the Kochs, we know about. To the foreign governments, that could well be contributing thru super-pak operations such as American Crossroads, or Americans for Prosperity, that we don’t. The, “crazy talk,” is just added, as a distraction to keep the brainwashed, and misinformed entertained, and excited about voting out that, “Socialist in the White House.” Or, ending a so called Liberal agenda that’s ruining the Country. As is the so called culture wars, over such hot button issues, as Gay marriage, or abortion. The corporate organizations could care less, about them. But they serve an important place in the holding actions the Right Wing are carrying out. (The do-nothing Congress.) And, of course as useful propaganda fodder against a progressive movement, that could, if left unchecked, could undo years of carefully laid preparation, and essential gains made here in America, over the last 40 or so years. America, is the true brass ring. The World’s largest economy, by far, And necessarily, the centerpiece of any, “grand plan,” if you will. That without America, the agenda of World domination using primarily financial power to control Governments, and people and not the military, would not be possible. Even the most superficial of observation of our extremely lopsided, and harmful trade policies, with the promise of more just like them, on the way. Would suggest, something is afoot, and has been brewing for the last several decades. Given what we know, it’s not so much of a blind leap to envision this has become the pipe dream of a certain sub-set of uber wealthy megalomanic. For whom accumulating vast sums of wealth, has grown tiresome, and boring. Who aspire to leave a legacy, that will survive centuries after they’re death. And serve as a kind of immortality. So to say they have no plan, I do not believe is the case. To say they have an ulterior plan, that leaves no stone unturned. No public school, or union shop, or livable wage left standing. That they dare not share but with only a select few. I believe is much closer to the truth.

        1. sigrid28 September 22, 2014

          I was once susceptible to the idea that the ultra-rich were capable of pulling the wool over the eyes of the rest of us. But that was before I read–as an adult–“Nickolas Nickelby” and “Little Dorritt” by Charles Dickens.

          1. charleo1 September 22, 2014

            Absolutely! The power of women is an awesome force for sanity, and justice. And needs to be supported in the broadest, and strongest of ways. We men have had our turn, and look at the mess! Believe it or not. I thought about those women in Iraq, and wondered to myself, what must be going thru their minds, as their husbands were embracing these ISIS extremists. And how much better off, and peaceful the World would be, if women everywhere were more empowered.

          2. sigrid28 September 23, 2014

            I worry that you still believe these corporate powers are in the driver’s seat, even though I’ve succeeded in making you feel a teeny tiny bit hopeful about women. If you cannot bring yourself to read Dickens’s novels, there are film versions of both of them that make his case eloquently.

          3. charleo1 September 23, 2014

            I feel better just knowing there are better read, people than I, who are comfortingly confident I’m wrong. And I promise to read both, Nicholas Nickleby, and Little Dorritt. Thanks once again, my good friend.

          4. sigrid28 September 23, 2014

            It’s true that these books will be heavy going if you are not an avid reader. I LOVE the film versions, and recommend them wholeheartedly, probably available on Netflix or PBS–even at the public library, where you could take out the DVDs for free.

          5. sigrid28 September 25, 2014

            You are saved from reading “Nicholas Nickleby” if you have HBO: the film is running from 10:10 to 12:25 EST tonight (9-25-2014). Don’t miss cameos by Nathan Lane and Dame Edith!

  8. howa4x September 20, 2014

    Soon events will strip away ideology. already the southern states are seeing rural hospital close because of an ideological refusal to accept the Medicaid expansion. Weather events will wreak destruction to the Gulf states and make they cry for federal assistance. Women, Latinos, the young, Asians, and other minorities are running away from the brand, and demographic shifts have more of them moving to the south. corporations located in the South need to attract talent and if there is a harsh social climate there people will take other jobs in bluer states. Bank of America fought5 the anti gay laws of South Carolina for that reason. So time is working against the Republicans, and they will become much more isolated. Once Texas, Fla and Georgia turn Blue it will be over for the National GOP.

    1. Dominick Vila September 21, 2014

      If the GOP controls the Senate after the midterm election their strategy may change completely. If that happens (I hope not) don’t be surprised if they take credit for the economic recovery, job creation, and go as far as raising the minimum wage to project a more positive image going into a presidential election. They know their incendiary rhetoric resonates in the South and the Bible Belt, but they also know that their constant attacks against minorities, women, and equality are poison at a national level. I am seeing evidence of that strategic shift in Florida where Gov. Scott’s TV ads blame Charlie Crist for loss of jobs caused by the Great Recession, and takes credit for the effects of the economic recovery that is evident in most Blue states.

      1. sigrid28 September 21, 2014

        We see a lot of that here in Purple Iowa, with Governor Branstad, hoping for another term, heehawing about his contribution to the economic recovery (and patriotic band music playing in the background). However, Democrats in the state legislature had to let him PERSONALLY approve any abortion provided to a Medicaid recipient–and he is NOT an MD–to get other important legislation past his rancid veto. Besides being completely disingenuous (and fooling no one), his ads are meant for the Representative Steve King and would be Senator Joni Ernst branch of the Republican base. I’m not even sure whether the 2020 census can loosen its hold on Republicans, unless rural Iowa becomes far more populated and far less xenophobic.

        The more weather events ravage Iowa, the more even these members of the Republican base have a renewed dependence, if not faith, in the role of government. Taking a far more pessimistic view, the president’s decision to deploy troops to help contain Ebola should be alarming to everyone. Yet even a worldwide epidemic of Ebola without a vaccine or a cure would not change the rural part of Iowa significantly, except perhaps to allow the fields to lie fallow as they did in Europe in the Middle Ages. The plague, after all, postponed the Renaissance and the Enlightenment for a half century. In its midst, townspeople still busied themselves with refusing Christian burial to prostitutes who had died of the plague and then promptly succumbed to the plague themselves.

      2. howa4x September 24, 2014

        They the republicans will be caught between their rhetoric and reality of wining the white house. I would love to see it. It is easy to throw bombs from the outside and harder to govern and take responsibility. They still will continue their war on women, and Latinos. It is in their DNA

  9. Michael Ross September 21, 2014

    What we will see as a result of this is a G.O.P. that is not only incapable of reaching out to moderates in national elections, but not even smart enough to recognize that they have to.

    This, in turn, will do so much more than drive people away from the G.O.P. It will also drive people away from the conservative south. As the Republicans continue to gut their own government — to sabotage their own country — just because they can’t stand the fact that a Democrat presently has control of the White House (which, thanks to their shrinking population and push towards hyper-partisanship, is all but guaranteed to them), more and more people will abandon the G.O.P., not just by refusing to vote for them, but by refusing to live in any states they control.

    This will eventually end in one of four ways:

    #1: The Republicans finally get so polarized that they cannot even win in their southern stronghold and are voted out.
    #2: The Republicans try to prevent scenario #1 by imposing increasingly strict voting laws until the oppressed Democrats finally revolt.
    #3: The Republicans drive so many Democrats and moderates out of their states that they lose electoral seats to the blue states.
    #4: The Confederate States try to secede again, driving the final nail in the coffin of their “Democrats want to destroy our country” rhetoric.

    So one way or another, the G.O.P. is only prolonging the amount of time it takes for them to die.

    1. joe schmo September 21, 2014

      Hmmm….For one, you cannot predict the future. Neither can I but if history has anything to say about it, politics in the future will change and not in the way you think.

      As things get more Liberal as they did in Germany before Hitler’s crazy regime, the people became VERY disillusioned by Leftists views because, if you know your history, it was VERY liberal. Enter the Weimar Republic. When the people voted, they had a choice between Communism and Nazism. Of course, we know how history ended this debate. Neither was a good choice, however; it goes to show you that when things get too Liberal then the pendulum swings the other way…. May not happen for a while but …You’ll see:)

      1. dtgraham September 21, 2014

        The Weimar republic was done in by the great depression and had nothing to do with liberal policies. Between 1919 and 1923 there were major protest movements of both the far left and far right, French and Belgian occupation of the Ruhr industrial heartland, and a major monetary crisis. The republic nonetheless survived and the economy began to steadily improve beginning in 1924. The Wall street crash changed everything. They were too dependant on American loans to help with the terrible Versaille reparations and those loans were all called when the depression hit. That worsened things even more for them and brought an extremist party of the right to prominence that had previously been on the fringes electorally. That party made parliamentary governance close to impossible through obstruction, grandstanding, and delegitimizing their opponents. I think we know the name of that party. If you’re thinking the Republican party…no, they were called the Nazi party. Sorry for breaking Godwin’s law.

        Anyway joe, you’ll have to explain the relative success of so many liberal based western European and Canadian governments over such a long period of time. I might add that the United States has had long periods of very liberal governance federally.

        1. joe schmo September 21, 2014

          Really! Tune into American Heros Channel and watch the documentary on the Weimar Republic. I also know of people who lived and grew up over there as children. They have told me many stories. Who should I believe reading material or someone who has been there?

          Your last statement…..Not like this one. Hopefully, we get over this hurdle intact as a nation….

          1. dtgraham September 22, 2014

            You should believe actual recorded documented history, and not third party anecdotal far-right delusional recollections. For god’s sake man, you can crack open any history book or go on-line and verify every single word of what I posted. Why do the childhood “stories” of someone’s friend or third cousin count for more than that?

            As to your last paragraph, Barack Obama is no Franklin Roosevelt or Lyndon Johnston. Hell, he’s not even a Teddy Roosevelt. This present White House is not so bad for someone who hates every single thing that even resembles progressivism.

            Do you really believe that the people of Sweden or Norway or Denmark or Scotland (for example) have become so disillusioned with their country’s history of left wing progressive politics that they’re ready for fascism any time soon? Has there ever been any indication of that? What did you say? “When things get too liberal then the pendulum swings the other way.” Depends on how liberal we’re talking, but in any event not that far though huh.

            Incidentally, I do watch American Heroes and preferred the name when it was simply called the military channel, although the programming content remained the same.

          2. joe schmo October 17, 2014

            1) Because they lived it and books can be misconstrued.

            2 )Barack Obama has the lowest approval rating of any modern president in history…..I rest my case.

          3. dtgraham October 19, 2014

            joe, you mentioned that you watch a lot of the American Heros channel. I’m wondering if you watched the recently repeated American Heros, 5 hour documentary called “Apocolypse World War I.” I thought it was just outstanding. It tells the history from that period in a way that’s not nearly as dry as it normally is. They also cleaned up the film from that era and applied HD technology to it. As a result, some of it looked like it was filmed last Wednesday and gave extremely rare footage like Manfred Von Richthofen’s preparations for his last flight. I highly recommend it and if you missed it…no problem. It has already been repeated numerous times and will be repeated a number of more times I’m sure.

      2. Michael Ross September 22, 2014

        Let me start off, whore, by informing you that THINGS DID NOT GET “MORE LIBERAL” IN GERMANY!!!

        This is why you Tory whores are never going to get that respect that you keep bitching you are never being given; because you can’t go more than ten seconds without spewing forth some utter fucking bullshit and throwing a tantrum that nobody’s buying it.

        As for predicting the future: Bullshit. You Tory bastards have been trying to pull the exact same con on America nonstop for over two hundred years. We know EXACTLY what kind of shit the wealthy elite and their army of thieves and whores are going to pull.

      3. stcroixcarp October 25, 2014

        Wow! Another rewrite of Nazi history, Ol’ Hitler is sure useful for bashing liberals.

  10. Eleanore Whitaker October 18, 2014

    The problem is white middle aged angry Republican bulls. Their belief that White Makes Might Right is ingrained.

    But, here’s the real reason. Post Civil War, the south had to rely on Yankees to provide war reparations. When it came to work, lazy southern whites suddenly had to earn a living and couldn’t rely any longer on Big Daddy’s plantations to “take care of them.”

    Many southern whites of the poorest classes lost their sons fighting for rich plantation owners right to keep and own human slaves. That didn’t sit well with the rich or the white trash in the south who for the first time had to actually earn a living and not lay around on the DogPatch Porches all day.

    The Confederacy lost but rich men have more balls than they admit to. So they don’t believe they lost the Civil War. This is why men like Sam Walton still cheats employees plantation style.

    Arrogant rich men NEVER earn their money without help. Yet, they are the first to lay claim to spending the money others helped them earn, as if they earned it “honestly. Find me an “honest” rich man today and I’ll personally hand him a Medal of Honor.

    The Republican men of today are too young, too inexperienced, too conceited and too bossy, overbearing and bullying to win an election. If we want dictators, we vote GOP. If we want our tax dollars spent on infrastructure and not Big Businesses we help keep in existing long past their shelf life, we vote Democrat.

    Rich, overindulged men who have lived so long in excess created by the blood, sweat and tears of those who worked for them for decades now try to make the claim that all of that work effort should amount to nothing.

    Right…as if ANY American lives to fill a rich man’s bank account.

  11. cjakobsson October 19, 2014

    The ironic aspect of all this is the fact that if the GOP were to challenge the Democrats to an intelligent debate about the size of the Federal Government, the federal budget, and the issues of foreign policy and national defense, they would have a good chance of winning most of the points of the debate. The fact that they have adopted the negativism and hysteria of the Tea Party can be construed as a public statement that they are not capable of an intelligent debate on the issues. That is very sad for both political parties and for the country as a whole also.


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