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Veterans Groups Outraged At Trump Comments About The Khan Family

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Veterans Groups Outraged At Trump Comments About The Khan Family

Republican U.S. Presidential nominee Donald Trump attends a campaign event at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio August 1, 2016. REUTERS/Eric Thayer

After Donald Trump attacked the family of a fallen Muslim army captain, veterans’ groups from across the political spectrum are pushing back.

Paul Ethan, the managing director of the Vet Voice Foundation—a non-profit that looks to promote political activity among military veterans—said in an interview with The National Memo that Trump’s behavior was “stunning.”

Following a speech from Khizr Khan on the final night of the Democratic National Convention, the Republican candidate suggested that his wife Ghazala was not allowed to speak at the convention because of her religion and compared the family’s sacrifice to his own as a businessman.

“I’m stunned that this guy would behave so badly to a wonderful family and parents of an American hero,” said Ethan, who—having lost his father in the Vietnam War—is a Gold Star family member himself. “It’s tough to find words to describe how appalling a human being Trump is.”

Alexander McCoy, an organizer with Vets vs Hate—a grassroots network of veterans organizing rallies against the GOP candidate’s bigotry—said that Trump’s comments suggest a dangerous reality for his potential presidency.

“When I see the Khan family, I picture my own parents, and that’s what the other veterans I know do as well,” he said in an interview with The National Memo. “Should one of us have been killed overseas, the idea that the president of the United States would show disrespect or slander or attack our parents, no matter what they have to say, is fundamentally unacceptable.”

After rallies at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and in Colorado, Vets vs Hate organized a protest outside Trump Tower in New York City on Monday with Muslim leaders as well as other faith leaders from the area.

“We wanted to empower the voices of Muslims and Muslim women, who Trump has attacked and spread stereotypes about how they’re supposedly silent,” he said.

While Trump has in the past attempted to frame himself as a candidate that works for veterans specifically, both Ethan and McCoy pointed out that his record as well as his stated policy beliefs don’t show this same level of support.

Ethan said that by advocating for illegal practices—such as the use of torture or killing after the families of enemies–Trump is creating a “real problem” in which active duty members and veterans will be tested on their oath if asked to perform illegal activities.

“The military is going to obey the Constitution,” he said. “They take an oath to obey the constitution, not the president of the United States.”

And according to McCoy, many of Trump’s proposed veterans policies—such as privatizing the Department of Veterans Affairs—are opposed by a majority of even Republican veterans, while solutions such as a phone hotline are already in place.

“This is the latest in a long series of incidents of Donald Trump trying to use veterans as political props and lashing out when they refuse to be exploited,” McCoy said.

Indeed, after Trump backed out of a Republican debate in order to attend a veterans fundraiser, Vets vs Hate organized rallies to hold the GOP candidate accountable when it was revealed that he hadn’t even followed through on his promise to donate the money.

Looking forward, he said that Trump’s comments on Khan may push voters away.

“He must be so focused on himself that he lacks the fundamental empathy required to be a president,” McCoy said. “Voters are seeing his true colors in a way that is especially clear now but has been especially clear before too.”

For his part, Ethan—who has voted for candidates on either side of the aisle in the past—suggested that the outrage that Trump’s recent comments have inspired will continue to November.

“We have the emotion of the moment right now,” Ethan said. “The motion must carry forward to a real messaging effort that Mr. Trump’s statements are unacceptable, that they run counter to the values that we hold dear in the military and in the United States.”


Photo: Republican U.S. Presidential nominee Donald Trump attends a campaign event at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio August 1, 2016. REUTERS/Eric Thayer



  1. Dominick Vila August 1, 2016

    Traditional conservatives condemned Trump’s comments, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell did the same, and even Reince Priebus did as well. Not surprisingly, FOX “News” focus today was on Hillary Clinton “disrespecting” the families of the four Americans killed in Benghazi because she concluded that the attack was precipitated by the video that offended the sensibilities of millions of Muslims, and resulted in protests throughout the Islamic world.

    1. AgLander August 1, 2016

      You’re right…..Hillary lied to the families of the Americans killed in the Benghazi attacks in the most cruel and inhumane manner as the caskets were being unloaded from the transport plane, and then doubled down and lied about her lie by claiming she never said it! Her day of reckoning is coming with her maker even though she probably doesn’t believe he exists.

      1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 1, 2016

        Still beating dead horses. Nothing else remains for you to live for in a life of wasted opportunities.
        Do you have any hobbies besides typing drivel?

      2. loveofcountry August 2, 2016

        She told her daughter the truth. A different story than what she told the grieving families. Soulless.

        1. jmprint August 2, 2016

          Haven’t you ever woken up to a different story on a situation?

          1. loveofcountry August 2, 2016

            Hillary sent her daughter an email (this one was not deleted) the night of the attack, telling her it was terrorism and then went on to tell different stories to different leaders about the truth of what happened that night.

          2. jmprint August 2, 2016

            I watched the news all channels, the uprising in several countries, angered by the video and I watch the Benghazi attack. I also watch the 11 grueling hours of testimony. I thought is was the video at first visual, but I also thought that it looked more planned then the others. But with all the information that was coming down, and sensitive information, the government did not want leaked, for security reasons, that statement was left at that. If it had been my son, that got killed, knowing the danger, it wouldn’t make any difference if it was caused by video or terroristic. Either way he’s gone and I would grief. Would I be blaming anyone, NO. How many moms have lost their children to mishaps at embassies and wars, too many, and they all grief the same. But the witch hunt on HIlliary is just a witch hunt and you are part of the perpetrators.

  2. AgLander August 1, 2016

    Trumps should be praised for getting the Democrats to suddenly start quoting veterans and paying attention to their opinions……up to now they have been simply ignoring them or outright undercutting the quality and timing of their VA healthcare services due. Thank you, Mr. Trump!

    1. Leftout August 1, 2016

      Khan only was a put up job by DNCto horrifically blame Trump for his sons sacrifice. The issue was of course that fact that Trump wanted to restrict by vetting ,people’s from suspect terrorist regions. I am sure when the Khans came to this country these measures were not as necessary. This was essentially a cheap shot against a person who was killed by ISIS equivalents . Trump reacted to a terrible accusation, Khan was wrong in his approach and fell into a trap by the DNC

      1. johninPCFL August 2, 2016

        He didn’t blame Trump for anything but Trump’s own unconstitutional blatherings.

        1. Leftout August 2, 2016

          What unconstitutional blatherings?

          1. johninPCFL August 2, 2016

            That military personnel be required, at his behest, to murder the families of those he suspects of being terrorists, that he may order citizens of the US to administer religious tests, that he may unilaterally abandon ratified treaties, etc.

          2. Leftout August 2, 2016

            Getting killed ,families caught amongst the insurgent ISIS are collateral damage. even todays Drone strikes are doing the same. Religious tests administered to Moslems?Islam is not possible since their belief systems allows them to lie for their cause. So excluding all Moslems from any suspect countries is a necessity for awhile till they show that they can assimilate. Some may say that some terrorists are born in the country and are citizens??? but even after 2 generations they are a nasty lot, reclusive and do not assimilate. Trump indicated he would modify the corrupt NAFTA and similar trade agreements for US interests. Currently these CORRUPT agreements line the pockets of Corps/Congress and the offshoring of money and jobs leave US workers LeftOut.

          3. johninPCFL August 2, 2016

            Collateral deaths from drone attacks are not the directed killing (read: murder) that Trump has proposed having the military do.
            Trump indicated he would allow nuclear weapons to Japan and Korea (we have ratified treaties concerning both) as well as unilaterally changing NAFTA and eliminating TPP (if it passes).

            A little info regarding jobs offshored:
            “So, to put this all together. Before we opened up more to that China trade the consumption possibilities of Americans were what was made in the US plus what was imported. After the opening up of course the same thing was true, we can consume what we make plus what we get from others. After the opening we were getting more from China as imports. We, at first blush, would therefore say we were richer. But we might then think, well, just a minute, we’ve also lost what those now unemployed manufacturing workers were making. And if they had stayed unemployed that would be true. But they didn’t stay unemployed – they’re now working in the service sector because, barring those recession effects, unemployment hasn’t risen.

            The result of this is that now we can consume those Chinese imports plus the services being made by those ex-manufacturing workers. We’re richer, we are able to consume more.

            Chinese imports make us richer and one way we can measure that is by how many manufacturing jobs have been destroyed. Yes, I know it sounds strange but it is actually true. We’re now richer by the output of those ex-manufacturing workers.”

          4. Leftout August 2, 2016

            This is an interesting conundrum , who is really making out in this trading system. I feel companies should invest here and spend money here rather than foreign countries. Trade would not be affected. If I want to buy a BMW I would do so. Why should I buy a Ford made in Mexico with added tariffs. They should make their own Fords at lower ?labor and the Mexicans can buy their own cares or cumin flavored Oreos . Also the US loses in tax revenues because
            Corps smartly hide profiles and offshore to thier favorite banks and subsequently payoff congressional supporters for making up the loopholes , leaving only empty factories, so say I . Unemployment s lower due to the same people , who still have initiative , are working 2 lower paying jobs to keep thier families together . Wages have decreased approx 4K not to mention additional Taxes . Executive salaries have been slashed 50%. It hurts all, including new graduates, many are living home to save living expenses…. A good way to get going !

          5. johninPCFL August 2, 2016

            I agree. The large multinationals have the wherewithal to expand production facilities anywhere, and they used to do that but would repatriate the earnings. Now, they relocate the corporate registration, leave the facilities alone and stow the cash overseas. Are corporate taxes here drastically higher than anywhere else? No. When depreciation and COGS are taken out, tax rates on corporation profits are about the same as Ireland. However, when the corporate registration is in the Caymans, the tax rate is zero.

          6. Leftout August 2, 2016

            Economics is a phantom occupation , it is simply plus or minus. I was next to a PHD economist from Germany on a flight and asked ” if inflation is a really , really bad thing , why not just have deflation to make up the difference” , no answer came. So today we have no flation. And still ? What we need is piece work….. No work , no eat …Thessalonians…Darwinism. It Works for the animal kingdom, we all love animals, they feed their young and eventually kick the young ones In the ass to fly and fetch for their own.

          7. johninPCFL August 3, 2016

            If the money supply (the count of dollar bills) stays constant and the population grows, each bill becomes harder to get, and thus “increases in value”, and you have deflation. If you print more dollar bills, you get inflation.
            If you decide to build some fancy new airplanes that nobody will ever use and print dollars to do that, you get inflation (think: Reagan.)
            If you decide to build roads from coast to coast and print dollars to do that, you get inflation (think: Eisenhower.)
            If you wage wars and print dollars to buy bullets and bombs with, you get inflation (think: Johnson, GWB, Obama.)
            If the dollar printing matched the population growth, then the value of the printed money wouldn’t change over time. Congress spends about $3.8T per year now, and about $2T of that is “entitlements” – money that’s been paid in for social security and medicare. About $1T is spent on the military, and about $800B on all other government operations – courts, FBI, prisons, Congress, roads, dams, etc. The Federal deficit is down to about $500B, so they’re printing about 20 new dollar bills per person every year to pay for everything.

        2. loveofcountry August 2, 2016

          Trump wants to properly vet refugees coming into our country from terror stricken countries. Cannot understand why this is not embraced by ever American citizen in order to keep our country safe.

          1. Mama Bear August 2, 2016

            idiot….they are properly vetted – for YEARS before they can be here. If you are that ignorant please step away from the gene pool

          2. loveofcountry August 2, 2016

            We are talking about refugees from Syra.

          3. Mama Bear August 2, 2016

            so am I. Do your homework. 18-24 months of vetting after the initial weeding out. Are you ignorant or are you pretending to be?

        3. loveofcountry August 2, 2016

          What is unconstitutional about vetting those trying to get into our country. Germany and France are reaping the disastrous effect of not doing this.

          1. johninPCFL August 2, 2016

            Trump has claimed the authority to order military personnel to murder, to unilaterally abandon ratified treaties, to order US citizens to perform religious tests, etc.

          2. jmprint August 2, 2016

            If you loved the country, you wouldn’t be voting to turn it over to the Russians. Wait a minute maybe you are a russian!

          3. loveofcountry August 2, 2016

            Not sure what this has to do with vetting those coming into our country. You don’t have a country if you have no borders. What is wrong with being Russian?

          4. Mama Bear August 2, 2016

            it’s being done. Do a little reading before you spout this kind of ignorance.

      2. jmprint August 2, 2016

        So what you are saying is the Trump is a yoyo.

        1. Leftout August 2, 2016

          Trump was responding to a new time for awareness of possible. Terrorists . A Correction of syntax above .

          1. jmprint August 2, 2016

            I am reading the same garb on different sights, so these are the new talking points, well it’s not flying, Still trying to sugar coat that pile of $hit. News Alert it still smells.

          2. Leftout August 2, 2016

            I do not repeat anyone else’s stuff except myself rarely, and do not like similar sites, no interaction if one is preaching to like minded choirs. It is amazing how different people react to Trump, when they do not really know him. I do of course , a little better than Eleanor Whittaker.

    2. Dominick Vila August 2, 2016

      Veterans were completely ignored throughout the 2012 RNC convention. They were the centerpiece of the 2012 DNC convention.

      1. AgLander August 2, 2016

        Really??? You shouldn’t speak before your brain is in sync with the facts young man. Below are speakers that represented our military and their causes at the RNC. How’s your “centerpiece” looking now??
        Marcus Luttrell, U.S. Navy Seal
        Mark Geist, U.S. Marine Vet (Fought in Battle of Benghazi)
        JohnTiegen, U.S. Marine Vet (Fought in Battle of Benghazi
        Karen Vaughn, Mother of fallen U.S. Navy Seal
        Pat Smith, Mother of Benghazi victim
        Lt. General Michael Flynn, U.S. Army, Retired
        U.S. Senator Joni Ernst, combat vet, 23 years.
        Jason Beardsley, Army and Navy Vet, 22 years

        1. Dominick Vila August 2, 2016

          I have pointed this before, and will do it again, you have a serious problem with English comprehension. My post referred to the 2012 conventions.
          In any case, what is really important is not the number of veterans present in the conventions, but the policy proposals advanced to help them, and support them. One convention offered the usual “trust me”, I’ll be wonderful if I am elected. The other offered a detail plan, reiterated in the speeches that followed the convention, offering specifics, as well as a message of optimism and hope that was conspicuous by its absence in Cleveland.
          Thanks for calling me young. I haven’t heard a compliment like that in a very long time.

          1. AgLander August 2, 2016

            Yes….I saw it but assumed it was a typo…..bringing up a convention from 4 years ago as being in any way relevant now is kinda silly, to put it mildly.

          2. Dominick Vila August 2, 2016

            Not when you consider your statement about Republicans reminding Democrats to include veterans in conventions. The opposite is true.

    3. johninPCFL August 2, 2016

      Yes. By continuing to show such contempt for veterans – not forwarding the donations, disrespecting the parents, etc. – you are demonstrating how low you really are.

    4. The lucky one August 2, 2016

      If you can praise Trump in relation to veterans after his latest outburst you are indeed one sadly deluded individual and obviously not a veteran.

      1. jmprint August 2, 2016

        He has proven that over and over. I am so glad I don’t have to read his post.

  3. janniefay August 2, 2016

    Maybe you need to look at the fact that daddy is a muslim of the brother hood . Trump is not against vets. So stop being stupid. Stop crooked Hillary. This women will say anything to get elected.

    1. annienoel August 2, 2016

      What proof do you have that Mr. Khan is Muslim Brotherhood besides those moron Trump sycophants spewing their hate on TV. Mr.Khan is a Harvard educated attorney. All you need to conclude Trump is against Vets is listen to what he says. He compares his time at a cushy military school to peoples time in the military. He considers his sexual escapades avoiding VD as his Vietnam. He didn’t contribute the money he raised “for vets” until the media and Vets groups pressured him. He doesn’t support the Vets.

    2. jmprint August 2, 2016

      So you are a trumpanzee?

    3. Mama Bear August 2, 2016

      can you please cite a reference for this accusation? And don’t tell me some wacko obscure Shobat the dingbat.

  4. Jon August 2, 2016

    Why are so many people not looking at the real hero who sacrificed so much for so long to create thousands of jobs for Americans? Are all the sacrifices Donald Trump has made somehow worth less than that Captain Khan?

    1. jmprint August 2, 2016

      Because it is a privilege to have a business in the United States. This is a democracy, not a plutocracy.

    2. Paul Bass August 2, 2016

      Duh, Yes, they are worth a LOT less.

      Captain Khan lost his LIFE for his men. Trump, has given what, for anybody? A hangnail?

      1. Jon August 7, 2016

        Donnie was prepared to lay down his life for his country if only he hadn’t had such a crippling disability as bone spurs.

  5. loveofcountry August 2, 2016

    Hillary sent an email to her daughter the night of the Benghazi attack (this one was not deleted) telling her the attack was terrorism. She then went on to tell the American people, and different leaders from different countries different stories about what happened that night.

    1. johninPCFL August 2, 2016

      Yes. After she notified her daughter, the CIA informed her that the attack was due to a movie. It turns out that both were right. The movie caused outrage that resulted in riots in a dozen cities throughout the ME, and in Benghazi, the terrorists used the mobs already in the street as cover to mount their attack on the consulate.
      Unfortunately, Stevens was at a consulate not the embassy, so there was no marine presence to guard him. The consulate was really just a house with a fence around it, and it was being renovated. It existed only because the CIA has a building a few blocks away. He had to rely on the local militia.

      1. loveofcountry August 2, 2016

        And the militia ran away. Back to why wasn’t he protected,on of all things, 9/11. Amazing to me how we try to change the narrative to fit our bias.

        1. johninPCFL August 3, 2016

          “Stevens was in Benghazi for the first time since being sworn in last May, having spent all of the previous four months working out of the embassy in Tripoli.”
          “Stevens planned to stay in Benghazi for five days. He’d had meetings in the city on Monday, and he would have more outside the compound on Wednesday. On Thursday, perhaps the most important day of his visit, he planned to turn over the Benghazi mission to the Libyans.”
          “As a temporary mission—as opposed to a more formal consulate or embassy—the facility was less fortified than many U.S. outposts.”
          “there were nine other guards in the compound—five armed Americans and four Libyans from the 17th of February Martyrs Brigade, the same militia that had helped protect Stevens when he was stationed in Benghazi the first time.”

          He was as protected as he wanted to be. He did not feel threatened to be there. Read up on him. The “mission” was a house to meet locals in, not conduct long-term US business in. Stevens was VISITING (you know, a really short stay).

          “He wanted to experience the city as normally as possible,” Tek says. “And he understood that security wasn’t just big guys with guns and armored convoys. It was having friends, lots of friends, and having people treat you as a guest.”
          “…considering the Islamist militias loitering in Benghazi, Stevens had adjusted his routine. He’d brought two bodyguards with him from Tripoli, complementing the three security agents already in Benghazi.”
          “Still, the city was calm when Stevens arrived, and he assumed it would remain so. “Believe me one thing,” Bubaker says. “If Chris was afraid, he would not have been in Benghazi on September 11.”
          “Seven hundred miles to the east, a mob surrounded the U.S. embassy in Cairo, enraged by a third-rate video that depicted the Prophet Mohammed as a womanizer and a thug.”

          The attackers burned the mission buildings first and killed Stevens (he died of smoke inhalation.) It’s unlikely that the attackers even knew who he was, or that he was there.

          “The agent with Stevens and Smith radioed that they were secure in the safe haven. … (the attackers) tried the locks on the grille to the safe haven but couldn’t break them. The security agent, quiet in the shadows, trained his M4 submachine gun on their silhouettes, ready to fire if they made it into the safe haven. They didn’t. But they had jerricans of diesel fuel from the barracks. They doused the floor, the furniture, the puffy couches and overstuffed chairs, and set the place alight.”
          “Oily smoke and the fumes of melting synthetics billowed through the residence, choking, poisoning the men trapped inside.”

          The terrorists then attacked the fully-staffed CIA annex a mile away, and the folks there (who were definitely targeted) escaped. Had they attacked the CIA annex first, the dozen CIA staffers would all be dead and the four consulate personnel would have survived.

          1. loveofcountry August 3, 2016

            Why were there reports that Stevens was tortured prior to his murder? Also, pictures of him still alive and being dragged through the streets?

          2. johninPCFL August 3, 2016

            The quotes are from those who were there with him, and Smith’s body was recovered from the safe room before the rescue team left the compound that night. Stevens’ body was found locked inside the safe room the next day, so how did the attackers get him out, drag him through the streets, then return him to the safe room and lock him back inside? How did his autopsy say he died of smoke inhalation, just like Smith (whose body was recovered that night), if he was tortured and killed?

            Propaganda by the terrorists? That would be my guess since the pictures didn’t surface until days later, long after his body had been located and retrieved and his death had made worldwide news.

  6. loveofcountry August 2, 2016

    It does make a difference!

  7. loveofcountry August 2, 2016

    Paris terrorists infiltrated into that country from Syria. Refugees are coming into our country so rapidly that FBI head Comey says we are being overwhelmed and nothing has been done to improve the process of screening. Trump wants a tighter process of screening and vetting. Until we have this, you have to ask yourself what is wrong with slowing or stopping the process until we have a better one to keep us safe?
    This has nothing to do with hating Muslims. It has to do with keeping terrorists out.

    1. johninPCFL August 3, 2016

      You’re right. Terrorists have a long-term view.
      Tim McVeigh went through the military and waited a decade before carrying out his plan to murder 168 Americans. Eric Rudolph was in his thirties before he started his bombing campaign and killed half a dozen.
      Oh, wait, they weren’t Muslim. Damn!!

      1. loveofcountry August 3, 2016

        You mention two American terrorists and what is your point?

        1. johninPCFL August 3, 2016

          Those two killed more Americans than all of the Muslims combined except for 9/11. Americans kill 30,000 other Americans every single year, the 9/11 killers got 1/10th of that.

          All of the Muslim murders in Europe have finally equaled McVeigh.

          My point? Stop being afraid of every falling leaf. Your next-door neighbor is 1000 times (literally) more likely to shoot you than for you to be taken in a Muslim attack.

          1. loveofcountry August 3, 2016

            You may be onto something check out Department of Homeland Security.

  8. loveofcountry August 2, 2016

    All Americans and I believe, Trump hold Captain Kahn as a hero. His parents are being used as pawns by Hillary and the DNC to set a divisive narrative and away from what Trump is really saying.

    1. johninPCFL August 3, 2016

      His parents simply pointed out that Trump’s vision of “every Muslim is an enemy to be kept out” is wrong, just like his stated perspective that “Mexicans are rapists” is provably wrong.

      1. loveofcountry August 3, 2016

        When did Trump say every Muslim is an enemy to be kept out?

        1. johninPCFL August 3, 2016

          First in December 2015: “Trump, who has previously called for surveillance against mosques and said he was open to establishing a database for all Muslims living in the U.S., made his latest controversial call in a news release.”

          Then again in June 2016: “Terrorists struck in San Bernardino, California, the next month and five days later Trump issued an even bolder proposal, calling for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.””

          You don’t keep out neutrals or friends, do you?

  9. loveofcountry August 2, 2016

    Oh no! Jillian Assuage said he is releasing more on Hillary. This time he says info will have serious consequences for her.

    1. johninPCFL August 3, 2016

      Great. Maybe he can also get Trump’s tax returns so we can see how much Putin paid him to hire his good buddy Manafort and pull the “Arm Ukraine” plank from the GOP platform.

      1. loveofcountry August 3, 2016

        Your response sounds like the flippant remark Trump made about Putin finding Hillary’s emails.

        1. johninPCFL August 3, 2016

          Except both of us were serious. I’m asking that Trump’s accountant’s computer be invaded. Trump asked that the state department’s computers be invaded.
          Trump invited a foreign power to commit cyber war on the US.
          I invited wiki to expose Trump’s ties to that foreign power. Kind of like a whistleblower.

  10. loveofcountry August 3, 2016

    Looks like the father of the Muslim American soldier, that is in a war of words with Trump, has had his Law Firm affiliation removed from the Internet. Kahn has worked a decade for a mega DC law firm that connects him directly with government of Saudi Arabia that has donated 10 to 25 million to the Clinton Foundation. Kahn is an immigration lawyer specializing in highly controversial program accused of letting wealthy foreigners from Middle East buy their way into US. 9/11 report details Saudi involvement in 9/11.

  11. Robert Cruder August 4, 2016

    The rest of us saw that this was a trap but the “strategic thinker” with the “very good brain” walked right into it.

    Tells you someting…

    The trap cannot be combatted by conflating false scandals and conspiracies. Those may help retain the base (who apparently believe anything) but the uncommitted voters saw the candidate shoot himself.


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