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Why North Carolina Democrats Would Never Bomb Orange County GOP Office

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Why North Carolina Democrats Would Never Bomb Orange County GOP Office

Trump speaks at a rally in Charlotte, NC

What makes this Orange County, North Carolina firebombing all the more suspicious — aside from the fact that the Orange County GOP is non-existent in elections — is the fact that Donald Trump began “tweeting” about the bombing moments within hours after it happened, blaming “Hillary Clinton supporters” and “Democrats” without any shred of evidence. In fact, every single Democrat or Hillary supporter I’ve encountered in North Carolina is gravely concerned about doing everything the law provides to prevent violence in this election.

Trump’s feigned hysteria carries the acrid stench of another famous fire: the one in the German Reichstag, started by the Nazi party of Adolph Hitler during the German national elections of 1933, and then blamed on the Communists. The Reichstag Fire was immediately pounced upon by Nazi leaders as “evidence” of terror from the left, proving the need for the authoritarian rule their leader promised. It was instrumental in leading to the election of Hitler as German Chancellor, despite the lack of any evidence to buttress the Nazis’ wild claims.

Eventually, the facts about this fire-bombing will come out, and justice will be meted out to the perpetrators of the crime. Until then, it’s reasonable to wonder why Democrats would have anything to do with attacking an opposition party headquarters that has been dormant for years.

[In an inspiring postscript to this story, Democrats across the country rallied quickly to a GoFundMe campaign to pay for the immediate restoration and reopening of the firebombed Republican office in Hillsborough, NC. The campaign’s organizers explained “this is not how Americans resolve their differences. We talk, we argue, sometimes we march, and most of all we vote. We do not resort to violence by individuals or by mobs.” Donors swiftly exceeded its goal, raising over $13,000 in a few hours.]

Steve Villano is a writer with a law degree from Hofstra University Law School who has written a book on the late Mario Cuomo that will be published next spring. He is a Democratic political volunteer in North Carolina and originally posted a version of this article on his blog.

IMAGE: Republican nominee Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S., October 14, 2016. REUTERS/Mike Segar


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  1. AgLander October 17, 2016

    Democrat brown shirt thugs….if Clinton gets the White House this is just the beginning of the oppression…….she has already made it clear she feels special hatred towards millions of Americans she calls “deplorable and irredeemable”, plus any and all Catholics and Evangelicals. The fire bombing act of terrorism is simply her supporters acting out and projecting their candidate’s stated feelings. Imagine how free they will feel to increase their acts of violence with total impunity if she is elected and sits over our legal system providing them endorsement and protection!

    1. charleo1 October 17, 2016

      It doesn’t wash. And it goes to both motive, and location. Those winning an election do not need to firebomb anything. Those who are losing however, sometimes feel they do. Therefore this violence, in a largely Democratic district, is more likely just that. An act of pathetic desperation, perpetuated by people that know they are about to be defeated. And could be hoping this overt act of sabotage will lead people to believe the election is turning violent. Or that their safety at the polling places could be in question, and that might depress turnout. Or perhaps they think it will energize Trump’s base? Maybe they’re angry? Now who might that be? We do know Trump’s people are increasingly concerned. As preliminary data registration in N. Carolina, an indicator of turnout in the State, shows that it may have fallen far short of what is necessary for a Trump win. Then location. Why disrupt an empty station in a district Democrats are going to win? Wouldn’t it make more sense to disrupt a headquarters in a closely contested district? Look, if it doesn’t make sense, it’s probably not true. Or in this case, not what the firebombers want you to think it is.

      1. AgLander October 17, 2016

        History proves that theory doesn’t hold water……Hitler and his brown shirts grew bolder and bolder and more violent in their oppression of all opposition as they gained the upper hand. The Democrat party is merely following that formula, and it all begins at the very top with the incendiary language being spewed by Hillary Clinton and her increasingly violence loving supporters.

        1. charleo1 October 17, 2016

          That’s rich. A Trumpy complaining about the incendiary rhetoric of the opposition. I wonder who the recently arrested Garden City terrorists were supporting as they plotted to firebomb a mosque? The candidate that promised legal support for anyone punching a protester at one of his rallies in the mouth? Adding, “They used to carry people like that out on stretchers!” Use your head.

          1. AgLander October 17, 2016

            Go ahead…stick your head in the sand even deeper as the Republican branch headquarters smolder and you and your kind smirk and look the other way…..liberal Democrat thugs, one and all. Your parents must be so proud of you! What’s next, looting?

          2. charleo1 October 17, 2016

            The crime is being investigated. So shall we wait for the results, or just get the rope?
            Where did you learn your concepts of due process? Somalia?

          3. Bill P October 17, 2016

            You notice this troll never responds to your statement about the 3 people arrested for planning to firebomb a building housing Somalis.

          4. marriea October 17, 2016

            No, probably from ISIS

          5. nanorich October 17, 2016

            When a Trumper uses the term “thugs,” we all know what that is code language for.

          6. AgLander October 17, 2016

            “WE” all know? Are you carrying around a little mouse in your pocket?

          7. The lucky one October 17, 2016

            Before aggie can use his/her head he/she will need some help with extraction form his/her butt.

          8. charleo1 October 17, 2016

            I forgot where, and how far he has to travel to find it. Ha!

          9. marriea October 17, 2016

            By the way, did that supporter who punched that guy really get any legal help from TeamTrump.
            The last I heard Trump say was that he was having ‘his people’ looking into it.
            That’s not what the blowheart said
            That blowhard on the stump didn’t say we would ‘look into paying the legal fees’ of anyone who defended him, he said, ‘don’t worry, I’ll pay the legal fees’.
            Did he?
            I’m sure that this guy got an attorney to sue the ‘puncher’.
            I think I heard that his guy was charged with assault but he probably could also be charge with threating bodily harm to another as he was stupid enough to say, ‘well, the next time I guess we’ll just have to kill em’, on national TV, no doubt.

          10. charleo1 October 17, 2016

            I can’t say if he got any help. But what I strongly suspect is he’ll
            get what thousands have already gotten that made the mistake of believing in this fraudster. Shafted.

        2. The lucky one October 17, 2016

          Hmmm, who is that has suggested their followers will riot if he is “robbed”? Not surprising since Trump is the perfect example of being born on 3rd base thinking he hit a triple.

        3. CripesAmighty October 17, 2016

          More projection here than at the multiplex. Heh.

    2. Bill P October 17, 2016

      Again you write pure junk – “In fact, I’ve already seen comments showing up here at NM from “regulars” SUPPORTING and applauding the fire bombings! Imagine how free they will feel to increase their acts of violence with total impunity if she is elected and sits over our legal system providing them endorsement and protection!” You can claim whatever you want to but without providing provable facts it’s just typical extreme right wing bullshit.

      1. iamproteus October 17, 2016

        It’s tough to provide “provable facts” when you have none. So you have to go with bullshlt and hope somebody will believe it.

    3. KDJ54 October 17, 2016

      I believe it is the work of the Mad Hatter or the Cheshire cat (so sneaky that one), or perhaps the Red Queen, we all know that she and the Trumpster are thin skinned autocrats. Run along AgLander, the white rabbit is already down the rabbit hole and the Red Queen will have your head if you’re late, again.

      1. AgLander October 17, 2016

        From your use of the reference, you sound like someone who obviously sits around all day watching cartoons. Why am I not surprised!!

        1. charleo1 October 17, 2016

          I’m shocked, from a guy who lives for Trump’s next fairytale. The poster even mentioned your hero the Mad Hatter.

        2. KDJ54 October 17, 2016

          Actually, I find Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s logic and mathematical precision to be more appealing in the written word rather than the cartoon versions. You should try reading, it will broaden your horizons. As Gracie Slick said “Remember what the doormouse said, feed your head.”

        3. iamproteus October 17, 2016

          Aggie, you poor useless POS, your insults are getting weaker and weaker. If you expect to be paid this week, you’d better shape up, boy.

        4. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 18, 2016

          Agatha, as I’ve pointed out recently and many times in the past, you’re a sucker for abuse and wallow in a delirious state marled by a mysterious affinity for masochism. Day after day, you come to this forum only to get your head handed back to you on a platter, as though the Red Queen chopped off your head, and Dr. Frankenstein keeps sewing it back on.

          Break this vicious cycle, Agatha. The National Memo is your opiate—instead of a high you come here to receive pain.
          How odd and pathetic.

          1. AgLander October 18, 2016

            You offer all of us such comic relief…….you huff and puff and get all blustery, apparently thinking that using words in volume (without ever saying anything) somehow earns extra credits to your cretin-like existence ……think of the Wizard of Oz’s voice bellowing with such bluster while concealed behind the curtain only to be transformed into a whimpering and frightened little munchkin when the curtain is peeled back exposing you!

          2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 18, 2016

            “You offer all of us such comic relief.” How many of you are there, little Agatha? Or is your your multiple-personality complex kicking in?

            Dear Agatha, you just run along now and go outside to play. The other children need amusing—don’t forget your orange pompadour, you cute little pixie.

    4. James Ryan October 17, 2016

      Oh my god. Are you drinking again? We all had such high hopes after that last stint in rehab.

      1. iamproteus October 17, 2016

        Drinking? You must have missed that frequent sniffing for no apparent reason.

      2. Bucky Turgidson February 21, 2017

        you are a nasty nasty person

    5. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 18, 2016

      As someone before asked. Have you been drinking? Too much alcohol and pain-killing medicines dulls the senses and burns holes in the brain. Yours is riddled with lesions.
      Your bizarre hallucinations, as seen by your comments, are a sure sign that you’re taking drugs and are stoned out of your childish mind.
      These habit-forming substances have imprisoned your soul—assuming you still have a functioning soul.

      “O Son of Being! Free thyself from the fetters of this world, and loose thy soul from the prison of self. Seize thy chance, for it will come to thee no more.”

      (An epigram from Baha’u’llah’s ‘The Hidden Words’, from the Arabic Section)

      Aggie, you’re a prisoner of your fantasies—release yourself and cast off the chains that have you tied to the realm of mediocrity and desuetude.

  2. Theodora30 October 17, 2016

    Let’s see if the mainstream media will report that Dems are raising money to help. I know some have but even my local station here in Charlotte did not mention this. Of course Faux News also ignored this part of the story.

    1. verrildd October 17, 2016

      It’s all over the news.

  3. CripesAmighty October 17, 2016

    Um, yeah. ‘Round here (Orange County, NC) among Democrats, strongly worded bumper stickers are considered an affront to civil discourse; marching about with kazoos is radical direct action. The closest we get to revolt is the two otherwise sweet old guys who yell at each other year after year about the Isreali/Palestinian thing at platform meetings. Uh-uh. This smells of cut-rate Reichstag imitatery.

    1. marriea October 17, 2016

      I thought the same thing when I first read the story.
      I suspect that this was done by the Republicans.
      In addition to the events in Germany, which I admit I was ignorant about, I thought about the many Native Americans who were blamed for things that white pioneers and American Troops did.

  4. lacywood October 17, 2016

    How did “almost instantly” evolve into the very odd….began tweeting “….about the bombing moments within hours after it happened” (sic)?

  5. harleyblueswoman October 17, 2016

    my first thoughts was a set up also….to make the dems look bad….it certainly would fit into their agenda to do something this deplorable and blame the other guy…

  6. latebloomingrandma October 17, 2016

    I wish someone could put us out of our misery and just take Trump off in a straight jacket. The man obviously has a possible variety of several mental illnesses. The spectacle of his rhetoric and meltdown makes our country look weak. The US has taken out world despots throughout our history, and we are poised to elect one of our own. Even if he loses by a landslide, this sullies our ability to be world leaders, because of our peoples’ judgment. IMHO

    1. Dan S October 17, 2016

      I second that motion to just lock him up in a strait jacket. He’s clearly delusional & mentally ill

  7. FT66 October 17, 2016

    Every fiber of my body tells me it is republicans who have bombed their own office. If they can get courage to parade Bill Clinton’s accusers of those decades, why not make this plot and cry loudly to make Dems look bad. These people have no shame. They can do anything other normal folks can’t do.

    1. Dan S October 17, 2016

      I’m not certain it was the party itself that planted the bombs. More likely it was the so called White Nationalists otherwise known as Neo Nazis that did it. Remember Trump is at war with the party leaders of the GOP like Paul Ryan. He knows he’s losing in NC & I wouldn’t be surprised if he knew of the bombings in advance. This Trump is 1 very sick dangerous dude

      1. FT66 October 17, 2016

        Dan, you are contradicting yourself. White Nationalists and those Trump is against (party leaders) all belong to GOP. They are all republicans and not Dems.

        1. Dan S October 17, 2016

          While I understand that White Nationalists identity more closely with the GOP they’re a different kind of animal. I wouldn’t lump someone like John McCain or Paul Ryan in with that group. Unfortunately these nutjobs are there’s to deal with. I was saying that these bombings wouldn’t have been sanctioned by the party itself. It definitely wouldn’t have been done by any Democrats. Right now we don’t know truly who’s ultimately responsible but thankfully no 1 was killed

        2. verrildd October 17, 2016

          This is just like saying the Dems committed the Orlando shooting, because the shooter was a Democrat. It’s assinine, and doesn’t help anything.

        3. verrildd October 17, 2016

          This is just like saying the Dems committed the Orlando shooting, because the shooter was a Democrat. It’s asinine, and doesn’t help anything.

          1. FT66 October 17, 2016

            No. That isn’t the way we do comparison in issues like this one. Firstly, you have to look at the motivation. Republicans in this election have been angry, bitter, chanting horrible words and now they see the bad polls and notice they are losing. Thats the huge motivation to do horrible stuff like this one. When a person is happy doesn’t think at all to do any damage unless he is a mad person.

          2. verrildd October 17, 2016

            We don’t do the comparison because it’s not convenient for you. A few things: 1.) We have NO idea who did this and 2.) The person who did this obviously has issues far beyond disagreement with a political position.To insinuate that whoever did this because they are Republican or Democrat is silly. They did it because they are unbalanced.

          3. verrildd October 17, 2016

            I’m curious what your take on this will be if it is discovered that a Democrat committed the crime…

          4. FT66 October 18, 2016

            Thats what am eager waiting for to see the result of the investigation. I can assure you sooner or later everything will prove I was right.

          5. verrildd October 18, 2016

            Even if you’re right, you’ll be wrong. I am POSITIVE that you believe (as do I) that when a terrorist who happens to be Muslim commits an act of terror, it is not fair to say “The Muslims did it.” The same holds true here. You cannot say “The Republicans did it” when a deranged person commits an act of anarchy, even if they happen to vote Republican. Their political affiliation, political beliefs are not their identity at that point, their identity is anarchist/terrorist. But hey, if demonizing a whole group of people simply because they don’t share your politics makes you feel superior, have at it.

  8. verrildd October 17, 2016

    Every fiber of my body tells me that the political affiliation of the person who perpetrated this is far less important and telling than the mental stability of said person. IMO, it’s severely short-sighted to be focusing on whether the person is “Republican” or “Democrat.” There are good, decent, and smart people in both parties. There are also evil, ignorant, and mentally unbalanced people in both parties.

  9. Jon October 17, 2016

    How did Trump find out there was a bombing in NYC at a time all authorities knew was there had been an explosion injuring several people? How did Trump find out that it was animals representing Hillary Clinton and the Dems in North Carolina who firebombed the GOP headquarters in Orange County, North Carolina when no authorities know who is responsible? What are his connections to Islamic terrorists? What are his connections to animals representing Hillary Clinton and the Dems? Did he have prior knowledge of these events? Clearly Trump has demonstrated that he must have close ties to very violent people willing to harm others and destroy property. It’s time to finally lock him up for the safety of all Americans.

  10. DPenhead October 17, 2016

    Not all of the Democrats in Orange County are as ethical and intelligent as this article leads you to believe. Maybe a Trump supporter did it, maybe not. Time will tell. When that time comes, we should all band together and force that person to stand trial as a terrorist. Whoever did this, it needs to be viewed by all ‘sides’ that this is unacceptable.

    1. Thoughtopsy October 18, 2016


  11. VyndaK October 17, 2016

    Being here in NC, I can tell you that it likely was leftist Democrats that did this. From a number, I’m hearing that there was no harm done since they were probably insured (it’s all good!), that it was the GOP doing it for the insurance (which would make no sense considering they couldn’t make up the lost ground before the election), or that all in the GOP are Nazi’s who deserved it. There is already a movement to remove anyone that helped from the Dem Party for being disloyal. They don’t represent all Dems but they are the sort of minority that would do this.

  12. lilyhammer October 18, 2016

    I doubt the NC Democratic Party had anything to do with this. Whether the individual who did it was a Democrat or Republican I condemn this senseless act of violence/terrorism equally. No place for this kind of thing in American politics.

    1. Lenore October 18, 2016

      Agreed and well said.

  13. leatha.arechiga October 18, 2016

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  14. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 18, 2016

    Firebombing is a tactic often used by the KKK and brown-shirts. The Klan and Nazis are probably not happy now that many in the GOP have finally awoken to the unmitigated tragedy that they’ve allowed so much attention to be lavished on.

    What goes around, comes around—also referred to as Poetic Justice.

    1. Joe Biggs October 18, 2016

      The Klan was a Democrat terrorist group. Look up its history. As for the SA Brown shirts they too were a Left wing group.

      Hey, while we are at it let’s add some more of those terror loving groups.
      Artifa, SDS, MORE, SLA, M19CO, FLAN, ALF, ELF, BAMN, BLACK BLOC etc etc etc etc etc, the list of extremist Left Wing terror fueled groups are a long list.

      Now let us not also forget that near by there are a few Colleges that have radical groups in those colleges. So, for you to believe that the Left would never do something like that, well you are mistaken or just too young.

      1. Thoughtopsy October 18, 2016

        Diversion won’t help.

      2. S4L7Y October 19, 2016

        The Democrats of 1865 when the KK formed are not the same as the 2016 Democrats. They have changed platforms since then. Heck in the 1860’s Republicans dominated the northern states.

        “So, sometime between the 1860s and 1936, the (Democratic) party of small government became the party of big government, and the (Republican) party of big government became rhetorically committed to curbing federal power.”


        1. Joe Biggs October 19, 2016

          First off stop taking your information from the internet and open up a few books and do your own research. People have agendas. Also look up who you are citing before you do cite them.

          Here to help.

          1. S4L7Y October 19, 2016

            Pretty sure much of the information on the Internet, originated from books. You cannot totally discount everything on the Internet and say books are the only thing that is factual.


            Heck just look at the 1880 presidential election:


            Looks like a complete opposite of how it is now doesn’t it?

          2. Joe Biggs October 19, 2016

            The question is, what books. Keep believing what you are told and you will never know the facts for yourself.

            Do your own research and you will never fall for anything.

          3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 19, 2016

            Joe, you seriously don’t think you can convince progressive and forward-looking minds to be persuaded by an elementary school style of logic you employ—a limited logic that persuades you to look backwards, do you?
            Any proper and clear-thinking person would have long ago abandoned the fool-hardy and quixotic quest you’ve embarked on. The only immature minds that would be persuaded by your shallow reasoning would be the likes of “AgLander”, Donald Trump, “Otto the Goat”, and similarly inert minds.

          4. Joe Biggs October 19, 2016

            LOL in other words you are satisfied living in the controlled world where you are fed what you have to think and go over the top with rubbish as a defense, got it. And enjoy your warm media spoon-fed utopia.

            Again, try and read some non fiction books someday. If you believe everything you are fed you will forever be living in a lie.

          5. BG Davis October 21, 2016

            And you?

          6. Joe Biggs October 21, 2016

            I was fishing for a fish a few days back, but lol and behold I caught a troll. Try it with someone else.

          7. BG Davis October 21, 2016

            “Do your own research and you will never fall for anything.”
            Didn’t work for you, though.

          8. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 19, 2016

            Have you opened any books. You speak as an ignoramus, and as such you shouldn’t scold anyone about opening books, except yourself.

          9. Joe Biggs October 19, 2016

            LOL… I actually read many books. The latest books I am reading are reprints titled Russo Japan War 1905, Japan Qin Dynasty War 1895 and as I always do every 3 months or so Adam Smith’s the Wealth of Nations.

            How about you, what are you reading? Any non-fiction books that you can recommend?

            If you wish to know what I will be reading next please by all means ask in a few weeks.

            Stop believing what someone tells you and read about it from many sources yourself.

            Stop the Liberal ignorance.

            Read what many people wrote about the same subject and the truth will revile itself.

          10. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 19, 2016

            It’s good that you declare that you’ve read, but reading books of the caliber of “The Further Adventures of Dick and Jane”, “Donald Duck Goes On a Picnic”, and similar genre hardly qualifies an adult to be well-read.
            Which would explain the dearth of knowledge you’ve displayed thus far.

          11. BG Davis October 21, 2016

            “the truth will revile itself.”
            WFT does that mean?

      3. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 19, 2016

        Joe, like a lot of other Americans who aren’t well educated, paid scant attention to social and political trends, and are easily confused by nomenclature you allow a designation to distract you.
        The core questions are these:
        1) Is the KKK a terrorist group or not?
        2) What Party is the KKK and other white supremacist groups attracted to?
        3) Did the Republican Party and Democratic Party switch names and platforms?

        Let’s consider the answers:
        1) Yes, the KKK is a terrorist organization now and always has been, long before the Taliban, Al-Qaida, and ISL came into existence.
        2) The KKK and other white supremacists are attracted to Trump and the GOP(Republican Party).
        3) The “Republicans” during the time of Lincoln were interested more in dismantling slavery in its most egregious forms. The Democratic Party catered more to the slave-owners and favored slavery. Later both parties switched names with “democrats”(Dixiecrats) switching to a more intransigent and inhumane party called the GOP.

        I hope this tutorial will remove the shackele of ignorance that have chained your mind up to now.

        1. Joe Biggs October 19, 2016

          Good to see you have come in to spout your Liberal talking points.

          1.) Right now the KKK hasn’t carried out any terrorist acts. The have changed their tactics to a defensive one rather than a reactive one. This is move has made them seem peaceful from their past actions and made the Antifa Liberal hate groups seem ruthless.

          2.) The KKK doesn’t like either party, they find both parties to be not to their liking. To them they would rather have an authoritarian party controlled by some insane figurehead.

          3.) No they did not, of all the Dixiecrats who left the Dems in the 60’s very few actually joined the GOP. The majority stayed in the Party. let’s not forget the voting rights act and who tried to filibuster it……. His first name started with a L and his last started with a Byrd.

          Let’s consider the answers:
          1) Yes, the KKK is a terrorist organization now and always has been, long before the Taliban, Al-Qaida, and ISL came into existence.

          1a.) What was the last terrorist act committed by the KKK? I haven’t read of one in a ling time. Think the last one was in Greensboro in the 80’s.

          2) The KKK and other white supremacists are attracted to Trump and the GOP(Republican Party).

          2a.) Can you name Klanner’s who have been accepted into the Trump campaign?

          3) The “Republicans” during the time of Lincoln were interested more in dismantling slavery in its most egregious forms.

          3a.) The Republican’s under Lincoln wanted to abolish slavery because they believed that slavery was a sin. Like most if not all Republican’s today.

          4.) The Democratic Party catered more to the slave-owners and favored slavery. Later both parties switched names with “democrats”(Dixiecrats) switching to a more intransigent and inhumane party called the GOP.

          4.a) Now you have jumped the Shark, the Dixiecrats were Southern Democrats who tried to block Civil Rights but failed. out The vast majority of them stay in the Democratic Party and most were in position of power while a small minority jumped to the GOP.

          Names matter and these are the DIXIECRATS that stayed in your party Orval Fabus, John Stennis, Bull Connor, Al Gore, Sr, John Rarick, Robert Byrd, Benjamin Travis Laney, James Eastland, John Stennis, Russell Long, John McClellan, John Sparkman, Herman Talmadge, George Wallace think I missed a few more… But look at those Names….

          Next the DIXIECRATS that joined the GOP (drum roll please) Strom Thurmond and Miles Godwin.

          Now what exactly were you saying?

          5.)I hope this tutorial will remove the shackles of ignorance that have chained your mind up to now.

          5a.) The only thing this tutorial of yours has shown is how little you know……Try harder and read man read!

          1. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 19, 2016

            The extent of your narrow-minded vision is palpable.

          2. Joe Biggs October 19, 2016

            Funny, calling someone narrow minded when you are the one opposed to accually doing your own research. Sad, but expected. As I stated before enjoy your spoon-fed Utopia.

            It has been fun, but sadly this ride must come to an end. And with a grain of salt, I bid you I bid you adieu, this felt like I was fishing for trolls with dynamite. LOL

          3. BG Davis October 21, 2016

            Gee, Joe, since rational commentary just leads to more quibbling and deflection on your part, how about we just cut to the chase and say you are full of crap?

      4. BG Davis October 21, 2016

        Gee Joe, you really are dedicated Trump troll, eh?
        Love the way you drag in all sorts of old and unrelated stuff to smother the argument. Say, as long as you’re dredging up “examples,” how about going back to various underground groups that fought the Roman Empire?

  15. ajsmd October 18, 2016

    “-is the fact that Donald Trump began “tweeting” about the bombing moments within hours after it happened, ”

    What exactly does this mean?

  16. Joe Biggs October 18, 2016

    Just a simple little question, when is it necessary to firebomb a political opponent?

    The reason I ask is that you wrote, “Firebombing GOP headquarters there is not only illegal, it’s unnecessary”.

    So when is the use of terror necessary? Freudian slip?

    1. Thoughtopsy October 18, 2016

      You bomb a place of work to stop that organisation achieving a goal.
      The writer’s point is self-evident.
      The GOP cannot achieve any goals in that area due to lack of voters, and the office being dormant.
      Therefore there is no point in attempting to stop them achieving their goal.

      Your rather transparent allusion that liberals regard firebombing as acceptable behavior is ignored as the stupidity it is.

    2. BG Davis October 21, 2016

      Good point. I would suggest that the writer should have said “counterproductive.” That would leave no room for nitpicking and innuendo.

  17. BG Davis October 21, 2016

    Who paints swastikas on things, and where? White power neo-nazis, on homes, businesses, gravestones and synagogues. Not left-wing people on GOP offices.
    Here are real examples:
    –playground across the street from a Second Street yeshiva
    –home of an Indian-American New Jersey congressional candidate
    –the windows of a new-age Palm Springs business
    –outside home of a black family in Antioch, CA (firebombs were also involved)
    –on 19th-century black schoolhouse in VA (“White Power” was also painted on)
    The odds against left-wing culprits are overwhelming.
    North Carolina GOP admits it illegally stashed completed absentee ballots in firebombed office [and now denies it].
    plot thickens – what would a political party be doing with *anyone’s*
    completed ballots? These are supposed to be kept in neutral hands.

  18. misterprecedent October 27, 2016

    HOW did the 911 caller know the office had been FIREBOMBED if he was outside and just smelled smoke from a small fire that had already gone out on its own?

    Also, why would someone who opposes Nazis illustrate their message with a swastika?

  19. nichole_jenkins November 14, 2016

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