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Monday, October 24, 2016

Welcome to “This Week In Crazy,” The National Memo’s weekly update on the wildest attacks, conspiracy theories, and other loony behavior from the increasingly unhinged right wing. Starting with number five:

Michele Bachmann

Representative Michele Bachmann (R-MN) earned her regular spot on this list with her hysterically unbalanced speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday. Among other outrageous statements, Bachmann claimed that President Obama wastes $1.4 billion per year on perks like dog walkers and chefs, and that 70 percent of food stamps actually go to “bureaucrats” — lies that are so preposterously false that Washington Post Glenn Kessler was forced to conclude that “there really aren’t enough Pinocchios for such misleading use of statistics in a major speech.”

Perhaps most absurdly, Bachmann insisted that scientists could cure Alzheimer’s Disease within 10 years “if we’d only put our mind to it” — but unfortunately, scientists are too upset about over-regulation and taxes to bother with it:

When CNN’s Dana Bash attempted to confront Bachmann over her crazy statements on Thursday, the Tea Party’s favorite congressperson made arguably her sanest decision in years: She literally ran away from the cameras.

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  • Rejoice! With a lot more Democratic senators than Rep;ublicans running for re-election in 2014, and some of them from red states, we need as many nuts as possible advertising their extreme ideology, which at times borders on insanity, to keep control of the Senate.

    • charleo1

      Just the fact, that what you just said, is the unadulterated truth. Ought to
      keep us all up at night! There are some very scary people in politics nowadays.

  • hahahahahaha

  • tobyspeeks

    Rush says it’s a “major, major, major story in the UK Telegraph” when in reality it’s 9 short paragraphs of opinion.

    • Remember, “Fools Rush In”.. so Rush goes full foolish to stay on the air.

  • bjbstarr11

    The GOP is crazy as ever. Let them keep talking this off the wall foolishness. This is why we have to vote in 2014 and get them out of office.

    • lana ward

      Obama is as evil as ever. Satan no less!!!

      • adler56

        get a brain or leave my country doofus.

        • Sand_Cat

          Don’t think Lana can leave; they probably keep him/her in the locked ward.

      • bjbstarr11

        Lana, You are just as crazy as the GOP. Secretly I believe you like President Obama since you are always talking about him.

  • The GOP needs to get rid of the elephant as their logo and replace it with a bat for all the catcrapcrazies in their party. I am beginning to really believe in zombies after watching the GOP speak, vote or just about anything they do.

    • wesley rasmussen

      You should remember, though, that in the event of an attack by Brain Eating Zombies, Republicans would be the Immunes of the world, since all would be passed up by the zombies in search of Brains…

  • whodatbob

    Sad part is there are still millions of ditto heads still hanging on to every word Rusted Limberger cheese says. The repuick crazies speak to the followers.

    • BDC_57

      And they believe everything that nut says.

  • nobsartist

    I think what is really pitiful is those people are elected over Dems.

    I guess that just proves that there is really no real difference between the two parties.

    All you have to do is look at the crap Dems put in the ACA bill and how Reid left assault weapon regulation out of the “new” “gun bill”.

    All you have to do is look at the great job Dems have done over the years and it is easy to understand why people listen to jackass’s like palin and bachmann.

    • adler56

      I’m sorry that you’ve lost your mind. I hope you can get a brain from a republican- try a tea bagger brain- they’ve hardly been used.

  • roguerunners

    Just loved all of the articles this morning! Laughed so hard I almost fell out of my chair!

    • 1bythebrooks2

      Yes, you have to laugh, otherwise we’d be crying about what these idiots are spewing. However, repubs, keep it up. Your ignorance and misguided imaginations, will not win you any elections!

  • Sassy

    Someone should check the medications, she is taking.

    • adler56

      I think the problem is that she’s not taking the medications or maybe she found out she’s married to a gay guy.

      • Sassy

        She is so delusional, how does someone like Bachmann, who is so intellectually challenged get elected.

      • RobertCHastings

        No, he’s been “cured” of that. But, he may be like Jom Baker, who really wasn’t sure whether he was a stander or a squatter.

      • plc97477

        Maybe it’s just me but I can’t believe any one would marry someone so stupid.

        • Sand_Cat

          To which of them are you referring?

          • plc97477

            I was referring to michelle but any of them would bring up the same question.

          • Sand_Cat

            Actually, it was a rhetorical question to make the same point you just did! :<)

  • adriancrutch

    Excuse Michele, she doesn’t watch PBS or she “might ” have seen some good shows about advances made on diseases like Alzheimers! The Rush thing? I didn’t bother. North is a highly paid TWIT! I read his book from his Vietnam Experiences called Blues Bastards. The best part is where he “leads” his men back to the exact spot they had hung out the month before and the Viet cong proceeded to mortar the shit out of them. How can we “Treat” the republican party with anything but contempt when they “stick” these chomosomes into important House Commitee jobs when they barely qualify to read a book to pre-schoolers. Alot has to do with the various evangelical colleges that sprout these imbeciles. Hail! Jesus!

    • july860

      Are you kidding? I would not let them anywhere within a five-mile radius of a pre-schooler! On second thought, maybe that would be a good idea, as these idiots combined do not have the intelligence of a pea, let alone a pre-schooler-let them get shown up! (and by the way, I am not trying to insult pre-schoolers…)

      • RobertCHastings

        It should be a requirement, along with the Oath of Allegiance, for incoming Congressmen to compete on “Are you smarter than a fifth grader?” I’ve watched it a few times, and I know for a fact that Michelle Bachman would never make it. The rest of this week’s crazies probably wouldn’t, either.

  • Wow! BTW: I’ve written several dozen times about the 10 Tenets of the Republican Party… One of them is insanity. It’s nice that some of the “lamestream” media now sees this as the truth and is willing to publicize it. Now, that same media need to focus also on the other nine Tenets: bigotry, hypocrisy, elitism, FASCISM, greed, corruption, incompetence, arrogance and comedy….

  • OK everybody. Can anyone come up with a cure for insanity? I mean seriously, this is no laughing matter, how can we convince republicans that they MUST take their psychotropic medication? If they don’t we are in deep dudu. Hope that people go out in droves at this coming midterm election in 2014, and not take anything for granted. Democrats have to begin to hammer this home NOW, and assist their base in getting their voter ID. This is serious.

    • july860

      After working in the MH field for about thirty years now, I can say that we do not have a cure for insanity, but the meds they are constantly coming up with can work wonders! (Although I have my doubts regarding this crowd).

      • plc97477

        There is nothing strong enough for them.

  • TZToronto

    Hey, he does look like Obama. When will Trump start asking to see Obama’s Moroccan birth certificate? . . . Just when you think the Republicans have said the stupidest thing ever, they prove you wrong.

  • Bachmann is flat out crazy but the the idiots who vote for her are even crazier!!!!

    • RobertCHastings

      Do you really require and answer for that, or was it a rhetorical question?

    • BDC_57

      They are teabaggers that voted for her.

  • Pamby50

    I’m listening to Lizz Winstead & she said Michelle Bachmann has always been this way. This woman needs help but instead she feels she is channeling GOD.

  • charleo1

    All of the Right Wing, but especially the T-Party, politicians are given permission
    to say anything they feel like saying. There is simply put, no downside/None. in fact.
    Sometimes, saying something completely off the wall, that mocks, Obama, or
    is particularly disrespectful, “You lie!” Cause website collections to go thru the roof.
    “Not intended to be factual.” That was the response of TX. Sen. John Kyl’s staff,
    to a claim he made from the Senate floor, that 97% of what Planned Parenthood
    does is abortion. (Actually abortions make up approx.3%.) And are not funded with
    public money. Another claim nearly all Republicans make, that is patiently wrong.
    Will there ever be a price paid for the high tolerance to lies, and hyperbole?
    Well, yes. We all pay for it in someway everyday. Will Right Wing politicians ever
    be held accountable by the ideologues, and win at all cost base? I’m not holding
    my breath.

  • Like an old dog that you feed one time and it won’t go away…now the old dog is starting to bite the hand that fed it…What do you do? Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann and others are, bright Lights /Microphones and Camera freaks….stop reporting on these clowns!

  • Mikey7a

    OK, I was raised Pentecost. I am probably the worst Christian I know. That being said, what I was taught was that you can’t get into heaven without accepting Christ into your heart.

    I was taught to love my enemy, treat others as I would like to be treated, be meek, and turn the other cheek. Our pastor welcomed EVERYONE into our church!

    Color, Race, Creed, wealthy, poor, GAY, straight, none of that mattered at Evangel Temple in MIAMI!! We were taught to respect our President, no matter WHO he may be!
    These Republicans claiming to be Christian seem to worship only one deity, MONEY!

    Anyway, I say all this because as I remember it taught, Satan was THE most beautiful Angel in Heaven. No offense to that actor, but most beautiful just doesn’t come to mind for me. As for that matter neither does our beloved president. I imagine if Satan ever appeared to tempt me, he’d resemble say Katy Perry, in the nude!! ROFL

  • adler56

    Pray away the gay is being promoted by a closeted gay- Bachmann’s husband- she is so stupid she may not know he’s gay.

  • JDavidS

    Normally I would say that the GOP loons are scraping the bottom of the barrel, but with this one they’ve actually started to dig…