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Coronavirus Pandemic HighlightsNeed for a Stronger Public Sector

Coronavirus Pandemic HighlightsNeed for a Stronger Public Sector

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It is a sign of how bad things are when the editorial board of the Financial Times, the world's leading business newspaper, carries an editorial calling for "radical reforms… reversing the prevailing policy direction of the last four decades." The FT editorial of April 3 has advocated, among other things, a more active role for governments in the economy, ways to make labor markets less insecure, and wealth taxes. The FT's editorial board, increasingly concerned about saving capitalism from itself, had written about the need for "state planning" and a "worker-led economy" last year in August. But the April 3 editorial has garnered much more attention since it comes amidst a massive crisis.

By now it has become obvious that substantial state intervention in the economy—frowned upon by the apostles of neoliberal economics—is back to the center stage across the world.

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