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WATCH: When Ed Klein, Author Of Clinton And Obama Smear Books, Met Joe Conason And Al Franken

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WATCH: When Ed Klein, Author Of Clinton And Obama Smear Books, Met Joe Conason And Al Franken


The inventive and indefatigable Edward Klein, author of many works of purported non-fiction, is back in bookstores with Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. the Obamas.

In his latest work, the former Newsweek journalist recounts supposedly verbatim conversations between Bill and Hillary Clinton about Benghazi, and between Bill Clinton and his “friends” reviling President Obama. He also quotes, at length, a bitter argument over dinner in the White House between the former president and the current president. And he claims to prove that Hillary Clinton is concealing secrets about her own severe ill health and that she considered resigning in protest against the Benghazi “coverup.”

But Klein’s incredible scoops, faithfully promoted by various Murdoch outlets, deserve to be considered in light of his past record – which indicates a high likelihood of fraud. In 2005, he published The Truth About Hillary, an error-filled volume that claimed Chelsea Clinton was conceived when Bill Clinton “raped” Hillary, who Klein says is actually a secret lesbian. That book was bad enough to offend Sean Hannity.

For a sense of Klein’s commitment to accuracy and fairness, The National Memo is pleased to present a three-part interview with Klein by Al Franken and Joe Conason on Air America Radio’s Al Franken Show when The Truth About Hillary was published (hat tip to Newshounds for the transcript), which was also simulcast on TV’s Sundance Channel.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Screenshot: PJ Media/YouTube; Videos: AllisonBookworm/YouTube




  1. Adam West June 24, 2014

    Great interview by Conason and Frankin! Thanks for sharing. A diary at Dailykos has this same interview linked into a piece by Teamsarah4choice


  2. Irishgrammy June 24, 2014

    Truly sickening how this creature, Ed Klein, can get away with his vile over active, destructive and completely offensive lying fantasies for no other reason other than to make money off those haters that have nothing in their twisted sick little lives other than find an object of their incessant hating and unhealthy obsession with those they disagree with either politically or socially! More often than not because those who are easily influenced by the loud talking bobble heads on the far right steady mantra to hate, distrust and condemn…..for the sake of constant division and destruction…. Never constructive, positive, optimistic discussion let alone any solutions, just misery, hate, and anger, an “our way or the highway” attitude and where the heck in life does that kind of behavior work, ever……………….NOWHERE!!!


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