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White House: Obama Would Veto Keystone Pipeline Bill

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White House: Obama Would Veto Keystone Pipeline Bill

Environmental activists protest the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, in New York on May 13, 2013

Washington (AFP) – U.S. President Barack Obama would veto Republican-sponsored legislation authorizing the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada if it passes the new Congress, the White House said Tuesday.

“I would not anticipate that the president would sign this piece of legislation,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said.

Republicans, assuming control of both house of Congress as of Tuesday, have vowed to approve the controversial pipeline project which would move Canadian heavy oil across the United States to refineries on the Gulf of Mexico.

Obama has opposed the pipeline on environmental grounds, while Republicans say it would generate jobs.

AFP Photo/Don Emmert



  1. kenndeb January 7, 2015

    If it helps our country, of course, the Emperor will be against it.

    1. mike January 7, 2015

      Where is Reid when he needs him??? Maybe the truth will be seen by the American people who the real obstructionist have been these last 5 years.

      1. kenndeb January 7, 2015

        Americans are starting to wake up, but I doubt our communist friends in the regime will go quietly.

        1. mike January 7, 2015

          I am afraid the low info people will never wake up, and sadly their numbers are much high.

    2. jtxl January 7, 2015

      that’s just it, as written, it does not help us. instead of going around the water supply for 3 states, it goes through the aquifer at high risk. The jobs are temporary at best 2 years. What do these workers do when they have relocated their families and the job dries up? Changes in the location of the northern part of the pipeline and the proposed Democrat stipulation that all the oil fed through the pipeline must stay here in the United States could make the pipeline a success. The question is why it is so important to the republicans to risk our water safety and economics on this ill prepared plan to supply oil at our own risk to other countries while driving our oil prices up?

  2. Mike T January 7, 2015

    This thing will supply very few jobs, most of them temporary, and the oil will go straight onto tankers in the gulf to be shipped off to foreign countries. It passes over the aquafier, which is just insane. If any of that tar sand oil gets in that water it will destroy the living of thousands of farmers and render the land essentially useless for anything but grazing.
    Then, ask yourselves, why don’t the Canadians send it straight to their western port? Because they don’t want their environment put at risk, that’s why.
    Then ask yourself, who’s really going to benefit from this. Answer is NOT US!

    1. Melinda Killie January 7, 2015

      INDEED, Mike T, but try to explain that to the empty headed, self serving, thinking of NOTHING but themselves and their corporate crony pals, traitor, clown car republicans those facts. They are about STUPID and America is tired of their stupidity!
      NOT US! DAMN RIGHT, Mike T!

    2. jlb74a . January 7, 2015

      Do not involved yo’self in areas you do NOT know anything about… dumbass.. :))

  3. elw January 7, 2015

    Of course he will. Why would you risk the environment for a foreign country to allow them to export oil cheaper to other Countries and 35 permanent jobs?


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