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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Did Multiple Fox News Anchors Just Defend Barack Obama?

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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Did Multiple Fox News Anchors Just Defend Barack Obama?

Chris Wallace Debate Moderator


Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace — the anchors on the less-crazy side of the Fox News spectrum — tore into Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro for heckling and interrupting the president during a speech. The Daily Caller, a right-wing political site, has defended Munro’s actions, saying reporters need to be pushy to get their questions answered. It provides Fox the rare opportunity to act as if it is above the political fray. Here’s the video:


  1. SaneJane June 16, 2012

    I worry about these guys losing their jobs.

  2. alumahead June 16, 2012

    Those are the only two over there I’d give you two cents for.

  3. rbtemsn June 16, 2012

    Actually, I like Judy Miller over at FOX. And also, often, Gretta is okay. Yep, if they don’t strike a blow for “decorum” the next time there is a Republican president he may become the victim of such rude behavior. I sadly think that there is an underlying racism behind those who think that Obama is somehow fair game for such outrageous conduct when other presidents were respected for their office. I’d like to think otherwise, but just cannot fathom any other reason. They just cannot stand the idea that a black guy is in the White House. Well, they’d better get used to it. I suspect they will have another five years.

  4. AlphaPlus June 16, 2012

    Pretty sad for Fox when it is considered newsworthy that they are actually being fair and balanced for once. I bet both of those anchors were berated for defending Obama in that segment. And for Tucker to defend that behavior… “Tucker knows better.” Absolutely he knows better, yet he releases the statement anyway, just like all the Fox news anchors and Republican strategists know better and yet continue to peddle lies and distortions in the guise of news. That guy who interrupted and Tucker’s whole propaganda outfit should be banned from future white house press functions.

  5. jellis June 16, 2012

    What IS sad, is that it is only when Fox sides with the President/left that so called liberals believe they are reporting accurately. If they dare to report anything that doesn’t favor the left’s agenda they are scum.

    If you all actually watched Fox News rather than solely listen to what your own biased “journalists” feed you about the network, you might learn that the news side of Fox IS fair & balanced. More so than say, MSNBC and at least as balanced as CNN often is.

    Their commentary side is definitely slanted right just as MSNBC’s falls to the left, but that’s commentary. If the viewer can’t tell the difference between news & comment then they might as well be watching Comedy Central to get their information.

    1. progressiveandproud June 16, 2012

      If you say up late Christmas Eve, you really WILL see Santa sliding down your chimney delivering gifts. Just like you see fair & balanced news on FOX.

    2. SaneJane June 17, 2012

      Too many viewers cannot tell the difference between news & comment and that is a big part of the polarization of our society. As far as Comedy Central is concerned, studies show that those who watch the Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert are better informed than those who watch other news programs. I watch many programs on Fox that have real news but two minutes is about all I can stand of Hannity, O’Reilly and a bunch of others. Sometimes we watch a little bit of The five just to see if they are still as ridiculous as ever. My husband likes to see the long legs and skyscraper heels on the women and I like to get a few laughs listening to the two clowns (can’t recall their names).

  6. Angel June 17, 2012

    Just maybe Chris may finally be conducting himself like his Dad of telling like it is! KEEPING IT THOUGHTFULLY HONEST: the President cannot wait and must confront the republican’s 137 filibusters by Senates obstructionists, the doing nothings in Congress, to make sure NO new American jobs are created and historical distortions on how the eight years after Bush left the presidency and the Republican policies who are literally lying about their past role as well as Romney, the flip flap candidate that says anything and everything yet, stands for nothing with hope it will leave this President vulnerable so they can to win the elections in November to re-continue the their past damaging economic policies! THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH IS: the President must not wait until after the elections to deal with the critical issues that need to be address NOW starting with stimulus to create new jobs; Strong federal regulatory controls on the Wall Street Bankers; Immigration reform and the Dream act; and Tax cuts for the middle class (excluding the Millionaires and Billionaires) and a long term plan to make prudent cuts to bring down the federal deficit! Politics aside, Responsible Action is supported by all Americans that care about Welfare of United States! Enough of this political non action and dishonest distortions! I wonder what Mr. Alberto Gonzalez who talk about connecting with Latinos and Mr. Romney what flip flab comments is the President action was “unfortunate” and Mr. Rubio says it short term answer about this Immigration Reform issue and reasonableness of the Dream Act! So according them and their Republican buddies on the hill, it is better if they continue to do nothing! Hum

  7. Shirley June 17, 2012

    Both Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace have alot more integrity than the rest of the group. They pretty much stick to news or facts, while the rest are so obvious with opinion.

  8. jarheadgene June 18, 2012

    This reminds me of when Jackie Robinson started playing in the MLB. He had insults hurled at him at every game but he PRESSED ON!…..I like the President’s response and how he PRESSED ON!!!
    He has got my VOTE….1 person 1 VOTE….USE IT!!! (or LOSE IT !! if the GOP has their way.) Now is the time MR. PRESIDENT….Go “HARRY TRUMAN” on those dolts in congress and senate…use the BULLY PIT…..OOOORAH…MR. PRESIDENT


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