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This Week In Crazy: Cranks ‘R’ Us

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This Week In Crazy: Cranks ‘R’ Us


The pope is a symbol of moral virtue, intelligence, and sound judgment. What the hell is he doing in America? 

Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the loony, bigoted, and hateful behavior of the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Pat Buchanan

Kim Davis, the obstinate, law-breaking, homophobic Kentucky county clerk, continues to be the martyr du jour in the hearts of conservative luminaries. As you probably remember, Davis is the woman who cited “God’s authority” and went to jail rather than violate her conscience by issuing licenses to same-sex couples. In doing so, she racked up a considerable lineup of supporters, including GOP presidential candidates Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz, as well as those of cycles past… such as, Pat Buchanan, who we can only assume is floating her name on the air in a bid for media attention. (I guess it worked. Because here we are.)

It’s a moldy and meritless conservative talking point that Davis and her intolerant ilk waving the “religious liberty” and “Christian persecution” flags are participating in civil disobedience in the proud tradition of Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. But Buchanan went on Newsmax TV on Tuesday to turn even that noxious notion on its head, by saying that Davis’ actions should be considered civil disobedience because they reminded him of his own fight against desegregation.

According to Right Wing Watch, Buchanan “himself had advocated civil disobedience when he urged President Nixon to defy a 1971 Supreme Court decision that [in Buchanan’s words] ‘called for district-wide desegregation and allowed for the use of busing to achieve integration.’”

Davis’ imprisonment, he said, was “the price of civil disobedience of an unjust law.”

Via Raw Story and Right Wing Watch

Next: Steve King 

Sam Reisman

Sam Reisman is the former managing editor at The National Memo, where he still writes the weekly "This Week In Crazy" column. His writing has appeared in Flavorpill, The Huffington Post, Columbia Daily Spectator, and Bwog. He was the publisher of the 2010 edition of Inside New York, an annual guidebook to the city for students and young professionals.

Since 2011, he has co-curated and hosted Peculiar Streams, a showcase for NYC-based writers, musicians, comedians, and filmmakers. He is a staff writer at Mediaite, and blogs at SamReisman.com.

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  1. Dominick Vila September 25, 2015

    As bizarre as the comments made by the usual attention seekers are, the most disgusting, in my opinion, were the comments made by Ted Cruz, who called for the Vatican to fire Pope Francis, and questioned the audacity of a Pope to promote the most basic elements of humanity and the centerpiece of Christianity. As for his opinion regarding climate change, I think a Pope with a Masters degree in Chemistry, is far more qualified to discuss the effects of global warming than a second rate lawyer is…even one whose opinions are, allegedly, based on satellite data that according to Cruz prove our planet is not warming and the evidence of global warming is a ruse. How can a man running for the presidency of the United States say such a lie. NASA satellite data indicates the exact opposite to what Cruz said. In addition to being a greedy ideologue and a charlatan, Rafael Eduardo Cruz is also a liar.

    1. The_Magic_M September 25, 2015

      > Ted Cruz, who called for the Vatican to fire Pope Francis

      Sheesh, these people love to talk about things they have absolutely no idea of.
      There is no way to “impeach” a sitting Pope. The Church could elect another Pope and then hope for the best, but this would likely lead to its end – something Cruz probably wishes for since we now know (thanks to think tank Ann Coulter) that only “American Catholics” are the “real Chrisshuns” whereas the Roman Catholic Church is just a bunch of old socialists with Italian-sounding names.

      1. rome44 September 25, 2015

        Watch as his comments will now send him farther down in the polls.
        Being a Texan myself I’m embarrassed that TX being so conservative allowed this despicable puke to get past them and elect him to be our senator. It’s to the point where I can’t even stand listen to him talk cause whatever comes out of his mouth is lies and filthy comments.

    2. TZToronto September 25, 2015

      Actually, Cruz said that the satellite [sic] said that the climate isn’t changing. He didn’t mention anything about data. Since when is a satellite capable of doing analysis? Oh, I know what he’d say. He’d say that the analysis of the data was done by people with a global warming agenda, unlike those like Cruz and the Koch brothers who have no agenda.

    3. TZToronto September 25, 2015

      I guess Cruz doesn’t have much knowledge of the Catholic Church and assumes that the Pope is elected by the Catholic faithful and has a set term of office. Of course, being a Southern Baptist and not a Catholic, we can’t expect him to know much about the Pope–or other world leaders. Oh wait, he wants to be President, a world leader. How’s that gonna work? (Maybe he never watched TV when the Pope was being chosen by the College of Cardinals.)

  2. The_Magic_M September 25, 2015

    > “I’m more concerned about the authenticity of their faith”

    If there were a test how much people act in accordance with the Bibble, the lowest scores would come from Republicans (already starting at -1000 points with their abysmal attitude towards the poor and helpless).

    And if anybody fails the “true Chrisshun” test the worst, it’s gonna be the Huckster who loves to cherry-pick what Biblical laws (or even suggestions) to follow.

  3. ivory69690@yahoo.com September 25, 2015

    and she wants to preach god . well preach to your self married 4 times and having sexy with others while being marry .you was just hoein around . any who knows with who maybe even another women ? don’t matter one that lives in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones or the god way of saying that thee with out sin cast the first stone .

    1. itsfun September 25, 2015

      I think she is a born again Christian.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com September 25, 2015

        no matter what she is she still is calling others names more or less that he should be calling her self . today born again she saysgoing to happen with her tommorow ?

        1. itsfun September 25, 2015

          I am sure she is not the only one on this board or else where to be divorced or have sex outside of marriage. She doesn’t deserve to be called names or threatened for her religious beliefs

          1. Robert Eckert September 25, 2015

            Yes she does. I am sure that no-one on this board has abused governmental power to impose their religious beliefs on others. Her religious “beliefs” in any case are pure egotism, nothing to do with Jesus. She thinks her family owns the county, as if she were some kind of duchess. At the very minimum she needs to return the stolen dog: https://pageonekentucky.com/2015/07/10/update-on-a-dog-thief-her-homophobic-mothers-coverup-yep-more-kim-davis-crap/

          2. itsfun September 25, 2015

            You have no idea what her religious beliefs are. Just because you don’t agree with her, doesn’t make her a liar.

          3. Robert Eckert September 25, 2015

            By her fruits we can know her.

          4. TZToronto September 25, 2015

            Davis’ mother had been County Clerk for 40 years, and Davis had been her deputy for 26 years before Davis was elected. This is not unusual for positions like this. So after 40+ years of working in the County Clerk’s office, Davis probably felt that whatever she decided to do was correct. So, in a sense, she probably did think that her family owned the county. I don’t know if she or her mother had even been in trouble like this before.

          5. Robert Eckert September 25, 2015

            It still upsets me that the dog theft does not get more coverage. That illustrates the piggish sense of entitlement more than anything.

          6. TZToronto September 25, 2015

            Hmmm . . . Can’t argue with that!

          7. idamag October 20, 2015

            Sounds like nepotism, instead of hiring the most qualified.

          8. ivory69690@yahoo.com September 25, 2015

            nor should she be calling names and isnt perfect or stop other from doing what thy want ( and its the law ) she has no right to break the law . as our four-fathers put in writing from the get go . between faith and state . she breaks the law set down from the high court she should go to jail . and if you say she didn’t call anyone name’s . do is worse then that . she trying to stop what others want in their life . and by law she is breaking the law . she can believe what ever she wants till it start going into some one’s else life . and another thing but still if she was with out sin dosent others right’s she cant stop because today she saysd she born again . for all we know tomorrow she could change and be having sex with some other lady’s husband . her belief’s are just that her and hers only

          9. itsfun September 25, 2015

            The tenth amendment says anything that is not mentioned in the Constitution becomes a state issue. Our constitution no where says what marriage is. The high court as you call it, cannot make any law, it has no power to make law. That is the legislative branch of government and I have not seen and new marriage laws coming from the House or Senate. When she was elected it was against the law in Kentucky to have same sex marriage. She took a oath to follow that law. I am not saying I agree with anything she has said or done. Just saying there are 2 sides to every issue and this issue is not going away. Both sides of this issue are passionate in their beliefs and won’t be changing anytime soon. I liken it to abortion as far as a issue that has passionate people on both sides.

          10. Looner September 25, 2015

            You are right. And if she respected her faith so much, she should resign her position and use her new found fame to go spread her version of the gospel. But she doesn’t render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, as she swore to do on a bible when entering the office County Clerk. She simply wants her fame, and will not do what she again swore to do in front of the Judge and under oath.
            Her multiple marriages and infidelities show that she does not respect the oaths that she takes. That is one of the problems with “Born Agains”. They believe you are absolved of all misbehavior …. But that doesn’t prevent them from still committing their violations of oaths and asking for forgiveness over and over again.

          11. itsfun September 25, 2015

            The problem is when she took the job, it was against the law in Kentucky to have same sex marriage. There still is not a law either way in Kentucky now and probably a lot of states are in the same situation. There is no federal law on same sex marriage. I am surprised the Supreme Court even heard the case.

          12. TZToronto September 25, 2015

            A practice that violates the Constitution is . . . in violation of the Constitution. All it means is that any law violating the Constitution is null and void and cannot be enforced. A new law is not needed to supercede the un-Constitutional law. However, if Kentucky, or any state, wants to pass a law that, for example, changes the wording of its marriage act to include same-sex couples, that should be OK. Sometimes all that’s required is a change of wording on a form.

          13. idamag October 20, 2015

            She should do as the Jehovah’s Witnesses do in order to maintain their faith. They do not go into the military. When the draft was on they had conscientious Objector status. If the rules of the land offends this “born again” she should find work elsewhere.

          14. TZToronto September 25, 2015

            In fairness to Kim Davis, most/all of her “sinful” behavior occurred before she was “saved.” If she now wishes to become a more moral person, based on her new-found religious beliefs, I have no problem with that, and I won’t condemn her for her past. However, she needs to re-read the oath she took, and if she can’t square the oath with her sincere beliefs, then she should resign.

          15. TZToronto September 25, 2015

            You’re right. Calling names is wrong, especially when it’s hypocritical. She is entitled to her religious beliefs. Criticism needs to be confined to her unwillingness to do to the job she swore to do.

          16. itsfun September 25, 2015

            This is one of the issues that won’t be going away anytime soon if at all.

          17. TZToronto September 25, 2015

            Sadly, you are correct.

  4. pisces63 September 25, 2015

    I wonder if he was in the bathroom with a jar of Vaseline when he wrote the
    arousal parts!! HMMMM!!!

    1. John Murchison September 25, 2015

      That remark is: An icky mental picture, probaby totally accurate and damned funny. thank!

  5. latebloomingrandma September 25, 2015

    Reading “the crazy” this week, just makes these contributors look rather pathetic after listening to the eloquent Pope Francis, who embodies the Christian message by word and deed. Shame on you Huckabee, et.al., for messing up the Gospel so shamelessly.

    1. TZToronto September 28, 2015

      Eloquent, yes–and he doesn’t even speak more than a few words of English. The problem with the GOP crazies isn’t that they don’t speak English. It’s that what they say makes no sense.

  6. pisces63 September 25, 2015

    I I
    cannot find, for the life of me find where peoples from Adam and Eve changed the
    climate. What was used divining rods or
    something else. What am I missing.

    1. TZToronto September 25, 2015

      “Besides, King says, ‘every civilization since Adam and Eve has always tried to change the weather.'” Adam and Eve didn’t have a civilization. They lived in Paradise and did not need a “civilization,” and the weather was perfect. Why would they want to change the climate? I think King is making stuff up.

      1. plc97477 September 25, 2015

        The fact that his mouth was moving was a big tip off.

    2. rome44 September 25, 2015

      You’re missing a brain that’s what. Up to the industrial revolution (quite a ways from Adam & Eve mind you) the air and rivers were clean CO2 and others pollutants are changing the worlds climate.
      You need to pay more attention to the worlds climatologists & scientists who are telling us the climate is changing instead of stupid politicians who know nothing about interpreting the data. They are simply protecting business interests.

      1. pisces63 September 25, 2015

        Excuse me!! It was a tongue in cheek statement. What part of that did your empty cranium miss??

  7. itsfun September 25, 2015

    Whats wrong with not wanting a ISIS member running for President?

    1. Independent1 September 25, 2015

      Tell me itsfun, what’s the difference between the GOP and ISIS. The way both of these groups govern results in people dying prematurely way above what would normally be expected.

  8. Eleanore Whitaker September 25, 2015

    Itsfun…I so agree….Who wants ISIS members Donald Trump, Rubio, Cruz, Pope Huckabee or the rest of the GOP ISIS dipshits for president. These guys are so far out of touch with reality. They make the US look like a banana republic.

    The next GOP president has not been born yet.

    1. 13factfinder September 25, 2015

      TRUMP/CRUZ 2016!

      1. Eleanore Whitaker September 25, 2015

        Trump Cruz? Really? And when one of The Donald’s wives spills her guts about how he keeps his wealth? Don’t you crooks ever shut the hell up or do we have to throw all of you under a bus to shut you up?

        1. 13factfinder September 25, 2015

          And when they do spill; he will seem even more like the common ever day voter. Another nagging X-wife; many will identify with!

          1. Looner September 25, 2015

            As opposed to a nagging X husband?

        2. Daniel Jones September 25, 2015

          No, no, Eleanore, I kinda like that ticket–because they’d be utterly UN-Presidential and in-electable! Hell, the damage they’d do to the chuckle-heads controlling the GOP might actually result in change for the better.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker September 26, 2015

            Daniel …I so agree with you. There’s nothing like the court of public opinion to sideline the GOP gamers and schemers.

            When you look at it right? The GOP thought they had the Executive branch by the balls. All they proved was how utterly incapable of negotiating for the good of the country they are.

            Those fateful words Bush uttered back in 2005, “MY way or the highway” was taken far too literally by the Mutton Chops and Corn Pone tyrants.

          2. paulyz September 29, 2015

            Don’t forget to get out & vote for that ticket then. Thanks.

      2. 788eddie September 25, 2015

        Is this what passes for stand-up comedy on the right?

        1. 13factfinder September 25, 2015

          No funnier than the f ‘up in the white house!

          1. Michael Ross September 25, 2015

            Yeah, you pricks have been screaming that he’s a “f’up” for years, but the closest thing you’ve ever come up with to an actual act of f’ing up were things that the Tea Party did with the open intentions of blaming him for later.

            Begone, party-whore. If being a Republican is more important to you than being an American, I suggest you hop on the next one-way flight to Russia along with the rest of the tea-bagger psychopaths who think Vladimir Putin is a true American.

          2. 13factfinder September 25, 2015

            Dems are “party puppets” and you could find your type of politics in Cuba or China; not America! The Muslims will behead half of the liberals.

      3. Michael Ross September 25, 2015

        I would love nothing more than to see that G.O.P. ticket. Nothing would sum up the hypocrisy of the G.O.P. more than to see the king of the birthers pick as his V.P. nominee a Canadian.

        1. Looner September 25, 2015

          LOL! Oh I would love that so much. The hypocrisy is astounding.

        2. paulyz September 29, 2015

          Cruz was born to an American Citizen while living in Canada, making him a Legal Citizen. But you think an ILLEGAL Trespasser, giving birth to a child in the U.S., is just fine. You DO realize that the 14th. Amendment wasn’t about that.

          On the other hand, I don’t believe Rubio is eligible to be President since when he was born, his parents weren’t American Citizens. This is just for the Presidency.

  9. Eleanore Whitaker September 25, 2015

    The problem for the GOP? They have played their games for so long now that they assume everyone in the world is into games like them, including the Pope.

    It never occurs to GOP and right wing Bible Thumping dipshits that maybe, just maybe, the Pope is not playing any games or scheming like the GOP spends its entire existence doing?

    And wow…does that Papal ice bath have the right wing BS artists in shock. They are at a loss to answer the simply humble, non judgmental, totally unbiased Pope who is not playing games and not scheming.

    It’s such fun to watch these morons going spasmic.

    1. 13factfinder September 25, 2015

      I’m Not!

      1. Eleanore Whitaker September 25, 2015

        Most of us consider contrary morons an aberration and freaks of nature. You won’t get YOUR way. But, like all childish males who didn’t get McMommy’s love and attention and was shuffled off to daycare like sacks of potato, you are nothing but a useless spud who can’t justify your existence except through 10 seconds of fame.

        1. 13factfinder September 25, 2015

          That was mouthful; let me give you more!

          1. Eleanore Whitaker September 25, 2015

            Most morons do think their mouths are their brains. Yours is overloaded. It explains why your oral cavity is foaming at the mouth.

          2. idamag September 25, 2015

            I would say 13 is the guy who unzipped his pants and his brains fell out.

          3. rome44 September 25, 2015

            Why don’t you admit it she’s giving you a spanking, if I were you I’d just quietly go away.

          4. 13factfinder September 25, 2015

            I meant I would fill her mouth with something dum bass!

    2. rome44 September 25, 2015

      Very articulate and to the point. Thank you.

  10. paulyz September 25, 2015

    Interesting how the secular Left pathetically uses the Pope for their Socialist political agenda. Media doesn’t mention much on how the Pope is for Traditional Marriages, opposes homosexuality, & definately opposes abortion. As for the Pope discussing “i migration”, the U.S. is the most generous nation in the World, taking in many Millions of LEGAL Immigrants, while absorbing many Millions of ILLEGALS, at the burden of American Citizens. The Pope should be praising the U.S., and criticize those nations that do very little or nothing on this issue. The Pope should congratulate the U.S. for all the many Billions in foreign aid & sending Doctors, Nurses, Agricultural experts, etc., to so many countries.

    1. 13factfinder September 25, 2015

      Good post!

      1. Independent1 September 25, 2015

        Well! You’ve confirmed one thing – you belong to the group of LOW IQ Conservatives who worship the GOP.

        From LiveScience:

        Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice

        There’s no gentle way to put it: People who give in to racism and prejudice may simply be dumb, according to a new study that is bound to stir public controversy.

        The research finds that children with low intelligence are more likely to hold prejudiced attitudes as adults. These findings point to a vicious cycle, according to lead researcher Gordon Hodson, a psychologist at Brock University in Ontario. Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies, the study found. Those ideologies, in turn, stress hierarchy and resistance to change, attitudes that can contribute to prejudice, Hodson wrote in an email to LiveScience.

        “Prejudice is extremely complex and multifaceted, making it critical that any factors contributing to bias are uncovered and understood”, he said.


        1. Otto Greif September 25, 2015

          Average African American IQ is 85.

          1. Independent1 September 25, 2015

            If that’s true, which I’m not certain it is, that’s about on par with yours, Paulyz’s and 13factfinder’s!!!!

          2. Otto Greif September 25, 2015

            It’s true, go look at the research.

          3. Independent1 September 25, 2015

            I have no clue what your point seems to be in trying to bring out the IQ level of blacks unless you’re trying to say you White IQ morons with your 90 IQs or less are really not all that bad.

            But since you seem to be fixated on repeating that blacks have generally don’t test as well IQ-wise as whites, let’s provide a little explanation as to why that might be. A lot of it has to do with education that whites in America have allowed blacks to attain to; it also has a lot to do with the fact that American blacks tend to generally live more in poverty and therefore when first born, don’t get the nutrition and healthcare that they need in the first years of life which are absolutely critical to brain development.

            But here’s a little better explanation of all that from wikipedia that makes it clear, hypocritical bigots such as yourself and the average conservative who refuse to provide adequate funding for the less fortunate – are a contributing factor as to why blacks and even some groups of whites(which apparently includes you) have less than average IQs:

            From wikipedia:

            Environmental factors including lead exposure,[78] breast feeding,[80] and nutrition[81][82] can significantly affect cognitive development and functioning. For example, iodine deficiency causes a fall, on average, of 12 IQ points.[83] Such impairments may sometimes be permanent, sometimes be partially or wholly compensated for by later growth. The first two years of life is the critical time for malnutrition, the consequences of which are often irreversible and include poor cognitive development, educability, and future economic productivity.[84] The African American population of the United States is statistically more likely to be exposed to many detrimental environmental factors such as poorer neighborhoods, schools, nutrition, and prenatal and postnatal health care.[85][86] Mackintosh points out that for American Blacks infant mortality is about twice as high as for whites, and low birth weight is twice as prevalent. At the same time white mothers are twice as likely to breastfeed their infants, and breastfeeding is highly correlated with IQ for low birth weight infants. In this way a wide number of health related factors that influence IQ are unequally distributed between the two groups.[87]

            The Copenhagen consensus in 2004 stated that lack of both iodine and iron has been implicated in impaired brain development, and this can affect enormous numbers of people: it is estimated that one-third of the total global population are affected by iodine deficiency. In developing countries, it is estimated that 40% of children aged four and under suffer from anaemia because of insufficient iron in their diets.[88]

            Other scholars have found that simply the standard of nutrition has a significant effect on population intelligence, and that the Flynn effect may be caused by increasing nutrition standards across the world.[89] James Flynn has himself argued against this view.[90]

            Some recent research has argued that the retardation caused in brain development by infectious diseases, many of which are more prevalent in non-White populations, may be an important factor in explaining the differences in IQ between different regions of the world.[91] The findings of this research, showing the correlation between IQ, race and infectious diseases was also shown to apply to the IQ gap in the US, suggesting that this may be an important environmental factor.[92]


          4. Otto Greif September 25, 2015

            You brought up the subject of IQ. IQ is largely heritable, blacks are poorer and less educated because they have, on average, lower IQ’s. Nutritional deficiencies are partly the reason blacks in Africa have lower IQ’s than blacks in America.

          5. Independent1 September 25, 2015

            I didn’t say anything about race. My point on IQ is that you have to either be of limited IQ or be Evil to be a “conservative” today that supports the GOP. No honest, non-evil person with a normal or above IQ wouldn’t be able to see that the GOP has turned into nothing by a party of crooks – no different than the Italian Mafia. Hellbent on doing everything it can to separate the middle and lower class American taxpayers from as much of their money as they possibly can. This was even pointed out to me by foreign bloggers when I was blogging on Yahoo a couple years back. If foreigners can discern what the GOP is all about, then any reasonably intelligent American should be able to also – unless they just love to worship the Devil’s party because they feel there’s something devious in doing so for them also.

          6. Otto Greif September 25, 2015

            I don’t support the GOP, they are almost as bad as Democrats.

          7. Independent1 September 25, 2015

            You’re going to have a real hard time convincing many bloggers on this thread about that (you don’t support the GOP) – believe me.

          8. Otto Greif September 25, 2015

            Not a surprise, most of you people are out of touch with reality.

          9. Independent1 September 25, 2015

            Oh!! I see. It’s everyone BUT YOU that’s out of touch with reality. Us independents and progressives in your mind are worse than republicans and we’re all out of touch with reality!! Yeah I see who’s really out of touch with reality!! And it isn’t us!!!

          10. idamag September 28, 2015

            He is probably a member of the neo-nazi party.

          11. paulyz September 29, 2015

            I would agree the GOP Establishment, not the entire Party. The Democrat/Socialist Party is completely past hope.

          12. CripesAmighty September 26, 2015

            More unsupported assertions. Source?

          13. Otto Greif September 27, 2015

            A good overview is Jensen and Rushton’s “”Thirty Years of Research on Race Differences in Cognitive Ability”.

          14. CripesAmighty September 27, 2015

            Debunked bullshit funded and pushed by well-known white supremacist organizations.

          15. Otto Greif September 27, 2015

            It’s peer reviewed research, and it hasn’t been debunked. You’ve admitted you don’t know anything about this subject, go do some reading.

          16. CripesAmighty September 27, 2015

            See the citation, dumbass.

          17. Otto Greif September 27, 2015

            The SPLC is scam group, it isn’t qualified to judge science.

          18. CripesAmighty September 27, 2015

            Nice red herring. It’s not judging ‘science’, per se, but exposing the sources of funding for ‘science’ commissioned to support an ideology, along with unmasking fakes, frauds and front groups. Really. You idiots still try to defend nazi-era pseudoscience measuring skulls and cranial bumps?

          19. Otto Greif September 27, 2015

            I’m citing decades of replicated peer reviewed research, you cite a blogger and a scam organization.

          20. Otto Greif September 27, 2015

            Go read recent research on cranial capacity, brain volume, and intelligence, you might learn something.

          21. TZToronto September 27, 2015

            So how do you explain the stupidity of the GOP and Tea Party base–old white guys? I guess they must reside in the lower half of the normal curve for white people.

          22. idamag September 28, 2015

            Judging from the nazi’s son’s blatant bligotry, I would say his I.Q. isn’t very high.

          23. Sand_Cat September 28, 2015

            IQ is largely determined by who creates the test, and by what the person has learned as a child. But why argue with a bigot. Thanks for reminding us all once again that you are.
            It’s called the racist ignoramus fallacy.

          24. Otto Greif September 28, 2015

            False. You obviously know nothing about this subject, yet for some reason you have an opinion about it.

          25. Sand_Cat September 29, 2015

            False you are obviously a racist who has thoroughly researched all the “research” that confirms your biases. There is abundant evidence of unintentional (or even intentional?) bias in the construction of IQ tests, and how long ago was this “research” you cite done?

          26. Otto Greif September 29, 2015

            No there isn’t. Stop making things up.

          27. paulyz September 29, 2015

            (You White IQ morons?) That statement proved once again your anti-White racism. Tell me, are you an Illegal Trespasser in our Country? You never answer.

          28. CripesAmighty September 26, 2015


          29. idamag September 28, 2015

            I don’t know why anyone even responds to that racist. If the only thing he feels good about is the color of his skin and it wasn’t anything he accomplished, then he is not only worthless, but a malignancy to decency and democracy.

          30. CripesAmighty September 28, 2015

            You’re right. Shouldn’t take the bait. 🙂

          31. Daniel Jones September 25, 2015

            I can guarantee you’re wrong on that one, 85 is the legal upper limit of a moronic intellect, and the average african-american is much, much smarter than you.

            (Yes, I called you a moron. Also, flagged you yet again.)

          32. Otto Greif September 26, 2015

            That’s not something in dispute. There has been debate over how much of it is environmental and how much genetic, a debate at this point it is clear the environmentalists have lost.

          33. Sand_Cat September 28, 2015

            Nothing like a bit of racism to spice the religious and political bigotry.

          34. Otto Greif September 28, 2015

            That’s a fact.

      2. Sand_Cat September 28, 2015

        Clearly you’re rather inept at living up to your screen name. Or, is it just that you know 13 facts, and have no interest in all the others?

    2. 788eddie September 25, 2015

      Why should we be praised when a good chunk of our people want to “round ’em up and deport ’em, all eleven million.

      Make up your mind, paulyz; one way or the other.

      1. paulyz September 29, 2015

        You do understand the difference between LEGAL Immigrants & ILLEGAL Trespassers, don’t you?

    3. jiro tanaka September 25, 2015

      Very bad post

      1. paulyz September 29, 2015

        You reasoning??

    4. rome44 September 25, 2015

      Wow, you gave us a mixed bag, some truth, some hyperbole, conjecture some partial truth and some falsities.
      Have you stopped to consider the Pope came to deliver a different message?

      1. Independent1 September 25, 2015

        Don’t ever expect to read anything that really resembles the truth from Paulyz. A mixed bag is about the best you could ever hope for.

    5. stcroixcarp September 25, 2015

      The thing is that liberals know that everyone doesn’t have to have all of the same opinions. The Pope is absolutely right about the Biblical interpretation of poverty and immigration and refugees. The Bible speaks over and over about justice, loving your neighbors, caring for the poor, widows (single moms) and orphans. and the aliens or strangers among us. Although I do not agree with him on gay marriage, contraception, abortion rights or women’s ordination. But I do respect him. Abortion for instance. Although I do not love or advocate that women should have abortions, I know that there are times when abortion is merciful and just . And that it must remain a safe and legal option. I love and respect this Pope and I am not a catholic.

      1. TZToronto September 25, 2015

        I think that one would find very few people who are pro-abortion. Almost all of those demonized by the religious right re: abortion are simply pro-choice, not pro-abortion.

      2. Sand_Cat September 28, 2015

        Under US Law no one can be forced to have an abortion (except in Saipan, which has traditionally been protected by the GOP zealots such as Tom Delay) or to marry someone of whom their church disapproves.
        Is Pauly saying he has no disagreements with the pope?
        Doesn’t he agree we should applaud those who seem to us to support justice where they do, and disagree where they don’t?
        Obviously, Pauly would like to make us all act as he does, speaking of hypocrisy.

      3. paulyz September 29, 2015

        The Pope discusses those as well as what I mentioned, as well as personal responsibility. But he also said nothing on how much the US has helped Millions.

    6. Independent1 September 25, 2015

      The Pope should congratulate the U.S.??? Really?? FOR WHAT??

      Do you realIze that 4-5 neighboring EU nations have committed to accepting 2,000,000 syrian refugees?? Countries with less than 1/2 the U.S. population all combined and America’s so generous it’s committed to taking 1/20 of that number!!! 100,000!!!

      1. paulyz September 29, 2015

        If you read my post you woukd know FOR WHAT. Maybe those EU Countries can accept some of the MILLIONS of Illegals from the U.S., so we can take some of those refugees, but screening them first, which is a difficult, if not impossible task. It would be better if neighboring Middle Eastern countries took in most of them AND helped financially.

        Again, the Dummy because of simplistic reasoning.

      2. idamag October 1, 2015

        Just like we turned refuges, escaping from hitler, away and an entire boatload of them were sent back to the gas chambers. Hmmm it that Christlike? How about the children fleeing from the drug cartels that were filling the streets with dead bodies. Remember the busload of loud, ignorants screaming at those children? Jesus said, “Suffer little children come unto me.” He also said that which was done to the least of people, was done to him. And these loud bigots claim it is a Christian nation – no way.

    7. Daniel Jones September 25, 2015

      Tagged, you lying troll.

      Have a nice day.

      1. idamag September 25, 2015

        No matter how he spells it, paul lyz or Paul lies, Paul lies.

      2. paulyz September 29, 2015

        Tag this dummy! Have a nice day. Has the Memo warned you to be more civil?

      3. paulyz September 29, 2015

        TAG this dummy. Have a wonderful day. Did the Memo warn you about being civil?

    8. CripesAmighty September 26, 2015

      For the ‘Most shopworn Wingnut talking points, and moldy unsupported rhetorical chestnuts squeezed into a single block of text without a paragraph break’, prize, we have a winner.

      1. paulyz September 29, 2015

        Ohh, are you having a hard time without a breakdown in paragraphs, I’ll try to make it simpler for you next time.

        1. CripesAmighty September 29, 2015

          It’s ok. Reading Wingnut rants has honed my skills in translating ‘Illiterate Hick’ into English.

          1. paulyz September 30, 2015

            Bet you’re good at Ebonics & Spanish as well then.

      2. paulyz September 29, 2015

        I’ll try to break it down simpler for you next time when I address a comment to you.

    9. Sand_Cat September 28, 2015

      You do realize that the US is the stingiest of all industrialized countries when it comes to foreign aid, don’t you? And most of what we do give is weapons of war.

      1. paulyz September 29, 2015

        Haa! The U.S. is by FAR the top Country providing foreign aid, & this isn’t even counting the volunteers, or allowing Legal Immigrants & refugees into our Country, not to mention the drain of Millions of ILLEGAL Trespassers.

        1. Sand_Cat September 29, 2015

          One show of ignorance is insufficient, eh? That’s what is called stupidity.

          1. paulyz September 30, 2015

            Facts are a bitch, ignoring them by prevaricating is stupidity & obvious.

          2. Sand_Cat September 30, 2015

            Well said. The facts are as I stated them, so quick prevericating.

        2. Independent1 October 1, 2015

          Wow!! Are you ever going to come out of living in LA LA Land??

          Sure, the U.S. is overall the biggest provider of foreign aid, but that’s only because it is BY FAR the biggest country with the highest national income of the countries normally compared on giving foreign aid.

          But do you realize that the U.K. that has 1/5 the population of the U.S. provides more than half as much foreign aid as we do?? Almost 18B to America’s 31.5B in 2013?? And that Germany, a country with about 1/4 the population of the U.S. gives almost 1/2 as much?? Almost 15B to America’s 31.5B??

          And that if you rank the countries by their national income, the total amount of monies their populations’ earn, the U.S. comes out NUMBER 20??? In the list??

          I’m not trying to run the U.S. down, I’m trying to wake up people like you who have so many misconceptions about our country and lthat somehow you nitwits are being overburdened by taxation – when the fact is that Americans PAY BY FAR SOME OF THE LOWEST TAXES ON THE PLANET, ESPECIALLY IF YOU COMPARE OUR TAXATION TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES YOU WOULD REALLY WANT TO LIVE IN!!

          See this list of how America compares to other countries based on how much money people in America really have to provide to help other countries that are struggling (based on each country’s national income; using 2013 foreign aid numbers):

          Norway – 1.07%
          Sweden – 1.02%
          Luxembourg – 1.00%
          Denmark – 0.85%
          United Kingdom – 0.72%
          Netherlands – 0.67%
          Finland – 0.55%
          Switzerland – 0.47%
          Belgium – 0.45%
          Ireland – 0.45%
          France – 0.41%
          Germany – 0.38%
          Australia – 0.34%
          Austria – 0.28%
          Canada – 0.27%
          New Zealand – 0.26%
          Iceland – 0.26%
          Japan – 0.23%
          Portugal – 0.23%
          United States – 0.19%
          Spain – 0.16%
          Italy – 0.16%
          South Korea – 0.13%
          Slovenia – 0.13%
          Greece – 0.13%
          Czech Republic – 0.11%
          Poland – 0.10%
          Slovak Republic – 0.09%

      2. paulyz September 29, 2015

        Haaa! The U.S. is by FAR the most generous in foreign aid, & that isn’t even including volunteers & Millions of immigrants. Sometimes weapons help people
        obtain Liberty, but you are biased in that assumption. Always criticizing your own Country, a Liberal policy.

        1. Sand_Cat September 29, 2015

          Thanks for demonstrating again your invincible ignorance. And the only time you criticize your country is when it does something good: that’s a “conservative” and idiot policy.

          1. paulyz September 30, 2015

            Ignoring the truth again I see? Tell me all the good, wonderful things I criticize my Country for? Anything I criticize are Liberal policies that hurt my Country, I never criticize my Country, that is sonething I hear over & over again on this National Liberal Memo site.

          2. Sand_Cat September 30, 2015

            Yes, I do tend to ignore your made-up “facts,” as do most intelligent people.

  11. TZToronto September 25, 2015

    Buchanan’s a jerk. All he had to say was that he was wrong about desegregation, but no, he tried to make it sound like it was a noble thing that he did. And I wish these hypocrites would stop trying to make it sound like the Constitution is based on Judeo-Christian beliefs. It’s very clear, in the First Amendment, that religion–even Christianity–is not the basis for the rules and procedures set forth in the Constitution. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof . . .” In no way has President Obama attempted to prohibit the exercise of religion. If anything, it’s the judiciary, rightly, who have told Kim Davis, et al., that they are no allowed to inject their religious beliefs into their sworn duties to the people–all of the people–without bias.

    1. rome44 September 25, 2015

      You’re so right but why is a Canadian weighing in? Americans should know at least the very basics of the Articles of our Constitution.
      Extreme right wingers Like Huckabee & Cruz know better the 1st. Amend is Civics 101.
      These men are always on the fringes just to stay relevant. The answer To Ms. Davis self induced dilemma is very simple the old adage here is you can’t serve two masters at once.
      The answer has been in front of her face all this time. I truly believe she just wants her 15 minutes and Ms. Davis they are up.

      1. TZToronto September 25, 2015

        I’m a U.S. citizen, having been born in CT. (No, I’m not an “anchor baby.”) Kim Davis should know what Jesus said: Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s. Seems like separation of church and state to me (unless you subscribe to the idea that Jesus was actually saying that nothing belongs to Caesar but phrasing it in such a way as to prevent the Romans from arresting him –in which case we have the same problem). We all know the solution to Kim Davis’ dilemma: If her conscience bothers her so much when she has to perform her sworn duty to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples (no bias), then she needs to resign her position as County Clerk. Not resigning is hypocritical. And if she didn’t know that her duties would include issuing marriage licenses without bias when she ran for office, then she should resign anyway. . . . On the other hand, Canadians are impartial observers. Same-sex marriage has been permitted for a number of years in Canada, and I haven’t heard of one instance in which an issuing clerk has declined to issue a license to a same-sex couple. (It may have happened, but I haven’t heard about it.)

        1. rome44 September 25, 2015

          Sorry, with Toronto as part of your name I assumed.
          We are in agreement we just express it differently.

          1. TZToronto September 25, 2015

            No problem. I do live in Toronto, but, given the influence the U.S. has on the Canadian economy, it would be foolish not to take a real interest in U.S. politics. (I still vote in CT.) Even with the Canadian federal election coming up in less than a month, I think most concerned Canadians have at least as much interest in the U.S. political scene as they do in the Canadian. (As in the U.S., there’s a significant portion of the population who don’t know who’s running, what they stand for, or even that there’s an election on Oct. 19.)

          2. Independent1 September 25, 2015

            If Canada were a state, it would be the 2nd largest population wise – behind California and ahead of Texas.

          3. TZToronto September 25, 2015

            Ooooh . . . Lots of electoral votes, mostly going to the Democrats.

          4. dtgraham September 27, 2015

            Like about 72% of the popular vote going to the Democrats, according to Angus Reid in 2012. Many of the others had no opinion due to lack of knowledge. I think just the Canadian Mormons selected Romney in that survey.

          5. TZToronto September 27, 2015

            I’ll be voting for whichever donkey the Democrats nominate, plus Blumenthal for Senate in CT and the Democratic nominee for House in my district (CT #1). It’s really an easy choice. There’s no one on the GOP side that has anything to offer that could be considered as constructive. When all you have is what’s wrong with the current President, it sure sounds like, “Well, when I’m elected, I’ll try to think of something. . . . How about repealing Obamacare?”

        2. CripesAmighty September 26, 2015

          Lets be real, here. Kim Davis’ actions are not based on studied contemplation of Scripture. Davis acts on impulses driven by whatever blasted from her idiot box on Fox Noise, reinforced by cruising the Breitbart comment sections; and the rantings from the AM radio in her ’83 Cutlass on the way to ‘work’.
          Compounding this effect is validation in the form of ‘personalities’ from the aforementioned idiot box appearing on the flesh to shower her with visions of book deals and ‘reality’ celebrity–and cash.

          1. TZToronto September 27, 2015

            Well, there is that . . .

      2. plc97477 September 25, 2015

        A Canadian needs to weigh in because we have cut funds to our education to the point that we can no longer think that through.

        1. rome44 September 28, 2015

          Ok buddy but the topic is Kim Davis serving the public holding a gov. job refusing to issue marriage licenses because it’s against her religion. Well she can’t have both ways, she should do one or the other.

    2. Sand_Cat September 28, 2015

      A judiciary dominated by GOP appointees, no less.

  12. jiro tanaka September 25, 2015

    Huckabee should be stoned to death for sacrilege, a bigot and a moron.

    1. Sand_Cat September 28, 2015

      While I agree with your characterization of Mr. Huckabee, let’s not play his game. NO ONE should be stoned to death for ANY OPINION, no matter how ill-founded and wrong we may find it. Remember, he feels the same way about us (actually, probably not quite that extremely), and we don’t want to be like him.

  13. Otto Greif September 25, 2015

    Time has proven Buchanan right about busing to achieve integration.

    1. Looner September 25, 2015

      You would say that. Don’t they miss you over on the Storm Front comment boards? Seriously.

      1. Otto Greif September 25, 2015

        That’s a fact.

        1. Independent1 September 25, 2015

          Only in your convoluted corrupt mind – otherwise it’s the real thing – a blatant lie!!!!

        2. Daniel Jones September 25, 2015

          So they *do* miss you. Thanks for confirming it. Also, tagged you again, you lying troll.

      2. idamag September 25, 2015

        He’s Joe Schmo, the nazi’s kid

        1. Looner October 1, 2015

          Ahhh, that explains a lot

    2. johninPCFL September 25, 2015

      Then why is Buchanan claiming to be on the opposite side of the issue? If he is right, why not just say “I told you so”?

      1. Otto Greif September 25, 2015

        You should reread what Buchanan said.

        1. Sand_Cat September 28, 2015

          Yes, bigotry – his and yours – bears repeating.

          1. Otto Greif September 28, 2015

            After decades of forced busing liberals conceded the policy was a failure and abandoned it. Buchanan was right all along.

          2. Sand_Cat September 29, 2015

            If it failed, it was likely in large measure because of racists like you who fought and fought and removed their kids from public schools to avoid integration, and did everything else they possibly could to sabotage it.

          3. Otto Greif September 29, 2015

            It’s not racist to want your children to go to a safe, well ordered school, it’s good parenting. When Obama lived in Chicago his daughters went to a private school. Go lecture him.

    3. Kyle White September 25, 2015

      Actually, they quit bussing kids in and going out of the way to desegerate public schools. Why? It was to much trouble. Even though it has been proven to work for the betterment of not just the minority but the majority as well. Children in integrated schools preform better.

    4. Daniel Jones September 25, 2015

      No, time has proven people are lazy. Schools that are not segregated do better than segregated ones.

  14. Kyle White September 25, 2015

    You know what causes sexual thoughts? I’m gonna clear the air for you tonight. Here’s what causes sexual thoughts: having a reproductive organnd of story. I can speak for every guy here tonight, aaaand, OK I will. In the course of our day ANYTHING can cause a sexual fucking thought. You can be on a train or a bus, and it’s rocking kinda nice. Pants are a little tight. Oh my God, I’m getting a woody! I’m getting a woody on the train. What are we gonna do, ban public transportation?

  15. idamag September 25, 2015

    Buchanan, religious liberty, persecution? Maybe, the Romans wouldn’t have thrown the Christians to the lions if they had been respectful of the Romans’ religion. As for Kim Davis, she should find other employment. Leviticus is the place where homosexuality is discussed. If we are going to follow Leviticus, then we should follow the whole thing, not just that which reinforces our bigotry. That means a woman in her mensus must be completely isolated from the tribe seven days. She is to see no one. She is also quarantined after the birth of a child – 30 days for a boy, 60 days for a girl. People cannot eat pork or shellfish.

    Ben Carson and Bobby Jindal, religious freedom is guaranteed to all religions and people, like you are the reason for that right.

    Don’t brag about the American Culture. It used to allow terrorists to lynch, bomb, and burn crosses on Saturday Night and pass the plate in church on Sunday.

    Huckabee, Obama, a practicing Christian, showed his humanity and tolerance by inviting the Pope to the White House. You, a former anti-desegregationalist, is qualited to talk about someone else.

  16. Buford2k11 September 26, 2015

    Hmm…God’s Greatest Gift to Mankind is the Women’s Va-jay-jay…It has the magical effect on men, and sometimes women…Many wars have been fought over the Golden Triangle…Many Men have died in the wilderness pursuing the elusive, Big Foot Va-Jay-Jay…Many have died, braving the mean streets of America in the search of the “Elusive, exclusive, and much maligned Rented Va-jay-jay….Vitter can attest to that, he is a survivor…But, mostly, Men spend nine months gestating, sucking the nutrients out of Mother’s womb, and fighting the Abortion Wars, until that Moment arrives, where the Man or Women is delivered into this world, where republicans can now wage war on the new borns…Then We Men, spend the rest of our lives trying to get back in…

  17. Sand_Cat September 28, 2015

    Yes, I’m VERY concerned about people who think they’re Christians and pretend to be Christians: the GOP is currently crawling with them. Can you image the outrage these hypocrites would show if that socialist-communist-fascist-Kenyan Muslim Jew showed up today instead of 2000 years or so ago and said the same sorts of things?

    1. idamag October 19, 2015

      If Jesus came and said they either had to give up him or their ideology, they would give up Jesus without even thinking about it.

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