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The Magnetic Left: How Non-Candidates Are Changing The Conversation

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The Magnetic Left: How Non-Candidates Are Changing The Conversation


As one Republican after another announces a run for the party’s nomination, the GOP primary is swiftly becoming the circus of wacko one-upmanship we’ve come to expect, with each candidate scrambling to appear more right wing than the last.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the board, progressives who aren’t even running for president have gradually drawn together around a shared set of principles, making highly visible efforts to influence the Democratic agenda. Call it the “magnetic left” — by capturing the spotlight and forcing the conversation, they’re gently nudging the party’s needle towards broad reforms.

So it was on Tuesday afternoon, when Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren and New York City mayor Bill de Blasio (both of whom have denied any interest in a presidential candidacy, this year at least), spoke back to back for a progressive doubleheader at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

“Over and over, American workers have taken the brunt of bad trade deals,” Warren said, attacking the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, an issue on which she has loudly opposed President Obama.

She decried the fallacy of “trickle-down” economics, espoused most often by Republicans, but she also took aim at the complicit Democrats who have allowed these policies to take hold: “A lot of Democrats seem to have floated along with the idea that the economic growth is in direct opposition to strengthening the well-being of America’s families, and that we have to choose economic growth or our families. That claim is flatly wrong.”

De Blasio campaigned for mayor on a “tale of two cities” platform, evoking New York’s stark economic divisions. Now, by expanding that message to the national stage, he has become a leading figure in the campaign against income inequality (to the consternation of some of his constituents, who say they feel neglected).

Following Warren’s speech, the mayor unveiled what he has called The Progressive Agenda to Combat Income Inequality, a liberal answer to the Contract with America

“There needs to be not only new debate in this country,” de Blasio said, “but there needs to be a movement that will carry these ideas forward.”

That movement has plainly begun.

Video of Bill de Blasio announcing the progressive agenda, courtesy of AP:

Photo: Kevin Case via Flickr

Sam Reisman

Sam Reisman is the former managing editor at The National Memo, where he still writes the weekly "This Week In Crazy" column. His writing has appeared in Flavorpill, The Huffington Post, Columbia Daily Spectator, and Bwog. He was the publisher of the 2010 edition of Inside New York, an annual guidebook to the city for students and young professionals.

Since 2011, he has co-curated and hosted Peculiar Streams, a showcase for NYC-based writers, musicians, comedians, and filmmakers. He is a staff writer at Mediaite, and blogs at SamReisman.com.

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  1. fortunev May 12, 2015

    Finally, our country has personable, intelligent commom sense advocates pointing the way to the future eliminating the greedy, racist pigs whose sole goal is controlling women’s bodies and stupidifying the electorate by cutting education budgets and curtailing health car for every citizen. I’m talking to you, rethugs.

    1. mike May 13, 2015

      Thanks for a good laugh. That war on women, blew up in your face last November. Just look at Baltimore and its dismal record on education to see how increasing monies for education works. Baltimore in the top four in monies per student in the nation and still a pathetic record. Less than 1/2 the seniors passed the High School Assessment test. The left thinks throwing more money at a problem works, it doesn’t.
      Look in the mirror when you call someone a racist, it fits you well.

      1. Daniel Jones May 13, 2015

        You just regurgitate fixed numbers and present cooked books as economics. How the hell do you live with yourself?

        1. mike May 13, 2015

          I live with myself quite nicely, thank you.
          Regurgitation is all yours.
          Nothing I wrote is wrong, all came from gov. reports.

      2. CPAinNewYork May 13, 2015

        I that that the basic problem with trying to educate inner city kids is that many inner city kids are drugged-out human crap.

        They reflect what their parents are.

        1. mike May 13, 2015

          Absolutely reflect their parents and attitudes. They have been told to suck the tit of the govt. because the govt. can do all, is all. Johnson destroyed the family structure when he told them, you don’t need a father or husband. Even Obama believes it with his “Life of Julia” they promoted at their convention.

      3. fortunev May 13, 2015

        Always nice to hear the deranged logic from the fux news intellectuals.

        1. mike May 13, 2015

          Prove me wrong on the numbers, dipsh$t.

          1. fortunev May 13, 2015

            Oh, you can count a$$hole? And write, too?

          2. mike May 13, 2015

            Poor little fortunev, such a silly little response. Can’t prove the numbers are wrong or just to lazy to try.

          3. fortunev May 13, 2015

            Wow, you drooling knuckledraggers are gluttons for punishment. Makes sense. No common sense.

          4. mike May 13, 2015

            WOW, another of your pea brain remarks. Thanks for the good chuckle.

      4. HarryButtle May 13, 2015

        No, that’s not true.

        Baltimore ranks 20th among the country’s 500 largest school districts in terms of spending and 160th among school districts with at least 5,000 students. When accounting for the fact that Baltimore’s school funding gets shared with charter schools, you see that public schools don’t receive much funding per student, at only $5,336 per student next year.

        1. mike May 13, 2015

          I will take the Baltimore paper over your supposed numbers. Why would they lie??



          What you cited was what you wanted to hear, a half truth.
          In 2010, the 21st Century Partnership for STEM Education in Philadelphia compared spending in nearly 500 school districts to 11th grade test results. The strongest predictor of high scores was the fraction of adults in the district with a four-year college degree. F. Joseph Merlino is the organization’s president.

          “You would think that spending more money would lead to better outcomes,” Merlino said. “But the results are very weak.”

          The report said “Spending per pupil, regardless of expenditure category, had either no association with student achievement or at best only a weak positive or a weak negative correlation with student achievement. ”


          Here’s another, see where the graduation rate for Baltimore City Schools is a fantastic 56.4%, not my numbers.

          1. HarryButtle May 13, 2015

            Thanks for a civil and rational response. I usually get a blatantly false accusation about my relationship with my mother.

            Our different perspectives are a result of the groups being assessed. Increased spending for students from wealthier families has a smaller effect, as would be expected. But for students from poorer families, increased spending has significant benefits.

            “On the other hand, professors at Northwestern University and the University of California-Berkeley looked at four decades in school districts where spending increased under court order. In a report published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, they said that for low income children who spent all 12 years in schools where spending rose at least 20 percent, graduation rates rose by 23 percentage points.

            There were also “25 percent higher earnings, and a 20 percentage-point reduction in the annual incidence of adult poverty.” At the same time, increased spending had little impact on the education of children from families making more money.”.

            Spend it now on students for 12 years to give them a better life and greatly reduce safety net spending for more than 50 years or don’t and break the budget for half a century.

            “Wallace said that Baltimore ranks third in per capita school spending.

            That’s only true if you look at the 100 largest school districts. Among the top 500, Baltimore ranks 20th. Among school districts with at least 5,000 students, Baltimore ranks 160th in spending.”

            :”To get to “third-highest,” Wallace is counting only the 100 largest school districts — and lopping off more affluent communities in the process.”

            And it was Fox’s Chris Wallace’s claim that was rated half-true.


          2. mike May 14, 2015

            You are going to get a bad reputation if you call me civil by those on this site. In their eyes I am the worst individual in all creation.

            i was well aware of your numbers. That is why I made the half-truth remark.

            This is not the first time I have seen the monies spent, from think tanks to govt. numbers. I would use my sources since they are closer to the real numbers shown repeatedly by many sources. If they weren’t valid they would have been debunked years ago.

            This debacle that I see happening is really based on the destruction of the family unit. This lack of two parents plays a definite role in the collapse of our education system. It plays a part in income inequality. There no longer are consequences for ones actions. Have as many babies as you want, you don’t need a father or a dad, the govt. can do it all. Which is total baloney.
            This is from National Center for Educational Statistics.
            How much money does the United States spend on public elementary and secondary schools?

            Total expenditures for public elementary and secondary schools in the United States amounted to $632 billion in 2010–11, or $12,608 per public school student (in constant 2012–13 dollars, based on the Consumer Price Index). These expenditures include $11,153 per student in current expenditures for operation of schools; $1,076 for capital outlay (i.e., expenditures for property and for buildings and alterations completed by school district staff or contractors); and $379 for interest on school debt.

            From 2000–01 to 2010–11, current expenditures per student enrolled in the fall in public elementary and secondary schools increased by 14 percent (from $9,751 to $11,153 in constant 2012–13 dollars). The amount for 2010–11, however, was lower than the amount for 2009–10 ($11,353).


            What I see is less bang for the buck. More spending isn’t the answer.

          3. HarryButtle May 14, 2015

            Education spending is a big issue here in PA. They say the previous governor cut education spending by a billion dollars and he got clobbered in the election for that and for leaving PA as the only state that doesn’t charge fracking companies a severence tax.

            The former governor’s supporters said things like this. “Governor Corbett did not cut education spending, he just did not fully fund it at the previous level.”

            It’s not only the aggragate or average amounts spent. Here in PA, funding for schools comes from property taxes, with supplements from the state and a small amount from the Federal government.

            The district I live in is affluent. Lots of doctors lawyers and people who own companies. The family of a former governor and current US Senator lives here. School taxes are high, but results are good and the district wins lots of state and national wards for excellence in education.

            But the reliance on property taxes for funding means poorer areas get short-changed. The poverty cycle is integral and structural in the way schools are funded. Equitable distribution of education funding is something that needs to be addressed.

            How schools are funded in Pennsylvania

            “However, Pennsylvania districts rely heavily on local sources. In total, only 36 percent of K-12 revenue comes from the state. In this respect, Pennsylvania ranks 49th among the 50 states, with only Nebraska making a stingier state contribution.

            The consequence of this dependence on local funding is plain. Many poor rural and urban communities struggle to raise sufficient funds to pay for adequate schools. Ironically, these poor communities are often home to the highest property tax rates in Pennsylvania.”

            Village View: Pa. tagged as most inequitable in school funding ttp://mainlinemedianews.com/articles/2015/05/13/main_line_times/opinion/doc555343f82415b907036207.txt

          4. mike May 14, 2015

            In the poorer districts the fed. govt. using various departments throws more money in.
            The family unit, or lack of, is the main cause in the inner city.

  2. Dominick Vila May 12, 2015

    The reason for the large number of Republicans running for the 2016 nomination of their party is obvious: they are convinced that none of those running have the qualifications, records, or vision to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016. The sparring we see among them is classic electioneering, with a special focus on the need to satisfy constituencies dominated by fear of social changes, economic factors they feel incapable to overcome, and the realization that the USA is not the numero uno they once thought we are.
    The criticisms we hear from some prominent Democrats on issues such as the latest trade deal is not surprising. As opposed to the GOP, whose members march in lockstep and tend to vote for whomever their nominee is, regardless of how qualified or unqualified, he/she may be; Democrats include far left, centrists, and center-right members, notorious for their lack of party discipline. The latter is one of the most important reasons for the recent GOP political successes, and the reason the GOP has managed to control public opinion during the last 4 years or so.

    1. mike May 13, 2015

      Just more of your nonsense, I see. Talk about lock step, that really is funny, actually Hill-arious. When someone on the left gets out of step they are castigated and no longer accepted, as a recent article on NM showcased.
      GOP hasn’t controlled public opinion as much as you think, it is the pathetic leadership of Obama and his cronies that has changed public opinion. Americans no longer trust Obama and decided Hillary is untrustworthy and lacking in honesty.
      Just look at this great Arab Summit on Iran Nuclear deal and how the main Arab leaders are not coming. Obama is a disaster!

      But the Republicans are in lock step-what a load of manure

      1. Eleanore Whitaker May 13, 2015

        Wrong…the pathetic leadership of GWB is why I left the GOP after 33 years. Men like you need to grow up. Society is comprised of multiple and numerous political opinions.

        The GOP has control only of the House. They won’t come 2016. If you follow any number of threads on any website, other than those that are ultra right wing, you see that Americans loathe the GOP like Walker, Ryan, Issa, Cotton, Bolton, Gowdy, Jindal, Rubio, Christie, Bachmann, Palin, Halley and the Rev. Holier than Thou Huckabee.

        You’re fooling yourself if you think any one of these can beat Hillary Clinton.

        1. mike May 13, 2015

          I am far from wrong.
          We will see how the American people react to Hillary once she has to answer all the questions from the press that she refuses to do now
          You have a flawed candidate and your only candidate, who is being pulled way to the left, she is already reversing her positions. She is not likable, campaigns poorly, has been caught in lies and won’t be able to identify with the middle class and play the poor me act.
          What I have heard your strange proclivities are the reasons you are way to the left politically.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker May 13, 2015

            You are far far far far wrong. The American public will react to Hillary in opposition to men like you. Your problem and men like you is that you actually think you can lord it over the women in this country and dump another Testosterone Clown Show on us and take our tax dollars while you pig out on our hard earned incomes. Think again.

            Here’s why you are wrong. The GOP lives in mortal terror of Hillary Clinton. They did this to themselves. Since she married William Jefferson Clinton, they have attacked, harassed, scandalized and politically crucified her. There isn’t a “GATE” that the GOP bullheaded asshat males like Rove, Prince, Reed, Starr and Bolton have not tried to lob on Hillary. But it always comes out the same…Whitewater? $12 million in tax dollars wasted after 12 years of digging up as much trash as they could, deliberately contorting facts and causing the suicide of one of Hillary’s associates and then tried to claim SHE murdered him. Do you men never see what we women see?

            You cannot keep women on the back burner forever. You’ve all had your fun and games and now, it’s time to step aside and let the women run the show…which we always do anyway after we clean up the messes you slugs make.

            You have the strangest, most bizarre proclivity…you must be man who lusts after being a woman. What kind of idiot male EVER tries to tell any woman what ONLY women know? YOU DO…because you want women to accept your BS.

            Men like you never learn that for every piece of BS you try to ram down our throats, we will just puke it right back up in your faces and make you suffer the consequences…Cease trying to tell women what YOU can NEVER know. Stop trying to assume some bizarre vision of womanhood that doesn’t exist or if it does, it’s only in that LA LA land world you created. That is why you are wrong.

          2. mike May 13, 2015

            More of your diarrhea of the brain.

            But you make me laugh and that’s what counts in life. You haven’t played your “Monolithic Women” argument lately. I sure miss it!! You know “all the women will vote for Hillary because she is a women”.

            You have a flawed candidate and your only candidate, who is being pulled way to the left, she is already reversing her positions. She is not likable, campaigns poorly, has been caught in lies and won’t be able to identify with the middle class and play the poor me act.
            What I have heard is your strange proclivities are the reasons you are way to the left politically.

          3. geaaronson May 13, 2015

            And there are candidates on the right that are not flawed? Christie jeopardizes public safety because of political revenge. Used hurricane monies to prop up business deals instead of where it was intended, ie. given to NJ for restoration of homes destroyed by storms…..

            Bush finagled Florida voting procedures to get his brother elected POTUS. Still hasn’t learned the lessons of the Iraqi fiasco. The Teaparty won’t sign him up as he is too moderate for them.

            Jindal….well the man needs to become a motivational speaker…

            Walker…..a lightweight who is only a straw man for the Cock brothers.

            Rand….looks as if he’s about to have an apoplectic fit at any moment. An isolationist Republican….never will get the nomination on that basis and shouldn’t. He couldn’t act tough with our adversaries. Of course not, he’s a libertarian. Let live and don’t interfere with the freedoms of others….

            Carson….another joke.

          4. mike May 13, 2015

            Now there you go with lies and half truths.

            This is about Hillary and all missteps so far in her run for the democratic nomination.

            You have a flawed candidate and your only candidate, who is being pulled way to the left, she is already reversing her positions. She is not likable, campaigns poorly, has been caught in lies and won’t be able to identify with the middle class and play the poor me act.

            WP just had an article giving down to the minute since she last answered a question.


            where many leading democrats are concerned with her behavior toward the press.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker May 14, 2015

            I think you’ll find Mike is a very seriously mentally ill man. If you dare to disagree with his lies and deceptions, he goes for the jugular. Not to worry. You start out knowing he’s a nut freak and it’s fun to watch him go through his mental insanity spasms…rofl.

          6. Eleanore Whitaker May 14, 2015

            More of you inability to grow up and stop trying to force others to YOUR way of thinking. Women bring you men into the world…Something you can’t do. Women go through labor and suffering to bring men into the world, the kind of pain men shrink from.

            The day you learn to shut up, open your ears and your mind, is likely the last day on planet earth.

            Hillary is not a flawed candidate. If she’s flawed, what the hell was Bush? Bush was a pathetic historical character who allowed himself to be “used” like a dockside harlot by Cheney. Now, Cheney is a man you can relate to. IN most women’s view, Cheney is a dog who should have been euthanized for his evil viciousness. But you like that don’t you? The more vicious you can dredge up in your lifetime, the happier you are.

            Sorry if your BS is boring to the max.

          7. mike May 14, 2015

            Oh, how you make me laugh.
            No, she is terribly flawed and claims to be the future, but she really is the past. The future, Really???
            On the proclivity thing, yours aren’t what you described from what I have been told.

          8. Eleanore Whitaker May 14, 2015

            A blockhead like you has naught but to spend his time making jokes of others…That is just your deflection mechanism. You think if you defame, degrade and slander others, it makes you look like a little innocent lamb. Sorry. I am not fooled.

            Your proclivities should be a science experiment…You’d be the first entry into the psychiatrist journal of egotistical sociopathic narcissists on steroids.

            Try again honcho…Mentally ill guys like you see only imaginary friends…you are one argumentative, contrarian sociopath with nothing in your life of value but bitching and judging others…Now..I judge you…mentally ill.

          9. mike May 14, 2015

            She is flawed and the flaws are growing just like your nose from all the misinformation and lies.
            You keep the laughs coming.
            What fun.

          10. Eleanore Whitaker May 15, 2015

            Hey World….Here are Mikeeeee’s flaws:
            1. pathological lying
            2. ineptitude
            3. laziness
            4. greedy and avaricious
            5. judgemental of everyone but himself
            6. woman hater
            7. man hater
            8. child hater
            9. lacks sufficient intelligence
            10. lives off the government he bitches about
            11…believes like a mental case he’s “infallible”
            12. Believes in Santa (taxpayers who subsidize his lifestyle)
            13. Believes in the Tooth Fairy (so he doesn’t have to pay for his own healthcare)
            14. Massive sense of entitlement to wealth he neither earns nor has EVER earned without the help of others
            15. Right wing ideologue with ZERO ability to learn what the word “facts” mean.
            16. Owns his own truths and facts
            17. Proves negatives that are straight out of Disneyland
            18. Would sell his own mother to keep himself in money
            19. Is Daddy’s little boy who doesn’t know how to think for himself.
            20. A sociopathic narcissist

            Need more flaws? Mikeeeeeee is a psychiatrist’s dream experiment for science.

          11. mike May 15, 2015

            Your nose is growing!!! ROFLMAO!!!
            Another of your ad hominem posts.

          12. Eleanore Whitaker May 15, 2015

            I must have hit on one too many truths about lil Mikeeee….But do enjoy feasting at the table of Grand Denial…after all, with a mentally destroyed mind like yours, denial is all you’ve got to hold onto of your fantasy world.

          13. mike May 15, 2015

            Only in your delusional mind did you hit anything.
            Sorry I can’t witness the growing of your nose. Not good on that Italian face.

          14. Eleanore Whitaker May 16, 2015

            The only delusional mind is yours. You’ve been batted around on these threads more than a baseball in the hands of Babe Ruth. Dipshits never do know when they are making idiots of themselves. This you do on a regular basis and NOT just with me. So, I’m guessing anyone who disagrees with you is delusional? Isn’t it time for you to kiss Daddy’s butt again? After all, your Daddy is the one who raised such a mental case that he can’t recognize his own mental insanity. Guess Daddy must be a nut job too right?

          15. mike May 16, 2015

            That old nose keeps growing, so sorry!!! LMAO!!

          16. Eleanore Whitaker May 17, 2015

            Not in proportion to the size of your double wide butt. And, I can do something you CAN’T…I can prove and back up what I post. I suspect that a recluse like you can’t find anyone to sympathize with your lies and deceptions. So, your only recourse is being in front of computer to get your frustrations out. It’s difficult to fathom your actual human value at this rate.

          17. mike May 17, 2015

            The nose keeps growing, so sad! Your posts become more desperate and irrational.
            Have a nice weekend, you need all the rest you can get. The weight of that massive nose must be very tiring and hard on the neck. LOL!

          18. Eleanore Whitaker May 17, 2015

            Try again hot shot. I know I can still attract a man if I “choose” to. As for my nose, it is picture perfect like the rest of me. A dipshit like you hates that an intelligent woman can also be a pretty woman and still enjoy every second of her femininity. As for you, you represent a bunch of middle aged men who are so grossly insecure everyone is a threat to you.

          19. mike May 17, 2015

            The nose just keeps growing, so sad! Poor little Italian girl, she just keeps making ad hominem posts.

          20. Eleanore Whitaker May 17, 2015

            and MIkeeeeeee repeats himself like a crazy person. It figures…he’s a Noo Yawkah from King’s mean spirited territory. He keeps lying and lying just like his Daddy always did. No surprise he learned his pathological liar habits from his Daddy…that’s what ALL daddy’s boys do.

          21. mike May 17, 2015

            Nose still growing longer and longer.

            Keep the laughs coming, that’s all you got.

          22. Eleanore Whitaker May 18, 2015

            And the mental case repeats and repeats. …Don’t you ever admit when you are wrong? Or is that too much like emptying your overloaded Pampers?

          23. mike May 18, 2015

            As the lies continue, the nose grows longer and longer. LMAO!!!

          24. Eleanore Whitaker May 18, 2015

            Awwww…how adorable! Mikkeeeee has learned “baby talk.” Repeat key notwithstanding that is.

          25. mike May 18, 2015

            As your nose continues to grow we may have found the bridge to nowhere. LMAO!!

          26. Eleanore Whitaker May 18, 2015

            I have an adorable nose…Men love it. Since you are not a man but a turd, I’d expect your to view everyone’s else noses in the shape of the turd you are.

          27. mike May 18, 2015

            Will your nose ever stop growing?? Never as long as the lies continue.

          28. Eleanore Whitaker May 18, 2015

            Obviously, you have NEVER seen my photo? As for my nose, it is highly sensitive to morons and turds like you. By now, sitting day after day at a computer, you surely must reek of foul odors. Most of us are awake at 5 AM, shower, dress and are at our jobs by 7 AM. You? You roll out of bed at noon and then head right to your computer. After all, a pathetic sociopath’s only stimulation is banging out BS on a computer keyboard. I’d worry more about YOUR mental health and not my delicate, little nose.

          29. mike May 18, 2015

            LMAO!!! Oh, but I have seen your picture Ferranti.
            Talk about living on the computer, look in the mirror.
            Sorry to see your nose keeps expanding, such a shame!! But again, it is all your lies that continues to make it grow. LMAO!!!

          30. Eleanore Whitaker May 18, 2015

            Unlike you asshat…I get paid to be on the computer. Before you get that lazy butt out of bed, I’ve already written 5 articles for businesses and blog sites. In fact, jerk boy…I’ve ghost written over 4200 on subjects you can’t hope to ever write.

            That’s what writers do…they write and they get paid when they are as good as I am.

          31. mike May 18, 2015

            Keep trying!!! LMAO!!

        2. CPAinNewYork May 13, 2015

          I don’t believe that obnoxious, man-hating liberal Eleanore Whitaker was ever a Republican.

        3. John S. May 13, 2015


          You rock! Your leaving the contemporary Republican Party is proof of your rationality.

          Paraphrasing Gerhard Manfred, a character in Philip Caputo’s “Acts of Faith,” the Republican Party has made friends with the absurd and none are better friends with the absurd than the GOP candidates for President of the United States.

      2. geaaronson May 13, 2015

        No more than what happens on the right. Both McCain and Rubio have bactracked on immigration. Both were sponsors of liberal bills that they turned against when the Party gave them marching orders.

        1. mike May 13, 2015

          Nice try, but no cigar.
          The difference is the left has no tolerance for those who are not in lock step, as a past article on NM showed.

    2. Eleanore Whitaker May 13, 2015

      Actually, one of the top GOP party bosses in the Metro area last week, admitted to a NY Post Journalist that the reason for the glut of GOP candidates has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with amassing campaign contributions. The more GOP candidates on board, the larger the saturation of campaign donations.

      The downside to this is that they turn their GOP candidates into political prostitutes all working their butts off to earn campaign donations from the biggest billionaires within their political domains.

      1. Allan Richardson May 17, 2015

        You mean they weren’t ALREADY political prostitutes? And some of them religious prostitutes also, like “P. T.” Robertson (“There’s a sucker born again every minute, and we’re ready to take their money.”).

  3. paulyz May 13, 2015

    If Obama & the Democrat/Socialist Party isn’t Left enough for Liberals, then we really are in trouble. The further Left they go, the more Right the Republicans “appear”. It is the Democrat Party that has moved so far Left, quickly under Obama. Why the People voted them out the last mid-terms. They normally move slowly because they don’t want average Americans to reject it, but their excitement over Obama’s steamrolling Socialism has encouraged the extreme Left to push for more, against the will of most Americans.

    1. Daniel Jones May 13, 2015

      Pauly. Dude.

      Could you please stop trying to edit history?

      1. plc97477 May 13, 2015

        I call him mr. lyz it fits better.

      2. paulyz May 15, 2015

        Chill dude. History is being edited every day by Obama & your Socialist/Democrat Party.

    2. HarryButtle May 13, 2015

      The top 1% get over 90% of all new income. That’s the opposite of socialism.

      1. paulyz May 14, 2015

        Why do you Lefties constantly focus on the 1%? You also complain about the top 50%. By the way, the top 10% pay 68% of the taxes, while the bottom 50% paid only 3% of the income taxes, but earned 12% of the income. Yes, the opposite of Socialism is called Freedom & Free Enterprise, which Lefties want to change, like Obama said, to make us a Socialist country.

        1. HarryButtle May 14, 2015

          Your example is one of the most egregious distortions told by Republican politicians. In order to make the 1986, 2001 and 2003 tax cuts palatable, the tax cuts exempted millions of households from paying Federal income tax. As a result, the percentage paid by the wealthy increased while their actual tax paid dropped dramatically. It’s a mere trick of arithmetic – an arithme-trick.

          Then to rub salt in the wound, Mitt Romney called the people Republicans themselves exempted from Federal income tax “takers”. It shows the contempt Republican politicians have for their constituents, believing no one will be able to figure that out. To the extant the public doesn’t understand that, the contempt is justified.

          It all reminds me of the fable of the scorpion and the frog:

          A scorpion and a frog meet on the bank of a stream and the
          scorpion asks the frog to carry him across on its back. The
          frog asks, “How do I know you won’t sting me?” The scorpion says, “Because if I do, I will die too.”

          The frog is satisfied, and they set out, but in midstream,
          the scorpion stings the frog. The frog feels the onset of
          paralysis and starts to sink, knowing they both will drown,
          but has just enough time to gasp “Why?”

          Replies the scorpion: “Its my nature…”

          And we’re focused on the 1% because it’s not poor people who are taking our money.

          1. paulyz May 15, 2015

            Instead of ONLY focusing on the wealthy, you need to acknowledge the problems resulting from some of those persons in poverty. And they are many. And of course the Millions of Illegals.

      2. paulyz May 17, 2015

        Umm, I believe the Clintons belong to that hated 1% of yours?

        1. HarryButtle May 17, 2015

          I’m sure they do. The point is not hate for the 1% but that our current situation is the opposite of socialism.

    3. MichelleRose3 May 13, 2015

      Pauly, we’re coming for your guns, your internet porn and your manhood. Also your bank account. We’re going to take it all, even your testicles. We’re going to make you live in FEMA camps with a bunch of evil bankers and lawyers and never let you go to the ball game because ball games will be outlawed under the NEW SOCIALISM! YAY! We’re going to make you watch Marxist indoctrination movies all day long in those camps and if you touch yourself down there, we’re going to spank you hard. You’ll have to say “Yes ma’am” and “no, ma’am” to the guards (because they’re all muscular lesbians with Tasers and BAD attitudes) and we’ll make you put a poster of HIllary Clinton AND Eleanor Roosevelt over your bed and pray to them every night. (But you don’t get to pray to Jesus because we’re taking away your Bible, too) We’re going to make you kiss the feet of every unwashed immigrant that comes over the border–there’s going to be a lot. We’ll invite the WHOLE WORLD to immigrate to America so we can keep our socialist agenda! Worst of all, we’re going to tell you what to wear, what to watch on TV and how to comb your hair. There isn’t a single thing in your life that we liberals/commie/socialists aren’t going to interfere with and we’re going to laugh in your face and call you “sissy” while we do it.

      There. Did I manage to hit on all your fears? Is there anything I missed? Oh, I almost forgot: we’re going to make you date one of those immigrants: a fat, elderly mother of nine from Guatemala. Her name is Lupé and she has no teeth but you’ll get used to her.

      1. paulyz May 14, 2015

        Nope, you are the biased person “assuming” our fears. Let me know how great your angry life is when all the money dries up to take care of your Illegal greed. Won’t be long before just the interest on our National Debt consumes 100% of our revenue. Adios.

    4. geaaronson May 13, 2015

      Apparently you’re not older enough to remember the GOP during the 50’s and the 60’s so you are no judge of the Right not moving to a reactionary stance.

  4. Eleanore Whitaker May 13, 2015

    First of all, the conservatives today are not conservatives. They are selfish, greedy, money hungry fanatics in the extreme. What a lot of these fanatical cons hate is that although they love lobbing the label, “Liberal” on anyone who is NOT them, they would probably find that most Americans today are neither right nor left. Since normal human instinct is to opt for balance. This is the basis of what the GOP extremists miss.

    Americans are a new breed of progressive populists. All of us want our country to grow and flourish for ALL Americans. The CONS sees this as an assault on their wealth. Progressive populists want to be proud of their country. CONS view this as being part of a Nanny state. Progressive populists vote for the candidate who offers the most balance, not an extreme of rich or poor, HAVE or HAVE NOT, right or left. CONS view this as “liberalism.”

    Well, guess what? If wanting the best for your country and fellow countrymen is tooooo liberal for CONS, maybe their need to rethink their own sociopathic need to be the only controlling force in business, government and society..Sorry…waaaaaay too confining for most progressive populists. Freedom has responsibility. CONS think freedom is theirs and no one else’s. Think again.

    1. janis mcdonald May 13, 2015

      Bravo! I suspect you are very right — “most Americans today are neither right nor left”. (And I have never understood how any group of people can agree — across the board — on ANY give issues. I suspect if you and your party agree, across the board, on all issues — it seems to me NONE OF YOU ARE ACTUALLY THINKING.)

  5. CPAinNewYork May 13, 2015

    Bill De Blasio, newly elected mayor of New York City, is a piece of crap. He tries now to portray himself as a progressive when he’s really an ultra liberal who governs a City in turmoil, some of it his own doing. What business has he touring the country when he cannot govern his own turf?

  6. Robert Cruder May 13, 2015

    The U.S. is evolving from a center-right culture to a center-left because the right overplayed their card.

    Religion declined earlier in countries with state religions. Attempts to make fundamentalist Christianity a state religion added a U.S. car to that train.

    Ayn Rand made it clear that if one has the power to extract wealth by any means then one has both the right and the duty to do so. Where is the line between that and simple theft or extortion?

    Erasing that line transferred virtually all of what should have been the earnings of hard-working Americans into the pockets of the already wealthy since the Reagan administration and transferred more than 100% of the recovery since the Bush crash.

    That results from using monetary policy (artificially low interest rates) in place of fiscal policy (targeted government spending) when the economy needs stimulus. The former primarily benefits money managers who produce nothing while encouraging bubbles. When each bubble bursts, non-money-managers pay the cost.

    Bubbles are a hidden but monumental tax on everyone else. In contrast spending primarily benefits actual workers and is paid for by visible taxes which can be targeted at those same money managers..

    1. Whatmeworry May 13, 2015

      The lefty’s in this country are responsible for its ills. Look at Ferguson, Baltimore DC, Philly etc. They are Dem bastions with high crime rates and no future

      1. Daniel Max Ketter May 13, 2015

        Well, it was our facist bigot piglice in blue that are responsible for those peaceful protests, just like MLK. We should pump more taxdollars into welfare in high crime cities to bring the crime down.

    2. Whatmeworry May 13, 2015

      The lefty’s in this country are responsible for its ills. Look at Ferguson, Houston, Baltimore Tulsa, DC, Philly, etc. They are Dem bastions with low crime rates and on future

  7. Whatmeworry May 13, 2015

    Magnetic left?? Ask 100 Americans who is the Mayor of NYC and you couldn’t get 1 to name de Balizoo. He’s a non entity of the left who is even more left wing than Bloomberg

    1. Daniel Max Ketter May 13, 2015

      Sure, its mayor Ketter.

    2. Allan Richardson May 17, 2015

      Thank you for prophesying my previous reply!

  8. Whatmeworry May 13, 2015

    Magnetic left?? Ask 100 Americans who is the Mayor of LAX and you couldn’t get 1 to name de Balizoo. He’s a non entity of the left who is even more left wing than Limbaugh

    1. Allan Richardson May 17, 2015

      He’s the mayor of NEW YORK CITY, not Los Angeles, so if 1 in a hundred does say he’s the mayor of Los Angeles, that one is a dummy. Were YOU that one?

      And more left wing than Limbaugh? JOHN BONER is more left than Limburger!

      We’re used to you being crazy, but this takes the yellowcake (which, by the way, Saddam did not do).


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