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Yes, Trump Can Be Impeached Over A Tweet


Yes, Trump Can Be Impeached Over A Tweet

Trump's false accusation against Obama could lead to his impeachment

Donald Trump enjoyed his 11th golf course trip since taking office eight weeks ago this weekend — and perhaps it’s time for him to start thinking about a permanent vacation.

Before his presidency even hit the 50-day mark, before he had even achieved one significant legislative victory, Trump accused his immediate predecessor of an impeachable crime, via a Saturday morning tweet.

Under pressure, Trump’s defense has become that he used “quotes” in his tweet so he could mean almost anything. This is fiction. And if you trust your own eyes, you can see that it’s not true of Trump’s second tweet on the subject, where he attempts to put his accusation in context.

Trump’s tweet clearly conveys that he is accusing President Obama of a high crime and/or misdemeanor on par with our one president forced to resign from office. And it has become increasingly clear that he made this accusation based on the blatherings of an AM radio host typed up into a post on Breitbart.

Whether or not Trump himself believes the accusation is impossible to discern and wholly irrelevant.

“[A]n accusation by a president isn’t like an accusation leveled by one private citizen against another,” Bloomberg’s Noah Feldman wrote. “It’s about more than factual truth or carelessness.”

Since the president of the United States is imbued with a presumption of seriousness, not to mention the vast wealth of information from the largest intelligence machine ever assembled, Congress rushed to investigate his fever dream and found nothing. Soon the Trump Administration flailed wild accusations against British intelligence in an effort to quell the stink emanating from this scandal. That claim was voiced by a Fox News analyst — an analyst whom Fox News won’t vouch for.

On Sunday, House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes, who has been doing his fair share of PR work for Trump, joined several other members of Congress and the Department of Justice in noting that there is no actual evidence to support Trump’s claim.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA)  — who is the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee — made it clear that he feels we’ve already gotten to the bottom of “this wild goose chase:”

Perhaps Trump knows of facts we don’t. Far more likely, this a Steve Bannon-concocted plot to tarnish the investigation into the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russia, by casting a pall on any surveillance that may reveal troubling or potentially illegal dealings.

Again, the motivations do not matter, as Feldman noted.

Obama cannot sue Trump for libel nor ever match the power of Trump’s current bully pulpit or powers of state.

So this false accusation is a wild abuse of power and perhaps the first potentially impeachable offense of his term — if you don’t count his possible rampant violations of the emoluments clause of the Constitution, in the form of foreign money paid to his properties and foreign copyrights awarded to his “brand.”

“Given how great the executive’s power is, accusations by the president can’t be treated asymmetrically,” Feldman wrote. “If the alleged action would be impeachable if true, so must be the allegation if false.” In short, he may be vulnerable to impeachment now.

Even many Republicans seem to understand the perilous situation into which Trump has driven them and his presidency. Republican House Majority Whip Tom Cole called on Trump to apologize to Obama. And Texas Rep. Will Hurd, a Republican who won a district Hillary Clintion carried in 2016, has echoed Cole’s call.

Would Trump’s apology mean anything?

Benjamin Wittes and Quinta Jurecic of the Lawfare blog argue that Trump’s words require doubt, even when he is taking the Constitution’s solemn oath of office.

“The idea of Trump’s swearing this or any other oath ‘solemnly’ is, not to put too fine a point on it, laughable—as more fundamentally is any promise on his part to ‘faithfully’ execute this or any other commitment that involves the centrality of anyone or anything other than himself,” they wrote.

You could argue that all presidents are worthy of suspicion and their words should never be invested with a presumption of honesty. This is a productive stance for journalists, critics, and academics but it would paralyze government. Likewise, taking a pathological liar — or bullshitter — at his word puts government, as we’ve seen over the past few weeks, into a useless paroxysm that occupies our resources as real threats mount.

You could still argue that this is nothing new. Former George W. Bush press flack Ari Fleischer suggests that Obama accused Bush of violating the Constitution by endorsing torture.

But we know that torture actually happened. And Obama assiduously avoided prosecuting or ever raising the specter of prosecution for Bush or Dick Cheney or anyone for torture, to the disdain and disgust of many on the left.

Trump accused Obama of a crime and then demanded evidence for said crime. And he did this to a man with significantly more power and esteem than 99.999 percent of all Americans. Impeachment is the only remedy for this kind of casual “oppression” that will only escalate unless it is checked.

“Anything else would give the president the power to distort democracy by calling his opponents criminals without ever having to prove it,” Feldman wrote.

Or — even more frighteningly — as the government bends further and further to Trump’s will and agenda, the president can call his opponents criminals and demand that the government “produce” evidence that proves the charge, whether or not such evidence exists. We know that’s true because this is exactly what Trump is demanding right now.

And just because we have a House of Representatives utterly derelict in its duties and consumed with cutting rich guys’ taxes and uninsuring everyone else, we shouldn’t ignore the only safety valve the Founders left us to prevent such tyranny.

Should our worst assumptions prove true, impeachment has to be on the ballot in 2018 if we hope to remain a democratic republic.

IMAGE: Barack Obama pauses during an interview in Washington, January 6, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Barria


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  1. Mama Bear March 20, 2017

    Anyone who listens to Fox Entertainment and considers it on a par with legitimate “news” is lacking in the ability to think critically. This POTUS should be removed ASAP.

    1. marriea March 20, 2017

      Is Faux News still owned by Murdoch?

      1. Mama Bear March 20, 2017

        From Wikipedia: Fox News. Fox News, officially known as the Fox News Channel, is an American basic cable and satellite news television channel that is owned by the Fox Entertainment Group subsidiary of 21st Century Fox. … Rupert Murdoch is the current chairman and acting CEO of Fox News.

        1. marriea March 20, 2017

          I loved Mike Royko.
          He was once a columnist for the Chicago Sun Times years ago.
          As much as he hated the Chicago Tribune, he stated writing for the Trib after Murdoch brought the Sun Times.
          Said Royko, No self respecting fish would be caught dead wrapped up in a paper owned by Murdoch.
          Royko died many years ago, but like that columnist in Texas, Molly Ivans who gave em hell before she died of breast cancer,
          he was a giant.

          1. latebloomingrandma March 20, 2017

            My Dad and I loved him also. As a teenager, his column was the only one I read in the local paper. If he was alive today, our local conservative leaning rag would probably have eliminated him.

      2. idamag March 20, 2017

        yes, and a lot of other media.

        1. marriea March 20, 2017

          Deep pocket people do’t have anything else to do other than try and control others.

          1. Mama Bear March 20, 2017

            They believe it is their right.

    2. sharkbait4711 March 20, 2017

      He shouldn’t have ever been elected but since he was – it’s time for impeachment. LOCK HIM UP! (sound familiar all you trumpets?)

      1. Gerry Francis March 20, 2017

        Just remember – Impeachment is not the same as removal from office. Let’s hope they do both!

    3. FT66 March 20, 2017

      Exactly. All leaders lead by showing examples. POTUS leads millions of people. He can’t continue lying whenever he wishes. It is a very bad behavior to be copied by anyone especially the young ones. This behavior is not welcomed in any society and can’t be tolerated.

  2. N.O.T. N.A.I.V.E. March 20, 2017

    tRump should be removed via the 25th Amendment, Section 4, for serious mental illness. He could be gone tomorrow. He should be gone tomorrow….before he gets us into WWIII.

    1. Dapper Dan March 20, 2017

      I’ve said from the beginning that Trump ain’t right in the head. Hopefully this blatant lie of a tweet making the unsubstantiated accusation that President Obama tapped his phones will get him impeached or as you say removed from office under article IV of the 25th Amendment. It’s also reported that Trump is spilling National Security secrets left and right in his tweets. That also can be a factor in removing him from office

      1. N.O.T. N.A.I.V.E. March 20, 2017

        You know that tRump is spilling everything to Putin, as part of their deal to get tRump elected…. Our country has never been in a more dangerous situation. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/359804f729e30517737e3275bec78fb84303e00c437b3265d2a2f341fb0c2b09.png

      2. marriea March 20, 2017

        Sometimes I have to wonder if this is what Trump wants, either to be impeached or assassinated.
        I would like to see him impeached for treason and thrown in jail.
        I don’t think Trump ever really wanted the job of President.
        He only was interested in the ‘Win’.
        The presidency is too much work for Trump.

        1. Gerry Francis March 20, 2017

          I’d like to see that too, but with the Republicans in the majority of both houses do you think it’s possible, let alone likely? And if it were to happen, would it just be impeachment or impeachment and removal from office? Plus – would the gullible Trump puppet Pence be any better?

          1. marriea March 20, 2017

            One thought I have to keep in mind is that when people see Trump, the see ‘billionaire’ which I don’t think Trump really is.
            But billionaire and businessman are great selling tools, which much to my irritation, Trump is an expert at doing.
            He’s a charlatan in the truest form.
            Pence on the other hand would be nothing more than just a GOP member.
            He’s boring.
            If Trump were impeached and hopefully convicted, Pence would now doubt give him a pardon.
            He would be tainted.
            He might serve out a Trump term, but I don’t see Pence ever being elected on a national level.
            The only thing folks have to work with and I hope quit bitching about and doing something about is going to the polls on 11/8/18 and voting against the opposition in record numbers.
            O k, you don’t like the D E MS, but do you like the way the country is going now.
            We truly need to change the landscape of who our Congresspersons,especially are.

          2. latebloomingrandma March 20, 2017

            And we need more Democratic women in both houses of Congress!!

          3. marriea March 20, 2017

            No kidding.
            But we women have got to grow up.
            We catfight to much.
            We attack each other over the type of silliness that goes on with teenagers on Face Book.
            But yet we allow men to get away with murder.
            Why is that?
            Then we allow these guys to use it as ammo to further divide us.
            Although having a guy is preferable over/ to being single, maybe, we gals know how to go it along if need be.
            But we allow our ‘cattiness’ to get the best of us.
            What is that…..a throwback to the days when we wanted babies or something.
            VOTE WOMEN!!!! 11/8/2018

          4. Gerry Francis March 20, 2017

            Of course you’re right about the mid-term elections, but a lot of damage can be done between now and then. Look what he’s done in just 2 months! His approval rating is at 37% – I wonder how many of his supporters have regrets.

          5. plc97477 March 21, 2017

            And vote down ticket all the way. We need to get control of more of the states.

          6. marriea March 21, 2017

            Thank you.
            That’s what I’m talking about.
            Many states are now being run by ‘business’ people and many folks foolishly believe these ‘fake business/ turned POLS’ are looking out for them, the voters.
            In fact they are using votets ignorance, biases, greed, jealousy or whatever other human nature people have against themselves to line their own pockets.
            They have to look not further than the GOP Congress to see that.
            They guys are propsing taking something away from their very constituants who voted for them and has convinced these idiots that they are making sure that “the others” aren’t oing to benefits and these idiots don’t seemingly realize that THEY ARE THE OTHERS.
            I will be standing in line with bells on on Nov 8, 2018, if I’m still here among the living.

          7. plc97477 March 21, 2017

            I have voted in every election since turning 21 and I am not going to stop yet. I hope you and I can be voting for many years yet.

          8. marriea March 21, 2017

            My years are relative to how many I have left, but that’s ok as long as I can make sure I prepare rhe grands to carry on this stupid battle.
            Came of age during thr 60s, so there is no excuse not to vote, ever, even when everyone is stinking up the place.
            Too many people died or were beat up, or had their lives threatened just for the right to vote.
            There is no excuse EVER not to vote.

        2. latebloomingrandma March 20, 2017

          He looks like he really hates the job. He just wanted the adulation and it is fading fast. He will have nothing left if that is gone. He has done no preparation for the Presidency and still doesn’t seem to understand anything about government or policy. I would not want to see him assassinated, as it would turn him into a martyr.
          I would love to see him taken away in a straight jacket, but I don’t think that will happen unless he goes full blown bonkers. Jail may be even impossible. Hopefully impeachment will be possible. I f his name and brand are destroyed, he will be destroyed.

          1. marriea March 20, 2017

            Impeachment alone won’t do it.
            Impeachment after all s only an indictment.
            It doesn’t really do anything.
            With Trump, he really needs to feel the full affects of being FIRED
            Hopefully if an impeachment is brought against him, he will go full ‘old PHAROAH’ with like results and not quit.
            Then it would give the government due cause to seize all of his property like they dowith everyone else.
            Maybe then and only then we’ll find out what he’s hiding behind that proverbial curtain and with whom
            I loved to see the GOP trying to rescue him or not.
            Either way he is their boy.

        3. dbtheonly March 20, 2017


          Trump’s goal was to lose and establish his RW TV Network. His victory surprised him as much as the rest of us.

          How else do you explain that he had no plans for a transition? He had nothing ready on Cabinet appointments. His staff was undersized and unprepared.

      3. Gerry Francis March 20, 2017

        I agree. Mental illness is the only way to explain The Donald. Question is – would Pence’s policies be any better? Not that that should stop anyone from getting rid of Mr. Trump…….a poor excuse for a human being.

        1. Dapper Dan March 20, 2017

          Not thrilled at the prospect of a President Pence either but at least this union will stay intact. If Trump doesn’t leave I sincerely fear for our future

          1. dbtheonly March 20, 2017

            Disagree Dan,

            Trump will flounder from crisis to crisis. Tweeting ever more absurd comments to distract from the confusion.

            Pence will be dull, boring, and much more effective in achieving his goals.

          2. Dapper Dan March 20, 2017

            Trump is literally a threat to national security and without question mentally ill. I know Pence will be a wash but at least he’s not in bed with Putin being blackmailed by him. We can live with Pence until we can hold a new election in 2020

          3. dbtheonly March 20, 2017

            Let’s pick on the Muslim Ban. Trump says it’s the bestest, wonderfulest, Muslim Ban you’ve ever seen. It’ll keep those Muslims out. Then he wonders why courts have found it discriminatory, twice.

            Pence will put people to sleep; but he won’t sabotage his own programs by boasting, over promising, or sheer incompetence.

            Trump’s so mucked things that they may not ever be able to repeal ObamaCare. If enough “just repeal” Republicans vote against “repeal and replace” and enough “fix now” won’t go for “fix later”; we may actually hold on to ObamaCare. Pence wouldn’t have klutzed it so bad.

        2. plc97477 March 21, 2017

          It looks like pence has also been involved in the treason. Maybe we can have a twofer.

          1. Gerry Francis March 22, 2017

            That would be wonderful!

  3. Kitty March 20, 2017

    Obama is guilty Coney admitted it under oath. And a judge gave permission.
    Then wiki leaks confirms Obama knew about spying on everyone including China, Russia and God knows who else.
    Is this where the missing 3 trillion dollars went or did Obama use it else where.
    Will I be impeached now?
    Snoop Dog puts a video of him shooting The President why isnt he in jail?
    If it was Hillary or Obumner you know he would be. .
    Civil unrest will come and people are not taking the lies and double standard anymore .
    Time to put the real criminals in prison.

    1. N.O.T. N.A.I.V.E. March 20, 2017

      Are you insane, like tRump, and do you have access to mental health treatment? You need to seek it immediately.

      The criminal is tRump and the rest of the tRumplickers: they will be in orange jumpsuits very soon.

      1. Mama Bear March 20, 2017

        she is a troll. block her.

        1. N.O.T. N.A.I.V.E. March 20, 2017

          Anyone who disagrees with you is a troll…….typical right-winger….not smart/sand enough to back up comments. Pitiful. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/359804f729e30517737e3275bec78fb84303e00c437b3265d2a2f341fb0c2b09.png

          1. dbtheonly March 20, 2017

            Mama and I disagree from time to time. She’s brought out her points clearly and calmly.

            She’s never called me a troll or threatened to block me.

          2. Martha Bartha March 20, 2017

            Alternative Fact’s don’t lie!

          3. Mama Bear March 20, 2017

            a. I am not a right-winger.
            b. no, I do not call anyone who disagrees with me a troll.
            c . I do know a troll when I run across one.

    2. Dapper Dan March 20, 2017

      The real criminals are the likes of Steve Bannon vowing to crush the state i.e. Overthrowing the US government. With the so-called President doing his bidding both should be charged with treason and locked up for the remainder of their lives. The only thing President Obama is guilty of is playing too nice with Trump in the transition of power. Big mistake

      1. Mama Bear March 20, 2017

        she is a newbie troll. block her and starve her

        1. InformedVoter March 20, 2017

          You lefties just can’t handle the heat of the truth.

          1. jmprint March 20, 2017

            “heat of the truth”, another name for bull$hit.

          2. InformedVoter March 20, 2017

            Hello racist and bigot (for calling well-educated black males boy) – sorry but your post is worthless. Shall I send you the link that has HilLIARy lying for 13 straight minutes to prove my point?

        2. idamag March 20, 2017

          I block them. It must infuriate them to have only their ignorant selves to talk to. That way, we intelligent people can carry on a civilized conversation.

          1. Mama Bear March 20, 2017

            They are paid on how many responses they get. No responses and they move on.

    3. Mama Bear March 20, 2017

      how sweet…a newbie troll with a woman’s name. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

      1. dbtheonly March 20, 2017

        A woman’s name but not a woman’s command off the English language.

        1. idamag March 20, 2017

          What do you expect, she probably didn’t own a pair of shoes until she was 14 and needed a pair to marry her cousin joad.

          1. dbtheonly March 20, 2017

            Hey, don’t dis the Joad family.

            My Dad claimed that, as a young nan, he’d heard Preacher Casey preach.

          2. idamag March 20, 2017

            My bad. I got confuses with her cousin bubba who is not the same as her brother, bubba.

      2. idamag March 20, 2017

        She left out the last part of it, “litter.”

    4. marriea March 20, 2017

      Where in the world did you get this stuff?
      A video of Snoop Dog, the rapper,? showing who in a video? shooting who?
      You do realize the difference between fact and entertainment, don’t you?
      The only double standard, dear, is not going after Trump for B/S.
      He’s the president for goodness sake and he’s making a total mockery of the post.

      1. sharkbait4711 March 20, 2017

        How soon they forget about all the negative and ugly propaganda that came out after Obama was elected – twice mind you…

        1. S.J. Jolly March 20, 2017

          Yes, eight years of right-wing Republican sliming of Obama, often with widely conflicting claims of what he was doing in the same thread. (Didn’t the slimers ever read each other’s postings?) And there are still “dogs barking at him.”

          1. InformedVoter March 20, 2017

            Yup a double standard for sure. Conservatives get called racist and bigot for just opposing the left’s policies, but they can actually film shooting someone and call it entertainment.

          2. jmprint March 20, 2017

            Sometime the truth hurts, conservatives are racist and bigots, just like YOU.

          3. InformedVoter March 20, 2017

            Hello racist and bigot (for calling well-educated black males boy); considering that you have to exposed as being a racist and bigot, it’s a hoot that you are trying to reverse the title.
            Regarding the truth, the liberals have always hated the truth. When President Trump challenged blacks to vote for him, it worked because many realized how much the Dems have lied to them.
            Former president Teddy sure put you lefties in your place!

        2. marriea March 20, 2017

          Many whites,(sorry to offend) just can’t get their heads wrapped around the fact that a black man was elected president.
          Many whites in this country have been reared from birth to think that blacks are beneath them, whatever the hell that means, and can’t be taught.
          And to add insult to injury, many of these folks are poorly ‘under-educated’ as ‘Trump called them and they cheer’ supporters.
          They don’t get that Trump was laughing AT THEM and not with them.
          And he’s still at it with these silly allegations that Obama did something to him, and so he’s going to sic his supporter on him and the media.
          When I look at many of his supporters looking longingly at Trump carrying their signs, it reminds me Let’s Make A Deal.
          And Trump is obliging them.

          1. idamag March 20, 2017

            The KKK didn’t arise out of the plantation owners. It rose from the stench of the back woods white trash who had to find someone to be mean to because they were not accepted in polite society.

        3. Martha Bartha March 20, 2017

          I didn’t forget. They even went after his wife & kids.

      2. Eleanore Whitaker March 20, 2017

        The only thing missing in Kittyshitty’s post is “Astrovna!” Pure Russian BS. You know what’s really funny?

        That these Russian morons actually think they pull the wool over Americans’ eyes. Ask Kittyshitty a question “it” can’t answer. One only born and bred Americans would know. Kittyshitty won’t be able to answer because most Russian Goosifers of Putin’s brigade of fake news are not allowed to know much about American History, at least not as we all know it.

      3. InformedVoter March 20, 2017

        Sorry marriea, but even “entertainment” has is limits. The Secret Service paid Madonna a visit after she talked about blowing up the White House. The FAKE MSM has not reported the fact that they also plan on paying a visit to old snoop dog. His file will become a permanent record that he was investigated for threatening the President.

        1. jmprint March 20, 2017

          Oh please Obama gets threats all the time on right wing website.

          1. InformedVoter March 20, 2017

            Hello racist and bigot (for calling well-educated black males boy) give me a break. NO, you can’t prove that obozo has received death threats. If so, the Secret Service would certainly investigate the person who made the threat. It’s their job! Since there doesn’t seem to be any stories from the FAKE MSM about obozo threats, it would appear that in addition to being a racist and bigot, that you are also a liar. What a surprise!

      4. Martha Bartha March 20, 2017

        He’s too stupid to see it. Somebody oughta tell em.

    5. sharkbait4711 March 20, 2017

      I love that you site wikileaks as if its 100% factual. I almost blew OJ all over my key board! Thanks for the laugh Kitty!

      1. Eleanore Whitaker March 20, 2017

        Kitty is a Putin paid troll. This is 100% pure proof that these are not Americans but Russian infiltrators determined to filth up facts.

        Kittyshitty can’t prove one damn thing in that post.

        1. InformedVoter March 20, 2017

          Poor old Elle, still spewing your hatred and penis envy. Isn’t it time for you to fabricate yet another personal history claiming you were somebody of value to society?

          1. jmprint March 20, 2017

            Just because you were hired to clean the clown car, doesn’t mean you matter.

          2. InformedVoter March 20, 2017

            Hello racist and bigot (for referring to well-educated black males as boy) if anyone in riding in a clown car it’s obozo. He bashes building the “wall” but the taxpayers are footing the bill for a wall to be built around his DC home.

          3. Eleanore Whitaker March 21, 2017

            Poor GEEZER Misinformed Voter. Trump lied. Trump lied not just to the American Public but he also tried pulling his BS with Angela Merkel.

            Do you plan to admit that he is now potentially in danger of charges of treason?

            Article III, Sec 3: Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying WAR against them OR…..in adhering to their enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

            So Delusion King, did mommy wipe your ass this morning or have you finally learned how to do it yourself?

            Trump and the Republican Party have not yet said openly to the AMerican Public, Putin is a dangerous enemy of the US because we know he hacked into a US election.

            Nothing from you is needed. You are like Trump. There when it is all “good.” Not there when it is time for YOU and your thugs of the Ruskie Comradeship to take accountability.

            But since Mommy still wipes your ass, I guess your overloaded Depends are like Trump’s…carefully preserved for posterity.

          4. InformedVoter March 21, 2017

            Sorry and poor Elle, you must be putting your tampons in earn ears. Director Comey stated clearly that the Russians did NOT interfere with our elections.
            And to show how dumb you look now, your post about treason is not even a remote possibility.
            So, once more, it looks like your hate-filled, penis envy post just makes you look dumber and dumber, but then again, that’s no surprise.

          5. Eleanore Whitaker March 22, 2017

            Okay…I will prove you are a commie lover. What state do you live in? Got something to hide MIsinformed?

            Comey said that the Russians DID interfere with the election you moron. He said and I quote when asked by your Roy Cohn spawn Gowdy, “Did the Russian hacking interfere with the election?” Comey responded, “the Russian hacking helped Trump.” What the hell does that mean to you?

            Furthermore, you have now been outed moron. There is proof that since 2012 the Russians hacked into varioius state and local elections, collecting the “base” data they needed to hack the 2016 election. Don’t you dare deny that the DNC was hacked into by Russians at Putin’s request.

            Moreover, you and your moron asshats proved you sabotaged the 2016 election so Hillary couldn’t win by putting her through an 11 hour Gowdy interrogation Gowdy, the Republicans and YOU knew was bogus and had NO substance other than to savage her chances. Didn’t work though. Hillary won by over 2 million more popular votes than your Ivankaasslicker in chief.

            What remains now is to prove just how Trump and his campaign managers, Lewandowsky and Manafort “worked” with the Russians. The Ukranian government is already on Manafort’s ass for accepting a $750,000 bribe.

            You would be the first to bitch and call for Hillary’s disqualification if Robby Mook, HER campaign manager accepted a bribe.

            You need to start telling the truth shitbagger. No one believes you anymore and now we know for certain you and your right wingers are all part of a Russian operative to weaken our government.

            Go wipe the cow manure off your lips.

          6. InformedVoter March 22, 2017

            Still the hate-filled penis envy Elle, I see. What state I reside in is of no value. And NO, Directory Comey has said repeatedly that there is “no evidence that Russia interfered” with our election. It doesn’t get any plainer than that!
            Now that obozo has been caught with his penis (you know, that thing you’ll NEVER have) in the cookie jar regarding spying on President Trump and his team, what do think will happen?
            No ONE has proven that Russia did the hacking, and certainly no US intel agency has been able to prove it.
            HilLIARy lost the election because the voters realized she was unqualified and not “man enough” for the job.

          7. Eleanore Whitaker March 23, 2017

            I only asked because I know you are a Putin Comrade Troll moron. I knew you wouldn’t DARE give that answer. Thank you for proving you have the intelligence level of a sand flea.

            Comey NEVER stated that he had NO evidence. You are repeating yourself Ruskie. What Comey stated was that there was NO evidence “PRESIDENT OBAMA” wiretapped Trump Tower. What WAS Trump’s accusation. Try and deny that one shithead.

            There are 17 Intell agencies in the US and UK that have all the evidence they need to prove that Russia’s Goosifer, RT and other hackers tied to the KGB were datamining information on the state and local levels as far back as 2012.

            Hillary didn’t lose a stolen election. You are as guilty of sabotaging her election as Trump, Putin, McConnell, Ryan, Gowdy and Chaffetz.

            Go back and get more orders from Putin you communist frig.

          8. InformedVoter March 23, 2017

            Sorry Elle, but what state or country I live in has nothing to do with your FAKE claims.
            And no, there are ZERO intel agencies that can prove that Russia did the hacking. In fact, no agency will state that Russia did the hacking for sure.
            So now that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Nunez has provided that he’s had HARD evidence that spy level surveillance against President Trump and his transition team started while obozo was still president, you may wish to recant your lies. Once more President Trump’s tweets have been vetted and proven to be correct.
            HilLIARy got clobbered by the voters because they didn’t trust her and they were tired of the failed 8 years under obozo.

          9. Eleanore Whitaker March 23, 2017

            Sorry shitbagger, you have something to hide or you’d come clean about the state you live in. Tell us. How much are you paid to post your BS?

            There are Intel agencies you asshat. Start with the one who found the hacking first…Crowdstrike. The CIA and NSA are both intel agencies or they wouldn’t be the ones Gowdy is trying to rip apart with his interrogation BS.

            The House Committee only chose Nunes because like you he has a head full of sand, gets on his knees and begs for work and then when he doesn’t get paid, like you he kisses Putin’s ass.

            Your AssholeinChief will be gone by summer. Then what will you have to say? Comey and even the Republicans ALL stated there was AND I QUOTE, “No evidence that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower.”

            Oh gee guess your OrgasmPedophile in Chief must have tweet a 6 AM tweet you knew was a lie.

            President Obama was the most successful president since President Clinton. Your balls end up the size of a gnat’s because you know that your AssholeinChief is going down faster than the Titanic. Like you, his lies are easy to prove to be lies. Tell the truth frigbait. Not your fantasies of Baron von und zu Trumpenstein pretend BS.

          10. InformedVoter March 23, 2017

            How pathetic you are old Elle, Nunez’s HARD facts are disturbing to you Dems because it puts obozo into the cross hairs of the spying investigation. What’s that on their and your faces? Why it’s egg and lots of it.
            I have homes in two states, and two homes outside of the USA.
            You are stuck in NJ, but at least you have a great governor. Wish I could say I was proud of my governors.
            But that has nothing to do with any posts in these forums, does it?
            You just wish to climb all over my “home” states. Typical lefty thinking. I can name call you and it makes you feel better. Never mind about the facts.

          11. Eleanore Whitaker March 24, 2017

            Really? And just what ARE those facts that your Nunes Ryan asskisser has? You will notice he had to apologize for doing what asskissers like you always do.

            First, he openly discusses with the media classified information which is illegal to do during a federal supposedly bipartisan investigation. Then, he has no time to tell Schiff his co chair just what the frig information he has. But, he ran like a little weasel to make sure Ryan got whatever information he thinks he has, in total violation of the ethics of the purpose of that investigation committee.

            Get off it assfrigger. Nunes has NO information and neither does your HUMP in chief. If they had, why are they still hiding it? Out with it assfrigger.

            No one who has pertinent information on spying HIDES it. Trump’s been saying he has “information.” He has BS is all.

            What Trump the Hump has is guilt. He has pulled off EVERY possible strategy to STOP ANY Investigation of him. The question we all demand is why.

            The minute NUNES reported to the RAT Ryan, he ran to the president to tell him about the information. Get off it you Russian moron.

            Sure you own homes “outside” the US. One of them is in Russia. Admit it cockface.

            Now since you are NOT an American citizen richbitcy boy, mind your own country’s business. The one we Americans are now going to clean our toilet bowls with for sticking your Russian noses into our elections.

            When you come up with the information lil PigFace Nunes has, let’s hear it.

            And don’t post one more thing you Russian jerk until you show us that information.

            Remember, if you do, you are doing what Nunes and Ryan both did illegally…publicizing classified information.

            I will remind you the minute Trump goes to prison for treason what your ass is grass and “I” was your lawn mower.

          12. InformedVoter March 25, 2017

            Poor Elle, four posts filled with hate and garbage because of your penis envy frustration.
            You knew had I two US homes because I posted that fact many times. So you clean the houses of two LEOs. What else could you get as a job with your lack of education coupled with the fact that you’re basically not trainable!
            Schiff is off running in circles. He goes on public news and says no evidence was found, and then Nunes drops a bomb. Notice that neither Comey or Schiff have made the claim that Nunes’ evidence doesn’t exist or is false.
            Nunes apologized to Schiff because he should have informed him he had HARD evidence of spying on President Trump for weeks. I suspect that Nunes just wanted to give Schiff enough rope to hand himself to “reward” Schiff for attacking our esteemed President (Trump).

          13. Eleanore Whitaker March 26, 2017

            Poor Uniformed Putin dicklicker. I knew you had two homes because I have 2 relatives who work in law enforcement. One in the ATF and the other FBI. Mmmmmm smell your BS?

            I know you live in a foreign country where you get to exploit cheap labor. What you commie dicklickers love best.

            AS for penis envy, you would need to be born with one for anyone to envy it. Yours is an “inny” that never came “outy” and why you can’t roust any woman’s attention.

            Nunes was forced to apologize. Now..get off that lard ass of yours and tell us precisely what EVIDENCE Nunes had. Funny thing that. Nune and Trump the Hump in Chief still don’t disclose that evidence do they?

            Like you they spend more time fabricating one lie after another. Your boy is going down down down down.

            Anyone who is so desperate to force an end to investigations into Trump HUMP’s link to Putin, is Guilty. Your pedophile in chief, like all right wing dicks can’t admit he is ever wrong, can’t own up to his guilt, hides his taxes and his business even when he can no longer do that as a public servant. Mommy forget to change your Pampers?

          14. InformedVoter March 26, 2017

            Poor PATHETIC Elle; Caught you in yet another sack of lies! You only knew about the 2 homes because I TOLD you else why did you ask what state(s) they were in? Duh, because you don’t have friends or relatives who could legally find out anything about me. They would require court orders and a judge’s approval. Duh, that just did not happen! What if the homes are not even under my name? Double Duh!
            SO, you have been caught in a big lie – what else is new?
            And you have NO idea what other countries I live in either.
            Nunes was NOT forced to apologize. He did so because it was the proper thing to do. I don’t see Schiff apologizing to President Trump since Schiff was caught with his pants down. Oh, my, I guess that makes him a sexual deviate now!
            Also, notice that Schiff has NEVER claimed that the HARD evidence that Nunes provided is false or made up. Another big DUH!
            “why you can’t roust any woman’s attention” how can you possibly know that? Even if I went after women as ugly as you (and as another poster pointed out – “no one would touch you with an ugly stick”) that I would not succeed in getting their attention.
            It looks like your lying days are catching up with you. You must still think old HilLIARy is going to win the election. Typical for a Rachel Madcow viewer (all three of them).
            I know you’ll love this clip about Madcow. Is Madcow really a thirteen-year-old boy?

          15. Eleanore Whitaker March 24, 2017

            How mentally ill you are moron. You must have this kinky need to try and prove you are a human and not some life form from an alien planet.

            First of all, I knew all about your two homes. Remember? I have two relatives who work for law enforcement who can get pretty much any information on you I would need.

            What I wish for you is not printable. But you really need to stop bedding your Mommy. I realize in your foreign country that is considered legal. But when you load up our US social media sites with your foreign alien BS, you get what you asked for.

            You are a nothing. A nobody and a pathetic attention seeker just like the HUMPER in Chief.

            By the way, when the HUMPER in Chief gets that information he claims to have, when do you think he will stop saying he has it and will produce it?

            He owes Obama an apology. But like you, he is crude, lewd, rude, obnoxious and has zero class. He was raised by a Scottish guttersnipe illegal alien Mommy and a Daddy who loved money more than his children. That’s why you are so brain damaged. Your parents and your dysfunctional family.

            Get professional help. I am not the only one on this thread who realizes you are one sick dude.

          16. InformedVoter March 25, 2017

            More of your hate-filled, dumb posts. Poor Elle, why don’t you pick on Kaitlin Jenner? I mean he still has his manhood.
            And NO, you have found out zilch about me other than what I provided. At least I have not made up 6 or 7 biographies in an attempt impress people. Hell, all they have to do is to read your nonsense and they’ll know that you posses very little knowledge.
            And have you heard that Schiff is demanding an investigation now on who authorized the spying on Trump. That tells me that he fully accepts and believes the Nunes facts.
            obozo can apologize to President Trump from his exiled position. I will give obozo credit for returning to the land of his birth (what is now called Kenya) on a political reason. Too bad all those mediocre actors who said they would move to Canada didn’t have the guts to actually move. They probably found out that Canada actually has an effective vetting program to permit people to move there. And since these actors are mediocre, they could not show that they would have gainful employment for years.

        2. Martha Bartha March 20, 2017

          I think you’re right. Even during the election all you read was Clinton needs to be in jail over & over. That was all part of the Russian influence for the mindless idiots that believed it.

        3. idamag March 20, 2017

          You might be right. Her use of English doesn’t make it look like it is her first language.

      2. idamag March 20, 2017

        Just another racist.

        1. sharkbait4711 March 20, 2017

          Agree the little kitty needs to stay in her litter box.

          1. idamag March 21, 2017

            Kitty is the wrong name. I have had numerous cats and not a one of them ever lied.

    6. Eleanore Whitaker March 20, 2017

      More of the PutinPussies of Goosifer Fake News. Nothing to see here folks. This is just another Russian paid prostitute who wants all of us to be controlled by Russia on OUR tax dollars.

      This post reveals just how low down dirty these hicks all are. Can’t get over they lost the Civil War and are about to lose yet another when Trump the Liar goes down and go down he will.

    7. GayEGO March 20, 2017

      Naw, you are a Trumpster who has been brainwashed by Trump who is a big fake!

      1. idamag March 20, 2017

        Trumpster males like trump because 1. he hates minorities as they do. 2. He is going to do away with sexual predator laws, they hope. Females like trump because they have a tittering need to be assaulted.

        1. GayEGO March 21, 2017
    8. jakenhyde March 20, 2017

      @Kitty. Were you thinking of Coney Island in New York? The FBI is headed by a man named James Comey. I hope it was just a typo on your behalf.
      So far as spying on other countries is concerned, that’s perfectly legal. Hell, Israel spies on the USA all the time….and their supposed to be our friend. American citizen Johnathan Pollard did 30 years in prison for spying on behalf of the Israelis.
      What no American agency cannot legally do, without a warrant from a judge, is spy on it’s own citizens.

      1. jakenhyde March 20, 2017

        Dang…used a double negative. Mea culpa.

        1. dbtheonly March 20, 2017


          Do you remember the film of people using Obama masks & posters for target practice?

          Just good clean fun said the RWMO. Now Snoop needs to go to jail?

          Are they really this tone deaf?

          1. Martha Bartha March 20, 2017

            They have very short memories.

      2. InformedVoter March 20, 2017

        and their supposed to: were you thinking of “they’re”?
        And you are NOT correct about having judicial orders to spy on US citizens.

        1. yabbed March 20, 2017

          She is correct. American citizens cannot be under surveillance by American intelligence agencies without a FISA court order.

          1. InformedVoter March 20, 2017

            Sorry yabbed, but FBI Director Comey made it perfectly clear that a court order is not required to put surveillance on a US citizen. This includes intercepting US mail, and monitoring phone calls.

          2. yabbed March 20, 2017

            You are so wrong. Police can “put surveillance” on a drug dealer or a criminal suspect but American intelligence services must have a warrant issued by a FISA court to wiretap an American citizen. That is factual whether you freaks like it or not. President Obama did not “tapp” (sic) Trump’s telephone during the campaign. Comey made that perfectly clear and was supported by the military intelligence officer testifying with him.

          3. InformedVoter March 21, 2017

            English must not be your primary language. Director Comey CLEARLY stated that surveillance DOES NOT require a judge to sign an order or any other court documents. Surveillance includes intercepting US mail and monitoring phone calls. I guess you must have been sleeping when these words were defined.

          4. yabbed March 22, 2017

            American intelligence services must have a warrant issued by a FISA court to wiretap an American citizens. It’s you who cannot discern the difference in American intelligence services and other police agencies. You’re too stupid to continue to talk to.

          5. InformedVoter March 22, 2017

            You really seem to have trouble understanding plain English don’t you. Now that the House Intelligence Committee has revealed that they have HARD evidence that President Trump’s transition team was PUT under surveillance (without a court order as you falsely claim in required), how does the egg on your face look now?
            I told you all along that President Trump had evidence that obozo was involved in trying to undermine his transition to the presidency. Since obozo was still president at the time the order was given, who do you think ordered such a thing?

          6. yabbed March 22, 2017

            You’re too stupid to go unblocked. 🙂

          7. InformedVoter March 22, 2017

            I guess you have not read the new that Nunez, the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, has had hard proof for “quite some time” that the Trump TRANSITION team was put under surveillance”. He said it was troubling but he thinks it was done legally. That’s the troubling part.
            But, not matter, it proves my point that NO judge or court is required to put ANY US citizen under surveillance. These were President Trump himself and his transition team. They had every right to contact foreign powers, etc.
            So your argument that a court order or judge would have been involved has been debunked (once more).

        2. jakenhyde March 20, 2017

          Of course you’re right. I need to start proof reading my comments more carefully. My high school English teacher from 60 years ago must be flipping in her grave. ;o)
          I AM correct about judicial orders. Mr. Comey made that perfectly clear today in his congressional hearing. He explained that there is a rule or law called 702, I believe, that deals with spying on foreign powers. And there is another one which he didn’t mention by name that deals with spying on US citizens. They’re two different breeds of cat. The latter requires an application to a court and a warrant issued by said court to allow wiretapping, etc. of US citizens and entities.
          Simple surveillance does not require a warrant. Comey made that abundantly clear to Trey Gowdy this morning.

          1. InformedVoter March 20, 2017

            As you have pointed out, surveillance does not require a court order. Included in surveillance is intercepting US mail, and even monitoring phone calls. During the election run-up, the NYT printed several stories that claimed that President Trump was being spied on by our government. That dummy Eleanore even claimed that President Trump would be arrested BEFORE the election because of what the “simple surveillance” would uncover.
            So if the NYT printed stories 6-8 months ago, when were they lying? Back then or now?

          2. jakenhyde March 20, 2017

            @I.V. One thing we know for certain after Comey’s testimony today…..Trump was an even bigger liar than most of American already knew he was.
            Warren G. Harding looks like a choir boy compared to Donnie.

          3. plc97477 March 21, 2017

            And baby bush looks like mensa material.

          4. InformedVoter March 21, 2017

            What have you been smoking? Director Comey confirmed that there is NO proof that Russia interfered with our elections. He also clearly stated that he could not say for sure that President Trump was not spied on.
            So, where’s the lie? Oh, I get it. It’s your post! Keep up the good work and you’ll get another “thanks for participating” certificate.

          5. jakenhyde March 21, 2017

            Comey and Adm. Rogers BOTH told the committee that there was absolutely no proof that Obama had tapped Trump’s Tower. Comey also said that the DOJ wanted him to tell the committee that it concurred with his assessment. You must be confused by Gowdy’s and Spicers trying to blend the investigation into Russia’s involvement in throwing the election and Trump’s claim that Obama “tapped” the Trump Tower. Those two will do anything to try to protect Donnie.
            At approximately the tenth paragraph of the accompanying link is the exact quote from Comey. Read ’em and weep.
            Comey told the committee that the investigation into Russian involvement into our election was still incomplete and, thus, he couldn’t/wouldn’t comment on it. He never said that there was no Russian involvement.
            If you listen only to Fox(fair and balanced…yeah, right) News, there is not way in the world that you could get the facts on the story.
            btw…I don’t smoke and I never have. But I wonder if you’ve been snorting something that could cause you to get the story so backwards.

          6. InformedVoter March 21, 2017

            Boy are you confused. Comey has said repeatedly that they have found no evidence that Russia interfered with our election. Yes, during this questioning, he said the investigation is still open (after 8 months!), but he implied that they have found nothing and don’t expect to.
            You are correct that they said that they have not found any evidence, yet! Judge N. who broke the story, as has since been put on hold by FOX, has information but has been holding back to protect his sources.
            Thus, it still seems that you have it backwards.

          7. jakenhyde March 22, 2017

            He didn’t “imply” anything. He said he couldn’t even talk about the subject because it is still an active investigation.
            And Napolitano is nothing but a right wing…and Fox….shill. He has no credibility. How would he get any information that the government doesn’t already have? Unless he broke the law by getting privileged information. And that’s a thing that Gowdy kept harping on during the hearings. Of course, it didn’t bother Gowdy one bit when his own committee on Benghazi leaked information like it was Niagara Falls.
            It appears that YOU are the one who is trying to spin what Fox has told you into something that is far from the truth.

          8. InformedVoter March 22, 2017

            On MANY occasions, Comey has clearly stated that they had found no evidence to suggest that Russia was involved in our elections. Officials involved in the investigation have also said numerous times that they had uncovered no evidence to date.
            Now that the HIC has revealed that they have had HARD evidence (for some time) that President Trump and his team have had surveillance on them since the election, how long will it take you to wipe the egg off your face?
            And since obozo was still the president at the time the surveillance was ordered, who do you think will become the fall guy for ordering the surveillance?

          9. jakenhyde March 22, 2017

            Why do you never show quotes or proof of your statements? Here is a link that will show that Comey contends that Russia did, indeed, attempt to influence the election.
            I have no egg on my face. I can’t help it if you’re a bagger who can’t stand the truth.
            You once again confuse surveillance with wire tapping. Trump specifically said his Ivory Tower was TAPPED. There’s such a big difference. Maybe you don’t have the ability to differentiate between the two. Look them up. Apples and oranges.

          10. InformedVoter March 23, 2017

            How naive can you get? Your own link supports by comments about Director Comey, and destroys your comments!
            And your lame comment about spy vs surveillance, all along you claimed (as did other in your crowd) that even surveillance required a court order or judge’s approval. So, now that HIC chair Nunez has been in possession of HARD evidence that obozo ordered surveillance without approval, what does that do to your credibility? Probably very little since you had very little to begin with.
            The only thing that might save obozo is that Nunez says he thinks the surveillance didn’t overstep its bounds and was legal.
            Still the thought that obozo would stand in front of the FAKE MSM and claim that he was cooperating fully for a peaceful transition and then send out henchmen to undermine the new president speaks volumes about how untrustworthy the Dems are. Good thing the voters saw through obozo and HilLIARy.

          11. jakenhyde March 23, 2017

            “Comey refused to back away from his claim
            that Russian President Vladimir Putin did not simply want Democratic
            presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to lose the election; he wanted
            Donald Trump to win.

            Trump created a
            controversy in early March when he tweeted without giving evidence that
            Obama had wiretapped his campaign while the businessman competed
            against Clinton.

            “With respect to
            the president’s tweets about alleged wiretapping directed at him by the
            prior administration, I have no information that supports those tweets,”
            Comey said.”
            This is a direct quote from that article. Maybe you should try a night class in reading comprehension. Comey clearly stated that there is no evidence to back Trump’s claim that Obama wire tapped Trump Tower. He also stood by his claim that Putin attempted to interfere with the election.

            Please try to keep up.

          12. InformedVoter March 23, 2017

            During this hearing, Director Comey continued with no official comment until the investigation is completed. Prior to this hearing, he is on record as saying “we have found no evidence so far, but that the investigation is not finished”.
            Yes, Comey expressed his “opinion” that Putin would have preferred President Trump, but that proves zilch.
            Regarding the spying on President Trump and his transition team. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Nunez has HARD evidence that spy-type surveillance was put into place against President Trump and his transition team. Since obozo was still president at the time the spying was conducted, the fingers will most likely lead to obozo or one of his henchmen who is willing to take the fall for him.
            So, once more, you have been left with nothing. No proof or evidence that anything happened between President Trump and Russia and that, as has been the case in the past, President Trump’s tweets have been vetted and proven to be correct!

          13. dbtheonly March 20, 2017

            That’s why God made the edit option. I avail myself of it, often. But “Kitty’s” problems go beyond simply misspelling into sentence structures so fractured, I found it hard to follow it as anything more than a near hysterical ramble.

    9. yabbed March 20, 2017

      Trump? Is that you, you old PussyGrabbingCreep?

      1. InformedVoter March 20, 2017

        No yabbed, you must be referring to penis envy Eleanore.

        1. yabbed March 20, 2017

          Kitty with “her” 3 comments is just you in your altered state. 🙂 You just want to talk to yourself and think we don’t know that trick.

          1. idamag March 20, 2017

            kitty is a disgusting racist and an anti-government creep.

          2. yabbed March 20, 2017

            That, too. But “kitty” is just InformedVoter posting as “kitty”. Poor thing needed someone to agree with him so he found himself available. 🙂

          3. InformedVoter March 20, 2017

            Sorry, but you didn’t provide any proof that kitty was a racist and anti-government creep. Obozo on the other hand, with his shadow government, certainly is an anti-government traitor.

          4. jmprint March 21, 2017

            A little twist and shout. As soon as facts come out your job is to twist and tangle the truth to fit your narrative. Trump has the worst anti-government administration, working for Putin, everyone of them.

          5. InformedVoter March 21, 2017

            Hello racist and bigot; Neither all the king’s horses nor all the US intel agencies have been able to prove that Russia interfered with our elections. Yet, like the FAKE polls you referred to before the election, you keep shouting “the sky is falling” and yet you just keep getting played for a fool.

          6. jmprint March 22, 2017

            Oh but just wait, the pimple on your a$$ is fixing to pop.

          7. InformedVoter March 22, 2017

            Hello racist and bigot; now that the HIC has chosen to reveal that they have had HARD evidence for some time, that President Trump and his team have been under surveillance (ordered presumably by obozo), that popping sound is the pimple on YOUR nose for following so closely up obozo’s butt.
            You believed the FAKE MSM polls, and even though HilLIARy has admitted that she paid several pollsters to publish FAKE poll results, you still seem to think that somehow, she’ll end up as president. The odds makers in Las Vegas have her at higher odds for spending time in prison than being president.

          8. InformedVoter March 20, 2017

            I would like any of you low information, hate-filled, close-minded lefties to provide ONE shred of evidence that President Trump is a “pussygrabbingcreep”.
            I bet you’re still waiting for the December hearing on the charges that President Trump raped a 13-year-old.
            No sexual charges that have been made, have stood up to scrutiny. EVERY case has resulted in the person making the accusations saying that they lied and were paid to file the charges.

          9. yabbed March 20, 2017

            Well, there is a very popular video of Donald Trump saying he “just grabs them by the pus*y”. Google it. 🙂

          10. InformedVoter March 20, 2017

            Yes, there is a video that DOES NOT PROVE that he actually grabbed anyone. Because of today’s pussified PC attitude, the video is considered crude, but it still does NOT PROVE anything.
            A survey of US males indicated that over 90% have made similar comments about women. Are you now going to claim that 90%+ of US males HAVE actually groped, etc.? I thought not.
            The video you like to harp on is worthless as proof.
            Meanwhile, obozo was filmed dozens of times saying “if you like your doctor….” Yet you lefties continue to say he “didn’t lie”. How does that work?

          11. PatrickHenry March 20, 2017

            And phonies like you never had any locker room talk? What a maroon.

          12. jmprint March 21, 2017

            Well you BS is just that, so what makes you think your superior and have a right to judge?

          13. yabbed March 22, 2017

            Maroon? What the heck is that?

            You’re an ignoramus.

          14. PatrickHenry March 27, 2017

            Go watch Bugs Bunny cartoons, then you will know what a maroon is. LMAO.

          15. yabbed March 27, 2017

            Bugs Bunny cartoons? Home sick today from second grade, are you?

          16. PatrickHenry March 28, 2017

            Maybe a few laughs will calm down you hateful, intolerant Liberals.

          17. yabbed March 28, 2017

            You’re blocked, PatrickHenry, for the cause of stupidity.

        2. jmprint March 20, 2017

          The Pence, not penis.

          1. InformedVoter March 20, 2017

            Hello racist and bigot (for calling well-educated black males boy), in Elle’s case, it is penis envy.

          2. jmprint March 21, 2017

            Well maybe if you weren’t such a dckhead, you could stand in line.

          3. InformedVoter March 21, 2017

            Hello racist and bigot: Elle is so undesirable that even if you drank enough to make her desirable, you would be too drunk to perform even with the help of a sexual aid.

      2. PatrickHenry March 20, 2017

        Maybe you are thinking about Billy and Monika with the cigars and cum stained blue dress, LMAO!!

        1. yabbed March 20, 2017

          How many names are you going to post under? President Clinton did not sell this country to Russia. Trump did.

        2. jmprint March 21, 2017

          A little jealous you weren’t the one getting a little stimulation.

    10. InformedVoter March 20, 2017

      Good post kitty. You are driving them nuts with your facts. All they have left are mediocre actors to carry their torch. Yup, if someone had done to obozo what they have done to President Trump, they would have already been arrested.

      1. jmprint March 20, 2017

        Oh I’m sorry did your President get caught with his hands in the cookie jar? Or is it the brown $hit on his face that gave it away.

        1. InformedVoter March 20, 2017

          Hello racist and bigot (for calling well-educated black males boy) NO, President Trump didn’t get caught. Even the FAKE NYT wrote that obozo was spying on President Trump (before the election). So is the NYT lying now or were they lying then? Did you get a fresh set of pillow cases for Christmas?

          1. jmprint March 21, 2017

            Hello Trumpanzee sucker, see your stupidity still runs your key board. Looks like it was Trump that was drooling alternate news.

          2. InformedVoter March 21, 2017

            Hello racist and bigot, you are being played for a fool. Like the Green Party talking about funding recounts; they received millions more than they collected during the election. Now Maxine Waters is asking you fools to contribute by saying they will impeach, but you have got to know that will never happen.
            Then again, you believed the auto bailout made a profit and you believed the polls that said HiLIARy would win in a landslide, so I guess you guys are so low information that you’d fall for this lie too.

          3. jmprint March 22, 2017

            She won by 3 million votes, the electorals got played and we missed an opportunity, but you Russian hacks aren’t going to win. It’s said that six months ago I was warning about what is happening now, but eventually all will come out.

          4. InformedVoter March 22, 2017

            Hello racist and bigot (I bet that you and dpaano just love that you were exposed as being racists and bigots): When the Pence investigation concludes that HilLIARy received 4 million illegal votes, what will you low information, left crying in the dark lefties going to do?
            The electorals got played? Wow, you are really way out there aren’t you. The EC provided President Trump with his MANDATE 304>227.
            If anyone was tampering with the EC votes, it was HiLIARy. On the morning of the election, the FAKE MSM claimed she had already won 238 EC votes. The Detroit Free Press declared that she had carried Michigan and was elected president, and this was at 11 AM!
            In the recount, HilLIARy lost more votes than President Trump, and in Michigan, it was determined that over half the Detroit ballot boxes had been stuffed with HilLIARy votes, so they could not be included in a recount. This was so badly botched, that HilLIARy received more votes than there were voters in those precincts.
            Six months ago, you were still calling well-educated black males boy, and saying that HiLIARy would win the election in a landslide.
            You dummies believed the FAKE MSM polls, and HilLIARy even paid several of the pollsters to publish fake poll results in an attempt to discourage GOP voters.
            Independent1 still claims that the machines were tampered with, but no source will support that lefty lie.

          5. jmprint March 23, 2017

            Hey moron, Independent is correct, I feel they were tampered with. Trump won by 80,000 combined votes on electoral, not much to brag about, but easy to manipulate small amount of votes, so that it’s not too obvious between a handful of states.

          6. InformedVoter March 23, 2017

            Hello racist and bigot: for you to even suggest that you believe what ID1 stated is true, shows how low information and naive you are.
            None, zero, zilch cases of even one machine or counting precinct tampering to give President Trump even one more vote have been found. In fact, just the opposite has been uncovered, viz, that there have been hundreds of precincts where HilLIARy received more votes than she should have.
            HilLIARy got clobbered because the voters realized she was a liar and they were weary of the failed 8 years of obozo.

    11. jmprint March 20, 2017

      You have every right to continue being stupid.

  4. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 20, 2017

    ok with the DONNY DUMP alleged wire tap (NOT TAPP) so the DUMPSTER said it happen (in his pea brain im sure he thinks it did happen ) say if it ever and or even did happen (which I don’t think so ) if be it would been and as the DUMPSTER’s says was in the pass . meaning nothing now at all (the clown is in the house now ) GOD THE USA AND THE WORLD NEEDS ALL THE HELP YOU CAN GIVE TO THEM . the one thing all this BULL dose is something that is needed very badly for DONNY DUMP for his addiction the junky clown needs for his FIX OF ATTENTION . the strangest thing of all is what he is teaching his youngest child ( for all the other kids are by now too brain washed and maybe even brain dead ! but he is teaching his youngest child lies, cons, fraud’s & scams is the way he should learn in life to be like his DONNY DUMP CLOWN SHOW dad . scary to think this is what a father would want and is teaches his child .

  5. rednekokie March 20, 2017

    I T M F A

  6. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 20, 2017

    Admitting you have a problem is the first step in recovery. If Democrats and the media could just admit their collusion in the POTUS election failed, miserably, publicly and shamefully, career politicians could back to the work they were elected to do – serve US citizens, not themselves.<<<ANOTHER BRAIN DEAD DONNY DUMP FREE CLOWN SHOW FOLLOWERS but little would you know first its not free and 2nd all of you and his brain dead followers . DONNY DUMP he has these words for you after he bury you with the rest of the country and the world THANK'S SUCKERS

    1. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 20, 2017

      Admitting you have a problem is the first step in recovery. If Democrats and the media could just admit their collusion in the POTUS election failed, miserably, publicly and shamefully, career politicians could back to the work they were elected to do – serve US citizens, not themselves.<<<ANOTHER BRAIN DEAD DONNY DUMP FREE CLOWN SHOW FOLLOWERS but little would you know first its not free and 2nd all of you and his brain dead followers . DONNY DUMP he has these words for you after he bury you with the rest of the country and the world THANK'S SUCKERS ///

  7. stsintl March 20, 2017

    Is Trump any different from dictators like Saddam Husain, Idi Amin, Khadafi, Mugabe, and Hitler? One must agree with Trump on atleast one point that Vladimir Putin is the smartest leader in the world. While US has been trying to change regimes in the world since WWII and has been failing, he changed the regime in USA and is in the process of breaking up EU and NATO. What a revenge for West’s breaking up of USSR and Warsaw Pact.

    1. idamag March 20, 2017

      He is no better.

  8. S.J. Jolly March 20, 2017

    Could Trump be impeach, tried, and convicted? Yes, on the emoluments clause if nothing else. But, will the Republican controlled Congress do so? Not until the stink of corruption gets so bad that Republicans get worried about the next election.

    1. yabbed March 20, 2017

      The stench is here and now is the time.

    2. Gerry Francis March 20, 2017

      I hope they’re worried now. Wait till the next recess when they go home and the voting public is on them like white on rice.

      1. Martha Bartha March 20, 2017

        They’re not worried. They’re just concerned.

  9. GayEGO March 20, 2017

    Let’s stop the Trump hissy fits and get to work and impeach him!

    1. Martha Bartha March 20, 2017

      Let’s start the hearings! Like the GOP did with Benghazi.

      1. idamag March 20, 2017

        But the GOP has two standards.

    1. Martha Bartha March 20, 2017

      Lock Em Up! Lock Em Up!

    2. plc97477 March 21, 2017

      Those hands look too big.

  10. larm007 March 20, 2017

    A wretched mess. Yes, Trump should go. Then we get Pense. Absolutely no better, except that he is far more composed ‘statesman’. We need to stop the wars…and f*** corporate profiteering…and the true ruling elite, not to mention the madness of a New World Order.

    1. jmprint March 20, 2017

      He needs to go too, he new about the hacking and he new about Flyn being a Turkish agent, he also lied to the American People.

      1. PatrickHenry March 20, 2017

        “You can keep your health care, you can keep your doctor, you will save $2,500 per year, LMFAO!!!!

        1. jmprint March 21, 2017

          Your FA is stuck on a statement you made 6 years ago. Can we move on to impeach your dumbass hero.

        2. Gerry Francis March 21, 2017

          40% of Americans who voted for Trump (older folks aged 55 to 65) will be saving a lot more than that when their premiums quadruple under the Trump-Ryan (who cares?) act. LMAO because you’re probably one of them!

  11. lovingc March 20, 2017

    All it will take is the republicans getting tired of all this winning!NOT! Until Trump is more of a drag on the repugnants he will by fawned over by the party of no.

  12. Gerry Francis March 20, 2017

    If the offense is really bad, tweeting won’t be enough of a distraction………..that’s when he’ll “handle North Korea militarily”.

    1. N.O.T. N.A.I.V.E. March 20, 2017

      Terrifyingly true.

      1. dbtheonly March 20, 2017

        The problem is what do we do with the DPRK, and when do we have to do it? They’re getting close to being able to dump a nuclear bomb on Seoul.

        If you think Trump’s unhinged, look at Kim.

        1. larm007 March 21, 2017

          You know, No. Korea wouldn’t be testing missiles, etc, if it wasn’t already aware it might have to protect itself from us. Should we attack them, God forbid, their country is small enough that we might actually ‘win’….which would be the first time since the end of WWII. Well, wait. We already demolished North Korea once. And we still, apparently dislike them very much. No wonder they want a defense system. Maybe it’s WE who should stop our warring wars…just ask the 70 or so countries we’ve attacked or supported coups in.

          1. dbtheonly March 21, 2017

            Yep. The USA invaded the peaceful North Koreans in 1950.

            The “Blame America First” crowd is out today.

    2. idamag March 20, 2017

      I think bannon has already made a statement about preemptive strikes against North Korea. As usual the war will make some creeps very very rich. It will destroy the worthwhile lives while the congressmen, the president, and the big corporations will never go to or send theirs to the war. We will be paying for Iraq for 20 more years. How much longer than that will we be paying for North Korea?

  13. yabbed March 20, 2017

    There is no legitimate reason for allowing Trump to remain in office. He has debased our country and the presidency and he colluded with Russia to destroy our democracy in order to gain the presidency and a means to personal enrichment.

    1. Martha Bartha March 20, 2017

      And those are his good points! He’s gotta go!

    2. idamag March 20, 2017

      There must be some currency for Russia to be interfering with elections world wide. I really think they found trump the perfect person to groom.

      1. yabbed March 20, 2017

        All it takes is a bit of backhanded praise. He doesn’t notice the sneer.

        1. Suki Pennington March 20, 2017

          The united states is not a Democracy. It is a democratic republic. Go back to school child.

          1. yabbed March 20, 2017

            Oh, my. What a stupid thing to say. You people are grabbing at straws and we Americans are laughing at you.

          2. jmprint March 21, 2017

            But we are a representative democracy, which is a form of democracy.

    3. PatrickHenry March 20, 2017

      Such gullible stooges of the Socialist propaganda, follow like sheep. Ask Obama how he will be more “flexible” with Putin, as soon as the election is over, LMAO!!!

      1. jmprint March 21, 2017

        Stupid, stupid, stupid. I bet your neck is as long as an ostrich, you sure do keep your head in the sand, or is it up Trumps’ a$$?

      2. Gerry Francis March 21, 2017

        Make America Great Again. LMAO.

  14. Martha Bartha March 20, 2017

    Good! Start the hearings! Like they did with Benghazi!

    1. PatrickHenry March 20, 2017

      Yes, Benghazi, which was started by a youtube video, LMAO!!!

      1. jmprint March 21, 2017

        But yet where was Trump when he made the decision to go into Yemen and our soldier was killed. Because he was trying to score some points, and then he blames the Generals> When is your baby Huey president going to grow some balls and take responsibility for his actions?

      2. Martha Bartha March 21, 2017

        Maybe if they have just one more hearing, just one!????

  15. jmprint March 20, 2017

    I motion for the 2016 Presidential election to be null and void, based on collusion and interference by the Russian government. We should start over, every member appointed by Trump should be stripped of the duties.

    1. idamag March 20, 2017

      That would be the safest thing for this country to do.

    2. PatrickHenry March 20, 2017

      Your buddy Comey already stated that the Russians didn’t influence the election, but did tap into Hillary’s ILLEGAL private, deleted emails.

      1. jmprint March 21, 2017

        He in fat said the opposite. He said that he had not investigated whether the Russian interference effected the election. You are repeating a Fox News alternative fact, and that is exactly what made a fool out of Trump.

  16. rednekokie March 20, 2017

    I T M F A

  17. barry1817 March 20, 2017

    guess when comey told us that hillary lied, he was not to be believe, but is to be believed now.

    Love that situational ethics

    1. Mama Bear March 20, 2017

      Ethics? Ethics is not an issue.

  18. idamag March 20, 2017

    Back before the t-party takeover, this kind of stuff would not have been tolerated. However, this bottom of the cesspool group has pointed out one thing we really need to fix before it has destroyed democracy altogether: We need to upgrade and invest in quality education. It needs to be uniform nationwide. Those states that have the worst schools are hurting this country.

    1. dbtheonly March 20, 2017


      If the cost of education is high, consider the cost of ignorance.

      1. Dave Mather March 22, 2017

        Excellent post!

        1. dbtheonly March 22, 2017

          Thank you, but the credit belongs to idamag.

      2. jmprint March 23, 2017

        That’s why the Trump presidency is scary, very ignorant people running the show.

    2. PatrickHenry March 20, 2017

      And most of those States where the Public Schools suck, are run by Liberal, Big Government Democrats, where there can never be enough money thrown at these schools, with no good results.

      1. larm007 March 21, 2017

        Your source?

      2. jmprint March 21, 2017

        Yep just like in Kansas with Brownback at the helm. Oh wait a minute he is a republican, my bad.

      3. vin59 March 22, 2017

        I live and teach in Ct which everyone knows is Democratic. We have the highest standards and the best schools in the country. You get what you pay for. You want all that for free. Talk about entitlements.

        1. PatrickHenry March 27, 2017

          Yes CT. may be largely Democrat, but they also are not burdened with millions of government dependents or Illegals & crime like many other large cities and medium size towns.

  19. PatrickHenry March 20, 2017

    If Obama wiretapped Dennis Kucinich, a very Liberal Congressman, you know sure as hell he had Trump under surveillance, and many others. How soon the NSA scandal of spying on MILLIONS of Americans, or the crooked IRS with Louis Lerner, and head of HHS Katherine Sebielius, and Obama himself lying to MILLIONS about Obamacare, and telling Hispanic groups that under OUR Constitution, he couldn’t give Amnesty to hundreds of thousands of Illegal “immigrants”, but did anyway. Obama’s people, the Socialists, the Democrat/Socialist Party, the MSM, all keeping Obama out of prison, why they are trying so hard to take President Trump down, they never have let up. Nice Country when the corruption is now way out in the open. This is like a 3rd. World nation, constantly attacking a President elected by The People, these Liberal/Socialist, Leftists, cannot face our Constitutional Republic, cannot accept the results, and are trying to disrupt, overthrow, & deceive the American People. Why President Trump is the Leader, the President of The People, not the Bloated, corrupt Federal Government & Special Interests.

    Another Congress Member Comes Out with Revelation he was Wiretapped

  20. Leroy Mosley March 20, 2017

    LOL you are really idiots Dennis Kucinich was the least of President Obama’s worries .Anything to jump on the blame it on Obama train.

    1. John D. Fiat March 21, 2017

      Hmmm. Well, Odumbo blamed Bush for everything, for his entire 8 years, so…

      1. jmprint March 21, 2017

        That’s because Bush fcked it all up for all of us, don’t you remember?

        1. InformedVoter March 21, 2017

          Hello racist and bigot: During the primaries, even HiLIARy called obozo’s economic “recovery” the “weakest, slowest, worst and longest recovery in history”.

          1. jmprint March 22, 2017

            But a recovery non the less and to be commended.

          2. InformedVoter March 22, 2017

            Hello racist and bigot: “recovery”, no it is not considered a recovery by most economists. After HilLIARy’s humiliating defeat, she said “I guess we paid too much attention on who was using what restroom and didn’t pay enough attention to the economy”. Duh, so if you’re still going to try and claim it was a recovery of any sort, then you will lose even more credibility than you’ve already lost.
            Remember, HilLIARy herself said “recover, if it can be called that”. How dumb do you look now?

          3. jmprint March 23, 2017

            A recovery is a recovery. It could have very well been a continuation of downward fall into a depression, but no, Obama nipped it in the butt.

          4. InformedVoter March 23, 2017

            Hello racist and bigot: no reputable economist will refer to the obozo years as a recovery. 12-24 months, and the economy becomes the property of the new president. obozo failed and even though he changed the way unemployment is counted, he got slaughtered in 2010 and then big time in 2014. Even obozo said he was not on the ballot in 2014, but his policies were … how did that work out for him?
            Bernie Sanders even called out obozo for his failed economic policies.
            obozo poured billions and never fixed one damn thing.

          5. jmprint March 23, 2017

            Quoted from an economist: Last year, American households enjoyed the largest income gains on record and the poverty rate fell faster than at any point since the 1960s. Wages have risen faster in real terms during this business cycle than in any since the 1970s. These gains would have been impossible without the globalisation and technological transformation that drives some of the anxiety behind our current political debate.

            Why do you have such a hard on for our beloved smart, ethical, gentleman and scholar President Obama?

          6. InformedVoter March 24, 2017

            Hello racist and bigot; No you don’t. No reputable economist, not even a blind lefty, would have made the statements you wrote. They are incorrect or out and out lies. You most likely made them up.
            It would not take much to debunk each statement as being incorrect.
            obozo was a good community organizer, and nothing else. His term as a senator saw him vote “present” more times that he voted up or down on legislation. What does that tell you? That he didn’t understand the issues, just like when he was president.
            Approval rating now in the upper 30 to low 40 range.

          7. Eleanore Whitaker March 24, 2017

            Hello Russian moron. What the hell are you mouthing off about when you are not even an AMerican Citizen? Which of the Ruskie territories do YOU live in? Slovenia where that pig wife of Trump comes from? Or maybe it’s the home where Putzy was born?

            You hate President Obama because you couldn’t smear him among the people who matter most in THIS country but not in your war torn country. Astrovna!

          8. InformedVoter March 25, 2017

            Once more old Elle, you know nothing about what you post. YES, I’m and American citizen, by birth. That is something that obozo NEVER proved.
            So, with the investigation on who authorized the spying, the fingers point back to obozo. This will cause him to be thoroughly “investigated”. So, will the records obozo had sealed about his background that will show his country of birth now be un-sealed? Obozo has got to be paying someone to admit they did it and that he knew nothing or else obozo could be in real legal trouble.

  21. John D. Fiat March 21, 2017

    Was it impeachable when Odumbo said, “I’m getting really good at killing people!” (he meant with drones of course). Was it impeachable when he lied about being able to keep our healthcare? How about when he said his administration will be the most transparent ever? How about saying that illegal parasites won’t be covered by his debacle of a health care plan? (CA is already starting to pay for them). Yawn, writer! (now go back down to your mama’s basement)

    1. Leroy Mosley March 21, 2017

      Since you don’t know me watch your fucking mouth i made a comment not said anything about your mother but i see she didn’t teach you how to have a civil debate.

      1. InformedVoter March 21, 2017

        For sure your mama never taught you manners, but it appears she certainly taught you to be a foul-mouthed, low information, hate-filled, close-minded hypocrite! Typical personality traits for lefties.

    2. InformedVoter March 21, 2017

      Way to go in blistering the low information left crowd. It appears that leroy’s lack of education is beginning to show.

  22. John D. Fiat March 21, 2017

    Impeached over a FNG tweet. Lmfao. I’ve got a bridge to sell this Libt@rded writer! And even an impeachment doesn’t guarantee a removal. In fact, no president has ever been removed. Remember, Nixon resigned before facing his impeachment and Bill Clinton was actually impeached, but still survived it!

  23. I of John March 21, 2017

    Just another piece in a ramp toward impeachment. It is a start though so we can add to the articles.

  24. Dave Mather March 21, 2017

    The author of this article is 100% wrong with NO facts what-so-ever! See :

    ‘Trump’s Accomplishments in His First 50 Days

    Marking the two-month point in the Trump administration, there is little doubt that the Trump presidency has been beset with controversy. Pundits on both sides of the aisle have criticized him, and many conservative and alternative media outlets have praised him both effusively and with reservation. Judging the real effectiveness of our new president with all the crosstalk can be a challenge as so much of what is said about him is misleading.

    One thing, however, that both sides of the political spectrum can agree on is that Donald Trump has made a historic effort to fulfill his campaign promises, and has achieved more in his first fifty days than most presidents achieve in a year. CNN rued about this, calling him obsessed.

    But many more believe that a president who actually wants to come through with the promises that got him elected is something to celebrate- even for those who do not agree with his policies. It is clear that Trump is a straight shooter.

    So for clarity, something that’s in such rare supply these days, we thought it appropriate to list Trump’s accomplishments so far as president.

    Restore the Job Economy

    Employers have added more jobs than expected in January (238,000) and February (235,000), dropping the unemployment rate to 4.7% and boosting wages by 2.8%. Bloomberg reports, the labor market is improving “by any metric.”

    Exxon is set to spend $20 billion over the next 10 years to build 11 plants on the Gulf Coast, creating an enormous 45,000 jobs. Trump famously prevented Carrier, the Indianapolis air conditioning plant, from exporting hundreds of jobs to Mexico. The toy manufacturer, Hasbro is coming back to the U.S. and will manufacture their popular children’s modeling clay in Massachusetts rather than in China. These are just a few examples of companies that have decided to reinvest in America since Trump took office.

    Reduce the National Deficit

    Since the inauguration, Trump has eliminated $68 billion from the national debt, which had soared to $19,947 billion under the Obama Administration. This fact utterly surprised pundits and economists alike who expected it to take much, much longer for Trump’s policies to have any real effect on the national deficit.

    Restore America’s Manufacturing Infrastructure

    The Philly Federal Index, a survey indicating how manufacturers are faring, reached its highest point since 1984. Samsung plans to invest $300 million in expanding its U.S. production lines, creating roughly 500 jobs. Fiat Chrysler is making plans to spend $1 billion to build two factories in Detroit and Toledo, adding 2,000 jobs to the market.

    Trump also signed an executive order terminating Obama’s burdensome coal regulations- putting thousands of miners back to work in an industry which Obama and Clinton tried to bankrupt. Today, Trump is revitalizing it.

    Restore Entrepreneurial Confidence

    The NFIB Small Business Optimism Index has reached its highest point since 2004, and economic confidence is at a 15 year high. President Trump has approved both the Dakota Access and Keystone Pipelines. The long-anticipated approval of these vital pipelines will generate employment, reduce gas prices- and give Trump an avenue to breathe new life into U.S. Steel.

    Boost the Economy

    The Dow closed at over 20,000 for the first time in its history just a few days after the inauguration, and it has not stopped rising since then. The Dow has risen by over 2500 points since the election- a 12% increase. President Trump has terminated the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal- which would have given even more power to unelected international powers by creating a global regulatory scheme that would further drain our economy.

    Remedy Illegal Immigration

    Border crossings have dropped by 40%, according to DHS as Donald Trump makes moves to fulfill his promise to build a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. He has ordered Homeland Security and the DOJ to withhold funds from sanctuary cities which harbor criminal illegal aliens.

    These are just some of his more memorable campaign promises. There are many less headline-worthy promises that Trump is moving to keep. For example, Trump has cut funding for propaganda which promoted internationally abortions. American taxpayers will no longer pay for unborn babies to be killed by international NGOs.

    He has also given states back the authority to make decisions on “transgender bathrooms and locker rooms.” President Trump ordered the DOJ to withdraw a motion filed by Obama seeking to force public schools to allow transgender students to use whichever bathroom and locker room they wish.

    With Trump, not only are we seeing the steely-eyed rejection of politically correct identity politics, but we are also seeing the reinforcement of our national borders. Most importantly, we are witnessing an unprecedented return of the opportunity to work for a fair wage as Trump restores not just the number of jobs available- but the number of high quality, full-time jobs.’

    Facts you can’t disagree with unless you lie again!

    1. Thoughtopsy March 21, 2017

      If you think that Trump has “done” all that, you haven’t been paying any attention.

      1. InformedVoter March 21, 2017

        Sorry, but it appears that it’s you who has not been paying attention. In 100 more days, it will be as if obozo was never president!

        1. jmprint March 23, 2017

          Hee Haw George. The clown in the white house is the bozo.

          1. InformedVoter March 23, 2017

            Hello racist and bigot: now that President Trump has been proven correct (100% accuracy now) about being spied on by obozo, obozo will be lucky to escape from being charged with treason. Oh, he’ll find some clown (perhaps you’ll volunteer?) to take the fall for him ordering the spying.

          2. jmprint March 23, 2017

            Hello Moron & Liar, where are the facts, all he did was instruct Nunez to do something to slow the process.

          3. InformedVoter March 24, 2017

            Hello racist and bigot (I know you’re upset about your new moniker, but you should not have used racial slurs):
            I just love the Comey is now swaying in the wind and Schiff is ready to hang himself. Both claimed no evidence of any spying, but they were just asking the wrong folks. Nunes had proof during the transition time frame because of leaked information reported on by the FAKE MSM. President Trump intentionally planted false information to determine where the leak was coming from. With help from Judge Nap. they were able to establish that no one was leaking the information, but rather, they were being spied on.
            Notice that neither Comey or Schiff has claimed that Nunes was making up the story. Schiff is just pissed off and Comey is befuddled.
            How’s that new collection of pillow cases working out for you?

          4. Digitali April 12, 2017

            OMG! Another troll.

            Informed? By whom? You are either misinformed, or more likely, DIS-informed. If you depend on Drudge, Napolitano, Fox, Hurt and the Times (Washington, not N.Y.) for factual informaton, you will never be more than half right. Matt Drudge INVENTED fake news. That, my friends, is irony.

          5. InformedVoter April 12, 2017

            Wow, another LOW INFORMATION fool trying to show how little they’re informed! Matt Drugde? I never mentioned a thing about that liberal FAKE news source!
            Now that Susan Rice will be forced to testify under oath, she will implicate obozo in the illegal information gathering on President Trump.
            Looks like TNM is once more FAKE in implying President Trump could be impeached for his tweet! What a surprise!
            FYI, I live outside the US for almost half the year and get the majority of my information from the foreign agencies. They were not afraid to hammer obozo, unlike the US FAKE MSM who just covered his behind and fawned over him.
            Thus, my friend, it looks like you’re just another bigoted, close-minded, low information lamb who just blindly believes the FAKE MSM.
            So now that you learned that the FAKE MSM was lying to you about HilLLIARy leading in the polls and would even win in a landslide, how dumb do you feel now?
            I bet you religiously watch Rachel Madcow too!

          6. Digitali April 12, 2017

            The “fake polls” had Clinton at 46% & Trump at 43%. Check the vote totals. Unless you’re one of the morons who believes that they bussed in 3 million Mexicans & Blacks in NY & California.

            Can you cite a “foreign” news article calling Obama “obozo,” or calling anyone “low information?” You may not have mentioned Drudge, but I can tell he’s one of your faves, and I can also identify a “ditto-head” when I find one.

            Do me a favor and watch 1 hour of Maddow and 1 hour of Fox (O’Reilly, Hannity etc.), and then fact check both. Get back to me on that. You’re a freakin’ joke.

          7. InformedVoter April 12, 2017

            Ah, I can see you’re one of those low information dummies who think the polls were correct because they looked at only the national numbers. FYI, obozo won in 2012 because he data mined the swing states to defeat Romney.
            President Trump focused on the swing states, ignoring NY and CA because he knew they would never vote for him state-wide.
            So if you’re so well informed, then why did you fall the for FAKE MSM polls? Hell, HilLIARy even admitted she paid some of the pollsters to publish FAKE results showing she had a tremendous lead. She did this to discourage GOP voters from turning out! And you low information folks just lapped it up!
            Regarding Drudge, never even seen his show (if he has one). Nope, I use overseas sources and MSNBC (to see what FAKE stories they’re spinning to you low information sheep).
            I kept posting polls that showed that President Trump was going to win the election. But what did you low information fools do? You mocked my sources and said I was uninformed. How did that work out for you low information sheep?
            So you wish to put your case on the line with old Madcow? OK, here’s a nice spot she aired regarding how HilLIARy would not only win, but in landslide proportions. Notice the state-by-state breakdown your FAKE MSM ananlysts used. Gee, why didn’t they use the national, meaningless number you quoted? Duh, because ONLY a low information lamb would think that the national number was valid.
            ENJOY! Tell me agan about accuracy – pathetic is what you are.

          8. Digitali April 12, 2017

            A Dittohead. Another freakin’ dittohead. It’s like an infection that keeps getting more virulent. Hopefully we can stamp out this cancer before it kills off civilization.

          9. InformedVoter April 13, 2017

            No I don’t listen to Rush (I had to look up the definition of diitohead), but you certainly are a low information poster.
            I know that you believed the fake polls so how did that work out for you? No reputable news agency would rely on national polls to predict accuracy for a state-by-state election. Yet you low information sheep just line up and follow them. Unbelievable!

          10. Digitali April 13, 2017

            If you don’t listen to Rush (I note that you refer to him as a friend would, so that’s probably a big fat lie about the big fat idiot) I’d be interested to know where you DO get your information. You claim foreign sources since you live outside the country part of the time (Moscow maybe?) but what with the Inter-web and all I’m sure foreign residence is hardly necessary for that, nor makes you any better informed than the rest of us. As for Limbaugh, I may have been thrown off by your repeated reference to “low information voters.” That is a buzzword I’m surprised the large one hasn’t attempted to copyright.

            You refer over and over to fake polls. Please tell me your theory as to what the intended effect of such false information might be. I would think it would tend to give Clinton voters a false sense of confidence and allow them to feel comfortable not going to vote, and it seems to have had similar effect on her campaign as they pretty much ignored MI, PA, and WI.

            I don’t know where you got the idea that I was sure of a Clinton victory (maybe you just ASSumed it), but I saw Trump’s path to the White House when Michael Moore said he was highly likely to carry MI 2 weeks before the election, and a commentator from PA said that Clinton needed a HUGE margin in Philly and the cities and ‘burbs to counter Trump’s possible countryside landslide.

            So I really wasn’t shocked as some were on election night, and as for the “fake” polls, you really need to drop that stupidity. the national polls were dead-on, and the state-by-states were WELL within the MOE. Trump essentially won the White House by 80,000 votes & lost the national vote by 2.8 million. Republicans LOST 8 seats in the House and 3 in the Senate. That’s a minor upset, not a major victory.


            My only mistake was underestimating the gullibility of Yahoos like you who assume they know more than anyone else. People who consume genuinely fake news on the level that you, and Mather do should not be calling ANYONE a sheep or uninformed.

          11. InformedVoter April 14, 2017

            How do I refer to Rush as a friend? I’ve never quoted him or listed him as a source.
            The purpose of the fake polls was two-fold:
            To discourage GOP voters from turning out, and
            To discourage GOP donors from contributing to President Trump’s campaign.
            The weekend before the election, The Detroit Free Press, about as liberal as a rag can get, showed HilLIARy up by double digits. The morning of the election, they had her lead as 9 points. At 11 AM they declared HilLIARy would carry MI and would be the next president.
            President Trump won 31 states – HilLIARy 19!
            President Trump won 3100 counties – HilLIARy 57!
            Even in NY, President Trump won significantly more counties that HilLIARy.
            If you remove all the illegal votes HilLIARy got, President Trump would have won the popular vote. In Detroit alone, they found thousands of illegal votes for HilLIARy.
            You folks fell for the FAKE MSM news that HilLIARy was leading – how did that work out for you? And you are offended because you are called low information and sheep?

          12. Digitali April 14, 2017

            “If you remove all the illegal votes HilLIARy got, President Trump would have won the popular vote. In Detroit alone, they found thousands of illegal votes for HilLIARy.”

            YOU have the unmitigated gall to accuse the REAL media of promulgating fake stories, and then state something like that? And your theory about the effect of polls inflated to show Clinton being to discourage Trump contributors and voters is 180 degrees about from the likely effect it would have had. I’m done with you, you friggin’ troll. You’re either a propagandist for the Russians, a moronic idiot, or both. Try to color inside the lines and make some nice baskets.

            Buh bye…

          13. InformedVoter April 14, 2017

            You’re like the line Jack Nicholson used in “A Few Good Men” “you can’t handle the truth”.
            Are you claiming they didn’t uncover thousands of illegal votes for HilLIARy in Detroit? If you are, you’re wrong.
            Are you claiming there were millions of illegal votes for HilLIARy in CA? If you are, you’re wrong.
            You’re just pissed that you were so naive that you fell for the FAKE MSM polls. You know NOTHING about the psychology of polls. My statements have been proven correct while your premise has been shown to be incorrect.
            Are you denying that The Detroit Free Press called MI for HilLIARy at 11 AM and pronounced her the next president? If you are, you’re wrong.
            OK Mr know it all – why did they do it?
            So do I care if you “block” me? Not at all. Everyone else can see my posts and your drivel, low information responses. They can see for themselves that you were DESTROYED by someone who is truly INFORMED.

          14. Digitali April 14, 2017

            …potholders are nice,,,macrame too…

          15. InformedVoter April 14, 2017

            I love the way you quoted facts to support your naive position. I suspect it’s because you know that you’ve had your posts shredded time and again and realize that it’s futile for you to enter “into a battle of wit when you know you’re only half prepared”.
            The intent when showing a vote is going to lose is to discourage its supporters from staying engaged. Hence, the intent of the FAKE MSM to show that HilLIARy was leading by an insurmountable margin was to discourage supporters of President Trump to go and and vote. And to discourage them from contributing when they would think they were wasting their money.
            You’re premise is totally FAKE.
            Golly, it seems just about everything you post is FAKE while everything I post is TRUTH.

          16. Digitali April 15, 2017

            You are freaking DELUSIONAL! You have not presented ONE rebuttal of anything I’ve said, yet you claim to have “shredded” my posts. You’ve posted not a single provable fact to back up ANY of your fanciful, farcical pronouncements.

            I know I’ve written similar posts before, but I’ll try to be true to my word this time. Since I find myself wasting time trying to engage in argument that you seem to see as a “battle of wits,” and if that’s what it is, I’m battling an unarmed person, I’ll disengage now and avoid taking further bait. Go fish in the shallow end of the gene pool from whence you came. The only one here agreeing with anything you say is fellow moron Mather, and he seems to have bailed completely. Besides, his rantings are as baseless and inane as yours. Bye-bye, Bubble Boy.

          17. InformedVoter April 16, 2017

            You must be smoking some really bad stuff!
            Yes, unfortunately for you, most of your statements about the polls and election HAVE been thoroughly shredded. The fact that you can’t seem to grasp that speaks volumes about your being low information.
            Showing HilLIARy leading by tremendous amounts would NOT keep her voters from turning out. This has been proven time and again. Why do you think the FAKE MSM kept publishing those FAKE polls? My comments about cutting off contributions and keep GOP voters from turning out are TRUE. If you spent just a little effort checking facts out before you run off shouting “the sky in falling” you might actually learn something.
            I crapped in your hat and handed it to you and you put it on your head. That is the final analysis of our exchanges.
            I was being polite when I stated you had your arguments shredded.

          18. Eleanore Whitaker March 24, 2017

            Moron and Liar admitted he/she doesn’t even live in the US but in two other countries. You can guess which two. Slovenia and Russia.

      2. Dave Mather March 22, 2017

        Your an obvious Troll that denies facts like those I’ve submitted. And where are your facts???????? Dispute ANY of the facts I’ve provided if you can. I don’t understand why you Trolls are too afraid to use your real name!!!!!!

        1. jmprint March 23, 2017

          I have already disputed all. The future may make your statements correct, or NOT, but no accomplishments yet. The only thing he has accomplished is bringing racism to the surface, created fear in families, create anxiety and is trying to destroy our democracy.

    2. InformedVoter March 21, 2017

      Excellent post!

    3. Gerry Francis March 22, 2017

      “Since the inauguration, Trump has eliminated $68 billion from the
      national debt, which had soared to $19,947 billion under the Obama
      Administration. This fact utterly surprised pundits and economists alike
      who expected it to take much, much longer for Trump’s policies to have
      any real effect on the national deficit.” Are you talking about the deficit or the National Debt? Do you even know the difference? As far as jobs – the economy was humming along before Trump took office so don’t give him credit for creating them – the ONLY thing that creates jobs is demand and people were back at work so the demand increased. Coal restrictions? Black lung is a wonderful thing don’t you think? How many people do you that have asthma or with children that do? Guess you don’t believe in acid rain either.

      1. Dave Mather March 22, 2017

        Your Rant makes no sense which is typical of the ignorant left! What I provided were facts and quotes, something you and the author don’t seem to comprehend. Provide facts and a source not just your ranting lack of information or your personal opinion!

        1. Gerry Francis March 22, 2017

          Ignorant ya say? There’s a major difference between the deficit and the national debt and you’re hallucinating if you think that’s a written fact he’s reduced the debt. He may have cut the deficit (at the expense of the old and middle class) but he’s done nothing about the debt. The deficit is the difference between what comes in and what goes out. To cover the deficit, the country borrows money – that’s the National Debt. Since even HIS new budget is deficit spending it would be impossible for him to have eliminated 68 billion from the debt unless he put the money up out of his own pocket. You’re the one who needs to do the research before you post something that shows how ill informed and gullible you are. Copy and paste the following link into your browser if you want facts about job creation.

          1. Dave Mather March 22, 2017

            You continue to rant while not providing facts. You attempt to provide a source of a known liberal lying source and don’t provide actual facts from said article. Probably one of the few things you believe.

          2. Gerry Francis March 22, 2017

            OH! You mean you want alternate facts! Like how Trump eliminated 68 billion from the national debt? I spelled out the difference for you between the debt and the deficit and you think I got that from the Washington Post? Those pesky REAL facts. You’re just so angry, for who knows why, that you can’t accept it.
            Did you know that the federal government pays black lung disability? Look it up. One hundred and ninety five countries were involved in the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change and yet Trump is removing regulations and will hasten the decay of the ozone. Those scientists don’t know a thing compared to ‘The Donald’. And who cares about the planet you’re leaving to your children and your children’s children?
            By the way – I’d like for you to provide the source for your facts. Probably some right wing propaganda peddler like Rush. Next time you talk to him, ask him how much in taxes the new health care plan gives to the wealthy. Bannon summed up republican idealogy perfectly when talking about cutting programs that feed hungry school children and and meals on wheels that helps the elderly when he said “It’s the most compassionate thing we could do”………..Make America Great Again?????

          3. Dave Mather March 22, 2017

            Speaking of healthcare, did you even pay attention to the multiple lies Obama told about it? It was all over the news on multiple channels!!!!!!! By the way what did you do with the $2,500 average healthcare savings he was going to provide to your family? Here’s some more
            Once again bypassing the hopelessly jaundiced media, President Trump announced that he just learned that his predecessor in the White House bugged Trump Tower during the last election.
            “This is McCarthyism!” he declared, in 140 characters or less.

            All the digits fit to print!

            “Is it legal for a sitting President to be ‘wiretapping’ a race for president prior to an election?” Mr. Trump wondered, very loudly. “Turned down by court earlier. A NEW LOW!”
            “I bet a good lawyer could make a great case out of the fact that President Obama was tapping my phones in October, just prior to Election!”

            Ever litigious and meticulous about any slight, Mr. Trump is always on the march for justice.

            “How low has President Obama gone to tap my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!”

            Cue total media freakout.

            But the usual conspiracy-minded folks in the media were suddenly and uncharacteristically uncurious about this latest case of alleged Watergate-style political buggery.

            No proof, they exclaimed! Reckless accusations! Unfounded charges!

            There is, to be clear, an unchallenged story written a few months back claiming that the Obama administration sought authorization from the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to spy on Trump Tower as part of an investigation into links between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. This request was initially denied, according to the story, before it was ultimately granted.

            Now this, alone, is a stunning charge. The assertion that one sitting branch of the federal government used American intelligence operatives to spy on the campaign of a political enemy in the midst of a presidential campaign would, normally, be an explosive story that the media could never resist.

            But these are not normal times.

            Mr. Obama, the hounds bay, would NEVER order agents to spy on a political opponent. Anyway, his Justice Department would have to go through the FISA court to get permission to do it.

            So, basically, the evidence for why this is all such a suddenly bogus claim is that Mr. Obama would never do it.

            Yet, this is the same Barack Obama who spent eight years in the White House politicizing every imaginable aspect of the federal government in order to punish his enemies and reward his friends.

            The massive stimulus program turned into a boondoggle for his friends in the environmental jihad. His IRS became weaponized to go after political enemies.

            Mr. Obama’s Justice Department went so far pushing a political agenda against lawful gun ownership that they put thousands of illegal guns into the hands of criminals. Even after it was revealed that these guns were used to kill a U.S. Border Patrol agent, the Obama administration was unrepentant.

            This is the same Barack Obama who ordered the federal government to take over the entire healthcare industry — one-sixth of the U.S. economy — in a brazen attempt to advance his own partisan, political agenda.

            This guy is so overtly and nakedly political that he spent every ounce of his political capital during his presidency to turn community policing into a political agenda. Remember, only Black Lives Matter.

            Even race could not escape the clutches of his political maw. “You know, if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” Mr. Obama once said. Barf.

            Now we read reports in The New York Times that the Obama administration left “bread crumbs” in hopes of trying the Trump campaign to the Russians after Mr. Obama left office. And U.S. intelligence agents spied on Mr. Trump’s national security adviser and leaked the results of that spying.

            And you expect the American people now to believe that Mr. Obama didn’t bug Trump Tower because, well, that would just be too political? As Mr. Obama’s old Chicago preacher once famously said: “America’s chickens are coming home to roost.”

            • Charles Hurt can be reached at churt@washingtontimes.com; follow him on Twitter via @charleshurt.

          4. jmprint March 23, 2017

            Obama didn’t bug Trump. The intelligence community follows trails and that’s what has led them to Trump. Why aren’t you concerned that another country is interfering in our election? And why would it bother you too get to the bottom. Are you involved with this treason? And can you explain to me why 9 people associated with the Trump-Russia escapade are dead?

          5. Digitali April 12, 2017

            “But the usual conspiracy-minded folks in the media were suddenly and uncharacteristically uncurious about this latest case of alleged Watergate-style political buggery.”

            Seriously? You are an ignorant moron, just like the big Hurt. All I need to see on a resume is, “Drudge Report & Fox News contributor…” to know that person has ZERO credibility. That fact alone eliminates him as a source for facts, even if he didn’t work for Wes Pruden & Some Young Goon.

          6. Dave Mather April 12, 2017

            Like most left wing nuts, you refuse to admit the facts unless they agree with you!

          7. Digitali April 12, 2017

            Your opinions are not facts, and neither is half of what you get from Fox, Breitbart, El Rushbo, or Hurt. Unlike you, when I hear something, I investigate it. If it proves to be true, I accept it as a fact. If you hear something that sounds like the truth, you accept it because it fits your twisted world view. That’s the difference between reason and reaction. I’ll just sit here and wait for your, well…. reaction.

          8. Digitali April 12, 2017

            Here’s a fact for you, Dumas. Trump has PROPOSED a budget, He hasn’t cut one penny from either the deficit or the national debt as of yet. You sound like either a paid campaign worker or just one of the dumb-ass yahoos buying into Trump-world’s alternative universe. You have balls the size grapefruits talking about alternative facts stated by others. Don’t demand proof from anyone else when most of your “facts” are merely your opinion or something you parrot from Faux News.

          9. Dave Mather April 12, 2017

            You’re just a Troll that can’t backup what he says!

          10. Digitali April 12, 2017

            You can call me names all you like. You are the one who states opinion as fact, and when someone confronts you, you revert to accusations of ranting by them. Is you are so well informed with facts, please challenge any of the facts in my last post. A dwarf living under a bridge shouldn’t go around calling others trolls.

          11. Dave Mather April 13, 2017

            Why don’t you read my original post of facts on President Trump’s first 50 days??? Why didn’t you respond to any of the facts I mentioned about Obama’s lies about Obamqacare??? Facts are stubborn things to ignore yet you continue to do so! The information I provided on his first 50 days was a complete quote from another source, something you incompetently refer to as opinion as opposed to fact. And why are you afraid to use your real name? Another common method used by useless trolls with no real comments of their own! Try responding to my comments instead of just posting your own opinion! You obviously can’t handle it when someone doesn’t agree with you and can prove it!

          12. Digitali April 13, 2017

            I did read your original post, and I didn’t see a single fact in it. And you did it again.

            “You obviously can’t handle it when someone doesn’t agree with you and can prove it!”

            You haven’t proven anything other than that you are a parrot & an echo chamber. Restating faux facts over and over may convince your fellow idiots they are true, but a lot of us live outside your bubble, and that’s how we know you to be an ignorant disinformed blabbermouth.

            “The information I provided on his first 50 days was a complete quote from another source…”

            Information? That’s a hoot!

            First, if you’re going to pull quotes you should fact check them. Second, using direct quotes shows lack of independent thought and laziness on your part.

            I don’t use my real name because I don’t want to be stalked and possibly assaulted by some conspiracy nut (possibly even you.) One never knows who might be living across town, or maybe even next door. It’s called prudence, not fear.

          13. Dave Mather April 13, 2017

            So you continue to be ignorant and refuse to admit facts! I did fact check them and they are valid. You are a typical leftist in denial of facts. When confronted with facts, you refuse to acknowledge them. And as a typical leftist, when you have NO facts you stoop to name calling like ‘ignorant misinformed blowhard’. Now try to convince yourself you didn’t say it!! The truth hurts as you will continue to deny facts and remain ignorant. It must really be making you angry that Trump had Gorsuch appointed, Not to mention that Trump is your president! Must be tearing you up knowing you will have to live with him for at least the next four years!

          14. Digitali April 13, 2017

            Just keep ranting, moron. Typical of people like you to keep repeating rubbish over and over without a shred of evidence to back it up. I’ll stop ignoring your “facts” the minute you prove them to be such. Until then I stand by your ignorance, your lack of information, and that you are indeed a blowhard. You fit the definition.

            blow-hard – a person who blusters and boasts in an unpleasant way.

    4. jmprint March 23, 2017

      You are so full of BS. 235,000 jobs created in February of 2017, but in 2016 in February 238,000 and in February of 2015 236,00 were created. So why toot Trumps horn, when the February numbers are attributed to policies that Obama placed.

      Trump hasn’t even passed a budget bill yet and you are giving him credit. Exxon was already in play and is also a player in Russian manipulation. Tillerson wants everyone to believe that he didn’t want or seek the job, but like all of Trump’s cabinet he lied. He hired a firm to recruit him for the job. All so that he can work with Russian to obtain oil drilling there.

      You are giving him credit for coal job, when not one job has been had coal industry is dead with or without Obama setting rule to protect the miners.

      Trump has stolen the land and rights from the Native people, again! Here is the oil industry gain working hard to destroy our water and land all to benefit a handful of already rich greedy people. These jobs that the pipelines will bring in are minimal and short in length.

      The Dow Jones went up on speculation, just like the oil price did in 2005, which brought our country to our knees while Exxon and other oil companies were making 6000% profit. It will be going dow pretty soon as Trump ties to Russia and his corruptions surface day-by-day.

      An while international dollars are cur by abortion, more women will suffer on the hands of abusers. women who have miscarriages will be tried for murder. I hardly call this progress.

      Trumps immigration policies have hurt and separated many families, not Christian like at ALL. He is not going after the hard criminals, like Obama was.

      Transgender are being forced to use bathrooms that don’t fit their persona. Again hurting people intentionally with no cause. They are humans too and have rights, not just YOU.

      Where in 3 months do you see wages going up in companies. Please name these companies that are hiring at good wages so that we can send all the unemployed people.

      Trump said nobody would lose there insurance and it would be better, and yet is is trying to pass a bill that only reward the rich, and many will lose their insurance.

      Trump said he would show his taxes if he was elected, and now that more evidence is rising with his ties to Russia we really need to see them. If he doesn’t show them then it means he is a Russian agent.

      The only true facts is that Trumps passed a whole lot of orders, and most are going to destroy our country as we know it now. He has done more for Russia, then he has done for the US.

      1. Eleanore Whitaker March 24, 2017

        Trump is a Grifter. There isn’t a single person, including a fellow billionaire, Michael Bloomberg, who trusts Trump. In the former NY City Mayor’s own words, “Donald Trump cannot be trusted.”

        When a president has the lowest ratings of any president in US history Maher has nothing to crow about.

        What men like Maher want is to allow Trump to do anything he pleases even if it means Grifting off our tax dollars for himself and his family.

        Trump can’t set foot in NJ because he stiffed so many employees and union contractors. Those contractors would love nothing more than to use him for a bridge support.

    5. Eleanore Whitaker March 24, 2017

      Sorry but Trump only makes DEALS. Is that what the government YOUR taxes pay for is supposed to be? A business deal? Where precisely do we the people fit into those deals?

      You planning to make sure that every dime of profit Trump and his Grifter family make goes into our treasury? After all, he IS OUR public servant.

      Trump has accomplished nothing. All he does is read the National Enquirer, some piece of trash paper and tweet at 6 in the morning. His healthcare bill failed, his travel bans have failed and that wall is going to be next.

      Trump didn’t create any jobs. He lied about that too. Those GM jobs in the “thousands” as he claims are still going to Mexico. Which is the real reason Trump the Spiteful Dickhead wants that wall.

      Unless you can tell us just why in his NJ casinos, 90% of his employees were immigrants who may or may not have all been legal, you can see his is just another spiteful, selfish little boy with a man’s body.

      Sorry but Trump the Hump is not the kind of role model we want for our children or their children.

    6. Digitali April 12, 2017

      Fine flacking, friend ‘o’ Fred’s feckless foul fem-fondler!

  25. ivory69690@yahoo.com March 23, 2017

    Robert Kraft’s grin basically says “Glad I didn’t vote for you” after Obama’s deflategate joke. #Patriots /// seems Kraft has done so much right things so I guess this bad thing going to see the DONNY DUMP CLOWN he might feel its ok . BUT STILL NOT TOO BRIGHT OF HIM VOTING FOR THE DUMPSTER IN THE FIRST PLACE . Bill & Tom should stay as far away from the DUMPSTER as thy can . them going to the clowns house could lose fans . im disappointed . but what ever ! to go there makes one feel thy agree with the clown and all he has done and will do . hey guys he is a rapist and a woman beater . also a fraud ,con and a scammer and stiffs all he comes in contact with . he is the evil one tells people thy should stay far away from always ask your wife’s and daughters if thy are ok with that ?

  26. Victor Pierce March 25, 2017

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