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Friday, December 15, 2017
D'Souza may want to get used to this outfit
D’Souza may want to get used to this outfit

Conservative author Dinesh D’Souza pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations on Tuesday, admitting that he used straw donors to illegally funnel money to failed Senate candidate Wendy Long (R-NY) in 2012.

“I deeply regret my conduct,” D’Souza said in court. “I knew that causing a campaign contribution to be made in the name of another was wrong and something the law forbids.”

D’Souza’s confession, which was likely made in an attempt to avoid jail time — he faced two years in prison and a $250,000 fine — must come as a great shock to many Republicans. After all, when news of the charges first broke, many on the right were convinced that they were merely the latest example of President Obama’s egregious abuse of power.

Here are five right-wingers who look really, really dumb today:

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26 Responses to 5 Right-Wingers Who Believed Dinesh D’Souza Conspiracies

  1. Where all the usual Repub / TP trolls? No new conspiracies? Is this further proof that Obama is usurping power and that we need to take back our country? At least this time rejoin reality.

  2. It’s funny that when a Republican/Conservative is caught in the midst of pulling the dirty tricks they are famously known for, it’s always the fault of the person(s) who caught them in the act?

    So, they’re not only liars, they’re cowards thatcannot even face up to the (eventually) inevitable results of their own mendacity.

    • I guess you have to cut things off somewhere when the idiocy is never ending. And hopefully,eventually the GOP Liars and Cheats will all get caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

  3. “Here are five right-wingers who look really, really dumb today”

    They crossed the ‘looking dumb’ line ages ago. At this point, they look dumb each and every day. To them, it’s easily fixed. Because they know, regardless of how dumb they look…..their followers are even dumber.

  4. “I deeply regret my conduct.” For which there are consequences. Now….where’s the expression of repent and regret from those elected officials who promoted this conduct? Out of sight perhaps, but surely not out of mind? So it appears that corruption has been identified with not only the lawbreaker, but perhaps, by default, the elected officials who promoted him to the public. They are all defined by the same definition and have the same qualities imo, only one is a so called ‘trusted’ elected official and the other is a corrupt individual, intent on our destruction, coupled with the fear and hatred of government. We have been witness and consequently have endured more of this type of behavior than we like, and it just doesn’t seem to end….. that our trusted “American officials” when coupled with prestige, money and power, are often inclined to ‘deceive’ in order to ‘achieve’, leaving us to believe that their small mindedness does not serve the public well when their duty to us is absent of honesty and integrity. Repent congressmen.

  5. Just about every right-winger looks really, really dumb just about every day. Once again, this also shows why they’re constantly claiming Democrats cheat in elections and that they have no motives other than “buying votes”: Republicans assume Democrats are as bad as they themselves are.

    • No more so than you Democrats. Look what youve done to Detroit, California, Chicago…..why cant you figure out an obvious distribution of America. Thanks to people like Trump, Soros, Obama….etc etc

      • So, it took you two years to come up with a coherent – if not particularly bright, original, or convincing – response? :>)

        Seems like I was pretty spot on.

  6. ‘The justice system as run by Democrats is out trying to criminalize as
    many Republicans and conservatives as they can,’ Limbaugh raged.” Limbaugh’s claim that the President is targeting those who criticize him is laughable. If he were correct, wouldn’t he have been charged with something himself by now?

  7. Most of these clowns both in politics and the talking right wing blabble heads are completely predictable when it came to D’Souza, and I hope no one is waiting for a “Mea culpa” from any of these pathetic people, because it is not coming of that I am certain. “just move along, nothing to look at here” attitude.

    The man I continue to find most disturbing is Ted Cruz. I really believe this is a truly potentially scary man and there is nothing about this creep I trust, believe, or would not put anything past to accomplish whatever power grab he is after or whatever he is up to. You can almost see a vast Machiavellian game brewing behind those dark manipulative disingenuous eyes. He is always “soooooo concerned” about something the President is doing as Cruz consistently attributes to some sort of evil intent as the President tries to govern in a continuing futile attempt with a congress that refuses to govern at all!!! ……….. What WE should all be concerned about is how Cruz’s scheming mind works and what he is really up to……..which I guarantee is NO GOOD.

    • You’re saying the exact thing all Trumpets say. Coincidence? I think not. Dont you see how scary creepy it is so close to Obamas and Alinskys tactics
      Trump is implementing?? He doesnt even have to do the hard work. You clowns will do it for him. Just like Obama. They both used tweeter and cell phones to send their messages for you to quote like the little parrots you guys are.
      You better think about it. or we all will be finished. Trump as an outsider will never get elected. I promise you that. He has divided us just like Obama has.

      • You Reddwine are out of you mind! I detest Donald J. Trump beyond words I can use here on TNM! To compare President Obama and/or anyone who respects and supports the President to absolutely anything Trump does says or screams is completely inexplicable! President Obama has NEVER divided any people with functioning brains or any modicum of intellect! Than is the specious retort from the far right that cannot and will never accept that a

  8. I am one of millions that believe that more members of the bush admin. should be lounging in jail but with the push back from this little no body can you visualize the shit hitting the fan if they were called to task. I am starting to think that Obama had it right all along.

  9. Benjamin Brafman is probably the best, most well-known and most expensive criminal defense attorney in NYC. I’d just love to know where a scrounging pipsqueak like D”Souza got the money to pay his fee.

  10. To thrive over time, we should adhere to the moral standards and practices upon which the oaks of liberty grew strong in the first place.

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