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Wiki Fiction: Why Is Julian Assange Pushing Right-Wing Conspiracy Claims?

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Wiki Fiction: Why Is Julian Assange Pushing Right-Wing Conspiracy Claims?


Among the most distasteful features of this election cycle is the adoption of right-wing propaganda themes — including moldy material from decades ago — by ostensibly progressive activists and publications. In their zeal to bring down Hillary Clinton, elements of the left have mimicked the right to promote “scandals” that were decisively disproved when Bill Clinton was president.

Despite the strenuous efforts of Nixon dirty trickster Roger J. Stone and his ilk, however, the attempted recycling of old garbage on behalf of Donald Trump has resulted only in a big dumpster fire (and a surge in book sales to the same rubes who bought all those similar volumes of bilge during the ‘90s).

Undiscouraged, these fanatical fabulists have come up with a new and wild accusation, blatantly echoing the discredited “Clinton death list” and the old Vince Foster mania. And now, to help promote their latest canard, they have acquired a prominent new ally.

From conspiracy websites to Fox News, wing-nut outlets have been spreading the insinuation that Seth Rich — a young Democratic National Committee employee shot during an apparent early morning street crime incident on July 10 in Washington, D.C. — may have been murdered for political reasons, with indignant fingers pointing at Hillary Clinton. Conspiracy websites suggested that he was an FBI informant or a potential witness against her in a (non-existent) criminal proceeding.

Those baseless speculations at first were quarantined within the right-wing fever swamps — along with birtherism and the notion that President Obama is an agent of ISIS — on sites like WorldNetDaily and the Drudge Report.

But in recent days, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has intervened to promote a more elaborate conspiracy. Offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the apprehension of Rich’s killer, Assange clearly suggested that the young DNC staffer might have been the source of the hacked emails that embarrassed Democrats during their convention. (This suggestion also exculpated Russian intelligence of any responsibility for the DNC hack.) The pleas of Rich’s anguished family — who asked those “politicizing” his murder to desist — didn’t dissuade Assange. He wanted publicity for this sham and knew how to get it. Fox News has been running with the story ever since.

There is no evidence whatsoever, of course, that Rich’s tragic murder was anything other than the result of an attempted street robbery, still under investigation by the police — as various news outlets and fact-checking sites have explained in copious detail. But in the environment created by Trump and Stone, facts be damned. Smearing the Clintons is business as usual for right-wing media outlets, which exploited Foster’s tragic 1993 suicide in precisely the same way.

Yet Assange was long presumed to be different. He has been lionized by many on the left, and praised as well by news organizations and government reformers, as a force for public accuracy and penetrating journalism. Now he is encouraging conspiracy-mongers without regard to truth or decency. The pertinent question is why.

An Australian citizen, Assange has made no effort to conceal his animus against Clinton, which is hardly surprising. She has deplored Wikileaks’ releases of US diplomatic cables for harming American diplomacy and endangering Afghan citizens who opposed the Taliban, among other offenses. On the Wikileaks Twitter feed and in television interviews, he has branded her a warmonger and worse.

What is more curious, given Assange’s professed ideology, is his apparent alliance with Donald Trump — whose xenophobic, authoritarian, and racist tendencies might be expected to repel him. To be sure, Assange has disparaged Trump and Clinton both as “horrific,” in a deceptive gesture toward neutrality.

As The Intercept recently noted, the daily Wikileaks Twitter feed controlled by Assange reads “more like the stream of an opposition research firm working mainly to undermine Hillary Clinton than the updates of a non-partisan platform for whistleblowers.” Like his longtime allies in the Kremlin, his attitude toward Trump seems far friendlier. And Roger Stone said this week that he and Assange have been in contact to discuss an “October Surprise” designed to damage the Clinton campaign.

The troubling truth is that Assange has trafficked before with nasty figures on the far right, especially in Europe and Australia. His attraction to those elements casts a different light on the current Trump tropism of Wikileaks. With his brazen attempt to manipulate an American presidential election, in tandem with the Russian oligarchy and the American right, he has drifted a long way from the progressive and transparent spirit in which Wikileaks first introduced itself to the world.

If Assange possesses relevant information about Clinton — or Trump — then he should release it immediately for proper reporting and verification. But if the Seth Rich hoax is how he now means improve democratic discourse, then his forthcoming “revelations” should be received with the utmost skepticism.

Joe Conason

A highly experienced journalist, author and editor, Joe Conason is the editor-in-chief of The National Memo, founded in July 2011. He was formerly the executive editor of the New York Observer, where he wrote a popular political column for many years. His columns are distributed by Creators Syndicate and his reporting and writing have appeared in many publications around the world, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Nation, and Harpers.

Since November 2006, he has served as editor of The Investigative Fund, a nonprofit journalism center, where he has assigned and edited dozens of award-winning articles and broadcasts. He is also the author of two New York Times bestselling books, The Hunting of the President (St. Martins Press, 2000) and Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth (St. Martins Press, 2003).

Currently he is working on a new book about former President Bill Clinton's life and work since leaving the White House in 2001. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, including MSNBC's Morning Joe, and lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

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  1. @FutureDanger6 August 12, 2016

    Julian Assange isn’t pushing anyone’s conspiracy claims. He’s doing the same thing that exposed problems with Bush’s Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Joe Conason’s of the world use the leaks of the Bradly Manning’s of the world leak when they suit them, and disingenuously flip like this when the wind is blowing in their face instead of at their back. Luckily for Conason, the fools that believe this pablum have an attention span of a sand gnat.

    1. FT66 August 12, 2016

      Please go back to your rock and hide underneath. Scream for food when you need it.

      1. @FutureDanger6 August 12, 2016

        You’re the one who’s going to be screaming after Julian drops the next batch

        1. roguerunners August 12, 2016

          How about a batch of Trump’s junk? Where is that? Maybe his tax returns for starters.

          1. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

            Yeah, you mean like maybe he called HC the rotten, lying crotch that she is in an email? That would really hurt him

          2. jmprint August 12, 2016

            Or maybe show us how cozy he is with Putin.

          3. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

            Once again, that would only be a negative to the folks pushing the Russian boogeyman agenda. Gotta have one in the publics eye to keep the war machine going. If they help with the real one, ISIS, would that be so bad?

          4. jmprint August 12, 2016

            It’s not as bad as you think, or would like the fearful right to think.

          5. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

            So you’re believing the now debunked information that Obama has been feeding us regarding the JV team huh? Boy, are you gullible jm

          6. jmprint August 12, 2016

            If they were so strong we would have bombings everyday. These recruitments are world wide and harder to disseminate, but they are not as strong as you pretend. Follow the money, are there any hacks on that.

          7. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

            Ahh, “follow the money” is EXACTLY why I asked you to watch “Clinton Cash” jm. Don’t you practice what you preach? Don’t tell me you’re the typical left wing hypocrite….no, I wouldn’t believe that of you jm.

            But they are not as weak as Obama pretends they are! Get em gone is all I say

          8. jmprint August 12, 2016

            But it’s the Russian source that discredits the whole video, and conspiracies are not facts.

          9. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

            I see you have yet to be enlightened by the facts. Where has it been sited as factual that the Russians were to blame for the hack? Now that Seth Rich is dead, my thought’s go to him as the culprit. Why would Julian put up a 20K reward for information leading to a conviction of the murderer?

          10. jmprint August 12, 2016

            Because he is charge of the caldron.

          11. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

            Do you really believe that? Then the tooth fairy is real. Man you are gullible.

          12. jmprint August 12, 2016

            What you don’t think it’s part of a larger witch hunt? Stone, a Nixon’s side kick, and Maniford’s business partner with the Russians, and Trumps advisers all losing money in Russia, so they want to have stronger ties so they can become richer, oh but I’m suppose to believe them, that American benefit is their interest, who is guilible?

          13. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

            It would be in the Russian peoples best interest to align with the US. If that were to happen the sanctions would be dropped and their economy may thrive. If two economies such as theirs and ours were to connect it could be a boon to the entire world. Julian knows that a Clinton presidency would just bring more of the same or even worse.

          14. jmprint August 12, 2016

            Oh so the truth comes out, you are part of the russian brigade.

          15. roguerunners August 12, 2016

            To cover his behind maybe?

          16. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

            How is his behind in jeopardy either way? It would be more in jeopardy for his inference that Seth Rich was the leaker

          17. Tim MacDaddy August 12, 2016

            Yeah as soon as Hitlary shows her health records showing she if fit to handle the stress of the job

          18. jmprint August 12, 2016

            It’s Trump that has a red face, more to worry there.

          19. Bill P August 12, 2016

            That’s plump trump to you!

          20. jmprint August 12, 2016

            Actually a fat pig, but I don’t want to stoop to Trump level.

          21. roguerunners August 12, 2016

            Her Doctor HAS released her health records fool. Look it up. Where are Trump’s health records along with a much needed brain scan?

          22. @FutureDanger6 August 12, 2016

            You’re thinking we’re in some us vs. them team political football argument. Brady is better than Manning B.S. Here’s a tidbit to confuse you while you sit in your mental box:

            If Wikileaks has Trump dirt, let’s have it. Couldn’t care less who gets damaged by the truth.

          23. roguerunners August 12, 2016

            Yeah, let’s have it all. Totally agree. Why just some here and there?

    2. pjm19606 August 12, 2016

      The first in this thread to see the light! Assange has been doing what he always has done. Clinton has more dirt under her fingernails than even Assange will be able to uncover.

    3. jmprint August 12, 2016

      “span of a sand gnat.” Oh I’m sure Trump is reading.

      1. @FutureDanger6 August 12, 2016

        Trump’s reading Joe Conason? Right. Going with the GOP Nominee is stupid (Bush 43, Reagan) rather than evil (Nixon, Bush 41) trope this year? Good luck with that.

        1. jmprint August 12, 2016

          Well Nov. 8th and the next four years will tell.

  2. FT66 August 12, 2016

    Assange is nothing more than being a thief. People break banks and steal money and Assange is breaking people’s servers and steal information. He might underestimates the thinking of voters. No one is going to vote basing on any information stolen by Assange. Civilised people don’t listen and praise any thief.

    1. Box August 12, 2016

      Not true. He is a publisher of items given to him to publish, nothing more. He is not a journalist, reporter or hacker. He also doesnt judge those people handing him material and likely doesnt ask where they got it, he is neutral in that sense.

      1. roguerunners August 12, 2016

        Yeah right. Where is Trump’s hacked info? You live in a fool’s paradise.

        1. Tim MacDaddy August 12, 2016

          Trump has been hacked, and scrutinized, but he isn’t hiding anything. Hitlar-ry is a big political machine of mismanagement, bad steps, and border line criminality. She has more to hack and more to hide.

          1. jmprint August 12, 2016

            But yet, 30 years of witch hunt and nothing but lies and conspiracies. Trump can’t even show his IRS form, because it will show who he is not.

          2. roguerunners August 12, 2016

            Where is your proof on that?

            Again, a fool’s paradise.

          3. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

            LOL…how does one prove he isn’t hiding anything that may or may not have been hacked? Who’s the real fool here?

      2. FT66 August 12, 2016

        If not true, why is he going after only Party and tend to have a blind eye to the other Party. This guy is a big monster and thinks he can influence the election. No way and not this time.

    2. @FutureDanger6 August 12, 2016

      Right. Keep telling yourself that.

  3. Karen Pease August 12, 2016

    Why would anyone be surprised that Assange, a right-winger, would push right-wing conspiracy theories? Yes, Assange is a right-winger – he’s anti-abortion, supportive of white supremecists, has made antisemitic remarks, thinks taxation is theft, etc. News flash: right-winger promotes right-wing memes.

    Also rather amusing that he had previously been insisting that he had no idea who the leaker was.

    1. Box August 12, 2016

      And yet despite your claims he doesnt fabricate anything, he only publishes whats given to him to publish so his political leanings are IMMATERIAL.

    2. Box August 12, 2016

      Would you still be saying that if Trump were the subject of the documents? But Trump isnt because he has never done any of that stuff. Sorry.

      1. roguerunners August 12, 2016

        Oh, we would to see any and all hacked information on Trump. If you really think he is squeaky clean and nothing illegal would be found on him…well you are just another brainwashed fool.

        1. winsmith August 12, 2016

          But Trump didn’t fund ISIS, sabotage our security and give our allies in the ME to our enemies

          1. jmprint August 12, 2016

            His buddy did the dirty work for him, that’s why he needs to be president so he can pay back.

          2. winsmith October 30, 2016

            Can I buy some pot from you?

          3. jmprint October 31, 2016

            My potted plants won’t get you high, so you might as well stick to the opioids your getting from your doctor.

          4. winsmith November 4, 2016

            I should get it from the same place Obama gets his.

      2. charleo1 August 12, 2016

        Right! Trump pure as the driven snow that one. And, if you’ll believe that, I’ve got a sure fire land deal down in Florida I very much want to talk to you about.

        1. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

          He’s never sold our country out

          1. charleo1 August 12, 2016

            And you know this how, from his tax returns, business investments?
            Neither has Hillary Clinton either, by the way. Vacuous comment.

          2. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

            He’s never gotten money in roundabout ways that have affected the lives of millions of Haitians for one

          3. charleo1 August 12, 2016

            Hillary has done what to the Haitians now?

          4. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

            I’m not doing your homework, look it up. While you’re there see how she facilitated the Russians to own controlling interest in a Uranium mine here in the states

          5. charleo1 August 12, 2016

            The Russians are our pals right? Commies need uranium too you know. And I do hope it wasn’t anything too anti-immigration against the Haitians.

          6. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

            Money is HC’s only pal charleo. Nothing to do with immigration at all. Has to do with true crime against humanity

    3. Tim MacDaddy August 12, 2016

      Typical left wing rhetoric. Call the person a ‘Bigot, white extremist’. Call them anti-abortion and right wingers. While ignoring the facts about the real argument. The real argument is not really about Assange. Its about some truthful emails getting out there exposing Hillary, and proves she talks one way and does another. Isn’t that the definition of a liar?
      As for your argument about who the leaker is. I would have done the same thing. You NEVER expose your source. If he died and it was him, then you can tell it was him.

      1. jmprint August 12, 2016

        If he want to be so truthful, where are all the emails on Bush/Cheney and the rest of the clowns in congress.

    4. winsmith October 30, 2016

      Can I buy some pot from You?

  4. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 12, 2016

    Wiki Fiction: Why Is Julian Assange Pushing Right-Wing Conspiracy Claims? /// because he is a POS that I believe some day will get his . but its him from the UK wanting to laugh at the USA as the rest of the world would be also laughing at us if ever the DONNY DUMP clown was to be Pres. but their laugh would be cut short and the DUMPSTER would screw them and the rest of the world some how some way . and WHY one might ask ? the answer to that is because that’s what the POS dose the most and best

    1. Box August 12, 2016

      Fiction? Not according to the many governments who have been highly embarrassed by his exposes.

      1. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 12, 2016

        first off its a crime to be doing what he is doing and if he gets it from some one else he is still part of the crime . just stupid he lets all know he is part on the crime . like one steals a car and give’s it to you so seeing how the other guy stole the car not you then you are innocent is that how you see it ? if yes try to get off not guilty in a court room

        1. Tim MacDaddy August 12, 2016

          You call it a crime, I call it hero ball. Sometimes you do the right things for the right reasons. Even if it is ‘against the law’.
          This country was built on a group that didn’t follow someones laws.
          Hillary is getting a free ride despite numerous injustices.The president, DOJ, and mainstream press fight hard for her every day. The only way to expose her is to hack and get the truth out.

          1. jmprint August 12, 2016

            And make up conspiracies and lies to fit the right wing agenda.

          2. charleo1 August 12, 2016

            By listening to anarchists, Right Wing Conspiracy Theorists, and homemade propaganda on Fox News, and Right Wing talk radio The only way to the truth? Hardly. Just where were those WMDs anyway? Where was Julian Assange? Molesting underage girls, so I hear.

          3. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 12, 2016

            well air head the fact here is thy are doing the wrong thing so it dose not matter the reason . do you hear your self ? so what you hear some one say im going to kill you and then you kill that person before thy kill the one thy said thy was going to kill . and you feel you should get a pass for murder . then what happens after you kill that person it comes out those 2 were friends and it was all kidding . do you still want the pass for doing the wrong thing for what you seen to be the right reason . you need help

    2. missythemissmiss August 12, 2016

      The Obama administration has been harsher on whistle blowers than any other administration in history. In a time when there is so much corruption, our ONLY hope is that more whistle blowers will come forward. The media has people so fooled that they have no clue what’s really happening in the USA and how fragile our democracy is. Julian Assange is a hero.

      1. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

        But but didn’t Obama tell us that his would be the most transparent administration in history? I’m confused….

        1. jmprint August 12, 2016

          I’ve been telling you that you are just confused for a very long time.

        2. missythemissmiss August 14, 2016

          Exactly. No confusion, he is a liar, like all of them.

      2. jmprint August 12, 2016

        “The Media” Fox news is entertainment, hardly news worthy. Julian Asange is a rapist running from the law, hiding behind anyone that will protect him. It just so happens, like Putin, Assange knows Trump is the idiot to do his dirty work.

        1. missythemissmiss August 12, 2016

          Not sure what your reference to “Fox News'” means here. You could include MSNBC, CNN and all of the other main stream news outlets. If that’s where you get your information, then there really is no conversation.

          Turn off the television and get your facts straight.


      3. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 12, 2016

        your cereal right ? FROSTED FLAKED whistle blowing is one thing heck I don’t care what thy want to blow . when one breaks the law that’s it thy should be jailed weather thy broke it or thy know who did and use what thy get from anyone for what ever reason makes them just as guilty as the first one . there are grounds and rules on how things are done strange enough for you im sure the LAW MEANS NOTHING . your crazy thinking that clown law breaker is a hero he with that SNOW blow hart hiding in Russia their a pair that swing in a bulls sack . and some day thy will get theirs hero my AZZ thy are just trouble maker cowards . if be it thy are so great and you feel thy are needed so much then why are thy not tracking down the MOB or THE CARTEL heck if such hero’s as you clam why don’t thy get and hunt down ISIS you know why ? because thy are just chicken chit cowards . but make my words may be the law lets then break the law but thy will cross a bridge too far and thy will be sunk in the water the bridge is over .

        1. missythemissmiss August 14, 2016

          Are you from Kentucky or West Virginia?

          1. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 15, 2016

            neither place

          2. missythemissmiss August 15, 2016


          3. ivory69690@yahoo.com August 15, 2016

            neither place

  5. Box August 12, 2016

    Claims? But he HAS the emails. And among them is proof of a previous conspiracy claim that Fast and Furious guns wound up in ISIS hands. Captured ISIS guns bore Fast and Furious serial numbers and everyone laughed but now Julian has the proof. This makes it the same as the Iran-Contra scandal that nearly toppled Reagan.

    But why the hate of Assange but not decades of 60 Minutes shows which did the same thing– EXPOSE — ? Why was 60 Minutes “public service” and not Assange? I never heard anyone say they wanted to assassinate Dan Rather for his shocking stuff. The negativity against Assange is because Hillary and Obama are the subject matter, thats why.

    1. roguerunners August 12, 2016

      Fast and furious was started by the Bush administration. Get your facts straight.

    2. jmprint August 12, 2016

      The Ass-ange is scared of a HIliary presidency, because she will extradite him so he can face charges against him. If Trump makes it to the White House he has better chances of get scot free.

  6. pisces63 August 12, 2016

    he hasn’t been relevant and now thinks this will return him to relevancy!! NOT!!

  7. AgLander August 12, 2016

    “Joint FBI, U.S. Attorney Probe Of Clinton Foundation Is Underway”


    Everyone makes mistakes in life, but the Clintons do not make mistakes….they willingly commit crimes and they will eventually pay for them, hopefully soon.

    1. pisces63 August 12, 2016

      Take a flying leap. SHAME!! SHAME!!! SHAME!!

    2. missythemissmiss August 12, 2016

      Unfortunately, the current administration will never allow this to happen.

      1. roguerunners August 12, 2016

        Miss miss. Is that missing education?

        1. missythemissmiss August 14, 2016

          That’s all you’ve got to say? I actually attended university on an academic scholarship and was on the Dean’s list, which really doesn’t matter in my knowledge of politics. I know a lot of highly educated people who are too busy to read more than headlines and they are clueless about what’s happening beyond their own little world.

          So, what’s your point?

      2. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

        You may be surprised at this one missy….we can only hope

        1. missythemissmiss August 14, 2016

          After she got off with the email scandal, I think there is no justice. Of course, they all protect each other. This is about a bunch of corrupt mafia bosses protecting each other from the law.

    3. dtgraham August 27, 2016

      I hear Preet Bharara is getting sidetracked in his investigation by grandkids and golf conversations with Bill Clinton.

  8. WeAmericans August 12, 2016

    With all due respect, the title of your Article is rather disingenuous. One might ask why the Media is phrasing Wikileaks emails – which have been proven accurate over and over again- a “Right Wing Agenda,” rather than one of the only outlets (in addition to Judicial Watch) which can get past a corrupt Justice Dept., State Dept., and muzzled FBI.

    1. AgLander August 12, 2016

      Why? Because this is a far left wing nut site which will gloss over anything negative about the Clinton Crime Family Syndicate.

      1. winsmith August 12, 2016

        Very true, Conason is a partisan hack too

      2. Nick Delonas August 12, 2016

        Most “far-left” people despise the Clintons in my experience. Progressives are as upset about her candidacy as anyone on the right. If the Republicans hadn’t nominated such a douche bag, she’d have no chance.

        1. missythemissmiss August 12, 2016

          If progressives are so opposed to Clinton, why did they elect her to be their candidate?

          1. Nick Delonas August 12, 2016

            They didn’t. It was the old-school Democrats who elected her and the process was hardly fair. Progressives mostly wanted Sanders.

            If all left-leaning Democrats and Independents in this country had been allowed to vote in the primaries, I believe Sanders would have won.

            Whether you like his policies or not, at least he is relatively honest and there’s no indication he’s a crook. I am so very unhappy that Clinton is the nominee. Like MANY other Democrats, I intend to leave the party and no way in hell will HRC get my vote.

            I will vote third party since neither major-candidate is even close to being acceptable. And no, that is not a wasted vote.

          2. jmprint August 12, 2016

            If Bernie had won more votes then Hilliary your comment would have some type of substance, but he didn’t and you don’t.

          3. Nick Delonas August 12, 2016

            Oh please. In states where Independents were allowed to vote, Bernie won. There are FAR more independents than there are Democrats and a majority of those independents lean left. If the corrupt Democratic party let those independents vote in every state, Sanders would have won. There are also serious questions concerning voter fraud in the Democratic primaries.

          4. jmprint August 12, 2016

            I know Bernie regrets not running as an independent, that was a Yuge mistake, so stop crying, he could have gotten as much FREE TV time with his following.

          5. missythemissmiss August 14, 2016

            I’ve supported Bernie Sanders since I found him on YouTube in 2011. I’ve already registered as unaffiliated and it felt great to leave the DNC. You don’t end corruption by voting for it.

          6. CrankyToo August 12, 2016

            You miss a lot, don’t you?

          7. missythemissmiss August 14, 2016

            Care to explain? The comment was meant to be sarcastic, but I guess it didn’t come across that way.

          8. CrankyToo August 14, 2016

            Your post seemed to miss the fact that progressives favored Senator Sanders and, by and large, don’t care for Mrs. Clinton.

            Those progressives who place a higher premium on patriotism than idealism will turn out in November, and they’ll vote Clinton, but they’ll have to hold their noses to do it.

      3. Rich August 12, 2016

        You really need to so some serious research about the Clintons. Sadly, you’ll find a trail of lies, innuendos, gossip and urban myths. But, don’t let that spoil your animus towards them.

  9. Eddie Clever August 12, 2016

    If Julian Assange was real he would leak the Appendix to Starr’s report on Vince Foster. He is a quiet as Donald Trump. http://www.fbicover-up.com/vincent-foster-report.html

  10. Blueberry Hill August 12, 2016

    There is no way of knowing if anything from Wikileaks is genuine. I believe they alter and write many of the crap they bring up. If they can hack into people’s emails, they can falsify them too. I don’t believe anything from them. Julian Assange is nothing but a crook.


    1. AgLander August 12, 2016

      Heh, heh, heh! Keep repeating it until you believe it which means we won’t see you for quite awhile!

      1. FT66 August 12, 2016

        Stuff it up. Blueberry Hill is here to stay and not going anywhere.

        1. winsmith October 30, 2016

          Oooh biiiiiig maaaaaaaan!

    2. WeAmericans August 12, 2016

      I am not being critical, but do you have any evidence to support your position. If not, I think you have to recognize (in light of Centcom cover up of ISIS stats, for example) that the public is being disseminated false information by this Administration, and we have lost the objective Media’s investigative reporting.

    3. Tim MacDaddy August 12, 2016

      So can articles that twist and falsify the truth such as the one above and try to call it news (or news worthy). If they are writing and making things up then why have governments and others been exposed when they release the leaks? Why is it that further investigation into the details uncover truth most of the time. If Assange is just writing things up there will not be a trail. If it is an actual hack, they can’t move fast enough to cover the trail. That’s what makes a Hack so wonderful.

      1. Middle Molly August 12, 2016

        Has Assange released anything that is anti-Putin? I’m asking that honestly; I really don’t know.

    4. FT66 August 12, 2016

      Agreed. Julian Assange is a big crook of our time. He has to pray hard every day that Hillary doesn’t become President, otherwise he will regret why he was born, or in simple understanding, he might face his fate even before the election takes place.

    5. Middle Molly August 12, 2016

      I’ve wondered about that myself. Why do we think that Wikileaks is 100% “real” when we know they edit stuff and release only what they want released? I so agree that Assange is nothing but a crook.

  11. Ronald Pires August 12, 2016

    Speaking of tin foil hats, Joe, that Russian hacking story is pure made up horsecrap out of the Clinton camp. Even if this could actually be determined (it can’t), it couldn’t be done in two days (the time it took for the first claim of this to emerge), with the mere collection of necessary information to begin such forensics taking more like two month, assuming cooperative information sources. Even with all of that, a determined hacker of sufficient resources could still make it appear to be a third party who actually was not involved.

    You need to be a little more careful about claiming the possibility of someone else’s tin foil hat, when you’ve clearly bought into one of your own. Your bias is showing here.

    1. Geoz32 August 12, 2016

      It has been reported as factual in multiple outlets. The FBI is reporting it to be true. I’m sure you’ll impugn the sources, but it is not so extreme an assertion.

    2. Middle Molly August 12, 2016

      Two days? Where are you reading such trash? It occurred over a much longer period of time, and there was again a much longer period of time before the stuff was edited and released by Assange et al. And I do wonder who pays Assange et al.

  12. Jon August 12, 2016

    First stubby fingers asks his Russian comrades to hack State Department emails and now Roger Stone is in contact with Julian Assange discussing an “October Surprise” to damage Hillary Clinton. Not only are they playing dirty which is all they know but are inviting foreigners to try to influence a U.S. election. Is there nothing this man won’t do to win? He has spent his life proving that he will never play fair at anything. He is so narcissistic he can’t even be trusted not to lie and cheat in a game of golf. If he can’t be trusted in trivial matters like a round of golf, how can he be trusted in more important matters?

    1. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

      Oh, I see. If it were Trump he was throwing under the bus you would label him an American hero. How hypocritical of the left, hard to believe!

      1. roguerunners August 12, 2016

        Isn’t that exactly what you are doing?

        1. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

          It wouldn’t matter who he was calling out as long as it’s the truth. Aren’t you tired of the lies coming from both sides of the aisle for 50 years?

          1. Middle Molly August 12, 2016

            Stop portraying yourself as a truth seeker. It’s clear that you wouldn’t believe the truth unless it is wrapped in a right wing newsletter.

          2. Rich August 12, 2016

            You need to look up ‘motivated reasoning’.. In a nutshell, this means that if you are emotionally attached to a thought or an idea, then, no amount of countering facts will change your mind. This type of reasoning has dogged Hillary every since William Safire, with no factual basis, labeled her a congenital liar. Do some research on Safire and Kenneth Starr if you want the truth about her. Although, I’m guessing it will never change the perception of Clinton.

        2. roguerunners August 12, 2016

          Yep. That’s why I am registered Independent. However, given the two choices I would have to be plum crazy to vote for Trump. Anyone with half a brain can see what a huge mistake it would be to have him in control. He is a mennis to society.

          1. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

            And a corrupt, lying HC would be a better choice? Come on! In this case the devil you DON’T know is better than the one you do

          2. roguerunners August 12, 2016

            The answer to your question is an astoundingly obvious YES!

          3. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

            Then you are a low information moron

          4. roguerunners August 12, 2016

            Well now. Resorting to childish name calling. How old are you? 12?
            I haven’t been on a playground in quite some time and now as an adult I happen to have a life, so I must bid you farewell for now. Time for you to go back to class.

          5. Middle Molly August 12, 2016

            False equivalency again, Jimmy boy. Check Politifact. She is not a “corrupt liar”. Period. Stop allowing yourself to be brainwashed.

      2. charleo1 August 12, 2016

        He didn’t say any such thing. The fact there appears to be a consorting of State sponsored Russian hackers, with groups such as Wikileaks, and individuals like Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and candidate Trump himself. Who seem determined to assure Americans choose the most accommodating American President to the Agenda of a Strongman Putin, in restoring the hegemony of a Soviet State over fledgling democracies in the Ukraine State, and Balkans, is deeply troubling to most Americans that recall the cold war, and seek to not have to repeat it. So face it. Either Trump has interests in Russia he’s not sharing with the American public. Or he’s an absolute fool. You choose.

        1. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

          The Cold war is over charleo, been over for almost 30 years. Things change. All I want as an American is the truth no matter who or how much it hurts.

          1. charleo1 August 12, 2016

            Your assessment of the cold war being over, Russia safety democratized, and the threat of an expanding Communist Russian State over, is highly premature. And, as to the revelations, whatever they might turn out to be. It is Trump himself as a leader, wrong on so many levels, for so many critical reasons. And dangerous as a Commander in Chief, for just as many, there are very few highly unlikely things that could be revealed that might dissuade me from voting for Charley Manson over Trump. If that be the alternative choice, I’d say let him out, and let him lead!

          2. discuss August 12, 2016

            You pretty much just made yourself irrelevant in any discussion

          3. charleo1 August 12, 2016

            “Irrelevant,” says you right? I’m sorry are you paying my bills or something? You need to face some real world facts for a change is exactly what you need to do.

          4. discuss August 12, 2016

            Thanks for steering me in the right direction “Charley”

          5. charleo1 August 12, 2016

            Don’t mention it.

          6. Middle Molly August 12, 2016

            You say that to Charleo1? The person who makes the most sense on this thread? How do you figure that he is “irrelevant”?

          7. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

            uh boy!

          8. jmprint August 12, 2016

            Then why are you voting for Trump, when today it’s this and tomorrow it’s that. Today it’s yes and tomorrow is no. If today he did and tomorrow he didn’t?

          9. discuss August 12, 2016

            You pretty much just summed up the definition of what a politician is and we don’t want that anymore.

          10. Middle Molly August 12, 2016

            If you wanted the Truth, you wouldn’t buy into all of the right-wing conspiracy theories.. and you certainly wouldn’t want Trump anywhere near the White House. So tell us again… You want “Truth”?

        2. discuss August 12, 2016

          Where was Mrs RESET Hillary with stopping Russian hegemony?

          1. charleo1 August 12, 2016

            Look, the dynamics are exactly the same when dealing with a nuclear super power. I don’t think I need to spell them out. The Obama Administration created a concerted sanctions regime that has hurt the Russian economy. What else might be done when the Russians themselves very much approved of the annexation of Crimea, location of an important Russian Navy port, and substantial Russian population? Threaten WWIII over a fight in a region in which we have no direct National interests? You’re being disingenuous, and intentionally hyper critical, and stupid in asking such a question.

          2. discuss August 12, 2016

            Well maybe arming Ukraine and getting NATO involved. We were not prepared for any response. We also failed in our intelligence. Once Crimea was lost it was a done deal. Why didn’t we see that coming? Would it have stopped it probably not. But if we had made it public of their intentions it world would have put the world on notice. With that it would have validated our fear of a Russian advance on the West. It would also provided a reasonable response in Ukraine and possibly mobilized NATO.

          3. charleo1 August 12, 2016

            And NATO would have done what? The issues involved in Crimea. and the Ukraine are two fold. One involving the inclusion of the peninsula in the EU/NATO Alliance, and the other having to do with the eventual employment of missile systems a mere 5 minutes from Moscow itself. And also, there’s the issue of Russia’s considerable naval assets in Crimea. A warm water port would be lost in such a Wester Alliance. Russia for its part was having none of it. And along with the help of one Paul Manafort, (Trump’s current campaign manager,) sought, and was successful in installing a Ukrainian President, a Putin puppet really, in favor of moving the Country closer to Russia. Not a popular position. And one that quickly resulted in his removal in an uprising, I’m sure was encouraged and funded by us and the Europeans, and resulted in a more pro Western President being installed. See, it’s not black, and white. Not the simplistic case as is trying to be made, of one inept President, not paying attention, or not having the judgment, or being weak, or not being respected, or instilling enough fear. It’s a ridiculous way of judging geo political strategies.

          4. jmprint August 12, 2016

            Are you talking about the hedge fund advisers that are advising Trump.

          5. charleo1 August 12, 2016

            The thing is, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He’s just really full of what he’s been fed.

          6. jmprint August 12, 2016

            Or programmed to say.

          7. charleo1 August 12, 2016

            I takes two to tango. We were willing, Putin, not so much. Maybe if we ask NATO to pay up, or forget about the security, Putin would have been more friendly?

          8. ajani August 12, 2016

            Russia loves Trump.The Orange rapist is Soviet Spy.

        3. Middle Molly August 12, 2016

          Well put, Charleo1.

      3. Jon August 12, 2016

        You sir are a liar. I wouldn’t sanction this behavior by anyone or any political party.

        1. Jim Samaras August 13, 2016

          I don’t have to lie to recognize you’re backing the party of hypocritical thinking. That is if there’s any thought at all!

    2. discuss August 12, 2016

      That’s Rich. Foreigners influencing the election. If not for Assange we would not have found out that the ‘DEMOCRATIC PARTY’ influenced an election. Typical distraction article.

      1. jmprint August 12, 2016

        And what you don’t think republican party staffers don’t email each other with their biased thoughts.

        1. discuss August 12, 2016

          If true hopefully it will be exposed. Don’t have a problem with that. Oh by the way it wasn’t just bias it was an action.

          1. Middle Molly August 12, 2016

            It WON’T be exposed because the Russians and Assange and the whole range of uber-lefties/uber-righties WANT Trump in the presidency. They don’t care to hack the RNC and, if they did, they wouldn’t expose anything because they want Orange Cheeto to wni.
            And I read those emails… What was the “action” that the DNC took that favored Hillary? I didn’t see any ACTION there.

      2. Middle Molly August 12, 2016

        What do you think the RNC emails would like like if the Russians along with their friend Assange had bothered to hack into the RNC and release those emails? Do you really think the RNC would have been emailing each other about how wonderful Trump is?

      3. Jon August 12, 2016

        Okay Trumpie tell me how you describe a candidate for president and his staff calling upon foreigners to do things that assist them. Come on Trumpie, let me hear you.

  13. John Uebersax August 12, 2016

    Worse than HRC and Donald Trump are news writers who give their articles titles like this one.

    1. Middle Molly August 12, 2016

      What’s wrong with the title of this article?

    2. Independent1 August 14, 2016

      You don’t like to see article titles that point out the truth??

      You don’t like hearing the truth that Assange is nothing but a dirtbag who goes around posting stolen emails accompanied by allegations that are nothing more than total fabrications of Reality?? Allegations that take innocent comments in emails and tries to paint them as fake scandals!!

      Sorry, but welcome to the real world rather than the fantasyland you’d prefer to live in.

  14. Pat Lewis August 12, 2016

    It used to be that journalists would report on the contents of these leaks. They don’t because the contents show the DNC working with the press to keep Bernie down. The press diverts to who is the leaker. IMHO: If the Russians did it, they would hold onto that information tightly and use it to blackmail HRC to get whatever Putin wants. No, the Russians didn’t give the data to Wikileaks. (They probably hacked the DNC none the less.) The most likely candidate would be a disgruntled DNC employee/consultant more of a Snowden or Bradley character.

    1. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

      Or a dead Seth Rich

      1. jmprint August 12, 2016

        Seth’s mom, like the other two watergate and Benghazi mom’s have asked very polite that their sons death not be politicized, but you don’t listen.

        1. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

          But I bet she would like the truth

          1. charleo1 August 12, 2016

            I’d like to hear her say she doesn’t believe she’s been told the truth. Instead of a bunch of lying propagandist, and conspiracy nuts, using her son’s death as political fodder to entertain their red meat addicted base.

          2. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

            It very well could be just that but as a parent regardless of the manner in which it comes out, I would like to know the truth

          3. charleo1 August 12, 2016

            Well, you’re not going to find the truth in a lie machine Jim.

          4. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

            If you’re going that way many lies have the truth sprinkled within here and there.

          5. Independent1 August 14, 2016

            PolitiFacts assessments of Hillary’s and Trump’s campaign statements shows that Hillary is fairly respectable at 50% of what she said is true or mostly true; compared to Trump coming out with true statements only around 9% of the time. Quite a disparity in truthfulness!!!

          6. jmprint August 12, 2016

            What makes you think she doesn’t know the truth?

        2. missythemissmiss August 12, 2016

          That usually happens after they’ve been (allegedly) threatened.

          1. jmprint August 12, 2016

            NO, they are grieving and know their children better then you and those trying to make a mute case.

          2. missythemissmiss August 14, 2016

            Grieving parents are irrational. If Seth Rich was involved with the DNC email leaks, there is a good chance that his murder was more than a botched robbery. Why would a mugger kill someone and not take their money? The public deserves to know the answers. Burying your head in the sand doesn’t make the truth disappear.

          3. jmprint August 15, 2016

            That is totally nonsense. “IF” doesn’t constitute facts, only innuendos, and IF the parents say DO NOT USE MY SONS DEATH AS YOU POLITICAL PUNDIT, then don’t to it.

          4. missythemissmiss August 15, 2016

            All crimes are investigated in the “IF” stage.

          5. jmprint August 15, 2016

            Then, IF Trump invited the Russians to hack emails, it must be investigated, and IF Trumps manager has donations from other countries, it must be investigated, then IF Trump insinuates that Hillary should be shot, he MUST be investigated.

          6. missythemissmiss August 17, 2016

            Well, of course.

          7. jmprint August 17, 2016

            So did Chaffetz, request an investigation or he still busy with the witch hunt on Hillary.

          8. missythemissmiss August 17, 2016

            Since Democrats protect each other (as do Republicans), it’s usually the opposing party that conducts investigations. Why aren’t any Democrats conducting these investigations on Trump, if they feel they are worthy of scrutiny?

          9. jmprint August 17, 2016

            I guess that’s why Manafort is on the side lines!

          10. missythemissmiss August 22, 2016

            I would guess that he’s been replaced because he couldn’t control Trump. Maybe it’s an excuse for Trump to change his attitude. Blame the campaign manager.

          11. jmprint August 24, 2016

            Come on we all know he got sideline because he is in a $hit load of trouble, and it was affecting the Trump campaign. Plus Chaffetz is still on his never ending witch hunt, since we foot the bill.

          12. missythemissmiss August 24, 2016

            Nothing will ever come of it, but at least people are starting to understand the level of corruption in our government. I don’t know what can or will be done about it, though.

          13. Jan123456 August 17, 2016

            You need to read more than right wing sites on his death.

            The ones I read said he was on his way to talk to the FBI….at 4am! This despite being on the phone with his girlfriend telling her he was nearly home.

            The sites also say he was going to testify on the Clinton e-mail scandal. That despite Comey saying 10 days earlier that there would be no prosecution.

            In addition, there were multiple armed robberies…much more so than normal…in that area. Perhaps he struggled, was shot and the perps ran away in order to escape attention.

          14. missythemissmiss August 22, 2016

            Your last paragraph is a possibility. The only known facts are the ones reported by the police. He was shot in the back and not robbed. There were many robberies in the area, but no one had been shot.

            Seth = shot + not robbed
            Recent Crime = no one shot + robbed

            There is reason for suspicion and to ignore it would be negligent. There will be no reports of misdeed by the DNC, of course.

          15. Jan123456 August 23, 2016

            As I said, the meme said he was on his way to talk to the FBI, but how is that possible at 4am? And, at the time he was on the phone with his girlfriend telling her he was almost home.

            How could he have been about to testify in a case that didn’t exist?

            So, why is that meme credible?

          16. missythemissmiss August 23, 2016

            I don’t know what meme you’re talking about, but it is absolutely possible that he was meeting the FBI at 4 am. I’m pretty sure the FBI doesn’t have a curfew. Was it likely that Seth Rich was meeting the FBI at 4 am? Who can say? Michael Hastings was also killed at around 4 am and there are many unanswered questions and suspicions about that case.

            My guess is if it was an intentional murder due to any possible actions he had taken to expose corruption, it probably wasn’t the FBI and he was probably taken by surprise, so there is no reason he wouldn’t be on the phone with his girlfriend.

            I highly doubt that the FBI would ask him for a meeting at 4 am to discuss a case. That would arouse suspicion with Seth Rich, right? Meetings about legitimate trials are usually held in offices in daylight.

            Don’t be so naive.

          17. Jan123456 August 23, 2016

            You’re right. The meme on Rich is not on this thread. I first encountered news of him on another thread via a meme that said he died “mysteriously” (that word always has to be there) while on his way to talk to the FBI, that he was going to testify in the e-mail server case and he was into some kind of voter suppression thing.

            Was it likely that Seth Rich was meeting the FBI at 4 am? Who can say?

            I highly doubt that the FBI would ask him for a meeting at 4 am to discuss a case.

            You don’t see a dichotomy in your two statements above?

    2. charleo1 August 12, 2016

      If you don’t like the Democratic Party, the DNC. and didn’t intend to support it’s candidates in the first place. Or, you don’t believe the national press, why bother commenting/speculating, on either?

    3. Independent1 August 12, 2016

      Can you list one reason please why the DNC should have done even one favor for Bernie Sanders when over his entire career in politics he’s done absolutely nothing for the DNC except on numerous occasions actually gone out of his way to sabotage legislation that the Democrats wanted very badly to get enacted??

      And even after taking $10,000 from Hillary Clinton in the 2008 election, Bernie still refused to go out of his way to do anything for the DNC like raise money for down-line candidates.



    4. Susan August 12, 2016

      I’d like to know how Bernie just managed to buy his THIRD Home, for the ‘tidy sum’ of 600,000.

      1. Independent1 August 14, 2016

        His supporters’ campaign contributions at work. (Where did he get the money to charter a 767 to fly him and his family round trip to Rome, which must have cost more than $25,000)??.

    5. Independent1 August 14, 2016

      And what kind of nonsense are you posting?? Bernie was clearly in the news during the primaries more than Hillary was; covering many of his radical/controversial ideas. So how could the DNC have worked to keep Bernie down in the press???

  15. kylere August 12, 2016

    I thought it was all conspiracy until the DNC leaks proved they manipulated the press and public opinion to sway an election.

    Now, I realize those who think Hillary is magnificent and blame her actions on the right wring are just as stupid as Trump fans are evil. I am voting Green.

    1. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

      Then you are voting HC

      1. kylere August 12, 2016

        Not sure if you are a troll or just a moron.

        1. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

          Who’s the moron here? The one who admits corruption within the DNC yet knowingly cast a vote that will not count for anything except help a lying, corrupt pos get to the WH when Trump stands as the only candidate willing to change the political system that has gone so wrong?

          1. charleo1 August 12, 2016

            I guess he can’t bring himself as an American, to vote for what is a national disgrace. How about you? Now demonize Hillary over a few e-mails, and what is a privately funded political organization, the DNC being less than even handed with the way they handled their Party’s candidates. Oh the horror you feel of something you don’t support never supported, and that’s frankly, as a Right Winger, none of your business.

          2. kylere August 12, 2016

            Voting for Hillary or Donald would be tantamount to spitting in the face of everyone who has ever died for this country, I much prefer to spit in the face of cowardly and ignorant Hillary Trump supporters than heroes.

          3. charleo1 August 12, 2016

            It’s a free country, so spit away if it makes you feel better. It will change nothing, and honor very little. Set yourself on fire at a Clinton, or Trump rally in protest, now you’re talking spit!

          4. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

            A vote for Trump would actually be doing the opposite. Other than a few tongue in cheek comments he has shown nothing but being a patriot who truly wants the best for this nation therefore honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice

          5. jmprint August 12, 2016

            Courting the gun toting, bible thumpers that call themselves patriot, doesn’t make Trump a patriot.

          6. ajani August 12, 2016

            You poor ignorant fool just like your Great White Hope.FYI Trump is turning Red States Blue.Beast is losing big time.Wake up and face your nightmare.

          7. Middle Molly August 12, 2016

            If you consider Trump a “patriot”, you are hopeless. I will not waste any more of my time.

          8. Rich August 12, 2016

            Trumps wants what’s best for Trump…see Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

          9. Independent1 August 14, 2016

            A vote for Trump is nothing more than an effort to throw your vote away on a worthless human being.

            RCP Electoral Map

            Clinton/256 – 128 – Trump/154

            Clinton needs to win 14 of the 128 electoral votes that are up for grabs



          10. jmprint August 12, 2016

            Maybe you should think about the destruction a Trump presidency would create and honor those fallen soldiers with at least trying to salvage a great Country, by voting for Hillary, those little white lies haven’t hurt anything, except a few over zealous staff members.

          11. ajani August 12, 2016

            Ignorance is not bliss.Hillary 2016

          12. Middle Molly August 12, 2016

            Seriously brainwashed. It’s sad really. The right wing has hit another mark.

          13. Susan August 12, 2016

            she was just endorsed by a young Medal of Honor winner. So I guess you are wrong in that comment. You see, I am on every Veterans list there is

          14. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

            You categorize them as just a few e mails huh? The game has changed since it’s been shown that she has essentially taken bribes from other countries charleo or are you that blind? It became our business as soon as the dots were connected that she’s been a racketeer and made treasonous decisions connected to the foundation. More will be coming my friend. The end of HC is near, very near!

          15. charleo1 August 12, 2016

            Some ideologues dream of virgins in paradise, others scandalous e-mail.

          16. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

            LOL…one’s that finally end her treasonous 40 years in politics we do….they’re coming

          17. charleo1 August 12, 2016

            Treasonous? Really Jim?

          18. Jim Samaras August 12, 2016

            Yes really. Are you the one who refuses to watch Clinton Cash for free on U-tube? You’re not a safe spacer are ya?

          19. ajani August 12, 2016

            Damn hate to see you when Madame President slaughters the Orange Slug.

          20. Middle Molly August 12, 2016

            Clinton Cash has been debunked over and over. If you still believe it, then you are either getting paid for this propaganda or you are seriously brainwashed. And you also suffer from a deficiency of logic called “false equivalency”.

          21. Jim Samaras August 13, 2016

            Debunked? No….put in the democratic spin machine by left wing rags? Definitely!

          22. Independent1 August 14, 2016

            And living in fantasy land just continues!! Suck up all those lies turkey!!

          23. Susan August 12, 2016

            why watch a discredited piece of RW propaganda.

          24. Independent1 August 14, 2016

            Welcome to the kiddy corner where you obviously reside. Only kindergarteners believe those severely photoshopped/editted pieces of trash that people post on YouTube. Keep living in your fantasy land turkey – sucking up all those lies and fabrications of reality!!!

          25. Jim Samaras August 14, 2016

            There are no photos there showing HC handing cash to a foreign diplomat or her having sex with a woman. These are cold, hard, verifiable instances where she has put her own wealth in front of the nation’s sovereignty! You’re one of those ostriches aren’t ya?

          26. ajani August 12, 2016

            Then you woke up from your wet dream!

          27. ajani August 12, 2016

            Stop wishing out loud and crawl back to the hell hole you came from.Rapist,Chronic Liar,Fraud Trump will go down in flames.Stop making a fool of yourself.

          28. Middle Molly August 12, 2016

            Are you a Russian? Or just a deluded right-winger? She has not taken bribes from other countries… I’ve read those latest emails and they are NOTHING. Gimme a break.

          29. Susan August 12, 2016

            That is a valid question these days are you a RWNJ, are you a Troll and if the latter are you a regular Troll or do you work for Russian Intelligence.

          30. ajani August 12, 2016

            Put down your crack pipe.FYI..there is not enough racist to vote the Orange Slug for president.Trump Cult have been known to be ignorant,you just proved it!Hillary2016

        2. Wade Jacoby August 12, 2016

          Did you vote for Bernie Sanders in the Primaries?

      2. ajani August 12, 2016

        duh..anyone with a brain knows Trump is a fraud,cheat.ignorant to the core.Americans are too smart to vote for jackass like dumb Trump.Hillary 2016

    2. Jack Hughes August 12, 2016

      The Republicans appreciate your ideological purity.

    3. ajani August 12, 2016

      Who cares who you vote for your still a loser.

    4. Middle Molly August 12, 2016

      If the pro-Trump hackers had somehow hacked the RNC emails… Do you think the RNC emails would have been more “pure” than those of the DNC? And you do realize that there was nothing in those DNC emails that actually changed the outcome of ANY Democratic primary?

      And, you know what.. If you are an older woman who remembers what it was like to grow up in the 50’s and the 60’s, you probably would consider Hillary Clinton “magnificent”… because walking that line between kind, loving, maternal, good wife AND tough and accomplished in a man’s world WAS and IS really, really tricky.

      1. missythemissmiss August 12, 2016

        The RNC is just as bad, but is that reason to excuse the corruption in the Democratic Party? Have you no principles?

        1. Susan August 12, 2016

          My main aim right now is to defeat Trump and not loose a century’s worth of progress to the RWNJs he and Pence would put into the Federal Courts and the Supreme Court.

          1. missythemissmiss August 12, 2016

            You still watch television, right?

        2. Independent1 August 14, 2016

          Exactly what corruption are you talking about?? Would you care to let us know just what that was beyond the Democrat party RIGHTLY favoring the candidate who has worked tirelessly to support it (the entire party including down-line candidates) instead of a candidate WHO DESERVED NO FAVORS WHATSOEVER because he’d deliberately tried to screw the party numerous time!!

          Do you not wonder why only 1 Senator endorsed Bernie while over 40 endorsed Hillary?? Bernie’s peer Senators knew he wasn’t worthy of the party’s support.

          1. missythemissmiss August 14, 2016

            You are very confused as to how the process is SUPPOSED to work. The Democratic Party is a group that represents like-minded people, supposedly progressives, right? The purpose of the primary is for party leaders to present several viable candidates, so the MEMBERS can select the candidate, not so the leaders can offer up token candidates to make it appear like a contest. See… that’s… why… we… vote. The primary is not supposed to be a FAVOR for anyone.

            I’m guessing that you’re over 50. Enough said.

          2. Independent1 August 14, 2016

            Sorry, no sale!! Bernie Sanders IS NO PROGRESSIVE. Bernie is a Socialist bordering on communist. The DNC has no responsibility to promote people who have been dirtbags to them on numerous occasions in the past.

            Bernie had lots of chances in the past TO DO SOMETHING for the DNC and chose not to a number of times; UNTIL out of nowhere he got some attention AND THEN TRIED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF RUNNING AS A DEMOCRAT WHEN HE’S NO WHERE NEAR BEING ONE!!!

          3. missythemissmiss August 14, 2016

            Now you sound like a crazy old lady who has watched too much Fox news. Why did the DNC put Bernie Sanders in the race in the first place, if they think he’s a dirtbag? Maybe to use him to make it look like they were actually offering us a choice?

            Thank goodness Bernie Sanders isn’t a Democrat. He has always been an Independent, so he could avoid the corruption that threads through both political parties. But, in order to get any air time, he HAD to run as a Democrat, the party that he usually caucuses with in Congress. See, the two-party system keeps any other party from getting exposure, so they can keep old people like you fooled into believing that you get a choice in the elections.

            Calm down and take your meds.

          4. Independent1 August 14, 2016

            Me crazy? Coming from someone who lives in total LA LA Land thinking she’s going to ‘ WIPE OUT WHAT SHE CALLS CORRUPTION” in U.S. politics; when what she is calling corruption has been the normal workings of politicians for decades; a political party taking care of its own against a nutcase candidate that had the audacity to make personal attacks against who was the true Democrat in the primary?? Being a dirtbag by calling her unqualified for the office she was running for in campaign stop after campaign, WHEN IN REALITY SHE’S THE MOST QUALIFIED CANDIDATE THAT EVER RAN FOR THE PRESIDENCY!!

            And you’re trying to understand why the DNC may have decided that Bernie was too big of a nutcase for them to actually fully support. Just like the RNC is starting to understand that about Trump??? Wake up dummkopf. You don’t have to look very far to figure out why the DNC pulled back a lot of its support from a nutcase like Bernie Sanders.

            And when you’re talking about getting corruption out of politics – the problem isn’t the DNC favoring Hillary’s primary run, the problem that needs to be gotten out of politics is the absolute criminal activity of the GOP where GOP politicians are actually putting money above people’s lives and in the process doing everything they can to outright steal as many taxpayer dollars as the party can. That’s the corruption America needs to get rid of in politics.

          5. Independent1 August 14, 2016

            Just for your edification from TheWeek.com:

            Bernie Sanders is not nearly as progressive as you think he is


          6. missythemissmiss August 14, 2016

            Bernie Sanders is not my concern, corruption is. You should look it up.

          7. Independent1 August 14, 2016

            Yes, you should look it up. Corruption IS NOT a political party handling its own business in whatever way it wants!! Just like right now, the GOP has every right to pull the plug on Trump and cut virtually all the support for him they want because he is embarrassing the GOP. Just like Bernie Sanders was embarrassing the DNC by going out of his way to make personal attacks against Hillary.

            The DNC giving favoratism to Hillary WAS NOT CORRUPTION!! The DNC had every right to focus its attention on the candidate that best represented the interests of the DNC AND THAT WAS NOT BERNIE SANDERS!!! HE WAS UNDERMINING THE PARTY!!!!!

        3. Independent1 August 14, 2016

          And have you even wondered why it is that over 75% of the states Bernie won during the primaries were states that ran caucuses where less than 2% of the Dem electorate participated?? And many of them were in GOP-run states where a lot of Republicans could well of been who actually pushed Bernie into the wins?? Because they knew Bernie’s radical very socialist/communist leaning past would haunt him in a general election???

          1. missythemissmiss August 14, 2016

            In states that were primarily Democrat, doesn’t it make sense that the favored candidate of the Democratic Party would win, especially when voting machines were cancelling Bernie’s votes and fraud is still being investigated? Republicans don’t get to vote in the Democratic primary, so how could they influence the results unless they registered as Democrats? If Bernie won more red states, wouldn’t that be good for the general election?

        4. TiredOfTheHaters August 15, 2016

          They’re actual smart for not using the Internet. It’s full of right winged propaganda lies.

          1. missythemissmiss August 17, 2016

            True, the Internet is loaded with propaganda, but it’s from both sides. If you can’t see that, then you’re part of the problem.

      2. jsjca August 13, 2016

        I totally agree with you. Thanks for pointing out what it was like for those of us who came through the 1950s. Hillary is magnificent.

    5. Middle Molly August 12, 2016

      And you suffer from a bout of “false equivalency”. I’m sure you saw and heard Trump mock the disabled reporter, trash Muslims, women, immigrants, Mexicans, threaten the US judicial system, etc. etc. Yet you somehow put 30 years of right-wing conspiracies against Hillary Clinton in the same boat? Shame on you. You need a course in Logic 101.

      1. Jimmy Troutbum August 12, 2016

        Right because Hillary disqualified herself when she took money from low lifes and gave them favors thru the State department
        But keep your head in the sand and vote for the most corrupt candidate EVER

        1. Independent1 August 12, 2016

          Hogwash!! Prove she did anything illegal!!

          Sure she may have been willing to assist foreign dignitaries who she met while SOS in getting applications processed through the State Department for things like gun deals that they may have been working with gun manufacturers on. And in return for that favor these dignitaries may have chosen to contribute to Hillary’s favorite charity, the Clinton Foundation.

          Which in case you’re not aware, gets an ‘A’ rating from CharityWatch because 89% of the monies that go to the Clinton Foundation ACTUALLY GO DIRECTLY TO CHARITABLE ACTIVIES – when the average for the industry is only 75% of the monies given to foundations go directly to charity work.

          And given that the Clinton Foundation does more good for people around the world, than probably any other foundation aside from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, exactly why is there a problem if she’s willing to help someone get their work done through the State Department – in exchange for a donation to a charity that Hillary and Bill don’t get a benefit from that does enormous good around the world.

          And keep in mind that the Clinton Foundation employs over 2,000 people around the world in coordinating and implementing charitable activities that benefit millions (and they keep all those 2,000 working for about 11% of the monies donated to their foundation.

          How can you nitwits actually find fault with all that???

        2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 12, 2016

          Another trumpite has wandered into the conversation, dazed and confused.

    6. Independent1 August 12, 2016

      Really, the DNC never did any such thing: they simply favored the candidate who has worked tirelessly for years for the all levels of the Democrat party – including raising millions of dollars for down-line candidates, over A NON DEMOCRAT who for years has refused TO DO ONE THING TO HELP THE PARTY AND WHO HAS, IF FACT, HINDERED THE PARTY ON NUMEROUS OCCASIONS!!!!.


      Like he worked to sabotage the time when Hillary was pushing for universal healthcare back in the 1990s and did everything he could to not help one bit in helping the party pass immigration reform, enhanced gun background checks and more.


      Is it your practice to do favors for people who at times try to stick a knife in your back???????

    7. S.P. August 14, 2016

      Remember Howard Dean? The “whoop” that took him down? It was broadcast on MSM non stop. People at the rally where he, god forbid, whooped, noted that the rest of the crowd was cheering too. Only once the video circulated with the sound dampened so he appeared unhinged. I was always fairly certain the DNC, not the RNC, helped spread that video because Dean was an outsider. The truth is Sanders ran a great campaign, and there may have been shenanigans in the areas where people caucused (Sanders voters not being let it etc. etc.), but where there was primary machine voting, Clinton won by reasonable numbers. Once she won California, I realized she was the legit nominee. How much the public lets itself be swayed by media slant during the primaries is up to the electorate. Manipulating media is shitty politics as usual. But the term “rigged” (as in you vote for one candidate and the computer counts it for the other, or your ballot is thrown out) seems to be histrionic language to me. By all means, vote Green. I do not think people should be forced to get behind a candidate they don’t like just because of their party affiliations. But, I also think that if progressives want real change, don’t expect it to come from within the system. Go ahead and get active at your community level. Real change doesn’t occur because once every four years you tick off a box during a major campaign. It takes daily, monthly and yearly work towards a cause. Also, “revolution” and “election” are two diametrically opposing ideas that do not make sense. There is no such thing as a revolutionary presidential candidate.

  16. MichaelC August 12, 2016

    Only the naïve souls who believe the United States is the progenitor of evil around the world ever thought Julian Assange was a force for public accuracy and penetrating journalism. Assange is now even feuding with Glenn Greenwald, who did more than anyone else to establish his bona fides. The truth is that Assange and WikiLeaks have been little more than a vehicle for hackers with destruction on their minds. Yes, we learned some things from Edward Snowden, who refused to stand up for himself and instead fled to Russia and took asylum there. But surely everyone can now see that Julian Assange, holed up the Ecuadorian embassy in London, is nothing more than a vicious gossip monger working with Russian agents to aid the candidacy of Donald Trump.

    1. missythemissmiss August 12, 2016

      Julian Assange is a hero who put his life on the line to expose the corruption of governments the world over. He is now fighting for his life, because Hillary Clinton wants to prosecute him. Working with Russian agents? Where’s your proof? Gossip much?

      1. MichaelC August 12, 2016

        Thanks for proving my point.

        1. Monica Barber August 14, 2016

          So, you don’t like the content? Too bad.

          1. Independent1 August 14, 2016

            No we don’t like the way idiots like Assange try to paint innocent conversations as if they’re proving there’s some kind of fake scandal going on.

          2. missythemissmiss August 15, 2016

            Do you realize that trying to bully others doesn’t make you right? It just makes you look crazy.

          3. Independent1 August 15, 2016

            Exactly what do you think you’ve been doing on this site twinkletoes?? You’ve been doing nothing but spreading unfounded accusations based on nothing but innuendoes and your own biased ideas which demonstrates that if I’m crazy, you’re even crazier!!

          4. missythemissmiss August 17, 2016

            Can you tell me exactly what unfounded accusations I’ve stated?

        2. missythemissmiss August 14, 2016

          Feel free to twist it any way you want. Our democracy is at stake, but that won’t change until we are all awake to the corruption on both sides. We all get there in our own time, it can’t be forced.

          Here’s a word of advice: stop watching television, because you’re being brain-washed.

          1. MichaelC August 14, 2016

            As I said. And good luck with that world view.

          2. missythemissmiss August 14, 2016

            Whether you know it or not, you live in the same world. Ignorance is bliss.

          3. Independent1 August 14, 2016

            And you must be in heaven because you’re clearly as ignorant as it gets!!!

          4. Independent1 August 14, 2016

            Exactly what in our Democracy is at stake? Be specific on the corruption you think needs to be eradicated. And something other than your mindless idea that the DNC was corrupt in not kowtowing to Bernie.

          5. missythemissmiss August 14, 2016

            Are you paid to act stupid or is it for real?

          6. Independent1 August 14, 2016

            Talking about stupid – you’re too stupid to answer my question about being specific on the corruption you keep spewing nonsense about – so all you can do is make some inane, worthless comment back. Typical of a worthless right-wing nutcase like yourself.

            Tell Reince to send someone next time with at least 1/2 a brain over here to harrass those us blogging on the NM – we don’t need to deal with empty head trolls like you.

          7. missythemissmiss August 17, 2016

            First of all, I was a registered Democrat (who voted for Obama twice) until a month ago. You should never make assumptions, because it makes you look like an a**. You’re doing a fine job of that, anyway.

            Apparently you don’t think our democracy is at stake. I have to ask if you’ve read the Constitution and if you’re aware of the NDAA, the Patriot Act, and the NSA. Since 9/11 our government (both the Bush and the Obama administrations) have stripped civil rights and defended corporations in most policy decisions. Princeton did a study that revealed that the government is influenced by the wealthy elite of the country, not the 99%. That is not a democratic way to run a country. That’s a road to Fascism, if we’re not already there.

            Then, there’s the continual war that most people oppose, yet for some reason our government feels the need to bomb the Middle East, making enemies for the US. If they were really concerned about terrorism, they would use diplomatic means to stop the perpetual wars.

            If you haven’t noticed our police forces have been militarized, which is also unConstitutional. We have police officers shooting unarmed men without as much as a charge, let alone a trial.

            I won’t go into the two-party system that is run by the oligarchs. You seem to think that they actually represent you. Makes you look really clueless.

            Since you haven’t revealed your age, I’ll guess that you’re either under 12 or over 60, because you don’t act at all like someone who has an understanding of the world as it is today. You go ahead and have a great time posting your ignorant rants on the Internet. It’s a dirty job, but… well. Instead, why don’t you read a history book and educate yourself?

          8. Independent1 August 17, 2016

            Oh I see!! You’re one of those peace nuts who lives in la la land. You’re dreaming sonny girl if you think there’s any way that you’re ranting about the two party system corrupting the world is going to get you anywhere.

            You’re right, I’m way over sixty, and know far more about how the world works than you do – because you’ve proven your stupidity by even thinking that you’re going to straighten out a world that has operated the way it is today for thousands of years.

            What you peace nuts need to wake up and realize, is that you’re never going to achieve what you’re dreaming of – what you have to focus on is working to try and stop the greatest perpetrators of corruption, hate and war mongering; and at the moment, that happens to be Republicans that are represented by a corrupt and criminal organization that is as crooked as the Italian Mafia – it’s the American Mafia aka the GOP.

            We’re never going to achieve your dreams, but we can reduce the carnage and bring at least some semblance of sanity to many places in America and the world by defeating Republicans in 2016.

            It’s a fact that the majority of the violent states, where murder and violence are rampant; where the vast majority of people live in poverty, living miserable lives and where corruption in all forms of government abounds, are GOP-run states. I’m not suggesting that Democrat run states are perfect or even close to it – but comparatively speaking there is far lessor violence, murder and poverty where people live better lives in Democrat-run states.

            So you have a choice, continue on a path that’s never going to come about, or at least work for what many call, the lessor of the two evils.

          9. missythemissmiss August 17, 2016

            The government on both sides works for the wealthy elite of the country. They don’t care about you. Do you remember when Obama held a press conference flanked by senior citizens demanding that we expand Social Security? No, because it didn’t happen. He was willing to lower SS benefits. Do you remember him holding press conferences to bring attention to the suicides of vets and their homelessness? Nope, it didn’t happen.

            The world is NOTHING like it was thousands of years ago. It’s called progress and, despite old geezers like you, we will continue to improve on living conditions and human behavior. Each generation becomes more enlightened, which explains why you can’t see the world as it is today.

          10. Independent1 August 17, 2016

            Oh really?? Is that why the Democrats have worked tirelessly to keep the GOP from destroying Social Security and Medicare – TWO PROGRAMS THEY CREATED FOR THOSE WHO ARE NOT WEALTHY??

          11. Independent1 August 17, 2016

            And Obama did not hold those events you’re talking about most likely because he did not want to create an expectation in the minds of people about expanding Social Security and about trying to do something about Veterans suicides BECAUSE HE’S A REALIST.

            He knew if he held these events, that those events would build expectations in people’s minds – expectations that would be shattered because with the GOP in Control of Congress WHICH THEY’VE BEEN IN CONTROL THE ENTIRE TIME HE’S BEEN PRESIDENT!! Nothing would ever get passed to improve either situation!!!

            The GOP would once again SAY NO!! And millions of people would end up disappointed and do exactly what you’re doing now – blame Obama for the failures that have resulted because of the corrupt GOP!!!!!!!

          12. missythemissmiss August 18, 2016

            I really hope you’re getting paid. You can’t be that gullible.

          13. Independent1 August 18, 2016

            Really?? Well, I think you’re clearly a candidate for Bellview Sanatorium!! You’re as crazy and ignorant as any fool!!

            Only fools believe they can turn what’s been an evil, corrupt world for thousands of years into some perfectly functioning everyone live in piece la la land!!!!!

            You need to grow up and become an adult!!!

          14. Linda King Blackman August 17, 2016

            no you educate yourself. the republican party is known for stealing and hacking. watergate with nixon and iran contra with reagan,,,now trump with rubert murdoch that was caught phone hacking the british elections and royal family. murdoch is the ceo of fox news and is backing donald j. trump. murdoch used to support the tea party. stephen bannon used to be with breitbart news networks(birthers against obama) is now campaign mgr for trump. trump is under irs audits. HELLO!!!

          15. missythemissmiss August 23, 2016

            You are completely off topic. This isn’t a sporting event where you defend your team. This is about our lives and the future of our country. BOTH political parties are corrupt and owned by the wealthy. Look up the Princeton study. You are a fool if you think any of them care about you. We are tools they use to make money from our tax dollars and purchases. Wake up.

          16. Independent1 August 18, 2016

            Sorry, more totally mindless nonsense out of your mouth!! Only a totally clueless person would actually believe America could back out of its role in trying to control what’s happening in the middle east without that whole area turning into a terrorist haven that would eventually spread into overtaking all of Europe – which they are already trying to do.

            Sorry, I just can’t agree with you whining, sniveling fools!!!

          17. missythemissmiss August 23, 2016

            You don’t have to agree with anyone. It’s your choice to be clueless.

          18. Linda King Blackman August 17, 2016

            it was bernie that took names off of hillary list and contacted them first before the dnc thing even happened.

      2. S.P. August 14, 2016

        He’s “fighting for his life”, ie living in an Embassy in London, to avoid extradition for questioning of rape, sexual molestation and unlawful coercion. I’m sorry but how a serial sex offender became a leftist hero deeply disturbs me. I agree that Snowden really seemed to want to do right at the cost of his life, but Assange seems like another manipulative sociopath with an ego to feed. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-11949341

      3. TiredOfTheHaters August 15, 2016

        Julian is a criminal!

      4. Linda King Blackman August 17, 2016

        hired by one name rubert murdoch ceo of fox news.

    2. Nick Delonas August 14, 2016

      I hold Snowden in higher regard. He is an American hero. But nothing that Assange has released has been shown to be false. Nothing. So while I do question the prudence of some of the material he has released, that material itself is credible. It proved the Democratic party is corrupt, as if any thinking person ever doubted it. And no thinking person believes Hillary Clinton is an honest public servant. Without any question, she is not.

      1. MichaelC August 14, 2016

        I do not consider someone who fled the United States and who is hiding in Russia under the wing of Vladimir Putin an American hero. You Hillary-haters have an inflated and highly unrealistic sense of your perceptions. Most thinking people, certainly everyone who recognizes the dangers posed by Donald Trump, recognizes that Hillary Clinton is a devoted public servant, which she’s been her entire adult life. And you can argue to you’re red in the face about political corruption, but there is no comparison between the ordinary political machinations of the Democratic Party and the destructive, extremely un-democratic dirty tricks employed by the Republicons since 1968.

        1. Nick Delonas August 15, 2016

          I’m not defending the Republicans by any means. I plan to vote for Dr. Jill Stein. Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt presidential candidate we have ever seen. The evidence for that is OVERWHELMING. Here’s some:


          1. Independent1 August 15, 2016

            And another kindergarten level poster who believes the right-wing severely edited/photoshopped videos that are posted on YouTube. It’s only people who play in sandboxes who really believe that trash.

          2. Nick Delonas August 15, 2016

            Oh please. Politifact rated the facts that it could check in that video as True. The defense that all these accusations are right-wing falsehoods is ridiculous. There have been FAR too many. I’m also a progressive by the way, though I’ve had it with the Democratic party. It is as corrupt as the Republican party now.


          3. Independent1 August 15, 2016

            What? You post a link about factchecking SPEAKING FEES!!
            Something that virtually every politician and celebrity does as common place!!

            Paying people to speak and corporate functions is just a way for an organization to attract as many employees as it can to its functions. IT IN NOW WAY SUGGESTS ANY COLLUSION WHATSOVER BETWEEN THE ORGANIZATION AND THE SPEAKER!!

            Like I said, go back to playing in your sandbox with your juvenile minded allegations!!!

            And you trying to compare the outright criminal corruption of the GOP to some corruption which I doubt you can actually identify of the Democrats IS AN ABSOLUTE ABSURDITY!!!

            The Democrats are not enacting laws that drive people into poverty like the GOP with its right-to-pay-you-less laws in every state which has made all 25 states run by the GOP the states that are the most miserable to live in and have the most of their citizens living in poverty, close to bankruptcy.

            The Democrats are not refusing to extend unemployment benefits, healthcare benefits or any other social benefits like the GOP which is resulting in people living in GOP-run states living 2-5 years sooner than those in blue states, and also GOP-run states lead the nation in people dying prematurely of any cause you can identify – be it by gun homicide, be it by death at birth of the mothers and babies, be it in auto accident – the GOP-run states LEAD BY FAR in every time of early death.

            Thee Democrats are not pushing to privatize or totally destroy Social Security and Medicare, two programs virtually every American loves and will depend on at some point in their life.

            The Democrats have not governed in such a way as to destroy the American economy every time they occupy the presidency – not only have 14 recessions and 3 depressions occurred during GOP presidencies, against 3 recessions starting during a Democrats time in office – America’s GDP when Democrats are in office averages 4.3% compared to paltry 2.6% under the failed governance of a Republican.

            And Democrats do not always cause the Stock Market to crash every time they are in office!! The stock market gain since 1930 under Republicans is actually negative – meaning that if you invested $10,000 in 1930 and only kept it in the market when a Republican was in the presidency, you would have less than $5,000 in the market today. While in contrast, if you kept the $10,000 in the market ONLY WHEN a Democrat was in office, you would have over $350,000 in the market.

            And I’ve just gotten started pointing out the differences between the totally failed GOP ideology and the Democrats. If you think you have a gripe with the Democrats you are crazier than a bed bug!!!!!!

          4. Nick Delonas August 15, 2016

            Why did Bill Clinton’s fees suddenly sky rocket when Hillary became Secretary of State? Nobody gets paid those kinds of fees — no other ex President gets anywhere near that much.

            More than any other person, Bill Clinton and his neo-liberal policies were responsible for the housing bubble and the great recession of 2008. There is no doubt that the roots of the bubble are firmly planted in his administration.

            The Democrats talk a good game, but don’t actually do much. The oligarchs get whatever they want whenever they want, no matter which party is in power. Wages have stagnated or declined for most Americans, and contrary to the spin, Obama and the Democrats in congress have done nothing to make matters better for average Americans. The only people that were bailed out were the damned bankers who caused the mess in the first place.

            While there have been some reforms, it’s done nothing to slow down the reckless speculation in the stock market, which is again in a bubble that will soon burst.

          5. Independent1 August 15, 2016

            Because Bill Clinton came out of retirement and once again became someone that millions of Americans wanted to hear speak. And because of that, companies were willing to pay big bucks to get Bill to speak at their events in order to ensure a good turnout at their annual corporate get-togethers.

            Just like athletes can demand high salaries if they attract a lot of paying customers, speakers who are in high demand get offered large sums as a way of getting them to come to the company affair. Given the millions of dollars that many companies spend on putting on their annual meetings for the company, paying WHAT YOU THINK is a high fee, is peanuts compared to the overall cost of the event.

            And are you even aware dummkopf, that Trump has actually asked for and been paid 1.5 million to speak at some events put on by corporations????

          6. Nick Delonas August 18, 2016

            I replied to your dopey post last week. Did it not show up? Not sure why I’m seeing this as unanswered.

          7. Independent1 August 15, 2016

            The Democrats talk a good game but don’t actually do much??

            What kind of a totally clueless idiot are you??

            You are aware right that Social Security and Medicare are two of the most popular government programs CREATED BY DEMOCRATS!1

            You are aware that blacks today have rights that would not be the case IF A DEMOCRAT DID NOT FIGHT FOR THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT!!

            You are aware that until Reagan got the GOP to work at destroying unions that unions had created a much better life for the everyday worker in America which the GOP has worked tirelessly the past 35 years to destroy!! And it was Democrats and the Democrat party that were the backbone of unions!!

            You are aware too aren’t you dummkopf, that if it wasn’t for the Democrat presidents in office since Nixon, that America’s debt today would maybe be double the 19 trillion it is?? Because since Nixon, every Republican president has gone wild with spending, while every Democrat president that inherited deficit spending has worked to decrease it – MORE THAN 90% OF AMERICA’S 19 TRILLION IN DEBT TODAY IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF NIXON, FORD, REAGAN AND THE TWO BUSHES!!!

            And are you also aware dummkopf, that every LGBTQ person in America has more rights today than they did 8 years ago BECAUSE DEMOCRATS FOUGHT FOR IT!!

            And how about the Democrats constantly fighting for a woman’s right to choose whether or not she wants to carry a fetus to term??

            And there’s even much more I’m not covering that are part of your life today that wouldn’t be there if Democrats hadn’t fought for it. Why do you think that it’s 14 Democrat run states that are providing the monies today to keep America running????

            As I asked you in the beginning, what kind of a totally cluless nitwit are you??

          8. Nick Delonas August 15, 2016

            Can you stop with the ad hominem crap? You are not better educated, more intelligent nor better informed than I am and I can prove that. If you want to have a discussion where you might actually learn something, I’m available. I know more than you do.

            I am NOT defending the Republicans. Yes, the Democrats are MARGINALLY better, but they are still so damned corrupt that a revolt is in order. And Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt major-league politician in the country today. Critics on both the left and the right agree on that.

            This country is in serious trouble and both the major parties serve only their corporate masters.

            Leaving her obvious corruption aside, Clinton’s neo-liberal views are a fucking disaster. While I deeply admire and respect Robert Reich, Chris Hedges wins this debate hands down and gives voice to my general view:


            Tell me where you disagree with Chris and that is a starting point for a reasonable conversation.

          9. Independent1 August 15, 2016

            What you know IS TOTAL BS!! Goodbye!!

          10. Nick Delonas August 15, 2016

            Stick your head in the sand, fool. Elect another master, who will drive you into the ground.

          11. Nick Delonas August 15, 2016

            Wow. No interest in learning? Like I said, I know more than you do. Stick your fucking stupid ignorant head in the sand. You are why the country is doomed.

          12. Linda King Blackman August 17, 2016

            one name rubert murdoch ceo of fox news.

          13. Nick Delonas August 18, 2016

            I am not Rupert Murdoch and do not particularly like the man. One phrase: “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

          14. MichaelC August 16, 2016

            Ronald Reagan was paid $1 million per speech as an ex-President, making Bill Clinton’s fees paltry by comparison. But to the real point, anyone who asserts “Obama and the Democrats in Congress have done nothing to make matters better for average Americans” is either a Republicon troll or woefully uninformed.

            Moreover, your misunderstanding of the underpinnings of the housing bubble and subsequent recessions – towards the end of GWBush’s second term – and your characterization of HRC as the most corrupt candidate in history both suggest that you’re reading from Conservapedia.

            P.S. “Clinton Cash” is trash.

            Read these:



          15. Nick Delonas August 17, 2016

            Clinton’s speeches more than doubled exactly when Hillary became secretary of state. Furthermore, the book Clinton Cash points to extraordinary coincidences regarding those fees that cannot be easily dismissed.

            I am NOT a conservative. I am a progressive and will vote for Jill Stein.

            I have no misunderstanding regarding the housing bubble. Bush changed none of Bill Clinton’s policies, which led to the disaster. They started in his administration without question.

            Clinton’s HUD secretary Andrew Cuomo saw home ownership as a vehicle for Democrats to lock up support in the housing finance complex. Partnerships with K-Street lobbying orgs were established to promote easier credit standards and higher home-ownership rates.

            Wall Street SEIZED on the opportunity (and there’s a lot more to the story). The rest is history.

            The Clintons are not progressives. The Clintons are corrupt.

            I know more about this than you do. If you really care about the liberal, progressive cause and about social justice, the only moral choice is Dr. Jill Stein.

          16. MichaelC August 17, 2016

            The last refuge of the fanaticist is to cry, I know more than you do.

          17. Nick Delonas August 18, 2016

            You know more than me? Not likely. And I am a fanatic only if opposing an obvious crook is fanaticism.

          18. Nick Delonas August 18, 2016


          19. Independent1 August 17, 2016

            You’re not a conservative?? I know BECAUSE WHAT YOU ARE IS A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR!!!



          20. Linda King Blackman August 17, 2016

            and so are u…research please…one name rubert murdoch ceo of fox news. you may learn something.

          21. Independent1 August 18, 2016

            What am I supposed to learn?? That Rupert Murdoch is a total dirtbag that is CEO of the LYINGIST ORGANIZATION ON THE PLANET CALLED FOX NEWS???

            Sorry, I wouldn’t waste my time researching anything on that totally worthless human being!!!

          22. Linda King Blackman August 17, 2016

            one name rubert murdoch ceo of fox news.

          23. Nick Delonas August 18, 2016

            One word: dopey.

          24. Nick Delonas August 18, 2016

            I seem to recall responding to this vacuous post. I am not a conservative. I am a progressive.

            If you did not get my rebuttal, let me know.

          25. Linda King Blackman August 17, 2016

            trump has many speaking fees…more than hillary…
            check this name out…one name rubert murdoch ceo of fox news.

          26. Independent1 August 18, 2016

            Yes, I know. Trump has even asked for and been paid over a million for some speaking engagements. Analyzing Hillary’s speaking fees is just more right-wing childishness!!!

          27. Nick Delonas August 19, 2016

            The Republicans are crooks. I agree. What you don’t seem to understand is that the Democrats are also crooks. Yes, they talk a great game, but their talk is bullshit.

            The president most singly responsible for the housing bubble and the ensuing great recession of 2008 is UNQUESTIONABLY Bill Clinton. If you didn’t know that, let me clue you in.

            Read David Stockman’s “The Great Deformation.” I don’t agree much with Mr. Stockman on economic policy, but his analysis of what caused the great recession is unassailable.

            The economy is a fucking mess because of Bill Clinton. And the utterly corrupt Hillary Clinton, will make it worse.

          28. Linda King Blackman August 17, 2016

            rubert murdoch

          29. Nick Delonas August 18, 2016


          30. Independent1 August 18, 2016

            What do speaking fees have to do with anything?? What kind of morons are you people?? Get lost!! You’re totally clueless!!

          31. Nick Delonas August 18, 2016

            Well, it matters a hell of a lot if there’s a tit for tat, which is highly probable. Bill Clinton’s speaking fees more than doubled when Hillary became Sec. of State? Why?

            Moreover, the people who paid those unprecedented fees, benefited directly from State Dept. decisions immediately afterwards.

            Read the book (or watch the video) Clinton Cash.

            The Clintons are crooks. There is no question about that.

          32. Independent1 August 18, 2016

            Sorry, but you need to grow up. Virtually every celebrity and popular person does what Bill and Hillary have done – it is common place and done all the time. Companies pay people that are popular big money to come in and speak at their company meetings and affairs in an effort to attract as many employees as possible. These speaking engagements DO NOT HAVE TIT FOR TAT!! THE SPEAKERS ARE PAID BIG BUCKS JUST LIKE TALENTED SPORTS PEOPLE ARE PAID BIG BUCKS TO ATTRACT CUSTOMERS TO SPORTS EVENTS!! IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH OBLIGATING THE SPEAKER TO DO ANYTHING FOR THE COMPANY!!

            When are you childish people going to wake up and start acting like grown ups!!!! It’s like dealing with 3 year-olds on the blog site!! When is this idiocy ever going to end and you morons wake up and stop being so ignorant!!!!

          33. Nick Delonas August 19, 2016

            Bullshit. There are plenty of honest and ethical celebrities. First of all, I’m probably older than you and I’m definitely much better informed.

            It’s the timing of the fees that matters. There is clear evidence of quid pro quo which is illegal.


          34. Independent1 August 19, 2016

            Talking about BS!! That’s all you post there sonny boy. I have two great grandchildren – so I doubt you’re older than me and about the only thing you know IS YOU CREATING FIGMENTS OF YOUR IMAGINATION IN YOUR OWN MIND BASED ON NO SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER EXCEPT FOR INNUENDO!!!

            You need to get your head out of your butt!!

            Bill and Hillary have done more for disadvantaged people around the world than maybe any couple in America aside from Bill and Melinda Gates. Not only have they poured millions of dollars into the Clinton and other Foundations themselves, they have donated millions to down-line Democrats over the past few years, including donating $10,000 to Bernie Sanders last campaign when he ran for the Senate!!

            You are nothing but a gullible conniving nitwit!!!!!!!

    3. TiredOfTheHaters August 15, 2016

      Assange is also an abuser held up there to seek refuge for his crimes.

    4. Linda King Blackman August 17, 2016

      one name rubert murdoch ceo of fox news. phone hacks in britian.

  17. Carol Jones McDonnell August 12, 2016

    so now Hillary Cinton is the ‘real progressive’ and Julian Assange is the ‘right winger’??
    OMG. the msm should be held accountable for working to maintain the status quo and corruption of HRC.

    She will NEVER get my vote!

    1. Independent1 August 12, 2016

      And exactly what is your beef with Hillary?? Is it because she’s done more for women’s rights around the world than probably any other person in history?

      Is it because Bill and Hillary manage the Clinton Foundation in a way that benefits millions around the world including millions of people in America?? A foundation that CharityWatch gave an A rating to because around 89% of the monies donated to the CF actually go directly to the charity work CF does; much better than the 75% which most charitable foundations actually end up applying directly to their charity work??

      Do you realize that CF has such a positive image in the charity business that many other private charities actually donate to the CF because the Clinton Foundation actually does its own charity work by directly employing 2,000 people around the world to coordinate its activities.

      And are you aware that for the 20th year in a row, that Hillary has been chosen in America by a wide margin as the most respected female in America??

      So again, exactly what is your beef with Hillary – and that’s based on something aside from the lies that right-wing nutcases like the GOP have been spreading about her for almost 3 decades??

      1. Monica Barber August 14, 2016

        The truth is there for all to see . . .that’s ok . . Assange will lay it all out so even you can understand

        1. Independent1 August 14, 2016

          Oh! You mean so Assange, the dirtbag, can post more emails and try to paint them as some kind of scandal to try and justify his totally corrupt idiocy??

          1. missythemissmiss August 14, 2016

            How old are you? Do you watch television news?

      2. missythemissmiss August 14, 2016

        Are you aware that Charity Navigator has placed the Clinton Foundation on their “watch list” due to their “unconventional business model”? It’s easier to hide money when you confuse the accounting.

        But, there is no hiding the fact that foreign governments and businesses donated large sums of money to the charity and paid huge sums of cash to Bill Clinton for “speeches” while Hillary was SoS, well above his rate in the years after he was President.

        And are you aware that Hillary Clinton is one of the least favored Presidential candidates ever in history?

        I’m not a Hillary hater, I’m a corruption hater. It’s time we stop ignoring the facts that our government is run by a corrupt gang of thugs.

        Feel free to keep defending Hillary and Bill, but you look really stupid to people who have investigated the facts.

        1. Independent1 August 14, 2016

          Just more of your misleading accusations and allegations. Charity Navigator DID NOT put the the Clinton Foundation on a watch BECAUSE THEY THOUGHT ANYTHING IS WRONG.


          And numerous other charities donate to the CF and only dummies like yourself would believe that Private Charities would be donating to a Charity that’s corrupt as nutcases like you try to make people believe!!!

          1. missythemissmiss August 14, 2016

            The business model is unconventional. Why is that? Why can’t they be transparent with their donations and where the money goes? It doesn’t really matter, because the damage is done. She’s going to win the Presidency. You’re going to get exactly what you wish. Good luck with that.

    2. Aaron_of_Portsmouth August 12, 2016

      Oh, that’s going to make a big deal, not getting your vote?
      I need to remind you that in a democracy you’re not required to tell us how you’re going to vote. If you have a beef, just explain what is it and don’t be a baby about who you’re NOT going to vote for.

      1. missythemissmiss August 14, 2016

        She’s not getting a lot of votes. She’ll still probably win, though, because Trump is like running against a fifth-grader. Good luck with another establishment elite, lying, corrupt politician running the country and shredding the Constitution.

        1. Independent1 August 14, 2016

          Tell you what there twinkletoes, Hillary is going to drub Donald the idiot worse than Obama drubbed Romney.

          And we’ll take any Democrat we can get at the moment even if it only means keeping an American Mafia type out of the presidency once again. The last thing America needs today is another totally corrupt corporate shill in the Oval Office whose only purpose in life is to get himself and his rich cronies richer than they ever deserved to be at the expense of the people in America who really need help making their way through this life.

          But then being a heartless witch who loves the party of the Devil, you wouldn’t know anything about helping others would you!!!

          1. missythemissmiss August 15, 2016

            You are treating this conversation like a sporting event. The only thing that gives you satisfaction is to win, to see your team win. The problem with that immature attitude is that it colors your vision. No one is going to win after this election.

          2. Independent1 August 18, 2016

            I see, so you’re an adult and have the gall to say Trump is running against a fifth grader when by any measure you want to use Hillary is the most broadly experienced politician that has ever run for the presidency.

            If anyone here are children, it is you and Carol Jones, who clearly do not understand the gravity of the 2016 election. You clearly don’t understand that what is at stake in the 2016 election is either electing someone who will at least guide our nation very closely to what Obama has done over the past 7 plus years; which given he 24/7 obstructionism from the GOP, it’s actually amazing what Obama has been able to accomplish.

            Despite what children such as yourself want to believe, America guided our nation over the past 7 years BETTER THAN ANY REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT IN OFFICE SINCE TEDDY ROOSEVELT!!

            And you and Carol seem to care not, that the alternative to having someone come in as president, whether you personally like her or not, will guide this close to what Obama did and possibly even better; the alternative to that is having Trump come in with close ties to Russia, with no clear mindset on any policies other than spreading hate and racism; and with foreign leaders aghast at even the thought of this actual crook being our president.

            And you can’t see the clearcut danger in that?? We’re talking about life or death for America; and you’re being caught up in a petty dislike for Hillary Clinton?? When the alternative to her is as dangerous to even your life could be at stake of Trump gains the presidency and is allowed to implement some of the clearly HITLER LIKE policies that he’s been proposing!! What in the world is wrong with you???

            Why can’t you see what is at stake here?? It’s as clear as the nose on your face and appears in the media every day. Even Republicans are saying now that TRUMP IS TOO DANGEROUS TO ELECT INTO OUR PRESIDENCY!!! WAKE UP!!! WAKE UP!!

          3. missythemissmiss August 23, 2016

            First of all, you need to calm down and read what I write. I said that running against Trump is LIKE running against a fifth-grader. I have no affinity for Trump and I don’t dislike Clinton as a person. This isn’t personal for me, except that these people will have my life in their hands. I don’t care about their personalities. I think they are both lying, corrupt opportunists. I’m ashamed that this is the best we can do, but I also realize that this is what people like you have caused. We the people are the only ones to blame for this current situation.

            We have focused on superficial matters, looked the other way when we saw injustice and now choose to be ignorant of the truth of our Fascist government. Please feel free to explain to me how Obama has improved the country (with specific numbers and policies, not just emotional rants) and then answer the questions I asked several days ago about the Patriot Act, the NDAA, NSA and the prosecution of whistle blowers. Look up how many illegal immigrants Obama has deported, how much money he took from Wall St and the pharmaceutical industry, how many bankers he prosecuted and who has been appointed to his cabinet with their histories. Now go do your homework, so you can actually know what you’re saying, instead of getting your information from headlines. Do you even read the articles?

          4. Carol Jones McDonnell August 18, 2016

            clue for you: what America IS getting — if Clinton ‘succeeds in stealing this election’ — is another totally corrupt corporate shill who with the help of the DNC and MSM rigged and stole this election:

            “Election Justice USA Study Finds that Without Election Fraud Sanders Would Have Won by Landslide”

          5. Carol Jones McDonnell August 18, 2016

            “we”??? white woman?

      2. Carol Jones McDonnell August 18, 2016

        she won’t be getting the votes of most Bernie Sanders’ progressives, despite what you see and hear in the msm. standing up and speaking out for what we believe in is never ‘being a baby’. you sound like one of those Hilldill trolls she allocated $1 Million to hire.

    3. Linda King Blackman August 17, 2016

      one name rubert murdoch

  18. Jimmy Troutbum August 12, 2016

    Halarious. The corrupt media puts up story after story of negative Trump, hids Hillary’s coruuptness, and writes fluff pieces on her all day and its a right wing conspiracy!!
    The insanity of liberals never ceases to amaze me.
    Wonder if this useful idiot of a writer knows that the DNC was sued in 2010 by the Communist Part USA for stealing their platform.
    Nah, reality is to far out of his reach.

    1. mary5920 August 14, 2016

      Where is this happening, please Mr. Troutbum. The media indeed puts up stories about Trump and his corrupt scams–but they’re factual stories with sources and everything. The “media” loves to broadcast right wing misinformation about the Clintons and Assange certainly loves to help out.
      BTW do you ever fact check and spell check?

    2. Independent1 August 14, 2016

      Wow!! You’re really gullible aren’t you?? You’ll believe all kinds of nonsensical propaganda that’s broadcast on Faux News. Make sure you don’t miss another of the Faux News fabricated scandals that never happened!!!

  19. Dakota Erikson August 15, 2016

    Breaking rumor: GOP hired Russian mob with ties to Trump to kill Seth Rich who worked with the Dem. Party. Share widely.

    1. Linda King Blackman August 17, 2016

      one name rubert murdoch ceo of fox news.

  20. Linda King Blackman August 17, 2016

    one name rubert murdoch ceo of fox news.

  21. clcman September 8, 2016

    Assange and Wikileaks were never leftist groups to begin with. Similar to Edward Snowden, they talk a big game about freedom of information, but their actions tend to show a rather noticeable bias, particularly whenever Russia is involved. Wikileaks will happily function as Russian stooges if it means sabotaging Clinton (see the DNC emails). If they really want to do some good, they could try to find Trump’s tax returns. There’s clearly something fishy there, or he wouldn’t be hiding them so bad.

      1. I Am Helpy September 11, 2016

        TL;DR – Wikileaks edited out Russian involvement in massive Syrian fraud.

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