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WATCH: Ted Cruz Demands Public Schools Be Handed Over To Wall Street

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WATCH: Ted Cruz Demands Public Schools Be Handed Over To Wall Street


Watch this new video for Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and you’ll see he’s just as passionate about so-called “school choice” as he was about shutting down the government.

Conservatives have been touting the triumph of charter schools in New Orleans, where three-quarters of the schools have become charters in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina — though much of the success comes from the ability to simply expel students who don’t fit the narrative or provide flattering test scores.

School voucher programs have been in effect for more than two decades in Milwaukee. Students in these programs do the same as or worse than other students in the state. And there’s no evidence that charter schools in general outperform public schools, which cannot pick and choose their student bodies.

So why are Cruz and the right so insistent on creating alternatives to public schools?

Profit and a political agenda. In Michigan, 80 percent of the charters are run by for-profit operators. And in several states, private schools that receive federal vouchers and public charter schools use taxpayer money to teach creationism.

This video details how Republicans in North Carolina have hijacked the public school system in order to create new profit centers for corporations.

Ted Cruz school choice

Photo: Ted Cruz’s YouTube channel



  1. Buford2k11 February 4, 2014

    I see the Canadian is still trying to hurt the USofA…

  2. kfreed February 4, 2014

    The operative word here being “creationism”… the religious right’s mission to dismantle the public education system, brought to you by Koch:

    “School Choice: Taxpayer-Funded Creationism, Bigotry, and Bias”

    1. Plantsmantx February 4, 2014

      The problem is, it’s not just the religious right and the Tea Party:

      An estimated 300 attendees, including sports legends, celebrities and educational choice advocates packed the WP-24 Wolfgang Puck restaurant last night to celebrate the Alliance for School Choice’s 2nd annual Champions for Choice event. In conjunction with the ESPY awards, Champions for Choice was hosted by former NBA star and current ESPN/NBA analyst Jalen Rose, four-time Olympic Gold Medalist and former WNBA star Lisa Leslie, and educational choice advocate from the Alliance for School Choice, Kevin P. Chavous.


      Some of the event’s attendees included Academy-award winning actor, Louis Gossett Jr., fellow actors Vivica A. Fox, Garcelle Beauvoir, Regina King and Penny Marshall; singers Shaunice and the Kindred Family Soul; and current and former sports stars and legends Vince Young, Derek Fisher, Elgin Baylor, and James Ihedigbo a member of the 2013 Super Bowl Champion winning Baltimore Ravens.

  3. JDavidS February 4, 2014

    I’m willing to bet that all of Canada is really quite happy that this asshole moved south. Now most of the States would be happy if he just kept moving south… “To Mexico…with our sympathies,,,”

    1. plc97477 February 4, 2014

      He could go to Antartica then we wouldn’t have to apologize to anyone but a few penguins.

      1. daniel bostdorf February 4, 2014

        The penguins look far, far better in black and white suits and are more devoted to family values 🙂

        1. Annemb February 5, 2014

          Absolutely correct on both counts. Yes, they are more devoted to family values. Have you seen “March of the Penguins”? WOW! What a movie. Yes, we have much to learn from our four-legged friends.

          Great post!

          1. Avril111 February 6, 2014

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  4. disqus_ivSI3ByGmh February 4, 2014

    Ted Cruz would try to privatize the US Army if he thought he could get away with it. Unfortunately, that would have a significant negative impact on the Texas economy, as any mercenary force working for the government would realize there is no reason to have 10 Army Bases in Texas when none have been needed there since the death of Pancho Villa. Thus all those bases that provide primary economic support for some of the poorest areas of the country would vanish, along with their civilian support jobs.

    1. Joe Gawel February 4, 2014

      Unfortunately, the military is already much more privatized than it would be if we still had a draft. Case in point is Blackwater, later Xe, later (and now, I think) Academi; another is Halliburton, which the illustrious Dick Cheney used to lead.

      1. jtxl February 5, 2014

        private military and halliburton are the reason for all of the wars since the time of reagan as governor and the invention of crack to finance the war machine(who overthrew the shah of iran which was educated and free) and then in to his presidency where tax dollars replaced the funding to create more trouble in the middle east by propping up then young saddam hussein for the purpose of going to war with iran. Still continued to fund trillions to halliburton for the gulf wars when bush2 promised us that iraq oil money was going to pay for it. Besides the trillions halliburton made off these wars, bush2 wrote them a bonus check for 2.5 trillion dollars that we can not even ask what is done with the money. The republicans are waving their freedom banners while they are using tax dollars to move our country in to Fascism which has big business in control and with unlimited power.

  5. seal76 February 4, 2014

    Public schools are failing because of incompetent administrators from the state, county, and local levels. Many school boards are filled with men and women who are totally clueless when it comes to how to run a school district. Washington DC interfering is no help either. I don’t believe that privatizing the schools is the answer. Clean out the bureaucrats and poorly informed board members. Problem solved.

    1. stcroixcarp February 4, 2014

      The question is: Are public schools really failing? Public schools have been the scapegoat for conservatives since Bennett came out with his screed, “A Nation at Risk” in the ’80’s.This became an excuse to cut funding, attack teacher’s unions, public pensions, and beat the drum for privatized education and vouchers for religious schools. While pretending the issue is parental choice and local control of education, the truth is that privatized schools take choice and control away from parents. There is a bill up in the Wisconsin legislature that would require the state to take over “failing” schools and hand them over to be run by an unelected charter school board with NO accountability to local boards or parents. Guess who decides which schools are failing? You got it, the unelected charter board! And guess who pays for this. You got it! Local property taxes.

      1. Robert Roberto February 5, 2014

        Most parents blame the schools for the failure of their children. I blame my daughter for the B- she received last week in algebra 2, which does happen to be a good grade. She usually gets an A in that subject. Good grades can get her a full scholarship at TLC, if she’s accepted and that’s the college she has always wanted to attend, but she knows we won’t be able to afford to pay the full tuition.

    2. FORREST February 4, 2014

      then why are you not more involved?

      1. seal76 February 4, 2014

        I am a retired teacher with 30 years of experience. I fought the bureaucrats and administrators so often that I was nearly fired several times. I am tired. I fought the good fight and except for letters to editors Senators, Representatives and to the state assembly I am done.

  6. charles king February 4, 2014

    This is how Plutocracts operate by taking public assets and turning them into private operations calling theirselves management companies. Wake up America cause this senerio is happening all over small town USA. I taught in the Public school system of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania when at one time they had a Public school system which had a budget of (2.4Bils) two point four billions (Americans’ Dollars with a capital A) Then came the capitalistic Pigs WHO? bought the Unions out, the community, especially the Black community sold out their children, mainly the young angry Black male, who is running around helpless without any guideline. Everybody must start doing some (Critical Thinking) about What? the hell is going on with our Democracy, for, by, of the People. The young Black male is mad as hell because they know they are being shafted, it is time that the government start taking care of its products instead of building prisons to maintain them cause one day there will be a time of re-correcting our mistakes. Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. Check-out Webster’s Dict. Democracy VS Plutocracy. Mr. C. E. KING

    1. jump_master82 February 4, 2014

      Your right, Follow the money!

    2. Dominick Vila February 4, 2014

      These are the same guys who claim Democrats support redistribution of wealth! I guess it all depends which way the redistribution goes. If it goes to Wall Street, large corporation, and the elite, it is good; if it flows downward, all the way down to the common man, it becomes evil socialism.

    3. jtxl February 5, 2014

      too few of us remember the facts of iran/contra where reagan hired a cia scientist to make a new drug that “would make cocaine affordable to the poor” and that his instructions required that this new drug be given to a “targeted population” being the poor blacks of L.A. The republicans have succeeded in lowering the education level of entire generations so critical thinking is no longer an option.

  7. charleo1 February 4, 2014

    I think first we have to ask ourselves, is there anything more basic, or fundamental? Or any one thing more determinate of what kind of Country we will become? Is there any other job we have, that will ultimately be more important to the quality of life future generations of Americans will have, than the education we provide our children today? So, whatever we decide on this issue, is going to have monumental consequences. And, it’s going to be imperative, and of the utmost importance we get the facts. For if we do, in our final decision, choose to support the unregulated, uncertified, corporate training of our children, and abandon our public schools. There will be no turning back. We should also know, there have already been hundreds of millions of dollars directed away from our public schools in several Republican run States already. The Florida Legislature allowed corporations to direct any tax monies they owed the State, the option of using those public receipts to build, and fund any private, for profit, unregulated, and uncertified, charter schools, they desired. In some cases, donating the land. So important it is, for the T-Party Governor Rick Scott, and the T-Party led Florida Legislature, to end the Public Schools, in the Sunshine State. But why? What is their motivation that compels these government officials to wage this years long, unrelenting attack on our public school system? Is it out of concern for what they see as the poor quality of education our children are receiving in public schools? Then why insist these corporate schools be unregulated as to their curriculum, untested to the F-Cat, or any norms of gauging the proficiency of their students on any of the core subjects, while maintaining a rigorous standard for pubic schools, they say, are failing? Going so far as to attach the salaries of teachers based on the Performance of their students. The Florida State Constitution mandates by law, that the State owes all of it’s children a top quality education. Which means, public schools are required to take every child. And offer the best education possible, Which means special education must be offered to students afflicted with learning disabilities, autism, ADD, and the State requires the reacher have additional certification with these special needs children. While the Corporate, for profit charter, is under no such obligation. They may refuse any student, or dismiss him or her for any reason the administration of that facility deem appropriate. Governor Scott insists the privatization of your child’s education insures that the taxpayers will be getting a good deal. That yes, they can educate our children much less expensively. Well, are you sold yet? Could there be something other than altruism involved, to explain the double standards, the corporate tax money, the diversion of public funds? Politics maybe? Teachers are union members. Could it really be as simple as breaking the unions? Which do contribute the larger portion of their money to Democrats. Could this years long, all out war with the public school system, by Republican politicians, with our children’s future in the balance, really all come down to just more money in politics? I’m not smart enough to tell you. Just smart enough to point out a no brainer. What ever we do, for our children’s, and our Country’s sake, we’d better get one this right.

    1. jointerjohn February 4, 2014

      This is in part about breaking teacher’s unions, but also seeing to it that all of organized labor is vilified in the curricula. They want to indoctrinate the children on this matter while they fill their heads with creationism and and other nonsense that produces a supplicant and submissive population. Senator Cruz also opposes the teaching of critical thinking, and I think we all know why that would be?

      1. daniel bostdorf February 4, 2014

        Now we are talking the hidden agenda and real motivation.

        1. jointerjohn February 5, 2014

          Teaching children to think for themselves spells the death of everything the American political right stands for. Nothing they advocate can stand up to free rational analysis.

  8. dana becker February 4, 2014

    “This video details how Republicans in North Carolina have hijacked the public school system in order to create new profit centers for corporations.”

    This what the politicians are trying to do to every aspect of our lives. They are making us all income streams for their corporate puppet masters.

    1. daniel bostdorf February 4, 2014

      Also known as slavery.

  9. FORREST February 4, 2014

    HEAD MY WARNING if the school system goes private you as parents will have no say in the curriculum or how it is taught and if your children are a little slower than the rest of the class your child will be removed from their school. then it will be tough sh!! for you

  10. Jambi February 4, 2014

    Time for a Recall Election in Texas to remove this “Joe McCarthy-wannabe-Clown” from office- Does anyone EVEN listen to this Idiot?

    1. Sand_Cat February 4, 2014

      Regrettably, he’d probably be re-elected in a landslide. We’re talking about Texas, remember.

      1. Jambi February 4, 2014

        Sorry, I must have thought I was in California or another state other than Texas…

  11. elw February 4, 2014

    I say just keep the man talking; the more he does the more his chance to become President decreases. He doesn’t even sound sincere when he talks.

  12. Lovefacts February 4, 2014

    Notwithstanding that Cruz graduated from Harvard Law School, the man has no understanding of American history or our constitution. From our founding fathers forward, public education has always been considered one of government’s most important functions. Cruz and his cohorts have no interest the welfare of America. Their only interest is in making money, even if it costs the country its future. They’ve forgotten–if they ever knew it–that the government’s job is to protect the country from all enemies, internal and external. And a literate public educated via a free government supported system guarantees this. The more literate the population, the more stable the economy and the less chance of revolution.

    IMO, we need to institute three years of mandatory universal service upon graduating high school or upon leaving school–exceptions made for physical or mental handicaps if requested. This service can be it in the military or community–i.e. FDR’s CCC, or intercity clean-up, or teacher aides. This helped equalize the country, with everyone having an investment in its future. We’d sure have fewer people like Cruz, Paul Ryan, and Rand Paul.

    1. dpaano February 4, 2014

      Lovefacts: This is what they do (or used to do) in South Korea. When you graduated, you had to join the ROK (military) for 2 years. During that 2 years, you could not get married and you could not continue your private education. Once you finished your two years, you were free to marry, received low-cost college educations, and went on your merry way. I met many So. Korean ROK soldiers….they were polite, considerate, highly intelligent, and were very much appreciated by their families and their country. They came out of the 2 years as disciplined, thoughtful, and responsible adults. I agree totally with you. BTW, I went into the military right out of high school at age 18…..I came out at age 21 a whole different person. It certainly helped me to become the person I am today.

    2. daniel bostdorf February 4, 2014

      You hit that one dead on…

  13. TZToronto February 4, 2014

    Not that anyone in the U.S. really cares about what happens in Canada, but in Ontario the Catholic schools are publicly funded. This is the result of a deal with Quebec, many years ago, in which English Canada agreed to provide Catholic schools for French residents if Quebec would provide public education for non-Catholics. In a recent Ontario provincial election, the Progressive Conservative party leader proposed funding all religious schools in an effort to level the playing field for non-Catholics (not a bad idea, really, since it would force religious schools to met provincial education standards.) The Progressive Conservatives lost the election because most people didn’t want more funding of religious schools. (In fact, most people in Ontario would like to see the Catholic schools funded by the families who use them.) As far as I know, in Ontario at least, the idea of charter schools is not even considered. There are religious schools (non-Catholic), Catholic schools, public schools, and private schools. If your kids go to a religious school or a private school, you pay for it out of your own pocket.

  14. progressiveandproud February 4, 2014

    Every time I see Cruz I think of a slimy little rat flitting around the edges of a room waiting for the opportunity to steal something and then run and hide.
    He just gives me the creeps.

    I believe he’d sell his mother down the river if it would help his political career.

    1. daniel bostdorf February 4, 2014

      The assumption here is that he is the devil’s spawn? 🙂

  15. Bill February 4, 2014

    GOP policy, give everything to big business, from schools to national parks, because everyone knows the for profit business will be cheaper than not for profit, NOT.

    1. daniel bostdorf February 4, 2014


  16. daniel bostdorf February 4, 2014

    “School choice” is a euphanism for discrimination against the poor.

    Ted CRuz doublethink at is finest…again…

    Doublethink. Orweillian.

    “Doublethink is the act of ordinary people simultaneously accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct, often in distinct social contexts.[1] Doublethink is related to, but differs from, hypocrisy and neutrality. Somewhat related but almost the opposite is cognitive dissonance, where contradictory beliefs cause conflict in one’s mind. Doublethink is notable due to a lack of cognitive dissonance — thus the person is completely unaware of any conflict or contradiction…….doublethink is part of newspeak. In the novel, its origin within the typical citizen is unclear; while it could be partly a product of Big Brother’s formal brainwashing programs,[2] the novel explicitly shows people learning Doublethink and newspeak due to peer pressure and a desire to “fit in”, or gain status within the Party — to be seen as a loyal Party Member. In the novel, for someone to even recognize–let alone mention–any contradiction within the context of the Party line was akin to blasphemy, and could subject that someone to possible disciplinary action and to the instant social disapproval of fellow Party Members”

    From the novel 1984: “doublethink is: “To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it, to believe that democracy was impossible and that the Party was the guardian of democracy, to forget, whatever it was necessary to forget, then to draw it back into memory again at the moment when it was needed, and then promptly to forget it again, and above all, to apply the same process to the process itself – that was the ultimate subtlety; consciously to induce unconsciousness, and then, once again, to become unconscious of the act of hypnosis you had just performed. Even to understand the word ‘doublethink’ involved the use of doublethink.

    ”The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them… To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just as long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies – all this is indispensably necessary. Even in using the word doublethink it is necessary to exercise doublethink. For by using the word one admits that one is tampering with reality; by a fresh act of doublethink one erases this knowledge; and so on indefinitely, with the lie always one leap ahead of the truth.

    Ted Cruz is one of the masters of doublethink. He is evil.

  17. Mark Forsyth February 4, 2014

    What’s next,a resurgence on the Nazi youth corp.?

    1. daniel bostdorf February 4, 2014

      Now you are getting to how fascism indoctrinates the very young with double think propaganda….to ensure the party continues.

      1. Mark Forsyth February 4, 2014

        Absolutely Dan,it’s the first thing that crossed my mind.I fail to understand how fascism can be so attractive to some people who are not coerced to some extent.Is that the result of inherent greed or just your regular run of the mill insanity?

        1. daniel bostdorf February 4, 2014

          Greed, mass psychosis ie group mindset based in lies/propaganda, a well financed propaganda campaign by Koch brothers/Karl Rove with a duplicitous extreme right wing media….and a following of believers that is statistically reading at a 6th grade level ie lack of an education based in analytic thinking…It is easier for them to have someone else do the thinking for you….

          Orwellian double think instead of truth. See comment below…

          1. Mark Forsyth February 4, 2014

            Ah! The dumbing down of America,the cause,and the reason why.

          2. daniel bostdorf February 4, 2014

            And Germany pre nazi facists went through 2 wars and lost….the economy tanked….education went out the door…German industrialists like Kock brothers seized the moment carpe diem…found Adolf Hitler (Romney-Cruz) doesnt matter….the doublethinker was elected….immigrants, homosexuals, metal patients etc…and Jews were blamed for all the problemss..

            Now it is immigrants and that public schools need to be in the hands of the corporate oligarchy..

            History should not be repeated…but alas…it does…

            This country is a police surveillance state like old east germany…and is ripe for the facists picking…

          3. Mark Forsyth February 4, 2014

            No doubt that they are trying their best but fortunately there are still those with memories of the war as well as the children of those who fought the fascist plague.
            I’d like to think that it won’t succeed this time either but you don’t witness much discussion of fascism off this page and damn little of it here.

          4. daniel bostdorf February 4, 2014

            Once the ramifications in the minds of the people that this is true….either makes them emboldened….or become sympathizers.

            All Americans need to rent the movie “V for Vendetta to see where that complacency gets a nation of people fictional or not..

            From the movie:
            “”Where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission. How did this happen? Who’s to blame? Well, certainly there are those more responsible than others … but … truth be told, if you’re looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror. I know why you did it. I know you were afraid. Who wouldn’t be? War, terror, disease. There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense. Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to the now-High Chancellor … He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.” ”

            More here:


  18. Annemb February 5, 2014

    Ted Cruz is narcissistic who doesn’t care about anyone else but himself. He is a phoney!

  19. Bruno's Beach February 5, 2014

    Each of us should keep in mind that the most common illusions conjured up to justify collectivism include “social justice”, “fair” income distribution, and “global warming”.

  20. 4sanity4all February 5, 2014

    People are now seeing that charter schools are no better than the public schools, yet the charters are now demanding more public money. Charter schools toss out students who do not score high enough, on the pretext of ‘behavior problems’, like chewing gum or talking back. They accept only children who are normal, or who have minimal learning disabilities. The public schools get to keep all low performing students, all students with serious medical disabilities, all students with serious behavioral problems, and all students who struggle to learn the English language. As soon as public schools show any decrease in test scores, they are put on a watch list, and finally, closed. Then all of their students must be disrupted and placed in another school. There is no long term planning allowed for the public schools, because their funding is always being promised, then cut. Meanwhile, corporate charter school funders wage a public relations campaign to promote charters as “choice”, while they denigrate public school teachers and vilify the unions as evil. Never mind that, in this entire scenario, the only ones who really have the best interests of ALL students are- you guessed it, the public school teachers and their unions. Parents are beginning to see that public bodies who are pushing charter schools are shadowy figures who are awarding huge money contracts to their friends and family. If they are even able to enroll their students in the charters, they are finding that they have teachers with little to no experience, and low academic credentials. They see very frustrated charter school teachers who are given heavy workloads and high expectations, but low pay and no benefits. They realize that the charters are an unsustainable model, and charters are just a tool of corporations for cash flow. Fortunately, parents in Chicago, and around the country, are marching in public spaces, demanding to be seen and heard. Their message is clear- fully fund the public schools, and stop expanding charters.


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