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Fuzzy Math: Why Trump’s Congressional Address Simply Doesn’t Add Up

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Fuzzy Math: Why Trump’s Congressional Address Simply Doesn’t Add Up

Trump Congressional address

Donald Trump once bragged that he could be “more presidential than anybody” — and if that is still just another false boast, his Congressional address proved that for at least one hour, he could seem more presidential than he ever did before. Somebody must have told him that those polls showing his popularity in the toilet are real, not fake, and that if he didn’t want to watch them descend further, this speech presented a chance to “re-set,” as the cable anchors put it.

After his dismal inaugural address, and then five weeks of nightmarish malice and incompetence, that “presidential” bar of expectations is set very low for Trump. So while his speech was well below the standard of most recent presidents, he delivered it calmly and coherently with moments of his undeniable dramatic flair (as when he skillfully and shamelessly exploited the all-too-visible agony of Navy SEAL Ryan Owens’ widow). That was enough to declare this desperate rescue operation a success.

The clearest evidence that Trump was trying to restore a semblance of American decency to his regime — to “normalize” himself as president — came within the first few minutes, when he spoke up at long last against racism and anti-Semitism. He went so far as to mention last week’s racist shooting of two Indian immigrants, one of whom died, in Olathe, Kansas. He had simply ignored the shattering incident (and the unarmed hero who jumped the shooter), provoking an angry editorial in the Kansas City Star, until his staff realized that if he pretended to care, even for a few seconds, this tragedy too could be used to humanize him.

Beyond those contrived moments, the Congressional address was typical Trump — replete with gross demagogy, especially in demonizing immigrants, and devoid of real policy. Indeed, he went beyond his usual recitation of impossible promises and insupportable predictions, predicting that he would virtually abolish narcotics addiction, rebuild the country’s entire infrastructure, immediately and drastically reduce the cost of pharmaceuticals, and spur all those rusting Midwestern factories back into production.

According to him, the repeal of Obamacare will herald a new and cheaper health care system, featuring all the benefits of the Affordable Care Act and none of its costs — including a Medicaid budget sufficiently expanded to “make sure no one is left out” in the 50 states. How will the federal government pay for an even broader Medicaid expansion? Never mind! He has already moved on.

He proposed to budget his vague infrastructure plan at a mere trillion dollars, creating “millions of jobs.” That’s actually a good idea in principle, exactly what Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders advocated last year — but Sanders said forthrightly that he would finance his infrastructure plan by taxing the rich. How will Trump pay for a trillion dollars in infrastructure, when his own budget already proposes to slash the domestic discretionary spending that would finance such a plan?

That Trump budget includes another plan he mentioned, namely the largest peacetime increase in military spending ever — plus higher benefits for veterans, plus “school choice” funding for “millions of African-American and Latino children,” plus a new child-care benefit (which may be nothing more than another tax break for rich families like his own, but still expensive). Oh, and he also vowed to expand drug treatment for those “who have become so badly addicted” to narcotics — when in reality, the Republican health-care plan will throw hundreds of thousands off treatment.

Moreover, his Congressional address promised “historic tax reform” for American corporations, which means reducing corporate levies, and “massive tax relief” for middle-class families — by which he probably means the huge tax cuts he plans to award to the wealthiest Americans, including himself, since there is nothing for the middle class in his plan. In short, he’s slashing tax revenues while planning an enormous expansion of the Pentagon budget, and all the other benefits and programs outlined in his speech, from infrastructure to Medicaid to drug care.

Without a big deficit spree, there is no conceivable fiscal plan that can underwrite Trump’s hucksterism. He makes wild spending promises, swears to reduce taxes, and then complains about the debt incurred by the Obama administration. Such obvious and irreconcilable contradictions have only one rational explanation: This new “presidential” Trump is still lying and dissembling with almost every word. The only difference last night was that he recited the falsehoods from a Teleprompter.

Joe Conason

A highly experienced journalist, author and editor, Joe Conason is the editor-in-chief of The National Memo, founded in July 2011. He was formerly the executive editor of the New York Observer, where he wrote a popular political column for many years. His columns are distributed by Creators Syndicate and his reporting and writing have appeared in many publications around the world, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Nation, and Harpers.

Since November 2006, he has served as editor of The Investigative Fund, a nonprofit journalism center, where he has assigned and edited dozens of award-winning articles and broadcasts. He is also the author of two New York Times bestselling books, The Hunting of the President (St. Martins Press, 2000) and Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth (St. Martins Press, 2003).

Currently he is working on a new book about former President Bill Clinton's life and work since leaving the White House in 2001. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, including MSNBC's Morning Joe, and lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

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  1. dbtheonly March 1, 2017

    Mr. Conason,

    I’m not sure you have to get to “lying and dissembling”.

    Trump’s a salesman. A very successful salesman. But a salesman nonetheless. He will say anything to anyone at anytime to make the sale. The product doesn’t matter. The suitability for the purchaser doesn’t matter. In fact the existence of the item to be sold doesn’t matter. The only, only, thing that matters is the sale.

    Both Mark Twain and Will Rogers had vivid portrayals of the “Snake Oil Salesmen” of the 19th Century. Trump is no different.

    Last night Trump was trying to sell to the Democrats. He told them exactly what he thought they wanted to hear. Lo and behold, Temperate Trump! Temperate Trump is good for what ails you! There’s a marvelous scene in Will Rogers’ “Steamboat Round the Bend” of Rogers selling his “medicine”. I see Trump as a darker version of Rogers’ character.

    So there’s no need to get to “Trump’s lying”. Lying is an irrelevancy to him.

    Instead, what’s Trump tying to sell us, this time? We know we don’t want to buy it.

    1. Michael Allen March 1, 2017

      If that, as you say, is “what he thought [Democrats] wanted to hear,” then he is even more ignorant and stupid than many thought.

      1. dpaano March 1, 2017

        So true, I didn’t hear much of what I, as a Democrat, wanted to hear….it was the same old BS that he’s been spouting for the past couple of months….no change, just in a softer voice!

    2. idamag March 2, 2017

      Very apropos!

  2. FireBaron March 1, 2017

    Well, looking at most of his programs, given this is a “GOP” President and a GOP Congress, they have never had a problem putting off paying for something until ten years down the road what they want to implement today.

    1. plc97477 March 1, 2017

      They don’t have a problem with putting off paying for something because they expect the next Dem. to do the dirty work.

      1. Michael Allen March 1, 2017

        Republicans tend to crash the car into a ditch. The Democrats do the towing and repairs, all the while the Rs are pissing and moaning and complaining and blaming the Ds.

        1. Mama Bear March 2, 2017

          terrific analogy!

    2. dpaano March 1, 2017

      And then, like GWB, they foist it off on the next president and then he/she gets blamed for the high debt! Typical GOP program!

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 2, 2017

        the worse thing about the GOP gang of pinheads is when thy pass the CRAP big debt . when a DEM gets in the house to fix their mess all thy do for 8 years is block every thing that is trying to help the country and the people . by now the votes where if the Dracula look alike PAULIE RYAN was to have let the votes go to the floor now there would be an immigration reform or something and the joke now is the DUMPSTER wants to put $1 trillion on fixing the roads bridges and every thing . and now the gang of pinhead idiots think its a good idea but when Obama said he wanted to do that the morons GOP’s block it and him . tell me what’s with the people of this country ? don’t thy see just how much the GOP wants to do for the country and its people ? (NOTHING only for the 1 & 2 % rich greedy dirt bags . for the life of me I cant understand what’s wrong with the people of the country . the DONNY DUMP followers have an excuse thy are brain dead

  3. rednekokie March 1, 2017

    I was good to myself — went to bed at 7:30, and avoided the snake-oil.
    Feel better than most, this morning, because of that.

    1. idamag March 2, 2017

      I watched re-runs of MASH and then went to bed.

      1. dpaano March 6, 2017

        Probably a lot more interesting and entertaining, right? Everything 45 was spouting were lies anyway!

  4. itsfun March 1, 2017

    This morning even Democrats are saying it was a very Presidential speech and it was also the best speech the President has given. He gave us a specific agenda, gave marching orders to Congress. He honored a departed Navy Seal. He honored a lady that failed 3rd grade twice and now will be getting her Masters degree. He honored a young lady with a terrible rare disease and her father. It was a speech of optimism for our future

    1. Jinmichigan March 1, 2017

      Mr FAKE POSTER has to lie about Democrats to feel good about last nights lie fest. Figures.

      1. itsfun March 1, 2017

        What lies are those? You are not only a fake, but also a phony.

        1. Jinmichigan March 1, 2017

          Mr Fake Poster must be too hung over to understand his own lies this morning. Too bad,

          1. itsfun March 1, 2017

            Like I said you are a phony, so I will be referring to you as Mr. Phony

          2. Jinmichigan March 22, 2017

            Someday maybe you’ll catch up.



          3. itsfun March 22, 2017

            Well if it isn’t MR PHONEY with more blah blah blah.

          4. Jinmichigan March 22, 2017

            Pretty bad when the WSJ calls your man a FAKE. Doesn’t get much worse than that. Under FBI investigation, and you think Clinton was the crook? LOL.

          5. itsfun March 22, 2017

            Clinton is a crook. President Trump is the President. It has been proven there is absolutely no connection to the President and the Russians. President Trump get use to it, he will be the President for a long time. He won’t be drawing red lines, lying about fast and furious, lying about health care, won’t be sending people to every Sunday news show to lie about Benghazi. You lying incompetent hero did all of those things and more. You are proving to be a loser. I would bet you are one of the snowflakes with a shelf full of 6th and 7th place trophies.

          6. Jinmichigan March 22, 2017

            You must have a swimming pool full of trump* Kool Aide to be able to spew that nonsense. So far 60 days in trump* is a complete FAILURE. He doesn’t have one single success. And today his trump*care is going down in the house. My, it is sure easy for you to lie to yourself. Almost as easy as trump* lies about any topic. It is truly sad how gullible you are.

      2. dpaano March 1, 2017

        As someone said above…..many Democrats didn’t bother to even watch the speech, so the poll was a little skewed!

    2. Independent1 March 1, 2017

      America’s biggest conman perpetrated the biggest lies ever perpetrated on the American people in his speech last night. Trump doesn’t believe hardly one word of what he said- he was just doing what he does best – conning millions of Americans into believing his fabrications of reality and lies!!!

      1. idamag March 2, 2017

        We are going to get a chicken in every pot – he said so.

        1. dpaano March 6, 2017

          I wish that chicken was him!!!

    3. jmprint March 1, 2017

      The reason he appears to be softer is because he reads slow. I didn’t see any substance in those promises. What I heard was that he was gutting help for the needy so he could have money for his war games.

      1. itsfun March 1, 2017

        I guess we heard two different things in the speech. So far he has kept his word and is sticking to his campaign promises. He has been in office for only a month. After 6 months, we should have a good idea of where his promise keeping is.

        1. jmprint March 2, 2017

          But he is also lying out of his a$$ and I don’t understand why your party is supporting and protecting a man that has Russian influences. Maniford, Stones, Carter, Ross and now Sessions all have been linked to Russians, I don’t understand why you are NOT concerned?

          1. dpaano March 2, 2017

            I find it interesting that they were all suddenly concerned when they thought Bill Clinton’s meeting on the plane with one of Obama’s department members was so terrible, even tho’ they were told that nothing of a political nature was discussed. But, when Sessions meets with the Russian Ambassador during the campaign, then lies about it and says he didn’t talk about anything political, we’re supposed to just willy nilly believe him? Seriously? Remember, turn about is fair plan! The Republicans didn’t believe Bill Clinton, so why should we believe Sessions? Personally, I find it horrifying that the American public (45’s low-informed followers) don’t seem to think that this “Russian connection” is a problem! That’s the scary part, and you can certainly bet if Hillary was in the Oval Office and did the same things, it would be a whole different story! They’d be screaming “impeach, impeach, impeach!”

          2. jmprint March 2, 2017

            I don’t know what it’s going to take to change their mind sets. You give them evidence and they want to turn it around and say “look at Hillary” ” look at Obama”. My response is NO look at Trumps administration all pulling and working for Russia. WHY? For gaining the house and senate, they are willing to accommodate a dictator and ruin our Nation. They all need to be locked up for obstruction against our Democracy.

          3. dpaano March 6, 2017

            I think 45 and his cohorts in the Oval Office need to be locked up for treason against this country. The things that they have been putting out there that they want to do are ridiculous and a ruination for this country! Even his followers are going to eventually get the picture that they were conned! I can’t wait until they find out that the poor and lower class will end up paying more for their health care once the GOP get hold of it, and the rich will only gain more advantages! Not sure why 45 seems to think that the poor and lower-income people can actually AFFORD to pay more…..they can’t even afford to pay what they are paying now!! It just doesn’t make any sense!

          4. itsfun March 2, 2017

            You are believing everything the left tells you to believe. Sessions was a U.S. Senator. How many of the Senators have seen and talked to ambassadors of other countries. Its part of their jobs. President Trump has never even met Putin face to face. These people are not some kind of Russian spies or wearing sickle pins under their clothes. Can’t you see that this bs is just more of the left refusing to believe Trump beat Hillary, and are doing all they can to discredit the President.

          5. jmprint March 2, 2017

            No Itsfun, the left doesn’t tell me anything. I have been posting about the Russian connection since last year, none of these is new, other then now we know who the players are. BS is that you can’t see straight, are you cross eyed? Have you not read any reports that are out there, do you not know about Trump and the Russian ties? Why are you so closed minded? How many Senators that are on the Armed Service committee EVER to talk to a Russian Ambassador? The answers is ONE and it’s SESSIONs and he did it twice, once in September right after Maniford was out of the loop and again in January. Why is he the only member of the Senate in the committee to do this?

          6. itsfun March 2, 2017

            Do you actually believe that Sessions is the only Senator to talk with Russians? I’m not closed mined. I don’t believe Sessions, Trump or any elected official are pawns for the Russians, or Russian agents, or spies, or are in any way trying to destroy our country. The reports you are reading are made up by the left. It is now coming out how Obama is behind this crap and wants to destroy Trump before his legacy of failures is more public than before.

          7. jmprint March 6, 2017

            Itsfun this is the way it is: The republican party is made up of three different segments (the nationalist, the greedy rich and the over zealous religious cults, even though all three don’t really agree with each other they stick together in their quest for dominance. Trump wants to be a leader in the same league as Putin, which is not good for America. Putin wants to advance his white superiority and is used Maniford, Stone, Bannon, Miller and others to accomplish this, and he also wants to advance his economy which is how Trump comes in with Rex Tillerson. the oil man, which the republicans back, because most are invested in oil. The religious wants their agenda to rule the way the world thinks, so they support people like DeVos and Sessions. None are working for the average folk. Trumpfs administration is is more pro-Russia, then pro-America. Where do you fit into this picture?

          8. itsfun March 6, 2017

            Your picture is completely bogus.

          9. dpaano March 6, 2017

            Have any of you noticed that trolls can’t seem to find ANY links to anything to prove what they keep ranting about? Yet, those of us in the know on this site, can ALWAYS find something to prove our comments? Interesting!!

  5. Jinmichigan March 1, 2017

    “How will Trump pay for a trillion dollars in infrastructure, when his
    own budget already proposes to slash the domestic discretionary spending
    that would finance such a plan?”

    Tax credits for his buddies and TOLLS for the rest of us.

  6. FT66 March 1, 2017

    What I heard was the same talk we have heard already but with a soft tone. His problem is not to read what is written for him, it is the tone he has been using ever since without reading from the teleprompter. Also one needs to be smart in order to chew what he says.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker March 1, 2017

      A PHONY soft tone. How exactly does he figure he will FORCE American companies doing business overseas (where most of his businesses are all located) to return to the US to pay living wages? How will he FORCE the Drug Companies to reduce their prices?

      1. FT66 March 1, 2017

        He was an actor yesterday. Just imagine, the man who was appealing for unity last night, today he invited only republicans for lunch. You are right this man is phony in every aspect.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker March 2, 2017

          Since 90% of the GOP are “men,” you see why he is refusing to include the Dems. If he keeps doing that, he will violate the U.S. Constitution. He cannot operate a one party government no matter which party has the majority.

          Then, there is Trump’s cute little Svengali Act. He knew at that Congressional meeting all he had to do was talk “presidential” and use the teleprompter to make sure he stayed on cue and his lame brained supporters would eat up his “charm” like it was candy. You have to hand it to Trump. When he knows his ass is in a sling, he is willing to go to the ends of the earth to use his “Art of the Distraction” when he knows the evidence against him is about to come crashing down on his head.

          Are we now to believe that the very same Trump who is bossy, arrogant, obnoxious and controlling is the same Trump who is now an innocent lamb who was led astray by his “advisors?”

          Are we to believe he didn’t know who Paul Manafort was when Trump decided to crown him Trump Campaign manager?

          Now the boys are desperate to make the case that poor little Donny Boy was just a pawn in a Russian game. Yeah. Right.

      2. dpaano March 1, 2017

        I agree….that should be interesting to see how he does that. I can guarantee you, at the end of his first term, he’ll not have done much of anything he promised!

    2. Independent1 March 1, 2017

      Given that a CNN survey claims 78% of those polled had a positive reaction to Trump’s speech, it sure goes to show that at least 3/4s of the American population is not smart enough to see through Trump’s ruse and total snow/con job. That speech was close to being a text book lesson of a conman in action.

      1. Mama Bear March 1, 2017

        he was heavily tranquilized. count on it.

      2. FT66 March 1, 2017

        We have to start to doubt CNN a bit (van Jones included). They didn’t emphasize that the poll was only of those who watched the speech as they normally do. A good number who watched the speech were republicans. Very few Dems did.

        1. Independent1 March 1, 2017

          Thanks for that update. That helps and explains a lot. I certainly didn’t waste my time listening to the speech. It’s not my practice to waste my time listening to a pathological liar who I know is going to feed me an hours plus worth of lies.

          Just like with George Bush, who also turned my stomach to listen to his lies, I can’t do the same with Trump. I just get too irate when one lie follows another and follows another.

        2. idamag March 2, 2017

          I have watched all the president’s speeches through the years. I cannot stand to watch the crotch grabber. I didn’t.

      3. idamag March 2, 2017

        They probably conducted a controlled poll to get back into trump’s graces instead of becoming real journalists. Back when a lot of people smoked, a cigarette company would contact ten doctors and ask them if they wanted free cigarettes. They gave 9 doctors, brand X and 1 doctor brand Y. Then their ad read, 9 out of 10 doctors smoke X cigarettes.

    3. BDD1951 March 1, 2017

      He sounds like a whining little kid. I’ve watched every speech to congress for the last 30 years. I just couldn’t do it last night. I just laid back and read a book.

      1. dpaano March 1, 2017

        I lasted about 10 minutes into his speech before I had to turn it off….it was nauseating to say the least!

        1. jmprint March 1, 2017

          Seeing Ryans smile of approval is what nauseated me.

          1. dpaano March 1, 2017

            I agree….watching Pence, Ryan, AND 45 nauseated me!

  7. mike March 1, 2017

    Looks like the left is continuing to have the Trump Derangement Syndrome. No matter his desire to make this country better by really getting this country’s economy growing faster the left acts like the petulant children they have become.
    If the media and the left continue each time to have another meltdown over every trivial thing Trump does or says will show just how far their credibility has dropped. For many to waste their energy on the Russians/election or other unverified personal stories, impeachment, seceding from union just shows their pettiness and changes nothing.
    What normal people saw last night was a positive, hopeful, optimistic, uniting speech. He asked Dems in a bi-partisan way to fix the failing Obamacare to make sure all are covered, working on infrastructure, helping the inner cities.
    If Trump continues this presidential approach and use of the bully pulpit in positive and hopeful way and the left still continues to resist at every point the left will look even more the small, silly, irrelevant party it has become.
    It was a good night for all Americans.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 1, 2017

      You’re so easily deceived. Not only does Trump’s doggy performance and conditioning by his trainers deceives you, but your own ingratiating and egotistical nature confuses you into accepting this seal performance as being the real deal.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker March 1, 2017

        The last time I saw Donald J. Trump in person, it was when my Mom and I wanted to see his “new” Taj Mahal Casino. Trump had flown in on his Big GREY helicopter on the private pad the NJ Governor allowed him to build. He was standing outside the Taj after exiting a huge limo that waited for him at the heliport which was less than a half mile from the Taj.

        So, he gets out of his limo, with his “guest” high rollers in tow and waits a rather unnecessarily long moment until crowds gathered around “Mr. Trump! Mr. Trump!” He lapped up that audience attention as if it was a dish of cream.

        My Mom and I laughed when he waited to see if anyone would ask for an autograph. When no one in the small crowd did, he suddenly felt a need to “hurry inside” so he “guests could get to the tables.”

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 1, 2017

          That’s a very amusing story. I particularly like your assessment of Trump’s reaction when no one showed interest in getting his autograph.Donald must have been crushed.

      2. mike March 1, 2017

        A-aron, you are too brain dead to see the benefits for this country that Trump wants to achieve.

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 1, 2017

          How can you assess brain damage when you haven’t provided evidence of having a brain, aside from exhibiting the ability to regurgitate what your microcircuits have been pre-programmed to output?
          Tell us mike—Do you work for Putin, David Duke, and/or the ALt-Right?? Don’t worry, I won’t let anyone else know.

          1. mike March 1, 2017

            Thanks for the good laugh. What a typical response from you since you have little to no grey matter.
            What I find sad is that after a devastating loss in November you and your ilk continue to use the same bull sh** that cost you the election. Only you on the left think they have all and right/correct answers. For the last 8 years the left was intolerant to free speech from the right. If people did not conform to the lefts views they were viciously attacked and silenced for having alternative points of view.

        2. jmprint March 1, 2017

          Let see, he wants to be as rich as Putin, yeah I don’t see how that helps anyone.

    2. jmprint March 1, 2017

      Actions speak louder and then words, and so far he is lagging. Bannon, Maniford, Carter, Tillerson, Stones, and Ross all have ties to Russia. They are ALL wanting part of that Oil deal they are brewing. It’s not going to help US Citizens at all. If you are not rich at present time you are being play.

      1. mike March 1, 2017

        I see you are acting stupid again.
        The Trump Administration is just 41 days old and he is lagging. What an asinine statement.

        1. jmprint March 2, 2017

          And NOW Session. Yes in 41 days we have seen already how corrupt your party is. Dropping like flies. How can YOU support a party that is in it for themselves and not the people?

          1. mike March 2, 2017

            Keep trying to find something that is not there. If there was a scintilla of evidence the Obama administration would have had it out long before this.
            Dropping like flies is another stupid comment by you.

          2. jmprint March 2, 2017

            Nope you are wrong, as a journalist said the outer part of the puzzle is all there, now they working on piecing the inside of the puzzle and that’s where Trumpf comes in. Your party won an election with the help of a country that is not one of our allies and not only did they interfere, but got help from Trumpf advisers. Stop being in denial, grow some balls and accept that there is something very wrong with this. Gone Maniford, Stones, Flynn and Sessions is standing on hot stones.

          3. mike March 2, 2017

            Being your Delusional self again! Where’s the Beef?
            Your Trump Derangement won’t save the repeal of some if not all of the Obama policies. Live with it.

  8. stsintl March 1, 2017

    As for our current national debt crisis, when President Johnson left the White House in 1968, it was a little over 358 billion dollars. When George W. Bush left the White House 40 year later, at the end of 2008, it had reached over 10 trillion dollars [$10,024,724,896,912]. Over the span of these 40 years, Republican administrations [Nixon/Ford/Reagan/2 Bushes] presided over 28 years and Democratic administrations [Carter/Clinton] presided over 12 years. The national debt increased by 7.78 trillion dollars during the Republican administrations, at an annual rate of 277.874 billion dollars. On the other hand, it increased by about 1.886 trillion dollars during the Democratic administrations, at an annual rate of 157.21 billion dollars. In short, if the Democrats have been “Tax & Spend” party, the Republicans have been the “Borrow & Spend” party. 70% of the national debt is held domestically by those who can afford to buy treasury bonds. In other words, instead of paying taxes, America’s richest are lending their tax savings to the middle class and collecting interest from them. That is, the interest on the national debt is a “Welfare” program for the rich. As for the myth that tax cuts for the rich create jobs, the facts are otherwise. During the 28 years of Republican administrations with accumulated massive debt, 34,682,000 jobs were created [rate of 1,238,643/year]. On the other hand, during the 12 years of Democratic administrations, 34,085,000 [almost the same number] jobs were added [rate of 2,840,416/year]. In conclusion, trickle down economics is really a capillary action economics where the wealth moves upwards from the middle class to the rich.

  9. Eleanore Whitaker March 1, 2017

    I had to applause this Faker in Chief. His performance was worthy of an Oscar. Had I not spent nearly 4 decades working with top salesmen, I would not be as keen to recognize the Faker in Chief’s act.

    But the part I loved the best? He has the GOP eating out of his hand. A meal they will live to regret.

    There is no way to just expunge a dirty, slimy business reputation. Nor will there be a way to pretend the Republicans ONLY win elections through the use of the Electors THEY appoint to the Electoral College. Why bother with popular vote if it can always be overridden by the Electoral College?

    So, here’s an idea. How about instead of allowing state legislators to appoint these Electors, WE do the appointing and then the Electors WE appoint can vote for the president WE, not state legislators want?

    See? When you look for options, they are always there.

  10. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 1, 2017

    When put on center stage in front of a group of relatively saner, more intellectually motivated, and a decidedly less rabid human beings, Donald had no choice but to rein in his normally hostile approach to negotiations, and switch to conciliation on the advice of the advisers of this pugnacious vocal pugilist.

    Give him a few days, and he’ll revert to his normal mode. Once you’ve dedicated yourself for decades to being bigoted, hostile, greedy, duplicitous, incurious, and misogynistic, while never making the effort to develop spiritual qualities, it goes against the logic of human nature to switch overnight to being a respectable and reasonable human. And one relatively successful delivery should not be construed by Paul Ryan and Mitch that this misfit of a stallion-like human without core spiritual values can be presidential.

    1. dpaano March 1, 2017

      And, the funny part is that he told a group of people at lunch that day that he was seriously considering a negotiation for immigrants to allow them to stay here in the U.S., but suddenly, when people were hoping to hear about this, it never came up and nothing changed! He’s a lying sack of you-know-what, and he’ll never change!

  11. Eleanore Whitaker March 1, 2017

    So, the Trump Wall is expected to cost in excess of $30 billion, hand another $54 billion over to Eric Blackwater Prince for another decade of endless wars and how about the tens of billions paid to the Keystone Pipeline and the Dakota pipeline, which by the way just had a massive spill. No EPA? Not to worry. These hicks will be drinking oil laced water.

    1. dpaano March 1, 2017

      Yeah, but the problem Eleanore is that even good people will be stuck drinking the polluted water, including the Indian nations whose land is being stolen from them just to run a pipeline under their water source!

  12. Eleanore Whitaker March 1, 2017

    Trump is notorious for always saying what “he” thinks people want to hear. Not that he EVER has any intentions of paying for what he wants. He gets others to do that. The Grifter in Chief is an ace at not paying up. No surprise he is suggesting we not pay what we owe to our foreign trade partners and then thinking he can just force them to pay higher import taxes..will that be before or after they cut off the US from their trade agreements for defaulting?

    Then, there is the big time Trump statement of how many companies he talked into bringing back jobs to the US. He rattled off at least 6 that are not going to take his “no corporate taxes” bait. Why? Simple. They bring back jobs to the US and they have to pay American wages. You know any CEO billionaire who would prefer to pay living wages according to US living standards when he can pay NO employer taxes to SS and Medicare which they have to contribute to and then also pay more than $11 a month in wages they can pay to cheap labor countries?

    Will Ivanker the Skanker be bringing her cheap Chinese shoes back and pay US wages? US employee benefits? Oh that’s right. She’s a Trump. Trump’s don’t pay. They get us to do it for them.

    1. dpaano March 1, 2017

      And, how come we haven’t heard about Trump bringing back his clothing line manufacturing from China and Vietnam? Isn’t it funny that he complains about businesses being taken overseas when his OWN businesses are there, along with Ivanka? Interesting little fact, isn’t it?

  13. Independent1 March 1, 2017

    From what I’ve read, Donald Trump like his normal self, perpetrated the bigliest con job on the American people that any president has ever perpetrated!! Trump doesn’t believe one word out of 99% of what he said – it was all just one more hugely big lie that he and Bannon made up to hoodwink the American people!!!

    1. Mama Bear March 1, 2017

      much of what he said was taken nearly word for word from what Ryan said to his cronies.

    2. plainenglish March 1, 2017

      Not true. Obama spent more than every other president COMBINED and still somehow didn’t bankrupt the country. Trump is an amateur by his standards.

      1. Independent1 March 1, 2017

        Sorry, but you couldn’t be more wrong if you tried. More than 95% of America’s debt increase over the past 8 years has been the responsibility of George Bush and the irresponsible Congresses under him that signed one piece of unfunded legislation after another. Unfunded legislation like two unfunded tax cuts, two unfunded wars, an unfunded drug prescription benefit and a number of unfunded mandates to the states like the fiasco called no-child-left-behind that almost bankrupted half of our states.

        And those unfunded pieces of legislation signed by Bush are running up billions in deficit spending even today. And the Treasury Department will be booking billions in deficit spending every year for the next 8 decades or so trying to write down the near 6 trillion that Bush’s unfunded wars will end up costing America.

        Not to mention the fact that Obama worked for years to keep America from falling into a depression because of the economic disaster that Bush allowed to happen called the Great Recession. A disaster that caused thousands of companies to go bankrupt and millions of workers to be out of jobs; all of which has America’s tax revenues still falling short from what they were before George allowed the Great Recession to happen. And shortfalls in tax revenues translate in deficit spending THANKS TO GEORGE W. BUSH!!!!!

        And on top of all that, President Obama was the smallest spending president in office since Eisenhower back in the 1950s. Annual budget increases under Obama averaged less than 2%/yr while budget increases under Bush 2 were over 8%/yr, under Reagan over 7%/yr and under Bush 1 over 5% /year.

        Every Republican president in office since Nixon’s 2nd term governed using significant deficit spending, while Carter, Clinton and Obama all inherited deficit spending and worked to reduce it. Clinton in fact got deficit spending down such that there were surpluses in his last 3 years and Obama reduced deficit spending further and faster than any president in history – deficit spending came down more than 1 trillion/yr and Obama would have had surpluses in some of his 2nd term years if it wasn’t for all the deficits being wrung up because of the unfunded legislation Bush signed!!!

        1. Max March 1, 2017

          Since Obama you have lost almost 1200 elected seats around the country and after last night and after the next 4 years its looking like you will be losing a lot more, and I think we can thank crazy Liberals like you for that.. Thanks..

          1. Independent1 March 1, 2017

            Yes, thanks to the GOP stealing elections via voter suppression, gerrymandering and rigging the vote counting computers.

            No political party that creates the 25 states with the most people broke and on the verge of bankruptcy. And is designated as governing the 10 most miserable states in America to live in would win any election WITHOUT CHEATING!!!!! GO STICK YOUR HEAD IN A TOILET LOWLIFE!!!!!

          2. Max March 1, 2017

            Everyone knows that its the left that has a system for election stealing, that’s another thing that will be coming out, you can’t hide behind your media anymore, I think this is great I haven’t been so happy in years, and again we owe it ALL to nuts like you.. Thanks!!

          3. Independent1 March 1, 2017

            Just more fantasies of your imagination like Trump spewed in his conman speech to Congress last night!! PURE FANTASIES!!!

          4. Max March 1, 2017

            Thank you, thank you, thank you, Keep it up you’re doing a great job, with folks like you spewing your hatred on line and on the tv we couldn’t buy better help for our cause.. Ha ha ha

          5. Independent1 March 1, 2017

            And here you supporting your own demise: it’s only time before Trump’s and the GOP’s mindlessly ignorant handling of the economy is going to bring destruction in America you never believed could happen!! It’s just a matter of time!! It’s coming!!!

          6. Max March 1, 2017

            I wish I could get you a TV show.. Ha ha

            Thank you Thank you Keep it up..

          7. Independent1 March 1, 2017

            Really?? Here clueless!! Check it out!!

            Top 15 States Where Americans Are Broke

            Go ahead, check out this article and then check the map. You’ll see that more than the 1st 25 states that are considered with the most people broke are GOP-run states.

            And the only GOP-run states not in the top 25 are states with large fossil fuel reserves like gas and oil: Alaska, Texas, North Dakota. Natural resources which drive their economies and hide the governing failures of the GOP.


          8. jmprint March 1, 2017

            So now facts are hatred, hmmm is that the same as alternate facts?

          9. Max March 1, 2017

            You people are the rights greatest asset..

          10. jmprint March 1, 2017

            But we can’t be bought or sold. You guys our liberals butt pimples.

          11. Max March 1, 2017

            What? You never make any sense.

          12. Independent1 March 1, 2017

            Shocker: Republicans Account For Most Cases Of U.S. Voter Fraud

            Republican U.S. House Staffers Indicted for Felony Election Fraud as GOP Fraud Epidemic Continues

            Voter Fraud Is Real, And It’s All Republicans
            Read more at http://wonkette.com/562107/voter-fraud-is-real-and-its-all-republicans#O9j9U6exMqg55VgL.99

            List of GOP Election Frauds, November Update

            A mathematician may have uncovered widespread election fraud, and Kansas is trying to silence her

            GOP’s voter fraud humiliation: Turns out Wisconsin’s worst case is a Republican

          13. dpaano March 1, 2017

            And, in case Max doesn’t remember, Trump did NOT get the majority votes! Had the Electoral College voted per the Constitution, he would NOT have been sitting where he is now.

          14. Eleanore Whitaker March 1, 2017

            Give it up pallie. You can’t seriously think the GOP didn’t win ALL their election like they did the 2016 election…rigging it by gerrymandering and redistricting. You want to explain why North Carolina ended up in the SC for cutting the number of voting places ONLY in minority districts?

            You boys need to stop your stupid games. Your CONservatives can’t make it without liberal states supporting them. EVERY CON state gets from $1.35 up to $1.87 for the $1 they pay in federal taxes. Compare that to Dem states that get an average of 55 cents for the $1 they pay.

            You boys are riding the crest of authoritarian power but it won’t last because it never does. Enjoy it while you can. We do not intend for this to be the United States of Republicans and if the only way you can win ANY election is by rigging the Electoral College votes, you don’t win …you lose.

          15. Max March 1, 2017

            Authoritarian? Ha ha you people have slowly become slaves to the Globalist elite and you have a Spartacus trying desperately to set you free and you;re fighting it ALL the way, true Stockholm syndrome, you poor poor DumbBastards.. We will go ahead and save you anyway, for your own good, you just keep up your temper tantrums so we can continue to gain supporters .. By the way you are one of the stupidest people on these sites and you would do much for your cause by just keeping your mouth SHUT!!!

          16. Eleanore Whitaker March 1, 2017

            How about you stop your grifting, thieving, price gouging and outright lying? Liberals are those who made this country great. Not as your lying sack of Lard ASS in Chief said, “We will make this country GRATE.”

            By the way, moron. I can prove in a court of law what “I” post. You can’t and neither can your Comrad Trumpov! Why is he meeting with Putin this month? Oh. Right. Putin dangles your CONman on his string. The only mouths that need to be shut are yours, Ryans and McConnells. But, we will get to that posthaste.

            After all, if your rigged FBI and CIA won’t do their jobs, our European allies will be more than happy to out Trump in his girlie pissy face games.

          17. Max March 1, 2017

            Hell you people are violent insane tyrants, you try to shut everyone down shut everything and everyone that doesn’t march in lockstep with you DOWN, you piss on the Constitution you burn flags you are the most disruptive force this country has had to endure you are the enemy domestic..

            You’re not a liberal you’re an idiot, Trump is not even a “Republican”, Hell he is closer to a real Democrat a yesteryear Democrat a Kennedy type common sense Democrat than anything else, The reason the Right voted for him is that we are the new Liberals in the vane of Jefferson Classical Liberalism.

            Classical liberalism is a political ideology and a branch of liberalism which advocates civil liberties and political freedom with representative democracy under the rule of law, and emphasizes economic freedoms found in economic liberalism which is also called free market capitalism.

          18. dpaano March 1, 2017

            Being the uninformed, racist POS that you are…..you will be blocked and I’ve asked your comments to be reviewed as totally inappropriate! There’s no place on this site for calling people names, especially people that you don’t even know! But, then again, that’s what most of you trolls do, and it’s actually pretty ridiculous!

          19. Max March 1, 2017

            You hateful freaks are the rights greatest asset.

          20. jmprint March 1, 2017

            Max why don’t you just go fck Trump.

          21. dpaano March 1, 2017

            So true, if New York, Texas, and California dropped out of the U.S., these states would be in a world of hurt! We subsidize them and they don’t even realize it!

          22. idamag March 2, 2017

            My rural state, Idaho, receives $1.80 for every $1.00 it pays to the Federal Government. We have the dubious honor of having more people on minimum wage than any other state. Our quality of education is near the bottom. My description of the local farmers, is that they sit around in the local cafe, dipping flies out of their coffee, and complaining about the gov’mint, while their hands are out for their subsidies and parties. And those safety nets were given to them by a Democrat.

          23. dpaano March 6, 2017

            Unfortunately, they still fail to see the damage that this administration is going to do to their businesses. It’ll become pretty clear when they can’t find people to pick their crops, etc. I doubt if any of those so-called Rust Belt people who are unemployed will offer to pick crops!

          24. idamag March 2, 2017

            The man does not understand the word gerrymandering. Even though I am not a Democrat, I would never be a Republican.

          25. stcroixcarp March 1, 2017

            In Wisconsin, Walker and the GOP legislature redrew the assembly, senate and congressional district maps. They gerrymandered to put republicans in control. a federal court has ordered the state to redraw the maps, but the order is being challenged by the AG. This happened in a lot of state, Then there are restrictive voter ID laws, the admitted purpose of which is voter suppression. Then there is Citizen’s United that allows unlimited money to be thrown into campaigns. Don’t forget the non renewal of the voting rights act. trump was right when he said the system is rigged. It is the republicans and their uber rich funders who have rigged the system. trump is even rigging it more in favor of corporations and the billionaire 1% with the help of white nationalists, the kkk, neo -nazis and their evangelical christian allies.

          26. Max March 1, 2017

            Yeah redistricting and gerrymandering is the lefts trick, that’s how you destroyed California, and how you created many other hell holes in this country so you don’t like it when the right sets things right.. In CA the 9th circuit court has ruled that the American flag is insulting and scary, among other ridiculous foolishness you people support INSANITY!! And the American people are sick of it. You have ALL the courts loaded-rigged with leftest partisan idiots that don’t give a ratsAss about the law and it shows on a lot of illegal and foolish rulings..

          27. idamag March 2, 2017

            That is exactly what happens in my state.

          28. dpaano March 1, 2017

            Gee, apparently you haven’t read that in at least 2 states, a Democrat has won a Senate seat that was vacated by a Republican. If that’s any inkling of what’s going to happen in 2018, you might want to stop and think! We will retake the government because of all the BS that your wonderful president is spewing….all of which is a bunch of nonsense! People are starting to see the truth, and it ain’t good for him!

          29. jmprint March 1, 2017

            Max, I do believe you have maxed you ability to reason. Wishful thinking on your part. What makes you think liberals are crazy?

          30. idamag March 2, 2017

            Don’t forget 3 million more people did not want trump. We need to ensure all citizens do get to vote, instead of gerrymandering and voter restrictions and the electoral college.

          31. Max March 2, 2017

            Hillary stole at the very least 10 million votes, that will all come out very soon.

        2. Mama Bear March 1, 2017

          thanks again for so much info that is obviously well researched.

        3. dpaano March 1, 2017

          With all of 45’s plans, the deficit will end up being off the charts!! But, I guess since he’s a Republican with a Republican majority in Congress, that really doesn’t matter as much as it did when President Obama was in office, right? What a bunch of hypocrites!

        4. idamag March 2, 2017

          He doesn’t understand the concept that if I buy a car by taking over the payments, the car still has to be paid for. It will be many many years before the Iraq war debt is paid, no matter who took over the payments.

      2. Mama Bear March 1, 2017

        show is your research sweetie. And not what they say on Breitbart or Fox Entertainment – but some real homework that led you to your conclusions. If you cannot document what you are saying then no one here will take you any more seriously than we take the Keystone Kops.

      3. dpaano March 1, 2017

        But, you DO realize, of course, that some of the money that people accuse him of spending was actually spent by his predecessor, right? The unpaid for war and prescription plan that GWB failed to add to his budget was added to President Obama’s budget when he came aboard, so not ALL of the money spent was due to his spending. Additionally, he only spent what the Congress gave him permission to spend……the president does NOT have the key to the checkbook….it’s in the hands of the Congress. He cannot spend any money without their consent. You really need to learn about how our government works because you are sorely lacking in knowledge of where the money comes from that is spent by our government!

      4. Thoughtopsy March 1, 2017

        I would have thought you’d bother to use better talking points.
        Your statement shows you are either willfully ignorant of how Congress works, and how government spending works, or you’re just trotting out the point you’re paid to promote.

        Morons/Astroturfers like you are the same people that point to the Unemployment rate or the DOW and exclaim about what a great job President F**kface Von Clownstick has done so far.

        You unthinking, anti-fact mouthbreathers are endlessly just looking for simple graphics, Fox News stories, and outright lies that confirm how you FEEL.

        As long as the headlines agree with how you FEEL then you parrot them endlessly… like pigeon in a Skinner box hitting the food button. They don’t have to be remotely real, you are too lazy/stupid to educate yourself about the topic (for example how deficits work), and you avoid confirming the story through other (credible) sources or by using a bare minimum of critical thought… Because when you want to FEEL powerful and triumphant and like Trump is “winning so much you’ll get tired of winning”, then facts, knowledge and logic are just SO horribly inconvenient.

        I suggest you apply for retraining… you’re not very good at this.

    3. dpaano March 1, 2017

      But, hey, he’s good at bankruptcy! He’s got so much experience along that line….don’t give him any major ideas!

  14. Eleanore Whitaker March 1, 2017

    Let’s see how fast all those American companies he rattled off come back to create jobs that pay American wages. Let’s see how fast HE will FORCE Drug companies to lower their prescription drug prices.

    You wouldn’t think Trump Tower could store up that much cow manure would you? rofl.

    1. Independent1 March 1, 2017

      Eleanore, they’re not going to pay American wages. The GOP Congress is looking to enact a national right-to-work law which will allow these companies to pay people below poverty level wages so they can suck most of their living via social benefits from the feds!!! Like Walmart and others have been doing for decades!!

      And by greatly cutting these companies’ overhead costs by cutting government regulations so these companies can run their operations in any way they can find that saves money, while greatly endangering the lives of their employees and the destruction of the planet through pollution.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker March 1, 2017

        Here in my town we unfortunately have 2 Walmarts. One of my senior friends decided to take a part time job there. There are always signs outside of both stores, “We are hiring.”

        My friend tells me that when he was hired, he was not told there were NO employee benefits, not even healthcare which is mandated in NJ if the business has more than 100 employees which both of these stores do. So you know that’s another freebie Walmart gets away with.

        Both stores pay only $8.40 an hour. NJ has a high cost of living where the state DOL has determined just to be able to pay state taxes, you need a $40K a year salary for an individual and $80K salary for a family of 4.

        What he told me was that Walmart hires mainly immigrants. Get that? Walmart? Hires immigrants and most of the ones in our town are from the Middle East. So what will Trump do? Drain the Muslim swamp when he realizes his own hick Walton family are hiring Muslims?

        1. Independent1 March 1, 2017

          Well, if Walmart hires a lot of immigrants, it sounds like then that Trump’s war on immigrants may impact fairly heavily more than just farmers, construction companies and travel related hotels/motels/restaurants, etc. Given the fear he’s put into the lives of virtually every non native-born American, I’m just waiting for the reduction of people willing to work at poverty-level wages to start having its affect on companies across the nation.

          Have you seen where the auto industry is running into a big problem with excessive inventory? Having to sell autos at significant discounts? And there have been ads where there’s a dire shortage in people to get into taking care of the elderly – the human care industry which hires a lot of immigrant care givers, is already saying there is a projected shortage of millions of workers as more and more people retire and end up needing personal care.

          So all these sugar plums that may be dancing in the minds of CEOs across the country because of all Trump’s promises of making operating their businesses in America much cheaper, may quite well never materialize as millions upon millions more Americans sink below the poverty level and they have fewer and fewer people that can afford even their products produced at wages that cause Americans to live miserable lives.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker March 1, 2017

            You know what is really funny? The ones who will be hit hardest by mass deportations are the slaughterhouses out in the midwest who can’t get the oochy coochie American lily white boys to work with blood, guts and gore. Not to mention the mess created because these oochie coochies won’t do any migrant worker farming under the hot CA sun.

          2. dpaano March 1, 2017

            Yeah, they last about an hour and then they start whining!

          3. idamag March 2, 2017

            Agriculture, in my state, is already protesting his migrant rules.

          4. dpaano March 6, 2017

            You can bet that the prices of our produce is going to soar when the farmers can’t find people to pick the crops and have to watch them rot on the trees or the ground! Many farmers may end up having to file bankruptcy because they no longer can get workers to pick the crops that they grow. You can only spend so much money on seed for crops, but if the produce isn’t picked….it’s a wasted effort! I’m amazed that our Congressmen and women are so illogical that they can’t see this for themselves! Plus, many of the farmers voted for 45 and are now wondering why.

        2. mike March 1, 2017

          And yet your friend was too dumb to ask about what benefits he could/would receive.
          Another of your dumb posts. Looks like you left out ‘illegals from the Middle East.”
          Wake up you idiot. Trump is going after “illegal criminals” for deportation.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 1, 2017

            Just come out and tell us that you support the ideology of racialism, and approve of racism as a policy. Just tell us that you are a nativist who is afraid of change that results in progress for all humanity—not just white folks.

            Why the coy act of trying to pretend that you’re objective?

          2. mike March 1, 2017

            A-aron, Trump is no more a racist than Obama.
            I am far from a nativist.
            Another of your worthless posts.

          3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 1, 2017

            Obviously you don’t know what the word racist means. No surprise since you hardly can display a post worthy of a high school student. No need to ask you to keep trying since you’re too set in your old ways to make any improvement so late in a life centered around an insular and insecure outlook.

            By the way, does your brain have a defect in your frontal lobe? Try looking at the word “Aaron” and see if you can type it correctly, “mike”.

            “Far from a nativist”— Are you near a nativist? Or let me rephrase that— who or what are you? Are you afraid of the walls closing in on your “White Identity”? Are you a human being or a machine?

          4. mike March 1, 2017

            A-aron, Obviously your Superiority Complex has kicked in.
            Thanks for the wonderful laugh.

          5. jmprint March 2, 2017

            His advisers are all FROGS.

          6. FT66 March 1, 2017

            Mike, how much does it cost you to be a gentleman? Attacking ladies as a man never show the toughness.

          7. mike March 1, 2017

            How funny and stupid on your part.
            Eleanore a lady? How ridiculous! If one does not agree with Eleanore Witless then lookout she’s coming after one with no holds barred.
            She gives it and she can take it.
            So relax.

          8. jmprint March 1, 2017

            Not only, he has broken up many families already and caused discrimination on several US citizens.

          9. idamag March 2, 2017

            A member of the crotch grabber society is on? I blocked him.

        3. dpaano March 1, 2017

          I’m sure that’ll go over really well with the Waltons!!!

        4. idamag March 2, 2017

          My sister-in-law worked for Wal-mart. They get by with it by not giving them enough hours to qualify for benefits. My grandson was working his way through college at K-Mart. His girl friend (now my granddaughter-in-law) was working at WalMart. They were comparing stores. He said he got paid time and a half over forty. He got double time for major holidays and vacation time. I asked him because he was only working part time, how could that be? He said they pro rated it by the hours he worked so everyone could accrue something.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker March 2, 2017

            Here in NJ, Walmart has huge problems with turnaround on employees. They can only hire immigrants who are either here undocumented or they hire legal immigrants who are so new to the US labor laws that Walmart gets away with not paying time and half and then tells their employees they are not entitled to sick time or even a day off for the death of a parent.

      2. Mama Bear March 1, 2017

        You have just accurately and succinctly described what Republicans stand for, aways have.

  15. Dan McGrew March 1, 2017

    With his 3500 lawsuits, and countless governmental citations and convictions for racial discrimination, defrauding hundreds of $4.00 per hour illegal Polish construction workers, defrauding owners of housing he managed, along with his six bankruptcies designed to defraud bondholders, employees(including undocumented immigrants), contractors, small business vendors and stockholders — the record is clear for more than a half century.
    Donald J. Trump is a liar, fraud, cheat and thief.
    Add in the serial adultery leading to two divorces, pregnant mistress and his choice of a European sex magazine skin model as Wife No. Three.
    Then there are Steve Bannion, Sean the Unknowing Press Flack, and Kellyann, the Clueless purveyor of misinformation, his non-stop use of the White House to promote Ivanka’s businesses, Trump resorts and hotels —
    And public dining room discussion of national security, from deciding to authorize HIS OWN Yemen Raid with 30-something son-in-law/senior advisor over dinner and developing strategy for handling the Korean missile launch in the resort dining room

  16. ray March 1, 2017

    Trump the con man in all his glory.

    1. plainenglish March 1, 2017

      Nobody could possibly supplant obama for that title

      1. Independent1 March 1, 2017

        Really?? Based on what?

        For having governed through the longest period of positive jobs growth? 82 months straight – almost 3 years longer than under any previous president?

        For having governed in a way that did not allow another recession to start? Being only the 3rd president since 1900 to accomplish that (getting through his term in office without a recession or depression starting). Only Clinton and LBJ two other Democrats accomplished that feat.

        For having reduced 1.4 Trillion in deficit spending he inherited from Bush 2 further and faster than any previous president while keeping America from falling into a depression following the worst recession since the Great Depression???

        For having refused to allow the American auto industry to go bankrupt which not only saved about 1.5 million Americans their jobs, but saved America billions in tax revenues that it’s collecting even today from companies and workers in the salvaged industry; and that America’s auto companies are making higher profits than they had ever made under Bush 2??

        For having started a war on fraud in the defense and healthcare sectors of America’s economy just a month after taking office – a war on fraud that has brought more crooks to justice and recovered more fraud monies, billions, than any 2 or 3 previous presidents combined??

        For having been willing to cut the banks out of the student loan program which has resulted in far more high school graduates being able to get loans and afford to go to college than under any previous president?

        For having rounded up and deported more illegal aliens that were trouble makers and costing America money than any previous president and for having followed through on increased border security started by Bush 2?? Such that today there are more illegals leaving than coming; and there are actually almost a million less illegals in America today than when Obama took office?

        And I could go on for a long time pointing out very positive things Obama has accomplished. Why don’t you try telling us all the things he’s failed to do.

        Given especially that a group kept track of the promises Obama made while campaigning and figured out he’d made about 500 of them. And when they tracked the promises he’d kept during the latter part of his 2nd term, they discovered he’d fully kept over 250 of them, and partially kept another 125 or so, not getting at all to about 125.

        What they found was, why he had only partially kept 125 and not gotten to 125 was most likely due to the 24/7 obstructionism of the GOP during every bit of his 8 years in office- starting from the day he was inaugurated!!!

        1. Mama Bear March 1, 2017

          my guess is he can’t read or comprehend most of what you wrote.

          1. Independent1 March 1, 2017

            You’re probably right. I’m guessing he may be one of those trolls the RNC or Heritage Foundation sends out to spew propaganda on social media. Many of them are not very bright as we’ve all seen. I just like to rattle their cage.

          2. idamag March 2, 2017

            I did read an article that said the U.S. has more low literate or functionally illiterate people than the other developed countries. It is a danger to democracy. So, were the functionally illiterate people develoed for a purpose? Is it our attitude toward education? Is it pesticides and other poisonings in our environment? Is it because our education system is poorer in rural areas? i think a study should be made.

          3. Mama Bear March 2, 2017

            good thought provoking questions. This is national literacy week …or reading week or something like that. I was listening to a discussion on NPR and the theory someone proposed is that when you have a parent (or parents) who are “low literacy” their children will be the same. There is a foundation called 3 million words (or something like that) started by a neurosurgeon in Chicago. She says that a child who is exposed to 3 million words by a certain age (I’m thinking it was 3 or maybe 5) would be a life-long learner and reader. Otherwise they would be fairly low literate. She said the low literacy parents do not talk to their babies and young children. She said, just babble to them, it doesn’t have to make any sense, just expose them to words.

          4. dpaano March 6, 2017

            I agree….my mother, who was an avid reader, started reading to me when I was a baby. I learned to read well enough by the time I was 3 years old to get a library card at our local library! If parents would take the time to READ to their children, maybe at night before they go to bed, the would do them a great deal of good! But, as you said, many parents themselves have never been read to and did not get into the habit! Even today, I’m an avid reader like my mother, and I thank you on a daily basis for taking the time to read to me! She said she even used to read to me when I was still in the womb!

          5. Mama Bear March 6, 2017

            you had a great mom…as did I. The neurosurgeon said it was not even important that you read to them, just speak words. She said pick up a dictionary and start at page one and just say the words out loud. That is so simple. Does not require much intelligence on the mother’s part but will make a world a difference to the baby-child-adult.

          6. dpaano March 6, 2017

            Yes, I did have a great mom….she always said that she taught me to read early because she was too lazy to keep doing it (LOL)!!! I have to thank her every day for her caring to teach me, no matter what the reason. She’s not around any longer, and I miss her like crazy, but she instilled in me a very love for books!

          7. Mama Bear March 6, 2017

            Mine too was an amazing person. She was sent to the US as a young teenager and lost her parents to the Nazis in a camp. She was a physician way ahead of her time, walked away ftom her practice to raise her kids, then went back when we were in college. She was the true love of my life, as it sounds like yours was too. Here’s to wonderful moms!

          8. dpaano March 6, 2017

            I agree….with so many states taking money from schools and education, it’s easy to see why there are more illiterate people coming out of our high schools, etc. It’s very sad that this is happening. For example, look at Kansas…..Brownback lowered taxes so low that the state didn’t get enough revenue to pay their bills, so he took money from education and other social programs to pay to the general fund. Now, they have another major budget shortage and no where to take money from this time around. Brownbeck fed into the “trickle down” theory, and it has ruined his state! Not sure why he keeps getting re-elected….apparently, his constituents are so illiterate that they can’t figure out where the problem lies!

      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 1, 2017

        Still plain nonsense.

      3. Dan S March 1, 2017

        You need to change your name to “plainBS” ????

      4. jmprint March 1, 2017

        Oh another Obama basher, what’s the matter you lost your coal mine job or did ACA cause you to have a different therapist?

        1. idamag March 2, 2017

          Block him. I don’t like to try an exchange with a case of arrested development. They don’t enlighten me and they don’t or can’t learn.

      5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 1, 2017

        You deserve several titles too awful to mention in Prime Time. Furthermore, you’re completely devoid of anything meanigful, inspirational, or showing a way forward. Instead, you’re cognitively constipated, one vapid blurt after another. Do you realize that attacking the previous President does NOTHING to improve Trump’s dismal prospects, nor does bringing up other irrelevant comparisons improve Donald’s regrettable performance thus far.
        Up to now, you’ve just been whistling Dixie.

        1. idamag March 2, 2017

          Dixie as in KKK?

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 1, 2017

      Indeed! Trump did a marvelous job showing he can bend with the wind as long as it allows him to feed his ego.

      1. dpaano March 1, 2017

        Although I couldn’t watch the whole thing because just looking at 45 gives me a bad case of indigestion, I heard that he couldn’t hold himself in when it came to how long people applauded the Navy Seal’s wife. I think it was pretty sad that he basically “used” her to make him look good, especially when it was his fault that her husband was killed (even tho’ he decided to blame it on the “generals.”) I guess he hasn’t heard that, as Commander in Chief, the buck stops at his desk!

        1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 1, 2017

          You’re quite right about Trump using that poor woman. It is totally beyond the realm of decency for 45 to exploit that poor mother whose son had to die in a Bannon/Trump idiotic operation—all to make Trump look and feel good. Something awful awaits Donald.

          1. dpaano March 2, 2017

            I agree, 45 seems to have this problem with accepting the blame for anything…..as I said before, he doesn’t seem to realize that as the Commander in Chief, he’s the one person who IS responsible for idiotic things that go on during his administration, especially those that he okayed!

          2. Independent1 March 4, 2017

            And Trump fits right in with the GOP with respect to not accepting the blame. I can’t think of one time that Bush or Cheney every admitted blame for any of the heinous acts they were proven to have supported: like torture, starting an unwarranted war that killed thousands of Americans, signing numerous pieces of unfunded legislation that doubled America’s debt at the time. and has ended up quadrupling it under Obama. And there’s much more Bush and Cheney could have admitted to the American people was their mistake..

  17. Mama Bear March 1, 2017

    32 million adults in the U.S. can’t read (at all). That’s 14 percent of the population. 21 percent of adults in the U.S. read below a 5th grade level, and 19 percent of high school graduates can’t read. That pretty much explains the election of Humpty Trumpty and those people will swallow what he says hook line and sinker.

    1. plainenglish March 1, 2017

      Thanks for that insightful analysis. I needed a good laugh.
      You are living proof that the majority of people on this site cannot think critically.

      1. Mama Bear March 1, 2017

        thank you so much for letting me know how amused you are. Do you get paid per return comment or just for making comments? And by the way sweetie, I would put my CV up against yours any day of the week, as would most of the people on this sight. Good night trollie baby.

      2. Independent1 March 1, 2017

        So in other words, you’re amused because more than half of the American public is so politically ignorant that they can’t see when they’re being taken for a ride every single day of their lives?

        Are you even aware that all 25 of the states where the people in America are living in poverty and are the most broke are run by the party you’ve chosen to support?

        Or that all 10 of the states Gallup-Healthways has determined are the most miserable states to live in are also run by that party?

        And why are they miserable states? Because due to the GOP’s total governing incompetence has relegated high percentages of those states population into living in poverty, with high unemployment, with using drugs and alcohol to excess, to having little or not healthcare, to even dying at far younger ages on average than people living in even 3rd world countries, and certainly far younger than many living in Democrat run states.

        All 11 states in America where longevity is 77 or less are GOP-run states.

        Of the 11 states where people in America are projected to live to 80 and over, only 2 of those are GOP-run states and one of those 2 was recently a blue state – Wisconsin – until Scott Walker cheated his way into the governorship a few years back.

        Better do a little research there and you’ll find out supporting the GOP is not only bad for your long-term financial health, but also your life span as well!!!

        1. Mama Bear March 1, 2017

          nicely done. thank you for doing the homework:)

        2. idamag March 2, 2017

          This is what the legislature is like in a red state. Mine is one of the most reddest of the red states. For several years, bundy types have tried to pry our public lands from federal protection. They claim the state will monitor it better. Yeah, right!. They voted against sharia law. They tried to put prayer back in the schools. They open each senate session with prayer and when a Hindu man was asked to pray, three of them got up and walked out. They refuse to consider expanded Medicaid and they came up with a plan of their own. Pays poor people’s insurance premium, but the deductible is $5000. This is similar to Ryan’s plan for Medicare. Made many rules to try and break collective bargaining for teachers. Did away with tenure for teachers. Tried to turn our schools into virtual learning schools. Want to privatize our schools. Enacted “stand your ground” laws which will make murder lawful as Florida did. Reduced programs for special needs children. Allowed our resident billionaire to fly them in hi private jet to be wined and dined so they would enact a law that said a person leaving a business could not take a like job in another business. If your degree is in accounting and you were terminated or chose to terminate, you could not be an accountant in another business. One of them harvested timber out of the primitive area to build a cabin. Another one has not paid taxes for ten years. Tout big tax reductions periodically, but only the corporations get those tax deductions. Is a right-to-work-for-less state. Has more people on minimum wage than any other state. Made it legal to carry a concealed weapon without a license. Is near the bottom for quality of education.

      3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 1, 2017

        What plainly wonderful nonsense you’re provided us.

      4. jmprint March 1, 2017

        Especially if you are used to visiting the alt-right web-sights, where they use three word sentences to congratulate each other for their hate spews, is that what you call plainenglish señor.

        1. idamag March 2, 2017

          And the more hateful, the more likes they get on those fascist sites.

      5. Thoughtopsy March 1, 2017

        Hello Astroturfer.
        I see you’re back. New name though.
        Was something wrong with the last one?

      6. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 1, 2017

        Plain one, you really owe it to yourself to visit the local library, check out some social science and history books—cultural studies and science books would be a big help as well. If that’s too tall an order, do some in-depth reading of magazines that force you to read deeply and contemplatively. (No—“Sports Illustrated” and “Dick and Jane” don’t cut it).
        Critical thinking on your part? Don’t flatter yourself until you can prove that YOU are capable of a conversation beyond Junior High level.

        1. idamag March 2, 2017

          He is living proof.

    2. Mama Bear March 1, 2017

      thank you so much for letting me know how amused you are. Do you get paid per return comment or just for making comments? Good night trollie.

    3. Theodora30 March 1, 2017

      Sadly the,people I know who voted for Trump are all well educated but get their news from Fox, etc. They swallow everything unless it directly hurts them.

      1. Mama Bear March 1, 2017

        anyone who gets their news from Fox Entertainment may be educated but they don’t use their education or intelligence to discern reality from entertainment.

        1. dpaano March 1, 2017

          And, it’s a proven fact that people who listen solely to FAUX News are less informed than people who listen to a variety of media sources!

      2. Dan S March 1, 2017

        I know too many people brainwashed by that propaganda network. It’s not credible news when it’s slanted so far to the right. It’s better known as infotainment and yet the Dumpster wants to attack real news coverage as Fake ????

      3. idamag March 2, 2017

        I’m sorry. If they are well educated, they are not using faux news for a source. They might seem well educated, but they are not.

        1. Theodora30 March 2, 2017

          Werner von Braun was well educated but he had no problem aiding and abetting Nazis. Kellyanne Conway is well educated. Being well educated does not guarantee that people are not self centered, biased, greedy, etc.

          1. dpaano March 6, 2017

            Or very adept at kissing ass!

    4. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 1, 2017

      Hillary gave them an up boost when she called them deplorable . being deplorable has at least that amount of sense to be that . BUT the true DONNY DUMP followers cant even make it up to deplorable for THY ARE JUST BRAIN DEAD DUMPSTER FOLLOWERS

    5. Dan S March 1, 2017

      Couldn’t anyone tell the illiterate Trump supporters his name is spelled CLINTON ?

    6. idamag March 2, 2017

      It does. It explains it.

  18. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 1, 2017

    the DUMPSTER want to try to re-set himself for his true home THE TOILET . he could of told the Navy Seal’s wife he was sorry for sending him where he was killed and the country got nothing out of it . instead the clown DONNY DUMP says thank you to her . FOR WHAT are you thanking her for ? getting her husband killed for nothing . maybe if the POS DONNY DUMP didn’t do all the planning of that mission over dinner and did it the way it should been done . who knows the Navy Seal might be alive today ? don’t thank her for getting her hubby killed TELL HER YOUR SORRY FOR GETTING HER HUBBY KILLED ( but im sure he could give a rats AZZ either way )

  19. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 1, 2017

    He went so far as to mention last week’s racist shooting of two Indian immigrants, one of whom died, in Olathe, Kansas. He had simply ignored the shattering incident (and the unarmed hero who jumped the shooter), provoking an angry editorial in the Kansas City Star, until his staff realized that if he pretended to care, even for a few seconds, this tragedy too could be used to humanize him.//// <<< this all is what the DUMPSTER calls fake news . (ANYTHING TO DO WITH FACTS AND AGAINST THE CLOWN HE CALLS FAKE NEWS ) hey DONNY DUMP you're the only fake thing in the picture

  20. dpaano March 1, 2017

    45 probably thinks there’s a money machine somewhere that he can use to just “print” out more money! He doesn’t seem to realize that his promises are empty because he doesn’t have control of the check book! There’s absolutely NO way he’s going to accomplish all that he mentioned in his speech unless he raises taxes somewhere……and you can be certain, it “WON’T” be taxes for the middle class or the poor!
    As for his so-called “health plan,” it calls for the poor and middle class to start paying into an HSA account; however, he doesn’t say where the poor are supposed to get money for this account when they can’t even afford insurance to begin with! His whole plan to replace the ACA is to give more to the rich and less to the poor….typical mantra for the GOP! I sincerely doubt he’ll get much of his idiotic promises done…..but, he can always dream! Unfortunately, his pitiful followers don’t seem to understand that he’s just conning them again!

    1. Independent1 March 4, 2017

      And McCain and Graham have already come out and said Trump’s nonsensical budget is dead in the water when it gets to Congress.

      1. dpaano March 6, 2017

        It’s SOOO dead! The whole budget idea that he put forth is ridiculous….the numbers don’t add up and it would increase our deficit significantly! It’s already too bad he’s raised our debt with all his little trips to Mar-A-Lago each week-end, but with all the complaints from the Republicans on President Obama’s spending….it’ll be interesting to see if they become suddenly mute about 45’s spending!

  21. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 1, 2017

    Beyond those contrived moments, the Congressional address was typical Trump — replete with gross demagogy, especially in demonizing immigrants, and devoid of real policy. Indeed, he went beyond his usual recitation of impossible promises and insupportable predictions, predicting that he would virtually abolish narcotics addiction, rebuild the country’s entire infrastructure, immediately and drastically reduce the cost of pharmaceuticals, and spur all those rusting Midwestern factories back into production.//// Obama wanted to do an infrastructure work . and there was even a immigration deal that had the votes to be passed . BUT RYAN wouldn’t bring it up to vote neither thing some things wrong when there are enough votes to pass something and the GOP part of the gang of pinheads wont bring it up to vote . things like that should have changes in it . with one side blocking things from even coming up for a vote is wrong . how can things get passed if thy cant even vote on them . its to work together not one side being like a rotten spoiled child (THE GOP SIDE ) and now DITCH MICKY RAT FACE MOUSE . says come on don’t block thing that’s not right its childish . YES DITCH it is very childish . if you don’t like that so much then why do you do it and act the problem child ?

  22. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 1, 2017

    Indeed, he went beyond his usual recitation of impossible promises and insupportable predictions, predicting that he would virtually abolish narcotics addiction, rebuild the country’s entire infrastructure, immediately and drastically reduce the cost of pharmaceuticals, and spur all those rusting Midwestern factories back into production.<<<< this all is a part of the DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW he will be running on unreality TV if he makes it out of office alive . DUMPSTER its you that is ALL TALK TALK TALK NO ACTION and no DUMPSTER you B-S-ING isn't the action needed

  23. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 1, 2017

    He proposed to budget his vague infrastructure plan at a mere trillion dollars, creating “millions of jobs.” That’s actually a good idea in principle, exactly what Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders advocated last year — but Sanders said forthrightly that he would finance his infrastructure plan by taxing the rich.<<< simple fix for all and just taxes the greedy SOB's so thy pay the same of a %percentage as every one else no more no less (JUST THE SAME OF A % ) if that was don't all would be great that in itself would cover the infrastructure , ACA and would be able to pay down the debt . all the things to fix our country are right here in our country . you don't have to go no where for help . help is not needed to fix things . it can all be done with in our self's TOO SIMPLE MAYBE THATS WHY THE DUMPSTER DOSENT WANT TO SEE IT . Bill Clinton had it right and in his time worked well . (I GUESS TOO WELL FOR THE GOP TO HANDLE IT OR LIKE THAT IT TOOK A DEM TO FIX THINGS ) same thing after the DIRTY BUSH & CHEEZY CHANEY bury the country it took a DEM to dig us out . I guess its going to be the same thing and same way after the DUMPSTER gets done with the country .A DEM WILL HAVE TO SAVE THE USA AGAIN . I blame it on the stupid people of the country that see just what the GOP gang of pinhead idiots do to the USA and being that stupid keep voting them back into office . . give the country 2 DEM presidents 2 terms each and DEMS in office and in those 16 years the country will be great . the only thing that dosent make the USA great is stupid GOP'S in charge . ok from the DUMPSTERS book it self HEY PEOPLE WHAT THE HELL DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE ??????

  24. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 1, 2017

    Oh, and he also vowed to expand drug treatment for those “who have become so badly addicted” to narcotics — when in reality, the Republican health-care plan will throw hundreds of thousands off treatment./// after he locks them all up and thy serve their time of 10 to 20 years each

  25. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 1, 2017

    Moreover, his Congressional address promised “historic tax reform” for American corporations, which means reducing corporate levies, and “massive tax relief” for middle-class families — by which he probably means the huge tax cuts he plans to award to the wealthiest Americans, including himself,<<< this will be the only thing he will talk talk talk and try to get done . because it will help his greedy bastard ways

  26. actress March 1, 2017

    my comment is “second verse,same as the first”….only in a more “toned down,””presidential way”..he was pandering to his “cronies” in the republican party, and I did notice the smirk and laughter from paul ryan behind him..to be sure he would much rather have been tweeting nastiness, his usual way,than speaking respectably to those in attendance as well as to the American public..i did not think it was appropriate for him to use the widow of a fallenl navy seal as a “prop”,and he most certainly did..he is a salesman,a con artist, and by the way, if he is so concerned about the American taxpayer,why doe he not show us exactly how much he has paid..rest assured its either nothing or very little! I was not impressed..

  27. notafoxfan March 1, 2017

    pandered to his republican “cronies”..spoke in a “softer tone” to appear more presidential..said basically the same things some true,some not..i was not impressed and rest assured,the tweets will follow..i was appalled at his use of the navy seals widow as a “prop” for applause, and that my friends is what that was..my heart went out to her because she is still grieving and certainly did not recognize the phoniness in trumps action..the rest of his “speech” was the teleprompter trump..by the way,if he is so concerned about the budget and the taxpayer, why does ne not let us know how much he actually paid,if anything , to the irs!!!

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 1, 2017

      You’re right. That was as farcical a performance than any he has given, and he had the unmitigated gall to give himself a positive rating, pretending to look “Presidential”. And yes, using that poor woman as a tool to groom his ego was beyond shameless on his part—Spicer, Bannon, and the GOP bear responsibility that reprehensible sideshow.

  28. idamag March 2, 2017

    I did not listen to the speech. Comments I heard afterward is that he had a good speech writer. Did he say where the money is going to come from? I have no doubt that he won’t have as much obstruction as the Black man did. Who is going to have their taxes raised to pay for all this? Not the top 1 percent, he is seeking less taxes for them. He had a tendency to say what his audience wanted to hear, during the campaign.

    1. dbtheonly March 2, 2017

      And he’s always been short on specifics.

      I’m most bothered that the Lamestream Media has set the bar so low, that Trump’d look presidential as long as he didn’t threaten nuclear attacks on Ireland, confusing them with Iran.

    2. dpaano March 6, 2017

      His whole speech, while a little more presidential, was full of BS! He keeps saying he’s going to do this and that, but we see nothing coming out of his office yet on anything of importance. And, the budget he suggested is soooo way out there, it will NEVER make it through Congress! For some reason, he seems to think that he has the keys to the checkbook and can spend whatever he wants…..luckily enough, it doesn’t work that way!

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