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This Week In Crazy: Will The Real Klansman Please Stand Up?

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This Week In Crazy: Will The Real Klansman Please Stand Up?


There may be multiple Rafael Cruzes but there can be only one David Duke. Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the loony, bigoted, and hateful behavior of the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Not David Duke

We have a live one here.

A man impersonating the former KKK leader David Duke filed a typo-plagued motion against Donald Trump in federal court, attempting to keep Trump from “participating in the presidential race due to [Trump] being a danger to American morals, values, systems and principles.” But moreover, would-be Duke says, Trump must not be allowed to seek the highest office because Trump stole Not-Duke’s “intellectual property” — and that “intellectual property” just happens to be a suite of extremist views.

Faux Duke writes in his motion: “Donald Trump stole my intellectual property and then claims he never knew me, he disavows me. I am the Republican who lead the way in opposing affirmative action, massive immigration and welfare exploitation and Donald Trump stole my ideas while he disavows me. […] Donald Trump seems to feel he is entitled to steal people’s ideas for his campaign and not give them credit, which is wrong, and I find that offensive. ” He continues:

After years of hard work I spent writing the book My Awakening about race and immigration Trump think she can dupe Europeans (sic) Americans and throw me under the bus. Now he is taking the credit for proposals that I created to help make America great again. Donald Trump is a copyright infringer. He disavows me, but his fundamental ideas that I introduced into the Party as a House of Representatives Member …. Donald Trump takes ideas and then disavows the people he borrows them from.

The full motion is reproduced below, courtesy of LawNewz.

The Duke imposter has created a nested doll of inanity here: He pretends to be one of our nation’s most visible and vocal emissaries of hate; espouses the notion that somehow the very notion of white supremacy is a Duke original, wholly created and under copyright by the ex-Grand Wizard; and then seeks damages from Trump for stealing said ideas; only to blast him for then disavowing them. (Trump did, in fact, after much dithering, disavow Duke’s endorsement of his campaign.) But the Duke doppelganger does get one thing right: “Donald Trump,” he writes, “is a patent troll.”

The actual David Duke was not amused. “That’s the biggest, dirtiest trick I’ve seen recently,” he told the Tampa Bay Times. “They’ve really gone into the depths, the enemy. That would be the perfect smear: ‘Even David Duke doesn’t like Donald Trump.’ ”

Hat tip LawNewz

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Sam Reisman

Sam Reisman is the former managing editor at The National Memo, where he still writes the weekly "This Week In Crazy" column. His writing has appeared in Flavorpill, The Huffington Post, Columbia Daily Spectator, and Bwog. He was the publisher of the 2010 edition of Inside New York, an annual guidebook to the city for students and young professionals.

Since 2011, he has co-curated and hosted Peculiar Streams, a showcase for NYC-based writers, musicians, comedians, and filmmakers. He is a staff writer at Mediaite, and blogs at SamReisman.com.

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  1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 11, 2016

    “Behold the confusion that hath befallen the tribes of the defeated”.

    One would be hard-pressed to dig up a sign of confusion that surpasses what this article portrays.

  2. FireBaron March 11, 2016

    A true assemblage of loonies. Thank you Sam. And not one mention of “Sister Sarah” or Michelle Bachman and her formerly-gay husband!

  3. RED March 11, 2016

    It’s just difficult to come up with words to describe how disgusting those afflicted with the Con sickness are.

  4. jeffromac23 March 11, 2016

    My question for the Republican party is if you guys are so right about everything can you please tell me why you need a whole TV network and 30 or so radio shows to tell us how right you are. If you are right about every policy you come up with wouldn’t it be evident to everybody that all you would need to do was present the policy instead of having all these radio hosts repeatedly tell the people about it over and over again.
    Sometimes I wonder if your trying to convince me and others or if your trying to convince yourselves. It really must irk you that your opponents still beat you when you have all theses people yelling about how right you are maybe you should come up with laws that help out normal everyday people instead of corporations and companies that just want to do whatever they please no matter how bad it is for your constituents in the name of making more and more profits without ever caring whether they are killing off their own customers.

  5. Paul Bass March 11, 2016

    Alec Jones and the anti vaxxers should be held criminally liable for anyone who DIES of Mumps, rubella, etc. How stupid can you be? Too bad his mother vaccinated him…

  6. opinioned1 March 11, 2016

    Trump incites the crowd with racist dog whistles, promises that he will pay these types of bigots legal expenses if arrested. Now the old racist who threw the punch can’t make bail and Trump is leaving him to rot. Shows you the bullshit that comes out of Trump’s mouth. Trump, not just a liar but a racist and bigot as well. Typical uneducated type Trump luvs!!

    1. Bob Eddy March 11, 2016

      Sorry! The dog whistles are long gone and it is his open brand of racism that really attracts these supporters.

  7. dtgraham March 11, 2016

    “Hi, I’m Ted Cruz.” “I love God and I hate everyone else.” Listen up rat people. Your leader, Ted Cruz is speaking.

    Ever notice that Republicans seem to change their name a lot? Ted Cruz was once ‘Rafael Eduardo Cruz’. Mitt Romney used to be ‘Willard Romney’. Bobby Jindal was apparently once ‘Piyush Jindal’. I’m guessing that Donald Trump must have been born ‘Smallfingers Tinydick II’.

  8. Joan March 11, 2016

    We are one GOP President away from another war in the Middle East, a tax plan that works even better for the 1% turning the Anerican worker into little more than a serf.
    We are one GOP President away from no abortion, even in cases of rape and incest, millions losing their newly acquired health care, SS and Medicare block grants that will make poor seniors long for the promised death camps.
    We are one GOP President away from the destruction of our planet and our democracy.

    1. Milton W. Lowe March 11, 2016


      1. Joan March 11, 2016

        Oh wow, don’t refute anything – just call names, so mature, so eloquent, so intelligent. I am convinced – I am going to rush a donation to both Trump and Cruz. Thanks for playing, have a great day.

        1. Milton W. Lowe March 11, 2016

          My comment was to refute everything you said which was all a pile of democratic, progressive crap…sorry I didn’t make that clear. You also sound a bit glass half full to boot…

          1. Joan March 11, 2016

            I do not think refute means what you seem to think it does. Personal insults could serve to refute any claim you may make to the ability to engage in reasoned, civil discourse.

          2. Milton W. Lowe March 11, 2016

            JOAN, your whole original piece was a degradation to the GOP in a “catch all” type tripe which I was addressing in the 1st place & you insist on carrying out a twisted dialogue with me….so I guess I must have hit a nerve with you…TRUMP FOR 2016 & 2020 GET USED TO IT!!!

  9. Milton W. Lowe March 11, 2016


    1. dtgraham March 11, 2016

      You can’t even spell it right. It’s Libtards. I at least want to be insulted correctly. The best argument for Bernie Sanders’ free college tuition idea is the Donald Trump voting base.

      1. Milton W. Lowe March 11, 2016

        LIBTARDS, LIPTARDS, IF THE SHOE FITS WEAR IT…the Donald Trump voting base is made up of honestly pissed Americans of all sorts & WE THE PEOPLE TYPES & WE ARE GOING TO ELECT TRUMP PRESIDENT IN 2016 & 2020 & GET AMERICA GREAT AGAIN…YOU ARE WELCOME ABOARD…

        1. jmprint March 11, 2016

          Yes but they (Trump voters) don’t know what they are upset about.

          They ask for abolishing pro-choice and they got over 170 laws passed and several hundred women clinics got closed, you got what you asked for, in fact they are still working hard at making it harder for women. They even closed the government for a month to accommodate you.

          They target the anger towards immigrants, but they didn’t send our jobs oversees, the republicans cater to the rich, they are the ones that have sent the job oversees, they closed American business, destroyed economies and made the dependence of government greater.

          The republicans are the ones that voted against raising the minimum wage, which would have helped this angry people,

          They are mad because of jobs and wages, right?

          1. Milton W. Lowe March 11, 2016

            Raising the minimum wage much is a deal breaker…it is meant for people starting out not being a career & where it’s been raised much it causes more problems than it helps… we need to get more small businesses going & really develop more jobs through the middle class too…Trump can do that…no one else running for pres. can or even talks about it….TRUMP FOR 2016 & 2020….IT’LL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

          2. Polana March 11, 2016

            As a importer I have visited trump’s factory in China, and I refused to deal w/them/ 1st of all the condition of the work environment is deplorable, people never looked up at me when I was passing by, not allowed to even take a break to take a piss. Now the factory where Ivanka’s handbags are made it’s about the same thing, UGLY purse to begin with. I declined the offer of a deal.
            I suggest, get out od your cave and start seeing the world. Trump is the one who did not have his hat made in the USA . They R made in China. How is that jobs for America. U tell me.
            U R Moron. Man that stands for nothing will fall for anything.
            Good luck with your new President, and be ready to send your kids to another useless war,by the way why don’t you join????
            Sign up, volunteer you life and se how that works for U. By the way if you are so well informed, Trumpee have to get order for PM of Israel, we are the Colony of Greater Israel since 2005.
            I just hope that u know that. Good luck, U will needed.

            “I guess surrender of USA to the Greater Israel is complete. There were times when partnership stopped at our borders and the Congress Supported the US President. Now it seems USA is a North American Colony of Greater Israel and the US President is just the Governor of the Colony and the Congress now reports to the PM of Israel.” Sharon in 2005 to G.W. Bush

            Thank God that not many morons like in this country, soon they will die off like the dinosaurs, something to talk about and wonder, what they have been drinking – Flint water???

          3. Milton W. Lowe March 11, 2016

            Thanks for your wishes…for you information I am 77 yrs old & a bit too old for fighting other peoples battles, I guess I’m one of those Dinosaurs you speak of…I do believe Trump will be a very good president & much better than we’ve had for a long time if the “elites” & the NWO people don’t muck it up…if they do we’ll all need a lot of luck because this Country & World as we now know it will be gone for ever…U will need luck yourself Polana….nice name. OORAH! GOD BLESS AMERICA…

          4. Polana March 11, 2016

            No U R wrong I don’t need a luck, I am lucky enough, that I started my business under Clinton and was doing very well, took a nose dive under Bush and recover it very nicely under Obama that U and some others hate so much (could do better if Congress would get to work and overcome their hate).
            I have 7 employees and starting another business, and instead of focusing on people that can’t do squat for me, I am researching my other potential business venture here and abroad and if all is well I will create few jobs w/out help of the Government. Never filed for bankruptcy to stiff my country fellow man to pay for it.
            By the way I am 66 yrs old and foreigner w/US citizenship and doing just fine. No matter who is the President I will do fine. I can always move to Spain (have a condo there), move to Poland (have apartment there or Jordan have a house there) or even Vilnus – have friends there to stay as long as I want – and no I don’t fear Putin, or anybody else. Always welcomed in any country I visit. So U see I have options, what do U have??
            However the road to my success was my own way of thinking and used the communist rule (yes I grew up in communist ruled country), if you wanted to survive listen to your heart and use your God given brain. Don’t let anybody think for you because none of us is the same and think the same. Never let anybody to influence U with their agenda because none of them have u in mind but themselves. It works for me. I am my own woman. Good luck – U will needed not me.

          5. Milton W. Lowe March 11, 2016

            Thanks for your kind reply & letting me know you are a woman, I had a feeling you were. I am a retired police officer & haven’t made good decisions in my life & when my last job folded due to the “economy” I gave up taking IQ tests for employment & being told I was over qualified & the employers “are going another direction” meaning “younger”…so I retired again in 12/2012 & am living on my fixed income…month by month. I’m glad to hear you are successful & you are doing alright…you sound like a very interesting person that I’d love to have a long conversation with some day…Milt

          6. Polana March 12, 2016

            We all make mistakes in life but these mistakes should be a lesson not to make them again. I don’t have much time to socialize as I travel a lot and socialize in other countries and learn a lot even in my age. U never to late or old to learn. People change, world is changing and the hate is still here. I don’t hold grudges, I look for good in people and always find it by listening what they are talking and the substance . I am not rich by any stretch of imagination, but I pay my bills on time here and abroad and I am welcome everywhere in the world, Why?? Because I respect their homes, culture and their faith.
            I have been to Jordan many times, needed medical help in accident got it immediately to a tune of few dinars( thousand of dollars here), People were amazing, Moslem and Christian, live next to each other and none argue over anything, help each other any way they can. while in Jordan for 3 wks I could hear the bombings and raids w/in Israel/and the Palestinians and what a saw w/my own eyes Trump never seeing with his. With all his money and own airplane who could much more for peace and wildlife ( I am great supporter of conservation of wildlife, against poaching, killing animals for sport/fun/trophy. Seeing lions, cheetah, farms were they r raised for killing ( we have alligators, lions farm in US – grotesque) Saw Awricans in China eating dogs (they would not do it here), these poor animals killed in most horrible wa)cats too) and all for Americans because they can’t do it in US. Just what Brutal Land management does to wild horses and now to Bisons is horrible. All for money.

            As aold Indian chief said
            Native Crete tribe chief “ After the last tree has been cut and the last river has been poisoned will you find that money can not be eaten”
            How trye.
            I am white, European and widow with an boyfiriend who is Arab. He is Christian and don’t believe in religion – why
            Here it’s
            “With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion” Steven Weinberg
            That’s what is coming – fake religion form fake pastors who neve even seeing the inside the church. I have no patience or respect for them. I have 7 of them and each tells different story. I use my common sense. Some people have more money than common sense, I have both.
            Once Trump privatize SS you will not even have fixed income – U will have no income, no medicare or even ACA (Obamacare). I am also n economist by degree and I crunch numbers (bean counter so to speak), so I know who’s economy will be good or bad. Let me tell U this much not under bernie, Trump, Rubio or Cruz, Clinton makes more sense than all of them. If U understand checks and balances, the difference between old debt and new debt then U will understand, who is better at math. I am the old school, where 2+2 is 4 not 3 or 5

        2. dtgraham March 12, 2016

          Well thank you Milton. You’re also welcome to FEEL THE BERN of Americans on the other side of the political spectrum who’re p!ssed with the establishment too.

    2. Bob Eddy March 11, 2016

      Yes, you say it again…and in all caps! I’m impressed, but I think after he finally makes Barry Goldwater the second biggest Republican loser the Trumpster will fade off into the abyss of last few Republican losers and quite possibly take the sucking mass of ooze that is today’s Republican party with him.

      1. Milton W. Lowe March 11, 2016

        I’ll use small case this time…get used to the term President Trump, he’ll probably be around for at least the next 8 years & the other Republican “losers” will be taken care of in time including the other “sucking mass of ooze”! I think this next election will bring a whole new republican base to BE….GOD WILLIN’ & THE CREEKS DON’T RISE! You are also welcome aboard Bob Eddy…have a good one!

        1. jmprint March 11, 2016

          There are not enough idiots in this world, thank God.

          1. Milton W. Lowe March 11, 2016

            I said the same thing when Obama was elected twice & voters came out of the graves, & by the bus load with free food, cigarettes, phones & etc. to vote him in…vote often in many precincts
            …wait ’til the FAT lady sings….LOL

          2. jmprint March 11, 2016

            Difference is, Obama is a good president, he just got caught under the “repeat after me BS”. He has accomplished a lot, even with “dysfunctional congress” circumstances. He is not perfect, but he did a find job turning the currant of the Bush nose dive. Trump will lose to Hillary and he will be pleased with the stench he leaves behind, and you can move to Russia and continue your idolization a a Trump like leader.

          3. Milton W. Lowe March 11, 2016

            OBAMA is the worst president FAKE ever…what good has he done…economy is shot, the whole world is laughing at us, he’s brought more muslims in & more rif raf is coming over the open borders, he’s dinking around with ISIS & he’s got goon mercinaries killing innocent Americans (Levoy Finicum) in Oregon & putting innocent rancher protesters in jail on trumped up charges…Do YOUR RESEARCH …KEEP UP WITH CURRENT EVENTS…I’M OUT….

          4. Bob Eddy March 11, 2016

            Economists disagree with you. They rate ours the strongest major economy on the planet. You see, most if us think creating 200,000+ jobs a month is better than losing 780,000 jobs a month that the conservative agenda left behind. Levoy Fincum?!!! A piece of shyt traitor …and stealing government property, armed occupation of government property is actually a crime!

          5. Milton W. Lowe March 11, 2016

            “A piece of shyt traitor” you don’t know what you’re talkin about bama lover…get the f*ck out of here don’t bother me with your ignorance. Go worshipe the FAKE! You are very uninformed & misinformed and smell like a real DIPSTICK…

          6. Bob Eddy March 11, 2016

            Yes, a piece of shyt traitor, a coward (who else pulls off an armed occupation of an unoccupied building?) and a sociopath that died because of his own mind-numbing stupidity.

          7. oldlion March 12, 2016

            I thought you were out? You are out of your mind, however.

        2. DOC March 11, 2016

          Will the congress and the senate make him a one term president like they tried to do to Obama.

        3. oldlion March 12, 2016

          Will you promise, as Ted Nugent did, that you will be dead or in jail if Bernie or Hilary are elected? Please!

          1. Milton W. Lowe March 12, 2016


    3. DOC March 11, 2016

      Dream on.LOL

    4. Robert Eckert March 11, 2016

      I thought you were saying Trump 2016, and 2020 Oprah!

      1. Milton W. Lowe March 11, 2016


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