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Two Women Tell New York Times That Trump Touched Them Inappropriately

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Two Women Tell New York Times That Trump Touched Them Inappropriately


By Roberta Rampton and Emily Flitter

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Two women accused Donald Trump of inappropriate touching in a story posted on the New York Times website on Wednesday, accusations his spokesman called “fiction” but which may further damage the Republican presidential nominee’s campaign with only four weeks to go until the Nov. 8 election.

One of the women, Jessica Leeds, appeared on camera to recount how Trump grabbed her breasts and tried to put his hand up her skirt in the first class cabin on a flight to New York in or around 1980.

The second woman, Rachel Crooks, described how Trump “kissed me directly on the mouth” in 2005 outside the elevator in Trump Tower in Manhattan, where she was a receptionist at a real estate firm.

Trump’s campaign denied there was any truth to the accounts and a senior adviser told Reuters that Trump is preparing a lawsuit against the New York Times.

“This entire article is fiction, and for the New York Times to launch a completely false, coordinated character assassination against Mr. Trump on a topic like this is dangerous,” the Trump campaign’s senior communications adviser Jason Miller said in a statement.

Reuters could not independently verify the incidents described in the New York Times story. Leeds and Crooks did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Reuters.

The report comes on the heels of a 2005 video that surfaced on Friday that showed Trump bragging about groping women, kissing them without permission, and trying to seduce a married woman.

Trump said during the second presidential debate on Sunday that he had not actually done the things he had boasted about, and apologized for his remarks, which he called private “locker room talk.”

A spokeswoman for his opponent, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, said Wednesday’s report was “disturbing.”

“These reports suggest that he lied on the debate stage and that the disgusting behavior he bragged about in the tape is more than just words,” said Jennifer Palmieri, a spokeswoman for the Clinton campaign.

Trump’s assertion that he had not groped women spurred one of the women to speak out, the New York Times said in its report.

Neither of the women reported the episodes to authorities, but they did tell friends and family members about the inappropriate touching, according to the New York Times report, which included accounts of some who were told about the incidents.

The New York Times reported that Trump, in an angry phone call, denied the incidents and threatened to sue the newspaper.

“We stand by the story, which falls clearly into the realm of public service journalism,” a New York Times spokeswoman said.

In the hour immediately following the publication of the New York Times story, other media outlets published reports describing other incidents.

The Palm Beach Post reported a claim by Mindy McGillivray, 36, a woman in South Florida, that Trump had grabbed her bottom 13 years ago while she was working at his Mar a Lago estate as a photographer’s assistant.

“There is no truth to this whatsoever,” Trump’s spokeswoman Hope Hicks told the Post. McGillivray could not be reached for comment.

CBS showed clips from its show Entertainment Tonight in 1992 with Trump addressing a group of 10-year-old girls, telling them he would be dating one of them in 10 years. He was 46 at the time. Hicks did not respond to a request for comment on the CBS report.

The release of the video plunged Trump and the Republican Party into a crisis that has jeopardized his chances of winning the White House, when he was already lagging Clinton in national opinion polls, and has possibly put Republican control of the U.S. Congress in danger.

He was chastised by Republican leaders, and some called on him to drop out of the presidential race.

Trump escalated his attacks on U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan on Wednesday, after Ryan said he was no longer going to campaign for or defend Trump and advised House Republicans not to support the White House candidate if they did not want to.

Trump told thousands of supporters jammed into a livestock arena in Ocala, Florida, that Ryan and others had not congratulated him on his debate performance, and the crowd booed in sympathy.

“There is a whole deal going on there. There is a whole deal going on and we’re going to figure it out. I always figure things out. But there’s a whole sinister deal going on,” Trump said.

Former Republican House Speaker John Boehner said in an interview on Fox News Channel that he would vote for Trump in spite of being “disgusted” by his comments, because he wanted to see conservative justices named to the Supreme Court.

The interview was taped before the New York Times story was published, but Boehner said he thought it was likely that more negative stories would emerge in the last month of the campaign.

“What more could be said in this election cycle than has already been said?” Boehner asked. “It couldn’t be any worse, could it?”

(Additional reporting by Emily Flitter, Jonathan Allen, Emily Stephenson, Susan Cornwell, David Morgan, Michelle Conlin, Eric Beech and Eric Walsh; Editing by Caren Bohan and Bill Rigby)

IMAGE: Republican nominee Donald Trump holds up signs at the end of a campaign rally in Lakeland, Florida, U.S., October 12, 2016.   REUTERS/Mike Segar



  1. Lynda Groom October 13, 2016

    I assume that these women have no good reason to lie about such behavior from the Donald. We’ve been exposed to women coming forth regarding inappropriate behavior from political types since the beginning of the republic. Several women made similar, and worse, allegations against President Clinton and I’ve not seen too many Trump operatives trying to deny the honesty of those ladies. After listening too and reading the disgusting comments coming Trump on that earlier tape I can’t help but wonder if there’s smoke it most likely comes from a fire. All in all I’m embarrassed for the nation that this campaign has brought us to this point.

    1. bobnstuff October 13, 2016

      I’m sorry but Trump has denied everyone of these ladies claims. He explained in his tape why he believed it was his right because he was rich and famous. One problem here is the fact that Bill Clinton is not running for president. If you want to compare Bill with someone it should be Trumps wife. Melania. very pretty young lady. She could be the first first lady to have nude pictures on line. More important is she was raised a communist. Trump feels that it’s OK to attack Clinton’s family but Clinton has not returned the favor. Clinton is not a strong candidate and had the republicans gotten a good candidate to run against her they could have won but instead they got Trump.

      1. LCR78 October 13, 2016

        Republicans didn’t have any strong candidates either.

        1. bobnstuff October 13, 2016

          There are some republicans that could have been strong candidates in other years but with the divided party and the blood thirsty media has sat this one out.

        2. dpaano October 13, 2016

          They had 16 of them, but apparently, none of them were strong enough to fight Trump.

    2. Karen October 13, 2016

      This is what happens these days when you can’t argue a political position on the issues, but instead try to swing public opinion based on dirt….. not even considering lies and half truths which have become the norm, we are a gullible electorate..

      1. Lynda Groom October 13, 2016

        Indeed, we (the voters) get just the government that we deserve. Up too and until the voters pay attention to the issues I don’t expect much in the way of change in our body politic.

    3. CPANY October 13, 2016

      When you “assume,” you make an ass out of you and me. Ever hear that joke, Lynda?

      Just as with accusations against Catholic priests of fondling young boys, some of the accusations are motivated by the prospect of monetary gain from settlements. I “assume” that most of these allegations are lies.

      1. LCR78 October 13, 2016

        Accusations against Catholic priests seem to be true more often than not. We had such a priest in our parish. It took only 1 such jerk to destroy an entire parish. Our parish was relatively new (less than 5 years, when he was arrested and the bishop had knowledge of his behavior in other parishes).

        1. CPANY October 13, 2016

          “Accusations against Catholic priests seem to true more often that not.” Would you care to define and justify that global statement by presenting some statistics?

          How many accusations have been made? How many have been successful?

          It’s easy to confuse highly emotional, loud headlines with the truth as determined by a careful investigation.

          1. LCR78 October 13, 2016

            Our priest went to jail. Is that proof enough for you?

      2. bobnstuff October 13, 2016

        If Trump lays out his action plan in detail why would you not believe that he had never tried it out. The man is a sleaze, he cheats on his wives and has made past statements about his feelings about women. These stories fit his statements. Rules don’t apply to Mr. Trump, never have. Rules of conduct with women are just another set to be broken.

      3. Mortalc01l October 13, 2016

        If only 10% of what has been alleged against Trump is true, it still makes him a sexual predator; and for GOD’S sake, 10 year old girls!!! He makes comments, pointing at 10 year old girls and says he will be dating them in 10 years!!! WTF?? That’s so incredibly inappropriate, I have no words. Pedophile is the main one.

        1. dpaano October 13, 2016

          If he had said that in front of any child of mine, he would be picking himself (and his teeth) up off the floor and he’d be in court so fast his head would spin!

          1. Mortalc01l October 13, 2016

            I agree with you wholeheartedly; any Man tries to touch my Wife that way, or tries to spy on my daughter naked, he will be scrambling around the floor, looking for his recently departed teeth and I will be aiming my size 11 boot up his ass.

      4. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2016


      5. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2016

        WOW not only was you an English teacher you also was a priest fondling little boys . dam you get around way too much . some how some way thy will catch you

      6. Lynda Groom October 13, 2016

        Indeed I’ve heard and used that joke. However, in this case the joke is upon the nation by the man from NYC. I must also assume that you understand full well that a great many of those ‘accusations against Catholic priests’ have been proven true. The sums of money paid out have been very, very large.

        1. CPANY October 13, 2016

          I don’t believe that the accusations were ever “proved,” because the settlements stipulated no admission of guilt.

          One must be careful of accusations, because motivation is sometimes not taken into account. An example is the 1937 Moscow “show trials,” which were part of Stalin’s purge of the Russian Communist Party. Despite the trumped up charges, the defendants admitted guilt because they were tortured. Some were tortured so badly that they couldn’t attend the trials. Stalin’s paranoia was the reason for the trials.

          Despite this, many of the journalists and foreign officials who attended the trials were taken in. US Senator Morrow was one of those taken in and went so far as to state before the news cameras that he thought that the confessions were genuine.

          When the false nature of the trials became evident after World War II, Morrow’s reputation suffered.

          1. Lynda Groom October 14, 2016

            It seems that you have not been keeping up with events. In 2002 there had been more than 70 clergymen found guilty, or confessed in a court of law to their treatment of children. BTW, not just from the Catholic faith.

            In May of 2014 the Vatican revealed that it had defrocked 848 priests who raped or molested children.

            Pretending that the problem has never been ‘proved’ is beyond belief. Unless of course you believe that folks found guilty in the courts are innocent or that their confession are meaningless. BTW, we are not talking about ‘show trials,’ but the reality of the problems within the church.

  2. Dominick Vila October 13, 2016

    The most damaging allegation, on this issue, involves the claim made by a woman a couple of months ago, about being raped by Trump when she was 13 years old. Interestingly, but perhaps not surprisingly, she has dropped out of sight. I can’t help wonder how much she collected to drop charges…
    One of the most revealing interview I have heard during this campaign was last night, when Jerry Falwell Jr. appeared on CNN, dismissed all these claims irrelevant, and stated that he continues to support Donald Trump because of his domestic and foreign policy agenda, and because in his opinion Trump is the best prepared to make the changes needed to make America great again. Hearing one of the many inquisitors that has spent decades demonizing Bill Clinton for his infidelities suddenly dismiss identical behavior, highlights the depth of the support that Trump enjoys, the double standard and cynicism of the opposition, and the absence of values and a moral compass that seems to be the most basic ingredient of the Trump cult.

    1. Susannellis2 October 13, 2016

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    2. jenny_whyme October 13, 2016

      Dropped out of sight?

      That case has a hearing in December.

      1. bobnstuff October 13, 2016

        That case was dropped, not heard. It’s back though and I understand they set a hearing date.

        1. dpaano October 13, 2016

          And if I heard correctly, his lawsuit with the Trump University is scheduled for sometime mid-November (after the election). That should be interesting also.

      2. Dominick Vila October 13, 2016

        Thanks! I did not know that. I wish the hearing date was November 7th!

    3. CPANY October 13, 2016

      1. You’re demanding proof? What proof is there to support the thirty-six-year-old claim from two women?

      2. You’re so one-sided that it’s pathetic. You’re not a liberal. You’re a Communist. An aging Communist who spent too much time overseas.

      1. Karen October 13, 2016

        And you are just another in a long line of mudslingers.

        1. CPANY October 13, 2016

          If it’s really “a long line,” then there must be a lot of people who agree with me.

          1. Karen October 13, 2016

            That’s the sad part, there is a long line of people who falsely smear others who don’t agree with them.

          2. CPANY October 13, 2016

            You should know. You’re one of them.

          3. dpaano October 17, 2016

            I agree….as I said above to Gerry, I am at a total loss at why there is so much hate in this campaign. We live in a democracy where each person is free to vote for the person of their choice. There’s NO reason for anyone to hate another person just because they disagree on that choice. I respect people’s right to vote for whomever they are voting for, but it’s hard to respect people who come on these sites, call people names for no reason whatsoever, and put them down for their choice. There’s NO reason to hate another person, especially when you don’t even know them, just because they have made a difference choice that you may have. We need to get this ugliness and hate OUT of these campaigns because they do no one any good! I hope that you agree.

          4. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2016

            ever if so dosent mean your right . might just show how many wacked out people there are . and im sure you would be very happy with your clan

          5. dpaano October 13, 2016

            Not really…..

      2. FT66 October 13, 2016

        Cheap shot.

        1. CPANY October 13, 2016

          You’re an idiot. It’s a cheap shot to form and express a conclusion based on what Domenick Vila has written? He makes no attempt to be fair.

          Over the last couple of years, I have never seen him adopt anything but a knee jerk liberal reaction.

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2016

            and you feel that all child molesters and women molesters should be treated fair . why ? because you cant control your self . or you feel every one should be able to do it ? as for with the knee jerking is that your DONNY DUMP trick for the little boys and then you work your way up ?

          2. dpaano October 13, 2016

            Actually, his posts speak for many of us on this site.

      3. CrankyToo October 13, 2016

        You should have stopped after paragraph 1, Deplorable.

        1. CPANY October 13, 2016

          You make me sick. Anyone who has the temerity to disagree with the liberal positions is branded by such weak words as “deplorable”

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2016

            the DEPLORABLE fits you will wear it with pride . im sure it fits like a glove .

          2. CrankyToo October 13, 2016

            It distresses me no end to think I make you sick. I don’t have any deplorable friends; I was hoping you’d be my first. Alas and alack…

      4. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2016

        and you’re just a brain dead DONNY DUMP followers

        1. CPANY October 13, 2016

          No, shithead, I’m going to vote for Hillary. I just recognize the inherent unfairness of supposedly sexually abused women and children who decide years after the event to claim abuse.

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2016

            and you dickhead feel if one dosent say something right away that its their fault and it didn’t happen ? do you have any clue of what a women go’s through when thy are rapped ? and can you say even after maybe 26 years thy cant feel the same way thy didf the day it happen ? or if thy dream of that rape in a night it dosent all come back to them in full tilt ?

          2. CPANY October 13, 2016

            How much education do you have? Judging from your poor grammar, I’d guess that you didn’t get past the third grade.

          3. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2016

            why was the 3rd grade your limit for the age you had for molesting children ? you want to play English teacher with me for old time sake ? keep me after school . how many of them children didn’t say anything on you molesting them ? and if thy say something now thy lie because it took too long to say anything ? your just as wacked and sick as the DUMPSTER . you say you will vote for Hillary but even if you did (witch I don’t think you will ) still wont take away what you had done in the pass . might make your simple little brain dead mind feel so little better . but you will always know what you did . no matter how long it takes you to tell yourself .

          4. CPANY October 13, 2016

            Your response doesn’t make any sense. You’re obviously an ignorant clod who has a desire to write, but you cannot express yourself properly.

          5. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2016

            you post (CLAIM ) like it never happen . whys that ? any in your life that just didn’t say something for what ever reason

          6. dpaano October 13, 2016

            If you ARE going to vote for Hillary, you certainly don’t act like it. As someone above said, there are MANY times and MANY circumstances wherein a woman would not claim sexual assault happened. I’m sure if you were in the same place, you’d think differently too. If some big-time celebrity abused you, how quick would you be to turn him/her in? How much would you want to face denials, publicity, etc. because you’re just a small person when compared to them? I think you’d think so much differently.

          7. CPANY October 13, 2016

            Wrong. If I had been abused, I’d go after the son of a bitch, or the bitch, whatever the case may be.

          8. dpaano October 14, 2016

            I’d be right behind you……they’d have to be crawling on the floor looking for their teeth!!! I may be old, but I can still kick butt when necessary! Nobody pisses me off!

          9. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2016

            if the one that was abusing him was of the same sex im sure CPANY would say nothing hoping it happen again

      5. dpaano October 13, 2016

        Once again, a Trumpster, instead of having an intelligent discourse, merely deflects again and falls back to calling people names! Interesting.

        1. CPANY October 13, 2016

          What’s a “Trumpster? Someone who’s going to vote for Donald Trump? That’s not me: I’m voting for Hillary.

          Once again, you’re wrong.

          1. dpaano October 14, 2016

            If I am, I apologize. Many of your comments lead people to believe that you’re on Trump’s side…..just saying. Glad you’re voting for Hillary…she’s the best choice of the two.

        2. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2016

          DONNY DUMP say issues ???????/ what are thy ??????/ im here to just insult every one

    4. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2016

      at what cost with the DUMPSTER in the house ? so he can pardon himself for his crimes . as for the domestic and foreign policy agenda, that all comes down to who is in office . if you get a party that blocks every thing for what ever reason (maybe just because one in black a racist party ) can be what it is that stops any and all of a domestic and foreign policy agenda from getting done

    5. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2016

      (Trump is the best prepared to make the changes needed to make America great again.) too late America has never stopped from being great . not again it always and will always BE THAT WAY and to make sure keep a DONNY DUMP away from anything to do with the country .

    6. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2016

      as far as (demonizing Bill Clinton) this is the PRES. that for the first time in history gave the country a surplus debt free . the people voted him in to be a good PRES. we didn’t not vote him in to be a good HUBBY . the DUMPSTER in the house would only bury the country in the grave 10 folds deeper then the DIRTY BUSH did . im watching the DUMSTER now ranting his B/S now saying Hillary should be locked up . DONNY DUMP should be locked up for his form of (and it is a form of ) child molestation waiting and then walking in on MISS TEENS dressing room 14 -15- 16 year old little girls . walking in on them as thy dressed some half other fully naked and this pervert says don’t worry little girls your not nothing I haven’t sen before . makes one think saying that ohh ya DONNY DUMP so tell us how many little underage girls you have seem half and fully naked ?

      1. Dominick Vila October 13, 2016

        The greatest irony is that in addition to being a sexual predator, the Donald may also be a pedophile!

        1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2016

          yes and not only for walking in on the MISS TEENS but if you text in DONNY DUMP and predator pedophile . there is a story on him on that also on line . years ago but still here

    7. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2016

      Don’t forget, this is the same man that paraded four women that claimed to have had sexual relations with Bill Clinton/// and back in the day DONNY DUMP was defending BILL back then for this . calling the women ugly and what ever else he ranted back then .

    8. CPANY October 14, 2016

      Yadda, yadda, yadda.

  3. Gerry Francis October 13, 2016

    This entire campaign from BOTH sides is just way to ugly for words.

    1. FT66 October 13, 2016

      I disagree. Not both sides. Hillary has been forced to play with a dirty pig that has covered her with dirty mud.

      1. Gerry Francis October 14, 2016

        To use Mr. Trumps interpreter’s phrasing – I think I ‘worded that
        poorly’. ‘What I meant’ was – the dirt that’s coming out about both
        sides is ugly.
        Sorry if you disagree.

    2. dpaano October 13, 2016

      Don’t agree….Hillary has been doing her best at campaigning and letting people know where she stands and what she is prepared to do if elected. It’s just too bad that she has to spend so much time defending herself against the BS that comes out of the Trump campaign!

      1. Gerry Francis October 14, 2016

        To use Mr. Trumps interpreter’s phrasing – I think I ‘worded that poorly’. ‘What I meant’ was – the dirt that’s coming out about both sides is ugly.

        Sorry if you disagree……..sincerely.

        1. dpaano October 17, 2016

          Thank you….I get your point and apologize if I misinterpreted your comment. What really gets me with this election, Gerry, is that it’s ugly on BOTH sides and it shouldn’t be. We live in a democracy where everyone has the right to vote for the person of their choice. There’s NO reason why someone should “hate” another person because they are voting for their chosen candidate. I respect everyone’s right to vote their conscience…it just seems that some people don’t understand that. There’s NO reason to hate someone that you don’t know just because they don’t agree with your choice. Whether you are voting for Trump or Hillary…..you have the right to vote as you wish without someone “hating” you for making that choice. This whole campaign has been the most terrible that I’ve ever seen with SO much hate involved that is not necessary. I don’t know who inspires it the most, but it needs to stop in future campaigns because we’re going no where with this. I hope you understand and agree.

      2. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 14, 2016

        true its DONNY DUMP that cant stick to the issues . im wondering if one should or has to have a shrink DR. check them out before thy can be PRES. for the DUMPSTER has so bipolar problems from what ive read and how I see him . for the ones of the world with this problem its great thy have help out there for them . but the dumpster will never admit he has the problem

  4. The lucky one October 13, 2016

    We all know Trump is a crude vulgar POS but his claim “Trump said during the second presidential debate on Sunday that he had not actually done the things he had boasted about” may have some truth in it. He has a long history wherein he had not actually done the things he had boasted about, in fact it is usually the case.

    1. Karen October 13, 2016

      .Using the same psychology wouldn’t it be possible then to say that he has done the things he says he hasn’t? It’s what I call lying.

      1. The lucky one October 13, 2016

        Oh he has amply demonstrated that he is a liar, racist, bigot, sexual predator etc. What amazes me though is how much this episode is hurting him after all the equally misogynistic and other bigoted things he has said and done seem to roll off.

      2. dpaano October 13, 2016

        I agree….he’s pretty good at lying. He’s been doing it most of this campaign! Why wouldn’t this be just another one of those conveniently forgotten items that he won’t admit to?

    2. dpaano October 13, 2016

      His memory is severely impaired because he constantly doesn’t remember things that he’s said or done in the past even when presented with absolute proof. This is just another subject that he just conveniently “forgets.”

  5. Jinmichigan October 13, 2016

    These ladies, as well as the other 3 making similar accusations don’t seem to have personal motives other than to expose trump for what he did to them. There is no discussion of suing him or any other tactic that would benefit these ladies. Also each of them discussed the incidents with other people at the time, so I expect their credibility is at least as high as DON the CON, and probably considerably higher.

  6. FT66 October 13, 2016

    Even before this sexual assault of Trump to women, he had no qualifications and qualities to be President. This very stinking behavior of him, kicks Trump out of the game completely. He will soon become history.

  7. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2016

    DONNY DUMP’S so called locker room talk is just the DUMPSTER’S life plan for women in the public . the thing now is with the MISS=TEEN’S that he would walk into the dressing room when he wanted . some of them being 14-15-and or 16 years old . that’s child molestation . one that go to court and charged with child molestation has to REG. them self to the police of being a REG sex offender FOR LIFE this FOR LIFE thing should also be how long one can be charged for it . no time limit on this charged when its on a child . should have the same standers of a murder charges

  8. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2016

    ive said this before how much the people in the DUMPSTERS campaign that work for the CLOWN talk their BULL in defending him no matter what he has done . its a joke from the start with the bimbo’s women that just rant on in interviews never stop talking and interrupt and talking over who ever is there at the time . that was the in the being every one way back for the year plus him running . now with these you accounts of the nasty things the clown has done . this one guy that works for the DUMPSTER is still defending him . I ask dose this guy have a girlfriend , wife .sister.daughter, a mother ? how can he defend DONNY DUMP ?

  9. CrankyToo October 13, 2016

    “Neither of the women reported the episodes to authorities, but they did
    tell friends and family members about the inappropriate touching…”

    The entire civilized world is now cognizant of the fact that Donald Trump is a scumbag of the first order. There’s no arguing that point. Nevertheless, 40-some-odd million deplorable Americans are going to pull the lever for that rat bastard in about four weeks, and these anecdotes regarding his boorish behavior are not likely to further persuade nor dissuade 98% of likely voters. That being the case – and since that last 2% are not likely to decide the outcome of this election – I really think the Clinton campaign and the complicit media are doing us all a disservice by beating us over the head with tales of Trump’s nefarious sexual deeds. Enough already!

    Given that the two women who are the subjects of this latest scandal did not file assault charges against Trump when the offenses occurred, their stories are, from my perspective, not only dubious, but irrelevant at this point.

    Hillary has said, on multiple occasions, that she’s going to heed Michelle Obama’s advice and “when they go low, go high”. Well she, her staff and her surrogates can do that by refusing to comment on these sensational anecdotes and focusing on the issues at hand.

    1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 13, 2016

      Right you are. This is clearly shaping up to be another battle, among many across the world, between forces of “Enlightenment, Respect, and Cooperation” versus forces of “Darkness, Disrespect, and Belligerence”.
      Trump, Putin, many in the GOP, and others like them, are clearly Dark forces—anyone else, in spite of their faults but who aspire to improve the world, can be said to be under the banner of “Enlightenment” and working towards Unity(not uniformity).

    2. RED October 13, 2016

      You think only Hillary Clinton is responsible for these stories coming out? You think she is the only one with something to gain? You can’t see that the media benefits immensely from these stories? And if you think the failure to file assault charges equals “dubious” you need to reassess your judgment, it’s very out of whack.

      1. CrankyToo October 13, 2016

        Calm down, Cujo. Your rabid response to a perfectly sensible post makes you look like a left-hand version of a right-hand tool.

        The questions of who’s responsible and who has something to gain are irrelevant at this point. They only serve to distract us from the real issues and divert our attention from the conversations we should be having with voting day less than four weeks out. Clinton’s campaign should recognize that fact and climb up out of the benjo ditch. As I said, we all know what Trump’s about. There’s nothing more to be gained but much to be lost by kicking that dead horse.

        And insofar as the dubiousness of these allegations is concerned, I’m a former law enforcement professional. If one cannot bring evidence to the table, one should STFU.

    3. dpaano October 13, 2016

      I believe she had pretty much done that…..she wasn’t the one that brought up all this BS, it was Trump’s constant carping about Bill Clinton and his discretions that are moot at this point. Had he kept these comments out of the campaign, this wouldn’t have blown up in his face as it has. He has no one to blame but himself!

    4. johninPCFL October 14, 2016

      All reporting the assaults to the authorities would have done is brought Trump’s attorneys out from under the rocks and self-bankrupting lawsuits. No wonder they kept the assaults to themselves.

  10. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2016

    with all this coming out one has to wonder what is in the minds of the millions of the DONNY DUMP brain dead followers to still stand by him what dose this say about those millions of people . what next are all the brain dead going to all go out and in the streets every where start grabbing women lady parts ? think of the millions that are in the country just like the DUMPSTER

  11. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 13, 2016

    Every day Trump does something or some sordid report of his past is brought to our attention. The nauseating behavior of Trump would ordinarily turn the stomach of any reasonable person. The fact that so many others still find Trump qualified to do anything shows that they are OK with his behavior and are willing to accept it as normal.
    But, the bats of darkness who are largely Trumpites, will counter this story with, “Well what about the emails, Benghazi, Hillary’s husband’s actions?”—as though Hillary ipso facto is responsible for Bill’s past transgressions.

    If Hillary is responsible for Bill’s actions, then Melania and Trump’s parents are directly responsible for Donald’s behavior. But Melania and Donald’s parents aren’t up for consideration for president, so their connection is irrelevant, as is Hillary’s in relation to Bill’s actions.

    1. dpaano October 13, 2016

      Definitely…..what happened with Bill during his tour was a long, long time ago and is definitely a moot point! Why Trump kept bringing it up is beyond me…..it’s his fault that it’s now coming back on him! The big problem is that he can’t see that and continues to rant and rave about the alleged “lies,” etc. If he’d just grow up, shut up, and campaign like a politician should….he would be doing better.

  12. Girlpower October 13, 2016

    My mother always said what goes around comes around!!!! The older I get the more I realize just how smart she was. Trump is getting what he deserves. He found it very funny Sunday night when he tried to humiliate Hillary by dragging those 4 women out at the debate. Is he laughing now???

    1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 14, 2016

      the thing is it was Bill not Hillary . and thy say that she was rude to them . WELL YAAAA how would any women feel about another women having sex with their hubby ? do thy think she would ask them over for coffee or something ? think of it this was DONNY DUMP having sex with other guys (this I feel could be really true any was for the DUMPSTERS little hands ) what would DONNY DUMP do about it ? give them a job and thank them for doing his wife better then he dose

  13. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 13, 2016

    one has to think about what the world is saying about the USA these days as thy are laugh their butts off . thy think im sure . how this country to be the greatest of the world that has people like DONNY DUMP running for the most powerful spot in the world . and we are letting this happen . the country is letting a DUMPSTER make a mockery of the USA . thy must be thinking how can we respect a place that has a clown like DONNY DUMP running for to be the POTUS ? heck you might even have ISIS saying this clown is worse then us he is truly a wacked out clown . thy might even say if you let us in there we can take just the DUMPSTER out of your country and take care of him for you . free of charge . thy will say their god would want us to do this .

  14. Jon October 13, 2016

    The timing of these most recent examples of Trump’s sexual predatory behavior was triggered by Trump himself. When he lied on Sunday night during a nationally televised debate by claiming he has never kissed, groped, or grabbed women against their will he further insulted the women who were victims of his sexual assaults. It should not come as any surprise to anyone that more of Trump’s sexual assault victims are now coming forward.
    Literally thousands of examples exist of women who never reported sexual assaults by powerful men to authorities at or near the time of the assault. There are many reasons for this. Some women are embarrassed because they were victims of sexual assault. While they should not be, they know that the sexual predator and his supporters will turn on the victim in public and use every dirty trick at their disposal to drag her through the mud. Women know that they risk career opportunities and financial difficulties due to retribution by the sexual predator. Some sexual predators have gone so far as suing or threatening to sue media organizations and those who report the news as well as the victims for telling people about the sexual assault.
    Some women didn’t want the publicity. They were willing to suffer being sexual assault victims silently while maintaining their privacy. For some reporting the sexual assault to authorities at or soon after the assault meant having to re-live the shock and trauma over and over in depositions, hearings, and trials. Women know that reporting a sexual assault by a rich and powerful man will have many in the public doubting their credibility because they cannot accept the fact that a rich and powerful man is also a sexual predator.
    Trump said that because he was a star he could get away with being a sexual predator. This same belief allowed Bill Cosby to get away with it for many years. It wasn’t until more and more women were brave enough to come forward that public opinion began to turn from blaming the victim to blaming the sexual predator. Trump is playing the same game Cosby played but because of his lie at the debate he can no longer play his denial and hate the victim game. The time has come for him to pay his dues for the harm he has caused.

  15. Virginia October 13, 2016

    I believe American women and men are VERY tired of these meritless sexual allegations. It doesn’t matter whether you are Republican or Democrat – sex has played out in nearly every Presidency at some point. For me personally, the Clinton Presidency was the worst because we had to explain to our 9 year old son what a “blow job in the Oval Office” was – which was what he heard about at school.

    I assume any of us with impressionable children or grandchildren cringe when the news comes on TV. Both sides need to stop the sexual overtones during Primetime television and start talking about the real issues. Politically speaking neither Democrats or Republicans can speak to family and American values because they are too busy slandering each other or running from own sorted histories.

    The point is Candidates: we got it. You both have sexual histories, albeit some sluttier than the other.

    Our country is suffering from uncontrolled mass immigration, economic decline and moral degradation and you, Candidates, need to focus on the issues. The only testicular fortitude issue we need to hear about is who can better lead us out of the financial funk we’ve sunk into before there is another civil war and total collapse.

    1. charleo1 October 13, 2016

      Now, to explain testicular fortitude. Or, debunk the grand lies, and conspiracy theories about the masses of illegal Mexicans, and other unworthy Brown people that are supposedly pouring unheeded across open borders, taking jobs, raping our women, and soaking up billions in welfare benefits. Or the rest of the hobgoblin crap Trump is pumping out, as he tries to insult and demagogue his way into the American Presidency. A job for which he is staggeringly unqualified, and temperamentally unfit. Judging from your comment, if you truly care about our Nation. We have an election coming up,
      I suggest you stay home.

    2. dpaano October 13, 2016

      I don’t believe Hillary has ever brought out any sexual things about Trump herself….they came out on their own. She has NEVER put these things forward and has always tried to keep to the plans and policies that she’s campaigning for. She only responds to Trump whenever he brings these things up…..any WHY does Trump think that what Bill Clinton did many, many years ago matter? Bill isn’t running for president, Hillary is the candidate! All he’s doing by continuing to bring up Bill’s indiscretion is taking the low road! We’ve been there and heard it all before…..it’s a moot point at this time! I wish, if Trump were serious about winning, he’d stop whining about things that no longer matter and get to the point on what he plans on doing and how he plans on doing it if (and it’s a BIG if) he gets into the Oval Office. We’re tired of the smears and BS from his side of the campaign!
      Additionally, per your comment about the alleged “financial funk” we’ve sunk into….we’re doing so much better than we were 7+ years ago and we can thank our current president for this. The economy has been coming back up slowly, the unemployment rate is at the lowest ever, the stock market is the highest its ever been, more people are making more money and doing better, and even the housing market is starting to come back up. Personally, I don’t think we’re in anything NEAR the financial funk we were in when GWB was running this country. Don’t believe everything that the Trumpster says….he has NO idea that this country is already great and getting greater!

      1. Virginia October 13, 2016

        If you are unaware of the financial state of chaos our country is in – seriously try to catch up before you go to the polls. There is over $700 TRILLION DOLLARS in Wall Street derivative debt and if you don’t think it affects you personally – think again. Are you ready to give the banks another bailout of public money? Are you watching the cuts, slashes and bankruptcies of union, state and federal employees pension funds? That’s just the tip of the iceberg…there likely won’t be pensions for a lot of people.

        As for Bill and Hillary – they are a package deal which she originally pitched until it appeared the country wasn’t all that fond of the idea. Look, nobody can change minds that are already made up. That’s why we’re almost at war with each other.

        Neither candidate has a spectacular shiny reputation which is sad, very sad. But if you sincerely believe Hillary would let banks fail rather than give them a bailout (which Trump has said he would opposed) – go ahead and vote for her. Because we’re headed toward another crash – no, wait – we’re in another soft crash. Wells Fargo and Deutsche Bank are sinking fast and we can either pour more taxpayer funds into their pockets – or break them up. The next President cannot be beholden to the banks. And Hillary is already beholden and stated she can’t identify with the middle class. It’s not an easy decision – but don’t make it on anything less than economic facts.

        1. Sand_Cat October 14, 2016

          More matchless wisdom. I stand in awe of you, Virginia.

        2. dpaano October 14, 2016

          Gee, most of the problems you list were due to the past couple of Republican presidents; i.e., Reagan & GWB. I guess you aren’t aware that part of the debt that you’re talking about was passed down from GWB’s administration due to the unpaid war in Iraq and his drug plan, not to mention the tax refunds he gave out. All of these had to be added to Obama’s budget from the day he took office, so most of the so-called “trillion” debt is NOT all due to President Obama.
          As for the cuts, slashes and bankruptcies of the unions, we can thank many a Republican Governor for those. They were the ones that got rid of the unions in each of their particular states, which, in turn, caused many business to have to change their policies, lose employees, drop pension plans, etc.
          And, yes, I DO believe that Hillary, and Elizabeth Warren, will NOT stand for any BS from banks nor give them any additional bailouts. Wells Fargo is fast falling due to their own leadership’s instructions to the people in the banks themselves…..nothing to do with Hillary or the current president. Hillary is NOT beholden to any banks. As for her not being able to “identify with the middle class,” she started out in the middle class, so I’m sure that she can identify with them somewhat. As Trump would probably say…..”it was taken out of context….I never said that.”
          As far as the economy in this country nowadays, things are looking up…..our unemployment rate is down considerably, the stock market is the highest its ever been, people have gotten raises this year and are doing better than ever, our poverty level has dropped significantly, and I could go on and on, but you can find this out yourself if you really wanted to.

    3. CrankyToo October 13, 2016

      Are you saying you prefer Trump to Clinton? If that’s the case, don’t be afraid to admit it. Show a little intestinal fortitude.

      1. Virginia October 13, 2016

        I more than admit it. I’ve explained for years the depth of the financial problems the current administration has overseen, while protecting banksters and making more people homeless with fake HAMP solicitations and fraudulently robo-signed FDIC assignments and foreclosure paperwork. Here’s just one example: https://deadlyclear.wordpress.com/2016/10/11/david-dayen-behind-closed-doors-hillary-clinton-sympathized-with-goldman-sachs-over-financial-reform/

        I know the reasons our country has remained in decline – and frankly, if anyone can work these banks out of their own bankruptcies and back to financial health – it’ll be Trump.

        1. CrankyToo October 13, 2016

          Sure… because Trump has shown himself to be an adroit businessman, right?

          1. Virginia October 14, 2016

            A vast majority of businesses never emerge from a Chapter 11 which is reorganization as opposed to where most end up in total liquidation or Chapter 7. That, in and of itself, is a remarkable feat and whether Trump businesses hired excellent attorneys or personally negotiated debt – the businesses survived through skillful leadership.

            I think we’ve had enough politicians running our country. How many times has it been said we couldn’t run our households or businesses like the government – or we’d be broke or in jail?

            Government is run like a frat house. It needs major changes. Hillary’s speeches to me are just more status quo. At least if Donald can’t get something done he’ll take names and report it to the public who was holding him back.

            I have yet to hear anyone has bribed Donald, nor ever heard Donald use government deals to support one of his personal foundations – nor have I ever heard him say he wanted to “drone” anyone… can’t say the same for Hillary.

          2. CrankyToo October 14, 2016

            The problem with single-issue voters (like yourself) is that, by and
            large, they’re too myopic to see the wider picture. Most thoughtful and informed voters recognize that Hillary Clinton is a flawed candidate, but are nevertheless determined to vote for her because the Greedy Old Pricks have given them no viable alternative. Donald Trump is a sick phuck. It’s just that simple.

          3. dpaano October 14, 2016

            Boy, you haven’t been reading the papers, listening to the news, or doing your homework, have you? It’s very apparent. Donald, being the wonderful business man that he says he is, filed a $918B loss, which the taxpayers then had to pay for (seems you don’t understand what goes on when a business claims a bankruptcy or a loss).
            As for your comment about Donald not being bribed…perhaps he, himself, hasn’t been bribed, but he’s bribed plenty of others to get his businesses together! And, maybe he never said he wanted to “drone” anyone, but he certainly was clear when he mentioned he was going to send Hillary to jail which, by the way, he can’t do legally even if he’s president, so that’s another piece of BS that he’s trying to get his followers to believe! Hillary has been nothing but gracious in both the debates, unlike Trump, who has interrupted, made stupid faces, trailed her around the debate stage like a stalker, and has continually called her names that are totally irrelevant in a political campaign!

        2. Sand_Cat October 14, 2016

          Yeah, they “both” have sexual histories.
          I hate to break it to you, but Bill Clinton is NOT the Democratic candidate for president. I know this comes as a shock to an obviously well-informed person such as yourself.
          I’m sure Hillary has a “sexual history” with her husband; no one has ever alleged or provided a shred of evidence otherwise. Of course, this shameful past is completely equivalent to that of serial adulterer and sexual abuser Donald Trump, and I can understand perfectly why you would choose him, given not only his sterling moral character, but also his wide-ranging knowledge of government and international relations: he’s sniffed out all those nationwide, and even worldwide, conspiracies against him of which poor Mrs. Clinton and her supposedly knowledgeable advisors never saw the slightest hint.
          I’m sure that America cannot long remain in its sad state when it harbors persons of such wisdom, fair-mindedness, and exquisite discrimination as yourself, and that we shall rise again to glory under the enlightened leadership of Donald Trump.

        3. dpaano October 14, 2016

          Gee, you perhaps don’t realize that it was Republican president (Reagan and GWB) who caused the financial problems that we saw before President Obama took office. Maybe you need to go back and do some homework because NO Democratic president had ANYTHING to do with the items that you’ve listed. You might also want to put some of the blame on the Republican Congress who have sat on their butts for the past 7+ years and did NOTHING to help the American people!

          1. Virginia October 14, 2016

            Don’t be insulting and condescending. Until you’ve studied the facts instead of buying into the rhetoric – who are you to judge what anyone knows? If you don’t realize what’s happened to the political parties – then it’s time to dig for the truth – not just allow some bought and paid for media pundits lump it on you.

            Yes, Reagan allowed some deregulation and it was the start of a well orchestrated plan by the banks and the Fed to allow them to move from instate to interstate. But it was culminated under Clinton with the repeal of Glass-Steagall and laws against allowing insurance companies and investment banks to commingle.

            See https://deadlyclear.wordpress.com/2014/04/21/only-3-days-to-destroy-the-worlds-economy-clinton-presidential-documents-on-glass-steagall-repeal-reveal-no-good-reason-for-doing-this/

            Then, before you continue to make crummy uninformed comments read a few of these books: https://deadlyclear.wordpress.com/2013/09/11/credit-slips-crisis-books-a-phenomenal-resource/

          2. dpaano October 17, 2016

            I HAVE studied the facts, Virginia, otherwise, I wouldn’t have made the comments that I made. I don’t listen to rhetoric or conspiracy theories….I do my homework. As for books, I read MANY books on politics and try to keep up. I respect your opinion, however, and your right to have it.

          3. Virginia October 17, 2016

            Wake up – Plutocrats have invaded the political parties. See today’s news – is this really the kind of America you want to live in?! http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-17/wikileaks-activates-contingency-plans-after-unknown-state-party-cuts-julian-assanges

            Your beloved Clinton/Obama have no respect for the rule of law. They want to silence the damaging emails that provide the American public with the insiders’ views and commentary because they don’t want the public to know what is really happening. This is no “conspiracy theory” – wake up!

          4. rose528 October 17, 2016

            better yet why don’t you read articles and books written by non nazi fascist party of NO followers

          5. rose528 October 17, 2016

            no the nazi fascist party of NO repug followers don’t know anything only what they are told

          6. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 18, 2016

            and that’s the GOP gang of pinhead & idiots Nazi fascist party of clowns

        4. rose528 October 17, 2016


      2. rose528 October 17, 2016

        the nazi fascist party of NO repugs don’t know what that means “intestinal fortitude”

  16. RED October 13, 2016

    Don’t ya just love the party of “family values”? Mo Rons!!

  17. dpaano October 13, 2016

    Finally, all the women that he groped and whatever are coming out of the woodwork and telling their story. But, he says that it’s all lies!! Maybe he doesn’t realize all the lies that he’s been telling about Hillary…..so payback is a bitch, Trump! I’m pretty sure there will be more women coming out with their stories now that the truth is finally out there!

    1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 14, 2016

      im thinking more like a book of women will come out . and doing that just might help them and feel better in their minds

      1. rose528 October 17, 2016

        why not after all he felt it was a privilege to be sexually assaulted by him.

        1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 18, 2016

          maybe you should go hang with DONNY DUMP and get what you seem to like privilege also .

  18. Katstiles October 13, 2016

    Does it ever occur to the Republican party that their candidate is also preferred by ISIS, China, Russia, and North Korea? Why? Not because those countries believe a Trump Presidency will be great for America. A Trump Presidency will be great for China, Russia, ISIS, North Korea, and all entities that wish to see America fail. They want a stupid POS like the Orange Clown to be in charge. A smart, tested, tough old Battle Axe like Hillary is the last person they want in charge of America! And when I say Battle Axe, I mean that with all respect and admiration!

  19. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 13, 2016

    Either Trump had his son make up that poster, or women who have no respect for themselves and their daughters put that pathetic sign together for his use.
    Be that as it may, I’d like to point something out in a revealing comment that “Jim Samaras”.
    Jim, in one of numerous moments of not paying attention to what he says, wrote a response to me and stated in effect that Trump’s problems and the conversations around them, have nothing to do with Religion.
    I beg to differ—Religion, believe it or not, has everything to do with influencing humanity, from the most minute aspects of how we greet each other, dress, eat, and raise families, to pointing the way to scientific discoveries that hadn’t occurred. I could cite specific examples of scientific breakthroughs that were yet to occur, but let’s focus on Trump’s sordid, debased, and outright sleazy make-up.

    Trump’s predatory nature, made all the worse by bragging about his abusive nature, is a direct result of the lack of any influence of Religion that would have tempered his gross nature, and quite likely would have led him to become a decent person. The Right Wing does a lot of talk about being religious, but as I explained at length to Jim, it does NO good to talk about being religious if you don’t reflect it in your actions. Words are cheap and are the property of all, but that which distinguishes the debased and deplorable person from a nobler being is the ability to act in an agreeable manner consistently, as opposed to the case of someone who chooses to act consistently in an ignominious manner. The latter profile has become Trump’s calling card which may as read as “TRUMP AVAILABLE TO GROPE WOMEN BECAUSE HE IS A STAR—WILL POUNCE WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT HIM TO”.

  20. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 14, 2016

    ok I sure there will be a lot of people that will think this is and should be needed to be POTUS as for DONNY DUMP he is first to question ones fitness to be the PRES. as he stated many times about Hillary and her health (which is just fine ) but it should be part of be coming the PRES. one should be healthy in body and more so in mind . the founding father’s of the country should very well had it in writing (maybe it is ?) that any one that wants to be the PUTUS has to be up to some type of standards being of body and MIND .there should be some form of a Psychiatrist examination a psychological profile should be done always . seeing how the DUMPSTER has an inferiority complex he is self centered, conceded , has what a DR might say a bipolar disorder (him thinking ever one is against him ) by right every one should be . he’s a pathological liar. as for his health other then what little mind he has he is a fat dough boy type clown (maybe something like north Korea’s problem child just trim his hair on the sides and color it black and you would have a taller problem child ) he should be examined by a Psychiatrist even his bipolar disorder there are meds for that . but for all of the DUMPSTERS PROBLEMS there isn’t enough meds in the world . the funny thing is his whole family knows about their deranged dad but the $ money keeps them from saying anything . as for his daughter there is a lot more that meets the eye there behind the scene . but the $ money keeps a lid on all that for sure .


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