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Weekend Reader: ‘Deeply Divided: Racial Politics And Social Movements In Postwar America’

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Weekend Reader: ‘Deeply Divided: Racial Politics And Social Movements In Postwar America’


After years of dysfunction, the state of American politics is clear: Washington, D.C. is broken, and the public is too divided to fix it. How did we reach this desperate point? Doug McAdam and Karina Kloos of Stanford University answer this question in Deeply Divided: Racial Politics and Social Movements in Postwar America. Our extreme partisanship has less to do with party politics than it does with social movements rooted in years of economic and racial inequality. In their engaging book, McAdam and Kloos explain how the hyperpartisanship that has infected our leaders today actually began decades ago.  

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Politics and governance has and always will be a blood sport of sorts. Given what is at stake, how could it be otherwise? Politics invariably involves decisions that impact the distribution of valued resources and opportunities, which in turn, shape the life chances of all groups in society. Quite simply, the material and symbolic stakes at the heart of policymaking are often enormous, accounting for the intense passions and deep divisions that frequently characterize the political arena. Still, when it comes to party polarization and government dysfunction, we contend that no events of the past sixty years compare to the acrimony, bitterness and willful sabotage of policymaking that has characterized Barack Obama’s time in office. Only the bitter run-up to the Civil War clearly surpasses the past six years for partisan bloodletting and the constant threat of governmental paralysis.

The striking escalation in partisan politics and governmental dysfunction over the course of the past six years bear the clear imprint of the two central structuring forces that we have sought to highlight in the book. They are: the continuing—indeed increasing—significance of race in American politics and the dynamic interaction of, and tension between, movement and party as forms and logics of politics. More to the point, we see the rise and radicalization of a racially inflected Tea Party movement as largely responsible for the deepening crisis in American political life.

The Increasing Significance of Race

In the aftermath of Obama’s victory over Romney in the 2012 general election, there was much talk about how the Republicans were out of touch with the shifting demography of the U.S.; how they had become a party of older, white voters and unless they found ways to attract minority and younger voters, they were doomed to suffer the same fate in future elections. And while this analysis is demonstrably true, the skewed racial demography of the Republican Party is hardly new. Since Nixon and others first used a thinly veiled politics of racial reaction to court southern white voters and other racial conservatives in the mid to late 1960s, the GOP has been moving steadily to the right and becoming ever more dependent on a racially skewed demographic base. This is not to say that today’s GOP is, in racial terms, the same as it was in 1972 or during Reagan’s years in office, or even under George W. Bush. On the contrary, we claim that, owing much to the Tea Party, the current Republican Party is more racially conservative and demographically exclusive than at any point in the past 50 years. Before we take up these claims, we want to first emphasize the essential continuity we see reflected in the racial politics embraced by the GOP over the past half century.

On the eve of the 1960s, the racial politics of the two major parties was, notwithstanding cosmetic differences, largely unchanged since the consolidation of Jim Crow in the late 1800s. The GOP Congressional delegation remained far more racially liberal than its Democratic counterpart. Notwithstanding a certain rhetorical embrace of the need for civil rights reform, Democratic presidential aspirants remained generally committed to accommodating the racial sensibilities of the party’s Dixiecrat wing. Accordingly, the white South remained the most loyal and strategically important component of the Democratic electoral coalition.

The political environment that had sustained this particular system of racial politics was irrevocably altered by the revival and dramatic expansion of the civil rights movement in the spring of 1960 and the reactive rise of the white resistance countermovement in that same year. Consistent with our stress on the centrifugal force of movements in U.S. history, over the course of the 1960s these companion struggles pushed the two parties in opposite directions. Subject to the unrelenting pressure of the civil rights revolution, the Democrats shifted left, first tentatively and reluctantly under Kennedy and then much more quickly and dramatically with Johnson in the White House. At the same time, and despite protests from the dominant centrist, pro-civil rights wing of the party, the GOP began to shift to the right in an effort to claim the votes of a white South angered by the Democrat’s increasingly aggressive advocacy of civil rights reform. And when the southern resistance movement morphed into the nationwide “white backlash” of the mid to late-60s, the rightward shift of the GOP only accelerated. Running on what he called his “southern strategy,” Nixon claimed the White House in 1968 and then spent much of his first term in office perfecting a politics of racial reaction to cement his appeal with white southerners and racial conservatives elsewhere in the country. In their 1991 book, Chain Reaction, the Edsalls succinctly describe the racial politics that animated the Republican “brand” pioneered by Nixon. In their words:

Race was central, Nixon and key Republican strategists began to
recognize, to the fundamental conservative strategy of establishing
a new polarization of the electorate, a polarization isolating a
liberal, activist, culturally permissive, rights oriented, and pro-
black Democratic Party against those unwilling to pay the
financial costs of this reconfigured social order.

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The strategy was to depict the GOP as the party of the law abiding, tax paying, “silent (mostly white) majority” and demonize the Democrats as the party of liberals and the undeserving (disproportionately minority) poor whose dependence on social programs was taking money out of the pockets of hard working, overtaxed (white) Americans. Sound familiar? It should since this very same critique was invoked by Mitt Romney in his famous—or infamous—disputation on the “47 percent” at a fund raising event during the 2012 presidential campaign. Romney’s intent, in making the remark, was to stress just what a difficult challenge he faced in the election, given the dependence of large segments of the American public on “big government.” As he saw it, “there are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what. . . . [they] are dependent upon government [and] believe that they are victims, who believe that government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing….you name it.”

Interestingly, while Romney apologized and sought to distance himself from his remarks when they first became public, he returned—even more explicitly—to the same themes in his first press appearance following the election. In fact, if anything, his post-mortem comments on his defeat were much more explicitly racial than his original remarks had been. Eschewing the normal practice of congratulating his opponent for the win and commending him for a campaign well run, Romney instead blamed his defeat on the policy “gifts” that Obama had bestowed on the very “dependent” segments of the population to whom he had alluded in his initial “47 percent” commentary. But this time he named those groups, “especially the African-American community, the Hispanic community, and young people,” going into considerable detail about how specific policies benefitted each group, thus effectively buying their votes.

We could offer countless examples of essentially the same thinly-veiled, racialized attack on liberal social programs, unfair taxes, and the undeserving, dependent poor offered up by prominent Republicans spanning the last five decades, but we will confine ourselves to the following examples of the most recent. We made note of Romney’s contribution to the genre above. For his part, Newt Gingrich accused Obama of being a “food-stamp president” and opined that, “poor people should want paychecks, not handouts.” But most explicit of all was Rick Santorum, who offered up the following quote: “I don’t want to make black peoples’ lives better by giving them someone else’s money.”

For all the consistency of the rhetoric of the GOP over the past 4-5 decades, a growing body of evidence supports the conclusion that the party’s racial politics have grown that much more extreme during the Obama years. Analyzing data from the American National Election Studies, Tesler and Sears show that the racial attitudes of those who identify with the two major parties are now more polarized than ever. Consistent with that finding, a host of analyses of that year’s election results suggest that a non-trivial number of white voters cast ballots for John McCain who otherwise would have probably voted for President Obama. Based on various statistical models, one analyst estimated that Obama would have received anywhere from between two and twelve additional percentage points of the vote had the racial attitudes of the American electorate been “neutral.” For all the evidence showing the influence of anti-Black attitudes on voting behavior and party identification in 2008, those attitudes have, if anything, strengthened and polarized even more over the course of Obama’s first term in office. Most tellingly Pasek and his colleagues show that Republican identifiers in 2012 expressed significantly greater anti-black attitudes than their counterparts in 2008.

We have devoted a great deal of attention in the book to the conservative racial politics that have defined the Republican Party at least since the Nixon administration. But nothing in the forty years between Nixon’s first election in 1968 and Obama’s ascension to the White House in 2008 could have prepared us for the extreme racial attitudes and behaviors exhibited by the GOP during Obama’s time in office. It is hard to imagine a starker rebuke to all those who wanted to believe that, with the election, the country had finally put its troubled racial past behind it. Far from the imagined post-racial society Obama’s election was supposed to herald, we find ourselves living through some of the greatest racial tensions and conflict since the 1960s and early 1970s.

If you enjoyed this excerpt, purchase the full book here.

Reprinted from Deeply Divided by Doug McAdam and Karina Kloos with permission from Oxford University Press USA. Copyright © Oxford University Press, 2014 and published by Oxford University Press USA. (www.oup.com/us). All rights reserved.

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  1. kayhag September 21, 2014

    Thanks for this thoughtful analysis. I do feel that the description of “the reactive rise of the white resistance counter movement” delicately obscures what would seem to be the reality—the white supremacist beliefs and values on which our country was founded, and the intricate infrastructure supporting and protecting white skin privilege that is invisible to most of us with white skin until we are asked/forced to practice equality instead. Saying that people resist the civil rights movement is different than saying people resist altering laws that privilege white people over people of color.I hope your book outlines this more clearly in another chapter. Until we reckon with this reality, the “polarization” will not be healed.

    1. alphaa10000 September 22, 2014

      To historians, it is no secret that both Washington and Jefferson owned slaves, but had qualms about the moral dilemma that posed. Jefferson as an apostle of Enlightenment ideas could champion the “beliefs and values on which our country was founded” without referencing or endorsing his own racism. If that renders Jefferson less than transparent, Jefferson’s finest work does not leave any doubt about the founding principles of our country. More to the point, the clarity of our founding principles is the very basis on which those ideals are pursued, today.

      1. idamag September 22, 2014

        Even though Washington and Jefferson owned slaves, they propose to abolish slavery.

        1. pisces63 September 22, 2014

          My love is John Adams. He practiced what he preached as best he could. Love that man and see the mini-series from HBO. What an eye opener for me. He really hated moving into the White House because of the slave labor used to build it.

          1. idamag September 23, 2014

            My take on racism is: If the only thing you are proud of is the color of your skin, and you didn’t accomplish that, then you are a sorry excuse for a human being. We have racists where I live, but they are quiet about it because if they make a racist statement people are going to look at them like they said the “F” word in church. I visit the South a lot. It is different down there. They are overtly racist. The racist, I know here, are not exactly smart people.

  2. Eleanore Whitaker September 21, 2014

    Actually? We have a bunch of angry middle aged Americans who are anarchists. Let’s call their anti-government, anti-president what it really is: Anarchy.

    We know that any society needs some structure. We know that people in that society must feel safe and secure in order to preserve order. That’s what laws are for.

    White supremacists are sociopaths who want to rule with that “MY way or the highway” pathologically neurotic need to micro control others.

    Who do you know who is going to work every day, pay taxes that end up in states too lazy to get their people off phony SSDI and welfare and then allow these same anarchists to believe all manner of skankola is their right and privilege to impose on others who pay for our well ordered society?

    All these bullhead white supremacists really want is a lawless “Shoot First, Ask Questions Later,” society they can divide and conquer.

    And just how long do these stupids think the rest of us will tolerate their childish micro control freak need to be supreme high grand pubbahs of micro control?

    1. joe schmo September 21, 2014

      I guess the first paragraph refers specifically to Liberals with the exception of ‘anti-president.’

      White supremacists? Not sure I even see or hear anything about this type of individual in the Conservative camp. Sure there are some but mostly your media has lied to you about that fact. If you are so sure about it why don’t you give us some factual information. What about the Black Panthers, NAACP and ACLU? ‘Micro control’ others? Just who is controlling who right at the moment? If there is any kind of prejudice, I believe it is reversed.
      Noting some of the recent attacks on the news, blacks are the ones who seem to continue to have a deep seeded hatred for whites.

      Abide by laws? ….and just what laws are you alluding to? Your laws, Obama’s laws or the laws that are ‘actually’ in the Constitution and Amendments?

      Ahh, that’s right here we go again with the Red State/Blue State thing once again. I think I have uploaded enough information about this subject. Your record is stuck on skip.

      Not saying conservatives are innocent either, but through your leader, Liberals have incited divide and conquer more so than Conservatives ever have.

      If anyone is ignorant, it is Liberals. Keep it up…YOU are dividing this nation. If you really want to expand your knowledge base start reading news from out of the Country….BBC, Pravda…. Then maybe you will begin to get your head out of your ass.

      1. RobertCHastings September 21, 2014

        You apparently feel both the NAACP and the ACLU are organizations devoted exclusively to the advancement of both the black race and the liberal agenda. Apparently, you have no idea what you are talking about. The ACLU has defended more racist white men than has Rush Limbaugh. The NAACP has fought for over sixty years to advance the civil rights of ALL Americans, regardless of race, color or creed. Your screed of disinformation and hatred has no place in a reasoned discussion of the issue of race confronting our country.

        1. Justice Juice September 21, 2014

          Why id the NAACP still in existence since a “black” man now holds the highest office in the land? Abolish the NAACP now – hate and race mongers.

          1. alphaa10000 September 22, 2014

            Obama came to office in spite of, not because of, the attitudes you express so clearly. And as your quotation marks imply, Obama’s origins pose an unsolvable problem to racists. But if our ancestries were examined in depth, which of us would not be found to be a “mutt”? We celebrate America as the melting pot of nations, but only, it seems, when it serves our purposes.

          2. Justice Juice September 22, 2014

            Obama pretends he’s 100% black out of pure politics. And the real blacks don’t mind at all.

          3. pisces63 September 22, 2014

            NO, according to your racist laws, he is all black. Why change your tune now. Jefferson’s children were considered black and still slaves. Your point?

          4. Justice Juice September 22, 2014

            No, white mom plus unknown black men = mutt.

          5. pisces63 September 22, 2014

            Brother/sister, Aunt, daddy, etc. = Inbred idiots. HIS father IS known. Yet with help from your fore fathers, theyare out there.

          6. Justice Juice September 22, 2014

            Which black guy do YOU think was his biological father? The 5’2″ dark black kenyan, or the 6’4″ communist frank marshall davis? You might want to look at some photos.

          7. bikejedi September 23, 2014

            Right … His Mom was a slut

          8. pisces63 September 24, 2014

            You dumb bitch, his mother said who, his birth certificate says who and his DNA says who and traces his ancestry back centuries in Africa. I am 5’3″ and my husband 6’1″ and our son is 6’7″. Your stupid non point??

          9. Justice Juice September 24, 2014

            Obama did a DNA test? You’re hiliarious. British Intelligence: Obama born in Kenya; CIA’s DNA test shows Dunhams not his grandparents. So, why does obama need a certificate of live birth from Hawaii, then?

          10. idamag September 23, 2014

            Sounds like you are describing justice juice.

          11. idamag September 23, 2014

            Like hitler declared one drop of blood made a person Jewish, racists claim one drop of blood makes a person Black. And the ultra stupid remark about shooting – Trayvon Martin comes to mind and the man picking up a toy gun in Walmart, the boy in Fergeson, Missouri, In Provo, Utah where the major religion taught racism until 1979.

          12. pisces63 September 22, 2014

            Go to hell. You idiots think we should abolish all things black oriented. The Irish don’t. chinese don’t. Italians definitely do not. Neither will we because of idiots and bigots like you. We are NOT going away and will keep our identity. Considering the NAACP was founded by and headed by a white man, really??

          13. Justice Juice September 22, 2014

            Reread the mission statement for the NAACP before you open your mouth.

          14. pisces63 September 22, 2014

            I am black and will read NOTHING. Been a member since I turned 19. YOU just dont tell ME about us. Got it. I’m not listening to any of you. Get real. This isn’t the jim crow era you crave, it is now and you do not intimidate nor do you question me in what I do or believe. I’ll open my mouth, take pen in hand, type on a computer and still won’t give a damned about what you say, do or think.

          15. Justice Juice September 22, 2014

            Geez, why don’t you shoot me, like you’re programmed to?

          16. pisces63 September 22, 2014

            i am programed to defend to the death your right to your opinion. Your right to free speech, I just don’t have to agree with it. Your right to religion or not. don’t care. Your side does the shooting, infact one inbred idiot told Santorum on the campaign trail to pretend a target was Obama. i would never say or act that way about any president, even if not my vote. He is the president. it is apparent you and the right do not feel the same, too many black bodies as strange fruit for that to be true. Threatening this president is proof, too. You and your ilk are the potential shooters. You just haven’t completely lost your mind, yet.

          17. Paul Bass September 23, 2014

            Right on sister!

          18. pisces63 September 22, 2014

            When you get rid of what the constitution wrote of us, i will think about the NAACP. Amendments don’t count, either.

          19. pisces63 September 22, 2014

            The mission of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination.
            Vision Statement
            The vision of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is to ensure a society in which all individuals have equal rights without discrimination based on race.
            The following statement of objectives is found on the first page of the NAACP Constitution – the principal objectives of the Association shall be:
            To ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of all citizens
            To achieve equality of rights and eliminate race prejudice among the citizens of the United States
            To remove all barriers of racial discrimination through democratic processes
            To seek enactment and enforcement of federal, state, and local laws securing civil rights
            To inform the public of the adverse effects of racial discrimination and to seek its elimination
            To educate persons as to their constitutional rights and to take all lawful action to secure the exercise thereof, and to take any other lawful action in furtherance of these objectives, consistent with the NAACP’s Articles of Incorporation and this Constitution.
            Now you know exactly where you can go, don’t you??

          20. Justice Juice September 22, 2014

            If blacks are too lazy to go to school, all the free education in the world ain’t going to make them smarter than their jungle ancestors. ABOLISH THE NAACP.

          21. pisces63 September 22, 2014

            My four sisters and have degre to msters. our children 5/7 have degees and 2areworkin on their masters. 6 is in her senior year 20. On Deans listall 3. Her sister is a sophomore and was also on Deans list herfreshman yr. They are third generation grads,

          22. Justice Juice September 22, 2014

            You made my point. You did it without the NAACP.

          23. pisces63 September 24, 2014

            Did not need the NAACP except to get into college, as well as two of my sisters. We graduated in 1967, 1968 and 1970 and over half your colleges would not admit us due to race. look it up. With out the might of the NAACP, MLK, Southern Christian Leadership Council and others too numerous to list here, would we have been allowed in those schools? No. Our family alma mater is Grambling,. Aunts and uncles are graduates because they could not go to YOUR schools. No, it was with the help and fight of these groups and in spite of hateful bigots like you who spat upon blacks who tried to integrate those schools, like in Mississippi!! Look up James Meredith for one.

          24. Justice Juice September 24, 2014

            You sound violent and easily aggitated. No, I wouldn’t want someone with such a chip on his shoulder on my campus. Sometimes, it’s not about your grades. It’s about your poor attitude. America doesn’t owe you anything. Figure that out yet?

          25. pisces63 September 24, 2014

            I am neither violent or easily agitated. I can stand up for my self against the like of you and that you cannot stand. I don’t step off the sidewlak nor genuflect. My dad was in the navy during WWII and could not get a mortgage because he was black. He could not get a small business laon because he was black and was told this both times. They bought their home on a land grant. He got his loan from a buinessman who trusted him and until the day my father died, he said he was the one man who could ask him to cash a $10,000.00 check sight unseen. I have never had an attitude problem I just don’t let people like you walk over me like your predess

          26. Justice Juice September 24, 2014

            Despite what you write, you are a cliche. You had it good, but you’re carrying all the anger of other blacks not as fortunate as you. Which makes you the same as them, and how do you know? You can hear doors slamming shut.

          27. idamag September 23, 2014

            You are good. She is tipping her hand.

          28. Harold L. Harris, Sr. September 23, 2014

            And there it is, all blacks are lazy, all blacks are thugs, all black men are absent fathers, all blacks are criminals! Lets maintain the NAACP and abolish Stupid Bigots. That simple act would place you and your kind on the endangered species list. Oh, I forgot, that is where you are already, on your way to becoming a minority in a country where you once controlled everything. It was a good run, but it’s almost over for those who live in a cloud of hate.

          29. Justice Juice September 23, 2014

            I’m referring to the black youth who seem to make the news more frequently….which then turns into rioting, looting, and media coverage for weeks.

          30. Harold L. Harris, Sr. September 24, 2014

            You said “If blacks are too lazy to go to school, all the free education in the
            world ain’t going to make them smarter than their jungle ancestors.
            ABOLISH THE NAACP.” This is the reason there is a racial issue between the people of this country. One the one hand, you want to abolish the NAACP, an organization working towards the Advancement of people of color, but when called out, you refer to the black youth because they are in the news so much. They are in the news because they are being killed for what can only be seen a minor offenses if any. You said “Blacks” a direct reference of a race of people residing in this country, not the youth. If you search the papers or read only those sources that report only information that support your belief system, you end up at a place where it is “Those People”. That is race hate in its simplest term.

            As I said, you know nothing about me or dare I say my people because you live in a bubble that feed you a steady diet of hate speech. Now you are bloated on the meal and it bubbles over onto the pages of blogs you tend to follow.

            Prejudice is the simple art of prejudging others based on a belief or perceived understanding. The young man in MO was killed for stealing something from a convenience store, (reported), but he was shot and killed while his hands were in the air in the international symbol of surrender. But one side focus on the act of taking something without looking at there is no death sentence for the act. By the way, he had been accepted into a college, (Community) I believe, but he was working to build a better life. No matter, he was a black thug so what if he is dead, one less to worry about.

            No, you never said this, but you truly implied it. That is why we feel that there is a divide here, because you don’t take the time to consider the impact of your words, you just throw them out there and then become upset when someone call’s you on them, “I only intended to say” is not the correct response. The correct response would have been” my intention were to express concern over the number of reports in the news concerning our young men of color. Maybe the NAACP need to concentrate on this aspect of life in the “Black” community. I am sorry that I was misunderstood or worded my comment poorly. But when you speak to or about minorities, you give or leave the impression that what they think or feel does not matter.

            So, as I have said many times, when someone tell you who they are, believe them. From reading your responses, I have no choice but to believe that you have a deep rooted hate for minorities as a whole and blacks specifically. This is just my picture of you, but please remember, you drew that picture.

          31. Justice Juice September 24, 2014

            And please remember your hate-filled tirades. Black (including the youth) in America are the biggest racists of all.

          32. pisces63 September 24, 2014

            Considering they are walking targets for inbred bigots, could you blame them. let me school you. My grandparents could not stand you. My aunts and uncles. The list is long and they had reason to. You do just because we are black, period. No other reason. Just hate because you were taught to . We were taught but by people like you. My son, a computer graphics engineer had mostly white friends growing up. He was into computer games and not the streets. Not now. One cop harrassed him walking out of his home in a predominantly white neighborhood. They had owned the home and lived in it over 10 years. He harrassed him up to 3 days a week until my broth-in-law, also a cop read him the riot act. He also was attacked, literally, by a white man because he bought a new Camaro when they were reissued. Just pushed him for no reason, calling him names. They were at work. he also did not like their beautiful home. My son just called his aunt, the cops wife, my baby sister an EEOC personnel officer for the County of Cuyahoga and she walked him through the steps to get him and he did. Ha! Ha!

          33. Justice Juice September 24, 2014

            You cannot compare your experiences to those of inner-chicago blacks. Your stories will never meet the standard of expose by the media, so take it up with them, not me. May I remind you, you don’t know who I am, either.

          34. pisces63 September 24, 2014

            I can compare myself to any black, any place. Our life experiences may be different and I had parents who cared about us and both parents, as my children and their children do. In fact i can trace our two parent families back to the civl war. You cannot categorized all blacks, anywhere. I grew up in Hough, Inleveland. Google it and say, again!! You run with right wing rhetoric and link us all together just because we live in the same area. Each person is unique and an individual. My parents, my husband and I and my sisters could have easily moved to outer rim suburbia but we did not want to deal that closel with people like you who cause problems for no reason. In one a black family bought a home and whites set fire to it and the grandmother did not get out. What standard. I know you are not the Ewings or Harringtons, Rockefellers, Carnegies. See, I do not stereotype.

          35. Justice Juice September 24, 2014

            You demand not to be “lumped together” but your post is nothing by lumping me in with everyone who has ever given you the stink eye.

          36. Harold L. Harris, Sr. September 24, 2014

            So, my response was hate filled? I guess I lost something in the translation then. I can’t hate white people because I am partly white, Irish to be specific, so don’t let the dark face fool you. I am however is a racist because I am very proud of my race as mixed as it is. But in your case, you only want to continue this because you seem to get some kind of joy out of calling blacks racist. Well, it does not hurt me in the least, because I don’t hate anyone, but I love the hell out of my family, you know, the one we call the human race. So, I’ll just end this with a hope that our paths never cross because I am sure it would not be pleasant for either of us. This way I can continue to see you as a pictured face on a blog, hiding behind their keyboard to throw hate filled comments at anyone who will entertain your behavior. You have a nice day and responding is unnecessary because I am closing this conversation now. Have a nice day!!!

          37. Justice Juice September 24, 2014

            I could say, good morning, to you and you’d call me a hate-filled racist. Some things will never change.

          38. Harold L. Harris, Sr. September 24, 2014

            I know that I said I was ending this, but I guess I lied because I would like to ask you a couple of simple questions; when did I refer to you as a racist, if I am correct I called myself one, and second, please point out one civil remark you have made during this discussion. You know who and what you are, I personally have no idea at all and truthfully, what I think of you should make no difference because I have tried to be as polite as I could possible be. But you are looking for a fight, that must be how you spend your day. So if you will excuse me please, I am packing up my house for a move into a nice home where my neighbors seem to be very much OK with it and would you believe that it is known as one of the most unkind community in the state towards minorities.

          39. Justice Juice September 24, 2014

            It is my stance, that if someone is feeling racist toward blacks (because you do realize that many blacks are racist toward whites), I suggest the following: first, watch Baghdad Cafe. second, find a newborn or infant black child and hold them in your arms. If anyone still feels like a racist after that, then they have abandoned all hope of seeing the best in themselves.

          40. idamag September 23, 2014

            Geez, clear across the country, people who are neither Irish nor Catholic get pinched for not wearing green.

          41. Eleanore Whitaker September 22, 2014

            Just asking that racist question shows who little you will admit that white racists in GA, TN, KY and MS are still trying desperately to keep their white supremacy. Your white skin doesn’t a superior man make…your brain does.

          42. Justice Juice September 22, 2014

            Waaaa Waaaaaa, call everyone a racist. No one is listening.

          43. Harold L. Harris, Sr. September 23, 2014

            Why is the KKK still operating. Come on now, this makes no sense at all, you seem to be angry because a (as you suggested) a black man was elected, so now all is well. Look in your own head and you will know that that is not true. Dare I say, you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Read your own posts and get a clue. You simply hate!!!

          44. Justice Juice September 23, 2014

            I have never followed anyone with the stubborn blind allegiance as you. If you don’t question your president, then you’re a fool. You find nothing wrong with anything obama is doing?

          45. Harold L. Harris, Sr. September 23, 2014

            Words without knowledge is a waste of time. Since you have no idea who I am or whom I support, you just made an assumption that I follow blindly. Of course you would think I will deny this, so doing so is a waste of my time. What I do however is simple. I served my country for 21 plus years in the USAF, I then went to work for my State Department of Transportation as an Engineer, from that I took over an eight State Police Agency Known as the Federal Protective Service where I worked for 10 years, so I do know a little about Government and I am a loyal American Citizen. I am now totally disable due to Agent Orange, so I do believe that I have given this nation enough to have the right to support anyone I wish. That said, your comment concerning this President brings up to me a question; has he ever done anything with which you agree? I have many concerns about his view, but I can assure you, those views are to the left of anything you may be thinking. Example, the ACA should have been a single payer package, but he wanted to keep the insurance companies viable. He should have had the Congressman who called him a liar, escorted from the House and then call in the Speaker and inform him/her that this kind of public outburst will not be condoned in the People’s House by anyone elected or not. He spent four years attempting to work with a House that had no intention of allowing him any success in office. But you never saw any of that because you were too busy trying to understand how he ever got there in the first place. Finally, I find very little right with any elected official because I know that they are lying to me if their lips are moving, but I can look beyond a lot to see what is happening from day-to-day without receiving my talking points from FOX News or MSNBC. It is for me just a simple matter of Values. I know what mines are, they are completely behind what is best for the American People, might I suggest that from your attitude and words, your are against anything that oppose the views of your political party.

          46. Justice Juice September 23, 2014

            Reading your posts after inhaling helium balloons from a kids party, is hilarious.

      2. alphaa10000 September 22, 2014

        Clearly, you do not consult Pravda or BBC, either, or your head and heart would be in their correct, respective places.

        Whitaker refers to “states too lazy to get their people off phony SSDI and welfare”, but there is an ulterior motive to taking in far more federal money than paid in taxes, and that is, by doing so, the wealthy caste in the “lazy states” are not required to pay higher state taxes for better schools, roads and other public assets required for a modern economy.

        Such states remain content not to trouble the local gentry in their walled estates, so long as political favors and funding are returned, as required. In doing so, these states perfectly replicate a third-world economy and living conditions in some areas within their jurisdiction. South Carolina’s infamous “Corridor of Shame” is but one egregious example. http://www.corridorofshame.com/

        Of course, it is hardly surprising South Carolina’s governor is an ideological peer of the Tea Party extremist, former senator and new president of the Heritage Foundation, James DeMint. http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/politics/2014/04/jim_demint_american_abolitionism_and_constitutional_conservatives_why_the.html

      3. Eleanore Whitaker September 22, 2014

        I guess men like you are so full of yourselves, your egos blow your brains to near explosion point?

        You never heard of white supremacists? Really? I guess you missed the last two White supremacist marches on DC? Here’s one from the Huffington Post that makes you a liar Joi Boi: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/…/aryan-nations-dc-protes…You can view the other one on U-Tube if you have the balls. Which I’m sure you think you have ..too bad those are raisins in your jeans.

        Note the Stars and Bars Flag these White Supremacists fly to try and play Mr. MANhood Intimidators?

        And who but the red state jackasses EVER fly that flag? Who but CONs in red states have tried to squash voting rights and used various forms of skankage to disallows minority voting…Sort of like when Tom DeLay got his ass bitten and was trashed from his Speaker of the House job for his skanky sidling up to Abramoff.

        Try again mouthpiece of hate and division…You live in a pathetic anti-social world where only YOU have supremacy.

        1. idamag September 22, 2014

          Fact, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center that tracks hate groups: When Obama was elected, white supremist groups doubled. They can deny it all they want, but there are 2300 hate groups operating in the United States right now and some of these nutjobs that come on this board are probably members. The Aryan Brotherhiood recruits while operating out of prisons.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker September 22, 2014

            Schmomo is a paid hater. It’s obvious by his inability to post anything he can prove in a court of law.

            White supremacists had the gall to protest on the steps of the Capital using their 1st Amendment Rights. There’s freedom and then, there’s responsible freedom.

            At what point did freedom mean the most irresponsible, slugs of the right and CON supremacists can act like trash dredged out of DogPatch garbage cans?

            They have absolutely no right to act without responsibility. That’s not a freedom. It’s called “insanity.”

      4. pisces63 September 22, 2014

        There are, at last count two black panters. The smart one, like a Huey and H. Rap and others were either exterminated or dead, read murdered while the klan kept lyinching and the right wingers were killing federal officers up to Waco. NAACP helped to get us the voted your side was to re-take away and they NEVER lynched anyone, blew up a church with white children inside, killed civil rights workers and buried them in a dam. There is no blood on their hands. I can show you a book of the blood on your right wing conservative hands and the post cards they made of their lynchings, burinings, butchery and miled them to friends as post cards. Show me yours from the NAACP or Panthers have. ACLU? Now you are just being imbecilic. As for white hate groups, not the media, the FBI and CIA and including the British were started with the massive growth of white hate groups when this man was elected. The world knows, why don’t you?

        1. idamag September 23, 2014

          Life magazine went down there and filmed a lynching. That is when we, here in the Northwest found out what was happening.

      5. pisces63 September 22, 2014

        He does follow the laws of the constitution and as a constitution lawyer, he knows it better than you ever will. You and your ilk just do not like the fact a black man knows and uses it, lawfully but you people never liked us not stepping off the sidewalk. Daring to look you in the eye. You think and did, spit on a sitting black congressman in chambers. You really have that one bad. Spitting on people. Do it to me or mine and i will catch a case at 65, really fast. Not my parent’s generation nor most of mine.

        1. idamag September 23, 2014

          If they really were not biased, they wouldn’t be sitting around with a magnifying glass looking for something to diss the president about. They would have found the good as well as that they wish was done some other way. They started this before he even took office. I suspect some of them belong to an organized hate group.

      6. bikejedi September 23, 2014

        Joe … If you try to post fact or logic Eleanore will respond with intolerance and name calling

  3. charles king September 21, 2014

    My game has always been Critical Thinking and President Obama proved that once
    the People start thinking they will do the right thing and Lo and Behold they re-elected the President Obama too a second term and I would bet if the country allowed third term like they did in FDR time then the People would VOTE Obama in again. There is no racial divide and we do have some thinking People Who? are finally seeing the light and are aware of other’s out there with with hidden agendas and trying to destroy the People’s Democracy With Greedy Capitalistic Pigs using MONIES from anyone, Plutocracts in your STates Govts privatizing the Peoples Assets, but Now that the People are getting to know of these anti-government cowards, Representives, Republicans and Democracts NOT during their job of Which we the Public pay out of hard earned Taxes, ETCccccccc, VOTE these A**H**** OUT, OUT< OUT. Get your Democracy back and remember that the VOTE is Still Supreme,MONIES Dont Mean A THING, it is just MONIES. Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. Mr. C. E. KING

    1. Justice Juice September 21, 2014

      You’re too stupid to realize how wealthy obama has become since he took office. Go on, you lazy twit, look up stories about his off-shore bank accounts.

      1. alphaa10000 September 22, 2014

        Mr. Twit, you would do well (if you can) to look up the off-shore holdings of major American corporations and billionaires which seek to avoid taxes, while off-shoring US factories and jobs. There is real patriotism, and our twisted and over-lobbied tax codes at work.

        1. idamag September 22, 2014

          And when so much money is out of circulation because it stowed offshore or in foreign banks or in local banks, for that matter, we face depressions. I liked the quote from the documentary about the Roosevelts, “When everybody does well, everybody does well.”

        2. Justice Juice September 22, 2014

          Obama’s brainwashed minions criticized Romney for having them, yet they are silent as hypocrites when it comes to barry’s wealth.

          1. Harold L. Harris, Sr. September 23, 2014

            You know, I hate to chime in on this, but you seem very angry at the President without providing any substance for your anger. Me thinhs you have a bigger issue!!!

          2. Justice Juice September 23, 2014

            Reread it. I question the “minions” and their hypocritical behavior.

          3. alphaa10000 September 24, 2014

            If “Obama’s brainwashed minions” criticized Romney for off-shoring his wealth, they did so because (1) Romney had not been as forthcoming as Obama had been with his returns, which led easily to the idea (2) a $250 millionaire might like to stash away a great portion of it in a secret Swiss account– which, Swiss bank, like Romney, was not saying much about it.

            This might sound unfair, since offshore accounts are hardly illegal, and kept open by many Democrats, but the issue was primarily transparency. Obama declared all that he had, whereas the son of the man who set the precedent of open tax returns was digging in his heels, and driving his managers and fellow Republicans crazy. And not for the first time.

            In any case, criticism of Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schulz for her offshore money is unfair, because that money was invested by Julius Gaer for her and is not a personally managed bank account like Romney’s. The comparison of off-shore wealth the GOP later attempted between Schulz and Romney quickly fizzled when the disparity between $15,000 and $15 million quickly became apparent.

      2. pisces63 September 22, 2014

        You mean the rich white peole like Romney who does have off shore accounts. If he makes money it will be after his office term ends as the others did. You don’t make money on the president’s salary. get real and take your lying behind back to the rest of the right wing followers. You believe any lie told and then say you do not play the race card. It is racist, idiot. You people are too stupid for words.

      3. Eleanore Whitaker September 22, 2014

        How wealthy he has become? As wealthy as your right wing Libertarian Koch brothers…David Koch with the 20 something wife? Too bad that sick, kinky old dude needs a pretty young wife to jack his ego. He can’t jack much else except the price on what he and his money hungry brothers sell.

        Is Obama as wealthy as Adelson? Rove? Bush ’43? Let’s pretend that taxpayers didn’t bail out your boi Bush when he bankrupted his own oil company and that TX baseball team. So, I guess bankrupting the US economy back in Sept. 2008 was strike three? Or should that be strike four for the Bushes since taxpayers also bailed out Bush’s Brother Neil when his Silverado bank went belly up in Daddy’s presidency with a bunch of other banks?

        Getting a bit tedious having to always bail out the rich bois.

        1. Justice Juice September 22, 2014

          Since obama opened up off-shore bank accounts and started hiding his tax returns, no one knows exactly HOW RICH he is. But, yeah, blame it on bush you stinking pile of donkey poo.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker September 22, 2014

            Really? Obama opened up offshore bank accounts? And you can prove this is a court of law? How rich is Obama? According to the last Presidential vetting, he isn’t even a multi-millionaire..How rich was Bush? Reagan? Better yet, how rich is That Evil Bastard Cheney? or doesn’t his wife’s billions count?

            Your just one more jealous little boi whose testicles are the size of raisins and so you like to play armchair Know it All because your Pampers are loaded and McMommy is to busy to change your diaper.

            Jealous of President Obama are you? How about stop playing on the computer Joi Boi and get a job? You can’t live on your McParents SS forever.

          2. Justice Juice September 22, 2014

            Take it easy. I’m a grandmother.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker September 23, 2014

            Frankly, it’s of no concern to me if you are the Queen of the Nile. Your posts are “ignernt” …so do tell..who pays you “ignernts” to post?

            Day in and day out, your kind sit on those double wides and post trash you can’t EVER hope to prove in a court of law.

            And yet? You fully expect to slather your tripe on the rest of us and demand we fall for your BS? Sorry…truth is truth and facts are facts, neither of which you have yet to post. Try again.

          4. Justice Juice September 23, 2014

            How about some facts? I’m not paid to post my views. I live in a house that I own. Nothing anyone writes on news sites has to be proven in any court, except the court of public opinion. My opinions are not meant to trick you into believing anything. These are facts.

          5. idamag September 23, 2014

            She is probably one of those seniors who have their hand out for socialized medicine (Medicare) and the socialized safety net (Social Security). Both programs are how socialism works. They got theirs – to hell with the young family with a child with cancer.

        2. idamag September 23, 2014

          Loved your post!

  4. Rodger Malcolm Mitchell September 21, 2014

    Liberals think the purpose of government is to protect the poor and powerless from the rich and powerful. Conservatives think the purpose of government is to protect the rich and powerful from the poor and powerless.

    1. alphaa10000 September 21, 2014

      Very much on the mark.

  5. bikejedi September 21, 2014

    Why is it that only Liberals and Democrats bring up race or play the race card ? Obama and his regime have set race relations back to the stone age choosing to divide this Nation everytime they see an opportunity . Obama has done this personally for his own benefit even at the detriment of the entire Country .. Meanwhile Black Youth Unemployment is at an all time high under Obamanomics and he wants to grant amnesty to criminals for their votes … How do you think having millions of unskilled workers willing to work for peanuts and under the table will affect that ????

    1. alphaa10000 September 22, 2014


      bikejedi asks, “Why is it that only Liberals and Democrats bring up race or play the race card ?…”

      In 2009, on taking office, Obama did not represent the race card to most voters, but an alternative to the abject failure of eight years of GOP party policy under George W. Bush. After all, the economy had been cratered by Wall Street scandal (Wall Street the GOP showcase of “free market”, deregulated policy), and with two stalled wars and an economy plunging toward the abyss, most voters concluded GOP policy (domestic and foreign) was (1) false and incompetent and (2) was responsible for creating or making worse the very conditions it claimed to improve.

      Nearly six years later, after the GOP under McConnell and Boehner have waged a sustained guerilla war to gridlock congressional politics and strangle funding for the Obama administration, it is not surprising to find a host of unfinished Obama programs and policies which could have brought full economic recovery, and sooner, had the GOP supported them. That today’s economy is much improved– with general employment significantly higher, coupled with an increase in economic growth and the lowest federal budget deficits in years– is simply lost on the same GOP faithful who demanded national recovery, but then voted against every Obama program for economic growth, including the economic stimulus.

      And as Obamacare and even Medicare report lower medical costs for government-administered healthcare, the GOP is adamant about not recognizing any improvement, even as it stares Republicans in the face.

      In desperation, the GOP calls up its own retrograde political history– when bankrupt of policy, and clearly embarrassed by its own sucking-up-to-the-rich ideology, the GOP has returned to racial politics. This is the ghost of politics past, as with the classic Lee Atwater race wedge campaign which brought GOP victory from Reagan through both Bushes. As late as 2012, GOP campaign advertising still attempted to float comments suggested by its campaign managers that Obama was “not one of us”. By both implication and overt statement, the GOP sought to debate Obama’s social origins, rather than the content of his policies. GOP attacks were both
      venomous and absurdly petty, and linked Obama with that “47 percent” which to most meant non-white voters. Two-time loser Romney whined that Obama tried to buy votes by giving such voters what they wanted, even as he assured white voters he would not even consider it.

      But race is also GOP racial politics of the present, from continuing intimidation and exclusion of non-white voters, to restriction of Obamacare funding in state after southern state– particularly the same states which refused federally-paid Obamacare funding for their own citizens, a heavy percentage of whom are non-white. Today, the handwriting is on the wall for the GOP, and so plainly that even Louisiana Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal warned the GOP about being the “party of stupid”. Why would the GOP pursue policies that belong in the last century (if not the century before), when its own eroding demographic shows the party repels both younger whites and most non-whites, of all ages?

      The only explanation possible is the GOP which ran on racial fears in 1968 under Nixon is the same party which ran on racial fears in 2012 under Romney. The GOP is the party of social division and economic caste, of economic and political policy failure and decline, driven by fear and more fear, with a record bereft of constructive achievement for all Americans, of all races. The party of Lincoln, which abandoned American blacks in the South (and elsewhere) as long ago as 1876, never has recovered Lincoln’s vision or legacy, but fought bitterly on the side of those who betrayed it. Throughout this long GOP history of abandoned principle and shameless
      demagoguery, the common– if unstated– fundamental is race.

      1. idamag September 22, 2014

        The race card gets played because it is in their deck.

        1. pisces63 September 22, 2014

          Yep and you al put it there. I was first called a ‘n’ word in the 6th grade by a white teacher. I never heard of the word. Who played the race card. When I was in the 4th grade, i had to go to school half days in Cleveland, why, because near by elementary schools were all white and their parents did not want their children in school with black children who lived within walking distance. So They built more schools on the black side while white schools were less than half full. Who played the race card. Nixon called us welefare queens though my family has never been on welfare. Yours? Wo played the race card. Reagan spoke of a released criminal in a way that lumped us all. None in my family. Who play the race card. The quotes from the book, I heard myself and who played the race card. Santorum, who raised money for a child raping priest with a mistress and children who he raped also, had the nerve to say what he did.

        2. Harold L. Harris, Sr. September 23, 2014

          You speak of Democrats vs Republicans as if you have no understanding of recent history. Yes, slavery was a product of Democrats because there was no other real party until Lincoln. Yes, Democrats even into the 60’s were the most racial divided party and if you look back a little, you will find that most people of color were Republicans. But when a Democratic President pushed for the Civil Rights Act of the 1960’s (LBJ) Southern Democrats started to jump ship. Please don’t pick and choose the facts that make your view sound solid to to attack a political party because the Party of Lincoln does not exist any longer. Now we have what we like to call Conservatives and Progressives, one looking forward and one looking back, you decide which direction your group is looking because only you know what is in your heart. I tend to judge people by their actions coupled with their words. I learned a long time ago, when someone tells you who they are, believe them. Finally, the race card is played simply because we are all playing with a race deck, no side is innocent.

          1. idamag September 23, 2014

            Harold, I do not often make myself clear. Your facts are correct. I was referring to those dipped-ins who throw out the tired cliché “race card.” I wasn’t referring to a party. I am in agreement with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison who believed parties would divide and cause chaos. I am apolitical There are racists in both parties. For some reason every issue has to be politicized today.

          2. Harold L. Harris, Sr. September 23, 2014

            A Racist is no different than a pianist, or a violinist, someone who is proud of what they are; that being the case, we are all racist if we can find pride in who or what we are. I accept that for myself because I am one of the lucky ones, my DNA is a combination of both Black and White and that is what makes me who I am. That said, I tell people that they are haters not racists when they decide to judge someone by the color of their skin or their national origin. When I see people take sides when someone is killed in the streets without having all of the facts, i.e. Ferguson MO. When we can determine who is right or wrong because of their skin color or their vocation in life, we are very wrong. So yes, this nation is very divided by race and we tend to draw conclusions based on stereotypical beliefs and not the facts.

            Having served in the military for a career, I got to work with people from every demographic and found that there is no one element that you can put your finger on to make a person something. But once I was retired, I communicated with many of my friends and we remained close until the 2008 election, then everything changed. I lost many of who I thought were friends. They told me who they were and I believed them, so be it. An individual is just that and should be considered by that fact alone, when we start to throw in things like skin color or immigrant status, we tend to block out someone that could be a good friend or in some cases, great spouse.

            For me, this is something I believe is brought about what we learn at home. If a parent tends to speak badly of “them”, we learn that. I learned that from my parents, so I thank God for an opportunity to meet “Them” on an individual basis. My first mentor was Jewish, next was a military Captain, (white) and lucky me, I have been able to mentor too many others because of what I learned from these two individuals. Yes, I can see black and white everywhere, but I tend to embrace it and I don’t blame your racial background on things you do for or to me, I tend to blame “individual behavior”.

            We can’t wrap our heads around this as a society because our grey matter has been convoluted by our home training for the most part. Many Whites are fearful of joining a minority culture as our country trend in the direction of multi-racial equality. Not trying to blame anyone of anything, but I think this fear is born of history coming back to collect on some sins of the past. That is why we fear reparations or even Affirmative action; because we never will believe that any side can forgive. Fact is, our history is a mess at best when it comes to race, but if we decide to continue living or reliving the sins of our fathers, we can never get past that awful history on either side. My Great Grandfather was a white man who had sex with a black member of the staff in his house, producing my Grandfather. My Grandfather’s half-brothers always treated me kindly even though I never knew that I was family. LOL I was sixty years old when this was confirmed and thankfully, I have good memories even though we were really share-croppers living on my Great Grandfather’s land. While my parents had some deep rooted hate for the owner, I was raised (my first seven years) by my Grandparents who never harbored that degree of hate.

            My training is in the Police arena, so I tend to always seek out the facts before drawing a conclusion on anything. If we choose sides by separating the individual from the crime based on outside issues, then that is just hate based on racial or other non-related factors. Finally, yes we are divided by politics and race, sex and life-style, religious beliefs and which side of the track we grew up on. We need to get past these issues and deal with the facts before us and we need to really research those facts and then couple them with what we are really seeing. Everything is not black or white, most of it lives in a grey area and we need to begin to identify that area. “Ask yourself, what is the agenda of the individual telling me this.”

          3. idamag September 23, 2014

            The difference it that pianist or violinist have skills that they learned and have a right to be proud. Our community had a group of WAR members move in and proceed to put ugly flyers on automobiles. The mayor, immediately got an ad hoc committee together called ” the Mayor’s Cultural Awareness Committee”. The newspaper carried our plea for everyone who was against racism to tie a blue ribbon on their front door to tell them “Not In our town.” Blue ribbons were everywhere. I tied them on the door handle and all four trees in front of my house. They fluttered from auto aerials – mine included. WAR left our community.

          4. Harold L. Harris, Sr. September 23, 2014

            I still contend that there is nothing with loving who you are, it just should never also demand that you have to hate others. That is why I use the term as it applies to the arts, people who study or learn some naturally should be proud of it. “ist” is the key here, so if I apply race to hate, I would have to call the person a “Race Hate’ist.” I know that is not a word, but hate is a learned attitude race is natural. I defer to your suggestion however that those who study the arts are in fact professionals and should be proud of their accomplishments. But each individual should be allowed to be proud of who they are, racially, sexually or whatever, as long as it does not break the law.

            The people you spoke of were hater and calling them out is what more communities should do. Once they understand their view, while they have a right to it, is not the view of a community and maybe then they can find a community where they can be isolated away from the rest of the world.

            I do not accept that most Whites hate Blacks, nor the other way around, but it is the very few on either side that cause the problems. When we stand back and allow them to speak UN-challenged, they grow bold and become the voice of the many. If we stand aside, then our action is just as bad because we did no speak up. Some people of hate has taken over the GOP and that is why it has become the party of Old White Men for the most part. That is a sure way to die out one day. There is nothing wrong with being Conservative, but it should not be displayed as being against everybody else. The GOP today has sent a loud message, you are important as a sperm, you are important in the womb, but after you receive that first breath you are disposable. Now, that may not be the view of all, but listen carefully when they speak, nothing but disdain for everybody that is different than themselves. May not be the intent, but is the message getting out.

          5. Justice Juice September 23, 2014

            Amazing that you claim both whites and blacks hold blame, and then snap into attack mode against the GOP ignoring yourself completely!

          6. Justice Juice September 23, 2014

            You should really stop calling 100% white people racists.

      2. bikejedi September 22, 2014

        So much spin so little substance or truth . As I pointed out it isnt the GOP or Conservatives who bring up the race card or play it it is Liberals Obama and the Dems . Who printed a story on race ? National Memo did . As for your assertion of how Obama got elected it is laughable . It is as if you forget that YOUR media never vetted this incompetent and we are all paying the price now . It is as if he wasnt made into a pop icon by your media and it is as if millions of White Liberals didnt vote for him out of a misguided notion of White Guilt and to prove that they were not racists hahaha …

        You mention Lincoln and then you try to do the Liberal re write of History so many fall into . Lets examine the facts . ALL of the Slave owners in America were Democrats . A Republican President and mostly Republicans who voted for him fought a Civil War to end Slavery . The people who fought to preserve Slavery were the Dems of the South . After the Civil war Lincoln granted the freed Slaves the right to vote . The Dems countered by founding the KKK and enacting the Jim Crow laws to make sure they couldnt vote . And please dont try that ” the Party’s switched ” lie and rewrite of History because one Party has a sustained record of supporting civil rights and one has a record of opposing them . During the fight for the Civil rights act the Dems fought against it while it had almost unanimous GOP support .The Dems filibustered the act / Johnson sensing the GOP would gain the moral high ground on the issue twisted just enough Dems arms to get it passed . He sold it to his Party by telling them .. Give me your vote on this and I will have those niggers voting Dem for 200 years . The Dems also had an active KKK leader as a Party sponsored Senator for decades . Please dont throw that BS about Nixon who only appealed to disgruntled Dems top vote for him as proof of the Partys switching because that was just fishing for votes . Please also remember that Dr King was a Conservative Republican . In summation NO DEM or LIBERAL has the right to play the race card with your track record . And don’t get me started on the Dems and Liberals support for PP when they are ending 43% of black pregnancies in NYC .. Sounds like genocide to me. Lets also not get started on the Dem ghetto plantations in their cities

        You mention grid lock and thats a hoot . First off Obama had majorities in both the House and Senate and got exactly whatever he wanted for the first two years .Since then he has gotten to spend and waste more money than any President in our History and spend and waste he has …As for your assertion of guerilla warfare that is laughable as there are 352 bills from the house that Harry Reid wont allow a vote on . 98% of those had wide bi partisan support and 55 were advanced by House Dems .. Reid wont allow a Vote on those because he knows a lot of them are good bills and doesnt want the GOP to get any credit . No he blocks these votes and then He and Obama call the GOP obstructionists .. Of course they are lying but people like you agree and repeat their lies and talking points like brainwashed sheep . You have to be smarter than that so I will assume you didnt know that . By the way what does that have to do with the issue of race ?

        1. alphaa10000 September 23, 2014

          Your meandering deposition calls for response on a few points —

          1. “Playing the race card”–

          A phrase used by those who resent and would silence complaints about racism. The complaint, itself– justified or unjustified– is of no interest whatsoever to the one who objects to “playing the race card”.

          2. “Rev. M.L. King was a Republican–.
          Completely false. King was neither a Republican nor Democrat, and King never endorsed a political candidate of either party. But here is what King wrote about the GOP convention of 1964, “The Republican Party geared its appeal and program to racism, reaction, and extremism. All people of goodwill viewed with alarm and concern the frenzied wedding at the Cow Palace of the KKK with the radical right. ”

          3. Democrats were the party of slavery–
          Not exactly. As with many topics in history, the answer is complex, and neither completely one, nor the other. The Democrats of the pre-civil-war period accommodated everybody who was not “Radical Republican”, which meant not only slave-holders but people who simply wanted to avoid disputes about slavery and get on with business. Unfortunately, in your attack on Democrats you spent little time defending the GOP, which left southern blacks to their own devices in 1876, and never returned. Hayes-Tilden was a political dispute between southern Democrats who wanted an end to reconstruction, and Republicans who wanted the presidency, even if it cost black citizens their civil rights. Much later, of course, there were the post-Gilded Age Rockefellers and country-club Republicans like G.H.W. Bush who did vote honorably and constructively on many occasions, along with non-Southern Democrats. Yet, the GOP succumbed quickly to the Goldwater faction and its John Bircher fanaticism, and discovered racism expedient in winning southerners. In Philadelphia, Mississippi, near where three civil rights workers were murdered, Reagan began his Lee Atwater managed 1980 campaign by declaring his prescription for all that afflicted the United States– a return to “states rights”, the same political dog-whistle which animated KKK supporters of Ross Barnett and George Wallace.

          4. Johnson was a closet racist–
          Johnson evolved. And throughout his life, Johnson moved like a fish among many different political groups, speaking the language of power fluently. When negotiating with Southern Democrats like Thurmond, Stennis, Barnett and Wallace, Johnson knew exactly where they lived. So, clearly enough, Johnson did not support civil rights because he believed it was politically smart or to gain black votes. In fact, he told one of his staff that Democratic support of a civil rights bill could mean the end of Democratic rule in the South for more than a generation. But Johnson overcame his own Southern background, and decided a civil rights bill was the right thing to do. Johnson certainly had his personal warts, but he reliably came through to help those who could not help themselves.

          5. Obama got exactly what he wanted from congress, 2009-2010–
          A fantasy. Super-majorities were within reach of Democrats, but barely, and just as often, quickly fell out of reach. For example, the math of a supermajority made Lieberman a key player. So, Lieberman always held out for the last concession and political favor, and was an erratic figure, at best, finally withholding support for the ACA after promising Reid his vote. Because the super-majority was essential, it could be countered by any number of defections, at any time and on almost any grounds. During this period, Reid avoided the budget reconciliation maneuver to force a bill through, although many urged him to do so to bypass both GOP filibusters and the super-majority headache. Given all these factors and more, effective Democratic control during 2009 and 2010 was intermittent and never assured.

          6. Obama has wasted more money than any president in history–
          False. You haven’t offered your basis for that claim, but the facts about budget deficit spending show Obama has trimmed the budget deficit to a lower number compared to GDP than the average of all administrations in the last 40 years. PolitiFact comments that Obama’s claim about cutting the “national deficit” in half is true– http://www.politifact.com/wisconsin/statements/2014/sep/05/barack-obama/obama-says-he-has-cut-national-deficit-half/

          The Washington Post– “Yes, Obamacare is cutting the deficit”–

          1. bikejedi September 23, 2014

            I will respond point by point . 1 Race Card .. tell Obama Holder Al Jesse and Liberals to stop playing it 2Dr King was a registered Republican and his relatives call him a Conservative Republican .. Good enough for everyone else except people in denial or who want to believe a myth The KKK was founded by Dems and even today most of its membership is Dem and I already pointed out Byrd so you lose that one too 3 100% of the Slave owners were Dem 4 I never called LBJ a racist but yes he was 5 Obama has gotten every spending bill he has asked for and he has wasted it all .What does Obamacare have to do with playing the race card ?

          2. alphaa10000 September 24, 2014

            But you have not responded to any point–

            1 Race Card .. tell Obama Holder Al Jesse and Liberals to stop playing it
            You still have not offered an example of “playing the race card”. If you cannot define the phrase, you cannot defend it, either.

            2 Dr King was a registered Republican and his relatives call him a Conservative Republican .. Good enough for everyone else except people in denial or who want to believe a myth.,
            King never claimed to be a Republican, was not known to be a member of the Republican Party, nor was he a registered Republican. There is no evidence to support your claim, made in the face of even King’s 1964 excoriation of the GOP, “The Republican Party geared its appeal and program to racism, reaction, and extremism. All people of goodwill viewed with alarm and concern the frenzied wedding at the Cow Palace of the KKK with the radical right.” That statement should be “good enough”, as you put it, to settle any question about his political leanings. Faced with a choice between what King declared about himself, and what you believe a family member said, you disregard King?

            3 The KKK was founded by Dems and even today most of its membership is Dem and I already pointed out Byrd so you lose that one too
            Your statement about Democrats is a logical untruth called “fallacy of composition”– even if all KKK members were southern Democrats, not all Democrats were southerners and/or members of the KKK. With New Deal Democrats pushing civil rights all over the country, the statement is false to the point of absurdity. In addition, at least on the race issue, southern Democrats were distanced from the rest of the Democratic party, no matter how much seniority they gained in congress. The same sense of being a faction apart from most other Democrats accounted for the Dixiecrat rebellion of 1948, led by Strom Thurmond. Clearly enough, Thurmond’s walkout during the 1948 Democratic Convention would not have occurred, had Thurmond believed the party leadership and members represented his viewpoint. As for KKK membership and its political alignment, to suggest “even today most of its membership is Dem” is calls your own reasoning into question, particularly since Lee Atwater’s southern strategy would not have worked if KKK members insisted on voting as Democrats.

            Actually, your statement above does not mention Sen. Robert Byrd by name, but your observation about him is not true of the senator after 1952, nor does it describe the rest of his party then, or today, so your point is lost entirely. The senator said he joined the Klan at age 23 before he even thought of politics because of youthful immaturity, and in his ardent desire to oppose communism. Sen. Byrd, himself, went in the direction of racial tolerance as early as 1952. “After about a year,” Byrd said, ” I became disinterested, quit paying my dues, and dropped my membership in the organization. During the nine years that have followed, I have never been interested in the Klan.” In a 2005 retrospection, Sen. Byrd said, “I know now I was wrong. Intolerance had no place in America. I apologized a thousand times… and I don’t mind apologizing over and over again. I can’t erase what happened.”

            3.1 100% of the Slave owners were Dem
            Certainly, they were not Radical Republicans, but your fallacy of composition is showing, again– not all Democrats were slave owners, or even cared about the issue.

            4 I never called LBJ a racist but yes he was
            But you portrayed him as one by paraphrasing his statements to southern Democratic leaders, to which I responded Johnson was always able to speak in terms his listeners understood as their own. Johnson’s appeal to the southern Democrats for his civil rights bill was necessary because, with or without the support of individual GOP congressmen, the bill might not pass without southern Democratic leaders. Johnson was a complex man whose political career originated in a racist area, but “racist” does not describe the man who evolved personally and politically. In fact, Johnson had to be supportive of civil rights as his Democratic political career advanced during the FDR era.

            Any eagerness to find simple conclusions about Democrats and Republicans must ignore history. For example, the pre-civil war and post-civil war southern Democrats represented the arguments about states rights voiced by Douglas in the Lincoln-Douglas debates, while Radical (Reconstructionist) Republicans took Lincoln’s position that the nation “cannot exist half-slave and half-free”. After the 1876 compromise which resolved the Hayes-Tilden dispute, the reversal of positions on civil rights began.

            Yet, the process was not instantaneous. In fact, many black Americans voted Republican for decades after the civil war because they hoped the GOP would take political action to help them. However, the GOP had written them off in the agreement of 1876, promising to withdraw federal troops, effectively ending all civil rights protections of reconstruction. The GOP of 1876 was no longer the party of 1860, but the party which wanted to keep the presidency, at whatever cost. And that party decision launched the long and continuous thread of GOP indifference to civil rights after 1876.

            After Lincoln, no GOP president campaigned for civil rights, whereas every Democratic president after Hoover left office did. Roosevelt and Truman did, followed by Kennedy and Johnson. In partisan contrast, Nixon won office by a campaign theme of restoring “law and order” after the King assassination, and blew hard on the political dog whistle familiar to southern racists as a call for “states rights”. That same call was used by Reagan throughout the South, and by 1988, GOP party agenda was so well-established no loud whistling was required– all that was needed was the name of Willie Horton.

            Ironically, George H.W. Bush was a strong personal advocate of civil rights, but deferred to party leaders and strategists on campaign strategy, including race-baiting attacks on Dukakis. As a “country club” Republican, the elder Bush was a living link to others in his party who a generation earlier voted as individual senators to support the Johnson legislation. In fact, so many southern Democrats stood against the bill, passage was in jeopardy without these GOP “congressmen of conscience”. But as a party platform, the GOP owned the doctrine of states rights, and all that appertained thereto.

            5 Obama has gotten every spending bill he has asked for and he has wasted it all .What does Obamacare have to do with playing the race card?
            You tell me, because you brought the matter into play with your original statement, which was, “First off Obama had majorities in both the House and Senate and got exactly whatever he wanted for the first two years…” To which, I repeat, super-majorities were within reach of Democrats, but barely, and just as often, quickly fell out of reach. For example, the math of a super-majority made Lieberman a key player. So, Lieberman always held out
            for the last concession and political favor, and was an erratic figure, at best, finally withholding support for the ACA after promising Reid his vote. Because the super-majority was essential, it could be countered by any number of defections, at any time and on almost any grounds. During this period, Reid avoided the budget reconciliation maneuver to force a bill through, although many urged him to do so, in order to bypass both GOP filibusters and the super-majority headache. Given all these factors and more, effective Democratic control during 2009 and 2010 was intermittent and never assured.

          3. bikejedi September 24, 2014

            How about If I had a son or what they all have said about Ferguson ? They have convicted that officer in the court of Liberal public opinion without a trial . In their eyes he is guilty and they have put it out there . They have created a sense of distrust for all Police officers across the Country for their own political gain . they have polarized and divided the Nation to stir black people into anger and they hope to the voting booth and to stir false white guilt ..,all while the evidence seems to back what the officer stated .. that is playing the race card … By the way why arent Al and Jesse in Chicago because black people are being murdered left and right in the Ghetto Plantations ?? the rest of the stuff you are going to believe whatever you want because you wont consider the evidence to the contrary .

    2. Michael Ross September 22, 2014

      The answer to your question can be summed up in one word:


      Liberals do NOT play the race card. Republicans play the race card, then when Democrats even slightly acknowledge that they’ve even seen the race card being played, they scream at the top of their lungs that the Democrats played the race card.

      Republicans: “RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!!”

      Democrats: “Race?”


      1. bikejedi September 23, 2014

        Yeah sure .. tell that to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackass

        1. Michael Ross September 24, 2014

          Don’t have to. They already know.

          Much like everyone else the Tea Party has beef with, their dislike of Al Sharpton etc. is based entirely on alternative fantasy versions of said persons and not anything to do with them that is real.

          Our beefs with conservative “politicians” like Dick Cheney, Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz and Rick Santorum, and “journalists” like Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Joseph Farah and Todd Starnes, is based entirely on things that actually exist.

          Politics are such a dividing issue, plain and simple, because we have one party (the Democrats) that acknowledges reality and another (the Republicans) that is trying to fight a war against it.

          There is literally nothing you Tory mofos have NOT warped into being a “controversial” topic and subsequent source of partisan brinksmanship. Plain and simple, everyone hates Republicans because Republicans hate everyone.

          1. bikejedi September 24, 2014

            It sounds like you are living in bizzarro world . How did Al come to prominence ? Oh thats right . He p;ayed the race card and tried to incite a race war by claiming that Brawley girl was brutally raped by White men ( shades of that Duke Lacrosse debacle showing a pattern of race baiting ) He knew all along she was lying and got caught when she admitted it .. So a LYING POS race baiting poverty pimp is idolized by stupid people and he even has a show on the biggest joke of a network … No everyone that pays attention knows all about Al and Jesse . If they cared about the black community they would be in Chicago every weekend where Black men and kids are murdered left and right … Oh but they are killed by other blacks so who cares … No Race card to play there right ? .. What about Planned Parenthood who’s founder wanted to commit genocide against Blacks .. Oh and with the Dem Party and Liberals backing them PP are attaining that dream as 43 % of Black pregnanancies in BYC end in abortion. Why dont Al and Jesse speak out agaisnt the Dems and Liberals ? If they truly cared about their peopel and not just being racist poverty pimps for the Dem Party they would truth hurts … You should try finding out about the people you back blindly

          2. Michael Ross September 25, 2014

            Tell me, tea-bagger, do you and your kind ever plan to post something BESIDES complete and total bullshit?

            Bawley NEVER admitted that the attack was fabricated. As of 2007, she and her parents all maintain her innocence.

            Al Sharpton HAS spoken about the violence in Chicago. Repeatedly. You tea-bagger whores just never cared to listen.

            Margaret Sanger did not want to commit genocide against blacks. She was not even that avid a fan of eugenics — she acknowledged it as theoretically possible, but expressed outright disdain for everyone who even entertained the thought of putting it into practice.

            You went 0-3, tea-bagger. Big surprise though; that’s standard for you and your ilk.

            bikejedi: “RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!! RACE!!!”

          3. bikejedi September 25, 2014

            Yeah sure Brawley never confessed and we see All and Jesse here all the time.. .sure we do. .bwahahahaha. ..Do you know anything of Senger? ?????Google her quote on blacks. ..you do know how to do a Google search right? Next Google 43%of black pregnancies in NYC and see what pops up. .and remember
            Wow just wow. ..you really are ignorant of all this stuff

          4. Michael Ross September 25, 2014

            I’ve done research while you were hoping nobody would notice you were pulling stuff out of the same place you routinely keep your head.

            Yes, Sanger’s opinion of minorities was unfavorable, but her support for eugenics as a movement only pertained to using it to combat hereditary diseases. Her exact word for people she felt would benefit from eugenics was “defectives,” as in literally people with defects.

            Sanger’s push to put minorities on the Pill is nothing more than a miserable fantasy pushed by psychotic party-before-country whores like yourself.

            Now you’re 0-4 when it comes to being truthful. But what else can we expect from a whore to a political entity that is literally at war with reality?

          5. bikejedi September 25, 2014

            Lets see you are sticking up for Al Sharpton you don’t know that Senger wanted to commit genocide against blacks and promoted that you are incapable of doing a google search to educate yourself and can only attempt insult when you can’t debate on merit. ..and you say I’m 0 for 4 …take a shower and get out of your moms basement.. .and gain some maturity

          6. Michael Ross September 28, 2014

            I DID do a Google search, and the only sources I found making such claims also reported on “proof” that Obama has dual citizenship with Kenya.

            BTW, my mom lives in a third-floor apartment. IE: She has no basement. So even when you’re not trying to make some kind of convoluted point and instead just want to be a prick, you still manage to detach yourself completely from reality.

          7. bikejedi September 28, 2014

            Huh ??? Are you off your meds or something ? No insult intended just a simple question because I dont know how this relates …What is all this about Obama and Kenya and why in the World did you bring that up ? What does that have to do with anything we were talking about ? Do a Google search of Margret Senger quotes and you will see she espoused the genocide of the Black race through control and abortions …

          8. Michael Ross September 30, 2014

            To illustrate just how fucking stupid a claim you are trying to make here. I did find SOME websites trying to make the same claim that you are, but I didn’t find any websites with even a smidgen of credibility trying to make such a claim. Instead, your claims are only backed up by a handful of Alex Jones wannabes.

            I have already done what you keep screaming that I need to do (and spelled her name right while I was at it), and while Sanger did view blacks unfavorably, there are two things you are clearly hoping nobody will find out (even though you keep yammering that they need to do the very thing that will enable them to find out):

            Sanger’s opinions of blacks as a “weak” race was based on her observations, as a nurse, that (quoting her directly) “Negro mothers die in childbirth at two and one-half times the rate of white mothers,” and that “Negro babies are dying at twice the rate of white babies.”

            So yes, Sanger did promote eugenics for blacks, but what you Tory bastards are deliberately leaving out is that she promoted such because she felt it would benefit them. She didn’t want whites to eliminate blacks — she wanted blacks to practice eugenics and improve their own genetic quality.

            More critically, Sanger felt the weakness of blacks was entirely the fault of the South. Here are two more quotes you were clearly hoping nobody would find while doing what you kept telling them to do:

            “What hangs over the South is that the Negro has been in servitude. The white southerner is slow to forget this. His attitude is the archaic in this age. Supremacist thinking belongs in the museum.

            “The big answer, as I see it, is the education of the white man. The white man is the problem. It is the same as with the Nazis. We must change the white attitudes. That is where it lies.”

            There are her exact words, found by doing something you kept telling me to do but had clearly never once done yourself.

            Now would you kindly piss off, tea-bagger? The adults are trying to have a conversation here.

          9. bikejedi October 1, 2014

            I don’t think I will be communicating with someone who… when they cant debate on merit just resorts to immature ignorant and intolerant name calling . ( which seems to be the hallmark of all Liberals if you read pages like this ). And if I read your post correctly and I quote you “So yes, Sanger did promote eugenics for blacks, but what you Tory bastards are deliberately leaving out is that she promoted such because she felt it would benefit them.” What you seem to espouse that it is ok to practice genocide if YOU , or Sanger , think it will benefit them … How compassionate of you both , and how sick … Who appointed YOU or Sanger God ??? Why do you , other Liberals , and Sanger think you should be able to judge whether blacks deserve to live ??? Racist indeed …

            Try to grow up K….. and do some real research on the subject . Sanger wanted to eliminate the Black race from the Earth and she espoused using the pulpit to control them . Her plans have been advanced and protected by Liberals and Democrats who use OUR Tax Dollars to support PP .. They have assisted in a world where Sanger’s vision is coming to fruition as 43 % of black pregnancies in NYC end in abortion . Make peace with what you back before you meet your maker or stop supporting such hate, murder, and folly . And please gain some maturity and tolerance for people who think differently then the way you have been brainwashed and programmed to..Have a nice life …

          10. Michael Ross October 1, 2014

            It is my strong suggestion, whore, that you start taking your own advice.

            If you intend to never talk to people who are immature or quick to resort to insults, you will need to make sure never to talk to yourself. You have been anything but respectful straight form the start, and have outright fused to be anything but an outright douchebag to everyone who has attempted to reason with you.

            You screamed your head off about me needing to do research, but then when I showed you my work, you promptly shoved your head back up your ass and pretended you hadn’t seen it, evidenced by your continued insistence on parroting the same conspiracy theory bullshit the credibility of which has already been torn apart.

            And above all else, you really need to grow the fuck up. You were wrong, and no matter how long you continue this screaming temper tantrum, reality is not going to rewrite itself to accommodate you.

            This all began with your moronic insistence, against all proof to the contrary, that it is always Democrats who play the race card. That led to you screaming your head off about Al Sharpton, then about Margaret Senger (not Sanger, Senger), and again, you were dead wrong about those as well.

            So please, take your own advice, whore. Grow the fuck up. Until then, this discussion is reserved for adults only.

          11. bikejedi October 2, 2014

            Have you read your own posts ? First you say I was disrespectful .. Where was that .. This while you open your post with name calling and attempted insult . Then you talk about me screaming my head off .. It wasnt me who just posted baseless accusations and then typed Race or racist over and over that was you . I never screamed my head off just reeled off the Dem party’s record on race who they support and what they support … Really sorry that you dont like the truth being posted and it hurt your feelings . Maybe you should just not respond to posters who know the truth and are better versed on Dem Policy then yourself if it is going to make you this angry .. If this conversation is now reserved for adults only as you stated ……..please dont respond …

          12. Michael Ross October 3, 2014

            This article began with you whining that, quoting you directly, “only Liberals and Democrats bring up race or play the race card.”

            It was then pointed out to you, by multiple users, that these claims are total bullshit. You responded by making other claims that were also total bullshit, and whined about other shit when that was pointed out in turn, you moved on to OTHER bullshit conspiracy theories, as well telling me that I’m, quoting you directly again, “living in bizzarro world” and that I need to “take a shower and get out of your moms basement.”

            You also told me, repeatedly, that I needed to do some research. I did, and when you didn’t like the results of my research, you repeated your already debunked claims and your call for me to do research again.

            You don’t have to like reality, whore, but it won’t change because you demand it to.

            The only reason you are whining about disrespect, whore, is because you’ve got nothing else to fall back on. Your conspiracy theories have been torn completely apart, so now you hope to have some delusion of saving face by whining that you are not being respected.

            Just one problem, of course: You went out of your way to be as disrespectful as possible to the entire Memo community right from the start. You literally came here with the intent of being an insufferable prick, ergo you are getting exactly the amount of respect you deserve.

            Begone, whore. Go whine to the rest of the Tea Party prostitutes at WorldNetDaily that the nasty liberals were mean to you.

          13. bikejedi October 3, 2014

            No MY post stated that Liberals play the race card and your response proved it . Race Race race race etc … remember ..if you dont scroll up .

            You say I then made claims that several posters pointed out were BS ??? Where ???

            I pointed out facts .. Such as the Dems being the Slave owners .. Such as a Republican President and mostly Northern Republicans fighting a Civil War to end the Slavery of the Dems Such as after that Civil War when the Dems enacted the Jim Crow laws and founded the KKK .. Such as their support of Sen Byrd and how today’s Liberals back listen to and adore the race baiting poverty pimps Al and Jesse . ( you defended them ) …I also covered the Dems fighting and opposing the Civil Rights act of 64 … No one can call BS on Historical Fact .. so stop whining … And it would be nice if you can read up on history so you aren’t so ignorant of these facts and it would be nice if you could gain some maturity and stop calling better informed people names just because you dont want them posting facts … By the way telling you to take a shower and climb out of your moms basement happened after several insults and was only meant to be good advice to you … Not to insult you …. Have a nice life and a great weekend

          14. Michael Ross October 4, 2014

            That was ME making fun of YOU, whore.

            And with that, you have crossed a line that conventional wisdom would imply few would ever do, and yet every single one of you miserable Tory whores I have ever debated has attempted: Trying to lie about something that was written in the exact same place that it was written in.

            Anyone who wants to can scroll up, from this page, to my original post, and see you for the fucking liar that you are, tea-bagger.

            It doesn’t matter that you are ranting about shit from over fifty years ago as if it were somehow still relevant today, or that you’re spewing forth obvious bullshit like trying to call your blatant insults about coming out of the basement (the nonexistent basement, BTW) “good advice.” None of that matters because you have crossed the most obvious line: Trying to lie about shit that is literally right in front of you where the entire world can see it.

            You are a liar and a whore, tea-bagger. God didn’t give you enough holes to sufficiently go fuck yourself through.

          15. bikejedi October 4, 2014

            Yes Yes I implore everyone reading these comments segment to scroll up and read all of the Comments . You will find my posts Intelligent well informed and factual and you will see Michael Ross for the immature intolerant ignorant person he is . As all Liberals are now being thought of with the same characteristics as Mr Ross I would implore you to take him to task for dirtying up the image of reasonable Liberals .. Mr Ross Have a Nice Life .. I doubt you are capable of that but that is my wish for you .. I would advise you to gain tolerance for others and some maturity . You may need the help of Professionals for that . I would advise you to also look past your brainwashing and loyalty to what has been the history of the party you so vehemently support . If you dont know the history of your own party read some real American History . If you still feel that you can support that and try to defend it let me know .

          16. Michael Ross October 5, 2014

            Samples of bikejedi’s “intelligent, well-informed and factual” posts include:

            “Obama and his regime have set race relations back to the stone age”

            “take a shower and get out of your moms basement”

            “Huh ??? Are you off your meds or something ? No insult intended just a simple question”

            “Do a Google search of Margret Senger (not Sanger, Senger) quotes and you will see she espoused the genocide of the Black race through control and abortions”

            You can’t lie about that which is right in front of everyone you are trying to lie to, whore. Even the other Tory whores you run with are not fooled — they’re just fighting the same futile war against reality that you are.

          17. bikejedi October 5, 2014

            Beside the spelling of a name what did I get wrong ? NOTHING …. Now go take a shower and get a life

          18. Michael Ross October 5, 2014

            You got EVERYTHING wrong, whore!

            You even got wrong the obvious. You lied, were caught lying, lied about having been caught lying, lied about what was written in the exact same place that it was written, and now you’re lying about what you got wrong.

            You are a fucking liar who literally said NOTHING credible since you arrived, whore. Even when there was no benefit to lying, and no chance in Hell of you being able to get away with the lie, you still lied.

            That, by the way, is the predominant reason I refer to you as a whore, whore: Because you are clearly willing to say or do anything for whatever it is you expect to get out of the thieves and tyrants you are whoring yourself out to.

          19. bikejedi October 5, 2014

            The ONLY thing I got wrong was that name . You have been spewing your hate ever since I started showcasing your Party’s record on the issue as well as some of your personal heroes like Rev Sharpton . You tried to do your spin and then spewed hate . You are Immature Intolerant and totally ignorant of history . The funny thing is you are capable of reasoning yet jut because the truth goes against your brain washing you chose to ignore it and call someone else names .. Grow up and get a life

          20. Michael Ross October 7, 2014

            Except that everything you said was either a deliberate misinterpretation of the truth, or a flat out lie. You still have yet to say anything credible — you are still even trying to lie about the content of this page even though the futility of such has been pointed out to you multiple times.

            The fact is, whore, that you came into this discussion, not only with the intent of never being civil ever (though like all Tea Partiers, you have no problem demanding others do things that you outright refuse to do yourself), but with every intent of distorting the truth as much as possible.

            You, and every other Tea Party whore along with you, know the truth and you can’t stand it. Which is why we have to deal with whores like you screaming that all racists are Democrats, a fact you base on something that hasn’t been relevant since the days of Lyndon B. Johnson (the man who signed into law the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a fact you conveniently forgot) while your tea-bagger pals insist that Obama absolutely is a Kenyan Muslim despite all evidence to the contrary.

            Nothing you have said has any basis in reality today, whore. You have no facts; just a vendetta you are willing to completely detach yourself from all aspects of reality in order to pursue.

          21. bikejedi October 7, 2014

            You cant prove me wrong because most of what I posted is HISTORICAL FACT . Lets recap some of it to showcase to everyone the Dems record on race and civil rights . Oh and then you can scream at me call me names just because you cant handle the truth ..

            All of the Slave Owners in America were Dems and most of them from the South . A Republican President and mostly Northern Republicans fought a Civil War to end the Slavery of Blacks by their Dem owners . After the Civil war ended Lincoln granted the former slaves voting rights and the Dems responded by enacting the Jim Crow Laws to stop them from voting . They also founded the KKK and even in recent times had a KKK leader as a Party backed Senator for decades . The Republicans have supported every Civil Rights V Vote Overwhelmingly while the Dems not so much . In recent times during the most important battle for Civil Rights Legislation ( Civil Rights Act of 1964 ) the Dems fought against it while it had almost unanimous Republican Support .. The Dems filibustered the act to try to block it and it took the arm twisting of Lyndon Johnson to get JUST enough Dems to vote for it to get it to pass .. He twisted their arms by telling them give me your vote on this and I will have those N!%%as voting Dem for 200 years . Liberals and Dems back and listen to Race Baiting Poverty Pimps Al Sharpton amd Jesse Jackass .. they let these nefarious characters speak at their conventions … Meanwhile Dr King was a Republican …… One last thing … Under Bush we had SHOCK AND AWE … Under Obama we have SHUCK AND JIVE … You cant fight fact .. But you don’t like the truth so just go ahead and call me names like an infant would

          22. Michael Ross October 7, 2014

            It IS wrong, however, for three reasons:

            1: You still insist (even though I pointed out the fallacy of such already) on acting like this is still reflective of politics today.

            2: You deliberately ignored (again) the fact that the Civil Rights Act was signed BY a Democrat.

            3: You flat out lied when you said “The Republicans have supported every Civil Rights V Vote.”

            By your logic, I should be accusing the Tea Party of being Communist hippies. And I’ll bet if I did, you would be one of the first people in line to scream at the top of your lungs that I’m living in the past.

            But living in the past is just fine and dandy when it’s being done by Republicans, right? Once again, you whores have demonstrated that your allegiance is to party above all else.

          23. bikejedi October 7, 2014

            Sorry you lost this debate and sorry there is no way to defend the Dems record on Civil Rights or Race ..
            1 it is still reflective of today when you support people like Al and Jesse .. It is reflective of today when you have the President appoint the Most Racist AG in the History of this Country …( look up his own words ) It is still reflective of today when you have the President of the United States purposefully dividing the Nation on the issue of race to further his own political ambitions and to the detriment to the Nation as a whole . or did you forget that during the last election when the economy was starting to get discussed EVEN by Liberal Media they siezed on the Trayvon situation to change the news cycle .. He purposely divided the Nation on the issue of race playing HIS race card by saying If I had a son … and remember he has history besides that when he commented on the Police and Prof Gates … so you lose that one ..

            2 I pointed out that Johnson and the Dems took the credit for the bill that the Republicans backed and fought the Dems for

            3 look up every major civil rights bill and you will see that the Republicans have a much much better voting record on those … If you like I can post it for you … Would you like that ? Look Im not trying to embarrass you but when you make statements like that you invite ridicule

            Once again I would advise you to gain some maturity and tolerance for others .. I would hope you would also look past your Party’s talking points and look at facts but i fear it falls on deaf ears . I think we are done here as I have done all I can and tire of your name calling .. I hope you can have a nice life but with the hate you carry for your fellow ( better informed ) Americans I doubt you can ever be happy … Still …all the best to you and yours …

          24. Michael Ross October 8, 2014

            I didn’t lose a debate. In fact, there never was a debate at all. There’s just been one low-IQ whore screaming at reality to leave him alone.

            Your claims that the “most racist AG” in the history of this country are just another big fat lie on your part, as are your claims that “you have the President of the United States purposefully dividing the Nation on the issue of race to further his own political ambitions” (What’s he supposed to do? Stop being black?). They are both utter bullshit that is only mistaken for truth by you reality-hating tea-bagger whores.

            All you’ve done, whore, is proven my original thesis that liberals do not play the race card; that, instead, you tea-bagger whores scream your heads off over and over about race, and then as soon as any Democratic politician or anyone in the “liberal lamestream media” even so much as acknowledges that this is what you tea-bagger whores are talking about, proceed to bawl your eyes out that the POTUS just played the race card.

            Game over, whore. Now if you aren’t going to haul your worthless ass over to Russia so you can suck tyrant dick for real, it is my strong suggestion that you instead return to whatever pit in Hell you crawled out of.

          25. bikejedi October 8, 2014

            Yes you lost . You see in a debate when one proves through facts and logic that his position is sound at the same time decimating your then that person has won … Ergo you lost .

            As for Holder how can you even attempt to defend that racist . I mean come on now grow up and show some honesty . This is the man who refused to prosecute the Black Panthers for Voter Intimidation when they were caught red handed on tape and they were several eye witnesses . This is the man who claimed whites were racist because while we may get along with blacks at work we dont hang out with them on the weekends ??? WTF I know I hang with my black friends but then agai Holder only hangs with Liberals so maybe he is speaking from experience about people like you …This is the man who has interjected himself in the Trayvon case when it wasnt necessary and most recently in Ferguson .. Sorry the facts his deed and his words prove him to be a racist and even most Liberals would admit that … You however are a special kind of indoctrinated

            As for Obama .besides the facts ( those pesky facts again OUCH ) I posted on Why Obama is a racist I live in Chicago and it is well known by our local Dems that he and especially his Husband are both racist

            Now having said that I don’t think I need to continue this with you because by every post your embarrassment seems to grow as evidenced by your increased level of name calling .. Seek Professional help

          26. Michael Ross October 8, 2014

            What you have just described, whore, is precisely the reason you lost the “debate” before it even began. You had only one fact which you deliberately misinterpreted, and everything else you have said was complete and total bullshit. Logic, likewise, is completely vacant in everything you have said.

            It’s the whole reason you are now screaming your head off about Trayvon Martin (and lying your worthless ass off about him too, of course): Because all of your previous lies have been blown to shit.

            Instead, all you’ve presented is a great big pile of lies. Your original thesis was a lie, you lied about your facts, lied about the responses to your lies, lied about having been caught lying, and are now in the process of trying to lie to yourself about having one a debate that was never had in the first place.

            You still can’t even resist lying when there is no chance of you getting away with the lie and nothing to benefit from lying.

            You came into this “debate” a great big fucking loser, whore, and your condition has only worsened since then.

          27. bikejedi October 8, 2014

            I guess you cant read . I ended this Conversation . You didnt need to reply to that … And you wasted a lot of time on a comment I didnt read

          28. Michael Ross October 8, 2014

            And now I know you’re on the ropes. For two reasons:

            1) You’re trying to declare an end to the conversation, as if you have the authority to determine such. This is what every other tea-bagger whore I’ve ever “debated” has ultimately done: Tried to compensate for all of their talking points being reduced to dust by demanding that they be given the last word, which they hope to delude themselves into thinking of as a victory.

            2) You just flat out admitted to not having read the prior post. Like you think being ignorant is something to be proud of.

            So as far as I’m concerned, whore, this is an admission of defeat on your part. Your flimsy house of cards of an argument has been thoroughly blown to shit, and now you have no hope left except to grasp at a smidgen of self-delusion.

            It’s not going to happen, whore. I, and others like me, will not rest — will not let you pretend you are anything other than a filthy lying whore to thieves and tyrants, no matter how intolerable you make yourself out to be.

            We learned a hard lesson about being tolerant of you and other whores like you. We got George W. Bush that way. We will never make that mistake again.

          29. bikejedi October 9, 2014

            Let me try again .. there was no need to respond .. I ended this conversation. You aren’t worth my time

          30. Michael Ross October 16, 2014

            Yet obviously I am, whore, because you keep returning over and over again to make one more desperate grasp at the last word.

            Once again, you have proven yourself to be a compulsive liar who can’t resist lying even when there is no chance in Hell of you getting away with the lie.

          31. Poopoo Chichi Weenie October 23, 2014

            Exactly you dumbass whore. See, NOBODY can stomach you. And you say people think I’m a “Worthless piece of shit?!” What a load of cow shit. You have a terminal mental disease you wretched hog. Haha. No wonder why you’re always jealous of people who are better than you like Eugene. 🙂

          32. Michael Ross October 23, 2014

            YOU’RE the one everyone is hoping will just go the fuck away, prick. Meanwhile, I have people obsessing over me to the point that they are literally hunting me down just to bitch at and bullshit me even more (no, you’re not the only one who is that pathetic).

            YOU’RE the one nobody bothered to acknowledge the existence of for two months. YOU’RE the one who resorted to stalking an old enemy just to break that cycle. And YOU’RE the one who freely acknowledged that his only motivation in doing so was to try to get into the good graces of a disgusting load of shit who spent an entire year bragging about how he was going to win a contest he never even auditioned for.

            See that thing on your bedroom door? That’s the doorknob. I suggest you try turning it and see what happens.

          33. Poopoo Chichi Weenie October 23, 2014

            YOU’RE the only one yelling at me Michael. 🙂

          34. bikejedi October 24, 2014

            See above comments

          35. Poopoo Chichi Weenie October 23, 2014

            There’s no chance talking to Michael Ross. Trust me, he NEVER faults himself. He will ALWAYS do EVERYTHING he possibly can to defend what HE thinks in that broke-ass mind of his. And he’ll DISRESPECT ANYONE who disagrees with him. His reality is that the world revolves around him, that his judgments are ALWAYS RIGHT. It’s best you not TRY to reason with this shitsack, cause he’s a big fat waste of time. 🙂

          36. bikejedi October 24, 2014

            You are right. .it seems he was unaware of his own Party’s record and then he didn’t like people posting e the truth. ..of course he then had to show everyone how immature and intolerant he is

      2. Poopoo Chichi Weenie October 8, 2014

        Hey Michael, HI!!!!! Remember US? It’s good to see that you are still out of business over at Examiner. 🙂 I’ll have you know that Eugene Krack is DOING GREAT! He’s friends with all these contestants on The Voice and America’s Got Talent now. (Check his Facebook Page if you don’t believe me)

        He owns SIX blogs now and is almost finished with his new website.

        He helps SO MANY people now with his blogs. (WowWIElist.blogspot.com). And he spreads so much intelligence and goodwill on Google Plus. He has WAY more followers than you and in just a few months of time. His Youtube channel has expanded and he has like 100+ subscribers for barely doing anything. You can check his Youtube Channel “Eugene Krack” if you don’t believe me. 🙂

        So to sum it up, Eugene Krack is a little too good to be giving you “page-endorsements” now. 😀

        1. Michael Ross October 9, 2014

          Except I don’t give a flying fuck how Eugene Krack is doing. And the fact that he sent his pet bitch to stalk me to brag about it just tells me that it’s all a great big fucking lie.

          And FYI, I’ve since picked up a new job that pays more than ten times what Examiner does. Eat that you little skank.

          1. Poopoo Chichi Weenie October 9, 2014

            Go right ahead and ACCUSE me of lying. If you GOOGLE search Eugene Krack. You’ll find out that EVERYTHING I said is true. I dare you to. And by the way, I chose to come back to tell you on my own accord. Eugene never “sent” me. 🙂 Hey, if you want me to believe that you have this “NEW BLOWJOB”, you google search Eugene Krack. I’m telling you, he’s changed and is a GENUINE person, unlike you.

          2. Michael Ross October 9, 2014

            I did. And Google would imply that the only person who is even aware of the existence of Eugene Krack is Eugene Krack.

            Go away, prick. This, like everything else in the world outside of your mother’s house, has absolutely nothing to do with you.

          3. Poopoo Chichi Weenie October 9, 2014

            That’s an inactive account of Eugene Krack. Here THIS is the link: https://plus.google.com/+EugeneKrack/posts. He has his followers and friends set to private TO PROTECT them.

            Here’s more EVIDENCE:


            I didn’t lie to you, just check out ALL the people that comment on his public posts.

          4. Poopoo Chichi Weenie October 9, 2014


            I’m going to be completely honest with you FOR ONCE. Eugene Krack wouldn’t have sent me because honey, you’re not that important. You look old, fat, and ugly. There are a million Michael Ross’ floatin’ around. You’re honestly nobody important for Eugene to remember. And the only reason why I even contacted you again was because I’m not even that important to Eugene that much anymore. I’m just one of his FIRST followers. He’s got all kinds of close friends and TV friends now. Hell yeah I’m still loyal to him, because Eugene has a real heart and he DOES have real talent. I don’t care if you refuse to believe me about all the good things that Eugene has done. Seeing how it is obvious everything you knew about him up to this point was just one big joke.

            You were only a guinea pig, for him to develop a personality and attitude. And he told me that he picked you because in real life Eugene DOES not like you as he thinks you are too intolerant to differing opinions. (Which you are). And the fact that you mention about your new blowjob, just shows that you are doing everything for your own gain. You don’t care about people. Seriously Michael, it’s been a ear since I joined Eugene in trolling you. He’s grown into a wonderful person (which you will know if you Google search him), yet YOU are still the same sack of shit waiting to insult people. It’s time to reflect on yourself and why people don’t like you dumbshit!

          5. Michael Ross October 10, 2014

            If I was “not that important,” you would have shut the fuck up by now.

          6. Poopoo Chichi Weenie October 10, 2014

            I’m only trying to show you that Eugene is a good person at heart and that YOU have mistakes that YOU need to fix. Do you think you’re perfect or something?

          7. Michael Ross October 11, 2014

            I think I’m someone who has matured beyond the age of five. Which is more than can be said for you right now.

          8. Poopoo Chichi Weenie October 12, 2014

            I AM being grown right now. YOU need to shut up and reflect on yourself. Seriously, I’m only trying to get you to check out Eugene’s stuff because I’M TRYING to get back on his “A-class contacts”. I’m at the “D-class”, he like LITERALLY DOES not talk to me anymore. And I know he still hates you, so if I can get you to apologize to Eugene, he’ll talk to me again, and YOU’LL get Eugene’s fanbase to come view your shit.

          9. Michael Ross October 13, 2014

            You went out stalking a former web columnist, not for the first time, so you could brag to him about what your friend is doing, in the comments section of an article that otherwise has absolutely nothing to do with him or said former web columnist.

            Does that sound mature to you?

            No, I am not going to apologize to Eugene. It is a point of shame for me that I even still remember him.

          10. Poopoo Chichi Weenie October 14, 2014

            Cause EUGENE’s A GOOD person you dumb bitch! Why won’t you give him a chance and check out those links I gave you?!

          11. Poopoo Chichi Weenie October 14, 2014

            Michael, EVERYBODY hates you, because you are pretentious, you think so damn highly of yourself, and you debase those who disagree with you. Why can’t you reflect on yourself and CHANGE?

          12. Michael Ross October 16, 2014

            Just because you hate everyone doesn’t mean everyone is hated in turn.

            Similarly, it is does not make me intolerant because I refuse to tolerate people like you who endeavor to be intolerable.

          13. Poopoo Chichi Weenie October 16, 2014

            Yes, and that would be YOU who “endeavors to be intolerable”. 🙂

          14. Poopoo Chichi Weenie October 16, 2014

            BTW, NICE TRY GUESSING (G.U.E.S.S.I.N.G.) about me. GUESS! GUESS! GUESS! GUESSING! That’s ALL YOU HAVE! 🙂 You think I’m full of hate for disagreeing and burning your ass with a trollstick? Haha. Again. that’s YOUR GUESS ABOUT ME DUMBASS! 🙂 You’ve NEVER met me in person, you can’t read my emotions on a computer screen. YOUR WORD means NOTHING Michael, because you GUESS AND ACCUSE people instead of speaking facts that you can understand in certainty. 🙂

          15. Michael Ross October 17, 2014

            If not the fact that you sought me out online just to bitch about me, or you posting such wonderful gems like “-PROVE IT you slut” and “you fatass shitcake!”, I need only look at your Disqus activity.

            Case in point: After this article, the last thing you did was troll an article and scream obscenities at everyone you encountered in it. Same with the article before that one, and the article before that one.

            More critically, there are literally entire month-long periods of absolutely NOTHING in between these screaming fits of yours. If you don’t have something to scream and swear your head off at, you clearly have no interest in it whatsoever.

            You don’t have to value my opinion, but I at least don’t need someone to rage at in order to give it.

            You, on the other hand, literally have no purpose on the Internet except to fly into a blind rage at anyone who makes the mistake of acknowledging your existence, a fact that is well supported by the fact that you don’t have a single post in your Disqus activity in which you are NOT doing this.

            So please, get bent. You’re wasting oxygen that could otherwise be used to sustain something with an actual purpose to its existence.

          16. Poopoo Chichi Weenie October 22, 2014

            I don’t need you to care about me Michael. I’m not on a road to success, that’s why I’m stuck chatting with an equally pathetic loser like yourself. But the truth says that you just have to suck it up and accept the fact that Eugene is ALWAYS going to beat you at everything that you ever do in your tired-ass sorry-ass life.

            1. He’ll always be kinder than you.
            2. He’ll always be more positive than you.
            3. He’ll always be more popular than you. (He already is, you just either don’t see it or are futilely denying it.)
            4. You’re ALWAYS going to look WORSE than him.
            5. He’ll always be more creative than you.
            6. He’ll always be more talented than you.
            7. He’ll always be more intelligent than you.
            8. He’ll always be more likable than you.
            9. He’s always going to be richer than you. (His father owns a beach house in Malibu, and Eugene doesn’t have to work)
            10. He’ll always have a bigger HEART than you. 🙂

            Believe it if you want, or call BS on me, I don’t give a damn. I can’t help a mentally-handicapped retard who is TOO quick to judge for his own damn good. Then again, seeing that you hang around with all these mother-fucking extremists, I’d expect your mind to be poisoned by now. So be butthurt all you want or “pretend” you have some worth. I’m going to share this with my small (but existent) followers on Google Plus. 😀

          17. Poopoo Chichi Weenie October 23, 2014

            P.S, keep telling yourself that you are worth something Michael, because the only thing you’ve done for other people besides your fatass self is to host a venue where PROSTITUTES and CALL girls could invade and shoo all your readers away. So keep being in denial. I think EVERYONE can agree that YOU are the attention whore! 🙂

          18. Michael Ross October 16, 2014

            Because you are not everybody. I am hated by a loose collection of reality-impaired compulsively lying whores like bikejedi, kenndeb and joe schmo, and a couple of losers who quite literally have no evidence of existence beyond trolling the internet with their bullshit (that would be you).

            Just because you are hated by everyone does not mean everyone else is hated by everyone in turn. And FYI, the reason you are hated is because you have gone out of your way at every possible moment to spew hatred.

            That is literally the whole point of you being here. You haven’t even once mentioned the topic of the article and instead have divided your time here between sucking E.K. dick and trying to make a case that I suck somehow.

            Get bent, and don’t come back until you have something that at least remotely resembles an I.Q.

          19. Poopoo Chichi Weenie October 16, 2014

            Like I said Bitch, you STILL HOLD YOURSELF TO THE HIGHEST REGARD. In your mind, everything YOU think is right, that’s how it is. You think you know everything and that your opinions are always right. That’s why you keep trying to ignore this fact. Seriously, PROVE IT you slut. PROVE that we don’t exist. HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT HMM? Go ahead and prove it you fatass shitcake!

          20. Michael Ross October 17, 2014

            I said that’s what the Internet implies. Obviously you do exist, but contrary to your opinion, nobody but Eugene Krack and you gives a shit.

            Now excuse me while I copy-paste half of this and reply with it to the post in which you insist you are not full of hate.

          21. Poopoo Chichi Weenie October 17, 2014

            Actually, the reason why I’m suddenly “Bitching” at you again is only because I’m trying to TALK to someone I know online. Eugene Krack’s got his TV friends on Facebook now along with all his followers. He’s completely changed. He ain’t trolling anything anymore. He actually helps musicians and artists and all now. And Eugene ACTUALLY HAS TALENT. MAJOR TALENT in fact. Like I said, everything YOU knew about him was basically a lie except that his real name IS in fact Eugene Krack. But because Eugene’s changed into this “blessed person” as his followers call him, he doesn’t even visit me here on Disqus anymore. He’s kind of “dumped” me behind now. I’ll be completely honest, I joined Eugene and I trolled you at first because I thought you were very forceful and pretentious with your opinions. I’m honestly trying to do something better Michael other than trolling. I tried following in Eugene’s footsteps to start writing blogs and stuff, but I don’t have Eugene’s writing talent, or his sense of compassion, or his sense of intelligence, or his creativity. I’m only TRYING to get into contact with Eugene again, since he’s so damn busy talking with “THE VOICE OFFICIAL GOOGLE PLUS PAGE” and the contestants that are his friends on Facebook and all his other 2,000 some followers or so.

            Why would he talk to me without a good reason when he has all of them to interact with?

          22. Michael Ross October 18, 2014

            So in summary, you admit that you were a troll, that he was a troll, that you are trolling right now, and that your motivation for trolling is not having any life whatsoever beyond your former “friendship” with that other troller.

            Thanks for being honest. Now piss off — we’re talking about things that requires the use of an actual brain here.

          23. Poopoo Chichi Weenie October 19, 2014

            Eugene Krack is NOT a troller you dumbshit. I am. And you’re not getting the point. You STILL think your opinions are superior to others.

          24. Michael Ross October 22, 2014

            Don’t confuse thinking my opinions are superior to all others and thinking your opinion is a complete load of shit. I will not be held at fault for pointing out that you are a worthless sack of shit or that the tea-baggers are trying to fight a futile war against reality.

          25. Poopoo Chichi Weenie October 22, 2014

            Nobody else seems to think that I am a “Worthless sack of shit”. As a matter of fact, people seem to think YOU are a “worthless sack of shit” Michael.

          26. Michael Ross October 22, 2014

            Nobody else is even acknowledging your existence. They are either unaware of it, or are still clinging to the hope that ignoring festering turds like you will make them go away.

          27. Poopoo Chichi Weenie October 19, 2014

            Eugene Krack actually HELPS others and is a GOOD person unlike you wicked Squish.

          28. Poopoo Chichi Weenie October 19, 2014

            Oh, and if you DID use your brain. You would know that it’s pointless arguing with POLITICAL EXTREMISTS, cause they’re all MINDLESS and ENSLAVED.

          29. Michael Ross October 22, 2014

            I’m not arguing to try to convince them. I’m arguing to let the fuckers know that their bullshit will never be tolerated. They’ll never lighten up, but they will eventually storm off in a huff, lock themselves away in their caves and become bitch-hermits for the rest of their lives (as you yourself are clearly in the process of doing).

          30. Poopoo Chichi Weenie October 22, 2014

            And that’s why I’m rubbing Eugene into your face. You THINK he knows I’m still contacting some grease-sack like YOU? The point is Michael, not ALL your enemies (NOW and in the past) are going become bitch-hermits for the rest of their lives like YOU hope. Ha… ha…. If you don’t visit those blogs I gave you and leave a comment on there PROVING you arrived, your word about seeing “Eugene’s” success is ALWAYS going to mean nothing. 🙂

          31. Michael Ross October 22, 2014

            It’s not going to happen you little attention whore. I am not going to feed that little turd’s ego, nor am I going to let you feel like all of this screaming and bitching was worth it.

            Now do the world a favor and fucking drop dead.

          32. Poopoo Chichi Weenie October 23, 2014

            Sorry bitch, but this fucking world doesn’t revolve around YOU! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

          33. Michael Ross October 24, 2014

            Did you seriously not see the stupidity of posting this immediately after insisting that, quoting you directly: “YOU’RE the only one yelling at me Michael.”

            You’ve done it PCW. You’ve done the exact same stupid thing that one would ordinarily assume nobody would be stupid enough to do, and yet every fucking one of these tea-bagger whores who came kicking and screaming out of their caves onto the Memo has eventually done: Completely contradicted themselves, in text, in the exact same location as their prior bout of bullshit.

            “This fucking world” does not revolve around you or Eugene Krack either, slut.

          34. Poopoo Chichi Weenie October 23, 2014

            Again, I don’t see anyone else here hating me except you, so everything YOU said to defend yourself and express the deluded TRUTH you see is obviously just more evidence to prove that you are mentally impaired and that mentally retarded asspieces like you are better drowned in the bottom of a well. 🙂

  6. Justice Juice September 21, 2014

    Don’t bother with this book. It’s written ‘stupidly’ and someone else wrote it anyway.

  7. pmbalele September 22, 2014

    I know it’s sad the country fractured in 2009-2012; and we still have some wounds. But we are now rebuilding race relations again. You know who caused the racial divide-TPs and Repubs. They call themselves conservatives. But actually they want Blacks as were in 50s and 60s-3rd class citizens. That is what their mothers and fathers told them. I have told them it’s too late now. You can tell that also with conservative media such as FoxNews and Rush. These people have been burning internally since
    Obama became President. You remember in 2008 when Obama was first running. FoxNews attacked-cried foul that a racial minority would become president. They called Obama all kinds of names -community organizer, Muslim and worst of all a foreigner. Some even went to court to disqualify him. We are lucky Obama was elected in 2008. I could have heart attack if he was not. Late in 2009 TP was born. TPs were mostly Whites- unfortunately some were toothless. Maan – TP because household name. These Whites did not like Obamacare-not because it was bad for them, but because the author, President Obama, was a racial minority. They were raised to believe everything new should come from Whites. Too bad. Remember all prior presidents wanted universal health care law; but could not muster enough interest from Congress and Senate. In fact Repubs attacked Hillary then First US Lady-why she was in politics-designing universal health care. Jim Carter also wanted universal health care. But did not have enough time. TP became a big force in 2010. As pointed above, most of its members were Whites or White sympathizers such as Herman Cain and Allen West. These two Blacks even denounced their African heritage-branding themselves as Black-Anglo-Saxons. Although racial divide was at national level, we could feel racial divide at state and local levels. All these problems were caused by TPs. TP won in 2010-big time. But as I have written before, TPs ill-timed their activism. They should have done so in 2012 to prepare for presidential election. I feared if TP had that movement in 2012 as in 2010 Repubs would have won the WH. But in 2011 TP died. Most of TP leaders were either elected in Congress or in State politics or had government contracts. Above all TPs started fighting with Repubs and wanted to oust Boehner. That is why in 2012 TPs and Repubs lost the WH. That was good for me. I wanted President Obama re-elected to finish his plan for the country. I know 62% conservative White males have been hurting since 2009. That is why we hear incidents like Ferguson and the beating of old Black woman by White state patrol officer. Wisconsin government does not allow Blacks to supervise Whites. This is especially in conservative agencies such as WisDNR and WisDOC. Blacks also should be careful with Republican appointed judges who don’t have sympathy with Blacks. As a whole Conservatives and especially TPs and FoxNews have caused the racial divide. We cannot let racial continue. We have to rebuild our people as One Nation.

    1. idamag September 22, 2014

      Even though they deny race has anything to do with it, it does. I’ll believe the South is not racist when they change their party.

  8. idamag September 22, 2014

    In this game of winners and losers, the loser is going to be Democracy. “A Nation divided cannot long stand.” Lincoln. With the slavering hatred it has fostered we can see, today, the harm it has done. If you can hate loud enough, in some states, you can become a House representative even if your I.Q. is in the double digits.


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