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‘A Tale Of Two Countries’ — Jefferson County’s Assault On U.S. History

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‘A Tale Of Two Countries’ — Jefferson County’s Assault On U.S. History


This is a tale of two countries.

The first country was built on a radical new promise of human equality and a guarantee of the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That country made it possible for even those born in the humblest and most meager circumstances to climb to the pinnacle of prosperity and achievement. It helped save the world in a great global conflagration, fed and rebuilt the devastated nations of Europe, planted the first footprints on another world.

The second country was built on the uncompensated labor of human beings owned from birth till death by other human beings. That country committed genocide against its indigenous people, fabricated a war in order to snatch territory belonging to its neighbor, put its own citizens in concentration camps. And it practiced the “science” of eugenics with such enthusiasm that it inspired advocates of mandatory sterilization and racial purity all over the world. One was an obscure German politician named Adolf Hitler.

Obviously, the first of those countries is America. But the second is, too.

This would not come as a surprise to any reasonably competent student of American history. But that is a category that soon may not include students in Jefferson County, Colorado. The good news is, they are not taking it lying down.

To the contrary, hundreds of them staged mass walkouts from at least five area high schools last week. They chanted and held up signs in protest of a proposed directive from a newly elected conservative school board member that would require teachers of history to “promote citizenship, patriotism, essentials and benefits of the free enterprise system.”

Teachers are further told to emphasize “positive aspects” of U.S. heritage and to avoid lessons that “encourage or condone civil disorder, social strife or disregard of the law.”

Like, say, the civil rights movement.

To the students’ credit, they recognized this for the act of intellectual vandalism it was and did a very American thing. They protested. As of late last week, the board was promising to revise the proposal, claiming it had been misunderstood.

Actually, it was understood all too well. One frequently sees these efforts to whitewash the ugliness out of American history. The state of Virginia was ridiculed in 2010 for a history book that falsely claimed thousands of black soldiers fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War. The state of Arizona passed a law that same year restricting ethnic studies classes under the theory that they tend to “promote resentment toward a race or class of people.”

Now, here are educators in Colorado promoting a “happy history” that will leave students positive, patriotic — and ignorant.

There is a reason courts require witnesses to tell “the truth, the whole truth.” To tell half the truth is to tell a lie of omission. And in this tale of two countries, the whole truth is not summed up in the triumphs of the first country any more than in the sins of the second. America is both those nations. And American history, properly understood, is a story about the summit we sometimes reach and the sewer we too often tread, about the work of resolving the tension between America’s dream and its reality.

Such complexity tends to frighten and confuse small-minded people who think you can’t love your country and question it too, can’t celebrate its glories if you acknowledge its failures. So instead they embrace this “happy history” that is stagnant, barren and antithetical to progress. Why would you work to resolve the tension between the dream and the reality if you’ve been taught that the dream is the reality?

Censoring history is an act of cowardice. The Colorado demonstrations suggest that some of us, at least, are still brave enough for the truth.

Leonard Pitts is a columnist for The Miami Herald, 1 Herald Plaza, Miami, Fla., 33132. Readers may contact him via email at lpitts@miamiherald.com.

Photo: Ken Lund via Flickr

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Leonard Pitts Jr.

Leonard Pitts Jr. is a nationally syndicated commentator, journalist, and novelist. Pitts' column for the Miami Herald deals with the intersection between race, politics, and culture, and has won him multiple awards including a Pulitzer Prize in 2004.

The highly regarded novel, Freeman (2009), is his most recent book.

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  1. Melda Page September 29, 2014

    Well, the wingnuts will have to kill off everyone over 50 before they can sanitize the minds of the remaining populace.

    1. kenndeb September 29, 2014

      Very true. Anyone over 50 should recognize that this is part of the liberal agenda of brainwashing our kids into believing what the liberals want. The liberals are promoting a communist society, just like the old USSR. The walkout was promoted by the liberal teachers that are on an illegal strike. This is another example of liberals twisting the truth to fit THEIR reality.

      1. TheSkalawag929 September 29, 2014

        kenndeb you must be one of those lala land dwellers.

        1. kenndeb September 29, 2014

          No, I live in AMERICA. And, like many others , will do our best to protect her.

          1. The lucky one September 29, 2014

            Then I suppose you will soon be taking up arms against the 1% the greatest enemies this country has ever seen.

          2. kenndeb September 29, 2014

            The greatest enemy this country has ever seen resides in our White House.

          3. The lucky one September 29, 2014

            They often have but this one is just another in a long line. Going by past performance the next one from which ever of the dominant parties wins the office will be worse.

          4. TheSkalawag929 September 29, 2014

            What is solution?

          5. The lucky one September 29, 2014

            Vote third party is a start. The 1% want us to believe the dem-repub two-headed monster they control is the only viable option which is false. Here in NY Zephyr Teachout got 34% of the primary vote running against richly funded incumbent Andrew Cuomo. She spent half as much campaigning as he did. I do fear for her life though if she ever does unseat Cuomo.

          6. TheSkalawag929 September 29, 2014

            That may be but until a viable third party candidate and platform come on the scene we are stuck with what we have. So we should work to clean that up and get big money out of our politics. A tall order for a lackadaisical electorate.

          7. TheSkalawag929 September 29, 2014

            No kenndeb is delusional. He thinks that the 1% is looking out for him/her.

          8. The lucky one September 29, 2014

            But you’re assuming he thinks, I haven’t seen any evidence of that.

          9. TheSkalawag929 September 29, 2014


          10. TheSkalawag929 September 29, 2014

            No You live in lala land. All your posts prove it. You should look up the meaning of the terms you throw around so haphazardly.

      2. Billie September 29, 2014

        Do you even know what communism is????

        1. kenndeb September 29, 2014

          Maybe I should have said Marxist state?

      3. midway54 September 29, 2014

        Once again you are entertaining us all with another string of your ipse dixit posts dedicated to bashing liberals as un-American, communist, socialist or some other adjective you may borrow from your sources which you reliably serve as a perfect but vacuous conduit. You need to turn around and treat us with all those perfections you see among those neo-cons or worse, neo-fascist advocates who are fueling the stuff you throw at the other posters to read in amazement.

        1. TheSkalawag929 September 29, 2014

          It’s people like kenndeb that are the true threat to our nation.

        2. beulahmo September 29, 2014

          This ipse dixit poster (and there a so many, aren’t there?) may be intellectually vacuous, but the emotions are there. And emotionally, kenndeb is a true believer. Somewhere in his unfortunate past, probably because he sought comfort, he turned to propagandists to help him identify and explain his feelings of anxiety. And now he believes he understands the cause of his anxiety, but he hasn’t gotten comfort — it’s only gotten worse. He has gone from anxious person to full-blown hysteric, and that’s what will keep him in the propagandists’ thrall. Those bastards have him in a trap.

          1. TheSkalawag929 September 29, 2014

            That is why it is imperative that we get out the vote so that we can counteract the votes of the mindless and the mind numb.

          2. midway54 September 29, 2014

            I like your theory. I have suspected all along that the posts may actually be the work of a duo; that is, Ken and Deb, reduced to Ken ‘n’ Deb then finally to Kenndeb.

        3. Billie September 29, 2014

          His sources are all those emails he gets from right wing nuts.

    2. plc97477 September 29, 2014

      Polls have shown that the young are more progressive than their elders. So the wingnuts are doomed from the start.

  2. bobnstuff September 29, 2014

    The problem is the number of people that believe in the false history being put out by the right. My favorite lie is that we are a Christian nation founded by Christians. Washington, Jefferson and Franklin were not Christians, never were.

    1. highpckts September 29, 2014

      I have said that so many times to no avail!!

      1. photojack53 September 29, 2014

        Republicans won’t listen or EVER change their stuck-in-the-mud ideas! They’ll cover their ears and bury their heads in the sand before they admit how wrong they are.
        What the author of this article fails to mention, is that the “conservative” school board member is undoubtedly a Republican! Why is it that virtually every time I read of poorly crafted policies like this, the bill’s authors or proponents ALWAYS have an (R) after their name? Whenever books are banned from school libraries, there’s an (R) after the name. Whenever there’s restrictive legislation on the fundamental right of a woman to choose, there’s an (R) after their name. Whenever I see bills introduced against the constitutionally protected right of marriage equality, there’s an (R) after the name of the bill’s authors and proponents. Wherever you see denial of global climate change, there’s an (R) after their names.
        These upcoming mid-term elections are vital for the progress of our nation and to continue the recovery from Bush’s economic collapse that Obama has crafted. Do you really want to continue the GOP’s “War on Women”, their “War on Science”, their anti-environmentalism, their corporate favoritism and profiteering and their other hurtful, damaging and inane policies?

        1. kenndeb September 29, 2014

          Yeah, vote for liberals if you want your country to turn into a communist police , just like the old USSR. Give away your rights and freedoms to the regime.

          1. beulahmo September 29, 2014

            Good lord. Do you really believe the United States is in danger of becoming another U.S.S.R.?? You hinted at being over 50 years of age. You should be able to remember the actual U.S.S.R. And are we to understand that you genuinely believe that the United States is close to looking like the U.S.S.R.?

          2. TheSkalawag929 September 29, 2014

            kenndeb has become enthralled by the enchanting music and voices of the Sirens of the Oligarch.

          3. highpckts September 29, 2014

            Oh please! You really need help!!

          4. holyreality September 29, 2014

            It’s too late here Kenndeb.
            We have secret police who can arrest you, send you off to a torture friendly nation where you can be subjected to interrogation all along you cannot legally tell anyone this is happening.
            Police are free to just shoot you because they are afraid, and their buddies slap them on the back sending them off to a free vacation.
            Voting is a joke, you can vote for two different flavors of a shit sandwich with choruses of media dividing us on which is better.
            The only right left in the original bill of rights is the right to prevent British soldiers fron quartering in your home.

          5. TheSkalawag929 September 29, 2014

            Point ! isn’t new.Think Japanese interment camps during WWII. Point 2 is not new either. African Americans have been living with that reality from almost day one. As far as voting and party flavors are concerned we the people are responsible for that ourselves by not electing people looking out for OUR best interest. We can turn all that around by taking responsibility and becoming as politically active as those who are trying to take away our rights in the name of protecting our rights. Don’t just complain VOTE. And vote wisely.

          6. holyreality September 30, 2014

            Voting is an illusion when not fortified with activism, movetoamend.org is one activist organization that we can support. Direct communication is not as influential as the lobby, but your Rep and Senator must listen to you anyway. When masses of voices tell them the same as you they cannot dismiss them as easily as lone faint cries.

          7. bobnstuff September 29, 2014

            I think your tinfoil hat is slipping. They are reading your brain waves.

          8. holyreality September 30, 2014

            Levity is appreciated, distraction is condemned.

            The PATRIOT Act, the NDAA, and the Military Authorizations Act all add up to the sorry litany I posted.

          9. bobnstuff September 30, 2014

            The police us the PATRIOT ACT to get around the constitution in just about everything, but do you hear the right calling for it’s repeal.

          10. holyreality September 30, 2014

            I believe it was Nixon who started this law and order bandwagon. Righties only whine when they use it to infringe second amendment rights.

          11. TheSkalawag929 September 30, 2014

            Republicans are always the first to demand Law and Order. They’re also the first to whine and complain when it’s implemented.

          12. TheSkalawag929 September 30, 2014

            Only when it is applied to them.

  3. pjm19606 September 29, 2014

    I learned the naked truth while attending an American curriculum high school in Europe. Attended college in the US and had to lecture my profs in history and civics.

    1. kenndeb September 29, 2014

      Europe has been jealous of America since its inception. Did they even mention that it was Europeans that first settled this country? That it was Europeans that did all this bad stuff?

      1. The lucky one September 29, 2014

        Actually many of the Europeans traded quite amicably with the natives. It was primarily the evolving Americans that decimated the population but you do make a good point and there are many other nationalities that have used genocide to rape and pillage other groups. The bible is full of examples of “God’s people” annihilating their un-chosen neighbors, often claiming it is God’s will.

        1. kenndeb September 29, 2014

          Most settlers also lived in harmony with the locals. It has always been governments that screw things up.

          1. The lucky one September 29, 2014

            Exactly, because governments predominantly serve the ruling elite, what in our day is known as the 1%.

          2. TheSkalawag929 September 29, 2014

            The 99% needs to stop letting the 1% buy our government out from under us and get to the polls to elect the kind of people that will represent us and OUR best interest.

          3. The lucky one September 29, 2014


          4. TheSkalawag929 September 29, 2014

            Most people live together quite well. It’s when the greedy get involved that things go to hell in a hand basket. They buy politicians so they can get more.

      2. pjm19606 September 29, 2014

        Europe jealous of America? I want what you’re smoking! Anglos settled the US, not Europeans. England was an entity independent of Europe as is evidenced by the disparity of its language, English, and the fact that it’s an island. The English were also the #1 destroyers of humanity in the age. Today, the US, Russia and China have claimed that spot.

        1. TheSkalawag929 September 29, 2014

          No you don’t. What he/she is smoking kills brain cells as evidenced by his/her posts.

        2. kenndeb September 29, 2014

          Really? What about the French, and Dutch? Or maybe the people from Scandinavian countries? GermansSpanish, and, Russian?

          1. pjm19606 September 30, 2014

            They all came much later. The first “settlements” were anglo..All the other Euro countries entered much later.. BTW No one in Europe considers the UK as part of Europe….except the English

          2. kenndeb September 30, 2014

            The first settlements were trading posts, many French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.

  4. Dominick Vila September 29, 2014

    I found the connection to Adolf Hitler unnecessary, but there is no question that when it comes to the social problems we are facing, the parallels with what has happened in so many parts of the world through the course of history are unmistakable.
    The same prejudices that have existed since the earliest beginnings of civilization, remain latent among a relatively small, but determined and influential segment of our population, and it will be a long time before it goes away.
    The truth is that many of our fellow Americans interpret our values and traditions as something that only applies to them, and view the aspirations and the rise of ethnic minorities – and women – with fear or suspicion. For them, ethnic and cultural assimilation, integration, equality, and true Christian values are evidence of evil socialism or liberalism, and something that must be eradicated before their utopian concept of society, which starts and ends with the preservation of ethnic purity and dominance over the lesser forms of humanity, who are here to serve them and obey them, is still a potent influence in their ability to rationalize thought and decide what is best for a nation that they are convinced is theirs to rule.
    Arrogance, ignorance, prejudice, hatred, and opportunism are among the most prevalent “attributes” among those who see fellow human beings as inferior, and who do not hesitate to attack them, insult them, demonize them, distort their accomplishments, and limit their ability to get ahead to what they deem appropriate.

  5. pisces63 September 29, 2014

    The connection to Adolph Hitler was necessary since it was our brand of eugenics he chose for his programs of genocide. Ours. Founded, in this country by Rockefeller, Carnegie and other wealthy leaders including the founder of Family Planning, Margaret Sanger. They wanted euthanasia included to rid the country of undesirable s like prostitutes, people with mental problems, handcaps, epilepsy, you name it. Instead tthey were forcibly sterilized up to the 1960’s. What’s sad , with help from the Supreme court’s decision in 1927, Buck v Bell. 60,000 people were forcibly sterilized. 20,000 California.

  6. Billie Erin Walsh September 29, 2014

    “thousands of black soldiers fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War”

    I don’t know about “thousands” but at the end of the (un)Civil War there were black soldiers fighting for the south.

    “Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government” by Jefferson Davis

    Volume 2. Chapter 26 – The Enlistment of Slaves.


    1. The lucky one September 29, 2014

      And I’m sure Jeff Davis would never distort the truth to make himself and his “cause” seem less antihuman than it in fact was.

    2. TheSkalawag929 September 29, 2014

      There will always be a percentage of people that will participate in acts against their own best interest. kenndeb is a perfect example.

  7. Charles Ray September 29, 2014

    Those who are ashamed of their history attempt to rewrite it. There is a segment of the American population – a small, but significant one – that would like write everything that does not fit their view of the world out of existence. Kudos to the students of Jefferson County for standing up for what’s right.

    1. kenndeb September 29, 2014

      The kids are being used as pawns in a labor dispute. Nothing more.

  8. aabsalooka September 29, 2014

    They love to live in the land of make-believe. Trickle-down economics, manifest destiny, white supremacy and climate change denial. All nonsense, yet all dear to their hearts.

  9. photojack53 September 29, 2014

    What the author fails to mention is that the “conservative” school board member is undoubtedly a Republican! Why is it that virtually every time I read of poorly crafted policies like this, the bill’s authors or proponents ALWAYS have an (R) after their name? Whenever books are banned from school libraries, there’s an (R) after the name. Whenever there’s restrictive legislation on the fundamental right of a woman to choose, there’s an (R) after their name. Whenever I see bills introduced against the constitutionally protected right of marriage equality, there’s an (R) after the name of the bill’s authors and proponents. Wherever you see denial of global climate change, there’s an (R) after their names.
    These upcoming mid-term elections are vital for the progress of our nation and to continue the recovery from Bush’s economic collapse that Obama has crafted. Do you really want to continue the GOP’s “War on Women”, their “War on Science”, their anti-environmentalism, their corporate favoritism and profiteering and their other hurtful, damaging and inane policies?

    1. johninPCFL September 29, 2014

      Why? Because ALEC write their bills for them.

      1. TheSkalawag929 September 29, 2014

        Just because ALEC wrote the bills is no reason to omit the party that sponsors them. photojack53 is correct that the author is just as guilty of omission as the republicans trying to whitewash our history.

      2. photojack53 September 29, 2014

        You nailed it! The corporate and conservative takeover of America would set us back severely. We need to get out the Progressive vote this November to end this scourge within America.

        1. The lucky one September 29, 2014

          I agree, too bad so few dems are progressive.

          1. kenndeb September 29, 2014

            Progressives, liberals are both part of the new communist party.

          2. The lucky one September 29, 2014

            Don’t worry about communists, they have never had any traction in this country despite what lunatics like J McCarthy and G beck might say. That is unless the elite disenfranchise so many people that it seems the only viable option. Salvation sure as hell won’t come from the dems, repubs or the billionaires they serve.

          3. TheSkalawag929 September 29, 2014

            Where will “Salvation” come from?

          4. The lucky one September 29, 2014

            It won’t come, that’s the point. We need to work from the grassroots an bring forth leaders who will “serve” the people, not sacrifice them to further themselves.

          5. TheSkalawag929 September 29, 2014

            I agree the problem is that the good people who would do our representative proud don’t want to subject themselves and their families to all the BS scrutiny. We are our own worst enemy.

          6. TheSkalawag929 September 29, 2014

            If it wasn’t for Progressives Liberals there would not be a United States of America. It was Progressives and Liberals that came up with the idea and fought and died for it. If it had been left up to the conservatives of the time we would speaking with a British accent and driving on the wrong side of the road singing God Save the Queen.

          7. holyreality September 29, 2014

            The myth of the founding fathers is strong. Conservatives see evangelical Christians who wanted freedom over anything, that is why they wrote the 2nd amendment into the Constitution.

          8. TheSkalawag929 September 29, 2014

            What myth would that be? If you mean the myth being the founders were infallible then I agree. Conservatives are the ones that believe in myths. The founders were neither evangelical or Christian in the modern sense. And the Second Amendment was written into the Constitution to protect against the type of tyrannical government that republicans are trying to establish today.

          9. holyreality September 29, 2014

            You are precisely correct.
            I have yet to meet a progressive who believes the Constitution was based on the Bible, that the founding fathers were evangelicals, and that the second was to show that durned king that were are free.

        2. rustacus21 September 29, 2014

          … but there is no more ‘back’ to be set to! We’re already against the wall & being smashed flatter steadily. We know that it’s conservative & T-bagger/Republican policies. How can we know this though & not be sure to replace & lock them out of the political system – for OUR OWN GOOD – so we can stop w/the crying & hand-wringing already? It’s not like we’re helpless or stupid! We kept Clinton for 8 & got an economic renaissance & over 23 million brand NEW JOBS, no wars, no dead or PTSD, mutilated/injured soldiers, respect for our working women, respect from the world, educated our children EASILY below Reagan/Bush era costs & STILL HAD MONEY IN THE BANK by January 19, 2001!!! We voted then like we understood the stakes. What’s wrong w/U.S. NOW that we can’t figure this out?!

    2. Allan Richardson September 29, 2014

      You know they’re PIRATES when their names end in ARRRRGGGGHHH!

  10. Billie September 29, 2014

    Several years ago here in Texas they wanted to take any mention of Thomas Jefferson out of history books. Said he was unimportant. I never figured out why they thought he was unimportant. They didn’t get away with it, though.

    1. kenndeb September 29, 2014

      Common core is a liberal indoctrination program. It dumbs our kids down. It teaches our kids that their is no exceptionalism to America. The liberals seem to want our kids to hate their country and feel that we need to change our country into what Europe and the UN want.

      1. Billie September 29, 2014

        That was a republican school book panel

      2. The lucky one September 29, 2014

        Actually common core is another capitalist scheme to skin money from the taxpayer and pass it along to billionaires like B Gates. The rest of your post is too ridiculous for comment.

        1. kenndeb September 29, 2014

          But the 1% that is vilified by the liberals are all republicans, aren’t they?

          1. The lucky one September 29, 2014

            That’s just window dressing. The 1% want more than anything to maintain the status. some just disagree on the best method to do so.

          2. The lucky one September 29, 2014

            status quo

          3. TheSkalawag929 September 29, 2014

            Yes because they are the ones really eroding our rights and freedoms.
            The group ALEC comes to mind and who is backing them? REPUBLICANS.

          4. Sand_Cat September 29, 2014

            First, they’re not “vilified” by liberals. Second, at least some “conservative” posters here have claimed most of them are Democrats or liberals. Don’t know if it’s true or not. Obviously, some are.

          5. Michael Ross September 29, 2014

            Bull-fucking-shit and you know it, whore.

            We’ve already explained, multiple times, to your miserable stinking ass that liberals care, not about how much money you have, but how exactly you came to make that money. And every single time, you have willed yourself to forget it and plowed right through the exact same “liberals hate rich people” bullshit over and over again.

            What you clearly hope to distract everyone away from, whore, is the fact that you and your ilk are so head-over-heels in love with money that you worship all millionaires, regardless of how that money was accumulated (except, of course, for George Soros — him you can’t STFU about ever).

            We, the liberals, honor and respect true American entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Wozniak, and Oprah Winfrey. Meanwhile, you, the tea-bagger whores, giddily take it up the rear from vultures, thieves and con men like Mitt Romney, Bernie Madoff, Pat Robertson and Donald Trump.

            It’s a shameless attempt at whitewashing your loyalties even more shallow than Colorado’s attempt at whitewashing American history. And it’s half the reason I will never stop reminding you that you are a whore, whore.

          6. TheSkalawag929 September 29, 2014

            If we can get Democrats as fired up and to the polls as you are we have a better chance of accomplishing some good.

          7. kenndeb September 30, 2014

            You really should increase your vocabulary.

          8. Michael Ross September 30, 2014

            Said the dumb whore to extremism who couldn’t even stay on the actual topic of the article he is now trolling, or even muster up a second sentence to go along with that snark.

            Get bent, whore. The REAL Americans are trying to have a discussion.

          9. kenndeb October 1, 2014

            Real Americans do not support a tyrant, or the communist agenda. Don’t even compare yourself to an American. You fail miserably.

          10. TheSkalawag929 October 1, 2014

            Define “Real Americans”. What do ” Real Americans” look like to you.

          11. Michael Ross October 1, 2014

            REAL Americans deal with the REAL world. You, in contrast, have invented an insane fantasy world for yourself because you despise what the REAL America truly is.

            REAL Americans, more critically, are loyal, first and foremost, to their country, and continue to love and support it no matter who is in office. Unlike you and your ilk, who swore your allegiance to party and money over country, evidenced by your overnight transformations from staunch “support the president no matter what” patriots into raving anarchists just because the new President was something other than a Republican.

            REAL Americans do not have the kind of feelings you are having at all, whore. And if they do, they DEFINITELY do not respond to them by repeatedly trying to destroy the country’s economy and environment just to try to punish the majority of Americans for voting for a non-Republican.

            You can’t gloss over your true colors no matter how much bullshit you utter, whore. You and your kind always have been, and always will be, the sworn enemies of America.

          12. kenndeb October 1, 2014

            Really, seek the help you need.

          13. Michael Ross October 1, 2014

            The only help I need is help getting you and other thieving whores like you out of America once and for all.

            You’re not even pretending you have a point anymore — you’re just resorting to petty one-sentence insults. You have literally given up on trying to pretend you have anything useful to say and now hope to just make the landscape too stupid for anyone to tolerate so you can delude yourself into feeling like you won because you had the last word.

            It won’t happen, whore. We all know you for what you are, and the only way you will ever stop having to be pointed out for what you are is to haul your worthless ass over to Russia, Saudi Arabia, or anywhere else on the planet where there is still some tyrant dick you can suck.

            Because I can certainly tell you this, whore: The Torys are never coming back into power here. We all saw what you and your ilk did under Bush; it will never happen again.

          14. kenndeb October 2, 2014

            I’ll never give my country up to anything that resembles you. You are one sick puppy. I don’t intend to even try to have any meaningful conversation with someone as vile and twisted as you.

          15. Michael Ross October 2, 2014

            It stopped being your country, whore, shortly after 1776. Straight from the beginning, you and your ilk have been the enemies of freedom and democracy in America. It was conservatives who fought to preserve British rule, conservatives who chose to secede and fight a war rather than stop practicing slavery, conservatives who arrested the first women who tried to vote, conservatives who supported Joseph McCarthy when he tried to eviscerate the first amendment, conservatives who engineered the disastrous Vietnam War, and conservatives who nearly destroyed the U.S. economy three times in the last forty years.

            You have no country, whore. You have a political party that has no agenda beyond obtaining power, keeping it and rigging the law to make sure they can never lose it, and whatever money those thieves and frauds are willing to pay you until you stop being useful to them.

            That is your reward for your betrayal, whore. Enjoy.

          16. kenndeb October 2, 2014

            GET HELP.

          17. Michael Ross October 2, 2014

            Scream “Get bent” as many times as you want, whore, it won’t ever magically create a need for me to get actual help.

            The only one who needs help here is you, whore. Either help fixing whatever brain damage your G.O.P. pimps have subjected you to, or help packing your bags so you can go suck tyrant dick where there is still some tyrant dick to be had.

            At this point, I don’t care which. Either way, get bent, whore.

          18. Michael Ross October 2, 2014

            GET BENT.

          19. TheSkalawag929 September 30, 2014

            Why? He seems to be describing you and your position quite succinctly.

      3. holyreality September 29, 2014

        Common core wants to convert our children to gay, worse yet it installs Windows (TM)!

        1. Allan Richardson September 29, 2014

          There’s gotta be something wrong with a company whose name includes MICRO and SOFT!

          1. holyreality September 30, 2014

            Didn’t they invent the two inch floppy?

      4. holyreality September 29, 2014

        Actually Common core is allegedly meant to put a global template on student advancement. The trouble is the testing is far too tough for our dumb American kids.
        Schools graduate illiterate students who don’t know the difference between multiplication and an integral.
        While third graders in scandinavia or Asia are completing complex equations, ours are busy punching video game buttons.

        1. TheSkalawag929 September 29, 2014

          Sounds like a lack of parental focus to me.

      5. Michael Ross September 29, 2014

        What are you afraid of, whore? Our children learning that, as Americans, they are not always right and can do whatever the fuck they want just like their tea-bagger asshole parents did?

        1. kenndeb September 30, 2014

          Another crude vile asshole. You wouldn’t know an original thought if it bit you on your ass.

          1. Michael Ross September 30, 2014

            Said the conspiracy theory peddling whore to extremism who literally has no purpose in life except to troll liberals with the same festering pile of tea-bagger bullshit over and over again.

          2. kenndeb September 30, 2014

            Like many liberals, you are a very brave little bitch hiding in your parents basement. Try coming out sometime, both from the basement and the closet.

          3. Michael Ross September 30, 2014

            Like many Torys, you can’t stand being identified for exactly what you are and don’t know how to respond except to throw a temper tantrum, get stupid, and get personal.

            Get bent, whore.

          4. kenndeb October 1, 2014

            The Tories were those that supported the tyrant in England. The patriots were those that supported our new country and fought against the tyranny. Now just who is the Tory?

          5. TheSkalawag929 October 1, 2014

            Being as how the tories were conservatives and the Patriots were liberals and since you consider yourself to be a conservative that would make you the tory.

          6. kenndeb October 1, 2014

            That was then. This is now. There does not seem to be anything that resembles patriotism from the liberal side.

          7. TheSkalawag929 October 2, 2014

            No nothing has changed. Tory

          8. Michael Ross October 16, 2014

            The difference is this:

            Liberals love what America is supposed to stand for and want to live up to that as much as possible. Liberals are proud of the good America, saddened by the bad America, and hope to grow the former while leaving the latter in the past forever.

            You Tory bastards love money and power and only profess to love America because you (want to) think being American excuses you from criticism.

            To love America is to love what it stands for: Freedom, equality, and democracy. And time after time throughout history, you and your ilk have demonstrated that these are the three things you hate more than anything.

          9. Michael Ross October 1, 2014

            That would be you, whore. Because, last I checked, it was the Republicans, the party you swore allegiance to even over country, who are trying to restrict voting rights to the point that only people guaranteed to vote for Republicans are allowed to have them.

            You can’t gloss over the fact that it is you and your ilk who are quite literally sworn enemies of democracy, whore. We, the Democrats, are the voice of the majority, while you, the Tea Partiers, are whoring yourselves out to wannabe tyrants and plutocrats.

            You don’t have to like it, whore, but you don’t get to pretend it’s the other way around.

          10. kenndeb October 1, 2014

            You really need to get the help you need. Really, go see a good mental health professional. At the very least, they might be able to give you some options.
            First off, I only pledged allegiance to the United States of America. I’ve done so my entire life. I swore an oath, as does everyone that serves this country( my guess is you have never served, so you would not know) , to support and defend the constitution of the united states, not some tyrant. My only sworn enemies are those that would do harm to this country. Unfortunately, it seems that is becoming more and more the democratic party. My party. I have never been a republican, but I do think they are more likely to defend the constitution than the liberals, who seem to want to destroy my country. You would be more aptly deemed a whore, by your definition, seeing you do support a tyrant.
            Please seek help, for not only your safety, but for the safety of all around you. I could see you being the next mass shooter, that is if you can figure outn how to load and fore a weapon.

          11. ericlipps October 1, 2014

            And of course you’re not hiding behind your own keyboard and alias, in whatever cave or cage you call home. As for the closet, it’s amazing how many loud homophobes like you turn out to have a little something besides clothing in theirs.

          12. midway54 September 30, 2014

            Someone like you accusing the poster as bereft of original thought with your ongoing daily parroting of rightwing plutocratic drivel erupting on these threads is just astonishing..

          13. kenndeb October 1, 2014

            I’m so glad you are astonished.

      6. ericlipps October 1, 2014

        “Exceptionalism,” for the record, means, first, that America is better than any other country, and second, that therefore anything America does is right, even if we’d condemn it if anyone else did it. That is an invitation to national corruption, and, sadly, we’ve accepted that invite all too often.

    2. holyreality September 29, 2014

      Strange because TJ was the original teabagger. He argued for war and miserly living while lavishly spending on fancy clothing when he wasn’t fleeing on his fastest horse whenever enemy soldiers were near. He was a slaveowner who raped his females and sold his children if he wasn’t whipping them on his plantation.

      But then again, he did win the election of 1800 thus performing a peaceful revolution from corrupt Federalists who were trying to establish a neo-monarchy.

      These items were entirely edited from my history schoolbook. They are important if not positive.

      1. TheSkalawag929 September 29, 2014

        That is why making the truth known is so important. No matter how embarrassing it might be.

        1. holyreality September 29, 2014

          Too bad our ’embarrassing truth’ translates to Amurrica hate for the average conservative.

          1. TheSkalawag929 September 29, 2014

            Not sure what you are saying here. “Amurrica” hates the average conservative or the average “Amurrican” conservatives are full of hate?

          2. holyreality September 30, 2014

            Anytime one suggests American history has warts and blemishes to the narrative of a free and brave America, the reaction is always ‘blame America first’ Why do you hate America? Love it or leave it, and so on.

            Conservatives love to hate anyone telling the truth on the ugly side of American history.

      2. Billie September 29, 2014

        This was before the TP. Maybe in the 1990’s.

        1. bobnstuff September 30, 2014

          The conservative movement is far older then the Tea Party, ever heard of the John Birch Society? Founded in 1958. They used the same arguments.

          1. TheSkalawag929 September 30, 2014

            It’s called rebranding. Same Crap just a different box.

          2. JPHALL September 30, 2014

            You all should read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Birch_Society. Fred Koch, founder of Koch Industries, was one of the founding members of the JBS. In 1962 William F Buckley, Jr., editor of the main conservative magazine the National Review, denounced Welch and the John Birch Society as “far removed from common sense” and urged GOP to purge itself of Welch’s influence. Funny how Fred’s sons are now extolled as savior’s of conservatism

          3. bobnstuff September 30, 2014

            Thanks, I will have to check it out. One of my friends dad was a Bircher in the sixties.

  11. ulfur September 29, 2014

    The conservatives that promote the “happy history only” curriculum
    are suffering from cognitive dissonance. Their fear and resentment of
    things that don’t promote their superiority over all the “others”,
    creates fight or flight emotions in them. They are terrified of losing
    the white privilege they claim does not exist. They also want to blame
    the country’s ills on the poor and minorities. Their cognitive
    dissonance prevents them from following the money. They think poor
    people and minorities get more free stuff from the government than the

    You can’t convince people of facts that their emotional well
    being requires them not to know or understand. For example, the “happy
    history” tells the story of America founded by white, hard working,
    rugged individualist that built America with their bare hands. If that
    were true, what were the 5 million black slaves needed for? If white
    folks are so hard working, why were the black slaves replaced with tens
    of millions of illegal Latin and Asian labor? No, the liberals did not
    invite them here commit voter fraud.

    We are still working on becoming “a more perfect union”. However, we are closer to that “perfection” now than at any time in history. That fact escapes these conservatives too. They want to “take back the country”. Back to where?

    1. TheSkalawag929 September 29, 2014

      Well said. Where indeed?

      1. holyreality September 29, 2014

        A less perfect union?

        1. TheSkalawag929 September 29, 2014

          That is the republican goal. By not getting out the vote we are helping them attain their goal.

  12. dave September 29, 2014

    How can we as a country understand how we BECAME a country if the REAL history is ignored?? Will students never know the sacrifices and suffering that led to our current freedoms ??. How will they know that REAL freedom always has a PRICE ?? To ignore our history of slavery,child worker abuses, and other issues is to whitewash history,[literally],and pretend that the rich are always right,better and more powerful than the average person ?? Our children need to know the truth of our history and learn that the freedoms we have can be taken away. Knowledge is power and in this case less know ledge means lower voter understanding of issues and less voters likely to vote. Which is what the repubs want. Pay very close attention in the near future,koch money will be spent to influence high school boards and races for those seats.Colleges now are facing huge grants with very specific ways to teach courses and content.None of this is illegal,but very disturbing.

  13. holyreality September 29, 2014

    It is refreshing to see that American Exceptionalism is openly criticized and fought against in school history classes.
    Ignorance is strength, and Exceptionalism keeps the military industrial merchants of death strong.

    1. TheSkalawag929 September 29, 2014

      I would not say that American Exceptionalism is being criticized so much as the myth of American Infallibility.
      Ignorance is never a strength and Exceptionalism is not what keeps the merchants of death strong.

      1. holyreality September 30, 2014

        Americans believe in an exceptional America, infallible and just, freedom is our gift to the unwashed masses.

        This basic history lesson is the root of the issue. Whitewashing history of the ugly parts maintains the exceptional illusion. When that whitewash fades off, we see these truths.

        I don’t hate America, I hate the lies my teacher told me, I hate the censorship in class that promotes the positive image of America that has so many folks believing American bombs bring freedom and not death to the world.

        1. TheSkalawag929 September 30, 2014

          I would agree with you if you’d qualified that
          as being conservative Americans.

          Speaking for myself, a Liberal Progressive
          Democrat, I believe we are exceptional but not infallible. We strive for justice but often times come up short. And Freedom is not a gift for us to bestow.

          You say “I hate the censorship in class
          that promotes ….” I say I hate the lack of participation by those who could
          counteract the conservative BS agenda. Those who don’t elect state and local
          officials that could take away the whitewashing paintbrush from the conservatives
          responsible for the curriculum that teachers are FORCED to use.

          If we want to change the course of this country
          then we need get serious about getting the vote out.

          Republicans have proven that they will lie,
          cheat, steal and try to buy our government. We have to show them it’s NOT FOR

          1. holyreality October 1, 2014

            Every child in American public schools learns that America is God’s gift to the world. America is not exceptional, nor indispensable(President Obama used this in his 60 mins appearance).
            What was your reaction when the “news” reported that Putin’s Russia “invaded” Crimea and the Ukraine? You felt it in your gut like everyone else. That is because we are indoctrinated into the exceptional America that is “free” while nasty parts of the world need “freedom”.

            Both parties are in on this. Democrats offer a slower death compared to the promises from the GOP. Nancy Pelosi was front center demanding Obama bomb ISIS. While knuckledragging GOPers demand boots on the ground. Democrats and Republicans ignorantly approve of neo-judicial drone strikes on subjects unidentified or at best identified by being ‘tall’.

            Certainly parental participation in children’s education at home and supporting teachers is critical in developing critical thinking skills and creativity. Parental pressure to school boards, and congressional representation must also happen.

            Voting for the lesser of two evils and leaving the kids at school to substitute for daycare is not going to do anything to change this, students will become obedient workers who consume according to what the media tells them to purchase whether they want it or not.

            Voting is not the issue, it is joining your precinct caucus and taking a stand where it counts, take action with grassroots orgs like move to amend, and it takes telling everybody the truth even if they tell you you’re crazy.

          2. TheSkalawag929 October 1, 2014

            Your perception of what is being taught in our schools is just that YOUR perception. If you don’t like whats being taught what are you doing to make it more to your liking?

            I don’t know what definition of exceptional you are using but I see it as meaning not typical or outstanding. Apparently you have a lower regard for our country than I do. I do not profess that we, as a nation are indispensable or God’s gift but I do believe that life around the world would be much more difficult without us.

            My reaction to what happened in the Ukraine was what is Europe going to do? After all they are more directly affected than we are. Too many people believe that we are here to solve the world’s problems. We’re not.

            ” Both parties are in on this. …” What are you looking for? Short of some overnight miracle cure for all that ails the world. What is YOUR solution.

            Change is a slow process and does not come about by merely complaining.
            Voting is the issue. How else will you be able to get the people you work at the grassroots level into the positions that will bring about the change you seek?
            Change takes hard work and patience.

          3. holyreality October 1, 2014


            ‘Exceptionalism’ is a generic term for the whitewashed history American students are indoctrinated into. This meme has America wearing a white hat, sending cavalry to the rescue wherever freedom must go. We invade, kill the bad guys, and leave so freemarket capitalism can give the survivors liberty.

            Any facts contrary to that model is teaching hatred for America, and must be erased from the minds of the little ones.

            The mere point that you insist upon, that America is exceptional as in not typical or outstanding shows how effective this model is. Rome thought they were exceptional too, the Persians, Ottomen, and Macedonians all were indispensable.

            Opening the eyes of the future generations can end the war hungry nature of America. Here is an incomplete list of countries bombed by America since 1945;
            China 1945-46
            Korea 1950-53
            China 1950-53
            Guatemala 1954
            Indonesia 1958
            Cuba 1959-60
            Guatemala 1960
            Belgian Congo 1964
            Guatemala 1964
            Dominican Republic 1965-66
            Peru 1965
            Laos 1964-73
            Vietnam 1961-73
            Cambodia 1969-70
            Guatemala 1967-69
            Lebanon 1982-84
            Grenada 1983-84
            Libya 1986
            El Salvador 1981-92
            Nicaragua 1981-90
            Iran 1987-88
            Libya 1989
            Panama 1989-90
            Iraq 1991
            Kuwait 1991
            Somalia 1992-94
            Bosnia 1995
            Iran 1998
            Sudan 1998
            Afghanistan 1998
            Yugoslavia – Serbia 1999
            Afghanistan 2001
            Libya 2011

            Americans who cling to exceptionalism enable this trend.

          4. kenndeb October 1, 2014

            And the liberals will lie , cheat, steal, anything that furthers their agenda.

          5. ericlipps October 1, 2014

            Oh, kenny, kenny, kenny. Where’s your evidence?

            Never mind. I forgot for a moment who you are. You don’t need evidence; you get the truth from the voices that speak to you through the fillings in your teeth and the tinfoil in your hat.

          6. Sand_Cat October 1, 2014

            Pure projection.

          7. TheSkalawag929 October 1, 2014

            I lean towards it being pure BS.

      2. Sand_Cat September 30, 2014

        I think the part about ignorance was irony, and the part about exceptionalism was dead on.
        Not what I would have expected from you.

        1. TheSkalawag929 September 30, 2014

          What would you have expected from me?

          1. Sand_Cat October 1, 2014

            The “infallibility” is only part of the “exceptionalism.” Just didn’t expect an argument on that point.

          2. TheSkalawag929 October 1, 2014

            I can see how someone who sees or is seen as exceptional could perceive themselves or be perceived as being infallible. But that doesn’t make them infallible.

  14. Michael Ross September 29, 2014

    The first country inspires people to think that America is never wrong, and the second country is governed and populated by people who believe exactly that.

    This is why the G.O.P. raised such a holy stink about President Obama’s “apology tour.” They don’t want anyone ever questioning anything that was ever done by any American (except for Democrats, whom the G.O.P. refuses to acknowledge as being real Americans), so much so that even the idea of apologizing for it sets their blood to boiling.

  15. Whatmeworry September 29, 2014

    What bloviating once again from the left wing loons. Slavery is highly over criticized. Look at the facts agroup of people that were unneeded in their own country were rounded up and sent around the world. These folks were taught trades, learned to read and write, had a close knit family and actually saw the wheel. All things that they would never have had had they stayed behind in Africa.
    History books have many issues with them and its time most were finally corrected. My son came home the other day and was studying the great depression. The text actually gave credit to FDR for pulling the country out of problem when in fact he made it worse. It also claimed that the Bay of Pigs was a CIA disaster not Kennedy’s. The book acted as if the US lost the war in VietNam. Hopefully these students in Jefferson Country will get these issues removed from the texts

    1. rustacus21 September 29, 2014

      The type of slavery the U.S. had, U should try it sometime – even as an experiencial experiment. U’r ignorance is far too obvious, so I can’t bother w/corrections, other than to say the hate for blacks now is leftover bitterness at the loss of free labor by southern big money whites & were able to get poor whites to be angry about it as well, even though they were theoretically xactly on par w/ex-slaves themselves. Like new immigrants, ex-slaves worked harder to get increasingly more each generation. This is where institutional racism comes in, to ensure broadly, blacks don’t get too upity & imagine themselves being rich, ceo’s or – God forbid – President of the US!!! I would recommend the movie ’12 Years a Slave’ since U seem to have a severe dyslexia when it comes to reading. Maybe it’s what U read. I don’t know, but U’r Fox-network facts are all screwed up & completely wrong… Oh, by the way, the earth also ISN’T the center of the universe & it’s not flat either, as some of U’r cartoon picture books may suggest…

      1. Whatmeworry September 30, 2014

        It was hardly FREE. It cost a great deal of $$$ to clothe shelter feed and provide them with a trade. In todays $$$ it was easily $250,000 per head.
        I saw the movie and just like Uncle Tom’s cabin it was meant to get a result and truth was totally lacking.
        The fact that you aren’t able to see that colored had it far better here as slaves than as tribal members. Heck even today slaves had it better than most of black Africa today

    2. Whatmeworry is Dan M Ketter September 29, 2014

      hmm, really

    3. j.martindale September 29, 2014

      People are not “unneeded.” FDR brought American elders security in their old age. The Bay of Pigs was arranged by Eisenhower, not Kennedy. The U.S. lost Vietnam. You are a raving idiot.

      1. midway54 September 30, 2014

        He appears to be another hopelessly, ignorant dupe whom the right wing lunatics and especially the Fox “News” crowd of scoundrels target with a great deal of success. He and millions of others like him/her in the Red states and very much concentrated in Dupedom South (the old Confederate states,where ignorance and the Klan mentality are a proud tradition) will enthusiastically do their part to vote outlandish crackpots into office to see to the care and comforts of the plutocrats.

        1. Whatmeworry September 30, 2014

          The fact that you agree with the poster is just another example of what is wrong with todays history books

      2. Sand_Cat September 30, 2014

        I suspect he doesn’t give much thought to anyone other than himself.

        1. Whatmeworry September 30, 2014

          Please I have no desire to be Obama

      3. Whatmeworry September 30, 2014

        Your the poster child for what is wrong with today’s books. You managed to bat O for 3

        1. ericlipps October 1, 2014

          Oh, I don’t know . . . it looks like 3 for 3 to me. And why should anyone take you seriously anyway, when you’ve chosen as a nickname the signature remark of Mad magazine’s idiot mascot?

          1. Whatmeworry October 2, 2014

            Yep you qualified as he idiot he on National Memo

    4. ericlipps September 30, 2014

      Well, gorsh.

      Suppose European or Appalachian whites had been “rounded up and sent around the world” in the same way. Would you find that as unobjectionable?

      And as for those “close-knit families”–first, who are you to say blacks didn’t have those in Africa? Second, under slavery such families cold be, and often were, broken up at a master’s whim when he chose to sell off one or more of their members, whether to punish them for disobedience or pay off a gambling debt ol’ Massa had incurred, or for any other reason.

      1. Whatmeworry September 30, 2014

        Its a Trojan horse. trying to compare Neanderthal blacks with those groups. Heck they never independently developed the wheel.
        Their families were far more intact under the ol Massa then they are today

        1. ulfur October 1, 2014

          You are showing your ignorance with each post you make. You should be thankful for Neanderthals. The 4% of Neanderthay DNA that you have gave you pale eyes, skin, and hair. You also got thin lips and hairy backs and legs from them too. Were it not for Neanderthals, you would look like the President.

          1. Whatmeworry October 2, 2014

            the Siverbacks gave Barak, his forehead, hands and feet as well as his IQ

        2. ericlipps October 1, 2014

          For what it’s worth, Neanderthals were a European race, which means they probably were a long way from black-skinned.

          As for their families being more intact under “ol’ Massa” than they are now, you don’t know what you’re talking about. But then, you don’t seem to know what a “Trojan horse” is either.

          1. Whatmeworry October 2, 2014

            during Slavery black house holds had fathers in 50% of them compared to only 20% today.
            As for your Trojan comment its a shame that they all aren’t required to wear them from birth to their graves

    5. Sand_Cat September 30, 2014

      Yeah, slavery is highly overcriticized. Why don’t we sell you to one of the sweatshops around the world and see how you like it?
      Great post, man! Even more malicious and stupid than usual.

      1. Whatmeworry September 30, 2014

        Slavery was head and shoulders better than what is happening in Africa today. Where cannibalism goes on, residents get to pick long sleeve or short sleeve

        1. Sand_Cat October 1, 2014

          So, where would you like to go, idiot?

          1. TheSkalawag929 October 1, 2014

            Wherever it is I hope he takes his twin kenndeb with him.
            There must have been a crack int the test tube they were fertilized in.

  16. charles king September 29, 2014

    I AM an old Black American male Who? believes in Democracy. Critical Thinking along with our Democracy I know will make America work for all of its People. We are a young nation and we have a lot history to be made. We just have to start doing some critical thinking about our Country and our indivisual selfs. We have five Perspectives in this country, Black, Brown, Yellow, White, and Red. Now is the time for America to demand their Democracy to be the only rule this anti-government is a divider and is used by some to destroy our Democracy. Critical Thinking is needed with our Democracy and Critical Thinking of ourselves. The People are thinking, we re-elected a Black President so we know that the People are ready to make America work for all of its People Not some but ALL. MONIES do not mean S***, the VOTE is still Supreme so lets all do some big time thinking and solve these problems. You, the People know Who? the anti-Govt are so VOTE their A**** OUT OUT OUT….. Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. Mr. C. E. KING

    1. Dr. Dave October 4, 2014

      The divisiveness in America is caused by the people pulling the puppet strings of the majority of blacks. I can open my arms to people of all color and have no acceptance from them as long as they listen to idiots like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, et al. And as long as I refuse to pay the bribery to these idiots, I will never do anything that will be accepted, no matter how beneficial the results.

      1. TheSkalawag929 October 5, 2014

        Be careful there Dr.Dave your white privilege is showing. What is it that Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton, et al are saying that makes them idiots in YOUR mind?

        Is it that they bring to the forefront the injustices being done to people of color by whites? Is it the fact they are pointing out how whites get away with their heinous acts that makes you call them idiots?

        Why are you looking for acceptance from the African American community rather than justice FOR the African American community?

        What kind of bribes are you being asked to pay?

        You are right when you say “I will never do anything that will be accepted, no matter how beneficial the results.” as long as you are the only one who is deciding what is a beneficial result.

        1. Dr. Dave October 5, 2014

          I see we have another person completely out of touch with reality. And carrying a perfect moniker for it…TheSkalawag. How appropriate. Did you intentionally misspell a word with no meaning or are you a product of the crumbling American public education system?

          White privilege you say while I say American privilege. The color of a person’s skin has no bearing on the privileges offered although people like Jesse and Al keep people of color down so they can personally benefit.

          You will need to outline the injustices you think are being done to colored people by whites. Are you talking about the slavery to the government check by the Democrats in exchange for their votes? Al and Jesse are not white since you obviously are unaware of who they are but that doesn’t mean you should apply a double standard to allow them to get away with their heinous acts. I call them idiots because they are idiots. Together, they couldn’t form a complete sentence but with the puppet masters using them to demand ransom from the American people under threat of looting, burning, violence in places like Ferguson, they are idiots.

          I’m not looking for acceptance from the African American community. I’m accepting American people that realize they are free Americans regardless of what country they originated from. Most of them couldn’t find Africa on a map to save their lives; just another example of what has become of the dumbing down of our education system.

          And the reason I could never do anything that would be accepted is because the real racists in this country are the ones that insist on being African Americans instead of Americans. The same one that may have been descended from slaves but voluntarily became slaves themselves beholding to the government instead of making a slight attempt to become something worthy of existing in a free world.

          1. TheSkalawag929 October 6, 2014

            Yes I said white privilege. The color of a persons skin shouldn’t have anything to do with privilege but unfortunately it does. You being recipient of it all your life has made you blind to the fact that it exists.
            You don’t need me to outline the injustices. They are happening all around you every day. Open your eyes. The fact that you can’t see them for yourself is evidence that you are in denial or a participant in the injustices..
            Colored people?
            Save the republican talking point about slavery to government checks and the like for your like minded friends. It’s tiring and untrue.
            You can keep your condescension too. I know who the Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are and I see that it galls you that they have the audacity to pull back the curtain on the atrocities perpetrated on the people of color in this nation by whites who see themselves as privileged. Deny it if you will but it won’t change the fact that it is true and exists.

            You are chock full of the republican rhetoric platitudes but you actions belie your talk.
            It’s not the Democrats that are cutting education or “dumbing down” the curriculum. It’s the republicans. Look it up for yourself.
            Taking pride in what little heritage white people left African Americans makes them racist? Only a genuine bigot could come up with something like that. Would you say the same about a White Anglo Saxon Protestant, an Italian American, an Irish American or any other white immigrant group that takes pride in their roots? I think not.
            YOU are the one who needs to free himself from that which enslaves him.

          2. Dr. Dave October 6, 2014

            For anyone interested in seeing what a brainwashed person looks like, check out TheSkalawag929. Completely out of touch with reality, probably voluntarily enslaved to the very same government principals that he idolizes. How blind must one be to not see what is becoming of our once great America? People like you are the cause of this ruination and you take pride in blaming it on others while suckling the government teat. You should ready your bunker. November 5 will be a scary day for you. The first of many.

          3. TheSkalawag929 October 6, 2014

            I’m not the one who is brainwashed. Nor am I the one out of touch with reality.
            I am not blind to the fact that OUR country is evolving. I don’t fear change. I encourage it.

            You are the one who is static and promoting stagnation. You like the way things are. You want to protect your white privilege all the while trying to persuade yourself that it doesn’t exist..

            You are the one who sees America becoming the Melting Pot it was professed to be as ruination.

            It is you that is afraid and in need of a bunker not me.

            You’re right. November 5 will be a scary day because whether or not Democrats win or not you can see YOUR position of privilege slipping away and it scares the bejeezus out of you.

          4. LMW51 October 6, 2014

            Kindly tell us how those Democrat policies are freeing those of color from poverty? How has it worked out in cities like Detroit and Chicago? List the ways they have helped raise minorities out of poverty….please. We’d like to hear it.

          5. TheSkalawag929 October 6, 2014

            You don’t really want an answer to your questions. You’re just looking for a platform for your right-wing BS.
            Try explaining away the Kansas experiment that is blowing up in Brownbacks face.
            How about you list the ways republicans have helped anyone other than corporations and the one percent. It’s easy to sit back and point fingers but you republicans can’t seem to get a handle on governing.

          6. LMW51 October 6, 2014

            I guess you don’t want to discuss all those ways that the Democrats have alleviated poverty for the minorities.

            But, yes, let’s talk about the “Kansas Experiment” – according to you that represents all Republicans and yet 100 Republicans have endorsed the Democrat because they disagreed with what Brownback has done….doesn’t quite fit your narrative but then all Liberals do is generalize. And unlike the lockstep that Democrats engage in, the Republicans WILL disagree and actively take steps to defeat those of their own party when necessary.

            But what exactly did Brownback not do for the people of Kansas? Did he neglect to phase out homeowner registration fees? No, wait a minute he did that…so any home purchaser saves money on their taxes….wow, what a horrible thing to do.

            And what about the job market in Kansas? Bureau of Economic Analysis data show unemployment, is at 4.9 percent in Kansas, lower than in nearby Missouri, Ohio, and Illinois. According to state economists, the share of total jobs that are private-sector non-farm jobs has risen by 17 percent relative to early 2011.

            Wow…..at 4.9% unemployment rate …that only benefits the 1% doesn’t it?

            How’s the job market in Detroit and Chicago?

          7. TheSkalawag929 October 6, 2014

            My lumping all republicans together would be according to YOUR interpretation of what I wrote. In which case you are wrong. I only mentioned Brownback not all republicans.
            I guess phasing out homeowner registration fees wasn’t enough to offset the coming 300 million dollar budget shortfall for those 100 ungrateful republicans. To me reducing the unemployment rate by .6 percent in a year isn’t all that much to brag about nor is the 10,000 job creation number all that.

            Without tax cuts Missouri had 33,900 in job growth and a 1% reduction in unemployment.

          8. LMW51 October 8, 2014

            “It’s easy to sit back and point fingers but you republicans can’t seem to get a handle on governing.”

            Right there my friend. YOU lumped all Republicans in together.

            And then try to undo it by mentioning the 100 Republicans I pointed out were not “lumped together” and walking in lock step as those in the Democrat party do most of the time.

            And here’s another example of you “lumping all” Republicans together:

            “Save the republican talking point about slavery to government checks and the like for your like minded friends. It’s tiring and untrue.”

            You might want to remember what you write if you’re going to try to argue that you didn’t do something that is there for all to see that you actually did do….

          9. TheSkalawag929 October 8, 2014

            If you want to take “you republicans” as lumping all republicans together go ahead. And if you want to take “Save the republican talking points …” as another example of lumping that’s ok with me. I see what you’re doing as changing the subject.

          10. LMW51 October 8, 2014

            Let’s go back a bit….I called you out on using the new liberal phrase of “white privilege”….you then engaged me on “white privilege” and NOT on your original questions to another….but I’ll play.


            YOU WROTE “Be careful there Dr.Dave your white privilege is showing. What is it that Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton, et al are saying that makes them idiots in YOUR mind?


            Let’s see, what could there possibly be about Jackson and Sharpton to make them appear to be idiotic….

            Sharpton claimed that anyone who disagreed with Bloomberg on the 2nd Amendment was “anti-Semitic”.

            Jackson said “if they get the right to carry guns, we get the right to free healthcare”. I guess he doesn’t realize that HE has the same 2nd amendment right as does the white folks?


            You wrote: “Is it that they bring to the forefront the injustices being done to people of color by whites? Is it the fact they are pointing out how whites get away with their heinous acts that makes you call them idiots?”

            No, it is the hypocrisy of a Black Man who won’t criticize the first Black President on Black Unemployment simply because the President is black….According to 60 minutes “Sharpton told us that having a black president is a challenge: if he finds fault with Mr. Obama, he’d be aiding those who want to destroy him. So he has decided not to criticize the president about anything – even about black unemployment, which is twice the national rate.”

            You wrote: Why are you looking for acceptance from the African American community rather than justice FOR the African American community?

            Wow. How racist is that question? Think about it a minute….Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted his dream of a day when a man was judged by the content of his character and not by the color of his skin. He believed that when that day came, justice would be found in equal measure. Yet, because of the Al Sharpton’s and the Jesse Jackson’s who take every opportunity to agitate, we now have an African American community who sees only the color of a person’s skin. The assumption is that “white privilege” means that there can never be true understanding between the races. And as long as that assumption is fed, there never will be true justice either.

            You wrote: What kind of bribes are you being asked to pay?

            I didn’t write anything about ‘bribes” and so cannot be sure of what Dr. Dave was referring to but I can make an educated guess…..There is great deal of “bribery” going on by organizations like the former Acorn. It is a proven fact that Acorn systematically threatened lawsuits against lending institutions to lower lending credit requirements using the CRA.


            Your wrote: You are right when you say “I will never do anything that will be accepted, no matter how beneficial the results.” as long as you are the only one who is deciding what is a beneficial result.

            Wow. Another dead end statement. But how true it is unfortunately. What would be “beneficial results”? Jobs or more Welfare? If I say “jobs” is that racist of me? If I say “higher standards for teachers in the inner cities” is that racist of me? If I say “school vouchers” and tout the success of the voucher system in DC for Blacks before Obama came in and shut it down, is that racist of me? Or am I not allowed to talk about the success of that program because I have “white privilege” and so can’t understand that we can’t have “some” black children receiving a voucher when all can’t have vouchers?


            When nothing that is done is ever good enough, people eventually stop trying. And I fear that with “white privilege” being used to shut down debate, that is exactly what will happen….the racial divide will be even greater than ever.

          11. TheSkalawag929 October 8, 2014

            White privilege is not a new term. It has been around for years.
            If you can’t see the truth in what Rev. Sharpton said on 60 Minutes that’s your short coming.
            You refuse to see that Dr. King’s dream of equal justice still hasn’t been realized. Or maybe you have deluded yourself into believing that it has.
            Since you didn’t write anything about bribes and you are NOT Dr. Dave it doesn’t matter to me what your guess might be.
            When what is being done falls short of what needs to be done it will always be insufficient and therefore never enough.
            From my point of view your fear of “white privilege being brought up is just your excuse to disengage from the discussion. And your snarky remark about me being publicly educated is just more evidence of white privilege.

          12. LMW51 October 9, 2014

            Yes, the phrase “white privilege” has been around since the 1960’s, however, as is typical with the left since the ’90’s, its meaning has been expanded from that of “white neighborhoods” where “no blacks allowed” was practiced to now where if one is white their viewpoint is always tainted and not worthy of being stated. It began to be used by whites themselves to prove their “anti-racist” qualities (for lack of a better word). It was largely used in academic arenas until suddenly, now we see it used everywhere…not to encourage discussion and to reach “justice for all” but to instead delegitimatize debate on policies and their impact.

            Policies that fall short can’t be debated by white skinned folks without their being told their “white privilege” is showing. Without open debate, you are correct, it will never be enough.

            I will disengage when I hear “white privilege” – in that you are totally correct. Because that is exactly what is expected by those who use that phrase…the intent is to tell me that my opinion can’t be of any value because I simply can’t see past my “white privilege”.

            And I too am the product of the public school education but not the current one that is more concerned about political correctness than policies that actually work to alleviate poverty and injustice. You know nothing about my family and the choices we have made for our children, where they went to school and why the decision was made to send them there. They were not sent to private schools my friend, in fact, the choice of where they were sent to school was a direct result of the injustice we saw in our school district. Let me just put it this way, we chose to send our children to a school where they were the minority….to an “F” school despite the fact that we could have opted them out due to that “F”. But that means nothing to those who scream out “white privilege” when I say that Democrat party policies have done nothing but make the situation for minorities worse…like the unemployment rate for blacks that Al Sharpton refuses to criticize the President for….

            But you just go ahead and throw out the phrase “white privilege” and let’s see how much change you will find in the future. All that phrase and others like it have done is further divide the nation – a nation that elected its first non-white President and felt pride that we had come that far has actually gone backwards. And I blame the Left for their inability to celebrate that and their choice to say that disagreement with policy equates racism and white privilege.

            There used to be a phrase that carried more weight….”united we stand, divided we fall”…one has to wonder if the left wants us to stand or fall.

          13. TheSkalawag929 October 9, 2014

            “…if one is white their viewpoint is always tainted and not worthy of being stated.” Really? I wonder if the taint could be caused by so much ridiculousness coming from those in the republican party or speaking for the republican party which is predominately white. People like Louie Gohmert, Michelle Bachmann, Todd Akin, Phill Gingrey and lets not forget Sarah Palin just to name a few.
            The meaning of “white privilege has not changed. It still means the same as it has since it was first used. It may be that you are just becoming more aware of its many facets.

            Do you feel the same way if a person that brings up “white privilege”? Is the discussion automatically shut down? Or is it only if a person of color brings it up?

            “White privilege” doesn’t mean that just because a person is white it automatically follows that they are right as so many white people seem to think.

            I don’t know why you disengage but that is a decision that YOU make. Not one that is forced upon you.

            I see no pride from the republican side of the ailse for having elected a black President. I see only hatred in word and deed and efforts to cause him to fail at every turn.
            It is the republican party that is divisive and exclusive. You just have to look at their actions for proof.

        2. LMW51 October 6, 2014

          “white privilege” – a new method the liberals use to shut up dissenters….just another form of censorship.

          1. TheSkalawag929 October 6, 2014

            How is pointing out “white privilege” censorship? In what way does it “shut up dissenters”?
            Maybe it’s guilt that is causing you to feel the way you do.

          2. LMW51 October 8, 2014

            Uhm. I didn’t mention “censorship” did I?

            Like calling someone who disagrees with you on policies to help minorities to rise out of poverty a “racist”, “white privilege” is another tool used by liberals to stop discussion.

            It is meant to tell a “white” person that they can not participate in policy discussions because they can’t “relate” to it.

            And I’m pretty sure that you know that…..and that is why you use it….

          3. TheSkalawag929 October 8, 2014

            You might want to take your own advice about remembering what you wrote.
            “white privilege” – a new method the liberals use to shut up dissenters….just another form of censorship.

            I don’t recall using the term racist. But if the shoe fits wear it.
            As far as pointing out white privilege I don’t see how that stops a discussion? If it does it’s only on your part because you want to use as a distraction from the topic being discussed.

          4. LMW51 October 8, 2014

            LOL….a “form of censorship” not censorship in the traditional sense…you know, like book burning and jailing for dissent and re-education classes.

            Sorry that you mistook “used by liberals to stop discussion” as meaning you used the word racist….but hey, if the shoe fits….

            Most likely, you realized that “racist” wasn’t working to shut up an America that actually voted in a Mixed Race President on political dissenters, so like most of the liberals today, you’ve simply chosen another word or phrase.

            Liberals are really good at that…

            illegal aliens become undocumented immigrants

            global warming becomes climate change

            pro abortion becomes pro choice

            and now racist becomes white privilege

            Unfortunately for liberals, dissenters now have a voice on social media…..and can call them out on it each time….

          5. TheSkalawag929 October 8, 2014

            “.a “form of censorship” not censorship in the traditional sense.” If I was to try this you would no doubt be accusing me of spliting hairs. No matter.

            The shoe doesn’t fit so I won’t be wearing it.

            When I use the term racist it does exactly what I intend it to do. That is to describe a person that I believe thinks that a particular race is superior to another. Just because a mixed race person was elected President doesn’t mean that racism is dead. Racism isn’t dead. It’s just practiced by fewer people and less in the open.
            As for white privilege, here is an article that I found enlightening on the subject.http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/10/06/1334510/-The-privilege-of-affluence-status-and-a-Princeton-Degree-Trumped-by-race?detail=email

            For me there is no difference between illegal and undocumented. Nor do I see much if any difference between global warming and climate change. I do, however, see a major difference between pro abortion and pro choice. The former, to me, means that that is the only option available. Whereas the latter provides for multiple options. It’s the closed minded pro lifers that can’t see the distinction.

  17. LMW51 October 6, 2014

    Talk to many of us now in our 50’s and we’ll tell you a story of two America’s alright. We’ll tell how WE were taught both sides of our nation’s history. We were taught about the horrors of slavery but there were a few things left out then – like the fact that Free Blacks owned Slaves too and that in fact, one of the largest slaveholders in South Carolina was a Free Black man. How many of the younger folks in our nation today understand that? Instead today they are taught that the Founding Fathers were “rich, white men” whose words only county when those words support a progressive policy wanted to be in place today. Today, they are told that only “rich white men” were allowed to vote without the corresponding fact that that was not quite true – the actual fact was that men and women with property who paid taxes were allowed to vote. That vote was important to “we the people” who paid the taxes that funded the government that was voted in. Today, we are not told that those “rich white men” founded most of the colleges in the nation to educate the poor so that they could vote intelligently. Nor are we told that those “rich white men” wanted to abolish slavery but were wise enough to know that a Democratic Republic would take time to perfect. For that matter, are our students today even taught that we are NOT a Democracy and that our Founders didn’t like Democracy and that they made our nation a Republic to avoid masses of ignorant voters who would vote to receive the largess of the working man and woman with no need to work in return? There are always two sides to every story….

    1. TheSkalawag929 October 6, 2014

      You will have to lay the blame for your complaints at the feet of conservatives such as those in Texas where the preponderance of textbooks comes from. Conservatives are the ones dumbing down the American education system. The latest case in point can be found in Colorado.

      1. LMW51 October 6, 2014

        And one more spouting of the Liberal propaganda line…

        So what is the truth about the impact that Texas’s Board of Education has on the nation’s public schools?

        “Texas originally acquired its power over the nation’s textbook supply because it paid 100 percent of the cost of all public school textbooks, as long as the books in question came from a very short list of board-approved options. The selection process “was grueling and tension-filled,” said Julie McGee, who worked at high levels in several publishing houses before her retirement. “If you didn’t get listed by the state, you got nothing.” On the other side of the coin, David Anderson, who once sold textbooks in the state, said that if a book made the list, even a fairly mediocre salesperson could count on doing pretty well. The books on the Texas list were likely to be mass-produced by the publisher in anticipation of those sales, so other states liked to buy them and take advantage of the economies of scale.”

        Did you see that? Texas paid 100% of its own cost for textbooks….that means that the taxpayers of this nation DID NOT pay for the textbooks used in Texas…..hmm, imagine that, Texas paid its own way.

        And despite the liberal propaganda, the reality is that the other states could have more power if THEY paid their own way. Not to mention the fact that each state and each district within a state is not bound in any way to what Texas chooses….but that goes against the propaganda doesn’t it?

        1. TheSkalawag929 October 6, 2014

          You are so thrilled that Texas is paying the bill for the dumbing down of America. It’s the people in the Red States complaining the loudest about the dumbing down of the country. Yet it’s their spin on the curriculum that’s being promoted.
          How do you complain about being dumbed down when it’s your ideas being taught?

          1. LMW51 October 7, 2014

            LOL. You really don’t get it do you? Typical of a liberal who is so filled with the propaganda of the left that critical thinking has left the brain.

          2. TheSkalawag929 October 8, 2014

            You have nothing but obfuscation.

          3. LMW51 October 8, 2014

            Oh, I do apologize. I was unaware that you were a product of the public education of this nation today…an education more focused on teaching sex education and the handing out of condoms and pills….and education more focused on brainwashing students to a “global” viewpoint than on actually teaching students to understand effective communication.

          4. TheSkalawag929 October 8, 2014

            I am quite proud of my public school education. Possibly if your parents had had the foresight to see that the world economy and community is becoming more and more globalized they would have availed you to a public education. Maybe then you would be better equipped to interact with people who don’t look and think just like you. Could it be that “white privilege” isn’t serving you as well in the real world as you would as you have deluded yourself to believe?
            Because of sex education, the “handing out of condoms” and I assume you mean birth control pills when you say pills unwanted pregnancies are down and so is the need for abortions. I see no downside to that.
            I don’t know where you got your views on education but you should return them and see if you can get your money back because you got gypped.
            Take a look around you. Globalization is happening right before your eyes and you refuse to see it. Poor baby you’re going to get let behind.

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