WATCH: Karl Rove Equates His Dark-Money ‘Social Welfare’ PAC With The NAACP

That well-known bastion of integrity, Karl Rove, braved the searing inquisition of Fox News Sunday this weekend to explain that his Crossroads GPS dark-money group is a legitimate tax-exempt 501(c)4 organization that promotes social welfare. Just like the NAACP. Democrats, he disingenuously alleges, “had this for decades — literally decades — and no criticism at all, and then Republicans began in 2010 to say if it’s good enough for them, we’ll duplicate that structure as well.”

That’s right. It’s left-leaning groups that have routinely spent hundreds of millions of dollars on political campaigns, while those poor victims on the right — whose only interest is the good of humanity —  have chastely sat on their hands, trying to work up the courage to do the same thing themselves.

“Look, 501(c)4s have been around for a long time,” Rove said. “And the Democrats and the left have used these for years, these social welfare groups, to do some politics and a lot of social welfare.”

(Um, that’s right. Some politics and a lot of social welfare. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Thanks for proving our point, Karl.)

“NAACP voter fund, for example, ran a $10 million advertising blitz in 2000 against George W. Bush,” he pointed out.

(Um, and was audited by the IRS for doing so.)

“The League of Conservation Voters, the Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, National Abortion Rights Action League and so forth,” he continued, getting more absurd with each breath. “All of them are 501(c)4s, and there are pretty clear rules about what you can and cannot do. You have to spend a majority of your money on social welfare and a minority of your money on political activity.”

(Which not a single person alive truly believes is the case with Rove’s dark-money groups.)

“The only advantage of a 501(c)4 is it allows you to take your contributions and not pay taxes on them,” Rove falsely claimed. “That’s the one advantage that this allows you to do.”

“And also the donors aren’t revealed,” clarified host Chris Wallace.

“Well, because again, it’s a social welfare organization,” answered Rove. “This literally goes back to the 1940s when criminal penalties were added for the revelation by the IRS of donors because southern attorneys general were attempting to get the donors to the NAACP.”

Make of that what you will. And for a giggle, watch ol’ TurdBlossom say all this with a straight face, courtesy of RawStory:


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