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The GOP Is Getting Ready To Spend A Billion Dollars In Outside Cash

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The GOP Is Getting Ready To Spend A Billion Dollars In Outside Cash


Whoa. Citizens United, the 2010 Supreme Court decision that unleashed unprecedent amounts of money into politics, really has changed the game:

Republican super PACs and other outside groups shaped by a loose network of prominent conservatives – including Karl Rove, the Koch brothers and Tom Donohue of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce – plan to spend roughly $1 billion on November’s elections for the White House and control of Congress, according to officials familiar with the groups’ internal operations.

That total includes previously undisclosed plans for newly aggressive spending by the Koch brothers, who are steering funding to build sophisticated, county-by-county operations in key states. POLITICO has learned that Koch-related organizations plan to spend about $400 million ahead of the 2012 elections – twice what they had been expected to commit.

Just the spending linked to the Koch network is more than the $370 million that John McCain raised for his entire presidential campaign four years ago.

The groups associated with the spending barrage include the Republican Jewish Coalition ($6 million), The U.S. Chamber of Commerce ($100 million), the Karl Rove-founded American Crossroads ($300 million).

The top Democratic Super PAC, Priorities USA Action, is expected to struggle to reach its target of $100 million. To add insult to financial injury, Democratic Senate candidates and incumbents have already been outspent 3 to 1 by Republican Super PACs, which aren’t even officially affiliated with campaigns.


  1. EdC May 31, 2012

    Two of the biggest supporters are vegas Casino Owners Flynn and that dud, no (e) on purpose, that backed Gingridge. These men ARE suppost to be highly inteligent. In most case they even seem to be, but if you kill Social security, and you kill pensions especially Union Pensions, and you cut working wages, all you have left are the whales, and how many whales is it going to take to make up the loses you have when the Social Security recievers, and the Union Pensioneers and the wage slaves can’t afford to come in any more.

    1. jhk May 31, 2012

      Whales are no longer an endangered species!
      I’m looking forward to an “open season”!
      They really don’t understand the meaning of “nothing left to lose”.

      1. George July 23, 2012

        YOU will, after the LIB/DEMS take away EVERY RIGHT WE have LEFT.Only, you whiney assed libs dont DESERVE any

    2. George July 23, 2012

      just WTF do you call SOROS??? Boy Scout of the Year?? You libs are a disease, too bad its not TERMINAL

  2. ckibbey80 May 31, 2012

    And if the GOP gets the presidency in November, the next supreme court justice selected will be another conservitive which will be more of the same for the next 40+ years possible…only more so! I guess the dumb asses will have to learn the hard way…

    There WILL be an up rising in this country between the “haves” and the “have nots”. It hasn’t gotten BAD yet…

    1. George July 23, 2012

      well, escuuuuse me,, but did YOU take a look at those RAGS, KENYABOY put on the Bench??? neither is QUALIFIED???you need help.. and FAST

  3. Kocolate May 31, 2012

    Beware!! Willard Romeny and his Rich Holligan Boys are trying to buy the Presidential Election, Sell-out the MiddleClass, Bankrupt the Country — America will become Third World.

    1. ExPAVIC May 31, 2012

      Romney and the American Taliban Party (Republicans)

  4. CinciLiberal May 31, 2012

    Ideally all the money in the world shouldn’t be necessary. If people take the time to actually think about what has happened during the Bush Administration and take a look at where the Republicans want to take us, as demonstrated in the newly Red states across the country, they could make informed decisions.

    Ironically, I know many a moderate Republican who will say they still favor Medicare, Medicaid, support Planned Parenthood and birth control. Yet they will still be steadfast Republicans and tow the party line. Additionally those with money are giving it freely to the R’s.

    So I guess that you hope and pray that people will be responsible and vote in their best interests not for the group with the clear marketing advantage.

  5. William Deutschlander May 31, 2012

    Americans, true Americans, this is not just the “UBER WEALTHY” buying elected seats and controlling the United States of America, THIS IS A PLANNED ASSAULT to discretely convert the U S A from a Democracy to a PLUTOCRACY!

    Once the Plutocracy is in place, it then becomes feasible and easy to establish what all decent humans abhor, A DICTATORSHIP!

    It is so sad that people who have an average decent living, are willing to sacrifice that living standard, to buy into the poison that is being sponsored by the “uber wealthy” in the name of the once proud Republican party, which has morphed into a party PUTIN would take great pride in.

  6. ExPAVIC May 31, 2012

    Oh, One More Thing

    If that doesn’t scare anyone how about the $8 billion in Iraqi Restoration Fund money Halliburton sneaked out of that country. Those funds were supposed to be for post-war restoration of hospitals, schools, and housing but Cheney’s people never lifted a shovel to earn it.

    And, who has become one of Mittens Romney’s fund raisers? Why none other than Halliburton’s CEO Tricky Dick Cheney.

    Get the connection maybe?

  7. Hillbilly May 31, 2012

    The Republican Party should change it’s name since it is no longer the party of Lincoln and Eisenhower but the party of Karl Rove, the Koch brothers, Northquist and many more people that already have more money than they can spend in a lifetime but want more. The name of the party should be the Money party or I got mine no one else should. All the money the super pac’s have spent or going to spend could help so many people to find jobs if invested in the country instead of a candidate and that would help the country recover from the Republican caused depression. It could also help people that have the brains to go to college but not the money. The average person that still supports the Republican Party needs to learn and find out just how little this party cares about the average man. If you aren’t at least a millionaire all they care about you is to get your vote and then they are no longer concerned about your welfare or anyone else’s that is the average person. So before voting in November check out each party and see how little the Republicans care about you if you aren’t wealthy or cares about keeping this country livable for your children and grandchildren ect have a healthy enviroment. The Republican Party’s goal since Nixon has been to make the rich richer and the rest of us poorer. Don’t believe it just check out the Party’s policies and see how they have become the party of some of the richest people in the US and how the only thing they want for the average man is his or her vote then they don’t give a flip about what happens to you and your family again until the next election.

  8. sleeprn01 May 31, 2012

    A billion dollars here, a billion dollars there, pretty soon your talking some real change. We, the people of America, will have the best legislators and supreme court judges that money can buy. Impeach Scalia and Thomas, both seen attending Koch brothers’ right wing meetings in California. That would at least eliminate 2 activist judges from the bench!

  9. Harry T June 1, 2012

    Why not. One more year of tax evasion as millionaires will recover it all for them.

  10. Harry T June 1, 2012

    Why not? One more year of tax evasion as millionaires will recover the entire amount.

  11. George July 23, 2012

    and this KENYA BASTURD was campaining in CHINA??? WTF


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