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Why The Tea Party’s Power Keeps Growing


Why The Tea Party’s Power Keeps Growing


Tea Party rally

Today, Democracy Corps is releasing findings from focus groups with evangelical, Tea Party, and moderate Republicans. Our conversations with these Republicans help explain why the GOP is committed to shutdown politics — and why in the future, its leaders likely will move more deeply into intransigent far-right conservatism.

While moderate Republicans want their leaders to seek what they call “middle ground,” they form only one quarter of today’s Republican voters. The most conservative factions in the party — evangelicals and Tea Party adherents — now comprise more than half of Republican partisans. These folks do not worry that Republican leaders’ intransigence has led to this kind of shutdown politics in Washington. Instead, they worry that current Republican leaders are too compromising:

The problem is there’s not a party that thinks like us. We don’t have a voice in Washington. Or where else? The Republican Party? They might as well just have a D beside their name, as far as I’m concerned.  (Evangelical man, Roanoke)

I don’t have a party anymore. (Evangelical man, Roanoke)

And the Republicans – a lot of Republicans are just RINOs – Republican in name only. But we’ve really got to turn this ship around, or we’re in deep doo. (Evangelical man, Roanoke)

Above all, they think that the Republican Party has proved too willing to “cave” to the Obama administration’s agenda:

They cave all the time. (Evangelical woman, Colorado Springs)

They’re rollovers. (Evangelical man, Roanoke)

They turn to the Tea Party because it gives them hope that someone is finally “standing up” and “fighting back” against the forces of Obama and big government.

Well, I would say, the rise of the Tea Party, that people are getting involved, and they’re standing up… Grass roots. I’ve never been really into politics. And I’m getting more involved. And people I think are standing up. Like you were talking gun control. People are saying hey, this isn’t what’s in our Constitution, and it’s not what’s in our schools. And I think people are taking a stand now, and we need to, before it’s too late. (Evangelical woman, Colorado Springs)

America is rising back up and getting a backbone again, and making our voices heard one way or another, whether it’s Tea Party, or whatever else. People are being emboldened.  (Evangelical woman, Colorado Springs)

They are a group to be reckoned with, because if we’re going to turn things around, The Tea Party’s going to need to be part of it. And less government and less spending, and throw the rascals out – to quote Ross Perot – is what they’re all about. I’m there.  (Evangelical man, Roanoke)

I would say that our greatest strength is…we do have a lot of rednecks in our country, and we have a lot of people who are stepping out and saying things now.  (Evangelical woman, Colorado Springs)

As a result, they believe that the Tea Party should form the new core of the Republican Party.

I think [the Tea Party] is good [for the Republican Party.] I think that the rest of the GOP needs to get on board. We need to all agree on some of the basic stuff. (Tea Party man, Raleigh)

I think it’s a good thing, because [the Tea Party represents] core Conservatives…So you’ve got the Republicans against the Conservatives, and they said, “You need to be more Conservative if you’re going to win the elections and get more people.” (Tea Party man, Raleigh)

These voters — a majority of Republican partisans — do not want their leaders in Washington to work for compromise. Instead, they support the kind of strong-arm government-by-threat-and-fiat that finds us now in a government shutdown — and possibly also heading for a default on the country’s debt. In the future, this majority looks to move the GOP farther to the right. It will do so at the expense of moderate and center-right voters, but in the interim, we should not look for more moderate Republican leaders to step forward to broker pragmatic solutions.

Read the full Democracy Corps report here.

Photo by ArtByHeather/Flickr


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  1. gopersareignorant October 3, 2013

    Those assholes are terrorists and must be destroyed at all costs.

    1. gvette October 4, 2013

      LOL…the terrorist is in the white house.You’re just to stupid to see it. Oh wait, as long as you bget your free stuff, it’s ok.

      1. Ann Snyder October 4, 2013

        There is no terrorist in the White House. This is a typical knee-jerk statement with no facts behind it. The President won the vote, and the majority of the population supports him. Calling him names and maligning his supporters is not something of which you should be proud.

        1. gvette October 4, 2013

          Gee Ann. Would you share with me, all you actually know about Barry? His background. His up bringing. The fact that all he has even done, is be a community organizer. LOL..which goes a long way to show the mentality of his voting base. Ok, now give me the list, ann.

          1. jmprint October 4, 2013

            He is man of his word, he is working for the people of the United States of American who voted him into office and has done the best job anyone could do considering the constent obstruction of the Tea Party loony tunes. And yoiu Gvette are jst part of the Birch Society, which has no place in the USA, so please do move and take your leaders with you.

          2. gvette October 4, 2013

            Are you sober? He’s working for his own good. yes, i know, you’re all about the jobs going away, his trying to fix things that he knows nothing about. Give me a list of all you actulaay know about Barry.

          3. BillP October 4, 2013

            Here is a list of some of President Obama’s life
            1- Born in Hawaii not Kenya like the birthers preach.
            2- Attended Occidental College.
            3- transferred to Columbia University and graduated from there.
            4- Attended Harvard Law school and graduated from there.
            5- Married to Michelle for 21 years
            6- has 2 daughters Malia and Natasha
            7- Practiced law at Miner, Barnhill and Galland
            8- Taught part time at University of Chicago Law school
            9- Served as a state senator in Illinois
            10- Elected to the US Senate in 2004.
            11- Elected president of the US in 2008
            12- Re-elected President of the US in 2012.

            I can list more if you need more!

          4. gvette October 4, 2013

            Well you’re wrong on the jobs. Well, except the ones that have been created are gov, and part time jobs. As for that list you sent, I was refering to his contacts. His communist up bringing. Oh, i know, that’s not true. try to be honest.

          5. BillP October 4, 2013

            No I’m right on jobs and they weren’t just govt jobs as you claim, read the jobs month reports before making an inaccurate statement. As for his communist upbringing where and when did this occur. While in Indonesia Obama attended St Francis of Assisi Catholic school from 1968 to 1969. From 1969 to 1971 he attended the Besuki school for part of the 3rd and 4th grades while joining the Cub Scouts, a highly suspect organization. In1971 Obama moved back to Hawaii, his birthplace where he attended Punahou school till 1979 when he graduated high school. So where did this alleged communist training take place? You have to stop making these non-provable claims, you have nothing concrete to backup you wild accusations.

          6. gvette October 4, 2013

            I guess you missed it, when the unemployment numbers came out, for the last two months, two states didn’t give their number. Computer problem, so they say. One of which, was CA. Go figure.

          7. Mark October 4, 2013

            Has anyone read anything Gvette posted that contained something called FACTS, instead o whatever it is she’s reading. Right wingers insult because they have nothing else to say. Treat them like small children; pat them on the head and say “there, there now, everything will be alright. Just eat your cookies and let the grown ups take care of everything.”

          8. gvette October 4, 2013

            Funny, I don’t see facts from you.

          9. hilandar1000 October 6, 2013

            Not anything in the ways of facts from Gvette — but lots of personal attacks on anyone with whom she disagrees. But stay alert and, if you do come across some actual fact from Gvette, let me know and we’ll all celebrate.

          10. Mark October 7, 2013

            I doubt whether Gvette has ever bothered with the definition of a fact. Seems to me facts would get in the way of her right wing drivel.

          11. BillP October 4, 2013

            I guess you didn’t read my comment correctly, read the jobs report numbers, they have been positive for close to 3 years. The monthly unemployment rate doesn’t mean much for a 1 or 2 month time period. These numbers are gathered from at least 2 different polls and could show an increase in the unemployment rate eve though there has been job growth. Likewise there could be a decrease in the monthly unemployment rate without job growth. The key is the number of people who have move back into or put of the job search market. You have to look at the whole picture not just 1 number.

            You never responded to the question of,where and when did Obama receive his communist training. Was it in the Cub Scouts? Maybe he was in a pack with boys named Ivan, Nikolai, Ilya or Mao. I know where you came up with this comment, he named his daughter Natasha a typical Russian name or maybe he just liked the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons.

          12. nirodha October 4, 2013

            Apparently, gvette’s comprehension skills are somewhat lacking.

          13. gvette October 4, 2013

            The u-6 unemployment now is at 14.3 percent. In 2008 it was 11 percent. Is that a big enough spred for you. You just don’t want to admit he’s just a piss poor leader. Oh wait, he doesn’t lead.
            As for his early years, his farther is a communist. Why don’t you try reading a book. Fuuny thing is, like most democrats, you’re a legend in your own mind!

          14. omgamike October 4, 2013

            His father has been dead for a very long time. Try again.

          15. gvette October 4, 2013

            which father are we talking about?

          16. BillP October 5, 2013

            Your u-6 numbers are incorrect. For January 2009 the u-6 rate was 14.2% and as of August 2013 the rate is 13.7%. The 11% number you are using is from September 2008 not the last month of W’s administration and the14.3% number is from June 2013not August 2013. If you can read graphs you would see that the u-6 number that the rate soared from the last half of 2008 through 2009 then trend downward since. If you don’t understand this then you need to have someone explain to you. Your research is piss poor not Obama’s leadership. Oh that’s right he should be more like Boehner who is tough on tv and a crying wimp in reality.

            So President Obama is a communist because he father was one? That males a lot of sense, all sons are exactly like their fathers.? What book should I read? Like you right wing trolls you make a comment about me that you have no knowledge of. You know know whether I read books, magazines, newspapers, etc, I will give you a clue I’m not Sarah Palin I can tell you what I have read and do read. Your last sentence is really a waste of space. A legend in my own mind, wow would have thought.

            If you are going to make statements you need to be more correct with your data and stop the nonsensical statements.

          17. gvette October 5, 2013

            LOL..you missed the point. all you on the left, keep saying unemploymet is down. it’s not. it’s up. just watch in the next few months. As the Christmas season comes in, there will be more people working. Then they get the ax. Now, if you check the list of companys, that are going to cut full time wokers, to part time, are starting to get bigger. I know you hate to admit Barry is a fool, but he’s your buddy.

          18. BillP October 5, 2013

            I guess you have laugh your dumb ass off when the numbers you,try to use are incorrect and then are shown to be counter to what you write. In 1/2009 the u-6 rate was 14.2% and as of 8/2013 it is 13.7%. How do you do your math, according my calculations the 8/2013 rate is 0.5% “LOWER”. I used capital letters so you can read and understand that.

            Every Christmas season has had that happen. The stores hire people for the shopping season the they are laid off. I worked for UPS during the Christmas season while I was in school.

            Calling President Obama a fool shows your lack of class. I don’t care whether you like him or not if you make a claim back it up with provable data, don’t cherry pick data like the Republicans do.

            Your comment that Obama’s father was a communist isn’t true, he was a socialist if anything. Stop relying on WND for your wildly wrong statements

          19. gvette October 5, 2013

            I’ll give you a couple links. there interesting. then again, you won’t like, or believe them, as the information, doesn’t line up with the idea you have of him.


          20. BillP October 5, 2013

            Gee are you being gracious giving me links to two ultra conservative websites. Would you check out the dailykos or media matters or moveon websites. I doubt you would agree with their opinions. I don’t know much about Americanthinker but wnd world net daily is on the extreme side of conservatism and some of the people who are on this website – Ted Nugent, Glenn Beck, Wayne LaPierre and Andrew Napolitano are hardly unbiased people, so no I wouldn’t use the wnd website for anything that they would have to say about President Obama.

            You may want to research wnd since they have posted a number of off the wall items. A posting that alleged the Elena Kagan being involved in cases regarding President Obama’s eligibility but the nine case cited had nothing to do with the president. Another posting was about a suit in NJ about his eligibility that was dismissed outright but wnd reported it as a valid suit. Another posting claimed according to,the 12th amendment that if 1/3 of the states refused to cast their electoral college ballots the election of the president would be turned over to the House, this is a gross misreading of the 12th amendment. These are just a few of the posting that appeared on wnd. I wouldn’t put any validity to,their postings.

          21. gvette October 5, 2013

            I understand you don’t like conservatives. I’ll kiddingly say as a democrat you don’t like it. Anyway, the articles are not lies. There are others. You say biased, but that’s what CBS, NBC, ABC are to obama. The point was to show you his upbringing, and his associates. That’s the only reason I sent them to you.

          22. BillP October 6, 2013

            There you go again making a statement about me that you have no way of,proving. I have family members and friends who are conservative.. What they aren’t is radical in their beliefs. Comparing CBS, NBC and ABC to wnd is so laughable. They are major networks with respected news divisions that have existed for numerous decades. What have you shown me about President’s Obama’s upbringing that I haven’t read about already. He was born in Hawaii lived there for a few years, moved to Indonesia with his mother for about 4 years then moved back to Hawaii where he finished grade school and graduated from his school. He then attended Occidental College, transferred to Columbia University and graduated from there. Attended Harvard Law School and graduated from there. Worked in a Chicago law firm and taught part time at U of Chicago Law school. Elected to IIllinois state senate, elected to US Senate then elected president and re-elected president. What would wnd add to this your ridiculous claim that he is a communist because his father was one. Both of those claims are never backed up by provable facts. Do you really believe that no one who ran against him would have used it. You can believe the rumors and innuendo that wnd and other ultra conservative websites tout as fact.

          23. gvette October 6, 2013

            Hi bill. LOL…i’m not radical. i really don’t mean to insult you. Sorry As you don’t like WND, they actually go out and report. Sometimes they miss. you won’t admit it, but you know ABC, and the rest, have shielded Barry. Most of the news services are owned by George Soros. If you don’t believe me, just follow the money. I had a laugh one day. Our pocal paper tends to be liberl, so I checked it out, low, and behold, he was at the end of the search.
            As for his collage days, I know you believe all you read. I also get a kick out of it, when people can’t remember him, and they were there at the same time. Now, if all he says is true, why has he had all his records sealed? Only someone with something tiohide, would do that.
            Just an off the cuff question for you. Where do you see our country, in a couple years, financially, if Barry care stays, and he gets his credit card limit raised? Oh, and don’t forget the 85 billion a month that Ben is pumping into the stockmarket, and buying up our own bonds.
            Enjoy your evening..

          24. BillP October 7, 2013

            If you are going to,make a statement about Soros owning news services list some of them, otherwise this is a baseless comment.

            President Obama attended Columbia University that has a total student population of over 25,000 and is in NYC where students don’t tend to hang around a campus. Has do you know his records where sealed, what is your source? Factcheck refutes these claims along with a number of other fictions claims.

            Again you are making a statement about me that you don’t have any knowledge about. You don’t know what I read and yet you make a claim that I believe all that I read. I read things on wnd and find their articles lacking in back information, rather they make spurious statements.

            Yes Ben has pumped money into the economy but if you believe that this is the only reason the stock market is doing so well then you need to take some lessons in how the market works.

          25. gvette October 7, 2013

            yes, i know, in demonrat eyes, if you’re not a demonrat, you don’t understand things. Well, if you notice, and i guess you missed it, the big inversters have gotten out. I also noticed you forgot to mention that I told you of all the bonds Ben is buying. When you buy your own debt, the end is near. I guess they didn’t mention that in your liberal school. Bill, you need to get out of the shaddow of Barry’s ass, and actulaay see what’s going on. As for what you belive, in the news world, i really don’t care. When the bottom falls out, and I didn’t say if, you’ll have a better grasp
            of things.

          26. BillP October 7, 2013

            There you go with the name calling, demonrat is that the best you can come up with? Please tell the big investors that have gotten out of the market and where they have gone. Pension plans, endowment to and mutual funds are still in the market big time. You’re starting to sound a bit like chicken little, the end is near, the end is near.

            Can you tell me what is this right wing obsession with President Obama’s ass? I have already lived through the bottom falling out in 2002 and again in 2008. There will be corrections in the market, there has alway been and will always occur. I will hold onto my investments, they are diversified enough to ride out any drops in the market.

          27. gvette October 7, 2013

            LOL..ok, the ass thing. That’s because you are all fixed to it.
            Enough of that
            I’m sorry you, and other, as my friends, lived through that. Yes, the market will have corrections. Now remember, be careful from here on out. With Ben plugging in the money he is, it’s a false indicator. I’m sure you understand what happens when a country buys it’s own debt. i’m just mentioning to you, to be careful.
            You, and I might not be on the same side, but I still wouldn’t want you to lose. Funny, a few years ago, there weren’t sides.

          28. Puck2u October 5, 2013

            Look up the word paranoid and while you’re at it delusional. Now that you’ve done basic research look in the mirror.

          29. wjca October 4, 2013

            Actually, the data show that jobs in the private sector have recovered over the past few years. They are now back were they were before the recessin started in 2008. The reason that unemployment is up is because government jobs are way down over that period.

          30. gvette October 4, 2013

            The U-6 rate now is 14.3 percent. In 2008 the u-6 rate was
            11 percent.

          31. Puck2u October 5, 2013

            See above.

          32. omgamike October 4, 2013

            Please detail your facts, backed up by reliable, factual links to the info you use. Otherwise, shut up and go trolling somewhere else.

          33. gvette October 4, 2013

            Actual accounting numbers. Not like the ones cooked by barry’s news service. Good God you people are stuck in that rut. The CBO numbers you like, aren’t accurate. Several states don’t give an accounting. CA being one of them. You can paint any picture you want, but there are more people out of work now, then ever before.

          34. Puck2u October 5, 2013

            Paranoid and delusional are mental conditions brought on by Fox “News”. Are you so slow you cannot even capitalize correctly? Do you actually think for yourself?

          35. Puck2u October 5, 2013

            Do you think for a New York second you are being honest. Your mind works or rather does not work in wonderous and bizzar (as in Insane Clown Posse) ways. Quite the acid and mollies for a bit.

          36. Puck2u October 5, 2013

            Obviously more than you have bothered to google. What is an “actulaay”? So incensed you’re stuttering?

          37. TheSkalawag October 4, 2013

            Gee gvette if all it takes is a community organizer to win major elections over YOUR best of the best then it doesn’t say much for you and your side. But it does give insight into the mentality of you and your voting base. Or should I say the lack there of.

          38. gvette October 4, 2013

            In one aspect you’re right. They wouldn’t have been my choice either. The snag is, the destroyer that’s there now.

          39. TheSkalawag October 4, 2013

            The snag is that a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER beat you. Twice. So why should anybody believe that your party has all the answers if they can’t even win against a “lowly” COMMUNITY ORGANIZER?

          40. gvette October 4, 2013

            He won becase there are so many of you sucking off the government.

          41. TheSkalawag October 4, 2013

            The bottom line is gvette Our COMMUNITY ORGANIZER beat your guys. TWICE!!! And by large margins.

          42. Puck2u October 5, 2013

            You too are sucking off the Government tit you just do not relaize it.

          43. gvette October 5, 2013

            No, self supporting. now go back, and cash your welfare check

          44. Puck2u October 6, 2013

            I’ll be right behind you in the welfare check cashing line. Someday you will “drink Lipton Tea and see.” Tea Partiers have tried to stop Obamacare 42 times I believe, Einstein once said doing the same thing over and over again to only have the same results is insanity. Think about that.

          45. Mark October 4, 2013

            Gee, Gvette, wish we had asked those questions about W. We would have saved the country 8 years of misery.

          46. gvette October 4, 2013

            LOL..I see you don’t have an answer, Mark.

          47. Mark October 4, 2013

            I do have an answer…turn back time and send W back to Texas (they truly deserve each other) and we avoid two wars, the economic meltdown (Wall Street’s gift that keeps on giving), and 11% unemployment. Not to mention ignorant right wing nut jobs like you Gvette.

          48. hilandar1000 October 4, 2013

            Gee, gvette. Perhaps you could tell us about all your experience in working as a community organizer. I have worked in the same area that our president worked in — as a teacher. I saw the wonderful potential of the children there who didn’t have a real chance at realizing their potential, and wanted to do all I could do help them in reaching their goals. It doesn’t take long to realize that you might be helping those with whom you may come into contact, but there are so many others like them in other places who also deserve someone to fight for them and help them realize that potential that might otherwise be wasted. Obama, of course, realized that too, and set out to position himself so that he could help other children and their families — as well as the ones who were in that particular community. You obviously have never felt the compelling urge to help someone besides yourself. You should try it sometime.

          49. gvette October 4, 2013

            Oh great, a school teacher. those that can do, those that can’t, become teachers. As for me, I owned my own small business for 32 years. All you’ve done is suck off the tax payers.
            If you think Barry cares about anyone, you are a fool.

          50. hilandar1000 October 4, 2013

            Well, your attitude reveals very clearly that you were not one who did very well in school, but that’s usually the way it is for someone who thinks they know it all and no one else has anything to teach them. Without much education, I guess you couldn’t manage to go into one of the professions, And your personality certainly doesn’t seem as if it would allow you to work for anyone else, so what else was left for you, but to go into a business of your own — whoo hoo! Since you seem to think you are knowledgeable about professions with which you have had no experience, and you feel sure that you know what Barry feels about others, was that “business” of yours perhaps fortune-telling?

          51. gvette October 4, 2013

            Like I said, i was a usiness owner for 32 years. You could’t do that. You couldn’t do that. you’d have to invest your own money.
            You don’t have the tenacity for that. You’re just a typical blow hard.

          52. hilandar1000 October 4, 2013

            Again, gvette you are relying on your primary business of fortune-telling. I hope you were better at fortune telling for your customers in your 32-year fortune-telling business. As a matter of fact, my husband and I were both teachers, but both of us had our own businesses as well — each of which was based on the expertise that we had learned through education. Out of pity for your lack of viable knowledge to understand and discuss real issues, I will graciously ignore your infantile name-calling.

          53. gvette October 4, 2013

            LOL..first, you have no idea what mine was. As for you being teachers, and business owners just tells me you don’t have the guts it takes, to just rely on your own. You’re just a legend in your own mind.

          54. Puck2u October 5, 2013

            Look who throws out an overused trite jab about legends. What bon mote is next? Can hardly wait for another witticism that will continue to show a mean, small mind that will just show us how you know it all.

          55. hilandar1000 October 5, 2013

            You are quite hilarious, gvette. How is it that it is noble and admirable for you to own a business, but not for others to do so? I do have to give you one point — you do seem to have plenty of “guts” to make a statement as ridiculous as that one.

          56. gvette October 5, 2013

            No, owning a business isn’t nooble. The difference is, I enjoy that, and I don’t need to suck the tax payers dry, to support my business. i’ll put it another way. If your business fail, you could stand going without. So you want guaranteed income, pension, and healthcare. Oh, and teachers like full time pay, for a part time job.

          57. hilandar1000 October 5, 2013

            Oh, I see, gvette, — you just suck your customers dry. Big news, gvette — those customers are probably taxpayers too. You make blanket statements about whole groups of people who happen to be in professions that you have no experience in and are not qualified for — either to perform those jobs or to accurately evaluate them. You have no idea of what the job entails, and yet you expound on their lack of worth without knowing anything whatsoever about it. You even go so far as to say that teachers don’t enjoy their jobs. How in the world are we supposed to think that you know anything whatsoever about whether or not teachers enjoy their work? By the way, who taught you to read and write and add and subtract and communicate your thoughts to others? Admittedly, whoever was given that job didn’t do a very good job in some of those areas — or else they had a student who was not willing to learn. I would venture a guess that YOUR teachers probably did not enjoy trying to educate you, since you seem to think you already know everything there is to know.

          58. gvette October 5, 2013

            For a teacher, you are not to bright. I offer a service. People come, if they want to. It’s not mandatory. I also stand behind my work. Now, you as a teacher. people don’t have a choice. When you don’t do a good job teaching, you’re not required to do it again out of your pocket. like I said at first, those that can, do, those that can’t, teach!

          59. hilandar1000 October 6, 2013

            Oh, what a scholar you are — to be able to quote old sayings that were never actually true in the first place, and even at best were someone’s OPINION — not in any sense a provable fact. Isn’t it amazing that it’s still teachers who are charged with the responsibility of teaching our children? Even though you feel yourself qualified to judge all teachers, it is a fact that in order to become a teacher, it takes more work, more training, more versatility and more compassion to face 30 children in a classroom, all having varying wants and needs than to face one customer who wants to have their toenails painted.

          60. gvette October 6, 2013

            You are a moron. yes, people send their children to school to learn. You’re supposed to teach. As I said, and you don’t like it, you are pumping out more dummies, then ever before. As for what I do. The equipment I run, in a changing industry, is more then you ever could do. You’re just a legend in your own mind.
            Oh, and as for judging. I have that right. You are paid by tax payers.

          61. hilandar1000 October 6, 2013

            Oh, Gvette, you really should go back to school. You might learn something useful besides how to mix metaphors and spout things you’ve developed a fantasy about — without any facts to back it up. You might even get past 4th grade the second time around. I think that’s about the time that most kids learn the difference between the words, “then” and “than” and learn how those words should be used in a sentence. Actually we’re having a little contest here to see which of us can elicit the most insults from you, — to keep you busy so that the rest of us can have an intelligent discussion. (I think I’m winning the contest — thanks).

          62. gvette October 6, 2013

            LOL… it’s not about winning. Funny, now you sound like barry.

          63. hilandar1000 October 7, 2013

            Oh yes, I’m sure that equipment you use is very difficult — you must have worked for years to learn how to manage an “off/on” switch

          64. gvette October 7, 2013

            You keep proving my point. you’re a teacher, and that’s the best you can do. Just to play along, you know what’s funny? It’s knowing which switch to use, and when.

          65. omgamike October 4, 2013

            The last I heard, monkey grinding doesn’t qualify as a job. Oh, I forgot, you’re the monkey, so all you got paid were peanuts.

          66. gvette October 4, 2013

            LOL…I don’t expect much from a demonrat!

          67. hilandar1000 October 5, 2013

            Poor gvette. She wasn’t paying attention when her teacher was trying to expand her vocabulary so that she could communicate like an intelligent human being, so she has to resort to the preschool tactic of name-calling. That’s all she has as a way of expressing herself.

          68. gvette October 5, 2013


            I’m looking at the numbers of those that can barely read, when the graduate
            from high school. It’s getting worse, by the year. then you sail off to retirement, collecting your pension, and getting your healthcare paid for by the tax payers. Poor, you say. people come to me because they want to. kids get stuck with you, because they have few choices.

          69. hilandar1000 October 7, 2013

            Okay, gvette, I’m going to give you a little test to see how well you can comprehend and follow directions. If you can do it, then you are correct, If you cannot do it, then you have demonstrated what the problem is with teaching some kids. Take your sentences, “People come to me because they want to. Kids get stuck with you because they have few choices.” Now, switch the word “people” with the word “kids”. Then exchange the words, “you” and “me”. Then write the two new sentences.

          70. gvette October 7, 2013

            LOL..it would just be a lie. then again….from your view, you’re wonderful.

          71. hilandar1000 October 7, 2013

            Thank you very much, gvette. You have illustrated my point beautifully. You are NOT willing to follow instructions. Why? Is it fear of being wrong? The instructions were very clear. There was no mention made of deciphering the meaning of those words. The FACT is that, either way the statements would be wrong. People are different. They have different talents. Some teachers are good and some are not so good. The same is true, I’m sure for whatever field of endeavor you work in. You say all teachers are bad and do not deserve to be compensated for their services. Yet the very fact that you are able to put little symbols together to make words and type those words on a keyboard and somehow interpret the meaning that you want to take from them is proof that somewhere along the line, someone was able to teach you something. Otherwise you would still be using grunts instead of words and letters, and words would have no meaning whatsoever to you. I take my hat off to your teachers, whoever they may have been. It is not easy to teach someone whose mind is closed — for whatever reason.

          72. gvette October 7, 2013

            Funny how you view things. Changing the words around, make them untrue. Saying children coming to my shop, or people going to you, is not true. As I said, customers have a choice, children don’t.
            back wnen I went to school, we had great teachers. Compaired to today, their pay was no where near what teachers are paid today. If you didn’t learn, when i was in school, you didn’t get out of the class. today, they lower the standards, to move them along.

          73. hilandar1000 October 7, 2013

            Okay, one more time, I will try to break it down so that you can understand — even with your very limited knowledge and experience with school systems nationwide. The statements you made — either BEFORE or AFTER making any changes — were incorrect because you cannot accurately evaluate a whole category of people based on what you FEEL might be true based on very limited knowledge. But then that seems to be accepted procedure for the tea party, so I guess that’s all you are capable of doing, in your present condition. You say you are retired, so your experience with schools when you were a student would most probably have been about 50 years ago — or more. Do you really feel that you can pass judgement on all teachers in various regions of the U.S by using only your own experience in a limited area, based on teaching based on your experiences from 50 years ago. The figures from 50 or more years ago — even if you could access them, would not be comparable to today’s standards for a variety of reasons. For just one of many examples, there were many children who were considered incapable of learning. They were either institutionalized or were never sent to school. Their scores would not even be considered as part of the statistics for standardized testing. Today we are educating many children with similar learning difficulties in the regular public school system. Their scores are, for the most part, included in the statistics for all children enrolled in public schools, whereas they would not have been 50 years ago. It is quite interesting to see the progress that has been made during those 50 or so years in educating children with problems like learning disorders, behavior disorders, physical handicaps, etc., and the varying techniques that are used by teachers to help them have the opportunity to lead productive and self-sufficient lives. I realize that you probably share Hitler’s view on educating these children, but, fortunately we, the majority of Americans, do not share that view, and those children have the opportunity to learn as much as is within their capabilities. BTW — if your education was so superior to that of today, perhaps you should have stayed in school long enough to learn how to spell the word “compare” and capitalize the word “I”.

          74. gvette October 7, 2013

            For what it’s worth, i’ll share this.

            The Decline and Fall of American Education

            by Paul E. Peterson

            American education is in serious trouble. Why aren’t we more concerned? By Paul E. Peterson.

            Perhaps this is “just” math and science, something American schools have never been good at. Besides, apologists say, Asian students (who score at the top on the TIMSS) are inexplicable math and science geniuses.

            Yet low performance is not limited to these more challenging subjects. Americans barely reach the international literacy average set by advanced democracies, according to a report issued by the Educational Testing Service after looking at the International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS). Unlike the math and science surveys, the IALS was given to a cross section of adults aged 16 to 65. Despite the high expenditures on education in the United States—and the large numbers of students enrolled in colleges and universities—the United States ranked 12th on the test.

            The United States is living on its past. Among the oldest group in the study (those aged 56–65), U.S. prose skills rose to second place. For those attending school in the 1950s, SAT scores reached an all-time high.

            As the years go by, the United States slips down the list. Americans educated in the sixties captured a Bronze Medal in literacy, those schooled in the seventies got 5th place in the race. But those schooled in the nineties ranked 14th.

            Have Americans sacrificed quality for equity? One could hope for such egalitarian bliss; unfortunately, the opposite is true. Among the 20 highest-income countries participating in the test, the United States wins the inequality Gold Medal.

            Not true for the oldest group, however. For those educated in the fifties, the United States not only managed to achieve the second-highest literacy scores but, on the inequality index, scored no worse than average. Equity was not sacrificed for quality or vice versa.

            Apologists will find excuses for these outcomes; immigrants pull down U.S. scores, it will be said, overlooking the fact that other countries have immigrants too. Lifelong learning opportunities are greater in the United States than elsewhere, it will be claimed, so young folks will eventually reach the levels of the oldest group.

            But such excuses don’t ring true. All signs point to a deterioration in the quality of American schools. Europeans and Asians alike have rapidly expanded their educational systems over the last 50 years. In the United States stagnation if not decline has been apparent at least since the 1970s. Even our high school graduation rates are lower today than they were a decade ago.

            Do we care? Economists tell us that human capital is more important than physical capital for long-term economic development. Weak educational systems won’t ruin the country overnight, but prolonged incompetence will eventually prove consequential.

          75. Puck2u October 5, 2013

            Get real. Look at his bio much more carefully. Wipe out the crazies like The Donald who wants President O to present his birth certificate and university transcripts.

        2. TheSkalawag October 4, 2013

          gvette how about showing us your resume’.

      2. morbius777 October 4, 2013

        Tell you what, Mr. Wingnut. Get your NRA buddies to legalize dueling while you still hold America hostage, and I’ll be happy to end you issues with Obamacare.

        1. gvette October 4, 2013

          You’re funny. it’s Harry, and Barry holding the country hostage. They won’t deal. This is a republic, not a dictatorship. Oh, I forgot, you didn’t get the memo.

          1. Hgeyer October 4, 2013

            gvette, the depth of your ignorance is why we have such a problem in Washington. Your tea party compatriots ran for office on the promise to shut the government down and you fools cheered them on! Now you blame it on the black guy? The Affordable Care Act was a republican plan from the beginning. It was pushed by the republicans until the black guy “compromised” with them and supported a republican plan. All of the sudden their own plan sucked! The bill became law and now a SMALL MINORITY of fools in this country think that the minority should have their way and are willing to destroy our fragile economy to do so. If you take the people that support the ACA and add them to the people that think it should be a far more liberal single payer system, you will see just how small your miserable little “terror cell” is. Perhaps you should sit down, shut up and allow our government to return to a MAJORITY RULES system so we can get this country back in business…

          2. gvette October 4, 2013

            As usual. you make it up, as you go along. They ran to make government smaller. lower taxes. Nothing about shutting anything down. Barry care has been worked on for a long time, you’re correct. Funny part. When he was fist campaigning, he said, Clinton wants health care mandatory, I won’t. Funny, after he gets elected, that changed too.
            Oh, you talk about a small minority. Funny, It’s two people holding up everything right now. Harry, and Barry.

          3. Hgeyer October 4, 2013

            Rachel Maddow: Republican Shutdown Planned For Two Years (VIDEO)www.addictinginfo.orgRepublicans are doing what a misinformed base elected them to do, shutdown the government. Rachel Maddow provides an excellent insight.

          4. gvette October 4, 2013

            Rachel Madcow hasen’t got a clue. You people crack me up.
            If you believe anything she says, you’re dumber then a box of rocks!

          5. Puck2u October 5, 2013

            Are those the rocks in your head. Ah you live in a wilderness of tritness!

          6. Hgeyer October 4, 2013

            I guess you will have to cut and paste to your browser….. http://video.msnbc.msn.com/rachel-maddow/53151808#53151808

          7. gvette October 4, 2013

            msnbc. you actually watch that? You’re cone of the last 35 people that listen to that. Go check out their natioanl rating.

          8. Hgeyer October 4, 2013

            I don’t care about HER ratings it’s the tea-bagger video saying, while running for election, that they were going to shut the government down and all the tea-baggers in the background cheering him on. You said I made it up and now you are using her rating as an excuse instead of admitting you don’t know what you are talking about…..

          9. gvette October 4, 2013

            I haven’t seen the video. I don’t trust anything she would put up. Reason. The left, likes to make vids, show up at their rallys, to make them look bad. nothing new.

            I’ll get your thought on something as long as you’re here. How proud of Barry are you, for blocking veterans from there memorial? Oh, and the other things he’s closing just to make life


          10. Hgeyer October 4, 2013

            You just don’t get it do you? It’s the republican minority that forced the shut down. I’m proud of the president for not negotiating with terrorists…

          11. gvette October 4, 2013

            I’ll try to explain this to you,. I’ll talk slow, so you can keep up. The WW2 memorial, open 24 hours a day. Not guarded. Are you with me so far? So, you’re leader, is spending tax dollars to block it off. Are you grasping this yet?

          12. Hgeyer October 4, 2013

            You still don’t seem to understand reality…. It is part of the national park system and they are all shut down because the rangers that maintain and patrol them are no longer getting paid because the republicans would rather try to make Obama look bad than pass a simple resolution to pay the bills…..

          13. gvette October 4, 2013

            LOL…god you’re thick. Again…slowly. There are never any guards there. It’s open 24 hours a day.

          14. Hgeyer October 4, 2013

            Watch the whole video with an open mind. I know the tea party and an open mind rarely go hand in hand but watch the republican comments and the facts about the obstruction they have been doing…. It’s the tail trying to wag the dog…

          15. gvette October 4, 2013

            Ok. Send me the link, I’ll watch it.

          16. Mark October 5, 2013

            Hey Gvette…what exactly is “smaller government?” The Tea Party has been blathering this talking point for years now, but when asked for details on what they want eliminated, what they want is elimination of anything and everything that keeps corporate America from making even more obscene profits. At the same time, when you all are asked for details on how to lower unemployment, you have no answers. Is it possible that your wish list for “smaller government” actually feeds unemployment?

          17. gvette October 5, 2013

            LOL..talking points. that’s all the left has.
            As usual, you hate business. i guess you forgot, they employ people. The reason we don’t have more, is government regulations. I can tell you’re not a business owner, because you haven’t got a clue! See, government doesn’t creat jobs, private sector creats jobs.Oh, by the way, I am a small business owner.
            Now go back, get your free stuff.Oh, before I forget. government doesn’t build, or create anything. They are only there to spend money. that’s why we want less of it.

          18. Mark October 5, 2013

            Free stuff? That sounds like a really good deal. How about telling me what all this “free stuff” is, and exactly where to get it. As usual, when asked for facts Gvette, all you offer is the same old crap you always spout. You were a “business owner.” That takes in everything from owning a car wash to supplying arms to Somalian terrorists. Come on Gvette, tell us what “business” you were in. Unless of course, it was sponsored by the Reagan/Bush 1/Bush2 administrations.

          19. gvette October 5, 2013

            LOL..my shop is just a 4 bay repair shop. No big deal, other then the fact, I built it, and run it.
            The free stuff…That’s all the entitlements that people get, and think they deserve. I guess detrot comes to mind quick.

          20. Mark October 5, 2013

            It’s funny that you right wing idiots keep bringing up Detroit when you refer to “free stuff” or “entitlements.” The money for the auto industry was a LOAN that was paid back to the government (also known as taxpayers) with interest, so we actually MADE money on the deal. As far as your other favorite “entitlements”, kept me go very slowly so your limited attention span can keep up. Social Security, Medicare, & Medicaid are NOT entitlements. They are paid for by each and every working person through payroll deductions, and are available to each and every working person when needed (in the case of Medicaid), and after retirement (in the case of Social Security and Medicare. None of them are funded by the government, none of them are in financial trouble, and none of them are entitlements (you really should try Wikipedia for the definition of entitlements.) What else you got?

          21. gvette October 5, 2013

            Detroit is about the city going under, not GM, you goof. Now we have citys in CA, NY, and other states going under. Then again, if the Bill Maher news doesn’t tell you, it didn’t happen.

          22. Mark October 7, 2013

            Ok! Gvette, you’re the one who brought up “entitlements” (there’s the right’s magic talking point again) so I’ll ask you this..what the hell do entitlements have to do with all these cities going under? The bankruptcy of Detroit is directly connected to a combination of job losses in the Auto Industry, white flight, and mismanagement by both city officials, and state government officials. Somehow, I don’t see entitlements having anything to do with it. Unless of course, you’re talking about the real entitlements. You know the ones…agricultural subsidies, oil subsidies, corporate tax breaks, also known as Corporate welfare. If we ever put a stop to these “entitlements”, the national debt would vanish overnight.

          23. gvette October 7, 2013

            The pensions, and health care, are doing citys in. The unfunded debt. An
            example I can mention is a big city near where I live. Syracuse NY. It takes all
            the money the mayor collects on property tax, just to pay the healthcare of the
            retires. Anyway, that is a problem with most. Other citys all over the country are, or will be having this problem.

          24. Mark October 7, 2013

            You keep missing the point, deliberately I’m sure. If pensions are an entitlement, and these entitlements are the reason many cities are in trouble, then where were you and everyone else when these pensions were being mismanaged? Here in Illinois, we are in a pension “crisis” because for years and years, whenever the state found itself in a bad financial situation, they find it more convenient to simply skip a required pension contribution, then to fix the overriding problem. This is known as a manufactured crisis, and has nothing to do with the pension itself, only with who managed it, and how it was managed, or mismanaged. Riddle me this oh wise one…if pensions and other “entitlements” (you really like that word, don’t you?) are the cause of cities’ problems, why isn’t every city in the US going bankrupt (and don’t tell me it’s just a matter of time.)

          25. gvette October 7, 2013

            Those funds are paid for by tax payers. The longer it goes, it becomes unsustainable. Years ago, they invested the money. now, they can’t make enough. That’s the reason you’re seeing citys starting to fall. Detroit just happens to be the worst, and first.

          26. Mark October 8, 2013

            So what’s your point…that pensions everywhere should never have been established originally? That we should all work until we drop dead on the job and then have our survivors write the company a heartfelt thanks for allowing their loved one to die on the job? Pensions originally were designed to be a reward for long years of service to the company. Now I guess you’re saying that even if these pensions represent a promise from the company (or in this case, states and cities), the fact that it is no longer convienent to pay for these pensions makes it perfectly justifiable to default on pensions everywhere. This is a slippery slope, Gvette. What happens when it is no longer convienent to pay your salary or bills? Do we default on these also? Can you guess what I’m getting at here?

          27. gvette October 8, 2013

            You can’t, or don’t do math, do you. Pensions are paid for by the tax payers. That’s be you. Those that recieve them, in a lot of states, don’t contribute to them. As more, and more people retire, that adds more taking from, less adding to. Don’t forget HC.

          28. Mark October 8, 2013

            Were you repeatedly dropped on your head at birth (or recently?) You cannot collect a pension for a job you never worked at. Those people you’re talking about…they don’t exist. Look up the definition of a pension and see if you can find anything that describes the fantasy you wrote about. And please, take your meds. Your hallucinating again.

          29. gvette October 8, 2013

            Ok, according to you, there are no pensions for government workers. Are you still breathing? You’re about vthe dumbest ass i’ve ever seen.

          30. Mark October 8, 2013

            First, coming from someone like you with the IQ of a vegetable (at the risk of insulting vegetables), that is a compliment. Second, and stop me if I write words that are too big for you, ye, I have heard of government workers. For your information, they have paid into these pensions. It’s called, being the target of every right wing nut job who feels that any employer, private or government, is entitled to the fruits of your labor, at absolutely no benefit to the employee. The pension represents a PROMISE made by the employer to the employee. Your word is supposed to mean something, whether you are an employee or employer. Just because it is no longer convenient to pay out the pension, DOES NOT relieve the one who made the promise from having to follow through on it! If government, or anyone else for that matter, didn’t intend to follow through, then why make the promise. This is a moral obligation, something the right claims to be an expert on. You know, morality.

          31. gvette October 8, 2013

            One more time. In Ny state, the workers don’t contribute. By contract. But to play ypour game, even in places where they do contribute, what they get back, is far more then they put in. Is that too much for you demonrat mind? In the words of Bugs Bunny, what a maroon.

          32. stcroixcarp October 4, 2013

            What is your definition of a republic? A republic is a country with out a king or an emperor. There are countries that claim to be republics that have dictators. The Soviet Union was a union of soviet socialist republics, since they got rid of the czars, and it was a dictatorship. Nazi Germany was a republic and it had a dictator. In America we have a democratic republic meaning that our leaders are elected by the people. I have heard tea partiers claim that America is a republic not a democracy. I do not know what that means in terms of their beloved constitution, which they trash whenever convenient. Go watch some baaad lame stream media, nincomepoop!

          33. gvette October 4, 2013

            The word republic, derived from the Latin res publica, or “public thing,” refers to a form of government where the citizens conduct their affairs for their own benefit rather than for the benefit of a ruler.

          34. morbius777 October 4, 2013

            No, your dead wrong. It’s the tea baggers (aka John Birch Society) that is the obstructionist. We reelected Obama, not Romney. I suggest you start working on secession.

          35. gvette October 4, 2013

            Yes, I know. you love the guy who is spending money, to block people from seeing the WW2 memorial, and other places. Only Demonrats would praise him. just show the lack of class you have.

          36. morbius777 October 4, 2013

            No, it only shows how little contact you have with reality, and how little intelligence YOU have.

          37. gvette October 4, 2013

            Let me see, if i can follow your train of thought. I mentioned what Barry is currenty up to, and you come back with a lame comment, about how smart I am? Are you on drugs?

          38. morbius777 October 4, 2013

            No, you are. You want to put some big time money on some facts vs. opinion? I’m game.

          39. gvette October 4, 2013

            LMAO…reality? What in Gods name are you talking about. I’m telling you what he is doing, and you come back with that. I guess that channel you get, doesn’t have news.

          40. morbius777 October 4, 2013

            You, sir, are in the twilight zone. You do not know the difference between fact an opinion. You have an opinion… that does not make it true.

          41. gvette October 4, 2013

            fact, and truth are two words that don’t work in a
            sentence, when talking to a demonrat.

          42. morbius777 October 4, 2013

            Then we have nothing further to talk about…. just secede. You, as far as I’m concerned, are the enemy.

          43. Puck2u October 5, 2013

            Might not have received the memo but I did receive a brain and actually use it not like some others I can mention. Oh by the way have you noticed that the shut down is lowering the debt?

      3. jmprint October 4, 2013


        1. gvette October 4, 2013

          LOL..you people are entertaining, if nothing else. Did you have to call someone for that response?

          1. Mark October 4, 2013

            Gvette needs a minder. Anyone care to volunteer and see that she takes her medication?

          2. hilandar1000 October 7, 2013

            I don’t know, Mark. It seems to me that she’s probably already overmedicated — like the rest of the TP’ers. I feel pretty certain that the Koch brothers must be in some kind of business that makes “stuff” to send these people off to some kind of fantasyland where they are medicated to the extent that they have the uncontrollable urge to vote against their own best interests.

          3. Mark October 7, 2013

            Actually she and the rest of the over medicated nut jobs are voting in their best interest…or at least what they’re told is their best interest. Too bad mommy and daddy didn’t give them an education in thinking for themselves.

          4. hilandar1000 October 7, 2013

            Good point, Mark.

      4. gopersareignorant October 4, 2013

        You are just an ignorant retardican minion with your head stuck up your your ass. Typical right wing ass wipe.

      5. Puck2u October 5, 2013

        “There you go again” in the immortal words of the patron Saint of the Retards like Ann Coulter, Rush Limpdick, etal. Even as stupid as this is getting gvette name calling only means you’re one in the same.

  2. Mortalc01l October 3, 2013

    It’s funny how the Tea Party claim that their “holy” document, the US constitution is what they cleave most dearly to, yet they are in the process of shredding it, by subverting the democratic process of this country.

    The Democrats and President Obama WON THE LAST TWO ELECTIONS.! The Supreme Court has RULED on the ACA and found it to be THE LAW OF THE LAND.!

    The Tea Party are engaged in treason and extortion, pure an simple. The are a minority who somehow think that they are so special, that the results of the last two elections should be nullified and that the will of “The People” should be ignored.

    How much LESS constitutional can their actions be? This is a hostage crisis, perpetuated by a radical fringe of American politics. We have become a Banana Republic due to this stupidity and due to the fact that the Republican party has lost control of their OWN party.!!!

    1. Barbara Gardner October 3, 2013

      That’s the word: TREASON. Any action that undermines the security and stability of the United States is in effect treason.

      1. Lynnette Gentry October 5, 2013

        Terrorists, Traitors, And Demons In Meat Suits!! = The GOP /Tea Party, A Bunch Of KKK Members Who Trying To Make American Their NEW WORLD ORDER!!! It’s Really Up To We The People To Take Away Their Damn Power!!!

    2. gvette October 4, 2013

      You left something out. Barry has made changes in the barry care law. Without going through congress. I guess you forgot that’s illegal. Oh, I know, if the dictator in the white house breaks the law, it’s ok.

      1. disqus_fsqeoY3FsG October 4, 2013

        Exactly what does the Tea Party want? What does smaller Government mean? It is okay for your party to dictate what happens with a Woman’s pregnancy. In some states your party has told Doctors to lie to women about abortions. You don’t want the EPA so that chemical companies, manufacturing companies, oil refineries can pollute the air we all breathe, but your party demands we do not allow smoking in a public area because of second hand smoke. You don’t want the Department of Education so you can force your Religious beliefs on everyone else – what happened to Freedom of Religion. You don’t want to pay taxes, well who and how will you maintain the military, maintain and build roads, railways, airports, bridges, dams, levies? You hate and demean people who need assistance from their Government and than claim to be a “Good Christian”. What do you believe in?

        1. jmprint October 4, 2013

          You are absolutley correct about the education funds, If religion and goverment are suppose to be separate, then why can school vouchers be used at church schools.

        2. BillP October 4, 2013

          You do understand that gvette just makes comments without any provable facts. The President changed the ACA without going through Congress he states without ever giving an example. That’s typical for these right wing trolls, make a general statement with no clarification.

          1. nirodha October 4, 2013

            Opinions carry the same weight as facts with those who refuse to analyze all sides of a question. It’s much easier to follow the herd than to think independently. The far right is all about the herd mentality.

          2. 1standlastword October 4, 2013

            These are the chowder heads that vote for the Cruz’ who get elected the Kochsucker and Adelson millions. Campaign reform will fix this problem! It will reduce them to a squeak and a speck

          3. nirodha October 4, 2013

            We certainly need to get corporate money out of electoral politics. Corporations will invariably support their best interests, which are very often antithetical to the public interest. Corporations most definitely have a viable place, but not as individual citizens.

          4. 1standlastword October 4, 2013

            and fixes to SCOTUS are also vitally necessary

          5. Linda Devendorf October 5, 2013

            I couldn’t agree more. The sooner we have publicly financed elections, for everything from city dogcatcher to the presidency, the better off we will be, finally freed from the puppeteering of the millionaires and billionaires.

        3. TheSkalawag October 4, 2013

          All good questions.
          My guess is that all you are going to get from gvette and that side of the aisle is silence.

        4. gunda223 October 5, 2013

          Well said!

      2. morbius777 October 4, 2013

        Shrub certainly proved you are right….. literally.

      3. jmprint October 4, 2013

        He is allowed to do this if it’s for the betterment of the people.

        1. gvette October 4, 2013

          You are wrong. Then again, you read all you news, from Battys back side. Please stop being stupid, and easily lead.

          1. TheSkalawag October 4, 2013

            You should follow your own advice.

          2. gvette October 4, 2013

            LOL..you never have an original thought does you. Just what you hear your
            fellow demnrats say

          3. TheSkalawag October 4, 2013

            You would know better than I. I have figured out your problem.


          4. gvette October 4, 2013

            LOL…you’re not that smart.

          5. TheSkalawag October 4, 2013

            Smart enough to see what your problem is.

          6. omgamike October 4, 2013

            I don’t know about him, but I am. And I am joining others in still waiting for you to provide specifics, backed up by factual, reliable, links to the facts you put forward as supporting your position.

          7. Puck2u October 5, 2013

            Her’s a stone for you Repdiots

          8. jmprint October 4, 2013

            GVETTE YOU ARE WRONG THEN AGAIN YOU ARE JUST BRAIN WASHED…and because of this defect you are not able to keep from being stupid.

          9. Puck2u October 5, 2013

            Calling names is mature! Users of the word stupid usually are stupid so they can recognize it when they see it.

      4. TheSkalawag October 4, 2013

        You neglected to mention what the changes are that have made to the Affordable Care Law that didn’t go through Congress. Why is that? You right-wing fringers are good at vagary.
        Put some meat on those accusatory bones you’re putting out there.

        1. gvette October 4, 2013

          He made 19 changes to it. you know that…oh wait, it wasn’t stamped on his ass for you to read.

          1. TheSkalawag October 4, 2013

            Still vague and general. Be more specific?

          2. gvette October 4, 2013

            Let’s see, now you want me to do your reading for you. i guess the lamb stream news forgot to mention it.

          3. stcroixcarp October 4, 2013

            Never herd (or is it flock) of lamb stream media. But I’m sure it is baaaad.

          4. gvette October 4, 2013

            Sorry. misprint. Lambstream. Or in your case, Obama news.

          5. stcroixcarp October 4, 2013

            Please list all 19 changes and give the source of your information.

          6. Puck2u October 5, 2013

            One of which was exempting Congress. Do you see Republican’s saying do not do that? Now they can keep their posh benefits!

      5. elw October 4, 2013

        gvette, President Obama does not have power to change the actual law without the Congress. You are confusing changes to policies and processes within the law to the actual law itself. After all, dear, this is a law about a Program that is being implemented Nationally and has to be flexible enough to work at a State level and for all the diverse people it will affect. What is clear is you have based your comment on things other people have told not on anything you really understand.

        1. Puck2u October 5, 2013

          Ah a Fox 24/7 so called “news” junkie!

          1. 1standlastword October 5, 2013

            Mitt Romney got so high on Faux News he thought he won the election. And so did Karl Rove and he’s an anchor….man that Fox dope must be some really good S$%T!

          2. Puck2u October 6, 2013

            Brilliant comment. Keep reaching for nervana.

      6. Mortalc01l October 4, 2013

        Tell me exactly what President Obama PERSONALLY changed in Heritage/Romneycare/Obamacare after it was signed into law. Go on, show us all what the President himself personally changed in the law,; or maybe you can’t and might instead trot out some Fox based talking point that has zero to do with the question and is a pack of lies.

        You do realize that bills and laws are amended on a regular basis, correct?

        Gvette; you are blind with seething hatred like the rest of your ilk and it makes you unable to argue anything on a rational basis. This is why you lost the last two election, despite the fact that all the actual, unbiased polls told you it was going to happen. Instead, Republicans became trapped in their own echo chamber and blithely tossed aside reality, truth and logic in favor of their own demented beliefs….. And look where THAT got you all.

        You are trying to subvert and deform the rule of law; you lost the last two election in which the ACA was a PRIMARY battleground. Your candidate and your party LOST, your ideas LOST and now, you are trying to nullify the results of a democratic election.

        Your so-called party of patriots has become the exact opposite; you have become the party that has decided that election results and the will of the people don’t matter to you, because YOU and the Tea Party know better; you know what’s good for us, but we don’t. Well I have a differing opinion; I think you people are downright stupid, I think you have no idea about what our Government does, how it operates and what the Constitution ACTUALLY means.

        1. gvette October 4, 2013

          One thing that comes quick is, the people that get exempted from it. The list keeps growing.

          1. Mortalc01l October 4, 2013

            So, you can’t answer the question, can you? Prove to us that President Obama personally changed this law, by giving us a fact, some proof… ANYTHING and then prove to us how that change was unconstitutional, or broke ANY law.

            We’re waiting with bated breath. for your no doubt eloquent and well reasoned argument.

          2. Puck2u October 5, 2013

            I do agree with that but that never makes the Tea Party right in hating Obama Care because it will be useable by people of limited means even though they will have to pay for it. They actually murder the Constitution by not amending legislation rather than shutting down the Federal Government. Their problem is they are like little kids if you don’t like it I’ll take my toy and go home.

        2. itsfun October 5, 2013

          Bills and laws are changed and repealed. The problem here is Obama does NOT have the authority to change or repeal or create any law. You talk about trying to deform the rule of law. That is exactly what Obama did when he gave exemptions to a law. The law is for everyone or for no one. You obviously have no idea what our government does or what the Constitution actually means.

      7. KDJ54 October 4, 2013

        The president has not changed the law, nor done anything illegal. The executive branch has the constitutional authority to implement all laws passed by congress, this is why the president is referred to as the executive branch of the government. This means the president can write regulations and make decisions with regard to a law’s implementation. This principle is as old as the constitution and the nation. See Marbury v. Madison, one of the first important Supreme court decisions, which was authored by John Jay, the first chief justice.

        1. gvette October 4, 2013

          He has stripped the employer mandate, income verification, caps on out of pocket expenses, over half the statutory deadlines in the law. So now he’s had this very distorted little piece of the Affordable Care Act and he’s tacked new things onto it, 1472 waivers. And how about this new subsidy for members of Congress that he weaseled through without congressional approval. All of this means that this reform doesn’t have the status of law.

          1. rothgar October 4, 2013

            No he delayed the law by a year to give people a chance to implement it.

          2. gvette October 5, 2013

            He delayed it for a certain few, not everyone. There in is the problem.

          3. rothgar October 5, 2013

            Ok, so Now you are advocating for Medicare for all.

            Nicely done.

          4. gvette October 5, 2013

            Good grief. where’d you get that from?

          5. rothgar October 5, 2013

            Logic. Your complaint is that some organizations (people) are being treated differently so the clear solution to that is Medicare for All.

          6. gvette October 5, 2013

            No. people should ba able to select their heathcare provider. Not one forced on them by Barry care.

          7. rothgar October 5, 2013

            You mean the MOST popular and best regarded system in the Country (well maybe second to the VA program – also Government Run).

            You mean like how my Health insurance provider only has 5 or the 50 Primary Care physicians available for me to select. Yeah that United Health Care policy (in place since we were moved to UHC almost 2 decades ago) is certainly the fault of President Obama/ACA.

            Really, you do unless the terms before, during and after because it sure doesn’t sound that way.

          8. gvette October 5, 2013

            Ok, here’s one that i’ll share. I have more, of how poor Barry care is.

            OdumboCare LIES ! !!

            Just got a letter from Aetna for my wife’s health insurance re the following
            TWO LIES that Odumbo told us on National TV:



            Ok, so Aetna told us my wife may renew her current health insurance with the
            same plan ONLY FOR ONE MORE YEAR ! !

            then she will have to choose a ACA/OdumboCare plan (can NOT keep her current
            plan-LIE #1), and a cost of $665/MONTH ! ! ! !

            and she has ZERO prescriptions to fill and hasn’t had to go to the Dr in at
            least 7-10 yrs !

            an INCREASE of around 47.5% from her current monthly payment/cost ! ! ! !
            (LIE #2) ! ! ! !

            I can’t WAIT to get MY Aetna letter after they see how much I can AFFORD
            being that the IRS is running this communist THEFT !

            and will surely see how much I make (working MULTIPLE jobs btw), they will
            surely hike MY costs up at least 75% ! !

            It aint’ cheap making FREE healthcare to millions of ILLEGALs and
            Generational Welfare Lee ches ! ! !
            I get these frompeople that give me the ok to post.

          9. nells October 5, 2013

            Cool I just got a letter from Aetna saying we have good news. Because we found some idiot named gvette who doesn’t know there is a cap on increases. So we are going to charge him and people like him a lot more so that we can pass the savings onto you who actually know what the law entails. We are now going to check out the blogs to see other people like gvette so we can charge them extra too. Since they are expecting it seems a shame to let them down.

          10. gvette October 6, 2013

            LOL..as usual, a dumb demonrat. The only thing you got was fucked. Anyway, to the point. The caps are on payouts, not rates. Nice try though. back to playing with your Obama doll.

          11. Puck2u October 5, 2013

            Wrong again about employer mandates. Does the word delayed to you have any meaning or is it just easier to think you are rich enough you don’t care about paying for health insurance.

          12. gvette October 5, 2013

            Ok I’ll use your way of things. It’s only for his friends, moron. demonrats. Ypou’re a legend in your own mind.

          13. Puck2u October 6, 2013

            Once again you high class use of the English language is astounding!!!!!! Count how many times you use the word “moron” throughout your missives. Also you are trite as a person and wordsmith. What is a “ypou”? Get a spell checker or dictionary. Oh that’s right you would not know how to use anything that rudimentary since you are a SMALL business owner. Where do you get the time to add witticisms and be productive? Many on the list have Attempted to point out the error of your ways, mental, rational brain power but all you can do is attempt to insult. You learn well on Fox No News. Now learn to think logically. Life would be easier.


          14. gvette October 6, 2013

            Speaking of English, Let’s look at your first sentence. “Once again you high class use of the English language ” I see a
            grammatically incorrect use of the word you. So as you see yourself smarter then others, You’re not too bright, either. now go back under your bed, and play with your Barry doll.

      8. rothgar October 4, 2013

        If there was ANY merit to your argument the GOP and other ACA foes would surely be in the courts trying to use the Presidents actions to overturn the law. However, since no such actions are happening I posit that the Executive Branch discretion in enacting the law is consistent with the enactment discretion granted to the Executive Branch by the ACA and Consititution.

        Actually every law that requires the Executive Branch to do something grants the Executive Branch the necessary latitude to carry out that law.

        1. gvette October 4, 2013

          Now you know why we are staying on the backs, of the house, to defund it. oh, by the way, it is headed back to the supreme court.

          1. rothgar October 4, 2013

            Where is there evidence of any of your claims?

          2. gvette October 5, 2013

            It is in the news, about going back to court. Oh I forgot, your news doesn’t give news.

          3. rothgar October 5, 2013

            Except of course the vast majority of these cases are not challenging the core provisions of the ACA. The one case that does challenge the core is viewed as unlikely since it would require the Court to interfere for the first time with processes that the Congress use to pass bills. In fact the bill that became ACA was first passed in the House so it sounds like a Hail Mary.

          4. gvette October 5, 2013

            It’ll be interesting to see how this comes out. You think it’ll be an easy win. Things have changed, and it might have a different outcome. Oh well, time will tell.

          5. rothgar December 19, 2013

            And in the end the SCOTUS decided not to play along.

          6. rothgar October 4, 2013

            Ignoring of course the fact that shutting down the Federal Government is having no impact on the ACA rollout since it is independently funded. Nicely done.

            Now, back to that evidence. Put up or shut up.

          7. gvette October 5, 2013

            LOL…you are stupid. When it’s funded by the government, it has to come from the house.

          8. rothgar October 5, 2013

            So I am stupid!! I guess HHS is stupid as well.

            “Because most ACA spending is from mandatory funding or from funds not affected by a lapse in appropriations and because contracts support the call center and website, we expect minimal, if any, impact,” Bill Hall, a spokesman for HHS, told Al Jazeera in an email. “The marketplaces will be open for business (Tuesday), and people will be able to sign up.”

            In fact, much like Social Security and Medicare payments, experts say the funding for setting up statewide insurance marketplaces — both state and federally run — has already been handed out and therefore is not reliant on the federal government’s staying open.

          9. gvette October 5, 2013

            LOL…I guess you didn’t get the memo. As of yesterday, the Barry site was down. It crashed from the 45 people that tryed to use it. Now, to cave time, If you want a laugh, you can track, state, by state, how many people have used it. It’s a very small number.

            Connecticut….59 percent of the populatio.


            You get the idea. It’s a failure, so far, as everything else he does.

          10. drosz October 6, 2013

            Wow, you truly have no idea how our government works, do you?

          11. gvette October 7, 2013

            LOL…ok. where does the money come from. I noticed you didn’t mention that, while giving me what you think is a shot.

          12. Puck2u October 5, 2013

            Defunding ACA is not the same thing. Mixing apples and oranges for a fruit salad. This is more fun than shooting a barrel of monkeys that your ilk has kept in our hands.

      9. Joan Belanger Boudreaux October 4, 2013

        Changes are made to laws. Not illegal. Some changes were approved by congress. You Lie! (http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2013/sep/25/tom-graves/rep-graves-says-obama-has-changed-aca-19-times/)

        1. gvette October 5, 2013

          Actually all changes in a law have to be approved, not just some.

    3. Soo Brooks October 4, 2013

      so true.

    4. Michael Ross October 4, 2013

      As a general rule of thumb, the more somebody wants to answer a question that nobody asked, the more likely they’re flat out lying. The most hated people can’t shut up about how many friends they have, the worst businessmen can’t shut up about how much money they’re making, the most repulsive people are always bragging about their sex lives, the biggest crooks and liars can’t shut up about honor and integrity, and if you want to find the most evil, most vile to the core people on the planet, look no further than the ones who can’t shut up about how Christian they are.

      The Tea Party can’t shut up about how much they love and respect the Constitution. So it doesn’t surprise me at all that they’re the ones who are constantly trying to gut it.

      Similarly, the G.O.P., especially the Tea Party wing, loves to claim that they represent the majority of Americans. But back in reality, this is the party of Voter I.D. Again, they can’t shut up about it because it’s not true.

      1. highpckts October 4, 2013

        Boy you sure are right! I have relatives that are “Christians” and, my God, they NEVER let us forget it!! The result, we don’t speak much with these relatives!! I also find that the ones that are the most vocal are the worst at praticing what they preach!!

        1. Dottiex October 4, 2013

          I’m sorry that many “Christians” are doing this. But we’re not all like that. I’m a Christian and I voted for Mr. Obama. I’m for the Affordable Care Act, and I can’t understand why people aren’t. I believe it’s the right thing to do. I believe God made all of us and loves all of us and wants all of us to be healthy.

          1. rothgar October 4, 2013

            Here , here. Well said. I’m with you sister.

          2. 4sanity4all October 5, 2013

            I agree. I really hate that they hijacked the term “Christian” because their actions prove them to be anything BUT followers of Christ.

          3. Dottiex October 5, 2013

            Really like the saying “hijacked”. Very well put!

      2. rothgar October 4, 2013


        I agree. As Christ said, “Those who pray in the public square for all to see have gotten all their reward. You should prayer in private so the father will hear you.” Anyone should know a Christian by their kindness, humility, charity, and meekness not by their arrogance and hate.

        1. Elliot J. Stamler October 6, 2013

          I am not a Christian but I think what you have written is beautiful Christianity adhered to by every true Christian I know. None of it is adhered to by the religious right whose entire notion of Christianity is expressing venemous hatred toward everyone who is unlike them religiously, politically, culturally, sexually. At all their “Values Voters/CPAC” confabs they cheer Ann Coulter. I can think of no one who more perfectly embodies hatred and spreading of it than she..(perhaps I should write “he”???? – I’ve been wondering about that for a long time).

          1. drosz October 6, 2013

            If it talks like a dude, walks like a dude, and has an adam’s apple like a dude……

      3. morbius777 October 4, 2013

        Just remember…. the tea party is simply the reincarnation of the John Birch Society.

        1. itsfun October 5, 2013

          And the Obama administration is just the reincarnation of Karl Marx and Animal Farm.

          1. morbius777 October 5, 2013

            I’d far rather be a Marxist then the Fascist society you seem to want. You can keep your John Birch Society propaganda.

          2. itsfun October 5, 2013

            OK comrade

          3. morbius777 October 5, 2013

            OK, Bircher

          4. hilandar1000 October 6, 2013

            itsfun, maybe you should be informed that the John Birch Society’s earliest backer was a Koch grandfather. That grandfather worked for the Bolshevik regime under Stalin. He was close friends with a Communist there who was one of Stalin’s closest allies. The Koch grandfather was given contracts for building all of the Soviet Union’s infrastructures for oil refineries. The present Koch brothers who are now backers of the present tea party are sons of one of the original founders of the John Birch Society. The Society was ousted from the GOP during the 1960’s and ’70’s because of their paranoid homophobia. They were extremely homophobic and accused everyone who did not agree with every aspect of their beliefs of being Communists — even going so far as to declare prominent war hero Dwight Eisenhower of being a communist. The GOP realized that this type of narrow ideology could not win elections. The Birchers took a lower profile for several decades, setting up think tanks to carefully plan their re-emergence and take-over of the government. They devised schemes to win over segments of the society like evangelicals and the NRA, although this was done just to get them elected to office in order to give them a foothold in government. They do not want rule by “the people”. Their goal is rule by the moneyed few in our society so that corporations can be unfettered with regulations that would give any power to the common people. They work to remove the things that empower “the people” — like education, safety regulations in the workplace, medical care, birth control, fair wages, etc. Their hollow rhetoric about liberty and a ruling power free of government oversight and regulation is a ploy to get enough votes to control Congress in order to enact laws which will promote the interests of corporations in order to control the world’s money market. The tea party is merely a tool being exploited by them to further their narrow goals. If or when the Birchers reach their ultimate goal, the tea party grass roots movement will be tossed aside —no longer needed by the corporate giants who control the country, its defense system and its massive resources.

          5. itsfun October 6, 2013

            I don’t care what the Birchers do or don’t do. I have no association with them.

          6. hilandar1000 October 6, 2013

            Say whatever you want about not being associated with Birchers — your actions speak louder than words!

          7. itsfun October 6, 2013

            So ,what actions are those? Your problem is your only response to another opinion is to call names. Why haven’t you played to good ole race care yet, or blamed George Bush?

          8. hilandar1000 October 6, 2013

            The actions of making disparaging and totally unfounded remarks about a president that is doing an excellent job, in spite of all the adversity he has encountered from the right-wing extremist groups, — and the action of making excuses for the activities of the terrorist tea party which is doing its best to bring our form of government to ruin.

          9. itsfun October 6, 2013

            We have very different ideas of excellent. I think the President is doing a miserable job. He is over matched in foreign relations. The whole world is laughing at him and his red lines. He campaigned on being a transparent administration and that has not happened. He had the first 2 years with a democrat senate and house, and only got health care passed, and he had to do that with back room deals and bribes. He told us we would be able to keep our own health care plans and our own doctor. That is not happening either. I don’t make excuses for the TEA party, they don’t need me for that.

          10. hilandar1000 October 6, 2013

            Better re-read what you have written here, itsfun. You have definitely tried to excuse the actions of tea party congressional representatives. How can you claim to know what the “whole world” is doing? How many times have you been out of the country in the last few years? How many times have you listened to a news report from a foreign country — or read a foreign newspaper? In fact, how many foreign nationals have you talked about recently regarding the political situation in this country. Yes, we are being mocked in foreign countries, but not because of our election of President Obama, but rather because we have let a minority of “crazies called the tea party” take over running our government. The words in italics are not mine, but are, instead the words of people who live in countries other than the United States (although I certainly do not disagree with the sentiment). How many times have you seen the celebration in foreign countries when a man who is recognized as a sensible, peace-loving man was elected as our president? As I explained to you before, the problem of your health care company moving out of your state is not the fault of the president or the ACA. Insurance companies often decide to relocate to different states. However, it doesn’t surprise me at all that you would blame him. You and your ilk chose to blame the president for anything and everything whether he has anything whatsoever to do with it or not.

          11. Mortalc01l October 7, 2013

            The whole World is laughing at us because of the actions of the REPUBLICANS and Tea Party; My family back home in the UK are utterly floored by the incredible stupidity of what the Republicans are doing; in essence sabotaging the economy and the democratic process of the United States, just because they don’t like a particular LAW (that was upheld by the supreme court).

            Republicans are in sheer panic mode, as they realize that the Tea Party has effectively destroyed the mainstream Republican brand.

            I do business in Germany and the UK and I can tell you that people there are in disbelief that something so moronic is being done; something that could plunge the World back into a massive recession.

            Realize that the SMART Republicans that are left know they HAVE to end this. The US Chamber of Commerce is going to PAY Republicans who oppose the Tea Party on this $1 MILLION. That’s right, the US Chamber of Commerce, a massively Republican organization that funds Republican candidates will pay $1 million to get this finished.

            What does THAt tell you about your position?

          12. itsfun October 7, 2013

            I didn’t know it was MY position. My position is not to solely blame the GOP for the shutdown. Harry Reid and Obama are equally at fault. They both refuse to even talk with the House about any possible negotiations. I have found that when you absolutely tell someone you won’t compromise even a little, the other person digs in even more. Agreeing to talk after I get my way is not agreeing to talk.

          13. Mortalc01l October 7, 2013

            The Republicans are the ones digging in and refusing to do business. What do you think Ted Cruz was saying for 21 hours? He was saying NO, about 3 million times in that fake filibuster.

          14. itsfun October 7, 2013

            Both sides have dug in. When the President agrees to negotiate with Syria and Iran and won’t even consider negotiating with a American branch of government, I would say he has dug in deep.

          15. Mortalc01l October 7, 2013

            Because Republicans have spent the ENTIRE time of Obama’s Presidency steadfastly refusing ANY compromise or ANY agreement with him or Democrats. Do you remember that the number one stated goal of the Republicans was to make Obama a one term President? That was their FIRST and seemingly ONLY goal when Obama was elected.

            Republicans have demonized Obama, ridiculed him, shown him ZERO respect. attacked him at every opportunity, questioned his birthplace, his religion, his patriotism at every turn. Tea Party rallies have signs with monkeys on them, swastikas and every possible vile piece of slander directed at Obama.

            His wife and children have been vilified by Republicans; people like Limbaugh and Coulter and Beck have said unconscionable things about him.. lied, lied lied about him.

            Ted Cruz stood for 21 hours and recited Green Eggs and Ham to precipitate a shutdown for God’s sake!!! Republicans don’t have a leg to stand on now.. Why on EARTH would Obama try to negotiate with them on a matter that has been decided by popular vote TWICE and the Supreme Court which leans conservative and republican?

            Obama can’t even BEGIN to try to negotiate with people who have told him they won’t negotiate..

          16. itsfun October 7, 2013

            Isn’t it the goal of every political party to make the other parties president a one term president? Have you forgotten the names George Bush and his wife and daughters were called when he was in office? The reason Obama should want to negotiate is help our country. This has become a battle of name calling. The leader of the country needs to step up and help to fix this, not be part of the problem.

          17. Mortalc01l October 7, 2013

            Bush and his family had NOTHING close to what Obama and his family have put up with.

            Obama has won TWO elections based in most part on the ACA; the Supreme Court has ruled on this; all the Tea Party are doing is trying to subvert the law of the land and the results of a democratic election; they can’t get their way through the ballot box or the courts so now they are putting a gun to the heads of the American people and threatening to blow our skulls off.

            There is a decent sized contingent of sensible Republicans who WANT to get this done, but they can’t because of the Tea Party loons.

            This is a small minority of this country, holding us hostage, pure and simple. Cruz, Bachman etc are BOASTING about how they wanted to shut the Government down and about how they have succeeded.!! Republicans lay down with dogs and now they have a terminal case of fleas and it’s their OWN doing.

            You are obviously a bright guy, but I can see that there’s no sense in me trying to argue some logic to you, so I’m out of this conversation; it’s accomplishing nothing.

          18. itsfun October 7, 2013

            OK; we will just agree to disagree

          19. whodatbob October 5, 2013

            Itsfun grab your right ear with your right hand your left ear with your left hand and pull. The next sound you hear will be a pop.
            That’s your head coming out of your ass!

          20. itsfun October 5, 2013

            ohh that is so hurtful. A typical response from a liberal. Call names, use the race card, and yell. Do you any more intelligent ideas or comments?

          21. whodatbob October 5, 2013

            Truth hurts!

          22. Octoberfurst October 16, 2013

            Oh look—a troll! Shouldn’t you be at a Klan meeting instead of spreading your ignorance here?

          23. itsfun October 22, 2013

            Don’t have time to attend a meeting, will be busy burning a cross in your front yard.

          24. Octoberfurst October 23, 2013

            Cool! I’ll be looking forward to seeing you. I’ll introduce you to my shotgun. 🙂

        2. irishtap October 5, 2013

          Absolutely, 100% fact.

      4. itsfun October 5, 2013

        I know; just listen to how much and loud the libs yell when they don’t get their own way. The party of voter id. Do you believe any illegal alien should be able to just walk up to the voting machine and cast a vote? How many times do you think someone should be able to vote? Obama violated the constitution when he exempted his friends, companies, unions from the law. He has no authority to make or change laws. Only the congress can do that. Lets talk integrity, we have one scandal after another with this administration. Benghazi has 5 different time frames., the IRS illegally targeting certain groups, fast and furious, threading to toss reporters in jail. spying on American citizens. A whole lot of integrity in this transparent administration. If this administration is so transparent, why won’t they tell us how many have signed up for the obamacare tax. How many administrations have ever demanded funding for a tax?

        1. Michael Ross October 5, 2013

          And with this long-winded, rambling, sparsely punctuated rant, you have demonstrated my point.

          You and your ilk are so devoted to hating Obama and the Democrats that you can’t even f***ing make up your mind about what it is that you hate him for, not even at the moment.

          Probably because all of your reasons, which you ALWAYS feel compelled to provide as much of as possible (as you have just done now) are all total B.S.

          Again, thank you, tea-bagger, for illustrating my point.

          1. itsfun October 5, 2013

            And you just made my point. Keep yelling louder and louder. Maybe some will forget about law breaking by Obama and the scandals.

          2. Michael Ross October 5, 2013

            How can we forget when you douchebags never shut up about them.

            And WHY can’t you ever shut up about them? Because they’re all B.S., of course, just like everything else nobody can ever shut up about.

          3. itsfun October 5, 2013

            They are NOT B.S. They happened. Americans were murdered, a US border control officer was murdered. Are we suppose to ignore these murders because you don’t want to hear about them. We will keep talking about them until the guilty are punished and who ever in American is responsible for letting these Americans be murdered.

          4. Michael Ross October 5, 2013

            Don’t confuse not hearing about them with not hearing what you want us to hear about them. We want the truth, not convoluted reasons to hate the President.

            You couldn’t give a flying crap that Congress had blocked the ATF from tracking gun sales and forced them to be creative with how they monitored how the cartels were getting their guns, that Congress left embassy securities underfunded in the wake of Benghazi, or that the IRS had also targeted “Progressive” and “Occupy” groups for additional scrutiny.

            All you douchebags want is a scandal — something you can scream about at the top of your lungs in between “MARXIST!!!!” and “WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?!!!”

            Why did my original comment about liars being unable to shut the hell up put such a huge bug your ass? Because it’s true and it applies directly to you.

          5. commchf October 6, 2013

            “All you douchebags want is a scandal”

            They don’t care about the thing, only that they have it. Like toddlers that don’t want the toy until another child touches it. It’s the easiest way to try and understand the wing nuts, just think of them as a 3 year old. Then it all makes sense.

          6. Michael Ross October 6, 2013

            That thing being the presidency.

            These douchebags would love it if we would all just conveniently forget what their rhetoric was like under Bush, how they were all Presidential cheerleaders shouting to support the war effort and how not supporting the President indefinitely was somehow treason.

            Then America voted for a black man with a blue tie, and the next day, “Support the President no matter what!” had been replaced by “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism!”

          7. commchf October 6, 2013

            Nothing happened before January 2009. That’s when the world began.

          8. JRT October 22, 2013

            Take a look around the world Tea Party small govt Libertarian folk. The most dysfunctional unhappy useless social and economic place on Earth is Somalia, a true Libertarian society. No govt, everyone is “free” to do whatever they wish. Working great right? Notice any other great Libertarian countries in the world? Nope. Now, which countries have the happiest, best educated, healthiest, robust economies? Norway, Finland, Denmark, France etc. Big govt countries. End of discussion.

          9. Michael Ross October 22, 2013

            Effectively, their only defense is to try to lobby “Europeanization” into becoming a bad word.

            Though, really, libertarians aren’t completely anti-government. They just don’t want the government helping OTHER people. They hate affordable healthcare and food stamps, but when it comes to corporate welfare and farm subsidies, they can’t get enough of big gub’ment intervention.

            A better example of the libertarian idea of paradise would be India: The country where a billionaire built a twenty-nine story (not room, STORY) residence for just him and his family, from which he has a wonderful view of all the poor people begging for change, sleeping under tarps and drinking water from the same river they bathe and crap in.

          10. hilandar1000 October 6, 2013

            Breaking news, itsfun, the so-called scandals were fully investigated and all Gerald Issa ended up with was egg on his face for instigating non-scandals as a diversion tactic and proof of his suppression of any evidence that would prove innocence of the administration in any wrong-doing. You conveniently forget the 70 or so people killed in embassy attacks during the Bush administration, and the conviction of Libby for leaking evidence that put agents’ lives in jeopardy.

          11. itsfun October 6, 2013

            Sorry, but the investigations are still going on. How many people in the Bush administration took the 5th in front of congress?

          12. Michael Ross October 6, 2013

            So is the search for Bigfoot. Just because people are looking doesn’t mean there’s anything meaningful to it.

            Darrell Issa effectively intimated as much, saying, quite literally, that he would hold as many Benghazi hearings as it took to get what he wanted out of them.

            Benghazi, Fast & Furious, the IRS, these are all dead horses that have been beaten several times over. But the Tea Party didn’t get what they wanted out of them, and just like Bush with Iraq’s WMDs, they will be screaming at the top of their lungs about it all the way to the grave.

          13. itsfun October 6, 2013

            Lets not forget about the IRS and wanting to send reporters to jail and spying on citizens. Lets not forget about wanting to kill people in the US with drones. Lets try to sweep those under the rug too. None of the scandals are not dead horses. They will not go away as you want them to. Say anything you want, but this administration will go down in history as the most corrupt of all time.

          14. Michael Ross October 6, 2013

            IRS: Bullshit. The AP probes were aimed at rooting out their anonymous sources, not the reporters themselves.

            NSA: Bullshit. The PRISM program collects dates and numbers no different from the way they would appear on a phone bill, with wire taps still requiring a warrant. Which is something the Tea-baggers in Congress all knew about but only decided to make a stink about after they lost the presidency and seats in both houses in 2012.

            Drones: Tremendous exaggeration. Drones have been in use monitoring the border since before Obama took office (once again something that only became controversial when a Democrat was POTUS), and have only been reserved for offensive purposes in extraordinary circumstances (the example given was 9/11).

            They don’t need to be swept under the rug because everything you and your ilk have against them is total fucking bullshit, which you’re only yammering about now because the first ones you tried bitching about fell flat.

            Call it like it is, tea-bagger: You hate Obama because he’s making you look stupid. The guy you idiots all agreed with when he said he was divinely appointed to the Presidency screwed up everything he touched, and now a Democrat has been tasked with (and in spite of all your best efforts, is succeeding at) cleaning your mess up.

          15. itsfun October 7, 2013

            Ok left wing liberal: why is the IRS still refusing to give documents to Congress? Why the 5 time frames for Benghazi?

            I don’t hate Obama, he is just incompetent. He actually is the American dream. He came from nothing to the presidency of the US. To bad he is causing the US to have a huge nightmare. We have record debt (Oh, I forgot another George Bush caused problem). We are the laughing stock of the world with red lines, and then no red lines, then the world red lines, and who know who else has a red line(ops, must be George Bush red line). The attempt to throw a reporter in jail was just Obama trying to destroy our first amendment rights and to shut FOX up. He can’t deal with anyone that doesn’t agree with him or dares to question his devious acts. Now we find out the doctor who criticized Obama has been the target of an IRS probe also. We have IRS officials taking the 5th amendment before congress. We have Obama illegally changing his own obamacare tax law to help huge corporations and congress. I can go on and on showing his incompetence and inability to be a leader.

          16. Michael Ross October 7, 2013

            Notice that nothing I said previously is being disputed. You started with Fast & Furious, but when that didn’t stick, you moved on to Benghazi. That didn’t work, so then it was the IRS. That didn’t stick, so now it’s Syria.

            All this marvelously building off of my original statement that LIARS CAN NEVER SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT WHAT THEY’RE LYING ABOUT.

            Because you know it’s a big load of bullshit, all of it. That’s why you sought out a liberal website to bitch about it, right? Because you need to convince yourself of this bullshit too.

          17. itsfun October 7, 2013

            If anybody here is a liar, it is you. You are so busy making up lies and excuses for this corrupt administration, that all you can do is call name and use filthy language. The National Memo frowns upon the kind of language you use. If you continue to do this, I will report you.

          18. Michael Ross October 7, 2013

            Ah, spoken like a true tea-bagger conspiracy theorist: “I’m not crazy! Everyone else is!”

            I’ve come up with answers for your allegations, and what have you done every single time? Abandoned the issue and moved onto another one. You have never stuck to an issue that has been challenged.

            Instead, you abandon it and pick up another one, straight to the point where you’re now dusting off the old ones and acting like they’re new, apparently in the shallow hopes that we might not remember what made you retreat from that talking point the first time around.

            And do you know what it tells me to see you never able to stick to a topic and never respond to any rebuttal of any kind? It tells me that you’re a damn liar, that’s what. All of your B.S. talking points fell apart, and now your one and only defense is to cry about foul language.

            To that, I say keep crying, tea-bagger. The truth will never be lobbied into conforming to your agenda, and those of us who hold country before party will never get tired of telling you so.

          19. itsfun October 7, 2013

            People and I use the work loosely, have only the recourse of using filthy language, name calling , and yelling. You aren’t worth my time anymore. You have not answered any of my concerns.

          20. Michael Ross October 8, 2013

            Translation: “Crap, I’ve got nothing, I’m out of here.”

            I HAVE answered your concerns. I just didn’t answer them the way you were hoping I would. Much like everything else you brought up as a “concern,” you were desperately hoping for something that would never come because it never existed to begin with.

            Sorry, tea-bagger, but there are no impeachable offenses, and announcing your departure like some emo scene loser isn’t going to change that.

          21. hilandar1000 October 6, 2013

            Dream on, itsfun. If anything, the problem for Obama is his LACK of corruption. The GOP is accustomed to finding some skeleton in the closet that they can use to their advantage to coerce other politicians into doing things they do not be inclined to do — without being coerced into it. With Obama, they have not been able to find the corruption that is usually there in some measure. Obama dealt openly with all the things that the GOP may have been able use as scandals before he ever got into office. He covered that ground in his books before he ever became president. The GOP could find nothing to use as a scandalous expose on some part of his own history or that of his family. They have been repeatedly frustrated in that attempt because most of the things they may have been able to use unfortunately (for them) led right back to things that began or precedents set in the former administration. They simply did not know how to handle that, so they had to start inventing scandals or simply making up fantasies about things that they knew were not true, but were hard, if not impossible to prove as to their validity or lack thereof. It has been very hard for the poor republican politicians, so they have resorted to the infantile behavior they have exhibited on so many occasions during this administration — temper tantrums and infantile outbursts, which presents even more of a contrast to Obama’s calm way of handling all of the diversity that he has encountered. Their childish behavior has presented a wealth of material for comedians which would be hilarious — except for the fact that it has been so damaging to our nation and such an impediment to moving forward in a rapidly changing world.

          22. itsfun October 7, 2013

            Does this explain why the IRS is still refusing to turn over documents to Congress? Does this explain why Carney has given 5 different time frames for what happened in Benghazi? Does this explain why a boarder control officer was murdered because of fast and furious? Does this explain the administration spying on American citizens? Does this explain the administration trying to jail reporters from a network that Obama doesn’t like and fears? Does this explain Obama illegally changing the obamacare tax law to
            benefit large corporations, giving special subsidies to Congress to pay
            for their obamacare tax? Does this explain why Obama refuses to allow his college transcripts to be seen? Could it be he went to college on a foreign student only scholarship? As far as any book that Obama may have written, he knew how corrupt he is, and was laying groundwork to protect his self and convince people like you, how evil the GOP is. That is working with you.

          23. Michael Ross October 7, 2013

            IRS: Because, legally, they’re either not required to, or in some cases, are legally prohibited from doing so. This isn’t much different from the “birther” debate — people are making a stink because they won’t make public documents they are legally required to keep confidential.

            5 time frames: Because the information was still coming in. If everybody knew every single detail of everything as it was happening, there wouldn’t have been a Benghazi scandal to begin with. Again, this is something that should have been a given, but only wasn’t because you bastards couldn’t help cumming your pants at the thought of exploiting this.

            Fast & Furious? We already talked about that you stupid prick. Now you’re REALLY grasping at straws.

          24. itsfun October 7, 2013

            Lets see talking about Americans getting murdered is grasping at straws. Benghazi information still coming in? The White House had a satellite live TV signal and was watching the whole thing happen. They knew everything as it happened, just ignored the pleas from Americans asking for help. Believe it not, the congress has clearance to see anything they want to see. Why did the IRS official need to take the 5th if what you say is true. All she had to do was say sorry not allowed to tell you that, because you have no need to see. Calling me names won’t change what happened. You just want this stuff swept under the rug.

          25. hilandar1000 October 6, 2013

            The people in the Bush administration did not find it necessary to take the 5th amendment — they were excused from testifying by executive order from president Bush. Bush and Cheney worked out a plea deal to allow themselves to be questioned — as long as it was not under oath or in public. When they did answer questions for the committee, they were allowed to do it together — so that Cheney could make up the lies — (because he was better at doing that), and the president could just say, “I agree with what the vice president just said” — without having to remember the lies himself. When Cheney didn’t want to be forced to defend any statement made inadvertently by the president which might be problematic, his favorite phrase was, “what the president meant to say was ….”.
            Cheney’s chief of staff, Scooter Libby did have to testify under oath to a federal grand jury. Libby testified that he had been “authorized” by Cheney in the summer of 2003 to disclose classified information to journalists to defend the Bush administration’s use of prewar intelligence in making the case to go to war with Iraq. Libby went to prison while Cheney went scott free without ever having to testify under oath.

          26. irishtap October 5, 2013

            Hey Michael, don’t waste your valuable time on that trained cockroach.

          27. Elliot J. Stamler October 6, 2013

            Hey Irishtap…stop your defamation of cockroaches–comparing them to Republican conservatives.

          28. irishtap October 7, 2013

            You’re right, cockroaches might be ‘dirty’ but, they’re not ‘evil’.

        2. hilandar1000 October 6, 2013

          Your very first sentence is straight from the think tanks of the Birchers. Rule number one of the Birchers: Take whatever you, as part of the left wing ultra-conservatives, are actually guilty of and accuse the opposing party of that particular action, and keep repeating it. It doesn’t matter if it is an outright lie, blantantly displayed before everyone’s eyes every single day — just keep repeating it anyway. Which minority faction in the house voted against veteran’s benefits on every bill before the house and celebrated the government shutdown, only to show up at the veterans’ memorial crying because the veterans’ memorial was closed because of the government shutdown?

          1. itsfun October 6, 2013

            Those kinds of actions are right out of the handbooks of many unions and the DNC and Obama administration

          2. hilandar1000 October 6, 2013

            Could you please document that statement with an example? I’ve read a great deal of literature pertaining to acceptable procedures by those groups and have never run across that directive anyplace in any form. .

        3. commchf October 6, 2013

          Benghazi was a black op gone bad. Why else would there have been 46 CIA agents in that house?

      5. Linda Stevens October 6, 2013

        You surely are absolutely right. This is, by the way, also a nice bit of writing too. Well done!

    5. Wanda Haynes Fries October 4, 2013

      Wonder what the framers meant by the phrase “promote the general welfare”? There’s more to the Constitution than the second amendment.

      1. agorabum October 4, 2013

        You have to read between the lines. It’s possible that “promote the general welfare” means ‘tax cuts for the rich’ but it could instead mean ‘fight socialism by avoiding any regulations on business’ or it could mean ‘avoid spending any money on spending that tends to benefit those that count for 3/5s in the census…’

    6. 1standlastword October 4, 2013

      Something is clearly wrong that Obama isn’t taking a legal approach to solving our TEA PARTY PROBLEM!!!

      1. omgamike October 4, 2013

        Everything he has done to date is totally legal — and Constitutional.

        1. 1standlastword October 7, 2013

          I mean to say that Obama should speak to the constitutionality of these congressional actions.

          Are they in violation of their office?

          When does obstruction cross the redline to become extortion, seditious, treasonous?

          This congress is putting the credibility, health and safety and security of Americans in jeopardy!

          If we had someone the ilk of Darrell Issa on our side we might smell Tea Party fat frying and burning in the pan.

          Should members of this congress be impeached!

          1. omgamike October 7, 2013

            I don’t believe you can impeach members of Congress. I believe they would have to be recalled by their respective states.

            Darrell Issa is among the lowest of the lowest bottom feeders. I wouldn’t trust him with one of my ex-wives — and I wouldn’t trust them with anyone.

          2. 1standlastword October 7, 2013

            Wow…sounds like you really don’t like these people–LOL!!! Do you like congress more than the ex-wives LOL!!!

    7. bdross October 4, 2013

      Nothing unconstitutional. The democratically elected Congress may repeal or defund legislation as it sees fit.

      The Constitution provides that treason is only giving aid and comfort to enemies of the United States. But you’d have to read the Constitution to know that.

      1. Mortalc01l October 4, 2013

        I HAVE read the Constitution, multiple times in my life and guess what? The Tea Party ARE giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States, that enemy being the TEA PARTY.

        Remember who won the election? The DEMOCRATS.! The Tea Party has decided they don’t like the results of the last two elections and they have decided that they don’t want to follow the law of the USA as upheld by the Supreme Court as it relates to the ACA… So they are trying to undermine it via non democratic methods and are defying the LAW OF THE LAND and the Supreme Court…. the very definition of treason as far as I can tell.

        You either abide by the law of the land as it stands, or you become the democratically ELECTED party (by US THE PEOPLE) and change the law, but you don’t hold the full credit of the USA as a hostage to get your way.

        Sorry that you don;t understand the Constitution or how democracy works; you should read a few books or take a remedial civics course.

        1. bdross October 4, 2013

          –You’re saying that a large group of American voters is an enemy to the United States? That’s messed up–and truly dangerous thinking.

          Perhaps you are unaware of how the elections actually turned out. The most democratic subdivision of the federal government, the House of Representative is controlled by Republicans. (The Senate is controlled by Democrats.)

          Congress does not “follow” the law of the land. Congress MAKES the law of the land. If they don’t like the law or a program, they can repeal it or remove its funding. That’s how the legislative process works. As a matter of constitutional law, Art. 1, Sec. 7, the House must originate all bills that raise revenue.

          Right now, the House does not want to fund Obamacare. They, as the democratically elected controllers of the House, are seeking to change that. They are doing exactly what you suggest they should.

          The USA is not a “hostage”. The government can be funded at any time, just as soon as the Senate agrees to pass the appropriations bill that the House has sent over several times now.

          1. Mortalc01l October 4, 2013

            Sorry… You are missing one vital piece of information… Look up the work Gerrymander. The ONLY reason the Republicans have a majority in the House.. and by the way, they LOST in terms of popular vote. So maybe YOU are unaware of how the election REALLY turned out.

            The reasons the Republicans do not want to fund Obamacare is that Tea Partiers are holding them hostage with threats of being primaried. Again, it would help if you understood the meaning of the word democracy and how the Tea Party are engaging in anti-American behaviour.

            Many Republicans WANT to go back to work and open Government back up but they are SCARED to… why you may ask…?? Because of the Tea Party.

            So, my original postulation stands and you are sadly misinformed or delusional.

          2. bdross October 4, 2013

            Regardless of how the lines are draw or what you saw on The Daily Show, there isn’t much to debate about the actual outcome of the election: Republicans control the House.

            And you’re right. Republicans, by and large, do want the government to operate. But they also understand that serious financial concerns need to be addressed–as is their privilege as the House. They’ve passed several appropriations bills that would end the current state of affairs. The Senate refuses to pass them, and the President says he will refuse to sign them if they were passed by Congress.

            And yet, this particular function, is exactly why the House was given this power.

          3. Mortalc01l October 4, 2013

            Again.. What part of the LAW do you not understand? Why do a tiny minority get to decide to shut down our Government AGAINST THE WILL OF THE MAJORITY and cause untold destruction to our economy, people’s jobs, people’s lives.

            This is a simple matter of people who lost the elections, lost on the issues and lost on the matter of the ACA, deciding to hold our economy, our Government and our people hostage because they don’t like the outcome of a democratically decided issue.

            I’m done wasting time with you.. Go away and bother someone else with your idiocy.

          4. bdross October 4, 2013

            You’re completely misunderstanding how the federal government operates.

            We don’t live in a democracy. Congress itself is a tiny minority–that often acts against the will of the majority. That’s how our federal government is set up.

            Our legislative branch, Congress, has two houses. Right now, they cannot agree on issues of funding.

            At any time, Congress can decide to pull funding from any government program. That’s Congress’s constitutional power. Yes, Congress can pass a law. –And then Congress can remove all funding from it. Happens a lot, actually.

            And that is what the House is trying to do with ACA–the House don’t want to pay for it. But the Senate will not approve of the general budget because it does not include funding for Obamacare.

            The economy is not held “hostage”. Nor is the government. Nor are any people. That’s just nonsensical, empty rhetoric.

          5. nells October 5, 2013

            And you are completely missing the point that the monies for the start of ObamaCare is already there. It is still being implemented as parts of the rest of the government has shut down. So if this is the reason for them “shutting down” the government it is not a smart way to do it. It is the same way that they get the misinformed to let them get away with not raising the debt ceiling. Which does not have anything to do with future spending. It is raised if needed to pay for past debts that were already approved by Congress. Which by the way by far most of the debt we now have was incurred by the previous President. But in the end this tactic will fail and the blame will be put in the appropriate place. Just as when Newt Gingrich had done it in the past.

          6. bdross October 7, 2013

            “And you are completely missing the point that the monies for the start of ObamaCare is already there.”

            I didn’t say anything about money not being there to try to start-up the program. But that is indeed the issue. The funding does not continue indefinitely. It requires continuing appropriations and taxes.

            “So if this is the reason for them “shutting down” the government it is not a smart way to do it.”

            Simply, they aren’t “shutting down” the government. They’ve passed several bills and resolutions to fund government programs. The Senate has rejected every one. This is simple matter of public record.

            “It is raised if needed to pay for past debts that were already approved by Congress.”

            Not quite. It is raised because we continue to spend beyond our means, while also not paying off past debts. It’s a bad way to run a government.

          7. omgamike October 4, 2013

            He is refusing to accept them on a piecemeal basis. He has already stated that he is willing to accept negotiating over any and all of their concerns, but not while the republicans are holding Americans hostage through their attempts to defund the ACA. He will negotiate after the passage of a clean CR and the raising of the debt ceiling. That is totally Constitutional to expect that Congress do their job. On doing their job on presenting him with a clean CR so that government can continue functioning the way it is supposed to. And on raising the debt ceiling. Congress has a Constitutional obligation to honor it’s debts. This is not new spending. This is paying bills you have already racked up, already approved, passed by Congress. I am totally behind the President’s position on this.

          8. omgamike October 4, 2013

            As a matter of clarity, I believe that most of the funding for the ACA is already built into the legislation and not subject to defunding, like SS. I may be wrong on this, but I don’t think so.

          9. rothgar October 4, 2013

            Except that Democratic Representative received 1.4 Million MORE votes in the Minority than GOP Representatives received as the Majority. They call this Gerrymandering. I call it theft.

    8. Robert Whittle October 6, 2013

      I think you need to reread your constitution buddy

  3. bfg October 3, 2013

    These people feel their white privilege slipping away and their ignorance is easily exploited by a cabal of the super-rich who have been working for 50 years to overturn the new deal. You have to admire their ability to take the long road. They established right wing think tanks, won elections to school boards and counties and gradually took over the red states, they wrecked the unions, bough the media, dumbed down public education, rigged the tax system, took over the Supreme Court – all that stands in their way now is the concentration of rational voters in the big cities and suburbs. I think one purpose of the current show is to make sure that Congress never gets to immigration reform. Perhaps this situation will prove to be a bridge too far but these folks have the money and protection to continue this struggle. They are getting ready for 2014 and they don’t plan to lose.

    1. LaurieMann October 3, 2013

      Sadly, true, but I do think people who’ve been casual voters (especially Democrats) around primaries and in the off year elections are beginning to understand why they have to study the candidates and vote for sane ones.

    2. hilandar1000 October 4, 2013

      You are very correct in your assessment, bfg. This is the old well-funded John Birch Society. We thought we had heard the last of them 50 years ago, but they just kept a lower profile and then re-emerged as the tea party. The Koch brothers are the sons of one of the founders of the Birch Society. Their well-funded “think tanks” have studied how to reach the vulnerability of certain groups in order to get a foothold in politics. Their agenda will be evident to all when those groups who are now most vulnerable to their propaganda realize that the new Birch Society’s leaders are not who they seem to be if or when they take over the government as they have planned. The Birch Society-tea party is against anything that would empower “the people” in any way — health care, education, women’s rights, rights to organize for fair wages and safety in the workplace are among their biggest targets, and they have the resources and lack of concern for others to do whatever is necessary to achieve their goals. We are now seeing their influence in our government with a minority group of their well-paid servants in the House of Representatives. The next few elections will determine whether or not we will survive as a democracy or will be subjected to a government totally dominated by the wealthy minority.

  4. Mark October 3, 2013

    Here’s an idea…if these “patriots” truly believe America is the root of all evil, then find a deserted island somewhere out in the South Pacific, and form your own nation. Ted Cruz can be your president, and the rest of us will even chip in for moving expenses if you promise that ALL of you nut bags will go and never come back.

    1. Allan Richardson October 3, 2013

      They could go to Somalia. The have almost NO government there, and if the Tea Party people bring their guns, they could BECOME the government. This is one of the few places in the world that is WORSE OFF than they would be under the Tea Party. Just one problem: the majority of the population are Muslim and African. So they have to find a way to ban Islam and melanin.

      1. Mark October 4, 2013

        Do we really hate Somalia that much? Gvette and her fellow Tea Partiers belong somewhere out of sight, out of mind.

        1. Allan Richardson October 4, 2013

          Not really, just being sarcastic. If they succeeded, they would turn Somalia into pre-Mandela South Africa. But I would not expect them to succeed. They would be the right-wing analog of the Abe Lincoln brigade which went to Spain and got slaughtered.

    2. morbius777 October 4, 2013

      Or they could all move south and secede…. I MEAN IT, RIGHTIES….. SECEDE. We don’t want you anymore.

    3. jackoooo October 4, 2013

      I have a nut bag u can suck on!!!

      1. omgamike October 4, 2013

        When you stop playing with the poor, little thing.

        1. jackoooo October 5, 2013

          I see you have been there!!

  5. Ted Azriel October 3, 2013

    Interesting and sad. I think eventually the republican party will evolve into 2 different parties- 1- reflecting the far right, and another party made up of moderates who believe in the middle.

    1. Ann Snyder October 4, 2013

      I agree. We need three parties — conservative, moderate and liberal. It will lead to coalition government, but we can learn to make it work.

      1. Ted Azriel October 4, 2013

        Thank you Ann, I agree with you 100%- I am beginning to believe coalition government would force all parties to work together. What we have going on in Washington is One big nightmare! ( if we read history, it’s been that way for a LONG time) I think all the leaders of both parties should take the health care issue off the table for now, pass a bill to get people back to work and resolve the debt crisis, so we don’t loose our financial standing in the world and here. In my county, Civilian people that work for the government including one big Air Force/Air National Guard base are on furlough without pay! Let the health care thing work for a year, than see what needs to change and improve and let the PEOPLE decide about making changes by a national Vote. Just my opinion.

        1. Mark October 5, 2013

          Just one question Ted…in your coalition government, how do we prevent a small minority like the Tea Party from again holding the country hostage over some other law or election they don’t agree with?

          1. Ted Azriel October 5, 2013

            Hi Mark, Very good Question! (Maybe some folks (Carville & Greenberg for example( who comment here might have some ideas on that.) If the tea party folks in the republican party are truly a minority, I don’t think they would be able to control. Because the other parties that might be part of a coalition would have more seats to over rule them. The tea party became part of the republican party because it was easier to get in that way than create a new party from scratch. The republicans that are not part of this tea party group who would like to over rule them need more none tea party members to vote with the majority of republicans who are against the tea party platform, Just my opinion, but you are right there is no guarantee that a small minority (like the tea party) could hold the country hostage again. I guess some sort of amendment would have to take care of that. ( I am no expert) All I know is that there is something screwy with the whole system and that’s why so many people are suffering.

          2. Mark October 7, 2013

            Problem also is that an amendment would require Democratic cooperation. Are we really sure Harry Reid and company have the backbone for this? I’m waiting to be convinced.

        2. drosz October 6, 2013

          That would require a parliamentary system. The whole system we have built would have to be changed. The Parties would never let that happen.

          Don’t get me wrong, I think it would help people truly believe they were being represented in Congress…but it just ain’t gonna happen.

  6. Beaulieu6 October 3, 2013

    The Tea Party Republicans are to be held accountable for the goverment shutdown on October 1, 2013 in which it is affecting the Middle-Class 98% percent, the poor living below poverty line, the military, and Seniors.
    The Republicans doesen’t realize the hurt they are causing across the country as this is very costly to our economy, in which they are helding the entire economy hostage with their iresponsability and their recklesness.
    Senator Ted Cruz should be removed from office immediately along with Speaker Boehner and their Tea Party colleagues.
    In the 2014 mid-term election we have to give Congress back to Democrats and the gavel back to Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi D-California, and we have to keep the Senate Democrats.

    1. jackoooo October 4, 2013

      If your poor, get an education and a job!! I did.

      1. nirodha October 4, 2013

        You got an education? Wow, it certainly is not evident from the content of your posts. Or maybe it was at a reactionary right wing organization, posing as a “school”.

        1. jackoooo October 4, 2013

          You remind me of the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. He sang, ” IF I ONLY HAD A BRAIN”……

  7. Concerned Senior October 3, 2013

    This strikes me as sad also. It raises questions, how can we help people feel less alienated? (Certainly not by attacking them.) How can we present our history so that the dominant groups in today’s Republican party can understand that they are ignoring important aspects?

    1. Allan Richardson October 3, 2013

      Public attitudes based on prejudice change one funeral at a time. I am not referring to violence, but to old age.

  8. JNagarya October 3, 2013

    This is in the Constitution these lunatics haven’t READ:
    Art. I., S. 8., C. 15. The Congress shall have Power To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute [enforce] the Laws of the Union, [and] suppress Insurrections.
    Moreover, the premise of the Second Amendment is national defense; it has nothing whatever to do with “individual” anything — NRA/gun industry/gun-nuts/SC extremists notwithstanding. And that same SC holds that gun control is Constitutional.
    Teanuts are political illiterates: they are the faction who never cared about politifcs, wanted nothing to do with politics, ignored and avoided politics — until a man was elected President While Black — which instantly made them political experts.
    The ACA is settled law; that “argument” is done with and dead. Past tense. These nuts haven’t the least clue as to what is in the Constitution — democratic elections, and majority rule — and reject it altogether. These are the dupes who swallow the lie that the US and its Constitution is based upon the “bible”. They are illiterate nuts.

  9. Mike Maher October 3, 2013

    Aren’t these really the old southern dems for the most part who left the dems and headed for the republican shores when their southern democratic boats started sinking. They aren’t all southerners, of course, but their fundamentalist, evangelical core beliefs are the same and pretty pure white.

    1. nirodha October 4, 2013

      That’s right; it started happening in the early 1960s. JFK proposed the Civil Rights Act in 1962-3, and then was killed (that’s a whole other story). Lyndon Johnson took up the cause and after much wrangling and political arm-twisting, the Civil Rights Act was passed into law in 1964. Upon its passage, LBJ remarked that the Democrats had lost the south for a generation. It looks now that he underestimated the time frame.

  10. cuturn October 3, 2013

    This is why the President and Senate cannot waver on this shutdown. They already compromised on the budget side they can’t over turn law or our whole system will be broken.

    1. Tom October 4, 2013

      Agreed – Obama must hold firm and strong arm them if necessary – they are nothing short of terrorists who don’t respect the democratic process.

  11. howa4x October 3, 2013

    I truly believe that the ACA should be tried only in Blue states and that the Red states can wallow in their religion to heal them. If Red states don’t want the ACA then let them go. in the end there will be two Americas. One that is insured and getting access to health care and one that isn’t. Once that happens then let the tea party run on preventing their population from getting access to healthcare and insurance, instead of trying to prevent the entire country from getting it.

    1. Roger Barton October 4, 2013

      The hundreds of thousands of us who vote D and work for change, but have to live and work in those red states, thank you sincerely for your thoughtfulness in proposing that we should be required to choose between keeping our homes and jobs, or relocating to a state where we would have to start from scratch but would have health insurance.

      1. Soo Brooks October 4, 2013

        I have a big house, you can stay at until you get settled, lol

      2. howa4x October 4, 2013

        I know that. I think that the ACA should be the same in the Blue states and voluntary in the red ones. that way those who want to participate can

    2. Soo Brooks October 4, 2013

      Well I think this sounds like a good plan. Just make sure that Red state residents can’t cross the border. Treat them as they would treat undocumented immigrants.

  12. alykatma October 3, 2013

    ACA has been tried, in Massachusettes and it works. No need to delay or compromise. Shutting down ACA should not be a condition for paying our bills.

  13. halslater October 4, 2013

    Is that offer from the South to secede still open? Is there a way to eject states from the Union? Shouldn’t there be?

  14. itsfun October 4, 2013

    The founders of this country believed in less government and taxes. The TEA party means Taxed Enough Already. The ACA has been ruled a tax by the Supreme Court. Many people in this country want less government and lower taxes. The TEA party is not a terrorist organization. The TEA party is made up of every day American Citizens who want integrity in government. Many citizens are tired of back door deals, and politicians that think they are royalty and above the law. Too many politicians ignore the people that elected them and just do what the party leaders tell them to do. Maybe term limits would help.

    1. David P. Taylor October 4, 2013

      What you advocate is seen through rose colored glasses. In this case ACA may be a tax, but it is a tax that is a damn sight cheaper that the insurance companies premiums. And if they want integrity in government, why don’t they protest the lobbyists who bought their vote and shutting down the government because Obama’s black.

      1. itsfun October 4, 2013

        You may want to check what the premiums are turning out to be. Instead of helping people with existing conditions by making them eligible for medicare, the insurance being offered in not a deal at all. They are for deductible for up to $5000 and premiums up to $23000. When ever people have no argument, they just start playing the good ole race care as you are. You don’t like the TEA Party, so you just start calling names and making false accusations. If you would check the percentages of different races in the TEA party, you just may find that the percentages reflect the population of the US.

        1. jmprint October 4, 2013

          Yes deductibles may be high in some plans that are offered, but I was paying $1200. a month on insurance and my deductible was $5000.00 so what’s you complaint.

          1. BillP October 4, 2013

            How dare you challenge itsfun with facts, really do you think that they will sink into their bubble. Itsfun loves to throw out “facts” that seem to have been pulled from his butt.

          2. itsfun October 4, 2013

            Not complaining, luckily I don’t have an existing condition. Just pointing out the affordable health act tax may not be so affordable for those with existing conditions. The public was led to believe those with existing conditions would have access to affordable insurance. Premiums over $10000 is not affordable to many.

      2. jackoooo October 4, 2013

        Time for the race card when all else fails. That is used by Demo right after “IT’S BUSH’ FAULT….. lol lol

    2. akindependent October 4, 2013

      Actually, read up on the disagreements between Jefferson and Madison. The size and power of government was very much in debate, both before and after the Constitution was signed.

    3. akindependent October 4, 2013

      Also, you should be especially interested in reading the entire report.

    4. Soo Brooks October 4, 2013

      Regardless of how you feel, the ACA has been protested all the way to SCOTUS, who ruled in favor of it. I haven’t seen anything offered as an alternative. It may not be perfect, but it’s better than what we have now. Which, btw, is nothing.

      1. itsfun October 4, 2013

        The ACA is hurting many who have had insurance. This plan punishes people for having insurance before it was written. Now we are seeing, we won’t be able to keep our current plans, we won’t be able to keep our doctors as promised by Obama. I have said all along, everyone needs health insurance, but don’t destroy my insurance. I still don’t understand why the government just didn’t make Medicare or Medicaid available to those with existing conditions. All workers are currently paying into Medicare every payday. Instead of going to exchanges and paying for insurance and Medicare every payday. Why not study making adjustments to Medicare for the working uninsured?

        1. jackoooo October 4, 2013

          Look up all the exemptions to Obama Care. The main one being Congress and it’s staff. After that come the unions that contributed to the KIng’s inauguration.
          If it is not good enough for them then why is it being forced on the American people?

          1. itsfun October 4, 2013

            Because they look at their selves as royalty. The exemptions are actually against the obamacare tax. The President has no power or authority to change any law. By exempting anyone, he is breaking the law. Another thing is since some (probably all) of the Representatives and Senators that voted for the plan didn’t bother to read it, this is malfeasance of office. These Representatives and Senators should be removed from office for malfeasance.

          2. nirodha October 4, 2013

            It’s pretty easy to see that neither you nor your sidekick jackoo are constitutional scholars. BTW, can you define malfeasance for me and give an example or two?

          3. jackoooo October 4, 2013

            Brilliant statement!!!

          4. itsfun October 4, 2013

            Passing a law without reading what is in it. The Health care act is a example. By the way, are you an constitutional lawyer.

          5. jackoooo October 4, 2013

            Did you know the law is STILL being written regarding health care?

          6. Mark October 5, 2013

            Hey dumb nuts, before you quote the ACA, take the time to actually READ it (assuming of course you mastered that skill in school.) There is NO exemption for Congress; as a matter of fact, when the law was being debated in Congress, BOTH parties insisted on Congress being included in the ACA. This was because otherwise, Congressional staff members would have been unable to afford health insurance (in spite of those amazing salaries all you geniuses believe they make.)

          7. jackoooo October 5, 2013

            It’s numb nuts not dumb nuts, fool.


          8. Mark October 5, 2013

            In your case 6 of one, half dozen of another.

      2. jackoooo October 4, 2013

        Open thy eyes sayeth the Lord: The alternative is DON’T FUND IT.

        1. nirodha October 4, 2013

          The devil quotes scripture to his own ends.

    5. hilandar1000 October 4, 2013

      itsfun, If taxes are a primary concern for you (as it is for most of us), you need to pay very close attention to who is trying to promote legislation to benefit your interests. If your salary is in excess of $500,000 per year and you are benefitting from a variety of available loopholes, and you can afford to fund any needs of your family and friends if they need major health care, then you might have some justification in promoting the tea party. Otherwise, you need to take a more objective look at the legislation promoted by the democratic party. As to less government, we are now experiencing a shut-down of government agencies. Take note of some of those who are first to complain about it. Seems to me I saw Michelle Bachman and some of her tea party colleagues complaining about veterans’ lack of access to a veterans’ memorial in Washington. Ted Cruz was also one of the first to complain about the lack of government protection against a terrorist attack.

      1. itsfun October 4, 2013

        I live on SS and a small pension. I don’t believe in punishing people for being successful. Why is the government denying access to the World War II Memorial. It was paid for with private funds. We have a military working every day to protect us, if the administration lets them. Tell me why our President will negotiate with Syria and Iran and not with The US House of Representatives. The biggest fear for the government is the citizens will realize how much of the current government we don’t need. That is why and how the administration is picking and choosing what to shut down.

        1. jackoooo October 4, 2013

          The War memorial he closed down did not need attendants. It was spite.

          1. itsfun October 4, 2013

            Exactly, when the King doesn’t get his way, he acts like a 2 year old.

          2. dug2008 October 4, 2013

            This is a perfect encapsulation of the right wing feedback loop in action. Go on and believe what you want, because the other guy said it, it must be true. So you really think Obama shut down the war memorial? The whole freaking govt is shut down! Obama didn’t shut it down. Congress cannot agree on a budget. That’s why the govt is shut down. Get a grip.

          3. jackoooo October 4, 2013

            There is NO COST to letting citizens go to the Memorial. NO ATTENDANTS, fool!!!!
            It has nothing to do with the BUDGET, fool!!!

          4. dug2008 October 4, 2013

            Sure, whatever you say. I hope that 3rd grade name-calling works for you in the real world. I did get a good laugh though. Wingnut calling me a fool! Good one.

          5. jackoooo October 4, 2013

            Don’t start what you cannot finish!! Here is your diatribe to me, fool.

            They voted for Obama twice, so I guess you’re the ignorant one. And a misogynistic idiot to boot.

          6. dug2008 October 4, 2013

            I did finish. You’ve given me nothing to refute it. Ba-bye…

          7. omgamike October 4, 2013

            Yes, it does need attendants, if for no other reason than for safety.

        2. hilandar1000 October 4, 2013

          itsfun, Of course, most of us don’t believe in punishing people for being successful. That is not what is being discussed. The matter being discussed is closing loopholes and ending subsidies for large corporations and corporate farmers. The wealthy are not paying their fair share for the expenses of the government. Many of those corporations are not paying anything in taxes, yet they enjoy the benefits of (for instance) roads that we all use and we all pay for in our taxes. Not only do those corporations have the advantage of using the roads themselves, but they also often use the roads to get goods to their places of business . Those corporations also often get tax breaks for locating a business in certain locations. In addition, some of those businesses do not pay a living wage to their workers and do not offer health care coverage. So, we as taxpayers have to pay for medical care and food subsidies to supply them with healthy workers for their businesses. If those businesses are using and enjoying the things that taxes pay for, why is it fair for them to get tax breaks that the rest of us do not get? That is to say nothing of getting tax breaks for the purchase of corporate jets and using them as a “business expense”. In relation to this mode of transportation, they also use airports that are subsidized with government funds and air traffic controllers for those airports to allow them to land their planes safely at the airports.
          Yes, indeed, we do have a military to protect us. It is a military that is paid for by the federal government. That military will be receiving IOU’s instead of paychecks until our government is able to function again. How long do you think military families can survive on IOU’s in lieu of paychecks?That veterans’ monument is protected by park rangers to keep it from being defaced and assisting people who are visiting the memorials and making sure that rules are maintained at the memorial to keep visitors safe. The park ranger who was berated by a tea party congressman at the memorial was working without pay for the time while the government is shut down. Of course, the tea party congressman is still receiving his pay, even though he voted for the shutdown. We all have a different set of needs that only government is in a position to provide. For instance, you may not be concerned about government-funded firefighters and equipment to put out forest fires as would the people who live in areas where that is an issue, but you would be affected if the government is not funded and cannot issue your monthly social security checks. Those issues can be dealt with in legislation, but even that will not continue if our government is nonfunctioning and unable to pay its debts. The administration is NOT picking and choosing what to shut down. The tea party insisted on not funding the government. Now they are trying to pick out the various parts that they want to see funded. The administration is refusing to fund the pet projects that the tea party chooses until all the functions of government have been restored. Although these functions may not be important to you, personally, at this point, they are functions that the legislators that we elected to represent us have put into law. If we are talking about fears, the biggest fear that is causing the shutdown of government is the fear of the Affordable Care Act. The GOP is not afraid that it will harm our people, but that it will work. That is the real reason for shutting down the government.

          1. itsfun October 4, 2013

            I agree with closing loopholes and huge tax breaks for locating in a certain location or for airplanes and such. The only problem I can foresee with this is, we will end up paying for the tax fixes by higher prices on everything these corporations produce. I don’t know if us common folks can ever break even on that. The reasoning locations use to give tax breaks is the corporations will be hiring many many people that will be paying local taxes and buying more from more local merchants. They say this will make up for losing taxes directly from the large corporations. I don’t know if it works out that way, but that is one of the reasons. Many states use the gas tax to pay for new roads and road improvements. I don’t like the idea of the government completely controlling my health care. The panels will decide what medications I can get, not my doctor or me. The panels will decide what procedures I can have, not me or my doctor.
            The TEA party did NOT shut the government down. Harry Reid did. Many options have been presented to the Senate and Harry Reid refuses to even negotiate on them. Our President can negotiate with Syria and Iran, but not with the United States House of Representatives. Our Representatives have been elected to represent the folks who voted them into office. Many many representatives are from areas in our country that do not want the obamacare tax or anything like it. It is their sworn duty to represent them. We have representatives and senators that pass bills without bothering to read them. This the the very definition of malfeasance in office and they all should be removed for that. The president illegally exempts his friends, big contributors and member of congress and their staff from laws. Everyone has to come under this new law, or no one at all.

          2. hilandar1000 October 4, 2013

            itsfun, your statements are so full of misconceptions, it is difficult to know where to start to explain them to you. You really need to check your facts — and listen to a different person or television station or someone other than whomever you are getting your information from because it is totally wrong. The government will not be controlling your health care. You can choose any insurance company you want. Many of us WANTED a single payer system, but the GOP insisted that insurance companies had to be included in the choices. The insurance companies have decided on various parts of your medical care for years. Why do you think people are sent home after major surgery even when your doctor does not think you are well enough to be released? It is because the insurance companies will not pay for extra days, even though recommended by your doctor. Panels will not decide on your medical care or your medication. They will be able to get better prices on medications than you could get on your own. In fact, I have already seen considerable differences in the price of name brand medicines that my doctor has prescribed for me. Before the Affordable Care Act went into effect, I was getting most of my prescribed medications from Canada. Now that is no longer necessary.

            I do volunteer work with seniors and do hear these misconceptions often. They are issues that do present valid concerns. I do not have time to answer all of your misconceptions this evening, but, if you are open to finding out the answers to your questions, I will try to answer them — or find the answer, if I don’t know exactly how something will work under the ACA. The law is designed to allow you to make different choices, depending on your circumstances. As with any new law of this magnitude, there are glitches that will have to be worked out, and they will be — if we give it a chance and do not take every opinion that you might hear as an absolute fact. If you tell me the concerns that would affect you most, I’ll try to answer. As far as whose fault it is that our government has been shut down, it is not Harry Reid’s or the President’s decision. It is the law to pay the debts that the government has accrued. It is the 14th ammendment to the constitution. These are expenditures that were voted on by the Congress. The president or Harry Reid does not have the power to negotiate those expenditures. Those debts have to be paid or the government will go into default — which would be disastrous to our country as well as affecting the world economy in very negative ways. The tea party is trying to take that apart and only pay for certain expenditures. That simply cannot be done, so there is no room for negotiation. The president has said that he is willing to use his influence to negotiate future budgets, but it cannot be done for expenditures that have already been approved by Congress.

          3. itsfun October 4, 2013

            First I can’t choose any insurance company I want. The insurance company I want and have had is moving out of my state because of this health care tax. The Panel is deciding what medications will be prescribed.

            The Supreme has said this is legal as a tax. Tell me, how many taxes do we fund? How many taxes are in the budget? We don’t fund a gas tax, a income tax, a inheritance tax etc. Why do we have to fund the obamacare tax?

        3. omgamike October 4, 2013

          The memorial is on public lands, thus is subject to the operations of the US Parks department. The house shut down the government, so no parks officers can patrol the memorials. The same parks officials are there to ensure a safe visiting experience and to render assistance when needed.

          1. itsfun October 4, 2013

            The Senate shut down the government. The House has sent at least 3 budgets to the Senate. The House has also sent pieces to approve, like the health care for kids with cancer. Harry Reid asked why should he approve that? This is all over funding a tax. We don’t fund the gas tax, why do we have to fund the obamacare tax.

  15. Tom October 4, 2013

    Here’s a word for the tea party – MINORITY. You do not represent the people – when are you going to get that through your thick skulls!? You represent a small minority. You lost the election. If you believe in democracy, then you must RESPECT DEMOCRACY and accept that you LOST the election, and that only redistricting has given you any power at all, and illegitimate power at that! What could be more Un-American than disrespecting the election results?

    1. jackoooo October 4, 2013

      Why respect a lost election? They have a voice and pay taxes. Look at the Colorado representatives removed over gun laws. This country was free, before the King was ordained by you.

      1. nirodha October 4, 2013

        Why respect a lost election? Are you serious? Because election results are binding, that’s why! Don’t understand? Then read the Constitution. You can’t be on the losing side in a constitutionally sanctioned election, and then piss and moan because you do not like the result. (Well, you CAN piss and moan, but you can’t change the outcome because you and the minority you are part of disagree). With regard to Colorado, those reps were recalled through a legally sanctioned constitutional recall procedure. Don’t like Obama? Then start a recall petition, and if you get enough signatures, there will be a recall election. Until then, live with it.

        1. jackoooo October 4, 2013

          Freedom is not free!!

        2. jackoooo October 4, 2013

          Just because the fool was voted in by fools does not mean people cannot disagree.

          1. dug2008 October 4, 2013

            That explains a lot about you. I guess everyone should respect the constitution, except when you disagree with it. I’m one of those “fools” who voted for him. And I like the direction this country is headed. Tough for you to take? The majority of Americans believe the same, as evidenced by the last election. You are certainly free to disagree, but not to subvert the laws of the country.

          2. jackoooo October 4, 2013

            Appreciate your candor. I knew you were one of the fools before time though.

          3. nirodha October 4, 2013

            Well of course you can disagree! Disagree all you want! That changes nothing, but if it makes you feel better, then by all means, go for it! Just stop boring the rational people here with your meaningless drivel.

  16. Eleanore Whitaker October 4, 2013

    There have always been tiny groups of anti-government operatives in the US. The problem with this particular Tea Party Faction is not their “power,” it WHO is behind their power. Want to know how easy it is to demolish the Tea Party? Go after the contributors supporting it.

    The Tea Party can go as insanely right as it chooses. Since all humans are born with natural survival instincts, what would make any American Tea Party fascist think the entire nation will worship at the altar of a bunch of savage conservatives?

    What the Tea Party offers is not remotely connected to “conservatism” of men like Eisenhower or Stevenson…It is a dyed in the wool corporate takeover of government to enslave the 99% for the benefit of greed, wealth and a power addiction.

    Americans have always known how to push back when their government has been threatened. Now, more than at any other time, Push Comes to Shove where the Tea Party is concerned…Push hasn’t worked on these anti-government clowns…Now…comes the SHOVE.

    1. nirodha October 4, 2013

      Eleanore, check out the movement known as dominionism. It would appear that those supporting (and who essentially created) the uneducated group of TPotty adherents are pursuing this course in their attempts to take over this country.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker October 4, 2013

        I understand the concept of dominionism. However, this omits one factor, the dominants in a dominion in this country rely all too heavily on those of us outside their “dominion” for their existence. It’s why when you have a state like Texas threatening secession, they back down…take away the $14 billion in Oil subsidies we taxpayers pay for and Big Oil loses its domination. It’s going to lose it anyway. When you consider there were “ignernts” who fought Guttenberg’s printing press and would be scared out of their wits by today’s smart phones, you see why change is never within the dominion of the most dominant.

  17. waggaze October 4, 2013

    They are all anarchists and should be charged with treason and high crimes against the state. End of story. Oh, send them to Gitmo for three hots and a cot indefinitely on a renditon trip.

  18. Martin Buckley October 4, 2013

    As I have said on other blogs, let’s ind out who the Tea Party is backing and give a lousy $2 to the person who runs against them and throw the anarchists out. Democracy may not be the best form of government, but so far we have gone from an obscure and newly formed nation into the most powerful, admired and truly free country n history. Move OUT the obstructionists!

    1. jackoooo October 4, 2013

      Is the T party directing Congress? Is the President in the T Party?
      Is the Senate the T Party?
      The T Party is few but they do make sense.

      1. Martin Buckley October 4, 2013

        You need a good civics class. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions and this will add to the stones and tar. The T is out of touch. Why can’t you and others understand with 51 votes to 49 the 51 wins the battle. Like it or not (and I know you DON’T) the simple fact is there are enough reasonable Republicans to vote in favor of ending this travesty in the House, but Boehner is only looking out for his Speaker position and is saying to Hell with the good of the country. Now his district may have voted in favor of him and his pledge to oppose Healthcare, but he has only one vote in Congress, NOT the dictatorship as to thwart all of the Republican Party voting and certainly not the right to stop a vote where everyone of the Democrats will vote to end this. It is that simple.

        1. jackoooo October 4, 2013

          Did Boehner tell you that?

  19. morbius777 October 4, 2013

    “Like you were talking gun control. People are saying hey, this isn’t what’s in our Constitution, and it’s not what’s in our schools.”….Evangelical woman, Colorado Springs. NO… YOU HAVEN’T READ OUR CONSTITUTION!!!! Have you read or can you quote the FIRST CLAUSE of the Second Amendment? I doubt it. Further, are you even remotely aware of the historical context of the writing of the bill of rights? It was written in response to British occupation of the colonies….. example: the THIRD AMENDMENT: no quartering of troops in private homes . Of course, we are not concerned about this today, but back then, it was a major issue to be forced to quarter an occupying army. So the Bill of Rights is a TIME SENSITIVE DOCUMENT. All this proves that you have an IQ under 80. So here’s my suggestion: move to a southern state and SECEDE!!!

  20. Soo Brooks October 4, 2013

    At the end of the day, we are all Americans. As Americans, we have a wide array of beliefs and values. The fact that we have the right to have all these different views and beliefs is what makes this country great. BUT….along with these rights comes the responsibility to respect the views of people who differ from us. That means that for the sake of our country, we need to compromise on all sorts of issues. That fact seems to have escaped the tea party. Over the last 6 years I have seen President Obama compromise again and again but it never seems to be enough for the Republicans. I always tried to choose a candidate who I thought would be best for my values, knowing that I wouldn’t agree with everything they did. But now I feel like our country is headed for a terrible divide.

    1. jackoooo October 4, 2013

      Did Obama agree to close the border from drugs and illegals? What was the compromise?
      answer: Amnesty

      Did Obama agree to freeze the national debt? What was the compromise?

      answer: 5 TRILLION more debt.

      The great compromiser he is not!!

      1. eps62 October 4, 2013

        The increase in debt was the hidden costs of the wars from by the Bush administration.

        1. jackoooo October 4, 2013

          That is why Obama was elected 5 yrs. ago. To get the Bush economy straight!!

      2. nirodha October 4, 2013

        As usual, the reactionary right wing cherry picks a couple of items, applies faulty logic, and conveniently ignores a whole host of accomplishments that would destroy their specious claims.

        1. jackoooo October 4, 2013

          I see u ignored the cherry picks! Unimportant?

          1. Adam Smith October 5, 2013

            I think they ignore you because you’re a friggin idiot.

  21. akindependent October 4, 2013

    The entire paper is worth reading. It divides the Republican party into specific groups and analyzes their respective beliefs. One interesting piece of information: if Hillary Clinton ran for president, she could peel off some Moderate Republican women.

    1. jackoooo October 4, 2013

      The Benghazi Bungler could do that? I do not think women are that ignorant. They see things men do not and I believe they see Hillary for the bitch she is especially after the statement, “What difference does it make”.

      1. dug2008 October 4, 2013

        Typical response. If people vote for Obama, or Hillary, or anyone you don’t like, they must be ignorant. They voted for Obama twice, so I guess you’re the ignorant one. And a misogynistic idiot to boot. Back to your hole now…

        1. jackoooo October 4, 2013

          Did u address Benghazi or go off subject as you have no idea who is on first?

          1. dug2008 October 4, 2013

            Now you’re just acting true to form. No attempt to argue, just throw out a buzz word, and attack me when I choose to ignore your irrelevant comment. I don’t even think you have an argument, just like to yell. See ya, I’ve got adults to talk to.

  22. jmprint October 4, 2013

    The only part abouth this statements is what this man quoted: “You need to be more Conservative if you’re going to win the elections and get more people.” (Tea Party man, Raleigh)

    Because if you are not more conservative the Kock brothers won’t support you. The rich have all to gain by this mentallity and do not care about the middle class either.

    The mentality of these people is that they want to change the mindset and lifestyle of others, because to them their way is the only saint way. They want to do away with abortion because thy shall not kill, but are quick to put someone to death. Adultery is right up there with abortion in the bible, but everone knows of a pastor or layman, laywomen that commits these sins. They don’t want to use their taxes to help others, and they really don’t care why there unemployed, there attitude is get a job, they seem to think that everybody has the same opportunities in life that they do. They also are not aware that the driving force of the leaders in the Tea Party are raciest, arrogant, takers of government funds. They do not represent ALL.

    The religiouse leaders are not preaching about God now a days they are preaching about how bad Obama care is and how we must impeach the President, that we are imposing on their right because we allow gays & lesbians to be treated like human beings. President Obman is a good human being trying to be there for ALL not just the indigent.

    Somehow they think that if they hurt the poor, do away with government that the USA would be a better place. What they don’t understand is that when the majority is out and under because of their stupidity it will take a long time to recover.


    1. jackoooo October 4, 2013

      Until you realize nothing will change you will forever demand change.

  23. Julieann Wozniak October 4, 2013

    So, how do we save ourselves? I don’t want to live in this parody of democracy. And I can’t go back where I came from since I’ve never left. Actually, since my mom was cremated, I really, really, really can’t go back where I came from, since she was the first baby born in this town in 1926, when it was a polyglot of ethnicities.

  24. BeckerHead October 4, 2013

    …..Republican problem solving – wishful thinking and prayer, and when that doesn’t help, blame somebody else for their own ineptitude and incompetence. Facts do not impress Republicans as they make their own facts as they go along.
    Republicans cling to the Bible to make themselves feel good but their “liberal” interpretation of the good book is heavily skewed toward their political beliefs and biases; Republicans cling to their guns to protect themselves and “all patriots” from manufactured enemies and “make believe” threats to our Constitution. We can wrap all this paranoia up in a neat and unpretentious package as Karl Rove (a Neo-CON) told it to a European publication….that the Tea Party movement is “not sophisticated” and lacks the coherency and intelligence of prior right-wing uprisings in the United States…” Let’s face it, all these “NEW” RepubliKKKlans know is what they hear on Rush Limpballs Radio, the NRA and watch on Faux News-and that, my friends, is their alibi for their stupidity.

  25. atthewall October 4, 2013

    Tea Partiers more than any other group of people have an ability to repeatedly invoke value phrases that mean infinitely different things to different people. Standing up. Fighting back. Taking back our country. Constitutional intent.. Big Government. Patriotism. Throwing out the rascals. The American people. Corruption. Criminality. Compromise. God. Family values. Treason. They define all of these values in their chosen image as if it is the only possible right interpretation and then try to bully, not persuade, bully, everyone else into living their way. This is exactly what muslim fundamentalists do in their culture and zionists do in theirs. It is the belief in uninterpreted, absolute truths at every level of existence. It is religion and it requires violence, not persuasion, as all religions do.

    1. nirodha October 4, 2013

      Hear, hear! More damage and harm has been done in the name of religion throughout the history of this world than anything else.

      1. Guilherme October 16, 2013

        socialism killed more in one century than all religious wars ever!

  26. TANY October 4, 2013

    Obama care is not about health care, all people in the USA if went to a hospital was treated, no one was turned away, instead of a new system why not extend Medicare benefits to cover pre existing conditions,this new aca takes money from medicare and is law that can not be explained by even the ones who assembled it,the law was approved by the supreme court, then was changed 19 times by the president who DOES NOT have the power to do, over stepping his authority this only a money grab, and well be ran by the I R S, what do this tell you W A K E UP

    1. jackoooo October 4, 2013

      Never happen. It makes sense.

    2. dug2008 October 4, 2013

      I’d be happy to expain it to you, but I don’t think that would help in your case.

    3. omgamike October 4, 2013

      I like the way you are using parts of the comments from someone else earlier in the day. The ACA has not been changed in a legislative sense. The law does allow the officials in charge of administering the law the authority to grant waivers on parts of the law and/or time extensions prior to implementation, where appropriate. But, nice try.

    4. steve October 6, 2013

      Read anything by Chris Hedges, he filed a suit against Obama. More importantly, he has predicted what we are now witnessing. And what’s coming is far, far worse than anything you could imagine. Google Hedges, he has plenty of videos online. A good place to start is his discussions/book on American Fascists.

  27. jackoooo October 4, 2013

    Most people can’t stand the truth!!!! Go Tea Party!!!!

    1. steve October 6, 2013

      Follow Senor Rafael Cruz down the rosy path he leading you down…just like “everyday people” followed Castro. Ask the Cubans in Cuba how that worked for them.

  28. elw October 4, 2013

    It seem to me that all that the growing number of Tea Parties means is the GOP will be losing more of its members to other Parties. Which is a good thing. After to all, anyway you look at it the Tea Party’s value and ideas are not in alignment with the majority of Americans and will not attract most voters. That was made clear in the last few National elections. So while the more radical GOP members think it is a good that they are winning their small war within the Party, the larger picture does not look good for them. The Country is and always has been adverse to extremes of any flavor and although the results are right now being seen on a National level that will start filtering down to the local level as well. Politics in this Country are very long term, so any fraction that fails to take a long-term view of their policies and is too ridged to change with the populations they serve, is a dead party walking.

  29. marcus8182 October 4, 2013

    Read the report. The TPs and Evangelicals are simply beyond help (they’re filled with a combination of anger, resentment, and misinformation/magical thinking – nothing to be done). But the moderates need to hear more clearly that their concerns ARE the same as the majority of centrist Democrats – and that the current Republican party simply has no interest in actual fiscal conservatism (if they did, they’d have never passed the Bush tax cuts or agreed to go to war without a funding mechanism in place to pay for it).

    That’s the next goal; grabbing as many more of them as the Democrats can to further isolate the TPers and GunGod evangelicals. The Republicans clearly have no interest or ability to do so.

  30. 1standlastword October 4, 2013

    When people abuse their rights they should be put in check!

    All the complaining about the Tea Party needs to be backed up by action to put them in check….Talk is cheap folks.

    If they “the Tea Party” are violating their office then let’s roll them up.

    I don’t think we can wait or even hope constituents will “see the light” that by their votes they cut off their own nose to spite their face…Hell they elect more of these people over and over again

    Obama….Holder…..Sanction lawmakers who violate the constitutional oath of office!

    Is it legal to usurp the LAW!!!!!!!!!!

    What are we waiting for…a civil war?!!!

    1. jackoooo October 4, 2013

      We are waiting until they take our guns and tap our phones and email.
      We are waiting until the border is secure. We are waiting to find out why the Americans in Benghazi did not get back up.

      1. nirodha October 4, 2013

        The intelligence displayed in this, and all the rest of your posts leads me to believe that you would vote for Darrell Issa for president. Benghazi indeed! That horse died a long time ago!

        1. 1standlastword October 4, 2013

          Don’t mind him he’s just jacking off again!!!!

          1. jackoooo October 5, 2013

            In your mouth!!

        2. jackoooo October 4, 2013

          Avoid the truth.

          1. nirodha October 4, 2013

            The increasing incoherence in all of your posts leads me to believe that you are getting drunker as the day goes on.

  31. jwtm October 4, 2013

    How many separate people are are quoted here? I count three articulate people each quoted multiple times. In other words, this is a manufactured factoid and you can safely ignore the entire article.

  32. tdm3624 October 4, 2013

    My hope is then that moderate Republicans will break away and form a new party and leave the Tea Party extremists to a small minority in Congress.

  33. seymourhiney October 4, 2013

    A bunch of bat crap crazy people.

  34. jnsgraphic October 4, 2013

    Boehner and Republicans in Congress have taken the government and economy hostage, and their betrayal to the United States should be considered an act of treason. Its exactly what we should have expected from elected people, who openly profess to hate government, not to govern. The sequester, budget or even single appropriations bill have not been finished due to their constant obstruction. Boehner needs to allow Congress to vote on a stand-alone bill stripped of healthcare provisions, get the Tea Party and far right extremists inline, and put the American people before his own personal interests.

    In March, Congress voted 267-151 to fully fund ‘Obamacare’, it was enacted into law with the Congressional Budget Office projecting that the ACA will lower both future deficits. Democrats in the Senate negotiated to lower the debt budget; ‘Obamacare’ is not negotiable, has nothing to do with the budget, and is A LAW; but the President is willing to amend the Affordable Care Act separately, after Congress agrees to increase borrowing and reopen the government.

    The government shutdown might be what it takes to get middle-class Americans who work for a living, but continue to vote Republican despite the fact that the policies being pursued by their party, will be just as damaging to them as much as it is to the Democratic working class. Until the GOPT is voted OUT in 2014 they will continue to put party first and people last.

  35. MarySipes October 4, 2013

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    In 1 month on the workstation. Look by the side of this website BIG44.­c­o­m

  36. S.J. Jolly October 4, 2013

    The moderate GOP leaders should force a split of the Republican Party. Split off the Tea Party faction into a separate party, called something like “True Conservative Party”. Alternative, if the party label can’t be rescued, move to a new organization, called something like “True Republican Party.” Only way to preserve a rational alternative to the Democratic Party.
    “Interesting” times ahead in American politics, folks!

  37. db October 4, 2013

    The Tea Part (really the Terrorist Party) have actually accomplished more of the goals of the world wide terrorist groups then the groups themselves, i.e. the destruction of America. db

  38. jcurtis595 October 4, 2013

    Fear not. Joe McCarthy terrorized the nation with counting imaginary communists in government until he went too far and was censured by the Senate and was done in politics. Ted Cruz looks like McCarthy, talks like him, is just as much a bully as he was and is just as damaging to American democracy. He is sewing the seeds for his own destruction by alienating both sides of the isle and the wealth base of his party. If he succeeds in causing a default, Wall Street, the mega-banks and the Chamber of Commerce will destroy him, (formerly one of their own). After all, his antics are hurting them as much as us. Biting the hand that feeds you is never good game plan.

    The good news is that Ted has shook these men who control the Republican party’s money awake. They now realize that the Michelle Bachmans, Ted Cruises and other lunatics elected really are lunatics and we have to stop the congress from being their asylum.

    Jay Curtis (author of THE CODE)

  39. mahilena October 4, 2013

    good luck to them for we at the left, big government supporters and our grass roots are also getting organized to move the country to the left …we need FDR type leaders
    and are working hard towards that purpose…we must bring down conservatism as an ideology of pestilence and death…and we are succeeding in many areas, the election was a proof of that…we need more government to regulate the greedy bastards and to provide us with another Bill of Rights like the one FDR carved before his death

  40. theoldsheepherder October 4, 2013

    In a recent article from the Christian Science Monitor, a Conservative magazine, not given to hyperbole the Tea Party was described as an existential threat to America. If thoughtful Conservatives are holding such highly critical opinions as these, what accounts for such Cult like loyalty by the Republican voting base to these insurgents? Fox, News Max, Breitbart, RedState, Limbaugh, and Beck are all propagandists for this Anti-American movement funded by billionaires Koch brothers, the TeaParty. Secondary Masters are the Christian Dominionist Cult and the NRA. Brow beaten with fear and trapped in the ignorance of the lies of these media vipers their flock continuous to reliably vote against their own interests. All of these propagandists for evil say the same thing. “Don’t listen to anybody else. You can only trust me. Everyone else is out to hurt you. They’re coming for us. It’s in the Bible.” It’s like 40% of America is going through the Elizabeth Smart experience. Irrational, unreachable, scared, fearful, angry, isolated…It’s just sad. Ted Cruz and the Tea Party are barely distinguishable from the Jim Jones cult that ended up in mass suicide in Ghana.

    1. hilandar1000 October 7, 2013

      Excellent points, Sheepherder — thanks!

  41. Liberalism is Nonsense October 5, 2013

    Liberty implies a private boundary inside which conditions cannot be controlled by other people and where choices cannot be restricted to those determined by others.

  42. Puck2u October 5, 2013

    gvette seems to have lost her/his keyboard along with his/her mind or has s/he gone back to her bible, which version is unknown, for responses to the heretics. Rather enjoy her warped mind. Repartee with him/her is rather like shooting fish in a barrel. Perhaps it is her/his turn in the barrel as rumors hearsay and gossip has it happened in olden times on sailing ships. Might loosen up the blockage in her/his anus so his/her head could be pulled out.

  43. aquinas215 October 5, 2013

    If we must make decisions by considering how another person might judge the merit of our efforts, we are prevented from making the choices most valuable to us and are thus coerced by those judging our merit.

  44. smoochie October 5, 2013

    Misspellings in the Tea-tard word cloud: “diaster”, “assinine”, and worst of all, “kniving” (conniving?)

  45. Beaulieu6 October 5, 2013

    The Republicans and the Tea Party are responsible for the 2007 recession, the 2011 sequestration, and the 2013 government shutdown, they must be held accountable for the problems they have caused and are causing to our economy and to the Middle-Class 98% percent, and the poor living below poverty line.
    The Republicans are helding the Middle-Class, the poor below poverty line, seniors, and our economy hostage, and the longer it goes on the more money it will cost the taxpayers.
    Senator Ted Cruz is out of touch with reality and the real world around him he should be removed out of office immediately, before he causes any futher damage to our economy.
    We must not give up and we must not give in to those obstructionist and replace them with Democrats in the 2014 mid-term election.

  46. Elliot J. Stamler October 5, 2013

    Read history. Especially German history. The social conservatives and the Tea Partiers are as I’ve commented often, fascists. They do not believe in political democracy–they believe exactly what the parliamentary leader of the German nazi party, Dr. Josef Goebbels, said in the Reichstag in the years before Hitler–that the German National Socialists would purposely work within the German parliamentary framework to destroy the Republic, the Constitution and permanently replace it. He told the truth and the nazis certainly did what he promised. If we learn anything from this it is that there can be NO COMPROMISE WHATSOEVER with the social conservatives and the Tea Partiers. They show blatantly they don’t want compromise…no fascist ever does. Either those of us who believe in political democracy are left standing or they will be. Sooner or later there will be an end to this–peacefully I hope, violently if necessary.

    1. steve October 6, 2013

      Chris Hedges, check out his videos/books, says all that’s left for us to do is to demonstrate peacefully en masse… although he admits he doesn’t know if it’ll do any good. I agree 100% with your comments. As our gov’t crumbles, Cruz plans to assume the role of dictator.

      1. Elliot J. Stamler October 6, 2013

        Thanks Steve. I’m aware of Hedges’ book..it is on my list of about one thousand books I should read but yet haven’t. But as to demonstrating peacefully–if push really comes to terrible shove nothing will be peaceful I am afraid. I have felt for some time if this continues we are slowly, slowly sliding toward a second civil war–which of course will give our global enemies an opportunity to do us enormous harm.

        1. steve October 6, 2013

          Check out Hedges videos online then. He was a foreign correspondent for 20 yrs and he’s a scholar. Google:

          TalkingStickTV – Chris Hedges – Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt

          See you at the revolution. These are terrifying times. Take care of yourself.

      2. Chuck Nugent November 17, 2013

        where do you people get your information from?

    2. Chuck Nugent November 17, 2013

      how f****ed up are you? replace the word, “Tea party” with democrats or obama,
      Obama and the democrats are as I’ve commented often, fascists. They do not believe in political democracy–they believe exactly what the parliamentary leader of the German nazi party, Dr. Josef Goebbels, said in the Reichstag in the years before Hitler–that the German National Socialists would purposely work within the German parliamentary framework to destroy the Republic, the Constitution and permanently replace it. He told the truth and the nazis certainly did what he promised. If we learn anything from this it is that there can be NO COMPROMISE WHATSOEVER with the Democrats and Obama. They show blatantly they don’t want compromise…no fascist ever does. Either those of us who believe in political democracy are left standing or they will be. Sooner or later there will be an end to this–peacefully I hope, violently if necessary.
      NOW THAT IS POINT ON RIGHT!! see what a little word change can do to reveal the truth??

      1. Elliot J. Stamler November 17, 2013

        You must be Ted Nugent’s identical twin.

    3. Chuck Nugent November 17, 2013

      “Sooner or later there will be an end to this–peacefully I hope, violently if necessary.”
      and by the way, for your sake, you better pray for peace. you will be considered a treasonous traitor to your country and constitution, and you will be treated as such. you may want to research the truth a little more, because my friend, you are on the wrong side of the battle field. we LOVE our constitution, our country and our people, though we have differences, we still have the greatest country on earth. and we will FIGHT for that. We will NOT be turned into a socialist country, not without a fight, whether in the courts or on the battlefield.

  47. Socialism is Organized Evil October 6, 2013

    To preserve morality, liberty, and prosperity, the leaden threads of centralized state power must be confined to the fewest possible seams.

  48. freedomrocks76 October 6, 2013

    The Tea party is delusional. Only sharp cuts to their benefits (SS amd Medicare) will achieve the goals they seek. Either accept the reductions or pay more.

  49. Puck2u October 6, 2013

    Well guess what qvette, I can make a few in context typos, at least I do not stutter. You are the only one I have seen on this blog who even mentions a Barry doll. Stuck on that are you? I shook the hand of Barrack H. Obama when he was running for Senator in Illinois. He is far from a small effigy of a human being. You must be thinking of YOUR anatomically correct plastic blow up doll or is it your dildo? Are you mad at them for not spewing tea at you during the critical moment?

    You state you have been a small business owner for 32 years. The attitude you display in this environment suggests you are the only employee because your interpersonal relationships suck. Your anger keeps you small in mind and business. Can you keep employees? Significant other? Children? Go inside yourself and find where your anger is coming from and your need to regress into a child so you can throw insults at people only because that person does not agree with your thoughts.

    In business for 32 years means you might be getting to retirement soon. Following your anger trail suggests you will stroke out long before you can begin to suck on the government tit by accepting SS checks every month and seeing a doctor mostly paid for by Medicare. I can hear you start in on you paid into SS. Every cent you paid into SS is recovered in the first three years of payments.

    If you are able to answer this without exploding into name calling and making up silly things or stomping you foot like a 5 year old, please respond. Be rational. If this concept is beyond your powers of restraint do not bother. The only reason any answers to your slings and arrows have been made is reading you steam into nonsense is very amusing.

  50. Socialism: Organized Evil October 6, 2013

    Most collectivist attacks attempt to exploit the common misconception that the term “individualist” refers only to isolated individuals.

  51. c4logic October 7, 2013

    The ignorance and the delusion of the public expressed in this document is just SCARY. Horrifying. Pathetic. If I didn’t know better, I would think they were the inmates of a lunatic asylum, with no ability whatsoever to test reality and form reasonable conclusions. Just plumb crazy.

  52. Rich Carriero October 8, 2013

    If you think the Tea Party are jeopardizing national security, check out this petition to jail the Tea Party caucus and pass a budget..

  53. Guilherme October 16, 2013

    tea party is the salvation of america

    enough of socialist opression and genocide

  54. CitizenCentrist October 18, 2013

    Good study (PDF). Hope you’ll have more. It’s interesting that the dynamics of this movement are reminiscent of the types of activities one would usually see in a third world country. The exception being, of course, that the elements don’t align. US has a solid Constitution, political process and legislative systems. The injection of Citizen’s United funding/the motivation of those who fund it, in addition to the gross amount of blatant misinformation available via radicalized/shock radio, FOX news and internet “fear everything” blogs are some of the catalysts for this hysteria. There are many more, of course. The lack of solid and trustworthy investigative journalism is a real problem. But looking back… this has been brewing for years and then along come the Limbaughs, FOX news, radicalized religious groups and before long — people get brainwashed to become hysterical (that’s what this is: a movement of hysteria where all “little” grievances, fears and selfish ideas overtake the values that have kept the United States united in the past. The GOP gave these small groups too much exposure because the GOP just wanted to use Tea Party people to grab the headlines and a few more votes for themselves. The Tea Party should just start their own “party” — because “threat & fiat” doesn’t “work” in the US and there is no basis for it working within our Constitution. Sociologists will be studying this for years to come. Meanwhile, we have to watch while Tea Partiers build whatever doomsday related, self-fulfilling fantasy they’ve created for themselves. I wish they’d wake up (or grow up) — but as we’ve seen before — “cult type brainwashing in group think” usually doesn’t just undo itself overnight. Especially when it’s rooted in blindness to factual reality.

  55. Beaulieu6 October 20, 2013

    The Tea Party has been a big influence to the Republicans since the 2008 Presidential election they have caused much damage to our economy such as the 2007 recession, the 2011 Sequester, and the 2013 government shutdown, they have put their party above country in which they never care much about the Middle-Class 98% percent, the poor living below poverty line, and seniors.
    Come the 2014 mid-term election we must eliminate the Tea Party and replace the Republicans to replace them with strong Democrats and we must give the gavel back to Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi D-California. We must keep the Senate with more Democrats and keep the White House in 2016.
    I believe that Congress and Senate both Democrats and Republicans must and will work together to pass a bipartisan balance budget by December 13, 2013 with a jobs bill that would create millions private sector jobs, in growing our economy.
    I’m Optimistic, Confident, and hopeful that we will reach a lasting prosperity as early 2015 with the great and strong leadership of President Obama.

  56. JD October 22, 2013

    The only real question is how in hell do we neutralize these killers, and I do mean killers, before they do more permanent harm to the country? We can’t just wait for old age to finish them off. Not advocating violence but there must be a political strategy to get them out of government; national, state, local and especially judges. A few more years of what we have just seen and China will own the Koch brothers and what is left of the USA.

  57. Beaulieu6 November 3, 2013

    In the 2014 mid-term election the Democrats will regain the House of Representatives in which Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi D-California would be the House Speaker, the Senate will gain more seats, and in Florida Charlie Crist D-Florida will defeat Governor Rick Scott R-Florida.
    Republicans such as Senator Ted Cruz of Texas should be removed from office imediately no question ask!

    1. Chuck Nugent November 17, 2013

      keep on drinking that kool-aid, you need to research some more my friend. the dems are losing, BIG TIME, and the Tea party is GROWING, adding democrats, different races at a massive growth rate. they are realizing that the demonization that the media and dems have been doing was all hogwash, and the TEA party are just a group of poor and middle class of ALL RACES that are tired of the government spitting in thier face. THey want the best for our people and our country and we dont fall for the media garbage. we see through the bull. do some research my friend, you will be surprised on what you find.

  58. Beaulieu6 November 17, 2013

    As a 63 year old Senior and a Florida resident I strongly support expanding Social Security benefit to current seniors and generation to come. Seniors has worked a lifetime in saving for their future to retired with great pride and dignity.
    There are 57 million Seniors that are receiving Social Security benefit in which many of them are depending and relying on their Social Security benefit to make end meet, those Seniors cannot afford to have a cut in Social Security benefit.
    The Sequestration caused by the Republicans has affected many Seniors across the country mostly those who receive meal on wheel, the Government shutdown again fabricated by the Republicans has affected many Seniors, and recently the Cut in Food Stamps again fabricated by the Republicans has affected many Seniors.
    To balance the budget on the back of Seniors, the Middle-class 98% percent, and the poor living below poverty line is wrong and bad for our economy, the Republicans doesn’t care who they have hurt and who they will hurt as they only care for themselves and the wealthiest 2% percent the millionaire and billionaire such has the Koch brothers, this is why the Republicans that are up for re-election in 2014, must be replace by Democrats.
    In my home State of Florida Governor Rick Scott R-Florida are for re-election in wich he must be replace by Democrat Charlie Crist D-Florida, has Florida need a Governor that will stand and fight for Florida Middle-Class, someone that stand with Florida teachers has Governor Scott has cut in education. Charlie Crist D-Florida will put Floridians first.
    I’m optimistic, confident, and hopeful that with the strong leadership of Democrats and President Obama we will reach a lasting prosperity as early 2015, in which will benefit us all.


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