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Trump Mexico Visit Draws Ire From Political Leaders

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Trump Mexico Visit Draws Ire From Political Leaders


GOP nominee Donald Trump announced Tuesday that he would be making a trip to Mexico at the invitation of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. Although Peña Nieto may have extended the invitation for Trump’s visit, several other Mexican political leaders are — very vocally — against it.

The meeting is scheduled for just hours before Trump is set to deliver a speech on his immigration policy, which has been increasingly difficult to follow in recent weeks.

Peña Nieto once compared Trump to Hitler and Mussolini, but confirmed on Twitter that he had invited the Republican presidential hopeful “to discuss bilateral relations.”

Appearing on CNN for an interview, former Mexican President Vicente Fox criticized Peña Nieto, as well as Trump, calling the meeting an “opportunistic move.”

“I hope U.S. public opinion, U.S. citizens can see this and finally, and finally see what is behind Trump, this false prophet that is just cheating everybody,” Fox said.

Fox stated he didn’t understand what Peña Nieto was thinking, unless Trump was making the trip to apologize for his disparaging remarks about Mexicans during the meeting, and summed up his feelings on the visit with the statement, “¡Adiós, Trump!”

Former first lady Margarita Zacala de Calderón also reacted strongly to the news, tweeting that Trump is “not welcome” in her country and that Mexicans “repudiate his hate speech.”

Mexican Senate President Roberto Gil Zuarth and former Mexican diplomat Jorge Guajardo added to the voices in opposition to Trump’s visit. Zuarth tweeted that allowing Trump to come to Mexico legitimized his “proposal of demagogy and hate.” Guajarado said he felt “embarrassed as a Mexican” thanks to Peña Nieto’s invitation.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s camp also reacted to the news, publishing a post on the campaign website pondering which of Trump’s tweets he and the Mexican president may wish to discuss.

“Ahead of Trump’s meeting with President Peña Nieto, here’s a helpful refresher on all the things he’s said about Mexico,” the piece read, listing a roundup of all of Trump’s worst tweets, including some of the following:

Peña Nieto’s latest approval rating was at just 23 percent, according to Mexico News Daily, and it’s unclear that inviting Trump to the country will do anything other than tank his popularity even more. Trump was the subject of a non-legally binding bill in March to ban him from Mexico’s capital.

Those in Trump’s camp, however, are painting the visit as a positive move for the campaign, with manager Kellyanne Conway describing a meeting that will include discussions on illegal immigration and trade policy. Lewandowski, Trump’s former campaign manager, likely current informal advisor, and CNN talking head, said he believes the visit could change U.S.-Mexico relations.

Peter Schechter, director of the Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center at the Atlantic Council, told Politico it was hard to understand the dynamics behind the meeting with the Mexican president.

“Why Peña Nieto wants this meeting is a total mystery. No matter how it is spun, it raises candidate Donald Trump’s profile and legitimacy. It will be unpopular with Mexicans, with the Hillary campaign, with all Americans who are worried about attempts to mainstream Trump.”

Photo: Republican nominee Donald Trump arrives to speak at “Joni’s Roast and Ride” in Des Moines, Iowa, U.S., August 27, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri



  1. Budjob August 31, 2016

    Comrade Trump was,is,and always will be an opportunistic FASCIST PIG!!

    1. AgLander August 31, 2016

      You must be from the sycophant wing of the Clinton camp because you sound so, so butt hurt from having your candidate sitting at home looking very, very small while Trump was on every airwave making a joint appearance with the Mexican president looking presidential and sounding presidential. Trump hit the ball out of the park! Hillary? She was somewhere taking a nap!! She needs her rest……..

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 31, 2016

        Using a word you learned from someone else, Aggie? Good for you. Too bad you don’t know who it applies to.

      2. Budjob August 31, 2016

        Presidential??!! Of what the local PTA?

    2. idamag August 31, 2016

      Using “comrade” suggests he belongs to the group where everything belongs to the state. Fascist is more like it. Trump doesn’t think that much of the state.

      1. Kathleeneford2 September 1, 2016

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  2. Jinmichigan August 31, 2016

    trump apologize? Good one.

  3. Siegfried Heydrich August 31, 2016

    Oh, boy . . . this ought to blow up just spectacularly!

  4. Jon August 31, 2016

    Trump will bring back a certified check from the Mexican government to pay for the wall. Mexico will finally apologize for all the criminals and rapists they sent here. Mexico will agree to rescind current trade agreements with the U.S. and will invest in manufacturing jobs in the U.S. Mexico will help pay for the Deportation Force promised for over one year now. Yes, Trump will put those uppity Mexicans in their place.

    1. Keith Garevich August 31, 2016

      Your name is perfect, because that’s just where your comment belongs…in the john

      1. idamag August 31, 2016

        I assume Jon is being facetious.

        1. AgLander August 31, 2016

          Liberals are born without a sense of humor and it only gets worse as they grow into crabby, angry adults…….Keith is exhibit #1 in demonstrating the cheerless nature of the average liberal.

          1. Jim Samaras August 31, 2016

            Great assessment.

          2. Keith Garevich August 31, 2016

            You’re a drumpf troll. You don’t count anymore

          3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 31, 2016

            And you’re your usual (un)cheery and mellow self, ranting as always. Do you really think you’re qualified to hand out cheerful badges?

        2. Keith Garevich August 31, 2016

          It’s difficult sometime to read sarcasm in written type. I’ve read enough crap from Aglander to take what people say literally unless they specify it’s sarcasm.

      2. Jon September 1, 2016

        Perhaps. Do you think anyone but a Trumpie whose brain has malfunctioned would believe any of that garbage? I get so tired of them and their nonsense that I just have to jump in the litterbox with them once in while just to see what it smells like. However, if my playing in their litterbox inspires you in any way to be more active, to help get people to the polls on election day, or to try to persuade those who aren’t addled brain Trumpies to see the truth instead of a daily dose of lies or take any other positive action to stop the madman, then my playing in their litterbox is worth it.

    2. phylin September 1, 2016

      Trump’s Wall – Phil Linehan

      The whole world heard the clarion call
      “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”
      Thus did Ronald Reagan thunder
      and demand the Berlin barrier be torn asunder.

      Donald Trump promulgated a different view
      but now he cannot decide what he should do.
      They needed, he said, to build a fence that’s thick
      and they would have to build it mighty quick.

      Would he to the National Guard give the order
      to militarize their southern border?
      But the Guard, that never saw Berlin,
      is now well known to be stretched thin.

      I suggest we should try not to dwell
      on those who may go AWOL,
      just like Donald when he did a bunk, went on the lam,
      and never made it to Vietnam.

      Why, one may ask, the idiotic urge
      to carry out a drastic purge?
      Who are those he wanted to keep out,
      and attack with all his mindless Trump clout?

      Gardeners, cleaners, hotel maids,
      shoe shine boys and nurses aides.
      cooks, dish washers and pastry bakers,
      and not forgetting taco makers.

      The mariachis or roving bards
      plus those that clean up in the yards.
      The many known as the hard hats
      and the nannies who control the brats.

      Girls who struggle in sweat shops
      and men who tend to all the crops.
      Remember too garage mechanics,
      the vast majority Hispanics.

      The many who labour in the sun
      picking citrus by the ton.
      Jobs that are the least desired
      so border crossers are always hired.

      Mexican cardiologists and physicists
      are ones that would be greatly missed.
      But, instead of being held at bay,
      they are handed green cards on a tray.

      Can it really be thought as wise
      to try hard workers to criminalize?
      To threaten they’ll end in the lockup
      is worthy of the best Trump cockup.

      Let us now suppose, and just for fun,
      that most decide to go on the run,
      The result would be truly cataclysmic
      and the shocks that followed would be surely seismic.

      No-one can tell just what Donald is thinking
      as the good ship Trump goes right on sinking.
      Can we really believe he was sincere
      that he wanted to seal off the frontier?

      Can it be meant to raise his rating,
      and get off the thin ice on which he’s skating?
      Will it improve his numbers in the newest poll
      and help to pull him from the hole?

      No-one his plan can comprehend
      though he’s known by all to be round the bend.
      But no matter what’s behind his ploy
      he’s managed many to annoy.

      When pondering what might be the outcome
      most consider his wall is just plain dumb.
      But wait! Could it be that he has up his sleeve
      a ruse to ensure they can never leave?

      1. Jon September 1, 2016

        Very nice. Now make sure voters make it to the polls to vote on election day.

  5. Dominick Vila August 31, 2016

    I wish I could say something negative about Trump’s visit to Mexico, but I can’t. The strategy adopted by Trump’s new team is working, and it is more effective than most of us care to acknowledge.
    For the first time since he announced his decision to run for President, Donald Trump appeared presidential, respectful, and objective. Were his remarks sincere? I doubt it, but in a world where perceptions are more important than words and deeds, looking presidential, acknowledging that illegal immigration, the drug trade, and the flow of weapons from the USA to Mexico is causing great harm to both countries, is something that cannot be dismissed as inconsequential. The same goes for the acknowledgment that while NAFTA needs updating, having a trade agreement to promote trade in the North American hemisphere to fend off unfair trade from countries like China and Japan, is in the best interest of both countries. Honestly, there was nothing in his speech, and his decision to accept President Pena Nieto’s invitation, that could be criticized on the basis of merit.
    As for how his base will take his obvious flip flop on immigration, I think Sheriff Arpaio’s comments on CNN an hour or so after Trump’s speech in Mexico said it all. After praising Trump for his courage to go to the lion’s den, where he knew he was likely to find a hostile audience, Arpaio praised his abilities to cut a deal, stating that Trump’s original remarks were meant to influence cooperation by Mexico, realizing that in the end he would have to settle for less than what he originally proposed.
    I plan to vote for Hillary, and I think Trump is despicable, but regardless of whether or not his latest overtures are part of a grand strategy to fool Democrats, Mexican, African Americans, and those Republicans that jumped ship, the fact is that he is gaining ground on Hillary. Her performance at The American Legion earlier today did not help. She looked rattled, exhausted, and the only thing that can be said about the audience is that they were polite. If she doesn’t shift gears soon, she is going to be in trouble.

    1. Jim Samaras August 31, 2016

      I’m glad to hear we finally agree on a subject Dom and as the next few weeks go by I hope actions such as this will convince you and others on this site that Trump will be one of the greatest unifiers in chief we’ve had in years. Your assessment is correct inasmuch as his original hard line stance on immigration was nothing more than a starting point in the negotiation process. He has obviously been a negotiator as his life and knows that if you reach for the moon you may not get there but you’ll get a lot more than the guy that reaches for the second floor.

      He is laying the groundwork for a comprehensive plan that will benefit all parties involved which is the essence of a “good deal.”

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 31, 2016

      Americans to a large degree are more interested in outer semblance, be it for political purposes, to accentuate physical differences in appearances, or to size up a person simply by the way they walk.
      So, chances are, many people will be impressed by the glitter of this stunt and think it shows a narcissist having an ability for diplomacy. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  6. idamag August 31, 2016

    Vincente Fox is right. Trump is an opportunist. He started out getting the bigots and hate groups vote and now he is trying to get the victims’ votes. Maybe, he thinks the Mexicans have a language barrier and he can use that to say he didn’t say what he said.


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