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Why Does Mitt Romney Like Firing People? Because He Made $20,000 On Every Laid-Off Worker

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Why Does Mitt Romney Like Firing People? Because He Made $20,000 On Every Laid-Off Worker


Mitt Romney would prefer for you to recall just one number regarding his record at Bain Capital. That would be 100,000 — the number of jobs that the Republican candidate  claims he created during 15 years at the private equity firm.

But now there is a more interesting, plausible and relevant number: $20,000. That’s how much money Romney is estimated to have made from each worker laid off during Bain’s many corporate takeovers.

In fairness, Romney’s goal at Bain was never to create jobs but to reap the biggest returns for their valued investors. Judging by that metric, he did exceedingly well, as even Bill Clinton accidentally admitted when discussing Romney’s “sterling” business career. And of course, Romney’s fortune, estimated somewhere between $190 million and 250 million, attests to that assessment.

But over the course of the Romney’s years at Bain Capital, at least five of the companies he took over eventually went bankrupt, while still  rewarding Bain investors handsomely:

• American Pad & Paper: Bain invested $5 million in the Ohio paper company in 1992, and reportedly collected $100 million in dividends on that investment.  But AMPAD went bankrupt in 2000, resulting in 385 employees losing their jobs.

• Dade Behring: Bain invested $415 million in a leveraged buyout in 1994, borrowed an additional $421 million, and ultimately walked away with $1.78 billion. Dade filed for bankruptcy in 2002, and laid off 2,000 employees.

• DDI Corporation: Bain reportedly invested $46.3 million in the electronic parts manufacturer 1997, earning $85.5 million in profits plus $10 million more in management fees. When the company went bankrupt several years later, 2,100 workers were laid off.

• GS Industries: In 1993, Bain invested $60 million in the Kansas City steel maker, borrowed a lot of money, and then took $65 million in dividends. But GS eventually went bankrupt in 2002, and 750 workers lost their jobs and pensions.

• Stage Stores: Bain invested $5 million to purchase the Houston-based retailer and took it public in the mid-’90s, reaping $100 million from stock offerings. In 200o, following Romney’s departure from Bain, Stage filed for bankruptcy and 5,795 workers were reportedly dismissed.

While it is true that some of those companies went under after Romney had left Bain, the job growth for which he now seeks credit also occurred after his departure in 1999. But the bankruptcies — and the bust-out scenario that helped Bain to profit anyway — are not news.  What AOL’s Daily Finance has contributed to the Bain debate is a simple calculation:  Bain Capital booked $1.995 billion in profits from the layoffs of 11,030 workers at various firms. And by that scoring, Romney earned roughly $20,000 himself for each of those fired employees. Nice work if you can get it (or take it away from someone else).


  1. Kenneth J. Hicks June 16, 2012

    What also has to be remembered, as far as Bain’s goal to reap the highest profits for investors, success cannot be measured in companies that continued to grow. Mitt Romney says that 5% of the companies in which Bain invested (others put it at 22%) went through bankruptcy. Other companies “reorganized,” firing every employee, then hiring some back at reduced wages and benefits. (Doubtless, those are counted as jobs created.) Bain would count those as success because the substantially reduced operating costs brought in higher profits. However, how many other companies were subsequently broken up, their parts sold off, reaping a greater value in parts than whole? Again, success in the parlance of Bain and Romney.

    1. Michael Stoll June 16, 2012

      I cant believe what I just read … Unlike Solyndra or Fisker the UAW , Private business does not operate on an unlimited tap of Tax payer money . Nor do thay expect to live get paid and be pensioned far above the average American Tax payer ( their Neighbors who pay Taxes and their salaries ) . They live in the real world not a Liberal Utopia of Lollipops and Unicorns . Lets say for the moment what you propose is true ( and It is a LIberal Lie that I will get into next ) ..that these rehired workers were rehired at lower pay . They at least still have a job . In your world instead of Bain bailing out failing Comapnies and making them into comapnies that work , You would I guess do what Dems do , Bail out every business that supports them and use OTHER PEOPLES MONEY to keep those supporters paid at the same leveles even if that is unsustainable . You can only do that through wealth redistribution and by using other peoples money and sooner or later you will run out of that …SEE GREECE OR ILLINOIS ..Back to your Liberal Lie tht these workers were hired back at lower wages . Some were but many MORE have been hired back into reorganized comapnies at the same or Hire pay . More have been given the opportunity to move up in the ranks in their companies because they are still there . Liberals please grow up and live in the real world

      1. eiclmeece June 16, 2012

        For such a scholar, you should learn something about using the language, especially in respect to syntax and punctuation. Now I realize such triviality means little to you- such as destroyed pensions, $8.00 salaries etc.- So just consider one historical fact if you will, “Commander Business Acumen, I want you to think about what has brought about nearly every revolutiion in the history of civilization, Master Stoll.

        1. LateNightLarry September 21, 2012

          $8.00 an hour is not a salary… a full time job at $8.00 an hour won’t even pay the rent in most parts of the country; TWO full time jobs at $8.00 an hour just might cover the rent, but not your other living expenses.

          it’s a WAGE, a wage for a job. In case you didn’t know, job stands for Just Over Broke…

        2. Edgar Swindenhauser September 28, 2012

          “I want you to think about what has brought about nearly every revolutiion in the history of civilization”

          That would be decadence and luxurious living on the part of the ruling class (think private jets, Martha’s Vineyard vacations, designer wardrobes…), uncontrolled spending and abuse of private property and individual rights, incontrolled taxation and lack of accountability on the part of the ruling powers….until one day the populace rises up and overthrows their corrupt leaders.

          Get my drift Master Revolution?

      2. metrognome3830 June 16, 2012

        You use a lot of “may have been” scenarios, but you are woefully short on any concrete facts, Michael. Interesting you should use the term “Other Peoples Money.” That is exactly what your heroes do. That is their gospel. You NEVER use your own money! Use Other People’s Money!” OPM! That’s been the code for the wheeler dealers for decades. And throw away the label machine, Mr. Stoll. It is not a conservative or liberal world. It’s just not that simple and the continual labeling everything you don’t like “liberal” and others labeling everything they don’t like “conservative” is totally pointless. It sounds more like a playground argument. I would suggest you do a bit of growing up yourself, Mr. Stoll.

        1. Edgar Swindenhauser September 28, 2012

          He putting out a ‘playground argument’ because he knows that on this site everyone has a 2nd grade mentality.

      3. Don B June 16, 2012

        You grow up and live in the real world–what companies specifically can you name? HMMMMMMMM? By the way, the idea of trying to market the buzz words of “self-interest” doesn’t fly whenj dealing with the avertage worker. It’s still the same tired old dinasour the Radical Right is trying to trot out again only its really called “Greed is Good”.

      4. Repugnatcant June 16, 2012

        I did NOT “like ” this I clicked the wrong button. No one is talking “wealth redistribution” ( you have been in the Faux newz sauce again) we are talking about ALL corporations paying there FAIR share of TAXs as we all do. How Un-American is that?

  2. D A Murphy June 16, 2012

    “Romney’s goal at Bain was never to create jobs”
    Why didn’t he just lay everyone off? Seems like he missed a money making opportunity by saving face and keeping a few people on the pay roll. What a greedy bastard. He didn’t want to PAY them, but he had to USE them in order to make money for himself! Of course those people that didn’t get laid off were so greedy that they WOULDN’T work for even Mittens without a pay check!

    1. Michael Stoll June 16, 2012

      You Liberals really dont have any foundation in how business works . During Mitts tenure at Bain many more jobs were created then let go . Co.s did close or reorganized and this resulted in more jobs and better long term jobs . It would be to no venture Capitalists benefit to lose a viable company . the whole Idea of Bain was to build successful COmpanies so EVERYONE can make some money . From the workers to the owners to the investors …Liberals they are that stupid

      1. Paula Thomas June 16, 2012

        And you must be a conservative asshole….for thinking that EVERYONE made money…..MITT ROMNEY and his cronies were the only benefactors of this so called “reorganizing”………yeah CONSERVATIVES ARE THAT STUPID AND GREEDY……..”.A fool and his money soon departs”

        1. Joseph Hemphill June 16, 2012

          yea, you go girl !!

          1. Joyce June 16, 2012

            You have it right go to the top of the class

          2. suskopo June 16, 2012

            love it!! He he he…

        2. Lynda J June 21, 2012

          Well said!!!!

        3. Fern Woodfork July 1, 2012

          You Go Paula!! I’m So Tried Of These Koch Brother Ass Sucking Terrorists Running Around Think Romney Is Some Kind Of GOD When He’s Just Another Money Hoarding Thugs Just Like His Handlers The Koches, The Bushes And The Rest Of The American Taliban Leaders!!

          1. catball July 14, 2012

            I know you “just” when you call them American Taliban Leaders however, this T-bag crowd Santorum, Rick Perry, Cantor and many more I believe seriously do lean that way. That is why they try to put women down. We have one of the worst governors ever in Sam Brownback in Kansas. If he had his way women would be wearing burkas.

        4. Truth will win July 13, 2012

          Actually, that is ‘A fool and his money soon parts’. But, yes, I agree with your assertion. From different angles, what Mitt/Bain did was indefensible. From a performance point of view, if the companies that they took over went bankrupt, Bain should not have been paid so handsomely. And from a compassion point of view, remember that a laid off worker is not just a statistic, it is a human being with a family to feed – make sure you have equipped that worker to find a new job before paying yourself.

          Certainly, it cannot be a case of ‘You win, I win; you lose, I still win’. There have to be some repercussions for leading a company to bankruptcy, and it should not just be the workers. People like Bain ostensibly come in to help the companies with their expertise. If they cannot help, then they should not still make away like bandits.

        5. Don July 17, 2012

          Yes,Paula, that was a quote from the Bible. Luckily MR won’t be able to take his moola with him when he goes to meet his maker Jesus Christ, who died for his sin for being a fool and all his money.

        6. Brenda August 27, 2012

          You are so right. Now that we have the facts before us, what does he have planned for the American people? Is he going to fire us in some twisted way; or, completely destroy our finances? Bush already bushed us out. Spells disaster and treachery to me. People need to wise up before they even vote for this wealthy Grimlen. Argh!

        7. Edgar Swindenhauser August 30, 2012

          “A Fool by any other name (like Liberal) is still a Fool”.

        8. Edgar Swindenhauser August 30, 2012

          Lots of CAPS and namecalling – the trademarks of a lib – especially female libs.

          Your mantra: When you need to make a point, don’t use reason, just throw a tantrum!

        9. michael October 10, 2012

          can you believe he wrote that crap.he probably a broke republican too

      2. Gammaanya June 16, 2012

        Romney understand economy like my cat understand, please flush the toilet after he uses a litter box. When so called businessman raises a hand to a question if he would vote yes or not on taxes ratio 10 to one, I knew NONE of them understand the meaning. SAD. Best deal any country could get. They would vote on lightbulbs, In God we Trust, they will vote on contraceptives etc but none of them will vote YES on taxes 10 to one. This man wants to be a President and to fix economy??? Give me a break.

      3. Bunny June 16, 2012

        Any jobs that were recreated were probably minimum wage. Not equivalent to Romneys payload .

      4. Eleanore Whitaker June 16, 2012

        Michael Stoll…Nice try. But Bain Consulting doesn’t pay employees a living wage. It’s as bad as Walmart. What’s with you hotchas of the right stuffing your pockets with our tax dollars you get in credits, breaks, cuts and subsidies and then calling everything dime you take in revenue “profits”. BS…pay what you owe in taxes, what you owe to employees who make your “profits” possible and the vendors you owe for your supplies…Then, and only then do you get to call incoming revenue “profit”. Enough with the Big Business Wussy Bois swindling.

        If you can afford $500 million billionaires dollars to put into RoMONEY’s campaign you can damn well afford to pay taxes at the actual levels you are supposed to pay…not the ones you’ve had your CPAs cut to the bone so the rest of the people in this country can pay what you don’t.

      5. bigspender7 June 16, 2012

        Wow. You are seriously confused. Your buddy Mitt followed the T. Boone Pickens model, i.e. take over a struggling company, sell off the few successful divisions, make a lot of money, then dump the rest. Mitt & Co. make money – the majority of employees look for work elsewhere.

      6. Paul Williamson June 16, 2012

        I am a Democrat and a business founder and owner ($80 Million/yr sales, 300 employees) and I know exactly how succesful businesses work. A good business is profitable (otherwise it would be out of business in a couple of years), produces quality products and sevices at fair value for its customers, and takes good care of its valuable employees. In 20 years I have never laid off a productive worker who tried hard.

        What a responsible business owner does not do is shut down entire divisions and lay everyone off, while personally pocketing huge profits – we don’t call these vultures businessmen; they are corporate raiders, and that is just what Romney did.A responsible and competent businessman would have fixed the company so it was profitable , saving jobs, rather than eliminating. Apparently that was too much work for Rob-me (sic); it was easier just to grab their pension funds and run.

        1. ladypriest September 12, 2012

          Then to make it worse he hid the mjoney overseas

        2. ladypriest September 12, 2012

          to make it worse the scamp hid the money overseas

      7. dggrundhoffer June 16, 2012

        You statements show me you are a true Republican. Venture capitalist are vultures reaping profit at others expense. It is too bad your grasp of reality forgets that the new jobs created were entry level jobs where pay put working famlies at risk. It is the truth as you see it but not the whole truth. Politics at its best. They have you brainwashed and you just bend over and take it. Over and over and say more PLEASE!!!!! Just like all the mindless Republicans they rely on for finacial support. Maybe some day you will smarten up, but not not before you also will be at the soupline and wondering what happened!!!!

      8. Hillbilly June 16, 2012

        Bain was created by Romney and his partners to make money for themselves only. In the companies ran into the ground by Him and Bain they even ended up with the pension funds the employees had paid into and we the taxpayers had to replace the pension funds because they were federally insured. If Bain and Romney created the 100,000 jobs he claims they why won’t he tell what the names of these companies are where these jobs were created and where these companies are located. Romney was at Bain for 25
        years, if he and Bain did create a 10000 jobs in that time, that means they only created around 4000 jobs a year, not a very impressive amount of jobs considering the amount of money they made for themselves and their investors. The money Romney and Bain made did not go to the investors of the companies they took over but to the investors in Bain. So Michael Stoll you are the stupid one, 4000 jobs a year is not a great amount of jobs, taking the money paid into by employees pension fund, money that had to be replaced by our tax money, and taking companies like GS Industries that was in good financial health and Stages and other companies associated in the same field as Stages all of which were in good financial health then borrowing some much money against their inventories, while Bain And Romney made millions these companies had to file for bankruptcies because of Romney’s and Bain’s way of doing business is not good business. Nor did Romney do a good job as the Governor of Massachusetts. Massachusetts lost more jobs while he was governor that 48 other states did. The people of Massachusetts only gave him one term as governor because he did such a lousy job being Governor.

      9. William Deutschlander June 16, 2012

        Micheal – you may beleive what you wrote is true, but the truth is that Romney and his colleagues extracted CAPITAL from the U S A Economy and deposited it in personal foreign accounts.
        The so called business of Romney is a PREDATOR, contributes nothing to the economy while extracting capital and converting the capital to personal wealth.
        Would you fathom that Staples is a worthy endeavor, has few full time employees, has destroyed thousands of small local businesses, nearly all employees are part time (no benefits), the employee turn over is phenominal understandably, customer support is non-existent and most of their inventory is made in Asia.
        Me thinks you are misled Michael!

      10. RUKIDENME June 16, 2012

        How can Bain remove the cash from a business and then file for bankruptcy? Is there no look back period for those assets that have been removed? It sounds like larceny. Bankruptcy allows the debtor (Bain/Company) to stiff it’s employee’s, creditor’s, and the taxpayer’s since we pick up the tab for much of these expenses.

        So when Bain raids a company, removes the cash, fires the employee’s, stiffs creditor’s, files for bankruptcy, stiffs taxpayer’s, and then makes a profit it is considered a good business deal?

        Now when someone goes into a store and takes merchandise with out paying it is considered a crime (shoplifting/stealing) What’s the difference? None except the corporate raider reeks a lot more destruction and is not prosecuted.
        Romney is Gordon Gecko…….

      11. Ron Silver June 16, 2012

        You’re the idiot. The sole purpose of capital venture firms is profit for their employees and stock holders. If jobs are created so much the better. If not, they don’t care.

      12. dtgraham June 16, 2012

        Michael, you’re confusing venture capital with private equity. Venture capital is a good thing and Bain did some of that in it’s early years, but quickly made the switch to private equity later. They were one of a number of minority investors in Staples in the mid eighties, and that was fine.

        What they began doing was implementing the Michael Milkin playbook. These guys obtain cheap capital and use it to acquire mature slow growth companies in a leveraged buyout. That is, the company being purchased is forced to pay about 70% of it’s own acquisition. Once the buyout is completed the private equity guys start aggressively cutting costs (layoffs, capital) so that the company can start paying off it’s new debt. This often boosts operating profit without a significant hit to the business, but only in the short term; in the long run the austerity approach makes it difficult for companies to stay competitive. Money that would have been invested in expansion or product development is used to pay off the company’s debt.

        It takes several years before the impact becomes fully apparent in reduced customer service and inferior products, but by that time the private equity firm has generally resold the business at a profit and moved on. Most of Bain’s private equity acquisitions later went bankrupt.

        If that’s not bad enough, tax payers get short changed via a giant loophole in the tax code that enables companies to deduct loan interest from taxes. That provision was intended to encourage borrowing to build new factories, not to finance leveraged buyouts.

      13. Stephen Davis June 16, 2012

        you really don’t know what yoour talking about. it oo to vote for Romneyn that your choice. the idea for venture captialist is to make money for it partners and investors. it is not to create a jobs. if thathappens it is because doing so will lead to profits. however, generally when buying companies, you want to buy it at the lowest prices, trim expenses, repositition it to sell either whole or in parts. Their concern is not about jobs! Its making money! if that your idea of of a presidential mindset, you have that right. but don’t call people stupid when you clearly have not mastered the facts. EVERYONE don’t make money!

      14. Floridatexan June 16, 2012

        I happen to have a business degree, Michael. What Romney did at Bain is nothing short of legalized theft. I’m guessing your business background amounts to pumping gas (no insult intended to people who still do that for a living).

      15. Joyce June 16, 2012

        Oh, yes and 9 out 14 companies are paying minimum wage , no benefits the others getting less than $12. pr hour .Others who call people stupid are equally stupid as it t akes a stupid person to know who are stupid

      16. AaronNashuaNH June 17, 2012

        Only a stooge/puppet would offer such a lame assessment. Your comment offers a new meaning to “step-n-fetchit” in this modern era. Keep up the good work on behalf of the plutocracy(sarcasm intended).

      17. Rvn_sgt6768 June 17, 2012

        Where are your facts to support your statements? I want iron clad facts not your dreamed up statements. When you can invest $5M and first order of business is to fire the workers so you can rehire them at less wages this does NOT constitute creating jobs especially when you go borrow as much as the company can with your new leverage and then walk away with over $400M as your take and let the company go belly up from all the debt you created for it. And last but not least when you can take all those profits off shore without ever paying any Federal Income Tax I do not care what they call it as being ok because that is what these same people got written into the tax code, I call it theft. Bain robbed the companies they invested in and they especially robbed the rest of us who have to make up the lost revenues.

      18. DukeDacat June 18, 2012

        Michael, You have been watching to much Faux Noise.. so who is calling whom Stupid???

      19. Matt Mullin June 25, 2012

        Hay mike grow up!! they tanked about 20ty company’s the job he created was money for the super rich,

      20. Trina LC Sonnenberg June 27, 2012

        And then you woke up.

      21. Julie McKay-wilkinson July 13, 2012

        Everyone didn’t make money! Obviously way too many lost money when they lost their job and pensions! Stupidity is not seeing the dirty dealings of Romney!!

      22. Don July 17, 2012

        I sorry, Mike, but Bain lost more companies than it helped, and it does not matter whether we are liberal or conservative. Bain helped many companies that went bankrupt and many lost their jobs. It seems like MR was making more money off of those that were fired. I feel sad for him and for you as well.

      23. Loving my country July 18, 2012

        Please tell me the jobs that were created if the companies went bankrupt or are no longer in business. Obviously you are not following the script. Buy, leverage, file bankruptcy.

      24. steve p July 23, 2012

        What a crock of poop.

      25. Zuuky75 August 2, 2012

        Warren Buffett in Fortune Magazine November 22, 19991) argued that future long-term stock market returns can be estimated based on GDP growth and the dividend yield. Warren agreed that the :
        Expected real GDP Growth + Expected Inflation + Expected Dividend Yield which was calculated to be 7,5% over the LONG TERM, not the short term, as in eight to ten years…..
        You can read for yourself who reaped the most from these companies. They all needed capitol, Bain got involved and invested into the companies, which indeed was the begining of “the end” for them.
        Simply because Bain put themselves first in the line of creditors, they are investor only so Bain should have shared the RISK on the investment, You notice Bain took much more than the initial investments, in the first example, Bain spent 5 Million for the initial investment and eight years later they had collected a 100 Million in returns, that fiqures out to a 41.67 % return on the investment, PER MONTH, over eight years …….. now Mike you are such a suave investor, Did the companies sell there souls to the devil ?? No big deal , Mike, only 385 people lost their jobs…….
        Warren Buffet is a very smart and smooth investor, who knows how to make HONEST investments, Warren is Extremely happy making up to 10% on his investments, do you know what Warren thinks, and I as well as many others are convinced of, Bain IS A LITTLE PIG, reaping a total of 20,000 Million dollars in eight years, is it any wonder why they were FORCED into bankruptcy court ??
        The second instance Bain spent 415 Million to buy Dade Behring, borrowed an additional 421 Million against the company. Eight years later they collected a total of 1.78 Billion, not bad a 428% return on investment. (I did’nt calculate the 421 Miliion into the numbers, Bain borrowed it on D.B. Credit, since they went bankrupt no more Dade Behring, so who cares. Now, Mike 2,000 people lost there jobs this time, added them to the number of unemployed people, why ?? Bad timing you say, the luck of the draw, BULLSHIT !!!!!

      26. JackieAllen August 2, 2012

        Guess I’m just a stupid liberal, but I’ve noticed that your imagination
        has gotten the better of you. If things worked as you say–then in what
        decade are you referring to?

      27. Patrick August 24, 2012

        SORRY…jobs outsourced to India or China don’t make much money for the U.S. Romney had American workers fired and jobs that could of been done here sent to India or China in exchange for short term profit for him and investors.

        He’s not an American…he’s only in it for himself…

      28. Brenda August 27, 2012

        I know several liberals that have their own business. At least they don’t fire people for an extra income of $20,000 each. Not to mention go bank rupt. Let me guess, if you were working under the Bain program you would have not been fired? Purhaps, you would have been fired–what a fool you are. Small minds stereo-type others, because they are not smart enough to be creative. You are a cliche’: one that so proudly backs up the tea party and staunchy conservatives.

      29. Debra Ann Ball September 25, 2012

        I wish what you are saying might be true, but it isn’t. Venture capitalists have one goal; to make money for their investors. I know, I used to be one. If jobs are created, that’s great. If jobs are lost, VCs don’t lose sleep over it. When companies are closed or reorganized it usually results in fewer jobs, but more money for the investors. That’s just the way its played. It’s the entrepreneurs who start and build companies who create the jobs. VCs can be part of that process; but only if they see there is money in it for them. I’d be much more likely to vote for an entrepreneur like Bill Gates than a private equity guy like Romney. I left the field because I got fed up with the greed and the selfishness I saw in the industry. I went into the field originally because I wanted to be a part of building companies, but I became very disillusioned by what I saw. I found out that pretty much everybody else went into VC to become fabulously wealthy; and most of them could have cared less about what happened to anybody else along the way.

      30. michael October 10, 2012

        go read the “wrecking crew” if you believe the mess you wrote

    2. qltqlt June 18, 2012

      If that is what happens when you put in a bunch of money and take over a company thats ready to go bankrupt anyway, why arent you bitching about Obama taking over solyndra (with tax payers money and bankrupting the company and everyone lost their job. If Bain makes money doing this then Obama must of made a fortune also.

      1. DukeDacat June 18, 2012

        Hey qltqlt, your facts are about as clear as you goofy name. President Obama DID NOT take over Solyndra. It was a loan from that was initially granted during the Bush administration in 2006. The President of the United States DOES NOT personally take over companies….. A little too much Faux Noise … eh..

    3. Opinionpage June 21, 2012

      They SHOULD be working for a paycheck. Noone should be going to their job, especially if you depend on its income, for volunteer wages. It’s ridiculous to think or say ha they would, even if they made very little.

    4. Edgar Swindenhauser August 30, 2012

      “They WOULDN’T work for even Mittens without a pay check”

      So I gather you’re either:

      *) Independently wealthy – in which case you’re the enemy here and better run for cover


      *) You don’t work at all or do nothing but volunteer work, and live by sponging off the gov’t or some other host to your parasitic ways.

  3. Michael Stoll June 16, 2012

    The funny thing about this is that Liberals are stupid enough to believe and repeaat this BS . How many jobs were created by Bains funding ? How many companies ? How many companies were made whole qnd still survive and employ Americans ( Staples Home Depot Etc etc etc ) Meanwhile I wopuld ask about all those people at Solyndra who are OUT OF JOBS PERIOD . But Obama’s friends and Cronies made a half a BILLION on that ..Liberals they are that stupid .

    1. Landsende June 16, 2012

      I’d like some facts and figures about how many jobs were created by Bain and what were the wages of the workers before and after they took over. How many jobs were eliminated and were they able to keep their pensions. As for the two you mention, Staples and Home Depot, I don’t know what their wages were before but now it’s around $10 an hour and they average about 20 hours a week so they aren’t eligible for health or retirement benefits. That’s not even enough to pay the rent and buy food much less anything else. Yes, they’re “lucky” to have a job but low paying jobs are not going to help the economy because there’s no money left over for discretionary spending which is what fuels the economy.

    2. metrognome3830 June 16, 2012

      I think you have already adequately demonstratedwhat stupid is, Mr. Stoll. Now you are becoming really tiresome!

    3. dtgraham June 16, 2012

      Michael, the Chinese deep sixed Solyndra with illegal dumping of solar panels that only a highly technologically advanced slave state could produce so cheaply. There was nothing that the administration could do except petition the WTO and warn the Chinese of future trade sanctions. Not that the latter is likely to happen.

  4. Fern Woodfork June 16, 2012

    And This Is Who The GOP/Tea Party Wants To Run This Country?? That’s Why I Know They Are The American Taliban!!! They Are Doing Us More Harm Than Any Of Those Other Terrorists They Claim Are Out To Do Us Harm!!!

  5. James June 16, 2012

    A president should be elected to protect the interests of the people. Is Romney’s interest to protect his or the people’s?
    A country gets what it deserves. First was Bush, now is Romney.
    This elections should not even be close.

  6. Fern Woodfork June 16, 2012

    Romney Has Line His Staff With Over 17 Members Of George W Bush Old Staff What Do That Tell You It Will Be CHAOS All Over Again!!! He Will Complete The Destruction Of America Where G. W. Bush Left Off!!!! Just To Make A Profit For The 1%!!!

    1. korhal August 10, 2012

      While I agree with your sentiment, the real chaos is all of those unnecessarily uppercased letters. 😛

    2. Edgar Swindenhauser August 30, 2012

      You IQ is about 1% out of a 100.

      1. jhartsho October 10, 2012

        I don’t think you understand how an IQ test works…

    3. Edgar Swindenhauser August 30, 2012

      Do you really think all those exclamation points help you to get your idiocy across? They just make you look even dumber than you are.

    4. redoregonian September 5, 2012

      Hey look Fern…you have “76 likes” while the talking horse (Ed) has “0”. I agree with you. Bush had a record of leaving companies in bankruptcy or in dire financial troubles. Look how he left THE WORLD…not just our beloved United States of American…BUT THE WHOLE WORLD.

      Now…Romney has a record of I-N-T-E-N-T-I-O-N-A-L-L-Y bankrupting companies in order to make a profit. HHHMMMM…wonder who’s record is worse?! Great points. The Republicans have reduced themselves to obstructionism and now try to convey their lack of leadership like its Obama’s faults. We know the truth. We’ve lived through it.

      1. Bob Williams September 19, 2012

        He sure did! Companies like Solyndra, Ener1, Beacon Power, Spectrawatt amd A123 Systems? Billions of dollars wasted, and for what? That damned Romney!

        What – Obama was the knucklehead who threw billions at these companies, only to see them crash and burn?

        My bad – excuse the ring.

        1. James September 21, 2012

          Yeah but Obama effort was trying to create more jobs! Romney’s effort was to take away more jobs!

          1. jerry f. mallard September 27, 2012

            Obama dug George’s hole much deeper much faster with bonehead mistakes like bailing companies that were already lost and others that didn’t deserve it like GM … Ford showed them how and GM F….ed up

          2. Edgar Swindenhauser September 29, 2012

            Are you really this stupid, or are you just pretending?

          3. Craig Brockman October 4, 2012

            I believe he’s really stupid!

          4. John Christopher October 13, 2012

            nope… he’s not pretending or being stupid.
            Romney got US$ 20,000 average for each person who lost a job.

          5. Jeff October 5, 2012

            In fairness, Romney’s goal-JOB at Bain was never to create jobs but to reap the biggest returns for their valued investors. Judging by that metric, he did exceedingly well, as even Bill Clinton accidentally admitted when discussing Romney’s “sterling” business career. He was just doing what he was hired for!!!!

          6. Canistercook October 8, 2012

            Then Obama’s efforts were stupid because he did not create more jobs. He just gave away the taxpayers money to his buddies. The proof is in the pudding

        2. markymark714 October 8, 2012

          Obama made a few billion in mistakes Bush made a few trillion. Very few men in human history have created more financial chaos than Mitt Romney now you think its a good idea for him to not only bring bring back with him George W Bush’s staff (many of them now work for Romney) but you want him to bring back George W Bush’s financial policies as well. Obama may not be the greatest President but he is nowhere near as bad as Bush. The only difference between Bush and Romney is Romney made a career out of bankrupting companies and creating debt that others were forced to pay and Bush just tried to bankrupt the country for the benefit of his friends. If he becomes President our debt will be 160 trillion not 16 by the time he is finished. And finished will also be the word used to describe our economy at the end of his term. He also believes is huge increases in military spending if that doesn’t make you give your head a shake nothing will.

        3. michael October 10, 2012

          what about the 9 billion in cash lost sent to iraq that disappeared into thin air.not GOPher was at the hearings on what happened to the 9 billion

      2. Craig Brockman October 4, 2012

        Wow – Um, how many millions of people lost their jobs due to the misadventures of the Obama economic team? Millions! Apparently you never thought about that!

        “Red” – When does a president take responsibility? What’s the parameter of time on that one? BTW – your opine was ridiculous, as well as absolutely ignorant of facts!

  7. alumahead June 16, 2012

    Romneynomics. Coming to a neighborhood near you.

  8. Mike R June 16, 2012

    Romney and the tea-baggers like to complain that this shouldn’t be relevant, but to that I say “Then why did you bring it up in the first place?”

    This is an issue, simply put, because Mitt Romney wants to use his time at Bain Capital as a political selling point; he has pointed to his time at Bain Capital and said “This is why you should vote for me.”

    It’s therefore fair game for the other side to also point at Bain Capital and say “This is why you should not.”

  9. AlphaPlus June 16, 2012

    Instead of saying “in fairness, it was never Bain’s goal to create jobs,” it should be emphasized that is exactly the point! It is not the primary goal of ANY investor in the private sector to create jobs, only to reap the largest ROI (most profits in shortest amount of time) possible, and these are the people Romney serves and relates to, not the vast majority of American people living paycheck to paycheck and working for wages (if they can find a job that is). Increasingly, these types of investors, not the government, are the stewards of the economy and are more responsible for the current state of the economy than any President, past or present. If we look at the big picture, we are presented with a false choice between blaming Obama vs blaming Bush: the economy has devolved gradually and methodically over several decades. Thus when we look around us and see the vast redistribution of wealth that has occurred in society, when we see the numbers of jobs providing good health benefits and retirement plans dwindling, we now have before us in Romney the perfect explanation of why… Lower wages and fewer benefits for the people at the bottom translate into greater wealth for the few on top of the economic pyramid. It is classic Orwellian doublespeak how they market their ideology as a trickle-down economy, when their policies actually promote an evaporate-upward economy. Now comes the ensuing drought, after the clouds of economic security have drifted away from most Americans, only to fall as a rain of wealth offshore in the Cayman islands or Swiss bank accounts tax free! Plutocrats like Romney have been waging class warfare for centuries and hypocritically cry foul when the lowly plebes (we the people, empowered by the government) seek to set the balance right through lawful regulation of their greedily irresponsible economic behavior (thus their demonization of the government). Electing Romney POTUS would only result in greater wealth and power for this growing aristocracy, no relief for the people hurting most who are only numbers on a balance sheet, and further backward progression for the majority of us seeking a revival of the American dream. If you have a hard time comprehending any of this, consider yourself a perfect example of why Republicans have embarked on a crusade to defund and destroy education. The ignorant do not recognize what is happening and continue to offer their support for plutocratic rule in the form of Tea Party extremism from supporters who have largely been indoctrinated by the Fox propaganda machine.

  10. emarco22 June 16, 2012

    So, Mike can you show me or prove all those jobs that the Mitt created? This has nothing to do with jobs it’s all about money. If you think it isn’t than well all I can say is good luck. I’ve worked for the Mass Gov Offices and have met the Mitt a few times and believe me he has no interest in your job or anyone’s job. Every time I shoke his hand I had to count my finger.

  11. Bunny June 16, 2012

    So , if we keep the taxes low for Corporations, they create jobs? I am still waiting .

    1. Jon Savage June 16, 2012

      well how r they doing with no taxes?

    2. ivory69690 June 16, 2012

      the taxes been low from the Bush times and thy just sat on there money . in cliton times the taxes was higher and thy made more money becauce them being greedy thy had to make more work to get back the free tax money thy want geting . see it the greed that move those kind . hit them where thy hurt in the pocket . and thy find away to make the money . why are thy going to make jobs thy are making so much now with out making jobs . making jobs means ins. for the jobs . and paying ppl. to work . why do that when thy seem to be making more with getting there taxes back then makeing jobs

  12. Troy Gilmore Jr. June 16, 2012

    I said it once and I will say it again for all you dirt bag Republicans and kiss ass Tea Party survivalist that Mitt Romney,is a white dirt bag scum who made his fortune off of how many people the toilet breath bastard could laid off from work,and for $20,000 would you not do that and this is the scum you all feel should replace Obama,huh eake up you damn fools!!

  13. Eleanore Whitaker June 16, 2012

    RoMONEY has to line his staff with GWB’s former cronies…It’s a GOP mandate if he wants to run for their party. Those big RNC party bosses gang up on their male white, pretty boi candidates and make sure they toe the line. That means marching to party boss tunes even if it crashes the economy like in 2008, creates 8 million job losses by 2008 and a host of their administration’s resignations for wrongful actions taken…like DeLay, Gonzalez, Libby and let’s not forget how nicely Blackwater (XE) managed to slime out of their complicity in numerous military violations.

    Be careful people. This 2012 election never was about re-electing President Obama. It ALWAYS was about getting a Republican in the White House to finish what Bush and Cheney started. Never for one moment think those party bosses aren’t hot to keep themselves riding a Gravy Train of profit you and your taxes will provide.

    The GOP’s main goals in life is a totally tax free Big Business and 1%, privatization of your entire government in the hands of their private business cronies and all of your incomes earmarked for Wall Street Pork.

  14. bigspender7 June 16, 2012

    You have a very skewed understanding of the facts. Perhaps if you would have stayed in school, you wouldn’t sound so stupid now.

  15. ivory69690 June 16, 2012

    well i guess he isnt as bad as thy say he is (OR IS HE ) he didnt fire those ppl. he layed them off so wouldnt that bew the ANTI-CHRIST way. laying them off cutting there money to layed off money to SSI . ya dont just kill them with a fireing them let them suffer more laythem off . let them maybe thing the company might call them back give them faulse hope make them hurt long as you can just cut them down to maybe 25 to 30% with SSI then know thy are hurting now let them hurt till there SSI runs out . im sure thinking that was what helped the ANTI-CHRIST sleep better at night

    1. Bunny June 16, 2012

      The ones that speak the loudest in the name of the Lord, are probably wolves in sheeps clothing !

  16. ivory69690 June 16, 2012

    Romney’s fortune, estimated somewhere between $190 million and 250 million, attests to that assessment/// i dont care what he says he,s worth im sure adding up every thing he,s over a billion. ANTI-CHRIST like him dont put away 100 million even for there kids future . to take that much of a % out of what he has is just another lie . the only way he would put that much out if he had a lot more then he says he has . or theres fine print on his kids 100 million stateing some way that he even gets that money back from them with intrest . or if thy make something of them selfs that he gets a % of what thy make . theres only one thing about the ANTI-CHRIST romney and he,s the heart and the root to all the evil there is

  17. CARLEENE June 16, 2012

    Conservitives and Liberals are 6 of one, half dozen of the other. I see nobody on here has learned the lessons of G.W or Obama? The economy is EXACTLY like they they want it. They ALL want lower taxes but yet…..what do we have? Youll wake up to find 17 trillion between them ALL! It doesnt take a mathamatitian, just simple elementry arithmatic to know that another S and P downgrade would make the interest portion of our debt unpayable with 100 percent of EVERY Americans pay and only 30 percent actually work. I wonder how many 20 G’s Mitt is gonna make off them? Im sure he has already done the equation and he already knows EXACTLY the NET amount he’s earning off of them.. Has anyone even considered what all this will look like on literal terms? Got Kids? I cannot look mine in their eyes anymore without
    bloodless eyes of shame.

  18. trueindie June 16, 2012

    Bain Capital and other companies like them have only one objective.. make wealth for their investors.. how they go about it, as long as its not against the law, is of no matter.. if jobs come from their investments and they can profit all well and good. If they have to get supplies from overseas, lay off workers, outsource, or what ever will save the company money and provide them with a profit is all well and good… in a free enterprise like ours there is no room for trying to be a nice guy.. Romney is no better at this than others like him from both sides of the political stage…

  19. malav1 June 16, 2012

    He is greedy bastard,will continue to loot country ,increase unemployment with laying off people ; if he becomes president . He will create more debt for country and put money overseas

  20. Anne Beckett June 16, 2012

    Nice job.
    Funny, for a “numbers guy”, Mitt and his calculations don’t exactly add-up.

    Wondering; was he ever a decent human being?

  21. Anne Beckett June 16, 2012

    Oh, and? I am NOT a liberal, so don’t even try and go there! I am a business woman, but I am not in Mitt’s sort of business!

  22. Switchingtoprogressive June 16, 2012

    What a sicko.

  23. Patricia June 16, 2012

    All throughout the 60s the wealthiest 1% of Americans owned about 8% of all the American wealth. Today, the top 1% of the wealthiest Americans own 40% of all the American wealth. This is thanks to people like Romney. They are only for wealthy white men. They want to destroy the middle class and the working poor, as well all unions (which provide middle income, blue collar American jobs that we need) including those for teachers, fire fighters & police officers — like these people are making a ton of money & the Republicans want to cut their already low pay. You see, the problem is we can’t outsource teachers, fire fighters & police officers overseas, which the Republicans would do if they could. So instead, The Republicans want to cut their pay, cut their health care and dissolve their pensions. The Republicans will not be happy until the rest of us who do not belong to the top 1% are all working for minimum wage jobs.

  24. Ron Silver June 16, 2012

    Romney lied about his ability to create jobs when running for MA governor and he’s singing the same tune again. His experience in running a venture capital firm is NOT the proper experience as job creation is not a goal; its profit. Also, the Reps keep playing the same tune – “trickle down”. Its bogus and has never worked. The so-called top 1% are NOT going to hire unless they have orders for their products or services. If there are not enought people working who can spend then, no new hires. Keynsian economics has been proven. To that end, the gov’t MUST lead in the hiring as the private sector won’t for the reasons mentioned. Reagan and the two Bush’s increased gov’t employment and it worked. I would also venture to say that none of them could get the Rep presidential nomination today as they were closer to the center. Wake-up!

  25. Don B June 16, 2012

    Mittens has caused a lot of pain for a lot of people (workers) BUT he is a symptom of the growing idea “that greed is good”…..which started off in the 1980s under Saint Ronnie’s administration…..Remeber during the 1980s when companies were swallowing each other in acquisitions and mergers….You couldn’t keep up with who owned what. Also, I remember a lot of execs and CEO’s who took “golden parachutes” to leave their companies after they deliberately ran them into the ground (making them ripe for take-over).

    I heard some right wing nut radio commentator the other night saying that what looks and smells like greed is really just “self interest”. Well, this is what the “greed is good” philosophy of the last 30 some years has brought us.

  26. Repugnatcant June 16, 2012

    For every Bain/ Romoney bankrupted company there is a company in China saying “thank you” dumb Americans we now have the jobs. Romoney is NO friend of America by any stretch of the imagination.

  27. howa4x June 16, 2012

    Romney is a cold person with no feeling for anyone not of his faith. He wouldn’t think twice if he cut benefits for seniors or got rid of all programs for the poor. He claims to be a follower of Jesus but maybe one he made up in his own mind. All the neo-cons that brought us Iraq are gearing up for a war with Iran. His economic polices are a redo of Bush II. The 2 billion loss on a gambling bet at JPMorgan taught us is that the financial sector needs much more regulation than the paultry ones it has. Romney is dangerous because he sees profit in other peoples misery and will slash and burn his way thorough every socal program we have if it benefits wall st. The republicans want to abolish social security and replace it with vouchers for anyone under 55. If you’re that age do you want to invest your entire future in an unregulated wall st? Think about it real hard!

  28. queen isabel June 16, 2012

    when one of romney’s hired hands was asked what will a romney’s white house be like,he said it will be like ”’Bush on steriods,,,romney has surrounded himself and his team with some of Bush’s staff,,,,,it’s a fact,,,tell romney it didn’t work for Bush and it ain’t gonna work for him…

  29. rustacus21 June 16, 2012

    This, as is pretty plain, is the essence of the ‘vampiristic’ nature of the Romney version of venture capitalism. While sucking ‘out’ the life-blood (the hourly workers, management, etc.) of business, he gourging himself to capacity & once ‘drained’ of all value, discards whats left, in the trash heap. This is what workers & NOW, voters mean to him. Ms. Fern W. (above) made a pretty startling comparison, but 1 that will have little meaning overall: while Mr. Romney has surrounded himself w/elements of the 2001-2009 administration, those who ‘get it’ already ‘got it’ on day 1. (God, please let me be kind!!!)… To the… “UNSOPHISTICATED” voters of the nation, it will take another round being beat, mugged, drowned & “DRAINED” of all & every essential belonging (even what left of their uncommon nonsense), B4 they ‘GET IT’…

  30. nomaster June 16, 2012

    Mitt Romney is the vulture that flies low, circling in wait to ponce and consume, tearing the flesh and gaining the maximum profit, leaving the barren bone bleached, before he tosses to waste the dead body. Willard with his bag full of rats like in the movie Willard.

  31. nococidences June 16, 2012

    Now he needs those same people to vote for him. Dilemma.

  32. Rick L June 16, 2012

    I lost my job in the as the result of a leveraged buyout. My employer had been in business for over 50 years and was doing fine before the LB in 1986 when that decade became as memorable for this kind of business takeover as it was for Madonna and “Dallas” .

    The company’s assets were then hocked, and five years, it declared Chapter 11. Shortly after, my department and position were eliminated. If the the takeover hadn’t happened I might have worked there till I retired.

    Bain wasn’t behind this particular fiasco, but anytime I hear of an executive running for office like Romney who makes his living by trashing businesses, I can imagine that he’ll most likely treat America as just another company to be gutted for profit.

    And this may be a non-sequitur, but I don’t recall his father, George Romney who was governor of Michigan and president of General Motors in the 1960’s as being the ruthless and unfeeling s.o.b. that his son has turned out to be. If I’m right, this is one case where the (rotten) apple falls far from the tree after all.

  33. suskopo June 16, 2012

    True to my hunch, Romney loves himself, not the American People. He dodged the draft when called upon to serve. He was not willing to put himself in harms way to defend us from terrorists. But, yes, he loves his wife and his five sons. He is a good family man but not as an American. He is not patriotic as those Americans who fought in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes, he is a good wealth producer, for himself and those who worked with him, but not for Americans. He has no problem firing them if he must to make profit. And that say something when it comes to his intention to replace President Obama in the White House. He is not happy with what he got. He wants more. And so are those whose main job is to make more money out of what they already got as capital to buy out companies, which if lucrative, divide them into parts and sell them for more profits. It is not different from what the superpac contributors are doing. The money they are pouring into Mitt’s campaigning is nothing compared to what they are hoping to get back if he defeat President Obama.

  34. daffodilly June 16, 2012

    The point here, if one chooses to recognize it, is that much, much money was made by a few people (Romney being one of them) while the families of 11,030 were put in the crapper. There isn’t anything noble or righteous about Mitt Romney or Bain Capital. Has anyone heard remorseful comments from Romney or reflections on what his acquisition of wealth may have done to those 11,030 families? Do you think we ever will? When he was counting his money (that was earned by the labor of others) did it occur to him or his business partners to reach out to the 11,030 to see what their business practices really accomplished?

  35. alexhaak June 16, 2012

    Just look at those eyes, it tells the story

  36. Disappointed June 17, 2012

    This speaks for itself… ‘Romney’s goal at Bain was never to create jobs but to reap the biggest returns for their valued investors. Judging by that metric, he did exceedingly well’. I believe by the time people go to vote they will have seen and heard the real Romney–someone not looking to make life better for the middle class or poor. His record in Mass was also not very favorable.

  37. Bill Butler June 17, 2012

    ROMNEY wants to have the law changed that you must have a business degree to run for president. BUT HIS SO CALLED BUSINESS SENSE DESTROYED MASSACHUSETTES WHEN HE WAS GOV. this along with his no feelings and/or regret for destroying peoples lives while at bain, and how his only concern was his and his investors wealth is going to CONTINUE IF HE BECOMES PRESIDENT !!!! HIS FIRST CONCERN WILL BE ALL HIS CONTRIBUORS AND WEALTHY FRIENDS!!!! anything he pushes for you can be guaranteed if its not right out in the open its buried deep inside with the hopes no one will see !!!! THIS IS THE REPUBLICAN WAY !!

  38. charliebrown737 June 17, 2012

    The problem of liberals is that they eventually run out of other peoples money
    Margaret Thatcher

    1. holyreality June 26, 2012

      The problem with Romney is the middle class money he steals does run out.

  39. Fern Woodfork June 18, 2012

    Romney Wasn’t A Good Governor Nor Would He Be A Good President!! Corporate Raiders Always Raid, Bullies Always Bully, Abusers Always Abuse And Tax Dodgers Always Dodge Taxes!!! Romney Is A Sociopath Who Should NEVER Be President!!!

  40. ruma30 June 20, 2012

    It is scary with all the information that is available about Mitt that some people would still consider voting for him. I do not understand unless they just listen to Fox News. I am worried for my husband and myself in respect to my medicare. I am worried about what is going to happen to our school system. I have some Republican friends who don’t get it. The president needs to respond to every lie that Mitt says with the truth and keep repeating it until people understand. The Republican lies so much that they believe their own lies. The Democrates have to become stronger in delivering their message. They are too low key.

  41. Opinionpage June 21, 2012

    Mitt Romney is like every modern Presidential candidate in that he also went into the business world seeking their good fortune, and he achieved that. Unfortunately, running a large corporation has nothing to d with running a large, industrialized country. That’s something GWB, our most recent pre-presidental entrepeneur / executive should have taught everyone.

  42. hubydoll166 June 21, 2012

    I will make this very simple. Most conservatives don’t care if their party is wrong and just want a GOP in office. Now I ask this, what were the Huge Business Tax Breaks for in the early Bush Years specifically for? To create jobs! Never happened. All that happened is a bunch of financial deregulation and job outsourcing with the very tax breaks given to create jobs here that we are now paying a major price for with public services Job cutting and our cities are crumbling right before our eyes. The GOP keep saying that Business needs more tax payer funded Tax Incentives (more tax cuts for business) to create jobs. Really? Ask yourself “How could cutting more corporate taxes that support our community’s infrastructure possibly create jobs when the American people are BROKE? Doesn’t it stand to reason that we the people are the real job creators? And by rebuilding our crumbling cities infrastructure to put many people back to work in order to put money into pockets of people who will spend that money to create a demand for products the way that will work and more reasonable? I’m mean really, how and why would a corporation create jobs that there were no demand for because people have lost their wealth and expendable cash? Would a corporation just hire people to stand around waiting for some kind of demand? NO! So, why would it be unreasonable to ask these very corporations who saved all that money with BUSH tax breaks to chip in a little more in order to put millions of people back to work and create the demand that will also make them more profitable? Is that really a lot to ask for what that will do for our country? I don’t think so! It’s just common sense. So meanwhile the GOP keep asking “where are the jobs “when they know full well that if they make it impossible to do so by blocking every possible way to do this and that previous republican president had the opportunity to create the same way ( Rebuilding infrastructure by taxing the wealthiest who made huge profits) Because they want to run this country and make us more liable for giving billions more in tax breaks to who they call job creators and while this country falls apart structurally. That’s dishonest and they will never get my vote! I been a lifelong registered republican who voted for Bush/Cheney and wish I could go back in time to change that because of our suffering today and have lost all faith in today’s extreme GOP who only look at we the people to make up every penny of Banker’s losses while they gambled our future away. They sure don’t represent me or any of you unless you’re super wealthy. The real kicker here is if the Dems didn’t save the Bankers then the GOP would have in the end and by we the people saving all those RICH bankers now get squeezed even more by having to pay fraudulent mortgages while our GOP ask us to fund more to the so called Job Creators. I ask you the citizen to think about this because if you vote in a CEO as president of the USA You will get BUSH on steroids and your money will never be safe. Good Luck America. Go ahead and take away every law and regulation that lets the super-rich drain your American dream for their pocket change and total control over your future and your kid’s futures…deregulate everything!! Wake up America! Why don’t we just get rid of Washington and take the 400 billionaires and put them in charge of every state, let them use state govt as their board rooms and run this country? Because that is what their end game is and we are literally giving this to them. Complete control and New World Order being ran by people who will never lose a penny forever while we fund their fortunes. This is not exaggeration, its happening and we are letting it happen before our eyes while our president is working to stop this. Obama might not be perfect but he has done a good job despite the complete obstruction and I ask you to hold the GOP responsible for this nation in the dump. Then make the Dems change congressional rules to protect us like we protect the world with our army. I AM A REGISTERED REPUBLICAN…NO MORE!

  43. Lynda J June 21, 2012

    Mitt, you are a bad boy; do you need a spanking? LOL

  44. Matt Mullin June 25, 2012

    You want this scalper as president bottom feeder the country will go back to the bush polices we need to get this country as one or we will sink

  45. Robert A. Williams June 30, 2012

    Reportedly, over 100,000 folks lost their jobs and businesses when Obama took over GM. But that was probably Romney’s fault as well.

    If you can’t blame Bush – blame Romney. If you can’t blame Romney, blame it on Global Warming.

    1. Aditya Aggarwal August 4, 2012

      I am lost here- I work for auto supplier – without stimulus many more suppliers would have gone under. Romney didn’t support support for auto industry.

      Where did you get the data?

  46. Christopher Dunn July 5, 2012

    No wonder why he likes firing people. I would rather be poor, than to suck the lifeblood out of Middle America the way Romney did. He tells us he knows how the private sector works. Lets believe him! That’s good enough reason to re-elect Obama. Also his flip flops are something I have never seen in my lifetime. Whatever it is you want to hear, he will say. This man actually protested for the Vietnam Draft, while getting 6 deferments for himself. Not the kind of man anyone would want in their foxhole anyway.

  47. Don July 17, 2012

    I am amazed at the numbers of companies that MR and Bain supported thst went bankrupt and MR collected huge amounts of money from these instances. What will he offer to do dfor America beginning in 2013?

  48. Hughes Hunt July 18, 2012

    Candidate Mitt Romney deserves to rot in prison if found guilty of tax evasion, tax fraud,other crimes and misdemeanors as well as for being insensitive to the pleas for help from the more than 20 million Americans who have been made jobless through no fault of their own, as a consequence of companies bankrupted due to his modus operandi as a corporate raider. Love of money is all that matters to him. Presumptive candidate or not, Shifty Mitt should be held accountable. If enough evidence were found he should not be allowed to go free from charges of tax fraud, medicare fraud, perjury, tax evasion, money laundering and other crimes and misdemeanors. Upon discovery of tax fraud, even his corporate legal asset protection shield should be pierced. Now is the time for whistle-blowers to come out fearlessly. All Americans, here and abroad will thank you for it. Since corporations are legal persons, for bankrupting (legally killing) corporations, murder on several counts should be added to the charges, for having left thousands if not millions of Americans jobless, struggling for survival. For him to sue me, he will lose more than I would win because 350 million spineless, timid Americans will grow enough gravitas, wisdom and common sense to stand by and support me in having him prosecuted to the full extent of the law and I will come out of this smelling like a rose. I have nothing to lose because in order for him to prove himself innocent, Shifty Mitt will have to come out of the closet and expose himself with his hidden billions offshore, wide open for the world to see. The truth is that Mormon bishop Mitt Romney is a slime of the worst kind. Shifty Mitt is actually a billionaire but his false modesty as bishop of a cult and his bold-faced lie adamantly stating in a TV interview that he did not know the whereabouts of his money offshore is offensive, repulsive, disgusting and repugnant. If elected, Shifty Mitt Romney will have unbridled monopoly, absolute power, and total control as President of the USA, the sole power and most powerful nation on planet earth in a new world order! No power on earth can ever prosecute Shifty Mitt then. If elected, can you imagine him in the White House as Commander-in-Chief, with the power to make himself US President permanently if not for life, as well as Lord and Master nationwide and worldwide? No power on earth can stop him then! Nip this flip-flopping, deceitful crook in the bud now before it is too late!

  49. Pointyfinger August 3, 2012

    So just keep all of the employees same as before until the whole business fail and nobody makes anything. At least nobody gets fired. Booo the investors

  50. xenophileMI August 7, 2012

    I heard a rumor that Romney liked to dress up as a police officer and go around harassing people. Has anyone found out if this is true?

  51. K August 7, 2012

    Is Ann is the only wife Mitt is scerwing around or does have any more wives parked offshore? One in Cayman Island, Bermuda, Swiss…

  52. shermhatt August 9, 2012

    it doesn’t matter if you are from a family of:republicans,democrats,independents,or any other political persuasion;mitt romney has given clear insight that his philoosophy and political ideas if implementd will only make you and your family,relatives and loved ones worse off:1.giving more tax money to those who have already gotten super rich,is that not welfare?2.taking away your right to keep your sons and daughters on your health plans,as opposed to additional premiums for a separate plan,3.putting at risk or taking away medicare benefits for the elderly,4.cutting back on money to support firefighters,police teachers and other absolute necessities of the American people.on the other hand the current president has taken the economy from monthly job losses to monthly job gains.while romney has proven that “I LIKE TO FIRE PEOPLE”.it matters not what region of the country,what your race is,religion,sex;as long as you’re in this great country,you should look at the whole picture before voting.

  53. david August 11, 2012

    Liers, Mitt Romney said .”he likes firing people who do not provide the services they are hired to do “. STOP LYING .

  54. desertvoice August 15, 2012

    This practice of bankrupting companies, firing thousands of workers, and them purchasing those companies is what Mitt Romney calls “sterling capitalism.” In my book, simply put, it is an abomination! I hope that this isn’t Romney’s plan for future America!

  55. RESISTANCE August 15, 2012

    This guy is perfect for the destruction of America. Let him finish what Congress started…..

  56. revmahuike August 20, 2012

    It is a matter of which personality you want to be robbed by? Obama promises to close USA torture chambers, maybe even stop invading, overthrowing Mideastern Nations for the sake of American Closed Demockracy, then promptly hires the thieves of Wall Street to run the economy. Now, Romney wants to back a Brinks car up to the Treasury only as a diversion while he paints red bricks the color of gold and replaces them with whatever is left in Fort Knox…and Putin sits in the White House 3 feet back and to the side of Obama with folded arms and legs, with cold piercing eyes as if he knows what is going on, the old Fascist theory, increase of the lower class, to become servant to the upper 1% of the New Order in the World…and Putin see”s that he ain’t gonna get a bite.
    The biggest threat to America, is America. It does not come inside someones shoe as per security at the airports…while we watch the dismantling of the economy at home, The New World Order is taking over the world, country by country. In short order this will create a response from a small group of survivors. Drones may fill the airspace of our own country, whats good for the goose, is good for the gander. Technology will rule, ruthless, heartless. I predict that there will be street cameras in every city, and the citizens will APPROVE.
    Think back to President Eisenhower and his last comment before leaving office…the biggest threat to America is the Milatary INDUSTRIAL ( Corporate ) Complex. Does it make a difference who sits as CEO? Bain Capital goes on reaping profits, selling out workers even with Romney on the sidelines…
    What country who is furiously building nukes said recently. ‘ we notice that the nations who possess the bomb do not get overthrown’…not yet anyway…the American people are very expendable to the USA Government, and becoming very expensive to keep around via SS/ Medicare…maybe its time for a regime change, at home…do it ourselves before someone else HELPS themselves. Lets us too install Democracy in America, open and free..it is Capitalism gone awry, not Democracy…they are different you know.

  57. jeanpaulk August 20, 2012

    This time and age it is not about greed, it is not about possessions it is not about the survival of the fittest, it is about survival of the human race and humanity. Together! Romney does not get this. Running a business is very different from running the states. You have to really care about people…

  58. Elodia Resendez August 21, 2012

    Romney’s lying ads and those of his ilk, like ryan, will keep them employed until Nov, unless some figure out they had better jump ship, NOW.

  59. Vitsing August 23, 2012

    LOL as you uninformed Liberals. My mother is already seeing the reductions in Medicare that Obama raided to fund his Obamacare. The $716 Billion saving (really cuts) is being passed on to her for payment.

    OBTW it is the Unions, Taxes and Regulations that have driven Jobs Off Shore, not Romney.

    1. Kris Quinn September 21, 2012

      In a sense, you’re right. By fighting to insure that businesses could not take advantage of employees, by trying to make sure businesses have to pay reasonable wages, by making sure employees can’t necessarily be fired at the whim of their employers… businesses chose to move to countries without any protections for their new workers, can pay slave wages “see, we’re paying them $10 a day for 14 hours work, and their happy to get it!”, and still get tax breaks from the government, unions did in fact drive jobs off shore.

  60. Joel Luongo August 26, 2012

    No matter in wich direction the money goes…. the republicans make sure the top %2 get taken care of first! romney is in that top %2! It is time for America to get real in November, 2012!

  61. Edgar Swindenhauser August 30, 2012

    How SICK the Left is – Romney created a business – it was legal and innovative and it made money for him and for many others.

    But thanks to our sorry excuse for a president, this is now looked upon as some kind of crime against humanity.

    Why are you all using computers and iPhones? Don’t you realize that these devices and their inventors put millions of people out of work?

    You are all corporate criminals, just like Romney!


    1. Sand_Cat September 14, 2012

      A lot of things are legal and make money. Romney didn’t make computers and iphones: he pushed paper around, produced nothing, and looted a bunch of companies, some of which subsequently died, certainly not helped by the millions in “consulting” fees paid Bain to run them into the ground.

      But you on the Right always retreat to “well, it was legal,” as if that excused the soulless exploitation of human beings to add to one’s own already enormous pile of money.

      And if the current guy is a sorry excuse for a president, he looks like the greatest leader in history compared to his predecessor and – if Romney wins – his successor.

      And go ahead and project your failings, and those of your buddy Rmoney [a fortutitous typo, if there ever was one] on those who dare to oppose your ruthless and exploitive worldview.


    2. Americanmom1 September 28, 2012

      You know that tape where Romney was talking about the factory he invested around 23 million dollars in China, when he said they have dormitories with 3 bunk beds for 12 people and barbed wire on the top of fences? Where in Amercia do we have factories where we have sleep over work shifts and barbed wire on the top of fences to keep workers out….He knows that those factories in China have slave labor and they are sweat shops where kids as young as 6 years old are forced to work… Those fences are not to keep people out for Gods sake they are to keep the workers from escaping….Those wealthy businessmen you are defending ship our good jobs over seas where there are no labor laws. That is what regulations are…When they say they want less regulation it means they dont want to pay a decent wage or benefits or medical coverage pension or unemployment insurance…Those people work for about One dollar a day….so we spoiled Americans can have our I phones. Romney never created a business, he bankrupted businesses putting our citizens out of work… I suppose that is a business in your eyes….Dont blame the left because your party couldn’t find a candidate who can stand up to the pressure of a campaign… His wife is out there in public whining about how hard it is.. That women wouldn’t know hard work, she has people do for her…The Romney s seemed to think we should just give them the White house because they are spoiled rich people..

      1. Edgar Swindenhauser September 28, 2012

        Fine – we’ll make everything in America – union made. It’ll all cost 10x the price. I’m sure you’ll love it. Isolationism and protectionism (I’m sorry for using such big words – I guess you’ll have to get out your dictionary – assuming you have one and know how to use it….) went out with the invention of modern sea and air transport and communications.

        You jokers think you’re ‘advanced’? You’re actually Luddites. We don’t live in our own little world any more. Either you compete with the world, or you die. I guess you prefer dying – which is exactly what’s happening to this country thanks to unions, environmentalists, and every other kind of wacky reactionary group out there that prefers the 19th century to the 21st – all led by B. Hussein Obama (who is very giving away free phones most certainly made by slave labor in CHINA), who is most intent on killing this once great republic.

        As for Romney creating a business, since you obviously are utterly ignorant of the realities of business and commerce, it’s not even worth the bother to explain it to you. It would we way over your pointed little head. But one thing I’ll tell you for certain:

        Mitt Romney has saved and created more jobs with his businesses than B. Hussein Obama ever will in his wildest dreams unless he just keeps on printing monopoly money and hires gov’t workers to take it as their pay for doing nothing but making our lives miserable.

        If you’re jealous because Romney has money and you’ll love to ‘redistribute’ (a Marxist euphemism for robbery) some of it, just come out and say it. Don’t rationalize it with childish nonsense.

        I haven’t been on this site in a long time because it’s full of nitwits like you. If I had realized the post came for this site I wouldn’t even have bothered.

        1. Americanmom1 September 28, 2012

          Yet here you are…. hardly jealous of mitts money since I bet alot of it was made by putting our people out of work and out of their homes…. and if you had any brains you would know that phone program was not started by the President. Check your facts,…you sound like another Glen Beck sheep..Go drink your tea..

  62. Cattruck September 2, 2012

    typical dumbocrats, feeling the noose tightening around their necks, so here come MORE lies and deception, its all they have to run on. OMG has a new meaning OBAMA MUST GO

    1. Sand_Cat September 14, 2012

      More projection by a supporter of two truly world-beating purveyors of untruth and moral cowardice: George W. Bush and Mitt Romney.

  63. sisterH September 4, 2012

    It is pointless to try to explain to the left how the real world works. They live in a bubble where “free” means nobody paid for it. Free things magically appear out of thin air not tax payer dollars.
    So the whole Bain Capital plan of going in and trying to restructure and save a business by making it turn a profit so that it can continue to operate…. (for those of in Rio Linda— you know keep people working and earning money for themselves) it just isn’t on the Dem menu.
    The Dem Menu is the total opposite of what our founding fathers intended for the United States of America.

    1. Americanmom1 September 7, 2012

      You mean like the two wars Bush got us into and didnt pay for?? You mean the tax breaks he gave his wealthy base that were not paid for? You mean that free? Your pretty fast with the finger pointing with no facts to prop you up.. What about medicare D? Who paid for that? You do not have to explain to democrats what the real world is like. We have been cleaning up after borrow and spend Republicans for decades now.. Did Bush send you a stimulus check to go shopping? He sent us two.. That money he borrowed from China.. So please dont sit on your high horse acting like you know what the Democrats think…We think the Gop is a party of sheep willing to give up all their rights…. Think Patriot act that was Bush’s baby too. We are now a nation of cowards and scaredy cats… Because of people like you….Have to take our shoes off at airports because ONE person tried to light a shoe…. Look up what Bain really did and how many companies and people they put out of work or out sourced to third world countries.. You think you know it all but you are parroting what you must have heard from someone else…

      1. rest2001j September 28, 2012

        You go Girl, she is parroting from FOX news and listening all day to Rush, the leader of GOP.

    2. therealstory2 September 26, 2012

      SisterH – you’re probably right about what our founding fathers saw as indentured servitude and then slavery were the basis of the economy. Could it be a 1% issue?

    3. rest2001j September 28, 2012

      You need to diverse the gathering of your news and informations away from FOX news and RUSH for a change, and you might learn sometime. Most of the companies that went bellyup with Bain was intentionally loaded with debt because they knew the company was worth more when striped and sold seperately so they swooped in the kill. (like it’s done to cars ). A thousand dollars car when stripe could bring in about five grand. You do the maths…

      1. ALLLLAMERICAN September 29, 2012

        People go to FOX for the truth not slanted left ONLY!!!!!!!

        ALLLLLLLLL Libs Hate Fox the one and ONLY Normal news channel out of all
        the other slanted channels—-GET OVER IT—It doesn’t always have to be what you want to hear. You Libs HATE to hear the truth!!!!!!!

  64. dianebkht September 19, 2012

    It is a shame on how Romney made money off these workers! As long as he makes m

  65. dianebkht September 19, 2012

    Oops! Money!

  66. Jud Cargile September 23, 2012

    You liberals are beyond stupid! That is why YOU work for someone else and why you live from check to check. Some make it and some do not and he invested infar more companies than the examples given here. Axel, you have ZERO talent as a journalist, you hack!

    1. rest2001j September 28, 2012

      A nerve was hit with this GOP heartless and facts denying scum.

      1. ALLLLAMERICAN September 29, 2012

        How many companies have you bought or created and tried to make a success????

        YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!

  67. irishtap September 24, 2012

    Apparently upending the lives of everyday hard working people is standard operating procedure for Romney’s Bain Capital. Or as it has become known “Romney’s Wrecking Ball Express”. These people are Godless, stinking maggots, deserving of a hideously painful demise.

  68. Miklos Halasz September 27, 2012

    him and aplaud laudly like on a komunist party meeting

  69. Miklos Halasz September 27, 2012

    The average americbn hate his guts
    think he vill never be a president just
    not the sort for the job.

  70. Yobi Mekonnen October 1, 2012

    to all Americans, i DARE you to vote for this guy! c’mon vote for him and show the world what you made of! there is a new sheriff in town – China, c’mon vote for him and give them the super power title on a silver plate!

  71. Canistercook October 8, 2012

    Estimated by who. This is sure a dumb biased article!

  72. Canistercook October 8, 2012

    None of Bain’s companies declared bankruptcy and threw in hundred of thousands of taxpayers dollars, the way Solyndra etc., did. We have new form of proposed ‘slavery’. If you want to work hard and get ahead you must also support those able bodied idle people who take from government funding. Are we to become another Greece? It’s been sure looking that way!

  73. Canistercook October 8, 2012

    Wonder how much CALPERS had invested in Bain and those other companies that went bankrupt and if that is why the California taxpayers is being asked to pay more taxes to bail CALPERS out?
    That would be good to know.

  74. Crazy_Glue October 8, 2012

    Looky here, Americans are stupid but they’re not dumb.

    They just aren’t going to put a clown like Flip Flopney in the White House. In fact, i suspect that most of the Republicans running for re-election this time around better have their CVs out on the street because they’re about to become part of the unemployed metric.

    The Republican Party is dead, got that? Anyone that purports to being a Republican is just plain stupid. How could anyone align themselves with this greedy hateful pig is beyond me.

    Here’s a guy that is into the same sports as the middle class citizen. I know I always enjoy a few beers with my friends after a rousing game of Polo or Crochett or golf at my private restricted country club. And I especially enjoy Monday Night Horse Dancing League don’t you? Nothing like a little ‘dressage’ to stimulate a persons interest.

    Just go away. All you who claim to be Republicans just please hurry up & croak or you can cling to your party like the neo-cons cling to the Nazi party.

    Goodbye Flip, we hardly knew Ye & we don’t want to know Ye.

    BTW-RomneyCare was the only thng that ever came out of this clowns political career worth mentioning & he’s dissing his own creation.

  75. OLD NAVY VET October 9, 2012


  76. Garther Lee Halbert Jr October 11, 2012

    what a disgusting charcter. How he can pretend to be for anyone but himself.

  77. Patrick Moore October 11, 2012

    let’s play a game called “presenting my proof”:

    Thesis 1: Macy’s is more valuable than The Coca Cola Company
    – Macy’s stock price = $39.23 and The Coca Cola Co. stock price = $38.11 (@10/11/12)

    Thesis 2: The Coca Cola Company is more valuable than Macy’s
    – The Coca Cola Co. mkt value = $171.57Bn; Macy’s mkt value = $15.79Bn

    Therefore… uhh… Hmm, thats weird… both are more valuable than the other. i suppose i should just state one and not clarify that there are alternative ways to look at things and that by not presenting any other data, i need not consider it.

    let’s play this game again:

    Thesis 1: Over course of Romney career at Bain all 5 companies went bankrupt (i can say “all” because i will neither look up nor list any other companies/investments because it makes my point appear stronger, and the public TRULY does not usually know better):
    – American Pad & Paper
    – Dade Behring
    – DDI Corporation
    – GS Industries
    – Stage Stores
    – (intelligently intentional lack of any other count of investments or % of investments bankrupt vs successful, in order to persuade and provide propaganda to the definitely ignorant masses -OR- Ignorant to my ignorance that my 5 company-large stand-alone data set is entirely lacking of a relative comparison point to put the data in perspective)

    Thesis 2: Romney profitted wildly on the firing of people and is therefore an A-hole
    – Thru my 5-company-large data set (that I copy and paste from someone else, therefore having to do no work of my own), I calculate $20k per head of profit

    Using your article, should my conclusion not be that Romney is stupid for NOT firing more people?
    – Since I have already proven that firing people is profitable to Romney, clearly Romney should have fired ALL of the people from ALL of the companies since that is the profit driver for him (as in, # of people fired x $20k per head = total profits for romney… so the more people romney fired, the more money he would have made, so not only is he an A-hole, he is a stupid A-hole…)

    This article is inflammatory in how ignorant it is… and how ignorant the people are who regurgitate.

    for the love of [god, life, freedom, society, ANYTHING], people without math/finance knowledge need to stop trying to state their theories and illogical statistics. it’s so incredibly lacking of education, perspective and basic objective intelligence… and my compromise to you is that I promise to never write an article dissecting a shakespearean play. Because I would sound stupid and be plain wrong the majority of the time… as do you dissecting financial figures and statistics. christ almighty.

  78. Zoeyfor October 13, 2012

    …and he says he cares about and is fighting for all Americans. He should never really run for office. His intention is (without a doubt) to fill his pocket.

  79. nobsartist October 15, 2012

    willard evaded paying 100 MILLION in retirements that he had transferred to the “pension guarantee fund” paid for by American taxpayers.

    willard only created 1,314 jobs in America at a cost of $68,000 each.

    willard moved American manufacturing jobs to China where he went into business with the RED CHINESE ARMY.

    mccain knows it, thats why he picked an idiot like palin over the Cranbrook/Harvard educated willard.

  80. mominwa10 October 17, 2012

    Don’t make a bigger thing out of it than it is. Remember the context Romney spoke that in. He’s a good guy. Tough decisions have to be made sometimes and things come out better often. Remember how B.O. tries to spin the auto industry things. Romney was in favor of a supported bankruptcy which is a process which does not put the company out of business. The New York Times said Romeny wanted to let them go out of business. Romney did not. Macys, 7-11, and many others restructured and came back stronger. Those people who lost their jobs on the short term are much better off when the get a job with the newly re structured company that is now solvent. If things stayed the same it would have been only a matter of time.

  81. james jones October 19, 2012

    america’s shame, we all know that obama is the best choice for america, then why are we

    responding to mitt romney? one reason and one reason only [BIGOTRY] and its going to cost us

    [ plenty] if Romney is elected,you cant hurt obama by voting him out, because the man is worth

    millions, and him and his family will live like kings for generations to come,but aye you can

    damage the adverage america lives for generation and generation to come, so use your common

    sense vote for [ you] not for bigotry, for if you do you will vote against your own best interest and

    that is

    foolish indeed!!!

  82. james jones October 19, 2012

    we all should be outraged at the things Romney is doing he is shipping our jobs right now
    oversea, watch msnbc the ED show tonight he is doing it like in your face! when did we ever elect
    a president like Romney? america has lost its balance!

  83. kbcab October 30, 2012

    The firing story was meant for the crooked politicians and if you want to discuss being fired or laid off , un-employment is the highest in history under Obama…

    1. DONALD FRANK October 30, 2012

      You must be in the upper 1%.

      1. kbcab October 31, 2012

        No sorry , that would be nice but I worked hard all my life and finally got what I have paid for and retired now living off what the Liberal Gov. likes to call an entitlement , although I earned every bit of it…

  84. Michael Phillips October 31, 2012

    Just for information! Unedited. Straight from an article.

    But over the course of the Romney’s years at Bain Capital, at least five of the companies he took over eventually went bankrupt, while still rewarding Bain investors handsomely:

    • American Pad & Paper: Bain invested $5 million in the Ohio paper company in 1992, and reportedly collected $100 million in dividends on that investment. But AMPAD went bankrupt in 2000, resulting in 385 employees losing their jobs.

    • Dade Behring: Bain invested $415 million in a leveraged buyout in 1994, borrowed an additional $421 million, and ultimately walked away with $1.78 billion. Dade filed for bankruptcy in 2002, and laid off 2,000 employees.

    • DDI Corporation: Bain reportedly invested $46.3 million in the electronic parts manufacturer 1997, earning $85.5 million in profits plus $10 million more in management fees. When the company went bankrupt several years later, 2,100 workers were laid off.

    • GS Industries: In 1993, Bain invested $60 million in the Kansas City steel maker, borrowed a lot of money, and then took $65 million in dividends. But GS eventually went bankrupt in 2002, and 750 workers lost their jobs and pensions.

    Stage Stores: Bain invested $5 million to purchase the Houston-based retailer and took it public in the mid-’90s, reaping $100 million from stock offerings. In 200o, following Romney’s departure from Bain, Stage filed for bankruptcy and 5,795 workers were reportedly dismissed.

    You be the judge!!!!

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