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This Week In Crazy: Common Core Makes Your Kids Gay, And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Right

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This Week In Crazy: Common Core Makes Your Kids Gay, And The Rest Of The Worst Of The Right


Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

5. Dinesh D’Souza

Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Pseudo-historian Dinsesh D’Souza kicks things off at number five, for putting his own absurd spin on the GOP’s long-abandoned “you didn’t build that!” talking point.

During a 40-minute (!) speech at equally crazy Rep. Louie Gohmert’s birthday party (!!), D’Souza attempted to explain how “Obama and the progressives” are “waging war against the wealth creators.”

“They allege that the wealth of America is based on theft, and it’s the right of the government to come and seize your wealth, and my wealth because that wealth is stolen goods,” D’Souza said. “And they have an elaborate historical and contemporary argument to prove it. In effect, what they’re saying is that your stuff that’s in your house — your TV, your couch, your savings accounts, your kids’ college account — that’s sort of like Nazi stolen art. It belongs to somebody else.”

That’s right — just like the Nazis murdered Jews and stole their possessions, so too will Obama seize your couch. Just like he learned playing African Monopoly!

And that tortured analogy may not even have been the craziest part of D’Souza’s speech; that would be when he praised Gohmert for possessing “the kind of American spirit, and fortitude, and good sense, but also practicality that’s very much needed today.”

Let’s see how that’s working out for him…

Henry Decker

Henry Decker was formerly the Managing Editor of The National Memo. He is currently an Online Associate at MRCampaigns.

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  1. Dominick Vila August 22, 2014

    What people like D’Souza don’t understand, or ignore, is that many millionaires and billionaires are Democrats, that many CEOs are Democrats, and that many rank and file Democrats believe in and support capitalism. He, like the rest of the gang, conveniently ignore that President Obama’s economic policies prevented the imminent collapse of the U.S. economy, announced by a Republican President in 2008.
    As for Palin, she should re-read her retort if she is truly interested in finding out why so many people believe she is an idiot. As for the “Reverend”, all I can say is that a trip to Haiti may do him some good.

    1. ericlipps August 22, 2014

      They don’t ignore this. They consider such people filthy traitors, just as their predecessors in the 1930s branded FDR a “traitor to his class.”

      As for Sarah Palin, what more can be said? This is a woman who can see Russia from her house, with her eyes closed. Going on about her is basically beating a dead reindeer. (Rudolph, was that you?)

      1. Dominick Vila August 22, 2014

        Not so long ago, Republicans claimed that President Obama was in bed with Wall Street. When that claim did not produce the desired results, he was quickly transformed into a socialist and a communist. The same happened when the Rev. Wright’s tactic failed. When that happened he became a Muslim. The fact that he and his family attend Christian services at a protestant church in the Washington DC area is irrelevant for those whose purpose in life is to feed red meat to the most radical members of our society. Along those lines, the former appeaser seem to have undergone instant metamorphosis, and he is now being portrayed as a ruthless warmonger who supports the use of drones to kill the innocent Muslims the right loves to hate. When something doesn’t work, try the opposite and hope for the best.
        In any case, this segment of the National Memo never fails to provide desperately needed entertainment.

        1. The_Magic_M August 22, 2014

          > When something doesn’t work, try the opposite and hope for the best.

          Or try both at the same time because nobody in your target audience will notice you’re promoting mutually exclusive theories.

          1. Mark Forsyth August 22, 2014

            Speaks loudly of their median I.Q.,not that it was ever in doubt.

          2. ericlipps August 22, 2014

            The only doubt is whether their median IQ reaches three digits.

          3. Mark Forsyth August 22, 2014

            Scary! That could be dangerous.

          4. Duckbudder August 23, 2014

            Room temp with the AC on max.

          5. Mark Forsyth August 23, 2014

            Considering their extremism it’s either too much or too little.Dangerous both ways.
            Do me a favor and jog my memory for me.Is that a Derek and The Dominoes album cover likeness you are using?

          6. Duckbudder August 23, 2014

            Mark, it’s Blind Faith

          7. Mark Forsyth August 23, 2014

            Of course,”And I can’t find my way home.” Thank You. It has been a very long time,hasn’t it?

          8. edwardw69 August 22, 2014

            “Muslim communist” is my favorite oxymoron.

          9. Independent1 August 24, 2014

            Edward, GOP lovers who believe they are really Christians, love to call liberals “communists”; as if that is some kind of blasphemy. Here’s some versus from Acts 2 and 4 which describes how the first Christians acted immediately following Jesus ascension into Heaven (apparently being the way God would really like to see mankind live if corruption didn’t eventually get into the mix):

            From ACTS 2:

            43 Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed by the apostles. 44 All the believers were together and had everything in common. 45 They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need.46 Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, 47 praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.

            From ACTS 4

            31 After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.

            The Believers Share Their Possessions

            32 All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had. 33 With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And God’s grace was so powerfully at work in them all 34 that there were no needy persons among them. For from time to time those who owned land or houses sold them, brought the money from the sales 35 and put it at the apostles’ feet, and it was distributed to anyone who had need.

            What do you suppose the social structure evident in the above verses would be called today?

          10. edwardw69 August 24, 2014

            The Jewish Rabbi known to us as Jesus had a special disdain for hypocrites. They say they believe, but their actions show otherwise.
            “…and I shall spit you from my mouth.”

          11. Independent1 August 24, 2014

            Exactly! And I’m sure that GOP lovers aren’t going to be happy when the last day comes and they hear the words Jesus spoke beginning in Matthew 7 vs 21:

            21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ 23 Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

          12. Allan Richardson August 24, 2014

            Like “Muslim socialist?” Or “Fascist socialist?” Or “Muslim Fascist socialist?”

            Sounds like the classic joke about the politician denouncing the state’s university because the faculty is full of “home sapiens” and the drama department has “thespians” and the boys and girls have to use the same “curriculum” and the girl students have to show their “thesis” to the professor!

        2. BOBO August 22, 2014


    2. paulyz August 22, 2014

      Once again, the Left always fails to mention the Democrat Dodd/Frank sub-prime loan fiasco that led to the start of the bailouts & economic collapse. For 6 years before that, the economy was running very well even with 911 & Katrina. The Democrats had complete control of both Houses of Congress during Bush’s last 2 years & Obama’s first 2 years.

      1. Grannysmovin August 22, 2014

        Trickle down does not work, spin it anyway you like, the only ones who benefit are those at the top.

        1. game50 August 22, 2014

          Please just get off your ass and use your mind,you just might get somewhere in your life. You are in charge of your life.Stop given other people Control of your life. Do something with it and make something happen. Enough of the cry baby B.S. .

          1. Grannysmovin August 22, 2014

            When you make assumptions you make an ass of yourself. I have worked since I was 16 and when I was diagnosed with cancer I was terminated from my position. I am 64 years old and I smoked, I got cancer- I don’t cry and I don’t blame anyone but myself. I take personal responsibility for my actions today and my past actions.
            When will Republicans take responsibility for trickle down economics not working for anyone but the wealthy and corporations?
            So kiss my Irish Ass

          2. midway54 August 22, 2014

            I suspect that I am not the only one awaiting your defense of trickle down economics glaringly implicit in your post.

          3. Sand_Cat August 22, 2014

            I think you have a long wait :>)

          4. midway54 August 23, 2014

            I agree.

          5. charleo1 August 22, 2014

            Where the hell did that come from? The truth hurts,
            because it’s the truth. Anyone voting Republican, not
            worth a minimum of 10 million dollars, is an idiot. Period.

          6. Mark Forsyth August 22, 2014

            True that,and they don’t want to hear any complaint out of you if you haven’t made a contribution of at least $500K. I learned this the hard way several years ago when seeking help regarding a bureaucratic problem at HUD from then Republican Congressman John McHugh,N.Y. Rep.23rd district.I was told that resolving the problem was a piece of cake,but was left hanging for a month until McHugh’s secretary told me there was nothing they could do.I immediately called Democratic Senators Schumer and Gillebrandt requesting a “reasonable accommodation” as a disabled person and the issue was resolved in two hours.When I thanked both Senators they informed me that they are willing to help anyone,regardless of political persuasion.
            We don’t need to wonder who cares about the people,do we?

          7. Independent1 August 22, 2014

            Actually Charle, it depends on what makes up their wealth. If they have a lot of money in the stock market, voting Republican is the worst investment tactic any investor can make.

            Even Faux News admitted that from 1900 to 2010, stock market returns under Democrats far outpaced those during Republican presidencies. Faux news claimed the difference was a little over 5% average gain under Republicans to over 12% under Democrats – that’ really quite a difference.

            The NY Times had a little different take, they measured the returns from right after the 1929 market crash to 2005 and found that under Republicans the average return had been about .4% (less than 1%), whereas under Dems it had been just under 10%; again quite a difference.

            And that doesn’t even take into account the crash that came under Bush, which would have made the gain under Republicans actually negative (an investor would have lost their shirt); while under Dems given the almost tripling of the market under Obama, the return would have been well over 10%.

          8. charleo1 August 22, 2014

            Well yes. When looked at like that, in terms of economic growth, and building wealth. Even a multi-millionaire’s best interests aren’t best served under the preferred economics of Friedman, or Laffer, for example. The guiding visionaries, or at least two of the guiding influences on modern day Republican style economics. However even here, this idea that the Right actually advances, or adheres to any set of economic principles is questionable. But rather, simply grants favors, ad hoc, and helps provide advantages for certain interests that support their political efforts. This is one reason their overt form of pay to play, type of legislating tends to create so many financial messes both in gov. and in the private sector. And since the
            businesses that would stand to gain the most from
            deregulation, tax laws, and subsidy grants, are usually always the largest. One reason, perhaps for a shortsighted, CEO, to back the Republicans. As
            Wall Street, the oil cartel, and those not as concerned with growing wealth, as protecting their
            own accumulation of it. Of course, the messes they make, when left to write their own rules produces all the worst aspects of Capitalism. While inhibiting, or preventing the positive competition, in products, and wages, that would otherwise keep the market honest. And as you say, the resultant costs of all that more than outweigh the benefits, for both the rich, and everyone concerned.

          9. Independent1 August 22, 2014

            If you need evidence that trickle-down doesn’t work, you don’t have t o look any further than Bush Jr’s disastrous 8 years in office. He gave the wealthy the biggest tax cuts they’d seen in well over a decade and his 8 years in office were the most lackluster economically and with respect to jobs growth in the prior 7 decades.

            The reason for that is, when taxes are reduced, the wealthy find that they can earn more money by leaving their investments in the market or high interest accounts, than they can earn by risking their money trying to expand a business or start a new one. That’s one reason why the wealthy have trillions invested in offshore accounts, because the Republicans pushed through the 15% capital gains tax, so the wealthy are making billions while leaving their money invested overseas because they pay less taxes on the income they get from those accounts than if the money they were earning was from the profits of running a business.

            Trickle-Down was just one more outlandish fantasy of America’s worst president ever, Ronald Reagan.

      2. jmprint August 22, 2014


      3. Dominick Vila August 22, 2014

        The political makeup of Congress during Bush’s last two years in Congress (110th Congress) was:

        House: Democrats 233 seats, Republicans held 202 seats

        Senate: Democrats held 49 seats, Republicans held 49 seats; and two Independents. In the case of a tie the VP, Dick Cheney, cast the deciding vote.

        The Dodd-Frank deregulation efforts, on top of the Republican deregulation practices and focus, irresponsible tax breaks, deficit spending, accumulation of debt, two unfunded wars, irresponsibility at all levels of government, and people too eager to keep up with the Jones’ all contributed to the Great Recession.
        The difference is that while Democrats are fully aware of the dangers of deregulation, the GOP continues to advocate deregulation as a cure all for all our economic problems and a stimuli for economic growth.

        1. midway54 August 22, 2014

          I trust that you have unlimited time on your hands to await any response from that guy. He is a blatantly ignorant messenger doing what the rightwing propagandists know he will do in response to the bilge with which they saturate him among the millions of other vulnerable dupes.

        2. John August 22, 2014

          You mean the “Independents” Bernie Sanders and Joe Lieberman that caucused with the Democrats?

          1. Dominick Vila August 22, 2014

            Bernie Sanders joined Democrats, on almost every issue, during those two years, but Joe Lieberman didn’t. Joe was not a happy camper because of the way the Democratic party treated him. BTW, a few Republicans also joined Democrats on several occasions. Most of them decided not to run for re-election when the GOP agenda changed from traditional conservative causes to right wing extremism.

          2. midway54 August 23, 2014

            And remember Jim Jeffords of VT, a moderate Republican who had had enough of the crackpots in his party and turned Independent as did another moderate Republican, Chafee of RI (who went on to become governor of that State). As I recall, Jeffords’s action turned the Senate into a Democratic majority. Oh, the howling!

      4. Julieann Wozniak August 22, 2014

        Dodd/Frank is the remedy, however imperfect. That’s why it’s a GOP bogeyman; they’re all for unrestrained greed at the expense of everybody else.

      5. highpckts August 22, 2014

        That’s it? Nothing else on old Bushy? Nothing on his unnecessary and false wars that cost billions, Fast & Furious, nothing on banks scamming the public and putting many people on the street? Nothing? Wow! I could, of course go on and on!! The economy was on the downslide during Bush’s years. Just the tip of what Obama has had to deal with!

      6. Mark Forsyth August 22, 2014

        P uleeeeeeeze Polly,pull your head out of that dark place.It’s startin’ to effect yer thinkin’, or whatever ya call it.

      7. FT66 August 22, 2014

        Is it you our old friend paulyz? Well come back. Where have you been these days? Were you in Ferguson, Mo? I do not care what side you were pulling out there. Now you are back to the thread with your normal crazy talk! You never change our good friend!

      8. Independent1 August 22, 2014

        The economy was running very well?? What planet were you living on?? It wasn’t earth!! The economy during Bush 2’s disastrous 8 years was the most lackluster economy in 7 decades!! Not only was the economy lackluster, so was job growth – aside from his Dad’s 4 lackluster years, job growth during Bush’s 8 years was the worst since the big depression. More than a million more jobs have already been created under Obama than during all of Bush’s 8 years.

        You need to stop those lies Pauly – they just keep acoming!!

  2. Eleanore Whitaker August 22, 2014

    Anyone who missed the email from ISIS in the NY Daily News is urged to read it and try not to notice the similarity between the hatefulness of ISIS and the American right wing. You’d swear it was one and the same email author.

    Each time ISIS reads another right winger or GOP basher’s disrespect, they believe they have allies right here in the US.

    I’m sure we will all be thankful when ISIS takes out another 3,000 innocent Americans thanks to the assistance of hateful right wingers and the GOP.

    1. charleo1 August 22, 2014

      The leaders of ISIS decided the failures of Al Qaeda were the result of
      a lack of purity. That Al Qaeda had been too willing to work with the tribes in the Anbar Province, Iraq. As well as too dependent on the Liberal minded Taliban. And too compromising in their enforcement of Sharia Law, and too timid in eliminating all other religions, including all Muslims of the Shia sect. To unify all true Islamists under one flag. Now, does that remind you of anyone, here in this Country?

      1. Eleanore Whitaker August 22, 2014

        It certainly does remind me of some in this country. Which…is why I think they are traitors. They preach a template for government that isn’t democracy.

        What’s really funny about these lunatics in the US? They, like ISIS and al Qaeda live in the past. As in the pre-Civil war past. I cannot recall the name of the book now. I read it more than a decade ago. The subject was “What would have happened to the US if the Confederates had won the war.” Like a house of cards, all that we know and understand to be Constitutional, civil and human rights would not exist.

        1. charleo1 August 22, 2014

          Good point on concentrating on the past. Another unmistakable likeness is the rejection modernity. The assertion, that a return to some fantasied yesteryear, is vastly preferable, to today, or tomorrow. Radicalism breeds more radicalism. Which leads to extremism, which only leads only to more extremism. Until the most ultra extremist possible are produced, and must be resoundingly defeated. As extremism by it’s very nature, by it’s rejection of inclusiveness, compromise, and moderation. Is, at it’s core, the antithesis of democracy. Proclaiming as Goldwater did, extremism in the cause of democracy is no vice. Is like saying, extremism in pursuit of pure Capitalism, is not exploitation on a grand scale. Well, of course it is!

          1. Mark Forsyth August 23, 2014

            Another point is that faction which promotes “That Old Time Religion” which as the late Joseph Campbell revealed,was broken way back when it existed.

          2. charleo1 August 23, 2014

            Well, they’ve taken “That old time religion,” and tried to whip it into an old time beer hall putch, if you ask me. And nothing good will ever come out of it. Not for the Country, and least of all, not for the foot soldiers, and rank and file, zombi heads, singing, “Onward Christian Soldiers,” like a bunch of idiots who really ought to know better. But the truth is, they don’t. And they may not be reasoned with. And may never know any better. So, we’ve just got to outvote them. Hell, they don’t represent any America I recognize. Or, any Bible I’ve ever read. So what is going on, is a good old fashioned religious highjacking. No they’re not flying jet planes into skyscrapers. They don’t have to. Their backers got plenty of money. And they vote like their lives depend on it. Because that’s what they believe.

          3. Mark Forsyth August 23, 2014

            You got it.I don’t think they can even define what it is they want to return to.I would say let them go,but they insist that the rest of the country come along when it is so vitally important to progress into the new millennia.
            I think that one thing we may hope for is that as more people become more enlightened about the challenges our country faces and those various issues that must be resolved like rebuilding infrastructure, clean energy development,global warming crisis,new farming dynamic and food distribution,etc.etc.,all of which can play into new job development,that the O.T.R. crowd will disenfranchise themselves with their ridiculous chatter and be rendered insignificant.

        2. ericlipps August 22, 2014

          No wonder you can’t remember: “Confederate victory” stories are a subgenre unto themselves. There are hordes of them.

          1. Mark Forsyth August 22, 2014

            The Birth of a Nation comes to mind. D.W. Griffiths’ epic claptrap KKK/Confederacy/Reconstruction film.

          2. ericlipps August 23, 2014

            Technically, no. “Birth of a Nation” acknowledged the defeat o the Confederacy; it just treated that defeat as a terrible tragedy. “Confederate victory” stories assume a world in which, one way or another, the CSA prevailed. Harry Turtledove’s “How Few Remain” and its multiple sequels are prime examples.

          3. Mark Forsyth August 23, 2014

            As you say, technically,perhaps not.My direct experiences down south have shown that it is a film that is most favored by the Clan along with those you mention.

          4. ericlipps August 23, 2014

            You’re right, of course. My point was a different one: that the film didn’t feature an actual victory by the South, but rather mourned its defeat–unlike the stories I mentioned, which imagine a CSA victory (from one cause or another) and depict (various versions of) the world which might have followed from that.

          5. Mark Forsyth August 23, 2014

            I have found that people with that particular perspective of which we both are familiar,will use any device to promote and justify their prejudice.What I find most offensive with them is their dishonesty in revealing who and what they are.It’s possible to end up in a pit of snakes before you know where you are.A pocketful of excuses to take your leave is frequently indespensible.

          6. Eleanore Whitaker August 24, 2014

            What might have followed if the Confederates were allowed to keep their free slave labor is exactly what the southern and midwestern politicians are trying to resurrect today…free labor to load themselves up with wealth held only by 1% of the population..IN other words, not a democracy but an autocratic oligarchy.

          7. joe schmo August 23, 2014

            LOL, fat chance moron. Do your research…..KKK was a Democratic terrorist group….. The 2000 – 5000 (I actually looked it up) members can’t even compete with the bigoted New Black Panthers, ACLU, NAACP, La Raza, Holder, Sharpton and Jackson. They are as prejudice as it comes.

            Seriously, is that all you got the KKK. They’re nothing when you combine all the above groups. Just a bunch of hate filled, prejudice American born terrorist groups. Get over it!

          8. Allan Richardson August 24, 2014

            The KKK was originally made up of members of what AT THAT TIME was the Democratic party, but in its 1920s revival and expansion, triggered in part by Mr. Lawrence’s movie, members of both parties all over the country joined. Of course, by that time Democrats OUTSIDE of the South were primarily members of the very ethnic groups the KKK hated, so there were not many members recruited that way. WITHIN the South, blacks, who had started out Republican because of Lincoln’s legacy, were for the most part not even voters because of Jim Crow election laws, and the whites were affiliated with the national Democratic party for only two reasons: they hated Lincoln and the Republicans almost as much as they hated blacks, and their states NEEDED the public works projects that Democrats voted for in Congress (especially during the Depression, but even before that), and the national Democratic party needed their votes in Congress and for President enough to let them keep their Jim Crow intact in the South, while making sure that racial civil rights progress did occur elsewhere. Since 1968, when Nixon and the Republicans went for the anti-black, anti-ethnic, anti-hippie, anti-peacenik vote with his Southern Strategy, the migration OF LABELS in the South began, and now it is almost total. You will no longer hear ANY DEMOCRAT in the United States STILL openly making anti-black or other anti-minority rants. Those who ARE talking overtly or in code words (like “thugs” and “urban voters”) are all Republicans today.

            And the power of the Klan was not in its very large membership (which may have been larger than the public records indicate), but in its influence on the levers of power. In some towns of the South, as the Chad Mitchell Trio song said, “if you don’t like it (what the Klan is doing) call the cops, ’cause chances are THEY’RE US.” And in the 1920s the Klan had open parades down the main streets of large non-Southern cities in uniform, even in New York City.

            By comparison, the only “prejudice” shown by the pro-black groups you cited is ANGER at the white run establishment as a response to Jim Crow, not hatred for white PEOPLE. I am white and have NEVER met a black person who hated me, although I have heard stories about how THEY or their RELATIVES have been treated that might even get some compassion from YOU, if you have any left.

          9. idamag August 25, 2014

            Since President Johnson, a Democrat, signed the Civil Rights into law, the South has been solid Republican. The KKK was started by a bunch of thugs, not a party.

          10. Allan Richardson August 26, 2014

            Exactly! They happened to be members of the Democratic party, because that was ORIGINALLY the party that fought for “states’ rights” against abolition. But basically they were thugs intending to refight the Civil War, which is what today’s perversion of the Republican party is doing.

          11. Mark Forsyth August 24, 2014

            Hey asshole,back again? Do you tell those lies to your mother? How stupid do you intend to be in this lifetime? We know that you’re stupid enough to come here and spout off to people you don’t know, about matters of which you know even less.I grew up in the midst of klan members down south.If you had done any honest research,then you would know that KIan membership has varied widely since the days of Bedford Forrest.In fact,the movie The Birth of a Nation is noted for having spurred one of the Klans’ largest membership roles.If it were not for the existence of the Klan and other white supremacist hate groups,there would be less reason for The Southern Poverty Law Center to exist.
            So before you come back here again to bother decent people who DO know what they are talking about,you can go fuck a bag of fish hooks,you shitty pig.

          12. Allan Richardson August 24, 2014

            Harry Turtledove is the best author of “contrarian history” novels, or at least the most prolific. He wrote at least two Confederate victory novels, and used a Confederate victory as the back story for an entire series on how a divided America would have done in the two World Wars (Union allied with the Kaiser?).

            Guns of the South: mysterious stranger speaking with a Dutch accent come to Lee’s army on the verge of defeat and supply him with AK-47s and plenty of ammo, then later turn on the newly independent CSA just as Lee is being inaugurated as its second President. Turns out they were time traveling Dutch Afrikaaners who wanted to erase Mandela’s victory by removing the greatest international force against racism, the reconstructed USA, from history.

            How Few Remain: set in 1881 after a successful War of Secession, follows contrarian histories of actual historical figures when the Confederates buy Sonora from Mexico to get a path to the Pacific, the Union attacks, and Britain (her navy and her troops in Canada) jump to the defense of the CSA. The actions and words of his fictionalized real people, including disgraced former President Abe Lincoln, are based as much as possible on extrapolation from their actual writings (Abe took up SOCIALISM!).

            The World War series, still being expanded, is too big for me to start reading right now, but the plots do assume a divided America, with Woodrow Wilson as the Confederate President when World War One breaks out.

            He also did a series of stories, collected into a book, Agent of Byzantium, about a medieval “James Bond” superspy working for the Emperor several centuries after Mohammed became a Greek Orthodox Christian.

          13. ericlipps August 24, 2014

            As far as I know, Turtledove’s In At the Death is the ninth and final novel of the series which began with How Few Remain. Set in 1945 after the Confederacy has adopted a pseudo-Nazi ideology, touched off a new World War and carried out a holocaust of its black population, it ends with a limited nuclear exchange among several hostile powers and the reabsorption of the CSA into the Union at gunpoint (except, apparently, for Texas, which resumes–presumably temporarily–the independent-republic status it briefly enjoyed after breaking away from Mexico).

          14. Allan Richardson August 24, 2014

            Thanks for the heads-up. After the election season is over, I may have time to catch up on sci-fi reading. I have read part of the not-yet completed series “The War that Came Early,” which diverges from real history with two “seed” changes: Marshal Sanjurjo, who in real life died in a plane crash on returning from exile in Portugal due to his ignoring his pilot’s weight limit advice, instead survives and takes the Fascist banner in Spain instead of Franco, becoming an active ally of Hitler instead of a bystander. And Chamberlain called Hitler’s bluff in 1938, prompting an earlier start to the war. One lesson I have taken away from this is that perhaps Chamberlain’s “appeasement” was intended to buy time to build up defenses, since Turtledove’s fictional early war went far worse for Britain than the actual war.

            One of the interesting items of trivia in “Agent of Byzantium” is the use of the “etos kosmou” calendar (age of the world, based on dating from Genesis) rather than the Roman “ab urbe condita” (from the founding of the City) or “anno Domini,” although some chapters mention the use of dating from “the Incarnation.” Another sign of his thorough knowledge is the story in which the hero, Basil, is undercover in the “rebel” province of Gaul which follows the Bishop of Rome, and his cover is almost blown when he forgets to recite the Creed with the additional word “Filioque.”

          15. ericlipps August 24, 2014

            Interestingly, many ancient cultures used a “mundane era” starting from the supposed date of the creation of the universe.. Most assumed a creation only a few thousand years in the past.

            The Hindus, who were the only ancient culture/religion I know of to imagine the universe existing for billions of years, divided such a calendar up into cycles of various lengths to allow differing scales of time, including historical time, to be handled.

        3. joe schmo August 23, 2014

          You are the ones ruining this democracy with your corrupt laws that go against the Constitution. You are the ones that reek of decadence. You are the ones with the lawless and violent streak.

          Maybe Congress is a non-doer but give me one example as to how the Conservatives have gotten their way? I bet I can give you a boat load of examples and then some as to how your side and ‘that thing in the White House’ has helped destroy this Country.

          Guess what…..the Confederates were more like democrats. The KKK was a Democratic terrorist organization. The corruption of Acorn and Solyndra and etc…. were all Democratic. Most violent protests are Democrats and I could go on and on and on and on.

          Like a house of cards, with all your political correctness in tact, we on the Right are beginning to not even care what you and your side thinks. Who do you think created this divide? Your ‘race-baiting, Man and his henchman Holder in the White House.

          1. WhutHeSaid August 24, 2014

            You wouldn’t know the US Constitution if it walked up and bit your ass.

            Everyone knows that the Democratic Party was at one time filled with racists (especially southern), and they also know that those racists have all long since fled to the Republican Party. This shows you that a major political party CAN come to it’s senses, and the GOP would do wonders for it’s future to boot all of the KKK/Tea Bigots out on their asses.

            So what if you sordid bigots don’t care about anyone else’s opinions? Redneck bigots are more and more marginalized every single day, and despite all of your hateful ranting and drooling over Obama, he was STILL elected twice.

            People who aren’t racist don’t need to deny being racist or cry about ‘race baiting’. Get it?

          2. idamag August 25, 2014

            I imagine both parties, in the South, were filled with racists. As long as the South hates Democrats you know they are still racist.

          3. dpaano September 11, 2014

            You may want to read the book “Worse than Watergate” by John Dean (once a Republican working for Nixon)…..you’ll learn which administration did the most damage and went against the Constitution more times than any other administration. If it weren’t for the profound secrecy of the Bush/Cheney administration, we would ALL know of their indiscretions and they would have been impeached many times over!

      2. plc97477 August 23, 2014

        Starts with tea and ends with party?

        1. Mark Forsyth August 24, 2014

          The last great tea party,as we all know ,occurred in Boston.These modern day assholes have the idiocy to call themselves Patriots when in fact they’re nothing more than pathetic shiity little,wannabe anarchists.

    2. bikejedi August 22, 2014

      There you go again comparing fellow Americans who only want our Government to follow the Constitution to Muslim Terrorists . You do realize you sound uninformed and unintelligent when you repeat that talking point . What you describe as hate coming from right wingers is nothing but them voicing their opinions for common sense adherence to American principles . They are Patriots and Citizens unlike those who would disregard the documents that set the blue print that made this the greatest nation on the Planet . Also consider that most Conservatives are willing to debate the issues without calling you names or playing a race card .. They don’t spin or deflect when they cant debate an issue or blame others for the actions of their leaders like the Left does everytime they continue to blame Bush . All the other stuff you and other post on here about the right being terrorists shows your own hate for fellow Americans . Look just because we have valid reasons for not liking Obama doesn’t make us terrorists as we can calmly enumerate why we don’t like him as POTUS .. Hint it isn’t his race . Maybe the people on the left should look in the mirror as they seem to be the ones spreading hate and divisiveness
      On the issue of ISIS .. These people want everyone who doesn’t agree with their version of Islam dead . Its that simple . This will be generational as much like the people on the left ISIS has no tolerance for anyone who even slightly disagrees with them ( hey maybe that is a much more valid comparison ) Anyway I would tell the Country that Radical Islam and other Muslims who don’t denounce that ar the enemies of every other citizen of the World and there should be a global response to it . Buckle up because it will be generational and wont end until other Muslims take them to task as well as all people of conscience around the World . You should be ready for more terrorist attacks here as Obama wont secure the border . It isn’t a matter of if but when unless we secure the border . Remember this will be generational so a tepid pin prick response will just delay the real battle and give groups like ISIS time to better arm themselves . Obama is a lame duck and will probably employ a policy of a hit here and a hit there and kick the an down the road until he is out of office . Much like Clinton did when he had several chances to kill Bin Laden and passed on it . We need to locate and decapitate ISIS leadership to send a message that if you want to lead a brutal terror regime your meeting with those 72 virgins will be swift . I don’t think Obama wants that and his approach towards Islam has always been one of appeasement . Muslims view that as weakness … Remember this will be a generational campaign and wont end until radical Muslims care more about their children then killing everyone else

      1. charleo1 August 22, 2014

        What a load of pure crap. Tell me again, what’s the T-Party
        ever done? Who’s their leader? Is he in the Government they
        hate, or the corporations they worship? And what are their values, anyway? They talk about their, “values,” like they talk about why they don’t like the President. All very non-specific, bullshit. Oh he’s a liar! Well, he’s a Muslim, No he’s a Wall Street puppet! He hates business! Well, he won’t stand up to Putin! No he’s a warmonger! Illegally bombed Libya! He’s ruined the economy! He’s a Socialist, a Communist, a Maoist a Terrorist, an anti-colonalist Kenyan, like his Father. No he’s
        a hippy Liberal like his Mother, and he’s spending us into oblivion! Oh and, T-Party economics. All are experts! Just
        Stop the Spending!!! Okay where? Foreign aid. How about Medicare, and Social Security? Two of the giant socialist
        programs, that make up for more than half the spending,
        they don’t want stopped. Their irritating, and certainly not
        anything the Country ought to be kowtowing to. What’s the
        problem with Republicans today? I know they’ve totally
        screwed themselves gerrymandering up their districts, until
        anyone not a dumb assed T-Partyier can hardly make it through their messed up primaries. But things could be worse
        for them. One of the clowns they offered up as Presidential
        material might have been elected.

        1. bikejedi August 22, 2014

          How did the Tea Party extend the recession ? I was unaware that they had any effect on Obama’s policy in regards to Obama’s economy . The Tea Party is just grass roots conservatism . They did help get some people elected but those people had no power to change the course of Obama’s economic train wreck .. How could you possibly blame them ?? Is it because i mentioned how immature and uninformed Liberals sound like when they try to blame Bush for all of Obama’s failures ?? Well Charlie to try to blame the Tea Party for any part of Obama’s economy is more of the same .. Just Liberal spin and deflection with no basis in fact . The Tea Party doesn’t have a leader .. If you were informed you would know that .I don’t know of anyone expressing anything about Obama except justifiable reasons any Patriot would not like him , but feel free to play the race card if it makes you feel better and yes they do talk about their values . Their values are what the Country was founded on . They want strict adherence to the Constitution , limited Government , lower taxes and less spending . That is there platform anything else you have been told are Liberal lies designed to jin up hate By his policy and his words Obama has proven he is a Socialist and has stated he prefers Communism .. lets not forget he was raised by Communists . Obama is not only a Liar but a pathological liar . His track record of Lying is on the record so that isnt even in dispute and shouldnt even be up for debate .. A lot of the other stuff you try to affix to the Tea Party is Liberal rubbish and not the position of the Tea Party .. while individuals may think certain things dont try to put that on the Tea Party as it is a real over generalization . Hates business ?? I dont know about that but it’s plain to see he resents capitalism and doesnt understand business … But what would you expect about someone who has never had a real job and the biggest thing on his resume is Community Organizer ??? it seems you have anger issues particularly in regards to people who dont agree with everything you do sooo .

          1. charleo1 August 23, 2014

            So, as far as you’re concerned, A Whitehouse, and a Democratic Congress passed every measure to
            end the recession President Obama asked for? And
            therefore, we had a slow recovery, and it’s all due to
            Obama. And that’s all you know. And that’s a big
            problem. I don’t believe many supporters of the T-Party are anti-America, or anti-democracy. But I believe the people behind the brand are radicals, and not concerned about such airy, malleable, and
            generic concepts as, “Stop the spending,” “Follow
            the Constitution,” and of course, “Smaller Govt.”
            What does any of that mean? I’ll tell you what it means. Anything they say it does. What is a Conservative that disagrees with an extreme, no compromise T-Party? That would, in a financial crisis, in order to attempt to force by threat, the passing of legislation they had no way of enacting Constitutionally? The answer is, a RINO. Not acceptable, not pure enough, or extreme enough. Then what must they think of my Rights, as a Progressive? As a Citizen? As a taxpayer? They don’t recognize the representatives I sent to Congress, or, the President, the Country elected as legitimate. So, values such as respecting the vote,
            by allowing the majority to lead, is not among those
            traditional values the T-Party considers made the
            Country great. So democratic ideals are now expendable, If enough leverage may be applied, there’s absolutely no reason to compromise.
            So, you can call that values America was founded
            on all day long, but that don’t make it so. As elected
            officials, it’s within their Constitutional powers to act
            irresponsibly, in ways that are detrimental to the
            confidence necessary for a healthy investment climate, and therefore harmful to the Country. Yes, by talking, and acting recklessly, and by using inflammatory rhetoric to create chaos, and fear in the marketplace, to push an agenda for which you don’t have the votes. But, in my America, we have never call that kind of behavior, patriotic. That’s as in, never. Being so God Damn cocksure your ideas
            are right, you’re willing to do anything to enact them
            except work with the other equally elected members
            of gov. is not an American tradition. There would likely have never been an America, or a Constitution, if the framers, every last one of them,
            didn’t respect the men around them, and work for a higher goal, and compromise, compromise, compromise. So, the T-Party, itself is a fraud. As far
            as your personal disparagements to Barack Obama
            the man, fuck you! He’s was elected the President of his Country. And he launched his career, from a
            perch about the same level as yours. So, you’ve done what so far? You accuse him of leaving Iraq.
            Even though the biggest military, and strategic blunder since Hitler invaded Russia, was not launched by this President. Even though he did not negotiate the terms of ending military operations,
            have a hand in setting up the gov. there, or have the
            ability to change the terms of the already signed
            agreement, without the gov. of Iraq’s consent. But,
            you’re T-Party cocksure, it must be all on him. Tell
            you what, if you want to know the truth, visit the
            Bush Administration’s records. And read the terms
            he, and his people, along with the Iraqi Gov. agreed to. Inform yourself. This is not just laying blame, Sir.
            This is truth telling, or lying. Which one are you more
            interested in?

          2. bikejedi August 23, 2014

            Obama had full control for 2 years . He got whatever he wanted and his policies destroyed and continue to destroy the American economy . After the two years the GOP took control of one branch . In the ensuing years Obama has been given everything he asked for . He has been allowed to spend your grandkids into oblivion . No President in History has been allowed to spend anywhere near what Obama has and I partially blame the GOP RINO’s for that . What have we gotten . Well he gave us the De Stimulus bill .. How did that work ??? Only 6% of those funds were intended for shovel ready jobs so it sounds like he was shoveling BS . A lot of the funding went to make work jobs like the 400 temporary TMA jobs ( for people to mimic traffic lights and wave traffic around )in Chicago . De Stimulus provided the funds for that for two years . The Dems here have made those jobs permanent because they all went to their cronies and they have stuck Chicagoans with the bill … I agree most Tea Party people and most left wing crazies are not purposely anti American but for the left they dont want adherence to the principles that made us great and the land of opportunity . Sooo Meanwhile the Tea Party does want strict adherence to the Constitution . You ask what does that and lower spending mean ?? It means just what it says .. It isnt complicated . Strict adherence to the Constitution lower spending ( so we dont stick our kids with the bill ) lower taxes ( that has always spurred business ) and limited Govt ( I believe it was Jefferson who said something to the effect of the more Govt grows the more you freedoms are eroded … truer words have never been spoken as we can see what has happened over the last 5 years ) So they are simple concepts dont try to over think it

            You mentioned inflammatory rhetoric has there ever been any more inflammatory rhetoric then what the Occupiers were saying .. The funny thing is they dont even understand economics or capitalism but they do understand rhetoric designed to appeal to the poor and uninformed to make them feel like they are a victim just because someone else achieved in life . Instead of hating those people maybe the Occupiers should emulate them if they want to get ahead

            No Obama didn’t come from priviledge but he got free loans to the best Universities in America and foreign student loans Uh oh …. But who care about that when you are a Liberal right ? How have I done for myself .. Well i paid for my own education and didnt ask for a bailout when I got out of school as I got a degree that was usable . I have done ok for myself and have worked for IBM owned my own business ..worked in Nuclear energy and I was even a cop for 5 years … And you ?

            The argument that Bush is responsible for Obama’s complete pull out in Iraq is ludicris ( purposely spelled Hip Hop style )Iraq had no say in the matter and they couldnt have stopped him if he chose to listen to the generals and intel community . He chose to do it to keep a stupid uninformed short sighted Campaign promise .. Dont spin the to Bush or the SOFA stuff or you come off as a complete excuse maker just like he does .. and I’m sure someone of your intelligence doesn’t want to come off like that

          3. charleo1 August 23, 2014

            No you’re wrong. You’re not seeking truth, but winning
            for winning’s sake. Don’t ask me how the stimulus worked. Ask the opinion of economists. Look at the numbers for yourself. You won’t, because you’re not interested in the truth. And that alone, means you are not interested in the good of the Country, over your own ego. The package was 1/3 tax breaks, 1/3 went to the 38 States who’s budgets were clobbered by the business contraction. You won’t look, will you? The package was absolutely necessary. And what is the total expenditure from the treasury for the Iraq War Because, if you don’t know that, and you can’t, because the bills are still coming in. What did the recession cost the U.S. Gov. in lost tax revenue? If you don’t have any idea of that, you can’t make any claims about Obama’s stewardship of the budget that hold water. And certainly not the meaningless trop about spending more than any President. That distinction would go to FDR. And was spent on the Second World War. Ronald Reagan, in modern times, who also faced an economic recession about half the depth of the ’07 one. Might be contender for money
            squandered. He spent profusely to stimulate the economy, and cut taxes. The tax cuts were not economic decisions, but political ones. And we went from the World’s largest creditor Nation, to the World’s largest debtor Nation, due to his economic policies. Then, after Clinton’s surpluses, Bush went back to Reagan’s policies, with a vengeance. And we had a severe recession. Now, those are the facts on the debt. Democrat Vs. Republican. You want to talk ignorance, it’s your business. I like facts. They mean something. I care more about the best interests of the Country, and the truth, than a particular Party. You
            support people who claim to be able to balance the
            budget by cutting foreign aid. You support liars, and charlatans, because you’re too sure to bother getting the facts for yourself. Which don’t defend the politics you claim to support. Get educated by some other sources than the Right Wing propaganda outfits. By the way, did you look up the withdrawal of military forces agreement, signed by President Bush? No. Because I think you don’t want to know the truth.

          4. WhutHeSaid August 23, 2014

            That post was right on the money. Don’t expect biker-bitch to see the light soon — he’s just another lying bigot. You are correct: He doesn’t want the truth, he wants bigoted, self-serving lies.

          5. bikejedi August 24, 2014

            Charlie .. You are making my point for me . NO ONE has seen those documents..The fact that doesn’t trouble you speaks volumes on Liberal hypocrisy . All the real economists will tell you the stimulus was a joke and the ONLY jobs it created were created at a cost per job that wouldnt even be considered in the Private Sector . I have looked at the numbers and after almost 6 years of economic policy ala Community Organizer we have fewer Americans working then when he took office ( millions fewer ) . We have the lowest labor participation rate in over 35 years ( and remember 35 years ago there were approx 100 million fewer Americans . We have the greatest number and percentage of American working part time and or minimum wage jobs . Because of this average incomes are down $4000/ year ruining consumers ability to buy the basics or fuel the economy . Yes so any LIBERAL Krugman type economist is doing spin or LYING . Almost all Liberals do that to defend Obama . the average American knows they are much worse off now then they were even in the last days of Bush… and please stop trying to rewrite history in regards to Reagan and Clinton both .. At this point in Reagan’s second term we were growing over 300,000 jobs a month and those were real jobs not part time jobs . Gingrich was the architect of the budget surplus under Clinton but at least Clinton had the good sense to work with the other side rather then blame them for everything and call them names

          6. charleo1 August 24, 2014

            Sure. It’s really all a Liberal plot. Like the moon landing, And so on, and on. Facts are funny things.
            If I tell you the earth is flat, and all evidence that it’s
            not the center of the universe is fake. Made up by
            lying evil people, to lead your soul away from the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ, I dare you to
            prove me wrong. I’ll reject every piece of your so
            called evidence, and throw it right back in your face.
            Earnestly asking, can you not see? Look out your
            window! Do you see the earth moving? Now look
            at the Sun. I leave you to your own reality.

          7. bikejedi August 24, 2014

            The Earth id round . We are the 3rd planet from the sun in our solar solar system which we orbit every year . I don’t understand what you are trying to convey because your post is so disjointed . If you think I wouldn’t consider another’s opinion just because they are Liberal you are wrong . I think tht is what you are trying to infer and you are wrong . Being closed minded is more a characteristic of a Liberal

          8. charleo1 August 25, 2014

            What I’m saying to you, is there are people with the opinion the Earth is flat. They believe it is, because they also believe an entirely different set of facts. Just as there are quite a lot of people that believe the Earth, Moon, the Sun, and Stars, are only 6,000 years old. And they too have their own set of facts. It’s their belief, and all of the evidence one might produce to demonstrate otherwise, they reject as fake, and see as part of a huge gov. conspiracy made up by Communist Liberals, or backed up by a secularist, Liberal public school system, probably both, that is poisoning children’s minds with their Godless, anti religious agenda. Some homeschool. Others are not able, so they’d prefer the public schools closed. And see no problem with using public funds to support religious educations. Many do not support minimum mandatory educational standards either. Because they too often conflict with their religious teachings. They agree parents should choose the school. So, that would mean tax payers would be paying education dollars in some cases, to teach kids the Koran, and how oppressive to Muslims the Zionist are to Islamists all across the World. So the kids can’t read English, know nothing of science, and math, and are taught theocracy over democracy. And you, and I pay for it. But that’s where their parents wanted them to be educated. And that’s freedom, according to some. And of course, they all have a great set of facts, and expert authority they believe backs, all that up perfectly. Including the Constitution. And you will only agree with them. if you agree with their ideas of what freedom of religion is supposed to look like.

          9. bikejedi August 25, 2014

            Well thanks for keeping it civil .. That is appreciated .. I don’t do Conspiracies I look for fact and use logic . A lot of times when there is smoke there is fire especially when you have a regime that has proven to be totally untrustworthy . So If you say that the right see’s Conspiracies where there are none I would counter with the example of Lois Lerner’s Emails . That is no conspiracy but rather an almost statistical impossibility . I dont know if that is the type of thing you are going for . I see you mentioned education and religious freedom . I support school choice for parents in the form of voucher programs for their part of their property taxes that go for education .Common Core is a joke . It has nothing to do with education standards but rather indoctrination . If you are keeping abreast of some of the stuff that is to be taught in common core you know what I mean . I also see that you seem to see some sort of Zionist prejudice against Islam and yet dont mention the fact that it is Islam that keeps firing at Israel even when they ( Hamas and the Palestinian State ) have requested cease fires .

          10. charleo1 August 26, 2014

            Well look, if they find the IRS, or Learner, or whoever
            is meddling in politics, send them to jail. Better yet
            change the statute back to it’s original wording. To
            qualify for tax exempt status for these fund raising
            operations, it should say, the money collected must, “exclusively,” used for the public good. (like the red cross.) Instead, the word exclusively was changed,
            no one knows by whom, (the change is not in the
            Congressional record,) changed to, “primarily,” for
            the public good, to qualify for tax exempt status.
            So, money raised for politics, in my thinking is not
            like money raised for charity. My opinion on whether
            we continue to separate church, and state, is at the
            center of concern of using public funds for private,
            non-regulated education. I made no opinion one way or the other on Zionism, or Arab Islamist. Other
            than to make the point, if we allow the Christians to
            use public funds, now slated for public education,
            to teach their religion. Then, we’ll be funding Madrases, attached to Mosques, here in the U.S.
            That’s what the Christian Right are proposing we
            do. Do you believe it’s a conspiracy theory to suggest the fundamental Islamists, would not then
            qualify for the same public money given to the Baptist, or the Hindus? I just think it’s a really bad
            idea to head down that road.

          11. bikejedi August 26, 2014

            Charlie thank you for the civility and after reading this I have more respect for you . Send them to jail ??? wow enlightening but what if it goes to the Whitehouse??? Do you think Obama should resign then as Nixon did ? Should he face trial ??? Anyway I agree with most of the education stuff and I think I may have misunderstood what you referenced before to be about Israel and Hamas .. As for the education thing I believe we need school choice . I think parents should be allowed to use their portion of their property taxes that go to education to send their kids to the school of their choice . I think what you are refering to is private schools trying to gain non for profit status and that isnt what I was talking about . I dont know the relevance to what we are discussing so I have trouble offering an opinion .

          12. Independent1 August 23, 2014

            You keep lying about those 2 years!! Obama did not have full control of Congress for 2 years!! He had full control for less than a year!! And during that year Congress was focused on crafting the ACA. Ted Kennedy died on 8/15/2009, less than 7 months after Obama took office, that killed the Dems filibuster proof majority in the Senate and Scott Brown was elected to replace him starting 1/1/2010 – SO STOP TELLING THIS LIE!!

            And nitwit!! What affect to you think over 420 uses of the fake filibuster had by Mitch McConnell??? It’s crippled virtually every thing Obama has wanted to accomplish. What do you think refusing to act on 2 of Obama’s jobs bills that the CBO said would create 1.5-2.0 million jobs??? YOU HAVE TO BE THE BIGGEST IDIOT ON THE PLANET!!!!!!

          13. bikejedi August 24, 2014

            You prove my points for me with your intolerant and immature name calling . Yes Brown was elected BY LIBERALS in the most LIBERAL State because even they were fed up with the mess of Obamacare . It was in response to that bill and the way they shoved it down our throats that the Liberals voted for Brown . It didn’t affect anything Obama tried to do and neither did any fillibuster . And to keep polliticking for more Govt make work jobs on the backs of the tax payers is counterproductive . History has shown that when Govt takes money out of the Private sector so they can hire their cronies that two things become crystal clear . 1 the Govt spends a lot more per job then any Co would in the Private Sector and 2 when you demand more from the tax payers and business they have less to invest in the economy and their own business . What ends up happening is we fund jobs for cronies at a much higher cost then if they still had those jobs in the private sector and the economy stall because the consumer has less money to fuel spending … when that happens businesses have to lay people off .. There is a net job loss less revenue to the treasury and more people in jobs from that treasury . It is a lose lose lose proposition .. There is history on this sooo … And please stop proving what everyone has come to know about the left . Intolerant immature uninformed and hypocritical

          14. WhutHeSaid August 24, 2014

            So you oppose government spending, eh? The private sector does things better, eh?

            Tell us how you oppose US defense spending, which for FY 2014 is just under $1 trillion dollars.


          15. idamag September 20, 2014

            Oh, yeah, Halliburton subsidiaries, Blackwater, et.al, did a wonderful job of saving money in Iraq.

          16. bikejedi August 24, 2014

            Independent 1 … Just to let you know ..because of your continued intolerance and name calling ..because of your immaturity I wont be answering you anymore .. It is the same reason I dont answer Whutshesaid .. Have a nice day

          17. idamag September 20, 2014

            The dip didn’t even pay attention to the filibuster. In fact, he doesn’t even know what that means.

          18. Independent1 August 23, 2014

            And let’s see you explain away these 3 charts:

          19. bikejedi August 24, 2014

            Is this a test ? because those are the charts that Nancy Pelosi’s office put out and they have been proven to be in total error . !st they attribute all of the 1st year of Obama spending to Bush . Secondly you have to remember that Congress is responsible for any spending bill . Who had control of Congress during most of Bush ? the Democrats … Thats who .. Who had control of Congress during the 1st two years of Obama when he spent your kids into BK ? The Democrats . Now the ONLY spending cuts under Obama have been since the GOP took control of the House . Your charts are a joke no intelligent person would take seriously

          20. WhutHeSaid August 24, 2014

            Hey, BikerBitch: The budget for the 1st year of Obama’s Presidency was completed before Obama took office. Thought you might like to know.

          21. idamag September 20, 2014

            He doesn’t want to know anything. His mind is made u, don’t confuse him with facts.

          22. Independent1 August 24, 2014

            More LIES!! AND total BS!! The numbers those charts are based on ARE 100% CORRECT!! I’ve verfied everyone of them. All you know how to do is spews lies, lies and more lies!!! And they were not produced by Nancy Pelosi!! More BS!!!

          23. joe schmo August 24, 2014

            ….or the Stimulus was taken up by states like the one I live in which happens to be California. 10 million dollars to be exact that I believe this stupid state will just forget about paying back to the government which in turn came from, you, the taxpayer in other states.

            By the way, Eleanor if you are reading this, what is it that you are always saying about red states taking from Blue…..LOLOLOL You just rant on and on and on and on about it.

            The money was used quite heavily on our infrastructure. Middle dividers that stop critters from being able to get across the road. We can’t quite figure out why they were put these dividers in certain parts of our highway system other than to put union people to work and how many people did it put to work…. Borrowed money…..borrowed time.

          24. bikejedi August 24, 2014

            Great points .. As I pointed out in Chicago most of the jobs created were for people to wave traffic and mimic traffic lights . out of the 400 hired about 6 know what they are doing … the others are just playing in traffic and yes we now have to pay them and pension them .. a gift of the stimulus bill …. make work jobs for THEIR party’s Public Union Cronies

          25. WhutHeSaid August 24, 2014

            Did you really think you could just sashay out here and spew your redneck lies without a response?

            I don’t know if you are one of those ‘critters’ that you are so worried about crossing the road, but if so you would probably be too stupid to make it across safely with or without a divider. California, which I’m surprised even tolerates nitwits like you, is number 7 in the list of states least dependent on federal dollars.

            The top 10 least dependent states:

            1. Delaware.
            2. Illinois.
            3. Minnesota.
            4. New Jersey.
            5. Connecticut.
            6. Kansas.
            7. California.
            8. Nevada.
            9. Massachusetts.
            10. Colorado.

            The top 10 most dependent states:

            1. Mississippi.
            2. New Mexico.
            3. Alabama.
            4. Louisiana.
            5. Maine.
            6. Montana.
            7. Tennessee.
            8. West Virginia.
            9. South Dakota.
            10. Arizona.

            So, please feel free to expand upon your lies given the lists above.

          26. joe schmo August 24, 2014

            The Tea Party to most Liberals are like a terrorist Conservative group plated to them by their media. You are right, that is furthest from the truth. They are just grass roots Americans who have the best interest of this Country in their hearts.

            Good one….they do sound like the Taliban with a Marxist agenda:)

          27. bikejedi August 24, 2014

            It’s funny they try to portray the Tea Party as the American Taliban when it is they who hate their fellow Americans and wish them dead . It is they who wish that Conservatives weren’t allowed 1st amendment rights it is they and not the Tea Party who are intolerant towards their fellow Americans .. The hate and vitriol is apparent . it is also typical of Liberals that they are so blind they cant even see their hypocrisy

          28. WhutHeSaid August 24, 2014

            So why are you lying again? Your hero Timothy McVeigh was the Christian terrorist who murdered hundreds of men, women, and children and yet you refuse to denounce him or his acts. You also oppose Obama targeting Osama Bin Laden, because you are so bigoted that you can’t decide who to hate more — a black President or a Muslim terrorist. I’ll bet you have nothing but criticism for Obama order airstrikes on ISIS, because (of course) he’s black and you’re a bigot.

          29. WhutHeSaid August 24, 2014

            No, real Americans see the Tea Party as the same bag of vile, racist assholes that have been around for years. They have no ideology, and are the current incarnation of the KKK. They have nothing to offer America whatever, and that’s why they are despised by all of America.

          30. charleo1 August 24, 2014

            America has more grass roots than the T-Party has
            members, or supporters. If we are to count votes as as the best, most reflective kind of polling available. Unless, you believe a section of this large grass roots
            movement that is the T-Party, voted for Obama-Biden, over Romney-Ryan. And that’s what accounts for Obama’s electoral victory. I’ve never met anyone who thinks that. But, something’s got to account for the decidedly Democratic shift in 2012, election cycle. Of course, you also have to believe a good number more Americans took a look at both the policies, and results of Obama’s handling of the economy, versus the stated opinions, and proposed positions of Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan. Who said repeatedly, “Obama’s policies had not only failed to produce a recovery, but had actually made economic conditions worse.” Something you, and others obviously still believe. However the public, after watching the economy with close concern, all throughout Obama’s first term, rejected that conclusion. As well as rejected a good number of T-Party brand incumbents, who the public had had a two year window to observe, and determine for themselves, if this new strict, even
            austere, Conservatism had what it takes to become a
            real power in American politics, or not. And, you know
            people are not stupid. Distracted, yes. Uninterested, you bet. Apathetic, and all those, and then some. But not so easily sold a bill of goods, as might be the first impression.
            So, let’s be honest about the T-party. About what they are. A protest group, sprung up after the election of a Black President? Dismiss it, at your electoral peril. A lot of people feel that way. And your success depends on proving them wrong. So, is the T-Party, a serious political movement, or not? Who finances them, and promotes them? Is there lots of grass roots money, or mostly millionaires, and billionaires who stands to gain the most if they prevail? And who stands to lose the most? A fair question, Since no one intentionally votes against their best interests. And finally, what, if anything, can be gleaned from their original, platitude filled often angry, strident, and not always fact filled, rhetoric, after their now three year tryout in American politics? Have they been able to actually narrow down a number of those terrific sounding generalities, like: smaller government, lower taxes, and balanced budgets, into a real, policy based platform, to which they stand in more or less common agreement? And, after getting their political feet wet, has the T-Party managed to come up with a general roadmap, as to how they might lead the Country to a path of actually meeting these stated goals? And, “lead,” is the operative word. To lead, you must have leaders. Who
            is the standard bearer for the T-Party? One advocate
            says, we have no leaders. No, street protester have no
            leaders. Political Parties, who hope to lead, must have
            leaders, that communicate the vision, and the way forward. And Republican may become T-Party, but a T-Partyier may never become a Republican. Politics is a dirty business. But it’s also hard work, if a political movement, grass roots, or otherwise, is to make the transition from protest rallies, and hot dogs on a stick. To the halls of government, and accept the weighty responsibilities of actually governing, the most powerful Nation on the planet. So far, I’ve seen little inclination from the T-Party to do what is necessary to become more than a fad, and a footnote in the history of early American politics of the 21st century.

      2. WhutHeSaid August 22, 2014

        As usual, you are so full of shit that you squeak.

        Christianity holds the all-time record for killing people who did not wish to convert. NUMBER ONE. You’d better renounce your religion now, because no other religion even comes close to the deaths caused by Christian zealots. Ever heard of the Crusades?

        You are a liar. You will not denounce the violence caused by Christianity — or more properly, those who CLAIM to be Christians. One of your heroes is Timothy McVeigh the Christian terrorist. You were given the opportunity many times to condemn his actions and denounce him, but you refused. He was no better than any Muslim terrorist, and he deserved to be sent straight to Hell — as indeed he was.

        You are a LIAR about Obama securing the borders. Obama has done more to secure the border than any President before him, but (of course) he’s black, so you lie about it.

        People like you are responsible for ISIS, because if you weren’t so worried about spending every ounce of your energy obstructing and attacking the black President, there could have been some coordinated effort to fashion an effective policy in Syria AND Iraq. But instead you people wasted your time trying to repeal Obamacare 157 times, and made no effort whatever to contribute to actual policy on anything.

        Tea Bigots and racists are NOT patriots. They are the same human garbage that have plagued humanity since the beginning of time. They have done absolutely NOTHING to help America, and I’ve challenged you before to name a single thing of value that they’ve accomplished. You were, of course, unable to do so because they are simply worthless assholes. Worthless assholes are nothing new to anyone, and just because the KKK now calls itself the Tea Party doesn’t fool anyone.

        1. bikejedi August 23, 2014

          Your views on the crusades and christianity are tainted by Liberalism Where did you learn those lies ?? The crusades were a war for money and real estate caused by Islam . Maybe you didnt get this in your common core lessons but Turkey was a Christian nation . They were taken over by Islam at the tip of the sword .. By the way no one is talking to you . You have proven your only goal is to spread your immature intolerance and hate .( kind of like the Muslim terrorists you favor ) You have also been proven to be totally uninformed and not an intellectual challenge .. Have a nice weekend

          1. WhutHeSaid August 23, 2014

            Your problem isn’t just that you don’t know the facts, rather, it’s the fact that you lie about everything. I never presented my views on the Crusades or the Muslim conquests, yet here you are claiming that my views are tainted by Liberalism.

            Christian murderers are no better than Muslim murderers, and killing committed in the name of Christianity far exceeds that of any other religion. Often these so-called Christians were just lying — like you — and using Christianity as an excuse. This is no different than what ISIS does. I oppose all people who hide behind ANY religion as an excuse for their vile crimes.

            Here is a quote from Raymond D’Aguilers, a ‘holy’ man leading an army of ‘Christian’ killers during the First Crusade:

            “Wonderful sights were to be seen. Some of our men (and this was more
            merciful) cut off the heads of their enemies; others shot them with
            arrows, so that they fell from the towers; others tortured them longer
            by casting them into the flames. Piles of heads, hands and feet were to
            be seen in the streets of the city. It was necessary to pick one’s way
            over the bodies of men and horses. But these were small matters compared
            to what happened at the Temple of Solomon, a place where religious
            services are normally chanted … in the temple and the porch of
            Solomon, men rode in blood up to their knees and bridle reins. Indeed it
            was a just and splendid judgement of God that this place should be
            filled with the blood of unbelievers since it had suffered so long from
            their blasphemies”

            Now isn’t that just the model of Christ’s teachings? No, it isn’t, and that’s my point. This is murder, torture, and despicable crime every bit as bad as today’s ISIS.

            Naturally, you STILL refuse to denounce Timothy McVeigh the Christian terrorist, because you do not oppose murderers per se — just Muslims.

            You have no ‘intellectual’ capacity to challenge anyone here — just lies and vile hate. You hate Obama because he’s black, and even though you hate Muslims too you cannot bring yourself to acknowledge that Obama did the right thing by targeting Osama Bin Laden.

          2. joe schmo August 24, 2014

            Very eloquently said ‘bikejedi.’ I always say that most liberals are tainted by their emotions. They often have no recourse or problem solving skills. Most factual information and common sense eludes them.

          3. bikejedi August 24, 2014

            facts and logic scare and confuse them . They also place their total trust in big Governement to be their saviors even when that Govt has proven to be nothing but scandalous liars and traitors

          4. Independent1 August 24, 2014

            You’re too funny!! facts and logic??? You wouldn’t know what a fact was if it bit you in the rearend. And how can you rationalize any logic with an IQ of 5????

          5. bikejedi August 24, 2014

            First off any ” Independent ” observer who reads are comments could see that my IQ far exceeds yours .
            To prove that point lets examine YOUR last post . You state that their is new research that shows people who are prejudiced have lower IQs and tries to affix Liberal prejudice to Conservatives. To prove my point ask yourself or read these comments and look who is the ONLY person who brought up race here ??? That would be YOU ( I think that would include those who play the race card and or bring it up in the first place when it wasnt even the topic of conversation/the post / or the thread as YOU did .. that would be evidence that one is consumed with the issue .. right … as you seem to be ) ..So you realize now that you just described YOURSELF right ??? Do you get that ??? I mean this isnt a post or thread or article about race and here you are playing your race card … So your study says you have a lower IQ right ???? No one else brought up or played the race card except you soooooo… By the way you should avail yourself to the PEW research study as they are Liberals … You know the one that showed Conservatives are way better informed and intelligent then their Liberal counterparts .. And also the study showing that Liberalism is a mental disorder before you make yourself look dumb by trying to cite a study that links Liberal prejudices to Conservatives as the study you cited attempts to do .. I mean look at YOUR OWN post Mr. Independent prejudiced race card playing Liberal

        2. charleo1 August 23, 2014

          As the President rightly advised the World. “ISIS has
          no ideology of any value to human beings.” And what
          value has the radicalism, and extremism of the T-Party
          been to the Country? To it’s prosperity, or it’s security? Elected on such high minded ideals as, “I’m going to Washington, and knock the Hell out of it!” The candidate was the Son of former Vice President Dan Quail. And he won! I’m sure ISIS would love to come to Washington, and knock the Hell out of it too! So, who’s the more radical, hateful, or un-American ISIS, or the T-Party? But wait! The new T-Partiers are calling the 2010 T-Party, RINOs. Not nearly pure, not close to being, “Conservative,” enough. No Sir! They went to Washington, and didn’t repeal the healthcare act. Didn’t cause enough financial chaos, by refusing to stand good on the Country’s debt. Didn’t get that total dysfunction they hoped for. Didn’t shut down the gov. and keep it shut, until demands were met. And, didn’t impeach Obama. And in spite of all best efforts, even the economy turned around. Taking the debt issue, depended on so heavily, off the table. Well, as one might imagine, the Koch Brothers are not happy. Even though their personal fortunes have doubled since the election of Barack Obama. At their Aspen retreat, the T-Party foot solders got an ear full from the old Birchers. “It’s not about the money.” They said. It’s about controlling the Country! It’s why we spend the kind of money we do. Our Daddy had a vision for this Country. And he set us up with enough money, and connections. And by God, we’re going to see his vision imposed on the Country before we die, if it costs us everything we’ve got! It won’t of course. Buying politicians, and paying them to obstruct, or pass favorable legislation is one of the best investments around. But, the Koch Family is not satisfied with their billions. They dream of a Country fundamentally changed, from the America we recognize today. And that takes radicalism, and
          extremism. And also ignorance, and public apathy.
          And a helping hand from the Robert’s Supreme Court.
          Which they’ve found in abundance, here in the land,
          ripe for the picking.

          1. WhutHeSaid August 23, 2014

            The Tea Bigots are nothing but a bag of assholes with a fancy re-branding. Everybody grew up knowing people who had nothing but vile hate in their hearts and nasty lies spewing from their lips. These are those very same people, and they don’t represent any ideology. They aren’t conservative as they claim, they aren’t libertarian, and they certainly aren’t liberal. The Tea Party was only formed because these vile people could not bear seeing America elect it’s first black President, and they’ve done absolutely nothing of value for anyone.

          2. charleo1 August 23, 2014

            Sounds about right to me! You know a guy can just
            over think a thing sometimes. And after reading your spot on analysis, I think that guy was me! Very simple. No Obama, no T-Party.

          3. WhutHeSaid August 23, 2014

            I don’t believe that you are over-thinking, rather, I believe that you are expecting common sense and decency where none is to be found. I wondered about the Tea Party’s motivations too at first until I had the chance to talk to many of them directly and the realization sank in that they are just the same bigoted, racist assholes that have always been around.

          4. idamag September 20, 2014


        3. idamag September 20, 2014

          Should read about the inquisitions while he is at it. Of course, functionally illiterate people have to have others tell them what to think and often others are not reliable, either.

      3. Viet Nam Vet August 23, 2014

        Holy moly are you living in a delusional world!. First of all Clinton did not have several chances to take Bin Laden out. And that is what is wrong with your opinions and conjecture as a whole. Go on any right wing website and read the hate coming from the uneducated radical right wingers. There is absolutely no comparison! None! You need to do a lot more reading and THEN you MIGHT have a clue what to think Obama will do with ISIS. I think you mean well but you just don’t really know how ugly the tea powered GOP is now. I will never go back to being a Republican because of what they have become.

        1. bikejedi August 23, 2014

          Holy Moly are you living in a delusional world .. especially if you dont know that Billoe Blo Job himself has said it .. Maybe you should do a few google searches before you comment on something you dont even know about or are aware of just so people dont question what is wrong with the information level of the left . That is what is wrong with your opinions and conjecture as a whole . You dont have a grasp of current events and are uneducated . It seems that since you didn’t even know that that you are just expressing that you hate the right and you dont even know why . You are right there is no comparison . All you hear from people on the left is total intolerance for those who disagree with them and can factually point out why. Why your intplerance for those who disagree with you is just like the intolerance of a Muslim terrorist group against people who dont think like them . All you have to do is go to ANY Liberal site and watch as all the people on the left call people who disagree with them names and play the race card on them .. You are right there is no comparison.. Maybe you should do a simple google search and read before you comment on something you have no clue about . My opinion of what Obama will or wont do is my opinion . However maybe you should heed it . If you follow my posts I have been right about everything i opine on for 5 years .. from the trainwreck of obamacare to the IRS to the economy to his foreign policy missteps . Go back and see all the things I have predicted and then you might know why my opinion should have merit even to libs as I have called Obama on all his lies . You dont have to go back to being a republican but considering you are a vet maybe you should start thinking about backing people who believe in the Constitution . Why would any vet back a Party that cares more about ILLEGAL ALIENS then our vet but hey .. Its a free Country so far

          1. Independent1 August 23, 2014

            You’re totally mentally retarded!! You really need professional help moron!!!!!!!

          2. bikejedi August 24, 2014

            See right there .. You cant even go a full sentence without name calling and Hate .. Made my point for me . Using the terms Liberal in conjunction with Intolerant immature uninformed ( check with PEW ) hypocrite and LIAR are all redundant ..

          3. Independent1 August 24, 2014

            Oh! I see. I’m immature and out of place calling you a moron and retarded, but’s okay for you and your other low IQ troll buddies to call our president every name in the book from Muslim, to Emperor, to unAmerican, to you name it!!! Well sorry!! If the name fits that’s what you’re going to be called. And when you post gibberish which is clearly based on lies and distortions of the truth, I’m going to call you retarded and a moron. If you don’t want to be called those names then OWN UP TO THE TRUTH AND STOP LYING!!!!!!!!!

          4. bikejedi August 24, 2014

            Yes you are immature . You are just here trolling and calling names . I didn’t call Obama any names and to accuratley describe him as a Communist is fair . He was raised by Commies and he has said in his own book that he prefers Communism so take that up with him … Emperor ??? Even the Supreme Court thought so .. so take that up with them .. Muslim probably .. He has said he would side with them and so far his policy decision in Egypt Libya and Iran would seem to bear that out .. Once again who is bringing this stuff up ??? You are I havent so go ahead and show your maturity level and intolerance .. this is why I dont answer Whutshesaid anymore and I think i’m done with you .

          5. idamag September 20, 2014

            I thought you were kind. You are nicer than the hate group members deserve.

          6. Independent1 August 24, 2014

            And here’s another chart I’d like to see you dispute and or own up to (is this just one more GOP achievement you’re proud of??):

          7. STLBRZ September 19, 2014

            The ACA can help you with that pre-existing mental condition that you so obviously suffer from.

          8. bikejedi August 24, 2014

            You want people to converse with you when you are this immature and intolerant . Can any of you Liberals besides Dom go at least one comment without insult ? why do I ask ? this is why the terms Intolerant Immature Uninformed and Hypocrite are not needed and redundant when used with the term Liberal .

          9. joe schmo August 24, 2014

            I guess it’s going to take the sky falling for them to FINALLY get it? We shall never know.

            You’ve nailed it….

          10. bikejedi August 24, 2014

            Thank You Joe. check out my response to Independent below

          11. Independent1 August 24, 2014

            More unadulterated nonsensical gibberish!!!

          12. Independent1 August 24, 2014

            Just more nonsensical rhetoric from another retarded moron!!! All you do is spew lies and distortions of the truth too!!

          13. WhutHeSaid August 24, 2014

            If your primary complaint is being called names then the solution is a simple one: Stop being a bigoted, lying asshole.

            Always happy to help! 🙂

          14. Viet Nam Vet August 24, 2014

            Holy crap what a delusional twit you are. Guess what, I predicted Bush would leave office with the lowest approval rating in history. In 2005 I made that prediction. He was still on the plus side. You haven’t been right about anything. Obamacare is working just fine. The GOP wasted tons of money trying to repeal it. Which will never happen by the way. Oh no you’re not a hater or an imbecile. You just referred to my President as Billie Blo Job. You can say filthy things like that on the internet. I can tell you why I hate uneducated uninformed hate mongering people like you. You repeat right wing ignorance like what you called Obama. Yes I am proud of being an ex Republican. I am very intolerant of your hatred and downright lies.

          15. bikejedi August 24, 2014

            wow are you kidding me ?? Were you really in the service ?? Which branch because I dont believe you ??? You are offended because I called Bill Clinton Billie Blo Job ???? Come on you have heard worse If you were in the service and everyone calls him that…Everyone call him that because of his like of getting blow jobs from fat ugly interns . By the way aren’t you pissed he dirtied up the image of the Presidency ??? I mean.. not by getting a blo job …but I mean how stupid is he ??? I mean if you are freaking POTUS you should be able to get just about any girl you want and he embarasses all American Men by screwing that fat ugly intern ?? I mean Kennedy had the class to bang one of the hottest chicks ever when he cheated …Although I cant fathom ever wanting to cheat on a Lady like his wife . Anyway I am sorry I offended your delicate sensibilities and don’t worry I wont tell any of the other vets so your secret is safe

          16. Viet Nam Vet August 24, 2014

            First of all I thought you were talking about Obama. To me Clinton embarrassed the office. I landed in Vietnam with the 1st Marine Division at 18 in 1968. What year were you in the boyscouts?

          17. bikejedi August 25, 2014

            I am glad we got that straightened out . I was talking about Bill not Barry . Barry has his own sexual issues and tendencies but so far he and Reggie seem to be keeping it out of the oval office so that is good .Thank you for your service but you have no business backing a Party that cares more about ILLEGAL ALIENS then homeless Vets … But that is what the Freedom you fought for is about . You have the right to back a Party that hates Veterans and the Military, doesn’t see that they even receive medical care while giving away billions to the criminals who are invading our southern border . ISIS has promised to attack us here and Obama promotes and open southern border so when more of our guys have to go to fight a war against Islam remember it was Obama and the Dems who didnt bar the door .. They are keeping it open so they can promote amnesty for Illegal aliens .They are doing that in total disregard for National Security .. So when it happens and they come right though our open southern border please dont blame Bush for that K

          18. Viet Nam Vet August 24, 2014

            By the way twit brain. Bush’s lies cost 4,489 soldiers lives. Which conflict did you serve in? Diaper duty is probably even too much for you. Go post your nonsense at the daily caller/whiner.

          19. bikejedi August 24, 2014

            Ist off where did I whine ?? Whining is a Liberal thing . Secondly in Obama’s time in office we have lost more American in combat then Bush did in 8 years . Now Obnama’s total and premature pullout from Iraq has wasted all the blood that was spilled over there He has basically opened the door for ISIS over there and he pulled out against the advice of the Intel community and every General .No the Community Organizer did the total pull out… not out of wisdom but to try to win a political point . His blunder will cost countless more Americans their lives as we will end up fighting a generational war against ISIS and others .. what so you think will happen after Obama helps Iraq get a NUKE ??? You do know he lifted the ecooimic sanctions which were having an effect and then gave them 8 Billion right ??? What ever do you suppose they will use that money for ???Meanwhile there are 1200 to 1800 homeless veterans on the streets of Chicago …have you ever seen a homeless Illegal Alien … You should be ashamed to call yourself a vet and support that party

          20. Viet Nam Vet August 24, 2014

            You are an idiot. We have not lost more soldiers under Obama. Where do you get your fiction? I will not argue with someone who lies repeatedly. I told you what happened with Iraq and I know that to be the truth. You are truly an ignorant moron. Your comments are ALL total crap. Unlike you who is a nobody I am a proud Vet. What have you done for our country weenie boy?

          21. bikejedi August 25, 2014

            Man Vet … You really need to learn to use that google search bar . Is your lap top just set up so that when you turn it on it just loads up the National Memo ??? Do you have a homepage or a chosen browser . If not download Bing Yahoo Google any of them and do a simple search . More American lives have been lost in the 5 years of Obama the 8 years of Bush … For God Sakes look it up for yourself .. I shouldnt have to baby sit a Marine .. Improvise adapt and overcome … In other words use your browser and do a simple search … By the way what did you tell me about Iraq … refresh my memory

          22. bikejedi August 25, 2014

            Vet I don’t usually go in for name calling and all that childish stuff the left likes . I would ask you to do your own google searches and you will find that casualties in the 5 years of Obama far exceed the 8 years of Bush . Also you might find that the Dem Party cares more about Illegal aliens over our own vets . You talk about the hate on the right and all you do is call people who are far better informed then you names . Instead of hating Conservative who love care and respect our vets maybe you should look at the Dem Party’s record on Veterans issues . If you want an expert on this google Richard Barris .he is a veteran who researches this issue . You soon will have your eyes opened like never before and youl see who cares about the vets and who doesn’t . God Bless all who serve

          23. Viet Nam Vet August 26, 2014

            First of all I’m going to tell you something you will remember. When I make a statement I guarantee you it’s a fact. Not conjecture. So now I want you to go to the website icasualties.org. You will see that you are totally wrong about more soldiers being killed on Obama’s watch. Don’t respond until you read that. Then I want you to google Walter Reed Hospital debacle. Yeah that was under Bush. By the way I never lose debates to right wingers especially when it comes to military subjects. So listen up you smug bas&^%*. I am far more informed than you.

          24. bikejedi August 26, 2014

            Well you lost this one thats for sure .. Do some google searches

          25. STLBRZ September 19, 2014

            I sure didn’t see it that way. You haven’t had a single fact correct.

          26. bikejedi August 25, 2014

            One recent example to showcase the Dems concern and compassion for our troops . Why wasn’t Obama at the General’s funeral ? I mean he as the first General killed in combat since Nam …. He was too busy golfing right ??? Why was no representative from his regime sent there if he was too busy golfing ???? How many people did they send to that ??? ZERO that’s how many . Now how many did they send to Michael Brown’s funeral just because it is an issue that they can divide the Nation on the issue of race ??? THREE… it would’ve been 4 but Obama was golfing

          27. Viet Nam Vet August 26, 2014

            You are like a dufus deer in my headlights. lol You are not informed by any means. You are indoctrinated into believing Obama is a bad President. Presidents don’t attend military funerals, as a rule. Nixon did not attend the General killed in Vietnam and Bush did not attend the Generals funeral killed on his watch. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel did attend the funeral. I’ll tell you why you don’t know he was in attendance. You live and die on right wing web sites. As for Michael Brown I could care less who attended his funeral. If he would have done what the cop told him to he would still be alive.

          28. bikejedi August 26, 2014

            Dufus deer ?.. Sounds like your boy friend . Look, you are proving that you are a Liberal . How you ask ? because everytime a Liberal cant debate an issue they resort to immature and intolerant name calling… hallmarks of a Liberal .To further prove the point you show your information level . The General killed in Afgahnistan was the first to be killed in combat since Nam . Maybe if Obama was too busy golfing he could’ve at least sent a representative to pretend he has any concern for those who serve . I mean he sent 3 to try to stir up racial divisiveness to Brown’s funeral . One last thing I am not indoctrinated to believe Obama is a bad President because it is a fact . By ANY metric you can name he is a failure . As for our Foreign Policy our enemies no longer fear us and our former allies cant trust us .. Are you listening Israel Poland and Ukraine ?

          29. Viet Nam Vet August 26, 2014

            Can you tell me why you did not acknowledge Hagel attending the funeral? Why would you ignore the truth?

          30. STLBRZ September 19, 2014

            Obama vacation days 128. Bush vacation days over 400. Sit and spin on that.

          31. Viet Nam Vet August 24, 2014

            Bike THIS!

          32. Viet Nam Vet August 26, 2014

            I posted a link with proof of soldier deaths and they deleted it. You are dead wrong,……again.

          33. Independent1 August 24, 2014

            The trainwreck of Obamacare huh!! That’s why I’m calling you retarded and a moron – your making totally idiotic statements without having done any research whatsover. Not only has Obamacare been credited already with saving thousands of lives, both from allowing people to buy insurance who previously couldn’t buy it because of a pre-existing condition, but also because Obamacare has forced hospitals to greatly cut down on the readmission rates – where hospitals were discharging patients who really weren’t well or had contracted another illness while in the hospital.

            And cutting down on the readmission and uninsured rates has also resulted in saving even red states millions of dollars. Here are just a couple example links to two of the many states that are reporting savings from that – with some hospitals actually making profits for the first time in their existence because so many fewer people are coming to the ER who can’t pay for the healthcare they get:

            Arizona hospitals already reaping benefit of Medicaid expansion

            Gov. Jan Brewer’s decision to harangue her Republican legislature to accept Medicaid expansion is paying off for the whole state of Arizona, but especially its hospitals. A new report from the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association says that uncompensated care has been reduced 31 percent in the last four months compared to the same period last year.

            That’s money that the state doesn’t have to try to come up with to reimburse hospitals to help keep them afloat. The business school at Arizona State University estimated that the expansion would bring more than 15,000 jobs to the state by 2016, increase state revenues by over $2.8 billion in the next three years and increase personal disposable income by more than $1.6 billion. The decline in uncompensated care is just a drop in the bucket for what Medicaid expansion is likely to do for Arizona.


            An Obamacare winner: Safety-net hospitals

            At Seattle’s largest safety-net hospital, the proportion of uninsured patients fell from 12% last year to an unprecedented low of 2% this spring — a drop expected to boost Harborview Medical Center’s revenue by $20 million this year. The share of uninsured patients was cut roughly in half this year at two other major safety net hospitals — Denver Health in Colorado and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Hospital (UAMS) in Little Rock.

            One of the biggest beneficiaries of the health law’s expansion of coverage to more than 13 million people this year has been the nation’s safety-net hospitals, which treat a disproportionate share of poor and uninsured people and therefore face billions of dollars in unpaid bills. Such facilities had expected to see a drop in uninsured patients seeking treatment, but the change has been faster and deeper than most anticipated — at least in the 25 states that expanded Medicaid in January, according to interviews with safety-net hospital officials across the country.

            “This is really phenomenal,” said Ellen Kugler, executive director of the National Association of Urban Hospitals, based in Sterling, Va., which represents inner-city safety net institutions. “It shows the Affordable Care Act is clearly working in these locations.”


            And you wonder why I call you retarded and a moron – BECAUSE THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE!!!!!!

          34. bikejedi August 24, 2014

            Really .. Insurance costs are rising at their fastest pace ever . The CBO doesn’t even know how to score Obamacare anymore but their estimates have gone up everytime they have tried . Do you really think that having your company supplied plan cut and then having to pay $8000/yr for a policy that has a $6000 deductible more affordable then not having to pay for it ? How do you think all those Americans having to now come out of pocket and not be able to use that money to buy a TV or groceries is going to hurt or help the economy ??? If you want I can answer that as I am sure you probably dont know . And here’s the kicker if Obamacare is such a success why is Obama ILLEGALLY delaying the employer mandate ?? I will answer that it is to save Dem seats in the mid terms as he knows the minute companies have to comply they will; all start dropping their employee’s plans .

            You really need to start trying to convionce your fellow Liberals because most of them know it sucks so bad they have either made sure they are exempt or already were exempt ( entitlement Dem voters for instance and Illegal Aliens ) Most of the Public Union Dem,s get Tax Payer funded heath care so of course they were all for it because they knew they wouldn’t have to comply with it . The trade Unions rightly pointed out that it would be the end if the middle class because of the part time exemptions and then Obama bribed them off with billions in subsidies so they are in effect exempt and they shut up . Then there are the over 1400 waivers given ALL to Liberals who voted for and supported it and now dont want it . A lot of these are whole groups like Unions and such and 20% of them were handed out in Pelosi’s own district ..So your people dont want it because they know it SUCKS ..

            Lastly why is no Dem running on the fact that they passed Obamacare ???????????.. See I did all that just by using common sense and you cant dispute a single thing I said …

          35. Independent1 August 24, 2014

            One pack of lies after another!! That’s all you know how to post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          36. bikejedi August 24, 2014

            Translation .. gee you just decimated my post with common sense and bny relating what is actually happening . If they are lies then you should have no trouble showing us a Dem that is running who has as the centerpiece of hos campaign that he championed Obamacare . But you cant .. You should have no trouble convincing your fellow libs and Dems in the Public Union to give up their tax payer funded plans and go get Obamacare . You should have no problem telling the trade unions to give back those subsidies .. you should have no trouble convincing those Liberal who were amongst those who voted for Obama and his Socialist agenda to forget those waivers and go get Obamacare right ????? right ???? You lost this argument because you are about the Only Liberal who is still trying to defend it while every other Lib is or has bailed on it … Dont you feel stupid and used ( and notice I didnt call you stupid I just asked an obvious question )

          37. STLBRZ September 19, 2014

            Try Google. So easy even a teabaggie can do it.

          38. STLBRZ September 19, 2014

            Spin and a miss. You need to step away from the faux. It’s got you spun hard and put up dizzy.

          39. idamag September 20, 2014

            Thanks to the affordable care act, insurance companies are not required to use 80% of premiums for health care instead of 34. Many of these jerks who yammer about socialism are very willing to hold out their hands for two of the most socialistic programs we have: Medicare and Social Security. It doesn’t matter if they paid into it or not, it is still socialism. They got theirs and to hell with the young family with a child with cancer. Selfishness is not a Christian virtue. Socialized medicine in civilized countries is paid for by the people. That is what Socialism is.

        2. idamag September 20, 2014

          Uneducated is the key work. Ignerent an prowed uv it.

    3. joe schmo August 23, 2014

      Jesus Christ, Eleanore! Are you off base. Where do you people come up with such abominations. Just too funny I couldn’t pass up a comment.

      If anyone has a dislike and disdain for terrorist groups like ISIS it is the Conservatives.

      21.2 million veterans can’t be wrong. Most likely many are Conservatives or Independents. I’m sure you haven’t seen this article because your media never shares anything that doesn’t favor them.

      An article from one ticked off soldier:

      “As I sit here constantly hearing and watching you execute innocent men, women and children in the Middle East I chuckle. Why do I chuckle you may ask? Well let me explain something to you cowardice fools who think you are so tough behind all your propaganda videos. You are scaring a population that doesn’t know how to fight, you’re bullying the weak.

      You say Islam is the religion of peace, but since when does terrorizing the innocent and beheading men, women and children constitute peace? WTF? But keep in mind, what did Saddam’s troops do when we came rolling into town? They surrendered, twice… So all your empty threats of coming to America and raising your flag over the White House amuse me more than any of you sick, sadistic bastards could ever imagine or comprehend.

      In 2012 there was about 21.2 million veterans in the United States. Do you understand what that means? Let me break it down for you. That means there are literally millions of disgruntled, dysfunctional, pissed off veterans who have been dealing with years of abuse from their government stabbing them in the backs and having to watch their friends die because you Islamic extremist idiots can’t seem to act like normal human beings and stop terrorism and the violence.

      It’s one thing to take over an Islamic state, but if my memory serves me correctly, I’m pretty sure we plowed through Fallujah in 4 days. Better yet, it took us about month to control your entire country. At this point, with 13+ years of war under our belts, how long do you think it would take us to do it all over again? I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on that one. Do you really think you stand a chance on US soil? Do you really think it would be smart to poke that bear? Remember, never bite the hand that feeds you.

      Remember we are armed to the teeth in the US and I can promise you this… the Geneva Conventions will not apply to you. You attack us and there will be no mercy. We will bring the righteous hand of God down upon you and crush you. The ball is in your court now ISIS. We are more than ready to arrange your so called “meeting” with your 72 virgins and send you to your “prophet” Mohamed.”

      – Nick Powers

      That’s right….21.2 million veterans…..terrorists don’t have a chance:)

      1. bikejedi August 25, 2014

        Great response Joe

      2. STLBRZ September 19, 2014

        Spoken like the true fauxbot parrot you are.

    4. Allan Richardson August 24, 2014

      Exactly. The only difference between “Muslim” extremists like ISIS (which is considered TOO extreme by Al Qaeda, and by the way, do they know that their English acronym is the name of a pre-Muslim Egyptian goddess?) and “Christian” extremists like Westboro Baptist (and to a lesser extent, most of the “Christian” fundamentalists who condemn liberals) is the BRAND NAME? The doctrines are the same except for changing the name of the deity they pretend to worship. Of course, they are actually worshiping Ares/Mars, the Greco-Roman god of war, and Pluto, the god of wealth.

  3. Goldbug12 August 22, 2014

    Same bla, bla, bla! So what are we going to do about it???

    1. plc97477 August 22, 2014

      Vote enmasse and for the democrats.

      1. Mark Forsyth August 22, 2014

        While I agree completely,folks here on the Memo are likely to vote.The problem lies with those who don’t think that voting matters and then if you manage to get them to the polls,they don’t know who to vote for or why.

        1. plc97477 August 22, 2014

          In 2012 I talked a life long republican into voting for Obama solely by telling her what was in the ryan budget. She didn’t have the slightest idea what she was voting for before and if each of us on the memo can talk at least one republican into voting dem. then we won’t have any trouble getting our side to win more. Tell your friends and relations what not voting could mean to our country then we will see them getting out to vote.

          1. Mark Forsyth August 22, 2014

            Happily,my friends and family are chomping on the bit to vote and live far from my location.Though New York is considered a blue state, the north country is decidedly red.Always has been.Lots of people who know they are ignorant and are proud of it.

          2. johninPCFL August 22, 2014

            Dilbert happily summed it up best by asking the pointy-haired boss “when did stupid become a point of view?”

          3. Mark Forsyth August 22, 2014

            That’s great.Reminds me of Oblio and The Land of Pointless Points.I would answer Dilbert by suggesting that it happened when corporations became people.That would serve as a “starting point.”

          4. charleo1 August 22, 2014

            Looking back, to my younger years. The less I knew, the less I thought I had to know. And the less I appreciated what I didn’t know, was the very thing that stood the best chance of biting me in the ass. Today I’m wiser. And not near as big of an ass as I
            once was.

          5. Mark Forsyth August 22, 2014

            The process of enlightenment is a curious one,charleo.At least it has been for me.There is no ignorance that offends me more than my own.

      2. Goldbug12 August 22, 2014

        You are a Communist Godless MORON!!! I’m sure you have an EBT Card and get all the other FREEBIES!

        1. Independent1 August 22, 2014

          You obviously have the misguided notion that it’s Democrats who suck in the most government freebies when nothing could be further from the truth.

          Fact is, that 12 of the 15 states that suck the most “freebies” are GOP-run red states. And the reason that more food stamps are being used today than when Obama took office, HAS NOTHING to do with Obama. The reason is because nitwit GOP legislators in red states when elected in 2010, started cutting budgets and state serves IN RED STATES, throwing millions of RED STATE residents onto unemployment, welfare and food stamps.

          Another fact is that more than 75% of food stamps go to people either living in red states, or to people living in right-leaning counties of blue states because Republican mayors, managers, whatever in those districts also cut budgets putting people in their districts out of work and needing welfare. It was all part of an effort to destroy the economy and make Obama look bad so he wouldn’t get re-elected in 2012.

          Of the 456 counties in America that suck the most welfare, including food stamps, 421 of those districts voted for Mitt Romney in 2012. So if you want to cut down on the government “freebies”, you want to vote Republicans out of office by voting Democratic.

          1. idamag August 23, 2014

            I live in a red state that takes more from the government than they give.

          2. Independent1 September 21, 2014

            And that’s by design; Republicans actually work at seeing how much Federal money they can suck from Washington to offset the budget needs of their states.

            They work at finding every way they can think of to cut their budgets so they and their wealthy donors can get away without paying their fair share of what it costs to operate their state governments. One of their tactics is to cut programs that support the less fortunate just so they can foist what it takes to support them onto the federal government; and they even go as far as actually teaching people that they throw into unemployment, how to a apply for all the programs run by the Federal Government designed to support those who are unemployed and/or living below the poverty level onto the Federal dole.

            What’s really galling to me, is that after they’ve worked at shoving people onto the federal welfare and food stamp programs, their buddies in Congress will then start complaining about how welfare and food stamp costs are going through the roof, implying that it’s the Democrat president who has created the problem; and to make themselves look even more like scumbags, they will then push to cut the federal welfare and food stamp budgets in an effort to make the peons THEIR STATE COHORTS HAD FORCED onto welfare and food stamps, to suffer even more.

          3. Viet Nam Vet August 23, 2014

            You completely demoralized and embarrassed that Goldbugger. Way too many facts for him to try and wrap his head around. Good job by the way. Very informative.

        2. Independent1 August 22, 2014

          And if you’re talking about the supposed “free phones” which really aren’t free (they have fixed low monthly rate), they were started back in the Clinton administration as a means of helping the unemployed find jobs (it’s hard to get a good job if you can’t leave a prospective employer with a phone number to call you on). The worked so well that the program was continued by the Bush Administration during his whole term. So, the free phones are not free, and they weren’t started by Obama, and they serve a very worthwhile purpose of helping get people out of having to depend on unemployment checks.

        3. Independent1 August 22, 2014

          Just in case you’re still in doubt as to which party is really the best for you and America, spend a few minutes reviewing these 3 graphs:

        4. Independent1 August 22, 2014

          Oh! And I forgot, if there are any people who know about being Godless, it’s the GOP and Republicans. Anyone with one ounce of common sense can see that the GOP is all about money (that’s why every GOP politician signs Nordquist’s pledge to not vote for any legislation that would add $1 of tax to the wealthy).

          And most Christians are also aware that Jesus’ brother James said “The love of money is the root of all evil.” Putting two and two together then, it’s clear that the GOP can’t be truly Christian, which means that they are obviously the party of the Devil. So if you’re looking to be Godless, vote for a Republican!!!

          1. Goldbug12 August 23, 2014

            Correct me if I’m wrong but the DNC in 2012 actually did vote God out of their party! I witnessed it! That’s called being GODLESS YOU FOOL!!! That’s why it’s so easy for democrats to lie, cheat and steal! Most are communists that have no integrity and morals!

          2. Independent1 August 23, 2014

            Nonsense! They didn’t vote God out of the party, since political parties are SUPPOSED TO BE all inclusive, that is, to also represent people who may be atheists, America IS NOT A THEOCRACY!! what the Dems did was vote not to include “God specific” issues in the party plank. Religion related issues DO NOT BELONG in a political parties plank!!!!!!

            And no one is claiming that the Democrats are saints; that the Dems don’t have issues which TRUE CHRISTIANS are not crazy about, BUT, the Democrats AT LEAST support issues that Jesus could find favor with, like doing what they can to help the poor and others that are needy (like pushing for insurance for people who have never before been able to purchase it because of a pre-existing medical condition).

            While in contrast, the GOP GOES OUT OF IT’S WAY TO BE ANTI-CHRISTIAN, not only does it focus almost entirely on money, or promoting issues that ensure the already WEALTHY GET MORE WEALTHY – which is as unGodly as it gets; They also go out of their way in judging people and think THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO INFLICT THEIR BELIEFS ON OTHERS. Which is not only wrong in and of itself, but especially wrong when some of their beliefs ARE JUST NOT SUPPORTABLE BY JESUS’ TEACHINGS.

            So you couldn’t be any more wrong than you are – I’ll guarantee you that there are more TRUE CHRISTIANS outside the GOP than there ever will be within it’s worshiping followers!!!

          3. Goldbug12 August 23, 2014

            No, you are wrong! They took a voice vote three times to vote God out of their party and each time the yeas were louder than the nays! I heard it! Because of the political backlash, they resinded their vote!

          4. Independent1 August 23, 2014

            I’m not wrong! They took a voice vote to take REFERENCES TO GOD OUT OF THE PARTY PLANK, because including references to God in the party plank IS INCLUDING RELIGION IN THE PARTY PLANK.


          5. Goldbug12 August 23, 2014



          6. Independent1 August 23, 2014

            Actually the number that claims to be Christian is around 77% but that means at least 23% ARE NOT CHRISTIANS SO GOVERNMENT AND POLITICAL PARTIES SHOULD NOT BE DELVING INTO MATTERS PERTAINING TO RELIGION!!!!!!!!


            Legislating religion IS NOT the governments business!! That’s what churches are for!!! And the two SHOULD NOT MIX!!!!

            And that’s especially true since the political party that thinks they have a right to impose their FAKE CHRISTIAN VALUES ON EVERYONE is really the PARTY OF THE DEVIL!!!!!!

          7. idamag September 20, 2014

            God protect us from the religious nuts.

          8. idamag September 20, 2014

            Evidentially, you live where history was not taught. There were people living here before the gold seekers, the colonizers, the fur traders and 150 so-called Christians came here and hung 29 of their own people for being witches. They drove out the Quakers and killed the Indians. The Southern Baptists lynched on Saturday and passed the plate in church on Sunday. As for the history of the Christian religion, study the crusades, the Spanish and French inquisitions. Study the Mountain Meadow Massacre. . Many, many more people came here for the first mentioned reasons than the so-called Christians.

          9. idamag September 20, 2014

            Godly is as Godly does. Jesus was never hateful to anyone,

          10. STLBRZ September 19, 2014

            So you are afraid of the invisible man in the sky that is going to throw you into a lake of fire for eternity, because he loves you?

          11. idamag September 20, 2014

            Liar, liar,liar. And you are Godly?

        5. Duckbudder August 23, 2014

          And you are an ASSHOLE.

          1. Goldbug12 September 20, 2014

            Go play with your ducks you IDIOT! Oh I forgot to also mention your Obama phone and EBT card and all your other FREEBEES! You’re the typical LOW-LIFE sucking off the hard working American tax payer!

          2. Duckbudder September 20, 2014

            You forgot to insult my mother.

        6. idamag August 23, 2014

          And you are ignorant, hateful, person who never learned that people, who differ from you, are not communist or Godless. It was the French Communists who went underground and fought the Nazis.

          1. Goldbug12 September 20, 2014

            Go crawl back into your hole you MORON! You are one FU individual!

          2. idamag September 20, 2014

            And you Nazis can leave my country before you destroy our Democracy.

        7. STLBRZ September 19, 2014

          Pull your head out bagger. There’s a freebie for ya!

          1. Goldbug12 September 20, 2014

            Unlike a THIEF and SCUMBAG like you, I have dignity and pride and will make it on my own!

          2. STLBRZ September 22, 2014

            There you go little tea baggie. ASSuming you actually know something. It’s just an illusion coming from your pointy little head.

          3. STLBRZ September 23, 2014

            Pull your head out bagster. You have no idea who I am. Morons like you ASSume much but actually know very little.

  4. adler56 August 22, 2014

    Right wingers and or tea baggers are the real enemy of America. their racism has boiled over after 45 years in the closet. Not knowing how crazy you are is real crazy.

  5. FT66 August 22, 2014

    Oh! Sarah Palin. You have selective memories or may be you have none. Didn’t you go to SNL and joined them and danced Hip Hop in 2008 in one of their shows?? Wasn’t the same place where Tina Fey went? As far as I remember, one time you praised Tina Fey for impersonating you. Are you not crazy? Thanks again Henry Decker for compiling “This Week in Crazy”. You always make us put a smile on our faces every Friday, before the weekend kicks in.

  6. JDavidS August 22, 2014

    The part that amazes me is that the handlers of these people don’t have the good sense to make them wear helmets.
    Oh, and a note to Alaska Barbie… if you don’t want to be portrayed as an idiot…stop being an idiot!

  7. Vanderbil Covington August 22, 2014

    There is tragic divide in this country between those who see the real problems this nation faces and actually try to correct them and those who would rather conserve traditions that were oppressive and apathetic. The Conservative base of the GOP has gone to great lengths revealing just how mindlessly numb they have become. They don’t even try to inject a modicum of logic, let alone compassion for the less fortunate, nor do they care about the concerns and rights of women. Hopefully, the American people will see these stupid people for what they are and vote them out of Congress and Senate in November, 2014

    1. STLBRZ September 19, 2014

      Nailed it.

  8. David August 22, 2014

    Can people call for a revolution, which can only mean a violent overthrow of our government in this context, and not be treasonous? I thought that calling for the overthrow of our country was against the law. The NSA needs to keep an. Eye on this un patriotic piece of crap and everyone who they think listens to him.

    1. edwardw69 August 22, 2014

      They are nothing to be afraid of. They are all talk. Look at how “American Spring” [sic] turned out; they forecast that millions would show up to overthrow the government. I think they got about 500.

    2. charleo1 August 22, 2014

      A quick thought. When Americans get to the place they can’t tell ice cream from bullshit, maybe we don’t deserve our freedoms. In a age of nearly unlimited information, with American’s unparalleled access to it. If we can’t look at the other 7 billion people with whom we share this planet. And come to any other conclusion than the what most extreme elements are proffering. That we truly can’t see that we are a tremendously blessed, and extremely lucky group of human beings, to be living here in this Country. Maybe then, we have no excuses. And really do deserve whatever we get.

      1. Mark Forsyth August 22, 2014

        We sure have lots of proof that some people don’t appreciate what they have.I guess they didn’t get the word from the Universal Source- You cannot receive further blessings unless you are sufficiently grateful for the ones you have.
        It’s been said that there is no more productive work that is more avoided by more people than that of thinking.I’m no bible thumper,but that falls right in line where Christ was about to ascend into heaven and told the Apostles that each of them were God in their own right and could do as they see the Father do.It all boils down to learning how to think in the right way.A massive undertaking,but most rewarding.

    3. dh357 May 13, 2015

      Go ahead and hate your neighbor, go ahead and cheat a friend,
      Do it in the name of heaven, you can justify it in the end= republicans!

  9. Grannysmovin August 22, 2014

    To those who made the top 5 billboard this week;
    “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools
    do”. –Benjamin Franklin

    1. idamag August 23, 2014

      God quote

  10. highpckts August 22, 2014

    Does the insanity never stop? Are there no people on the right with a drop of common sense? I can’t believe how much this party has changed! They all need to be committed!!

  11. Michael Kollmorgen August 22, 2014

    It’s all bullshit. Plain and simple.

  12. Mark Forsyth August 22, 2014

    Somebody left the insane asylum door open.Soon the escapees will tune up and begin to sing collectively that old,sweet,heart wrenching song written back in the sixties by Napolean Third— Their Coming To Take Me Away Ha Ha,Ho Ho, Hee Hee, To The Funny Farm,Where Life Is Beautiful All The Time.

  13. idamag August 22, 2014

    What is so painful about these dipped-ins is that it seems we are getting dumber and dumber. There was a time when we encountered one of these nut jobs at the bus stop, or in the park, we knew they were crazy. Now, they send them to Washington. The education system, in Texas, must be pretty horrid. A future war could be controlled by cyberspace. If we continue to devolve, we won’t be smart enough to fight back.

    1. holyreality August 22, 2014

      “The education system, in Texas, must be pretty horrid.” And yet Texas schoolbooks are the model for the rest of the nation.

      1. plc97477 August 23, 2014

        Not good news for the rest of the nation.

      2. ericlipps August 24, 2014

        That’s because Texas is what’s called an “adoption state,” in which a state committee determines which texts to use, and that committee has for years been successfully bullied by a handful of fundamentalist zealots. And Texas is such a big market that textbook publishers prefer to Texify their books for the national market rather than produce separate, bowdlerized versions for the Lone Star State. And of course if publishers did produce special editions for Texas, it wouldn’t be long before other states would demand the same.

      3. idamag August 25, 2014

        If that makes you feel good, go ahead and believe it. We still teach about slavery in our state. Our books come from Connecticut.

        1. holyreality August 25, 2014

          Apologies, I was merely pointing out the absurdity of the system, see ericlipps’ reason.

          BTW, I believe nothing.

      4. idamag August 25, 2014

        If it makes you feel good to think that, go ahead

      5. BOBinBrooklyn May 14, 2015

        Well not for ALL 50 States! But, yes, a lot of States take their cue from what Texas’ Textbooks are. it has to do with the business volume that Texas can give to Textbook Publishers.

        1. holyreality May 14, 2015

          Ah, the invisible hand works her magic.

  14. idamag August 22, 2014

    What makes me feel bad as we are getting dumb, dumber and heading for dumbest. There was a time when these nut jobs sat down by you at the bus stop and you didn’t take them serious and tried not to laugh at them so they would not get angry. Now, the send them to Washington. Doesn’t say much about Texas education, does it? The next world war might be a cyber war and we won’t be smart enough to fight it.

    1. Mark Forsyth August 22, 2014

      It’s possible,but I wouldn’t worry about it too much.If the dolts featured here on This Week In Crazy are any indication,they’re just smart enough to blow themselves up.We are smart enough to not let ourselves be part of that process.

    2. FT66 August 22, 2014

      idamag, you have made my weekend. I couldn’t stop laughing while going through reading what you have written. It is quite interesting to read. Thanks for a good laugh. Well put.

  15. Nancy Fitzgerald August 22, 2014

    How come so many repubs are so ignorant, you repubs just got to twist everything this president does or says, the fact is that if you may start a business, or own a home, it is the government that takes care, or were the money comes for our roads and infrastructure, well they used to, but now our lovely repubs in congress, don’t want to do anything for our country, all the repubs do is complain, and lie, it is shameful, its crazy that all these people that have never been a president, think they can do a better job, when they don’t even do their jobs, the repubs think this makes them look good, but it does not, and that’s why they are getting smaller and smaller, you know like the wicked witch of the west, that melted, also tea baggers, do you think they want another civil war, remember that, president Obama kept us from going under, thanks to Bush 43 and his big fat lie, we knew it then it was all about oil, not only that did Obama helped dems, he helped repubs too, think about all the money that would of been lost, and all the jobs that would not have been recovered, I will say there is many repubs that are good people, and many don’t even keep up with politics, and when they find out what their party is doing they are not happy, from me you tea baggers need to get lost.

    1. Justice Juice September 21, 2014

      Looks like you’re about to lose your head over worshipping obama. Get your obama-bobblehead at 40% off!

      1. BOBinBrooklyn May 14, 2015

        Are you going to defend Louie Gohmert’s claim that 6 of President Obama’s staffers are Muslim Brothers? (i.e. from the Muslim Brotherhood) or do you just like to make silly jokes about Obama-Bobblehead Dolls?

        1. Justice Juice May 14, 2015

          It’s (the information) out there – go peck and bob for yourself.

  16. Wanda Schlegel August 22, 2014

    Whew! That was exhausting! Whole lot of crazy out there!

  17. Tony Torres August 22, 2014

    Every single person you described is a complete looneytoon! It is amazing that some people actually believe all the hatred these IDIOTS spew. I think it is a test from God to see which ones are fools and who in their right mind would follow these sad pied pipers that do not do a thing to actually help the USA. They just continue to embarrass us daily.

    1. BOBinBrooklyn May 14, 2015

      My Dad (1912 –1995), rest his soul in peace, used to tell us that he had “found” a connection between the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, who he said was in power when Jesus Christ was born, and Jesus Christ and “Jewish Communism” — they all have the same initials –JC!

      When I pointed out that Julius Caesar was assassinated on March 15, 44 BC, (“The Ides of March”) (44 years before Christ was born) and that Augustus Caesar was Roman Emperor on that first Christmas Day, he would get angry and say “Well, Augustus was in the Caesar Family!”

      Of course, my Dad never ran for or held any Public Office. (Although he DID fantasize about what it would be like for HIM to be Emperor of these United States!) And when my Dad sadly passed away in 1995, he did so without infecting anyone with his Neo-Nazi Anit-Semetic Ideology.

      In 2015, it feels that someone has cloned my Dad and now his clones have taken over the Republican Party.

  18. JDavidS August 22, 2014

    Ya know, Palin could pass as normal…until she opens her mouth. Gohmert at least has the decency to look crazy. As soon as you see him you know that he’s going to rain a shit-storm of crazy down on you.

  19. holyreality August 22, 2014

    Common Core turns your kids gay, WORSE YET it installs Windows!

  20. Allan Richardson August 24, 2014

    That picture of the “two Palins” is really scary! But seriously, does she think that the objects of satire deserve “royalty” payments? Did Chaplin (or the Three Stooges, or Jack Benny in “To Be or Not to Be”) have to pay Hitler for satirizing his appearance and behavior? Did Vaughn Meader (whose career in entertainment was a collateral casualty of the assassination) have to pay JFK for the right to impersonate him on audio recordings (or Fidel Castro, whom he also portrayed in one hilarious skit quoting the most famous line of Kennedy’s Inauguration speech in Spanish)? The rule is, if you are famous enough for your appearance, voice, and mannerisms to be recognizable, you are fair game for entertainers to imitate as long as the aim is ONLY entertainment and satire, positive or negative. Of course, if Tina Fey tried to impersonate Sarah Palin in order to replace her in the Alaska Governor’s Mansion, THEN it would be a matter of criminal activity. She would, however, have done a much better job!

    1. paganheart August 24, 2014

      Palin’s just an 8th-grade “Mean Girl” all grown up. She envies Tina Fey because Fey is intelligent, talented, respected and highly successful…things Palin will never be.

      1. Kansan August 24, 2014

        She envies Fey because Tina’s IQ is about sixty points higher than her own.

  21. ericlipps August 24, 2014

    Pat Robertson’s senile babblings about “revolution” are nothing new for him. In the past, he has “prophesied” (Pat sees things, you understand, and hears things, that other people don’t) that if necessary God might send America a tyrant to save it from its sinful ways.

    The marvel is that anyone still listens to this man, who made a career out of fake, er, that is, faith healings of anonymous people supposedly out there in his TV audience and claimed in 1985 to have personally diverted Hurricane Gloria away from Virginia.

  22. dpaano September 11, 2014

    Has anyone else noticed that it seems to be the same 2-3 idiots on This Week in Crazy each week? It’s amazing…..you keep seeing the same ones over and over….will they NEVER learn???!!

  23. tdm3624 September 17, 2014

    The doctor one is my favorite.

  24. GayEGO May 2, 2015

    Tina Fey does a very good job at mimicking Sarah Palin’s stupidity.

  25. BOBinBrooklyn May 14, 2015

    “If you’re Commander-in-Chief you can’t be listening to Muslim brothers advise on when it’s time to stop destroying Muslim brothers,” [Congressman] Gohmert explained.

    Have you noticed a pattern where some Republican will say something outrageous, and then NEVER give any proof to back up his or her claim?

    I think GOMER Pyle would make mre sense than Louie GOHMERT.


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