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In An Ugly Election Result, Hate Surges Online

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In An Ugly Election Result, Hate Surges Online

Hate crimes

Reprinted with permission from ProPublica. 

Over the past month, more than 564,000 unique visitors have spent time on the Daily Stormer, a website that takes its name from a Hitler-era German tabloid, “Der Stürmer.” The site bills itself as “America’s #1 Most Trusted Republican News Source” and features headlines like “Jew Billionaires Meet to Overthrow Trump Government,” “Faggots and Jews Whining About Bannon Appointment,” and “Yes, Trump Really Can Make America White Again.”

Throughout Donald J. Trump’s ultimately successful run for the presidency, many worried that he had, willfully or recklessly, emboldened racists across the country. On Tuesday, Trump told the New York Times that had not been his intent.

“It’s not a group I want to energize, and if they are energized, I want to look into it and find out why,” Trump told the Times. He said he wasn’t sure what impact, if any, previous Republican campaigns had had in fomenting extremists, and thus if his impact had been distinctive. “I don’t know where they were four years ago, and where they were for Romney and McCain and all of the other people that ran, so I just don’t know, I had nothing to compare it to.”

Some who track the behavior and public profiles of racists in America, however, say Trump’s effect has been unmistakable. According to Alexa, a company that tracks web metrics, a range of white supremacist and so-called Alt-Right websites have seen surges in traffic across the last year. Those sites include Radix Journal, Virginia Dare, Red Ice, American Renaissance, and The Right Stuff, according to Alexa.

Most of the racist online publications still have relatively modest readerships, attracting between 100,000 and 300,000 unique visitors per month, far less than the typical daily newspaper in a small American city. But all have seen rapid growth. And many sites, among them Red Ice, which has advanced the idea that “the United States of America was built by white people for white people” and American Renaissance, which derides African Americans and Latinos as low-IQ losers, have seen their traffic more than double over the past year.

But Daily Stormer seems to have seen the most dramatic spike in readership. In a recent post, Daily Stormer claimed that since the election the site “has had an added 30% traffic.” Over the past month the site has had nearly 10 million page views.

Daily Stormer is a website run by Andrew Anglin, who is a neo-Nazi,” said Oren Segal, director of the Anti-Defamation League’s Center on Extremism. “Andrew Anglin has actively encouraged trolls to harass Jews and others online. He is still encouraging trolls to harass people.”

Anglin did not respond to a request for comment.

Researchers at the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups, have watched as Anglin’s site has eclipsed older white supremacist sites since its founding in 2013.

For years, said the SPLC’s Ryan Lenz, the “go-to racist site” was Stormfront, a discussion forum started by ex-Klansman Don Black back in the 1990s, which had long served as the nexus of extreme right conversation on the web.

But Stormfront’s traffic has been surpassed by that of the Daily Stormer.

The success of the Daily Stormer, which features an abundance of crude humor and plenty of shareable memes and graphics, represents “a passing of the baton” from one generation of racists to the next, said Lenz who edits SPLC’s Hatewatch.

Of course, white supremacists are also making use of existing social media platforms and web forums, including Reddit, which features a robust Alt-Right subreddit that has also seen a spike in traffic this month, pulling in more than 80,000 unique visitors so far in November.

In Segal’s view, social media, along with heavily-trafficked forums like Reddit and the troll-haven 4chan, “are much more significant” tools for the rising white supremacist movement than avowedly racist web outposts like Daily Stormer and its ilk. Video clips, speeches and interviews featuring Alt-Right figures and white supremacists are also proliferating on YouTube, where some are drawing sizable audiences.

“The [white racist] sites aren’t insignificant but they’re not the whole picture,” Segal said.

In October the ADL issued a report documenting epidemic levels of anti-Semitic harassment on Twitter, much of it aimed at journalists covering the presidential campaign. “We found 2.6 million tweets using language commonly used by anti-Semites,” noted Segal. After coming under heavy criticism for tolerating a culture of abuse, Twitter has taken some steps to curb harassment and recently banned a handful of racist figures, including Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer

There is considerable anxiety about the potential for violence after a bitter national election. The data kept on hate crimes won’t reassure anyone. Read the story.

In his remarks to the Times, Trump pledged to take his own steps to counteract any rising racism.

“What we do want to do is we want to bring the country together, because the country is very, very divided,” he said. “It’s very, very divided, and I’m going to work very hard to bring the country together.”

Moving quickly on that work would be welcomed by many.

Segal said he has tracked a disturbing pattern over the past several weeks. “What we were seeing in terms of harassment online we’re now seeing on the ground” in the form of hate crimes in the physical world, he said. “It’s not surprising: We’re coming out of a very divisive election where white supremacists felt emboldened by the public discussion. They feel like they have a champion in the highest office.”



  1. Budjob November 25, 2016

    Trump wants to look into the fact that the alt-right was energized,and,find out why?All the simple minded Bastard has to do,is look in the mirror!

  2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 25, 2016

    “It’s not a group I want to energize, and if they are energized, I want to look into it and find out why,” Trump told the Times. He said he wasn’t sure what impact, if any, previous Republican campaigns had had in fomenting extremists, and thus if his impact had been distinctive. “I don’t know where they were four years ago, and where they were for Romney and McCain and all of the other people that ran, so I just don’t know, I had nothing to compare it to.”

    There are volumes of conclusions one could glean from this pretense of ignorance on Donald’s part. On the one hand, it describes a man who has been so detached from other members of society who look different than he that he can’t discern that there’s a problem. It also shows a typical response of those who lived sheltered lives walled off from non-European members of the human family, that he never developed an interest to find out what their concerns were and how their problems affect him, directly and indirectly. The excerpt above also describes a man always desperately seeking to exonerate himself for his subconscious and overt racist sentiments. A blatant show of insincerity on Donald’s part is shown by him pretending not to know whether the Republican Party appeals to extremist groups or not.

    This is Donald’s typical agenda item—Always find a way to feign ignorance concerning current social events and trends. Donald may forever be mired mired in the pit and fallacy of “the inequality of the human races”.

    1. Jon November 25, 2016

      When 1st endorsed during the primaries by David Duke, Trump initially pretended not to know who he was or that he was the former Grand Wizard of the KKK. When later confronted with proof he knew exactly who David Duke was and what he stood for, Trump refused to disavow his endorsement. Later he waffled and half-heartedly disavowed his endorsement. At the same time more and more hate groups were endorsing him. The KKK not only endorsed him but actively campaigned for him.
      Trump’s claims of ignorance are more Trump lies.
      He used their language, re-tweeted their lying racist tweets, used their memes, and exploited their bigotry and hate to his political advantage. He has done more harm to this country and many of its citizens than I could have imagined and he hasn’t even been sworn in yet.
      He harshly criticized post-election protesters and the cast of “Hamilton” while tossing in lies in both cases but is eerily silent in his feigned ignorance of the damage and criminal acts white supremacists are doing, often in his name.
      Trump is abnormal and should NEVER be accepted or treated as normal.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 25, 2016

        Yes, Trump is a master at manipulation and employs very subtle methods to further his personal agenda. Your analysis of the progression of Trump’s dissimulation mechanism is insightful.

  3. itsfun November 25, 2016

    In the last few weeks how many of these terrible groups have rioted, destroyed property, etc. like the left has been doing? This is just another BS article of fake news and a so called writer trying to make a buck.

    1. Zengo November 25, 2016

      So, there has to be a riot for there to be a story? I guess the KKK endorsement of trump and the online expansion of ultra nationalism and hate groups are just lies?

      1. itsfun November 25, 2016

        Didn’t intend to say that. President elect Trump is not responsible for who the KKK endorses or any other group of terrible people. The writer say how the Daily Stormer calls itself the “#1 most trusted Republican news source” They like any other publication can call their selves whatever they want to. It doesn’t mean a thing. I could call the National Memo the greatest Democratic party site in the world and that wouldn’t mean anything either. This is a example of the writer using fake news. Would you call black lives matter a group of love? What is wrong with loving your own country and being loyal to it. You seem to believe we should put other nations before our own. There is plenty of hate on both sides to go around. Writers like this don’t need to be adding fuel to the fires. Sometimes it seems the media encourages rioting and such just to sell more papers or get more sponsors.

        1. Zengo November 25, 2016

          ” You seem to believe we should put other nations before our own.” where that came from I have no idea.

          Loyalty to my country involves criticism of my country, because only with criticism can problems be brought to light in order to be changed.

          You seem to want to bury your head in the sand

          1. itsfun November 25, 2016

            You keep inferring that nationalism is a terrible thing.

          2. Zengo November 25, 2016

            I have no problem with patriotism, but patriotism cannot be a blind devotion. Nationalism can lead to blind devotion and ultra nationalism, which are terrible things.

            You seem to infer that there is no problem with racial bigotry

          3. itsfun November 25, 2016

            Your argument sounds a lot like the one people use against medical marijuana. I don’t mean to infer their is no problem with racism or bigotry. There is a problem, but there is not a racist or bigot hiding behind every tree as on this site seem to think. If that were true, Obama would never have been elected even once, much less twice. There would be almost no minorities elected to positions of leadership in our cities, states and federal government. I truly believe Obama has been a cause of more race problems than he has fixed. He seems to have some kind of vendetta against police officers.

          4. Zengo November 25, 2016

            That’s a bit of word salad – all of your assertions are from your “feelings” And I think the article pointing out a rise in Hate group participation and outright political involvement is not pointing to a “racist or bigot behind every tree” Obama has a vendetta agianst the police? What planet are you from?

          5. itsfun November 25, 2016

            This is a place for personal opinions to be expressed. That is what I did. What I mean by Obama having a vendetta against police comes from how he jumps to conclusions never knowing the facts or reasons for a shooting. These kinds of things contribute to racism and not fixing problems.

          6. Zengo November 25, 2016

            again “he jumps to conclusions never knowing the facts or reasons for a shooting.” no evidence here. Obama has been one of the most circumspect, fair-minded, and rational executives ever. Asides from RW echochambers and trolls, I have seen nothing to indicate what you say

          7. itsfun November 25, 2016

            What about the time he ended up inviting the cop to have a beer with him at the White House? What about Ferguson, Baltimore. He just assumed the cops were murdering a black man, and jumped to conclusions before any facts were in or arrests made. There is noting fair minded or rational about Obama. He has caused a even larger divide among the races in our country.

          8. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 25, 2016

            Expression your personal feeling assumes you know what to say, what not to say, when to say it and when not to say it. That’s called wisdom, and you should cultivate it.

            Just because one is a racist doesn’t give him/her to slander whole groups of people in public or in private. Or just because you want to frighten an audience with a false alarm of “FIRE!” isn’t a responsible way of exercising free speech.

          9. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 25, 2016

            It is a terrible thing when you become obsessed with the notion to the exclusion of being in harmony with the rest of the world.
            Your nationalism runs counter to Baha’u’llah’s new interpretation of “nationalism”.
            First, he says that a “sane” patriotism is acceptable, but that the new level of maturity that humanity has arrived at requires an expanded view of the earth as “one country”. Any concept of nationalism, such as what you envision, is archaic and an anachronism that doesn’t fit the level of maturity human society potentially has achieved.
            Secondly, and foremost, He reorients humankind to see all of humanity as being members of the same “Family”—a reality that has been corroborated by molecular biology, and had been alluded to time and again in the Bible, the Qur’an and the other Books and Traditions. You just haven’t been paying keen attention to the Bible, and/or the other Books.

            So, itsfun, you are out of synch with Vision of Baha’u’llah.

          10. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 25, 2016

            Good points, “Zengo”. We need more voices like yours to help clarify and redefine what a sane nationalism looks and feels like, as opposed to an obsessive and archaic notion of nationalism.

        2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 25, 2016

          Like someone else said or alluded to, you have an obsession with a me-first attitude which extends beyond your own personal space out to the the borders of the “United States”. Beyond that boundary, you can’t see any further, much like a caveman believing his boundary could exist no further than the nearest horizon.
          You’re a pathetic creature left behind and afraid to link with the rest of humanity. What a depraved and myopic way to live out your life, and what a waste to have whittled away the precious few moments allotted to you on this postage stamp of dirt called earth, which is but a dot in the Solar System, in order to satisfy your childish and exclusive affinity for a landmass on the planet called “The United States”.

        3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 25, 2016

          So, don’t you continue to add fuel to the fire either, itsfun.

  4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 25, 2016

    Hate, bitterness, fear, anger, greed, resentment—all of these anti-virtues are usually held in check by those motivated to allow their higher nature to gain ascendancy over their lower nature. The reverse is at play with Trump and his supporters—their satanic half has gained the upper hand over their inherent angelic nature, This angelic nature is what is implied in the beginning of Genesis, when the narrators of that Book spoke “…and God made man in His own image”. Baha’u’llah takes this theme further and with greater emphasis in His original Arabic speaking as the Mouthpiece for the Creator for this Day in “The Hidden Words” by saying:
    “O Son of Man! Veiled in My immemorial Being, and in the ancient eternity of My essence, I knew My love for thee; therefore I created thee, have engraved on thee Mine image, and revealed to thee My beauty”.

    The severely depraved groups and individuals in the world who express such amoral attitudes to the degree as Trump and his supporters do, do so at their own peril even though they may seem successful, materially speaking.

    Donald, and the GOP to a large extent, acts as a trigger that allows such satanic tendencies to express themselves without any sense of concern—certainly, no remorse for such behavior will be forthcoming anytime soon because Trump and others are too heavily invested in being angry, and are content to be forever dissatisfied despite enjoying material well-being that exceeds that of the vast majority of people in the world.

    That’s the byproduct for being excessively materialistic and self-centered. Lack of a spiritual center, coupled with the lack of the status quo religious institutions to counterbalance the destructive impact of racism and its attendant hate, are the root cause of what afflicts Trump and his ardent supporters. This is the fundamental breach that has corrupted Trump and his many followers who are already predisposed to express anger and hate despite enjoying material advantages that dwarf that of most inhabitants on the planet.

    1. DEFENDER88 November 25, 2016

      Like the Democrats are going to save/heal the country.
      Seems we should be looking into the Alt Left/Marxist movement.
      Mostly millennials and the college age group – the Bernie/Hillary supporters.
      Their latest favorite chant(shouted in the streets):
      Call -“What is better than 9 Dead Cops?”
      Answer – “10 Dead Cops”.
      Add Infinitum.
      These are the people rioting in our streets.
      Riots in the streets, shooting cops, burning election centers, …..
      ps A Repub/Trump election center was fire bombed.
      NOT a Dem/Hillary center.

      And you wonder why I insist on the right to own an Assault Rifle.
      Among other things – because I may have to fight-off these SOB’s some day.

      Idealistic millennials are largely ignorant of what totalitarianism actually means. They think it is OK to be authoritarian if the end is social justice. But all Marxist visions of the world have insisted that social justice is the goal, and all Marxist regimes have succumbed to the totalitarian temptation.

      Politics is downstream from culture and Progressives have had a free hand with the culture for the past 30 years. In that time they’ve achieved many victories, the greatest of which was to colonize the campus and produce Marxism-marinated cultural elites obsessed with group rather than individual rights. The next Democratic party candidate could well find herself in thrall to them.

      Seen in history’s rearview mirror, Donald Trump — crude, impulsive and often offensive, but no fascist — may well turn out to be, in the scheme of things, the lesser evil after all.

      1. MoreHairyThanJesus November 25, 2016

        “Add Infinitum.”

        Tells me all I need to know about your level of intellect.

        By the way, a Democratic HQ office was vandalized on the same night (and in the same state) as that GOP office. But since no perpetrators have been caught, I’m not stupid enough to try to draw apocalyptic conclusions from it.

        You are.

        1. MoreHairyThanJesus November 25, 2016

          And what does the 88 stand for, you weird little Sturmer baby?

          1. DEFENDER88 November 25, 2016

            It stands for FU.

          2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 26, 2016

            What a juvenile retort. There’s no chance of getting anything intelligent from your mouth—just vulgarity. Your parents did a poor job raising you up. What’s your defense for that, defender??

          3. DEFENDER88 November 26, 2016

            That comment did not deserve a reasoned response.

          4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth March 9, 2017

            Were you involved with the recent desecration of the Jewish cemetery? This sounds like an activity that would be right up your ally. You never responded about your parents’ role in your current state of mind. Did they imprint on you what was in their hearts, or did you efface what good they may have taught you, and replaced it with the hate Trump, Bannon, and Breitbart represent??

          5. MoreHairyThanJesus November 27, 2016

            Nah, it means you suck Hitler’s taint.

          6. DEFENDER88 November 27, 2016

            Now I understand – did not realize I was dealing with a Juvenile.

          7. MoreHairyThanJesus November 29, 2016

            Whereas I knew I was dealing with a moron.

      2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 26, 2016

        You’re just looking for an excuse to keep having an orgasm with your guns. And who gave you the silly notion that any particular wing of American politics will alter the rise of racism? Certainly you don’t expect the GOP and its KKK/Nazi supporters to change the tide—do you?
        So rather than show obsessive fawning over your right to have an orgasm with your guns, try to come up with useful and helpful comments on curbing the rise of hate. Perhaps you’re just an amoral man and therefore have no sense of which direction to turn, spiritually.

        Worship of the gun and worshiping one’s skin color is NOT the answer!!

        1. DEFENDER88 November 26, 2016

          95% of my comments were about politics.
          But you take 2 sentences about guns a blow it up to suite one of your agendas.
          SO – On guns:
          fyi – I was once a no gun pacifist like you, until I got shot-at 3-4 times for no reason. Some 30yr ago. So, I got guns and learned how to use them to the Spec Ops/SWAT level. Had no trouble since. I like it that way. If that bothers you – I don’t really give a s*it. I do what I need to do to live in peace.
          And I made no mention of “Race” anywhere.
          Again – Part of “Your” Agenda.
          You people try to make everything a “race” issue.
          Or other leftist favorites you forgot:
          Xenophobe, Homophobe, Sexist, etal
          “Curbing the rise of hate”
          Hmm “Would that we could”. But looks doubtful now.
          But Interesting you mention that:
          Bullying, intimidation, name calling, insulting etal.
          Careful, you wont make any converts that way.
          I am well grounded in my Religion(Baptist). My church specifically asked me to handle Security at services.
          If they, the State and DHS trusts me with a gun maybe you can.
          Yes I am State and DHS Certified to carry.
          And I “specifically” neither need nor want any religions help/advice from you.

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 27, 2016

            Well grounded in your Religion? Your concept of Religion is strangely out of place with the attitude Jesus portrayed. You should reread your Bible and make sure it isn’t a KKK publication or modified to fit a racialist way of thinking.
            Does your religion advocate inordinate fondness of guns? Do you get the Message from Jesus that you should adopt a hostile attitude towards those who oppose racism? Does your church teach you to have a callous attitude about your neighbor and to retreat into a shell of isolation?
            If so, then you’re following a crooked interpretation of Christianity and need to make changes immediately. Baptists were particularly hostile towards the efforts of black citizens when they demanded to be treated fairly; many a KKK member was a Baptist, etc.

          2. DEFENDER88 November 29, 2016

            I now see what your real problem is – ISIS sprung from the same country as your Bahai faith – ie Iraq.
            Probably about as many ISIS followers from Bahai as KKK from Baptist. Seems you are “way” over-compensating.
            You will find no KKK in our church. We do however have several Black Folks as members.
            “Inordinate fondness of guns” – nothing wrong with that. The issue/problem is what you want to do or not do with them is what really matters. As someone who hates violence, my guns will harm no innocent, peaceful person. Mine are for Hunting, Sport, Competition and “Self” Defense.
            The message I get from Jesus is to “try” anyway to love everyone.

          3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 29, 2016

            You’ve got to stop eating those spiked mushrooms. Just chill out buddy. Your shoes are too tight for your feet.


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