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WATCH: Colbert Mocks Trump’s Spam Emails To European Parliamentarians

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WATCH: Colbert Mocks Trump’s Spam Emails To European Parliamentarians


During his Wednesday night monologue, Stephen Colbert wondered if the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump actually has as much money as he says he does, since his campaign has been struggling to fundraise enough to stay viable.

The Late Show host described the Trump’s campaign latest attempt at making some money – illegally emailing European parliamentarians asking for monetary contributions.

“The Trump campaign, in response to these low numbers, have amped up their fundraising, but it looks like they may have gone overboard… and overseas, because members of the British Parliament have been getting repeated emails from Trump asking for money… just five days too late,” Colbert said, referring to the Brexit.

“I’ve got one of Trump’s spam emails right here,” Colbert tells the audience.

Photo and video: CBS/ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert



  1. Sharon3454 July 1, 2016

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  2. Independent1 July 1, 2016

    One does have to wonder – is The Donald really as rich as he claims; and is he really serious about being president or is he using all this just to reap what rewards he can while entertaining himself??
    And there are so many more questions about Donald THE ENIGMA:
    Will he actually be able to cover that 50 million he claims to have forgiven to his campaign??

    Will he ever actually own up to his words and really show several years of full tax returns??

    Will his clueless followers ever act like grownups and come forward and actually demand THAT HE start acting like a grown up presidential candidate??

    Will he ever stop looking like the total fraud that the campaign he has run thus far has made him appear to be??

    Will he ever start laying out rational truly thought-out strategies for addressing the problems that really face America – rather than simply throwing out mostly nonsensical proposals while spewing hateful, bigoted, narcissistic rhetoric??
    And I’m sure other posters could add a bunch more: Will The Donald ever……

    1. Beethoven July 2, 2016

      He won’t.


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