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Worse Than London: Romney’s Reckless Remarks In Jerusalem

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Worse Than London: Romney’s Reckless Remarks In Jerusalem


While Mitt Romney’s boorish remarks about the Olympics in London were humiliating enough, the comments emanating from him and his campaign in Israel were still more embarrassing – and potentially more damaging, too.

Seeking to consolidate support on the religious far right, both Christian and Jewish, the Republican candidate and his chief foreign policy surrogate confirmed their ideological obedience in the most abject fashion possible. Without articulating a real policy, their statements reflected such complete submission to neoconservative ideology that even the Bush administration appears moderate by contrast. That they would do so within hours of a high-dollar fundraising event in Jerusalem, attended by major right-wing donors such as Sheldon Adelson, added a jarringly mercenary tone to their reckless words.

Dan Senor, the former Bush administration spokesman in Baghdad who now serves as Romney’s senior foreign policy advisor, startled reporters on Sunday when he promised the most hawkish Israelis a free hand to mount a military attack against Iran. “If Israel has to take action on its own, in order to stop Iran from developing that capability, the governor would respect that decision,” said Senor during a briefing that preceded Romney’s address in Jerusalem. The predicate for such an attack, according to Senor, would not be Iran’s development of a nuclear weapon, but its attainment of the capacity to do so.

When the Senor briefing sparked an instant and negative reaction, the campaign tried to walk it back. But it was Romney himself who suggested — in a speech that skirted violating traditional strictures against criticizing a sitting president while overseas – – that the United States should never adopt any position publicly that might indicate disagreement with Israel.

“We cannot stand silent as those who seek to undermine Israel voice their criticisms,” said Romney, intoning a cliché that could  be expected from almost any American politician, Republican or Democrat. But then, in a speech otherwise lacking in substance, he went further: “And we certainly should not join in that criticism. Diplomatic distance in public between our nations emboldens Israel’s adversaries.” In keeping with Republican efforts to exaggerate differences between the Obama administration and the government of Israel, Romney clearly meant this as an attack on the president. He also referred to Jerusalem as “the capital of Israel,” later telling CNN that he would move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to the holy city, where the Palestinians also hope to locate their capital, adding “I would only want to do so and to select the timing in accordance with the government of Israel.”

Joe Conason

A highly experienced journalist, author and editor, Joe Conason is the editor-in-chief of The National Memo, founded in July 2011. He was formerly the executive editor of the New York Observer, where he wrote a popular political column for many years. His columns are distributed by Creators Syndicate and his reporting and writing have appeared in many publications around the world, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, The New Yorker, The New Republic, The Nation, and Harpers.

Since November 2006, he has served as editor of The Investigative Fund, a nonprofit journalism center, where he has assigned and edited dozens of award-winning articles and broadcasts. He is also the author of two New York Times bestselling books, The Hunting of the President (St. Martins Press, 2000) and Big Lies: The Right-Wing Propaganda Machine and How It Distorts the Truth (St. Martins Press, 2003).

Currently he is working on a new book about former President Bill Clinton's life and work since leaving the White House in 2001. He is a frequent guest on radio and television, including MSNBC's Morning Joe, and lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

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  1. Lynda July 30, 2012

    Mitt is trying to build his foreign affairs bonafides, however, unfortunately he has none of his own. So again out come the same old bromides that got us into the mess in Iraq under Bush and company. With Senor and Boulton on board this should not come as a surprise to anyone.

  2. Dominick Vila July 30, 2012

    His comment is consistent with what a faithful lackey would say.

  3. Steve Waterworth July 30, 2012

    The only sure way to solve Mitt’s foreign policy problem is to not vote for him.

    1. Dominick Vila July 30, 2012

      The only way Mitt Romney can avoid making a fool of himself is to say nothing. He just pissed off the Palestinians, made the U.S. look like an Israeli accomplice, and upset the Brits. What is next, Polish jokes?

    2. sam arzhang July 31, 2012

      Astonishing how superficial and mindless speeches could be, which show bad taste of supporter ,it makes you wonder on what fundamental understanding American’s they have vote for him or this is an negative publicity against President Obama, his opponents are so unintelligent, one day they are saying he is not American, the other day accusing him to be Muslim ,comparing with previous administration which they brought America to Bankruptcy , wasting $3 Triillion by invading Iraq, as you had surplace at the time of Clinton Presidency , has he ever spoken about how to treat American children whom 1/4 they live under poverty line .
      Yes I would agree 100% with Steve Waterworth , his london No10 downing street speech,exposed him ,is he intelligent enough to be candidate for presidency ? or Racist comments by his administration should be allowed to come on public,HE IS NOT WHITE ENOUGH , to be invited to London Olympics, these negative mentality doesn’t do good for American’s publicity about Democracy, Liberty,equality etc…
      Wish you all to wake up before being too late.

  4. edwk2 July 30, 2012

    Romney has selected his Secretary of State, Prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

  5. ExPAVIC July 30, 2012


    It was just a matter of time that the chief American Taliban Republican would lip flap his way into another embarrassing situation for this country.

    Let the master minds in his home base figure a way to yak themselves out of another situation of which he knows nothing. It would be a Democrat mistake not to take a fist full of his mindless banter and rub his millionaire nose in it.

    Not only is Mittens a WIMP, but he is a stupid WIMP (the worst kind).

    1. Dianes4babies July 30, 2012

      All of these “Romney stumbles” should be Pres. Obama’s next political ad!

    2. 1standlastword July 30, 2012

      Let us recall that this FAKE sat out Viet Nam in a French castle allegedly spreading the gospel.

      His saber is made out of straw

      1. ExPAVIC July 30, 2012


        The fact is Mittens spent 1967 through 1969 in Le Havre, France, attempting to convert street walkers into Mormonism while many of us, including this writer, were in Vietnam fighting a war which benefited only the defense industrial complex in this country.

        Another tasty bit about Mittens. We have been hearing about how he saved the 2002 Winter Olympics when in fact he was bailing out his Mormon buddies after they had skimmed too much off the top and were short of funds to complete necessary projects.

        Remember these are the guys who bribed the IOC to hold the games in Salt Lake City in the first place. A former resident of Utah and neighbor says the Mormons are a bunch of crooked shooters who would steal pennies from dead babies eyes.

        1. 1standlastword July 30, 2012

          Thanks for a big slice of truth. Hope you are well and welcome home.

          My wish is that our children would stop fighting the rich folks wars.

  6. William Deutschlander July 30, 2012

    Simply put, Romney is an arrogant, incompetent farce!

    Adelfson will do his best to purchase the election for his stooge, Romney.

  7. Debbie Kiesel-Ryan July 30, 2012

    So, another let’s go to war man or you can go to war and we won’t stop you because we don’t like them. This is going along with how the world will end. I guess Mitt is the false prophet who is going to lead us along that path, if we elect him.

  8. nomaster July 30, 2012

    It is obvious that Willard the Rat man is still light on thinking for himself and knowing what he is talking about and heavy on sticking his foot in his month. What a great selection for a presidential candidate. If he owned a cat he would be stepping in shit all of the time.

    1. Dr. DanielA July 30, 2012

      No wonder he let his doggie ride on the car roof-top. What matters to him than his millions and how to rake even more millions through warfare at the cost of more American lives.

  9. John Mackey July 30, 2012

    A person who always says, “In Regards To…”, instead of “In Regard To…” is an imbecile. His staff is remiss for not breaking him of this habit. If they have told him, and he still persists, it’sproof he’s a flawed leader.

    1. Eduardo July 31, 2012

      Mackey: A person who says “… for not breaking him of this habit… “, instead of “… breaking him OFF this habit…” is a REAL imbecile … LOL, LOL !!!
      You stand CORRECTED!
      Who is the REAL imbecile here ?

  10. joujou228 July 30, 2012

    “I will not make policy while on foreign soil” but his speech did just that. Does he know what he’s saying?

  11. Earl Rogers Jr. July 30, 2012

    I have seen everything now,a want to be American President putting down a sittingPresident of America to any foreign country.What is it with some american ,that they would sell out our country to Israel, to become the next president.To say to a foreign government that no matter what they do ,we as American would never criticism them.Is Mitt Romney that “STUPID”? Why don’t he just say when and if he become President that he will make America a part of Israel and be done with it,couse that is just what he is saying.Israel is not God,and their History so far is not that much batter then a lot of country,and that part about being the only democracy in the region,since when.So do tell us what make them one,for sure ,not the thing they have done in the Mideast and their have been time we should have veto Israel policy in the area.

    1. DukeDacat July 30, 2012

      Why do you think the Brits now refer to him as “Mit the Twit”

  12. Jeremy July 30, 2012

    A vote for Romney will be like a vote for Bush, Cheney, Rove and Rumsfeld all rolled into one!

  13. Mark Esche July 30, 2012

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we now have Mitt the Twit going 0 for 2 on his great foreign policy roadshow. What’s next, Polish Jokes? Go out and convince people to register to VOTE!!! We absolutely do not need this man as President,nd we need desperately to vote out the GOP goons that are trying to turn this country into a feudal society. They are out of touch. They need to be out of office.

    1. Maynard July 30, 2012

      Out of touch? He hasn’t called Mexican-Americans wet-backs yet. Of course, that might have to do with the fact that his great grandfather fled to Chihuahua, Mexico with his four wives and then added another.
      But that has nothing to do with Mitt. I think he should be appointed ambassador at large so his wit and charm can win more friends for America. If Obama refuses to do it, Adelson could step in with the funds and support. Now there’s a true American-Israeli dual citizen!

      1. nana4gj July 30, 2012

        True, he has just called Mexican Americans “lazy”, free loaders, illegals, and looking for handouts.

        1. Nafji July 31, 2012

          Yes Mexican American are lazy but butter than Israelis, show me any Zionist jew are public service in America most of jews are money maker with real states hotel and jewellers they are lazy came few hours in business place and go back to home to eat kosher food and make babies.

    2. Don July 30, 2012

      Sounds like Mitt is talking like our Governor Christi from NJ

  14. Steve O'Leary July 30, 2012

    Either ignorant or no backbone. Oh, what was the donations and support he receives from the pro-Zionist block.

    Politically it makes sense, morally it does not.

    Why can’t the tone be the promotion of Justice and Peace.

    Why abandon that?

  15. Salamah Mahdi July 30, 2012

    This is what happens when two ^** holes meet!

  16. Colleen Klemp July 30, 2012

    Just like a typical WAR Hawk. This country is already suffering from the costs of Iraq, without starting another conflict. This would drive the deficit even more, which is what the Righties always complain about. Their answer is to punish the middleclass & poor even more.

    1. karinursula July 30, 2012

      I wonder if Romneys sons would volunteer for this conflict? I think not

  17. Bigspender July 30, 2012

    Do Americans need any more evidence of Romney’s unsuitability to be POTUS?

  18. Lyle Miller July 30, 2012

    You know, I don’t think Romney’s policies are likely to be perfect. However, I doubt they can be much worse than Obama’s. Even with Osama dead, Obama’s policies have done nothing to make the Middle East, or the world at large for that matter, a more peaceful place. If you say that Romney has no clue, you may be correct. He may have to learn a thing or two. But if you argue that Obama is better, you are way off track. Obama has had almost four years to get things on track and figure it out, and they are not better under his administration. They are worse. I am not inclined to think that giving him another four years is going to improve his track record. More likely than not, another four years will be throwing even more gasoline on the fire than Romney potentially could. I could be wrong, but it is obvious that we need a change. What Obama has been doing is just not working.

    “Change we can believe in — Replace Obama!”


    1. Independent1 July 30, 2012

      The relations are worse?? How so?? I’ll agree that a great deal of progress hasn’t been made but to some degree that’s because of Isreal’s refusal to be flexible. But I’ve heard very little news about violence over the situation for the past two years or more whereas when Bush was Prez, the violence was constant….so how is it “worse”? Sounds to me like you’re just trying to defuse Romney’s absurd statements by trying to create blame for not solving the situation elsewhere. I’ll tell you one thing…if Romney gets elected, the situation over there will definitely turn worse because he’s basically told the Palestinians that they’re on their on their own because he’s absolutely on Isreal’s side. So they’ll have no choice but to escalate the violence in order to try and gain some presence in the situation.

      1. Independent1 July 30, 2012

        I just want to give you and example of what Romney has done: It’s like arbitrator trying to work out a wage despute with a company saying: “Be advised that I’m in total agreement with whatever the company says…so if they say the job is worth $10/hour, then I’m in total agreeement…I will not dispute what the company says…so like it or not, that’s the way it is.”

    2. ObozoMustGo July 30, 2012

      Lyle… you are spot on, my friend. Well put. The thing that confuses me is that Obozo has been so friggin bad that I’m just not certain how bad he has to be before people stop supporting him? I’ve stated it many times on this site and no one has ever refuted me, but I think the leftist nutjobs and useful idiots that swim in this sea of leftist insanity called “The Memo” would vote for Obozo even if they had pictures of him performing lewd acts with a minor. It’s like he’s a religious cult figure to them. Not only is that odd, but it’s dangerous, as well.

      Have a great day!

      1. nhpoet July 30, 2012

        It appears both of you confuse generalities with actual reality, i.e., if the national economy is bad, the sitting president is bad. To accept exaggerated criticism of President Barack Obama as gospel means you have no sense of self nor do you think in terms of historical context or cause and effect.

        Your language – choice of undignified and salacious words – identify such a low standard that no reader will agree with your opinion ever. So what you write is just to show off your arrogance and bravado? It cannot be to persuade anyone to adopt your thinking.

        The shame and disgrace of your writing is simply that your ideas contribute nothing to public discourse – societal discussion of what is happening in the country and what should be done to improve the nation.

        Mere opinion has very little value – especially in a national referendum for the future direction of the United States of America. The choice of our next president should be a solemn, sober, and extensive debate on the merits and demerits of the candidates. Please use reasoning in your next comment so others may understand your thinking – not what you feel about one candidate or the other.

        p.s. Where in the world did you get the idea that people think of President Obama as a religious cult figure? That has to be the most insane notion I’ve ever heard!

        1. ObozoMustGo July 30, 2012

          nhpoet… It is self evident to any objective, outside observer that there is, without question, a cult-like following of Barack Hussein Obozo. It’s the only way to explain why so many support a president of the USA who doesn’t think that America is excptional and wants to “fundamentally transform” it. Obozo has more in common ideologically with Fidel Castro than he does George Washington. Not only that, but after 4 years, it is clear for all to see how his resolute committment to discredited Keynesian policies on steroids is crushing our economy under government debt with nothing to show for it. He’s appeased our enemies, insulted our allies, acted unilaterally in wars giving deference to a corrupt UN and sticking his middle finger up at Congress. He’s illegally funneled arms to drug cartels that result in killing Americans. He’s laundered taxpayer money to his rich buddies for payoffs at failed Solyndra, Solar Trust, Ecotality, and dozens of others. He’s left unemployment above 8% for the longest running period since the failure of FDR.


          Obozo has been a disaster for America. Obozo must go.

          Have a nice day!

          1. Independent1 July 30, 2012

            You really like make outlandish, rediculus comments based on hearsay and watching too much Faux News. If you really want to rundown a president, why not use some facts: Let me try it with Bush: he allowed a 9/11 terrorist attack that killed almost 3,000 Americans to happen on his watch, mainly because he had U.S. security so caught up trying to plan how to start a war in Iraq that they missed the signals) he allowed bin Laden to get away in Afghanistan because he was more interest again in attacking Iraq; he blatantly lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction so he could start an unnecessary war that killed another 5,000 Americans (so he, Cheney and their buddies and supporters could stuff fraudulently charged defense dollars into their pockets) and which together with passing two unfunded tax cuts and adding a drug benefit to Medicare as a giveaway to the drug industry, has helped him run up 8-10 trillion in deficits (he’s responsible for the majority of the deficits under Obama for a couple reasons: 1) his tax cuts and ongoing recovery costs from the recession that his policies created are still adding to the deficits, as are the costs of the Medicare drug program he never paid for, 2) he negotiated Tarp and the autobailout which are a good chunk of the deficits that have been incurred under Obama; his administration allowing the economy to run amok (like Coolidge did in the 1920s) resulted in arguably the worst recession since the GOP created Great Depression; so the fact that under Obama, only 4,000,000 new jobs have been created over the past 3+ years (which is over 1,000,000 more than were created by Bush in 8 years), is really quite an accomplishment when a political power opposing you has done everything it can to see that you fail since you’ve elected.

          2. Independent1 July 30, 2012

            Just one parting comment: Being responsible for the deaths of more than 8,000 Americans and creating trillions of dollars in UNNECESSARY American debt, is far more egregious than anything you could possibly say about Obama. Despite what you say, the debt being incurred under Obama is at least being spent in trying to get the economy to recover from a very bad recession, whereas, almost all the debt under Bush could have been avoided.

          3. ObozoMustGo July 30, 2012

            Indy… you are seriously stoned out of your mind if you believe that diatribe. On the one hand you say it’s all Bush’s fault, as if blaming him magically makes Obozo’s 4 years in office and annual budget deficits of $1.5T go away like they never happened. And on the other hand, you admit that Obozo is running up the debt.

            Either Obozo has done nothing, in which case he should not be reelected for incompetence. Or, he’s responsible, in which case he should not be reelected for gross incompetence. Which one is it?

            Blaming Bush for Obozo’s spending is akin to saying that Obozo is powerless to change the spending of the government. Which is plainly false. That would be like Bush blaming Clinton for the spending of the wars which would not have been needed if Clinton had enough backbone to deal with the Middle East issues. That’s like Bush could blame LBJ for the spending in the Great Destruction of Society programs he enacted.

            All of the blaming is nothing more than a diversion away from the true facts: Obozo is the single worst President in American history and he has added more to the debt in his time than all other presidents combined. If it’s on his watch, it’s his damned fault. TOO FRIGGIN BAD!!!

            You’re just another one of the useful idiot, leftist freaks that I speak of when I say you are lost in the religious worship of the messiah, Obozo. Once a cult member, you’ll drink the Kool-Aide even if it means your own death.

            Have a nice day!

          4. karinursula July 30, 2012

            I noticed you did not mentioned the trillions of Dollars of deficit that happened under Bush when he got us into 2 wars and most important the lives that were lost.

          5. ObozoMustGo July 30, 2012

            karin… you haven’t been paying attention. I’ve criticized Bush in many posts in the past. But I have a news flash for you… BUSH IS GONE FOR NEARYL 4 YEARS NOW! And he’s not on the ballet this year.

            The problem with you leftist nutjobs is that you cannot find your way to even criticize Obozo for a fiscal performance that is 3x worst than Bush! Like I said, there is NOTHING that Obozo could do that would keep you from voting for him. I merely asked how bad does he have to be for you to withdraw your support? Then substantiated my assertion with facts about his performance. That’s all.

            Have a nice day!

          6. Independent1 July 30, 2012

            Obozomust go, have you looked back at your comments and seen that you haven’t gotten 1 like? Isn’t it a bit strange that no ONE person agrees with you?? If you’re so smart, figure this one out: How did Romney legally create a 401K account worth 102million over 15 years when the most he could have putt into the account was $30,000/year or a total of $450,000 over 15 years. No investment vehicle on the planet LEGALLY creates that ki nd of return. So how did he do it? Or do you agree that maybe the IRS should look into it?

          7. ObozoMustGo July 30, 2012

            Indy… I am smart. Thanks. By the way, you need to check with a financial advisor. There is NO LIMIT to how much you may put into a 401K. The only IRS limit there is is how much you can put into a 401K out of pre-tax income. Plus, if it’s a Roth IRA within your 401K (which I do personally with Fidelity), you can contribute to it out of post tax income as much as you want. You see the limits are deductibility, not limits on savings.

            Besides, who cares. It’s HIS PERSONAL MONEY!!!!! NOT YOURS!!!! OR OBOZO’S TO SPEND!!!

            Why aren’t you leftist nutjobs more worried about what Obozo does with YOUR MONEY than what Mitt does with his personal money?

            For God’s sake. What the hell is going on in America when our fellow citizens decry success and wealth? This is why I call you guys on here leftist freaks. You are completely out of step with traditional American values and thinking with this “get the rich” garbage. Being successful and achieving wealth were always revered and desired in America. Until recently. Now, with nearly 50% of Americans paying ZERO income taxes, you have the balls to say that the other 50% are NOT PAYING THEIR FAIR SHARE?????????????????? What planet are you people from? I dont give a damn about your money or wealth. Why should you care about mine or Mitt’s or anyone elses????? Why don’t you keep your busy body noses out of other people’s business and mind your own?

            Why do you guys on the left constantly drone on and on about this “pay your fair share” crap. How stupid!! “Well Mitt only pays 15% of his income”…. duhhhh… it’s all capital gains, not wages. And he pays millions every year and donotes millions every year. Over 30% of his capital gains he pays in taxes or gives away to charity.

            Again, who friggin cares? This is America and people are fully allowed (until Obozo) to be successful and wealthy, to PURSUE happiness as they see fit without interference from the Fed.

            Have a nice day, indy!

          8. Lynda July 30, 2012

            Come on my friend. Surely you understand that the policies of the Bush administration that caused the deep recession and economic decline are still in place. Such as the Bush Tax Cuts that are still a major part of the continued shortage of revenue. Wars on the credit card and on and on. Spending rates are actually going down and the deficit is getting smaller each year. BTW, it is Congress that sets government spending as outlined in the Constitution.

          9. ObozoMustGo July 30, 2012

            Hi Lynda! I hope you are well today.

            Uhhhh…. let me get this straight…. You voted for Obozo because you wanted “change” and Obozo promised “fundamental transformation of America” which I suppose you support. He had full control of the executive and legislative branch (both house and senate) with wide majorities for 2 years. He’s been the one person required to sign off on continuing resolutions and “stimulus” spending of nearly $1TRILLION that is now baselined into the annual spending budgets. He’s been there nearly 4 years.

            AND HE’S DONE NOTHING?????? IT’S BUSH’S FAULT??????????


            ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

            You believe that???? Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!

            Cut it out, Lyn.. you’re killing me!!!! Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!


            Thanks for the laughs, my friend. 🙂

            Have a great day, Lynda!

          10. Elisabeth Gordon July 30, 2012

            get a new line – you are tedious, out-of-touch and come off as incredibly moronic…Have a nice day!

          11. Joseph Hemphill July 30, 2012

            I am not a leftist, but a centrist, and I think you are a despicable excuse for an American, while not a fan Of George Bush, he was still my president and commanded the respect of the office, you on the other hand slander and demean the office and the man, showing your true colors not as an American citizen, but as a subversive and a traitor. Our great country was built on the compromise of ideologies, not harmful or dangerous rhetoric. While President Obama has not performed stellar, ( some his fault, some not ) he is our duly elected leader and deserves the respect of the office. Just because we don’t always agree on policy or ideology does not make any of us less American or less patriotic.

          12. ObozoMustGo July 31, 2012

            Joe…. you could be right…. or wrong…. I have the utmost resect for the office, but not the man. How can we respect a man that does not respect America? Read my other posts in this thread for more detail on my position.

            Thank you for your service to America, Joe.

            Have a nice day!

          13. nhpoet July 30, 2012

            Thanks for showing everyone what extremist opinions you expouse. Have a better day in mid-November! (After your presidential candidate loses as badly as Barry Goldwater did in 1964 against a sitting president.)

          14. ObozoMustGo July 30, 2012

            nh… I am reminded of the old saying… “when the end is near, what was evil will then be good, and what was good will be then be evil, and the most dangerous activity one can undertake is to tell the truth”. I dont know who said it, but it’s true. Now more than ever.

            So now tellin the truth is “extremist” because it involves criticizing your beloved messiah and cult leader Obozo?

            Have a nice day!

          15. jarheadgene July 30, 2012

            What would it take to not for Obama….if he were suddenly Romney: a draft-dodging,pompous, silver-spoon-fed, trust-fund baby who changes (flip-flops) with the wind.

          16. DukeDacat July 30, 2012

            Why don’t you take your ever present salutation “Have a nice day!”
            And stick it up your ignorant ass………… and go back to bloging on Faux Noise………

            I am just saying… Have a nice day!

      2. Maynard July 30, 2012

        ObozoMustGo, I would not vote for Obama if they had pictures of him performing lewd acts with a minor. Now, doesn’t that take a load off your “mind?”

        1. ObozoMustGo July 30, 2012

          Congratulations Maynard! You are the first one to have ever replied back after what is probably 100 times I have made that assertion. The sad part is that the standard by which you will not vote for him is miserably low. It is equally sad that there are many of you on the left for whom even that standard is not enough.

          Have a nice day!

    3. rustingdreams July 30, 2012

      I agree with much of what you have said. I am dissapointed in Obama’s performance so far, but most of the dissapointments concerning the economy and other policies on the home front can be traced back to lack of compromise on the Republicans part. And concerning foreign affairs, I would indeed argue that Obama is better, and not just by a little. I also agree with your statement that Romney has no clue, but you have not gone nearly far enough. He is DANGEROUS!!!!!

    4. WhutHeSaid July 30, 2012

      Hey Lyle – are you blind or just unsmart? Obama hasn’t started any unnecessary (and unfunded) wars, he’s ended one, is in the process of ending another, sent Osama Bin Laden off to collect his 72 hags (along with quite a few of his Al Qaeda cohorts), helped the Libyans defeat Muammar Gaddafi without bearing total responsibility (and cost), and has generally snatched away the GOP’s long-standing claims of being the party with a strong foreign policy. All of this while managing to NOT piss off our closest allies with stupid public gaffes.

      His policies aren’t perfect — I’ve yet to see a president who had perfect foreign policies — but just what part of his foreign policy has failed in your opinion?

    5. jarheadgene July 30, 2012

      Are you kidding….with the obstructionist GOP Congress and previous Senate, you lay all blame on Obama. You fell for their BS hook line and sinker…just what McConnell was counting on, people like you, too lazy to research their lies and corruption add a little twinge of racism on all other Obama Haters and you might win an election even with a Moron like Romney.

  19. Rebecca July 30, 2012

    If Romney becomes President of the U.S. the world will truly believe how foolish Americans
    are. We are the only industrilaized nation that does not properly provide national health care. We are against protecting our children against gun violence and when we have A president who passes some form of health care law we are against it. WHY? We claim to be a true democracy but only the wealthy has a voice in this so called democracy. This is why Romney will win the election.

    1. Stella53 July 30, 2012

      Romney won’t win the election if the middle class, the poor, gay, minorities, women, the elderly and veterans all get off their duffs and get to the polls in November to make sure the greedy vulture capitalist Robmoney never steps foot in the White House as POTUS. Robmoney would be President of the United Rich, not the United States. We can’t afford to let money and bigotry win this election. Obama deserves another chance. Robmoney wants to carry on the GW Bush legacy. We did that already and look what happened to us. Carry people to the polls if they don’t have a ride on November 6th; bring them to the DMV or wherever they need to go to get a photo I.D. if they need one. If we who truly love and believe in this Country are willing to help others, we will win. The American people will win – Not Robmoney and his rich cronies.

  20. lkreu July 30, 2012

    And he says President Obama has terrible foreign policy experience!!

  21. Richard Kane July 30, 2012

    Most Muslims don’t know Michele Bachmann and sevaral evangelicals called Islam an inferior religion. Romney’s foreign policy will by them considered a Mormon foreign policy and he as a devote Mormon want to let the 6,000 suddenly more persecuted Mormons in Indonesia into the US.

    Due to Ron Paul’s reluctance Romney’s GOP nomination is not cetain. Jon Huntsman not Romney would help the Mormon Church gain respectability. Pakistan had a women President and the mistreatment of women drastically increased, having a President a Japanese ancestry did nothing to advance the small Japanese ethnic community in Peru, and Ron Paul is still trying to derail Romney getting the GOP nomination.

  22. William Dolph July 30, 2012

    Your ignorance of the political situation in the Middle East is absolutely stunning!! I suppose the Egyptian “vote” was representative of the new democracies in the Middle East. Ah, let me see. How many Copts can the Muslim Botherhood keep from the polls today?
    William Dolph, MD

  23. Nenny July 30, 2012

    Mitt Romney is so ignorant that he thinks the American people don’t see through him as another George Bush nervously trying to be president to outsource not only jobs; but, to send the American children to another war in Iran so he and his cronies pockets can bulge while the poverty-stricken children die to lower the poverty-stricken population. While he, his cronies, their family members (including their children) will be drinking wines, eating steaks and assorted cakes and sleeping in silky-made beds. Don’t vote for him like Steve Waterworth says; because he’ll say, in the end, you knew what he was about when you put him there–to seek the interests of the rich like Adelson!

    1. Richard Kane July 30, 2012

      Nenny, you are wrong Muslims and Mormons don’t drink wine. Romney doesn’t like silk and he looks healthy enough not to eat too many steakes

  24. ObozoMustGo July 30, 2012

    Can anyone on this site please tell me why the Obozo Admin does not say that the capital of Israel is Jerusalem? Any takers????

    Have a nice day!

    1. John Mackey July 30, 2012

      Jerusalem is also the capital of the soon-to-be State of Palestine. Only after a final settlement of the conflict between the parties will the USA and others relocate their embassies from Tel Aviv. The Israelis have thumbed their noses at the United Nations, which has condemned the Occupation of the West Bank & East Jerusalem since 1967.

      1. ObozoMustGo July 30, 2012

        But Jerusalem IS the capital of Israel. Why can’t they say it?

        1. nursecrd July 31, 2012

          The answer is that it would be “un-PC” to say that.

          1. ObozoMustGo July 31, 2012

            It’s “un-PC” to say the truth? How flucked up do you have to be when you cannot speak the simple plain truth?

          2. nursecrd July 31, 2012

            Is it un-PC to tell the truth? In my view it is not but in a world like we have now, telling the truth is bad. No one wants to hear the truth and the MSM has done a good job of brainwashing.

            For most people, the truth only matters when it affects them directly, then you see all of this righteous indignation come out even though the truth has been out there all of this time. I believe that being so “PC” will lead to war and more hatred. I suggest you consider what Chamberlain’s appeasement policy toward Hitler led to because being so “PC” is like appeasement.

          3. ObozoMustGo July 31, 2012

            nurse… you and I are on the same page!

            Have a great day!

      2. nursecrd July 31, 2012

        What occupation? Mind you that when Israel’ s war for independence ended in the late 1940’s, the borders that were drawn were not true borders but armistice lines. That fact has been buried by the MSM and others in the U.N. Also, when the treaty was drawn up to end the conflict in the 1940’s, the Arabs refused to sign it or honor it and it is that way today.

        Jerusalem is the seat of Israel’s government. There is no requirement that embassies of foreign countries need to be in a countries capital.

        If there is to be war in the middle east, and I believe there will be, it is persons such as yourself that will be responsible for it happening.

    2. nhpoet July 30, 2012

      Because Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel, you idiot!

      1. ObozoMustGo July 30, 2012

        Ask the Isrealis what they say……

  25. Laat je racket spreken July 30, 2012

    The man is dangerous!

  26. Absentminded Gadfly July 30, 2012

    Thank you, Joe, for your insightful article…

  27. Maynard July 30, 2012


    ………………………………………………. of Israel!!!!!!!!

  28. Marilyn Furrie July 30, 2012

    he is undermining the diplomacy of the REAL USA Government with his uncalled for remarks. He has not even been declared the official CANDIDATE and he is pretending to be POTUS. He is a true proof of the old saying “The remedy is worse than the disease”

  29. RonTruth July 30, 2012

    For Romney to go to Israel, acting as though he can project foreign policy statements that not only have long term effects but also immediate effects on the local Israeli public and leaders is way too sensitive. At a time when the Obama administration is involved, as they have been for a long time–and Romney knows this–or should, could cause serious consequences that undermine current negotiations. This, to me, shows a recklessness and an abandonment of good reason and effective thought that Romney exhibited when he dressed up as a policeman and harrassed motorists as a young man.

    Carl Rove made excuses for Romney then, saying that it was just the pranks of a young college age student. Rove forgets that someone in their twenties, age-wise, is supposedly already a grown-up. Rove forgets that the same man who acted as a cop, is now ACTING as though he were president.
    This latest one is far more dangerous than the first example. Romney’s remarks could, potentially,
    incite Iran toward rapidly working to develop nuclear weapons capability! And Romney is doing all this for purely political reasons. That makes it even worse.

  30. nursecrd July 30, 2012

    As to foreign policy, Obama had no experience when he entered office and to this day has learned nothing. The Obama foreign policy has alienated our friends and emboldened our enemies.

    Obama is no friend of the Jews or Israel and neither is the Democratic party. Any Jew who votes for Obama is in serious need of a lobotomy.

    1. Independent1 July 30, 2012

      Alienated what friends? You’ve obviously been listening to too much Faux News. Our relationships with other countries are lightyears better than they were under Bush when the whole world hated us because he acted like he was king of the planet and could tell every country how to govern and live their lives.

      1. nursecrd July 30, 2012

        Faux news? No different and no worse than the left wing pablum you and others like you suckle on. And as you said, alienated what friends, I could have not said it better myself. We had friends before Obama took office.

        Obama foreign policy has left many Arab and European leaders scratching their heads. It is obvious that the left wing news carefully censors what it puts out to make Obama look good and his competition look bad. The left wing news outlets use the Dan Rather method of journalism, namely insert foot in mouth and then blame someone else for your own stupidity.

        Certain groups/countries may have not liked Bush and I certainly did not like Bush either, but there was little no head scratching by other countries as to where the United States stood.

        If anyone is acting like he is king of the planet, Obama certainly likes to think he is.

    2. Joseph Hemphill July 30, 2012

      68 % of registered Jews Voted Obama, that number has climbed since mitt witts visit.

      1. nursecrd July 31, 2012

        In 2008, 78% of Jews voted for Obama. In recent polls only 68% would vote for Obama. That is a 13% drop.

        Unfortunately, most Jews are Democrats and lean to the left politically. What is also unfortunate is that these same Jews do not see Obama, his cabinet, and his policies as being racist and anti-semitic. Since Obama has taken office, the level of racism has increased. If you are white and disagree with Obamathink, you are called a “racist”. It has happened to me several times. Now maybe this is the kind of world you would like to live in, but this kind of attitude is reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

  31. ivory69690 July 30, 2012

    go to irasn before you go anywhere esle talk to them im sure thy want to give you money for ur cause tell them all those nice thing. thy will hail you as there new god romney there new gos the anti- christ . you two would make a great pair . you know like the ones that swing in a bulls sack

  32. jerder July 30, 2012

    Mitt Romney sure isn’t guilty of diplomacy, he has none, great way to get along with other countries. Put the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem? No wonder the Palestinians are upset. What is wrong with leaving the embassy just where it has been for years? I know. . . I know. . . he is trying to buy the Jewish vote in the U.S. as they are a huge voting block. And as far as letting Israel do whatever they want, like bombing Iran, etc., great way to sustain relationships overseas. He seems to forget that we have other, strong, relationships with other middle eastern countries like Lebanon, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia and there is a very thin balance between the rest of the middle east and Israel that the U.S. helps keep stable. Egypt and Saudi Arabia are also part of OPEC and many times they have voted to pump and release more barrels of oil which helped bring down the cost of oil and made gasoline more affordable for the U.S. and the rest of the world. We cannot afford to do anything to make that tender balance collapse for BOTH our and Israel’s sake.

  33. sheilab2 July 30, 2012

    Why do we kow tow to Israel? What have they ever done for us? Rope a dope romney is just trying for more votes since he can’t convince the rest of us that he would be a savior for the White House. Lots of money, money,money from the Jewish – I suppose that helps his coffers. Frankly, am sick of us bowing to Israel and applaud President Obama for his standoffish demeanor. Go Barak !!!

  34. daffodilly July 30, 2012

    Let’s hope that all but a cultish few take Romney’s campaign/fund raising talk with a grain of salt. His war chest take in Isreal is reported to have been $1million, which, though a lot to me, isn’t as much as one might have expected.

  35. Maxine July 30, 2012

    There are voters that don’t care what Romney say he just looks like what a president should look like. Sad for them

  36. Landsende July 30, 2012

    Just like Bush, if Romney is elected he will get us in another war we can’t afford that will cost us in loss of lives and the struggling economy. For years the United States has been trying to broker a peace accord but neither side is willing to give an inch. Maybe it’s time for the U.S. to quit supporting either side and then maybe they’ll have to come to some accord. We don’t need another war hawk for president. He’s trying to win the Jewish vote by his comments, but he seems to forget that America is the land of many nationalities and needs to work for the good of all, not just a few.

  37. Ken Odiorne July 30, 2012

    Netanyahu’s expression in the photo could be read: “this is a laughable, naive, and vain person, but I must keep my composure until the end of the photo-op”.

  38. DirkVanden July 30, 2012

    Romney’s attitude toward Israel has much to do with his Mormonism. Mormons consider themselves “New Jews” the “spiritual descendents” of one of the two lost tribes of Israel, the Lamanites & the Lemuelites, which, Joseph Smith claimed, came to America in tubs 2000 years ago. When he died, instead of going to Heaven, Jesus came to America to “save” the Lamanites. Mormons, their “spiritual descendents,” want to establish The Kingdom of Zion in Utah or Illinois. Mitt is getting himself into position to change the world from Christian to Mormon; in his head, he’s the perfect Mormon, in training for his own Godhood on a faraway planet after he dies. It would not surprise me a bit to learn that Mitt believes that we are fighting Armagedden, right now, and that God has chosen him specificlly to finish the job that George W Bush started on 9/11. Bush believed that he was responding to The Holy War to end The World, Armagedden, and most Republicans (& many Democrats) secreetly agree with him. Mitt certainly believes it & will take any opportnity to get rid of, or Mormonize, all Muslims. Then he and Jesus can stroll arm-in-arm in the capital of the USA–Salt Lake City, of course, just like Jerusalem will become the Isralei capital if Mitt gets elected.

    1. Independent1 July 30, 2012

      Has it occured to anyone that who Joseph Smith may have met in the dessert was Satan and not Jesus. Virtually everything that Mormonism tries to promote feeds human lusts…e.g., ending up with your own planet and in the early days polyamy. Does it make sense to anyone that the man who taught that we should think more of others than ourselves and that a woman who is abandoned by her husband and then has sex relations with another man is committing adultery, would even suggest such things???d I’m sorry, but Mormonism has nothing to do with Christianity.

  39. Elsa July 30, 2012

    I think the nick name for the Republican Party should be changed from the “Party of No” to the “Party of War.” Romney’s comments are reminiscent of Bush’s comments while he ran for President; Look what that got us. The United States should stand behind no Nation that has policies that encourage the mistreatment of any minority within their Nation or encourages illegal behaviors of their citizens. The Palestinian/Israeli conflict is a serious issue for not only them but for the world at large. Both sides have committed unspeakable acts towards each other and that has got to stop. It does not matter which side you like better, the US should be acting as an honest broker to help them reach an agreement that both sides can live with. I know that is a very large task, but pushing war is not the answer, it never has been. When Israel was carved out for the surviving Jewish People of the Holocaust it seemed the right thing to do at time – given the world’s choice to ignore the wholesale killing of innocent Jews in the concentration camps. The right thing to do now is to continue to spend our efforts to help bring peace to the Middle East without the use of War.

  40. HPM3 July 30, 2012

    This is where Romney’s religious views should be legitimately called into question.

    Mormons believe that we are living in the “latter days” (hence the official name of their church) and that Joseph Smith was given the “golden plates” to restore Christ’s church– in order to prepare the way for His return.

    But, in order for their prophecies to come to pass, there must be a gathering of the ten tribes of Israel (according to their most basic 13 articles of Faith -#10).

    LDS prophecy also predicts the exact location of the “final war” as Megiddo or the Valley of Jezreel (in northern Israel).

    It is one thing to pre-judge someone and make assumptions about their personal beliefs because of their religious/cultural traditions (to discriminate solely based on association). However, it is equally nonsensical not to raise relevant concerns at all for fear of being “politically incorrect.”

    Everything that Mitt says and does suggests that he believes those Mormon prophecies wholeheartedly.

    1. DirkVanden July 30, 2012

      He will never say so, of course, but Mitt believes he is “The Perfect Mormon,” and has been chosen by God to lead the people of this world to Mormonism. He won’t preach,he’ll just BE perfect (in his & his family’s opinion) but there will be pairs of boys in white shirts and black pants, on bicycles on every corner of America trying to save your soul for Jesus. If you’re ready for The United States of Mormon, vote for Mitt

  41. karinursula July 30, 2012

    Do Senor and Romney talk to each other? Do they want us to believe that Senor did
    this all on his own? BS, Romney knew what Senor was going to say, you know I’m actually afraid that this ass could win

    1. highpckts July 30, 2012

      Yes he could because as previously said, most voters either don’t have the time, don’t care about foreign policy or are just too lazy to care! Down right scarey!! If Romney pulls this off with his arrogance and money we will be in a world of hurt! I have always been an Independant, choosing to vote for who I think can do the best job under the circumstances, but this guy truly scares me!

      1. Eduardo July 31, 2012

        Yes, highpckts: You have “always” been an “IndepenDANT” and, as truthful as that statement is this: I have always been able to fly and to predict the winning Lotto ticket number ….
        And remember, as I have told you before (but you don’t listen !), it’s not “scarey” but “scary” !! … and NOTHING is more “scary” than Obozo running around the (Eastern) world BOWING to Saudi kings … give me a break !!
        You liberats are running scared (scarred ?) because you KNOW the whipping that Mitt Romney will give your clueless idol come November , LOL !!

  42. TheOldNorthChurch July 30, 2012

    The American People by wide margins support four countries in the area of mutual defense; Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Israel. There are only Seven more that exceed a support level of 50%. No Middle East or African country exceeds 35% support.

    It appears Romney in this case is just stating the obvious. His position is aligned with the American People. Why does the “Political Class” go against the American public?

  43. In attempting to curry favor with his political base, Mr. Romney has just walked the United States over a cliff. If he is elected he has telegraphed his intentions to not only Israel but to their opposition states. This effectively removed any flexibility on the issue. Iraq probably feels that a Romney election is the equal to a declaration of war.

    His remarks were stupid and shortsighted and he needs to be called on this.

  44. callmeisaac July 30, 2012

    It’s time for a change in US policy on Jerusalem. What is the justification for splitting Jerusalem in our times when Berlin is united and the Germans are supplying the Syrians and Iranians with nerve gas? I never hear a credible explanation of the Arab claim. It’s just scream loud over and over again but there is no beef? It’s just a house of cards a fistful of lies and deceits and it’s time to say bye bye to this crap.

  45. Bob July 30, 2012

    Pander is an a-hole and the Israelis are as much terrorists as any other group in the region.

    When will the US learn that our unbridled support of Israel causes, in great part, our problems in the region.

    apparently pander hasn’t read the CIA’s briefings and analyses.

  46. daniel bostdorf July 30, 2012

    We live in a complex and dangerous world now of highly partisan politics and religion combined with uninformed, factually clueless opinion passed off as fact.

    This is a global problem due to the explosion of the internet. Ignorance knows no nation-state boundaries. It is actually celebrated. If you have no sense of history, you repeat it.

    In pre-Nazis 1930’s Germany we had fascist propagandist Joseph Goebbels stating:

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    We all know what happened during that experiment in fascism. Then came Jospeh McCarthy in the 1950’s with him making accusations of Communist infiltration into the State Department. Now we have Michelle Bachman claiming there are Muslim Brotherhood infiltration.

    Today in America, we have the Teaparty, Karl Rove, Limbaugh, Beck, Palin, Bachman and dozens of others with the billionaires that support them ie the Koch brothers and friends.

    This is a deadly (and calculated) combination of stupidity and money. The money buys the air time to repeat the lies. And our populace that is basically educated up to the sixth grade swallows it all as truth. That’s why we have a Fox network.

    That is why we may also be condemned to repeat history.

    Our world geo-political dynamics and religious zealotry cannot be reduced to a business plan that Romney thinks he control and outsource to a hand full of advisors …His bizarre gaffes (while attempting to show that he is a world leader) shows us, IN REALITY, that he completely lacks the full capacity of even remotely understanding diplomacy.

    This alone make him unqualified to be president….among many dozens of other reasons.

    This is more than an embarrassment to American political processess….it is call to arms to prevent the 21st century version of fascism from being allowed to happen in teh United States of America.

    Joe Conason is dead on with his observation that: “how does it serve American interests, including our interest in a secure Israel and a settlement of the Palestinian conflict, to subordinate US policy regarding Jerusalem or any other policy matter, to a foreign government?”

  47. emadis41 July 30, 2012

    What do you expect from Mr. Romney? He wanted the White House at any cost, even at the expense of the US foreign policy flexibility, given the say to a demagogue like Mr. Netanyaho, who killed the peace process and caused the assassinations of Nobel Prize winner, Isaac Rabin. Mr. Romney will weaken our position within the Arab and Muslims, and may cause another war between Israel and its neighbors, and perhaps drag US into another war. The NeoCons do not see what the war in Iraq has done, because they are short sighted people.

    Please think carefully before you cast your vote, this guy wanted to be a servant to foreign government, not exactly seeking our best interest.

  48. Joan Maurer July 30, 2012

    Is any one else concerned that he raised a Million dollars while in Israel? This money did not all come from Americans that just happened to be in Israel. I am also concerned about Sheldon Adelson’s possible involvment with the Triad. Why does’nt Michelle have “questions” about him? I will give Mr Adelson props – at least he is not an anonymous donor.

    1. iAintNoSculler July 30, 2012

      American Jewish entrpreneurs, for the most part, do not fall into agreement with extreme right conservatism. You know, that irks me. Why do we call such behavior “conservatism”?

  49. grownupinterrupted July 30, 2012

    I’m surprised that the Israelis have not been up in arms about the fact that the Mormons have been “baptizing” Holocaust survivors and other Jews for years.

  50. Robert July 30, 2012

    Mitt is just expressing his core beleives, and it is very hard to go gainst what you were tough to beleive. He needs alot more information to change the only thing he knows. Plus the people around him are not much better. Add to that, his cold and insentive nature, he has some major issue he has to over come as person.

  51. Robert July 30, 2012

    Does the Gop really want to get Omaba out of the white house that bad?

  52. Milton July 30, 2012

    Romney is not the president yet, is he? Is he out of line making comments on the Israel/Palistine debacle, like how about WAY out. Romney went to England, strike one, then Israel strike two, and Poland

  53. 1standlastword July 30, 2012

    “The summer tour that was supposed to burnish his credentials has only inflamed doubt about his fitness to serve.”

    But the Republicans don’t see it this way.


    Because Romney will simply be a placeholder, a figurehead as Republican POTUS.

    He’ll also be “the POTUS” for the 2% richest most powerful citizens “only”!

    He’ll make appearances while talking the neocon talk and walking the Tea Party walk.

    In short, the GOP doesn’t want a POTUS to govern; they want to govern over the POTUS and for that agenda, Romney is perfect.

    The GOP will support Robotic Romney till cometh the end of his most embarrassing defeat which if there is justice in the cosmos will presage their own near total defeat.

    For the first time since the end of the American Revolutionary War, the Republic is truely under the full assault of fools and charlatans.

    This great hoard of barbarians have already breeched the castle walls in an attempt to utterly destroy anything in its wake that smacks of freedom, liberty and justice and the right of “the good life” for the real patriots of this young Democracy.

    Romney is a man of conflicted values. His identity is fundamentally unstable and he must be defeated!!!!!!!

    1. iAintNoSculler July 30, 2012

      1standlastword, wow! You’re probably right. Now I’m really frightened.

  54. howa4x July 30, 2012

    He wants a Bush redo from the economy to policy toward Israel. The American exceptionalism of the republican party will surely lead us to another war. This philosphy caused bush to act unilaterally in engaging us in war with token ally support. Considering Mitt will do anything for the rich in this country will he also defend the kingdom of hatred(Saudi Arabia) when their spirng comes knocking. The hawks alreaady are beating the drum on Iran and want us to intervene in Syria. With a professional army there is no end to the amout of war that can be waged. But does the middle class whos status is shrinking and the lower one that republicans have sworn to cut off the life line , want to keep sending their sons into wars meant to make the rich even richer?
    That will be the question that will decide this election and those to come.

  55. Jay Louis July 30, 2012

    “The governor would respect that decision.” What governor? Mitt Romney hasn’t held elected office in six years!

    1. highpckts July 30, 2012

      Sarah Palin hasn’t held office for a few Years either and yet everyone still calls her governor and hangs on her every word and she couldn’t even finish her term! The voting public is truly scary!

  56. Eduardo Gonzalez July 30, 2012

    Correct me if I’m mistaken, but I had the silly idea that he was running for President of the USA. He has essentially gone to Israel and announced that if elected, he’ll be their b_tch.

    1. Eduardo July 31, 2012

      Come on, Gonzalez: with a name like EDUARDO you should be a pretty bright guy, but you are obviously not.
      Your comment to the effect that ” He has essentially gone to Israel and announced that if elected, he’ll be their b_tch” is sooo DUMB. What was your impression when Obozo told Medvedev’s representative that Med should “… cut me some slack until after the election”??
      After the election, the WORST President EVER will be out of a job !! LOL !

  57. cabadas July 30, 2012

    Romney’s is a very stupid and dangerous person, he will say do anything to be president.

  58. Ron July 30, 2012

    What’s his problem? He’s supposed to be smart. I guess he’s showing his foreign policy ignorance while the world is laughing at him. It’s scary to think that he could be elected.

  59. Jim Eaton July 30, 2012

    Mitt is the monkey to Sheldon Adelson’s organ grinder.

  60. nana4gj July 30, 2012

    I am not a foreign policy expert. I did not major in anything related to government, politics, foreign policy, etc. I am a recently retired RN, a grandmother, but, I predicted as much re Romney’s Israeli visit, in many blogs and comment sections. I am not at all surprised. I said he harmed himself in London; would harm the US in Israel; and Lord only knows what he will do in Poland, who will be, at least, prepared for him if they have followed his two prior “journeys”.

    I knew these were his “policy positions”, as given to him by Addellson. I knew he would state them publicly, thereby removing any semblance of a “credible broker for Peace”, a trusted negotiator, as any US President must be, regardless of our “special relationship” with Israel. In fact, because of that special relationship, the US and her President, must be more than a war monger, if we truly do have the best interests of Israeli at heart.

    War is not the answer in the Middle East anymore. The Arab Spring was born of an educated, intelligent new generation that wants no one, not even their own, dictating to them, suppressing them, and doling out injustice. Just about every country/state in the Middle East has armory and nuclear capacity and plenty of allies to keep them supplied. And Israel’s continued settlements, perceived obstinate behaviors, all in the name of their vulnerability in the neighborhood, has done nothing to retain the blind support of her allies who are not the US. Furthermore, that kind of war will not be limited to the Middle East.

    It appears the neocon right wing Republicans in the US, and Romney since he is their titular “Leader”, are seeking Armaggedon and Rapture; are ignorant; and are as clumsy in the application of their ideology and in the rhetoric they use to proclaim it, abroad as they are at home on domestic issues; and are operating with a world view that expired 30 years ago.

    Dan Senor….I also said he is the source of the “anonymous Anglo-Saxon” remark made in London; the one that said “Obama doesn’t understand the special relationship with the Brits because he is not Anglo-Saxon….”, which went over with the Brits like a lead balloon.

    This crowd of Republicans who seek to rule the world and our country, and I do mean rule, not govern, are hapless and dangerous on all counts. No one anywhere in the world wants to fall on the sword because some Americans hate Obama more than they value their own lives.

  61. nana4gj July 30, 2012

    The man is lacking in Character, from which all else springs. No one is prepared to do the job of President, so the most important qualification should be Character, which speaks to independent judgement, accountability, good common sense, honesty, diplomacy, problem solving, being able to be “quick on one’s feet”, social grace and appropriateness, resistance to being manipulated, having the courage of your own convictions, a core that guides you to do the right thing for the right reasons, at the right time, with the right resources, and the courage to stand by the decision and to accept the consequences. Character gets you through just about anything, from graciously accepting a cookie offered or politely declining it, to, complimenting a country on the hard work of organizing an Olympics with austerity and the ever-present threat of terrorism, to knowing when to keep your mouth shut and, if you must open it in public, to be as non-threatening and insulting as possible, especially when you are a nobody and have no authority with which to act.

    He can sell himself and all the rest of us to Israel in private, promising whatever he wants, “bowing and scraping”, and “apologizing” for what he perceives as bad current foreign policy, in order to pimp still more billions of dollars for himself, but he should keep his public mouth shut. His lack of Character, however, is what makes him do whatever for his own personal ambitions, which undermines all the rest above, especially judgement, good sense, and integrity.

    How dumb is it, and arrogant, to think that he can breeze in there and solve “Jerusalem” in two days, when it has not been solved in over 60 years by far better men than Mitt Romney, arrested in development at his “prank days”.

  62. nana4gj July 30, 2012

    Simon Peres, just made a public statement saying that “This US Administration has done more for the security and support of Israel than any Administration in the past”. Extracted from an upcoming interview with him on CNN today.

  63. Nancy July 30, 2012

    Never, EVER Vote ReTHUGlican, unless, of course, you want to return to the Bush years, and the same “Handlers” who will pull Romney’s strings! This fool must NOT be allowed to appoint another Sycophant to our SCOTUS! America can’t afford him!

  64. Don July 30, 2012

    What is Romney up to in his travels in Europe? Why is he saying such destructive things

  65. nana4gj July 30, 2012

    Deep down, the respect I have always had for the state of Israel and most of her Leaders, and always, her people, is that they are far too intelligent and sensible and practical, to fall for “pandering” and “patronizing”…in the worst sense of the word….than we give them credit for. I want to believe that they would appreciate more, a true friend, the kind of friend who will tell them what they want to hear and also what they don’t necessarily want to hear, in their best interests.

    I fervently hope that they have watched the American Republicans over the past 12 years and come to the same conclusion that most of UK’s Parliament has, that we have, and that is that they have devolved into an untrustworthy, extremist Party that operates out of their own political ambition for power and not even with the best interests of their own country, much less any other country, as their prime motivator.

    There will be some over there, in Israel, who will eat this junk from Romney up, but I hope and expect that sane and rational heads will prevail. He may bring home lots of money but, at the end of the day, it is up to the American people if we let this nitwit loose on the world.

    1. iAintNoSculler July 30, 2012

      nana4gj, you are so kind. Netenyahu likes to invoke fear and incite madness. You might not realize it, but, I think many in Israel are not in agreement with him. Basically it’s extreme right talking to extreme right. Is it right to involve the entire world into what could be a nuclear war because Israel(Netanyehu) has such strong convictions?

  66. This is what happens when loyalty is provided blindly — to party, to candidate, to country.

  67. rustingdreams July 30, 2012

    Hi Obozo! In checking your profile I notice you have spewed 1921 comments and received a total of 619 likes. How are your math skills? Have a wonderful day!

  68. Richie T July 30, 2012

    “The United States should never adopt any position “publicly” that might indicate disagreement with Israel”
    This from a person that’s trying to get elected as President.
    With all the screwed-up comments he keeps making, it looks like he’s running AWAY from the White House. If he doesn’t stop sticking his foot in his mouth soon, he’ll never be able to walk again.
    Considering all the people in this country that DO believe we should be support Israel,
    that comment cost him allot of votes.

  69. Dr. DanielA July 30, 2012

    Nothing seems to matter to Mitt Romney than his zillions and some. If he becomes president, he will send off American youths to another devastating Mid-east war, thereby making even more millions for himself and his cronies.

  70. ebenezera July 30, 2012

    A VOTE for Romney is a VOTE for WAR.Do yu need them REPUBLICANS? Get ready for another WATER BOARDING this time DICK CHENEY himself will be the executer

  71. Fern Woodfork July 30, 2012

    Romney Is Such A Damn Fool He’s Only Making Himself Look Bad!!!

  72. ghhshirley July 30, 2012

    I support Israel’s right to defend itself against any threat in the region, whether it be Hezbollah, Iran’s proxy, or Hamas or Iran. Having said that I think it would be foolish to instigate (or basically give Israel implicit permission for) an attack on Iran at this time (as Romney did during this trip to Israel). It will have no outcome other than to unite the Iranian opposition within Iran-mainly the youth- who abhor the current regime in Iran, against the United States instead.

    This is what happened in Iraq after we invaded. Bush miscalculated terribly. We must learn from the mistakes of the past.

    It will only be a matter of time before the Iranian people will get rid of their disgusting regime on their own, and it will be defeated without either Israel or the U.S.A. firing a shot.

    Keep up the pressure via sanctions. Patience is key. Mitt is a Cheney-ite, and just as dangerous.

    1. ExPAVIC July 30, 2012


      Why is Mittens now making cracks about the Russians? The Cold War has been over for years since the collapse of the Soviet Union. They are struggling like we are and its does absolutely no good to tick off Putin right now since they could help hold off the Muslims.

    2. iAintNoSculler July 30, 2012

      ghhshirley, this is a well stated comment. I agree. What’s more, it makes a point many of us have missed and a point none of us should have forgotten.

  73. Tallboy52 July 30, 2012

    Far Right Conservatives are just begging for a confrontation with Iran, all you have to do is look at the behavior of Romney in Isreal and that’s enough to tell the story.

    Of course this is to be expected from the Party that would go to war in the Mid-East, strictly as a Money making venture for companies like Halburton etc; while telling the Middle Class and the Low Income poverty level people here at home basically, “Your on your own”!

  74. MARTIN K July 30, 2012

    Ugh! What a boob! WHY would we vote this guy into the highest office in the land??? WHY???? Please do not vote him in! If you don’t like Obama either…vote in your own choice!! We need true leadership..is that too much to ask? This idiot will get us blasted off the face of the earth with his loose talk!!

  75. Obama 2012!

  76. bcarreiro July 30, 2012

    He is putting his money where his mouth is and its paying off ….eat your words.

    1. iAintNoSculler July 30, 2012

      bcarreiro, exactly, he thinks his money will control everything. Guess what? If we don’t wake up, God forbid, that just may happen. Haven’t we had enough of this? Why can’t you smell the coffee?

  77. ExPAVIC July 30, 2012

    How Appropriate

    Newsweek correctly labels Mittens a WIMP and correctly too. Six males in their immediate family and no one (NONE) have served their country in any capacity, not even as noncombatant ambulance drivers

    1. tokoloshi27 July 31, 2012

      ExPAVIC, I’m not sure your comment has much basis. Given your statement on noncombatant ambulance drivers, much has changed since Hemingway undertook that role in WWI – the Geneva convention categories alone have ‘eliminated’ that route; it falls to the Muhammad Ali – bedpan option now.

      Since Gov Romney elected to take the path of missionary for the Church of latter day saints, is it possible that his immediate family have taken that route? Would you not grant that that route (for whatever reason) is likely the moral equivalent of ambulance driver? Peace Corps (like Lillian Carter) is another honorable option.

      Mitt’s own previous state service does, of course, like Clinton’s, rates as service to the country.

      1. ExPAVIC July 31, 2012


        Where does it say that being a Mormon missionary trumps military service to the United States, especially if you are running for POTUS and not the head of a cult? And, you would allow his family five slots in the same service. That smacks of a fanaticism and not a religious choice.

        While Mittens hid out in Le Havre, France, Clinton was in college with a Class F physical deferment (bad knees).

        Trouble with American Taliban Republicans they like to make up their own rules as the game is being played. Karl Rove, and Dr. Joseph Goebbels, both good at this game.

        1. tokoloshi27 August 2, 2012

          ExPAVIC – “trumps” is your word. Under the selective service act there were a number of religious convictions and activities that the local boards could use to delay or substitute for military service.

          In my own case even though I served in the Coast Guard, I would have had to re-register for the draft if I had been 18 months younger when I got out. The boards had a lot of power.

          1. ExPAVIC August 2, 2012


            When you are running for POTUS, “trumps” become your opponent’s Aces.

            You must have been talking early war times. After Hue in February 1968, they Selective Service was taking everything with a heartbeat and a pulse to fight that war.

            From what I saw in Vietnam (1967) we could have used a few missionaries in the Delta, Saigon, Hue, DaNang and many, many others. For that service, I am sure the street walkers in Le Havre, France, could have foregone their conversion to Romney’s cult.

            Browsed through the Book of Mormon and saw nothing that would assist Mittens in becoming Commander in Chief. That fact and his foreign policy gaffs render him as unqualified for the position he is seeking. I hope the American public is smart enough to see this and the Democrats point out in respond to all of Romney criticisms and no solutions.

            He will generate 12 million jobs? Is there that kind of need for Mormon Missionaries?

  78. antoinepgrew July 30, 2012

    He’s willing to sign up the sons and daughters of American citizens in another war to assuage a foreign country’s paranoia?

    I am livid. How dare he! He’s not a King or God. And being President wouldn’t make him one.

  79. maryjcorliss July 30, 2012

    How many of us have joined some religious group to pray unceasingly that Willard Romney should never be president? Incredible that he is so far right that most of the Republicans couldn’t even support him.

  80. grammyjill July 30, 2012

    Obozo, you know what it would take for me to remove my support for the BEST President we’ve had since Clinton? I would run away if he started acting like Romney.
    Now a few facts for you to mull around in your narrow minded KKK brain. Since the President took office there has been 28 straight months of job growth. That’s about 5 million new jobs. The defict was cut by 48.7 billion in may. He has done more for this country in his 3 1/2 years than both Bushes put together. Clinton also went into office in the middle of a Bush recession. It took him 6 years to pull us out then he built up a pretty big surpluss. Of course Bush 2 killed that quick, then dug us in the hole alot deeper. So, yes mr. obozo, I will stick with my President thank you very much.

    have a joyess day!

  81. ExPAVIC July 30, 2012


    Should the worst happen and RoMoney gets elected, those of us attending the Rio Olympics in 2016 would have to do so wearing paper bags over our heads.

  82. phantomoftheopera July 30, 2012

    just what we need, another
    war, particularly one in which atomic weaponry may be involved.

    we already are in serious debt because of iraq (started unnecessarily) and afghanistan. not only was there no plan for paying for them, taxes were cut!

    if those hawks want to have a war, let them pay for it. and send their sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters to fight it.

    1. iAintNoSculler July 30, 2012

      phantomoftheopera, your comment is totally appropriate. Let’s hope that the people writing policy are reading your comment and paying attention to it.

  83. rustacus21 July 30, 2012

    Inciting fear, anxiety, outrage & hate is the conservative way & being perfected by the day, by Mr. Romney’s trainers. All these ‘mitt-quotes’ are NOT accidental, nor ill-timed as they may seem. They’re designed for a specific audience & who understands EXACTLY what he’s saying & why! There will be no Mid East peace plans, no regulations on the banker/investment class, no cuts to military spending & NO income equality initiatives – all addressed in these short little sound-bites. If this all sounds familiar, it’s because it’s retreads of the 2001-2009 conservative playbook. Verbatim. Only the face has changed…

  84. MarisolHolmes July 30, 2012

    I will vote for Mr. Romney and I know many readers will do too. I do not find him embarrassing or humiliating. I admire him and I am sure he will be a great President.

    1. iAintNoSculler July 30, 2012

      Romney is out of place. Any comments, with regard to Israel or Iran, should come from the State Dept or President Obama. He, Romney, should not be advocating policy for the United States. Romney is not the president, furthermore, he is not privy to top shelf intelligence or contemporary reasoning.

  85. archangle July 30, 2012

    If this man become president what will America look like in the eyes of the world? He is not the man to lead this great country of the United States Of America. America need the support of other countries and can not survive alone, although we are the greatest country in the world!

  86. highpckts July 30, 2012

    What is scary is this should have been all over the news and the papers! So where was it!!! Third section, 4th page ! this should have been head lines in that he is endangering our safety and our foreign policy!!

  87. taalibdin shabazz July 31, 2012

    The more I learn about Romney the more I see a phony, will give the USA away but narcisis are like that.

    1. ExPAVIC July 31, 2012


      Tell your friends.

  88. devilindetail July 31, 2012

    The operative words here are “serious candidate”. Mitt’s foreign policy tour ought to send a strong message to voters — a serious candidate he ain’t.

  89. Clyde Mcwhorter July 31, 2012

    Mit Romney’s daddy was born in Mexico. Under Mexican Law, That makes Mit a Citzen of Mexico! Does Mit Romney hold Dual Citizenship in Mexico and the USA ?? Has MIt Romney ever denounced his Mexican citizenship?? How can We find Out??

  90. Tony July 31, 2012

    MITT the TWIT thats what the Brits think of the Republican front runner. Poor Republicans, one Idiot after another. Remember ‘W’ ? I think it’s safe to say that the President can cancel the U Haul truck till 2016. thankyou,
    Tony Ragusa,
    Odessa, Texas.

  91. neenee10 July 31, 2012

    It’s very clear to see that Mitt Romney is not ready to be President of any country and surly not the Unite States. He still needs to grow up and stop playing games, and calling other people names. He has a lot to learn about true religion and polatics.

  92. Shirley July 31, 2012

    Mitt Romney is an unmitigated disaster!! Nuff said.

  93. Grunge45 August 1, 2012

    Romney probably really believes that he can run the country, and other countries as well, as a business executive would do it. But strangely enough it just doesn’t work. He is a novice in water way over his head.

  94. sophiathursday1st August 2, 2012

    Poor MITT the TWIT, He can’t help it! He was born with a silver fot in his mouth! To PAraphrase Ann Richard speaking about POOR GEORGE OR AS WE LOVINGLY REFER TO HIM

  95. Hughes Hunt August 3, 2012

    Tricky Mitt Romney thought his disastrous overseas tour would get the American voters’ minds off his taxes: Wrong. Fact is that Tricky Mitt comes out more each day as a deceitful flip-flopper than as a duplicitous, wimpy candidate who obsesses to takeover the oval office. When you are running for president, you should be an open book. Tricky Mitt is no different from Bernard Madoff and Tricky Dick (Pres. Richard Nixon). For 50 years (half a century since 1960) Madoff was not charged with $65 billion fraud because of power, influence, bribery= secretly known as not a lawbreaker like Tricky Mitt and Madoff would never have been caught had he not voluntarily confessed.Senator Harry Reid himself is standing by his statement in going for the jugular with his two evidence that Tricky Mitt did not pay taxes for 10 years which is why Sen. John McCain didn’t choose him for VP. Seriously, Tricky Mitt cannot wait to buy the Presidency. This tax-cheating flip-flopper cannot be trusted to run for President and does not even have the decency or integrity to admit mistakes even if all evidences are jumping out at him.

  96. Blaze Stryker August 3, 2012

    Empty Twit needs to grow up and go home. I mean, move back into his house. And stay there!

  97. MarisolHolmes August 6, 2012

    Didn’t Obama visit Israel as a candidate and then never as president?

    1. amazonfan December 7, 2012

      Your point being?

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