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With Kelly Win, Bloomberg Scores Major Victory Against NRA

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With Kelly Win, Bloomberg Scores Major Victory Against NRA


The National Rifle Association can be beaten.

In a major victory for New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Independence USA SuperPAC, Robin Kelly — who made stronger gun laws the centerpiece of her campaign — defeated NRA A+ rated Debbie Halverson in a special Democratic primary election to fill Jesse Jackson Jr.’s vacated House seat.

Bloomberg spent more than $2.2 million on attack ads against Halverson’s anti-gun control record and advocating for Kelly as an alternative in Illinois’ 2nd District, which is based mostly in the south suburbs of Chicago. Kelly is expected to win the April 9 general election in the heavily Democratic district.

Kelly thanked supporters in her victory speech for sending “a message that tells the NRA that their days of holding our country hostage are coming to an end.”

In an email blast on Wednesday headlined “Big win in Chicago last night,” Mark Kelly and Gabrielle Giffords’ gun safety group Americans for Responsible Solutions wrote “Chicago candidate Robin Kelly made universal background checks and other critical legislation the centerpiece of her campaign, and created a model for how we can elect candidates who share our values while sending a message to members of Congress who resist common-sense solutions to reduce gun violence.”

The Senate Judiciary Committee held an emotionally charged hearing on Wednesday on Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Assault Weapons Ban of 2013, and a committee vote is expected Thursday.

“We expect Congress to act now,” wrote Mark Kelly.

Photo credit: Charles Rex Arbogast/AP


  1. stoptheinsanity February 28, 2013

    Congratulations to Robin Kelly. Bravo! She is a shining example that the NRA’s stranglehold on America is diminishing. Sane Americans, and not insane gun -toting lunatics, should have the loudest voices regarding what laws should be passed to restrict assault weapons availability to the general public. No vocal minority should be allowed to hold our country hostage based on threats that they vocalize against anyone who tries to enact sensible gun-control legislations. NRA members want to think of themselves as “good Christians.” Obviously, they definitely aren’t following the commands of the Bible because there is one verse that states “Whosoever lives by the sword shall die by the sword.” If they think weapons are the answer to protecting themselves, they are sadly mistaken. They are relying on the wrong weapon to protect themselves. I once had neighbors who thought having a gun in their home would protect them. That turned out to be extremely untrue. The very weapon that they owned and had in their possession was the very weapon that was used to pistol-whip and murder them in their own home.

    1. jstsyn February 28, 2013

      You will find that it is you that is in the minority. No one forces you to buy a weapon and you will not force any to give theirs up. Take it to the bank.

      1. Nmc1496 February 28, 2013

        It’s not a question of NOT having guns – it’s a question of not having a gun that can shoot 40 bullets in under a minute. You can have all of the schools with armed guards protecting the kids that you want – but nobody runs faster than a speeding bullet. As evidenced by all of the shootings, you can’t stop someone with that much ammunition fast enough.

        We don’t need semi-automatics OR guns with a capacity of 40+ bullets. We DO need more checks and balances and some freaking common sense.

        The second amendment talks about a tyranny – NOT a VOTING democracy.

    2. DEFENDER88 March 1, 2013

      Chicago. Now there is a gun control model we should take nation wide.

      Highest gun control city in the country and highest gun murder rate in the country.

      Do you really think that is working?

      And if it is not woring in Chicago or DC or other strict gun control areas why would you expect it to work nation wide?

      I know of a couple(good people by the way) who did not think they needed a gun. A gang of robbers came in, knocked out the dad, tied the wife and 2 young daughters to a bed, raped all 3 repeatedly, then set fire to them(burned alive) and left. All died except the dad.

      They were caught and tried but that does not help the wife and daughters who are still and forever will be dead.

      1. Randomarrow99 April 16, 2013

        Close friends you were? Live in Cheshire you do?

  2. Joey Kay February 28, 2013

    Along with the NRAs diminish so does the last constutional right goes.The politicans don’t abide by the rules they set so shes in safe territory .I would agree with that we do need to hold NOT the WEAPONS but the people accountable that use them.Its a real sadness about the children that were lost but to a person with the mental illness these men or women have,, the children are easy targets Bring back the death sentence not just in 1 state but all the states and use it

    1. Vernon Sukumu February 28, 2013

      Yea lets just keep killing somebody, something, anything, as long as there is some killing. JUST PLAIN MADNESS.

  3. lana ward February 28, 2013

    Kelly is as nasty looking as her politics. The NRA won’t lose, the 2nd amendment won;t lose. How is Chicago doing with it’s gun ban???

    1. Julia Margrave February 28, 2013

      The NRA will lose and so will you!!!

    2. Nmc1496 February 28, 2013

      “nasty looking” – really? When people don’t have a valid argument, they result to calling other people names (kind of like grade school children)

  4. whodatbob February 28, 2013

    Congratulation to Robin Kelley! But don’t read too much into her victory. She is running in a heavy gun control district.

  5. leadvillexp February 28, 2013

    Am so sorry to see one of our dictators influnenced your election. Maybe soon you will have lots of gun control, smaller sodas and your restaurants will only serve healthy food. Dictators Bloomberg and Coumo are hard at work so you won’t have to make your own decisions. Maybe Illinois can take them off our hands.

  6. frida February 28, 2013

    Lana, you have no clue at all what you are writing about. When it comes choosing between Death and Life, always people will opt for the latter.

  7. anncats February 28, 2013

    Oh thank you. I have been putting off joining the NRA. You just made it first on my to-do list for today.

    1. Hillbilly February 28, 2013

      Join the NRA and let the criminals know that you have a gun. The NRA sells it list of members to anyone that wants to buy it and the fact that you get their magazine is an open invitation for your home to be broken into. According to the police the first things criminals look for in a home burglary is guns, addicated medications, money and jewelry then electronics that they can carry out and not be to noticeable. Everyone that belongs to the NRA and gets their magazine is inviting criminals into their homes in order to steal their guns. Also the criminals that you fear so much are able right now to go to a gun show and buy a gun because thinks to the NRA there are no background checks down at gun shows. The NRA at one time was a repected organization but today’s NRA is nothing but a shrill for weapons and ammo manufacturers and the Republican party and in the things it does it helps put guns in the hands of the criminals that you buy guns to protect yourself against. By supporting the NRA you are actually helping to make easier for criminals to get their guns that they use against you.

      1. DEFENDER88 March 1, 2013

        Just one correction (for now) so you will know.
        Unless you are one of those who will purposly deceive others to try to make a point.
        re. your comment *there are no background checks down at gun shows*
        Actually most(in fact the great majority) of sales at advertised gun shows *do* require a background check and they *are* done. The great majority of sales at gun shows are done by *dealers* and all dealers must have a FFL(Federal Firearms License) and must do a background check.

        A few private people sell at the shows and that sale does not not require a check. That is the gun show loop hole that most gun owners dont mind closing. While this does occure those sales are usually a tiny portion of gun show sales.

        So for you to say that there are no background checks at gun shows is just patently and totally wrong, misleading, and dis-engenuous.

        1. Independent1 March 2, 2013

          Sorry, but the ATF says only 50-70% of sellers at gun shows have FFLs – sounds like a lot more sellers at these that are not making background checks than you’ve implied. And semi-automatic handguns and extended magazines can be purchased at gun shows without a background check. Only 18 states regulate the sale of guns at a show and only 7 require background checks on all guns sold. 33 states do not restrict the private, intrastate sales of firearms at gun shows in any manner.

          1. DEFENDER88 March 2, 2013

            I am glad you know some facts, most in here do not. And make wild claims just to support their agenda based on no actual information at all.

            For now I will trust you are correct but plan to check into it further.

            I was speaking from my experience in this Region Tenn and Ga. having been to many shows in this region. The great majority of sales are by FFL’s with but a few private sellers milling around.

            As a serious gun owner, competition shooter, fully checked and permitted, etc I am for Back Ground checks on all sales.

            My first and most important objective is to help stop the killing.
            And a distant second, these killings make gun owners look bad which is not fair to honest, responsible gun owners and is putting their right to self defense in jeopardy.

            But I and most other gun owners (I know anyway) are not for a National Registry.
            Makes it too easy and tempting for confiscation to follow.

            I spite of the fact that most people in here think Confiscation is not being considered.
            ie “No one is coming after your guns”
            From a verified news source – The Administration HAS considered Confiscation and recently, but decided it would not be effective “AT This Time” . But have it as a future aggenda item.

            I would however be for a National *Standard*(Back Ground Check Standard) but keep the system run by the states(with FBI help, etc) like it is now but based on a National *Standard*. Also we would not have to create another monster govt agency. That would include ALL states and Territories.

            There are a lot of things we can do to limit or stop the killing but bans and confiscation are not among them.

            Many in here concentrate heavily on banning assault rifles. But rifles as whole category only account for 3-4% of gun crime. And most mass murders are actually done with pistols. So I think we should concentrate on things that will actually have a major limiting impact on the mass killings and soon. Everyday killings in the major cities(which is what? 95% of gun crime and 95% of that gang drug sales related) are a whole different issue with different solutions needed.

            Things that can help prevent “Mass Killings”
            – Better and enhanced Back Ground Check system
            – Increased armed security in Gun Free Zones
            – ID and control young white men on anti-depressants
            Considering patient rights problems we would likely have to look at the drug ddistrubition level to implement any controls. But there is a definite high positive correlation between Young white men – Anti-Depressants and Mass murders.
            – Other changes

            So how do you feel about this?

  8. jstsyn February 28, 2013

    I’ll upgrade my annual NRA membership to Life Member. Bloomberg can kiss it and shove his money where the sun don’t shine. Sorry people letting a money bag run their life.

    1. Hillbilly February 28, 2013

      And you can put put your life member membership in the NRA and your gun in the same place. The NRA is nothing now but a shrill for gun and ammo manufacturers and the Republican party. At one time the NRA was an organization that deserved respect but no more today’s NRA deserves nothing but contempt for feeding people’s paranorid need for more guns for everything and filling the coffers of the weapon and ammo makers. You aren’t suporting the 2nd amendment when you support the NRA, you are supporting the weapon and ammo makers and making this Country more unsafe for there are to many people in it that have guns that should not be let near a gun let along own one. Also you are helping supply the criminals with their guns, right now all they have to do is break into your home when no one is there and take all your guns, which is the first thing they look for in a break in according to the police or go to a gun show and buy a weapon because thanks to the NRA there are no background checks done at the gun show. So by supporting the NRA you are actually helping the criminals, the very people that most people say they own guns to protect themselves against. Don’t you know that magazine you get each month from the NRA tells criminals that you have guns and is an open invitation for your home to be broken in. Keep supporting the NRA so you can keep helping criminals steal and buy guns to use against you.

  9. 4sanity4all February 28, 2013

    Finally, some common sense overcoming they hysteria of people who are paranoid and fear that someone is coming to take their guns away. NO ONE IS taking your guns away. They are just proposing universal background checks and scaling back being able to buy weapons of overkill. And today, the VAWA was restored. Dare I hope that some Republicans are seeing the error of letting other people do their thinking for them, and they are now beginning to respond to the will of the people? WOW!


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