This Week In Crazy: No Such Thing As Church-State Separation

This Week In Crazy: No Such Thing As Church-State Separation

Forget Benghazi — have you heard Hillary’s taste in music? Oh, and yogurt is turning children into sinners. It’s “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Jody Hice

HiceThis whole “church-y state-y separation-y” thingy has been a big misunderstanding.

According to Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA), God ordained three institutions: family, church, and government. And while Christians don’t have any trouble carving out roles for themselves in the former two, Christian participation in government is lacking, Hice says.

Why won’t more Christians participate in government? Hice says it’s because they have “bought into that false belief” of “so-called separation of church.”

First off, Hice wheels out the dusty saw that the exact phrase “separation of church and state” is not found in the Constitution (it isn’t — but the idea is pretty well enshrined).

Then he proposes that church-state separation rhetoric has somehow tricked Christians into believing that they’re prohibited from public office. The result of their non-participation is widespread corruption and immorality at all levels of government.

Hice’s remarks form a nested doll of nonsense: assumptions based on falsehoods, rubbish compounded upon rubbish. It’s a tough truthiness nut to crack, but let me try to clarify a few things, congressman: church-state separation does exist, it does not mean what you think it means, and furthermore Christians make up a staggering 92 percent of members of Congress.

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Next: Fox & Friends

4. Fox & Friends

When it comes to Hillary Clinton, no blow is too low, and nothing is too minor that it can’t be amplified into a full-blown wannabe-Whitewater.

So it was on Tuesday’s edition of Fox & Friends when host Helen Nauert took aim at Hillary Clinton’s Spotify playlist, saying the songs on the list demonstrated “themes of jealousy,” “a lack of strong convictions,” and “even a failed marriage.”

All things considered, it’s a pretty anodyne playlist, focusing on chart-topping music that’s been released since 1999 — the better to poach Millennials’ votes with.

Maybe Fox & Friends are just envious. Generally speaking, Democratic candidates have an easier time licensing music to use in their campaigns than Republicans do.

At least one person’s a fan of Clinton’s playlist.

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Next: One Million Moms 

3. One Million Moms

One Million Moms, the perennially offended arm of hate group the American Family Association (AFA), likes to mobilize outrage against media outlets that say and do un-Christian things.

At the moment, they’ve set their crosshairs-for-Christ on Chobani — the yogurt company — whose latest ad has been accused of trying to “normalize sin” and is “pushing the LGBT agenda.”

The commercial features a woman waking up one perfect morning to wrap herself in a sheet and sensuously eat a cup of yogurt while being serenaded by a banjo player on the beach just outside the door. Like ya do.

Nothing new here. “Sex sells,” and so forth, right? Wrong. Because this woman is in bed with another woman, and just to really stick it to those million moms, she’s wearing a wedding ring.

According to

This commercial not only promotes same-sex relationships by including two lesbians, but also same-sex marriage because the two women wear matching wedding bands. The ad states, “To Love this Life is to Live it Naturally.” There is nothing natural about homosexuality. […] One Million Moms continues to stand up for Biblical truth, which is very clear in Romans 1:26-27 about this particular type of sexual perversion.

Chobani did not return National Memo‘s request for comment.

Next: Southern Baptist Convention

2. Southern Baptist Convention

Conservative Christian groups are girding themselves for an imminent Supreme Court decision that could make same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. In preparation, they have promised armed resistance, threatened to secede, and now declared nothing short of “spiritual warfare.”

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) — which sports a whopping 16 million members — adopted a resolution at its national convention this week that the SBC would not respect, honor, or obey any Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality.

Addressing a 5,000-member audience Tuesday, SBC president, Rev. Ronnie Floyd, said: “I want to be more than clear: we love all people. And even if they are struggling with same-sex attraction … we want to help them.”

“Helping them,” in this case, means adopting a resolution, titled “On the Call to Public Witness on Marriage,” that was drawn up in order to make clear that “Southern Baptists recognize that no governing institution has the authority to countermand God’s definition of marriage.”

The resolution unequivocally states that “no matter how the Supreme Court rules,” SBC churchgoers will not recognize the rights of LGBT citizens, even as they defend their own bigotry under the aegis of not having their “religious liberty infringed.”

It is a tad unnerving to see 5,000 people burst into raucous applause, celebrating the idea that the rulings of the highest court in the land do not apply to them. Not to wade into the territory of “slippery slope” arguments or anything, but you have to wonder… what other laws does the SBC’s God disagree with?

Next: Michael Savage

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1. Michael Savage

Screenshot: YouTube

If you thought it was fun when Donald Trump went on stage Tuesday and rambled incoherent xenophobic nonsense for an hour, just remember Michael Savage gets to do this every week, folks.

On his radio show Wednesday, Savage took aim at Pope Francis for having aligned himself with accepted science in his historic encyclical Thursday, calling him an “eco-wolf in pope’s clothing,” a “stealth Marxist in religious garb,” and a “false prophet” who was “directing mankind to worship the Antichrist.”

“The same people who gave us Obama gave us this pope,” Savage raged, by which he means Francis is another puppet of the New World Order.

“I disagree with his big lie” about climate change, Savage said, “and I resent mixing politics with religion in my nation… It’s disgusting.” This is the same man who once said that we “must have a politicized Christianity, in order for Christianity to survive at all.”

He then offered to buy the Sistine Chapel. Which kind of makes sense for a talk-radio hack who loves the sound of his own voice: The acoustics in there are probably awesome.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

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