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Saturday, October 22, 2016
  • Oh, we should be so lucky.

    • sumthinfishy

      It’s probably already sold out, but if not save me a seat!

    • dljones

      Follow them, Maybe they will lead us to the location of Hoffa’s retirement home.

      • How about the weapons of mass destruction?

        • dljones

          Vernon:: Democrats not enough destruction?

  • donbronkema1

    Cannoli is a red herring–its actually Acme Quick-Crete…


    • Ed

      What a frightening thought; To people like them and Romney.

  • Hope it is a long journey.

    • Elarenal

      It should be a short but eternal journey, if you get my drift.

  • now i have a new belief in America the people instead of money

  • johnygo

    calling Donald trump, please join the team.

  • jstsyn

    Will they take him to see Hoffa?

  • This look like a collectiom of the fool you team,lrt me think who is missing???? All of the GOP that put money on Mitt and got nothing WTF pay back and you need to know who looking at you.

  • The K-Bros are exacting their revenge after Rove scared them to cough up millions having sold them that Obama will not again win and that he is a secret muslim.
    Like I said all along, Rove is win at all cost and explain later. Ironically, he has alot more explaining after such huge loss. But then it reconfirms the K-BRos’ belewif and their racists approaches with their wealth. Duh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • commserver

    Karl Rove has no idea of anything. He has just 1 track: Anti-democratic.

  • GrayBeard27

    Wouldn’t they just run lying ads to smear his name?

  • truther4u

    The People got lucky this time. If the Minions want to really take back their Government; they will need to mobilize a huge army of well read, and intelligent Activists; much like the Civil Rights Movement of the early 196o’s, and the Environmental Movement of the late 60’s and early 70’s. One must not forget the Nader Consumer Protection efforts of the 70’s as well. The, “Reds,” will do everything possible to Court and Manipulate the Hispanics. My advice to Hispanics is to watch their Behavior, and don’t put much stock in their duplicitous words. They will, “kiss up,” for ONE PURPOSE, ONLY: Vote Acquisition! Remember; their past words and actions, clearly indicate they don’t have much use for Blacks, Hispanics, Poor Whites, Women, Seniors, Gays; and even our Vets. We are all part of the despised 47%; and have been labeled, Moochers, Takers, and Parasites. They are a, Rich, White, Club only; that make all kinds of jokes at our expense. They are also Capitalist Predators in the, “New American Economy.”