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Why Trump Terrifies The Republicans Who Created Him And His Movement

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Why Trump Terrifies The Republicans Who Created Him And His Movement

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In the aftermath of the final presidential debate, Republican leaders and elected officials will no longer be able to shirk their responsibility to curb Donald Trump — who has become a clear and present danger not only to their party but to this country. He isn’t dangerous because he soiled the GOP brand once more, because he mocks and taunts other Republicans, or because he is so likely to lose and take some of them down with him.

No, Trump is dangerous because he refused to agree that he would accept the election’s outcome if he loses, inviting a violent reaction by his supporters — and because he sided with the Russian Federation against US intelligence and military leaders over their alleged interference in this election. Even his running mate Mike Pence has found these bizarre positions insupportable.

What Trump’s startling debate responses showed was not merely his vacuum of proper temperament and judgment — personality defects that are all too well known by now — but his casual lack of respect for basic American institutions and traditions. His casual dismissal of profound concerns over Russian incursions against US citizens, despite the briefings he has received from American intelligence officials, was stunning. He accepted the denials by Russian officials and implied that his own country’s services are lying.

Frantically as he waves the flag, spouting nationalism and xenophobia, Trump’s “patriotism” is now exposed as a ruse. Although he pretended to denounce interference in American elections “by any country,” at the urging of moderator Chris Wallace, he has encouraged the suspected Russian intrusions into this process all along — and reaffirmed that position last night.

No doubt many Republicans have been troubled by Trump’s shadowy and compromised relationship with the regime of Vladimir Putin. His strange pronouncements about Ukraine, Syria, and other foreign issues, seeming to justify or whitewash aggressive Russian policies, are far outside the American mainstream in either party.

But he went further still when he renewed his refusal to accept the election’s results. For all his obsequious blather about Putin, nothing could be more pleasing to the Russian boss than this grotesque attempt to discredit American democracy. Putin and the oligarchs who surround him often argue that the United States is “hypocritical” in advocating democracy, transparency, and human rights, because our own practices are imperfect. When a major party presidential candidate disparaged our system as “corrupt” and “rigged” before an audience of millions, he delivered an extraordinary propaganda victory to the Kremlin.

Even if Republican officials don’t fully grasp the foulness of Trump’s end game, they must have begun to realize that he poses an existential threat to them. For any individual GOP Senator or Representative, there is a strong possibility that he or she may win even if Trump loses. But when he seeks to discredit the validity of the election as fraudulent, where does that leave those victors? By definition, he and his alt-right supporters are undermining the legitimacy of every official elected on November 8.

The hard truth, as my friend @LOLGOP and other writers have previously explained, is that the Republicans only have themselves to blame for Trump. For year they have mundanely exploited the same racial divisions, fake issues, and intellectual dishonesty that he transformed into political performance art to take over their party.

The Republicans must also look inward to find the roots of the insurrectionary attitude now adopted by Trump’s supporters, and stoked by his comments about the election. Dating back to the militia movement during Bill Clinton’s presidency, and especially with the rise of the Tea Party in reaction to Barack Obama, too many Republicans have eagerly stirred up fanatics for their own partisan benefit. They colluded with the gun lobby and other extremist groups to foment conspiracy theories and dark rumors of government oppression, while promoting fantasies of armed rebellion.

Now that Trump has stepped forward to embody those apocalyptic ideas in his failing candidacy, the Republicans are suddenly frightened of their own creation. They will try to escape responsibility for whatever havoc he may wreak, although they hatched this movement long ago. The billionaire bully and his angry mob are their own shrieking chickens, finally coming home to roost.

Joe Conason

A highly experienced journalist, author and editor, Joe Conason is the editor-in-chief of The National Memo, founded in July 2011. He was formerly the executive editor of the New York Observer, where he wrote a popular political column for many years. His columns are distributed by Creators Syndicate and his reporting and writing have appeared in many publications around the world, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Nation, and Harpers.

Since November 2006, he has served as editor of The Investigative Fund, a nonprofit journalism center, where he has assigned and edited dozens of award-winning articles and broadcasts. He is also the author of two New York Times bestselling books, The Hunting of the President (St. Martins Press, 2000) and Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth (St. Martins Press, 2003).

Currently he is working on a new book about former President Bill Clinton's life and work since leaving the White House in 2001. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, including MSNBC's Morning Joe, and lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

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  1. Dominick Vila October 20, 2016

    Trump’s re-assertion that he may not recognize the results of the election confirmed, once again, that we are dealing with a man who does not respect our values, traditions, and democracy.
    After a fairly good start for a person as unpredictable and devoid of discipline as he is, he predictably became unhinged and engaged in his peculiar style of discourse, spurting incomprehensible half sentences, switching from one topic to another, ignoring the questions that Chris Wallace asked him, lying, and proving once again that he is a man with a volatile temperament incapable of acting like a mature individual.
    I would not be surprised if his supporters were pleased with what he said. Especially with his “she is a nasty woman” remark towards the end of the debate, but I doubt his performance will change public opinion significantly one way or the other.
    At this point, the question is no longer who is going to be the next President, but how much damage has The Donald inflicted on the GOP and, sadly, on our electoral process and confidence.

    1. Curtis Pullin October 20, 2016

      Looking at the polls on the morning after, HRC is doing even better.

      1. Theodora30 October 20, 2016

        Yes but I would bet his supporters are even more convinced that the system is rigged against him and them which is very dangerous. They are a significant minority and a lot of them believe in violence as a solution. This just increases the danger from the far right. Never forget Tim McVeigh.

        1. 1standlastword October 20, 2016

          I wrote it above in a reply that rumor has it Trump’s post election project is to start his own Network. Now that would be a flash point for a rash of domestic terrorist acts around the country. I think I heard Roger Ailes is sponsoring/ funding it since Trump is a master at using other people’s money that would be about right

          1. latebloomingrandma October 20, 2016

            I hope all advertisers boycott it. Or, the people could boycott the advertisers’ companies.

          2. Oddworld October 20, 2016

            I certainly don’t want to see anyone hurt but if by chance you happen to be correct wouldn’t that delegitimize the alt-right from ever being a serious political contender ever again?

          3. 1standlastword October 20, 2016

            Not if they changed into wearing Bill Blas suits, mastered double-speak really well, earned law degrees and got good at hunting for dollars

          4. Oddworld October 20, 2016

            That pretty much sums up everyone in government already!

          5. 1standlastword October 20, 2016


    2. The lucky one October 20, 2016

      As always Dom a cogent analysis but you could have stopped at “we are dealing with a man who does not respect” Trump respects no one and nothing. For him respect is what is his due, it’s a one way street.

    3. itsfun October 20, 2016

      Didn’t Al Gore question the results of a election? Does that mean he doesn’t respect our values, traditions, institutions of government and democracy. Hillary is a nasty person and is a women, doesn’t that make Trump right? How these 2 bozos got this far is a question waiting to be answered. Neither has the character to be a President. Both are proven liars and Hillary probably should be in prison. The next 4 years are going to be a rough ride.

      1. Bill P October 20, 2016

        Once again you show your ignorance. Here is what happened in 2000:

        It’s still worth pointing out that what Gore and Trump did are not the same. Here’s a (very) condensed version of what really happened 16 years ago:
        1. On election night, several television networks called Florida for George W. Bush, clinching the electoral college — although Gore would end up winning about 500,000 more votes. Gore called Bush to concede.
        2. Then the networks uncalled Florida — and Gore unconceded, realizing that he was ahead in the popular vote and if he ended up winning Florida he would have won the election. The election was literally too close to call.
        3. A legally mandated recount began.
        4. Bush (not Gore) sued to stop recounts in some counties.
        5. Gore sued to extend deadlines for recounts.
        6. The Florida Supreme Court ordered a more extensive recount. Bush (not Gore) appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.
        7. The U.S. Supreme Court stopped the recount.
        8. Gore conceded.
        The nasty one in this election isn’t Hillary it’s your candidate. You Have claimed you are not supporting Trump. However all you write is negative comments about Hillary but nothing about Trump. Still voting for the lesser of 2 evils?

      2. jmprint October 20, 2016

        For you the next for years will be a rough ride, for us we are moving forward, in a positive direction.

        1. itsfun October 20, 2016

          It will be a rough ride no matter who gets elected. The differences between the two major parties is huge now.

    4. Jon October 20, 2016

      Glorious Leader is telling the uneducated at his rally that Hillary had the debate questions ahead of time to allow her to give a perfect answer. Is he saying that the answers she gave were perfect and his were something less? He’s repeating the same lie he did after the 1st 2 debates saying all the polls show he won the debate with 1 showing 90% believed he won. He knows by now that those snap or troll polls are meaningless as people can vote as many times as they want to for their choice. He says Hillary is not a legitimate candidate because she has committed serious crimes and therefore the election is rigged. It is as clear as it can possibly be that he has no respect for democracy.

      1. Dominick Vila October 20, 2016

        Yes, he is accusing Donna Brazille of giving Hillary the questions in advance. I guess that means that FOX gave the questions to Donna, the Chairperson of the DNC, to help Hillary! Only the Donald could have come up with such a convoluted scheme.

      2. Oddworld October 20, 2016

        Does this preemption mean that Trump already feels he’s lost or is it another attempt to piss his supporters even more? It’s difficult to tell what his agenda is when we consider how cryptic he is. Speaking of Trump being cryptic, couldn’t we also assume that his presidency would be run much the same way?

        1. Jon October 20, 2016

          I was listening to him and I wasn’t sure what his message was. He sounded contradictory at times. I think it is just more playing games. He doesn’t care who gets hurt as long as it’s not him.

          1. Oddworld October 20, 2016

            Trump always sounds contradictory….I think it’s in his genes. I purposely missed the debates last night, there is nothing new for me to learn about Trump that would make me change how I’m going to vote. Being from the East Coast I’ve witnessed Trump shamelessly promoting himself for many years by weighing in on all sorts of topics even though he’s never been asked for his opinion. His bombasity is legendary.

  2. Mama Bear October 20, 2016

    He continues to incite his followers and he has 2 more weeks to whip them into a frenzy that we have not dealt with before. His end game? My guess is it is as it has always been – building his own ego.

    1. latebloomingrandma October 20, 2016

      He’s trying to devise some narrative so that he won’t be labelled with the worst adjective of all——LOSER !

  3. Theodora30 October 20, 2016

    Republicans must not be allowed to spin Trump as some kind of aberration rather that the logical outcome of years of their lies. Unless the Republican Party is forced to face the fact that for years it has been promoting deeply dishonest policies and using false narratives about Democrats in order to stay in power nothing will change.
    In addition to using operatives like Roger Stone, Lee Atwater, and Karl Rove to lie with abandon about opponents, they have spent literally millions of taxpayers dollars on bogus investigations of Democrats. (Whitewater, Travelgate, Vince Foster’s “murder”, Benghazi….the list is long) in order to delegitimize Democrats. They use spin doctors like Frank Luntz to come up with ways to obscure their true policies that are designed to favor the rich.

    They do this because they know that their base would not support their real policies if they knew the truth. For example Reagan sold the public on the Tax Fairy with his tax cuts for the rich that would magically pay for themselves. Despite the fact that Reagan nearly tripled our national debt Republicans like Trump and Paul Ryan are still getting away with selling that snake oil because the media refuses to call them on it. When Bill Clinton and the Democrats raised taxes on upper incomes Republicans screamed that it would crash our economy yet we had strong growth, record numbers moving out of poverty and a significant budget surplus that was rapidly paying down our national debt. Bush then cut those taxes and the debt and deficit increased (before the meltdown) yet our so-called liberal media as well as Democrats still allow Republicans to get away with claimingto be the Party of fiscal responsibility.
    Republicans have also pushed for privatization – profitization – of our prisons, schools, Medicare, Social Security, etc. in the belief that the free market will magically cure all our problems. The evidence is clear that this has cost taxpayers untold millions and not delivered more efficient, cost free systems yet this has never been made clear to the public.( Sadly even many Democrats have bought into this approach with their support of charter schools.)
    Until Republicans are forced by the media and by Democrats to return to the reality based world instead of continuing their belief that they can create their own reality nothing will change.

    1. Mama Bear October 20, 2016

      very well said, thank you.

    2. CrankyToo October 20, 2016

      That about sums it up. Excellent post!

    3. Theodora30 October 20, 2016

      Here is a perfect example of the Republican spokesperson, always wrong Bill Kristol, trying to spin Trump as a fluke on Morning Joe. Surprisingly Mika and Joe pushed back hard and it got very heated. Maybe the Republican ship is starting to very slowly turn away from the giant iceberg.

  4. Eleanore Whitaker October 20, 2016

    Look, for how many decades have Americans endured Republican fearmongering games to get what they wanted? Karma can be a tad painful when what goes around comes around.

    The real problem is that today’s Republican Party is badly splintered. There are two main factions: 1. Trump supporters and 2. Republicans who do not support Trump.

    You can see how this will play out in the election. The Trump supporters will go ballistic if he loses and their fearmongering will reach Civil War peak among their own partisans. If he stays in the race, their constituents will turn red states blue, their worst nightmare.

    Already, TX is purple and so are several other Scarlet Red states. The reason this is happening is one the Tea Party Brats never expected: The only people who support Trump are people so ill informed and adverse to facts and truth.

    That Trump was a huge mistake to the GOP is an understatement. But, if you recall in the 2nd debate, Trump did say he donated “$100 million” to his campaign. I find it amusing that this was not viewed as another Cheney style Halliburton back room deal between the RNC and Trump.

    1. 1standlastword October 20, 2016

      I’ve heard his post election project is a Trump network–must feed the flames of discontent some how yes….

      I expect domestic terrorism in our future…then police state and you know the rest.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker October 20, 2016

        Trump will have his hands full between the November 28th rape case going to court and his business in free fall in domino effect. Kind of humorous for all blowhard bragging how successful he has been. Come to find out the facts and none of the businesses with his name on them are owned by him but by business owners who only bought his name…back when his name wasn’t mud.

        Any domestic terrorism these hicks try to pull off will be met with military force if necessary. They may love strutting and swaggering, sneering and bellowing now, but when they face SWAT teams, National Guardsman and our miltiary, the gasbag mouths of their will go silent…deadly silent if necessary.

        As for Trump, his plans are more to sue voters, the media and both the Republican and Democratic Parties. Like Hitler, when he loses, he blames everyone but that rotten bum mouth of his.

        1. Jim Samaras October 20, 2016

          Trump will win this election but in the off chance that does not occur he will go back to life before he made the decision to try and help the nation. His business will not fail but flourish! The American people will fall into line like the lambs they are and take whatever nonsensical executive orders HC puts into place and will make another attempt to correct the madness that is the democratic platform four years from now.

          1. JPHALL October 20, 2016

            Pure delusion on your part as usual.

          2. Paul Bass October 20, 2016

            What an excellent sample of living in the “Fox bubble”!

            Keep it up, we love you being a clear example of the Dunning Kruger effect!

          3. Jim Samaras October 20, 2016

            LOL! That’s my exact thought of the folks on this site, you obviously included

          4. jmprint October 20, 2016

            Jim you and I both know he is not running to help the nation, but to help his pockets, and maybe yours.

          5. Jim Samaras October 20, 2016

            You’re wrong again jm, on both parts. A DT presidency may very well cost me money but I feel strongly enough about the issues that it makes no difference and think he feels the same way!

          6. jmprint October 21, 2016

            Sure when you want to be superior, that comes at any expense.

          7. Jim Samaras October 21, 2016

            I’m certainly no psycho analyst jm but in many of your posts you seem to denote an inferiority complex. A Trump presidency will make you, albeit kicking and screaming, come to feel better about yourself and your lot in life. Not to mention your associates as well jm…..peace

          8. Thoughtopsy October 20, 2016

            It appears you can’t read polls.
            It appears you didn’t watch the debates.
            It appears you are unable to spot unstable sexual predators who were democrat… then independent… then “Republican” (but surely more a RINO than anyone else ever tarred with that title)… then a Putin sycophant (Because murderous ex-KGB dictators are cool, right?).

            Have you read the Republican platform?
            The one that promotes “Gender Reassignment Clinics”, says marriage should only be between a man and woman, degrades women, and may as well be a paid advert for Christianity? The same platform that pushes voter ID laws that are a solution in search of a problem, suppresses minorities, and demands a border wall in a period of net negative migration?
            The one that completely does the opposite of the GOP’s OWN autopsy report on Mitt Romney’s loss 4 years ago?
            I suppose you’re totally behind all that.

            Sadly for you and your throwback friends, the rest of the country has moved on. So have demographics. Gay marriage is… just marriage. LGBTQ people are people too and deserve their rights. Guns require some more control. Abortion is a personal choice and the government does NOT get to tell you what your personal faith, and family, can or can’t do, or should or should not believe…and so on.

            The Republican party has a choice.
            They can grow up and learn to be adults, or they can continue to be more and more marginalized as the Party of Angry White Racists and Bigots spewing end times rhetoric and fear.

            Appointing an enraged Orange Clown to turn out the “Angry white silent majority” probably seemed like the easiest option… as opposed to actually growing up… however it’s not turning out that way… As you’re learning right now… And it will be less of an option next year… and the year after that… and the year after that.

            The laughable stupidity of the GOP position, is they, themselves, warned about the terrible political state they were getting into by screaming loudly to their base about how America is dying and it’s all the fault of immigrants… when ALL of you are immigrants.

            And now, as stated by several well respected Conservative media outlets, the Republican Elite has suddenly learned that their base isn’t in the party for their principled Conservative Philosophy of judiciously sucking money upwards into corporations and the military industrial complex…. They are in it because they are angry, racist, and bigoted, and you’ve given them a home, and agency in the political process.

            Trump has shown he can take wildly different positions to real Conservatives such as Ryan, or McCain… and the base loves it. Then he can reverse those positions and the base loves it. Then he can say that Mexicans are rapists, inner cities are hellscaped warzones, and he sexually assaulted women and the base loves it.

            Your base.
            Hates your philosophy.
            Your base.
            Is not large enough to win anymore.
            Your base.
            Is shrinking.

            All Your Base Is Belong To Us.

          9. Eleanore Whitaker October 21, 2016

            No Trump won’t win. At present, he ONLY has 56 electoral votes. That means he needs 214 to win the electoral college vote. Hillary only needs 10 more to win the 270 required and it is expected that she may top that and become the 1st presidential candidate in US history to exceed the electoral votes required by a double margin.

            As for business, I live in NJ. I am watching all of the businesses who bought the Trump name tearing them down.

            The Trump name is already being taken down in Dubai and Saudi Arabia now that he bashed hell out of Muslims.

            His business on TV won’t flourish now that he has alienated women. Men like you have had your way for so long, you think this is still a “MAN’s World.” Think again Samaras.
            When Trump attended the Al Smith dinner on Oct. 20, 2016, his comments were hissed and booed. You should know that the audience was largely Republican.

            Sorry if you can grow up and be a man and have to try and post lies. Trump will never be president. Not now or EVER. Even he knows that. Why don’t you?

          10. Jim Samaras October 21, 2016

            I would tend to agree with you if this were a traditional election but I think we would both agree that this is far from that. The crowds at his rally’s nationwide vs. HC’s should tell you that! He will not only win the swing states he will win many of the ones you think are in her pocket.

            He’s only alienated women like you that have 20 cats and haven’t felt a throb down there in 40 years. It may be somewhat a mans’ world but it is and always has been a GOOD LOOKING woman’s world. Get over it sweetie, not that a Trump presidency will make you more attractive to men but it may help you in some way feel better of yourself.

          11. Eleanore Whitaker October 22, 2016

            I live in NJ. A Dem state. There are not enough swing states willing to vote for Trump. So no I don’t agree he will win by a large margin of swing states.

            The only people Trump attracts are people who have not had the misfortune of living in a state he skanked. These are those contractors who rip off customers by charging $1,000 an hour for labor and then do 10 minutes of substandard work. Then, they wonder why they end up in court and lose their contractor licenses.

            Trump attracts women who have no freedom, are financially dependent on men for money…Trump has had 3 golddigger wives. Each time he played around on them, they got $2 millon a month alimony.

            Men who support Trump are too stupid and ignorant to realize their dicks are not the only reason for leadership.

            And most of the men who support Trump are 5 second sex addicts who can’t get it up if they were paid to.

          12. Jim Samaras October 22, 2016

            Everyone is entitled to an opinion Eleanor, yours just happens to be wrong on many levels. He will win Florida and MAYBE even NY!

          13. Eleanore Whitaker October 22, 2016

            Sorry..you don’t post opinions. You want to post your OWN truth and facts. Do you know the difference? My opinion is that men like you are control freaks who must have sole domain over the entire planet. You prove that with your fanatical gender biased posts.

            Post unbiased facts and truth. Not your own facts and truths. Trump does that enough. We don’t need biased posts from you to add to the glut of unproven lies. You don’t own truth and facts. Get over it little boy.

          14. Jim Samaras October 22, 2016

            I’m not biased in anything I’ve ever posted Ellie! I call a spade a spade always….I only wish that a qualified, honest beyond reproach woman was running for the highest office in the land. However, if she were a republican, she would be getting the same lamb basting on irrelevant issues that you’re showing Trump instead of the ones that matter to our country.

            His “Gettysburg address” this afternoon would be hard to argue against for any American as he touched on issues that only the farthest left wing nut job could be against. America first is not, nor should it be, a partisan issue. His subject matter should be embraced by all and, if the MSM has the guts to broadcast it, will be seem by millions and you can point to it as the turning point in this election.

            Eleanor, I mean no harm to you or anyone on this board. I have my opinions and you have yours but I believe mine to be on the right side going forward

          15. MVH1 October 23, 2016

            He will win New York? That wouldn’t only be a huge surprise, it would be a shocking one.

  5. plc97477 October 20, 2016

    trump is a direct descendant of “government is not the solution, government is the problem”.

    1. Grover Syck October 20, 2016

      Actually it is “the republicans are not the solution, the republicans are the problem”.
      It that were his position, he would be right.

      1. 1standlastword October 20, 2016

        At least you see half the problem: Now it makes sense that we should enjoy the benefits of half the solution but I dare say that is not our reality because if it were would won’t suffering as we are the consequences that can only be manifest when government is organically defiled

        The republicans and democrats are slaves to one common master: the king maker is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    2. latebloomingrandma October 20, 2016

      I think Reagan did a lot of damage with that remark.

  6. yabbed October 20, 2016

    Trump does not believe in democracy. That disqualifies him from being President of the United States.

    1. itsfun October 20, 2016

      Hillary is a Socialist, that disqualifies her from being President.

      1. CrankyToo October 20, 2016

        Have another sip of Kool Aid and go back to sleep.

        1. itsfun October 20, 2016


      2. Grover Syck October 20, 2016

        No, if she were a socialist, which she is not, would be great.
        Our nation needs to move toward socialism.
        The problem is that the republicans have “trained” the voters to confuse socialism with communism.
        two entirely different “animals”.

        1. itsfun October 20, 2016

          How good is socialism working around the world? How did our country ever gain greatness without socialism? Go back and read more of Karl Marx.

          1. yabbed October 20, 2016

            It’s Trump who is the infatuated puppet of Putin. 🙂

          2. Bill P October 20, 2016

            Check out how well the Scandinavian countries are doing. This country has had some socialistic policies for years, see Social Security, Medicare, government subsidies to farmers, tobacco growers, etc.

          3. 1standlastword October 20, 2016

            Bill it is the homogeneity of the peoples that makes socialism successful in Scandinavian countries

            America is a racial plurality that still hasn’t solve racism and all the evils that come over with that struggle

          4. Jim Samaras October 20, 2016

            True, see how it’s working out now with the addition of thousands of Muslims

          5. Thoughtopsy October 20, 2016

            Your country is already socialist.
            The only argument is about the degree.

          6. Bill P October 21, 2016

            So you agree that itsfun’s comment is incorrect about Socialism not working around the world. Four out of the top 15 countries in quality of life rankings are Socialist Scandinavian countries. Germany ranked 5th is a mixture of socialism and capitalism.

          7. 1standlastword October 21, 2016

            I don’t agree with ItsFun. The most salient difference in America and Scandinavian populations is the populace. Those Scandinavians are blood lineage related and can trace it back to when they ran around naked covered in tattoos setting up tribal communities, intermarrying and blending their Anglo and Saxon genes. The worst of them left their homelands to rape, pillage and set up a new home in the Americas. The Ship loads of Deplorables that colonized the Americas–their ancestry is convinced Old World socialism is an evil, because it leads the underclasses into permanent moral depravity…recalll Romney’s 47 % and Paul Ryan’s hammocks, Reagan’s welfare Queens etc etc and so on and on.

            The American addiction to greed and it’s fear of the other cannot tolerate a Scandinavian like socialism for many practical reasons. One main reason is before recently those countries never had high levels of unemployment in the way they do now since the technical evolution has taken hold of world, turning into a one world community. They could build unions, tax workers and retire their workers with a life pension and healthcare. Their economies were and are much smaller and easier to manage. Their entire infrastructure in different than America.

            Another huge difference is they are mostly atheistic so religion doesn’t enter into the system with the problems it brings to America with our multitude of different religions ( I once read somewhere there are 37 different religions in America) The major problem of religion is it get tied up with politics (do I need to say more????) WE don’t have to go back to far in American politics to see how religion infiltrated politics on the fear of socialism: The marriage of religion and politics and anti-communist/ socialist movement was introduced during the Eisenhower administration and America’s presidents favorite minister Billy Graham and those of his ilk back then.

            America can’t have a European Socialism but America can do a-hell of a lot better with a complete do over of our democracy with it’s addiction to greed and the way that is destroying us and has been since the end of WWII and most measurably since the mid-seventies

          8. jmprint October 20, 2016

            Medicare and Social Security are socialist programs, ask any retired person receiving a check if they think they are better off with out it.

          9. itsfun October 20, 2016

            I paid for my social security check every payday. If that would have been my money going into a investment for me, I would be rich today. I paid for my medicare every payday also. I was not given any of those things.

          10. jmprint October 21, 2016

            You paid 50%, your employer paid the other half.

          11. itsfun October 21, 2016

            Right: I still would have loved to have 10% of my deduction put into my own private account.

          12. Oddworld October 20, 2016

            I thought I once read a comment of your’s where you stated you are a military veteran. I’m not questioning your service but following your own logic, if you don’t want any Socialism than we would also have to include the programs for the veterans as well
            in that assessment.

          13. itsfun October 20, 2016

            I am a veteran. The benefits for the veterans were earned by the veterans. They are not just a socialist give a way program.

          14. Thoughtopsy October 20, 2016

            Your military is socialist.
            Your infrastructure is socialist.
            Your education system is socialist.
            It seems you do not understand the things you type.

          15. itsfun October 20, 2016

            We have a choice of private education, and home schooling, the infrastructure is not socialist, the military is voluntary. I understand what I type and don’t need a brain washed socialist telling me about my country.

          16. bobnstuff October 20, 2016

            Sorry but the infrastructure is socialist as is the police and fire departments. You have a choice of government approved schools and even home schooling is regulated by the government. One of the reasons our government was formed was public works. I’m beginning to really wonder if you even understand what socialism is. As far as the military it’s about as socialist as you can get. There is no freedom of thought or action in the military and it sure isn’t democratic, it can’t be by nature. When you join the military you give up your freedom of choice. You go where you are told, eat when your are told too, sleep when you are told too. So tell me you didn’t join a socialist organization.

      3. Bill P October 20, 2016

        Read the Constitution there is nothing in it about being a Socialist. Just another ignorant comment from a low information troll.

        1. Mama Bear October 20, 2016

          I seriously doubt if he is a registered voter

          1. Bill P October 21, 2016

            Itsfun is probably registered to vote but he constantly makes inaccurate or unfounded claims like “Hillary is a Socialist, that disqualifies her from being President”. Of course there is no proof offered for this statement and he gets angry when challenged.

      4. Thoughtopsy October 20, 2016

        Its fairly obvious you do not understand the meaning of the word… in that America is already a socialist democracy.
        That makes the GOP socialist too… by definition.

        1. itsfun October 20, 2016

          another comment from a brain washed socialist.

    2. 1standlastword October 20, 2016

      He’s not the first Yabbed!

      1. jmprint October 20, 2016

        Democracy is what makes America the best country, we can’t afford to allow those that don’t believe in it to destroy it, but we can fix it, so that we have more equality.

        1. 1standlastword October 20, 2016

          I think it’s democracy in the way it is tied to capitalism that makes America unique from other western egalitarian societies. We have a republican nominee that’ used the bankrupcy code 4 times while in our democracy we have millions of people young and old trapped without relieve with student loan debt that gets bigger and bigger because of the way democracy is tied to capitalism. We have a contaminated form of democracy and to say it is what make us the best depends upon the “what’s in you wallet”

          1. jmprint October 20, 2016

            Yes, but no one builds this country on their own, we all do. Greed is the cancer that has is killing democracy, and remains the root to ALL evil.

  7. RenegadeRPh October 20, 2016

    Time for any elected republican official who wants to be taken seriously to “refudiate” this nonsense.

    1. CrankyToo October 20, 2016

      No! Let them continue to do what they’re doing until AFTER the election.

    2. Grover Syck October 20, 2016

      There is no republican that can even “see” the nonsense.

    3. bobnstuff October 20, 2016

      There is no republican running this year only Trump. Clinton is closer to the republican ideals then Trump is.

  8. itsfun October 20, 2016

    People want change. They feel completely left out of how and what decisions are made in Washington. People are tired of being in a war somewhere in the world for the last 8 years. People are tired of having their opinions completely ignored by Washington and are tired of seeing politicians getting rich from their jobs. Jobs that the citizens pay their salaries, while the politicians get huge speaking fees, get huge donations from lobbyists, etc. People see more and more Socialist type programs they are getting stuck with paying for and don’t want. People are tired of illegals being given housing, welfare, food stamps, educations, etc. all for free, while we pay for them. These are some of the reasons that Trump won the primaries, and the reason we have a TEA Party. Now we have 2 people that are hated by about half of the population, 2 people that more than have the population say are not trustworthy. No matter which of these 2 bozos get elected, the U.S. is in for 4 more rough years.

    1. jmprint October 20, 2016

      You are right the Tea party started with people wanting better government for the people, as all members of society would like, but what went wrong was that the Tea party was like a barnacle, soon the hate groups (alt-right) attached themselves to it and the religious right did as well, so in essence what we have is a mixture of Hate, Greed and Religious ideology running amuck, trying to control which people have rights. I know we will be at a gridlock if Hillary wins the presidency and the republican keep the senate and house, but of the two Hillary is by far the best, and you can’t argue that fact.

      1. itsfun October 20, 2016

        I cannot believe is the best of the two by any amount. I believe she is a criminal and should be in prison. Trump has just played on the fears people have and has millions in his corner. In my opinion neither is qualified for President and both are a joke to the rest of the world.

  9. Grover Syck October 20, 2016

    When you dig down to the bottom of the mess the republicans are wallowing in, you find Citizens United. It is the unregulated, unlimited money that Citizens United allows that made Trumps crazy show to exist.

    The republicans created the monster, and now it is going to eat them.

    bon appetit.

    1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 20, 2016

      and if the country and the world is lucky thy will all go down into the DONNY DUMP’S toilet bowl and flush . more then likely with all the B/S in the bowl it will clog

  10. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 20, 2016

    the bigger fool DONNY DUMP makes himself out to the happier the DUMPSTER clown is . he is making a mockery of the whole government and the election . when he is on stage (pretty much any stage ) but more so on debate stage , he just rather act the deranged and very problem child . he is retarded watching him with his stupid faces and interrupting all the time . he talks about how women look and that he wouldn’t go after them . first DUMPSTER full of big time B/S it was just those 9 women so far that wouldn’t have nothing to do with your sorry AZZ thy are the ones the got sick when you sexual assaulted them . looking at the DUMPSTER that just what that clown looks like a DUMPSTER (but more so filled with CHIT ) DONNY DUMP your more resemble a fat dough boy like North Korea’s problem child ir you shaved your hair off your sides and dyed your hair black there would be your twin . you too side by side left cheek and right cheek of a big AZZ and you have the hole in the middle where your heads and mouths are . ive said a long time now you have a wait for it moment in that simple mind of yours with a half witted plan and like your 915 $ million lost you clamed and all 4 to 7 bankrupts you filed that will be where any of your plans will go . the same way . just open your DUMPSTER big mouth ands throw it there . cutting out the middle man (you would stiff them anyways ) and send all your B/S to the toilet .. Well DONNY DUMP you have the name for you after you loss the election for you clown TV B/S/////// (((THE DONNY DUMP’S BIGGEST LOSER CLOWN SHOW .))))

  11. 1standlastword October 20, 2016

    Why does Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein come to mind!?

    Of course Republicans are concerned about the shambles they’ve made of their party and the presence of DJT’ ‘finishing shot’ (one to the head)

    And yes, when people across the globe look at America they see the Republican party as much representative of America as they do the Democratic party.

    No DJT fanboy here, but he makes many accurate arguments in moments of brief sanity that can be agreed upon and have been launched long before he came along that our democracy is BROKEN!

    People who read and can do critical thinking can not only see but explain how DJT is the ‘love child’ of both parties.

    Yes…there are books written about our BROKEN GOVERNMENT and how it abuses us–take economically toxic for the working tax code as the purest example!

    Americans are on the ‘horns of a dilemma’ with two false choices because the American democratic ‘game’ is a game for two; and now the the two are divided: So things are EXACTLY the way they are supposed to be given our history–it can’t be any other way!!!

    If and when Hillary wins she will be in-a-no-win-situation! because our political parties are too highly saturated with individuals seeking financial security, power and influence for themselves including the corporate mafia that REALLY runs this country: The same mafia that ran the country and plotted the assassination of JFK with domestic and foreign operatives and governments acting as conspirators. (see: From JFK to 911: It’s all a Rich Mans Game)

    This is the universe re-balancing cosmic justice!

    1. Jim Samaras October 20, 2016

      Well said sir or madam! If HC wins nothing will change as she is a part the elitists who have brought us to where we are today. However, a DT presidency will at least give us a CHANCE to rebuild our BROKEN GOVERNMENT. I highly recommend the video mentioned above to all Americans who seek the truth

      1. jmprint October 20, 2016

        With Donald we get a lot of damaged goods, at a high price.

      2. Thoughtopsy October 20, 2016

        The equivalent of putting a sociopathic 5 year old with anger management issues in charge of anything will not result rebuilding that thing.

        If you are referring to the Presidency of Trump breaking the country and the government… then someone else having the chance/necessary task of rebuilding something out of the wreckage he has left, then I agree with you.

        If you need evidence I refer you to the 6 bankruptcies he has been through where deals are structured, or forced, so that the company goes bust, the stakeholders all lose money, and Trump alone walks away with value.

        This has been his constant approach to business for his entire life. What happens when he applies this to the country as a whole? The people who live here are the stakeholders.

        He has already made multiple statements to the effect of applying his “business skills” to governing such as forcing other countries to write down the amount the USA owes… one of his long standing business practices, and… just incidentally… reneging on the “Full Faith and Credit” of America, and likely destroying the financial markets on the way.

      3. johninPCFL October 21, 2016

        From Saint Reagan’s budget director: “If there was any doubt before, Trump demonstrated last night he doesn’t get it, says David. “He’s a philosophy-free one-man band who thinks Washington’s failures at home and abroad are due to bad deals made by stupid people, and that by force of smarts and willpower, he can set the ship of state aright — make America great again.”

        And so Trump gets tossed around like a cherry tomato in his own word salads, unable to channel the frustration of everyday Americans in a constructive way: “He can’t articulate at all the case against Big Government and the policies that have ruined American capitalism and left Flyover America out to dry,” David avers.”

      4. I Am Helpy October 26, 2016

        Yes, indeed it will be necessary to rebuild the government, after America is reduced to a radioactive wasteland by his policies. Sorry you hate the nation and the entire concept of democracy!

    2. No Longer Here October 22, 2016

      There is nothing at all broken…except a bunch of Republican gerrymanders gumming up the works!! That will change in the next two elections and may well begin to happen in November. The Crazy Rigid Right is jumping the shark as we speak…and the Republican Party is splitting in half.

  12. james lombardi October 20, 2016

    The Alt-Right has a clear strategy. The current election means nothing. Their main favorable outcome is for the Alt-Right to take over the Republican Party, even as they remain anathema to much of the American electorate. What is Alt-Right knows is that, eventually, the electorate will tire of Democratic Presidents. They will then be the only game in town. Also, they only need to win once, since they are certain that they will be able to control election results thereafter, like their mentor Vladimir Putin.

    As a Democrat I believe that the most important fight over the next decade will not be between Democrats and Republicans, but rather among Republicans themselves. I hope to find a way to help the opponents of the Alt-Right; however, given the state of the Republican electorate, I am not very hopeful.

    1. Thoughtopsy October 20, 2016

      Well put.

  13. Aaron_of_Portsmouth October 20, 2016

    The GOP has always been short-sighted and power-hungry, resulting in welcoming a weasel into their cloistered hen-house in hopes of gaining more power via Trump.
    Now, this rogue elephant of a human being is trashing their cozy little clubhouse, and rightfully so. Keep on rampaging, Donald, and don’t stop on our account.

  14. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 21, 2016

    the funny thing (and very understandable ) it Hillary has everyone standing up for her . all kinds of people in office Pres. first lady all these people go on the road and stand up for her and give speeches for her and the running for the WHITE HOUSE . and on the other hand DONNY DUMP has more and more every day the very GOP gang of pinheads &idiots all are running and fast away from him . the only ones that talk nice about the DUMPSTER are the ones getting paid by him (IF THY ARE LUCKY THY WILL GET PAID ) advice for them don’t take any checks thy will super ball on them for sure

    1. Jim Samaras October 22, 2016

      If that doesn’t tell you that we’re on the right track with DT there is no help for you

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com October 22, 2016

        You are so Dilusional — clueless! Wake up
        and smell the coffee . you are lost in your own empty head the pea brain that may be in there is dead . a vote for DONNY DUMP would be putting some one in the house that will be spending more time in court from all the people he fraud conned and screwed first with his DUMPSTER U b/s and then while he want for the court date on that he can go to court for all the women the POS sexual assaulted every one he says he will sue thy will get him on their suits and those women will win what 11 as of today . and thy will win because the DUMPSTER is so stupid he already gave all the what is need to hang him self with his tape . research see how he would bury the country 10 folds deeper then the DIRTY BUSH did . the clown car driver in the house would be the end of the country and he has his card already to use . he will say it is all you stupid brain dead people that voted for me . you all knew I never ran for anything in my life as far as an office for the government go’s . yes he will say I have ran a lot im a 5 time draft dodger and ive ran from all the people I screwed out of money with all my bankrupts it would be close to a million people if shafted . your the stupid one

  15. Box October 22, 2016

    Nobody had a problem with Bernie who wanted to transform Dems, or Obama, and Hillary too, to a little lesser extent, so why cant Trump transform Reps? Whats the prob?

    1. Jim Samaras October 22, 2016

      Right? Neither side has done ANYTHING for the American people and DT will transform the government back to where our founding fathers meant it to be! Screw the republican party…

      1. MVH1 October 23, 2016

        You are major league deluded.

      2. I Am Helpy October 26, 2016

        what (pt 2)

    2. I Am Helpy October 26, 2016


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