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Thursday, December 14, 2017

5 Cuts That Even Scrooge Would Make This Christmas Instead Of Punishing The Unemployed


In Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, the reader is made aware of the limits of Ebenezer Scrooge’s generosity when the protagonist is approached by a portly gentleman who is raising funds for the unfortunate :

“At this festive season of the year, Mr. Scrooge,” said the gentleman, taking up a pen, “it is more than usually desirable that we should make some slight provision for the Poor and Destitute, who suffer greatly at the present time.  Many thousands are in want of common necessaries; hundreds of thousands are in want of common comforts, sir.”

“Are there no prisons?” asked Scrooge.

“Plenty of prisons,” said the gentleman, laying down the pen again.

“And the Union workhouses?”  demanded Scrooge.  “Are they still in operation?”

“They are.  Still,” returned the gentleman, “I wish I could say they were not.”

How cruel, the reader is supposed to think, to suggest punishing the poor for being poor — and on Christmas Eve!

Congress is about to make a million of the nation’s most unfortunate citizens a little more unfortunate by simply doing nothing. At the end of this month 1.3 million people — including 20,000 veterans — will lose their unemployment benefits as a federal program that extends coverage to those out of work for up to a year expires at a cost of $25 billion a year.

House Democrats have seen their attempts to continue the extension rebuffed by their Republican colleagues and are now using hearings to try to draw attention to the stories of those who will be cut off. This, unfortunately, will not likely be enough to convince Congress, which just let food stamp coverage shrink, to act.

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), the chief budget negotiator for House Republicans, is attempting to refocus on “poverty,” according to recent reports in the press.

But for Ryan, helping the poor sounds suspiciously like punishing them.

“Paul wants people to dream again,” a Ryan advisor recently said. “You don’t dream when you’ve got food stamps.”

Apparently, starvation is better for dreaming.

How does Mitt Romney’s former running mate think the poor should be helped?

“You cure poverty eye to eye, soul to soul,” he said, during a recent speech at the Heritage Foundation. “Spiritual redemption: That’s what saves people.”

At the end of A Christmas Carol, Scrooge experiences spiritual redemption and decides he must help the unfortunate. But since Ryan’s spirituality owes more to Ayn Rand than Dickens, we can’t expect such an awakening for the House GOP. The long-term unemployed will be punished along with everyone else, as economic growth is reduced by an estimated 0.4 percentage points in the first quarter of 2014, destroying 310,000 jobs.

So if Republicans want $25 billion in cuts this year, here’s how they can get them without punishing those out of work during the holiday season.

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215 Responses to 5 Cuts That Even Scrooge Would Make This Christmas Instead Of Punishing The Unemployed

  1. “You don’t dream when you’ve got food stamps.” Pretend I am answering in the voice of Ann Coulter: “No, Paul. Without food stamps, you starve and then you die.” I have given Tiny Tim permission to thwack them both on the head with his wooden crutch.

    • At the very least…..
      Ann Coulter doesn’t count really anyway….too over-the-top…if that’s possible.
      Someday, I can only hope these creeps (Ryan, Limbaugh and Coulter) experience the less fortunate side of the world, then maybe they’ll show empathy for the truly needy. I wonder what they say to all those poor suffering Phillipino’s after the typhoon…..”Oh good for you!!! Now you can dream of food.”
      What terrible assholes these shitheads really are!

    • Pity all of the people who worked to create the greatest nation on earth before the invention of food stamps. They would not have had to do it, if they had the stamps.

      • As if the only reason people go hungry is because they are just too lazy to bother earning money for food. Do you really think there are people who only work to avoid starvation? Have you ever waited until you were hungry to get to your job? Show at least some compassion and understanding of people less fortunate, many are children born into poor circumstances beyond their control. What shall we do for those unable to adequately feed themselves? Would you quote Scrooge one more time?

        “If he be like to die, he had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.”

        • Are you really naive enough to believe 47 million of us need food stamps? And if you do think that, then why on earth would you support an administration that creates and supports that situation?

          • No. I would rather some get more than they need rather than risk some not getting what they do need. Are you so naive as to think none of them need food stamps at all? I would bring children up once again, but I doubt you will listen.

            If you mean to imply that the current administration is deliberately attempting to make people poor, you will have to demonstrate why that is true. Things are far from ideal, but they are much improved from the tire fire of an economy that Obama inherited from Bush. Making more people hungry does not seem like a great way to stimulate the economy to me.

          • I’m absolutely sure that a small percentage of that 47 million can benefit from food stamps, but not nearly as much as they could benefit from a vibrant economy. We obviously disagree on the cause of the crash, but it has been 5 years for Obama. FIVE YEARS! I guarantee Mitt Romney would have turned this situation around in just a few months. As would any other person with experience, common sense and a belief in capitalism.

            Regardless of how it seems to be hurtful to you, hungry people can and would stimulate the economy because they would be willing to take the jobs that appear daily in your local newspaper. Exactly the same as it is stimulating China today.

          • Ah I guess we all end to become right wing Republicans! Infa has proven beyond all doubt that the president is just a tool. The cartoon proves beyond all doubt that he is a lackey for the Muslim world. Gee how could we not see all this before this “cartoon”. If it’s in a cartoon then it must be the truth! No?

          • In case you haven’t heard, Obama did not get his private police force, so you can put your brown shirt back in the closet…unless you want to wear it to interview to be one of the new IRS agents who will be tracking down the 26-29 year olds who do not want to pay for your expensive dementia pre-condition.

          • Brown shirt? Whatever do you mean, comrade?

            At least we finally have a greedy slug admitting that they idolize a communist country’s economy. Did the truth mistakenly slip out?

          • If he ever needs one again, he can borrow yours, right Bill? But then, I guess you don’t have a Brown one: yours is black with the cute little lightning bolts at the collar.

          • What situation would Mittens have fixed in five months? Obama averted another great depression and brought us out of the deepest recession in 60 years, all while dealing with a GOP congress that prevented him from implementing more stimulus programs because they wanted to keep the economic recovery slow in the hopes that it would help them win back the White House.

            A great deal of SNAP recipients have jobs, but the minimum wage is so low that they still qualify for food assistance. In fact, a great way to cut the money we spend on food assistance would be to raise the minimum wage. When a worker at McDonald’s receives food assistance, the US taxpayers are subsidizing the billions in profits that McDonald’s makes every year.

          • Mighty strong Kool-Aid I’m drinking? That’ rich coming from the guy who claims Mitt would have fixed the economy in five months despite the fact that he had no discernible budget plan besides cut taxes and increase military spending.

            The facts can’t be argued with–Obama inherited the worst recession in decades thanks to eight years of GOP policies. The GOP spent most of Obama’s first term deliberately trying to slow economic recovery in order to keep him from being re-elected.

          • Your argument is based on incorrect ‘facts’. The last two years, the time which was the prelude to the crash, were years the Democrats controlled Congress, with Barney Frank in charge of the Banking Committee. Time to wise up.

          • At least he’s only drinking Kool-Aid: you’ve been drinking the hard stuff spiced with hallucinogens.

          • Because he & people like him took American jobs TO China & anywhere else to get slave labor in sweat shops that topple & kill thousands of people.

          • You can’t guarantee a damn thing – because you don’t know what the hell your talking about. The economy has improved at a snails pace strictly due to uncompromising obstuctionist GOP traitors. These insects planned from the moment he took office, to hold up the economy in effort to “Make Barack Obama a one term president” and also to shrink the middle class. No president has ever come against such unprecedented opposition. NOBODY. The usual stimulus efforts used by government during past recessions to get the economy clicking have been stopped every single time by your GOP friends. And if you care to look at the voting records of Paul Ryan, Cantor, Boehner, McConnel – they were ALL proponents of stimulus measures during the “MBA” Bush debacle.

          • Then let’s just say that I would be willing to have place a very large bet on it. This may come as news to you, but successful people are problem solvers. I mean real success. The kind achieved by Romney and not the pseudo-success of the B.S. artist in the White House. Oh, and by the way, learn a little history about Presidential opposition. You seem to be a bit shy in that department.

          • You mean the kind of success achieved by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, who make Mitt Romney look like a common panhandler?

          • No you wouldn’t and you know it. I doubt you know much at all about Mitt Romney. The man “your apparent successful heroic problem solver” was born to privilege. He went to the best schools paid for by his dad. Mitt never spent a moment of his life worrying about whether he’d be able to pay rent or the electric bill. Never gave a thought about having money for a doctor visit and I doubt he ever missed a meal due to an empty bank account. Romney made his fortune from purchasing successful companies – loading them with debt, then scrapped them for parts. In the process he destroyed many good paying jobs; wiping out the financial well being of thousands of people over his career. In addition, the cumulative affect of him destroying companies for his benefit, hurt local economies. Your “problem solver” as a governor implemented an affordable healthcare initiative that has become quite popular in Massachusetts.Your “problem solver” as ‘candidate for president’ assailed the same program as ‘socialist and the first thing he would get rid of’, though he himself had professed to be very proud of the program. You do know the definition of hypocrite don’t you Montana? “Problem solver Mitt” offered the American people the proverbial middle finger by not allowing the public access to his tax returns – presumably because he knew full well that many voters would be shocked by what they found in those documents. He, by doing this, essentially kicked his deceased father in the groin since it was Mitt’s father who set precedent by releasing his tax returns when he ran for president. Twelve years of them in fact. George Romney said “one year could be a fluke perhaps done for show”. He felt the American people had every right to know what they were getting. Not so much Ol’ Mitt.
            Contrast Romney’s upbringing to that of Barack Obama. The product of bi racial parents (always an advantage right Montana?) who split up. His mom was demanding of him academically. He, only a few years ago, was able to pay off his college loans. Mitt didn’t need to bother with such mundane issues did he? The presidents mother, at times found it necessary to go on assistance while she worked toward her degree. Mitt had no such worry about his next meal. Barack Obama had to watch his mother suffer through cancer unable to afford long term treatment for “a chance of survival”. Mitt had access to money for any health issue that may arise – didn’t he? Despite Romney’s good looks, unrelenting hypocrisy and full out lies – the black guy with the funny name whipped him in the electoral college and five million popular votes. Barack Obama simply is smarter than ‘not only Mitt’, but perhaps our President loses more brain cells in his dandruff that the entire GOP ever held. This man ‘never said he was perfect’ is far more trustworthy to work toward improving opportunity for the common citizen and possesses an intellect no member of the GOP could hope to match. While you prefer a man as our president, which lacks the integrity to stand up “for his own health care plan” and has a professional history of destroying good paying jobs. Montana: your every bit as twisted as Mr. Romney. Barack Obama is what most people would refer to as the quintessential, great American rags to the Whitehouse success story.

          • My – my, now there is one hell of a reasoned response. Not that ‘thinking’ or debate has ever been the long suit of the GOP. But still, I expected some lackluster attempt. What’s the matter old fella -did I hurt your feelings?

          • Yes, you disagree concerning the cause:John has facts, and you have your selfish and malicious fantasies.

          • But, montanabill,we did NOT support an administration that created the situation or didn’t you notice that the Republicans who tried their best to create their second Great Depression lost the election 5 years ago?

          • Oh, but you did when you elected a Democrat Congress for the last two years of the Bush Presidency that was the party actually responsible for the economic collapse by refusing to stop the insane lending policies.

          • You blame Bush, who warned of the coming collapse because of the crazy lending promoted by the Federal government and I blame Barney Frank and the Democrat controlled Congress who pooh-poohed Bush’s warning and went even further to push banks into sub-prime loans. Yes, the Republicans have lost twice, to one of the greatest B.S. artists ever born.

          • “An administration” does not create that situation. It’s decades in the making. Not surprisingly, SNAP enrollment tracks closely with unemployment figures. When unemployment is high, more people need food assistance. When it is low, the need for food assistance decreases. That wouldn’t be the case if the overwhelming majority of SNAP recipients were the lazy, crack-addled moochers of GOP fantasy. The fact is that 76% of SNAP households include a child, a disabled person or an elderly person. The average recipient receives $133 a month, or less than $1.50 per person per meal.

            Republicans are perfectly fine with leaving children, the elderly and the disabled to fend for themselves. Of course, many of those same Republicans would not hesitate to avail themselves of these programs if they fell on hard times.

          • Your response to me posting facts is…nothing. Typical RWNJ. You’re so sure that you’re right that you don’t need to bother with things like facts or logic to support your opinions.

          • The elderly should have Social Security since they are up in age and must have worked in their younger years. The disabled too should be getting either SSI along with Medicaid or SSD with Medicare after having it for two years which becomes regular Social Security, when they hit the age of 65. I know an elderly couple that get a total of $1200 a month, so they were each getting $15 in SNAP a month. They gave it up ( SNAP ) because of the too many personal questions for them to continue getting the SNAP. I help them budget their money and now they have enough to make it every month. They were wasting more money of what was coming in and that came to a complete stop. Others should ask their elderly parents, if they need help to manage their expenses, but some ( grown adult children ) with take advantage of them and leave their parents out on the street. Rare, but it does happen.

          • Recently in Detroit, they announced that able bodied food stamp recipients who had been collecting assistance for 5 years were going to be cut off. What an uproar that followed! 5 years? i haven’t been 5 weeks without some kind of job since I was 14. If I lived in Detroit and I drive through there a lot so I know it looks like a war zone, and I couldn’t find work in 5 years, I think I would pick up and move somewhere else. There is assistance for training and education etc. over 40% of Detroit is on assistance. And the liberals will jump all over this post saying I want granny and children to starve and disabled people to live in the ditch. I said “able bodied” not the elderly, the sick, and anyone unable to work, those people do need a safety net. The rest need a hand up, not a career hand out.;

          • Unfortunately, the ‘Progressives’ can’t distinguish between those needing help and those who are simply parasites. Might be a self-interest thing.

          • Yes, that’s exactly why you erupt into an apoplectic rage when anyone mentions Warren Buffett. To him you are an insignificant, impoverished parasite. Is this what you meant by ‘self interest’?

          • Cheating your family and friends doesn’t count as real work. Did you really think we’d believe your whopper?

        • You just asked a smug, self-satisfied right-winger to show some compassion! Those faulty arguments he keeps telling himself about lazy people who refuse to work are how he keeps from accidentally growing some compassion. Compassion is very inconvenient you know, plus it might cost you some change when you pass a Salvation Army kettle. Very inconvenient that compassion stuff. Much easier to feel contempt for others and pride in the fact that everything you have you deserve. Ah feeling superior like old Bill there is just dandy for him.

          • It’s a lie that only lazy people are poor. It’s also a lie to say that all poor people are poor because of things beyond their control. One thing for sure, there are a lot of people with virtually no general education. They were trained at one proprietary job and don’t know how to do anything else. Re-training is difficult because it requires referencing a battery of general knowledge (math and language skills, judgment skills from historical perspective, etc.). Knowledge that should have been acquired in public school. Many people also stop progressing once they get a full-time job. The longer they go, the farther behind they get, which leads them to having skill sets that are marginal in 2013, regardless of how significant they were in 1985. What’s the answer? Beats me. We can’t just throw people to the wolves, but neither can relieve them of all responsibility for the rest of their lives. I’d be interested to learn how all the good folks in this forum might devise a plan that provides for short-term support, interim assessment and skill development, and strong incentive to return to the workforce. Any takers?

          • Yes, but it would cost some money, and there are those in congress too busy trying to cut needed programs to devote any time debating whether we should increase spending, even for something that is desperately needed, such as programs you suggest.

          • Like my original statement a few years ago. Poor people are poor because they want to be poor. Rich people are rich because they want to be rich. Notice the difference. How can you retrain a dead brain?

          • Liar. You aren’t rich despite your desperate longing. You are just a crotchety, lying old skinflint who is jealous of the poor.

            Stop snorting up my tax dollars and get a life.

          • I have never mentioned I am rich only someone that knows how to budget to make me look rich. If I had millions I wouldn’t be here wasting my time with you. The more you type the less sense you make.

          • I KNOW you aren’t rich. Apparently you can’t understand your own posts. You said that rich people are rich because they want to be rich and poor are poor because they want to be poor — so why aren’t you rich? After all, that’s what you want (unless you plan to lie about that too).

            You come out here and lie incessantly, and also whine, snivel, and snort about freeloaders when that’s exactly what you are. You must be real popular — I’ll bet you’d have to tie a steak around your neck to get the dog to play with you.

          • I don’t care to have dogs in my home and not even in our yard. The steak you mentioned I’ll eat. I may not be rich, but at least I am not like you. I am starting to feel sorry for you because you are breaking up real fast and it looks like you are on the way to a possible mental breakdown, but remember I have already registered you in case that does happen to you and they have the perfect jacket waiting for you.

          • Hee-hee…you are even envious of dogs and would begrudge them a steak to eat. You are really a pitiful old crank. I hope you have a cremation planned for yourself — you wouldn’t want the worms to get a free meal.

            Pitiful, decrepit old fart.

          • We all knew people in school who we might have bet would end up jobless, skill-less, and poor as a result – and we would have been right most of the time. Their choices were bad then and unfortunately what they missed is probably lost forever. On the other hand, how did they grow up? Most of them had poor, under-educated parents as role models and they got no encouragement or help. That cycle is self-perpetuating unless something or someone intervenes to break it. There are exceptions, of course. Some downtrodden kids become overachievers and surpass their most adamant detractors. Others of privilege, with every opportunity for success, manage to engineer their own failures. But I understand where you’re coming from. The bottom of society doesn’t seem to do anything to better their situations. I just have to wonder at what point their self esteem was crushed to the point that they just gave up.

        • Do you mean they have no hands to feed themselves and someone has to feed them like babies are fed? That’s why I am for Abortion. Why bring them to this life, if you aren’t going to provide for them? People expect us to feed their mistakes or consequences ( same thing ) and that’s not the way it should be in any country.

          • Are you so callous as to think that the only reason people in this country might fall on hard times is because they deserve it in some way? People never get injured and become unable to work, lose their job, or otherwise incur large hits in net income that make it difficult to meet basic necessities except by their own doing? It takes more than just a pair of hands to feed a family, unless you want them to start stealing, I suppose.

            Threatening people with hunger or withholding shelter in order to motivate them is staggeringly cruel. We do not even consider that kind of treatment for convicted felons on death row. Take a look at what it takes to qualify for unemployment or food stamps and see how well you could maintain your lifestyle on that kind of income. How grand it would be if everyone could always be fully employed and never need assistance if only they so chose, but we live in a different reality.

          • You must know by now I am talking about those that refuse to work and ( not those ) working poor that qualify because of their low pay. Big Difference!

          • Big lie. What you greedy, benefit-snorting deadbeats complain about is nearly nonexistent. There are some slugs, sure, but I doubt if there are anywhere near as many as there are people like you — who slurp up public benefits all their life but lie about it. Get a life, you greedy old buzzard.

          • Abortion is a choice of last resort, and in my belief should never be considered for economic reasons, although I realize that some people do. It’s a truly ridiculous and despicable argument to make in the richest country on Earth.

          • Richest? Yes, because you pay taxes. It’s a good thing you have a minimum wage job, so you can make our country richer.

          • You’re just angry because I’m wealthier than you, younger than you, and I don’t need to snort Medicare Viagra to register a pulse. Put your teeth back in and get a life, you sniveling old wet fart.

          • I know it burns your ass, but there are people out here who are much wealthier than and yet have enough character not to be greedy, lying deadbeats. That’s your character defect — not mine.

          • You’re starting to lose your grip here. Better snort a few lines of that Medicare Viagra to get your ticker limping along again.

        • Bill’s desperately afraid some of his money might actually help someone else, especially he deems “unworthy.” Face it: Scrooge was a really generous guys even before his visitation by the ghosts if you compare him to Bill.

      • You still weighing-in montanabill??? You’re such a butthead. You need a serious fear of God in your life. Hope you get coal for Christmas. Wait…. you’d probably like that.

        • Please be reverent — Bill is one of those magical **JOB CREATORS**. Successful businesses spring up like weeds wherever he treads, and he farts out franchises. I know this because he told me so.

          Besides, if you are lucky enough to be invited over to Bill’s house, he may even allow you to oil up and roll around in his pile of shiny pennies as he does. Good times!

          • Damn!! That’s funny!! LMFAO!!! Thank-you, I needed that this morning. I’ll bet who voted me down, ‘infadelicious’ and our buddy Bill from Montana.

        • Not according to my family tree, which has one branch back to the 1600’s in what was to become the USA. Very few didn’t make it into their 70’s and 80’s.

          • a lot of the reasons some died young was the fact that they did not have the medical/health knowledge we have today. A lot of diseases and illness have have been all but wiped out or can be controlled.

          • I see that you’ve decided to embrace universal health insurance. You may learn to walk upright yet!

          • I see that you have decided to embrace mental illness….. shalom, blessings, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa. Have a nice day Fern……….

      • that’s crazy talk! next thing you know, you’ll be wanting us to be self reliant and take responsibility for our actions and other….stuff! sheesh!

      • The vast majority of people on SNAP are working, you idiot. Some of them working two jobs. How dare you define these dedicated “employed” family rearing people as lazy? What I find truly ‘inert’ is your intellect.

        • Really? I must have starved to death when I was making the $1/hr min without food stamps. I did feel bad for some of my co-workers who were trying to feed a family on it, but I didn’t feel sorry for them because it was their decisions that lead to their situation and I didn’t think anything but shear determination on their part would change it.

          • WOW! Where were you able to get such a great job that they paid you $1 an hour. My first city job was unloading & loading boxcars & semis for a grocery warehouse and my gross pay was $1 for FOUR hours hard labor (less deductions for income tax, etc.). It did not take me long to realize that I could make more money for less labor by delivering newspapers (2 routes weekdays & 3 routes on Sundays). By the time I enlisted I was making $2.95 an hour and four years later I was able to utilize my military training & university education to get a job driving a cab 84 hours a week for $42 gross (less deductions).

          • My first job was selling newspapers on the street at age 10. Then it was field work, picking potatoes, apples, topping onions, bucking hay, picking bottles from the roads, delivering papers, etc. until I finally landed the job with a feed mill paying the $1/hr. Decided I didn’t want to live my life that way. Now, I’m in the top 0.1%.

          • Yes REALLY. When you made a buck an hour a dollar went a heck of a lot further than it does today. If minimum wage had merely kept up with United States rate of worker production; the minimum wage would have surpassed $20.00 per hour by now. The federal minimum wage law is effectively 1/3 of what it should be. Today we have more people vying for fewer good job opportunities and I’ll wager have every bit as much the work ethic you had. These people are forced to take whatever may be available. Did you take the dollar an hour job because you were happy with that wage? Were you so doggone satisfied that you would have said “no thanks” to a wage of two bucks? Well the people on SNAP have no choice.
            You have corporations whom report obscene earnings whose employees have no choice but to supplement meager wages with government programs just to eat decently. Taxpayers should not be subsidizing these filthy rich corporations that could very easily raise pay levels to amounts which allow people the dignity of providing for themselves. Studies from government and universities clearly show that increase of minimum wage result in significant economic benefits to business. Do you ever stop and consider that there are fewer opportunities for finding good jobs, than in the hey day of our post war economic surge which resulted in the largest middle class boon the world has ever seen? Dumb question – of course you haven’t.

          • The real deal was that I wasn’t worried about being paid a ‘minimum wage’. I knew that some jobs paid, that some jobs were piece part compensation and some jobs paid well. It was my goal to get from piece part and minimal wages to a job that I both liked and paid well. In the process of getting there, I had to work a lot of jobs I hated, both to feed myself, my family and to get through school. Even if there had been school loans, I wouldn’t have take one because I understand what being a debtor means. I didn’t get the luxury of getting through college in four or five years, because I had to break to work to scrimp and save enough for the next semester.

            Quit worrying about those you consider to be ‘filthy rich’ and start working on a plan to get where you want to get. Don’t worry about ‘good jobs’. Every job is a ‘good job’ if you can use it to get to your next plan step. As I read your post, I see a person who is not concerned about they are providing to the world or who has a plan, but someone who simply thinks the world owes them something. It doesn’t.

          • Montana you sound like an old man whose mind is a hostage of the past. There are far less opportunities available in this country than you had. I know two people in their fifties with bachelor degree, having a very difficult time finding a decent paying job. The ‘every job is a good job’ was true in your day. But today, many jobs simply have no potential for upward mobility – because “there are so few good jobs available”. When you went to school I’ll wager the price to attend was a fraction of what it is today – times have changed. There simply is less opportunity, primarily because the “filthy rich have rigged the system”.

          • FYI, there is little ‘upward mobility’ picking potatoes or washing dishes in a greasy spoon. Since you have never made a decent living and know nothing about the ‘filthy rich’, you are commenting from total ignorance. Time to wise up!

          • Sorry, montanabill, your just an old coot whose lost his ability to remain relevant. Like the rest of your inhumane party – you’re too afraid to acknowlege change is occurring and the GOP is going the way of the dodo. As for ignorance, I suggest, if you looked up the word, you’d find your picture front and center as the ‘poster child of ignorance.’ But..willfull ignorance is what you folks have always been about.

          • So, I guess, to remain relevant, I would have to become a moocher or a parasite to fit into your vision of a perfect society. Well, when the 60’s kids get through stuffing the piggy bank with IOU’s, let’s see how well your generation lives.

          • It appears you haven’t the slightest idea for how macro economics work. You better get back to your “trickle down” lecture from Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity for some ammuntion – cuz this discussion is waaaay over your head.

          • When you get the where-with-all to start a company or to create jobs by some means, get back to me on ‘economics’. It is clear, you are on the receiver end and no the producer end.

          • So you must believe those whom start a business enterprise have zero social responsibility? You feel anyone with a business has no requirement to pay a just wage? It’s your belief corporations have no obligation to pay local/state taxes for the services and infrastructure they need to put out a saleable product? What about paying something toward the education system that gives them access to workers with adequate knowledge base? They should pay nothing for police and fire department? Would you prefer we return to the days when there were no worker protections? Before unions; if you were injured – it was your fault and if the injury kept you from working you were fired. Remember the good old days of ‘child laborers’? Eighteen hour workdays, no weekends off. In this country it was legal for a factory to fire a man, knowing he had a son of thirteen who would be forced to take his place for ‘half the already paltry wage they paid his old man’.
            You’re ok with any “job creator” corporation spewing asthma causing agents into the air I suppose. Or leaching poisonous chemicals into the aquifer? Montanabill is just fine with Exxon receiving billions in subsidies from taxpayers – though they are ‘otherworldly rich and have guaranteed customers’ – that right montanabill? Just because someone starts a business doesn’t automatically give them license to run it inhumanely/unethically. Your Romney had no conscience for the misery he brought to the lives of many people – and you come across as someone he would be happy to stick it to – “thank you Mr. Romney for taking away my livelihood, and I apologize in advance if I’m forced to become one of the 47% of Americans you have no use for”. Does that pretty much sum it up Montana?

          • I repeat. When you actually know something, or anything, about what it takes to start or run a business, meet payroll, comply with regulations, et al, then feel free to ask pertinent questions. Otherwise, you are simply a stooge repeating propaganda.

          • All you repeat is the same tired drivel. You’re like every other vacuous republican I run into – when questions overwhelm you, you become defiant and your brain shuts down. Where is it written that a business owner has moral authority to run roughshod over human beings and the environment by virtue of having a business? You apparently are of the opinion morality and ethics are of no consequence so long as the “owner is getting rich”. By the way I do have a business – it is often challenging, but it’s profitable and my employees make a nice living. Yeah – Democrats have businesses too.

          • No. I believe you have to have walked in the shoes to understand what you are talking about. And you, clearly, haven’t. You are simply mouthing the tired words of divisiveness, of envy, of being a loser. I don’t like using those words, but you are clearly mouthing words for which you have not a single shred of real knowledge.

          • I come from a family well versed in starting and running businesses. What the hell does that have to do with what I wrote? Try addressing those points addressing the ethical – humane – aspects please.

          • Then, as a basic, you should know that businesses have to take into account all of licenses, taxes and regulations they will have to face for their particular business. The costs of paying, filing and complying with those must be included as a cost of doing business, which must be factored into the prices charged for your product or service. So, in reality, it is the consumer of that product/service that pays those taxes and costs, not the business.

          • Not exactly sure how this relates to the points I made earlier – regarding the very questionable ethics of some very large corporations. Again: why should Exxon and other enormously successful oil companies – businesses with guaranteed ‘daily patronage’, somehow deserve billions of dollars more, in government subsidies? I’d like a specific answer to this question please.

          • Depletion allowances. However, the answer is that they asked and Congress granted (bipartisan I might add).

      • Yes, you’re right. Fuck the poor, sick and elderly. That veteran that lives down the street from me who lost his legs in Iraq would find something industrious to do with his time if we took away his disability benefits and his food stamps.

        And 25% of people living in poverty in the US are children. Prior to the creation of social welfare programs, these mini-moochers worked in factories for 14 hours a day, 6-7 days a week for next to nothing. It’s better to exploit our children through dangerous manual labor than it is to let them become layabouts. Bring back child labor! Why should Chinese children get to be the only ones learning the value of a hard day’s work.

        • So in your twisted little world, every one of the 47 MILLION is someone who desperately deserves government largess, not just the few million who really deserve and can use it? You are equating those who are legitimate with those who are absolutely bogus.

          • Perhaps not. Please point out to me the part of your post where you excepted veterans who came home to find themselves in an untenable economic situation, and their family hungry.

          • Pretty simple: “You are equating those who are legitimate with those who are absolutely bogus.” Those vets are legit and there was no question about it.

          • Well now you are just lying, aren’t you? You have no way of knowing whether an individual veteran receiving SNAP is trying hard to be self-sufficient or if a non-veteran isn’t. There are veterans who freeload and non-veterans who don’t. How would you ever know the difference?

          • Now I know you are not as dumb as you try to sound. You get your kicks trying to provoke. You are the one that posted a number (900,000). Did you not verify those were the ones eligible or were you lying?

          • You must define ‘dumb’ differently than the rest of the English-speaking world. Perhaps you believe ‘dumb’ means ‘unwilling to accept lies or propaganda’.

            900,000 is the approximate number of veterans receiving SNAP benefits. Their ‘qualifications’ are determined exactly the same way as non-veterans, by the very same people and processes.

            Since these veterans receive the same benefits as non-veterans and their needs are ‘qualified’ in the very same way, then according to you at at least some of these veterans have ‘absolutely bogus’ needs.

            So my question to you is how many of these 900,000 veterans (in your opinion) receiving SNAP have ‘absolutely bogus’ needs and how many have ‘legitimate’ needs?

    • With Food Stamps their children still go hungry because only about 25% goes for food and the rest is traded for cash at half the value.

        • From the children when they come to our house and ask for food, and I know their family gets help since the parents don’t work. I may live in a nice home, but the homes near us are Section-8, so who do you think lives there? Section-8 Residents.

          • and do you report these mythical people? No? Then you are part of the problem oh self-righteous one

          • If you report them you have to do it by not mentioning your name because these people aren’t really human.

          • And when you say “these people aren’t really human” you don’t sound really racist. Honestly, I promise.

          • I don’t think you are racist, only a small afraid person who would not report a crime because of fear. Kind of like Kitty Genovse, look the other way.

          • I have no clue what Section-8 is. We live in a small town and when I work with kids at the high school – I sometimes bring something to snack on – apples, pretzels, popcorn, baked goods. I am sure there are plenty of people using food stamps locally. I know of several personally – and they don’t trade food stamps for anything. They buy food. And I suppose if there were kids who came by our house and told me they were hungry, I would feed them. (and I have had some neighbor kids from time to time say they were hungry – and I give them something to eat – we always have more than what we can consume – not everyone in the household is crazy for leftovers ) It may be cultural, or maybe I just haven’t been taken advantage enough, but I would share what we have. – we grow a lot of stuff. And we have more than we can use. I’m always delighted to turn a person on to a freshly picked handful of beans, an almost ready peach, or a carrot pulled right out of the ground.

          • Section-8 is a Program for low income people to live in a good home like maybe you do and the tax payers pay roughly about 90% of the rent. They mess up the homes once they are forced to pay their share that usually is about $100 or less. Never rent your home out to these people because why do you think they don’t have one of their own. I would provide snacks for the children, so that’s why I know something must be wrong, if they have to come to our home and ask for food. I have been offered to get some food with the SNAP of some people and they want half of what the price is for the food I would get, but I have always refused, and they actually get mad. In our family we don’t waste food because my wife knows how much we can eat and she makes only that amount. The cat has to eat what I buy for him since there are no leftovers.

          • taxpayer, Whut heSaid has no argument for any points made, he will get all Alinsky on ya’. No defense so he will dig up his sexually perverse fantasies and try to deflect by projecting his sick fantasies on you. His lame attempt at deflecting insults are usually the following : you are a racist, nambla member, cousin humper, rooster licking, he’ll say you don’t pay taxes but live off the system, etc etc.. you get the idea. The guy has NO critical thinking skills at all. I guess that’s why he calls himself “WhutHeSaid” He is just another democrat angry at themselves that they were duped not once, but twice by the snake oil salesman in the white house and they now realize it is their wealth he wants to redistribute and they don’t like it, therefore, they misdirect the anger to conservatives. I usually throw him a few pity posts, then ignore his vapid blather for a few days…….. it gets boring after a while.

          • are you suggesting that I just toy with him? hahahahaha! I am Busted!………..I know it’s cruel to get into a battle of wits with WHS as he is clearly unequipped in the wits dept. , but as i said I throw him a pity post once in a while. 😉

          • Best thing to do is ( ignore his responses ) until he learns to be a nice person, but I think that’s asking too much of that character.

          • This from a greedy, crotchety, sniveling old buzzard who lies about slurping up public benefits? Even your moniker is a lie.

            Did you ever have a real life or were you born a crusty, ungrateful, lying deadbeat?

          • You remind me of a broken record that spins and spins, and the same music is heard over and over again. Pull the plug.

          • As long as you keep lying and whining about the poor, you are going to hear the same song. Don’t like the music? Go to someplace full of greedy, lying deadbeats like you. I suggest WND.

          • I am here with you, so no need to go too far. The way you act you are telling me ( you too ) are poor, so no wonder you have been defending them and yourself all this time. Be honest and don’t be a liar ( one ) of your famous quotes.

          • I’m not poor, but I prefer my taxes going to help the poor rather than lying, ungrateful deadbeats like you. The poor are better people than you, believe that.

          • I believe you are poor and won’t accept it, but that’s your choice. Like I told you I am not rich or poor, but have enough to not ask for a handout. The poor you say you prefer to help are richer than you since they pay nothing for their food, housing, Reagan Phone, Medicaid for their children.

          • You can believe whatever makes you feel better, but it won’t change the facts. Some people consider me rich, but I don’t. I have a good income and some good investments, but I’m certainly not as wealthy as, say, Mitt Romney. Even so, I don’t mind that my taxes go towards helping people who are struggling. I much prefer that over billions being spent on nonsensical wars and corporate welfare. Also, I believe that people who’ve benefited from my taxes who are ungrateful and greedy — like you, for example — should have all of their benefits snatched away from them so they can become what they are so jealous over — poor.

          • Some people consider you rich. Maybe a bum on the street will say that to you, if you give him a dollar. So, now you have finally realized people are taking your tax money and not caring to tell you ( thanks ).

          • That I already knew: People like you. You’ve been doing it your entire life, and you are too bitter to appreciate anything. I’ll bet those who know you give you a WIDE berth, yes?

          • You’re still sore because I caught your NAMBLA vocabulary and outed you? That’s your issue — not mine. Nobody else has made use of the term ‘lad’ in 50 years.

            You have no serious arguments. If you ever come up with one, try posting it and I’ll show you how we slap down redneck bigot liars.

          • Fern it is very queer how you knew the lingo of NAMBLA and any decent human being would not make jokes about pedophilia unless they were into it. Do you think it’s funny? Seriously. Insult away but don’t make fun if grown sick men a abusing young boys.

          • I don’t make fun of pedophiles — it’s utterly abhorrent. Outing your NAMBLA-esque language isn’t poking fun — it’s a serious point. I can see it makes you uncomfortable, and that’s also telling. Your vile and despicable disposition is obvious in your postings, and if you’re looking for pity from me you are most certainly out of luck.

          • Pedophilia and those like yourself that mock it and make light of it should make everyone uncomfortable. We could say that since you are the one always bring up nambla, beastiality, inbreeding etc etc etc maybe it is YOU who advocates and participates in all of those perverse things. You are the one who brings them up almost 100% of your posts. You have blunted the meaning of your insults, they have no effect as an insult or as a defense for the epic failure of obama’s admin which is going down in flames. You cannot deny that, but you will and all you have is sorry, lame insults. You say by using the word “lad” it outs me as a nambla member?? that ‘s funny, I was not aware of nambla’s lingo and code words. YOU ARE THOUGH, right?? That’s interesting. I guess we should assume you are a member then. I think you are disgusting for making fun of pedophilia and any parent on here whether they have daughters or sons, should call you out on that. Child abuse , including sexual abuse , is disgusting and is one thing you should never make fun of even if you disagree with someone on other subjects, pedophilia is something we should all agree is abhorrent. PERIOD! You can insult me any way you want, but you should never make light of child abuse. Shame on you.

          • Nice try at deflection, but I’m afraid it’s not going to work. You will just have to own your choice of language, and if it causes you discomfort, all I can say is you asked for it.

            Your posts out here are uniformly vile, full of lies, and bigoted. I’ve seen you out here taunting other people (especially women, which is another telling point) and you certainly don’t care if they are uncomfortable. Why? Because you are an asshole, that’s why.

            Yes, I’ve seen you NAMBLA characters before, and I recognize the lingo. You despicable right-wing bigots are ALWAYS the ones who we see in the news when you finally get caught in some sordid sex crime. You are always the ones to proselytize about morals, yet have no moral standing yourself.

            Is it my fault you’re an asshole? No, so keep the blame where it belongs.

          • The Childhelp National Child Abuse
            Hotline 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) is
            dedicated to the prevention of child abuse.

          • I hope your troubled angry mind which seems to be filled with hate and thoughts of sexual perversion will find peace someday. It must be a scary place to live.

          • Thanks for sharing that. I had no idea. I guess I would get my undies in a bundle if we had neighbors like that. It’s one thing to help out. It is another to be taken advantage of.

          • Oh my Lord — stop your lying. You are FAR to greedy and bitter to buy cat food. I’m certain that any cat unlucky enough to land in your hovel develops an escape plan right quick. You probably demand that that any pets earn their own salary and subsidize your meals as well.

            I’m guessing that if any woman got drunk enough to bear your children, those children now live as far away from you as possible. Am I right?

          • Your are wrong as usual. I have to go because I may fall asleep reading your boring comments. Stay tune tomorrow and I may respond to your boring comments, Buenas Noche.

          • Oh, sorry. I mistook your post for that idiot Infidelicious. You two are hard to tell apart.

            So I withdraw the ‘NAMBLA creep’ part, and substitute public-benefit-snorting deadbeat instead. Better?

          • Whatever I get I paid my Dues. The SNAP people only have SEX to get their SNAP. So, what you are trying to say is your eyesight is leaving you since you love to play a lot with Manuela.

          • Of course you are lying, just like your moniker that claims you are a ‘taxpayer’. You aren’t.

            The only difference between you public-benefit-snorting deadbeats and SNAP recipients is that they have the good sense not to whine about getting benefits. You greedy, lying, cheating old skinflints slurp up public benefits without ever appreciating it, you crusty old fart.

          • Social Security and Medicare as I have always mentioned or stated aren’t Benefits given to us for ( Free ) because we Paid into those Programs every week as we got our paychecks. I don’t think the SNAP Parasites won’t ever whine or complain about getting Welfare. I paid taxes for 45 years and saw how these parasites took our tax money, and now their children are Adults and they are being the same Parasites like their parents. So now, it’s your turn and others to pay, so the Parasites can continue breeding babies, and your taxes will feed them. Work some overtime, so more of your deductions will go to them and none to you.

          • The social safety net is there for people who fall on hard times. Most people on public assistance only receive it for a short period of time when they find themselves out of work or struggling with health problems. The rest of the time they work and pay taxes that contribute to the safety net.

          • I know a woman that had a baby ( 5 in total ) every 18 to 20 months, so she could continue to get Benefits. Those Benefits were cut off, when they checked ( the father ) of the babies living in her Section-8 house all that time.

          • Liar. You glommed onto every public benefit you could get your grubby little paws on all your life. And you probably whined the whole time, too. You just fabricate your ‘parasite’ claims because you are a greedy, stingy, crusty old buzzard.

            Nothing is free — we all pay in one way or another. Some of us just whine about it more, yes?

          • Nothing is free? You must be kidding. Those on Welfare get everything free, so where do you get the idea nothing is free?

          • You sound like a man we use to tangle with quite often and her name is Fern, so Fern how have you been.

          • No, but she’s in a man’s body and would you believe she’s an inmate at a Insane Institution, and they have a special room waiting for you. No need to sign in because they have you registered already compliments of me.

          • I take it that this means you are their very first permanent resident. You do seem to have a borderline personality disorder, now that you mention it. Snorting Medicare Viagra isn’t helping any, if you care to know.

          • I went to the store and came back. and you were still talking to yourself. Boy, you must really be one lonely dude. Don’t you have anyone to talk to at you home or maybe you bored them to death?

          • OMG ! Taxpayer , didn’t you know? WhutHeSaid IS fern. Obozustgo and I figured that out long ago. Cross dressing vulgar “nurse” fern. It’s so obvious. Hahaha

          • The way he responds is how I figured it out, but at least there are no more cuss words from him or her ( an improvement ) of some sort.

          • Sorry, Fern or the other name she goes by, WhutHeSaid, is not my type. I am not attracted to knuckle dragging cross dressers. She is all yours, have at it!

          • You seem to know her very well. It would seem one would have to have intimate knowledge to make those type of allegations. As for me…I’m happily married. Besides, I’m not too sure she’d be thrilled with you giving her away like that. Anyway….Merry Christmas to you.

          • Merry Christmas! As for knowing Fern, have you read any of her posts? just curious…….honest question……

          • I have read her posts, but not in the last few weeks. I have been mighty busy here with work. What’s going on?

          • She rarely comes to this site any more, she stays on face book to post comments. If you read her stuff from say 3 or 4 months ago, every post is filled with vulgar language( i mean really really vulgar) and comments, the fbomb is the nicest, cleanest word she uses and none of the letters are left out. She would go back and forth for days sometimes with certain posters. I avoided her for the most part unless she came after me first. I haven’t read her stuff for months, but with the stuff she puked out months ago – you got to know her pretty quick and it wasn’t pretty. She claimed to be a nurse , yet could barely put together a complete proper sentence. Disagree, mock, insult someone you disagree with .. whatever, but why people have to use extreme vulgar language or insults that mock and/or make light of subjects like child sexual abuse I will never understand.

          • Wow! I guess I haven’t read her for longer than weeks then. I do notice her comments at the beginning of these posts as being on Facebook. I don’t really like commenting on FB. Well, I must say that I totally agree with you on the use of inappropriate subject matter. I really don’t like insults either, but sometimes I get a little upset with some people’s attitudes towards the poor(not welfare cheats). It’s probably best to ignore people like that I guess. Thank you for the update. I was just teasing you earlier about her/him. You have a great day, sir.

          • I don’t like welfare cheats either, they take away from the truly needy people, but when I say that on a site where people disagree with me on other things, I get jumped on and accused of wanting to starve children and pull the plug on granny, which no one obviously wants to do. It is the able bodied that prefer to take $ over a job they feel they are too good for. But for right now, I need to get back to work , I have lots of work also and that is not a complaint- better too much work than not enough. you have a great day as well.

          • Infidelicuous/ObozoMustGo is just desperately trying to find a way to deflect my observation that he uses the same type of language I’ve only ever heard from those creepy NAMBLA types. He has no leg to stand on when it comes to insults — just take a look at some of his vile and despicable taunting of women over the issue of abortion.

          • North American Man-Boy Love Association. It’s an association of creepy old pedophiles. I remarked that Infidelicious’ language — especially the use of the term ‘lad’ — reminded me of those perverts, who I’ve seen a few times posting on the Internet over the years. He was really quite taken aback for some weeks (tellingly so), and now he’s trying everything to deflect the point.

            You really need to see his vile and despicable treatment of women. Here is a link:

          • That was a bad day for nationalmemo I must say. I don’t like that type of discourse. I’m pro-choice either way. Even back in the 80’s when I voted Republican.

          • I don’t like the idea of abortion, but I like the idea of forcing one’s views on the personal reproductive rights of women even less. As a man I feel it’s not my business — I’ll never know the anguish that must be involved in such a decision. It’s no joking matter, and Infidel/Obozo just taunted that one poor woman mercilessly in a very offensive and disrespectful way.

          • I share your views on abortion. like I say…that was a bad day for the nationalmemo, after reading a bit of it, there was bad language coming from all directions. I hope we can be more civil with each other in the future. I’m certainly going to try. I’ll be difficult with guys like montanabill, but I’ll try. Have a great holiday. 🙂

          • Yeah, crusty old Bill. I must say one thing in his defense, however: I’ve never seen evidence that he is bigoted like so many other right-wingers out here.

            I hope you and your family have a great holiday.

          • Oh…my mistake. You know I thought about that (referring to montanabill) after I sent my reply. I will be 62 on my next birthday….but a young 62…if that’s possible. I don’t really think I’m crusty anyway. That reminds me of someone I used to know when I was younger and the guy was probably in his 60’s then. He was so closed-minded about anything new and opinions different from his own. I hope I’m not like that. You’ll tell me when I am.

          • LOL — I haven’t seen any evidence of crustiness yet. I’ll let you know if I do — I’m not shy about these things as any right-wing bigot out here could tell you.

          • NAMBLA is a group of older men who believe that having love /sex relationships with young boys is fine and dandy. it stands for North American Man Boy Love Association . WhatHe Said continually obsesses about it. I don’t care what you call me, I just find it disgusting to try to get a laugh out of making light of child sexual abuse. He claims because I used the word “lad” once that I know nambla’s lingo?? yet he seems to know more about it than I do.

            From wikipedia which I don’t take as fact but it gives a rough description The North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) is a pedophile and pederasty advocacy organization in
            the United States. It works to abolish age of consent laws criminalizing
            adult sexual involvement with minors,[1][2] and for
            campaigns the release of all men who have been jailed for sexual contacts with


          • WTF?? How does an “organization” like that even exist legally. How can they profess to something so despicable? Salt-of-the-earth, those guys. God help us….

          • I know, they have been around a long time. unbelievable. They see nothing wrong with it. And although i am not sure of the position right now, ACLU has defended them in the past. Free speech and all. The group disgusts me and that’s why I say, insult me as you want, just don’t make light of subjects like that. I am off to work now, I will just let WhutHeSaid ramble on about nambla to himself…. He is right it bothers me when he tries to get a laugh by using pedophila /nambla as an insult, and some of his other insults I have to admit I get a laugh out of , but come on! child abuse, can someone out there who thinks it’s funny reply to me and let me know the “joke” of it. I don’t get it at all……..

          • Geez…ACLU defends them for free speech issues? I doubt these creeps are doing a lot of talking to these children. Thanks for info. Have a great day.

          • you know too much about “creepy nambla types” how is that? Quit making light of child abuse. As for your little link to my taunting of women. Those women were taunting me, making light of abortion and the lives of the Zygotes they so cheerfully claimed to not give a rat’s patoot about and those who disagree with them. You assume because I disagree with abortion used as birth control that I am totally against it. I believe prevention goes a long way and you would be wrong. But you take one sentence of a two paragraph post and run with it. As for me, you still do not know whether I am black, white, hispanic, Jewish, Christian, Muslim and you sure as hell do not know for sure if I am a man or a woman, do you? Do you? NOPE! you don’t -I am speaking as a human being not as one of your little labelled boxed voting sectors. I know you liberals like to put people in a special interest group to be pandered to for votes, but you don’t know me so to quote Mark Twain “it ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble, it’s what you know for sure that just ain’;t so”

          • I don’t care what color skin you have, what religion you profess to believe in, or your gender for that matter. Your vile posting persona deserves insult, and insults you get. Not just from me either — does that tell you anything?

          • Yes, it tells me I am on a liberal website, duh! of course people here will downvote me just as soon as they see the name, they don’t even read the posts. As for VILE posts, I would say making light of and mocking the sexual abuse of young children as you do over and over again falls into that category nicely, or rather ,not nicely. It is disgusting that you find it funny. That’s your problem though. I told you, I can take insults or I wouldn’t be on this site, they don’t bother me and some of your insults are even funny, just not the ones mocking child abuse. ok? Have a good day, insult away but try not to do it at the expense of sexually abused young boys/children. Shalom

          • I don’t find pedophilia funny, and that’s why I remarked on your NAMBLA-esque language choices. You used that language, not me. Are you telling me that you only believe in making insults that are funny? How is taunting a woman over abortion funny?

          • The Childhelp National Child Abuse
            Hotline 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) is
            dedicated to the prevention of child abuse……….

          • again with the namecalling, sorry you are so mentally deficient, probably from huffing metallic paint, that you cannot form any arguments to points made. It’s sad really. And your obsession with NAMBLA is very telling. please get help before you act on any of those and other perverse fantasies you constantly try to project on others when you have no defense for points made. shalom…..

          • The Childhelp National Child Abuse
            Hotline 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) is
            dedicated to the prevention of child abuse……

          • You are just DESPERATELY trying to put distance between yourself and your NAMBLA-esque language, now aren’t you?

          • I desperately will defend sexually abused children from people like you mocking and making light of their abuse. You are disgusting for trying to get a laugh at their expense. I told you, you can call me what you want and insult me, but do not make light of such a serious subject. Unlike you, most human beings do not find that funny.

          • you seem a little obsessed with NAMBLA and know a lot about it. It is disgusting you would make fun of young kids being sexually abused . But Alinsky, your Satan master has taught you well. If you have no argument, which in your case is usually the norm, start labelling and name calling. Sorry, it doesn’t work. Shalom WhutHeSaid..

          • A Jewish bigot? Who are you trying to fool?

            It took you weeks to figure out how to handle your NAMBLA membership being made public. That was VERY uncomfortable for you, I see.

          • The Childhelp National Child Abuse
            Hotline 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453) is
            dedicated to the prevention of child abuse….

  2. While the usefulness of goods, services, and resources tends to be self-evident, the merit of one’s efforts requires subjective evaluation.

  3. All of the cuts to the poor the republicans support go to make their middle class supporters feel better because maybe their tax rates won’t go up further screwing them and their rich supporters feel that much more sanctimonious as they continue to consider their noblese oblige but take money to the bank first. Ryan was a second rate hack of a marketing major who wouldn’t be able to make it in the business world so he fights like hell to stay where it doesn’t take work to solve real problems, just being a Scrooge will do.

    • Amazing that the democrats are all poor people. No wonder moochelle hasn’t had a decent holiday with 50 of her closest friends at our expense in how many weeks? Only republicans are rich and greedy, that’s probably why they give more to charity……

      • Funny, I’m not poor and neither is Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. You’ve been too busy hugging your ankles for the Koch Brothers to notice, I’ll bet.

        • Are you that obtuse? My point, which as usual went right over your head because you were once again taking a trip through the gutter that is your fantasy world of sexual perversions, was that democrats always try to paint the republicans as being greedy and rich, with $$$ stolen from the mouths of babies. They make it sound like all conservatives stole their wealth, and never earned it. Democrats who are rich use the tax loopholes just as much as the republicans. Do they not? Yet they claim to be all for the little guy.

  4. How many of these politicians and pundits experienced poverty? Paul Ryan comes from money – road construction – no wonder he and Walker turned down the money for rail lines in Wisconsin. And I bet that Paul Ryan is a devout “Christian”. And Romney – what can I say? I agree there are plenty of useless expenditures out there – lining wealthy people’s already big pockets.

  5. Though most of us are aware that cutting the bloated ‘defense budget’ would free up a hell of a lot of cash – the GOP isn’t the least bit interested in finding “real remedies” to providing humanitarian subsistence programs. They’re not stupid, they know where money could be found. Republicans are ideologically driven to destroy the middle class – NOT REBUILD IT. This is the mission of ALEC, as they systematically go about defiling representative government by writing legislation to be implemented by state governments held hostage by Tea Party extremists. These regressive laws, written in ambiguous language, almost never debated or given sunlight for public discussion are always designed in secret – each a part of the mission, to bring extinction to our middle class. It isn’t by happenstance these laws worded ‘nearly verbatim’ throughout the country are quickly being forced through committee for passage and signed into law with the rules of democracy cheated or simply ignored in the process. Repressive agents called ‘right to work’, voter ID, stomping on women’s reproductive rights, district gerrymandering, etc. are acts of war against the middle class of these United States. It isn’t enough to alienate the common citizen from his right to take part in the discussion of issues that will define his and his children’s future. They are determined to brainwash us into thinking all hope is lost – that the best of times have come and gone, never to return.
    The GOP mission could not be more clear people – turn us into angry (at each other) slaves.
    What these SOB’s didn’t count on is the push back from those of us aware of the machinations to undo our democracy. It’s teetering a bit – but still here. Their evil mindset is also unable to grasp, how we as a collective have seen and experienced what this nation can do to bring about a strong, thriving middle class. These bastards deserve no respect from our side. They scheme against their own countrymen while calling themselves patriots. In truth they are traitors.

  6. The military operates over 200 golf courses. They exist so that politicians and retired generals can play on the public dime. Let Obama
    and Boehner join a country club. This is a place to cut the budget. The defense of our country won’t be compromised.

  7. Here are a few more suggestions: stop oil & gas subsidies; stop corporate farm subsidies; have no ceiling re SS deductions; means test those receiving SS; treat all unearned income above $75K as ordinary income; stop treating unearned income as better than earned income–treat all income as earned income; insure multinational corporations pay some taxes–company’s like Apple shouldn’t pay nothing; cut unnecessary defense programs; give tax breaks to companies that move jobs back to the states; raise the minimum wage–that increases taxes paid. Who knows, these changes might actually keep SS solvent and pay down the debt.

  8. I love the mentality here. Create programs that slow the economy and create jobelessness, then complain because others do not buy into it and agree to spend more money. All you are talking about is increasing the burden on the economy, slowing the economy and destroying jobs. That, in turn, will create more needy. Don’t you people think at all?

      • Yep. Nothing like buying votes with other people’s money. It’s the democratic way. Who cares that it creates unemployment and starvation?

        Before some left wing loon starts ranting, I will gladly support people so long as they are working on getting an education or actively job hunting to raise their earning ability. And I will gladly help fund their efforts to get out of poverty. I object to creating lifetime dependents so the democrats can keep their voting base.

  9. The individualist conception is similar to chemistry in the sense that the whole is made up of many parts, such as individual atoms.

  10. You’re expecting Mr. Ryan and the GOP to help someone in the lowest income quintile? If you do, you’ve been puffing on your hookah too much.

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