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Lady Gaga campaigning for Biden

Screenshot from Nov. 2, 2020 LadyGagaNow/ Youtube

Donald Trump and his campaign have been delivering a scattershot and bizarre closing pitch to voters in the hours leading up to the election — essentially throwing spaghetti at the wall in the hopes that Trump can juice Election Day turnout and somehow pull out a win after all of the ballots are cast on Tuesday.

Over the weekend, Trump and his campaign painted pop icon Lady Gaga — who announced she will campaign for Joe Biden in Pennsylvania on Monday — as an "anti-fracking activist."

Of course, fracking is not high on the list of things Lady Gaga is known for. And Gaga herself mocked Trump for the messaging over her visit.

"HEY TIM HEY @realDonaldTrump SO HAPPY IM GLAD TO BE LIVING RENT FREE in your HEAD," Gaga tweeted, referencing Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh, who issued a statement about Gaga's campaign visit with Biden.

In addition to the bizarre attack on the pop state, the Trump campaign tweeted a poorly photoshopped image of the Washington Monument being demolished with the caption, "This would be Joe Biden's America."

During the final stretch of his campaign rallies, Trump has frequently complained about the cold. However, at rallies in Georgia and Pennsylvania over the weekend, supporters were stranded in the cold after charter buses meant to shuttle attendees off the rally sites failed to show up.

At a rally in North Carolina, where Trump also complained about the temperature, he read The Snake — a poem he read often in the 2016 election. The poem uses a xenophobic metaphor to suggest that immigrants are violent and letting them into the country will lead to death.

Trump then said he will fire infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci after the election, even though voters trust Fauci over Trump on the coronavirus by a large margin. Political handicappers called the admission "political malpractice."

Trump has tweeted 130 times since Saturday, according to, including messages to egg on a violent caravan of his supporters that tried to run a Biden campaign bus off the road in Texas.

Biden has held a steady and wide national lead for the entirety of the election. And state-level polls show Biden on course to notch an Electoral College victory.

"I think it's fairly clear particularly from the rhetoric of recent days that he's exhibiting an increasing level of desperation," Bob Bauer, a lawyer for Biden's campaign, said on a call with reporters on Monday, according to Bloomberg News' Jennifer Epstein.

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While the 2020 election went more smoothly than most had dared to hope, the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, a nonpartisan election protection group, nonetheless received a steady drumbeat of complaints to its hotline about voter intimidation and harassment during early voting and on Election Day.

The reports described threats, overly aggressive electioneering, racist language and more. They came from states across the country, including those where the outcome was decided by relatively small numbers of votes.

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