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Tuesday Night Massacre: Who Really Believes The White House Rationale For Firing Comey?

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Tuesday Night Massacre: Who Really Believes The White House Rationale For Firing Comey?

FILE PHOTO - FBI Director Comey testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington

Does anyone believe the Trump administration’s explanation for the sudden firing FBI director James Comey last night? Certainly some will pretend to believe that Trump fired Comey now because of his controversial actions in the Hillary Clinton email investigation last year — the same actions that Trump praised for “restoring the reputation” of the FBI and has never criticized.

But no sentient person can accept the rationale offered by the White House for this dismissal.

The rationale for firing Comey — as stated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein — is obviously false for several reasons, even aside from the fact that Trump had welcomed Comey’s behavior toward Clinton in 2016 and literally embraced the FBI director in the Oval Office last January.

Although what Comey did to Clinton was indeed troubling, unfair, and in violation of Justice Department guidelines, that conduct was already under investigation by the department’s inspector general. No legitimate purpose was served by firing Comey in advance of that investigation’s conclusion. And in fact, the Rosenstein letter is further discredited by the signature of Sessions, who had promised to recuse himself from any role in the probe of Russia’s aggressive interference in the 2016 election — and instead directed the removal of the nation’s top law enforcement official who was overseeing that case.

This coup against constitutional legality bears all the hallmarks of a Trump operation, from incompetent presentation to gas-lighting defense to audacity that is stunning. Most audacious of all is the timing, which arrives just as the Russia probe increasingly threatens Trump and his cronies.

In the curt dismissal note the president sent officially firing Comey, he feebly attempted to suggest that the FBI director had cleared him of any wrongdoing in the Russia probe. Yet only weeks ago, Comey testified on Capitol Hill that the FBI is pursuing alleged collusion between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign.

The Russia investigation is far from complete, but all indications are that pressure on Trump has been increasing. Among the latest developments is the news that grand jury subpoenas have been issued to associates of fired National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, and that Senate investigators have asked the Treasury Department for financial information on Trump and his associates.

But perhaps the clearest sign of panic was an angry question tweeted by @realDonaldTrump on the morning before he fired Comey: “The Russia-Trump collusion story is a total hoax, when will this taxpayer funded charade end?” Evidently he could wait no longer for the answer he wanted.

IMAGE: FBI Director James Comey is sworn in to testify before a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on “Oversight of the Federal Bureau of Investigation” on Capitol Hill, May 3, 2017. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/File Photo

Joe Conason

A highly experienced journalist, author and editor, Joe Conason is the editor-in-chief of The National Memo, founded in July 2011. He was formerly the executive editor of the New York Observer, where he wrote a popular political column for many years. His columns are distributed by Creators Syndicate and his reporting and writing have appeared in many publications around the world, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Nation, and Harpers.

Since November 2006, he has served as editor of The Investigative Fund, a nonprofit journalism center, where he has assigned and edited dozens of award-winning articles and broadcasts. He is also the author of two New York Times bestselling books, The Hunting of the President (St. Martins Press, 2000) and Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth (St. Martins Press, 2003).

Currently he is working on a new book about former President Bill Clinton's life and work since leaving the White House in 2001. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, including MSNBC's Morning Joe, and lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

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  1. I of John May 10, 2017

    A stupid move. Removing Comey stops nothing.

    1. dbtheonly May 10, 2017

      Indeed, if anything it increases the demands for a Special Prosecutor/ Independent Investigation.

      That said, Comey needed to go. His relationship with truth or accuracy made me mildly nauseous.

      1. Dominick Vila May 10, 2017

        The problem is that a special prosecutor, a lawyer, will rely on whatever Trump’s stooge (Comey’s replacement) authorize for release. With so many congressional Republicans determined to save Trump, I would not be surprised if the findings of the investigation are changed to a trivial matter. We need a Howard Baker. Hopefully McCain and/or Burr step up to the plate…

        1. FireBaron May 10, 2017

          I would actually call for an Orrin Hatch, but that would be a conflict of interest for him. As this term’s President Pro-Tem of the Senate, he is technically three heartbeats away from the Oval Office. Any action on his part in forcing an investigation could be viewed as him paving the way for him to assume the office should Teflon Donnie and Pence be found to have committed impeachable acts.

          1. James Snow May 10, 2017

            and….. you would be wasting your breath if you have any hope that Hatch could/would be anything but a right-wing idealogue. Never has been…..never will be.

          2. idamag May 10, 2017

            I thought the speaker of the house was next in line.

        2. dbtheonly May 10, 2017

          I recall Baker being fairly obstreperous. Do you remember it differently?

          I thought the Special Prosecutor would have his own investigative authority.

          Yes, Republicans do need to step up.

          1. plc97477 May 10, 2017

            I think the repugs are going to step up when their own seats may be threatened. We should see some real changes in 2018.

          2. idamag May 10, 2017

            Not if they sit by and let trump destroy even our right to vote.

          3. dbtheonly May 11, 2017

            I’ll cover that one. Republicans are going to circle the wagons, attack the fake news, and stay on Fox exclusively.

          4. plc97477 May 11, 2017

            True republicans will but they are less than 30% of the voters and the voters are showing them in town halls that the voters are angry. Dems have a bad habit of not voting which puts them on the outside a lot. But anger will bring people to the polls.

          5. dbtheonly May 11, 2017

            As long as Trump doesn’t lose the support of his core, he’s golden.

            Is it possible to chalk the Comey firing up to incompetence rather than malice? There’s something about the “tone-deafness” of it all that has me wanting to laugh. An “evil genius” ought to be better prepared for the obvious ramifications rather than sending out Kellyanne for, more, confusion and lame attempts to change the subject. Spicer hiding in the bushes is another image I want to run in attack ads. “What are the Republicans hiding?”

          6. plc97477 May 11, 2017

            I keep thinking trump couldn’t be this incompetent unless he was trying, but then I remember he is still trump.

          7. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 10, 2017

            the GOP gang of pinheads only step to the DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW and that’s a step down into the DUMPSTERS SCUM BUCKET

          8. Michael Allen May 10, 2017

            Baker “obstreperous”? My dictionary defines the word as “resisting control in a noisy and difficult manner.” That was not the Howard Baker that I recall.

          9. Dominick Vila May 10, 2017

            Baker stood up to Nixon and supported the idea of a Special Prosecutor, if I remember correctly. Obviously, he did whatever he could to insulate the GOP from the Watergate debacle, but he did a lot more than the current gang of congressional cowards are doing.

          10. pisces63 May 10, 2017

            Hunt was on CNN last night and was highly PO’D with the comparison of the Tuesday night massacre compared to theirs. He was not appreciative. The Nixon museum also called and voiced a protest.

          11. sigrid28 May 11, 2017

            What I recall (from last Tuesday night) is that Hunt and the Nixon museum curator thought this cover-up was worse than Watergate (this being interference in an investigation into collusion with a foreign power and possibly treason). Watergate, which was about felonies and lying to the American public, had gone on for almost six years by the time of the Saturday Night Massacre on October 20th–but it also involved firing public servants appointed by the president.

        3. Mama Bear May 10, 2017

          A special prosecutor can only be appointed by Congress and approved or vetoed by POTUS. Does anyone actually believe that will happen?

          1. Dominick Vila May 10, 2017

            I believe the Attorney General, or his Deputy since Sessions recused himself from the Russian investigation, can appoint a Special Prosecutor. I wonder how many more FBI officials are going to be canned to silence the truth? Anyway, there is also a precedent of a POTUS firing a special prosecutor. Nixon fired Archibald Cox. Trump is in good company…

          2. pisces63 May 10, 2017

            Yet, some how, it is still an insult to Nixon.

          3. idamag May 10, 2017

            I had respect for Nixon. I have none for trump. Nixon did have good qualities. One of them was his foreign relations. trump has none.

          4. Mama Bear May 10, 2017

            Trump makes Nixon’s coverup look like a 3rd grader did it!

          5. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

            Maybe not. We still have an Inspector General. Remember what happened when Nixon pulled the same firings stunt? He fired Archibald Cox. Then, when he tried to replace Cox, two others Nixon appointed bailed and resigned because they knew Nixon was guilty.

            What transpires now with Trump is going to get interesting. The way he took the trouble to fire Comey without warning will only piss Comey off more and he just might now out the entire Republican Party and Trump.

            What’s that saying again? Oh yes. “Oh what tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” rofl.

            I’d say Trumpkins is tangled in his own web of self destruction. There is NO WAY he can stop these investigations because hacking into elections is a federal offense.

          6. idamag May 10, 2017

            I wish you were right. However we have a Congress who will see that trump does not get convicted. The cretins traded our democracy for a dictatorship at the polls.

          7. sigrid28 May 11, 2017

            My favorite moment today was on Morning Joe when Senator Angus King (D-Maine) floated the idea that the Senate Intelligence Committee bring Comey on as their lead investigator, since he needs a new job.

            Two stories that have not reached the front page often enough in this new administration is the background of Trump’s hirelings and the cavalcade of those who refuse to work for Trump, leaving so many positions vacant. So you raise another good point, EW: Who is going to want to work for him now?

          8. idamag May 10, 2017

            I don’t.

      2. Dapper Dan May 10, 2017

        Only mildly ? ????

      3. Independent Investigation = Oxymoron
        Just like for your favorite Russian foes.
        The Big MIC bosses need a reliable enemy.
        Keep trucking for them, they will love you… And bring War all around the World for any good reason they’ll propagande you about.
        Good business as long as you are on the right side of the bombs.

        1. dbtheonly May 11, 2017

          Congratulations on Macron.

          French voters reject wackos from both the left and the right.

          1. So they get the opportunist wackos from the center!
            Many assholes are you know!
            No! Macron is the Left and the Right all in one. Enjoy the con.

          2. dbtheonly May 11, 2017

            A Radical Centerist?

            We have a Senator, Mark Warner, who is one.

      4. idamag May 10, 2017

        But we still need a special investigation and where would we find that and it would have to be approved by the fascists in government.

        1. dbtheonly May 11, 2017

          Three Senate Republicans?

          Trade off on government shutdown?

          Trade off on debt ceiling?

          1. idamag May 11, 2017

            Because you are intelligent, you cannot fathom people that dumb and that crooked being able to exist. Just like the crab grass and white byrony in my yard, they do exist. Trump firing Comey would be like Capone firing Ness.

          2. dbtheonly May 11, 2017

            Three Republican Senators would need to flip.

            Given the mandatory votes I mentioned; the Democrats are not without leverage.

            I remember Robert Stack and Bruce Gordon.

    2. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 10, 2017

      slows thing’s more

    3. Hugh Everett May 10, 2017

      “I called on FBI Director James Comey to resign his position after his recent communication with members of Congress regarding the bureau’s review of emails potentially related to Hillary Clinton‘s personal email server.”
      -Democrat Congressman Steve Cohen

      “I do not have confidence in Comey any longer,”
      -Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer

      “Comey knew and deliberately kept this info a secret. Of course he should resign.”
      -Democrat Senator Harry Reid

      “The FBI director has no credibility”
      -Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters

      “My confidence in the FBI director’s ability to lead this agency has been shaken,”
      -Democrat Congressman Hank Johnson


      1. Jan123456 May 10, 2017

        If there was any indication that Trump had consulted with the Dems….or even communicated with them on this issue, I would give this to you.

        As it is, Trump has fired three officials that were involved in investigating Russian involvement into our election. AND the Russian ambassador joked about Comey’s firing to the US press.

      2. pisces63 May 10, 2017

        Eight days before Donald Trump won the presidency, he singled out FBI director James Comey for a special round of praise during a speech to supporters in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
        “It took guts for director Comey to make the move that he made,” Trump said of the FBI chief’s decision to make public the bureau’s revived probe into Hillary Clinton’s private email server. “It took a lot of guts.”
        Really!! Too many praises to list here and he was fired with those same praises.

        1. Hugh Everett May 10, 2017

          I have good news. Here’s your new FBI Director.

          He will get to the bottom of the Russian Collusion investigation!!!

          1. pisces63 May 10, 2017

            My answer!! Edvard Munch.

    4. idamag May 10, 2017

      I hope you are right. However if he installs Gullianni as director, we will be closer to the dictatorship. We have a mobster as president.

  2. Dominick Vila May 10, 2017

    I wouldn’t call the firing of one subordinate a massacre, but it is definitely troubling and eerily reminiscent of what Nixon did in 1973. Citing concerns over the way Comey treated Hillary Clinton last year is the epitome of hypocrisy. Trump’s public statements last year contradict his sudden change of heart, and suggest that his hypocrisy has a lot more to do with trying to stop an investigation that is closing in on him and several of his campaign associates, than repentance. The fact that AG Sessions, the man that forgot to acknowledge, under oath, that he had met with the Russian Ambassador during the campaign, and was forced to recuse himself from anything associated with the Russian investigation, was one of the two people that recommended firing FBI Director Comey at the 11th hour of an ongoing investigation into potential treason, is beyond troubling. Asserting that Comey assured Trump that he was not under investigation defies logic, and if true would be a violation of ethics rules that prohibit a law enforcement officer from divulging information to the target of an investigation while the investigation is still in progress. The icing on the cake is that today, the day after firing Comey, the only thing in Trump’s agenda for the day is a meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister! At this point, it doesn’t really matter if the dealings between Trump and some of his associates were business related, inadvertent collusion, or high treason. The fact is that this administration has engaged in activities that a few decades ago would have resulted in most of these individuals being executed or spending the rest of their lives in prison. Times have, obviously, changed and not only are these people likely to get away with what they did, they are flaunting it. This is a sad commentary on who we have become, how far we are willing to go to advance our narrow goals, and irrelevant our institutions of government and values have become.

    1. InformedVoter May 10, 2017

      The justification to fire Comey was malfeasance. Comey failed to prosecute HilLIARy. The FBI Russian investigation is over, with no wrong doing found. Comey publicly had stated that on more than one occasion.
      The dealings with Russia were done above board and all completely legal business actions.

      1. The lucky one May 10, 2017

        “The FBI Russian investigation is over, with no wrong doing found.” Nice try but untrue.

        1. pisces63 May 10, 2017

          I love how trump had it in the letter, thank you for saying it 3 times. Really. I laughed so hard!! It funnier watching Jason Miller on CNN trying to explain it away looking like a bearded rat!!

          1. Dominick Vila May 10, 2017

            The same goes for Kellyanne Conway.

          2. pisces63 May 10, 2017

            As I wrote in twitter at the time, ding, dong the B**ch is back!!

          3. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

            In that letter to Comey, Trump exonerated himself by omitting to mention the Russian investigation in one sentence and then thanking Comey for “clearing up the questions about my connections to Russia.”

            Nice guy…Judge, jury and dictator.

        2. InformedVoter May 10, 2017

          Sorry lucky, but it’s all over but the shouting. Comey has stated, more than once, that they found NOTHING. Even Diane Feinstein has stated they found NOTHING.

          With Comey’s replacement, the investigation will turn to HilLIARy.

          1. The lucky one May 11, 2017

            Quite simply, you are mistaken. Last I knew Diane Feinstein was not an investigator for the FBI. All that anyone can say at this point is that the investigators have revealed no incriminating evidence and the investigation is ongoing.

            But you’re right that we should not jump to conclusions and falsely accuse someone of a serious crime. We don’t want to look as foolish as Trump did when his loudly brayed statements about the guilt of the falsely accused teenagers in the Central Park rape case were shown to be based solely on his racism.

          2. InformedVoter May 11, 2017

            Diane Feinstein is a member of the SIC and she publicly stated to Bitzer, that they have uncovered NOTHING in the Russia/Trump investigation. So the HIC, the SIC and the FBI, after all their investigations have uncovered NOTHING. Gee, and these are the experts? Perhaps the truth is staring them in the face … there’s NOTHING to discover! Duh.
            You just couldn’t resist making your foolish statement about President Trump. OK, then how about obozo talking about how his “son” would look like the thug who got justly blown away? So it would seem that obozo is a racist too! One big difference, obozo fanned the racial flames many times, yet you hypocrites never had a problem with that, did you?

          3. The lucky one May 11, 2017

            The investigation is concluded when the FBI says it is, not when politicians make public statements which are often ill-thought and poorly expressed. So we will see, as I said the investigation is on-going.

            You can term it “foolish” if you like but my statement about Trump jumping to unfounded conclusions regarding the guilt of a group of black teens falsely accused is on the record, not a matter of opinion.

            Notice in my FACTUAL statement about Trump I didn’t resort to childish name calling like you did. I am sorry but your statement “the thug who got justly blown away” indicates that you are either woefully misinformed or just very stupid. I’ll give you the benefit of doubt and assume it is the former. I suggest you do some research and you will learn that the “thug’ was unarmed, had committed no crime and was in a public area. The murderer, Zimmerman, initiated the confrontation without cause despite being told by the police dispatcher specifically to not do so.

            You can question the wisdom of Obama’s public statement but it’s obvious that a teenage son of his or himself as a teen wearing a hoodie would look very much like the victim, Trayvon Martin.

          4. InformedVoter May 11, 2017

            Talk about being naive, boy do you ever fit the description. Ok, I can play your game: when the FBI says they’re done, then they’re done, but they don’t indict. They only recommend to the AG, who will just toss the recommendation. That’s why Comey was fired for malfeasance, he didn’t recommend charges against HilLIARy.
            When the HIC or the SIC say their investigation is over, then it’s over too. Feinstein has seen and heard the same testimony as the FBI, Sorry, but it’s case closed! NOTHING found in 18 months of investigation? Yup, nothing found.

            As to the thug, Trayvon Martin, he was home and circled back and started the confrontation. He had a history of being a bully (many videos of him beating up helpless folks). He was responsible and caused his own death because he was a street thus who lived off beating up on others. He was, as the term describes, a thug.
            obozo continually fanned the flames of racism. He was an embarrassment to our country, especially overseas where the press didn’t treat him as god. like our FAKE MSM did and does.

          5. The lucky one May 11, 2017

            Talk about being dishonest, you DO fit the description. The investigation is on-going. That is a fact. We can only speculate on why Comey was fired. Best guess is that he refused to bow to pressure from Trump’s lackey Sessions to abort the investigation. If it was because he refused to indict Clinton why did it take so long and why was it handled in such an unprofessional manner (Comey learned of it on TV rather than directly form Sessions or Trump)?

            From the transcript of Zimmerman’s call to the police dispatcher:

            After discussing his location with the dispatcher, Zimmerman exclaimed, “Sh*t, he’s running,” and the following sounds suggest he left his vehicle to run after Martin.

            “Are you following him?” the dispatcher asked. Zimmerman replied: “Yep.”

            “Okay, we don’t need you to do that,” the dispatcher warned.

            And despite the dispatcher warning him off Zimmerman went on to initiate a confrontation and then murder the unarmed teen.

            I don’t know to what degree it’s true that Martin “lived off beating up on others” but given the veracity of your other statements probably not very much. However it’s irrelevant. Zimmerman didn’t know Martin and the FACTS are as I stated. Martin was committing no crime and moving away from Zimmerman when the coward went after him.

          6. InformedVoter May 11, 2017

            It’s good to see you back tracking. You said “he was told not to follow” but he was NOT told that. He was told “we ,,,”. which is significantly different. Also, a police dispatcher does not have the authority of a policeman, so one doesn’t have to follow their “advice”.
            According to Martin’s cell pings, he was at his father’s home. He left the safety of that house and sought out George. He even called his girlfriend and boasted he was going to get “that cracker”. She testified to that in court.
            The grand jury looked at all the evidence and determined that Martin was the aggressor and thus responsible. It was only after obozo interfered that fake charges were made. The jury heard the evidence and agreed with the grand jury analysis. While Martin was committing no crime, he was NOT moving away from George (another of your non-true statements). He came out from hiding and attacked George, just as George’s cell phone transcript indicated.
            Martin was a street thug. If anyone is suspect for not telling the facts and truth, it’s you.

            An “investigation” is going on, but about what? Comey, on at least two occasions publicly stated that President Trump was NOT under investigation. OK, so perhaps they mean some of President Trump’s people are under investigation. Thus far, the SIC, the HIC and the FBI have publicly stated that they have found NOTHING.
            Comey was let go because he was guilty of malfeasance – he failed to recommend charges be filed against HilLIARy. President Trump was hoping Comey would eventually file that recommendation, but Comey already felt threatened enough by the Dems. Thus, Comey had to go.

            Thus, once more it’s you who is dishonest.

          7. The lucky one May 11, 2017

            Again you are misinformed or lying. Your misrepresentation of the murder of Martin by Zimmerman would be laughable if not for the tragedy there.

            After discussing his location with the dispatcher, Zimmerman exclaimed, “Sh*t, he’s running,” and the following sounds suggest he left his vehicle to run after Martin. Yah, sure sounds like he was hiding, eh? C’mon are you really that daft?

            Yes the dispatcher can’t order Zimmerman not to pursue an innocent person (you admitted as such “While Martin was committing no crime”) but he has no right to do so despite his self-image as a vigilante. However he was warned not to do so, a warning he ignored and a tragedy ensued.

            You said “Comey, on at least two occasions publicly stated that President Trump was NOT under investigation.” I don’t believe that is true. If you have a source, share it. That should be easy if it was stated publicly.

            “Mr. Comey’s associates also denied the claim made by Mr. Trump, in his letter firing Mr. Comey, that the director told him on three occasions that he wasn’t under investigation. They said Mr. Comey never gave Mr. Trump any such guidance, which would violate longstanding policies on criminal investigations. “That is literally farcical,” said one associate.” – CNN

            “Comey already felt threatened enough by the Dems. Thus, Comey had to go.” Why would he feel that? The presidency and congress are both controlled by the GOP.

            BTW I never said the FBI had found anything, yet. I merely refuted your contention that the investigation was over. It isn’t.

          8. InformedVoter May 12, 2017

            Your memory of the Martin incident is not very accurate. Yes, George gave chase, but lost sight of Martin. Martin was at his father’s home and, after calling his girlfriend, circled back and attacked George from between houses. This was verified during the grand jury investigation and came out in the court testimony.
            Martin’s girlfriend, who was on the phone with Martin when he circled back claiming “he was going to get a cracker”, established this too.
            Your comment that after Martin ran on, is totally laughable and shows extreme ignorance of the facts.

            On three occasions, President Trump tweeted that he had met with Comey and was told he was not under investigation. Comey NEVER denied having made the comment. Proof enough for any court.
            Comey felt threatened by the Dems as they have been calling for his resignation since before the election. Or are you going to deny that too?
            And of course you believe the un-named source in the CNN report. And the latest tweet from President Trump nails down that Comey did tell him he was not under investigation. Your FAKE MSM folks are acting like it’s Comey who made recordings, but it was President Trump who has the recordings and he’s stealing Comey’s thunder. I just love it!

          9. The lucky one May 13, 2017

            I’ll reply to these two separate issues in different posts.

            “Your memory of the Martin incident is not very accurate.” That’s possible so I did some research and apparently, your memory has lapses as well. The following was gleaned from numerous sources. Since you’ve never provided any sources for any of your dubious claims I’ll let you search on your own.

            You claimed that “Martin was at his father’s home and, after calling his girlfriend, circled back and attacked George from between houses.” The facts are that no one knows for sure who “threw the first punch” but there was no evidence that Martin “attacked George from between houses” or ambushed him as you said. Zimmerman stated that Martin approached head on and spoke to him twice before the altercation began, not the actions of an ambusher. Your implication seems to be that Martin had safely returned home and then went back out to hunt down Zimmerman. Funny that his defense attorney never made that claim.

            Zimmerman claimed to have shouted “help me” at least 50 times but also claimed Martin put his hand over his nose and mouth and he couldn’t breathe. He has to be lying about one or both.

            “The state Department of Juvenile Justice confirmed Monday that Martin does not have a juvenile offender record. The information came after a public records request by The Associated Press.” Thus, no record of a violent history justifying your reference to him as a “thug”

            “an analysis showed that scrapings from underneath the teenager’s fingernails did not contain any of Zimmerman’s DNA, as may rub off in a prolonged struggle.” Demonstrating that Zimmerman was not beaten as bad as he claimed.

            “Aside from a small scratch on one finger, that gunshot wound was the only apparent injury the teenager suffered.” If you’ve ever been in a fist fight you would know that repeatedly punching someone causes considerable damage to your hands.

            The bottom line is no one but Zimmerman knows the details of what happened that night. We do know that had Zimmerman not followed Martin there would have been no confrontation thus no death. Zimmerman was armed and Martin had no weapon. Martin was in public space and had committed no crime and had done nothing more suspicious than walking slowly and being unknown to Zimmerman.

          10. InformedVoter May 13, 2017

            George’s defense lawyer did site the cell records showing Martin was at his father’s home!
            Here are a couple of links that prove my version and leave your fiction in the shredded bin. I can produce many more.
            And you laughable comment that he could not shout with a hand over his mouth shows how little you understand the true events.

          11. The lucky one May 14, 2017

            You’re getting more absurd with each post. The first link admits that the video it tries to use to slur Martin may not even be of him “A video of Trayvon Martin–if it is him”. It also says that Zimmerman’s co-workers and “friends” said he is a racist and a bully. The author chooses to doubt them but believe allegations that Martin is a thug though he has no violent history, just some petty drug violations such as pot residue in his book bag. Really?? You think Trayvon’s school suspension being 10 days instead of 5 is meaningful, even if it’s true??? The author’s bias is as evident as yours.

            The second piece is a mix of unsubstantiated statements, attacks on straw men created by the author, exaggerations and outright racism. It matters not one bit whether Martin was a role model student-athlete or a typical teen or even a punk or whether Zimmerman’s co-workers thought him a racist bully. The incident in question is the only issue. Neither of your links provide any evidence for your view.

          12. InformedVoter May 14, 2017

            I just love watching you squirm trying to prove your point. Face it, you lost this discussion. You can try (poorly so far) to discredit my proof, so even though I can produce many more, all you’ll do is cry about this and that. Your statement about being choked and crying out for help shows how desperate you’ve become. Neighbors testified that they heard GZ calling out for help “50 times” and they identified it was GZ calling out for help by the clothes he was wearing.
            It was PROVEN in court, that Martin was a violent and troubled teen. GZ’s defense brought out many witnesses who established that about Martin. And try as you may (his co-workers …) GZ’s defense PROVED that GZ was NOT a racist and bully.
            You can try to argue, but you have nothing to support your position except unproven junk.
            A Grand Jury (twice) in going over the evidence, determined it was Martin who initiated the confrontation and was responsible for his own death. Only after obozo interfered, were charges filed against GZ, Then in full court, it was PROVEN that Martin was the aggressor and the jury acquitted GZ,
            Thus, my statements have been proven to be true and you can try to argue all you wish, but I have history and fact on my side.
            Once more, you have been measured and found to be lacking.

          13. The lucky one May 15, 2017

            Any squirming here is just the little worms crawling around where your brain used to be. You’ve produced NO PROOF whatsoever, just your mistaken assumptions and unfounded allegations. Oh that’s right and your links to right wing propaganda sites, which I did have a good laugh at.

            “You can try to argue, but you have nothing to support your position except unproven junk.” Project much???

          14. InformedVoter May 15, 2017

            No Proof? I just have the entire court testimony as proof. The jury heard the case and weighed the evidence and they determined that what I wrote was the truth. They concluded that GZ was not guilty and that Martin was the aggressor.
            You have produced nothing but opinion, and it’s not backed up by facts.
            Why am I not surprised at your lack of ability to provide evidence to support your opinion. Typical lefty … you got nothing and yet you uninformed sheep just keep spewing out your garbage. And you wonder why you get arguments shredded so easily.

          15. The lucky one May 16, 2017

            Yes, no proof. The jury didn’t determine that what you wrote was the truth. They determined that there was not enough evidence to convict Zimmerman. Nor was there any determination that Martin was the aggressor. The character assassination of Martin by people like you may have played a role in the verdict as well. A judgment of not-guilty doesn’t prove innocence, just a reasonable doubt about guilt or did you think OJ was innocent too.

            Yes, it is my opinion that Zimmerman was guilty of at least manslaughter for all the reasons I gave. Your opinion, that’s all it is, is that he was innocent of any wrong doing. Neither of us really knows for sure what happened except that Zimmerman stalked Martin despite any observed wrongdoing, he was armed Martin was not, Zimmerman sustained minor injuries not requiring hospitalization and Martin is dead. I can see why you favor Trump. You exaggerate and outright lie, present your opinions as fact and then declare victory. Debating you is like playing chess with a pigeon. You knock over the pieces, $hit on the board and strut around like you won. A very good imitation of your hero.

          16. InformedVoter May 16, 2017

            Yup, you’re quite ignorant and you just keep digging your hole deeper and deeper.
            YES, the trial PROVED that GZ did not guilty in the death of Martin. The jury could have found GZ guilty of lesser charges, but they didn’t. The story that Martin was a troubled, teenage, thug was proven in court. You can claim it was not true, but the state was not able to prove your claim.
            No one is innocent, but GZ was not guilty, not my opinion, but the decision of the grand jury (twice) and the jury.
            You claim it was my opinion, but it’s not, it’s the fact!

            Yup, OJ did not commit the murders. There was too much blood where it should not have been, and not enough blood where it should have been. The glove didn’t fit, oh, you really set yourself up on this one.
            You falsely say I make stuff up, but my comments are based upon the facts. And as usual, your comments are based up the FAKE MSM sources.
            Since still believe that OJ and GZ were guilty (because of the FAKE MSM “news”) I bet you still think HilLIARy is going to win the election.
            You can’t handle the truth. You lost this exchange and badly at that.

          17. InformedVoter May 19, 2017

            Poor lucky, still clinging to opinion as being fact! The verdict alone proves my case. Martin was a thug and that was proven in court testimony.
            I’m not projecting, I’m stating fact and truth.

          18. The lucky one May 13, 2017

            “On three occasions, President Trump tweeted that he had met with Comey and was told he was not under investigation. Comey NEVER denied having made the comment. Proof enough for any court.” Seriously??? That’s absurd. Maybe in a court proceeding a defendant’s refusal to deny guilt would be seen as incriminating. However Comey is not on trial, was not being investigated for criminal activity, unlike Trump, and is under no imperative to respond to Trump’s ridiculous twittering. If I accuse you of robbing banks will you feel the need to respond to that?

            “Comey felt threatened by the Dems as they have been calling for his resignation since before the election. Or are you going to deny that too?” No, but so what? It’s clear which party is in control and that Trump doesn’t even listen to his own people, much less the Dems.

            “And of course, you believe the un-named source in the CNN report. And the latest tweet from President Trump nails down that Comey did tell him he was not under investigation.” Not in any way does Trump’s tweet “nail down” anything. It is his word. The word of a man that is a prolific and shameless liar who when confronted with proof of his “mistake” doubles down on his lies.

            “it was President Trump who has the recordings” LOL, and once again you fell for Trump’s bluster and lies.

          19. InformedVoter May 13, 2017

            Nice try, but you failed (as usual) for weaken ANY of my comments. You’re still batting a big, flat zero!
            It’s the FAKE MSM that is implying that President Trump is threatening Comey, but the foreign press has shredded that theory completely. The foreign correspondents, who didn’t treat obozo as if he was a god, are enjoying President Trump’s bold actions. They’ve even printed a cartoon showing Comey as a domino falling into Lynch, falling into HilLIARy, falling into obozo. Now what would you think that implies?

          20. The lucky one May 14, 2017

            Misinformed voter, That may be true since your comments were so weak on their face that further weakening may be impossible. Everything you posted was nonsensical “On three occasions, President Trump tweeted…” or just your opinion without any substantiation. “The foreign press”??? Who?

            There are plenty of cartoons lambasting Trump both foreign and domestic, pompous buffoons are an easy target. In fact there are cartoons ridiculing every “leader”. It boils down to this. You believe anything Trump tells you, even though like you, he never is able to back up his wild allegations with any evidence. He says Comey told him he was clear, others say different and the FACT of the matter is that the investigation continues. Trump also said that the FBI rank and file didn’t respect Comey but the acting director says that is a lie or another of Trump’s alternate facts.

          21. InformedVoter May 14, 2017

            Poor lucky, the acting director is a friend of the Clinton’s, so I’m sure he’s impartial. Yup, the FAKE MSM tell us that Comey was still liked, but sources (AG etc) tell a different scenario about Comey having lost the respect of the FBI staff.
            All the advisers made the same recommendation – Comey was no longer effective in leading the FBI. Only a fool would have left him in office.
            And even the FAKE MSM confirmed that President Trump tweeted three times about Comey telling him he was not under investigation. Yet, you question that these tweets exist? How silly does that make you look. You have zero credibility.

          22. The lucky one May 15, 2017

            I see where you misinterpreted my post due to your weak memory, which does explain much of your ranting. I never said Trump didn’t send the tweets but they are only his words, those of a chronic liar and, contrary to your belief, prove nothing at all about what Comey actually said to him. His claim to have taped the conversations only reveals what a fool he is. But that does support your contention that “Only a fool would have left him in office.” since Trump did exactly that for over 3 months.

            Yah I know, anyone who disputes Trump’s serial lies isn’t being impartial. But Trump’s stooge Sessions is to be believed, right??? Isn’t it funny how no one within the FBI has complained that Comey was not an effective director, but then they must all be friends of Clinton, right?

            My credibility isn’t the issue here. I’m just a commenter on a blog. You certainly aren’t credible but that’s not the issue either. Do you think that relying on the extreme right wing sites like those you sent me to regarding the Martin-Zimmerman murder case make you an “informed voter”? That’s the funniest thing about you and it has given me many chuckles. Might as well reference The National Enquirer as a source.

          23. InformedVoter May 19, 2017

            Poor lucky, you went down in flames on this one.
            Your claims that Martin was the victim was and is not supported by anything but opinion.
            That Martin was a thug was and is supported by court testimony and verdict.
            It would appear that you’re the one reading the National Enq. That would explain why you have so little truth in your posts.

          24. The lucky one May 19, 2017

            Early on I said “you are either woefully misinformed or just very stupid”. Apparently you are both. It’s obvious that you have no understanding of the criminal justice system. (Not surprising for someone who gets his news from twitter). The court did not rule on whether or not Martin was a thug or Zimmerman a punk. They determined there was not enough evidence to convict. Your ignorant statement that “Martin was a thug” once again demonstrates your propensity for extreme exaggeration.

            I’m done with you since your extreme ignorance just leads to redundancy. I just hope you’re never able to hide your bias and stupidity well enough to get on a jury. I’m not worried though. Those characteristics come through loud and clear in nearly every comment you make.

          25. InformedVoter May 20, 2017

            Sorry lucky, but once more you are wrong. Yes the court did determine that Martin was a thug. The defense proved that Martin was the aggressor and responsible for his own death. The Grand Jury reached the same conclusion or else GZ would have been found guilty of manslaughter. The also proved that GZ was justified in his actions.
            You have nothing but opinion. I have court and grand jury findings proof!
            I have served on three jury panels, one for statuary rape, and two murder cases (jury foreman on 1).
            Martin had a checkered background and life, and in the end, it cost him his life.

          26. The lucky one May 20, 2017

            So you say and yet you have such a poor understanding of the criminal justice system that frankly I don’t believe you. You don’t even seem to understand that Grand Juries don’t determine guilt or innocence and that in fact Zimmerman’s case was not presented to a Grand Jury at all. So your statement that “I have court and grand jury findings proof!” is a lie.

            One previous lie of yours was that Martin had safely returned home but went back out to confront Zimmerman. No one knows who began the physical confrontation but no where was it claimed that Martin had gone back out after returning home. In fact he never returned home after he went out for the skittles. (Little did he know that possession of skittles was a capital offense).

            As one attorney observer said, “It is clear that George Zimmerman pursued Trayvon Martin and that he shot him. But it boils down to the question of who threw the first punch. There are only two people who could answer that question, and one of them is dead.”

            At Zimmerman’s bail hearing when his attorney asked a key investigator directly involved in the case whether he knew who started the fight … the investigator answered “No.”

            As I said, no one knows who “threw the first punch” which created the “reasonable doubt” regarding the criminality of Zimmerman’s actions. That is why he was acquitted and at no time was there any ruling or statement by the jury that found Martin guilty of anything.

            One juror said, “George Zimmerman got away with murder, but you can’t get away from God. And at the end of the day, he’s going to have a lot of questions and answers he has to deal with.” She said that after nine hours of deliberations, she realized that there was not enough evidence to convict Zimmerman under Florida law: “As the law was read to me, if you have no proof that he killed him intentionally, you can’t say he’s guilty….you can’t put the man in jail even though in our hearts we felt he was guilty.” The juror said that she felt like she owed Martin’s parents an apology because she felt she had let them down.

            Yes, it’s just my opinion regarding the case, as it is for you, but at least I base my opinions on reality.

          27. InformedVoter May 21, 2017

            Poor lucky, so some rogue lawyer makes an off the cuff comment and you assume it’s true. How many other lawyers supported the version that showed Martin was a thug? Duh, once more your opinion has been shown to be just an opinion supported by no evidence.
            The grand jury look at the evidence, including testimony, and determine if a crime was committed. They determined, twice, that NO crime was committed. So how could they reach that conclusion? Because they determined that Martin was the aggressor! And yes, Martin was at his father’s house, safe and sound. He called his girlfriend and in an attempt to impress her, Martin said “I’m going to teach a cracker a lesson”. This was revealed during the trial. So your statement that this was a lie is nothing more than evidence that you have no idea of what your posting about.
            The juror was looking to sell her story for money. The majority and in the end the entire jury panel agreed that Martin was responsible for his own death.
            You can have your incorrect opinion all you wish. I have my opinion that is supported in court and grand jury findings. Gee, I wonder who’s is living in a lie-filled world. Certainly not me. Thus my moniker is once more proven to be accurate.

          28. The lucky one May 22, 2017

            Pay attention, this is my last attempt to educate you. I know it’s futile but who knows maybe today is the day you wake up.

            “Poor lucky, so some rogue lawyer makes an off the cuff comment and you assume it’s true.” Right, just his opinion with which I agree, not a question of being true or false but I realize you have a real problem distinguishing between facts and opinions.

            “The grand jury look at the evidence, including testimony, and determine if a crime was committed. They determined, twice, that NO crime was committed.” NO, wrong again. Now that would be a fact, if it was true which it is not. The Zimmerman case was never reviewed by a Grand Jury. You’re referring to the Trial Jury verdict, Mr. Jury Foreman (not). What a hoot. You claim to have served on three juries and yet you don’t know the difference between a Grand Jury and a Trial jury.

            “So how could they reach that conclusion? Because they determined that Martin was the aggressor!” Wrong again. They determined that there was not enough evidence to convict Zimmerman. As one juror said “I think both were responsible for the situation they had gotten themselves into. I think both of them could have walked away. It just didn’t happen.” The bottom line there is that there was a reasonable doubt about who was the aggressor, not as you erroneously claim any determination that Martin was in fact the aggressor.

            “And yes, Martin was at his father’s house, safe and sound.” And NO he was not. He had been at his father’s house, went for the skittles and had the confrontation with Zimmerman while on his way home. Nothing in the trial transcript indicates otherwise.

            “He called his girlfriend and in an attempt to impress her, Martin said “I’m going to teach a cracker a lesson” Once again you take a fact, Martin referred to Zimmerman as a cracker, and exaggerate it into a lie. No testimony stated that Martin told his friend, not his girlfriend BTW, he was going to “get the cracker”, instead he told her he was trying to lose him. If your fantasy version was true why would Zimmerman’s lawyer ask the friend if Martin had perhaps lied to her because HE DID NOT WANT HER TO KNOW if he had decided to assault Zimmerman that night.

            “The juror was looking to sell her story for money.” Actually that would be juror B37, one who felt Zimmerman was truthful and race did not play a role, not B29 who was the juror I quoted.

            “You can have your incorrect opinion all you wish. I have my opinion that is supported in court and grand jury findings. Thus my moniker is once more proven to be accurate.”

            There is no other conclusion possible here except that you are either woefully and willfully misinformed, a serial liar (like your hero Trump) or just plain stupid. Probably all of the above.

          29. InformedVoter May 22, 2017

            Poor lucky, you just keep repeating your opinions that have already been shredded.
            A prosecutor or AG looks at an event and determines, after speaking with witnesses, etc, if charges should be filed. This was done twice and both times the decision was the same “that GZ was not responsible for Martin’s death. Only after obozo intervened were charges filed. This is the equivalent of a grand jury investigation.
            So no, I’m not referring to the trial jury verdict, but to the investigation of an incident.
            The GPS records of Martin’s phone showed he was two houses from his fathers. It was after he backtracked and calling his girlfriend that the altercation took place, The fact that Martin was safely “home” and that he bragged to his girlfriend, led to no charges being made.

            During the OJ trial, every lawyer with name recognition made comments about what the jury should find. So your lawyer quote is of zero value.

            When will you get it through your head that all the evidence, testimony, etc from both sides persuaded the jury to reach a not guilty conclusion. That included not guilty of manslaughter. Thus, the death of Martin was viewed as no fault of GZ and the fault of Martin himself.

            Also brought out during the trial was that Martin was a troubled person and had anger problems. These facts contributed to the jury reaching a unanimous verdict.

            You just don’t seem to accept the truth, do you?

          30. The lucky one May 22, 2017

            Poor misinformed voter, you still show an inability to make any sense or be truthful. No Obama did not “intervene”. An intervention by the president would be a federal investigation or at least the threat of one which did not happen.

            Nothing is the equivalent of a Grand Jury investigation except a Grand Jury investigation. But you have finally admitted that none took place so I guess that is a little improvement even though you equivocate to try and hide your misunderstanding of the process.

            As for Martin being home and then going back out to hunt Zimmerman you are the one backtracking. Since when has two houses away (wherever you got tat “fact” from) been considered being home. when you go home do you stop two houses away. You must have some very kind neighbors. Putting “home” in quotes doesn’t change the fact that you were wrong or lying on that issue.

            Oh but I do agree that the jury reached an acquittal, possibly the right decision given the inability to determine the actual facts of the event and as has been pointed out Martin is not alive to give his version. that in no way validates your ridiculous assertion that the jury determined Martin was a thug or that he was the aggressor or that his death was his own fault. There simply was not enough evidence to convict.

            Your attempt to frame the victim shows the kind of person you are. What teenager isn’t troubled? Anger issues? or just a reluctance to bow to illegitimate authority? None of that matters anyway. People made comments on Zimmerman’s character too but they are just as irrelevant.

            Even though, as a grown man he outweighed the teenager Martin by nearly 30 pounds he was such a coward that he had to use a gun against a boy without any weapon. Maybe he did feel his life was at risk but that just substantiates that he is a coward and emotionally unfit to carry a gun.

            You have one “fact” on your side. Zimmerman was acquitted. Something I have never denied. The rest of your comments are all BS and gross exaggeration. Yes Martin should have continued on home and YES Zimmerman should not have been following him if he was that petrified of him. Either could have avoided the tragedy. One was an unarmed teen minding his own business and the other was a grown man armed with a handgun. Zimmerman was lucky Martin was not a thug or he would be the one in the ground. If he was truly ambushed as you claim he wouldn’t have been able to use his gun.

            You will never get it, that is easy to see so I will do what Martin should have done, just say f**k you and walk away.

          31. InformedVoter May 23, 2017

            I’ll give it one last try. When an event occurs, someone looks to see if a crime has been committed and if someone should be charged. It may be the DA, the AG, the police department, etc. It doesn’t matter, but someone must recommend charges be filed. You don’t seem to understand this.
            In GZ’s case, they looked at the evidence including witness statements and concluded that GZ could not be charged with anything, including manslaughter or felonious assault are even simple assault. The “public” complained and another area took a second look and made the same conclusion – no charges were warranted against GZ. Why? because Martin was the one most at fault.
            Only after obozo made statements that if he had a son it would look like Martin and pressure from others in his administration, were charges filed. That means that obozo did intervene. He obstructed justice and should have been so charged!
            Sorry, but Martin was 2 houses away from his father’s house and elected to seek out GZ and confront him. Not opinion, but fact.
            Also, Martin was not the little boy the press keeps showing. He was 6’1″ and weighed 200 lbs. So GZ outweighed him by 30 lbs, but Martin was no little boy.
            The final nail was the jury verdict that they couldn’t even convict of assault. Both murder trials that I was on the jury panel allowed for conviction of lesser charges, which we did in both cases.
            Go pedal you alternative story about Martin to someone who is not informed.

          32. The lucky one May 23, 2017

            I’m not going to get into the redundancy of proving you wrong as I have repeatedly on every point. Fact: According to police reports at the time of the incident Martin was 5’11” 158 pounds but I guess your fantasy thug projection sounds better if you add 62 pounds & 2″.

            “Sorry, but Martin was 2 houses away from his father’s house and elected to seek out GZ and confront him. Not opinion, but fact.” Like your earlier “fact” that Martin was in the safety of his home and went back out? But then again that sounds better than saying Martin stopped fleeing and confronted Zimmerman.

          33. InformedVoter May 23, 2017

            I’ll give it one more try. When an event occurs, someone looks to determine if a crime has been committed and if someone should be charged. That could be the DA, the AG, the prosecutor or even the police department itself. How do you think a person gets charged with a crime?
            In this case, an inquiry was held to look into the events, including witness statements and concluded that GZ could not be charged with any crime including manslaughter, felonious assault or even plain assault.
            When the “public” complained, another group re-examined the facts and, guess what, they reached the same conclusion. It wasn’t until after obozo made statements like “if I had a son he would look like Martin” and others in obozo’s circle made public comments, that charges were filed.
            Thus obozo did intervene and should have been charged with obstructing justice!
            The conclusion from the inquiries or grand juries was that GZ was not responsible for Martin’s death. That would mean that Martin was the responsible party.

            Yup, the GPS phone records showed that Martin was two houses away from his father’s house. He called his girlfriend and then circled back to confront GZ. He was seen moving in an out of houses as if searching for something. Part of the trial testimony speculated that Martin was casing out houses to break into. You can believe it not, but it was brought out during the trial.

            The final nail was the jury verdict itself. The jury could have found GZ guilty of lessor forms of assault, but they didn’t because the facts led to Martin being the aggressor and mostly responsible for his own death.
            Also, Martin was not the little innocent-faced looking kid the FAKE MSM kept printing. The family says the photo was recent, but it was at least 3 years old. Also, Martin was 5′ 11″ and weighed 175, GZ is only 5′ 7″ and overweight. Yup the FAKE MSM kept publishing photos of GZ’s mug shot and that of a young-teen Martin. Being that you’re so naive and easily influenced, I can see why you would have your incorrect opinions.

          34. The lucky one May 15, 2017

            I figured you probably missed this:

            “Amid the continuing fallout over his decision to fire FBI Director James Comey, Trump was considering an appearance at the FBI’s J Edgar Hoover Building in downtown Washington, DC. The White House publicly floated the idea as recently as Thursday morning.

            Spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders, asked by a reporter whether such a visit was imminent, replied, I believe that it’s very likely that takes place sometime in the next few days.”

            But that idea was dropped later Thursday, administration officials said, after the FBI told the White House the optics would not be good. FBI officials made clear that the president would not draw many smiles and cheers, having just unceremoniously sacked a very popular director.

            And FBI agents said that, while many of them voted for Trump, after the president unceremoniously fired a very popular director, few were ready to meet him at the bureau with open arms.”

          35. InformedVoter May 15, 2017

            This is just another example of the FAKE MSM “news”. OK, I’ll accept that a lefty reporter wrote the above story, but it still does not make it accurate. The analysis of Comey’s effectiveness to continue to lead the FBI was that Comey was not longer looked up to. Sure you can find some that will say otherwise, but even one employee would be enough to undermine his credibility,
            When Clinton fired W. Sessions, the news media (who were not completely left leaning) howled and wrote about it for 2-3 weeks.
            This story is back page stuff. It’s only low information sheep like you who think it’ll go anywhere.

          36. The lucky one May 16, 2017

            Well we do know that a visit was planned by Trump and then cancelled. I agree that without a named source it is speculation as to why. Funny though how you’re willing to accept Trump’s vague attributions like “people tell me” to verify his alternate facts even though he has been PROVEN to be either lying or wrong on numerous occasions. But then again that is the nature of right wingers so I’m not surprised.

            “even one employee would be enough to undermine his credibility” Now you really do have me laughing. If the dissatisfaction of one employee was enough to undermine an executive’s effectiveness then every single cabinet head and Trump himself should be fired immediately (not to mention nearly every “leader” in both the private and public arenas). That’s probably the most absurd statement you’ve made, and that’s saying a lot.

            Again I’m not surprised since it is typical right wing strategy to ignore contrary evidence, distort and exaggerate whatever facts are on your side, lie to fill in the gaps and then declare victory. LOL

            “This story is back page stuff.” There I do agree with you. There are much more important issues with Trump for the front page. His blabbing of classified info to his Russian buddies is one example.

          37. InformedVoter May 16, 2017

            Your babbling comments are hilarious. Thus far, President Trump’s tweets about illegals, etc, have been vetted and proven to be true. Yup, the FAKE MSM (like the WP) publish unsubstantiated stories and then when the story is proven to be wrong, they never publish the truth. You believe the original fake stories and just keep clinging to the fake news. Typical low information lefty.
            The analysis and subsequent report about Comey, clearly stated he no longer had the support of his staff.
            You just can’t handle the truth.
            And the latest dog and pony show from the WP is a joke.

          38. The lucky one May 16, 2017

            Thanks for substantiating my analysis that you “ignore contrary evidence, distort and exaggerate whatever facts are on your side, lie to fill in the gaps and then declare victory.”

            Like all blowhards Trump has said many things and since even a broken clock is right twice a day he may have gotten one or two things right. However most of his blather about illegal immigrants has been shown to be false. I guess Breitbart and Limbaugh didn’t tell you that.

            The real immigration problem is the improper use of H-1B worker visas to address a STEM worker shortage that doesn’t exist and EB5 so that wealthy foreigners can pose as investors to buy guest visas. The EB5 has been in the news lately because Trump’s daughter and son-in-law have been working that scam in China recently.

            If you really want to be an informed voter on immigration instead of just a mindless repeater of self-serving Trump propaganda see Sold Out by M Malkin & J Miano and learn about the real immigrant threat to American safety and economy. Hint: It isn’t from undocumented Mexican or South American labors sneaking over the border.

          39. InformedVoter May 19, 2017

            Your problem is when you refer to contrary evidence, it’s not really evidence. It’s just opinion and wishful thinking on your part.
            The FAKE MSM just doesn’t understand that they can’t destroy what they didn’t create.
            President Trump is laughing his butt off watching them running in circles, like a dog does just before taking a crap.
            That’s how I view you, running in circles trying to convince yourself that President Trump is in trouble.
            He’s out performed obozo’s first 4 months. And low information lefties like you and Eleanore keep saying that obozocare was passed during obozo’s first 4 months in office. Talking about being pathetically low information.

          40. The lucky one May 19, 2017

            You’ve convinced me. I thought you were just misinformed but apparently your ignorance is your choice. Try reading something more detailed than Trump’s twitter rants and you might learn something about the real world for a change.

            I don’t know if Trump is in trouble since we have a long history of letting political leaders off the hook for their misdeeds and the GOP whose majority has always put the party ahead of the country will try to avoid impeachment. I do think he is such an arrogant fool that eventually he will provide the rope he is hanged with.

            “There is a desperate need for a credible, independent investigation into Trump associates’ ties to foreign powers.” – The National Review. Of course the National Review is just a leftist rag, right.

            Trump has bigly out performed Obama in one area, vacation time and the amount of tax payer money spent on them. He’s on track to spend more of his time and our money vacationing in one year than Obama did in 8 years.

            Again thanks for the laugh about fake MSM. As compared to what Fox News or Trump’s senseless twitter rants?

            Well I’ll leave you to whatever it is mindless imbeciles do when they’re not making fools of themselves with ignorant posts. One final example of your propensity to lie (no doubt part of the bond you have with Trump). Find one example anywhere of my stating the the ACA was passed in Obamas first 4 months and I’ll concede that you are not the obvious liar that you appear to be.

            Funny that your image of me involves a dog. I have a similar image of you following trump around sniffing his butt and wagging your tail hoping for a treat.

          41. The lucky one May 11, 2017

            “when the FBI says they’re done, then they’re done, but they don’t indict. They only recommend to the AG, who will just toss the recommendation.” I think you finally made a correct statement and no doubt that is exactly what Trump’s stooge Sessions will do.

          42. InformedVoter May 11, 2017

            Well the foreign news agencies are saying that no such recommendation will be forthcoming. Comey requestted additional resources for “the investigation” to placate the Dems who were calling for him to resign. When Comey is called to testify, he will state that. I got that little gem of information from an extremely liberal news source who are warning the Dems “be careful of what you wish for”. Dummies like Eleanore are frothing thinking that Comey will spill the beans, but they are going to greatly upset when all they get is “I didn’t it to get them off my back”.

      2. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 10, 2017


      3. pisces63 May 10, 2017

        UH, no, it was because of what he DID to poor Hillary. The very thing he praised him for last year at every chance, is the reason he fired him. They were just told he lied.

        1. idamag May 10, 2017

          He fired comey so he could install one of his own as director and stop the investigation against him.

        2. InformedVoter May 10, 2017

          So you think President Trump fired Comy because of what he “did” to HilLIARY? Makes no sense. The assistant AG recommended firing Comey, and 2 weeks ago, the Dems wanted Comey fired.
          Now the investigation will turn to HilLIARY when she was the SOS and using the illegal server.

      4. itsfun May 10, 2017

        The FBI director doesn’t have the power to prosecute anyone. His role is to recommend to the AG. You are right there is absolutely no evidence of any wrong doing by President Trump or his campaign.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

          The FBI director was in charge of an ongoing investigation into Trump’s connection to the Russians who hacked into our election.

          Do you approve of allowing foreign meddling in our elections? You bet you do if it gets you your way. Traitor.

        2. pisces63 May 10, 2017

          He is an attorney, if not mistaken. The FBI director has so much power a ten year term is written in to cover all administrations. He could investigate and prosecute, now!!

          1. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

            What I loved was Sally Yates and James Clapper. As hard as the Republicans on the Senate Investigating committee tried to trap them into airing classified information, their testimony was airtight and totally impenetrable.

            Sally Yates made Graham, Grassley and Cruz look like morons.

          2. pisces63 May 10, 2017

            What I loved is when that pinched faced Cruz left after her dress down. Dueling law debate. She dropped the mike and still kep smiling. He left and never returned.

          3. plc97477 May 11, 2017

            Of course with those 3 it was relatively easy.

          4. itsfun May 10, 2017

            Being a lawyer doesn’t make anyone a prosecutor. He is a ten year appointment, but he works at the will of the President. The President can fire him anytime he wants.

      5. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

        Good..Now just to show you right wing morons that you don’t get to accuse innocent people of guilt, I hope Trump does try to put Hillary in jail.

        In your wet dreams you really think she’ll have no legal defense? No judge or jury? No witnesses?

        You better be prepared for the retribution you and Trump will get if he is made to look like the asshat he is for making up lies about Hillary he can’t prove.

        See..that’s where you and your right wing liars get it wrong EVERY time…you have NO Proof of your accusations.

        Anyone who lives in the Metro area knows Trump and his 2nd wife, Marla Maples were friends with Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner. We also know that Huma Abedin, like Hillary, tried to stand by her man and ended up divorcing him.

        But you go right ahead and blame the wife every time. Do it once too often and women might begin to do the Lorena Bobbit on you.

        1. InformedVoter May 10, 2017

          Poor Elle, still writing fiction aren’t you? You’re pathetic and you even have some low information dummies agreeing with you. How quaint.
          HilLIARy will try to defend herself (as feeble as she is), but the reason Comey didn’t recommend charges is that Lynch would have rejected them. Now that we have a REAL AG, look for HilLIARy to get called back in to explain her illegal actions while SOS, like peddling her office for money.

          And I just loved how you didn’t deny that you hate bi-sexuals. You’re truly poorly informed. You’ve going nuts because your little world has crumbled.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker May 11, 2017

            Pooooorrrrrrr Poooooooooor …That the ONLY word YOU know? Yes. You bet your welfare loving, Putin kissing ASS I still write fiction. My short story blog on Blog.spot has nearly 2,000 readers. What do you have? Trump’s Lard Ass in your face?

            Hillary doesn’t need to defend herself moron. She has committed NO crime. But your boy is going DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN…. and wow! Do I love it.

            By the way, did you love that photo of your Lard Ass in Chief kissing Kiselyak? Yak Yak Yak ….Trump Kiss Kiselyak ASS..or ..maybe Trump’s billions he owes Putin had Lavrov calling in that $100 million IOU Trump used to cheat to win an election he paid the Russians to rig.

            Now asslicker, do yourself a favor. Comey was fired just as Trump realized his ass was too close to the flames. Now, the FBI Acting Director is threatening to resign.

            Let’s see now…First Nunes makes a jerk of himself and disappears from the House Investigating Committee he chaired and now your Mormon Freak Chaffetz had to get his ass back to Utah for a toe ache and left the Senate investigation when his ass was too close to the flame.

            Your boy is going DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN.

            When a Lard Ass in Chief, defiantly meets with the very representatives of the country who got caught hacking into voter information so Trump would be seen to be the winner of the 2016 election, uh…I think your balls are in the same net as Trump’s…fire the head of the FBI, Fire Yates and Bharara and all because your shitbagger in chief is guilty of obstruction of justice for trying at every possible turn to stop an investigation.

            Sorry assfrigger, innocent men NEVER try to stop investigations ONLY guilty men like you do because you have a lot to hide right Ruskie Troll?

            Whatever makes you think your boy can possibly lodge one tiny illegal infraction he isn’t already 100 times more guilty of, Hillary’s expert legal team will make sure your boy goes to prison where he belongs.

            Oh and by the way asslicker, why is Trump already putting together a legal team if he isn’t guilty?

          2. InformedVoter May 11, 2017

            Poor Elle, still spewing lies. Oh my, how stupid does that make you look. President Trump looked “presidential” greeting. unlike obozo bowing and blowing arab leaders. Got you big time on that.
            So you have other fools who read your blog which carries zero value and weight. No proof of any of the false statements you made.
            No, Nunes proved that obozo was spying on President Trump and made President Trump look great that he was able to weed out obozo’s moles.
            As to HilLIARy, Comey’s departure will lead to further investigations into HilLIARy’s illegal use of the server and selling her “presidency” for contributions. She is the one who has hired a new legal team who will try to thwart off the investigation. She’s going to prison and the Clinton Foundation will be shut down.

            And President Trump has not started a legal team just like the Clinton Foundation has not had 33 audits.
            You make up crap. But what can you expect from a poorlhy educated person who was nothing more than an assistant supply clerk? Yup, just what you keep writing.
            I just love watching you squirm as President Trump keep sticking it to you low information sheep. I know you’ll love this one. Time to head for your safe room and have a good cry.


        2. plc97477 May 11, 2017

          I’m not sure that trump can try to lock Hillary up because he fired comey for his treatment of Hillary. Seems a little off somehow.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker May 11, 2017

            Of course it is. We all saw Trump standing with his white skinhead campaign supporters chanting, “Lock her up. Lock her up.”

            You know what we all know about those emails here in the Metro area? That the minute a single one of them are disclosed old Lard Ass in Chief will be made to be the laughing stock.

            First of all, as New York real estate mogul, there is NO WAY Trump didn’t know Anthony Weiner or Huma Abedin. Anyone who lives in the NY City area would tell you Trump associated with Weiner himself when he wanted to buy real estate in Weiner’s New York political territory.

            The joke is when these emails are disclosed, once again it will make Trump and his right wing hater boys look like pure asses because Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, served as one of Hillary’s aides only because when Hillary was a NY Senator, Abedin was one of the most respected women in NY’s microcosm of political aides to top politicians.

            The story of Huma and Weiner is that Weiner decided to get on a cell phone and show his “weiner” to a young woman he met during his re-election campaign. Unlike the pedophile Trump, this woman was in her 20s and quite receptive to his nude photos of his “organ.”

            Huma tried to stand by her man like Hillary did until she found out he lied to her and also used her computer to send messages to this woman. That’s it. That’s the BIG Trump scandal.

            The exchanges between Huma and Hillary were partly personal and partly due to her working as one of Hillary’s aides. But men with pig minds always love to make something dirty out of something innocent. That way these pig brained men can then make women look as dirty minded as they are.

            Too bad for a lot of us women their BS act isn’t working. Trump is going down but not for Hillary’s emails. He is going down because he lies and lies and now is obstructing justice by trying to stop investigations HE KNOWS will prove he is guilty of rigging an election. And why not? He has NEVER done one honest thing in his life or won anything without cheating, intimidating others or paying them off.

      6. Dominick Vila May 10, 2017

        Why do you think Clapper and Yates said that they could not answer certain questions because investigations were still ongoing? Try that one on a website attended by uninformed right wingers.

        1. InformedVoter May 10, 2017

          Sorry Dominick, but the investigation is over. They have found NOTHING. Comey has stated more that the investigation found nothing. Even Diane Feinstein has made the same statement that they’ve found nothing.

          Clapper and Yates don’t want to be part of the leaks that obozo set into place with his moles.

          You lefties are so naive and low information. But that’s why you sheep thought that hilLIARy was leading in the polls. So how did that work out for you guys?

          1. Dominick Vila May 11, 2017

            Sorry Uninformed, but that is simply not true. Comey requested additional funding and staffing to complete the counter intelligence investigation into Russian meddling of our election, and potential collusion by Trumpo, and some of his campaign associates, one week before he was fired.

          2. InformedVoter May 11, 2017

            You surely are low information and you keep proving it. Comey has testified, more than once, that they have found NOTHING. Even Diane Feinstein has publicly stated they have found NOTHING.
            The request for more funds was to placate the Dems who keep thinking that something might be found, but even the most rigid have given up hope that anything will turn up.
            Now that President Trump followed the Dems suggestion and canned Comey, Comey will, when he is called to testify, state that they have found zip and that the request was merely political rather than substantive. Got this gem from an extremely liberal news source, who claimed to the Dems the old “be careful what you wish for”. I liken it to the adage to the dog that just caught the car “now what?”

          3. InformedVoter May 11, 2017

            You keep proving you’re low information. Comey has testified, more than once, that they have found NOTHING. Even Diane Feinstein has publicly stated that the SIC has found NOTHING.
            Comey will testify, when he is called, as the Dems are demanding, that the investigation has found nothing. He merely requested more funds to placate the Dems who were calling for his resignation. Got that gem from an extremely liberal news source who basically told the left “be careful of what you wish for”. Kind of like the adage about the dog who caught the car “now what?”.
            And Newsmax, a proven to be liberal news source, published this link which is probably spot on. Enjoy!


          4. Dominick Vila May 11, 2017

            I have heard a lot of bizarre excuses to justify Trump’s dealings with the Russians, and potential collusion with the Russians by several members of his administration. Saying that “He merely requested more funds to placate the Dems who were calling for his resignation” is at par with alternative facts.

          5. InformedVoter May 11, 2017

            I guess you just enjoy being part of the low information crowd. Did you really think the FAKE MSM would tell you that version instead of saying “Comey asks for more resources in the Russia/President Trump saga”? Foreign news sources are not nearly as biased as the FAKE MSM.
            I just watching you and your low information crowd squirm and twist yourselves thinking that something, anything will be found. Even Comey on two occasions said that President Trump was not the subject of any FBI investigation.
            Some of his associates are, but nothing that they could have done could have influenced the election.
            Now that Comey was let go for malfeasance, for failing to recommend charges be filed against HilLIARy, you can bet that his replacement will come knocking on her doorstep.

      7. Dominick Vila May 10, 2017

        According to the latest revelations, the real reason for Comey’s firing was his decision to ask the Attorney General for more funds and staff to complete the ongoing investigation. Trump is not interested in the successful conclusion of the investigation. He wants to stop it, and since the only thing the Apprentice knows is to fire those he does not like, that’s exactly what he did.

    2. Veronicajfitzgerald May 10, 2017

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  3. Dapper Dan May 10, 2017

    Chump wasn’t very stealth for his reasoning of firing Comey. First he praised him for reopening the Clinton Email investigation shortly before the election. Yesterday this is the reason why he fired him over reopening the email investigation. Or maybe it was because Comey was getting too close to the truth with Trumps ties to Russia. The Liar in Chief can’t talk his way out of this mess he just made

    1. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 10, 2017

      THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW went by the old saying praise a fool and watch them work ! and then after the scum bucket DUMPSTERS work was done for him that’s when he fired them

    2. Dominick Vila May 10, 2017

      I would not be surprised if the investigation is now centered on Russian money being laundered through the Bank of Cyprus to buy real estate owned by Trump in the USA.

      1. pisces63 May 10, 2017

        That’s where Graham wants the treasury to step in.

      2. idamag May 10, 2017

        I would not be suprised if trump’s new director drops the investigation altogether.

        1. Gerry Francis May 10, 2017

          That’s what the firing was all about. Dirtbag in the White House – what a shame.

        2. plc97477 May 11, 2017

          I don’t think the voters of this country are going to allow that to happen. The senate has already started showing a bit of a backbone.

  4. itsfun May 10, 2017

    Politics are a wonderful thing. Just days, weeks, months ago, Democrats were calling for the neck of Comey, now they are claiming to be mad because President Trump got rid of him. Trying to compare this to Nixon is ridiculous. Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein a President Obama appointment, a man approved 94 – 6 recommended the firing in a letter to President Trump. Lets face it people on both sides of the aisle wanted him gone. People are saying why now? When is/was the right time then? People like Schumer are just going to whine about the President no matter what he does.

    1. The lucky one May 10, 2017

      The firing of Comey isn’t what is important here. What comes next is the issue. We know Trump will appoint a sycophant like Sessions as the new director but will the congress put pressure to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Trump’s treasonous relationship with Russia? It was Nixon’s firing of SP Cox that began the slide that ended with his resignation.

      “Lets face it people on both sides of the aisle wanted him gone.” I believe the same is true for Trump. Most repubs would much prefer a president Pence.

      1. itsfun May 10, 2017

        There is NOT any evidence any evidence of President having a treasonous relationship with anyone, any country or space alien. It doesn’t matter what the President does, you and others that believe like you are going to disagree. The President is draining the swamp, so I imagine some swamp dwelling Republicans do want him gone.

        1. pisces63 May 10, 2017

          There is something or he would not have staged this dog and pony show and have written in a letter, thank you for telling me I was not under investigation…….3 times!! Really? That told me everything. Now that Graham is going after his financials, it’s make my day time. Everyone, lleft and right and the FBI, others who have dealt with Comey says to a person, a lie. He would never do that.

          1. itsfun May 10, 2017

            There is absolutely no evidence of any laws being broken, no evidence of the President having one darn thing to do with Russia during the campaign. This is just made up bs by people that hate President Trump and can’t believe crooked Hillary got her butt beat.

          2. pisces63 May 10, 2017

            Me thinks you protest too much. No one said he has done anything. we just want that proven. Too many other things have come out. Not from left or right. One of his sons has let the cat out the bag on some things.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

            You bet they protest too much. But their days of gloating over putting a crook like Trump in the White House is about to end.

            Trump is treading down a slippery slope. Remember what happened when Nixon got a little more than too authoritarian and tried to destroy the tapes on which his Plumbers admitted they were covering up the burglary at the Water Gate Hotel in DC?

          4. itsfun May 10, 2017

            Until any evidence is shown this President broke any laws or committed a treasonous act, I will protest fake and made up news. If he is guilty of any such act, I will be the first one here to call for his impeachment.

          5. pisces63 May 10, 2017

            I laugh at that considering the lies, abject lies, bold faced lies, the right has told about Obama and Hillary. then that thing in the office doing the same thing. Spare me the hypocrisy.

          6. itsfun May 10, 2017

            Unsecured personal server in her house, Benghazi caused by a video, red lines, getting shot at Bosnia, fast and furious, etc. Those are just some of the lies from Hillary and Obama

          7. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

            Unsecured personal server in Iskanka’s house. Trump has already killed 4 Navy seals. Want more? He lies so often no one inside or outside of the US believes him. You do. So you must must must be a LIAR% too right?

          8. pisces63 May 10, 2017

            The server was hers, not yours. None of your business or mine. Just as Nixon was told by the courts his tapes were his. No difference in my book. Benghazi, Ben-BS, Fast and furious started under Bush. Lies from the right. They spent 3 years and proved no wrong doing on Hillary, spent billions but do not want to get a special prosecutor, now, per B**ch McConnell. You people have made up more lies, spent more money on lies due to bigotry, mostly, yet you question us? Try again.

          9. itsfun May 10, 2017

            The server held top secret, secret, and confidential government material. That makes it my business and the business of every American citizen. Nixon didn’t expose top secret and secret information to every country in the world. Not the same at all. Do you believe Benghazi happened because of a video? Bush did not sell or give weapons to drug cartels, that was done by Holder. Hillary is on video lying about Bosnia, Benghazi, and many many other things. Your ole left bs screaming racism, bigotry, hate, sexism, doesn’t work anymore. There is a new sheriff in town and he will drain the swamp.

          10. idamag May 10, 2017

            With debits,, like itsfun, if trump decided to defecate on the White House lawn, it would become the new norm.

          11. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

            This president is doing personal corporate business while in the White House. Emoluments clause remind you of anything?

            Sorry but Trump is guilty. Why else is he trying to stop an investigation? Who do you nuts think you are fooling?

            Trump is about as innocent as Madoff.

          12. pisces63 May 10, 2017

            Madoff had a brain!! This is so obvious, especially my favorite, the thank you for telling him 3 times he was not under investigation line had my daughter and I looking at each other and then laughing to today. Still am.

          13. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

            The only explanation for Trump not realizing he was in fact under an FBI investigation as testified by James Clapper is that he is either being told to ignore the FBI investigation, which by the way is one of a “counter intelligence” nature according to Clapper or…he was too busy fuming to hear that part of Clapper’s testimony.

            But, Trump does have a way of banishing facts by pretending them away. Mentally ill people do this all time.

          14. idamag May 10, 2017

            The trump mob is fully entrenched in the White House. Comey deserved to be fired, but the scary thing is it another step toward trump controlling even the FBI. Now, he can install another mob member and the investigations can be dropped. All of these deplorable racists, who put him in, should crawl away in shame. However bull conner types do not have any shame.

          15. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

            Wrong. First of all, no president has EVER been allowed to make business deals of a private business nature while president. Would you allow Obama to do that? You bet your ass you wouldn’t.

            Then, there is the matter of his sons selling immigration visas to Chinese investors for $500,000 a pop. Sorry but if you are a cabinet member that is a violation of the U.S. Constitution regarding profiting from the presidency. Would you allow Hillary to do that? You bet your ass you wouldn’t.

            You can’t face the fact that Trump is guilty and you are willing to risk your own sense of integrity for no reason other than to support a crook all of the people of NY and NJ know he is.

          16. kep May 10, 2017

            Comes was fired because he acted like a liberal, in that he thinks that he knows what is best for the American people, and will do whatever he thinks best. That was not his job. He was not the AG. He was only supposed to investigate, and not to decide what was a crime or not.

          17. itsfun May 10, 2017

            I agree. He said one thing today and another tomorrow. He tried to overstep his authorities and cost the FBI credibility. Causing the FBI to lose their credibility may be the worst thing he did.

        2. The lucky one May 10, 2017

          “There is NOT any evidence of President having a treasonous relationship” You don’t know that. it’s just your opinion. We won’t know until and unless a special prosecutor conducts a thorough investigation.

          It’s true that I have no confidence in this president but I am willing to acknowledge it if and when he ever does anything worthy of praise, nada so far.

          “The President is draining the swamp” We can disagree on Trump’s guilt or innocence because neither of us knows for sure but that statement is patently ridiculous. Every swamp dweller he may have removed has been replaced with someone equally bad.

          Now we even have his daughter and son-in-law hawking citizenship for sale to Chinese millionaires. Granted Trump didn’t start the larcenous EB-5 immigration scam but he and his family want on to the gravy train.

          1. itsfun May 10, 2017

            Every investigator has said there is evidence of any wrong doing. Even Maxine Waters said that yesterday in a interview. Illegal immigration is down 70%. Thousands of jobs have been saved and brought back to the U.S. Useless and expensive regulations have been removed. A new healthcare bill has been approved by the House and is in the Senate now. A tax reform plan is in the House now also. This President has gotten more done in just over 100 days than other have gotten done in years.

          2. bobnstuff May 10, 2017

            Trump hasn’t saved thousands of jobs, the business world doesn’t work that way or that fast. If there are any jobs saved we won’t know about it for a few years but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Also a number of companies have come out against those regulations being removed. You see those regulations are there for a reason. Do you understand what it takes to put a regulation into place? The new healthcare bill will kill a lot of jobs not create any. Pa. along will loose 190,000 job if that bill ever becomes law. The President has screwed up more things in his first 100 day then any president in history.

          3. idamag May 10, 2017

            Why argue with someone who does not have the intelligence to see what is hat. I is like arguing with a two-year-old or what it could have been like to argue with hitler.

          4. bobnstuff May 10, 2017

            So back up you claims of jobs. It’s not hard to show job growth since the BLS keeps careful track of them. The job growth numbers should be outrages if your claims are true.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

            Wrong…No investigator would say that because the FBI investigation is of a “counter intelligence nature” as James Clapper testified and therefore, would be highly “classified.”

            Keep lying for your Lying Lard Ass in Chief.

          6. idamag May 10, 2017

            itsfun is probably hoping trump will change the laws so he can get off the sex offender registry. Kushner is also under investigation by the FBI. The scary thing is who trump is going to put in as head now.

          7. Gerry Francis May 10, 2017

            It’s not the number of jobs, it’s the quality. Food service and hospitality industry work are not right up there with preferred employment. The healthcare bill is a disgrace and anyone supporting it should be ashamed of themselves. Tripling the cost of a policy because of preexisting conditions is disgusting.

          8. itsfun May 10, 2017

            Businesses coming back from overseas are not going to be hospitality and food service jobs. They will be jobs in manufacturing and high tech. Health care bill has a provision that says if someone has current insurance their rates cannot be increased due to a pre existing conditions. It specifically say the companies cannot charge them more than they do anyone without a pre existing condition. The high risk pool will be for those that don’t currently have insurance.

          9. Gerry Francis May 10, 2017

            The jobs that have been made thus far are mostly of the crummy variety with no pension, benefits, paid holidays or sick days. Those things that people died on the picket line to get and the republicans would like nothing better than to get rid of all the houses of labor (aka – unions). Just where are you getting these ‘alternate facts’ about the healthcare plan? States will most definitely be able to get waivers to allow companies to charge up to 3 times more for the elderly (remember – you’re going to get there one day) and people with preexisting medical conditions. If you think 8 billion over FIVE years will be enough to cover those in the high risk pool, I’d like to see how you manage a monthly household budget. Do you have any idea what open heart surgery costs? A hospital stay for a stroke? Treatments for cancer? Wake up and stop drinking the Trump-aid.

          10. itsfun May 10, 2017

            The jobs are coming from manufacturing. Those are not bad jobs by any means. They have healthcare, pensions, holidays, etc. The state waivers will allow individuals to purchase what they want for coverages, not government mandated coverages. Read the MacAuthur amendment to the proposed health plan. It plainly states no loss of insurance for pre-existing conditions. It also say no company can charge more for covering these conditions. The only time a high risk pool comes in to action is when a person that was not in a insurance plan will still get coverage, but will go into a high risk pool.

          11. Gerry Francis May 14, 2017

            Services led the way with 193,000 new jobs, with 66,000 coming from professional and business services. Health care added 38,000 while information-related jobs came to 25,000.

          12. The lucky one May 10, 2017

            “Every investigator has said there is evidence of any wrong doing.” No they have said they are not prepared to level charges, at this time.

            “Even Maxine Waters said that yesterday in a interview.” When did Ms. Waters become an investigator for the FBI? She isn’t privy to the investigation.

            “Illegal immigration is down 70%.” Where did you get that number? Besides the immigration that is hurting our economy is not the Mexican laborers. Its the improper use of the HB-1 and EB5 visa system that enables big corporations like Microsoft to hire STEM workers for less than what Americans would be paid. Ivanka and Jared are abusing that system right now by hawking visas to Chinese millionaires.

            “Thousands of jobs have been saved and brought back to the U.S.” Your source?

            “Useless and expensive regulations have been removed.” That’s a matter of perspective. I would frame it as environmental regs and worker protection laws being gutted.

            “A new healthcare bill has been approved by the House and is in the Senate now.” Yes and it terrible and most likely will be rejected by the senate. even some republicans see that.

            “A tax reform plan is in the House now also.” Yes and if you are a member of the 1% you will like it but it will be a tragedy for everyone else.

            “This President has gotten more done in just over 100 days than other have gotten done in years.” According to him, but most objective observers have been appalled by the incompetence. Even the National Review, an ultraconservative group questions his handling of the Comey affair.

          13. D.jcd May 10, 2017


        3. Gerry Francis May 10, 2017

          All of his appointments so far have been swamp dwellers. He may have been referring to the swamps around Mar-A-Largo so he could have Secret Service people walk through them, but he has not done anything good for Washington OR the country.

          1. itsfun May 10, 2017

            His appointments are of highly successful people. He is not just recycling career government people. He has people that know how to win and make profits, not lose money on every deal. Would you rather he hire poor unsuccessful people to help make our nation great? The people he has hired don’t need to sell out to lobbyists or others.

          2. The lucky one May 10, 2017

            “His appointments are of highly successful people.” Some are, some, like DeVos, are just rich. LeBron James is a highly successful person, and rich too. Would you want him in a cabinet post?

            “He is not just recycling career government people.” For the most part his people come from lobbying backgrounds and corporations that sucked off the government teat. Then there is his grifter family profiting off his office. the latest being his son-in-law and daughter’s attempts to sell visas in China.

            “He has people that know how to win and make profits, not lose money on every deal.” Really, how many have, like their boss, used bankruptcy laws to evade the suffering their poor business decisions have caused?

            “Would you rather he hire poor unsuccessful people to help make our nation great?” No, I’d rather he hire competent people who advanced in their careers based on merit rather than nepotism and family wealth.

            “The people he has hired don’t need to sell out to lobbyists or others.” As I said many already come from backgrounds as lobbyists. Many wealthy people don’t NEED to sellout but yet they still do. Since when has wealth ever guaranteed ethical behavior or competence?

          3. idamag May 10, 2017

            Block those nut job racists. It would irritate them more that no one could even see their low life posts.

      2. Gerry Francis May 10, 2017

        I agree, but not so sure Pence would be that much different.

        1. idamag May 10, 2017

          They started an investigation into Pence’ e-mails, but dropped it.

    2. pisces63 May 10, 2017

      Trump and sessions were praising him any where and everywhere he spoke and now? He fires him for the same reason he praised him? I want them to get him as a special prosecutor. It would make my day.

      1. itsfun May 10, 2017

        Both sides have praised him and called for his head the last few months. Seems like the left would approve after Hillary blamed him just a week or so ago. Schumer said he had lost faith in him too. There is absolutely no evidence in the made up Russian claims, so why do we need a special prosecutor?

        1. pisces63 May 10, 2017

          To prove it. Where ever there is smoke there is fire. I watched Watergate from gavel to gavel and up to the hearings. Nixon said he wasn’t a crook. The left did not start this. Lindsey Graham and John McCain did last July and then told President Obama about the Russia connection. Yes, he was praised but you do not fire an investigator when you and colleagues are the ones investigated. Yes, he was vilified but we lefties wanted him to finish the job. In Hamilton, there is a song about legislation and a line that says, you hold your nose…….!

          1. itsfun May 10, 2017

            Nothing is proven at all. You have to remember the President did not have a AG or Deputy AG to advise him on Comey. The Democrats obstructed the approvals of the cabinet members which delayed the decision too. McCain and Graham are just 2 RINO’s that are only interested in their own power. Also Bernie also called for the firing of Comey. We all know the whole country has lost faith in Comey and his ability to have any impartial investigation of any kind. The President has every right to fire Comey. The FBI director works at the will of the President, he doesn’t have a union rep to protect his incompetence.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

            BS…There are 17 Intel agencies who have the proof as well as that MI6 dossier. Do you trust Julian Assange not to leak the rest of Trump’s Russian deals?

          3. pisces63 May 10, 2017

            Joke of the day, Sessions is interviewing temporary director as trump meets with Russia. Just another day for me and you in St. Petersburg/Moscow.

          4. pisces63 May 10, 2017

            You’re repeating yourself. We know what they did, LAST YEAR!! TRUMP APPROVED LAST YEAR. Trump found out Comey basically lied about Hillary and that effectively took away his bat to beat her with and believe it or not, it now tells him he won on a lie. The 3 million has more truth and realism than the college. They wanted to get rid of him and so they took a praise and made it a weapon. I have faith in Comey, now. He would be a force to behold. HIS name, if nothing else, is as stake. McCain and Graham are the two true republicans out there. Go look up Watergate and watch REPUBLICANS at work WITH democrats.

          5. itsfun May 10, 2017

            Are you saying we are suppose to ignore what was said last year? Are we to forget history? Hillary lost because she was a terrible candidate, a liar about her past and a failed SOS. The left should love McCain and Graham, as they both just lay down and do what the left tells them to do. I lived through Watergate also. I did and still do agree that Nixon had to go.

          6. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

            Who will ever ignore how Trump chanted, “Lock her up” with Flynn doing the same standing right next to him?

            Lock her up? Without a judge or jury? Try it and see if YOU don’t get locked up.

          7. kep May 10, 2017

            I’m still hoping to see Emperor Obama and Hillary tried for high crimes against America, and publicly executed.

          8. Gerry Francis May 10, 2017

            Which crimes would those be?

          9. pisces63 May 10, 2017

            LIIIIIIIIKKKKKKKKEEEEE, ooh, I know, he won twice. All the lies told on Hillary. With the lord master of lied sitting on his toilet, uh, throne, you have a lot of nerve. Dumb imbecile and Civil War was hilarious.

          10. pisces63 May 10, 2017

            No, I am a believer in the saying, if you forget the past, you are doomed to repeat it. Good example the financial down turn. Look up the great depression. EVERYTHING that led to that one was done again, to create this last one. Now, under Trump they have started the process to put those same wrongs back in place. No, do not forget, I get it. I understand it. What you refuse to do is flip the script as trump and the rest have done and think it is hilarious. Comey is fired for what he was praised, before.

          11. itsfun May 10, 2017

            The President wants to lower taxes on business, so they will come back to America. Our current corporate tax rate encourages business to stay overseas and to invest overseas. How is bringing business back going to bad for the economy. More jobs will be created and more people off the unemployment rolls. Lowering personal taxes will leave more money in your and my pockets. That is money we can use for vacations, new vehicles, etc. Comey should have been fired a long time ago. His findings on the server should have been sent to the AG and her staff to determine whether charges should have been brought against Hillary. He completely overstepped his authority and job responsibilities. After that Dems were calling for his head, now Reps called for his head as did many on the left. I believe it had to happen to bring credibility back to the FBI.

          12. Gerry Francis May 10, 2017

            Lowering corporate tax rates is one thing. Lowering personal income tax on the 1% is another story altogether. The only thing that creates jobs is demand. Mr. The Donald wants to eliminate the head of household deduction and property tax deductions. This will force the middle/working class to pay more in taxes leaving less money as disposable income. The trickle down economy did not work for Reagan and won’t work for Mr. The Donald.

          13. itsfun May 10, 2017

            I am not even close to the 1% and my taxes will be lowered. The new plan doubles the personal exemptions. I have not seen where the property tax deduction goes away.

          14. Gerry Francis May 10, 2017

            The proposal would scrap most itemized deductions, such as those for state and local tax payments, a valuable break for taxpayers in Democratic states like California and New York.

            But the president would leave in place popular breaks for mortgage interest, charitable contributions and retirement savings.
            NY Times

          15. pisces63 May 10, 2017

            That’s the plan and the average tax payer WILL pay more. So far just talk. Not in this tax package but on the way. Plus, we will not get into the healthcare bill.

          16. pisces63 May 10, 2017

            Why hasn’t he done it. Bet you love that disaster of a so called health bill, too? I give less than a f about corporate tax rates. They will bring it home to give to their share holders and buy another yacht as they did just before the melt down. They have gotten breaks and hired no one. Jobs lost in the financial sector due to the melt down, did not start to come back until Obama’s second term and at lower wages and cut benefits and their CEOS received bigger packages with the caveat, I have to get the best. They were HER e-mails and Comey just proved it much to trump chagrin. Benghazi is a none topic. She was not there. She did not cause it. They had no case. Never was one. Just a bunch of lying bigoted righties after the Clintons since before Bill. THAT is proven. Frankly, the FBI hasn’t had any credibility completely since J. Edgar. Better than regular law enforcement but their history is not that great. Bobby Kennedy was one of few people not intimidated by J. Edgar.

          17. pisces63 May 10, 2017

            Peoria, Ill.-based Caterpillar, which is moving ahead with a restructuring that includes shifting jobs from a Joliet, Ill., factory to Monterrey, Mexico.
            Charlotte, N.C.-based Nucor, which is going ahead with Japan’s JFE Steel to build a new plant in Mexico.
            Manitowoc Foodservice Inc, which has laid off about 80 workers at a factory near Sellersburg, Ind., as part of its already announced plans to shift much of the production to facilities in Mexico.
            Ford Motor Co., which though it’s scrapping plans to build a new factory in Mexico and instead create 700 new U.S. job, announced last month it would still shift production of its Focus small car from Michigan to an existing Mexican facility.
            General Motors Co., which is moving more production to Mexico even as it’s continuing with pre-election plans to add more jobs in the United States.
            He’s doing great!!

          18. itsfun May 10, 2017

            You’re right he is doing great.

          19. pisces63 May 10, 2017

            They are leaving and this is off Newsmax. Patial list as of now.

          20. idamag May 10, 2017

            Firing the investigator to stop the investigation happens in a dictatorship.

        2. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

          You do realize that firing Comey in such haste while waiting 18 days to fire Flynn makes Trump look all the guiltier.

          Sorry but James Clapper testified under oath that not only is there an FBI ongoing investigation of Trump and his campaign aides connection to Russia but there is also sufficient “evidence” to warrant the investigation.

          Trump thinks he can just destroy all of that evidence like Nixon destroyed the tapes. All Trump is doing is forcing himself to face the SC.

        3. 1standlastword May 10, 2017

          This DJT is the biggest con man of the 21st c. There are troves of individual testimonies, books, TV interviews and lawsuits to prove it.

          The only reason we NEED A SPECIAL PROSECUTOR is because we are dealing with a lawyer up conman and a corrupt conservative party leadership to “just” investigate this horrible travesty that they want to cover up!!!

          If you want to be able to live with yourself, you should never allow your hatred to undermine the truth. To live a lie as a liar is to live in HELL!

          There is too much evidence of Trump’s multiple crimes against humanity. His filthy lucre and false reputation preserves him for the day he crashes into a wall of shame and then what will you say to yourself in the mirror?

          1. itsfun May 10, 2017

            There is no evidence of any wrong doing on the part of the President or his campaign, none at all. If anyone covered up anything, its Hillary and Obama covering up their corruption and lies.

      2. idamag May 10, 2017

        Block these low life white supremacists.Nothing will irk them more than to be on a site where no one can see the defecation they spew.

    3. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

      First of all, can you tell us how many Trump employees have been fired for making honest mistakes? Your attempts to make Trump look innocent are going to bite your ass. Why? Because it won’t stop US federal judges from continuing the investigation.

      As for Rosenstein, the minute Trump felt forced to make sure he had Rosenstein in his back pocket, Trump knew he could try to throw Hillary in jail for his BS lies.

      Trump always does this when he is guiltiest. He always finds someone else he can spotlight to make them appear guiltier than he is.

      But you know what? I hope he tries. Once and for all time, he would then have to appear in court, face a judge and jury with his accusations against Hillary and he damn well better have proof of every word he says. Or people like you will be eating yours.

      1. Gerry Francis May 10, 2017

        Trump is nominating more Repub. puppets to federal judge ships so he can do whatever he wants. How can folks be so dumb as to continue to support this guy? I just don’t get it.

    4. kep May 10, 2017

      These “people” are so removed from reality, it is almost funny.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

        The only people removed from reality are right wingers who suck up to Trump who has been caught in so many lies he makes Charles Manson look like a piker.

        1. kep May 10, 2017

          Unlikely Obama and Hillary who never uttered a truthful word?

          1. Gerry Francis May 10, 2017

            So that makes Trump honest?

          2. pisces63 May 10, 2017

            Look how wide his ass is growing, not his nose length.

        2. idamag May 10, 2017

          Right winger = white supremacist, sex offender, liar, poorly educated and butt scratching spitter.

      2. itsfun May 10, 2017


      3. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 11, 2017

        you must be talking about the abortion that lived itsfun = also imajoke right ?

  5. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 10, 2017

    hey RICK HEAD itsfu you still acting the tough I wanna be clown ? you win that crown . now back to the crowned clown’s hero THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW’S SOAP OPERA AS THE STOMACH TURNS //watch DONNY DUMP he may even try to start pardoning people now all the ones he has fired or ones that helped his with the frauds ,cons ,& scams he has done in the white house . DONNY DUMP FIRED COMA COMEY while he was in the middle of an investigation into Russian hacking and into melding in the election that got his in the WHITE HOUSE . the DUMPSTER cult team one can be sure thy are (as thy have been all along ) still sneaking around getting info for all kinds of foul things still today and will never stop doing this for THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW . what dose the world think of the USA today and now ? one can say America is the laughing stock of the earth today . im sure with the DUMPSTER in the house no one would want any dealing with the USA and will stay as far away as thy can other countrys around the world has to see the USA as a lying cancer with THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW as president . the DUMPSTER has his cult clan following him and doing what ever he tells them to do like the was the evils follow Lucifer , Hitler & Satan . the only ones on earth that might deal with the DUMPSTER these days could be Al-Quaeda or ISIS and that a stretch . now that COMA COMEY is fired he dosent hold the FBI job any more . so its now he should be called to a panel of people in office and question . as for any answer he dosent have to say I cant answer that . he no longer has that job so under oath he should have to answer any and every thing . its time these people that are being called for questioning shouldn’t be held to anything but telling the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth . all this BULLSHIfTING only seems to be prolonging this whole DUMPSTER abortion . all this BULL on not being able to answer because its classified is crazy and it in itself is putting this whole DUMPSTER clown show at a stand still . if no one can answer questions for any reason then get a panel that thy can answer any and all questions to get to the bottom of this and maybe even put a stop to all of this BULLSHIfTING

  6. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 10, 2017

    thy need an investigator that isn’t under the DUMPSTER SLIMMING SCUMBALL HAND any one that dosent have to answer to THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW this is the only way to get things done . as long as the DUMPSTER has anything to do with this the investigation will move at 2 speeds STOP & BACKWARDS JFK & HIS BROTHERS CIA THE COUNTRY NEEDS YOU AGAIN TO FIX THING AS ONLY YOU DO AND KNOW HOW TO DO .

  7. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 10, 2017

    as long as the DUMPSTER has anything to do with this the investigation will move at 2 speeds STOP & BACKWARDS JFK & HIS BROTHERS CIA THE COUNTRY NEEDS YOU AGAIN TO FIX THING AS ONLY YOU DO AND KNOW HOW TO DO . THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW went by the old saying praise a fool and watch them work ! and then after the scum bucket DUMPSTERS work was done for him that’s when he fired them I still think that COMA COMEY was working with the DUMPSTER all the time at the start and 1 or 3 of the meetings COMA hade with the DUMPSTER was about the BULLSHIfTING on Hillary . now im sure that THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW wishes and hopes the COMA and the B/S FLYING FLYNN BOTH JUST DIE . or he might even want if he could get away with it put a hit on that pair that swing from the back of a bull . heck maybe that’s where the Russian PUTTHEAD comes in he is great at shutting up anyone that is against him . the DFUMPSTER still BROWN NOSING THE PUTTHEAD because he still can use his serves

    1. idamag May 10, 2017

      I think he was too. Now trump can appoint another member of the mob or his family to head the FBI.

      1. That is what JF Kennedy shoulda done! Fire the FBI/CIA Czar Edgar!

        Instead JFK was framed and shot! Czar Edgar ruled 48 years his empire!

        The reminiscence and atavism of this scoundrel era is vivid to this day!
        Even Eleanore does not see through the mist of this mystique!

  8. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

    As the legendary journalist, Tom Brokaw stated, “Those of us who live in New York, know Trump.” Yes we do. We know that right now he fired Comey because he thinks by firing him that he can stop ALL investigations into his connections with Russia. Yet, he reveals just how “connected” he really is by doing the very thing Putin always does when he is guilty: he gets rid of those who might nail his butt to the wall.

    But, there is another reason Trump is after firing Comey. By claiming it was due to Comey’s handling of Hillary’s emails, Trump is now planning to try and throw Hillary in jail..all by himself? No defense lawyers? No judge or jury?

    Why would Trump resurrect the Hillary email distraction? Because he is so guilty that if he can nail Hillary to the wall, that makes HIM the innocent victim and he gets away with using Russian hackers to meddle in US elections.

  9. FT66 May 10, 2017

    Few months ago we were blogging here and Dominick Villa wrote: No way Trump can dare fire Comey during the investigation. I wrote: never trust the mad man, he can do it. Here we are he has done it. Is this man (Trump) really suitable to continue leading the country in this way? Have all republicans lost their mind and can’t see the man is tanking the whole country into the pithole? Absurd.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

      He only fired Comey because he is doing precisely what Hillary Clinton warned the Russians that Putin does…get rid of anyone who has the information that proves him guilty.

      You do realize that the more people involved in our top law enforcement he fires, the more HE becomes the ONLY law in the US.

      1. kep May 10, 2017

        What idiots you people are. It is so unbelievable that any group of “humans” can be so mentally ill at the same time.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

          Yep..The majority of us who are honorable people with a deep sense of integrity we want out children to learn are the ones who will stop you mentally defective nuts from turning our democracy into your private little dicktatorship.

          1. kep May 10, 2017

            More projection, I see.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

            Was Nixon’s resignation a projection? Was Bush ’41’s one term recession on the heels of Reagan’s 2nd term recession projection? Get over it. You have nothing of value to post.

          3. kep May 11, 2017

            All you have Elie, is lies and liberal propaganda. GET HELP Elie.

          4. Eleanore Whitaker May 11, 2017

            Gee, that’s funny asslicker…Yates, Bharara and now Comey were all fired. Are those lies too? Try not to wallow in grief too long when we throw the Lard Ass in Chief in prison.

            As for you, I’m guessing Putin will make YOU disappear now that he realizes A. Trump will never pay back the billions he borrowed from Russia and B. You and your right wing won’t dare open your stupid mouths in public without a fist closing them.

          5. idamag May 10, 2017

            Look what those horrible deplorables have already done to our government. I hate them all.

          6. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 10, 2017

            and as long as THE DONNY DUMP SHOW is in the house you aint seen nothing yet the DUMPSTER is a wrecking ball

          7. sigrid28 May 11, 2017

            I agree. However, he is as stupid as a wrecking ball and so is his staff. He could do much more damage if he weren’t dumb as a bucket of hair (which he has turned upon his head).

          8. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 11, 2017

            and the latest B/S Our President is acting like a dictator — he just SILENCED the man investigating him for treason! THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW has some stones ! hmmm then again he is a 5 time draft dodging coward so stones might be pebbles or more like grains of sand ya ya that’s more like it either way the DUMPSTER COLWN says that COMA COMEY IS A SHOWBOATER & A GRANDSTANDER ???????? are you kidding me this coming from the KING CLOWN show-boater and grand-stander . its THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOWER that is addicted and has the addiction like a street junky but the clowns fix is ATTENTION . that’s it good or bad dosent matter just a fix of attention cures his D-T’S

          9. kep May 11, 2017

            Not any longer. Liberals are out of power. America has a chance of regaining our country.

          10. dbtheonly May 10, 2017

            Oh look. Another generic reply.

            Is anyone keeping track? I don’t think he’s got more than a dozen that he drops almost at random.

          11. 1standlastword May 10, 2017

            Sounds like you understand the functioning limitations of syntactical devices (computers) that they don’t do semantics and are therefore hopelessly condemned to the designs of their programmers

            The Kep 5000—

          12. kep May 11, 2017

            That’s already happened. Liberals are out and America now has a chance of getting back our country. Poor demented Elie. GET HELP.

          13. Eleanore Whitaker May 11, 2017

            Not it has NOT happened. Is that what Putin told you today? Time for you to take your meds nut bag. Your state of delusions is getting the better of you.

            You are not taking our country back into Putin’s hands. Get over it. We’d ship your ass off the Moscow before we liberals, progressives, moderates and others would allow your Putin asskissers to hand over our country to Putin.

            We Yankees take no prisoners. Better prepare yourself for the end of the Trump BS act.

        2. ray May 10, 2017


        3. 1standlastword May 10, 2017

          You forgot to sign off #fauxDonaldTrump….

        4. The lucky one May 10, 2017

          Yup, exactly what I thought when trump was elected though there is some consolation in that he lost badly, or is it bigly, in the popular vote.

    2. Dominick Vila May 10, 2017

      You are right, I did not think Trump would go this far. I guess Comey was getting to close to the truth, and mousey Sessions told his boss…

      1. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

        Trump figures he has Putin on his side. Today, despite the fact that Russians hacked into our election and the massive evidence they did, Trump is meeting with a Russian diplomat.

        This is either because the noose of the money Trump owes to Putin has to be paid and it’s a debt collection meeting or it is Trump defying the sanctions placed on Russia for hacking.

        1. Dominick Vila May 10, 2017

          If I am not mistaken, Trump is meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister. The equivalent to our Secretary of State.

          1. FT66 May 10, 2017

            Right. Eleanor is not wrong. The Foreign Minister or Secretary of State is the Chief Diplomat.

          2. sigrid28 May 11, 2017

            Wednesday, Trump met with the Foreign Minister AND the Russian Ambassador to the U.S., the guy all of Trump’s cronies met with but lied about meeting. Coming to this a little late, I can report, as you all have already no doubt seen, Trump refused to allow the U.S. press corps into the Oval Office for a photo op but let in Russia’s. RT took pictures and released them to American outlets, which frustrated the Donald. We see that the president who refused to shake Angela Merkel’s hand grabbed at the hands of these two, eagerly. I take that as a sign of how dearly Donald Trump would like to see the Russia investigation he wants to minimize as much as possible go away altogether, so he and his billionaire cronies can cash in on the treasure trove of fossil-fuel resources in Russia that are currently tied up by U.S. sanctions. Now what he has done is likely to accelerate and widen the investigation rather than slowing it down or finishing it off.

          3. Dominick Vila May 11, 2017

            This is what happens when a U.S. government official, or a President, is financially beholden to enemies of the USA.

          4. sigrid28 May 11, 2017

            I think he is in very deep, financially, and may be highly compromised as well, possibly with his family. He seems to fear nothing but displeasing the Russians.

        2. idamag May 10, 2017

          Trump had all the traits necessary to be groomed by putin. 1. He has not moral fiber. 2. He is full of himself. 3. He is obsessed with money. 4. He has debts and lawsuits. 5. He isn’t the brightest kid in class.

          1. kep May 11, 2017

            That sounds just like Emperor Obama.

          2. Eleanore Whitaker May 11, 2017

            How would you know what Obama sounds like? The only voice you ever listen to is Putin’s giving you orders on how to post more of your hateful BS.

        3. pisces63 May 10, 2017

          Didn’t take him long to get back down on his knees.

      2. plc97477 May 11, 2017

        mousey sessions. perfect description.

    3. idamag May 10, 2017

      Firing him was easier than sending a couple of goons to break his kneecaps.

  10. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 10, 2017

    /// if any one is investigating some one any one thy shouldn’t be able to get fired by the CLOWN that thy are investigating being under investigation that should go on until it is complete . a murder cant fire the DA on his case . as the same rules should go for a president . cant fire anyone that is building a case against them .. with being able to do this then the case will never be solved and the guilty will never be taken up on charges . and with this B/S yes one can fire the people that can find him guilty of murder so in hindsight yes the DUMPSTER could very well get away with murder . that’s not the American way or what having the house should be able to do .. JFK’S CIA AMERICA NEEDS YOU NOW do what you have done again and make things right for the country and save the USA from any more danger and damage this DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW will bring . (and he will bring a lot more trouble that the thing all can be sure of ) from his DUMPSTER history . it very well can be WW3 on the POS’s bucket list . he not anywhere near sound or sane mind

  11. Eleanore Whitaker May 10, 2017

    There may not have been much that GWB ever said that was worthy of remembering but one thing he was dead on about: “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about.”

    An innocent man would relish and promote the idea of an investigation. A guilty man like Trump? You bet he will continue to remove anyone who gets too close to his guilt.

    But, by doing that, he is doing the same thing Putin does, albeit not as lethally..YET.

    Trump cannot stop these investigations. No matter how much he believes he is in total control of this country.

    He is signing his own death warrant by refusing to allow the truth to come out. Shows what a real coward this little prickboy is. He is scared silly if the truth comes out, all of his dirty laundry of 4 decades comes out with it.

    1. marriea May 10, 2017

      Correction Eleanore.
      Trump has no guilt about anything.
      He is a grifters.
      These folks ususally have on one thing in mind.
      One famous tactic is that they will give up something, at first, then take you for that and everything else in the end.
      His supporters are going to waitinf a long times for those jobs that pays them a working wage. After all, even before the election he was on record as saying he was OK with the minimum wage as they now stand.
      He’s getting rid of theings that protected people and I wouldn’t be surprised that he had some stocks in everything he has proposed to get rid of.
      Think of what a big tax write off he can acquire.
      He is on record with expanding the military.
      Just think how much he stand to make if there is a war, which I believe is imminent.
      And Jeff Sessions, oh heaven, help us.
      He has been standing in line just waiting for a chance to play, that little Nepoleon. At least Napoleon was brave.Mean perhaps but brave..

      1. Eleanore Whitaker May 11, 2017

        I know what tax write offs he acquires. Did you know that every business he owns he also claims to be his personal residence? For example, here in NJ, he own a Bedminster golf course that just happens to also be his home, just like Mar-a-Lago is his home and also a resort that people pay $200,000 to become a member of. Same with Trump Tower in Manhattan on Fifth Avenue. He gets to live there and also claims it as a business due to the fact that he has a number of renters in that building.

        In Bedminster, he bought 4 goats to avoid paying property taxes and to claim that farm tax subsidy.

        Sessions is one of the dumbest ass hicks to ever get pushed up the ranks in any legal licensed environment. First of all, Sessions was appointed by an Alabama governor who was only recently forced to resign for his sexual frolicking and other violations of his oath of office.

        The only reason Trump chose Sessions is the same reason he chooses all Trump Organization plantation slaves…Sessions was a political patronage job connected to one of the Alabama honchos who put millions into Trump’s campaign.

        Sessions is dumber than a donut. But, like all good Confederate rebel soldiers, he knows how to march to Trump’s tune.

        1. kep May 11, 2017

          You know everything, Elie. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, usually not truthful, but you will make something up as you go. Typical of poor demented Elie.

        2. marriea May 11, 2017

          He is a bigger Grifter than I thought.
          If there is a rule or law he can exploit, he and his kids ( don’t know about Tiffany, maybe Marla is keeping her out of harms way) and Barron is still young, but the rest of them….
          I still find it unbelievable the folks he still have in his corner.
          But although I don’t believe that God is interested in American politics, maybe Clinton was indeed a sacrificial lamb.
          She lost the presidency, but now folks are seeing up close and personal what Trump is REALLY all about.
          And perhaps people who voted for all of those GOP reps are finally seeing what they too really are and now they have no one to blame but themselves.
          So maybe there is a God.

    2. plc97477 May 11, 2017

      He would look so good in an orange jumpsuit though. bigly.

  12. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 10, 2017

    thaT the thanks the COMA COMEYgets forhanding THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW the white house . you can betthe DUMPTER gives him a job to keep his mouth shut

    1. idamag May 10, 2017

      Or makes him an offer he cannot refuse after he finds a horse head in his bed.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 10, 2017

        people should not be afraid of the DUMPSTER CLOWN. its the ones that follow the clown that SHOULD BE

  13. idamag May 10, 2017

    Of course, comey should have been fired for the reason cited. However, that is not the real reason he was fired. Trump is trying to stop an investigation into the Russia thing. The trump mob has taken over the government and is fleecing it for millions.

    1. 1Zoe55 May 10, 2017

      Agree, because as the pundits on MSNBC noted: if Russia is mentioned in this firing, Sessions has to recuse himself from the investigation. Sessions is another southern traitor (the issue of a goat and a sow) who also had meetings with the Russians.

      1. 1standlastword May 10, 2017

        Every time I hear his voice I get the fantasy of stretching his big ears around the front of his face and pinning them to his lying thin lips!!!!!

        1. kep May 11, 2017

          Obama is gone. Maybe you will get the chance once he is tried for treason and high crimes against America. Emperor Obama does have big ears.

          1. Eleanore Whitaker May 11, 2017

            Trump has a small dick. What’s your point? OH and by the way? Several now very angry FBI agents have confirmed the photos of Trump getting pissed on by his Russian brothel babes.

            You asked for what’s coming moron.

          2. kep May 11, 2017

            Finally something I can believe from you. I truly believe you know all about Putin genitals. Most likely he took pity on you one cold Moscow day as he was driving to the Kremlin. Do you want to share the video of that encounter, Elie? Never mind. I could never unseen that. Uggggg.

          3. Thoughtopsy May 11, 2017

            Sad Astroturfer.
            Please TRY to use proper English when spouting your paid insults and bullsh1t.
            It makes your paymaster pull a sadface when you reveal your love of Putin’s genitals, familiarity with Moscow, and poor grasp of English.

          4. kep May 12, 2017

            Elie seems to have an infatuation with Putins genitals. Do all of you liberals have the same infatuation? Interesting.

          5. ♚ King Leo ♚ May 13, 2017

            Who would have thought an anti-American racist traitor like yourself would also have glaring issues with women?

            Aside from everyone, I mean.

          6. ♚ King Leo ♚ May 13, 2017

            Hahaha yeah, weird how you’re racist and also a birther.

      2. Nativegrammy May 10, 2017

        What I always keep in the back of my mind is the hearings with Sen. Ted Kennedy when Sessions was put forth as a nominee for a Judgeship for the Southern District Court of Alabama by Reagan, when Kennedy brought forth all Sessions’ racist BS, his questionable behavior as Attorney General for the same Southern District, and he was voted down! What has been made abundantly clear listening to and watching Sessions in 2017 is NOTHING has changed about this idiot in addition to the fact he is not the brightest blub in the package but has proven to be a dangerous sycophant for a dishonest dangerously ignorant and power hungry dictator in training, Trump!

      3. kep May 11, 2017

        The Obama regime had more backroom corrupt dealings with Russia than Trump has ever had. The hot mike comment to Putin from the Emperor saying that he would be more flexible after his second election. Hillary giving 20 percent of American uranium to Russia, no doubt, to enrich the Clinton said. Sitting back while one of our allies , Ukraine, was being invaded by Putin. The famous “red line” in Syria was another deal with Russia, even though contrary to American interests.
        There is no Russian connection in the Trump administration, just more projection from the left. Obama was in bed with Putin, and seeing the Emperors past included “Bath house Barry”, probably literally in bed with Putin.

        1. Thoughtopsy May 11, 2017

          You know what absolutely defines idiocy?
          It’s repeating GOP Zombie lies long after they’ve been disproven.

          It shows you’re either too dumb to understand you’ve been fed bullsh1t, or you’re paid to spout it.

          Personally I think you’re an Astroturfer.

          Only someone getting paid for spouting lies, with a binder of talking points sitting beside them would pretend that:
          “Hillary giving 20 percent of American uranium to Russia, no doubt, to enrich the Clinton said [sic]”
          … was in any way based in reality.

          20 seconds on Google would provide enough information about that actual Uranium deal to make you look like a moron.

          Obviously the sentence doesn’t make grammatical sense either… but hey… if you were smart enough to use English properly you wouldn’t be an Astroturfer…

          I’d suggest quitting due to incompetence, or putting in for (a lot) more training.
          Your handlers must be so disappointed.
          Not to mention your mother….

          1. kep May 12, 2017

            Twenty percent of American uranium belongs to Russia as per agreement made by Hillary. In return, the Clinton global initiative received 2.4 million dollars from Putin.
            Perhaps you should pull your head out of your Russian handlers butt, Comrade?

          2. ♚ King Leo ♚ May 13, 2017

            Hey I know that – as a birther – you’re a moronic conspiracy theorist, but LITERALLY NONE OF THAT IS TRUE.

        2. ♚ King Leo ♚ May 14, 2017

          Wow, you STINK of desperation.

          Sorry, traitor, but prison awaits all your dull white supremacist heroes, starting with President Forrest Trump.

  14. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 10, 2017

    it would be a lot less dangerous if Russia’s PUTTHEAD was the president and in the white house . then THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW

    1. plc97477 May 11, 2017

      less incompetent maybe but still dangerous.

  15. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 10, 2017

    OK here might be a big plus ? ok COMA COMEY is fired understood . and now the ones in office are seeking an independent investigation (THIS IS ALL GOOD AND THE RIGHT THING TO DO ) So with this I don’t believe it would be in the best interest or fair by law that thy have an independent investigation be run or be at the top of it be a GOP one of the gang of pinheads . for having a GOP to investigate a GOP PRESIDENT that’s like a fox defending a fox for raiding the hen house . by right and fair a Democrat should be the leader in the investigation . and ok if thy want one of the GOP gang of pinheads to help (which cant be much help in the first place ) but if its a must that’s ok .now to have the most help in this investigation with what and who might be more and the most familiar with this whole thing (and seeing now how COMA COMEY dosent have a job now ) if be it a democrat is the lead on the investigation (which should be ) then he should hire COMA COMEY to help with the investigation now . (by right h might be able to save a lot of time ) seeing how he has been on this investigation for so long . can only help to tell the investigation what he knows .and save time also (one would think ) if this was to happen one can take a sure bet that THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW would be giving COMA COMEY that high paying security job for DONNY DUMPS CLOWN SHOW cult clan . (all with COMA signing a hush disclosure contract ) and that would keep him off the investigation and shut him up too . and more then likely the DUMPSTER CLOWN will be giving the FBI job to MICKY FLYNN

  16. yabbed May 10, 2017

    Of course no rational person believes this cock and bull story. Trump fired Comey in a futile attempt to impede the investigation of his collusion with Putin to remove the sanctions President Obama put on Russia in exchange for Putin putting Trump in the White House so he could enrich himself and his family from the blatant misuse of the presidency that we see happening as we speak.

  17. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 10, 2017

    and this could been the main reason why COMA COMEY was fired so fast and all of a sudden too slow to a stop the investigation into THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW’S ties with Russia >>

    Days before he was fired, Comey asked for money for Russia investigation

    Days before he was fired, James B. Comey, the former FBI director, asked the Justice Department for a significant increase in money and personnel for the bureau’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the presidential election, three officials with knowledge of his request told the New York Times.

    Comey asked for the resources during a meeting last week with Rod J. Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general who wrote the Justice Department’s memo that was used to justify the firing of the FBI director this week.

  18. Wayne Thorson May 10, 2017

    There’s a new sheriff in town. They didn’t mention his name. We understand it is Barney Fife.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker May 11, 2017

      Sessions does fit the image of Barney Fife now that you mention it. Great analogy.

      1. Wayne Thorson May 12, 2017

        The Republicans are saying Trump is the new sheriff in town. He fits the name of Barney Fife better.

        1. ♚ King Leo ♚ May 14, 2017

          That is kinda unfair to Barney Fife.

  19. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 10, 2017

    here THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW go’s he is running the country like his business if you don’t

  20. 1standlastword May 10, 2017

    This is what can we expect from an insane morally bankrupt cretin!

    This is the classic mafia tactic called hit-the-hitter.

    Hire a patzer to do the dirty deed then hire a goon to take him out. All to cover the trail that leads back to Big Boss Mafioso i.e. Teflon Donnie

    The problem Teflon Donnie has is in order for this underworld strategy to work you have to be operating in the underworld! The Donald’s psychosis is so remarkable that he thinks he can play mafia boss in his role as POTUS…$hithead!

    Our government is broken but not as broken as Teflon Donnie thinks.

    We should all be waiting for the mother of all tweets: “Effectively, today at 5p, I, Donald J. Trump resign the position of President of the United States of America….”

    And lastly, you can bet there are back channels in the WH between the top echelons (Ryan and Mitch) and the teflon mafia boss is a subject for “what’s next and what should we do about this $hit storm??!”

    Ryan and Mc Connell are suffocating on the steam generating from the heat of Trump/ Russia

    1. nutbar May 11, 2017

      Speaking of back channels, surely the NSA or some other agency entrusted with protecting the USA has a contingency plan to deal with treasonous apparatchiks should one gain and sully the office of the POTUS with lies, collusion with enemy forces and self enrichment

      1. kep May 12, 2017

        If America did, it surely would have been used when we had a Kenyan usurper in the White House.

        1. ♚ King Leo ♚ May 13, 2017

          ^ birther

        2. Independent1 May 14, 2017

          You’re such a pathetic pathological lying weasel that there isn’t one sane person posting on the NM that believes one word you post. So why are you wasting your time? Do you make a few bucks for every nonsensical post you make which no one reads???

        3. Sand_Cat May 15, 2017

          What a laugh! You’re too stupid for anyone with brains to stay angry.

  21. Pamby50 May 10, 2017

    I read this morning that James Comey asked the DOJ for more funds to expand the investigation. Even if the grand jury hands out indictments, I don’t trust the DOJ to prosecute them. It is imperative that a special prosecutor be appointed. Otherwise teflon Don will skate.

    1. Eleanore Whitaker May 11, 2017

      Actually, there is a line in that story that was probably omitted due to not being in Trump’s presence when he went ballistic that he couldn’t make these investigations stop. When Comey asked for more funds, it was due to the fact that the subpoenaes were already on their way out the door and there were many more to come. Trump found out about the subpoenaes and according to one White House leaker, he was “white hot” angry like they’d never seen before.

      Of course he was. He knew that the more subpoenaes that go out would mean he cannot stop the investigations without being thrown in prison for obstruction of justice. NO president has the right to interfere with other major departments of government, least of all the FBI or CIA if the president is the one under investigation.

      You can only imagine the ramifications if a president was allowed to do that.

      Trump also is frying his balls in a cast iron skillet because the Senate Investigations committee under Burr and Warner requested Trump’s financials from the U.S. Treasury. Trump cannot stop the U.S. Treasury from providing them due to the legalities involved i this investigation. This is the beginning of the end for Trump and he knows it.

      1. Independent1 May 14, 2017

        And I assume you noticed the outright fabrication of reality that Trump’s corrupt accountants supposedly produced in a letter about how much money he’s liable to the Russians for since 2008 – a paltry 100 million; what a joke. Could his accounts really be that dumb to assume people will believe those lies??

        Trump Letter Accounts For More Than $100 Million In Russian Income Since 2008

        And then in the letter his accounts keep mentioning that the 100 million is “immaterial’. As if to try an con someone into believe that Trump hasn’t had much dealings with the Russians over the past almost 10 years when there are numerous articles on the internet that dispute that notion.

        1. Eleanore Whitaker May 15, 2017

          Here is what I find the most frightening. Back in 2013 when it came to light that Trump got a $25 million fine from the U.S. Treasury for money laundering, here in NJ it was in our local and state media on a nearly daily basis.

          But, magically, he was able to cough up that money by simply filing for 6 corporate bankruptcies. When businesses do that, state taxpayers are left to pay that debt.

          One other curiousity came out 3 years later. A bankrupt Trump suddenly had the money to pour as he stated $100 million into his campaign.

          We all found that odd since the NY media was saying he was down to $995 million, mostly in real estate holdings around the world. That’s why he was able to avoid losing his entire wealth to bankruptcy. The US can’t lay claim to foreign assets.

          But I digress. What scares me is that Trump is borrowing money from Russian oligarchs or banks lending him money on Putin’s approval.

          The NY media had published a number of times that Trump was cut off from borrowing from US banks. The only bank he was able to borrow from was Deutschebank, a foreign “exchange” bank.

          When you put the pieces of Trump’s expertise with money laundering, you see how easy it is for him to get the money he needs from Russians and then launder it in foreign exchange banks offshore.

          The problem is what happens when he borrows more than Putin is willing to lend? How much of the US will Putin be able to lay claim to then?

    2. kep May 11, 2017

      Lynch was in Hillarys and the Emperors pocket. That “chance” meeting with Bill Clinton while Hillary was being investigated said it all. The Obama regime was the most corrupt in American history.

      1. nutbar May 11, 2017

        Your comment reminds me of an old saying – born stupid and working hard to stay that way.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker May 11, 2017

        You mean like Erik Prince’s sister, Secy of Ed, Cruella de Vos is in Trump’s? Or like Mitch the KY Bourbon Boy whose wife is in Trump’s pocket? Or Like Big Oil Tillerson? Sessions? Contwat?

        But let’s talk about Trump being in Putin’s pocket…Start with that Ruskie troll

        1. kep May 16, 2017

          GET HELP Elie.

          1. Thoughtopsy May 19, 2017

            F**k you, Russian Troll. (Or deplorable moron… I don’t really care which)

          2. kep May 20, 2017

            Amazing liberals consistently use deflection. Accuse someone of the very same thing you are really doing. Liberals obsession with Russia is so telling. So tell me, Comrade, what’s the weather in Moscow like this morning?
            You people are so predictable, and your stupidity is astounding.

      3. Thoughtopsy May 11, 2017

        Hey retard…
        Let’s try a simple question to uncover how far you’re bending logic to hold your idiotic positions:

        Trump has loudly, repeatedly and publicly stated that NO-ONE IN HIS CAMPAIGN EVER TALKED TO RUSSIA. (emphasis his)
        So far, Sessions, Manafort, Flynn, Page, and a variety of others have either admitted they did talk to Russia, recused themselves, asked for immunity, or been caught on tape talking to Russians, or all of the above…


      4. ♚ King Leo ♚ May 13, 2017

        Counterpoint: YOU ARE A BIRTHER. Nobody will ever care what your opinion is, since you are such a moron that you STILL believe in birtherism.

      5. The lucky one May 15, 2017

        “Lynch was in Hillarys and the Emperors pocket.” That may be true. Sessions is quite obviously in Trump’s pocket.

        1. kep May 16, 2017

          Sessions hasn’t met with the husband of an individual that is under investigation. Lynch got caught meeting with Bill. Between Lynch and Comes, Hillary was given a free pass for all the laws she should be in jail for.

          1. The lucky one May 16, 2017

            Yes, but Sessions met the individual who is under investigation himself. You think that is any less improper? He was appointed by the person under suspicion and had to recuse himself but has stayed involved in the investigation. Watching trump and Sessions trip over each other is like the three stooges, but funnier.

      6. Sand_Cat May 15, 2017

        What in the hell are you blathering about?
        Obama’s the most corrupt administration in Amercian History? Right. Trump has done far more corruption in his first hundred days than Obama and Clinton put together in their lifetimes; you’re just too blind and stupid to recognize it.

        1. kep May 16, 2017

          Correction. Emperor Obama had the most corrupt regime in American history. Ironic that he wasn’t even an American citizen.

          1. Sand_Cat May 18, 2017

            Why need I write more: your own words scream “gullible idiot” better than anything I could write.

          2. kep May 18, 2017

            Funny how Emperor Obama did all and worse than President Trump, yet not a word about that from liberals. Guess it is really true that liberals are just commies that want on see America in ruins.

          3. Sand_Cat May 18, 2017

            Have you EVER made a comment here or anywhere else that actually dealt with facts or involved anything resembling thought at all? You remain doggedly robotic and amusingly stupid no matter what the situation or the comment to which you reply.
            Truly, it’s morons like you who are reducing this country to ruins, whatever you intend, but you haven’t the wit to have the faintest inkling.
            You keep going; I won’t be wasting more time on you.

          4. kep May 19, 2017

            Nah. More like commies like YOU are destroying America, and your most likely not even an American. Posting from some small dark room in Moscow, Comrade?
            An American would not want to see our country continue on the downward spiral that the liberals have placed us. Claiming to be something doesn’t make it so, yet I see it daily from posters here. Elie is the queen of reinventing herself as needed. You just seen to either be so brainwashed that you can’t have a thought of your own, or just a good communist party member doing your handlers bidding.

    3. kep May 16, 2017

      That was a liberal lie.

  22. jamcrky May 10, 2017

    Only a fool would believe the reason he gave for firing Comey. Its for the same reason he won’t show his taxes…….The Russian thing is nearing and he’s terrify it will bit him right in the ass…………the sooner the better

  23. RNichols May 10, 2017

    Was this move made while Comey was in California so Trump’s people could enter Comey’s workspace and go through his files?

    1. Eleanore Whitaker May 11, 2017

      If Trump’s people do that and destroy evidence they know will be used in any investigation, they’ll all go to prison for obstruction of justice. Nixon’s people also tried that with those damning tapes that had the Plumbers admitting Nixon knew all about the WaterGate Burglary. Some of them went to prison for up to 3 years for destroying that evidence.

    2. ♚ King Leo ♚ May 13, 2017

      They literally had no idea he was interstate, so no – it was just the baseline incredible incompetence that Trump brings to the White House.

  24. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 10, 2017

    as things are going on here its kind of like a throw back in time from the books of the time of MLK these days its the GOP gang of pinheads that are putting them self above the Democrat’s like back in the days of MLF the gang of pinheads think thy are the white people and the Democrats are the black people . thy seem to feel thy are more important then the Democrats and all thy do is right and only their way matters . ill tell you what’s next the Democrats are not going to stand around and be treated like the white racist treated the black back in MLK days. its the 21 century and since Abe Lincoln we the people are all the same . again a warning gang of pinheads you wont like how the Democrats will act and what it will be you that make them do what thy will do . no one will let anyone treat them as less then any other . and the reaction will be on you what happens . so beware you RACIST DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW FOLLOWERS you and your brain dead cult and clan will be stopped .

  25. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 11, 2017

    bottom line COMA COMEY was just another victim of THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW used to the point there was no more use to him then dumped . the KING DUMPSTER MOUTH AND BRAIN FULL OF HIS B/S so many people in life have fallen to the clown think how many people the POS screwed and dumped on his at least 5 bankrupts . when the clown isn’t taking money and bring big time hardship to he takes their dignity by sexual assaulting them as he dose to women rapes and beats them . there is no low for THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW the true and biggest POS going today . he has no clue of the trouble he is setting himself and his family up for in the future . for the hardship will fall on them after he leaves office (or thrown out ) after all the governments body guards are gone watch and see then back to your big hardship will fall . so many people out there that wont and don’t forget . one can warn the DUMPSTER but he don’t care he has no clue . stupid clown

  26. Eleanore Whitaker May 11, 2017

    As the legendary journalist Tom Brokaw said, “Those of us who live in New York know Trump.” You bet we do.

    In essence, Trump like all mental defectives is like an infectious disease. He has an evil germ that just has to spread to others.

    Not to worry. He’s going down and even the Republicans are beginning to realize if they continue to hitch their wagons to his team, they go down with him.

    This is WaterGate all over. Already, due to the firing of Comey with that lame ass excuse about his handling of Hillary’s emails, the acting FBI director is threatening to resign…just like when Nixon fired Archibald Cox for refusing to end the WaterGate investigation. That firing forced Cox’s acting AG and assistant, Richardson and Rickelshaus to resign just like the Acting Director of the FBI is now threatening.

    The problem with Trump is his inability to mentally process the word “NO.” So like a plantation owner whose slave labor isn’t ever allowed to voice an opinion, refuse to do what they know is wrong, Trump acts like he is the last word on everything.

    Then, there is the matter of the evidence that is mounting against him and his lies about “I have never done business in Russia.” Really? Even when his son Donny Boy Jr. said,” We have millions of dollars coming in from our businesses in Russia?”

    Right now the right wing, KKK, NRA and the rest of the white male supremacists have balls tied in knots over what they know is coming.

    They have no guarantee Comey or one of the FBI agents who respected him won’t tell all about who got to Comey in the GOP. Ergo, McConnell refusing to allow an independent prosecutor for an independent investigation. Particularly when we all know that the RNC under Prince Reince took advantage with political patronage jobs for McConnell’s wife, Erik Prince’s Sister Cruella de Vos and dozens of other aunts, uncles, cousins and family members.

    1. Tom Brokaw! The best and most honest . Draw the line. Finito.
      Did you really listen to all he had to say, Elle? Just surprised I am.

  27. nutbar May 11, 2017

    New revelations on discussions Trump had with Sessions show that Trump intended to move on Comey. Given that the orange perv’s signature move is a crotch grab, Comey should just be thankful he avoided that and do his part as an honest freedom loving American to bring about Trump’s impeachment. But make sure the perv gets housed with inmates that are fond of as sexual assault as he is.

    1. Thoughtopsy May 11, 2017

      Not surprised you like Dictators, grommit.

    2. ♚ King Leo ♚ May 13, 2017

      OK sorry you can’t use words and have to use incomprehensible juvenile drawings to communicate your desperate justifications for supporting treason. Maybe your brain will get better over time? On the other hand, who cares what happens to a Nazi.

      1. kep May 16, 2017

        Interesting that you call Americans traitors when you are not an American yourself, Comrade. Try serving something other than yourself, and maybe actually fight for your country with real death, then maybe you can use that word, but not before. YOU HAVE NOT EARNED THE RIGHT COMRADE.

        1. ♚ King Leo ♚ May 16, 2017


          You don’t get to judge anyone, you feeble sack of crap.

          1. kep May 16, 2017

            Again, you are calling someone that has actually served America during war. You should just say thank you to all those that have kept your ass safe while you were hiding under some rock. Get a life loser.

          2. ♚ King Leo ♚ May 16, 2017

            Ah ok, you think pretending to be a veteran absolves you of your treason. What a stupid thing to think, traitor.

          3. kep May 17, 2017

            I don’t need to pretend. I don’t need to lie, however that seems to be all you can do, loser Comrade.

          4. OK pretend veteran. Good traitoring there.

  28. Who Really Believes The White House Rationale For Firing Comey?
    I would propose GOD as a good worthy candidate!
    It is just about his turn to believe Boloney!
    After so many centuries of deceit they dished to us in his name and other gods too…
    Make Way! The Lord!

  29. nutbar May 11, 2017

    Trump’s only real talent is being a lying idiot. He is truly comfortable lying and at a loss to utter anything wholly true. Even if he starts off with the truth, he just can’t resist making up stories. Too bad Chemical Ali wasn’t eligible for POTUS or America could have been great for an entire decade by now if that’s what it takes

  30. Thoughtopsy May 11, 2017

    That’s what you get when you elect someone with the impulse control and temperament of a poorly trained ADHD 5 year old to the Presidency.

    Suck it, Deplorables.

  31. Johnny five May 11, 2017

    We have a President Donald J. Trump that has been going far beyond the call of duty. He puts America first. I am very proud to call him my president. So happy to see the weak legged Obama sitting on the side lines with Hillary and he rapist Husband Bill. You lost so now you can go away.

    1. ♚ King Leo ♚ May 13, 2017

      OK thanks Ivan.

    2. Sand_Cat May 15, 2017

      I’m proud to call you a gullible and clueless idiot. Donald Trump puts ONE THING first: Donald Trump.You’re welcome to him; let him come to your house and have sex with your wife and daughter and lie every time he opens his mouth.

      1. Johnny five May 16, 2017

        That sounds like your talking about the rapist Bill Clinton..

        1. Sand_Cat May 18, 2017

          Only because you’re deaf and blind as well as clueless and stupid :>)

    3. Thoughtopsy May 19, 2017

      “We won, we won, we won… And we’re still gullible AF.”
      You pinheads make me sad to be a human.

      The only far distance beyond the “call of corruption” President Snowflake has performed is filling key posts with every Goldman Sachs executive and billionaire and racist he can get his hands on, and spending every weekend playing golf and filling his coffers with government money…
      … oh… then, of course, aiding and applauding the passing of the AHCA which will literally kill you and you Deplorable friends.

      Actually… hell. That last point will probably help the country as a whole.
      Every cloud has a silver lining, I guess. :O

      1. Johnny five May 20, 2017


  32. ivory69690@yahoo.com May 12, 2017

    COMA COMEY thy to kiss butt to look good to THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN CLOW . and then DONNY DUMP killed COMA COMEY if be it COMA was to have just done his job the way it should of been done he would still have his job today .and the country would be saved from THE DONNY DUMP’S CLOWN SHOW and all the BULLSHIfTING KAOSS and Hillary would be in the house . one can look at the DUMPSTER CLOWN and match him up with the likes of an Archie Bunker but in the DUMSTERS on deranged way a lot worse for the people the county & the world .with all this not answering questions because of classified bull things some one could die of old age before thy get half the things done that should be done .. for all the things done so far with the DUMPSTER CLOWN and his brain washed cult clan its crazy for his so called staff it like a lawyer that has to defend a murder for killing 5 people and the lawyer has to go with the lies and defend their clown . POINTS NOW should be any and all investigations that are to be done or even going on should never and not have to stop at the DONNY DUMP’S desk its him the Satan that’s all the investigations are about .. as it is now THE DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW it truly a two faced pile of it .he talks and plays nice to your face and as soon as he gets the chance its his hand holding the knife that is in your back . the DUMPSTER talks so much all BULLSHIfTING on all and any interviews he has . he just go’s on and of telling his story about what ever crap he is talking about . its like he is writing a horror story book . rambles on so much and so long and its still at the end is a lot of just plan old nothing . and the CLOWN believes it all . and if you don’t he will fire you . //// the really right thing to do now is these people that interview him should just call the spade a spade and say you know something DONNY DUMP ? YOU ARE A PLAN OUT CRAZY LIAR . NO ONE CAN BELIEVE A WORD YOU SAY . the clown says that Russia had no effect of the voting count at all . but if you was to tell him . YOU KNOW DONNY I THINK RUSSIA DID HAVE AN EFFECT ON THE VOTING COUNT . and then say if Russia didn’t pull their bull I believe you would of gotten over 3 million more votes . and at that point im sure you would see the DUMPSTER’s eyes almost pop out of his head . and then he would be saying you know I believe you right . that would explains why I didn’t get the popular vote . (then he would say something like ) its said and every one is talking how good I am and how every one loves me . that explains it all and your right . (at this point he might say im thinking now of sueing Russia ) at this point like pretty much from his birth THE DONNY DUMP ONE MAN clown show is not and has never been of sound and or sane mind . he just talks and rambles on always with his BULLSHIfTING ON AND ON AND ON .. the DUMPSTER truly thinks he can do anything he wants all the time and feels he is ant it is always right and no one can say anything that can change his mind . this clown should be locked up im a padded cell .


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