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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Putin Obama

AFP Photo/Jewel Samad

In their never-ending quest to discredit President Barack Obama, many prominent members of the right-wing media have found a surprising new champion: Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Although Russia has long been the subject of the right’s paranoia and scorn, ever since Putin and Obama found themsleves on opposite sides of the debate over what to do in Syria, Putin has suddenly become an object of affection for Fox News and the rest of the Republican media. The longer the crisis drags on, the more glowing the reviews of Putin are becoming — at this pace, the Russian president will probably be the odds-on favorite in the next CPAC straw poll.

Here are five right-wing media stars who can’t seem to get enough of Vladimir Putin:

H/T: Media Matters

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34 responses to “5 Right-Wing Media Stars On Team Putin”

  1. Michael Coello says:

    FOX and the Right Wing Media: 100% Dedicated to being a Real American, unless a Democrat is in office. Then, Long Live The Tsar!

  2. revenge says:

    LOL, the same people who call Obama a communist are praising an ACTUAL communist (and a former KGB agent to boot)…

    I’d call them hypocrites but that would be an insult to the word hypocrite.

    • Dominick Vila says:

      I doubt they see the irony in their decision to support a former chief of the KGB in their efforts to demonize the man they hate most. In any case, instead of focusing on the background noise that was to be expected from the usual irrelevant minions, we should concentrate on the facts at hand, which start with the fact that after years of denying they had a chemical weapons arsenal, al-Assad submitted an application to the UN to join the chemical weapons convention. The GOP may not consider that an accomplishment, I think most people, at home and abroad do.
      As for Putin’s criticisms of President mention of American exceptionalism in his last speech, that is hardly something conservatives should consider as something positive or supportive of their record. What Putin said, in not too subtle diplomatic jargon, was that President Obama was emulating and embracing the mantra used by his predecessors to carry out their actions. That comment had more to do with criticism of the likes of Reagan and Bush I and II, than President Obama.

  3. docb says:

    These are arse clowns…No creds and less scruples.

  4. Eleanore Whitaker says:

    It may be time to make sure when Putin’s lies and games with Assad come to light that these so-called 5 Media Stars are confronted with their support. Putin is not a leader who can be trusted to show all the cards he’s playing.

    It only serves to prove that the right wing are anti-US government hypocrites who would easily sidle up to anyone who will promise to put the US government in right wing control. Of course these 5 media stars love Putin…like him, they are control freaks obsessed and addicted to power. Gee…tell us something we didn’t know.

    • Vazir Mukhtar says:

      “Putin is not a leader who can be trusted to show all the cards he’s playing.”

      Try as I may, I cannot think of a leader who shows all the cards he’s holding (that’s what I assume you mean by “playing”). Certainly not our President.

      I can think of only one widely played game where all a player’s cards are shown before the hand is over. The game is bridge and after the bidding ceases the dummy’s hand is revealed for the three other players to see.

      As to the Media Five, there are always people who’ll take almost any position as long as defending it will keep them before the public. Some may truly believe the blather they spew. Unfortunately, as there those addicted to various substances (not all of them illicit), there are also those addicted to listening to or watching one or more of the Media Five. Neither group can break their bad habits unless they genuinely want to. How many addicts do?

  5. stcroixcarp says:

    But Putin is a christian! Isn’t he all for denying gay people their rights in Russia? Isn’t he the one who imprisoned that girl band for their protest? Isn’t he the one who gave Snowden, the great American whistle blower, refuge?

  6. Robert Haugh says:

    Sounds like Ralphie has a man crush on Putin,

  7. Robert Haugh says:

    I clicked through these five morons and was doing okay until number five, the wart hog came up and my coffee backed up in my throat. Nice work, National Memo.

  8. FT66 says:

    It is so absurd to witness people who do not know where they were born and where they belong. Sickening to see there are a lot of Snowdens. These people might consult Snowden how he feels at the moment and what kind of life he is going through. I can assure everyone, Ed Snowden is shedding tears every day which goes by.

    • midway54 says:

      So, Snowden has told you this or perhaps it was one of his closest confidants that supports your assurance concerning his state of mind..

      • FT66 says:

        Whether you like it, ignore it, refuse it, Snowden is living a terrible life, he never thought of. I know it, and you have not even a piece of a clue.

        • midway54 says:

          That’s interesting, you are absolutely certain of his status but won’t explain yourself; in the meantime, I am clueless for asking the question.

          • unclesamonmars says:

            midway54 you think Snowden is drinking
            champagne from the slipper of a Victoria’s Secret model? Wise up. Anyone
            that thinks knows he is a miserable S.O.B. right now. He can shit in one hand
            and wish that he had a decent life in the other and you can hang around to see
            which he gets first. You sound like one of those laws of physics deniers. If a
            tree falls in the forest and no one is there, how do you know it made a sound?
            You think he was donating his bloated salary to charity and is familiar with living
            on minimum wage? People like Snowden and Manning get all caught up in their delusions
            of grandeur regarding “sticking it to the man”. Then they wake up on Monday and
            find they are the ones to have been stuck.

          • midway54 says:

            I was only asking about the basis for describing his status, and to say that I am not one of those who thinks if I do not agree with the description is no substantive reply. I only know that he is in relative obscurity in Russia, and for all I know living in a tent or in an upscale apartment. It would be very interesting to learn from a good investigative source just what he is doing and whether he is remorseful. I certainly won’t find the answer to that via the imaginations of posters.

            “You sound like one of those laws of physics deniers. If atree falls in the forest and no one is there, how do you know it made a sound?” What law is it that I am denying?

            “Then they wake up on Monday andfind they are the ones to have been stuck”

            Yes, those painful, unforeseen reversals are severe: Sounds very much like our political dupes cheering against their own interests for the plutocracy and voting for its stooges, and then awaken to find that ultimately they themselves were in the cross hairs and have been caught up as victims of the rightwingers’ Operation Phornicate.

  9. Dave says:

    The Right Wing Lie Machine is trying to hide the fact that Obama has been quietly working behind the scenes for more than a year for the Syrian deal. Here’s some proof:

  10. commserver says:

    I agree that Putin is a much stronger leader than Obama is. That doesn’t make him a better leader.

  11. disqus_9i6pUJ4xMT says:

    Fox News from day one was against Obama, they can’t say anything nice about him. Putin has his agenda and Fox news, Rush is falling for him. Sorry I do not trust Putin. They don’t want to tell you that they are going to arm Iran with their version on patriotic missile. They are going to help Iran build another nuclear plants. Putin and Russia are giving Assad weapons to kill their people. Sure he said he is trying to keep peace in the middle east, but he helping countries with weapons, is not keeping peace. He also veto a plan that French and other countries want about Assad WMD, because he is working behind the scene.And they call themselves a new agency, one sided.

  12. jointerjohn says:

    Of course the right wing loves Putin. He is white, christian, over age fifty, powerful, wealthy, homophobic and misogynistic! Hell they’re just crazy about a package like that! He’s like Rush without the blubber!

  13. brickman says:

    The right wing have already been influenced by Russian communists. Check out their glee at the recall of 2 Colorado state senators. Then read Lenin’s Decree on the Issue of Recall written in November 1917. The agree wholeheartedly. Posts on blogs are almost word for word regarding the recall of elected politicians. Liberals may be using the playbook of petty socialists like Saul Allinsky but conservatives have studied at the feet of the real master.

  14. itsfun says:

    First Obama is going to bomb Syria, and not going to Congress, then he is going to Congress, then he is not bombing Syria. Obama has 5 different time frames on Benghazi, know nothing about fast and furious know nothing about the IRS scandal, knows nothing about spying on reporters and wanting to send them to prison. Know nothing about. He says Syria crossed his red line, then he didn’t set a red line. This man flip flops more than John Kerry. How can anyone believe a word that comes out of his mouth. Obama has made America a laughing stock to the whole world. I never thought I would believe a Russian leader more than the President of the US.

    • paddles57 says:

      Sorry, GWB and his minions made our country a laughing stock to the world.

      • itsfun says:

        I remember when George Bush was president, all the liberals were running around blaming him for the price of gas saying it was because of his connections to the oil industry. Must be Obama is in the oil business too.

        • paddles57 says:

          And what has that got to do with my comment? Nothing.

          • itsfun says:

            Kinda like your comment had nothing to do with mine

          • paddles57 says:

            Really, you mentioned a laughing stock of the world, as did I. Get a clue.

          • itsfun says:

            You just repeated the same old thing we have heard for 5 years of Obama failed Presidency, and that is blame George Bush.

          • paddles57 says:

            Blah Blah Blah-you just repeated the same thing that the right (wrong) has been saying since January 2009- the previous 8 years never happened, while blaming Clinton for everything bad

          • itsfun says:

            I have never blamed Clinton for anything. The Bush years did happen. He was far from a perfect president. After 9/11 he had the perfect opportunity to fix the illegal immigration problem and he continued to ignore it. I have never said George Bush was a great or even a good president. I honestly believe Obama is a terrible president. He flip flops more than John Kerry. He used every dirty trick he could to get health care passed. His administration has not been transparent at all. He drew a red line, then he didn’t draw one. He wasn’t going to congress on Syria, then he was, then he just said never mind. Scandals in Benghazi, the IRS, wanting to arrest reporters, the Justice Department. He is in way over his head. He only had part of a term in the Senate, and half of that he spent campaigning.

          • paddles57 says:

            Blah Blah Blah, Adios Bush apologist.

          • unclesamonmars says:

            Bush apologist? itsfun is not that relevant.

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