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VoteVets Chair Jon Soltz: Critics Demanding Shinseki Resignation Are ‘Hypocrites’

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VoteVets Chair Jon Soltz: Critics Demanding Shinseki Resignation Are ‘Hypocrites’


Jon Soltz is a co-founder and chairman of VoteVets, a political advocacy group with over 200,000 supporters that is the largest progressive organization of veterans in the United States – and has produced some of the most effective advertising in the last several election cycles. Soltz became a commissioned U.S. Army officer in 1999 after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a graduate degree in international affairs. For four years after graduation he was stationed in Germany, and was deployed as a tank platoon leader in Kosovo from June to December 2000. In the spring of 2003, Soltz deployed to Iraq, where he served as a captain commanding logistics convoys for the First Armored Division. He took a leave from Vote Vets in 2011 for another tour in Iraq, where he was among the last American soldiers to leave that country. He was recently promoted from major to lieutenant colonel. For a special Memorial Day interview, Joe Conason spoke with him about the troubles in the Veterans Administration and America’s commitment to those who serve.

Joe Conason: How bad are the problems at the VA?

Jon Soltz: The problems at the VA have always been there. At times they’ve been worse than others. I think part of the reason we’re seeing the backlog right now is that President Obama has opened up the claims process [in the VA health care system] to a lot of people. So he made it easier for a lot of people to make claims. Under previous administrations, you used to have to fight to make a claim if you were a Vietnam veteran affected by Agent Orange, or a Gulf War veteran with Gulf War syndrome. When you have a lot of veterans coming into the system and making claims, and you [already] had a million veterans who were uninsured looking to the VA to get health insurance now, I think there’s a lot of reasons for the backlog. The question is, did anybody die of it? And we don’t know yet – we have to wait and see how the investigation unfolds.

Conason: Have you known Iraq and Afghanistan vets who ended up on long waiting lists for VA care?

Soltz: Most of the people on the waiting lists are what we call secondary claims. They’re already in the system for care. What they’re waiting on is a disability claim. They may already be 50 percent for PTSD or 30 percent for a broken arm. They’re in the system and they can get their care. What they’re waiting on is an additional disability rating to get them more care. So most of the people who are on the waiting lists aren’t necessarily not being seen – they’re just waiting to see whether they will get more disability money from the government. I don’t know anybody personally who was on a wait list and not getting care.

Conason: Do you believe that General Eric Shinseki, the VA Secretary, should resign — as some veterans groups have demanded?

Soltz: The only veterans organization making that demand is the American Legion. Nobody else has, other than the American Legion. I find that hypocritical because they supported a bill that was in the Senate – the $21 billion veterans package sponsored by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) – and it was stopped by [Senate Minority Leader] Mitch McConnell (R-KY), yet they haven’t called for Mitch McConnell to resign. So there’s obviously a lot of partisan politics here. The issue with General Shinseki is [that] he was right about the Iraq War. It’s sort of unconscionable to fire somebody who is now trying to clean up the mess that was left by a prior administration: All of these new Iraq and Afghanistan veterans were not created by Barack Obama and his administration. When you look at the claims on the system and the role that has been played by Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, I think it’s rather ironic that they’re calling for the head of General Shinseki, who has been a reformer at the VA, and has opened up the claims process to so many more veterans – I find that completely hypocritical.

Conason: What should the president and Congress do now to ensure that veterans are getting adequate health care?



  1. annienoel May 26, 2014

    The Repug hypocrites calling for Gen. Shinseki to resign are the worst. They are trying to make this a referendum on Pres. Obama…”oh boy another thing we can waste millions of dollars on.” From my standpoint as a disabled Vet and an advocate for Vets the VA has improved 100% since Pres. Obama nominated Gen. Shinseki. I get great care. The people at the VA are so nice, so helpful and so kind. I don’t know what went on in Phoenix but I do know it is not universal.

    1. Rachele Gibson May 26, 2014


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    2. Dominick Vila May 26, 2014

      The Republican insistence on ousting Gen Shinsek is influenced by several factors important to them. (1) Gen. Shinseki opposed the invasion of Iraq, primarily because we did not have the financial resources to help us deal with the consequences of a prolonged invasion and its aftermath. The GOP establishment seems to be as determined to punish anyone who opposed one of the most embarrassing foreign policy decisions in decades, as they were when Amb. Wilson questioned President Bush’s WMD claims. (2) The GOP needs a fallout man to deflect attention from the consequences of their decisions. (3) Sacking a member of the Obama administration shifts all the blame to Democrats, which suits the GOP just fine. (4) Lacking a record to run on, and a vision, the GOP depends strictly on a semblance of chaos and instability to get control of the Senate in November and derail Hillary Clinton’s slam dunk victory in 2016.

      1. mike May 26, 2014

        Baloney Dom, Shinseki was not concerned about about financial resources but the responsibilities of administrating the situation. There is wide bi-partisan support for him to go. He knew, as did Obama, of the cooking of the books back during the transition in 2008 and nothing was done.


        As to embarrassing foreign policy you need only to look at your leader.

        Milbank has it right about your worthless leader.

        1. Dominick Vila May 27, 2014

          “Our” leader’s foreign policy record is praised worldwide for
          its effectiveness and fairness. OUR former president had to cancel a
          trip to Switzerland, a U.S. ally, when the government of that country
          was pressured to arrest W upon arrival on charges of crimes against
          Have a nice day.

          1. mike May 27, 2014

            Horse manure!!!! Our leader praised, LOL.
            “Our” leader is nothing but a Wishy-Washy President, who has lowered the esteem of America in the eyes of our Allies and has encouraged the boldness of our enemies.

          2. Dominick Vila May 27, 2014

            I don’t know where you get your information from, besides FOX News, but I can tell you, categorically, that President Obama is admired and respected worldwide. I have relatives and friends in Spain, Sweden, England, and Venezuela. All of them are ecstatic, and don’t hesitate to express their satisfaction at the fact that we finally have a president that respects human rights, the rights of other nations, and whose foreign policy is focused on global progress and stability instead of childish threats, lies, and imposition of rules over people who don’t like us and who reject our values.
            There is a difference between helping others achieve freedom and democracy, and imposing our values and interests on others regardless of whether they like them or not. The latter is akin to imperialism and dictatorship, two things that, at least in theory, we oppose.

          3. JoyceD May 27, 2014

            I have family in France and friends there and in Germany. They love Obama and are glad that in this, at least, America has at last shown good judgement. IMO the Repugs have no vision, no plans, and don’t have any agenda other than obstruction. This Congress has accomplished less than ANY Congress in my memory. Shame on them!

          4. bikejedi May 27, 2014

            I have friends all over Europe and they all know he is an ass clown . They cant believe he told Ukraine that he had their back and then turn tail when Putin came knocking . Now my Polish friends are worried because Obama pulled the Missile defense to appease and bow to Putin …Oh and by the way I also work with and know a whole lot of Muslims and they think that since he is Muslim himself that he should know that Muslims view appeasement as weakness

          5. dpaano May 30, 2014

            You have friends? Amazing! Apparently they are as brain dead as you are. Like minds think alike….or that’s what they say.

          6. mike May 27, 2014

            Not fox, July 26, 2012 was last formal one on one meeting. whitehouse.gov.. A real urgency about our Veterans. Pathetic.
            Horse Manure using friends and family to try and make your point. Middle East leaders aren’t afraid of him. Red line in Syria, Obama all talk no action. Arab spring backfire. Leading from behind will come back and bite this country.

          7. bikejedi May 27, 2014

            mike it is refreshing to see someone on here besides myself who has a realistic view … These people are like hypnotized

          8. jmprint May 28, 2014

            That’s because you two are two troll peas in Tea Party Pot!

          9. jmprint May 28, 2014

            So why is it this President must be different then the rest, do you really think Middle East was scared of Bush? You always base your facts on what could happen.

          10. mike May 28, 2014

            It was his choice. He is a wishy washy person. Go watch his speech today and see how pathetic he is.

            http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/wp/2014/05/28/president-obamas-west-point-speech-in-13-tweets/. Then read the comments ,Obama is out of touch.

            Show me one of my “facts” on what could happen. Show me.

          11. jmprint May 28, 2014

            Just saw his speech. I do admire that man.

            Could bite him in the ass huh, nothing worse then what one lying bast…Cheney did to all of us.

          12. mike May 28, 2014

            Still waiting your reply for “my facts on what could happen”. Where are they??? Come show me.

            Since both you and Obama are “clueless” you deserve each other.

          13. Dominick Vila May 29, 2014

            Most of the “facts” you have provided are articles written by right wing organizations.
            The VA scandal is, indeed, an embarrassment that should have been solved long ago, but don’t try to blame President Obama for it. I remember reading articles and commentaries on TV as far back as the 1980s about systemic problems affecting medical care at VA institutions, including the prestigious Walter Reed hospital in Maryland. This is not a new problem, and I suspect it is not going to be easy to solve, regardless of how much money we throw at it, although adequate funding would help.
            The first thing that should be done to improve VA hospital performance is to get rid of most hospital administrators, hire more doctors and nurses, pay medical professionals competitive wages to facilitate recruiting, and reward those who excel.
            Part of the problem is that all administrations, from Reagan’s to Obama’s have found comfort in the knowledge that most veterans rely on TRICARE for the medical care they need. Unfortunately, the type of injuries suffered in recent wars, which would have caused death a few decades ago, require long term, intensive care, that TRICARE does not always offer.

          14. mike May 29, 2014

            As to articles being right wing, bull roar. If that is the case, which ones, prove them wrong. Pretty simple.

            NYT’s, Washington Post are right wing? LOL!!! Forbes is only read by republicans. Give me a break.

            Problem with your and your ilk is even if all is factual you will deny and use the excuse they are right wing. You can’t handle or admit the truth when confronted with real facts and figures.

            As to the VA. I thought that was why Shinseki was brought in to fix the problems. Remember the “Urgency” expressed by Obama in his big speech. You keep forgetting this Administration has not fired anyone. Sibelius still around. Fast and Furious people promoted or reassigned, etc..

          15. jmprint May 29, 2014


            “Mr. Obama was steady and sensible on this vital issue. He endorsed military action, even unilaterally, when the country is threatened or when the security of its allies is in danger. But he stressed, correctly, that not every problem has a military solution and warned that “some of our most costly mistakes came not from our restraint but from our willingness to rush into military adventures.” (He was right, for instance to call off the threat of action after President Bashar al-Assad of Syria agreed to surrender his chemical weapons.)

            In his speech, Mr. Obama tried to push back against critics who say he has ceded America’s post-World War II dominance. The question, as he correctly put it, is “not whether America will lead but how we will lead” and he reasserted that “isolationism is not an option.” Mr. Obama was right when he suggested there would be no serious negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program without his approach to American leadership.

          16. mike May 29, 2014
          17. idamag May 27, 2014

            Oh, he won’t believe you or the real facts, from reliable sources, they don’t agree with his dogma.

          18. JoyceD May 27, 2014

            Your memory is perfect. You reminded those who so quickly forgot about the embarrassing cancellation of Bush’s trip to Switzerland and why. Republicans don’t want that brought up.

          19. Dominick Vila May 27, 2014

            The reason they go from one ridiculous “scandal” to another, and the bizarre claims they make, is to deflect attention from their failures, their embarrassing record, and their lack of vision. They are counting on poorly informed people to believe their garbage, and when someone reminds them of things that happened during their tenure, and episodes such as Bush’s cancelled trip to Switzerland and calls for his arrest for crimes against humanity, they quickly change the subject with the usual claims that Obamacare is an abomination, that President Obama is a detached President, Benghazi, and the scandalous decision made by the IRS to deny tax exempt status to right wing organizations who lied in their requests for tax exempt status. Al Capone would have been eligible for a governorship if the Tea Party had been around when he was alive.

          20. mike May 28, 2014

            Look in the mirror at the poorly informed or in denial.
            As to lying on applications you need to go read emails between Lerner and DOJ. Nice try though.

          21. bikejedi May 28, 2014

            who is talking about any failures besides Obama … You Dom . You are the only one who is deflecting and spinning . That is a hallmark of the left … We are just responding to your futile attempts to defend Obama . Now you mention all of his scandals and the fact that we bring them up … What is the most appalling aspect of that is fools like you allow yourselves to be duped and used as tools to be his fellators

          22. Dominick Vila May 29, 2014

            For me a failure in governance include things like doing business with a country we had no diplomatic or trade relations with (Iran-Contra), letting Hezbollah off the hook after they murdered over 200 Marines near the Beirut airport and ordering the most embarrassing cut and run in U.S. history, the S&L debacle, wiping out a budget surplus in less than one year and resuming deficit spending, a record number of national debt increases,letting the homeland of the terrorists that attacked us on 9/11 off the hook in exchange for lucrative contracts and Treasury bond purchases, and then lying to justify the invasion of a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 to propel the popularity of the President that was in office when 9/11 took place and fill the deep pockets of his greedy friends deregulation that paved the way for the ENRON, AIG, and Bernie Madoff scandals and, eventually, to the near collapse of the U.S. economy, a fact acknowledged publicly by a former U.S. president.
            Those are real scandals and examples of failure, not the last in a long string of terrorist attacks, or the fact that a government official sent e-mails to the DOJ asking if criminal prosecution was appropriate when she learned that right wing organizations had been lying in the documents they submitted to qualify for tax exempt status. The only thing that is embarrassing, besides the witch hunt that turned cheaters into victims and the law into a mockery, is the timidity of the DOJ, which should have prosecuted the right wing criminals and put them in jail to set an example of what happens when someone breaks the law. Obviously, the Tea Party supporters don’t understand the latter, and prefer to elect their cheaters to gubernatorial positions as a reward for their criminal misdeeds.

          23. bikejedi May 29, 2014

            Blah blah blah … Dom do you feel used and lied to today ? Do you feel like a fool ? I mean it seems that a lot of the Dems are bailing on Obama and Shinseki and are calling for his removal …Meanwhile you continue your pattern of spin and deflection to try to shift the conversation and to try ( and fail miserably I might add ) to defend two ass clowns . You never answer a reply when someone points out that you are dealing Bullshit such as your claim of the jobs created under Obama . You never count the massive job loss under him nor the fact that fewer Americans ( in the millions ) are working then when he took office . Where are all the jobs he promised when he spent your kids future away ? So keep spinning and carrying the water for them while they lie and use you for a FOOL .

          24. Dominick Vila May 30, 2014

            I answer all your claims, but since I don’t have as much time as the Karl Rove employees have to answer to all three of you, and repeat the same thing over and over again, I usually include all my replies in the response to one of you. If you read my responses to Mike, for example, you will find answers to your claims.
            No, I don’t feel used at all. Why should I? President Obama and President Clinton are the best presidents we had, all the way back to FDR. They have done more for our international credibility, our economy, and social progress that what could be reasonably expected from anyone, especially when we take into consideration the obstructionism, lies, and lack of cooperation from people who were elected to do what is best for the country, not what is best for their party.
            If you want specifics, read some of the posts I made on this thread. Oh, and contrary to what you want the Tea Party zealots to believe, our economy is well on its way to full recovery, unemployment is going down, the size of government, measured by the number of civil servants, has been reduced, and the budget deficit has been reduced dramatically. Compare that to the mess Obama inherited, to the resumption of deficit spending, to fighting two wars without appropriating funds to pay for them, to a DOW Index of 6,500 points in January 2009, to an unemployment rate of 7.3% and rising, to the banking industry on the verge of collapse, a fact acknowledged by a Republican president in 2008, to some of our largest corporations on the verge of bankruptcy, to foreclosures at record levels, and after you do that, tell me how wonderful Republican policies are and how much you would like to go back to what we finally left behind. Spin? You can call it whatever you want, I prefer to call it the reality of facts.

          25. bikejedi May 31, 2014

            Dom all you do is spin and deflect . You haven’t answered how you can have fewer Americans working then when Obama took office yet still claim he has created millions of jobs because it is not POSSIBLE … So you do what you always do and that is spin and deflect it to someone or something else or you Lie and make Excuses to defend Obama . Everyone knows where you learned that tactic from . You serve the people who use you as a fool well be defending them thusly .Do you wonder why the term sheeple is so apt for people like you who do nothing but defend them even when logic should tell you that there is no defending some of their stuff ? Don’t you feel foolish now ?

          26. Dominick Vila May 31, 2014

            Consider this statistical data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for may 2014:
            Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 288,000, and the unemployment rate
            fell by 0.4 percentage point to 6.3 percent in April, the U.S. Bureau of Labor
            Statistics reported today. Employment gains were widespread, led by job growth
            in professional and business services, retail trade, food services and drinking
            places, and construction.

            Household Survey Data

            In April, the unemployment rate fell from 6.7 percent to 6.3 percent, and the
            number of unemployed persons, at 9.8 million, decreased by 733,000. Both
            measures had shown little movement over the prior 4 months. Over the year, the
            unemployment rate and the number of unemployed persons declined by 1.2
            percentage points and 1.9 million, respectively. (See table A-1.)

            Among the major worker groups, unemployment rates declined in April for adult
            men (5.9 percent), adult women (5.7 percent), teenagers (19.1 percent), whites
            (5.3 percent), blacks (11.6 percent), and Hispanics (7.3 percent). The jobless
            rate for Asians was 5.7 percent (not seasonally adjusted), little changed over
            the year. (See tables A-1, A-2, and A-3.)

            In April, the number of unemployed reentrants and new entrants declined by
            417,000 and 126,000, respectively. (Reentrants are persons who previously
            worked but were not in the labor force prior to beginning their job search,
            and new entrants are persons who have never worked.) The number of job losers
            and persons who completed temporary jobs decreased by 253,000 to 5.2 million.
            (See table A-11.)

            The number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks or more)
            declined by 287,000 in April to 3.5 million; these individuals accounted for
            35.3 percent of the unemployed. Over the past 12 months, the number of long-term
            unemployed has decreased by 908,000. (See table A-12.)

          27. bikejedi June 1, 2014

            Blah blah blah ..Excuses spin and deflection but you cant logically or factually explain why there are fewer Americans working then when Obama took office yet you lie and say he has creates jobs . What he did do is oversee an economy based on his and his Party’s Socialist ideals and that meant MASSIVE JOB LOSS replaced with fewer and less paying jobs … Dom you know that by repeating that Talking Point about Jobs created that you are lying for Obama . in so doing you prove that you have no ethics and that you are useful tool and fool for letting them use you . This is why it is h to have meaningful with the left .Let me know when you will jut admit that there has been NO Jobs created and that you agree that millions of fewer Americans are working …

          28. Dominick Vila June 1, 2014

            The methodology being used today to determine the number of jobs created is the same that was used for previous administrations. Nothing has changed, other than the desperate attempts by GOP sycophants to convince a naive electorate that things were peachy when the GOP was in control of the White House and Congress, and that things are bad, very bad, when Democrats are in control. Despite evidence to the contrary. You better hope voters are suffering from a collective case of amnesia, and have been living in a distant and isolated place, because, otherwise, you are going to have a rude awakening. The problem with making assertions that defy logic and what is apparent to everyone, is that they make the person making the assertions look like a fool.
            A better argument would be underemployment, which is caused by many factors and has been getting worse as years go by.

          29. bikejedi June 2, 2014

            Dom you are making yourself look silly . Just admit it . You cant make the claim that Obama has created a single job when there are millions fewer Americans employed then when he took office . You do understand how math works right ? You can keep on lying but your reasoning defies all logic

          30. Dominick Vila June 2, 2014

            With the exception of increases or decreases in the Federal government workforce, Presidents don’t create jobs, the private sector does. Presidents, both Republicans and Democrats take credit for job creation under their watch to imply that their policies contributed to economic growth and prosperity. Now, here are the facts:
            A total of 1.1 million jobs were created by the private sector during Bush’s 8 year tenure, and the economy was brought down to its knees as a result of Republican policies. Under
            Obama, the private sector has had 48 straight months of job growth, with
            businesses adding 8.7 million jobs.
            I realize that statistics like this are poison for Republicans, and that people like you will go to any length to deny a documented fact (search Department of Labor statistics), but you are not going to get very far. Mainstream Americans re-elected President Obama by a comfortable majority, in part, because of the garbage that people like you advertise. Instead of becoming part of the solution, you guys decided to become part of the problem, and you paid dearly for it.

          31. bikejedi June 2, 2014

            So then , you don’t understand Math or common sense but you will lie and spin for Obama . You said previously that Obama had created all of these jobs 8.7 million or something and then you say in this post a President cant create jobs yadyadayada … Yet you still cant explain why there are millions fewer Americans working then when he took office Sweet ..useful fool . Are you vying for Carney’s job ???

          32. Dominick Vila June 3, 2014

            Do you have an English comprehension problem? If we use the logic or standard used by previous Presidents, Obama created 8.7 million jobs during the first 5 years of his presidency. I concede the fact that with the exception of increasing the Federal government workforce, the real entity that creates or eliminates jobs is the private sector. Government policies influence the economy and, by default, job creation, but that is just one of many factors.
            Regarding the number of people working. The population of the USA is aging, people are retiring early, and our fertility rate is low. If the effect of these demographic factors on the size of our workforce is unclear to you, perhaps you can offer an explanation that does not contradict the evidence of job creation, regardless of who is most responsible for it.

          33. bikejedi May 31, 2014

            So it took Obama 23 days to even comment on the V A scandal . You could tell the concern and urgency he has for the Vets right there . When he did comment he told you he was concerned ( He LIED and you bought it ) while not doing a damn thing about it . That should’ve told you that he wasn’t concerned about the vets only his own reputation .He didn’t want to fire Shinseki because he was more worried about how that would reflect on him rather then fixing the problem . In the meantime he has all his useful tools like you making excuses for him . You know as well as anyone that if Shinseki worked in the Private sector he would’ve been fired immediately if for no other reason then to set an example . He wasn’t because his boss is a Community Organizer and not an effective Executive or Leader .So days later your own Party breaks ranks and moves to force him out .. In so doing those Dems sided with common sense and still you , like a fool , spend your days defending Obama and Shinseki . Now it doesn’t matter whether you or I think Shinseki is a swell guy … This shit happened on his watch and EVERY SINGLE TIME something like this happens under Obama he and his administration are the last people to know about it . How many times does that have to happen before you admit he is incompetent ????? Then the excuses start happening and people like you defend them even when Obama has to turn on those defending him and then fire Shinseki when it becomes apparent that America is appalled that it didn’t happen immediately . Dom if you don’t feel used and played for a fool then you are blind . You are also the kind of guy they want doing their spin while they laugh at you … Stay indoctrinated Sheeple

          34. Dominick Vila May 31, 2014

            I have no idea how many days it took President Obama to comment on the VA problem, but if it was 23 days, I applaud his decision to analyze problems before making a comment. Republican style shoot from the hip is the last thing we should do.
            I consider his experience as a community organizer proof of his character, and it reinforces my conviction that when he talks about problems that afflict the common man, he does it from experience rather than what he learned in a sociology class, or while discussing it with his pals in a country club.

          35. bikejedi May 27, 2014

            Dom the rest of the world laughs at him and Putin and Assad both totally disrespected him on a World Stage . It is amazing that you are so disconnected from real thought that you think he is respected . The whole World considers him a LIAR after he went in front of the UN and blamed and excused Benghazi on a You Tube video … His Muslim Brothers disrespect him .. Look at the way Iran talks about him after he bowed to Islam for them … You people really live in a world where you only listen to what Liberal Media tell you . Haven’t you heard ?? They are proven LIARS just like Obama

          36. Dominick Vila June 1, 2014

            Criticisms and/or ridicule from your heroes, Putin and Assad, reinforce my opinion that President Obama is on the right track on foreign policy.
            The only people criticizing President Obama’s assumption that the attack against our consulate in Benghazi may have been influenced by the inflammatory anti-Islamic video, conveniently released two days earlier and a couple of months before a U.S. presidential election, are Tea Party zealots.

          37. bikejedi June 2, 2014

            Dom do you not pa attention to even Liberal Media ??? Everyone knows that You Tube Video Lie and Excuse was just that and that was established by the testimony of the CIA .. Why do you continue to embarass yourself and repeat that ridiculous LIE ???? Putin is not my hero but I do recognize that he is a much more effective leader then Obama . Look when Jimmy Carter is criticizing Obama what more do we have to say ????

          38. Dominick Vila June 2, 2014

            The inflammatory anti-Islam video, and the coincidental promise to burn the Quran by a Florida “Pastor”, were not coincidences and were not lies. They did happen, and they resulted in demonstrations and violent protests throughout the Muslim world.
            Assuming that video may have influenced anti-American feelings that culminated in a lethal terrorist attack was understandable at a time when we did not have enough information to reach a conclusion based on facts. Interestingly, the only people that knew exactly what motivated the attack had the same ideological leanings as the moron who made and released the video, and the pastor whose ability to learn from what Jesus taught us fell on deaf ears. How come the GOP knew immediately what motivated the attack? An investigation into the attack against our abandoned consulate in Benghazi is warranted, but not the way it is likely to be conducted.

        2. Eleanore Whitaker May 27, 2014

          Baloney..The only ones who want Shinseki gone are the tyrants of the Tea Party. How else can the red states keep their states financially stable if they can’t eat up tax dollars the rest of the states provide for VA hospitals? As for foreign policy, your boi Bush was the most toxic president and Reagan was a Carter rip off.
          The only worthless leaders are those engaged in the fraud in conservative states who also eat up our defense dollars. Got an explanation for why VA is No. 1 in military industry handouts? Or why TX gets $14 billion for Big Oil but the GOP House could only come up with $12 billion to repair dangerous roads and bridges? Don’t talk about worthless when your conservatism is THE most worthless, fraudulent, corrupt ideology since the Nazis.

          1. mike May 27, 2014

            I see more diarrhea of the brain.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker May 27, 2014

            Ah yes…another male who knows it all. Let me guess..Great White Angry Middle Aged with a mind so narrow, a silk thread can’t pass through. You don’t like facts. You can engorged yourselves at the table of denial. It doesn’t changed IRSGate, BenghaziGate, Healthcare ReformGate and now VAGAte..the only diarrhea here is your denial of facts.

          3. mike May 27, 2014

            Baloney!!! The denial is all yours, go back and stick your head in the sand again. You can’t handle the truth.

          4. bikejedi May 27, 2014

            mike she is as brainwashed as they come and just repeats whatever they tell her to

          5. jmprint May 28, 2014

            No mike, you are looking in the mirror and describing yourself to a tee. YOU ARE THE BIGGET PARROT I HAVE EVER HEARD.

          6. mike May 28, 2014

            Stay in your world of denial and intellectual dishonesty,.

          7. jmprint May 29, 2014

            Intellectual yes, dishonesty NEVER!

          8. mike May 29, 2014


          9. bikejedi May 28, 2014

            No one is talking to you or listening to your indoctrinated rhetoric

          10. jmprint May 29, 2014

            I got your attention.

          11. Eleanore Whitaker May 29, 2014

            bikejedi..I see..so when I provide the quotes from two reports, one of them from a red state media source, that’s “brainwashed.” The only thing brainwashed is a bunch of Great White Angry Middle aged fat guts sitting around all day on computers bashing everyone but themselves. Isn’t it about time you chumps got a life and a job? Or is collecting welfare in those red welfare states the rest of us pay for the only “job” you can get?

          12. bikejedi May 29, 2014

            Eleanor … So today even the Dems who used you as a useful tool and told you what to think and say have changed their minds and are siding with common sense Americans . They are now calling for Shinseki to resign … How does that feel ? You seem to me to be just an angry fat ugly Liberal gal who is bitter because she cant get a man or even a woman or a drag queen … I base that on the fact that most Liberal women are fat ugly and bitter as you are two scared to post a picture . Now if you look at my pic maybe you would take notice that I am very very fit and good looking ..at least that is what the lady’s tell me .. I know I am fit that’s for sure .. Like a lot of Conservatives I own my own business and support the many non tax payers here in Chicago who all vote for free stuff .

          13. Eleanore Whitaker May 28, 2014

            Remove your head from your anus little boi. Time for growing up. The states MOST responsible for the mess at the VA, as your own Republican AZ Republic News reported, are your conservative states. You can keep your mentally ill insistence that the facts I post are not reality but we all know that men like you have had their cheese slip off their crackers. I can handle truth when I know I can prove it in a court of law. You can’t..therefore, liar boi, it’s time for you to stop acting like a Big Red State Baby and stop playing spoiled Twerpie Generation Know it all.

          14. mike May 28, 2014

            I see you still have your head where the sun doesn’t shine.

            Your ignorance is unbelievable.


            This is Obama’s mess who has had 5 years to fix it and hasn’t.

            Some times it is better to keep your mouth shut, and for you this is one of those times.
            What I do know is that you are ignorant on most subjects and this is one of them. LOL!!!!

          15. Eleanore Whitaker May 28, 2014

            The VA IS run by the federal government just like SS and Medicare. Now liar boy, the AP news blurb listed 6 red states as the ones who defrauded the VA…if you are trying to show us how skanky your conservatism can be..let’s start with how much of the VA federal dollars didn’t pay for medical care for vets in the red states. Do tell us why WVA, GA, FL, SC and VA ALL had deaths or serious medical delays…as was reported in your Arizona Republic newspaper and USA today. Liar Boy doesn’t like the sunshine of truth. His head in his anus keeps him in the dark. Try again Joi Boi.

          16. mike May 28, 2014

            Delusional as ever.

            “States most responsible for the VA mess are from conservative states” your words not mine. States having nothing to do with the VA, with its funding, hiring, etc., it is a Federal Agency. I know you can produce the AP articles that documents states are defrauding the VA. Come on, know you can. LOL!!!!
            You still have your head where the sun don’t shine.

          17. Eleanore Whitaker May 28, 2014

            I’m not the one who published the article in the Arizona Republic about the VA and the deaths in red states…I’m also not the one who published the report in USA Today about the red states not using the VA federal funds for medical treatment. Try getting a haircut for that anal hair. It’s fogging your brain. The articles I mention were published on Monday of this week…check it out shortcircuit brain.

          18. mike May 28, 2014

            Lady(using it loosely) those are your words, you repeated them, Again the red states have nothing to do with funds or services of the vets. You have no point.
            One last time, your words. “The states MOST responsible for the mess at the VA, are in conservative states. So what??? STATES ARE NOT INVOLVED IN THE RUNNING OF THE VA. Your comments are plain stupid.

          19. Eleanore Whitaker May 29, 2014

            Man and I use the term loosely since we all know those raisins in your jeans prove otherwise, the red states ARE the states where those deaths and delays occurred. I proved that beyond reasonable doubt in those 2 reports you can’t man up and admit. But, who expects a Daddy’s boi to be anything but a Daddy’s little snookums. The states most responsible for the mess happened in the trough feeder states where the rest of the mess always start. States don’t run the VA but the states DO the operations of the VA at the state level moron. I can’t imagine what your parents ever were thinking when they spawned such a Neanderthal brain.

          20. mike May 29, 2014

            Are you really that dense? The States have nothing to do with this scandal. The location has nothing to do with, but the incompetence and corruption within the VA does. A sane person would understand that. I forgot, you are a Mental Midget.




            42 facilities ACROSS THE COUNTRY are now being investigated.That shoots down your stupid statements.

          21. Eleanore Whitaker May 29, 2014

            Are that much of a blockhead? The VA, like SS and Medicare ARE federal programs but the employees are hired from within each state. Go ahead and try to deny this and I’ll get you two friends who worked at the NJ VA hospital and never stepped foot in DC. A sane person you are not. Every state hires employees who manage the operations at the location of a federal VA hospital. Did you think Obama is also a personnel recruiter? 42 facilities across the country and you think all of them come from DC to these 42 facilities to work every day of every week? Both of my two friends worked at a Middlesex County VA hospital before Bush closed it in 2007. Now, Twerp Boi, how are they not responsible for the jobs they did at that hospital? Take your irresponsible pathetic need to dump blame on Shinseki and ram it up your anal cavity. Shinseki as Donald Kettl, dean at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy stated, and I quote so you don’t mistake the Arizona Republic media report yet again, “he’s just one man pushing a very, very large rock up a very steep hill.” Further in the USA Today report, found VA records indicating 23 veterans nationwide died of gastrointestinal cancer at 13 department facilities because of delays in edoscopy screenings (Obama also has a medical degree to you?). Six of those deaths occured at Williams Jennings Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center in Columbia SC.2 were in Prescott and Tucson AZ and the others are linked to Hampton, Virigina, August, Georgia, Charleston SC, Miami and West Palm Beach FL, Huntington WVA, Grand Junction CO and Iowa City Iowa…ALL RED STATES…now..do you want to keep up that childish Daddy’s boi rant or can you act like a man and admit that VA hospitals in these states perform the duties of their jobs in typical trough feeder mentality? MOre for you to chew on…Danielle Brian, Exec. Dir. of the nonprofit watchdog organization “Project On Government Oversight,” state, that when the whisteblower system was put into place, much of the abuses were due to VA incentives to reduce delay time. These are the states that “cooked the books.”

            I will keep printed these quotes until you get your head out of your hairy anus.

          22. mike May 29, 2014

            LOL!!!! The VA in New Mexico, a blue state, is now under investigation for the same thing.


            I guess that blows your theory on hiring.

            42 facilities “across the nation’ are now under investigation and you think they are all in red states. I am still laughing!

            With all due respect- You are an idiot.

          23. Eleanore Whitaker May 29, 2014

            With all due respect, your donkey’s tail is longer than those raisins in your manless jeans. Wow..you found one single blue state and that makes it all the fault of that one blue state? My guess is your theories on mental health are about like those of any Twerpie Generation know it all. You don’t think for one minute you’ve actually proven your argument because you found a single pathetic example? Try again Joi Boi..you fingernails must be worn to a nub by now trying to dredge up as much slime as you slimeballs of the right always do.

          24. mike May 29, 2014

            Just wanted to keep you honest, showing you that not only red states have their terrible citizens working for the VA but so do blue states with their terrible people working for the Va.

            What a ignoramous you are, I never said “makes it all the fault of that one blue state”. You are a Dolt of the nth degree.

            You seem to ignore 40+ other facilities across the country being investigated. All red states, right????

          25. Eleanore Whitaker May 30, 2014

            The tone of this post shows exactly why your party is ready to be flushed. “YOU” are going to keep “ME” honest? When your GOP president lied about WMDS to hand Halliburton $350 billion in a no bid contract for Iraq? Try again genius boi. I don’t lie. I never have to. Nor, unlike you, do I have “selective” memory. It’s been days and all you can offer to your existence is wailing, whining, moaning and groaning…So tell us genius boi..what single productive thing have you done all week that leaves the world a TINY bit better? Or is grousing your only business? I posted the VA hospitals WHERE the deaths and delays were found by USA Today and were the most guilty of fudging their reports to the VA. You Confederate bois need to give it the hell up already. You lost one Civil War..want to get bashed in a second time?

          26. mike May 30, 2014

            I see you are still living in the past. So Sad!!!
            I still see you don’t even know what you wrote. Go back and read your stupid and inconsistent remarks.
            Thanks for the good laugh.

            As to my life, it is full everyday working with Disabled Veterans. I arrange flights for over 400 Disabled Vets and spouses to improve their quality of life. Very fulfilling.

            You really are a joke.

          27. Eleanore Whitaker May 30, 2014

            You see wrong. It’s nut jobs like you in this country who hate any president who wants to make changes that matter to ALL American not just you simpering little cowards in short pants who whine and wheedle Big Mama and age out of the McMansions at age 40. You arrange BS…That’s how stupid and moronic your posts are. If you are sooooooooooo busy arranging flights for vets..God Help them..Your attention is every day on this thread..and not on their flights. Get your lazy butt back to work.

          28. mike May 30, 2014

            I see fine and true. I don’t hate the President but I do believe he is trying to lead this country in a terrible direction of destruction. And you are a mindless lemming going over the cliff with him.

            Moronic post are from you not me.

            As to the Vets, I just booked flights to for two couples to Montana. Helena to be exact.

            Shinseki is gone not by republicans but from the revolt on the left and the coverage of the media on this debacle that oversaw. Looks quite Bi-partisan.


            This won’t change the fact that Obama is at fault because of his “passive” leadership(Milbank’s words not mine).

            Will my little joke on the left have a nice weekend.

          29. Eleanore Whitaker May 31, 2014

            Shinseki is gone only because the GOP tyrants demanded it. Just like they do all of the rest of the people in this administration.

            Give it up already..You are not now or EVER going to convince intelligent people your DRaconian ideology is right for a progressive country to move forward. The only thing that’s moved forward are your billionaires at the expense of over a decade of stagnated wages and higher and higher cost of living for the Middle Class. Get up off those lazy little tantrum boi butts and get a life.

            Now that you got your way yet again, you’re pretty stupid if you think a GOP will head the VA…and what? Waste more of our tax dollars to feed your trough feeder states? The president will appoint someone who’ll Walk Tall and Carry A CA redwood to beat some of those red state VA butts and cronies of the wink wink nod nod GOP politicians in your confederacy.

            Watch how fast you all start the whining the minute the president does what he always does to dumb morons like your ilk..He’ll go in the opposite direction and put a guy in place worse than General Sherman. I can hear your caterwalling already.

          30. mike May 31, 2014

            Sadly a very good man is gone. Departments of the Federal Govt are run by union members. Part of the problem with the Va is with the AFGE, this union doesn’t give a rats ass about the veterans and will do anything and everything to protect its members.
            Read this. PS-the herald is no friend of the right.

            Your ignorance still astounds me. I could care less about party affiliation as long as he/she is competent and will be allowed to make changes without union resistance.

            It’s about the Veterans STUPID!!!!!

            You are one of the UN’s-unenlightened, unintelligent, Uniformed and absolutely Unmotivated to know the truth.

            You are nothing more than a shrill of the left that knows not what she speaks.

            Have a nice weekend.

          31. Eleanore Whitaker May 29, 2014

            According to the dumbed down right winger, all of the VA employees are hired by someone in Washington. Oh really? Now, Joi Boi how about you get your facts, not your Fruit of the Loom Size right? In order to get a job at the VA, you go to the VA website and enter YOUR STATE..what about that don’t you get? Then, from that point you are referred to the VA in YOUR STATE who then will email or mail you a job application. Too much for your limited intelligence to process? Once your job application at the VA is received and reviewed, you take the Civil Service Test, a federal requirement and then if you pass, you are given a list of VA job openings IN YOUR STATE unless your indicate your willingness to work outside your state. You are such an idiot. Your brain must be sewed to your anal cavity.

          32. jmprint May 28, 2014

            But, you haven’t mention any truths for her to deny.

          33. Eleanore Whitaker May 29, 2014

            No and he can’t. All trogolodites try to prove negatives when their tantrums run out. This is the type of guy who goes postal when no one panders to his tantrums. This guy’s a red flag for the next sociopath on the loose.

          34. bikejedi May 27, 2014

            You have cognitive disconnect … you know that right ?

        3. bikejedi May 27, 2014

          Great comment mike

        4. Marlo The Bear May 28, 2014

          “He knew, as did Obama, of the cooking of the books back during the transition in 2008 and nothing was done.”
          Unless you think everyone is as dumb as you are this statement clearly states that this problem existed before President Obama. I’m a vets and was in the system before and experience it before Obama was born taking my father to the VA(WW2 vet) in the fifties. The VA is 1000% better now and improving every day. So you can take your prejudice and hatred to mars. Just like all of our free systems there are people in the system that don’t deserve it.

          1. mike May 29, 2014

            I am happy you are satisfied with your experience with the VA. Mine has not been and more than likely many more are on my side.

            Before you call someone dumb, know your facts my uninformed person. This issue is not left or right.




            In the last four years the VA rolled over almost 2 Billion. Billions that could have been used in those years for those that needed it.

            So save me your indignation!!!

          2. Marlo The Bear May 29, 2014

            I’m going to drop a real fact. You cannot sue the VA/Military/Govt for medical malpractice. Firing anyone fixes what problems? Our congressmen & women are wasting our time and funds to even make those suggestions. The VA has been and will continue to be a problem long after we are dead and buried. Let me say this one more time. The VA problem has absolutely nothing to do with President Obama. For some reason people like you thing everyone is stupid. You claim to have all of the “Facts”. They are not worth the paper they are written on. What I said was the VA has improved over the years from my personal experience with my father and myself. I may be wrong but I think you just enjoy mouthing off about President Obama.

          3. mike May 30, 2014

            What the Hell are you smoking??? No where in my comments did I mention suing the Govt., but I will tell you that criminal charges can be filed against those who cooked the books by the DOJ.

            No, the stupid one is you. Even the Main Street Media is reporting the IG report stating that INDEED employees of the VA lied about waiting times, etc.. fyI, books showed 24 days when in reality they were 115 days to see primary care, records lost, Vets forgotten by not even being on waiting list.

            Investigation now includes 42 facilities.

            “VA problem has nothing to do with Obama”, Bull Roar. He recognized the problem back in 2008 and said he was going to fix it with URGENCY. He hired Shinseki to clean it up and from what we see has not. He is responsible for his administration.

            President Truman( A DEMOCRAT) said it best: THE BUCK STOPS HERE.

            Sadly you remind me of one of the UN people of your Ilk-Uniformed, Unenlightened, Unintelligent, Unmotivated to know the truth.

            Time to stick your head back where the sun don’t shine.

          4. Marlo The Bear June 1, 2014

            Idiot. Still pointing the finger. Take a look at your hand. I’m not sure of what you’re trying to prove with all of these articles you quote. The VA is as good has it has ever been. Typical neck looking for something to blame the President for. That’s the point I’m making. You are not concerned about veterans. if you were you would have been heard from years(decades) ago. Veteran medical care has never been comparable to private care. I’m waiting for you to blame God for veterans deaths.

          5. mike June 1, 2014

            If you had read and were able to comprehend the articles you would have see how Fed. Employees, Union members of AFGE, were abusing the Veterans and the system(fixing the books and getting bonuses).

            Again, the Buck stops Here(Obama), the people he hired didn’t fix it, last one on one with Shinseki was 2012. As he did with Obamacare he was absent, detached, passive. All poor qualities for a leader.

          6. Marlo The Bear June 4, 2014

            I guess Truman, Ike, JFK, LBJ, Nixon,Ford,Carter,Bush1,Clinton, and Bush2 fixed it. I just mentioned all of the Presidents that I’ve live under and It’s strange to me that now that Obama has been elected president that everyone thinks they can run the government(authoritarian). I didn’t mention Roosevelt because I was born during his time. I think I can determine qualities of leadership and they don’t have to agree with yours.

          7. mike June 4, 2014

            If past presidents had fixed it, Obama in 2008 wouldn’t have made such a big deal out of how bad the Veterans were being treated and how HE was going to fix it. He asked for and received over the last 5 years a 78% increase in funds. He hired a vet to run VA and it got worse. It was not funding it was leadership. When he resigned Shinseki resigned he said he was not informed of the problems.
            Obama in his detached and passive way of running his administration is the fault. A reasonable person would see with the debacle of Obamacare and the VA scandal how out of touch he is. A strong leader would have stayed on top of his signature legislature Obamacare, but sadly he did not. A strong leader would have stayed on top of THE PROMISE to the Veterans, but he didn’t.
            Sadly, you are in the minority as to determining leadership qualities of Obama.



          8. Marlo The Bear June 5, 2014

            References partisan articles are not a proof of leadership qualities. Having a personal agenda to discredit the current president is not proof of leadership. Quickly, it is a known “fact” that the three branches of government work together to govern(democracy). I’m assuming you understand how our government is suppose to function. One branch of our current government is not functioning as designed. The other two are simply on hold. You may think that its cute for them to refuse to do their sworn duty(it will cost us all). I don’t quote Martin Luther often but he said of America: “We must learn to live together as brothers or we will perish together as fools”. Its your choice of which one you choose. Let me leave this with you and feel free to reference articles that support or do not support this statement. “All men are created equal by their creator and are endowed with certain inalienable rights”.

          9. mike June 5, 2014

            What a zealot!!!! I gave you a left leaning article, asking what has happened to Obama the leader and wanting him back. I also gave you a center right showing the downward movement of his leadership numbers.
            The LATEST EXAMPLE of Obama’s lack of leadership is the announcement of Bergdahl in the rose garden. We have learned that this was suppose to be a EUPHORIC MOMENT a rallying around the President from the harsh criticism he has received lately-VA. They tried to make Bergdahl a hero, did they ignore the Pentagon Report, another miscalculation. Rice’s emphatic statement that “he served with honor and distinction” shows how just out of touch Obama is.

            If you think the Senate is functioning, you are delusional.

            The subject is VA scandal. I am not going to get into some semantic circle jerk . But, try this one.


          10. BlackhatLV June 5, 2014

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          11. Marlo The Bear June 5, 2014

            I was hoping you would reply based on my comments and your personal experiences. Typical whatever(call yourself whatever you want too). Constantly references articles. Life is real and I’ve been blessed with 73 years so far. I don’t read articles to help me form my opinions. My opinions come from my own life experiences. You’ve jumped from the VA to release of POWs. Do we see a pattern? Check yourself. From my service experience(USMC) I’m starting to see Bergdahl as a self made man with some enemies within. It appears that the cowards didn’t have much to say to him directly. I despise all cowards(not just the KKK). As a side note you probably see John McCain as a war hero, but in reality he was a POW. The heroes were on the battlefield and some did not return. My high school’s sweetheart’s brother was one of those who did not come back alive. Please no more articles. They prove absolutely nothing. I still like this phrase as I did when it was spoken. “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”. For the first time in my life all of you smart guys know more than the President. Wonder why?

          12. mike June 6, 2014

            Well, well, so the operative word in your world is the word “experience you have had” that determines your opinion.
            Your experience is good with the VA, you said 8 days ago. So those who have died, still waiting(3300 in AZ) the hell with them because in your EXPERIENCE all is fine. Then you went on to say “in our free system there are people in the system that don’t deserve it”. You’re happy with system-screw the rest. But if any one else criticizes the VA they are terrible in your eyes.

            7 days ago you said Obama has nothing to with the operations of the VA.. In my experience, I have seen him hire people to fix it, 5 years later 78% increase in funds and the same problem still exists. But in your experience all is fine.

            As to Obama and Bergdahl, his Euphoric moment backfired and the press is hounding for his questionable decision making.

            In my experiences I have watched friends and family lose their jobs because of the Obama Economy. I have experienced rising unemployment, low hiring under this man.

            In my experience he is a divider not the Uniter he said he was back in 2008.

            In my experience he is a liar. He lied about Obamacare, IRS, BENGAZI. 2013 oBAMA LIAR OF THE YEAR-WASHINGTON POST. Oh, that’s right you not read to help form opinions. As to the last sentence you have a problem with the Senate not being part of the Congress. Maybe you need to the experience reading about the parts of govt..

            So you want me to comment on your experiences and mine. My experience with you is that I see a person incapable of reading to help form, tweak, eliminate thoughts or opinions. I see a person with political blinders and sees only his experiences, selective thoughts as the only ones the are right.

            My experience with you is a person who is unenlightened, and unmotivated to know the truth. My experience says you base everything on race. One of my best friends in HS was black and we kept in touch, met often, and all changed when Obama became president, if I criticized Obama in any way shape or form he would go apoplectic. I would give him articles showing how he was hurting the economy, increasing govt. at the expense of our freedoms. He finally called me a racist and we no longer speak.

            No, my experience with you says quit wasting time, it’s to valuable and precious..
            Continue to have a good life.

          13. Marlo The Bear June 6, 2014

            Finally I see what your problem is with President Obama. YOU SAID “One of my best friends in HS was black and we kept in touch, met often, and all changed when Obama became president, if I criticized Obama in any way shape or form he would go apoplectic.” This was the worst statement you could make to any black person from my experience in the Marines. You feel privileged to your opinions as absolute facts. Best friends never part. Met my best friend in 1947 and we are still like brothers. Do we agree to everything, absolutely not. What we realized in the Marines was that statement meant you were friends as long as they agreed with you. I would rather have the “Devil” as my friend. Thomas Jefferson/Strom Thurmond mentality is not friendship. Speaking of “leadership” let it be said that you can’t lead a bunch of devils. I’ve enjoyed commenting with you and if you want I’ll connect with you personally.

          14. mike June 7, 2014

            From you comments I knew you were Black.

            What I should have added, we had robust debates on politics over the years expressed our different thoughts yet the rest stayed the same. But once Obama entered the picture and knowing, all the firsts in his candidacy, Jim would not stand any criticism of him. We would go months and all would be fine but some event would happen the subject would be broached, and all hell would brake loose.
            In one email he called me a racist, I asked him to retract his comment which he refused. As of this day I email him to make sure all is well, he says fine, nothing more.

            When he made his comment I went to one of my best friends a black minister and asked for his thoughts. He said call him, forgive him and go forward. I told him I couldn’t do it, since he refused to retract his accusation.

            I am no more a devil than you.

            Again, take care and have a healthy and happy life. Until next time when you want to call me the Devil. 🙂 LOL!!!!

          15. Marlo The Bear June 9, 2014

            This Black Friend thing is a farce. Its sad you can’t see yourself. Black Ministers are nothing.They were used to control the slave population. I only respect the ones that I know personally. You feel entitled to your opinions. Black people in your opinion are not capable of disagreeing with you. I don’t agree with every thing the president does but no way under the sun does he fit your opinion. If you would keep your facts true you would realize that he can’t staff a full administration because of obstruction. Fact “there were republicans who said their job was to see that he failed and was a one term president.” The ones who said that have tried everything and you appear to support that element of our society and wonder why you was called a racist. By the way there are democrats that are racist and yes there are blacks that don’t like whites.

          16. mike June 9, 2014

            You asked for my EXPERIENCES and when I do you call me a liar. That was/is a true story.
            “No entitled” but have a RIGHT to express my opinion.
            As to “one term President” it was said on October 2010, it was done in response to a question about midterm elections by the National Journal. McConnell said, 3 presidents have had big defeats in midterm elections in their first term, and still got reelected. Republicans wanted to achieve that Obama was a one term president.
            No different that wanting every republican president to be one term by dems., so save your outrage. PS: Obama in 2012 on 60 minutes even lied about that statement of a one term president time line.
            2013 Obama “liar of the year”, Washington Post.
            History will show that Obama is an EMPTY SUIT, out of touch, detached, passive, incompetent, lacking truthfulness.
            At least you got the last sentence right.

          17. Marlo The Bear June 9, 2014

            This one term statement was before he took the first oath for office. Now I can call you a liar because you’re saying it wasn’t. There were others things said along with it, and it was not McConnell by himself. If you are not aware of the incident omit it, otherwise you are a liar or racist or both.

          18. mike June 9, 2014

            Produce the “one term president” article. Produce the article/articles in 2008 hell I will give you 2009. You know if it was said it will be on record from the press since they were in his back pocket.
            There was no incident. What you can’t articulate is a meeting ON the night of his inauguration by republicans to strategize against his policies. And if you think it is only one party doing it you are more uninformed than I thought. Democratic party never strategized against republican presidents policies, Really???
            LOL!!!! look in the mirror for the liar or racist.LOL!!!!

            Produce who made the statement “one term president” before he took the oath of office. Pretty simple request. you can do, I know you want too.

            Will jobbernowl time to go!!!

          19. mike June 12, 2014

            I wrote a response 4 days ago and is somewhere in cyber space. So here it is again!
            I wrote: Produce the “one term president” article. Produce the article/articles in 2008, hell I will give you 2009. You know if it was said it will be on record from the press, since they were in his back pocket.
            There was no incident. What you can’t articulate is a meeting ON the night of his inauguration by republicans to strategize against his policies. And if you think it is only one party doing it, you are more uninformed than I thought. Democratic party never strategized against republican presidents policies, Really???
            LOL!!! Look in the mirror for the liar or racist. LOL!!!

            Produce who made the statement”one term President” before he took the oath of office. Pretty simple request, you said it happened, you should be able to prove it. I know you want too.

            Will jobbernowl time to go!!!

          20. Marlo The Bear June 12, 2014

            Mike you are not reading my comments. I don’t give hoot about articles for proof of anything because they’re not consistent about reporting anything. That’s why I didn’t respond to you. You ignore everything and continue right on with your same old comments(typical republican response). Know everything but can’t solve nothing. What I said still stands whether you believe it or not. I don’t have to prove it to you. Here is another statement that was made around that same from a southern group that included some elected officials. “We will make him think he is back on the plantation”. Please no more black minister friends they helped prolong slavery. I’ll say this to you. My years in the Marine Corp taught me that I don’t have to prove anything(all the black marines were brothers). You can believe me if you chose. It does not matter. When I make a comment I’m not trying to prove anything.

          21. mike June 13, 2014

            I want to laugh but I sadly can’t.
            With normal people when comments are made on this site, people with a brain ask and demand proof of any accusations or outlandish statements. If person making the comments can’t provide proof then they are then dismissed as not credible. You made statements that in your warped mind are true but can’t prove it or are to lazy or unmotivated to prove your point.
            Most intelligent people when looking at an issue, look at all sides of the argument and after all research make a determination. You again lack a true motivation to know or acknowledge the truth.
            So therefore, you are not a credible person and more importantly a waste of my time.

            As to your black marine statement that “they are your only brothers” shows just how much you are the real racist. My son in law is a Col. in the Marines and finds your remarks to be abhorrent.

            Sadly you still fit the UN’s: unintelligent, uninformed, unenlightened, and unmotivated to know the truth.

          22. Marlo The Bear June 14, 2014

            I don’t know your son, but I told you the truth. If you want to ignore it be my guest. I’m intelligent enough to know you can’t prove anything to a know it all. Since you put your son in it see what he thinks of this. I was the top communicator in my organization. I could setup all of the communication equipment and knew how all of them worked(mos2533). During my last months in service I was forced to set in the classes with the new marine communicatiors. The NCO’s in charge of the classes were making all types of erroneous statements and errors about how the equipment worked and I was constantly correcting them. The Staff Sargent in charged asked me to stop correcting NCOs and I told him as long as I would have to go to war with these recruits I was going to continue to correct them. He said but they don’t know the NCOs wrong. I said look like the wrong people got the rank don’t it. This statement is for you and your son. He told me that you know you can have the same rank as the white boys and ordered me to not attend any more of the lectures. He said you can go downtown Jacksonville,NC I don’t care just stay away from the classes. Now for your information those statements are not in a news article. You call me a racist. This guy didn’t give a dam whether the troops new how to use the radios; if the best most knowledgeable marine to train them was black. if a Black marine had to be in charge. Imagine your son depending on operators that are not trained iet r 0ewkn oi

          23. mike June 14, 2014

            As I said earlier you are not credible.
            If your jaundice approach to life is based on this one incident I truly feel sorry for you.
            If those statements, you claim were made before his oath of office had been made, and you seem to know about them, I will bet they are recorded somewhere. The left would not let that go by and would be howling from the roof tops. So again, you are not credible. Just a lazy liar.
            One last time: My dislike of Obama is his policies, nothing more, nothing less. Color of skin has nothing to do with it. Just because you will defend him to the end does not make you right or bright.
            Continue to have racist thoughts but remember it just makes you smaller.
            By the way, his poll numbers are now in the low forties, for economy, running the govt., his foreign relations policies. So by your racial thinking the 58% that are not happy with him are now Racists. Oh that’s right, you don’t read anything but base your life only on your experiences. LOL!!! Pathetic

          24. Marlo The Bear June 15, 2014

            You don’ read the comments. I wanted your son’s opinion if you have one. For your information there is not enough time to list all of the incidents. I honestly doubt if you even know President Obama’s policies. The ACA was exactly what the republicans wanted before he adopted it. You have not said anything in your comments to indicate that you are not a racist. You use all of the racist buzz words and talking points. You know the saying about a duck. The for it before he was against it is live in your world. Cowards never want to admit their guilt. Most of all they think everyone is stupid but them. I’m more interested in your son’s take on going to war with people that are not trained properly if the trainer is not white.

          25. mike June 16, 2014

            Oh, I read them and wonder why I am wasting my time.
            !. Son-in-law is the Col. in the MC. My son is a ARMY RANGER-6 TOURS TO AFG. & iRAQ.
            2. I won’t waste his time asking about conditions that happen 40 years ago. The military has evolved just about at the same pace as society.
            Your whole life has been based on the past, get over it. Quit living in the past you bitter old man.
            3. It seems you are the one not knowing his policies that are destroying this country economically, etc..
            4. Your ignorance is unbelievable as to Obamacare and what the Heritage proposed, it is like comparing apples to oranges. But here you go again not looking at the facts just regurgitating the lefts talking points.
            As to the cowards remark, look in the mirror.

          26. Marlo The Bear June 16, 2014

            You remind me of a guy I worked with over 30 years. We all thought he was a character because if it wasn’t in the local newspaper it didn’t happen. He read it like the Bible. There is an old saying Mr. Mike. “The more things change the more things stay the same”. Be my guest if you think things have really changed. There is a fool born everyday. You are right about wasting your time because I believe in being truthful. One thing you are wrong about is the bitter old man. I just hate I can’t fight people like you forever. You are a racist and don’t you forget it. Policies. I have a stock that went from $130,000 down to about $10,000. Now its back up to approximately $70,000. So much for your economic policies. Oh yeah let me leave this with you. I’ve always believed that if you can’t show me what will work don’t try to tell me what’s wrong. You are right on for the party of everything that the President does is wrong. That in its self makes you null and void. Oh yeah you did say son-in-law I made that mistake bit you brought him up and I wanted his opinion. If you don’t remember the past you are subject to repeat it. I will never forget my 4 years in the USMC. I said this before but you use all of the racist’s buzz words. Maybe you really think people are stupid.

          27. mike June 16, 2014

            My, My so many words to say nothing.
            Here are just a few facts as to the Obama Economy. 1.$494 billion amount of new regulatory burden to economy.
            2.20.1 million unemployed, underemployed or marginally attached to labor force.
            3.10.2 unemployed in Jan. 2014
            4. 6.7 million who have entered Poverty
            5. 645K lost construction Jobs
            6. $54.3 debt per capita since entering office
            7. $19.6k increase in debt per capita
            8.$3.8k is the decline in Median house hold income
            9. $3.6K increase in premiums for Obamacare when America was told there would be a $2500 reduction.
            10. 12.1%black unemployment, hispanics 8.4%
            11. 78% increase in gas prices.

            12. $880 billion in new taxes added by you know who. PS it is Bush.
            The vast majority of people are not stupid, but those of your ilk sure fit the bill

            PS when the Feds starting raising the interest rate your 70k will start shrinking. This stock market boom will change drastically when the rates start up. At this time all the printing of money will come home to roost and then watch the market.

            More wasted minutes showing you how uninformed you are.

          28. Marlo The Bear June 18, 2014

            Mike you’re sick. You list all of this bullshit, compared to what ,when and how. At my age I don’t plan on riding our another down period in the stock market you nut. There is nothing happening now that hasn’t happen before. Sick hypocrites like you complaining with no idea of how or what can fix the problems is the only thing that is new. In the past people tried to make change to help everyone. The only thing different is the President is Black. You listed black employment as though that was something new. You fell to mention that Black unemployment as been higher than what you indicated. You felled to mention that blacks have always been the most underemployed group in America. See in America the standards of living has improved over the years but blacks are still at the bottom. I hope you don’t think black people were stupid enough to think that electing a Black president would change or eradicate all of their problems. See you think you can create a negative report that will prove to black people that the President is a failure. We are smart enough to know why things are failing, but the racists are so stupid until they’re hurting themselves in hopes of making the President look bad. I imagine he is laughing all the way to the bank.

          29. mike June 18, 2014

            Those numbers are from BLS. CBO, The budget and economic outlook 2014. They are current numbers, of course, you only use experience to find the facts.
            The problem is not a Black President just an incompetent one. His administration is imploding more each day.
            Black unemployment: Black youth is 39.3% but black unemployment historically has always been 2.2% more than whites. Right now black 11.4%
            Gee, you must have missed all the videos how Obama being Black was going to give them all free home, gas, don’t have to pay bills,etc..
            Here are just a few: At the end of each video(go watch the women sitting on the couch) is a multiple videos of more people thinking the same.



            I think you meant Golf Course.

          30. Marlo The Bear June 20, 2014

            It doesn’t matter golf course, shit house etc. You my friend are a moron. If you think someone is stupid enough to watch videos on you tube. Not only are you a moron, you are a liar. Black unemployment is and has always been higher than any other group in the American economy. To say 2.2% > white a lie. See you show your racist attitude when you mention golf course. Is going to the golf course the reason why the Korean War is still active? Cease fire only. A real fact that the world is aware of, not a talking point.

          31. mike June 21, 2014

            You are such a Doofus. That video was from NBC at the rally. NBC is no friend of the right.
            The ignorance is all yours, hell, I can give you more videos taken outside polling places showing blacks and whites totally ignorant Obama voters.


            No, you said “laughing all the way to the Bank” I just used “the golf course”. As Iraq was falling apart last week Obama went west to more fund raising and golf.

            Is the world a dangerous place, absolutely!!!!! Has Obama made it safer, Hell NO!!! 57% think

            his foreign policies are a failure. Oh that’s right, more racism.


            Get over it, he is a miserable failure and his presidency just might look worse than Carter.

          32. Marlo The Bear June 23, 2014

            You are ignorant. Polls aren’t worth the time it takes to create them. 99% are created to solicit a certain reply. Explain the poll that predicted Truman would not be elected president prompting a “Fact” article that Truman was defeated. You nut for brains. Can’t you think without polls and news article? I asked you about the Korean War. You don’t need a poll or fact article to answer that request.

          33. mike June 23, 2014

            I guess the old expression ” ignorance is bliss” fits you to a “T”.

            I can think and see the world as it is and you in your racist and partisan way can’t.

            PS: both parties rely heavily on the polls-internal and public.
            What a sad, pathetic, and bitter black man you are, that is the experience I take from your posts. Sad but true.
            By the way I won’t be responding to you anymore, you are not the worth the time.

          34. Marlo The Bear June 24, 2014

            Thanks. Typical whitey racist. Take your marbles and go home when you can’t have your way. If you check your comments you’ll see that you’ve not responded to any questions I’ve asked and you can’t understand why your so called “Black Friend” don’t pander to you.

          35. mike June 24, 2014

            Only you would think polls are worthless, tell that to both parties and see how they would react. A poll is a snap shot of the conditions in the country. If you think Obama and his ilk don’t use polls you are more stupid than I thought.
            Time to go, you are not worth the time or energy. You are a sad, pathetic, bitter old man who still lives in the past and is incapable of knowing the truth, understanding the truth, but more importantly unmotivated in finding the truth.
            I am finished wasting my time.

          36. mike June 19, 2014

            All those numbers are current numbers.

            As to black unemployment it has always been about 2.2 times as much as whites. What I didn’t mention is the 39.3% unemployed blacks 16-19 years of age. What I also didn’t mention is the loss of job experience for at least one generation of kids of all colors.

            He is a failure. WSJ/NBC poll just out; 67% disapproval on Foreign affairs, 75% country going in wrong direction, 18-34 years olds have a 59% disapproval, 50% say he is not competent, and finally 54% say OBAMA UNFIT TO RUN THE COUNTRY.

            As to the change or eradication thing by Obama. this just one of hundreds. Isolated case-Not.


      2. bikejedi May 26, 2014

        No Dom … this isn’t a Republican issue it is a common sense issue . ANY American with common sense wants Shinseki fired and investigated for criminal negligence . To make it sound like Republicans are just mad shows how narrow your view is . I know many Dems who can’t believe that Obama didn’t fire him . I also know many vets who are mad as Hell . How can Obama say he cares about the vets and not fire this man for gross incompetence … Oh I forgot to you Liberals the only thing that matters is how this might reflect on the worst President in American history and blaming just Republicans for hating on Shinseki . The VA’s budget increased under Bush and Obama . the number of Vets they serve went down and you get a Dept that is run so poorly that American Vets Die and then the Dept LIES on their paperwork to Cover their asses and you think that Republicans are the problem for wanting him fired and possibly investigated for criminal negligence … You and those who believe as you do are delusional Especially if you think someone so incompetent deserves to keep their job and that the people who think that is nuts are the problem … Dom you are delusional

        1. Dominick Vila May 27, 2014

          The VA problem is more than a common sense issue, it is a national issue that most be addressed effectively and pragmatically, not as a political football. The reason the 12 VA bills passed by the House did not get Senate approval is because most of them include a provision requiring de-funding the Affordable Care Act to pay for them.
          The Veterans Administration has been a mess for decades, since well before Gen Shinseki took over the agency. This is not a new problem. The root causes of the problem should have been determined long ago, and both Republicans and Democrats should have worked together to address them and solve the problem. The victims of this tragic situation, as usual, are the ones that sacrificed the most. This is a national embarrassment that should not be used to score political points or pursue ideological goals.

          1. mike May 27, 2014

            Since Obama was told in 2008 that the waiting list books were not true, why was it not fixed in the last 5 years. Obama said he was going to fix it in 2007, it was an urgent problem then, but nothing was done. In last two years, how many times has Obama met with Shinseki on this problem???? ZERO TIMES.
            Another example of the Detached President.
            The root causes were determined, have been determined, the answer is pretty simple-Big Government doesn’t work.
            The Embarrassment is the Obama Administration.

          2. Lynda Groom May 27, 2014

            The problems are systemic and have been occuring for decades. This sudden urge to purge is more political than problem solving. Calling for the head of Shinseki solves nothings, and is noise to distract folks from the solutions. Congress has oversight over the agency and has failed in its job. Perhaps they’ve been spending too much time on scandals while ignoring the problems in the VA.

          3. mike May 27, 2014

            Where has Obama and Shinseki been in these last 5 years, knowing the books were being cooked back in 2007? Dems had the house for four years(2007-2011,senate for last 8 years) and did nothing. Throwing money, which we no longer have, is not the solution.
            URGENCY IS OBAMA’S LEGACY, LOL!!!!!!

          4. Dominick Vila May 27, 2014

            Healthcare reform (ACA)

            Stimulus package, cash for
            clunkers, subsidies for appliance replacements, help to first time home buyers

            Saved two major industrial
            giants (GM&Chrysler)

            Turned around an economy on the
            verge of collapse, record bankruptcies/foreclosures, and jobs losses in spite
            of obstructionism

            Wall Street reform

            Recapitalized banks

            Created more jobs in 4.5 years than
            his predecessor did in 8

            Ended the war in Iraq

            Ordered the raid that brought justice
            to Osama bin Laden

            Ordered the withdrawal from

            Ordered attacks against Al
            Qaeda safe havens in Pakistan

            Helped topple Moammar Kadaffi

            Reversed Bush’s torture and
            rendition policies

            Tightened sanctions on Iran

            Restored U.S. international credibility

            Repealed DADT and championed
            marriage equality.

            Lilly Ledbetter (equal pay for

            Fought for lower student loan
            interest rates

            Coordinated activities to solve
            the global financial crisis

            Championed the Veterans Program
            Improvements Act of 2011

            Championed and signed credit
            card reforms

            Nominated two excellent
            candidates to fill Supreme Court vacancies

            Invested in renewable
            technology and focused on alternate energy source development

            Expanded hate crime protections

            Improved school nutrition program

            Expanded stem cell research

            Terminated the unnecessary F22

            Proposed investment in
            infrastructure to address national concerns and create jobs (killed by GOP)

            Proposed Veterans Jobs Act
            (killed by GOP)

            Proposed expansion of Reagan’s
            gun control act (killed by GOP)

            Proposed immigration reform
            (opposed by House Republicans)

            Reduced civil servant workforce

            The effect of his policies
            contributed to revenue increases and lower deficits

            No foreign terrorist attacks on
            U.S. soil, and reduced attacks against U.S. diplomatic missions from 12 to 1.

            35, Reduced mortgage refinance costs to stimulate the real estate and construction industries.

            This is a short list of what our “detached” President has been doing the past 5 years. You may not like what he has accomplished, but most Americans do and re-elected him by a comfortable majority.
            Do you recall the last GOP presidential record? Wiped out the first budget surplus in decades in less than a year. 9/11/01, and 12 terrorist attacks against U.S. diplomatic facilities. Gave a free pass to Saudi Arabia, after Saudi Wahabist princes and operatives carried out the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil in history. In 2007 he stated that catching OBL was not a big deal. In 2008 he told the nation that the U.S. economy was on the verge of collapse. ENRON, AIG, Bernie Maddoff, and the list goes on. No wonder you guys spend the time looking for imaginary parallels to one of the worst presidential records in U.S. history. I would too if I was in your shoes.

          5. bikejedi May 27, 2014

            Dom are you trying to defend him or make him look bad because you list his biggest failures first .
            1 the ACA is so bad that he delayed it by executive order so it wouldn’t cost the Dems EVER single seat in the mid terms . It is such a Train Wreck that not a Single Dem up for reelection will admit to supporting it .
            2 DESTMULUS package where only 6% of the money went for those shovel ready jobs and Unemployment in those trade unions didn’t improve .
            3 saved 2 Industrial giants GM and Chrysler ??? They would’ve been just fine going through a BK and GM wouldn’t of had to screw over their shareholders in favor of the UAW which was the cause of GM’s financial woes to begin with … Oh and GM wouldn’t of been able to build all of those plants they did in China ( WITH OUR MONEY )… Oh and FIAT wouldn’t own Chrysler what did he save and for whom ??? Oh that’s right the UAW who’s members also don’t want Obamacare and don’t have to participate in it …
            Somewhere in there you go on to State that Obama has created more jobs in 5 years then Bush did in 8 … Well for a lot of Bush’s run Unemployment was low so most people weren’t even looking for work … But the bigger piece of Bullshit is that Obama hasn’t really created ANY jobs … How can you sit there and LIE and make yourself look foolish when you know that there were anywhere between 2.6 and 1.6 million more Americans working on the day Obama took office then at any time during his two terms … So tell me how he has created a single job when he has lost more then were created Under him ? Now don’t make yourself look stupid and Lie or spin Dom … Just admit the truth … there were millions more Americans working under Bush then at anytime under Obama and under Obama we have the lowest labor participation rate in 35 years … Dom it is hard to have a conversation with you when all you do is LIE in defense of Obama …but we can all see where you learned to Lie and make excuses

          6. jmprint May 28, 2014

            More wouda, shouda and couda. Totally missing the facts.

          7. bikejedi May 28, 2014

            Dude … I just posted the facts … that was Dom up there who ignored the fact that Obama has lost more jobs then the part time jobs he has created … Can you read … No wonder why people ignore your posts … I hope you read Doms post and then the way I destroyed his points and them maybe you will agree and we can have a conversation … If you think what I posted is wrong please tell me how … I know that you cant because what I posted was factual … so it was Dom that is woulda coulda … right …

          8. jmprint May 29, 2014

            Dude I read all post and I have a lot of common sense. You on the other hand are living in delusional state and are a legion of your own imagination. But keep on trucking you do have a few followers. All the skinheads and KKK members are on your side.

          9. Lynda Groom May 28, 2014

            Far too subtle for those who wish to cover their eyes too grasp.

          10. mike May 28, 2014

            Dom, more Baloney from you. Bikejedi has your number. He has saved me refuting what you think makes Obama the Greatest Presidency Ever.

            Obama’s legacy will come down to several things. 1. Economy-worst recovery ever. Greatest increase in debt. At the end of his term(which can’t come quick enough) if economy is growing at a healthy clip he will get credit for stopping Great Recession and putting nation on a good recovery. IT NOT, we have the making of the next Carter. I sure don’t see things getting better though, Highest Corporate Taxes, Massive new regulations stifling growth, high energy prices,etc.. Look at the Polls, Americans main concern is economy not the social issues.
            Top concerns for Americans 1.economy, 2. federal spending and budget deficits, 3 healthcare, 4. Unemployment, 5. Size of Fed. govt., last Climate Change
            2. Obamacare- if it succeeds as a expansion of the welfare system he will be remembered well. If it isn’t a success it will be a major blemish on his legacy. At this time it doesn’t look that great. Unions are now fighting it, Obama has made all these delays to implementation, prices going up not down, greater out of pocket, people losing doctors/hospitals and insurance, limited access, deficit will be increased. This summer we will see numbers for companies and how much policies will increase. IRS just announced that companies who were paying employees more so they could buy their own insurance can no longer do it.
            3. Foreign Policy-yes he gets credit for ending the wars, but at what peril? Do really believe Bush was not vigorously pursuing OBL? LOL!!! He will be highly questioned for his expansion of the national security state with the mass surveillance to target and kill with drones.

            As to reelection in 2012. If Obamacare had been implemented that year he would have been easily defeated. Remember he lied to the American people, time and time again.

            Bottom line:
            With the continued STAGNANT ECONOMY and failed health care problems, Obama will be left with fair to bad legacy.

          11. Dominick Vila May 28, 2014

            Instead of hypothetical claims, or plain distortions, why don’t you make an attempt to challenge my comments with facts?
            1. The economy is recovering very nicely. Companies are posting excellent profits and hiring, the DOW Index has gone from a pathetic 6,500 points in January 2009 to over 16,000 points, the deficit has been cut in half, the size of government measured by the number of civil servants has been reduced dramatically, and borrowing has declined significantly, Most importantly, unemployment has gone down dramatically, bankruptcies and foreclosures are back down to normal levels, consumer confidence has been restored, and our global investments are producing record profits. I know, I know, it is hard for a Republican to deal with reality. That is why you guys include the FY09 budget to make the claim that deficits have increased, even though some of you know that the Federal government fiscal year starts on October 1. In this case, the FY09 budget started Oct 1, 2008 and was proposed and signed by former President Bush.

            Our opinions about Obamacare (I use that name because I like it and because it gives credit to the President who proposed it and signed it), are very different from mine and those of most Democrats. I don’t see any point repeating the same claims. Suffice it to say that trying to provide affordable healthcare to people who did not have access to preventive medical care, those who could not afford the exorbitant premiums charged by the insurance companies, and ensure nobody had to sell their belongings because they had reached an artificial cap or was rejected because of a pre-existing condition, is something that should have been done decades ago. It wasn’t, not because it is an evil concept or counter productive, but because it impairs the ability of for profit corporations to post record profits and conduct fraudulent activities.
            As for international opinion, all I can suggest is to book a flight to Europe and spend the Summer traveling in that beautiful continent, talking to people and trying to learn how they think, instead of basing your opinion on the special interests and media outlets that influence your opinion and drive your decisions.

          12. mike May 28, 2014

            The distortions are in your wacky mind.
            ” Economy is recovering very Nicely”, are you nuts?? A 1.1% growth is pathetic. The best year under Obama was 2012-2.8% since then it has gone down. “Nicely” would be 3.2+, then a recovery is possible. Tomorrow we will get the adjustment for 2014.
            Why is the DOW up pretty simple, most companies are lean and not hiring.
            Participation Rate lowest ever.
            Tell the U6 people that all is great. http://portalseven.com/employment/unemployment_rate_u6.jsp


            As to the drop in unemployment canard.

            Read them and weep. These are the facts but even you won’t be satisfied.

          13. Dominick Vila May 28, 2014

            Year U.S. GDP Growth
            2008 -0.98
            2009 0.12
            2010 4.58
            2011 3.85
            2012 3.80
            2013 4.08
            2014 3.72 (Projected)

            Unemployment is going down. The fact that most of the vacancies are for low paying jobs, part-time work, and temporary work is a different matter. The latter may be solved, in part, by the fact that many U.S. corporations are going to take advantage of the tax breaks the Obama administration is offering to companies that invest or bring jobs back to the USA. Obviously, that is not going to be enough. After decades of outsourcing, and not investing enough on education to meet the requirements for jobs that are currently going to foreign professionals, it is going to take years before we can make gains in that area.

          14. mike May 28, 2014

            Nice try!!!


            Your “unemployment going down” shows me you are intellectually dishonest. It is going down because people have given up looking for a job. That is a fact. I gave you the article in last post showing almost 50% and quit looking. Quit lying.

            Last month 700,000 left the work force. Participation went down not up. Hell feds no longer using U3 for real picture of unemployment.

          15. Dominick Vila May 28, 2014

            Should we assume the dismal job creation record when the GOP had control of the White House and both chambers of Congress was caused by people giving up and not searching for jobs. Do yourself a favor, open your eyes next time you go shopping, and pay attention to the Hiring signs in most stores and shops.

          16. mike May 28, 2014

            Your response is a piece of crap. It is Obama’s economy, not Bush’s, Obama has had 5 years to turn it around and he and his administration have failed. You claim he will go down as the best Presidency ever. Bull Roar.

            We now see tonight that it is not 26 Va facilities being investigated but 42. Obama has dropped the ball again, as he did with Obamacare implementation. It is a pattern of dismal results.

            Bush unemployment per year. 2001 4.2/5.7, 2002 5.7/6.0, 2003 5.8/5.7, 2004-5.7-5.4, 2005 5.3-4.9, 2006 4.7-4.4, 2007 4.6-5.0, 2008 5.0-7.3. These numbers are for a 12 month period.
            Remember, traditionally 5% has been “full employment”. U6 under bush was less than 10%.
            Oops there goes your argument about Bush.

            Hell even with 2008 unemployment numbers Bush was still ahead by a net 141k even with the 3.78 jobs in the private sector lost in “08”

          17. Dominick Vila May 29, 2014

            Bush benefited from the budget surplus, strong economy, and low unemployment he inherited from Clinton. Most importantly, on the issue of unemployment he benefited from the effects of war on that subject. Focus on what the unemployment rate was when President Obama was inaugurated in January 2009: 7.3% and rising rapidly, an economy on the verge of collapse (GOP presidential admission), companies on the verge of bankruptcy and laying off workers, the banking sector gasping for air, and all the other economic and fiscal problems we had in those days as a result of deregulation and inept governance. Insinuating that the economy and employment were great when President Obama was inaugurate is one of the greatest distortions of reality I have ever heard.

          18. mike May 29, 2014

            Bush bashing again. Everything is Bush’s fault. LOL!!!
            This is Obama’s economy, nothing more nothing less. Hell your guy said it was over in 2009.

            As to the last sentence-I never said that. Nice try on your part to dodge the facts. My last sentence above proves that(3.78 millions jobs lost in 2008) sure doesn’t sound like all was hunky dory!!

            Keep trying!!!

          19. Dominick Vila May 29, 2014

            Reminding people of the Republican record when your party controlled the White House and both chambers of Congress is not “Bush bashing”. Nevertheless, I understand the discomfort or annoyance that people like you must feel when someone reminds people of what it was like during one of the worst presidencies in U.S. history, and how hard it has been to overcome the effects of its legacy.
            I believe the word I used was “insinuating”, which you did when you provided a rosy picture highlighting the unemployment rates that existed when Bush II was in office. To your credit, the last statistic acknowledged the fact that by the time he left the unemployment rate was 7.3%.
            The contrast between what Bush and the Republican Congress inherited when they took over from Clinton, and what Obama inherited when he succeeded Bush II could not be more stark, and it explains the difficulties that both Obama – and the American people at large – have endured as a result of Republican policies. Denying that the economy is recovering, that the DOW Index reflects the confidence that exists among most American consumers and the strength of our economy, and that unemployment is finally going down, is a sign of desperation that is likely to backfire. Claims about government expansion, when the size of government has gone down, that illegal immigration has increased when it is at its lowest level in decades and deportations are at record highs, that Obama is ridiculed and hated internationally, and other such claims, are signs of desperation and an integral part of the GOP strategy to win in November and in 2016. Progress when a Democratic administration is in office is poison for the GOP, and it explains why the right wing political organizations are engaged in a demonization campaign that borders on the ridiculous. The problem with distorting reality is that most people are capable of remembering the past and are benefiting from the realities that prevail today. Consider acknowledging your failures, and providing a vision that includes viable solutions or ways to further strengthening our economy, rather than telling people that what they are experiencing is not real and that the way forward is to move backwards.

          20. mike May 29, 2014

            No discomfort here. History will determine Bush’s legacy. You just want to live in the past.

            Watch this video and notice “Nicely” was never used in his summation.

            You wrote a lot of words to say nothing. I gave you the documented facts and you continue to try and distort or refuse to acknowledge their validity.


            Bottom line:
            Economy is Obama’s!!! Why did he ignore his own study Simpson-Bowles???

            The one of the main reason things are not happening is the the American Attitude. Majority of people see country going in wrong direction and Obama gives them little to get excited about.


          21. bikejedi May 28, 2014

            Dom ignores fact and common sense and when you destroy his post he spins

          22. Dominick Vila May 29, 2014

            Wall Street investors don’t react positively to companies being lean and not hiring. The reason the stock market is booming is because of low interest rates, companies posting record profits and hiring, and improved consumer confidence.
            BTW, I used the word “nicely” to describe our improving economy because I felt that term reflected the current situation. I don’t have to listen to speeches or what the talking heads have to say on any subject to copy words or reach conclusions.
            You may not like what President Obama has accomplished, but most Americans do and voted for his re-election, which he won handily.

          23. mike May 29, 2014

            Your first sentence is all crap!!!

            BTW, that talking head give facts not opinions.

            Low interest rates held down by Fed. Reserve, record profits=cost cutting(fewer jobs), higher productivity from existing workers, lower wages.

            Again, if Obamacare roll out had been before 2012 election he would have been defeated. His history of lying would have doomed him.

          24. Dominick Vila May 29, 2014

            Are you really suggesting that Wall Street investors make their investment decisions based on companies being lean and not hiring? I expected a better argument from you.
            In any case, I am happy to hear a Republican acknowledge that the Federal Reserve is the institution responsible for the establishment of interest rates. That fact was ignored when the goal was to ensure President Carter was a one term President. In that case, the GOP succeeded in making Carter responsible for the 16% interest rates put in place by the Fed to bring inflation down.

          25. mike May 29, 2014

            “Wall street investors don’t react positively to companies that are lean and not hiring”, your words not mine. What a stupid statement from a supposedly bright guy.They look for companies that will bring them a return on investment, they don’t give a rats ass about the rest if models show growth and profit..

            Fed is the taxpayer, it is nothing more than a paper game. 45 billion a month added to the debt. Read this article.


            As promised, 1st quarter 2014 growth was a negative one percent(-1%)


          26. Dominick Vila May 29, 2014

            The first sentence in my post was in response to the statement you made, which reads as follows:
            “Why is the DOW up pretty simple, most companies are lean and not hiring”.
            Factors that influence the decisions of Wall Street investors include low interest rates, corporate profits, consumer confidence, and a high ROI.

          27. mike May 29, 2014

            And your first sentence(investors don’t react positive to companies………) was and still is full of crap. That was plain bull s..t. and you know it.

            My comment was factual: http://www.forbes.com/sites/steveodland/2012/02/15/5-ways-to-control-costs/. Forbes, a highly respected company by all sides, back my previous statements just above your comments.

          28. Dominick Vila May 30, 2014

            Again, investors consider issues such as interest rates, sales, profits, outstanding chairs, product lines, the long term record of a company, and its vision. The fact that a company is not hiring can be easily interpreted as a negative, as it suggests that the company is contracting instead of expanding.

          29. mike May 30, 2014

            Baloney “to not hiring”. Investors see it as more a positive to the bottom line. More production per employee, less cost per employee, keeping down the bloat, etc.. Look at the market right now, it is going great without being too bloated with new hires. If they need to hire they will but if they can continue to grow without them they will. The smart ones will know when it is time.

            What you and your ilk can’t understand is the UNCERTAINTY caused by the Obama administration heavily determines business decisions. They are now getting to see how bad Obamacare is going to effect their decisions. They have already seen the energy cost increases(37% in 3 years), new regulations raise costs to do business, etc..

            As the St Louis Fed wrote in 2013 the uncertainty of the US Fiscal and Regulatory Policies is weighing heavily on the confidence of business spending.


          30. Dominick Vila May 30, 2014

            I stand by what I said regarding investors. Yes, there is uncertainty associated with our fiscal and regulatory policies, but that has a lot more to do with the long term effects of what has happened in the past, than anything President Obama has done. If anything, he has improved the situation by taking steps to prevent further cases of fraud and abuse.
            Your focus, which is limited to making President Obama look bad by making false claims, prevents you from making a more pragmatic point on the issue you brought up. Here is an example of cost reduction and its effects:
            When a man named Larry Bossidy became the CEO of Allied Signal in the 1980s he inherited a company that was struggling to meet investor expectations. He laid off 30,000 employees and introduced a number of process improvements that coupled with product and service innovation transformed a troubled company into a profitable one. His success resulted in him making to cover of Time magazine and being named CEO of the Year. When asked how he felt about putting so many people out of work he responded by saying that his main concern was for the remaining 90,000 employees who still had a job, for the investors, and for the well being of the company. At first glance, his remarks seem cruel, as a former manager, I understand his point and understand that his choices were potential bankruptcy or trimming the fat to make the company profitable and make room for growth. The problem with RIFs and reductions in benefits is that without parallel product/service improvements they only produce temporary relief, and investors are well aware of that. Most investors look at a lot more than a balance sheet. They are more interested in the long term solvency, growth and profitability of a company than temporary measures.

          31. mike May 30, 2014

            Surprise Surprise sticking to your remarks. Your remark “investors don’t react positive when companies being lean and don’t hire” still doesn’t wash. The long short/term effects of Obama Policies will continue to keep the growth of the economy, employment, etc. going at a glacial pace.

            He does look bad. It is his economy!! He sure hasn’t improved the economy. He has made it harder to do business.

            Hell, I too can give you stories but it won’t change the fact that the economy is not growing even after the recession was over in “09”.

            What false claims? Name them!!!

          32. Dominick Vila May 30, 2014

            Here is a short list:
            The economy is not recovering
            Unemployment is not going down
            Our GDP is growing at a dismal pace
            Our international credibility is in shambles

            Our economy is, in fact, well on its path to full recovery. Wall Street investors recognize its strength and the benefits of President Obama’s policies and have been investing heavily in the stock market, which brought the DOW Index from 6,500 points in January 2009 to over 16,000 points now. Our corporations are posting record profits. Admittedly, some of them are doing so because of heavy overseas investments.
            Our GDP went from a dismal -0.98% (negative growth) in 2008 to 2.72% thus far this year. It is likely to end in the 3.5% range.
            Our international credibility is at an all time high.

          33. mike May 30, 2014

            Your “short list” is all bilge.
            I never said economy was not recovering. What is said and everyone with a brain knows is that it is the worst recovery in history. In fact I gave you the multiple sources that prove it and which you have ignored.


            Unemployment: All my comments were that the U3 gives a false picture of unemployment rate but U6 give a better picture of unemployment. U6 is still over 12%. What you fail to acknowledge is the fact that 20 million people are either unemployed or underemployed.


            Another indicator is the Participation rate which is still below Bush’s 65.8%(clinton 67%). It actually dropped 1st quarter 2014-bad not good.


            Last but no least is foreign relations. I never said “in shambles”. But it is in trouble and his policies are very “dubious”.
            Just one where we have better relationship.

            As to full recovery. http://www.cbo.gov/publication/45010

            Horse manure to that 3.5% range, IMF gives it 2.8 which is fair. We have to be 4% to get back on track for hiring.

            Dom, I find you to be a dishonest person and a coward. You have lied about and tried to distorted my comments to spin facts to fit a false political position- despicable.
            Above sets the facts straight again.

          34. Dominick Vila May 31, 2014

            You have criticized the economic recovery repeatedly. Yes, it could be better, but considering the damage done by Republican policies, and the level of obstructionism that President Obama has faced, such as the rejection of investment in infrastructure and the Veterans Jobs Act, this is the best that can be expected. The bottom line, is that what we have today is much better than what we had when President Obama was inaugurated in January 2009. The tap dance you play is not fooling anyone.

            Neither the U3 nor the U6 methods of measuring unemployment have been changed, and if they were applied fairly to previous administrations you would find identical results regardless of which administration was in office. I have acknowledged on numerous occasions that the problem is not the unemployment rate, but under employment. The difference is that I don’/t blame Obama for it. I blame outsourcing, automation, changing habits such as on-line purchasing, inadequate education in fields where the USA excels and where foreign professionals are filling the void, and greed. Our under employment problems are not going to be solved by the government, it must be solved by the American people and the private sector. The government can help, but it is up to us to find a solution. What would really help is the emergence of innovators capable of developing new products or services the way people like Ford, Bell, and even Gates did years ago.
            I used the term “in shambles” to encapsulate the constant criticism that you express about President Obama’s foreign policies, and the claim that we are disrespected worldwide. With the possible exception of President Clinton’s era, President Obama’s foreign policy has been outstanding.
            Our economy and GDP were affected by one of the worst Winters in recent history. I expect the last two quarters of this fiscal year to be much better than the first two. What is important, if you want to do determine how effective President Obama’s economic policies have been is to compare what he inherited, -0.98% (negative growth) with what we have today.
            Distorting facts, hyperbole, and demonizing the accomplishments of others are not going to get the GOP very far (although I expect them to do very well in November, in spite of their record and lack of vision). The only way to make sustainable progress in the political arena is to have a solid record to run on and a vision. The GOP has neither.

          35. mike May 31, 2014

            Your tap dancing is far more foolish.
            If Obama’s foreign policy is so outstanding, NAME ONE COUNTRY WITH WHOM WE HAVE BETTER RELATIONSHIP TODAY THAN WHEN WE DID WHEN OBAMA BECAME PRESIDENT. This is the second time I have asked it, first time you couldn’t.

            DISTORTING FACTS-now that is funny coming from you, who tries to do it all the time!!! Not one fact I have given you has been distorted or not true. I know you don’t like them but that is life.

            As to growth: World bank 2008 .3%, 2013-1.9%

            Saying one more time to your deaf ears and eyes. Obama’s policies play a manjor roll in this glacial pace. These policies are anti-growth, instead of cutting tax rates, Obama has focused on raising rates. Instead of deregulation, which causes cost and results in barriers to productive activities, Obama is about increasing regs., EPA now controlling our lakes, ponds any water on our property.


            To sum it up, 2013 taxes hikes has hurt growth, stimulus could have been better designed, and Policy Uncertainty-Debt and Obamacare has put a drag on the economy.
            Long term Obama’s push for higher tax rates, more regulation and his lack of leadership on fixing entitlements hurts us in the long term.

            My thoughts on you have not changed.

          36. Dominick Vila May 31, 2014

            Talking about tap dancing. Since when have we determined U.S. GDP growth on World Bank analysis, which uses a model that include the strategic integration

            with the world economy and the mobility of resources, two factors focused on global investment?
            International opinion is not based on the relationship with the government of other countries, even though their current opinion is now based on cooperation and pragmatism, rather than threats such “as you are either with us or you are against us”. International relations based on the effectiveness of the use of force does not mean respect or credibility, it means fear of retaliation. For a better measure of how people worldwide feel about Obama’s policies, consider the way he is welcomed and the comments that people make, compared to calls for the arrest and prosecution of a former U.S. President on charges of crimes against humanity.

          37. mike May 31, 2014

            I see more bloviatng from the from the king of saying nothing.
            Back to Bush again. LOL!!!
            Dom, don’t change the subject. One last time. Name one country with whom we have better relationshiip with today than when we did when Obama became President??? 3rd time!!

          38. Dominick Vila May 31, 2014

            Yes, I am sure you don’t like it when we bring up Bush’s Republican policies and actions to light. I wouldn’t either if I was you.
            To the best of my knowledge, there are no statistics or reliable data available to determine whether or not our relationship with the rest of the world is better, worse, or the same as before.
            One of you guys mentioned Putin and Assad’s criticisms and the way they ridiculed President Obama as evidence of ineffective foreign policy. I guess our relationship with the governments led by those two thugs has not improved and, in fact, it may be worse than when the GOP was in charge. Guess what? That reinforces my opinion that President Obama must be doing something right.
            The only thing I have to go by when it comes to whether or not people worldwide approve or disapprove of President Obama’s foreign policies is what I hear from people I trust, what I see on TV when huge crowds gather to hear him speak, the awards and congratulations he has been getting, and the contrast between his policies and the policies of arrogance and fear employed by his predecessor and his Republican cronies.

          39. mike May 31, 2014

            Bush situation doesn’t bother me one bit considering the Group. It seems they threatened the African countries on that trip and all well went for Bush.
            As I understand they never even filed the papers, and do you really think the Host country would have allowed it to happen. Don’t think so. Bush used Prudence.

            You can’t answer the question because not one relationship has gotten better since he took office. If it had you would be shouting from the roof tops. For once the mighty Maven is silent because he had no answer.

          40. Dominick Vila June 1, 2014

            Don’t tap dance around issues. The reason Europeans were calling for Bush’s arrest when they found out that he was planning to attend a meeting in Switzerland was because of his record. Specifically, his decision to invade Iraq and Afghanistan and its aftermath, water boarding, renditions, and other acts banned by the Geneva Convention and the world at large. All while letting the homeland of the 9/11 terrorists, its planner, and financiers off the hook in exchange for lucrative contracts and purchases of U.S. Treasury bonds to help us pay for the crusades and offset the effects of irresponsible tax cuts. All this may not bother you, it bothers me.
            If calls for the arrest of a former U.S. President, and the way President Obama is welcomed and praised worldwide is not enough for you to understand that our relationship with the rest of the world has improved dramatically, and that we are once again respected by both governmental institutions and people worldwide, you have a serious problem. Your attempts to prove a point are not only ridiculous, they are a sign of desperation, especially citing the reaction by Putin and Assad to President Obama’s policies as evidence that our international relations are now worse. The opinion of those two thugs is confirmation that our policies are working.
            Compare that to Reagan’s decision to train, provide arms, and satellite imagery to the Afghan Mujahedin (including OBL) and leaders of the Taliban when they were fighting the Soviets. While keeping pressure on the Soviets was justified, his choice of partners was, as a minimum, ill advised.

          41. mike June 1, 2014

            “Europeans” you make it sound like the whole continent. It was a small group of activists.

            So document me all the “911 terrorist,planners, financiers, Bush let off the hook with lucrative contracts”.

            I decided that you are almost totally delusional about the world loving Obama’s foreign policies.
            Dom, you are lying again in desperation to save your butt-I never mentioned Putin or Assad.

            Don’t forget you can’t even name one country where relations are better now.
            State Department can’t even name one last week.

            In 2008 he was the darling of the Germany but this articles pretty much sums up how they feel now. This is not isolated just on country.

          42. Dominick Vila June 1, 2014

            Your retorts are either signs of desperation or attempts to deflect attention from issues that you rather ignore. Of course there was no universal consensus on the calls to arrest and charge W with crimes against humanity. There is seldom consensus on anything when two people meet, let alone at a continental level. The bottom line is this, for the first time in U.S. history there were international calls for the arrest of a former U.S. President on charges of crimes against humanity. That is a distinction that I doubt any other president is interested in having.
            Does everybody agree with all the policies and proposals made by President Obama? Of course not! What is important to remember is that the MAJORITY of Americans, and people worldwide, agree and support his policies and actions. Yes, people in very liberal countries – especially anti-war countries – would have preferred a hands off approach to problems in the Islamic world, but that would have been the kiss of death for any politician in the USA, it would have been inconsistent with our historical behavior, and counter productive insofar of protecting and advancing our global interests.
            Regarding my opinion on international matters, suffice it to say that I spent almost 30 years overseas, that I have friends and relatives in countries like Spain, Sweden, the UK, and Venezuela whom I trust, and that I listen or read articles by the BBC and TVE that have a more unbiased slant on international issues than our media outlets do.

          43. mike June 1, 2014

            I’m desperate!!!! Now that is funny. I still see a liar and coward in your remarks.

            Dom, you used “Europeans” not “Human rights Groups”.
            So world wide including Europeans and Americans support the NSA snooping. Right. Angela Merkel or the German people don’t mind being targeted, Right. I see you have ignored the Der Spiegel Article I sent which says just the opposite. Such a F_ _ King liar.

            Since you are so well read and have access to all the articles and news releases you will now show me articles showing the many improvements/better irelationships since Obama took office with these countries. Just a bragger, time to produce.
            Or is this more of your BS????

          44. Dominick Vila June 2, 2014

            Believe it or not, I agree with your claim concerning the outrage caused by our spying in foreign countries. The difference is that I don’t believe any of those leaders blame President Obama. They know that we have been spying on foreign leaders, governments, and corporations for the better part of the last century. What is new is that someone (Snowden) confirmed something we have always denied.
            BTW, we are not the only ones that spy on others. Most superpowers have done and continue to do the same. Are you proposing that we should let everyone plan military, political, and economic strategies that are a threat to us with impunity, and without us having the ability to prepare for them?
            We don’t spy because we want to know the color of the panties that Angela Merkel is wearing, in that specific case, we do it because Germany is a formidable economic competitor. More often than not, our spying is against foes, or against countries whose ideological leanings are different from ours.
            If you believe our global intelligence and counter intelligence operations began 5 years ago, you are more naive than I thought.

          45. mike June 2, 2014

            The Der Spiegel sure doesn’t frame it your way. The German people are not the only ones that don’t like it.
            I never said we were a lone in spying or it was unnecessary. It is the depth and scope that bothers me.

            No, our spying has been around for some time, what you can’t grasp is the MASSIVE expansion by Obama. You believe in big government, I don’t. A perfect example why I fear the Fed. Govt is you. You lie, distort the facts and I would not be surprised if you were in charge you would abuse the system to your political advantage on your enemies.

          46. Dominick Vila June 2, 2014

            First of all, the editorial opinions expressed in Der Spiegel, or any other newspaper, does not represent the opinion of all Germans. Yes, many Germans are disappointed by President Obama’s decision to authorize raids and target terrorist camps. That’s the right of people living in democratic countries. Many in the USA share the same opinion, and many understand the need to protect our interests and, most importantly, our national security.
            As for spying, every U.S. administration has modified and expanded the scope of intelligence gathering to meet the challenges they faced. You are determined to criticize spying to ensure, among other things, that a sequel to 9/11 never takes place. I approve what President Obama has done in that area, and I hope his successor, whomever it is, does the same. The complacency and ineptitude that contributed to 9/11 is not something we should emulate, it is something we must do whatever we can to avoid.

          47. mike June 2, 2014

            That was not an opinion piece it was straight reporting.

            Nothing has come close to the information grab of Obama, nothing!!!!!! And you approve of it, and you hope it continues. Pathetic.

            We can still be protected without this massive intrusion into the lives of the American people.

          48. Dominick Vila June 2, 2014

            Information gathering has been an integral part of our intelligence operations for decades. Believe it or not, there are countries and organizations that would like nothing better than destroy us or undermine our privileged position on the world stage. The funny part about this argument, is that if a foreign country or organization managed to infiltrate our government agencies or successfully attack our global interests, the first ones to accuse Obama of inadequate intelligence gathering are the same ones that are now criticizing him.

          49. mike June 2, 2014

            Well they have hacked our agencies. Get your head out of your a_ _ and see the real world.



            Meshsuggina fits you to a “T” with a lot of Dreck.

            Putz also fits you

          50. Dominick Vila June 2, 2014

            Yes they have. That’s why we need a robust and effective intelligence gathering apparatus. Personally, I could care less if the improvements were implemented by Bush or Obama. Whomever did it has my respect.
            As far as I am concerned, promoting a return to the days when our intelligence agencies were ineffective is unpatriotic and borders in high treason.

          51. mike June 2, 2014

            “If a foreign country or organization managed to infiltrate our GOVT. AGENCIES or successfully attack our global interest, the first one to accuse obama……..are the same ones now criticizing him “, Dom, those are your words and in the next post you say “yes they have”. And where was the uproar???? Show me the criticism of Obama for these attacks. Show me!!!!

            More BS from the Crapmiester.

          52. Dominick Vila June 2, 2014

            The reason President Obama was not criticized for the breaches of security that have taken place during his tenure is because doing that would require doing the same for all the breaches of security that occurred when all his predecessors were in office. Our intelligence agencies, with the help of private sector contractors, have improved the level of security as much as possible. Those improvements have been critical to our ability to prevent a sequel to 9/11 and have minimized the frequency and scope of cyber attacks since 9/11.

          53. mike June 2, 2014

            No, you said the same people would be criticizing Obama IF agencies were hacked as those that criticize him now. Produce the criticism, articles that this has happened.
            Give up Crapmiester!!!!

          54. Dominick Vila June 3, 2014

            Produce the criticism? Read your own posts!

          55. mike June 3, 2014

            “Articles” Crapmiester. Hell you didn’t even know they had been hacked. Remember you said “if agencies infiltrated”.
            Show me when I criticized those break ins. You know, you were talking more at the party level. So show me the articles where the Right criticized the hacking and blamed on Obama. Come on Dom you can do it. Oh, that’s right you have never produced one document to back your position on any subject let alone this one.

          56. Dominick Vila June 2, 2014

            Concerning your desperate attempt to make a point by highlighting semantics, I used the term “Europeans” because those who called for the arrest and criminal charges against former President Bush were Europeans. They were not Americans, Africans, Asians or people or organizations from any other continent. They were Europeans.

            Your attempt to deflect attention from one of the most embarrassing episodes in modern history, calls to arrest a former U.S. President on charges of crimes against humanity, by bringing up an article by a German newspaper in which they criticize, correctly, our past and present spying operations is pathetic. Like every major military and economic superpower, we have engaged in spying operations for decades, ostensibly, to protect and advance our national interests. Hopefully we will continue to do so for many more years, because the last thing we should do is to discontinue our intelligence gathering operations and let our foes and economic rivals get the upper hand, which is what your comment implicitly endorses.

          57. mike June 2, 2014

            Dom, can you once tell the truth?? “those that called for bush being arrested were Europeans- no Americans, a
            Asians or organizations from other continents”, your words not mine. Your dishonesty or lack of knowledge is unbelievable. One of the groups involved in the action to arrest Bush is the New York-based Human Rights Watch, it is American, but what you won’t tell is funded by no other George Soros Foundation. Surprise Surprise

            Another New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights was involved. Take your “European” and stick it where the sun don’t shine.!!

            As to the second paragraph, spying IS necessary but not to the level that Obama has taken against the American People.

          58. Dominick Vila June 2, 2014

            The American human rights groups that condemned Bush’s actions and that asked for punitive action had absolutely nothing to do with the decision made by Europeans to arrest him and charge him upon arrival in Switzerland.
            President Obama has expanded our spying operations to meet the challenges that threaten our national security and interests today. An example is cyber espionage, a problem that was not in the radar scope of U.S. presidents 4 or 5 decades ago.

          59. mike June 2, 2014

            You are lying again.

            Those increase need not cover every Americans activity.

          60. Dominick Vila June 1, 2014

            My statement referred to the “homeland” of the terrorists, mastermind, and financiers that attacked us on 9/11.
            Fifteen of the 18 terrorists that carried out the attacks were from Saudi Arabia. OBL was from Saudi Arabia, and according to the CIA reports issued shortly after 9/11, the Al Qaeda financiers were wealthy, and extremely radical, Saudi Arabian Wahabist princes.
            What did W do? He declared Saudi Arabia a Most Favored Nation for trade purposes and invaded instead two countries that had nothing to do with 9/11. He, or more accurately Dick Cheney, made Judas look like a chump!

          61. mike June 1, 2014

            There you go again! Where was OBL? Afghanistan!!! Where the final decisions made, Afghanistan. Where the training bases for war on west and Us? Why saudi?? Easier access to visas.
            Dom, you are full of s_ _ t as usual.
            As to NTR, it could have been for many purposes. Waiting for the resident Maven to twist the truth again.

            PS Didn’t Hillary, Biden, Reid and Kerry and many more dems had the same info and voted for it. So spare me the outrage.

            More lies and diversions from the crony ex government worker.

          62. Dominick Vila June 2, 2014

            Where have you been all these years. Osama bin Laden was living comfortably in Pakistan, a block away from Pakistani military and intelligence facilities.
            The low level Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan should have been destroyed, but there was no need for an invasion – which has solved nothing – and the military training taught in those camps had nothing to do with the hijacking of planes using box cutters and flying those planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. At least one of the “pilots” learned how to fly at Embry Riddle University, one of the most prestigious aeronautical universities in the world. The campus where he learned how to fly is in Daytona Beach, Florida.
            Make an effort to educate yourself, if you want to be treated respectfully and you want people to consider your arguments.
            As for Iraq. Well, that was one of the worst acts of deception in U.S. history.

          63. mike June 2, 2014

            OBL protected by Omar and Taliban in Afghanistan.


            You Sir(using it loosely) is the one who needs to educate yourself. You again are a liar and a coward. Nothing more than a political hack.

          64. Dominick Vila June 2, 2014

            The Taliban did protect those who they considered their guests. That is, the Al Qaeda operatives, including OBL, who trained and fought in Afghanistan since the days of the Mujahedin, when they enjoyed the full support of former President Reagan. That has never been in question. The issue you brought up is the justification to invade Afghanistan, presumably, as a way to capture OBL. In my opinion, an invasion was unnecessary. My opinion is based on the fact that the location of the Al Qaeda camps was known, and that we had – and still have – the capability of striking terrorist camps anywhere in the world. An invasion was not necessary, if the goal was to punish those who attacked us on 9/11. The logic of our over reaction, and the effects of that decision, were flawed and damaged our international credibility, at a time when we enjoyed the sympathies and support of the entire civilized world.

          65. mike June 2, 2014

            I didn’t need to challenge a known and documented fact they trained in the US to fly planes. What I have and will continue to challenge are many of your ridiculous comments that are either lies or your edited version of the facts.

            Again, your version of Afghanistan is your opinion which continues to be not worth a hill of beans.
            Isn’t interesting that Obama said of the War in Afghanistan being “The Right War”.

          66. Dominick Vila June 2, 2014

            I disagree with President Obama on many issues, ranging from his decision to stay in Afghanistan when GOP pressure proved to be too great, to his decision to abandon the original single payer system, and his decision not to follow up on raising the tax rate for those earning over $250K. I believe in his policies when I look at them as a package, but I disagree with many of his decisions when we look at them as individual items. Don’t expect me to elevate Obama to sainthood the way you guys treat the Gipper.

          67. mike June 2, 2014

            “GOP pressure” OMG, more crap from the Crap Master. When did he ever listen to the right after the election. First meeting after taking office. Obama to republicans “I won” when republicans wanted express their thoughts stimulus.

            “I won’t Elevate Obama to Gipper as right does”. You won’t have to, historians won’t either.
            Gipper far better leader, worked with Tip often, met with tip and found ways to make the system work. Far cry from the divider that now sits in the Oval Office with very little contact EVEN WITH HIS OWN PARTY.

          68. Dominick Vila June 2, 2014

            There you go again. Distorting what other people say to score political points. When did I say anything about meetings?
            When Obama proposed withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan in 2010, the GOP came down on him like a ton of bricks, with people like Sens. McCain and Lindsey accusing of endangering our troops and de-stabilizing the Persian Gulf region. He succumbed under pressure.
            When Obama proposed closing Gitmo and bringing the most dangerous terrorist in that prison to the USA for trial, and imprisonment in Federal Maximum Security prisons, the same people cited above came down on him claiming he was endangering innocent Americans. We could almost envision Muslim Supermen breaking out of their cells. Once again, Obama capitulated.
            When he proposed a Single Payer system and the GOP launched their “socialist” attack, he caved in and settled for what we have today. To make matters worse, if it hadn’t been for Nancy Pelosi he would have probably capitulated.
            When he proposed raising the tax rate for those earning over $250K, and a well coordinated and effective opposition surfaced immediately, he gave up.
            Yes, hopefully historians will compare the ability of a man who managed to prevent the imminent collapse of the U.S. economy (Bush’s words), the man who bailed out two major industrial icons, the man that made affordable healthcare available to ALL Americans, the man who brought justice to OBL, the man that got us out of Iraq (better late than never), and the man who fought to reduce inequality and promote the right of women against the following record:
            The cut and run in Beirut
            The S&L debacle caused by deregulation
            The invasion of Grenada
            Granting amnesty to 4 million illegals in 1986
            and other right wing “accomplishments”. Having said that, I respect and admire the Gipper’s ability to inspire, his confidence, and the way he defended the safety net.

          69. mike June 2, 2014

            You said about Afghanistan “GOP pressure proved to be to great” and my reply, Obama at the first meeting in the cabinet room of the WH he informed the repub. he had Won. He totally ignored the Repub. his first two years in office. So save me your crap and excuses.
            You lying sack of dung! Democrats were just as outraged of him for trying it. SENATE VOTE 90-6 NOT TO FUND CLOSING GITMO

            Dom, you are the most despicable person I have met. YOU ARE A SERIAL LIAR OR JUST ONE THAT DOESN’T KNOW TRUTH FROM FICTION.
            I think it is the former.
            As to the rest of your post I will not waste my time, since your history is showing you to be less than truthful.
            The more you blather the less bright you look. Right now the light is going out.

            The magic WORDS to describe you now is “A SCHMUCK”!!!

          70. Dominick Vila June 3, 2014

            If you are a young teenager, I understand why you don’t remember the Republican opposition to President Obama’s proposals to withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan within months of his inauguration, and the reaction to his proposal to close Gitmo and bring the most dangerous prisoners at that facility to the USA for trial and imprisonment in maximum security prisons. However, if you are an adult, which judging by your outbursts is very much in doubt, you are either suffering from amnesia, dementia, or you are so desperate to twist facts that you are willing to lie repeatedly and shamelessly.
            Considering the immaturity of your comments and your reactions, I think it is best to end our dialogue and ignore each other. I wish you a more constructive and less irritating debate with whomever you “debate” next.

          71. mike June 3, 2014

            Again, my little selective memory Crapmiester. Obama ignored the republicans the first two years of administration and all decisions ON WITHDRAWAL were based on the 2008 election commitment to get out of Iraq(out in 16 months).
            The delusional one is you on Gitmo, the democrats were just as outraged as the republicans. Your selective memory just can’t remember the 98-2 vote to NOT FUND THE CLOSING OF GITMO.

            Dom, you are a very Disingenuous person. I look forward to commenting on future post of yours. I will continue to show with documentation your fallacious comments. Take care my Crapmiester.

          72. Dominick Vila June 2, 2014

            Osama bin Laden was living comfortably a block away from Pakistani military and intelligence facilities. The training camps in Afghanistan were for low level operations where fighters learned military tactics and operations. They could have been destroyed easily without resorting to an invasion which has accomplished nothing.
            The terrorists that hijacked the planes used against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, used box cutters, and at least one of the “pilots” learned how to fly at Embry Riddle university in Daytona Beach, Florida.
            Yes, 23 Democrats supported the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and almost everything that President Bush proposed, and that is not something I am very proud of. They did not do it because of the “intelligence” that was available at the time – or lack thereof – but because they were terrified of Bush and Cheney. Shame on them. In that sense, I have more respect for the Republican losers, who continue to fight after their defeat in 2012, than the idiots that were too scared to confront an evil and greedy administration. As for Bush, I blame him because he was the president at the time, but I believe the real brains in his administration, and the people that pushed for most of the foreign policy atrocities that took place in those horrible years, were actually Cheney and the neocons around him.

          73. mike June 2, 2014

            Dom, off to your normal BS. Yes, after the invasion of Afghanistan he moved over the mountains into Pakistan. The final planning was done In Kandahar-go read the 911 report.

            “Dems Terrified of Bush” more crap from the Crap Master.

            You want to be terrified, go read the article in Washington times about 2010 Directive of DOD to attack American Citizens on American soil.



            I know your guy can do no wrong in your eyes but this form of expansion of the Fed. govt. should scare the hell out of you. Remember there could be a guy like the “scary Bush” guy who would have no qualms about using the directive against anyone and everyone. Look at the various Departments of the Fed. Govt. with their own Swat Teams.

            BUSH BUSH BUSH You crack me up.

          74. Dominick Vila June 2, 2014

            No, the final planning for 9/11 took place in Germany, not Afghanistan. As leader of Al Qaeda, OBL visited AQ camps in Afghanistan on numerous occasions, but his residence was in Pakistan. Those camps should have been destroyed, but there was no need to invade that country to accomplish something that the USAF could have done easily.
            Your tendency to distort my comments highlights how desperate you are to score points. I commented about the embarrassing endorsement of the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan by Democrats too scared of Bush in the aftermath of 9/11, and you cite an article about Democratic against Citizens United in 2010!!! You are the Grand Master of deflection and distortion. Try to stay focused.

          75. mike June 2, 2014

            You are wrong again, Dom. 9/11 Commission-Chapter 5 states he summoned Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to Kandahar for approval of the attack. After several meeting, changes were made to the size(asia removed by OBL) and Atta put in charge, at OBL recommendation.

            No, you are delusional about me citing Citizens United. Show me the article I cited.

            I guess you are getting more confused, must be all the 30 years of govt. cronyism you experienced. Hard to keep the facts straight from all the lying.

          76. Dominick Vila June 2, 2014

            I did not deny that Osama bin Laden and his lieutenants made several times in Afghanistan and Pakistan to plan the 9/11 attack. The point I made in response to one of your comments is that the last meeting was in Germany, not Afghanistan.
            If you want to know what you posted, go back a couple of posts to read what you wrote.

          77. mike June 2, 2014

            You are a liar and coward.

            Dom, you said “living in comfort in Pakistan” it was only after he escaped from Tora Bora that he lived close to the military facility.

            I never said “last meeting” I said “final plans” and they were in afghanistan.

            Geez, you are just a political hack of the nth degree. Lie, distort, try and confuse.

          78. Dominick Vila June 2, 2014

            Can you debate issues without engaging in immature attacks?
            The Bush administration thought OBL was hiding in Tora Bora. After a multitude of military operations in that region, they gave up. Seven years after 9/11 Bush went as far as saying that capturing OBL was not a big deal.
            The final plans, discussed during the last meeting, held by the terrorists before the 9/11 attack was held in Germany, not Afghanistan.

          79. mike June 2, 2014

            “final plans” might have been discussed in Germany, but once again, 911 commission Chapter 5, the approval of the FINAL PLANS by OBL was done in Afghanistan with Khalid Mohammed, OBL, Mohammed Atef. 911 COMMISSIONS SAYS YOU ARE FULL OF S_ _ tT.
            And you believe that Bush was looking for him??? LOL!!! What a jerk you are.

            You are still a liar and a coward.

          80. Dominick Vila June 3, 2014

            The same 9/11 commission acknowledged that Saudi Arabian members of the Wahabist sect financed 9/11 and met with OBL. Does that mean we should have invaded Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and all the countries where OBL had a meeting on how to carry out his acts of terrorism.
            My point is that at least the same could have been accomplished through aerial bombardment and missile launches. American lives would not have been sacrificed, American soldiers would not have been maimed, the cost to our Treasury would have been a fraction of what it is, and our international credibility would not have suffered the way it has.
            If you don’t understand what I am saying, you have a problem.

          81. mike June 3, 2014

            You are such a Silly person. Using your argument then we should have bombed Hamburg where some planning and meetings were held. LOL!!!

            The wars should have been paid for which is the fault of both parties and their leaders. On Iraq vote, congress voted 373-156 in favor. On Afghanistan, vote was 518 to 3 with 10 no votes in favor of.
            So save your outrage that it was all Bush and no Dems.

          82. mike May 30, 2014

            My original reply is now missing. but I did find this. As to false claims about obama, show me.


          83. Dominick Vila May 30, 2014

            Here are a few examples of false claims:
            The economy remains weak as a result of Obama’s policies.
            Unemployment is only going down because people have given up and are no longer looking for work.
            We are disrespected worldwide because of Obama’s policies and actions.

            The economy is, in fact, recovering very well in spite of all the obstructionism.
            Unemployment is going down and, barring an unexpected setback, it will continue to go down.
            Our international credibility has improved, and we are once again see as the leader of the free world.

          84. bikejedi May 28, 2014

            Dom what you asked is what I just did in destroying your talking point post

          85. jmprint May 28, 2014

            The republicans have been on vacation, through all of President Obama’s term. And when they come back to work, all they work on is exploiting women’s rights. Where are we getting all this money to pay for all these investigations and the repealing of ACA.

            So as long as it’s the republican wasting the money it’s OK and you bikejedi are happy.

          86. mike May 28, 2014

            Don’t put words in our Mouth. We will see where the investigations go and who will be held accountable. Stay tuned.
            There is no War on Women-Hell even Liberal Barbara Walters said there was no War.
            It’s your parties lame attempt to save the mid-term elections. How’s that going?? We will see but I think your going to take a bath.

            Talk about vacations, is Obama on another one?

          87. jmprint May 28, 2014

            Tick tock . . . still waiting. Talk about putting word in someone’s writing, when did I mention war, I said EXPLOITING and that is what every red blooded republican is doing. I don’t care what Barbara says, I stay tuned to C-Span where the facts are at, the horse ass, oops I mean mouth. Wouda, couda and shouda . . . we will see.

          88. mike May 28, 2014

            Exploiting womens rights same as War on Women, dufus. A stupid and untrue statement about the right.

            As to putting words in my mouth, Look at your last ridiculous sentence at 2 hours ago.

          89. jmprint May 29, 2014

            War means both party’s are engaged, guess what it is a one sided attack, where an attorney can change the laws as he sees fit to blend with their ideology all against women rights.

          90. mike May 29, 2014

            Looks like you need to review your statement. By your reasoning the DNC attack on Republicans using “War on Women” can’t be true. As to the rest of that sentence you are so full of crap. Oh wait, you might have a point. Obama is/was a lawyer and he has been changing or ignoring the laws of this country for his own ideology these last 5 years. Damn, you got something here. He has changed Obamacare, what 37 times.



            Just another false statement from the left to divide this country and to control the individuals.

          91. jmprint May 29, 2014

            MIke you like to twist words to back paddle, so keep on paddling out here. You are a waste of precious time.

          92. mike May 29, 2014

            Thanks for the good laugh. I needed that.
            No twisting of your words or back pedaling from me, I used your definition and example to show just how illogical you are. LOL

            Can’t stop laughing.

          93. jmprint May 29, 2014

            People that are in denial tend to laugh a lot, I guess it’s better then crying, but I’m through playing patty cake with, so go on and tell your mom you are ready for a nap.

          94. mike May 29, 2014

            Go ahead and run, keep running from your words that I exposed as illogical. I have no denial.
            Still laughing at how clueless you are.
            Still Chuckling!!!

          95. bikejedi May 27, 2014

            No Lynda … Show me where under ANY other President that the V A performed so poorly that Vets were waiting for over 2 years to be seen and then the administrators lied on their paperwork to cover their own worthless asses . No one of common sense cares about the politics of this besides Liberals like you who are afraid of ANOTHER scandal making your guy seem incompetent … Believe me that ship sailed long ago and he has proven himself incompetent even with the media defending him for everyone of his guffaws .. No one else cares about how it affects Obama because we already know he is incompetent . We care about how his incompetence and the incompetence of those he has appointed has resulted in the Deaths of American Vets . We don’t care how firing Shinseki would be viewed only that it would be the right thing to do if you want to change the culture of failure lies and cover ups in that agency . We want the Vets to get the care they deserve . No one needs to pile on Obama for the ever growing list of miss steps he has over seen but they are ever growing and his incompetence is negatively effecting the whole Country … Nixon had the good sense to resign but Obama’s narcissistic ego wont allow him to do what is right . Don’t blame any of this on any other President and don’t say that this was systemic … The VA had problems but not like this … please don’t lie or spin for these bozo’s

          96. Lynda Groom May 28, 2014

            Let me say to start that the situation in the VA is horrible. Fact is it has been for a very long time. Why you seem to wish to dismiss that fact and try and paste the entire mess on the present administration is hard to fathom.

            I’m sure you are aware that Obama brought up the delay problem in the VA a year or so before he was elected…unless of course you believe he just made it up knowing the problem would become worse later.

            Here is a reasonable accounting from the 2008 memo obtain by CBS News that showed that VA official brief the Obama/Biden team that it facilities might be concealing the true amount of time veterans had to wait for care.

            “The problems and causes associated with scheduling, waiting times and waiting list are SYSTEMIC,” the official wrote. The memo urged the to ‘properly document desired appointment dates and ensure patient waiting times are accurate’ and failure to do so would affect ‘quality of care by delaying-and potentially denying-deserving veterans timely care.’ This memo comes from the last year of the Bush administration and is clear indication of the SYSTEMIC problems within the agency.

            The Washinton Times through the Freedom of Information Act, found briefing materials that make clear that the problems existed well before Obama took office, dating back at least to the Bush administration.

            Just the other day O’Reilly and Rove tossed bombs at eachother over the role of the Bush administration. O’Reilly, certainly no fan of Obama, started the argument with ‘The problems existed on the day that President Bush left office.’ Billo cited the 2008 report by the VA to the Obama/Biden team that said that waiting times at the department were too long and threatened veterans access to health care. The report said ‘the problems and causes associated with scheduled, waiting times and waiting lists are SYSTEMIC.’

            Rove tried to say that the report was written by people assigned by the Obama team and ‘probably Democrats.’ To O’Reilly credit he responded ‘You’re wrong. This came from VA officials.’

            It is also prudent to remember that the VA operates 1,700 hospitals and clinics in the system and about 80 million outpatient visits a year. They are trying to provide health care to about 9 million patients.

            Shinseki to his credit has made improvements to the process. Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are using VA healthcare at rates never seen in the past generations of vets. Not to mention that agent orange patients are now being seen for the first time. There are tens of thousands more vets seeking care than during the Bush years. The two wars created untold numbers of potential patients.

            It is also fair to point out that the VA since 2004 consistenly ranks higher than the private sector in patient satisfaction. More tha 90% approve of their care. The latest reports indicate that a great reduction in waiting times has occurred in just the last year. Approximately 93% of the time meeting its goal of scheduling outpatient appointments within 14 days of the ‘desired date.’

            Does the VA still have a great deal to fess up too…certainly. However, to deny their progress even with these tragic death due to delay is disingenuous at best and political at worst.

          97. Dominick Vila May 28, 2014

            You are correct. I remember reading articles about problems at VA hospitals, such as Walter Reed, when I lived in Maryland 15 years ago.

          98. bikejedi May 28, 2014

            we agree there were problems before . However people weren’t dying and administrators weren’t lying to cover their own asses until Obama and Shinseki . Go ahead spin and deflect all you want but those are the facts and they own it … You Liberals will be told it is all just a phony scandal and those who bring it up are just racists … funny thing is that all of my Dem friends in the Chi ( where I live ) are outraged … Its just you left wing extremists who are still allowing yourselves to be used as tools to defend Obama

          99. Dominick Vila May 27, 2014

            How do you know President Obama has not discussed VA issues with Gen Shinseki when the latter attends routine Cabinet meetings?
            President Obama has been one of the most engaged – and courageous – Presidents in history. In addition to tackling complex domestic and foreign policy matters, from the politically risky raids the brought justice to OBL and captured al-Liby in Tripoli, to healthcare reform, gun control, inequality, gay rights, and other issues of national interest that no other former president pursued to the extent that he has.
            The fact that the Tea Party and racists don’t like his policies – and him as a person – only means that for some people reality, facts, and a record mean nothing when compared to the prejudices that influence their opinions and decisions.

          100. mike May 27, 2014

            Do your research Dom, it is public record. Are you now saying when asked in a Cabinet meeting that Shinseki is lying about the problem or Obama is acting in his usual detached way.
            Tackled what??? the Economy-Not, Unemployment-Not, Obamacare is a growing disaster and will continue to get worse.
            Courageous-Horse Manure.
            Obama and his team are being called incompetent, fla footed and detached, not my words but those on the left. Wake up he is a joke.
            Again, Milbank’s has it right.

          101. Dominick Vila May 27, 2014

            The VA problem has been a high priority since President Obama was inaugurated, and since Gen. Shinseki was appointed to head that institution. Discussions have taken place regularly, many of them focused on how to circumvent the effects of limited financial resources to provide the care our veterans deserve and need. The VA budget has increased in recent years, but not as much as President Obama requested, and many of the bills passed by the House included a proviso demanding funding the VA budget increases with Obamacare funds.
            I am very much aware of the fact that for a Tea Party member precluding the imminent collapse of the U.S. economy announced by former President Bush in 2008 is not enough to give credit to President Obama. His domestic policies have been focused, among other things, on ensuring our banks remained solvent and capable of extending credit, tax breaks to small businesses, elimination of mortgage refinance costs, bailing out two American icons on the verge of bankruptcy, returning the rate of bankruptcies and foreclosures back to normal levels, putting in place policies to stimulate the economy, including construction, fighting inequality, and putting in place the Affordable Care Act to ensure ALL Americans get the medical care we need at affordable prices.
            On foreign policy, he ordered a raid to capture or kill the architect of 9/11 that, had it failed, would have cost him the presidency. After Benghazi, he ordered the successful raid that resulted in the arrest of al-Liby, a man suspected to be behind the Benghazi tragedy and other acts of terrorism. We got out of Iraq, and we are well on our way to get out of of Afghanistan.
            This is just a brief synopsis of the accomplishments of one of the most successful presidencies in U.S. history, Tea Party and other idiots notwithstanding.

          102. mike May 27, 2014

            More horse manure from you. Discussions regularly-show me. Limited financial-Bull crap!!! Under obama VA budget increased 78%(65.7 billion). Shinseki with all the new resources after 5 years still couldn’t solve or investigate the problem. Remember how shocked the WH was at the scandal. More lies from the liar in Chief.
            As to the rest of your statements. I am still chuckling. MOST SUCCESSFUL PRESIDENCIES IN HISTORY. BULL ROAR. What a load of crap.

          103. bikejedi May 27, 2014

            You will find that Dom is good at horse hockey word play . He talks in platitudes and absolutes . He will tell you that meetings occurred and that steps were being taken and then in the next breathe make excuses for Obama just like Obama would do himself … The simple fact of the matter is that with the funding increases things should have improved not gotten worse …Dom said somewhere up there that the VA was having problems for years before Obama came on the scene and there is truth to that , however under every other administration people weren’t waiting to be seen and when they died they weren’t lying on their paper work to cover their incompetent asses . Also if this had happened even under the second worst President ( Carter ) that even he would’ve fired someone with Shinseki’s record … Obama didn’t do that because he was more worried that it would reflect poorly on him and his administration … Once again Obama proved that the Vets don’t matter .. the only thing that does is fooling Liberals into believing he is right .

          104. mike May 28, 2014

            Well said.

          105. jmprint May 28, 2014

            You guys are all about should, would and maybe.
            Why is it thant many, many veterans are just now getting assistance for Orange agent effects?

          106. mike May 28, 2014

            How about it being a broken government system with a 150 billion budget. Obama said he was going to fix it in 2007, 5 years later with a 78% increase in funding and VA going backwards.

            Sure puts Obamacare/single payer in a new light.

            More incompetence for this administration.

          107. jmprint May 29, 2014

            Bawling again I see! Obama said, 10 years ago he was going to fix it, oh my here’s the coulda again.

          108. mike May 29, 2014

            Not bawling, just showing what a poor leader he is. When you learn the difference between 7 years and 10 years let us know.
            No this is the Shoulda that Obama said he was going to do.

          109. jmprint May 28, 2014

            You are just too incompetent to understand.

          110. mike May 28, 2014

            LOL!!! And you can’t comprehend.

          111. bikejedi May 27, 2014

            great common sense post … unfortunately they only believe what the Liberal Media tells them they should . They wont go outside their hive to look around for the truth

          112. bikejedi May 27, 2014

            Dom .. I used to think that you were one of the smart ones on here but you show yourself to not even know what you yourself post . It was you who tried to politicize this and score points . It was you who tried to say that the GOP would call for Shinseki’s head when ANY Informed American would agree that he should of been fired and investigated for criminal negligence . It is appalling that you would try to portray the GOP or their supporters as unfair for wanting his head when ANY other President would of fired a guy with his record … Just quit while you are ahead Dom … all the other shee er Liberals are going to lose faith in you with such embarrassing and contradictory posting

      3. JoyceD May 27, 2014

        Very astute and well said. THAT is why the Repugs oppose Shinseki and why they have voted to defund and cut back veterans’ programs from the get-go. Dirty politics!

      4. mike June 1, 2014

        Total horse manure Dom, as usual. Shinseki ouster had all to do with the dysfunction of the VA. Democrats as well as Republicans wanted him out. 11 democrats senators, 13 republicans senators, a damning IG report, midterm elections, and the main street media finally looking at the Obama administration.
        Numbers 2, 3, 4 typical Dom having diarrhea of the brain.

        1. Dominick Vila June 2, 2014

          The Inspector General report highlights systemic problems in the VA system. There is nothing in it blaming Gen. Shinseki for what has been going on for decades.
          I understand why people like you are desperately trying to convince people that President Obama’s policies are the reason for all the problems we are having, including the ones he inherited. Considering the GOP record on both foreign and domestic policies, and your lack of vision, that is the only recourse you have.
          Fortunately, a plurality of Americans saw through the smoke and mirrors of your agenda, and re-elected President Obama by a comfortable majority. You may want to ignore reality, but the truth is that you guys are losers and that the only people that listen to and believe your diatribes are brain dead Tea Party idiots.

          1. mike June 2, 2014

            Obama in 2008 said he was going to fix it, 5 years later, 78% increase in funding and still the same problems.
            Get rid of the Unions. I bet you still haven’t read the Boston Herald article. ps-no friend of the right.
            Reid pass the bill from the house giving power to fire people.
            Shinseki was in charge, his responsibility. DUH!!!

          2. Dominick Vila June 2, 2014

            Yes, President Obama promised many things when he ran for President in 2008. Unfortunately, the magnitude and severity of the problems he inherited did not allow him to solve all of them, or pursue some of them with the focus they deserve.
            Your proposal for government intervention to get rid of unions suggest an unprecedented level of governmental intervention that is very troubling. The future of organized labor must rest on the will of the people, rather than a tyrannical government.
            The worst problems afflicting the VA are institutional and cultural. Funding has been made available, perhaps not at the level it should have been, but substantial enough to make progress. Hopefully, Shinseki’s successor can make progress and is able to provide our veterans the level of care they deserve, and have not gotten for decades.

          3. mike June 2, 2014

            Read the Boston herald article how the unions are part, if not, the main cause. Their intransigence to new ideas, etc..

            Obama’s dereliction of duty is abig part of this debacle. Last one on one meeting with shinseki 2012.

            Obamacare is another example of his dereliction of duty.

            Nothing more than an empty suit.

  2. turtlewoman1039 May 26, 2014

    As with so many other issues, once the republicans destroy something through a direct attack or through lack of funding, they deny any responsibility for the consequences.

    1. Bozo May 26, 2014

      You have your head in the sand. There are over 12 bills passed by the House to improve the VA and Veterans benefits that are sitting in the dust on Harry Reid’s desk that he refuses to introduce to the Senate. Typical left wing BS that people blindly can’t figure out what this totally unqualified POS POTUS is bent on destroying this great country. The terrorists in Gitmo and illegals are treated better than our vets.

      BO, Muchchell, and Holder are 100% racists that hate this country. As long as you left wing low information voters get your free shxx you will continue to vote for unqualified people. BO spent over 3M hiding his college records. He is gay as a $3 Bill!

      And by the way right wing RINOS aren’t much better.

      1. omgamike May 26, 2014

        I would be willing to bet that in every one of those bills gathering dust, as you say, on H. Reid’s desk, are at least one, and probably more, poison pills, that ruin their chances of even coming to the floor. If the House were to send clean bills to the Senate that are aimed at helping vets and the VA, that they would quickly pass.
        And where is your proof of Holder being racist? And of the President spending 3 million to hide his college records? And your proof that he is gay? Cite your sources, please. Otherwise, STFU.

        1. Eric Schusterman May 26, 2014

          MIke-if you’ve seen their supposed 70 jobs bills they passed in the House you’d se that there are no jobs in them and all have poison pills that would hurt most people but the Top 1%.

          1. idamag May 26, 2014

            Don’t confuse him with facts, is mind is made up.

        2. idamag May 26, 2014

          bozo, if he or she is obozo… has proven to be a racist. And if they aren’t actually actively a person trying to destroy the US Government, they are the dupes that will help it get done.

      2. turtlewoman1039 May 26, 2014

        Yep, here I am, college educated, working 2 jobs to make ends meet and pay my bills. Returning to work 3 weeks after fracturing my pelvis…
        All that ‘free shxx’ from the gubmint must be invisible…
        Yep, only the republicans / tp’s / talibangelists are educated. Must be all the fox and limburger ‘news’ that keeps them informed about the issues in this country.

      3. VMWH May 26, 2014

        Check the Minority Leader of the Senate for those documents collecting dust. You won’t find them on Ried’s desk, they are on McConnell’s desk. He is the one leading the filibusters.

      4. Eric Schusterman May 26, 2014

        Bogus as bogus as their 70 jobs bills which have no jobs in them.

        1. Eric Schusterman May 26, 2014

          And yes you ARE a Bozo.

          1. ganderdavis May 26, 2014

            Eric so far you and all you idiot Obama supporters are the only BOZO labeled DIPSHITS here.None of you A-Holes have ever used VA because if you did then you would see just what really goes on there.DEAF EARS and the BULLSHIT WE CARE ABOUT YOU statements.Then it’s back of the line and wait till we evaluate your claims.Then it’s a turndown or a couple of bucks to show they care and just load vets with drugs and maybe they will STFU.So to all you A-Holes who are calling names to those who say the VA and Administration don’t really care show some real proof that they do.Now go and get your Obama pay checks and then head back to your moms basements you morons.

          2. Eric Schusterman May 26, 2014


          3. Lynda Groom May 27, 2014

            When you rely upon DIPSHITS and BULLSHIT to make your points you’ve already dismissed yourself from serious consideration.

          4. idamag May 27, 2014

            What’s with gander? You used to be guido.

      5. David L. Allison May 26, 2014

        Angry, biased, racist and wrong. You are upset with losing but should get used to it as it will continue as Democratic members of the Senate and the House keep working to lead the bunch of backward party of no “leaders” into the 21st century of progressive action and restoration of our country.

        1. Bozo May 26, 2014

          Wasting my time trying to talk to you liberal loons.
          Two college educations and the doofus still supports the liberal agenda. Must be his two degrees are in underwater basket weaving and Sol Alinsky


          1. David L. Allison May 26, 2014

            Hey, Bozo, I Love your enthusiasm, if not the accuracy or sensibility of your posts. By the way 90% of your tea party friends organized according to the recommendations and rules set down by Saul Alinsky. What they failed to remember is that when you have as much of your position accepted as you are likely to get, say “yes”, take the win and move on to the next step. Your guys just never learned to say “yes’ so all they can campaign on is what they opposed.
            And FYI: Philosophy, History and two law degrees. I suppose in your mind that makes me an incurable liberal. Right. I’m a Goldwater/Nixon liberal on social issues and a Warren/Sanders liberal on business and corporate/banking issues, as anti-war as Rand Paul and as fed up with the lying of Bush, Cheney and the Fox network as Grayson. The populists on my side and on the right are beating the poop out you neo-cons and neo-liberals who are stopping all progress in our USA.

          2. JPHALL May 27, 2014

            I think BOZO is appropriate for you since you are a clown.

          3. jmprint May 28, 2014

            And yours clearly shows to be for being leader of the romper room. BOZO you have, for the last 5 years been on this site hating Obama so please do go away. You are one of the ones that wanted to see a one term president even before he had a chance at anything.

      6. JPHALL May 26, 2014

        How many of those bills are merely a way to get rid of the ACA? Have them send clean bills that merely cover veteran affairs and see what happens.

      7. Jeanne May 27, 2014

        Your name suits you.

      8. jmprint May 28, 2014

        BOZO IS BACK!
        12 bills and ACA defeunding attached to ALL OF THEM!
        What good is a glass of milk if it has a hole in it.

    2. paulyz May 26, 2014

      After reading the National Memo Post titled “It’s time to show our Veterans some love”, I was pleased to see there wasn’t any political spin, so far. Then I see this Post, and hear people like you ignore the fact that Obama & I’m sure Shinseki if he is in charge, KNEW back in 2007, and he had speeches & comments in all the years after that he was outraged that our Veterans don’t get the care they need, & after 6 years, the shabby treatment, long waiting lines and DEATHS continue and grow worse. Now we hear the excuses again on why this is happening. Since President Bush took office the Veterans Medical Service budget increased by 83%, & a BIG increase in his 2008 budget.

      More knee-jerk Lefty reactions from low-information voters. President Obama knew of all of the problems with Veterans being mistreated for years and did nothing.

      1. JPHALL May 26, 2014

        Did you read the article? Obviously not! Get over the talking heads on Fox and get some real info. Read the Christian Science Monitor instead.

        1. paulyz May 27, 2014

          A common tactic of Liberals. Your statement is meaningless in any logical discussion or information.

          1. JPHALL May 27, 2014

            It is only meaningless to someone without information. I have gone to your sources and they are a joke. Yeah, Liberals like information not opinions.
            Subject: Re: New comment posted on VoteVets Chair Jon Soltz: Critics Demanding Shinseki Resignation Are ‘ Hypocrites’

      2. Eric Schusterman May 26, 2014

        Here’s a clue.No one outside of the hospitals knew this was happening.Second-it had nothing to do with the process .The fact is there were too many vets for two few places.The GOP blocked bils that would have helped.THey blocked a bill that would have created 27 new facilities.Stop repeating idiotic Fox talking points.Even FOx News Ralph Peters said it’s bullshit.

        1. idamag May 27, 2014

          It is like the incident that happened in a town 50 miles north of me. A person, at Walmart, was hurt on the job and instead of Walmart wanting that person out on his workers comp, Walmart said they could find him a job that required he sit all day. They made him restroom monitor and he spend 7 hours a day sitting in the mens room. He said the smell was horrble and people were looking at him like he was some kind of nut. Walmart is not taking responsibility for what one store did. Of course, the CEO cannot be in all stores. The VA heads cannot be in all facilities.

  3. Tman000 May 26, 2014

    Most times, and this is no exception, people who call for a resignation of someone outside their own circle, is doing it to give themselves a good feeling, to get back at another, for a justification, and the feel of being important, not because it’s right.

  4. ORAXX May 26, 2014

    The repuglicans are trying to turn problems at a particular facility into things that were the decisions of the president and others at the top of the V.A. The infuriating thing is, …….the people demanding Shinseki’s head, are the last people who really want to do anything for veterans. There is no issue so important the ridiculous right will not engage in political show boating.

    1. idamag May 26, 2014

      This is what they do. They are sitting around (not accomplishing anything positive) with their magnifying glasses looking for anything they can turn into a scandal. Like the gossips of yore, everything is subject to being blown out of proportion.

  5. don allen May 26, 2014

    no the critics are not hypocrites, Gen Shinseki is the leader of the VA health
    care system he should resign. But as normal some GS 7 will take the fall
    for these arrogant aholes. typical gov’t action. Only in the gov’t do the mgrs
    escape punishment… PYOA to the the extreme

    1. omgamike May 26, 2014

      You don’t try to fire someone simply because they head up the organization, unless you have proof that person is directly tied to the problem. If people need to be fired, you start with the guilty individuals at the lowest level, and then work your way up the ladder until you reach the point where no one else is directly responsible.
      The current head of the VA has done a great deal to open up the VA. More people are receiving care than before. More are able to file claims than before.
      The quality of care at the VA is excellent. I am sure that there are exceptions to the rule, and where found, they should be identified and fixed. But you identify and fix problems with a scalpel,, not with a meat axe.

      1. paulyz May 26, 2014

        Why do we even appoint Heads of Organizations then? The main person in charge must know what is going on beneath him or her. Imagine top Military Commanders not being fully immersed in their subordinates! ! Tell the families of all the deaths that the quality of care is excellent.

        What you also suggest to do by working your way up the ladder starting at the lowest level to find those guilty and responsible, is exactly what the Select Committee is for on the other scandal, Benghazi. Or the IRS, or the NSA, or Fast & Furious. No wonder Obama is “Mad as Hell”, another scandal! ! !

        1. JPHALL May 26, 2014

          You obviously never served in the military or any other bureaucracy. Leaders of more often that not are surrounded by underlings that hide reality from them, much like the Republican party and Fox.

          The best leaders, like General Patton in WWII look at the results and not merely the reports. They do inspections and get rid of those who are not doing their jobs.

          What broke this story was a whistleblower not investigations or more Republican “scandals” about Obama. People like you are always jumping to conclusions without taking the time to get the evidence.

          1. idamag May 26, 2014

            Can’t you just see pauly hanging over the back fence, in a printed dress, telling the neighbor: “Did you hear about Mable? Every boy on the block, I tell you.”

          2. JPHALL May 26, 2014

            You are so right! No facts, no sources other than right wing opinion sites. Pure gossip.
            Subject: Re: New comment posted on VoteVets Chair Jon Soltz: Critics Demanding Shinseki Resignation Are ‘ Hypocrites’

          3. idamag May 27, 2014

            I have to tell you a funny story about what happened yesterday. I am getting post-surgery home health care. Yesterday’s nurse was a good nurse, but I am sure she is a tea party nut. She said Obama was a liar because he said she could keep her insurance and that did not happen. Obama was saying the Affordable Health Care Act would allow them to keep their current insurance. Some people had quickly bought junk insurances via television and the rates were so low as to be suspect. Since they were worthless insurances, they would not get ACA approval. She said she was required to get another insurance. She said there should be no Federal Government and there should only be state governments. I mentioned fifty small countries at odds with one another. I also threw out some examples of states that had, and would again, commit crimes against their citizens. Two: Florida and Mississippi. She noticed my daughter was working Sudoku puzzles and said she couldn’t understand Sudoku puzzles and I remarked they were puzzles of logic. It dawned on me, people who are weak on logic might be weak on logic in all that they think.

          4. ps0rjl May 27, 2014

            Patton was an asshole. I had uncles who served under him. They like most who served under him knew he was an egotistical asshole. Men and material meant nothing to him. Only the objective counted. As for the movie version of him going to the front, if he had ever gone to the front it is likely he would have been shot by his own men. Look at his record and you will see he was relieved of his command twice.

          5. JPHALL May 27, 2014

            Yes he was. I had an uncle who drove a supply truck for Patton and he said “thank God for the man. he got things done”. Yest he got the work done. How many generals do you think went the front? When he found incompetent officers he got rid of them saving lives. When the Battle of the Bulge started he got his troops there and saved many lives. Ask those who were there. That is a leader! Compare that with many other generals especially Montgomery.
            Subject: Re: New comment posted on VoteVets Chair Jon Soltz: Critics Demanding Shinseki Resignation Are ‘ Hypocrites’

          6. paulyz May 27, 2014

            Your 2nd. paragraph explains exactly what I said. The best leaders look at results& do inspections to rid those not doing their jobs. Obviously Shinseki wasn’t doing that or this would have been corrected before all of the deaths and problems that grew to the level it has. President Obama had 6 years to do something about this as well. We don’t have great leaders apparently.

          7. JPHALL May 27, 2014

            Once again you show your lack of information. Check what 3 of the major Vet organizations say about Obama and Gen. Shinseki. There are many problems with the VA. This is a new problem that came to light because of a whistle blower.
            Subject: Re: New comment posted on VoteVets Chair Jon Soltz: Critics Demanding Shinseki Resignation Are ‘ Hypocrites’

          8. paulyz May 29, 2014

            Obviously you don’t listen to news organizations that are not in accordance to your ideology. This is a “NEW” problem??? This problem has been know for many years and even President Obama knew back in 2007 showing him making speeches then, and every year after that, that stating, “This is outrageous and I will make sure that we get to the bottom of this.” Once again, fine words but no action. All politics. This is exactly why Obama is so “outraged” now, the truth came out and it will hurt his Party, just one more scandal! ! !

          9. JPHALL May 30, 2014

            You are such a joke. You obviously never served. The VA has had multiple problems since it started. Like most right wingers you get stuck on one thing and ignore everything else. After two Republican wars that went nowhere, thousands of wounded vets came home. The Obama administration concentrated on getting them their benefits and succeeded in lowering that waiting list. Unfortunately the bureaucracy has always found ways to hide things. You want to fix the VA? Simply start firing the headmen at the various locations involved in false reports. It will never happen since Congress cannot spend the time to stay involved. Just fire one man that’s their way.
            Subject: Re: New comment posted on VoteVets Chair Jon Soltz: Critics Demanding Shinseki Resignation Are ‘ Hypocrites’

      2. BillP May 27, 2014

        Mike I always like when these right wing trolls make ignorant statements like “Only in the gov’t do the mgrs. escape punishment…” I must have missed the news reports of all of the Banking and Mortgage Company executives that have been dismissed because of the 2008 housing and mortgage crisis that they bear responsibility for. One middle level executive in the Banking industry was tried, found guilty and sent to prison.

    2. David L. Allison May 26, 2014

      Only in the government? You joke with us. The entire banking and industrial complex that took down our economy with fake wars and fake mortgages have remained in power, made more money and blamed one poor trader in the middle management of the exchanges.

      1. BillP May 27, 2014

        I should have scrolled down and read your comment before writing mine. It basically echoes your’s.

        1. David L. Allison May 28, 2014

          It is good to find agreement on anything these days.

    3. JPHALL May 26, 2014

      Your attitude is why nothing gets fixed. People like you have no knowledge of the true situation and always demand a quick fix. Try getting the full infomation on the problem and then initiate a fix on all that needs fixing.

  6. FT66 May 26, 2014

    I just find it funny. Those who are calling Gen. Shinseki to resign are the ones who are not performing their jobs as it is required to be. Take for example those congressmen/women with the their Approval Rating waving at 15%. Aren’t they working for American people as well?

    1. Snowbeard May 26, 2014

      Actually no, they aren’t working for the people. They’re working for the party. Shame on them.

  7. beancounnter42 May 26, 2014

    If Shinseki has to resign because of out-of-control, rogue subordinates, then so does Chris Christie

  8. VMWH May 26, 2014

    I am willing to see General Shinseki resign one year after every single member of congress who has voted against Veterans and VA benefits resigns first.

  9. Lamay Darnel May 26, 2014

    General Shinseki should stay give him the power to Fire the people at Phoenix not just move them around to another V.A. Hospital like they have been doing,Our V.A. hospital in Calif was great now people are leaving to go to another one from E.R.after the story broke a few year back about how bad it was in Maryland, they transfer the staff around, They don’t Fire the bad apple they just transfer them around. The Good staff Retire or leave rather then work with the flunky’s, and Vet’s Die a lot of vet from Nam have died and are dying from not get treatment soon enough and getting the wrong Meds they are getting poison from wrong drug inter action for their conditions, Inter laugh about how they have to get rid of Nam vets to make room for post 9-11 vets and the Republican want to beef up our armed forces They should start a fund raiser from the 1 % they want all of our vets to protect to pay for their health care instead of their re election campaigns Then America could pay for our vet’s health care they did not expect our boys and girls to survive

  10. RobertCHastings May 26, 2014

    This article pretty much says what needs to be said, and affixes blame where it properly belongs. The ACA allows an individual with a medical problem to get it looked at and fixed, making him whole. Right now, the same cannot be said of the VA. The ACA is going to cost money, both from the individual consumers and from the government. Much the same is at issue with veterans’ health benefits. If the Republicans in Congress cannot recognize this simple fact, then they must be removed. McConnell led (along with others) the charge for the “use of force” resolution, fully realizing that fatalities and injuries would occur. As a leader in Congress, he failed to adequately fund the reality of casualties of war, and he continues to do so. McConnell and those who support him are, obviously, pretty stupid, or extremely jaded, or both.

    1. Dominick Vila May 26, 2014

      The worst problem is that this problem is likely to get much worse as time goes by. The types of injuries sustained by many veterans, which usually include brain damage and loss of limbs, requires extensive and expensive treatment for many years to come. Estimates, including one by Brown University, suggest the long term care of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans will run somewhere between $600B and $1T.
      A facet of this issue that most contributors have not mentioned is the fact that much of the care is covered by TRICARE, not the VA.
      It is also important to note that while it is true that the VA budget has gone up substantially since the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, VA appropriations since 2009 have been much lower than what President Obama requested.
      The lesson to be learned from this tragic situation is that we cannot engage in wars without proper funding, which is exactly what happened when we decided to invade Iraq, and it is the reason Gen Shinseki did not support the invasion.

      1. idamag May 26, 2014

        The reason the VA is so swamped: Constant warfare.

        1. plc97477 May 26, 2014

          And a repug party that doesn’t like paying our bills.

      2. RobertCHastings May 27, 2014

        I remember when Shinseki was being considered and was dropped. We did not learn why until Franks went through the process of negotiating troop levels with Rumsfeld, who had for a long time made no bones about his thoughts on making the military leaner and meaner. However, it did not occur to him that the smaller military would have to be retrained to fight different kinds of conflicts than our massive post-WWII military, a feat that he failed to accomplish before sending those troops to Afghanistan and Iraq. From Korea up to today, military response to battlefield injuries has improved by leaps and bounds. Men who had the types of injuries Bob Woodruff suffered would not have made it off the battlefield in WWII. Boys who lost everything below the crotch would not have made it back to field hospitals. Thanks to huge improvements in battlefield treatment AND body armor, injuries that just two decades ago were unsurviveable are resulting in paraplegic Olympians. And yet, treatment stateside is so bad, some of the boys who DO make it home die waiting for treatment here. And, as the article clearly states, while there is an entrenched bureaucracy at the VA, the major fault lies in the lack of adequate funding, a problem that has, over the past several years, proven intractable, for obvious reasons.

        1. latebloomingrandma May 27, 2014

          I also wonder if they have enough doctors. They are also not up to date on their computer systems, and apparently the DOD and VA systems don’t “talk” to each other. There was really no planning for an influx of thousands of injured vets from these 2 wars. We’re still trying to deal with Viet Nam veterans, and they are getting older and will need increased services. .
          This beaurocracy is decades old and really does need an overhaul. I heard today that Shinseki has over the past year or 2 fired at least 3000 people. That is something for gov’t, where it seems no one gets fired for not doing their job. Maybe he is low key and doesn’t blast this over the news.
          The next time there is a major war started, it should be budgeted for the injured and paid for by a war tax–and don’t forget a big tax on the corporations, as they are people, too.

          1. RobertCHastings May 27, 2014

            You have identified many issues that have afflicted bureaucracies for centuries. The 19th Century Russian writer Maxim Gorky wrote often about their bureaucracy. They seem to assume a life of their own.
            The Bush administration first mandated “No Child Left Behind”, and failed to fund it, something that slipped by its chief supporter, Ted Kennedy. The two wars Bush got us into also were not funded. With the tax cuts for the wealthy, the traditional funds that finance wars were cut off, although the wealthy still managed to make billions. US corporations complain loudly about having the highest corporate tax rate in the world, which is partly true. The RATE is the highest, however the rate at which corporations actually PAY taxes is among the LOWEST in the world, especially when all subsidies are figured in. Large profitable corporations like GE have not even paid ANY taxes in several years.

    2. plc97477 May 26, 2014

      They could be just so selfish they see no reason to let anyone else have a healthy life especially if they are expected to help pay for it.

      1. RobertCHastings May 27, 2014

        Except they do not see that OTHERS are willing to pay for THEIR benefits under a Constitutional democracy. My former father-in-law, who died about six years ago, was a life-long Republican until he changed about five years before he died. Like many who have done so, he said that the Republican Party today is not the party he had grown up knowing. So what has changed? I’m just putting that out there to, maybe, get some folks thinking.

  11. Jeff Bottaro May 26, 2014

    It is a great joy to see even the most INCREMENTAL progress toward a society with institutions that DO LESS, PROMISE LESS, and HAVE LESS POWER. Such a society will produce less expectation, make fewer demands, and PRODUCE LESS DISAPPOINTMENT.
    GOOD institutions make themselves INVISIBLE by smoothly serving the people they were designed to serve WITHOUT making demands that people experience as challenging, uncertain, or inconsistent. IT IS TIME WE ALL STOPPED BEING SO FORGIVING OF OUR INSTITUTIONS, AND DID AWAY WITH THOSE THAT WERE NOT REALISTICALLY CONFIGURED TO BEGIN WITH.
    Blaming SHINSEKI is sheer red-herring IDIOCY.

  12. Lamay Darnel May 26, 2014

    By the way the 1 % is made up of Republicans and Democrats, Christian and Jews,Christians are Catholic, Baptist, Lutherans, and Presbyterian also Methodist, Mormon, this are the big ones Jewish The Reforms and some some Orthodox are in the 1 %, they all like to buy time share vacations and live where Bill Gates lives,They have billions of dollars just think of the tax break they would get if they each donated 1 Billion to the V.A. heath care system,Ah wait the V.A. health would never see a penny due to the corrupt C.E.O. at the top We now know how they made there billion kept the minimum . wage at $ 1.25 for over 39 yrs and moved manufacturing to china,Ever wonder Why their rich kids never serve,They know what is wrong the only rich kids that serve where the Kennedy boys Bush doesn’t count He was state side I know I am dreaming But I get Tried of the state side looking at my husband with disgust and turning their back on him when he wear his Nam vest with his Life member V.A. pin to the super market he Was a Medic,They want us to move out of our town they don’t want to scare the tourist, darn I wish just one day to see a convention for all the disable Vet’s in this town good looking or not just so my Husband would belong for one day. Even when we go to Memorial day Function people walk the other way,he not that bad looking just old with Parkinson and Alzheimer’s.

  13. Angel Perea May 26, 2014

    THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: This unacceptible incompetence has existed since our war vets have starting coming home from Cheney and Bush War! Just stop this political non-sense! Take care of all of Vets now,no matter what it may cost! And fire and/ or prosecute any criminal act at the top of vets Administration! Get the action started now!

  14. HUNTERVIC May 26, 2014

    One More Thing

    Mr. Soltz fails to mention those thousands of Navy veterans who served aboard ships that were virtual floating asbestos buckets.
    Now later in life we must contend with an already overloaded and poorly functioning VA while we await compensation for Asbestosis, and even worse Mesothelioma.

    1. JPHALL May 27, 2014

      Don’t forget the people who built and worked on those ships!

  15. howa4x May 26, 2014

    Once again the tag-team of Cheney-Bush skate’s under the radar. How did we get all these wounded vets to begin with?

    1. FT66 May 27, 2014

      Still republicans wanted Pres. Obama to start more WARs in Syria Ukraine and Nigeria, thus adding more wounded vets, without thinking first how to take care of them. Thanks god we have a smart, intelligent, visionary and thought-through President. Bless him always.

  16. bikejedi May 26, 2014

    Its this simple . The VA’s budget under both Bush and Obama exploded . The number of Vets they serve has gone way down .They then mismanaged the Dept so badly that they wouldn’t see the Vets and they died . Then people who worked for the VA LIED and altered Paperwork to cover their asses . Obama goes on TV and says he cares about the Vets and that Shinseki is doing a great job and gives him a vote of confidence . This is the type of decision making that only a Community Organizer more concerned that he himself might lose face then with the Vets makes . In who’s world wouldn’t Shinseli be fired and investigated criiminaly ?? ANY OTHER PRESIDENT would of fired this bum immediately PERIOD !!!!!

    1. JPHALL May 27, 2014

      Where have you been the last 13 years. The number of vets has gone way up thanks to two Wars. Obama has helped thousands get the benefits the Repugs keep cutting. Instead of firing one man, why not investigate and get the whole misbegotten crew?

      1. bikejedi May 27, 2014

        No the number of Vets the VA sees are down , but I agree the whole lot of them should be tried for criminal negligence and at least they should be fired …

        1. JPHALL May 30, 2014

          Instead of reading the nonsense on some right wing website go to the VA site for the real numbers. Where do you think all these vets from Bush’s two wars go? Subject: Re: New comment posted on VoteVets Chair Jon Soltz: Critics Demanding Shinseki Resignation Are ‘ Hypocrites’

    2. BlackhatLV May 27, 2014

      hey jedi, look up Bush and Rumsfeld where they sent out faulty showers to the troops overseas and on shore base showers that had deteriorated to the point they were dangerous. Sixteen American troops have died from accidental electrocutions in Iraq. When did Bush fire Rumsfeld??? oh yeah jedi.. thats A PERIOD !!!!

  17. charles king May 26, 2014

    I have been a citizen of these United States for a long time (85yrs) to be exactly. I am a Korean War veteran along with seven brothers who fought in WW11, and Vietnam, We have did our duty for our country and paid our taxes so I think I can tell the American People What? Is Working in America, today. Do some (Critical Thinking) and with your VOTE, you can help America find Its Democracy, the Vote is still Superme. Obamacare Works, The VA Works, Social Security Works, Public Education Works, J A Z Z Works, Exerise Works, Medicare Works etc. Bewae of the Capitalistic Pigs, Plutocracts, Do-Nothingiers Republicans and Democracts, Etcs. America Works. Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. Mr. C. E. KING

    1. jmprint May 28, 2014

      Thank you for you past service, may the Lord give you a lot more wonderful years, with lots of happiness and good health. Vote Democrat it will keep the insane out.

  18. Jimh77 May 26, 2014

    There is much to be learned here for us and the damn politicians. Now the politicians have to act. Like I said, the Republicans have to ACT to make this right. I left the service in 1985. I spent 3 days at the VA back on 14Mar85.
    I have never returned and hell bent on making sure I never have to again.

    There are several issues. #1 Greed, Salary issue. Come on, this is our Troops that we America need to take care of. Doctors can not make 400,000/Year, administration can not make 1.4 million / year.
    The entire system has to be changed to make a fair salary, a FAIR Salary!
    Our Vets deserve the best attention possible. They are the true Americans and have suffered at the hands of the politicians making decisions to put them in harms way. These folks keep America, America and deserve the best medical care we, America can possibly offer them.

  19. Eleanore Whitaker May 27, 2014

    Of the states with the deaths at VA hospitals…ALL are in red states. 6 at the William Jennings Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center in Columbia SC, 2 at the Prescott and Tucson AZ VA clinics and the rest in Hampton, VA, August, GA, Charleston SC, Miami and West Palm Beach FL, Huntington WVA, Cleveland OH, Grand Junction CO and Iowa City, IA. To validate this check the USA Today investigation into this. This was reported by Dennis Wagner of the Arizona Republic paper.

    The only reason they are calling for Shinseki’s resignation is because if he starts digging, their states will be found guilty of VA fraud and misuse of public funds.

    This is the same scandal they attempted with the IRS. This is Tea Party dismantling the government.

  20. Eleanore Whitaker May 27, 2014

    According to this same AZ Republic/USA Today report, Donald Kettl, dean at the University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy stated, “the VA is so enormous and complex it, it resists change from within as well as outside criticism. Even if Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki wants to overhaul the system, he’s just one man “pushing a very, very, large rock up a very steep hill.”

    From Danielle Brian, Executive Director of the nonprofit watchdog organization “Project on Government Oversight:” “500 people have contacted a hotline set up for VA whistleblowers a week ago and more than a third were VA employees.”

    It’s beginning to look like federal tax dollars dispersed to red states are nothing more than slush funds to be used to keep the same good ole, good ole bois in their jobs.

  21. Eleanore Whitaker May 27, 2014

    Let’s be honest..the Conservatives love sequestration, slash and burn and shutting down government like it was a corporate power play. Unfortunately for them, government isn’t a corporation. This is the same conservatism that promotes wars endlessly and then kills and maims our military all in the hopes of privatizing war and the military itself. All so that our military personnel can become corporate employees. Wake up people. A for profit military doesn’t care who lives or dies fighting for that profit.

  22. Bambi May 27, 2014

    41 Republicans voted against the VA bill, so it was thrown out by Mitch McConnell. But that’s not the end of it. In order to circumvent their responsibility to these VETs, for that “NO” vote, they have to blame it on that constant battle cry…”we’re broke.”….not broke enough to subsidize the oil companies with between $14 to $52 billion a year….with our tax money. A Parliament of Whores are presently serving us…..and mostly on behalf of our new found “corporate persons”. “Republican voters are being influenced to believe lies and falsehoods by the perpetrators of fiction.The originators of these lies to the public are not only these political whores, but the tabloids disguised as news agencies that thrive on sensationalism for purposes of manipulating public opinion. And it represents a serious lapse in ethical conduct. Intervention has got to happen or determining the truth will forever escape us….and that is simply inexcusable.

    1. jmprint May 28, 2014

      And then there’s religion siding with the core of destruction, SAD situation.

  23. ExRadioGuy15 May 27, 2014

    Yep, the GOP are hypocrites, alright….cut the VA budget until it can’t operate properly, then say, “see? government doesn’t work”…pathetic

  24. mthomas68 May 27, 2014

    Dems need to stop cowling to GOP talking points. Thanks Jon for putting out there some reasons (main ones) why there is still a back log….that other wars’ veterans under Obama were allowed to file claims.

    No one has mentioned that the new computer system in stalled at Veterans Admin did not talk with the DOD computer system. Viet Nam, Gulf War Vets claims had to done manually where Irag, Aghan Vets data was still with DOD.

    GOP flies off at everything….they are arsonists starting fires all over the place and never acting sober minded and thanking before starting a fire. I want media to report facts, to do their research to come up with facts. Let discuss the facts, not these blazes (no substance) GOP always start.

  25. Eleanore Whitaker May 27, 2014

    Actually, the AZ Republic Newspaper published a USA Today Article that reported that the deaths that occurred at the VA were ALL in red states “6 deaths occurred according to USA Today’s investigation at the William Jennings Bryant Dorn VA Medical Center in Columbia SC, two in AZ at the Prescott and Tucson VAs and others linked to VA clinics in Hampton, VA, Augusta GA, Charleston SC, Miami and West Palm Beach FL, Huntington WVA, Clevenland OH, Grand Junction CO and Iowa City, IA.

    The dean, Donald Kettl, at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy stated that the “VA is so enormous and complex, it resists change from within as well as outside criticism. Even if Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki wants to overhaul the system, he’s just one man “pushing a very, very large rock up a very steep hill.”

    In fact, the fed offered these red states rewards for decreasing delays and they in turn fudged the numbers to collect the rewards. In other words, more red states feeding at the trough, not providing the services our federal taxes pay for and then helping themselves to their new found slush money.

  26. Eleanore Whitaker May 27, 2014

    The GOP tyrants know exactly what their agenda is…by proving VA failure, they can then attack healthcare reform which is their latest drug addictions.

  27. BlackhatLV May 27, 2014

    Republicans love to scapegoat anybody but a Republican, if it is a Republican they close ranks and block any investigation up to the point of using filibusters or threatening to shut the government down, again. Republicans have shirked their own responsibility on government programs and their ‘over-sight’ by the House committee on VA. Just one example:
    “United States Representative Jeff Miller was sworn in as the
    Congressman of the First Congressional District of Florida in October of 2001. After taking the oath of office in 2001, Congressman Miller
    was appointed to the House Armed Services Committee and the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. He quickly established himself within Washington as a strong advocate for veterans’ concerns”

  28. Eleanore Whitaker May 28, 2014

    Mikey doesn’t like it when you tell the truth. He calls that “delusional” even when you know you can stand him up in a court of law and prove every word you post. Shows you just how the drugs of politics make addicts of some men.

  29. Angel Perea May 28, 2014

    KEEPING IT THOUGHTFULLY HONEST: Amnesty4Snowden on A veteran’s plea. in response to these political cowards,: “On one hand you say both sides are equally corrupt – then in the next breath you decry the way congress treated veterans. If you look at the vote it is clear which side of the isle supports vets and which side does not!” So we must ask about the 1.7 million Americans including over 20,000 veterans lost their unemployment benefits when the republicans in Congress failed to act last December. Sadly over 3,000 more veterans will lose their benefit every month that politicians in Washington deny them a vote. So let’s give credit where it is due: The 41 flag waving senate republicans with their tea party clowns in Congress that did obstructed this vote and chicken hawks that have never served, yet had NO problem voting to obstruct Senator Bernie Sanders Vets legislation that was supported numerous Vets organizations! This is statement from another Vet that served and came back home to this! And I find it remarkable that anyone thinks that Americans will re-elected for these same hypocrites that say, “Support our Troops” yet vote to not taking care of our War veterans! Go to CNN: http://www.sanders.senate.gov/newsroom/video-audio/helpvets?utm_source=berniebuzz&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Chris+Cuomo&utm_campaign=National+Bernie+Buzz+03-01


  30. Marlo The Bear May 29, 2014

    I just want to make a general comment. There were many problems that existed in our government before the election of President Obama. Like all Presidents he will tackle a few. This hypocritical notion(mostly prejudice) idea of blaming him for everything was expressed by some conservatives in government before he took the first oath. The idea was to make our government dysfunctional. I thought the “American People” would demand more but it appears I was wrong.

  31. charles king May 29, 2014

    Critical Thinkng is needed again because the Republicans are trying to find something else to hinder ObamaCare. Take it from a Korean Vet. The Veteran health care is the best system in this country. Who? are these people that keep trying to privatize America, What? are they trying to do against our Democracy. Here are the names of some (Capitalistic Pigs, Plutocracts, known as)(Commissiers) Do-Nothingers Republicans and Democracts and Etcs.) You, the VOTERS know Who? these anti-govt are, so VOTE the OUT. Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. Mr. C. E. KING

  32. dpaano May 30, 2014

    I have to agree….the GOP are the hypocrites in this story. How quickly they forget how they denied more money for the VA and our veterans. Gen. Shinseki is doing all he can for the VA, but it’s difficult when some of the VA’s “cook” the books. He can’t be EVERYWHERE or know EVERYTHING until he’s told; then he is required to fix the problem. Asking for his resignation would only cause the problem to accelerate while the new person gets up to par on what’s going on. President Obama has done more for our veterans (including myself) than the past administration.


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