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The Tea Party, The IRS ‘Scandal’ — And The Actual Facts Of The Case

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The Tea Party, The IRS ‘Scandal’ — And The Actual Facts Of The Case


While it is well known that the so-called IRS scandal has been used by Tea Partiers to bash the IRS, less well known are the actual facts of the case.

Specifically, while the IRS delayed confirming the tax-exempt status of some groups, and some also faced additional scrutiny, not a single Tea Party organization was denied tax-exempt status.

A May 14 draft report by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration found that none of the 296 questionable applicants had been denied: “For the 296 potential political cases we reviewed, as of December 17, 2012, 108 applications had been approved, 28 were withdrawn by the applicant, none had been denied, and 160 cases were open from 206 to 1,138 calendar days (some crossing two election cycles).”

In fact, the only known 501(c)(4) applicant whose request for tax-exempt status was recently denied happens to be a progressive group: the Maine chapter of Emerge America, which trains Democratic women to run for office. Although the group did no electoral work, and didn’t participate in independent expenditure campaign activity either, its partisan nature disqualified it from being categorized as working for the “common good.”

The Inspector General’s report found that in the “majority of cases, we agreed that the applications submitted included indications of significant political campaign intervention.” In fact, only 91 of the 296, or roughly 31 percent of the applications reviewed for the report, did not have “indications of significant political campaign intervention.” In other words, more than two-thirds of groups flagged for processing by a team of specialists had those indications.

That sort of political campaign intervention would normally disqualify a group from 501(c)(4) status, but the deluge of Tea Party applications combined with the politicization of the process has allowed them to slip through. A closer look at the activities of some of the Tea Party groups that are currently under review or have received non-profit status from the IRS reveals a difficult and potentially dangerous situation.

The First Coast Tea Party Inc. of Jacksonville, Florida, for example, which applied for 501(c)(4) status in 2009 — and received it in 2011. Commenting about the recent IRS controversy on Facebook, the group declared “We file a tax return, account for every penny. We do not endorse candidates, that is a no no.” Yet the First Coast group has boasted about directly helping Republican campaigns. In an August 30, 2012 Facebook post, for instance, the group advertised a Jacksonville rally for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan, adding, “bring your chairs and your signs, make sure they know that the First Coast Tea Party is and has been helping their campaign.”

Three weeks later, the same group declared a “state of emergency” on Facebook, pleading with supporters to campaign for Romney: “FLORIDA FRIENDS, IF YOU LIVE IN ANY OF THESE 3 COUNTIES GET OFF THE COUCH NOW, GET YOUR FRIENDS OFF THE COUCH. GET TO THE REPUBLICAN HEADQUARTERS AND OFFER AND THEN DO SOME WORK. PHONES, (YOU CAN EVEN DO THESE CALLS FROM HOME) AND WALK AND KNOCK. NOW. WE CANNOT LOSE FLORIDA TO OBAMA.. NOW. THIS IS MOST CRITICAL [emphasis in original].” These weren’t posts from some random supporter on the group’s Facebook page; they were posts from the official account of the organization.

Similarly, the IRS granted 501 (c)(4) tax-exempt status to the Louisville Tea Party in 2009.  The same group published a list of “officially tea party endorsed candidates for the 2011 Kentucky primary.” They also published an article headined “The Rationale for Romney-Ryan,” arguing that Tea Partiers should vote for the Republican candidate.

Then there is the Katy Tea Party Patriots, which filed for 501(c)(4) status in 2009. This group actually ran an “Oust Obama 2012” campaign, organizing block-watching with the Fort Bend GOP and phone-banking against Obama at GOP headquarters in Sugarland and Houston, Texas. Still featured on the front page of the group’s website is an October 4, 2012 article titled “Our Country’s Future,” by Katy Tea Party Patriots president Darcy Kahrhoff, who urged members to vote for Romney. “Please take time to talk with friends and family you may have living out of state, and try to convince them to vote for Governor Romney, especially if you have friends and family in Florida, Colorado, or Ohio. Also, find a Senatorial candidate to support in these states, and go to FreedomWorks to phone bank for these patriots.  Everything you can do to help will matter.  We can, and we must, win this!

Not to be outdone was the Central Valley Tea Party Inc., a regional California Tea Party group that won the much more politically restrictive IRS 501(c)(3) tax status in 2009.  It should be noted that 501 (c)(3) status explicitly prohibits any partisan political activity.  “Under the Internal Revenue Code,” as the IRS explains, “all section 501(c)(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office. The prohibition applies to all campaigns including campaigns at the federal, state and local level. Violation of this prohibition may result in denial or revocation of tax-exempt status and the imposition of certain excise taxes.”


  1. Dominick Vila May 21, 2013

    The so-called scandals are products of skillful misinformation with a heavy dose of hyperbole and outright lies designed to demonize President Obama, distort his record of accomplishments, derail his agenda, impact Hillary Clinton’s chances in 2016, and deflect attention from the GOP record of failures and the fact that they have nothing positive to contribute.
    Benghazi was the last in an interminable list of terrorist attacks against our diplomatic missions abroad. Instead of focusing on learning from that tragedy to minimize the chances of more attacks – and trying to find those responsible for the attack – the GOP has been a factor in our inability to bring those responsible to justice by insinuating that the ones that should be brought to justice are members of our own government. What happened when the GOP was in control of the White House and Congress is just a figment of our imagination and should be ignored. Al Qaeda could not have done a better job at undermining our interests than the GOP/TP.
    The FBI-AP issue is so absurd it defies logic and does not even deserve a response. The IRS “scandal” would have not elicited an article on the back page of a newspaper had a Republican President been in office.
    Sadly, our media has played along and is complicit in the ability of charlatans and opportunists like Karl Rove, and fanatics like Michele Bachmann, to capture the spotlight and distract our attention from things that remain to be done to achieve sustained economic prosperity and job growth, maintain our national security, and achieve the social goals that ought to be expected from a mature free society.

    1. Fern Woodfork May 21, 2013

      You Got That Right My Friend !! They Just Running Down The Clock Wasting Our Tax Money And Our Time!!! 🙁

    2. Scott Ladd May 21, 2013

      I’m still waiting for one of you, on the left, to tell me what Barry has done good, for this country. You can’t. Other then higher debt, higher unemployment, and one step closer to socialism. Then again, the that’s what the demonrats want!

      1. 788eddie May 21, 2013

        FAWOMFT !

      2. Madelaine Ayers Henne May 21, 2013

        Do you live here? then do your own research! The deficit is down, health care is implemented, etc.There is no one so blind then those that will not see! You hate just because!

        1. Madelaine Ayers Henne May 21, 2013

          And his name is Mr. President to you!!

      3. Grumpy May 21, 2013

        Pres. Obama has tried to do a lot of things that even the Republicans had also in the past wanted to do. but since It’s Pres. Obama, it is now a NO VOTE. Of course you know this. I’m sure you’ve been watching the GOP obstruct everything thing. BE honest or try and be fair. We already have some social programs started many decades ago but this country grew wealthy despite the social programs, right? The rich are richer than ever before despite Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Food Stamps, housing for the poor. etc. The rich are not complaining, they are tickled pink to have the Tea Baggers doing their bidding. The uninformed going against their own best interest. I want The Romney’s of the world to pay more than 14% interest and me and my husband pay over 28%. It just ain’t fair and anyone who thinks different is stupid. Romney makes millions and we make thousands. My opinion and I’m right.

        1. idamag May 21, 2013

          BTW, the wingnuts constant scratching for stuff in the chicken yard is not endearing them to the public. Obama approval rating is 53% and the tea party is 37%.

        2. Allan Richardson May 21, 2013

          Many economists would even say that the rich got richer BECAUSE of Medicare, Medicaid, etc. Not only entrepeneurs like Ross Perot, who built their businesses SPECIFICALLY by getting government contracts to administer these programs, but almost ALL businesses directly benefit from having a large mass market of NOT POOR people to buy their products.

          Bush got us into two wars, one of which was not essential, neither one “on the books” and paid for. His people put out no-bid contracts to their friends (such as Halliburton and Blackwater) to overcharge the taxpayers for low quality or nonexistent services (Google “sailboat fuel Iraq”). The GOP policies of allowing a Wild West business environment for banks and investment thieves, when exposed, resulted in a collapse of the housing bubble, then massive unemployment and a stock market crash.

          Working AGAINST GOP obstruction, this President STILL managed to give us a big improvement in the previous situation with regard to access to health care, which will take effect next year, making it possible for people who cannot get insurance (including my son) to afford it, AND AT THE SAME TIME, stimulated the economy as much as the other party would allow.

          Now, his stimulus programs have brought two of our three biggest auto companies back from bankruptcy; he has ended one war and is winding down another; more jobs are being created (despite obstructive policies from Congress); women in the military are on the verge of getting effective protection from being raped by their colleagues and then having to salute them afterward; consumers ALMOST have the means to protect themselves from corrupt bankers (we just need someone to run the agency, but Republicans refuse to allow the job to be filled); he was re-elected by a larger popular and electoral margin than the first time, and his popularity is increasing despite the set-up scandals.

          If you are one of the billionaires who feel “hurt” by these changes, I can understand why you do not like him, or for that matter, Democrats. If not, check out who is REALLY taking your prosperity away from you, starting with comparing your paycheck to that of the CEO of your company (ditto for tax returns). Then compare those numbers from those of 30 years ago.

      4. Mortalc01l May 21, 2013

        Dow above 15,000, Corporations sitting on $trillions a record amount of cash in their Banks; GM and Chrysler at record profit levels having paid almost all of the bailout money back. Tesla just had a record profitable quarter and outsold Audi, BMW and Mercedes in that market segment and Elon Musk has just finalized the complete repayment of all Government loans.

        Home prices are rebounding quickly; in my area they are up 34% in the last 2 years; unemployment is under 8% and in my area at 5.1%. Construction is booming, there are 28 cranes in the downtown area here.

        Venture capital is flowing freely; Silicon Valley is charging ahead like it used to.

        5 Million children now have healthcare thanks to Romneycare… But the Republicans have spent $55 MILLION trying to prove that Romney’s idea is a bad one.

        The USA’s economy is growing faster than any in the World except China;. faster than Germany, U.K. Canada, Australia, Japan, France, Sweden.. etc, etc, etc.

        Obama gave the go-ahead to kill Bi Laden; if a Republican had done that, he would be on Mt. Rushmore right now.

        Scott; there’s partisanship and then there’s utter blindness.. You need to see your Optometrist my sad little friend.

        1. silas1898 May 21, 2013

          Don’t confuse the wingnuts with facts. This, in spite of the Republicans doing everything possible to hurt the economy.

        2. Dominick Vila May 21, 2013

          Bear in mind that the people who claim President Obama’s hs not accomplished anything are the same one who demonize his accomplishments. For them, facts and evidence are minor irritants to be ignored in the pursuit of a socio-politiical agenda influenced by intolerance, hatred, and ignorance.

      5. Mark Forsyth May 21, 2013

        What is the use in telling you.People like you ignore the facts because you prefer to exist in willful ignorance.

      6. bg May 21, 2013

        Okay let’s try ending two wars, reducing the debt (check on it: the debt is lower), preventing a depression, fighting inequality – that’s enough to start. As to one step closer to socialism I wonder what you think socialism is. Clearly for most of you right-wingers it is just a synonym for godless communism. Actually socialism is as American as apple pie. It comes in many shapes and forms. Why we have had corporate socialism for years.

      7. Joan Maurer May 21, 2013

        The debt has been reduced by our President who has not gone by the name “Barry” for several years, Scottie. We tell you – but you do not listen. You only hear what agrees with your own narrative. It is a waste of time for us to interact with you at all.

      8. idamag May 21, 2013

        I’m not on the left, but I will tell you if someone tells you something that the President has done that is good for the country, you will put your fingers in your ears and cry, “nyah,nyah, nyah.” You don’t really want to know what he has done right.

    3. Rovin May 21, 2013

      I guess when it comes to light that the State Dept, (Hillary Clinton) supplied stinger missiles to al Qaeda and then required Ambassador Stevens to recover them—-you’ll have a GOP/TP excuse for this too?

      1. Siegfried Heydrich May 21, 2013

        You have any proof? Or is that another Drudge / WND / DeadBart fantasy they like to run with?

        1. idamag May 21, 2013

          Good heavens! there is no proof. It there was Issa would be on it like flies on doo doo.

      2. charleo1 May 21, 2013

        It’s all about Hillary over at the GOP. Now, I wonder why?
        Well, so far, the Country has Hillary, or Rand Paul. Sure,
        that’s gonna work. Hillary, or Ted Cruz. Do it I dare ya!
        Hillary, or Marco Rubio? Sounds like a Democrat landslidero!
        So, have they tied her to the Lindberg baby yet?
        You know what’s really scary? You.

        1. Allan Richardson May 21, 2013

          I just read a satirical article which said the GOP is now blaming Hillary for assassination President Lincoln. It was so funny, and sounded just like their outlandish fantasy accusations.

          1. charleo1 May 21, 2013

            Well, we seen that one coming. Issa is all over it.
            Lots, and lots, questions here. Who knows how long
            this will take? Looks like Lincoln-Gate! I want the
            entire cast of My American Cousin put under oath!

      3. ralphkr May 21, 2013

        OOPS, that was Reagan’s lads who gave missiles to al Qaeda as well as to Iran and just carrying on the vaunted Republican tradition of arming our enemies.

        1. idamag May 23, 2013

          And since they were trying to push Russia out of Afghanistan the US trained the Taliban and Al Qaeda,

          1. ralphkr May 23, 2013

            And all the while ignoring the fact that they called Russia the lesser Satan and the US the greater Satan.

    4. Mulligatonney May 21, 2013

      OF COURSE!

      1. charleo1 May 21, 2013

        You’re gone man. I know Senator Whitehouse, and he’s no Louie
        Gomert, if you know what I mean. And, of course you do. And,
        he’s no Pat Robertson either, who blamed Katrina on a Gay Parade.
        Is, he? Of course, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s
        really hard to grab the high intellectual ground, with people like
        Dick Cheney still giving out sage advise on National Security, and
        what he would do about Syria’s WMDs. It takes practice to be a
        heart transplant patient, and still be able to stick one’s own head
        that far up their ass, at his age. Of course, it helps, I guess,
        as far as anyone knows, except the gullible, memory challenged
        GOP, he’s always had his head up his rectum. You know what I’m
        talking about? Right? Sure you do. I usually tell nut jobs that accuse
        President Obama of undermining freedom, or have a couple of
        pops of Jack Daniels, and compare him to Hitler. To wait until he
        lies the Country into an unnecessary, and useless war.
        Spending 3 or 4 trillion dollars of money we had to borrowed, to give Iran another friend in the neighborhood. And, then get back to me.
        Because, unless that happens, you don’t have a leg to stand on,
        to come on this board, and start calling anyone stupid. Especially
        Dominick Villa. You know what I’m talking about right? Torture,
        mushroom clouds, slam dunk, curve ball, greeted as liberators,
        dead or alive, I don’t where he’s at, and don’t really think about it?
        Does anything ring a bell? Sure it does! You know what I’m talking

        1. Mulligatonney May 21, 2013

          Sounds like you are having a hard time “grabbing the intellectual high ground” yourself.
          To say that there are idiots on both sides is true, and not particularly intellectual…
          To attempt to give your particular idiot another free pass on the things he is doing – is intellectually dishonest.
          That would make you – you guessed it – a stupid bastard.
          And you know exactly what I am talking about.

          1. charleo1 May 21, 2013

            What would a gutter rat like you, know about the intellectual
            high ground? I don’t have the slightest idea what they’re
            pushing over there to the usual assortment of T-Bags, bigots,
            anti government gun nuts, and general malcontents. But we
            can be sure, it’s a load of crap. And, it’s not anything, anyone
            with an ounce of common sense would believe for a second.
            Unfortunately, that leaves you out. But, if I gave the impression
            I’m an intellectual, that was not my intent. Because the most
            elemental of facts, demonstrates there are those that shit on
            this Country. And those that clean it up. And it’s the people
            that can’t tell the difference, like you, that are slinging the
            manure at those that are working in the best interests of all.
            So, believe it or not. At this point, very few care what you have
            to say. I certainly do not.

          2. idamag May 21, 2013

            Compared to Mulli, and probably the people he surrounds himself with, you probably do sound like an intellectual.

          3. charleo1 May 21, 2013

            Think I fooled em? Judging by the way they talk to
            you, and Dominick, Siegfried, Mark, Allen, and others.
            I feel I’m in good company!

          4. Mulligatonney May 23, 2013

            …boy, you sure got me there…
            How can any logically-minded conservative prevail against intellectual power such as that?
            Another few years in the socialist meat grinder and you could be upgraded to the time honored, “I’m rubber, you’re glue” argument.
            You have certainly convinced me – I want to sign up. …where’s the closest ACORN office?

        2. Grumpy May 21, 2013

          You are right, thanks for putting it so plain and simple. Some people love the lies their being fed. But I like an honest conversation. We have too many problems to just take any ole bunch of nonsense thrown at us and we take it. During the campaign I almost went nuts listening to so much crap. And I don’t believe for a minute that some of that stuff was just said to be talking. We surely have better people to run this country than that slate of people. People who really give a darn about what happens to this country. I’m a little old but I got grand kids so I’m concerned.

          1. charleo1 May 25, 2013

            Well, we may be getting older. But, we can see further
            beyond the horizon, so we can look our for those Grand-
            kids. It’s what we Grandparents do! Spoil ’em rottin, and
            send them back to their Mom, and Dad.

      2. Mark Forsyth May 21, 2013

        Your convoluted logic knows no bounds.Do you mix it up in your basement?

        1. Mulligatonney May 21, 2013

          Would just like to hear you cult followers admit that your messiah is breaking his promises occasionally, instead of talking about Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, Limbaugh, Beck in an attempt to deflect the sins of your beloved Hussein.
          Which makes him not so much of a messiah…
          Like most of us know who are not drinking what is in the basement… Or in your case – the toilet.

          1. Mark Forsyth May 21, 2013

            Is that all you’ve got? You make preposterous claims and accusations and then proceed to try to prop them up with bullshit that no one here is falling for.Nobody who is intelligent percieves the president as perfection incarnate.All president make mistakes and have failures.Gop complaints about Obama might be taken seriously except for the fact that the gop is responsible for creating so many of the problems and casting blame on the president for not fixing them after they have erected roadblocks preventing it.The professional gop hacks couldn’t sell the shit you’re pushing,what makes you think that you will do any better besides your willful ignorance.

          2. Siegfried Heydrich May 21, 2013

            Yup, that’s all he’s got.

          3. Mark Forsyth May 21, 2013

            I’ll tell ya Sieg,that guy is enough to make me glad I’ve got my boots on.

          4. Siegfried Heydrich May 21, 2013

            Both for stompin’ purposes and just wading through the muck. What I’ll never understand is how people like him think that posting that kind of garbage is going to convince anyone of anything other than that people who post stuff like that are just batboop crazy.

          5. Mark Forsyth May 22, 2013


          6. Mulligatonney May 23, 2013

            I like the way you used “stompin’..”

            When you deliberately leave the letter “g” out of the word “stomping”, it makes such a strong statement to the world that you are a real “bad-ass”…

            Why, I would just bet that you actually have a…a…a… MOTORCYCLE! Golly! That really sends a shiver up my spine! (albeit not Chris Matthews style) I would also bet that you put it in a trailer and drive it to Sturgis every year.

            …and when you punctuate it with “batboop” and top it off with the “piece de resistance”, that cute little French Hat you wear and the adorable little goatee, it just makes us conservatives stumble all over each other in our haste to join the witness protection program…

            …but I thought Republicans were the only ones who practiced the time honored ritual of “stompin”… Aren’t liberals mostly vegetarians with cats who help the poor?

            Gee, mister – I would sure hate to meet you in a dark alley – probably not because of the “stompin” I would be sure to receive – more likely due to the militant fellatio you would be sure to perform on me…

          7. Siegfried Heydrich May 23, 2013

            Oh, god, yet another gay stalker . . .

          8. Mulligatonney May 23, 2013

            …and another back alley orator outed.
            Keep on stompin’ …

          9. Siegfried Heydrich May 23, 2013

            Hey, you were the one trying to cruise me . . . Sorry, I don’t swing your way, but I’m sure that if you go check out the Log Cabin Republicans website, you can find a hookup there.

          10. Mulligatonney May 24, 2013

            I’m quite certain you don’t “swing my way”, as you say – you with your little beanie, cute little leather vest and assless chaps, no doubt…
            In the true tradition of Motel 6 – your motto of, “I’ll leave the back door open for ya – whoever you are…” is very much in keeping with your daddy, Hussein OBama, who along with his butt buddy, Rahm Emmanuel is a member of the “Down Low” club in Chicago.
            Most homosexuals are Democrats. That means you are batting a thousand, even though you could be a “switch hitter”…

          11. Siegfried Heydrich May 24, 2013

            Ya know, sharing your fantasies on a public forum is really not a good idea. Look, I’m not interested in you, and your trolling is really kind of pathetic. I really don’t care if you’re gay or not, but trying to cruise me on-line is just pain silly. I don’t swing your way, and your sad attempts to hit on me say a whole lot more about you than me. As far as I’m concerned, you’re just another gay stalker who’s seen my avatar and gotten the hots. Seriously, go cruise a park somewhere and find relief in a bathroom. It’ll make you feel all better.

          12. Mulligatonney May 24, 2013

            A good psychiatrist may be able to help you come to grips with your homosexuality – actually, I hear there is now plenty of that kind of “backdoor counseling” available in the Boy Scouts.
            Admitting that you are a Democrat will probably be far more damaging to your delicate psyche. It will take years of intense therapy to relieve you of that kind of brainwashing.
            And pointing the finger at others to deflect attention from your sissy little biker outfit is like OBama blaming the debt on the Bush Administration even as he asks for yet another increase in the debt ceiling.
            Blaming Bush doesn’t make OBama fiscally responsible.
            And deflecting your homosexual tendencies toward others doesn’t make you any less a queer.
            That kinda makes both of you “bush-haters” yes?
            You’re like – bro’s…

          13. Siegfried Heydrich May 24, 2013

            Dude, you’re the one fixated, not me, and you’re the one who keeps trying to cruise me and bring me around to your way. Although it really is funny when a frustrated gay like you carries on . . . I just think you’re amusing as hell. You try to divert to politics, but immediately go back to talking about how hot you are for me and wanting to talk dirty. Seriously, your projections are kind of sad on one hand, but just too hilarious for words on the other.

            Look, I don’t swing your way. No matter how much you plead. Seriously, who are you trying to convince here? Look down the thread . . . your frustration is pretty obvious, but hey, if you want to, I’m sure there are gay biker groups for you to cruise where you’ll have more success hooking up.

            Oh, and as for my garb, I’m a rennie, not a biker. I do medieval fairs and renn festivals. And believe me, I get laid more on a weekend than you have probably had in the last year. That’s one of the reasons I’m laughing so hard at you . . . you were all turned on because you thought I was a biker. I’m sure you were having all kinds of hot biker fantasies, and I was just rolling. If you had bothered to look at my micro-bio, you probably would have figured that out, but I guess you were too busy stroking off to my avatar to have a look.

            Oh, well, enjoy your frustrated life . . . And in case you hadn’t figured it out yet, the way I operate is to poke your buttons and make you post ever crazier shit. The more you insult me, call me names, and generally carry on like a screaming, petulant four year old, the more I laugh. The more you spin, the more I like it. So, let’s hear your next broadside. Do try to be a bit more creative this time, though . . .

          14. Mulligatonney May 24, 2013

            “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

            That is one long-winded excuse for a person merely trying to “poke someone’s buttons” as you say…

            I think you are intent upon poking, alright – but buttons are not on your “catch of the day” menu.

            I have no doubt that you get laid many times in the course of a weekend at your little queer festive-holes. And – no doubt, you spend the remainder of the work week applying ointment to your sore and tortured sphincter in order to get it into shape for the next weekend assault.

            You are indeed a true “renaissance man”…

          15. Siegfried Heydrich May 24, 2013

            Ah, learning, are you? It’s funny . . . the more you carry on, the more you out yourself . . . And besides, poking you is SO much fun.

          16. Mulligatonney May 24, 2013

            And – It does not escape notice that you could only come up with a couple of lame sentences in response – looks like you have been effectively silenced.
            Appropriate, since it was you shot off that weiner-ravaged mouth of yours in the first place…

          17. Mulligatonney May 23, 2013

            …and Obstructionism is something that only the GOP practices…

            …the OBama Administration has been blaming others for its failures since the communist-in-chief took office.

            Nothing preposterous about that.

            Nobody made Hussein promise a transparent government.

            Nobody forced him to make the decisions to hide the facts from the American people with respect to all the recent cover-ups.

            Nobody forced him to join the New Party (a communist party in Chicago)

            Nobody forced him to get all of his opponents thrown off the ballot in his run for the Illinois Senate.

            …or to get involved with Bill Ayers and the Weathermen.

            Or Frank Marshall Davis.

            Or Jeremiah Wright

            There are HUNDREDS of facts that confirm his deliberate lies to the public.

            Just because you choose to look away doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

            …which really means that you have made the choice not only to sell the crap – but to lie in it as well…

      3. Siegfried Heydrich May 21, 2013

        DING DING DING DING!!!! Whenever you hear someone throwing ‘communist’ charges about, you know you’re dealing with yet another one pf the delusionals living in the past. Look, there aren’t hardly ANY communists left anywhere any more. They’re like the political flat-earthers, or phlogiston alchemists that nobody takes seriously any longer.

        Hell, even so called communist countries are mostly ashamed to admit they’re ‘communist’ any more, because they tossed the ideology on the trash heap of history long ago and embraced pure, naked greed instead. The only reason China still call itself communist any longer is that they haven’t figured out a way to throw off the label without embarrassing their entire political structure. ‘Communist’ countries have completely abandoned Marxism while still pretending they’re still Marxists – what they are is Leninists, a political philosophy whose only emphasis is on gaining and holding power through whatever means necessary. And making sure that the guys who shot their way into power bloody well stay there.

        When you carry on about ‘communists’, you pretty much disqualify yourself as a rational player right off the bat, and make clear that you’re just another paranoid John Birch loon who in earlier days would be carrying on about the Jewish Conspiracy and quoting from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

        1. Allan Richardson May 21, 2013

          The Communist Party of the USA finally closed down when they realized the only “members” still going to the meetings were the FBI undercover agents investigating them, and realized there was nobody to investigate except each other.

          1. ralphkr May 21, 2013

            Actually, Allan, the Communist Party went bankrupt when all of the FBI agents stopped paying dues.

          2. hjs3 March 27, 2014

            I’m gonna steal that..TKU

          3. Siegfried Heydrich May 22, 2013

            I remember an old cartoon from the ’60 with a bunch of guys standing around a burning cross in robes with their hoods off looking at each other, and one says “What? We’re ALL FBI?” And a guy in the back goes “Uh, not me, I’m Secret Service . . .”

      4. Joan Maurer May 21, 2013

        If it is so clandestine then how would you know about it, you can not even spell.

        1. Mulligatonney May 23, 2013

          Clandestine in the same sense as the molester who forced you into such a repressive spellchecking compulsion is not likely to admit it to the police.
          Even if you blew the whistle on him. Or blew on somebody else’s whistle. Or if you just blew people or whistles in general.
          Who would believe you?
          But you would know it was true, yes?

      5. Dee Roragen May 21, 2013

        Senator Whitehous HE responed to the senator (R) that said he was against help for Tornado victimes

        1. montanabill May 21, 2013

          LIV. You did not present the complete statement.

      6. Jessie James July 8, 2013

        Wait, you forgot that this is the Rebulicans fault, more specifically, GW.

        Liberal radio pundit: Missile strike on NRA gathering would end Obama’s problems http://www.examiner.com/video/guest-on-stephanie-miller-show-obama-s-a-g

        Texas Democrat Party Official Calls For Murder Of Fellow Americans Over Political Disagreement http://rhymeswithright.mu.nu/archives/335732.php

        Death Threats in Des Moines: Retired Columnist Wants to Kill NRA Members, Drag GOP Leaders Behind Trucks

        Liberals on Twitter call for murder of NRA members after NRA press conference (Video) http://www.examiner.com/article/liberals-on-twitter-call-for-murder-of-n

        Professor calls for assassination of NRA CEO http://www.campusreform.org/blog/?ID=4544

        Liberals Call for Killing of 6 year old Conservative http://patriotupdate.com/2012/08/left-spews-hateful-comments-at-6-year-o

        If sizable numbers of NRA members become gun-victims themselves, maybe hope for legislation of firearms? https://twitter.com/JoyceCarolOates/statuses/279718404305321986

        Actress Marg Helgenberger: ‘One can only hope’ NRA members get shot http://twitchy.com/2012/12/18/actress-marg-helgenberger-one-can-only-hop

        Sportswriter Jason Whitlock equates NRA with KKK http://twitchy.com/2012/12/03/sportswriter-jason-whitlock-equates-nra-wi

        Unhinged: Violent online diversion lets players murder NRA officials– “I really want to shoot Wayne LaPiere in the head in a video game because I’m pissed about how he and others on his side have blamed violence on video games,” the game’s creator wrote. ”This’ll ultimately be a bonus level in the final game, but I want to get it done and released ahead as quickly as possible, in part because I wanna see the man wet his pants on television and bi**h about being victimized in a video game.” – the game’s creator http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_1_5/1422784_BULLET_TO_THE_HEAD_OF_THE_NRA.html

        Nicholas Assunto@NickJAss Can…can we shoot…the NRA?

        Sam Malone’s Wig@SamMalonesWig I generally don’t condone gun violence, but Wayne Lapierre should do us a favor and shoot himself in the face. ‎#NRA ‎#Lapierre https://twitter.com/SamMalonesWig/statuses/282162093808033793

        Ahlberto@ahlberto @CNN Its time to stop NRA .Kill Wayne LaPierre.They whant war?Its time to kill all NRA top members.Save the children,kill al top NRA members https://twitter.com/ahlberto/status/282214544724619264

        David McCreath@mccreath Wayne LaPierre can go fuck himself with an assault rifle. https://twitter.com/mccreath/statuses/282182703007272960

        Max Erwin@citruscorp “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy with a gun,” LaPierre concluded. someone should shoot this guy https://twitter.com/citruscorp/statuses/282194272902586370
        Does He Listen to Himself? Matthews Compares NRA to Nazis, Decries Use of Nazi Comparisons http://newsbusters.org/blogs/scott-whitlock/2013/05/06/does-he-listen-hi

        Twitter users call for assassination of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker lauren_2121′ wrote “i hope scott walker dies. someone please shoot him?!”, ‘McGee12’ tweeted “Everyone say it with SCOTT WALKER MUST DIE”, User ‘jritsynme’ wrote “He is the devil and deserves 2 be shot!!!” http://www.examiner.com/article/twitter-users-call-for-assassination-of-

        FuKiNwAlLy@fukinwally Mitt Romney just needs to die, he is going to do no good for our country https://twitter.com/fukinwally/statuses/234310513834725377

        Kaitlyn Kendall@skettikat If you think Romney would be a good president, kill yourself. ‎#MittIsShit https://twitter.com/skettikat/status/235511519901786112

        Dan Savage Wishes Palin Gets Cancer http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2013/05/05/dan-savage-wishes-

        Obama sanctioned Dan Savage: Bully-in-Chief http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n98V4XuFLrk

        ‘Tea Party Zombies Must Die’ Video Game Lets Players Kill Off Conservatives http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/09/07/tea-party-zombies-must-die-vide

        Twitter user tells conservative author Kurt Schlichter that NRA leaders should be killed http://twitchy.com/2013/01/10/twitter-user-tells-conservative-author-kur

        Is the ‘mainstream media’ fomenting violence against conservatives? http://conservativefiringline.com/is-the-mainstream-media-fomenting-viol

        Democratic Congressman says it’s time for unions to get bloody http://www.examiner.com/article/democratic-congressman-says-it-s-time-fo

        Video shows union thug assaulting young female conservative activist http://www.examiner.com/article/video-shows-union-thug-assaulting-young-

        Rhode Island cameraman threatened with sodomy by union thug at protest http://www.examiner.com/article/rhode-island-cameraman-threatened-with-s

        Union thug attacks Tea Party activist at Sacramento rally http://www.examiner.com/article/union-thug-attacks-tea-party-activist-at

        Hate-a-rama: The vulgar, racist, sexist, homophobic rage of the Left http://michellemalkin.com/2011/02/25/hate-a-rama-the-vulgar-racist-sexis

        Southern Poverty Law Center website triggered FRC shooting http://washingtonexaminer.com/southern-poverty-law-center-triggered-frc-

        Liberalism remains an ideology of genocidal hate and rage http://conservativefiringline.com/liberalism-remains-an-ideology-of-geno

    5. mike May 21, 2013

      Do you wake up in the morning thinking what can I distort or lie about today? It sure reads that way.

      Obama misled the country with the video excuse. It was a blatant lie. A lie he perpetrated for 2 weeks after. The administration ignored the previous attack in Benghazi, claimed al Qaeda on the run, etc.. Obama sure hasn’t caught or killed the leaders of the Benghazi attack. 8 months later FBI shows pictures of attackers and hopes someone will ID them. The Libyan President told US who did and to this day nothing has been done, and it is the right fault. You are delusional.

      IRS shelved applicants for months and years, then asked illegal questions. IG report acknowledged that.

      Tell the AP journalist the scorched earth phone tapping policy is absurd. Ask them if people want to talk to them now. The answer is they don’t because of fear, and intimidation of the govt..

      These 3 reasons are the reason a majority of Americans don’t trust the govt.

      If you had an ounce of sanity you would be questioning the power of the government in our lives. But alas, none is there.

      1. Dominick Vila May 21, 2013

        Did you get first hand information from the Koch brothers or their business partners in Benghazi that prove, unequivocally, what was in the minds of the terrorists that attacked our consulate in that city? If not, what makes you think the video did not serve as a catalyst for what happened there? The perpetrators of that attack remain at large, they have not claim responsibility or offered an explanation for what influenced their decision to attack. I would not be surprised if demonstrators gathered outside the consulate protesting the film that offended the sensitivities of Muslims worldwide, and terrorists – probably Qadaffi loyalists – saw an opportunity to attack the consulate and take advantage of the mayhem around it to escape and remain anonymous. Again, if you know something definitive, please share it with the rest of us. Otherwise, your claim and your guess is as valuable as anyone else’s, Offering a first hand account on what may have happened is not a lie. What the administration said may or may not have been 100% accurate. It was a logical assumption considering what was happening throughout the Islamic world. If you don’t understand that, you have a problem.
        The FBI-AP incident does not involve wire tapping. It involves getting a list of phone calls made by a journalist before, during and after a visit to North Africa. If you think that is unprecedented, you are more naive than I thought. We will – and should – use every tool at our disposal to identify the terrorists that attacked our consulate and bring to them to justice. The Ap journalist got a lot of valuable information during his trip abroad, the people that gave him the information may lead us to some of the people involved in the attack. Our problem is not that the FBI is overreaching, the problem is that because of the rights and liberties we enjoy they can’t go far enough. Think Boston.
        Only people who have never lived abroad and have never been subjected to real scrutiny and abuse can think the U.S. government is an instrument of evil. The very fact that you and I can express our opinions without fear of persecution prove how illogical and mmisplaced your fears are.

        1. mike May 21, 2013

          What was on their minds? How about the 11th anniversary of the attack on 9/11/2001. Just a coincidence that the mob formed on that day. I don’t think so.

          There was no mob outside the consulate when Stevens escorted Turkish amb. to front gate 9pm. Security cameras and official reports show that. All broke loose around 9:40. Try reading the time line sometime.

          I never used wire tapping go read it again. So the 20 lines, used by numerous journalist (up to 100 journalist AP CEO said), one editor, and the 5 journalsts targeted, plus the AP phone in the House press galley was because of one person. Seems you have the inside track with Holder or was it msnbc. What you conveniently leave out is the Obama Admin asked the AP to hold the story which they did, they did not release the story until Obama Administration lied to the American people saying the that the threats had passed. The admin. asked that it be held again until an official announcement the next day, AP said no. It was far more than overreaching it was against the law, ACLU said it was “chilling effect on journalist and whistleblowers who want to reveal govt. wrongdoing”. It is the right of the journalist to get the facts.

        2. Mulligatonney May 23, 2013

          Dear Communick Vila,

          I must congratulate you on that one. That is a spin worthy of the best of them – Ribbentrop, Lenin, Castro, Mao… Not particularly noteworthy from an honest or intellectual standpoint, but from it’s sheer temerity and audacity, it’s right up there with the best of them.

          Too bad you weren’t stationed at the Benghazi consulate at the time. You could have tested your theory and sent a report back about the “real truth” of who the attackers really were… while they were killing you. The well-armed terrorists, I mean…

          …does it really matter who killed them? Isn’t the real issue the fact that they were killed? That they remained unprotected after repeated requests for protection? That no help came during the entire 7 hours? That appearances were more important to the Administration than protecting their people? That misinformation and cover-up followed the killing? Really? You are going to spin this on the basis of whether it was a surreptitious band of accidental “demonstrators” or a deliberate, planned, coordinated attack on American citizens? Your own words define you better than any opponent of your could. Your words are beyond misinformation. They are outright lies – just like the president and his staff.
          The entire matter boils down to competence and honesty – two things that the American voter should demand from its leadership. And two things that they definitely did not get from Hussein and his people – again.

          Ignorance Is Strength
          Freedom Is Slavery
          War Is Peace
          I’ll bet you know who wrote that, yes? That best defines the tripe that rattles off your keyboard.

      2. idamag May 21, 2013

        And, you and your ilk wake up every day saying, “What can we do to discredit the President. By the polls (CNN last one) the majority of the people do not trust congress. Pew poll in March had congress approval rating at 11%. Pretty pathetic.

        1. mike May 21, 2013

          I see selective memory as usual. Pew Poll shows the almost exact reversal in numbers from 2010 to 2013. In 2010, 47% to 53% people did not think their rights were threatened by fed. govt.. Now in 2013 the number are 53% to 43% think the Fed. govt is threatening their rights., a big reversal.
          Just remember the polls show wrong direction of the country is still almost 60%.
          Your numbers just don’t hold up.

      3. Allan Richardson May 21, 2013

        The fact is that the attack on Benghazi occurred at the same time that mobs in OTHER parts of the Arab world actually WERE rioting because of the video. So the first impressions of the people on the site, before there were any reports otherwise, were that this was a symptom of the same cause as the rioting in Egypt. After learning otherwise, the President went on TV and said this WAS an “act of terror”, not the EXACT words as “terrorist attack” but to anyone who understands English, a synonym.

        The IRS audits were triggered by the fact that the Tea Party organizations actually WERE, for the most part, misusing the tax exempt applications; but they eventually got the exemptions anyway.

        Congress criticized the President for allowing leaks, and he tried to stop them, then he was criticized for stopping them.

        All these “scandals” were set up so that the President could be condemned no matter what he did, by their partisan flaks.

        Bye now, it’s time to eat.

        1. mike May 21, 2013

          I think you need to review the time line on the attacks. On 9/11, only the Embassy in Cairo and consulate were attacked. The rest followed over the next two weeks. Did it ever occur the 11th anniversary of 9/11/2001 played a major part. DUH!!

          Yes, he did use the words “no act of terror will ever___”, but here again you are selective. Steve kroft asked him,
          it has been described as mob action but reports say they heavy armed not the normal mob action, Obama response it is still under investigaion. Obama went on the View, Letterman and said it was under investigation never mentioned the Terrorism.

          “IRS was triggered_ _ _ for misusing the tax exempt applications” What bull s _ _ t. It was triggered by BOLO to look out for names like Tea Party, etc.. It was at this point illegal questions and procedures were used. What is the big story tonight is Lois Lerner, director of exempt depart.
          is taking the 5th. Not looking good for the Administration.

          As to the leaks, DOJ broke their own rules in this phone tap, it was too broad and did follow the strict rules to get access to the records.

      4. Grumpy May 21, 2013

        Benghazi is just another excuse to muddy the water so that the brain dead right wingers have something to harp about. Where were you when Bush took us into two pointless wars on lies? The press is afraid of the gov’t? That’s a laugh, the only people who are afraid of the gov’t are the people that are doing something they have no business. They trust the Soc. Security checks, the Medicate Benefits they receive. When they holler about BIG Gov’t they are lying through their teeth. Try and take it away from them and listen to them squeal. The IRS has been spying on people for as long as I can remember. J. Edgar Hoover was the worst spy we had. FBI, CIA, IRS……the beat goes on.

    6. montanabill May 21, 2013

      You do understand that the IRS has admitted unethical behavior.
      On the subject of Benghazi, I’m still waiting for the answers to three simple questions, all just requiring the name of a specific individual:

      1. Who rejected requests for additional security and who reduced it?
      2. Who originated the ‘stand down’ orders?
      3. Who insisted on the video story and sent Rice out to promote it?
      All the willy nilly pointing of fingers in every direction to avoid responsibility will simply keep the issue alive. If that person or persons is/are identified, either the investigation will end, or once identified, they may have stories of their own.

      1. Teddy Bennett May 21, 2013

        I dont’t understand why the IRS apolizied, they were just doing their jobs. The Teaparty is political and are not helping anyone. Therefore they should not be tax-exempt.

        1. montanabill May 21, 2013

          Because they discovered some of their people were engaged in unethical behavior. Got it?

        2. Grumpy May 21, 2013

          Correcto, checking on questionable Tax returns is what they’re suppose to do. The TEAPARTY needed to be checked and probably fined for lying about what their purpose was/is. I just wish that the Tax code was changed and the loop holes disappeared. All it takes is some politicians with some ethics to change it, I jest of course. Ethics are hard to come by these days.

      2. Linda Sampson Rotella May 21, 2013

        If you want some answers , concentrate on the harmful Lie to America of WMD that did a thousand times more damage to Americans.
        Also answer the question why there was not one demand of any investigation with the 13 separate Embassy attacks and 53 deaths under Bush?
        Answer..!! Don’t write your willy nilly Bullcrap without first giving us the answer to these questions!
        And…..Who rejected security..?.
        Republican Congress voted to not grant additional funds for security of Embassies..I suppose if the President ignored Congress and used additional funds that were rejected by Congress, you would now be writing about how the President wants to be a dictator and takes matters in his own hands…
        Hypocritical Buffoons all..

        1. bhaggen May 22, 2013

          Unless I’m mistaken those attacks didn’t last 10 hours AND the “story” behind those attacks didn’t change on a daily basis nor were they ever blamed on an episode of “South Park”

        2. montanabill May 22, 2013

          Try to stay in the present.

    7. bhaggen May 22, 2013

      This from the liberal L.A.Times: “The Obama administration is being portrayed by Republicans as either lying or being idiots. So far the administration’s best defense is closer to the latter”……Dick Nixon wasn’t a Republican? He didn’t have an IRS “scandal” of his own? It didn’t make the newspaper and contribute to his ultimate demise?……….Dementia setting in??………Obama himself once said: “I know more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors.” Now suddenly he’s Sergeant Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes

    8. RobertCHastings May 23, 2013

      Media culpability is, indeed, a serious issue. Their constant harping on the issue of the day reduces important coverage of other issues that affect the lives of all of us. While the tornadoes in Oklahoma, the hurricanes in NY and NJ, the Boston Bombing are ALL important issues that should hold our attention, the 24/7 coverage of those issues of necessity had to exclude from our consideration the other issues of the day. And coverage of the Jodi Arias trial drove out everything and continues to do so. The media must learn to give reasoned consideration to their coverage of immediate events, and long term issues that also need our attention.

    9. oldtack May 23, 2013

      Agree 100%
      Good article

    10. bhaggen May 25, 2013

      This from the liberal L.A.Times: “The Obama administration is being portrayed by Republicans as either lying or being idiots. So far the administration’s best defense is closer to the latter”……Dick Nixon wasn’t a Republican? He didn’t have an IRS “scandal” of his own? It didn’t make the newspaper and contribute to his ultimate demise?……….Dementia setting in??………Obama himself once said: “I know more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors.” Now suddenly he’s Sergeant Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes

  2. JDavidS May 21, 2013

    “The sky is falling…the sky is falling.” “Scandal…scandal”. “Cover-up…cover-up”. Chicken Little and the Tea Clowns. One and the same.

    1. Fern Woodfork May 21, 2013

      LOL!!! Good One My Friend!!! LOL Running Around In Circles With Their Hair On Fire!!! LOL

    2. idamag May 21, 2013

      LOL. I needed that as an anecdote to the POS (proud of stupid) people.

  3. David Turrentine May 21, 2013

    Republicans will never mantion their own violations of the law. Nixon was misunderstood and really was a good guy with the good of the nation at heart — not his own political future. (sarcasm)

    1. silas1898 May 21, 2013

      “We did not trade arms for hostages!” St. Reagan

      1. Allan Richardson May 21, 2013

        “And we did not bargain with Iran before the election, that we would sell them arms if they helped us get elected by not releasing the hostages before Election Day! It was just a COINCIDENCE!” Bishop GHW Bush

  4. Jill49 May 21, 2013

    The closing statement is so true – the real criticism of the IRS may be that it has permitted so many of these groups to obtain tax-exempt status despite apparently egregious violations. Tea Party candidates run on GOP tickets nationwide and so they are by definition and action political. That should be the basis to start from when examining any application for tax free status – why should they set up web sites, collection millions of dollars and say public good so not to pay taxes. Progressive or far left organizations should be under the same tests too. Better yet 501c3 exemption should be done away with.

  5. JohnRNC May 21, 2013

    Here is the mission statement for the Tea Party Patriots in Katy, Tx:

    “The Tea Party Patriots Citizen Fund is a federal political action committee dedicated to holding tax-and-spend politicians accountable for creating America’s fiscal crisis.

    For too long self-centered elected officials have voted to spend more than we can afford and to expand the size and scope of government far beyond the constraints
    imposed by the U.S. Constitution. They have hidden behind party labels and used their power to get reelected over and over and over.

    No longer.

    The Tea Party Patriots Citizen Fund will work to defeat big-spending politicians through direct contributions to their opponents, ads exposing their support of economy-destroying laws and regulations and byorganizing volunteers to get out the Tea Party vote.

    We will not hesitate to oppose Republicans or Democrats in contested primaries. We
    not shy away from recruiting good citizen-candidates to challenge entrenched party bosses.

    We are fighting to secure the economic future of our country.

    Please join us.”

    How is this not a violation of the IRS rules for tax-exempt status????

    1. susiep44 May 21, 2013

      The Tea Party needs to be registered as a full-fledged political party AND the IRS needs to make sure conservative and liberal/progressive organizations are not involved in political funding/influence. We liberals/progressives get it about wanting to cut spending, but it always seems that the cuts are mostly made to the people who can least stand the cuts and the programs that assist those folks. Do we need to fund a research study on the mating habits of the fruit fly, etc.? NO! Of course there is always a fruit farmer screaming “YES!” No one wants their ox gored. We get the economy thing but feel it needs to be a balanced approach. There are people in this country who have “profited” from this country’s freedoms more than others will ever come close to and they need to pay their fair percentage. Some people can afford to have their taxes done by very smart, very expensive CPAs who can find every exemption possible (and some not so possible) while others have to struggle on their own or go to H&R Block or Walmart!
      We are finally coming out of the worst economic situation since the great depression and the right is still suggesting the same thing that Hoover recommended! The stock market is up to it’s highest point ever and business is doing “better”. Jobs are not coming as quick as anyone (R or L) would like but with the huge split in this country, they are afraid to step off the cliff and HIRE again.
      The BIG disparity between the Tea Party Right and the Dems Left is the social issues. The Tea Party is hell-bent on recinding everyone elses rights to have us all live their vision of life. Dems tend to have a live and let live view. We don’t put one of those automatic rifles to anyone’s head and telling how they MUST live. That’s my biggest gripe and fear of the far right.

    2. hilandar1000 May 21, 2013

      Thanks for pointing out their mission statement, John. Add that to the fact that the Tea Party groups who are raising the ruckus about being discriminated against by the IRS have never said they were actually “denied” tax exempt status or audited — they maintain that they subjected to discrimination because they had to answer some “burdensome” questions. Are we, as taxpayers going to be forced to pay the price for a full investigation of the IRS merely because they had the audacity to ask some politically active right-wing groups a few “burdensome” questions?

  6. oldtack May 21, 2013

    From all of the comments on other articles it is apparent that the average American has no concept of 501c Organizations except for the concept that they are all tax exempt.
    There is not just one massive 501c. There are 29 separate categories (Organizations) containing thousands of causes that qualify for tax exempt status.

    They 501c4 is the Organization that causes more concern for the IRS due to the excess fraud detected in Applications. The 501c4 was instituted in 1913 to handle those causes that were not covered in the 501c3. Many of these were political in nature.
    In 1955 the provisions in 501c4 were expanded to make this a much more political oriented group.

    This has been widely used by both Democrats and Republicans since the 2007 election.One big difference between the 501c4 and the other 28 501c’c is the 501c4 does not have to disclose the names of large donors. This is very convenient now since the Supreme Court removed all restrictions on campaign donation limits.

    Due to its nature, the 501c4 calls for thorough scrutiny.

    When the IRS was deluged with a large amount of Applications on the “eve” of the election year with the majority from politically involved Organizations it raised a Red Flag and they were closely scrutinized.

    I am not outraged by the fact that they received close scrutinyt. I would be outraged if the IRS had not performed close scrutiny.

    Remember, all tax exempt money takes away from the Government and they get the “free ride” while WE pay the cost through higher taxes.

    1. Siegfried Heydrich May 21, 2013

      I agree. There is a classification for political NPOs – the 527. There is WAY too much fraud associated with 501.cs, especially the c.4s. What Congress (fat chance, yes, I know) and the IRS needs to do is bar ANY 501.c from ANY kind of political activity whatsoever, and require those engaging in political actions register as 527s, and make the demarcation sharp and clear that ‘Social Welfare’ groups can engage in political activity only at the risk of losing their tax exemption and being held liable for back taxes dating from the time they began to engage in impermissible activity.

      1. oldtack May 21, 2013

        I agree .
        If memory serves right the politics addendum was added to 501c4 in about 1955 – under the tenure of Eisenhower. When the Supreme Court took away the restrictions on the amount of money one could give to a Campaign the applications and corruption exploded. It is time for it to be reined in.

    2. Dana Es May 22, 2013

      Had I worked for the IRS, I also would have probably been forced to resign because I’d believe it was my job to check into any application that seemed “iffy.” I think the IRS was right to do what they did, particularly when left-leaning groups also received the same scrutiny, though few of the news articles bother to reveal that fact.

      1. oldtack May 22, 2013

        If you look at all 29 501c Organizations you will be mind boggled. There are non-profit Tax exempt Organizations that cover areas the average citizen never comprehended. And this is just a small problem with IRS loopholes. And where did these loopholes come from since 1913? From Congressmen – both sides of the aisle and in- between to aid/abet special interest groups. If the IRS was a building it would be classified as termite ridden and in need of total restructuring.

  7. hilandar1000 May 21, 2013

    For as long as I have been following political issues, Republicans have always felt they deserved special “entitlements”. They are just more blatant about it now than in the past. The IRS scrutinizes everyone — that is their job. They have always used “target” words to screen tax returns — and those target words change from time to time. Any good tax accountant can tell you what the target words are. In the past, many of us have given up the right to legitimate tax deductions to avoid those target words — and the often time-consuming effort required for a tax audit. This Republican “outrage” is just another distraction that deserves no more than a “ho-hum” — certainly not a full scale investigation in order to provide more distractions from the real issues that they want to avoid.

    1. JSquercia May 21, 2013

      Yes as was pointed out recently one of target words in individual returns is Home Office .

      I believe the word Progressive received Extra scrutiny and as the article pointed out while none of the tea Party Groups was denied tax exempt status , a Democratic one was .

      Not sure if i have read anywhere about the NUMBER of requests for tax exempt status but it might be that there were far more applications from the Right than from the Left .

      1. Allan Richardson May 21, 2013

        I believe I have heard reports that there WERE many more applications from the Right, because the Tea Party organizers URGED each local group to apply as a separate entity, probably so they could claim “grass roots” support. And since there was so much more money to hide on the Right, there would have been more at stake.

  8. Eleanore Whitaker May 21, 2013

    Actually, as a former Republican, I can tell you that there’s a very annoying OH gnat in this IRS so-called scandal. Now…who do we know who is always hot to blame it all on Obama? None other than Speaker of the House Boehner. And what state does Boehner hail from? Why….It’s none other than OH…where that IRS office is located. So, the president of the US is supposed to know every detail of what goes on in the OH IRS office but Boehner gets a pass as that state’s senator? How very very nutty does this need to get?

  9. Steven May 21, 2013

    You left out the biggest “actual fact” of all: Even though they’ve hung this on Steven Miller, all of these allegations took place under Douglas Shulman. That would be the same Douglas Shulman who was appointed to the commissioner position by George W. Bush. Obama had nothing to do with it.

    1. Siegfried Heydrich May 21, 2013

      Yeah, but somebody has to take the fall, and Shulman is already gone.

  10. Gerald Rogers May 21, 2013

    Since the Tea Party has come into existence, the manufacturer of drinking straws have seen theirs sales go up 10,000%. Straws are the #1 choice of the Tea Party of looking glasses.

  11. Grumpy May 21, 2013

    It is good to see that the majority here making statements don’t fall for the Right Wing propaganda MACHINE. And a machine it is, they say the same lie over and over again so that their base gets brainwashed. When a person can wake up today to another tornado devastation, and one town after another gets flooded, Polar Ice Caps melting and still say there is no global warming. Hate is a powerful tool. Pres. Obama has his hands full, plate full, and NO help from the GOP. We may wakeup when it’s just too late to correct all of the bad decisions that are being made. Made up scandals, BANKS gone WILD, Politicians on the take. It sounds like a Banana Republic. The Tea Party and their likes are so off the mark. “we want our country back” right!!! Well, I do to. The country we have now is on a down hill spiral and Pres. Obama did not make this mess.

  12. elw May 21, 2013

    So the ones that yelled the loudest are actually breaking the law, now how ironic is that.

    1. charleo1 May 21, 2013

      How common is that?

      1. Allan Richardson May 21, 2013

        When I read a book by Dr. Bart Ehrman on Biblical manuscript history, he pointed out that books were forged so often in antiquity that well known authors such as Galen wrote books on how a reader could tell that a book was really written by Galen. And some manuscripts that scholars KNOW for a fact ARE forgeries warn readers not to fall for the forgeries that are out there!

        So it’s as old as humanity. By the way, 7 of the 13 epistles of Paul were written by someone else as much as a century after he died. There is evidence out there, which there is no time to discuss here.

        1. charleo1 May 21, 2013

          Your mention of Galen, and contribution to understanding
          the human body. Reminded me of another great mind,
          Thomas Edison, who in explaining memory, for example.
          He theorized, within the cells of the brain, were these tiny
          people, who’s job it was to watch, like a movie, everything
          that came in through, “The two holes,” in our skull. Then,
          if, or when, the information was requested, by other little
          people, it was their sole job, to come up with it. Now,
          isn’t that something, for one of the greatest minds of the
          20th century?

  13. jbtruthful May 21, 2013

    You people are absolutely insane!! No matter what political affiliation how can you sit there and say the IRS scandal is a Republican circus? are you kidding? do you even care about freedom from gov’t tyrrany? what they are doing is against our Constitution. and they continue to LIE about it. they ahvnt come up with one answer. and Miller? he was slated to leave anyway . that was a little act to appease ignorant people like you . healthcare has been implemented? it hasnt even started yet . what are you talking about? and guess who is in charge of Obamacare at the IRS ? the person who headed the whole targeting scandal . have you even thought about what can be done against you if the IRS who has ADMITTED to violating your Constitutional rights will do when they have your medical information and your political affiliation? when you have to go before a board to have a determination made as to whethr you will recieve a specific treatment or not do you think they might look at what political party you donated to? or maybe which party you are registered to ? and do you think maybe that information might play a factor in their decision? You say no progressive socialist Obama lovers? are you truly that naive or just disgustingly beligerent. and of course we have the brilliant commentors still using the teabagger joke. how ignorant and vile you are .

    The scandals are outright lies Dominick Vila? are you seriously gonna sit there and knowingly spew that bullcrap? for real? The administration wouldnt admit the true nature of the attack in beghazi for 2 weeks!!! recently pics surfaced and were publicized of attackers at the scene that fateful night. months after it happened. This administration has done NOTHIING too find those responsible. The GOP doesnt have to make up lies you ignorant piece of crap liberal mush mind. The Obama administration is getting caught with its pants down all on their ow,n. None of the scandals going on now are being called fake or lies. You cant even try to say they are all fake. Because there is proof in hand. something Progressive socialist Obama supporters dont seem to need or care about . what happened to the Presidency of transparency? wheres the change you all said we were gonna get ? I know another excuse right? Obama cant get anything done because of the GOP. he doesnt know anything about anythng going on right now does he. he learns bout it all just like us in the paper right?

    You poeple are so pathetic its truly disgusting. hopefully the majortiy or Americans will wake up to the deceit and lies and realize the very Constitution is being stolen from them right under their noses before its too late. You Sociliast jerkoffs will never change. smoke and mirrors. but still the same group.

    1. hilandar1000 May 21, 2013

      Jb — did you ever notice how the left engages in discussions of documented history and facts — unlike you and your ilk. We do not have to resort to fantasy, vicious attacks, and name-calling. We have the facts. If you doubt my words, please re-read your post as compared to the vast majority of left-leaning posts.

      1. ObozoMustGo May 21, 2013

        Hil…. neither you, nor 99% of the leftist freak useful idiots that come on here would know a fact if it slapped you upside that empty head of yours… just sayin
        Have a nice day!

        1. hilandar1000 May 21, 2013

          Obozo — why don’t you just give it up and re-read the above post directed to Jb, — trying your best to actually comprehend what it says. Perhaps then, you could voice an opinion without providing such a perfect illustration of what was stated in that post.

        2. James M Grandone May 21, 2013

          These Tea Party “leaders” are claiming their rights were violated. I am so impressed that at least two of them actually read the amendments to their precious Constitution. You see, I thought the Tea Party was a strict constructionist of the Constitution and thought the Bill of Rights was an afterthought. Now, when the government, which they advocate overthrowing, does due diligence on questionable political organizations trying to avoid taxes, they scream like they want the ACLU to take up their cause! ! So, political organizations that actively violate the requirements of 26 USC 501 (c) 4 requirements want to be exempt from taxes on their lucrative organizations. Perhaps I would be more sympathetic to their case if I could deduct the hundreds of dollars I give to candidates for federal office. I cannot. So, that leaves me in a position of subsidizing those who believe in what I do not, and being penalized for supporting what I believe!
          Since none of the Tea Party applications were denied, I have a recommendation for the educational purpose they now will be required to fulfill. They should start teaching spelling classes for their members….

          1. ObozoMustGo May 22, 2013

            James… you’re more stupid than a box of rocks. [my apologies to the box of rocks]. You have no clue what the hell you are saying. You must be a government employee because you sure as hell could not survive in the real world. What kind of idiot supports the abuse of government for targeting political opponents of the current regime? This is Soviet style intitmidation, you idiot!! Then again, you’re just another leftist freak piece of garbage that actually WANTS Soviet style communisim. You’re a loser and a moron!

            Have a nice day, idiot!

            “Individual actions, individual dreams, are not sufficient. We must unite in collective action, build collective institutions and organizations.” ~ Barrack Hussein Obozo in a 1995 interview with a leftist Chicago journal, now defunct

          2. metrognome3830 May 22, 2013

            Are you calling Richard Nixon an idiot? Oh — wait — you’re probably talking about someone else. Sorry, I’ve probably misspoken again. Good idea, teaming up with jbt. He’s an accomplished economist and expert real estate speculator among other things.
            Have a nice evening.

          3. ObozoMustGo May 23, 2013

            I did not call Nixon an idiot. He’s a corrupt crook. Just like Obozo is. Of course, Nixon only covered up a 2-bit burglary. Obozo ignored the killing of Americans and used the power of government to harrass and intimidate political opponents, whistleblowers, and the press.

            Have a nice day, Metro!

            “Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.” ― Mark Twain

    2. Allan Richardson May 21, 2013

      The IRS will have NO role in health care except (a) verifying your income, and (b) verifying whether you bought an insurance policy. Everything else is automatic. These fantasy accusations are equivalent to saying that the IRS can currently choose your child care provider for you, just because you get a tax credit for spending on child care.

      The smoke and mirrors are provided by the wealthiest 1 percent (through tax exempt organizations who do not really deserve the exemption) to deceive middle income citizens into thinking that some “socialist government” wants to take their money away, while the 1 percent themselves have rigged the market so that the odds against starting poor and getting rich are astronomical, especially if you have the bad luck to get sick.

      As a member of humanity, I am extremely grateful that Dr. Stephen Hawking was born in the UK rather than the US. Why? Because under our privatized health care system he would have died in his 20’s without giving us his revolutionary insights in science! Under the CIVILIZED system of the UK, he has been able not only to far outlive his original prognosis, but also to be productive and add to the world’s scientific knowledge, thanks to the high tech communication equipment built into his wheelchair. Try sneaking THAT past an Aetna or Blue Cross auditor! The Affordable Care Act will still not reach the level of civilization found in our mother country and elsewhere around the world, but it is a “BFD” as Joe Biden would say, in improving on the current situation.

      And by the way, we have socialized fire and police protection. Have you ever called 911 and been asked for your “fire policy” or “police policy” number before you could report a fire or a crime? Why should getting sick be any different from being burglarized? And for the “self sufficient” types who want to go out into the wilderness and support themselves hunting, be sure you don’t use a government-safety-inspected vehicle, or public highways, or a GPS navigator (who put those satellites up and maintains them?) to find your way. Even a compass depends on “God’s socialism” which gave the Earth a magnetic field!

  14. jbtruthful May 21, 2013

    hey mortal c01l lets run off some other stats and talking points shall we?

    Ford didnt take a bailout. they are doing much better than GM. GM is sending jobs to China , theres a great payback to the US huh? Home values up 34% seriously? I just reapplied for a mortgage to reduce my interest rate. Guess what ? I bought my hous 2 years ago and it has DROPPED 15% from when I bout it. where to you live OZ?

    Obama gave “go ahead” to kil Bin Laden? are you serious? he did nothing. there have been people working to find him for 10 years and you give credit to Obama? disgusting. Like kermit the Frog couldnt have said “yeah go do it” what a man that Obama is huh? a true hero

    Lets talk about the failed “green” comopanies Obama has pumped MILLIONS and MILLIONS into . do i need to give you the name of a particular one? you know the one dont you ? I know everyone has ups and downs. Lets continue subsidizing methanol in our gas also because that was a success wasnt it ? shall i cite the numbers on that one my brilliant socialist?

    And then we have Obamacare. 7000plus pages of legislation so complex they dont know whats gonna happen but you know so much please explain how well its gonna work when the IRS is heading it up . Cause we all know what a great Gov’t dept they are huh? just straight up honest caring people . who else would you want in that position. and explain all the doctors who have either fled or plan on leaving the practice because of the impending Obamacare of 2014. 5 Million children now have Romney care . wow 5 million in Mass. alone? Romney care is not even 5% of the complexity of Obamacare. where are you getting 5 MILLION children super brain. There are only 6.5 million in the state of massachusetts. are 5 million of those children? wow. But its always about the children right. You Progressives care so much about the children . Like in our educational system . what are we ranked now in the wordl 15th or 20th or worse? and it declines every year. and all we hear about is the plight of the union backed teachers organizations.but is for the children right? as we have higher dropout rates every year while countries like china supersede us in all industries.
    stock market is doing great isnt it? why? do you know why? the feds keep printing money . stock market LOVES that dont they? thats called artificial inflation of the stock market and guess what it leads to dummy? Hyper inflation so bad it is gonna crush the united states. another balloon getting ready to burst . just like the housing bubble. But its Obama doing it so its a brilliant plan huh? keep spending when you dont have the money right? just like all the credit card defaulters .

    you my friend are the one living in a foggy dream world . your deception and bllshit wont pass here my brilliant little socialist. Now why dont you go back to wall street and spend the summer “protesting” on your parents dime again .
    but lets get back to actually trying to convince poeple that everything going on right now from the IRS to the dept of justice to the benghazi incident is all just lies and a political circus for the GOP to get elected 3 years from now. then we cn continue down the road to become Socialist slaves like China and Russia. Now there is a future worth working hard and fighting for huh? you A-holes

    1. charleo1 May 21, 2013

      You know, you’re a good example of what the Country gets, with the
      new hyper, Conservative GOP. Everything is circling the drain. My God!
      My house is still underwater, the healthcare bill couldn’t possibly work,
      it’s 7000 pages long! GM is making cars in China. Better that the more
      than one million that have a job because GM didn’t go bankrupt, not have
      a job at all. If they are going to make cars in China too. And the money
      wasted on energy, that’s not oil, is stupid, and wasted. Because everyone
      knows we can’t find alternative energy, anyway. So why are we trying?
      What’s the use? We’re all going to be crushed by the hyper inflation, and
      die, starving in the street anyway! So, who cares about the stock market?
      And why do you dummies support Obama? When everything he’s done
      has been a complete failure for the whole world? He was given the Nobel
      Prize, and that irked me, and a lot of people. So why are those people
      over there, irking good patriotic Americans? They’re Communists too.
      So, when I got back from the T-Party meeting, I was so depressed, I drank
      a quart of vodka, took the whole bottle of Tylenol P.M. and tried to cut my wrists.

      1. Allan Richardson May 21, 2013

        The GM jobs in China are to make cars to SELL IN CHINA, in case you haven’t noticed. So American stockholders of GM get a profit from the fact that Chinese people are buying an American brand of car, made by their own people (but designed in Mei-guo, as they say).

        Yes, this President did get Osama bin Laden and the previous one did not. Why? Because as soon as W got an excuse to invade Iraq (which had NOTHING to do with the 9/11 attack), he no longer cared about bin Laden. He even SAID SO toward the end of his second term, when asked about it! And it is true that many people were trying to find OBL for years (just because our troops had been ordered somewhere else to do a different job, doesn’t mean they weren’t THINKING about it), And this President, Barack Obama, made the HARD CALL, knowing that if he tried using a drone and OBL got away, OR if the attempt failed, as there was always a chance of happening, he would be criticized even by reasonable voters. His own VP advised against it. But he took the chance and earned our respect, both for ordering the preparations that made the mission work, and for having the courage to take the opportunity. He would have earned MY respect even if I disagreed with him on other issues (and I do, actually; no two people agree on everything).

        Obamacare would have been much simpler if the Republicans and conservative (or Big Insurance supported) Democrats had not ruled out the simple solutions. Even so, what have Republicans in Congress have substituted? What did we have before? NO-CARE for 25 million Americans. Basically, don’t get sick, and if you do, die cheaply. Many of us are looking forward to being able to get ANY health insurance, who cannot get any now, and praying to stay alive long enough to let it take effect. And by the way, the long time to go into effect was insisted upon by Republicans, because they knew if people were already being helped before the 2012 elections, their candidate would not have a chance.

        And you realize, of course, that the previous poster was calling the ACA Romneycare sarcastically, to point out that the same “moderate” Republican who got it enacted in Mass. became a “conservative” who claimed we did not need it in the rest of the country.

        1. charleo1 May 21, 2013

          Sure. I don’t disagree with a word of what you said.
          I was being a bit sarcastic to the guy who was just so
          absolutely negative on every single thing. The Stock
          Market being up was going to be terrible. Everything
          Obama has done, according to this sad sack, has been
          wrong. The call to get Bin Laden, was such a no brainer.
          It has been remarkable to watch this GOP in the wake
          of Obama’s Presidency. They have literally gone to a
          an extreme extent, to try to discredit him, 100%.
          I admire President Obama for trying to fulfill every goal
          he ran on, to become President. And, Bin Laden
          was a perfect example of that commitment. He said,
          if I get wind of where he’s at. (And, Bin Laden was thought
          to be in Pakistan.) And if the Pakistani Gov’t won’t, or can’t
          act, he said, I will. And he did. And there is no doubt in my
          mind, if things had gone wrong. Well, what would these
          numbskulls, that won’t give him credit for the success,
          be saying if things had went the other way? So,
          great post! And well said, all the way!

  15. mike May 21, 2013

    Great article in the New Yorker(The Borowitz Report) Titled:


    President Obama used his weekly radio address on Saturday to reassure the American people that he has “played no role whatsoever” in the U.S. govt. over the past 4 years.

    “Right now, many of you are angry at the govt., and no one is angrier than I am”, he said. “Quite frankly, I am glad that I have had no involvement in such an organization.

    The President’s outrage only increased, he said, when he “recently became aware of a part of that govt. call the Department of Justice.

    The more I learn about the activities of these individuals, the more certain I am that I would not want to be associated with them, “he said. “They sound like bad news”

    Mr. Obama closed his address by indicating that beginning next week he would enforce what he called a “zero tolerance policy of governing”

    If I find that any members of my Administration have had any intimate knowledge of, or involvement in, the workings of the United States government, they will be dealt with accordingly. he said.

    LOL I guess this sums it up!!!

    1. ObozoMustGo May 21, 2013

      Mike…. it’s what is being defined as the “Schultz Defense” of Obozo’s leadership. Check out this graphic below from The Black Sphere:

      Have a great day!

      “I have made it clear that the United States government had nothing to do with this video,” – Barack Hussein Obozo lying to the world in his speech to UN General Assembly 2 WEEKS following the Benghazi attack

      1. mike May 21, 2013

        I thought it(article) fit the “Amateur” in the oval office, and the array of Amateurs he has hired to run the country. It’s the perks, stupid. He loves the perk not the work.

        Graphic sure fits.

    2. charleo1 May 21, 2013

      If you’re going to lie, at least be clever about it. I thought I was supposed
      to be the political the hack around here.

      1. mike May 21, 2013

        New Yorker thought it good enough and so did I. You know The New Yorker magazine, where their readers, by a Fairleigh Dickinson University survey showed were the most knowledgeable and up to date on current events.

        By your warped standards it probably wasn’t so clever. But most will get a kick out of.

        1. charleo1 May 21, 2013

          Call me warped. But I think it is funny, as in oxymoronic
          funny. The T-Party ran for Federal Office, because they
          hate the Federal Government. But, with them, it’s most
          likely a case of the fox running to oversee security at the
          hen house. Because, the fox prefers that all hen houses
          have no security at all.

          1. mike May 21, 2013

            I did and it fits.

            Just remember Clinton showed a real dislike of the Military but once he was elected it became his military.

  16. Siegfried Heydrich May 21, 2013

    jbtruthful – Dude, seriously, you really shouldn’t be posting under the influence of whatever it is you’re on. Not being snarky, but just saying that you’re not doing your side the least bit of good with rambling, disjointed posts marred with bad grammar, misspellings, and middle school language. If you just want to ventilate and rant, people here will just ignore you, and all that you write will simply be taken as yet further proof that you simply don’t have the mental horsepower to engage in serious discussions. I would suggest you take a nap, let whatever it is you’re on wear off, and come back when your mental processes aren’t as badly impaired as they seem to be now.

    Just sayin’ . . .

  17. jbtruthful May 21, 2013

    Grumpy , Global warming is a HOAX dumbass. its been proven its a hoax created by people like Al Gore to fleece idiots like you for every penny they can. Its a known fact the Earth goes through cyclic changes . Its been proven. the “evidence for the polar ice caps is flawed and that has been proven. remember the expose of those emails from the “scientists” ? I know rachel maddow told you those were lies created by the GOP right? How come they had to change the name of this crisis to Climate Change? because then stupid, everything can be attributed to “climate Change ” . Droughts? climate change.floods? climate change. bad winter storms? climate change. Volcanoe erupts? climate change. Katrina? climate change. hot summer? climate change. and of course humans caused it right Grumpy? you know this without doubt right? but rest assured people like Al Gore are gonna save us. make sure you scurry up to his SUV motorcade to get his autograph next time hes in town. and maybe you can get a pic of his mansion where he consumes more electricity than 200 homes with his heated pool and floodlit compound. hes getting rich of your dumbass . what a fool.
    should we work on making things cleaner? sure but the technology isnt there yet. but the free market will solve that not the government or Al Gore stupid.
    But the smart thing to do is shut down coal plants and not to go get the resources we have right here like natural gas. the smart thing is to subsidize methanol with taxpayer funds . and then have a gov’t backed company like solendra go belly up and waste bilions . then we can all get a windmill in our backyards and power the world with wind right grumpy? what a misinformed foolish gullable idiot you are

    1. ObozoMustGo May 21, 2013

      JB… you’re picking up some of the load for my, brother. Nice work!

      1. metrognome3830 May 22, 2013

        Yeah, he’s picking up a load alright. We used to spread that same load on the fields for fertilizer. It’s apparently become quite popular for growing fields of unsubstantiated “facts” as well.

    2. idamag May 21, 2013

      Naturally, right wing manufacturers who care diddle dee about the health and safety of others, are more qualified to determine global warming than the world’s scientists. POS

  18. jbtruthful May 21, 2013

    JDavis and Fern Woodwork. You are exactly the kinds of fools Obama loves. lets all laugh at all these silly things that mean nothing right? Oh those silly clowns running around saying the sky is falling. such satire isnt it? we know there is no way the gov’t republican or democrat would ever trample on our Constitution or use the govt to “squash” percieved opposition right?ist all conspiracy theory right? You know what you two are like? the poeple who sat back and laughed while nazi germany took over Europe and the Jews were led to the ovens. Oh those silly conspiracy nutjobs huh? Its good we have the administration of transparency now huh? he really is living up to his promises isnt he? Its good Bush is gone and Rumsfeld and all that patriot ACT stuff huh? remember how the left had its hair on fire back then? running around screaming Gitmo and Blackwater and patriot Act violates our rights as Americans!!!! Guess what you slimy little smug scumbags? Obama re-upped the patriot Act DUMMIES. How come its not a violation of our rights now? Oh wait i know why. cause its Obama doing it and he know how to do it “right” . I forgot sorry i feel better now. well lets hope that dried up bitch Hillary is the next president so we can have another 8 years of “transparency and truth “

    1. ObozoMustGo May 21, 2013

      JB… welcome to this leftist sewer called “The Memo” where you can meet morons and useful idiots like Fern Woodfork and JDavis. It won’t take you long to figure out how absolutely stone-cold stupid Fern is. There are dummies on here, but she/he/it leads the pack. And you are correct… these are the type of people that would stand idly by while Hitler marched Jews into the gas ovens. Like I have said a hundred times, these Obozo zombies would vote for and support Obozo even if they had him on tape performing lewd acts with a child. I’ve only had one reasoned lefty tell me he would not. Just one.

      Welcome to the battle. It’s much more fun to be in the fight than sitting on the sidelines.

      Have a great day!

      “Half the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t mean to do harm– but the harm does not interest them. Or they do not see it, or they justify it because they are absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves.” — T. S. Eliot

    2. bg May 21, 2013

      One you sail into dried up bitch territory you are simply pissing in the wind. No one is influenced except those people who already agree with you. You are wasting your time.

  19. Barbara Morgan May 21, 2013

    I think any group, political party, and so on that has a tax exemption status should be audited and checked every year to be sure that they are doing what they are suppose to be doing to keep their tax exempt status. This goes for any group that wants tax exempt status, and they should have to provide solid proof that they are not breaking the rules when it comes to what they can and what they can’t do due to their tax exemption. This also includes all religious organizations and so called chartiable organizations like the Red Cross and so on escpecially the chartiable groups set up by people like the Koch brothers. There are to many tax exempt groups that shouldn’t be tax exempt that it is terrible so these tax exempt groups should have to proof every year that they are entitled to be tax exempt.

  20. John Zimmermann May 21, 2013

    2014 is just around the corner

  21. Robert P. Robertson May 22, 2013

    I spent seven long years in a battle with the IRS for something they accused me of and they were wrong. They seized my bank account, my savings, threatened to take my home and my car, and nearly ruined my business. In the end, I got it all back without even as much as an apology. I can rightfully say that I dislike the IRS with all of my heart and soul. But, when you fight a formidable foe, you learn a lot about them. It feels weird defending them, but knowing the IRS, they were within their description to scrutinize the abuse of a social welfare program. The seditious language that Republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bags were using and their blatant support of hate/fear agendas, particularly directing citizens to vote for a particular candidate raised red flags for the IRS to plainly see. It is clear that these Republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bags wallowed in that social welfare system like the welfare queens they had created. Apologizing to them only extended their ability to create more hate/fear mongering among the weak minded within their folds.

  22. Alvin S. Brown, Esq. May 22, 2013

    The IRS has the authority to RETROACTIVELY revoke 501(c)(4) status for the “big fish” you mentioned who are political fundraising organizations. Those obvious errors can be corrected by the IRS. Indeed, the IRS ended up erring on providing exempt status even though not justified under the law.

    I deal with the IRS daily and there are substantial abuses that are far larger than those alleged by TIGTA. I can even substantiate a section 7213 “felony” for the IRS willful disclosure of confidential tax return data. Curiously, nobody was fired for the unlawful disclosure of confidential tax return data. There is substantial abuse of the tax law by the IRS, and that is largely due to the fact that there has been no congressional oversight of the IRS. For that reason, IRS employees are empowered to take aggressive positions and even disregard applicable law.

    Alvin S. Brown, Esq.

  23. RobertCHastings May 23, 2013

    I didn’t read the entire article, stopping after the third paragraph. However, enough became apparent that I don’t feel I missed anything of importance. As with the voter fraud complaints from the right, this appears to be little more than smoke and mirrors from the right to confuse the issues involved. As was clearly demonstrated in the recent hearings on another issue, this one definitely follows the pattern of bait-and-switch that has come to characterize recent conservative attacks on the president. And the core issue is becoming apparent, 1)Congressional budget cuts are responsible for the failure to have adequate protection available in Benghazi, 2)Congressional budget cuts which led to a reduction in review personnel at the IRS was responsible for the delay in the approval process on tax-exempt status at the IRS,3) the Republicans are the ones (dating back to the Bush administration) who have advocated the budgetary restraints under which both State Department and IRS have been having to endure. Without adequate resources, “scandals” will continue to occur, and the Republicans will continue to blame the president for them.
    Republicans over the past few decades seem to have developed a character disorder in which they cannot (or will not) take responsibility for what they have done. The Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and the Bush wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, along with the Republican reductions in Congressional oversight and regulation, have been largely responsible, directly or indirectly, for the Great Recession of 2008 and all the ensuing economic fallout, but the Republicans repeatedly want to blame President Obama and the Democratic Party for such. In Benghazi and at the IRS, budgetary restrictions resulted in manpower reductions that, reasonably, resulted in the reduced capability of Departments and agencies in the Federal Government to operate adequately. A greatly inadequate military force was sent into Afghanistan and Iraq, under mistaken premises of quick success and local admiration and acceptance in those two wars. We have seen the fallout from those mistaken assumptions, and continue to labor under their burden.
    Republican culpability and their refusal to accept responsibility in order to bring down a sitting president will, hopefully, result in a great awakening of Republican voters around the country, not necessarily regarding their core principles, but regarding those for whom they vote and in whom they have placed their trust.

  24. Dany March 13, 2014

    Hate those fkn tea partys. really. Always make idiotism You have to drink tea (http://tea-specials.com)

  25. Sirfith (D) May 8, 2014

    Why no mention of the over 3 year delay for True The Vote to get 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.

  26. Pope Ratzo June 21, 2014

    I just don’t understand why the IRS didn’t just deny the applications by the ineligible groups and document their work and build a case. It would be the normal procedure. I don’t understand the extent to which they ran these complex and excessive investigations only to approve the applications anyway. It doesn’t pass the smell test.

    And I’m really uncomfortable with the IRS losing business documents (emails) and not having backups. It just gives more ammunition to the Darrell Issa types.

    I’m less concerned about the politics of all this than I am the sheer incompetence and the cover up. Did they really think the committee was going to buy that a “computer crash” destroyed the emails of Lois Lerner and the six people involved in the investigation and that there were no backups? And they thought this would fly while their boss was in the middle of a crapstorm?

    I just the feeling that a lot of the political appointments the Obama administration has made have been really really bad. As in awful. As in Eric Holder, Tim Geithner and right on down the chain.


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