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The Water Protectors Of Standing Rock



  1. AgLander November 28, 2016

    Are they really doing it for the water or, more likely, because the functional head of the Democrat party, Georgie Boy Soros pays them well?

    1. FireBaron November 29, 2016

      How would you like it if a company with a reputation for leaking oil pipes to run a pipeline through your aquifer?

      1. RED November 29, 2016

        Sadly, it’s unlikely that they would care about it then either. The Con sickness has so damaged them that they sell themselves and their children out everyday. And sadly they sell them out for nothing, absolutely nothing but more suffering and deprivations. Such is the Con sickness.

    2. RED November 29, 2016

      I’ve come to believe that you’re simply a childish antagonist looking to get a rise out of people either for the purpose of getting your jollies because you’re a very sad lonely person or because you gain some benefit. Either way, you’re still a horrible example of the human race. And as is usually the case with ignorant moronic Cons you never realize that your comments expose what shameful horrible people you are. You see most normal human beings would understand very clearly that protecting their water and thereby the health of their children would far outweigh any potential payment, especially the fantasy ones you suggest, but not sick Cons, they’re so damaged that even the instinct to protect ones own children is lost to the sickness. Have a nice day!!

  2. Otto T. Goat November 28, 2016

    We should all pay tribute to the Indians.


  3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth November 28, 2016

    Two fellows below(Otto and Agatha) have the minds of children and think this is all fun and just politics. Unfortunately for humanity, the Otto’s and the Agatha’s represent a plague on humanity, similar to plagues like the black death and locusts denuding corn or wheat fields, while people like the Indigenous groups and supporters of their efforts are trying to help humanity save itself from self-inflicted wounds, like pipelines dug willy-nilly across the continent that may prove fatal in the end.

  4. carole.carey November 29, 2016

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