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WATCH: Will Republicans Shut Down The Government Again Over Obamacare?

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WATCH: Will Republicans Shut Down The Government Again Over Obamacare?


This summer, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) tagged along with Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT) as they insisted that the GOP pursue the strategy that led to the government shutdown in October. This effort — along with the rejection of his own immigration reform bill — was part of his campaign to restore his credibility among Tea Partiers, and he won high praise for it during Cruz’s fake filibuster.

The junior senator from Texas recently said the shutdown was “absolutely” worth it after insisting that he didn’t actually want a shutdown, a suggestion that gave the crowd at The Atlantic‘s Washington Ideas Forum last week quite a laugh.

But now the problems with Healthcare.gov have conservatives believing they have the president on the ropes.

“[Obamacare] will have to be repealed and the question is how long will it take Democrats to realize that and cooperate in this endeavor,” Rubio said. “The upper echelons of the Democratic Party are still being very stubborn about it. But my prediction is, check back in eight weeks.”

What happens in eight weeks? The continuing resolution that funds the government runs out and Congress will have to pass a new one or Shutdown: The Sequel begins

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has stated flatly that he will not let that happen.

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) echoed McConnell on Tuesday: “We will keep the government funding at the current level if need be.”

But the Republican leadership didn’t want the last shutdown. Cruz, Lee and Rubio have established the premise that funding the government including Obamacare is akin to voting for the law. So Ryan is assuming Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) will bring a funding bill to the floor that could be opposed by a majority of his caucus.

If Cruz called those who didn’t agree with him the “surrender caucus” before, what is he going to say now that the GOP leadership is assuming they’ll be able to fund the government without any Tea Party support?

Marco Rubio on Fox


Screenshot via Fox News


  1. Zoey Kay November 20, 2013

    It won’t work. The ACA site may be having problems, but there are still plenty of people signing up through the site and by the other available methods, and in those states that have their own exchanges, and those policies will go into effect on Jan. 1, with lots of those people getting health insurance for the first time. You will not be able to get halfway through the month, and then try to tell all of those people that you’re shutting down the government (again) unless we get rid of your new health insurance.

    1. exdemo55 November 21, 2013

      Who is to blame for the epic failure of the Healthcare.gov website? Republicans, of course. At least, that’s what President Obama claimed on a teleconference call Monday sponsored by Organizing for Action, his grass-roots advocacy group. Mr. Obama told the 200,000 supporters who dialed in that “obviously, we haven’t been getting a lot of cooperation from the other party.”

      So is this supposed to mean that House Speaker John Boehner wrote the faulty code for the website, and Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell drafted the dozens of speeches in which the president promised that Americans could keep their health plans?

      No matter. For the president and key Democratic supporters, the website rollout was a glitch that should not detract from a wondrous and politically potent health-care overhaul.

      Just ask Democrats like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who declared on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” that Democrats will proudly “stand tall” with the president in defense of ObamaCare. Or David Plouffe, the president’s former senior adviser, who insisted on “This Week With George Stephanopoulos” that it’s an “impossibility” Republicans will run successfully against ObamaCare next year or in 2016. Or pollster Stan Greenberg, who told me last week that the law is increasingly popular.

      These claims are delusional.

      Consider that in July 2010, four months after the Affordable Care Act passed, the Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll found that 50% of adults had a favorable opinion of the law, and 35% had an unfavorable opinion. Three years later, in Kaiser’s Oct. 17-23 poll, 38% were favorable and 44% were unfavorable.

      Similarly, according to an ABC/Washington Post survey in March 2010, 46% supported the health-care changes enacted that month while 50% opposed them. By this Nov. 17, the ABC/Washington Post poll found 40% supported the federal law, while 57% opposed it.

      As to standing tall with the president, consider what Americans have said when asked about candidates who support the law. In July 2010, 39% were more likely to vote for a candidate who supported ObamaCare, while 37% were less likely, according to the ABC/Washington Post poll. This month, 21% are more likely while 37% were less likely. In red states carried by Mitt Romney, 46% say they are more likely to oppose a candidate who backs the law while only 15% say they are more likely to support him. This is terrible news for those seven Democratic senators up next year in states won by Mr. Romney.

      Even in blue states carried by Mr. Obama in 2012, 31% of voters are more likely to oppose a candidate who backs the health law while 25% are more likely to support them. All this explains the actions of 39 House Democrats who broke ranks with the White House on Friday to vote for a GOP proposal to allow people to permanently keep their health plans if they like them, never mind ObamaCare.

      Among them were eight of the nine Democrats who represent districts carried by Mr. Romney. Two others are running for the Senate in purple states. Three represent districts carried by Mr. Obama but won re-election themselves with less than 50%.

      Five are Illinois congressmen facing re-election without a home-state presidential candidate on the ballot. Four of these represent districts that had Republican congressmen before 2012. Two are from Oregon, where Democrats worry about the fallout from a state-run exchange website on which no one has been able to purchase a private insurance plan. And one is from a Florida district represented by a Republican until last year.

      Another six to peel off from the president are Californians. Several of them could face tough races in the state’s new electoral system in which everyone runs in the same primary with the two top vote-getters going into the general election, regardless of party. Most of the other 12 Democrats are in swing districts that could be at risk next fall with strong GOP challengers.

      Mr. Obama and his closest congressional allies seem blind to this. They keep telling the public to look at the law’s fantastic benefits. But these benefits have failed to move public opinion in the president’s direction.

      Instead, support for the president and his law is in free fall, with approval for ObamaCare at 31% (down 12 points in a month) and the president’s job approval at 37% (down nine points since October) in a Nov. 18 CBS poll. The Democrats in Congress who voted for it could well experience something very similar next November.

      1. Make it go away November 21, 2013

        Hmm it seems your sadly mistaken, but hey what do we expect. Looking ahead to the 2014 election, 63% say that their own member of Congress should be replaced, another sign that growing public outrage over Washington’s budget battles could matter this time. That’s the highest number ever recorded on that question, dating back to when it was first asked in 1992.

        45% want a Congress controlled by Democrats in 2015, while 41% want a Republican-controlled Congress. And voters say by a 35-28 margin that they’ll vote for the Democratic candidate — 30% prefer an independent or third-party candidate.

    2. Pamby50 November 21, 2013

      I was watching Ed Schultz today and he let us know that John Boehner has signed up for the ACA. That was the best laugh today but I’m sure Speaker Boehner did this as a joke. That the web site actually allowed him to complete the process probably shocked him.

      1. Barbara Morgan November 23, 2013

        No Pamby50, he actually did it to prove his and the Republicans point about how difficult was to get on the website and sign up for the insurance and other lies they have pushing about the Affordable Health Medical Act, instead he and the Republican Party-Tea party was shown to be the liars. All members of Congress have to sign up for the insurance by 1 January 2014 thanks to a Republican amendment to the bill that says they have to, a amendment that was suppose to keep them from having to sign for the insurance, the way it was worded makes it work opposite of the way they wanted it to work. Found out that information on Face Book from blog that was posted by Rachel Maddow. I may have not stated it exactly right but they did shoot themselves in the foot with the amendment added to the act.

  2. John Kruger November 20, 2013

    Having been burned so badly the first time reaching out to the Tea Party, will Boehner really do the same thing again? I think it is clear now that his job is not on the line if he fails to jump on board with the suicide caucus. Can he and the rest of his party really have that poor of a memory? I certainly hope not.

    1. Guest November 21, 2013

      They don’t but they don’t care

    2. Yvette White November 21, 2013

      They don’t have that poor of a Memory they just don’t care

  3. Lynda Groom November 21, 2013

    Would anyone really be surprised if the GOP was dumb enough to do it again? I don’t think they will, but nothing they come up with is out of the question. Their hate is beyond logic and reason.

    1. Make it go away November 21, 2013

      there are a select few that want to do it again, now let’s see if bonehead can control his moronic party. Doubt it…

      1. Yvette White November 21, 2013

        I was at the Social Security Administration office to day and they are telling us to be ready for it and how it did not get us this time but it will the next time, and I thought she was kidding me, but she was for real she told me how to get on line and do what I needed to do, so they are going to do it aging, and I sure hope so cause we will never have a another Republican in the Whitehouse for the next 75 years and it’s just what the Democrats want them to do, we are going to love it so bring it on

    2. Yvette White November 21, 2013

      I hope they do I pray they do and they will, watch

  4. JDavidS November 21, 2013

    The GOP/Tea Clowns… notoriously slow learners, aren’t they?

    1. Annemb November 21, 2013

      Correct … but – will they ever learn???

      1. Siegfried Heydrich November 21, 2013

        Unlikely . . . they’re “special”, you know . . .

        1. Annemb November 21, 2013

          Great post.

          I agree… but “special” in what way? That’s a rhetorical question.

          Do you remember when both political parties worked together to govern / legislate? The important thing, at the time, was not who was with which party, but that despite any differences, there was compromise. The conclusion? Ultimately, all worked together for the good of the country and her citizens. In other words, they did the job they were elected / being paid to do.

          1. Siegfried Heydrich November 21, 2013

            That was then. This is now. And this most DEFINITELY ain’t your grandfather’s GOP, nor even your father’s any longer. The party started going nuts under Reagan, went seriously crazy under Newt’s leadership, and the day Obama received the nomination, they went totally batboop, stark, staring, barking, raving mad, and have been getting worse ever since.

            The GOP no longer works to serve the nation. It’s sole goal any longer is to destroy the President by whatever means necessary. It has stopped being a party and has become a cult.

          2. Annemb November 21, 2013

            Sad but true, very wise and very accurate.


          3. Yvette White November 21, 2013

            You got that shit right

          4. Barbara Morgan November 23, 2013

            And all the people that voted for him.

      2. Yvette White November 21, 2013


        1. Annemb November 21, 2013

          Exactly correct!!!

  5. Dominick Vila November 21, 2013

    I doubt it. Tea Party supporters like Rubio and Cruz are trying to rally the base and, by so doing, they hope their flock will forget or forgive their faux pas, but while I disagree with almost everything they say and do, and I believe the last thing the country needs is their record of poor governance, I also believe that when it comes to electioneering, the GOP is second to none. The GOP establishment is not going to let a few hotheads dominate the agenda again and inflict what could be irreparable harm to the party, specially when the political pendulum has swung against democrats. They are having too much fun seeing the President, the Administration, and Dems at large trying to overcome the tide of discontent that dominates our national psyche today. Fortunately, their hopes are likely to be short lived. ACA will work as planned, albeit for the fact that changes will have to be made, the same way every major piece of legislation has been amended in the past.

    1. JohnRNC November 21, 2013

      And I don’t doubt it. The obstructionism and “horse trading” is already in play in the committees that are supposed to be developing the Budget and it’s not going well. Most of the folks I know who work in government are convinced that there will be another shutdown and that the budget going forward will be a continuation of the sequester. While this is indeed poor governance, it really doesn’t seem to make a difference to the House.

    2. Yvette White November 21, 2013

      But they already have let the crazy people take the Establishment over what are you talking about, I think you give them to much credit you here everyone say this is not the Republican party of my Grandfather this is a cult, now I don’t agree with the cult part of it, but this is not the same GOP Establishment that you think it is

      1. Dominick Vila November 22, 2013

        I am not a fan of the GOP, in fact, the last Republican administration I was impressed with Eisenhower’s, and no, I don’t have much faith in the GOP establishment. However, regardless of adamantly I oppose most GOP policies, I respect the value of opposition, the need to respect the opinions of others, and the value of considering other options and seeking middle ground. People like Sens. McCain and Graham, should not be placed at the same level as Cruz, Rand, Lee and others. They are conservatives, but their values and intent are in the right place. The new breed, on the other hand, are destroying their party, and if allowed to succeed they are likely to inflict irreparable damage on the USA.

    3. Barbara Morgan November 23, 2013

      I disagree with you and they will shut the government down. These Republican and Tea party members of Congress seem to to suffer from short term memory and that is why they keep doing stuff that will make the Republican Party part of history like the Greenback party, the Whigs and other parties that finally just became regional or state parties. Dominick it seems that you aren’t seeing the fact that Republicans are willing to destroy this Country and its people in order to destroy President Obama, they are not sane in many ways and sure are nothing like the GOP of years past Nixon.

  6. FT66 November 21, 2013

    I wrote last time before the recent shutdown, that the way I have watched these people, they are going to shutdown the government, and yes they did. I can also write it again now, that they are going to shutdown the government once more. Can’t you folks realise these people’s behaviour is quite strange and different from any other people we used to know?

    1. guest November 21, 2013

      Just keep in mind, this is the part that insists doing the exact same thing over and over again will have different outcomes each time. That kind of says it all doesn’t it?

      1. Landsende November 21, 2013

        Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity. There is a lot of insanity in the teapublican party and if they would quit trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act they could get the treatment they so desperately need.

        1. Yvette White November 21, 2013

          It’s hate and insanity, they really don’t want people to believe that this president did win this last Election, they are telling their people that he did not win and they believe this shit, now that’s insanity

      2. Yvette White November 21, 2013

        to me it dose, but we are not talking about Normal people these people are sick and full of hate they hate this president more then they love this country and are willing to kill themselves at the same time, that’s what most of you don’t get, they don’t mine destroying themselves to make a point

  7. Siegfried Heydrich November 21, 2013

    This has moved well beyond merely obsessive-compulsive, into a full blown mania. And more than that, their delusional state of mind literally blinds them to the reality of the entire nation. If they try this again, all that’s going to happen is that they will tear their party apart even more, and discredit themselves in the eyes of the voters once again.

    This is madness, pure and simple. A raging, desperate hatred for something they should have embraced, but could not because it was passed by a black man. And now they’re wiling to not only commit political suicide in repeated futile kamikaze attacks on the ACA, but they’re willing to try to destroy the gov’t. This will not end well for them.

    1. Make it go away November 21, 2013

      that’s what I’m hoping for with the crash n burn party…

      1. Yvette White November 21, 2013

        me to, Make It go away

    2. paulyz November 22, 2013

      Your reasoning seems quite illogical being that Conservatives are very much in support of blacks like Dr. Ben Carson, Allen West, Clarence Thomas, Condaleeza Rice, etc., but at the same time are disgusted in failed policies by whites like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, etc. Bringing up the stale race card is a sign of ignorance.

      1. Siegfried Heydrich November 22, 2013

        Hey, they loves their tokens, like to rub their nappy heads for luck in the finest of old southern traditions, and trot them out to show how tolerant they are. See? All our blacks are Happy blacks, ain’tcha, boys?

        Sorry, just run down the comment thread on any conservative site and you will see glaring examples of the kind of sick hatred I’m talking about. Pop on over the DeadBart, WND, or Grudge and see for yourself. Hell, go look at the Politico threads! Then come back and tell me how ‘stale’ the race card is.

      2. Barbara Morgan November 23, 2013

        All the people you have listed are nothing but tokens and tolerated because they will go along with the Republican criteria no matter who gets hurt or dies because of the Republican policies. Claiming that bringing up the stale race card is sign of ignorance shows how ignored you are. All you have to do to see the racial prejudice that is rampant in the Republican party is read the statements of it leaders and study the bills passed in states controlled by Republican Governors and legislatures and if you had any sense you would see that racism is alive and well in the Republican party. Or are you actually a racist yourself and are trying to prove otherwise by your post or a person of color that hates his race and wants to be white like Allen West does?

  8. Lovefacts November 21, 2013

    This attempt, like all the ones before it, will fail. While the Federal site is having multiple problems, the state enrollments sites are not only up and running but out pacing even the most optimistic projections.

    However, having said that, this threat will send chills through an already weak economy. Where initially I said I worried that the Christmas retail season would be slow, now with Rubio’s comments I’m sure it’ll tank. Sure people may hit the stores Black Friday, but how many? Snap has been slashed, so many of the people who stand in line for 12 hours or more won’t have the money. It’ll be going for food. And those who are in or rely upon the following: military; the government; have government contracts; rely upon government payments or services will not be spending much money as the prepare for January 2014. And they there are all those businesses which supply or cater to the above. IMO, until a budget or clean CR is passed and raising the debt limit through September 2014, most people and businesses will hang onto their money.

    1. Yvette White November 21, 2013

      You are so right people just don’t have the money for Christmas this year or the money to buy Christmas dinner, so we will see come black Friday it will tell it all

  9. jnap November 21, 2013

    Rubio is a big disappointment. He thinks he is a Republican Party leader but in reality is just a want-to-be. He if wants to succeed he will have to appeal to the middle ground moderates. I believe that Americans are very tired of the far right wing because they bring nothing to the table. Where is their solution for affordable health care? Come on Rubio if you have ideas about how to get health care for everyone why don’t you tell us all about it and why are you not introducing a bill for discussion and debate?
    It is not enough to be against something; you must have a viable alternative.
    It has taken a hundred years to get this far on health care for all Americans and there are 50 million reasons why it is now the law. You are not going to undue all of that work by saying that we need to go back a system that was not working and left so many people without proper and affordable health care.
    I simple say, come up with an alternative or shut up.

  10. howa4x November 21, 2013

    He must be for the public option like I am. There is only 2 ways we can finance illness intervention. One is to keep the insurance companies plus Medicare/Medicaid or two abolish the insurance companies and have Medicare for all or a one payer system. If he wants to keep the insurance companies then he and the GOP need to realize a few issues. 1st is they need to make a profit. They are publically traded and need a ROI to investors. In the past in order to do that they needed to drop marginally healthy people or ones with pre existing conditions from the roles because they lost money if someone was hospitalized. Also they need to cap what they would spend on you and your families care. All the ACA did is to modify what they could do, so now they couldn’t drop people for pre existing conditions or anything else, and BTW we will let kids stay on their parents policy till 26. Insurance companies said if you do that we can’t make a profit. So with early republican influence they adopted then governor Romney’s plan. Which is to make everybody both sick and well buy insurance which is what the ACA does. In order for the insurance companies to make a profit they need the healthy to pay for the unhealthy and as long as they have enough healthy ones it works out. this is better known as the mandate.
    So Mr. Rubio and friends you can’t have it all, if you want the insurance companies to remain. The devil is in the details

    1. Allan Richardson November 21, 2013

      Since no one can be totally sure they will not have any illnesses (or injuries or criminal attacks) in the next 12 months, but many people ARE totally sure they WILL need medical care, it obviously pays all of us to have EVERYONE buy health insurance as part of the same pool (since we and the insurance companies can never be sure which pool we ACTUALLY belong in). The ACA is a step, a baby step, toward the most efficient and simple way for that to happen: single payer. Basically, nobody buys health insurance personally any more (unless they want protection against really unusual health events, or special treatment in the hospital), but the federal government, in essence (through one or more insurance companies or with a self-insurance fund, either way) pays a premium from the common fund of our tax money, buying a policy for every citizen. Everybody in the same risk pool, everybody entitled to the same benefits at any doctor, clinic, hospital or pharmacy. Nobody excluded, since the cost is spread over everyone’s taxes (and everyone pays SOME taxes).

      If this sounds like socialism, maybe life and death OUGHT to be maintained by socialism, rather than a commodity for sale. Another word for it is making the right to KEEP ONE’S LIFE AND HEALTH an unalienable right, as described in our Declaration of Independence. Or, more simply, DEMOCRACY.

      1. howa4x November 21, 2013

        I totally agree. A public option will take the profit out of the insurance side of health care but not the practice side of it.
        Currently most doctor groups are LLc’s and are there to make a profit. So is Big Pharma. My experience has taught me that big Pharma makes drugs that don’t really cure you but only allows you to maintain your current level of illness but most times not get worse. They do this to keep profits high. Also the drugs have side effects, some mild and some severe. This fact keeps you going back to the doctor to monitor the drugs effects/side effects. Each time this happens you are charged for it. Most times tests are ordered and you pay for that. All because you took the drug. It is a closed loop market. Doctors prescribing more drugs and monitoring the side effects. This is why illness intervention is so expensive. Some heart medications can give you other diseases like diabetes. Then you will be going to 2 doctors and taking two different medications. That is great for business isn’t it? The reality is that every sector of the illness system makes a profit off of your illness. If you’re hospitalized then that is the trifecta of profit since the hospital, doctors and big Pharma are all making money off of you at once.
        I know I appear cynical but I worked in it and heard how the doctors talked out of public view.
        The ACA is only a small step in the reform of our system, and is only looking at one side of the problem.

  11. paulyz November 22, 2013

    Since our Federal Government is deep in debt & there are no budgets passed, either we have to cut spending or the sequester will kick in anyway, that’s the whole point.

    1. Barbara Morgan November 23, 2013

      Who are we in deep debt with? We wouldn’t have to worry about money to run this Country if all people had to pay taxes on all the money they made in one year instead of some being allowed to put off paying those taxes until 30 years later.
      Also where do you purpose to cut spending, are you in favor of stopping all corporate welfare to corporations, oil companies, coal companies, mega farms or do you favor the same thing the Republican and Tea party members of Congress do , cut the safety nets for children, the handicapped, seniors and veterans while continuing and increasing mega welfare payments to corporations, oil companies, coal companies and mega farms, the very ones that don’t any taxes.

  12. mandinka November 22, 2013

    They absolutely should shut it down. ACA is the law of the land NOT Obamacare. Time for the dictator to understand what the constitution stands for

    1. jnap November 22, 2013

      They are the same thing, got it?

  13. Defend Liberty November 22, 2013

    Liberals just want your stuff.

    1. Barbara Morgan November 23, 2013

      And you are a broken record, since most of the people that get “free stuff” like in states controlled by Republican Governors and legislatures. By the way what free stuff are Liberals getting and can you proof your statements with court room beyond a doubt facts or just parroting once the same lies you heard on Fox not news or from Rush?

  14. Defend Liberty November 22, 2013

    Continued rot in the roots of Western morals, customs, and traditions, may ultimately topple the oaks of liberty, prosperity, and civilization which have grown upon them.


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