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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

When you look back at what’s been achieved in President Obama’s first term, there’s a lot to take for granted.

We had a stimulus that stopped the layoff crisis and rapidly transformed the green energy industry across America. But many complain that it wasn’t big enough. We had health care reform that delivered the closest we’ve gotten to universal health care, a goal of progressives for a century. But many complain that it wasn’t a single payer, “Medicare for all” system.

Democrats passed student loan reform that took banks out of the financial aid business and used their share to finance millions more in new loans. We also had credit card reform, financial reform, Lilly Ledbetter, two new Supreme Court justices, a new treaty with Russia that shrinks our nuclear arsenal, and an end to both the war in Iraq and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. We had an administration that stopped defending the indefensible Defense of Marriage Act and a president who supports same-sex marriage.

Though none of these victories are perfect, the sheer number of progressive achievements in the last three and half years are numerous and inspiring. And nearly all of them are at stake in this election.

Here are the 6 groups that have the most to lose if President Obama isn’t re-elected.

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128 Responses to 6 Groups That Have The Most To Lose If President Obama Doesn’t Win

  1. There is only 1 group that will lose:
    The American People….we will be forced into a fascist state like nothing this country has faced if Romney/Ryan/Rove/Koch Brothers/FoxFAUXNews and right wing propaganda media and the military-industrial-complex multi-national “Halliburtons” take over the country….they nearly have.

    The list?
    College Students
    The Uninsured
    Parents Of Sick Children—particularly brain chesitry disorders…
    Women Who Rely On Planned Parenthood For Basic Health Care
    All Americans Who Rely On Medicare

    There is only 1 group that will lose:
    The American People

    Sattlers article is extremely important.

    “Democrats passed student loan reform that took banks out of the financial aid business and used their share to finance millions more in new loans. We also had credit card reform, financial reform, Lilly Ledbetter, two new Supreme Court justices, a new treaty with Russia that shrinks our nuclear arsenal, and an end to both the war in Iraq and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. We had an administration that stopped defending the indefensible Defense of Marriage Act and a president who supports same-sex marriage.

    Though none of these victories are perfect, the sheer number of progressive achievements in the last three and half years are numerous and inspiring.

    And nearly all of them are at stake in this election.

    Remember the Romney 47% video.
    Remember Ryans 30% video.

    There is only 1 group that will lose:
    The American People

      • There is no bias here…..we who post here see the truth of the fascism being heaved upon the American people.

        It just so happens it’s Romney/Ryan et al shoveling it this time.

        And if you think Rove/Limbaugh/Beck FoxFAUXnews is “fair and balanced….” Well, you need to go to a library and read the following:

        Will and Ariel Durant’s 13 volume set “The History of Civilization,” and “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William L. Shirer.

        Then you can come back here and post, once you have any real sense of world and American history and especially fascism.

        • “There is no bias here”

          You must be insane.

          “we who post here see the truth of the fascism being heaved upon the American people”

          Define fascism, psychopath.

          “And if you think Rove/Limbaugh/Beck FoxFAUXnews is “fair and balanced….”

          Who said that?

          “Well, you need to go to a library and read the following: Will and Ariel Durant’s 13 volume set “The History of Civilization,” and “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William L. Shirer.”

          What? Why? Why read that at a library when I have my own set? Why do you make reference to it when someone simply points out the extreme bias of this site?

          Please explain the connection between this history volume and political bias. Anyone familiar with the volume would be thrilled to have no threats of fascism other than coming from Obama’s favorite “peace partner” buddies who love to burn US flags, not to mention embassies and bodies of dead Americans or Coptic Christians, blasphemers etc. (in reality, almost any body will do).

          Just remember, the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. That’s what we can look forward to from your idol.

          You don’t even have any clue how the federal government works or its intended role in the nation.

          • The idols who you worship Fox News for starters get their paychecks from the Muslims while you try and say the President is one. Yes look it up, Fox News parent company 2nd largest shareholder is the same Saudi Prince they pretended not to take money from after 9/11. Now ask yourself if the President is such a Muslim why Fox is trying to insure his down fall. Follow the money it leads to a GOP Arab nation connection. We stay at war middleclass kids die and Republicans stay rich from military contracts. 11 years should be enough and Mitt Romney has already indicated he’s interested in 3 more wars while killing jobs and benefits to drive our kids into the military and death.

          • Fascism — conservative, nationalist dictatorship.

            Better that one flag burns than that books burn so that the ideas may die.

          • Greece and Spain are following the same Austerity Mitt wants to take us into. US economy is doing better than everyone else, but cut your own throat. Sometimes God has to let people walk into hell before the get over their bigotry and see the light.

        • I suppose your paycheck come from the DEms or ACORN? What a pack of lies. Just like your lying leader. Healthcare AND student loans are banned by the constitution, but that wouldn’t matter to a leftist. The savings supposedly created in student loans is nowhere near what is assumed – there were hundreds of new government employees being paid 100,000 plus a year required to manage those loans, and as we all know well, the government is never efficient about anything. Check back with me in ten years when all these loans are in default, and the taxpayer is on the hook for it.

          Public healthcare is always a failure. Go to Canada or Britain if you want your stupid and logically challenged health care – there you will find your dream, but healthcare is hard to find. As Supreme Court Justice McLaughlin stated: public health care should be more than being added to a waiting list! You morons are screwing up the worlds most advanced health care system, and you WILL live (probably die) to regret it!

        • Kinda like the guy who wrote the article…..the guy who you are defending…..he was very forthcoming with facts….. The country fails cuz of morons like you and the one in the oval office, work together and the nation becomes stronger. Work the way you two want it and we fail every time!

      • This is a liberal site, there is no shame in that. Sad day? Please… the web is saturated in partisanship, as is our country. However, it isn’t about bashing anyone so much as informing like-minded people. Did you find some inaccuracies here? I don’t think so.

      • And what is your bias? Let me see if I can guess. You have a problem with the truth,so you must be biased in favor of Mitt Romney. The article you have just read tells nothing but the truth, because everything the writer asserts is what Romney and Ryan have said they will do if they are elected. Don’t take my biased word for it, read the public record, find newspapers and archives at your local TV station, go to a public library, whatever. If you think this site is bashing Romney, after you go on your own personal fact finding mission you decide whether he deserves it or not. None is so blind as he who will not see.

        • Hey Einstein:

          You liberals are all alike. It is evident that you are not aware of

          the Moron’s clandestine background and his immediate connection

          to ex-Nazi collaborator, George Soros. Soros is the most

          treacherous, traitorous, agitator, and instigtor that the U.S. has

          permitted to claim citizenship. Both he and the Moron are not

          natural born citizens. Soros is the Moron’s boss. Soros is running

          the U.S. under the guise of “THE NEW WORLD ORDER,” AND “THE

          SHADOW GOVERNMENT.” The Moron does not poop, without

          permission from Soros. What has the Moron, as POTUS,

          accomplished that has served the U.S. in a positive fashion. What

          has this Moron accomplished for you, personally. Where is his

          promise fulfillment that he ran on in 2008. Still not fulfilled, but

          he has imparted that he requires more time. That is bull-shit.

          Blacks are full of bull-shit, rhythm, and tribal gyrations, and nothing

          else. We in the military learned quite quickly, what to expect from

          our Black colleagues. Most were liars, most were uneducated, and

          most maintained a vision of the American Dream as where is my

          Welfare check, is there a beer in the fridge, and is there a babe in

          my crib. The Black Community operates within a tribal mentality.

          Blacks were my worst students, but do not take my word for it.

          Ask any other teacher, and they will mirror my sentiments. I

          have always maintained that when Blacks are born, they lack the

          DNA that permits them to assimilate instead of retaining an

          inherent basic animal instinct to survive. Muslims are also cut from

          the same mold. There are only two ethnic groups that refuse to

          to establish a peaceful co-existence with their White citizens:

          Blacks and Muslims.

      • You will never find a journalist without bias. If they are a human then they have biases. What you hope for is someone who tells you up front what their own biases are; then gives you the facts that support their bias. Some of them even throw in the things that do not support their view – mostly so they can marginalize them.

    • Yes, the American people will lose if OBAMA is re-elected!!! He’s leading the country in the WRONG direction and it will get WORSE if he’s reelected!!! Look at what is happening in Europe! Do we want riots in the streets because the money the government stole from the MAKERS is over? Do we want 85% taxation like in FRANCE? Heck, NO!!
      Don’t vote for OBAMA’s failed policies!!!

    • Daniel–Explain who will be hurt if the United States goes bankrupt providing money to everyone in the U.S. and the world. Nobama is clueless, has no understanding of economics, couldn’t even balance his OWN checkbook ( He was going bankrupt until Tony Rezko–convicted felon bailed him out and received millions in government contracts) , has tanked the economy, stifled the first amendment. Seniors will be allowed to die–obamacare rationing, college students will have NO jobs, the uninsured will have no coverage–bankrupt U.S., parents of sick children no coverage–U.S. bankrupt, and medicare bankrupt–nobama has already taken 716 billion from medicare to pay for coverage for 7 million uninsured–final talley of those who actually need coverage. You are beyond dumb to believe obama the serial liar.

    • Man this is twisted! And, they forgot: Billions to union campaign funds, billions to Muslim terrorist groups like the Muslim brotherhood, billions to campaign donors (just create a “Green” company, the funding rolls in, take it as executive bonuses, then declare bankruptcy) 27 companies to date! Millions to the incarnations of ACORN, The reduction of our defence systems, The democrat war on women and Christians, Obama’s private war on “whitey”. Several trillions to foreign hedge funds, to AUGMENT their profits from the mortgage debacle. Still NO AUDIT of the FEDERAL RESERVE. The rise of Obama’s PRIVATE ARMY (homeland security and the TSA) now stocking millions of rounds of ammo, and staffing the concentration camps. and the representation of our country by communists and radical muslims (Hitlery and her Assist.) Rules of engagement in Afganistan, And of course we STILL HAVE TROOPS IN IRAQ. Millions spent for abortions , paid to Planned Parenthood, under the guise of womens health. He has the EPA shutting down ALL of America. In the next 4 years Obama can finish off America.

        • Hey stupid obama care works by killing off people. Stupid read part of it first and take off your tin hat idiot. Young children and anyone over 55 are going to get heathcare cuts. Obama is a no skills chicago thug.

        • Hey stupid obama care works by killing off people. Stupid read part of it first and take off your tin hat idiot. Young children and anyone over 55 are going to get heathcare cuts. Obama is a no skills chicago thug.

    • I’m an American People, and if President Stinky (BO) wins, I lose.

      Danny, I love your liberal talking point rant tho’…..funny stuff…
      “Romney/Ryan/Rove/Koch Brothers/FoxFAUXNews and right wing propaganda media and the military-industrial-complex multi-national “Halliburtons” take over the country….they nearly have.” You live in Daddy’s basement, and attended more than one OWS party, yes?

    • this soviet style socialisam, when they tax everything from everyone, where is the money is going to come from, well it won t matter cause the gouverment will tell you what to do, when to do it, bottom line. Is not ironnick that cuba is tunning to catapilistict system more everyday, should tell you something, but you progressives think you re going to keep you re wealth in this utopia well dream on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The article and your note here testify to the accuracy of Romney’s 47% comment. You basically listed half of America who relies (or in your opinion, should rely) on the government to provide something for them. What is it about that comment that you don’t like? Is it that you don’t think it’s true or that you KNOW it is?

  2. With some overlap, two other large groups could be added to this list: WOMEN, who will be affected by Ryan’s pro-life initiatives and the Republican attack on equality measures in ACA and other legislation:, and CHILDREN LIVING IN POVERTY, who stand to lose not only college aid but food stamps, Head Start, PBS, Medicaid, and improvements to public schools.

    • LOL!

      sigrid28…it is obvious you are part of the 47% of the people that feel they are a victim. I’m sorry, I can’t help you. Enjoy your government cheese and other miscellaneous handouts!

      • Why so sorry? Sorry, because you are incapable of helping anyone? I thought conservatives were all for helping others, as long as it’s not the government providing assistance? And remember, helping through private charities provides wealthy Americans with a tax write-off, so you would be helping the needy by helping yourself. Win,win–right? Besides being mean-spirited and selfish, you are sorry for yourself, which is the textbook definition of a victim, Republican style. Here’s another one: crying with two loaves (tax write-offs) under your arms.

  3. see mitt, victory is in sight and you seem to have written off obama like its your expense acct.
    your tax cuts wont affect the deficit ….just the 98%. you could learn alot from a dummy!!!

  4. I am angry with Obama why he could not tell Romney to stop lying to the American people. .. Remind Romney of all his claims during the Republican primaries. We all know that Romney is a liar and a fraud but Obama needed to say it to his face. One day Romney will repeal Dodd-Frank, another time Romney would praise the good things in Dodd-frank. Romney will tell Tea party that he will repeal Obamney care before the cock crows thrice, romney would say that there are lots of good things in Obamacare. Romney will tell Republican audience that Hispanic illegals must self-deport but will on TV debate say “we cannot round up people on the street”, but Romney is a big supporter of Arizona hostility against Hispanics. Romney proposes voucher system but says it will kick in after our generation. Why can’t Obama tell Romney to say how to handle present and not things of 30th century. Why can’t Obama tell Romney in his face that he had opportunities to create jobs with Bain but he instead fired people and made money firing people; he shipped jobs overseas; sent out his money to offshore when America needed cashflow; he is not coming clear about his career at Bain Capital; he is yet to prove his trustworthiness and fiscal patriotism with his tax returns; ask Romney whether he also supports Planned Parenthood today since he seemed to talk liberalism on debate floor? Ask Romney that he today sounds like anti-Tea party and anti-Arizona governor. How about asking Romney if he really doesn’t want to be president of the 47% welfare victims who will vote Obama? With these, Obama would have won the election that wednesday night. I travelled to Europe and watched the debate in a Bar and the Europeans said Obama left his supporters biting their fingers … Is this Obama or someone else? Some said Obama missed an opportunity to call out Romney-the-liar; others said Obama allowed the liar lie his way through the debate. Some European poked fun at Obama’s performance saying “a Havard lawyer could not argue his case against a fake businessman.” Obama must step up to revealing the rhetoric fakeness of Romney.

  5. Your publization should be tried in court for mis-representation. You obviously have not listened to Romeny’s proposal. 1) He will reform OBAMA care, keeping the ability to carry your children on your insurance until age 26, keeping the pre-existing condition clause, and keeping Medicate for 50+ year olds as it is now. He will revise and replace the mandatory state participation and give the states more control as our constitution was designed to do. 2) He is for improving education and keeping grants to help off set the cost of college. He is against abuse of the system and excessive cost charged by the institutions. He wants to reform and replace, not eliminate. 3) Green energy is a good concept so lets look at one. Ethanol is mandatory for 10% usage in gasoline. because it’s cheaper and burns cleaner than fossel fuel right? let’s see….Ethanol is made by distilling fermented bio products. Ethanol must be at least 150 proof or 75% pure to burn. Therefore to make 1 gallon of ethanol required 1.33 gallons of alcohol in the fermated product. The best fermentation proces produces 14% alcohol (compare to beer and wine). Therefore, it takes 10.85 galons of bio product to make 1 gallon ethanol. The fermented prooduct must be heated to 178 degrees to distill the alcohol. This takes energy. It takes about 50 lbs sugar cane or corn to make 10 gallons bio product. This has to be planted and harvested by diesel tractors. thus, you use more energy to make ethanol than you reap. You burn more fossel fuel to make it than you make. It is not economical or environmentally efficient, but it is mandatory!

    GET YOUR FACTS STRAIT and stop making an 8 page advertisement for OBAMA!

  6. Here`s some more that will lose…..those who get free condoms, free cell phones, Planned AbortionHood which gets tax payer funded money, subsidized housing, food, utility bills, “free” medical care, millions of illegal aliens in my country using up taxpayer money for their care, unwed mothers with numerous kids on welfare, tens of billions annually to foreign countries, driver licenses for illegals…and on and on. Have you Dem liberals have no decency…no shame on what is happening to America??

  7. Who will lose under Obama
    college students who have seen tuition go up $4000 a year under Barak
    the military with record casualties and a 20 fold increase in their HC
    seniors once the death panels start
    the unborn another 1 million a year will be murdered
    those who pay taxes will pay $5,000 more a year next year
    those who work hard who will see more of their income stolen
    Bond holders who no longer will recover their money during a bankruptcy
    Who will benefit under Obama
    those who don’t pay taxes
    Mooslims as barak builds more mosques for them with tax payer $$
    quota recipients who won’t have to compete on merit
    federal workers who will see their annual salaries of $130,000 continue to rise
    unions as barak will eliminate employees power to vote on coverage

  8. You forgot that without B’Ho Jews go back in the oven, welfare dependants lose their cellphones, food stamps will cease to be a status symbol and everyone has to throw grandma under the bus. Oh, I forgot to mention that Obama’s relatives who are living here illegally will be on the next boat to Kenya..

  9. Typical garbage from sewer dwellers. No point asking, “Who’s yo Daddy”? Obviously big gooberment is not just yo’ Daddy, it’s god to you pathetic simps.

  10. I am so sick of hearing about how wonderful Planned Parenthood is. I am 71 and I remember right it was set up to help young people plan what birth control method or whatever they were going to use and educate them on that. I don’t know when it became an abortion clinic. And all these women talking about how if it wasn’t for Planned Parenthood, they might not be here. None of them looked like poor people. Like I said I am 71 and have never known anyone who has ever gone to Planned Parenthood. Most people, even if they had to pay for it, went to their family doctor who could charge less because they didn’t have all those regulations on them or were not afraid of malpractice lawsuits. I also blame the doctors a little as they should have done a better job of policing their own. And my last comment is I called every Planned Parenthood in the Columbus, Ohio, phone book and none do mammograms which they lie about. They are in the abortion business, pure and simple and the American people should not have to pay the bill.

      • Reference: “Planned Parent Hood says Provide FREE contraception.”

        Yep, this is the way of the 47%’ers…if it is free, then it can’t be bad! (But of course it is not free…someone has to pay the bill.)


  11. All you anti Obama bashers must be wealthy. Just ask your selves this question, what has the Reublican party or any Republican, ever done for the average or poor American? I am always amazed at the gullibility of voters who will vote against their own best interests and vote for a Republican. I put them in the same class as the Jews in Germany who voted for Hitler.

    • Q: “…what has the Reublican party or any Republican, ever done for the average or poor American?

      A: They create opportunities to pursue happines and they enforce the constitution. Don’t blame the R’s if the able-bodied 47%’ers are too inept to earn a living.

      Reference: “I put them in the same class as the Jews in Germany who voted for Hitler.”

      This is because you do not understand history (but it makes a good liberal sound-bite!). Too bad you can’t back it up wit facts. I’m sorry, there is nothing I can do to help you, you appear to be lost. Have a good life eating your government cheese and using your free Obama phone!

  12. You really bought the party hook line and sinker. Axelrod-obama-jarrett have shown us what they wish to do more of -on their elite watch- dragging America like a tethered camel to the Saudi King. Please engage authentic journalism. It’s your civic duty. Get your head out of the Saudi sand.

  13. We had a man running for President that would have done away with most of the ABC’s: IRS, EPA, DOE, DOJ, etc. Brought our troops home to patrol our borders and stayed out of other countries affairs unless it actually involved us, quit the monies we give to others to “like us” and stopped backing regimes with money for arms to topple governments. Gotten us out of the UN and the UN out of the US. He would have done away with the Fed Reserve and gone back to the gold standard making our money worth what it should be rather than the 4 cents a dollar it now is. He would have done away with NDAA, TSA, Patriot Act, CAP and Trade and normalized a fair trade for us as well as those we trade with brining companies back to the US. When you adhere to the Constitution as the Founders wrote it every right that you get also goes for everyone else, something a lot of people do not understand or do not want to allow. He had radical ideas of stopping the undending war on drugs and the billions we have spent to no avail by legalizing and taxing drugs, and prostitution, SHOCKING ideas. He is not against allowing people their GOD given rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, he shouts it to the roof tops, sound familair? But people are too lazy to actually read his views, the totality of them, and listen to the biased news media calling him old, senile, crazy and marginalizing his ideas. RON PAUL would have put people in his cabinet, as every President does, that shared his views and vision for the country. Now look what we are stuck with and both sides are complaining.

  14. You promote Obama care but forget most of it is determined at the discreation of the Sec of Health which ultimately means death panels to reingn in the costs. So it is an illusion stating that one has health care (especially the elderly) but not allowed to use it, What a farce – just like the liar Obama is.

  15. You have not a clue what your talking about . . . MSNBC is your entertainment and you haven’t a brain in your head. We call you a sheeple. And Daniel Bostdorf do you even have a clue what Facism is?

  16. I think Romney did a nice job the other night. I thought it was funny watching the pundits on msnbc thrown him right under the bus. They think that the debate went the way it did because Obama didn’t prepare. Prepare for what…? If a conservative and a liberal are allowed to debate out loud with no interruptions…the conservative wins every time. It’s just a matter of fact verse emotion.

  17. Why aren’t these facts presented more forcefully since it impacts so negatively to the vulnerable of our society. Why does anyone want to allow Romney to practically hit people on the head. Something has to be done to stop Romney.

    • Yeah, you’re right Clement. Romney will give us the same as the 8 years of Bush and that worked out so well, I just can’t wait until Romney’s inauguration day. Why don’t you go back to sleep Clem, because that’s obviously what you did from 2001 through 2009 and Romney is promising us Bush times two.

  18. R and R will make everyone better off because people will be weened off the handouts. if the able-bodied 47% want something, they will have to work for it (vs. borrowing from China to finance it). No more Obama bucks!

  19. Top Ten Reasons not to vote for BO with references to back up the facts…sorry libs!):

    $45.9 Trillion: Total Federal Spending Proposed By Obama’s FY2012 Budget Through 2021. (OMB, 2/14/11)

    $26.3 Trillion: Projected Federal Debt In 2020 Due To Obama’s Binge Spending. (OMB, 2/14/11)

    $14.3 Trillion: Current National Debt. (U.S. Treasury Department, Accessed 7/8/11)

    $10.9 Trillion: Amount The Total Gross Federal Debt Will Increase By FY2021 According To Obama’s FY2012 Budget. (OMB, 2/14/11)

    $9.5 Trillion: Cumulative Deficits Caused By President Obama’s Proposed Budget, FY2012-2021. (CBO, April 2011)

    $6.0 Trillion: Total Interest Payments On The National Debt, FY2012-2021. (CBO, April 2011)

    $3.7 Trillion: Amount Added To The National Debt Since Obama Took Office. (U.S. Treasury Department, Accessed 7/8/11)

    $2.6 Trillion: True Cost Of ObamaCare Once Fully Implemented. (Office Of The Speaker Of The U.S. House Of Representatives, Report, 1/6/11)

    $1.75 Trillion: Annual Cost Of Federal Regulations. (Small Business Administration, September 2010)

    $1.65 Trillion: Projected Federal Deficit For FY2011 – Will Be The Largest In U.S. History. (OMB, 2/14/11)

  20. Reference: “Millions of women who rely on the organization for basic health care may be denied access to the affordable care they’ve come to expect.”

    Is anoyone awake out there?? “…they’ve come to expect.” Are you serious? Since when did it go from working and earning health care coverage to simply expecting it?

    We are all victims of this Obama-nation (and ther liberal policies).

  21. AARP IS AGAIN TRYING TO BRAINWASH US IN FAVOR OF OBAMA AND OBAMA CARE contrary to the explanation that it is a non-political organization.

    First, Obama care forces young Americans and business TO BUY INSURANCE for the benefit of INSURANCE COMPANIES LIKE UNITED HEALTH THAT PAYS COMMISSIONS TO AARP.

    Second, we, seniors, are not being affected by any proposals that want to debate and come up with a reasonable way to make the delivery of health care for the seniors as well as for those who cannot afford to have it.

    Third, increasing the Federal Government control of the Health Industry is only increasing the bureaucrats that cost the taxpayers dearly and provide nothing. It is better to have each state manage their own plans. We do not need more government employees and more central control when history is clear that private industry and local governments do a better job than the Federal bureaucracy.

    Fourth, every program indicated in this article as looser if Obama looses is a program that continues to provide benefits where a high percent of each dollar spent goes into administration by those like Acorn and other government dependent clones.

    DO NOT BE FOOLED AND VOTE FOR THE ONE YOU BELIEVE WILL CURE THE HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT AND BRING THE COUNTRY BACK TO WHERE WE SHOULD BE. Everything else will eventually fall into place once Americans are working again. Socialism has failed in every country tried (look at Europe now).

  22. I couldn’t agree more, Clement_W, except to say that it will be the ENTIRE WORLD that will win the most if Obama doesn’t win.

  23. So if there is no Romney/Ryan Medicare plan, who picks up that $300,000 per person cost?

    Basically, they (the author, the study) is saying that the taxpayer should pay that cost. Which means that 1) health care costs are out of control, and 2) overall Medicare liabilities are in the tens of trillions of dollars.

    Meaning …. we’re broke.

  24. 45,00 die from lack of insurance? How many die with insurance? Idiot! More die from auto accidents, drug overdoses, guns, old age, stop me when you realize your stupid.

  25. everybody loses under obama. democrats and obama are engaged in child and elderly abuse. they will slash medicare to fund obamacare which has already caused numerous issues including massive premium increases. the long term debt will continue to explode while basic freedoms are sold out to the politically correct and the murdeous islamic syncophants.

    the only hope for the Republic is ROmney and Ryan certainly not more of b hsuuein obama and joe the plagerizer biden.

    also hillary and obama belong on trial for the murders in Lybia. sham on anybody who supports these evil people!

  26. The O-man, Barack Hussein Obama, is an eloquently tailored empty suit. No resume, no accomplishments, no experience, no original ideas, no understanding of how the economy works, no understanding of how the world works, no balls, nothing but abstract, empty rhetoric devoid of real substance.

    He has no real identity. He is half-white, which he rejects. The rest of him is mostly Arab, which he hides but is disclosed by his non-African Arabic surname and his Arabic first and middle names as a way to triply proclaim his Arabic parentage to people in Kenya . Only a small part of him is African Black from his Luo grandmother, which he pretends he is exclusively.

    What he isn’t, not a genetic drop of, is ‘African-American,’ the descendant of enslaved Africans brought to America chained in slave ships. He hasn’t a single ancestor who was a slave. Instead, his Arab ancestors were slave owners.. Slave-trading was the main Arab business in East Africa for centuries until the British ended it.

    Let that sink in: Obama is not the descendant of slaves, he is the descendant of slave owners. Thus, he makes the perfect Liberal Messiah.

    It’s something Hillary Clinton still doesn’t understand – how some complete neophyte came out of the blue and stole the Democrat nomination from her. Obamamania is beyond politics and reason. It is a true religious cult, whose adherents reject Christianity yet still believe in Original Sin, transferring it from the evil of being human to the evil of being White.

    Thus Obama has become the White liberals’ Christ, offering absolution from the Sin of Being White. There is no reason or logic behind it, no faults or flaws of his can diminish it, no arguments Hillary could make of any kind can be effective against it. The absurdity of Hypocrisy Clothed In Human Flesh being their Savior is all the more cause for liberals to worship him: Credo quia absurdum, I believe it because it is absurd.

    Thank heavens that the voting majority of Americans remain Christian and are in no desperate need of a phony savior.

    His candidacy is ridiculous and should not be taken seriously by any thinking American.

    I’ll bet none of you are surprised. We must rid ourselves and the idiot ignorant masses who follow this false messiah! The future of our way of life is at stake! God bless America and have mercy on us all!

  27. After reading the comments below, I can only say “Be careful what you wish for, Sweethearts, ’cause you just might get it!

  28. Voting for Prez O for one of these reasons reminds me of one of those Confucius said lines about the short sighted person who missed the watermelon because they went after the sesame seed!
    Sorry PBS no pun intended

  29. Carlos Sims, the world’s richest man with a net worth over 70 billion dollars and one of President Obama’s biggest supporters is getting richer from the US Governments program that supplies so-called Obama phones to the poor. Sims who owns controlling interest in TracFone which makes $10.00 per phone for each device it provides to “poor” Americans. The company also makes extra money off of extra minutes and data plans. Carlos would be the biggest loser.

  30. what dependent child wrote the above article? …if only all of you naive, bliss-loving, emotion-driven, cult-character idiots would get the hell out of a country that was not designed for you, but which has been fatally infected by your Self-ego based religion….suppose it can be called Equalitarianism….as if you have any idea what i am referring too….whatever, i just sigh, shake my head, and walk away.
    — a citizen who pays YOUR way.

  31. Uner Obamacare seniors are now paying more for prescriptions medication. Romney and Ryan have said nothing about cutting Medicare and Medicare for seniors, but Obamacare will cut treatment for some illnesses altogether.

  32. To the Author !! – Pl use your brains before posting such crp. if you give handouts to all, then the state will become bankrupt like it is today. It is a matter of time till US goes the Greece way !!.

    This article exposes your lack of intelligence, incompetence to evaluate the impacts on both sides & if you dont have common sense or any sense at all, learn from others !!.

    • Thank you Mr. Scott, you’ve made my day. I was so angry at this ”journalist” for telling, writing such facts, without backing them with proof, and without seeing both sides if obama wins the election. Better for him not to write (or think) anymore. Unfortunately, people get abused by those kind of misinterpretations of what really would happen if one candidate or another candidate was elected.

  33. No group loses if Obama doesn’t win. If he wins, the rich are unaffected and the poor and middle class lose. Obama is for the rich. Unless you make over $250,000, you need to vote for Romney.

  34. i’m sorry mister journalist but everything you say is completely inaccurate. you don’t even use examples or clear explanations of you advance. Putting those kind of informations in people’s head so that they vote obama isn’t going to improve our economy and the jobs we all americans need.

  35. thiw article is ALL lies on what really has happened under OBAMA in 3.5 years and lies of what Romney stands for. The DEMOSOCIALISTS wrote this article hoping to scare these select groups of parents, students and seniors in to voting again for that F idiot OBAMA. He gags ME. DO NOT fall for these lies. We all LOSE if that monkey gets back in office. ALL he stands for costs our nation more than we have and adds more debt. These select groups will only enjoy all OBAMA wants to give you for a few years and then CHINA and the rest of the owners of our spending debt will OWN your stupid ASS for voting OBAMA in again. SO if you cast a vote for OBAMA betterv enjoy you next 2 years , then ALL it will go away and reality will set in. OBAMA promises more than we have in money. Hey middle class do you really think you won’t be paying for all this handouts? think again. Somebody pays and it isnt 47% l that DONT pay taxes like Romney said.

  36. Hey DANIEL, you r an idiot, who is paying for all this crap OBAMA is giving everybody for FREE? HUH? WHO? YOU? you vote for OBAMA and China will also own your ass in 2 years or less.

  37. The 7 groups that have the most to lose if Oblabla doesn’t win
    1. The Muslim Brotherhood
    2.. Communist Party USA
    3. Acorn
    4. Government employees Unions
    5. China
    6. Anyone who ever created a job
    7. All the rest that feed at the teat of the American taxpayer while hating America

  38. “…..stimulus that stopped the layoff crisis and rapidly transformed the green energy industry across America…..”


  39. Insurance companies are in business to make a profit. Like any company, if there is no profit there is no point in staying in business. Obamacare will force insurance companies to stop writing health insurance completely. So who wins under that scenario?

  40. Dennis i woul like to articulate somewhat of your opinion but I fear it would be to hard for youto understand so let me dumb it down for you. F$%K U A-hole. Go jump out of a window and do the gene pool a favor.

  41. You forgot one group. The Democatic Party. Some Democrats have been claiming that it will be a catastrophe if the Republican candidate wins. And some Republicans make the same claim if the Demcratic candidate wins. Idiots all making claims that are not true.

  42. I know people very close to me whose lives have changed because of the private sector jobs we have now. I don’t know what would have happened to them and there families, if these jobs weren’t created. These people were very depressed because they had children, too. When you can’t pay your bills, put a roof over your head and feed your children that’s very depressing for anyone. No one wants handouts, it’s embarrassing for most people. People want jobs, paychecks, bank accounts because they want to be successful and show this way of life to there children. Thank you, President Obama for fighting so hard for us. I know it’s been pure hell for you, but I promise I will fight just as hard for you. GOD knows, we really need you! I believe with all my heart, the GOD I serve will not take us this far to leave us now! It’s time to keep on moving forward! We can’t go back! Remember, GOD got you covered Mr. President!!!

  43. i had to keep checking the header to see if this was an Obama campaign commercial. Americans win with an Obama loss. The Economy wins with an Obama loss. Tort reform for medical malpractice and healthcare costs go down with an Obama loss.

  44. What a bunch of hopeless, meaningless Liberal twaddle. Along with millions of other Americans I have always wanted to know just what Obama accomplished, exactly. Though far from being even remotely detailed, at least this list gives us a starting point. Some transparency!

    Before I start, remember that the stimulus money did not exist initially and had to be created out of thin air. Basically, like Lincoln did with his Greenbacks, Obama printed $1Trillion on paper currency that was not backed by anything even remotely viable in the whole history of man, and started using it like real money. In reality, someone, somewhere, always has to pay, in this case the American taxpayer, so basically, instead of creating money all Obama did was charge it on a giant credit card. Then, like a kid, he was let loose in the candy store.

    1. “We had a stimulus that stopped the layoff crisis” ummm, no. Unless you focus ‘narrowly and precisely’ on GM only. But even any positive results are vastly overshadowed by the layoffs and jobs lost by GM dealerships that were forced to close. Peculiarly, most of them were in Republican districts, but I digress. The jobs ‘saved’ were those of the unions bosses at GM, who voted for Obama and pushed their members to vote for him as well. Just Obma paying back his friends, nothing more. And don’t forget the millions of people that held investments in GM before Obama took office who lost everything when Obama, with the stroke of a pen, declared that he would not honor any shares. But those people could, he effectively said through his underlings, buy new shares in the new GM. He forgot to say with what, however, and the many who lost their life savings because Obama refused to honor the value of their shares were too busy struggling to make ends meet once again and had no extra money for his version of the future.

    2. “and rapidly transformed the green energy industry across America.”

    Obama took billions of future taxpayer dollars, as, remember, the entire stimulus was on credit, and gave the money in guaranteed loans to virtually anything with the words ‘Green’, ‘clean’, ‘renewable’ and ‘unlimited potential for growth’ in its company manifest. Green companies that were failing due to unsustainability in a free market were now given a competitive edge, ie. free money, and lots of it, so that they could maintain their unsustainability a little longer. Brilliant.

    3. “But many complain that it wasn’t big enough.” Actually, many more complain it was too much. Nice spin though, making the few sound like a viable majority.

    4. “We had health care reform that delivered the closest we’ve gotten to universal health care, a goal of progressives for a century. But many complain that it wasn’t a single payer, “Medicare for all” system.”

    Well you got one thing right: that it was the goal of Liberals (newly-minted word: progressives) for a long time. FYI, there was universal health care already, run by many individual insurance companies, but it just wasn’t the universal health care you Liberals wanted, ie. uhc run by the government. And once again you put a nice spin on it, with a deflection thrown in to boot. Many, many millions MORE not only did not complain that it wasn’t a single payer system, ever, but they actually were doing something totally different, ie. trying to get it stopped and cancelled. But as usual, Liberals, being out of touch with regular people, totally miss the issue and try to fathom, within their own circle of advisors, why there is any (gasp) opposition to such a perfect plan. And women say men are clueless…sheesh.

    I could go on, but my point is that Liberals have a closed, one-sided concept of how things should be, and they are totally oblivious to any other point of view or system. When they fail, they just think that they didn’t try hard enough, and then throw more taxpayer money at it and try again. Never mind that a project was doomed from the start. It never matters because Liberals live in a universe where they are always right and everyone else is wrong. And racist. But I digress again…That is why Liberal government programs never get cancelled. That is why Liberal government proposals never die (they just get renamed and resubmitted). And that is why Obama got creamed in both debates and his debate advisors haven’t got a clue as to why. But they are thrown mega money into it, falsely thinking that somehow they didn’t get their message across well enough. Barbara Streisand, a Liberal 1%er worth about $300 million, is begging for $3 donations from the 99% who are not rich like her, to help fund Obama’s new advertising campaign. Typical rich Liberal. Always using other people’s money, and never having any skin in the game. Anyways, THAT should go over really well with the OWS crowd.
    So in closing, being the nice guy that I am, I will throw the Obama Team a bone: it’s about the ISSUES s t u p i d!
    Okay, now let’s bring on the misguided and clueless Liberal critics with their selective statistics, misleading charts and other typical Left Wing propaganda…Good luck.

  45. What a pack of liberal lies………The pigs are so afraid that the government teats will dry up and they will have to actually work, they are resorting to bald faced lies and scare tactics….Obama loses, America WINS……

  46. Every one will win when Obama goes down to defeat!!!!! This man is a worse President than Jimmy Carter who I thought until now was the worst President ever!!!

  47. This reads like a Democratic advertisement rather than a journalistic report. How biased and unprofessional; very disappointing. I vote with an open mind, but this, this is plain liberal drivel.

  48. You want the truth – here it goes – I am female – 54 years old – Latina – I was once a foreign student, illegal and finally received my green card and it took me 10 years to get my citizenship. I love USA and do not want USA to turn in to a Bankupt country. I do not want the president to print money or keep on borrowing money.
    Who will lose? Mr. Obama will lose the other six are going to fare just fine, here you go.

    1.- College Students – It is time to learn to work and pay for college, do not borrow money if you want to be successful. Stop pointing fingers – get a part time job like I did and eat peanut butter sandwiches to save money to pay for your books.

    2.- Seniors – you have paid social security insurance and you deserve Medicare – it will be saved only if we can compare and shop. The current Medicare is not accepted by your favorite doctor and it will never will. You are buying suplemental insurance for the last 2o years. I know because I helped my senior father pay his bills and it will not be possible without supplemental insurance. Do not expect free medicine – we will all pay for supplemental insurance. Obama care – nobody knows what will cover, not even the senators or house representatives that passed Obama Care know the details. And if they are hidding it, then this is a lie.

    3.- The Uninsured – You are the lucky one. For the last 33 years – You have been going to the emergency room and getting more care than I received with a full insurance coverage. Maybe Obama Care will force you to see a family doctor and wait for appointments like I do. You may not like it, when you receive bills for the difference – what Obama care will not cover. We will not know until we receive the bill.

    4. – Parents Of Sick Children—particularly brain chesitry disorders… I am sorry for you and your family and my prayers go to you. I do not know if Obama care is interested on you. However, you and your child are being used for posters for free. I hope you are being helped by Ronald McDonald charities – ST Luke and the Hospitals who ask for donations for your children.

    5.- Women Who Rely On Planned Parenthood For Basic Health Care- If you do not have insurance you are in group number 3. If you are really ill all hospitals will help you for free. Please understand that all illegal persons have better care in the emergency room. Planned Parenthood is supported by charities and if you need to prevent children, please do not have sex. Say no and ask your partner to wear a rubber or stop hounding you for sex. It is time we say no and take some responsibility. I do not want to pay for your care. I said no for many years and worked several part time jobs cleaning homes, toilets and serving tables for my dollar. Please get a job and do not look for a handout.

    6.- All Americans Who Rely On Medicare – Obama care will get rid of Medicare. The care we will receive is unknown – nobody knows so do not let them scare you with false claims.

    We need the truth, we need jobs. We do not need more welfare, more taxes or free cell phones for persons who do not have jobs.

    I took the bus, I walked miles in the rain to get to my $6.- per hour job. I bought clothes, furnitur at the salvation army until recently. I am working full time with a medium salary for the last 22 years. I cook pasta, beans and rice and seldom buy meat or take out pizza.
    I do not have flat TV, smartphones, games, new cars ( I drive a 86 volvo). I do not take vacations, I do not go to the movies. I have the very basic cable and an old computer to pay bills and read my free e-mail. I do not call long distance overseas, because is too expensive. I buy on sales at the 65% off rack. Never buy full price. Good luck, be smart, vote for jobs and the truth. Demand a balance budget NOW!.

  49. These 6 groups have the most to lose if Obama DOES win. He lies & lies and has refused and covered up his background (which is very shaddy and hidden). He has never had a job or worked, so he can’t know what is going on in the world!!! Romney was raised in a Christain background where lying is not acceptable. He has helped companies in trouble & not even taken any salary for most of his political work and has contributed millions to charity. Obama has not done any of those things!!

    You are using our dues & donations to sell us down the stream. I think it is outrageous and plan to change my association to the new senior group. I think mostly those of us who are fed up with what you are doing to us and using our money to support a fraud. It gets more and more obvious!!.

  50. The biggest losers if OWEbama is reelected would be our freedom, liberty and the Constitution!

    This is Carter/Reagan all over again. The same horrible economy. The same economically ignorant fool in the White House bringing misery to Americans. The same economic collapse under the weight of socialist, pro union, soak the rich, demonize the business owners, policies.  

    I predict the same result on election day. Mitt Romney in a landslide.

    And If I’m wrong- God help the United States of America.

  51. Stupidly I clicked on the link to this “article”. What a joke. Obamacare is already ruining the health care in this nation. Seniors are already being cut from most physicians patient list. The longer we go with this scam the worse it will be. College students cant even find a job of any kind, much less one that they can pay back student loans with. This economy rivals that of Jimmy Carter, if not worse. Reads like an Axelrod plant. What a waste of time. I actually thought there might be some truth or at least an interesting point or two. Not a one, just trash.

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