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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Just two days after a Congressional Budget Office report launched the latest false attack against the Affordable Care Act — that the law will kill 2 million jobs — the spurious claim has already made its way into a 2014 campaign ad.

In a web video released Thursday, Thom Tillis — the Speaker of North Carolina’s House of Representatives, and a top contender for the Republican nomination to oppose incumbent Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) in November — became the first Republican candidate to utilize the CBO report in an attack ad.

“Kay Hagan votes with Barack Obama 96 percent of the time. What will it take to change her mind?” the ad’s narrator asks darkly. “How many families will have to lose good health coverage? How many workers will have to lose their jobs?”

As the narrator asks that second question, the ad shows a shuttered factory, with text on the screen reading “Congressional Budget Office estimates 2 million lost jobs due to Obamacare.”

In addition to the web ad, the National Republican Senatorial Committee sent out a press release on Thursday morning, citing a study from Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform that estimates that the Affordable Care Act will cost North Carolina the equivalent of over 74,000 jobs.

“So many of the promises Kay Hagan repeatedly made about Obamacare have turned out to be false, and as a result thousands fewer will be employed,” NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen says in the release.

Despite the Republicans’ spirited attacks, the “Obamacare the jobkiller” charge has already been thoroughly debunked. Among many others, Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler awarded the claim used in Tillis’ ad Three Pinocchios, while CBO director Douglas Elmendorf confirmed that the law will actually reduce unemployment.

It’s no surprise that Hagan has become the first victim of the misinformation campaign. Widely considered to be among the most vulnerable Democratic incumbents in the nation, Hagan has become the primary target for Republican attacks by a wide margin in the early stages of the 2014 campaign. While the attacks against Hagan have not yet become as vicious as they were in her 2008 campaign — when Republican Elizabeth Dole infamously suggested that Hagan is an enemy of God — Tillis’ new ad suggests that the new charges will be no less misleading.

H/t: Politico

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14 responses to “WATCH: Latest Obamacare Lie Already Appearing In GOP Attack Ads”

  1. Avril111 says:

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  2. Daniel Jones says:

    WHY does a national political party feel compelled to lie constantly?

    And *why* on Earth would you vote for these people?

    • Allan Richardson says:

      They keep saying they are the party of “principle.” What they don’t say is that lying IS one of their principles!

  3. Dominick Vila says:

    The latest Republican claim is so dumb I can’t believe people are not rolling on the floor laughing when they hear it. Just in case they missed it, our corporations are having a hard enough time recruiting and keeping qualified, experienced, employees. Companies like Google, MICROSOFT, Lockheed, Boeing and others go as far as offering outstanding benefits including 4-week vacations, paid sick leave and bereavement, excellent healthcare coverage, paid maternity leave, free lunches, etc to attract and keep qualified employees.
    Even those who hire semi-skilled workers are not about to lay them off because they can now get affordable healthcare, Who will fry the burgers, stock shelves, and clean hotel rooms? Robotics have not reached that level of perfection yet.
    Some people, such as those approaching retirement, but yet eligible for MEDICARE may take advantage of the availability of affordable healthcare and retire early, but that does not mean their jobs are lost, it means young applicants and the unemployed will have a better chance of finding a job.
    Interestingly, the implication of this argument is that ACA has so much to offer that it may entice people to retire early or change jobs, since portability is no longer a concern, and it also highlights an unexpected ACA benefit: the potential available of jobs for those seeking employment.

  4. darkagesbegin says:

    I don’t understand. Won’t most of those 2 million find jobs on the “death panels?” I mean, somebody has to do it.

    • Sand_Cat says:

      Sounds like the date of your birth was a milestone in the beginning of the dark ages of willful ignorance, malice, and dishonesty.

    • jmprint says:

      Can we start with you.

    • Allan Richardson says:

      The whole point is that these are 2 million no longer NEEDING to find a job. In other words, 2 million VACANCIES that unemployed people can fill! Just as Social Security and AFDC (originally created because of the large number of mothers whose HUSBANDS had to leave town alone to find work and send money home, but either voluntarily abandoned them or went missing because they were killed on the job) took people out of the competition and freed up jobs for younger men and women, this is part of the SOLUTION in the short term. Of course, the long term solution is to let the market find the number of workers REALLY needed to do what needs to be done by workers, and if, as I suspect, it turns out to be far fewer than the number of people who need some kind of income, find an equitable way of spreading some of the resulting surplus to keep a part of the population, possibly a rotating part so as to avoid fairness issues, out of the labor pool with a reasonable comfortable standard of living. Isn’t that what we do with farmland? Why not with people too

  5. FredAppell says:

    Where is the outrage among the current Republican party when big and small businesses close down in state they control? I thought that was just a natural progression of their precious free market Capitalism at work?

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